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August 2011 Newsletter Volume 39, Number 8
In this Issue:
Picture of the Month
This Month’s Program
President’s Waves
Local Diving
Social Activities
Hospitality Hut
Overseas Diving
USA Calendar
Contact Info
Russ and Julie Manhold at Tenneco Towers
(See Local Diving (below))
Program for August 4
with John Cassidy
Our speaker for the August 4th meeting is John Cassady.
Join us to hear about manatees; a wonderful creature
that stirs our hearts and imagination. The meeting is
August 4th at the Best Western in Deerfield Beach just off
I-95 at 7:30 PM. A group will be gathering in the Newport
Café there in the Best Western about 6 PM (bring your
own carry in dinner and purchase a beverage or two from
bartender, Bob). Around 7 PM we will begin to move to
our meeting area, the Sawgrass Room, for more
socializing and mingling and a chance to buy our lobster
pot tickets.
John Cassady is a Manatee Research Associate at the
Fish and Wildlife Research Institute of the Florida Fish
and Wildlife Conservation Commission
John is originally from Louisville, Kentucky and grew up
in Southern Illinois. He has lived in South Florida for
over 25 years, much of which has been spent fishing and
boating. John began his career with the Florida Fish and
Wildlife Conservation Commission as the Southeast
Florida Director of The Monofilament Recovery and
Recycling Program (MRRP). Although he still helps run
the MRRP, he switched to the Manatee Section
approximately five years ago. As part of the manatee
research staff, he participates in manatee rescues and
captures, aerial surveys, photo-id, carcass salvage and
recovery, and manatee necropsies. John was recently
named as the new Research Associate in charge of the
Manatee Section of the Southeast Field Lab in Tequesta,
covering seven counties in Southeast Florida.
Sea you there?
Next month, for our September 1st General Meeting we have,
photographer Linda Ianniello discuss her recent trip to the Philippines.
Glada Blench
VP of Programs
[email protected]
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Hi, fellow USAers, as you may or may not
know, our president for 2011, Russ Manhold
resigned as president on July 14th. Which,
coincidentally was also the date of our board
meeting. Needles to say, it caused quite a stir.
Anyway, I will not bore you with the details, but
after much discussion, negotiating, and
jockeying, they ( the USA Board) convinced me
to "step up to the plate" and replace Russ as
president for the remainder of 2011. It was not
an easy decision, but with the full support of the
board, I finally decided that it was something that I could and probably should do for
the club. We are all sad to see Russ step down, but what is important is that Russ had
done a wonderful job as Social prior to becoming President and I feel that he has done
the same fine job as President for the past year and a half.
Russ assures me that he is OK, and that it was a personal decision and we should all
respect that for what it is. So let's all wish him the very best and next time you see
him, tell him “Thank you” for the great job he has done for all of us and this club.
I hope to see all of you at the August meeting and as I always say,
If YOU miss it, YOU will miss it!!!!
Larry Townsend
[email protected]
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Local Diving
The ocean is ours to enjoy and feels like bath water. Last
month the water temperature was in the 80’s. We had
scheduled a special trip to the Neptune Memorial in
Miami. Twenty three members of our Club dove with R.J.
Diving Ventures on Saturday afternoon July 9th with a
rainy start. Our first stop was the Ophelia Brian Wreck
which had an extremely strong current. Those surviving
the line down and were able to penetrate the wreck found
it very enjoyable.
Our second dive was the Neptune Memorial which was impressive. The sun came out
just as we entered the water which made for incredible pictures. Some divers found
this cemetery quite eerie. We thought it was a very interesting subject of the “Green
Burial” future. Afterwards we stayed at the Marina for dinner at Monty’s.
Kathy & John Ficarra
VP’s of Local Diving
[email protected]
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Social Activities
Greetings from USA’s Social Butterflies,
Monday, the 4th of July, eighteen USAers and guests
packed picnics and gathered at Picnic Shelter No. 2
in Davie’s Vista View Park for USA’s Pyroteknik
Piknik and 4th of July Celebration.
