Introduction to Soundtrap



Introduction to Soundtrap
Introduction to Soundtrap
We can create our own music
Click on “Enter the Studio”
Name your project: RM#-lastname,first
Name your project: RM#-lastname,first
Check out the loops!!!
Up top are categories
And the loops are at the bottom
Choose one and drag it to the studio
Notice that the loop is
automatically 8 measures
(bars) long
You can change the tempo (speed)
We talk about tempo in BPM (Beats per minute)
120 = 120 beats per minute - how many beats per second is that?
Make the loop twice as long
Drag the sample to the right
Notice we go past 16 all the way to the first beat of
measure 17
Starting on the first beat of measure 9
Add a second layer of sample
Now, add a 3rd layer at measure 13
I added a 4th layer at the end
Now, drag everything right another 4 measures
HINT! CTRL-A to select all tracks!
Finally - we will fade out the volume as the song ends
Use the white circle (upper RH corner of the sample)
Drag it back 4 measures
We’re finished with today’s
assignment, but we will continue to
work on this project next week. If
you get done early, experiment with
the web page and see what else you
can do with your song.
4 layers of sample w/ fade-out
4 layers of sample w/o fade-out
2-3 layers of sample
1 layer of sample
no work turned in
E-mail your project as an mp3
Click on your name in the upper RH corner
Then, click Go to my projects
Find your project on the home page and click
E-mail the saved mp3 file
This is your grade for this week!
Make sure you e-mail me your assignement.
[email protected]

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