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other features
safe at home
The most important Call you’ll ever make
You’re never alone
with LifeCall
800 Village Square Crossing, Unit 314
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Toll Free: (866) 290-1234
Fax: (561) 744-0669
Independent at-home living
is a great way to enjoy your
golden years. With LifeCall, this
Personal Emergency Response System
monitoring by Certified EMTs at
LifeCall’s 24/7 Response Center.
can be accomplished with
around-the-clock peace of mind.
The simplicity and completeness
of our emergency
monitoring program means
you will receive experienced,
professional help from
certified Emergency Medical
Technicians when you need it.
The most important Call you’ll ever make
The most important Call you’ll ever make
Help in an emergency is
always just a button press away
Given the choice, most seniors, and those with
medical conditions or physical challenges, prefer to
live independently, in their own homes. This lifestyle
is now a reality, with the addition of one easy-to-use
communication device.
LifeCall’s ultra-reliable Personal Emergency
Response System consists of a console that easily
plugs into an electric outlet and phone jack, and a
wireless, waterproof, one-button necklace or wrist
If you require medical assistance, or for any
other emergency, press the transmitter button or the
console’s alarm button. A call is sent instantly to the
LifeCall Response Center, staffed 24 hours a day.
Your console functions as a hands-free
speakerphone and upon receiving your call, our
makes life at
home safer for:
Certified EMTs respond immediately
to your alarm and stay in constant
communication via two-way voice link
• Anyone who lives alone
certified Emergency Medical Technicians will stay
on the line with you, assessing your situation,
notifying the key people whom you pre-selected
to respond in specific situations: family members,
neighbors, friends, or dispatching emergency
personnel to your home,
and providing your vital
medical history to the
paramedic’s enroute.
The LifeCall Personal
Emergency Response
System is available for a
low monthly charge, with no long-term
commitment. Don’t wait: call today.
• Anyone who needs special assistance
It may be the most important call you’ll ever make.
• Seniors who remain in their own homes
• Anyone with a medical condition
Other Features
• False alarms happen, but are easily
cancelled by pushing the console’s
green cancel/reset button.
• In the event of a power outage, the
console has a back-up battery that works
for up to 5 days.
• System reliability is underscored by
automatic self-checks, and a 5 year
battery life.
• The ultra-light transmitter has a 1,000+
foot line-of-sight range. You can call for
help from just about anywhere inside your
home and outside on your grounds. It is
also waterproof; you can even wear it
in the shower.
• Sensors that can send an alert if unsafe
high temperatures are detected in
your home.
Response Center
• A remote 2-way voice console is available
for extended coverage in large and
multistory homes.

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