By the time everyone arrived, the charcoals were
hot and the music was playing. Some of us tried our
luck at horseshoes and ladder golf. Thanks to Clare,
Phebe and Bob for supplying the equipment. The
rest of us were involved in an invigorating game of
Jenga, a game of physical and mental skill. Many
brought delicious munchies that kept us busy until it
was time to enjoy the great food that was being
grilled. Ewa and Roman offered a very special
treat. Ask them about it the next time you see
At 7:00 pm, it was time to start our clean-up, pack the cars and get ready for our trek
up the hill. The shelter was spic and span in no time. Special thanks to everyone for a
job well done.
After the picnic, some folks decided to head home but most of us hiked up the hill to
reserve our vantage point. Dr. Ray rode up in the USA Shuttlevan courtesy of Russ. A
beautiful sunset helped set the mood and soon the fireworks began. Our hilltop
provided a panoramic view of Broward County. In the distance, pyrotechnics could be
seen from Deerfield Beach to Miami and all the little cities in between.
A USA Dive Club thought. It’s not always about the event. It’s about the camaraderie
of being with people we know and enjoy. Thanks to all the USAers and guests who
supported this social activity.
Coming Attractions
Sunday, August 28, 2011
Want to get to know some fellow
USA Dive Club members?
That’s easy. Just sign up for this event.
Participating in USA’s Adopt-A-Street program is the easiest way to meet people. Mark
your calendar for our next quarterly Adopt-A-Street cleanup in Deerfield Beach,
scheduled to take place on Sunday morning, August 28th, at 9:00 AM. Early birds may
wish to join LT’s Breakfast Club, 7:00 AM, at the nearby Cracker Barrel.
After the cleanup, we’ll have our group lunch at Muddy Waters Restaurant and Raw Bar
located just a short distance from USA’s Adopt-A-Street site.
The Adopt-A-Street program gives us the opportunity to keep our streets clean and
have a great time doing it. It’s a fact that, sooner or later, much of the trash on our
streets finds its way into Florida’s canals and waters offshore. This is our way of helping
the environment.
Wine Country Safari
Saturday Evening, September 3, 2011
6:00 PM
Dinner & Wine Tasting
Saturday evening, September 3rd, join USAers and guests for our Wine Country
Safari, a wine tasting at The Best Cellar in Wilton Manors, preceded by a group dinner
at Kyojin Japanese Seafood Buffet located just a short distance from our wine tasting
The Kyojin is upscale and features a 120-ft. long buffet. There is something here for
everyone, whether a seafood lover or landlubber. The Kyojin Seafood Buffet is ALL
YOU CAN EAT for $19.95 and payable at the restaurant. The winetasting at The
Best Cellar is an unbelievable bargain at $15.00 – cash only please – payable at
the door.
Kyojin Buffet
Ft. Lauderdale
The Best Cellar
Wilton Manors
6:00 PM
8:00 PM Sharp
3485 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
1408 NE 26 St.
Wilton Manors, FL 33305
All you can eat - $19.95
Wine Tasting - $15.00
Sign up for Wine Country Safari at USA’s next meeting.
Watch future newsletters and emails for additional information on all planned USA Dive
Club activities. Our social events are open to all USA club members and their
guests. So, why wait?
Sign up for a social event, get to know your fellow USAers, and let the fun begin!
Contact USA Social Butterflies ASAP at [email protected] if you’d like to join us.
Future social events include:
Aug 28 (Sunday) – Adopt-A-Street Cleanup – Deerfield Beach
Sep 3 (Saturday) – Wine Country Safari – Wilton Manors
Nov 12 (Saturday) – USA’s 40th Anniversary Party & Reunion at Ellie’s 50’s Diner,
Delray Beach
Pick up your favorite meal, i.e., a sub, sandwich or pizza at your local Publix, Subway
or Papa Johns and join USA’s Social Butterflies in the Newport Café located in the Best
Western Deerfield Beach Hotel & Suites @ 6:00 pm. If you’d like to bring something
from home, that’s OK, too.
Everyone seems to enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie. Try it... you’ll like it!
C’mon down and we’ll save y’all a seat.
