TN Newsletter Volume 15 Issue 1



TN Newsletter Volume 15 Issue 1
Volume 15, Issue 1
January 1st, 2016
Targa Newfoundland
September 10th - 17th, 2016
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
Writer & Layout (unless identified): Darren Sheppard
Targa Newfoundland Newsletter
15th Anniversary Targa Melton jackets for sale!
2016 is Targa Newfoundland’s 15th anniversary
event. To celebrate this achievement and this remarkable
event we are introducing the 15th Anniversary Special
Edition Targa Newfoundland Crested Melton Jacket!
This onetime special issue, beautiful black leather
and Melton wool jacket, will have the Targa Newfoundland
15th Anniversary logos stitched on the left front chest and
entire back of the jacket! With the 15th Anniversary event
fast approaching next September, you will want to have this
limited offer piece of Targa memorabilia. The image of a
jacket without logo is to the right for reference purposes.
with your name stitched on the front right breast or arm
(please specify) for $15.00 extra. HST not included. Please
identify your jacket size when ordering.
The jackets will be ordered on January 11th as this
deal has been public for the past few weeks, so have your
order in by then. There will be no further orders! Delivery
will take place in late January or early February. Email
[email protected] with your order and
payment information or call 1-877-332-2413 and provide all
necessary information for your Melton Targa jacket!
The cost of these jackets is a very special C$250.00
(retail value C$350.00). You can personalize your jacket
Division Entry Fees for 2016 Targa
Below are the entry fees and deadlines to enter the 2016 15th Anniversary Targa Newfoundland. We do accept a down
payment on most entry fees (minimum of $2,500.00 CDN) and can work out a payment plan for the remaining balance. With
the positive feedback from last year’s competitors regarding the course and the improvements the event will make for the 2016
Targa, we feel it will be one of the best and biggest Targa’s yet! It is something you do not want to miss! Enter early so we can
promote your entry and you can take care of all of your logistics without having to rush. Please take note; the next deadline is
January 31st, so enter this month to take advantage of the advanced discount!
Add 13% HST to all fees below for total entry fees.
Fast Tour
Adv Discount
to Jan 31st
To April 30th
Late Entry
to start of event
$ 4,295.00
Grand Touring
Quick Tour (1-3 days)
Per Day Rate
For entry forms or for more information on the fees or divisions and what is included with the fee, please contact
[email protected] or call the office 1-877-332-2413. Payment plans are available, but monthly payments will be
determined based on time of entry and the deposit amount.
Points of interest for Targa 2016
Targa Newfoundland can confirm that both the Jack Byrne Arena in Torbay and the Eastlink Events Centre in
Clarenville will be our “homes” for the event in 2016. Both locations have hosted the event in prior years and are
perfectly suited to the needs of our competitors, their service crews and the public who come out to the car shows at
these locations. We look forward to working with the staff at the Jack Byrne Arena and the Eastlink Events Centre for
the 15th Anniversary Targa Newfoundland!
New stages have been added to Leg 1, Leg 4 and Leg 5; with modified stages on Leg 2, Leg 3 and Leg 5. Additional new
stages or modifications will be made over the coming months, with confirmation of all stages by early spring.
Accommodations are quickly being booked in Clarenville. For best selection, we advise competitors to please book
quickly if they are in need of hotels in the Clarenville area during the time of the event (overnights in Clarenville are
September 12 - 15th, 2016). You can attempt to book yourself, or contact Maxxim Vacations at 1-800-567-6666 for all
in one stop service.
Quick Tour Division, associated with the Fast Tour Division, will allow participants to enjoy Targa for a minimum of 1
day to a maximum of 3 days; all paperwork and licenses must be completed prior to entry and all fees must be paid
prior to entry. Quick Tour does not include any competition division (strictly Fast Tour).
There are transport options for vehicles again this year from locations in North America to Targa and return. Please
check out the ad’s below regarding a couple of the bigger transport options we recommend here at Targa. Other
options may be available, so contact our office to see if other options would work best for your situation, location and
vehicle. We are here to help.
