Introducing theCobra



Introducing theCobra
Introducing theCobra
From Wall Street ...
theCobra is a product of UmeVoice, Inc.,
the makers of theBoom award-winning
headset. The noise-cancelling technology
was created to enable reliable speech
recognition as well as clear communications
on the noisy floors of Wall Street.
to Racing ...
Driving a Ferrari at LeMans outfitted with theCobra
microphone at 200 mph, the pit crew couldn't hear the
engine while communicating with the driver. The driver's
voice of course came through crystal clear.
"theCobra is the greatest innovation
in racing communications."
D-Cobra Plugin type
D-Cobra Swivel type
Gunnar Jeannette
Professional race car driver
Microphones can easily be retrofitted to existing headsets
... to the Military
Enabling the clearest communication for the military,
theCobra is considered the world's best noise-cancelling
microphone. Recently introduced to the C130 airplane
fleet and other air, sea and land applications.
You have to try it to believe it!
For more information,
go to
For technical questions and compatibility issues
please call: 415-883-1500 x 223
For technical support and compatibility
issues, please call: 415-883-1500 x 223

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