Clare Anthon & Julie Manhold
VP’s of Social Events
[email protected]
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Hospitality Hut
Greetings from USA’s Hospitality Hut,
USA Dive Club needs a bigger Hut! Eight
guests were greeted at the July club meeting.
Joe Crockett, who found us on the Internet, is
a newly certified diver. He has already
submitted his membership application and
paid his dues. Joe is now a member of the
USA Dive Club.
Nancy Finchell and Gregg O’Farrell learned about the club from a fellow diver. They
were both recently certified by Dixie Divers and are eager to dive with us. Nancy and
Gregg have also become new USA Dive Club members.
Michael Grandinetti found our flyer at ForceE in Boca Raton. Michael was certified in
l986 and has logged over 300 dives. Mike took home a new member application so
here’s hoping he joins our active club.
The owner of Fill Express, Mark McAlpin, joined us at the meeting. Mark gave a brief
presentation about his recently acquired store and has offered USA members a 10
percent discount on fills and merchandise.
USA member Dave Smith invited Roberto Raia. Roberto is visiting from France and
does not dive, but has always been interested in the ocean and its inhabitants.
Next we met Dee Terry. Dee was the guest of USA Hall of Fame member Marilyn Van
Dee started her dive certification but did not complete the
course. However, she said she may be willing to try again.
It was nice to see Bill Watts again. Bill was a member for 14 years and decided to go
on a local dive with us in Miami. Great to see an old friend.
Why not visit our home page and click on the calendar button to
keep up to date on all the diving and non-diving scheduled activities. You may also take
a look at the photo gallery and see all the fun we have.
We wish you all ‘Happy Diving’.
Clare Anthon & Julie Manhold
Hospitality Coordinators
[email protected]
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I’m USA’s new Membership Coordinator,
Julie Manhold. Most of you already know me as one of
USA’s Social Butterflies.
I have some pretty big shoes to fill, and will do my very
best to keep up the wonderful job that Russ has been
doing as Membership Coordinator.
USA’s Board of Directors has recently approved seven
new members. Don Chalaire, Sarah Crisanto, Joe
Crockett, Nancy Finchell, Dave Goetz, Gregg O’Farrell
and Carly Sax will be receiving their membership
packages at USA’s August 4th general membership
Membership packages are chock full of goodies, including discount coupons for USA’s
local dives. Considering the discounts, membership isfree to first-time members.
At present, we have 123 members and our numbers are growing steadily.
USA’s Membership Directory is updated regularly and distributed on a quarterly basis.
If any of your personal information is incorrect or outdated, please send an update to
USA’s Membership Coordinatorby clicking here.
If you lose your copy, or simply need extra copies, click here.
If your USA Dive Club membership has expired, and you wish to renew your
membership, simply submit a New Member Application, along with appropriate prorated membership dues, and a $10 New Member Initiation Fee.
Under USA’s newly revised Dive Trip Guidelines, trip priority is established based on
‘current continuous years’ of USA Dive Club membership. Therefore, it is important for
members to renew their dive club membership annually, without a break in
Encourage friends and fellow divers to join USAers for all club activities. Folks don’t
need to be USA members to participate in USA Dive Club functions. Guests are always
welcome if a USA member accompanies them.
People interested in joining the USA Dive Club will find membership applications
available by clicking on Membership Packet below.
Warm diving regards,
Julie Manhold
Membership Coordinator
[email protected]
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Hi y’all from the Promotions Desk of USA Dive Club.
USA’s Lobster Pot winners have been taking home on
average $50 cash at monthly dive club meetings.
That’s a better return on your hard-earned money than
most banks offer.
Each month we offer a variety of Lobster Pot prizes,
many donated by South Florida dive shops.
Congratulations to all our Lobster Pot winners. Be sure
and drop in to see our local dive shops who support us and
say ‘Thanks’.
