VersaDuet for CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD+R
CD Master Size
350 MB
650 MB
Copies PH* (48x)
DVD Master Size
Copies PH* (16x)
Actual Output
*Per Hour With Printing
The VersaDuet represents the latest advancement in DVD/CD Duplication and Publishing systems with the
innovative combo DVD/CD Plextor recorder and integrated inkjet printer. After the DVD or CD disc is placed
on the recorder tray, the disc is recorded and then the printer begins the printing process as the disc spins in
the same recorder tray! The recorder tray does not open until the print operation is complete ensuring that
the content duplicated has the correct print label. The key advantages of the VersaDuet is simplicity,
throughput, small footprint, and network support
No chance for mislabeling
100 input capacity
DVD+R/-R DL Support
Writer with embedded Printer
Ultra Compact
Fast 3 Second Load
Fast 2 Second Unload
1 DVD Recorder/Printer
High Quality Inkjet
Powerful Software,
Small footprint,
Simplicity - users can setup a VersaDuet in less than 10 minutes. The VersaDuet requires no printer
alignment or calibration
• 16X DVD-/+R DL Plextor 760A Combo
Throughput - the VersaDuet offers 20% more throughput than a similar configured single drive
publishing system.
• 100 Pcs. Input capacity
• Copies all current CD/DVD formats (audio,
FootPrint– The smallest 100 disc single recorder/printer solution available.
Network Support– VersaBurner.NET is optional. Users can easily configure the VersaDuet
to be a network publisher with the “easy to use” VersaBurner Client application.
In addition, users can submit jobs with a web browser
or develop custom user interfaces for
CD/DVD recording jobs.
Quite - The VersaDuet is very quite—ideal for office and MEDICAL applications.
data, and video)
• Ability to Queue jobs for unattented
non-stop operation.
• Network support. User can submit
DVD or CDs jobs via VersaBurner.NET
client software ( optional ).
• Versanet command line application available for custom integration of network
• Precision Center Pick Robotic Arm for
• Write Drive Configuration : Special Plexxtor® 760A 16X DVD/CD Combo Recorder
• Print Engine : High quality 1200dpi CMYK inkjet printer
• VersaBurner 1.0 Edition Premastering and Duplication Software
CDPainter Design Labeling software and the integrated CD Label Designer
• Power Source : 115V/230V switchable 50-60Hz
• Dimensions : L 41cm x W 31cm x H 34cm
• Weight : 12 Kg.
• Environment : 18°- 23°C -- Humidity: 20%-80%
• 1 Year Limited Warranty.
System Requirements:
IBM/Compatible 2.0Ghz or faster, with Windows XP Home or XP Pro.
1Gb of RAM, one USB 2.0 port and one RS-232 ( 9 pin CQM Port )
900Mb for CD R and 5Gb for DVD free hard disk space, fully defragmented.
reliable pick and place handling of all
• E-mail notification ( when job is complete )
Ink level monitoring
Multiple Master read-in support
• Support for transfer of ISRC/UPC, PQ
index prints, and R-W subcode
• Support for saving duplication tasks as
document files
• Audio extraction support for WAV,
WMA, MP3 files.
• Merge print file support for unique
• Print label serialization support
• Upgradeable to future DVD-R, BluRay drive technology
For extra info contact : Marc Theys -- [email protected] -- Belgium
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