“What`s Happening” at the Shelter



“What`s Happening” at the Shelter
951 South Line Street, Columbia City, Indiana
Hours: Tues, Wed & Fri 12-5pm, Thurs 12-7pm, Sat 11-4 pm
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
We invite you to visit the shelter during open hours and check out all we have to offer. Marvin found a permanent home in Columbia City!
Falco also got a good home in Columbia City.
Sassy is now at home in Columbia City.
Does your pet need a new bed or blanket? Thanks to volunteers, we have handmade pet beds and blankets for sale, $5.00 each. Does your little pooch need a new sweater to keep warm this winter? Stop and pick up a new dog sweater, also $5.00 each. We have dog leashes and collars in various sizes also.
Show your support of our shelter by purchasing a logo T-shirt, on sale now for $10 each.
Honey is still living in a foster home. She is waiting for her forever home.
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Did you adopt a pet from the shelter in 2013? If so, you’ll want to check out the 2014 Whitley County Humane Shelter calendars, now on sale at the shelter. They feature some of our adopted dogs and cats from 2013. Your pet may have been chosen to be part of this annual fundraiser. Each calendar is on sale for $15 and all proceeds will help feed and shelter the animals. The calendars make great gifts for all the animal lovers you know! “What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
Think black cats are bad luck? Think again!
The black coat of these fortuitous felines is an indication of melanism, the opposite of albinism. Of the 37 felidae species, 11 express the gene mutation that results in an ebony coat and yellow eyes. Outside of cats, however, melanism is rather rare.
The Whitley County Humane Society was a winner of First Source Bank's “150 Years & 150,000 Cheers” contest! We received the most votes in our area and Director Sandy Grube was presented a check for $1,000! This is such a blessing and we are grateful to everyone who voted for us! Thank you, First Source Bank, for helping support our cause!
In addition to giving them a striking color, melanism is believed to provide superior camouflage to the cats, making them harder for their prey to detect. Developing research also suggests that the mutation confers resistance to pathogens, meaning black cats stay healthier.
A local Facebook challenge was a winner for our shelter. Kelly Maloy and grandson Hayden Barnett challenged all their Facebook “friends” to donate $1 to a HSWC fund. Kelly and Hayden collected and donated $621 to help homeless animals!
BEAR, ready for adoption
Kroger in Columbia City contributed to the shelter’s success in 2013. They contributed $504 from Christmas tree sales to the shelter. Thanks so much Kroger!
Combined, these two advantages provide a significant evolutionary advantage over their differentcolored cousins, meaning they survive longer and pass the genes for a black coat to their offspring.
HANNA, ready for adoption
These new discoveries prove that black cats don’t have bad luck at all! Classic black turns out to be the color of choice for felines born lucky.
Think you can’t make a difference? We know you can! Even a small donation will help in our mission of providing food and shelter to homeless animals. Brent Teague is an example of how anyone can use their talents to help. Brent (13 years old) sold produce last summer and made a donation of $40 to the shelter in December. Thank you Brent! We truly appreciate your hard work and contribution!
Thanks to all our friends and supporters who came out last November 23rd for Photos with Santa. The event raised over $400!
Our first Holiday Bazaar and Cookie Bar was also successful. We raised $940 selling craft items and homemade cookies. If you contributed sale items, we thank you! If you stopped by and purchased items, you helped make this event a big success for our animals!
The local jazz group, CatBox, helped out the shelter by asking fans to donate cat litter in trade for their new CD, Stinky Tails. The shelter was the winner, receiving 230 pounds of donated cat litter!
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
Dog owners walk twice as much, up to 300 minutes more a week, than non-dog walkers! “That’s crucial,” says cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, M.D. “The single most important way to live a long, disease-free life is to be physically active.” And walking is a weightbearing exercise that builds bones and the muscles around them, helping prevent changes that can make you shorter and weaker!