Lucas Oil Products sponsoring Targa for an 8th consecutive year
Targa Newfoundland is proud to announce that it
has, for the 8th year in a row, confirmed major sponsorship
from Lucas Oil Products Inc. This sponsorship once again
makes Lucas Oil Products Inc. the official motor oil and oil
product distributor of Targa Newfoundland.
Lucas Oil Products will have a display and products
on hand for competitors and fans to use in their vehicles,
and a representative will be on site to answer any questions
regarding Lucas Oil Products and the benefits of using their
brand over others to maintain peak performance.
“The Lucas Oil sponsorship has been extremely
rewarding for Targa over the past 7 years”, stated Robert
Giannou, President and co-founder of Targa
Newfoundland. “Having an international motorsports
player like Lucas Oil attached to Targa shows that the
motorsports world sees the event as an international
attraction - a must on many motorsports enthusiast bucket
list throughout the world!”
Giannou continued by providing details on the
newly created Lucas Oil Challenge, where competitors of
Targa who sign up to use only Lucas Oil Products in their
vehicles throughout the event, could win a free entry into
the 2017 Targa. “We felt a thank-you to Lucas Oil
Products was necessary after so many years of sponsoring
the event, hence the creation of the Lucas Oil Challenge.
We already have several competitors who have shown
interest in using only Lucas Oil Products to be signed up
for the Challenge and we expect more to sign up in the
months leading up to the Targa. Once we have a complete
list, we’ll announce that publicly so fans can see who is
competing in the Challenge.”
For further information on the Lucas Oil
Challenge and to register for the 15th Anniversary Targa
Newfoundland, please contact the Targa office at
[email protected] or call 1-877-332-2413.
Taking beautiful, personalized and unique images of Targa
Newfoundland for the past three events!
For more information on obtaining Targa images from
Julia, or other photography, email her at
[email protected] -
Exchange rate benefiting potential U.S. competitors
The Canadian dollar is currently trading at 0.72
cents U.S. This means the exchange rate is almost at 30%
for Americans, or anyone else, who wishes to pay using
American dollars. A good example of the savings is the
current Targa division price, which is $6,895.00 CDN
before taxes. Pop that into the exchange rate calculator and
that comes out to be $4,935.49 U.S. dollars before taxes.
That's almost $2,000.00 savings for paying with U.S. funds
due to the exchange rate!
The exchange rate applies to all the other division
rates as well, meaning the Canadian dollar prices are just
about 30% lower for Americans or anyone else who pays
with U.S. funds.
Make the decision to enter Targa Newfoundland
soon. We can't control the exchange rate, so take
advantage of the price if that is the only major obstacle
keeping potential U.S. competitors from entering! It's well
worth it! And keep in mind, the next deadline date is the
end of January. At that time, the fees will increase to the
Regular rate, which lasts until the end of April.
So why wait to enter when you can take advantage
of the rate now!? The 15th Anniversary Targa
Newfoundland is almost 30% off the advertised price,
friendly Canadians who welcome Americans (we had a
couple American bases on Newfoundland soil for decades Americans hanging out with us is nothing new), and a
bunch of other positives! Don’t delay, enter today!
Transportation from Toronto east to Targa
Scott Robbins (past competitor and master of everything mechanical) transported several vehicles to/from the
mainland for the last several Targa’s. Competitors who used his services were impressed with the professionalism and the care
he and his crew took in bringing the vehicles down and back to their respective homes. Scott will once again be transporting
vehicles for the 2016 Targa.
Scott has an enclosed transporter (see below) and a couple of open trailers that he will use to transport vehicles and gear
for the event. The price of transport will be determined based on the number of vehicles, which transport option the
competitor wishes to use (enclosed or open trailer) and the size of the vehicle itself. For more information on the cost and
other questions, please email Scott at [email protected] or call him at 905-424-3732. He can pick up vehicles from Toronto
and east along the way to St. John’s. Vehicles from western Canada and the U.S. are welcome to join the convoy at any point
(Toronto and east) or meet the convoy at the starting point in Toronto.
