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Crosstown Auto Centre
Crosstown Auto Centre
Auto Centre
Edmonton-based Crosstown Auto Centre is one of Canada’s largest
Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, and Ram dealerships. A dealer of both
new and pre-owned vehicles and with significant presence dedicated
to parts, service, and automotive repair, Crosstown Auto Centre is
a full service dealership offering everything under one roof.
Automotive • Crosstown Auto Centre
As part of the AutoCanada network, Crosstown
and an unhappy customer will tell 50 friends,
Auto Centre is the cornerstone dealership of
so customer service is crucial to our business.”
Canada’s single publically traded dealer group.
AutoCanada promotes a strong customer service
Interactive Technology
index (CSI), and Crosstown Auto Centre has the
At Crosstown Auto Centre, you’re not seen as
ideal model to exceed expectations.
a customer, rather as a guest. It is this estab-
“When manufacturers look to us, one of their
lished internal culture that promotes customer
main questions is CSI. Our attitude is that ‘the
service and has pushed the dealership to the
customer is always right’ so we have a very concen-
forefront in the ever competitive automotive
trated effort in addressing customer issues immedi-
sales market. Crosstown Auto Centre continues
ately,” Robbie Gordash, Sales Manager with Cross-
to seek the next level. As such, the company has
town Auto Centre, told The Canadian Business
recognized and implemented technological de-
Journal. “A happy customer will tell five friends,
velopments as a means to further interact with
DECEMBER 2012 • The Canadian Business Journal
its customer base, utilizing leading edge technol-
net and social media aspect has influenced the
ogy to ensure its continued success.
strategies we’ve put in place to move forward with
“All of our employees are geared and driven
toward providing guests with a unique experience,
the changes in the consumer market in how the
customer wants to do business with us.”
whether it is at the sales level, the parts and service
level, or at the body shop. We’re all driven by that
Growing the Base
same focus,” added Scott Saunders, Parts Manager
Crosstown Auto Centre has pursued additional
with Crosstown Auto Centre. “Leading edge technol-
streams to maximize its success, like inte-
ogy also gives us an advantage with our competi-
grating new technologies to grow customer
tors. Technology is something we have to remain
demand and increase vehicle sales. As one
focused on, whether it’s sales, service, or parts.
example, Crosstown Auto Centre promotes its
“The consumers have now changed their
message and brand through a strong online
whole philosophy of how they shop, and the Inter-
presence and forward-thinking resources like
Automotive • Crosstown Auto Centre
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17312 - 106A Avenue,
Edmonton, AB
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DECEMBER 2012 • The Canadian Business Journal
“People want to deal with us because they know
we’re going to be around to take care of them.”
Toward the Future
Despite the recent economic downturn, the
message at Crosstown Auto Centre remained
upbeat, and the results have reflected. This is
because part of the company’s philosophy is to
run a lean operation, as if always operating in
a recession, so that when a slowdown occurs,
the impact isn’t as daunting.
“There was an impact, notably the banks were
more stringent in giving approvals, but fortunately
the Internet, YouTube, and other social media
we’ve cultivated a phenomenal relationship with
networks. With new technology enhancing its
the banks and they know our reputation,” Gordash
supportive sales and financing staff, this year
detailed. “Everything is cyclical and at some point
Crosstown Auto Centre reached No. 1 in Cana-
there is a downturn, but we’ve insulated ourselves
da for sales and profitability by volume.
from when the negative hits.”
Crosstown Auto Centre has a successful his-
Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, and Ram manu-
tory in the Edmonton market and has established
facturers are on the leading edge of fuel efficiency
a trusted reputation through the years. As such, a
and continue to produce fleets of vehicles with
significant portion of business at Crosstown Auto
phenomenal fuel economy. It is just one more
centre is from referrals and repeat customers.
advantage that has separated Crosstown Auto
Home to the largest Chrysler facility, Crosstown
Centre from others in the market, and it supports
Auto Centre has an impressive offering of the
the company’s continued pledge to always be
biggest and the best for customers.
the market leader. CB
“We understand that if we’re going to grow our
business, we have to take care of our firm foundation and grow from there,” Gordash summarized.

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