(From Terry Christianson, Sr.,
Columbus, IN)
Cuddling a pet cuts your odds of blood pressure spikes 23%. Other research shows pet owners have lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. And if you’ve ever owned a cat, you’re 40% less likely to die of a heart attack than someone who never has!
No pet? No problem! Volunteer! Whether you help furry friends or people, you’ll reap heartprotecting, mood-boosting benefits!
Survival Of the Fittest….You notice every little thing your pet does, but did you know that dogs and cats have evolved to hide illness? Showing weakness makes an animal, and their pack, vulnerable, so our best friends do everything they can to keep a stiff upper lip. Your vet can find problems your pet hides, another reason why annual checkups are so important!
JOON, spayed Jack Russell Terrier, available for adoption
2014 Board of Directors
Loretta Benner
Mark Espich, President
Sandi Gray
Kayli Roop
Dan Stauffer
Laurel Steill
Katie Sweeney
Laura Underwood
Kevin Vaughn
In May of this year (2013), we lost our beloved husky Smokey to old age and in July we also lost our other husky Shadow ( Smokey's daughter). This left my buddy Mushi all alone. He seemed heartbroken because he had been around the "girls" since he was a very young pup. My wife Teresa started looking on the internet and found Nikki (aka Glacier) on Petfinder at your shelter. We set up an appointment for Mushi and Nikki to meet at the WCHS. So we loaded him up and made the 3hour trip. Needless to say we were apprehensive and wondering how they would react to each Glacier, adopted in July, 2013 other. We were glad to see that they got along well. It was a very emotional time for us. Nikki has been a great addition to our family, she is so loving, and keeps Mushi on his toes!
Some items we’re in need of are listed below.
Hand soap refill
Paper towels
Dish soap
Copy paper
Manila file folders, letter size
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
You love your dog, and your dog loves treats! But feeding Fido “human food” isn’t always the greatest idea. We’re not talking apple slices here...we’re talking cookies, cheese and hot dogs. Take a look at how the calories can add up!
Kid’s Club!
Monday, January 13, , 6:00 pm
Monday, February 10, 6;;00 pm
(fed to a 20lb dog)
Human Caloric
1 small cookie
1 hamburger
1oz cheddar cheese
1.5 hamburgers
1 hot dog
2.5 hamburgers
Remember, what seems like a little treat to you is like a whole meal to your dog!
Kitty Calories...we’re not saying to never treat your baby, but talk to your vet about the best way to reward your little hunter! Take a look at how common treats can pack on the pounds!
Cheese, just two slices can add around 125% to a small cat’s daily caloric intake. For larger cats, it’s about a 60% increase.
Tuna, a single can of tuna might add between 15% and 35% to your cat’s daily caloric intake.
Whole Milk, just 1/2 cup can add almost 50% to a small cat’s daily caloric intake, and almost 25% to a larger cat’s daily intake.
LOGAN, neutered male, available for adoption
At the Shelter, 951 South Line Street
Join us on January 13 and/or February 10 for a fun evening at the shelter. Kids in grades 2-6 can spend time learning about the animals and creating great craft projects.
Call the shelter, 260-244-6664, if you have any questions or need more information. Hope to see you at Kid’s Club!
Neuter For A Nickel
March, 2014
Plans are underway for our second “Neuter For A Nickel” day in March this year. In April 2013, we were able to neuter over 140 male cats in a single day! We hope to make 2014’s Neuter For A Nickel” even bigger. Watch your email for more details about date, times and how to make an appointment to have your male cat neutered!
Volunteer Orientation
Saturday, February 1, 9:00 am
Saturday, March 1, 9:00 am
At the Shelter, 951 South Line Street
The first step towards making a difference in the lives of homeless animals is a attending a Volunteer Orientation meeting, held the first Saturday of each month at 9:00 am. Come see what it’s all about and how you can use your talents to make the lives of homeless animals better!
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February 2014
Oreo came to the shelter as a stray in early December 2013, desperately in need of a home. She is a sweet, spayed 5-year old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.