Targa Masters Challenge
In last month’s issue of the newsletter, an article regarding the creation of the Targa Masters Challenge, in which all
former division winners of the event are invited back to battle it out at the 15th Anniversary event in September was
announced. Below is the list of all the former winners of each division that is being used to determine who is a Master. Those
in bold and underlined have already signed up to participate in the 2016 Targa. As the months roll along, other Masters who
enter will be highlighted so the public can see who has put their names in to possibly be crowd the Targa Grand Master at the
conclusion of the 15th Anniversary Targa in September!
THE TARGA COMPETITION (Classic, Modern, Open divisions)
Four Wins
Roy Hopkins – M 2004, C 2007, 08, 09
Adrienne Hughes – M 2004, C 2007, 08, 09
Bill Arnold – M 2002, C 2003, 04, 05
Three Wins
Mathew Oldford - M 2010, 11, 14
Brian Oldford – M 2010, 11, 14
Ray Felice – C 2010, 11, 12
Scott Giannou – C 2010, 11, 12
Jim Kenzie – O 2005, 06 ,10
Brian Bourbonniere - O 2005, 06 ,10
Two Wins
Mike Davenport – O 2013, 14
Brad Benson – O 2013, 14
Andrew Comrie-Picard - M2008, O 2012
Frank Sprongl – O 2008, 09
Rod Henderson – O 2008, 09
Jen Horsey – M 2006, O 2008
John Paynter – O 2006, M 2007
Clarke Paynter – M 2007, O 2006
Tamara Hull – M 2002, C 2004
One Win
Billy Anderson - M 2015
Max Cline Abrahams - M 2015
Jean Luc Bergeron – O 2015
Mike Mercer – C 2015
Vincent Trudel – O 2015
Cory Prosser – C 2015
C J Strupp – C 2014
Jack Rogers – C 2014
Dan Aweida – M 2013
Tina Aweida – M 2013
Dave Didcock – C 2013
Ben Gill – C 2013
Brian O’Kane – O 2012
Justin Crant – M 2012
Paul Dyer – M 2012
Rob Pacione – O 2011
Brian Maxwell – O 2011
Steve Millen – M 2009
Mike Montecello – M 2009
Allan Ryall – C 2008
Evan Gambin – C 2006
Glen Clarke – C 2006
Keith Townsend – M 2006
Ernie Jacabowski – M 2003, 05
Bill Comat – M 2003, 05
Peter Guagenti – C2003
Tom Hayes – O 2003
Andy Vann – O 2003
Len Catlin – C 2002
Gail Catlin – C 2002
THE GRAND TOURING COMPETITION (Equipped & Unequipped divisions)
Three Wins
Alan Kearley – GTU 2007, 08, 09
Greg Martin – GTU 2007, 08, 09
Two Wins
John Hume Sr. – GTE 2012, 14
Craig McMullen – GTE 2012, 14
Justin Crant – GTE 2010, 11
Justin Russell – GTE 2010, 11
Rev. Davis Burrows – GTU 2012, 14
Jason Fancey – GTU 2012, 14
One Win
Renee Damn – GTE 2015
Marinus Damn – GTE 2015
Lauren Scheller – GTU 2015
Carson Scheller – GTU 2015
John Riddell – GTE 2013
Brier Delange – GTE 2013
Terry de Silva – GTU 2013
Graham Austin – GTU 2013
Alan Townsley – GTU 2010
David Fuhrman – GTU 2010
Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff – GTE 2009
Christopher Trauttmansdorff – GTE 2009
John Vandemierden – GTE 2008
Stu Lehmann – GTE 2008
Michael Martin – GTE 2007
Cathy Martin – GTE 2007
Bruce Terris – GTE 2006
Brian Crocket – GTE 2005
Gail Walker – GTE 2005
Mark Hacking – GTU 2005
Lawrence Hacking – GTU 2005
Chris Collingwood – GTU 2004
Sean Longi – GTU 2004
Jean Francois Droulet – GTE 2003, 04
Regine Beaulieu – GTE 2003, 04
Lucas Oil Challenge new for 2016 Targa
With the announcement of Lucas Oil once again
being a main sponsor of the event, the Lucas Oil Challenge
will now become an important part of the 15th Anniversary
Targa Newfoundland in September. The Challenge is for
competitors who have already or will enter the event, who
decide to also sign up for the Challenge, and must run only
Lucas Oil Products in their engines.
products their engine needs prior to the event, and provide
all details that are requested on the Challenge form that is
provided to the competitor. Once the form is handed to
the Lucas Oil representative, he will then provide all the
necessary products, at no charge, to the competitor. The
competitor with the least amount of penalty minutes at the
conclusion of the Targa wins the Challenge and a free entry
into the 2017 Targa Newfoundland.
