A new choice to consider... - Silverman Family Dentistry Cincinnati



A new choice to consider... - Silverman Family Dentistry Cincinnati
The clear alternative to
metal braces. By using a series of
clear removable aligners, Invisalign
straightens your teeth with results you’ll
notice sooner than you think.
The course of treatment involves
changing aligners approximately every two
weeks, moving your teeth into straighter
position step by step, until you have a more
beautiful smile. And unlike braces, these
clear aligners can be removed while you eat
and brush your teeth as usual.
Digital X-Rays
A new choice to consider...
Make your smile a masterpiece!
CAD/CAM is a
way to restore
damaged teeth
in a single visit!
Does your smile need updating?
• 3D software helps us design a restoration from the“optical impression’’ photo
• CAD/CAM processes and mills the
restoration from a solid block of tooth
colored material
• The restoration is bonded to the tooth
using state-of-the-art adhesive dentistry
• You can have beautiful and durable
results in one comfortable visit
Your teeth can be the most striking feature on
your face. With advances in dentistry, you need
not have stained, chipped or misshaped teeth.
Comfortable treatment, often in one visit, can
improve your smile!
Computer Smile Imaging
... provides you, the patient, the abilitiy
to see your smile in “before” and “after”
images on our color computer monitor. Your
decision to enhance your smile can be made
on a more informed basis
This new, safer
markedly reduces
radiation exposure
and is available to all our patients.
What can dental CAD/CAM be used for?
Tooth Whitening in about an hour
CAD/CAM is a revolutionary way to restore
damaged teeth in a single visit!
Your teeth can quickly become lighter
with the smile you have always wanted..
This advanced system allows us to display your
digital x-ray images almost instantly on a
computer screen without the delay of film
processing in a darkroom. This eliminates the
need to use toxic chemicals which helps to
protect the environment.
Digital X-Rays use 80 to 90 percent less
radiation than conventional x-rays. Thus the
possible harm and hazard from dental x-rays
have all but been eliminated.
...inlays, onlays, veneers
...partial and full crowns
...tooth-color fixed bridgework
Dental Insurance Benefits Apply
This new techonology will save you time,
more of your original tooth, with
convenience and comfort!
Adhesive Fillings
No black or gray material
No mercury used
Create stronger teeth
4464 Carver Woods Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Tel: 513.984.3700
Infection Control: Each time a patient visits our office, a special trust is placed in our hands. Our infection control procedures comply with those recommended by the American Dental Association, OSHA, and the US Center for Disease Control. By making you aware of the measures being taken on your behalf, you can feel comfortable knowing your visit with us will be a safe one.
Dental Implants
Talk and laugh with new teeth that feel natural
Recover your spontaneous smile and the
confidence behind it
Regain full function without damaging your
remaining healthy teeth
Protect your jawbone from shrinkage and
Dr. Stuart Silverman
Latest Treatment Advances
Dental Implants Enhance
...your apperance
...your chewing
...your self-confidence
One-visit CAD/CAM Dentistry
Dr. Marc Silverman
Seeing what
we see...
“Our commitment is to provide you
the highest standards of comfortable
care combined with exceptional
personal service - the benchmarks
of quality dentistry for our patients”
Dr. Rick Silverman
Preventative Dental Treatments
Tooth Replacement
“We use an advanced computer system
integrated with digital intra-oral pictures
and safer digital x-rays which allows you to
view areas of concern. Seeing what we see
enables you to make more informed
decisions about your dental health choices”
-Dr. Silverman
Enhanced Appearance
4464 Carver Woods Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Tel: 513.984.3700
You deserve a whiter,
brighter smile!
The teamwork of our highly-trained staff allows
us to achieve comfortable dental care and
exceptional patient service.
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