Oreo enjoys taking walks and knows how to behave on a leash. One of her favorite activities is joining the shelter’s dog trainer on a bike ride around the neighborhood. She is comfortable around other dogs so could easily join a multi-dog household.
She is a very loving dog that wants to be your best friend. If you're looking for a nice calm easy going dog, Oreo maybe just right for you. Come to the shelter and visit Oreo. She’s waiting for you.
We often care for animals that teach us important lessons about compassion and patience. Darby is one of those animals.
She came to us as a stray kitten in March 2013. She was tiny, less than 2 pounds, and very frightened of people. We sent her home with a foster mommy. In a home setting, she could get extra attention and learn to trust and accept affection from people. After a few weeks in foster care, Darby was ready for adoption. Her foster mommy brought her back to the shelter and in May she was adopted by a family with children. The volunteers and staff celebrated her successful adoption.
But that wasn’t the end of her story.
In August 2013, Darby was surrendered back to the shelter by her adoptive family who could no longer care for her. And we’re so glad they did! Deciding to surrender a pet is always difficult, and the shelter is always willing to take the pet back and try again to find a “forever” home.
That’s how Darby came back to the shelter. She is grown now, and gorgeous! Darby has a torbie coat, green eyes, and the cutest little tufts of hair at the tip of each ear! She is playful, and also loves to be loved. She will curl up on a warm lap with those who take time with her. She has been so patient, waiting for the right person to find her. If you have room in your home and heart for a sweet, spayed girl, please come and meet Darby soon!
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed time, supplies, or cash to help support the animals at the shelter. We could not continue to care for the animals without your support!
Those of us who do it, love it!
It’s a great feeling to help enrich the lives of homeless dogs and cats. There’s so much you can do to make a difference…
walking dogs, cuddling cats
washing dishes, folding laundry
answering phones, making copies
writing grants, organizing fundraisers
running errands, stuffing envelopes
Come to the shelter and find out how you can help! Volunteer Orientation can help! Volunteer Orientation is held on is held on the first Saturday of every month at 9:00 am. You’ll learn about shelter operations and how volunteers are so important for the care of the animals.
Looking for a tax deduction?
Bring your gently used items such as Bring your gently used items such as antiques, old working computer games, old unique toys, used working cell phones, anything with at least a $25 value (no clothing or personal items). We’ll sell them on Ebay for you. All proceeds go to support the shelter and all tax deductions go to you!
“Save A Life, Adopt a Homeless Pet”. Show your support for our shelter. Purchase a HSWC license plate frame for $10! On sale now at the shelter.
New Friends of the Shelter, Welcome!
John Black
Pamela Kephart
Edith Menzie
Kevin Rumkie
Frank & Diane Weixler
Mike & Diane Weixler
Neal Mosey
In Loving Memory
Dennis & Debbie Gay
Lois Leeuw
Edward Leeuw
Janice & Herman Smith
David Kuehner
Tonya Warner
Delois Clemons
C&A Tool Engineering
Stanley & Ann Fraze
Steven & Cynthia Winebrenner
Josephine Hyndman ABC Industries, Inc.