To obtain a form or if there are any questions
regarding the Lucas Oil Challenge, please contact the office
at 1-877-332-2413 or by email at
[email protected]
The only rules are that competitors must use Lucas
Oil Products in their engine, provide the type of oil
Subaru Canada Announces Targa Support Program for 2016
Subaru Canada, a long-time participant and
supporter of the Targa Newfoundland international rally
ever since its inception in 2002, has announced the return
of a broad ranging incentive and support program for
Subaru competitors, their immediate families, and for
Targa event staff.
Targa 2015 Open winners Jean Luc Bergeron & Vincent Trudel of
Quebec, in their 1999 Subaru Impreza 22B. Photo by Ralph Saulnier.
The Subaru Canada program, implemented in
recognition of the fact that Subaru products have competed
in every Targa Newfoundland, sets out various incentives
and awards for Subaru participants. Participants and/or
any immediate family member (mother, father, spouse, son
or daughter) who purchase or lease a new Subaru from
January 1 – December 31, 2016 will be eligible for a
C$750.00 rebate. This rebate is also being made available
to the Targa event staff.
Participants who use any model of Subaru for entry
into any of the 4 main categories within Targa
Newfoundland (Open, Modern, Classic, and Grand
Touring) will receive a C$500.00 Entrant Award which
goes towards their entry fee. Performance awards are also
included in the program. These would apply towards
Subaru entrants in any of the 4 competition categories:
Open, Modern, Classic and Grand Touring. A Subaru that
achieves first place in any of the categories will receive a
cash award of C$2,000.00, second place C$1,500.00 and
third place C$1,000.00.
Mike Davenport & Brad Benson of Ontario, in their 2015 Subaru
WRX STI, 2nd place 2015 Targa Open Division. Photo: Ralph
Brian Hyland, Director, After Sales - Parts
Operations, states that “Subaru Canada has been a long
time supporter of Targa Newfoundland and is very excited
to be able to make this offer available once again to those
Subaru participants in the 15th Anniversary 2016 Targa.
Subaru’s finished 1-2 in Open last year and are hoping for
the same type of results in 2016. We wish all participants
good luck and safe driving in the coming event.”
Owned and operated by Newfoundland
International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is
one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports
events in the world. The 2016 competition will start in St.
John’s on September 12th and concludes back in the
capital on September 17th. The annual rally will cover
more than 1,600 kilometers of the challenging, twisty roads
of the central and eastern portion of Newfoundland,
including over 440 kilometers of closed-road, flat-out Targa
Seeing Double Deal - Melton Targa 15th Anniversary Jackets
Date: December 22nd (two 2’s) till January 11th (two 1’s).
Enter Targa, Grand Touring or Fast Tour divisions in the above mentioned time frame and receive 2 Melton 15th Anniversary
Targa jackets (see the double) free! We’ll include your names on the jacket too (right breast or either sleeve)! No cost whatsoever
to you regarding the jackets! This is almost $600.00 worth of merchandise, free!
*Must pay entry fee in full during the time period stated, deal does not include Quick Tour division, deal ends 11th of January,
2016. Deal cannot be used against prior entries to obtain free jackets. Please contact [email protected] or 1877-332-2413 to register for Targa Newfoundland 2016 and to receive more information!
Targa Newfoundland Contacts - -
Robert Giannou
[email protected]
303 Thorburn Road, Suite 2-D
St John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
A1B 4R1
Cell: 709-682-7900 Tel: 877-332-2413 Fax: 709-753-7646
Darren Sheppard
General Manager
[email protected]
303 Thorburn Road, Suite 2-D
St John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
A1B 4R1
Tel: 709-722-2413 Tel: 877-332-2413 Fax: 709-753-7646
Targa Newfoundland Sponsors

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