An Evening at Tiffany·s



An Evening at Tiffany·s
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An Evening at Tiffany·s
What do you do if you are a young theatre group with aspirations to be part of the
world's largest art festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, but in these tight financial times
we live in, need to raise a whole load of money to do so? Well if you happen to be
part of the extremely talented and dynamic Why Not? Theatre Company then the
answer is clear. Do what they do best and run a series of three fund-raising shows in
the Tiffany's lounge within the Carnegie Hall complex in Dunfermline.
Nine performers namely
Kate Bubb, Andrew
Gourlay, Eleanor Gudgin,
Joseph Hannan, Hannah
Lockwood, Emma McNair,
Rebecca McNiff Graeme
Sharp, Emma Steadman
and Diane Stewart
royally entertained for
the excess of two hours
with a selection of solo
and ensemble numbers
from a whole variety of
genres and sources,
swing numbers cheek by
jowl with Robbie
Williams and Leann
Rimes numbers but as one would expect majoring on musical theatre. The choice
here was wide and varied, established favourites such as Chicago!, Cabaret, 42nd
Street, Rent, Les Mis and Jesus Christ Superstar and current en vogue ones such as
Hairspray, Avenue Q, Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You.
The performers, more used to performing on a stage, were taken out of their comfort
zone playing in this almost cabaret setting but this was not detrimental to the
performance, as full use of the different levels and not just 'the stage' was made.
Excellent direction by Graeme Melvin together with the inventive choreography by
Theresa Puddefoot kept the action flowing from all sides.
Each of the nine performers took centre stage at times and each added to the
ento ment of the evenin . It ma be unfair to hi hli ht some of these performances,
however I was
impressed by
Andrew's version
of 'Let me
Entertain You', he
certainly did,
Graeme Sharpe
with 'Fever' and
Joe with 'Mr
Where the evening
:--_~--"'_I really took hold
for me, and it was
good to see from a
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company, were
the ensemble numbers. There was not a number that fell short of excellent, some of
the harmonies just had to be heard especially 'Seasons of Love' from Rent and the
Les Miserables finale. There has always been a fine history of talented performers in
Fife and if members of this troupe are the up and corners then the future is certainly
in good hands.
The musicians, MD Alan Gibson, together with David Wilson on percussion provided a
solid backing for this talented troupe and the sound and light designed by Alistair
Philips ensured that they could be heard and seen at all times.
I am not sure if there are still any tickets available for the two remaining nights but
if there are get in fast, 'cause it's not only a value for money show, it is also helping
to give these individuals a chance to showcase their talents on a world wide stage
that is the Fringe.
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