June 2nd Lobster Pot Winners
50/50 Lobster Pot $96 - Jeff Jacobs
$20 local dive coupon - Nancy Finchell
$20 local dive coupon - Roman Bozko
$25 Store Coupon from Force-E - Kurt Kohler
Creature Book donated by Reef Photo - Mike Grandinetti
Force-E Reef Anchor - Greg O’Farrell
CD by 49 Ford - Mike Grandinetti
Starfish Enterprise T-shirt - Mike Grandinetti
Force-E Attention Rattle - Margie Hanratty
South Florida Dive Locations Book - Mike Grandinetti
Watgerproof pouch donated by Larry T - Ewa Thomas
If you did not contribute, then you could not have won!
At the July 7th dive club meeting, look for the following prizes in USA’s monthly
Lobster Pot:
The usual 50/50 cash pot.
The usual 2 each $20 off a USA local dive.
And perhaps a couple of other little surprises for you too!
For the past several months, our 50/50 Lobster Pot has been right at $50 or more.
Unheard of in the history of the USA Dive Club. I thank you and the club thanks you.
Let’s keep it up!
And, as I always say, ‘If U miss it, U will miss it!
Larry Townsend
Promotions Coordinator
[email protected]
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Hope everyone is enjoying this weather & getting out to
dive, safely. The answers for last month's questions are:
1. Diving with enriched air requires special training and
procedures. Using enriched air without proper training
and procedures can cause? Answer: Oxygen toxicity
2. Pain in one areas, weakness, tingling, numbness and
not being able to move your arms & legs are common
signs of? Answer: DCS
3. The maximum depth for all recreational scuba divers,
even experienced divers is? Answer: 130 feet
This month's questions:
1. How often should you have your scuba tank visually inspected by a dive center?
2. If you & your buddy were separated under water, what would you do?
3. What is the most important feature of a scuba regulator?
As always, have fun with these and look for the answers next month.
Remember safe diving is no accident.
Paul A. Molinari
Safety Coordinator
[email protected]
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Overseas Diving
USA Dive Club Overseas Diving program
Exotic Trip, July 2012 Philippines:
Atmosphere Resort and Siren Liveaboard: Southern
The Atmosphere resort is a new upscale resort that comes highly recommended. Resort
is located at Dumaguete on Negron Island. For the land based part of the trip at the
resort there are 3 options:
5 nights (3 diving days); departing Saturday July 7
7 nights (5 diving days); departing July 5
10 nights (8 diving days); departing July 2
Siren is a relatively new upscale fleet; this is our first club trip on Siren. The liveaboard
is mostly on Cebu’s East side. The boat dates are July 14-21. The map is only for
reference (our trip is custom: 7 nights), most days 4 dives a day
We fly in and out of Manila; we should be back in US and Florida on 7/22.
Both from the resort and for the liveaboard, we have the option of doing the Apo Island
Click here for more information on Philippines diving.
Click here for Registration Form.
USA Dive Club Overseas Diving program
For trip report click here
Saba/St. Kitts
The Caribbean Explorer II
Luxury Dive Vessel
A Three-Island Tour
The Most Unique Itinerary of Live-aboard Diving
October 8-15, 2011
Trip is full - standby list only
The Saba/St. Kitts live-aboard dive vacation is now full. Unfortunately, we are
limited to a maximum of 18 passengers.
If you are interested in going on this trip, please add your name
to the wait list. Placing your name on the wait list is FREE.
No deposit is required unless you are selected to replace
a trip participant who cancels.
If you have questions, or would like the names of USAers and guests going on
the Saba/St. Kitts trip, click here to contact Trip Leader Julie Manhold.
Eighteen lucky USAers will be traveling to Saba/St. Kitts to experience an 8-
day, 7-night liveaboard diving adventure aboard the Caribbean Explorer II. Julie
Manhold is the trip leader. We have reserved the entire boat for USAers. A Full Moon
dive is scheduled for Wednesday evening, October 12th. There are eight staterooms,
all with private vanities, air conditioning and toilet facilities.
What’s a liveaboard?
Just the most relaxing dive vacation you’ll ever
experience. NO SCHLEPPING of dive gear. After you embark, set up your tank just
once… that’s it. When not in use, your other gear is stowed in your private gear locker
right under your seat. Wet suits are hung to dry. And you don’t have to switch over
tanks. Your tank is refilled right where you left it. Warm showers and towels are
offered after each of the 27 dives made available to you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
are expertly prepared as are the in-between snacks presented at the end of each dive.
