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Rocky Mountain Grizzly
Rocky Mountain Grizzly
June 9, 2016
Principal’s Message
Wow! It is the end of the school year already and it seems like there has been a whirlwind of activity at RMES. It has been great to
have Mrs. Hay at our school for the past few weeks. Her expertise in the office and the classroom has been a huge benefit for
The turnout for Kindergarten Orientation was much larger than expected. Mrs. Hay and I really enjoyed meeting next year’s
Kindergarten students as well as their parents. Mrs. Ross-Nelson and Miss. Elliott did a wonderful job of providing activities for the
children while I took parents on a tour of the school. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Lemke for sending out the invitations and
organizing the groups.
One special highlight for me was the school track and field day. The weather turned out to be great and we had a lot of fun. Thank
you to all of the parent volunteers who helped with the ribbons and the events. Mr. Wheeler and I are taking the Track Team to
Fernie for the district meet.
Mrs. Hay and I recently attended a leadership meeting where we learned about discipline based inquiry. Discipline based inquiry is
based on the idea that students should practice inquiry through methods and contexts that closely resemble real world situations.
For example, students working to solve a design problem would use methods that closely resemble those used by professional
designers. There has been a lot of excitement and discussion about possible inquiry based projects.
We are looking forward to the King and Queen of the Hill on June 17 th. This is a fun event that is planned and sponsored by our PAC.
Students run or walk up the Wapiti Ski Hill. Please have your son or daughter prepared to be outside. Hats and sunscreen are
strongly recommended. Thank you PAC for organizing and supporting this activity.
If you are interested in joining the RMES PAC, the next meeting will be on June 21 st at 6:30 PM. This will be followed by the AGM
and there are some executive positions that will be available.
This has been a busy year with many successes and challenges. I want to thank students, staff, parents and the community for
helping to make this the best school year possible. RMES truly is a great place to work and grow; this is due to the great people
here. I hope that everyone enjoys a very well earned summer break with friends and family.
Mr. J. Lund
Birthday Wishes for the month of June go out to: Josh DesRoche, Jorja Hamilton, Lincoln Cromey, Gavin Sammartino, Blake
Sherdahl, Layla Templeton, Nicole Tanner, Lane Klapp, Jordan Baird, Alex Martin, Brody King, Mathieu Dube, Maddy Cliff, Jack
Fedorek, Coraline Cherney, Kemper Everett-Kenny, Colin Wilder, Alex Klassen and Breaxton Murphy.
Birthday Wishes for the month of July go out to: Shawn Dube, Chase Stadnyk, Nathan Newlove, Tessa MacAskill, Erik Haugo,
Rebecca Streeter, Zachary Auger, Kali Jacklin, Rowan Kipnik, Caden Shank, Calan Bates, Kaytee Gauthier, Ayden Wells, Chloe Stadnyk,
Bobby Beranek, Lucas Sorensen, Dallin Lowen, Ashley Tanaka, Alexa Baron, Madison Langille, Reginald Smith, Colby Dobson, Payton
Kaiser and Brookelynn Rowe.
Birthday Wishes for the month of August go out to: Wyatt, Wilm, Lindi Clarkson, Jacob Borthwick, Katrina Dixon, Marron
Hawthorne, Ava Van Ryswyk, Chase Wright, Jasper Cliff, Ty Borys, Parker Rowe, Nicholas Bachmier, Brianna Wells, Summer
Crawford, Kyler Bolton, Cole Tennant, Holden Sheppard, Abbie Sparkes, Jonathan Steinke, Devin King, Konnor Rosner, Conner
Mayea, Summer Frolic and Jordan Sawler.
For the 2015-2016 school year we were lucky enough to have support from the Elkford Food Bank as well as
Kootenay Market. On behalf of our students at both Rocky Mountain Elementary School and Elkford
Secondary School, we cannot thank both of them enough for ensuring none of our students went hungry through
their school days. We were provided with sandwiches, granola bars, fruit, and juice boxes on a daily basis when
we needed it. Some days we needed more sandwiches, some days we needed less; regardless of our requests
they always stepped up to the plate to help out our students. With their support our students had full tummies,
and healthy brain food to give them the best possible opportunity to learn. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lisa Payne; Youth Care Worker
Brenda Newlove; Aboriginal Education Support Worker
In an effort to increase the safety and security of students and staff at RMES, VISITORS ARE ASKED TO CHECK IN AT
Since class disruptions should be kept to a minimum, visitors are asked to leave messages or items brought to
school at the office, complete with the student's name.
Volunteers at Elkford Schools are requested to complete a criminal records check. This is a district initiative to
ensure the safety of our children.
Intermediate Awards Day and Grade 6 ‘Graduation” will be on June 23 rd, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Report Cards will be issued at that time also
Please remember that, as the warm weather comes upon us, the need to dress in cooler clothes may require your attention to help
ensure that students are still arriving appropriately dressed for school! Short shorts & short skirts, thin strapped tank tops and
halter-tops are not allowed. The following specific guidelines help clarify the dress code:
1. No clothing with vulgar, violent or suggestive logos.
2. Straps on tops must be three fingers in width. No low cut tops, halter-tops, backless tops, or tube tops.
3. No exposed underwear.
4. No exposed midriffs.
5. Length of skirts, shorts, and dresses must meet the fingertip rule. (With your hands at your side the length of the garment must be
at least to the end of your fingertips).
6. No hats or bandanas are to be worn inside at RMES.
7. Items that are disruptive or distracting at the discretion of the classroom teacher and/or principal.
8. A pair of inside shoes must be worn daily for safety reasons.
BICYCLES/SCOOTERS/SKATEBOARDS: It is the law that helmets are to be worn at all times, but it is the parents’ responsibility to
enforce this. Students & parents are asked to walk their bikes on the school property and to carry boards and scooters until they
have cleared the grounds.
No bikes are to be ridden on school property.
No one in the bike racks area. Bikes have been vandalized and injuries have resulted. Students are to drop their bike off and
leave the bike rack area.
District Track & Field Meet (FSS)
Primary Bicycle Rodeo
Gr 1 & Gr 1/2 to Surveyor’s Lake (Turtle Truths)
AM – King & Queen of the Hill
Grade 6 Transition Dayp to ESS
Mrs. Madsen’s class to Fort Steele
6:30 PM - PAC AGM
9:00 – 11:00 – Last Day of School – Report Cards Issued
9:00 – 11:00 - Intermediate Awards Day
School opens again 