Rita Bennett
C&A Tool Engineering
Ronald & Joyce Engle
Faulkner Electric Svc
Schrader Real Estate
Scott & Janelle Smith
Jerome & Kay
Phil Kessie
June Niccum
Ruth Tagtmeyer
Jill & Darrin Daniel
Arnold & Sandy Ousley
William Marks
Randy & Emily Joy
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
Those we wish to thank
Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio
Thomas & Alice Anderson
Leroy & Judy Baatz
Kelly Maloy & grandson Hayden Barnett
John & Belinda Bellam
Bio Corporation
Marilee Boyd
Larry & Loretta Brouse
Scott & Sherry Brown
Sherri Brugh
Allen & Kerry Bushaw
Bernard Caley
Canine Companions
Jeffrey & Deborah Click
Churubusco Schools
CC Buggies Club
Wendi Curry
Amber Deckard
John & Juliana Degood
Dan & Nancy Dorman
Eagles Aux 1906
Stacey & Josh Edwards
Carmen Eger
Dorena Ellenberger
Ewenityfarm Border Collie Haven
Susan Farris
Fort Wayne Doll Club
Todd & Sandi Fortman
Denise Gerbert
Roberta Gipe
John St. George
Doris Goldner
Dr. James Hanus
Daniel & Connie Hawkins
Keith & Beverly Henley
Dewayne & Marie Hockemeyer
Barb Hohenstein
Robert & Sarah Howard
Curtiss & Joyce Johnson
Jeffrey or Terry Jurgess
Michael Lanucilli
Blake & Susan Lemish
Robert & Loyda Loe
Margaret Malcolm
Kacie Maybee
Marcie Meader
Brad & Cambria Menendez
Those we wish to thank
Ruth Metzger
Paula Michel
David & Laura Moses
Marilyn Murphy
Debra Neer
Lavon Nesbitt
Randal & Sharon Nicodemus
Sanuel & Nancy Overton
Judith Paris
John & Laura Patten
Ted & Wendy Ragan
David & Katrina Rayner
Wayne & Kathaleen Reese
David Reinhard
Carisa Rising
Gary & Euneice Rohrs
Science & Regulatory Consultants
Dennis & Corissa Schuman
Carrie & William Shelmadine
Susan Shepherd
Larry & Kathy Shively
Jennifer Shoda
The Cake Lady, LLC
Darrell & Beverly Thompson
John & Donna Toole
Diana Tyrrell & Gerald Tyrrell
Cheryl Wagers
Frank & Diane Weixler
Jan Winterrowd
Lou Ann Winterrowd
David & Gwendolyn Yeager
Thomas & Vicki Yoder
Thank you for donated items
John & Belinda Bellam
John & Sherri Bernhart
Judy Bowers
Mike & Sara Bowland
Tammy Burris
Canine Companion
Mary Carney
Thomas Conley
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
Thank you for donated items
Pat Dean
Amber Deno
Sherry Eddy
Dee Ellenberger
Espich Printing
Stephanie Geor
Debbie Guthrie
Jacque Hoffman
Chad Hollaway
Andrea & Josh Jewitt
Daislie Kilander
Kathy Klenke
Dan Krill
Konnie Luntz
Kelly Maloy
Collin & Leann McClaine
Ed Meinzen
Janis Mercer
Vonie Nesbit
Viki Nolerwold
Andy Ott
Shirley Palmer
Steve Parker
Peabody Public Library
Thomas & Dorothy Pugh
Rapp Family
Lori Reader & Peanut
Anna Richey
Keith Roman
Kevin Rose
Cindy Russell
Ruby Serz
Carl Smith
Liz Sponaugle
Joey Till & Kids
Mike & Lynn Todd
Tractor Supply Company
Diana & Jerry Tyrrell
Karl Utterback
Whitco Schools
Cheryl Wyatt
Annual Fund Drive Donors, Thank You!
Ruth Adams
Roberta Adang
Lisa Allen
Don Amber
Martha Anspach
Eddie & Edna Arnold
Kerry & Becky Bailey
David & Teresa Barnes
Greg & Pam Bateman
Ronald & Barbara Begue
Joanne Behm
Diane & Otto Behrens
Lori Bell
William Bergman
Brian & Vanessa Bills
Kathy Bingham
Miriam Bishop
Ray Boland
Martha Bolinger
Patricia Bradlwo
Jan Bristow
Jeff & Penny Brookes
Cathy Anne Brown
Nancy Buck
Ruthie Busick
Bernard Caley
Pam Calhoon
Carla Clifford
Kianne & Kenny Clifford
Michele Cole
Carolynn Collar
Russell Coulter
Sharon Coulter
Jill & Darrin Daniel
Leon Dean
Trudy Deutsch
Virginia Doenges
Lee Edsall
Ronald & Phyllis Egolf
Greg Fahl
Russ & Nancy Fay
Nancy Farber
Phil & Kaye Fisher
Lois Foellinger
Susan Fox
Melissa Frock
Dennis & Toni Fudge
Lynette Garling
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
Annual Fund Drive Donors, Thank You!