What do you do between dives?
RELAX… sunbathe, fill in your log
book, read that novel you didn’t have time to read at home, take a nap, get to know
your fellow USAers a little better while raving about the last dive. Your time is your
own. Perhaps a land tour would be nice. If you’re not planning to make the night dive,
enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.
With the exception of the airfare, this is an all-inclusive
vacation. Includes 27 boat dives, all meals and beverages, gratuities, port tax, fuel
surcharge, airport transfers, departure tax and free NITROX. We will be on our own
Friday evening for dinner. We’re even throwing in the T-shirt to let the world know
you’ve ‘been there and done that’.
Travel will be simple.
On Saturday, October 8th, we fly nonstop from Miami
to St. Maarten and then take ground transportation a short distance to the boat. While
we sleep, we cruise to Saba where the diving begins. We then island hop and dive our
way to St. Kitts where we disembark the following Saturday, October 15th, and fly
home direct from St. Kitts to Miami.
You have the opportunity to make 27 dives on this expedition: 2 morning dives, 2
afternoon dives, and 1 night dive each evening. NITROX is free.
The Northeastern Caribbean is an intriguing area offering a blend of Dutch, British,
French and native cultures on the most scenic islands in the Caribbean. Our unique
itinerary will combine diving and
optional land tours.
Saba is known for its submerged offshore pinnacles. The abrupt topography above the
sea is mirrored below and the profusion of marine life attests to the early institution of
the Saba Marine Park in 1987.
Underwater pinnacles
-- spires of the same volcanic rock that makes up the
island -- jut up from the deep blue and overflow with marine life. At Third Encounter, a
notable pinnacle dive site, the surrounding deep water makes sightings of sharks and
other pelagics common. Just a short swim away, an eerie spire called the Needle, not
more than 30 feet wide at its apex, rises 250 feet and points up from the depths like
Neptune's finger.
St. Kitts offers arguably the widest variety of sites - finger reefs, recent
wrecks, and a variety of drop-offs that will capture your imagination.
When you purchase your own airfare departing from Miami, price for
this trip is approximately $2,850. Book your own air travel.
Questions? Click here to contact trip leader Julie Manhold by e-mail.
Nils Jacobsen
VP Overseas Diving
[email protected]
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USA Calendar
August 4th - Regular Monthly meeting @ 7:30 pm
Best Western Deerfield Hotel & Suites
1050 E Newport Center Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
August 6th - USA local dive @ 1:00 pm
2 Tank Drift Dive with Pelican Dive Charters out of Boynton Beach
August 28th - Adopt-A-Street @ 9:30 pm
Natura Blvd
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Click on USA’s calendar to view all future events.
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Contact Information
Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club web site:
Meetings: First Thursday of each month at:
Best Western Deerfield Beach Hotel & Suites
1050 E. Newport Center Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
BYO Dinner: 6:00; Social: 7:00 pm; Meeting: 7:30 pm
Board of Directors
Elected Officers - Title
E-Mail Address
Larry Townsend
[email protected]
VP of Programs
Glada Blench
[email protected]
VP of OS Diving
Nils Jacobsen
[email protected]
VP of Social Events
Clare Anthon
Julie Manhold
[email protected]
VP of Local Diving
John Ficarra
Kathy Ficarra
[email protected]
Robert Shearer
[email protected]
Steve McCutcheon
[email protected]
Appointees - Title
E-Mail Address
Audio/Video Coordinator
Roman Boszko
[email protected]
OS Dive Accountant
Ronnie Farr
[email protected]
Membership Coordinator
Julie Manhold
[email protected]
Hospitality Coordinator
Clare Anthon
Julie Manhold
[email protected]
Eva Tomas
[email protected]
Larry Townsend
[email protected]
Safety Coordinator
Paul Molinari
[email protected]
Bob Young
Phebe Young
[email protected]
Membership Dues - $40 yearly; $70 for married USA Dive Club
member couples
Download the Membership Packet from our website
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