Annual Fund Drive Donors, Thank You!
Robert & Rosemary Geiger
George & Lisa Gerdes
Carolyn Gibson
Keith Giff
Robin Goble
Ron & Janice Godot
Mike & Linda Grable
Tim Grall
Peter Grandstaff
Roger & Pat Groves
Richard Haiflich
Patricia Hartman
Timothy Hartman
Joyce Hawkins
Michael Hayes
Jane Hicks
Liz Hosier
Cynthia & Jay Hursh
Jeremy Hiss
Jacque Hoffman
Jeff & Dawn Hoffman
Kay Hurley
Bob & Laura Hursey
Teresa Irven
Lorene Jenkins
Mike Johnson
Chuck & Barb Jones
Tod & Rhonda Jones
Robert & Patricia Kehmeyer
Ronald Keister
Gloria Kesling
Margaret Kimble
Lynn & Debbie Kirkpatrick
Judy & Lynn Kissinger
Craig & Patty Kneller
Jerry & Ann Krider
Dan Krill
Jerry & Laura Ladd
Rick Ladd
Don Langeloh
Tim & Susan Langohr
Jamie Langston
Edward Leeuw
Patricia Loe
Konnie & George Lutz
Wayne Magee
Brad & Kelly Malcolm
Sam & Kelly Maloy
Brenda Mann
Ron Marr
Gail & Sally Martin
Richard & Rose Martz
Edith Menzie
Dean Messick
Janeie Meyer
Cindy Minear
Jason Mishler
Margie More
Bob & Jan Morsches
John & Tricia Morton
Joan Murphy
Cheryl Nally
Stacy Need
Stan & Carol Needham
Toni Palmer
Joni Parnell
Darlene Peppler
Jeff & Cheryl Perry
Charles & Sharon Persons
Athalia Peters
Rosemary Piebenga
David & Betty Pippenger
Doug Pollock
Alice Pontzius
Betsey Potts
Roberta Pritchard
Dianne Ranes
Reiff Construction LLC
David Reinhard
Karen Reinking
Elaine Rider
Ron & Ann Rider
Janel Rogers
Maureen Rogers
Sue Roman
Eugene Rudek
Nancy Schuman
Devon Schuman
Melissa Scott
Laraina & Mickael Seigel
Kim Kurtz-Seslar & Nick Seslar
Leeandra Sewell
“What’s Happening” at the Shelter
January-February, 2014
Annual Fund Drive Donors, Thank You!
Jim Seymour
Bill & Patricia Shanks
Larry & Kathy Shively
Nancy Shoda
Mary Shook
Sigma Phi Gamma, NU Theta Chapter
Dianna Sloffer
Janice & Herman Smith
Jean Smith
Valerie Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Don Sodelet
Ann Stahn
Stockamp Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Studebaker
Doris Studebaker
Karen Sweeney
David & Michelle Sylvester
Ted & Clar Tahmisian
Brent Teague
Darrell & Beverly Thompson
Brad Thomson
Evelyn Troutman
Laura Underwood
Marianne Van Emon
David & Barbara Vaughn
Cheryl Wagers
Roger & Julie Waggoner
Ross Waite
Tonya Warner
C. Waterfall
Barbara Webster
Cheryl & Mark Wentzel
Lisa Wilson
Teresa Wolfe
Holly Wright
Nancy Wright
Sandra Wysong
Anthony & Marsha Zingarelli
They’re Waiting for a Forever Home...
CELO, 1-year old neutered gray tabby
BEAMER, miniature pinscher / Chihuahua mix
ALAN, 3-month old orange tabby
RAELYNN, female American Staffordshire Terrier
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