Board of directors



Board of directors
The company
AREA98 is a young but strongly expanding company,
distinguished for the continuous searching
of innovation and exuberant creativity.
After renting company and general assets from
AREA srl, AREA98 , in the eyewear business,
has strongly increased his distribution in major
European and extra-European markets,
with a particular care on the Far Eastern countries,
highly receptive of the AREA98 collections.
AREA98 is located in Pavia di Udine,
in the famous Villa Caiselli of Cortello,
a prestigious construction of the 17th century,
built up on Longobardic ruins.
Surrounded by a breathtaking park of 50.000
sqm, the commercial offices of the Italian
maison can live daily with the operative
functionality mixed with the beauty
and prestige of their spaces, where classic
and contemporary are living together in a
perfect balance of styles.
A reality which is growing mostly thanks to International success:
the total share of export constitutes,
nowadays, around 90% of Company business.
The values
Dynamism, deep knowledge of the product,
international design, exclusive presence of
its own brands in its portfolio, great offer
of products with variety of target, values and
price range, strong connection to the territory:
these are the successful elements which
are establishing AREA98 as one of the most
original realities in Italian eyewear field.
Distribution in Italy
An important and dedicated net of exclusive reps,
operating on the whole National territory,
is conatantly increasing the presence of AREA98
on the Italian territory.
European and worldwide
AREA98 is present on the most
important markets, through partners
who share the Company values and
handle the distribution of AREA98 brands
following to the needs of the local markets,
safeguarding the philosophy of each brand.
AREA98 brands are distributed in over 30 Countries,
with a net of more then 70 distributors.
Board of directors
Dr. Beatrice Fasan Board of directors President
Dr. Francesco Ferro Director
Dr. Giovanni Torossi Managing Director
Elisio Tessaro
Giorgio De Giglio
Art Director
Export DEPT
Sandra Stroili
Sales DEPT
Lara Bartolone
Export DEPT
Angela Cimolato
Export DEPT
Ilaria Balutto
Export DEPT
Sonia Ortali
Federica Rossi
Export DEPT
Clementine Ferranti
Monica Lazzarini
Purchase DEPT
Marketing DEPT
Laura Stefani
Portfolio brand
The provocation:
The technological:
The natural:
The classic:
The art:
FASHION in the 21st century has started without
precise tendencies , with confusing signals regarding
main colors : it was THE CHAOS.
The apparently non coordinated combinations,
was in reality a new way to feel the colors, to explain
them in harmonic new sensations.
From a new interpretation we created the KAOS,
young, innovative, fluo tendence, stong, happy,
never banal. For a young man or woman, who feels
different, and does want to show it, against all
"politically correct" way of beingŠ.
KKV 280 04
KKV 281 04
KKV 284 04
KKV 287 02
Excess in Style is the key word for LA MATTA creations.
Models expressing strong personality by the bewitching
combination of reds, blacks, golds, highlighted
by animalier patterns.
Sensuality, Energy, unconventional colors and shapes
for a unique feminine image, passionate, aggressive,
in a wordŠWOMAN.
LMV 3090 01
LMV 3093 03
LMV 3096 04
LMV 3091 04
K-Actor is pleased to announce the 2012 season,
marked by a strategic changes and fundamental
evolutions. 2012 is characterized by the use
of highly technological materials, pure titanium,
100% nickelfree medical stainless steel, carbon fiber
inserts, cold resins and fluo acetates , for creations
destined to become the leading success of our Group.
Frames where the minimal chic design is balanced
by important frontal shapes, for a light, elegant
and unique project.
KV 2100 04
KV 2093 04
KS 6032 02
KS 6033 02
Genesis Easy is the new brand dedicated
to young people; simples and timeless shapes,
which follow the trend born from melting pot
and street wear trends.
Genesis Easy dresses the youth fancy
up with passepartout, easy, smart and cheap style!
Style revolution has begun!
GV 1402 01
GV 1408 01
GV 1410 04
GV 1412 03
Eyewear collection inspired to the Style, Elegance, Class
that could show, in the ages, the difference of the
ITALIAN feeling. An Italian Classic expressed in shapes
and elements never being oldfashioned.
An Italian History, offering luxurious interpretations,
refinement of art of the real Italian Style.
The Oliviero Contini Eyewear for Gentleman is
characterized by classic shapes, elegant touch,
never excessive. His Lady is feeling the harmony
of a soft music, pearlescent touch, Swarowski crystals,
unique lacquers, for a smooth and elegant eyewear,
lighting her face and sinuous image.
OV 4100 03
OV 4094 03
OV 4115 03
OV 4118 03
COCO SONG: Masterpiece of Art.
Hand made optical creations recalling
the mysterious Far Eastern Art.
Hand Made acetates, pure blocks of Titanium,
combined with natural exclusive elements
like precious silk, real flowers and feathers,
precious stones, bamboo inserts, real wood.
"The most beautiful frames in the world
are back again, to decorate those who feel
unique and exclusive.
CV 059 02
CV 061 01
CV 064 03
CV 065 01
Minimal design, clean and pure shapes,
linear forms inspired at a technological future,
simple and creatively essential.
A project born by the sensibility of its creator,
Elisio Tessaro, famous worlwide for its CocoSong.
One2One collection, characterized by minimalist
and elegant style, looks at the future
and technology thanks to the use of innovative
materials such as ductile, adaptable
and resistant ABN (Anti Bullet Nylon),
created to face the hardest performances.
OOV 124 04
OOV 125 01
OOV 129 01
OOV 120 03
Area 98 s.r.l. Via della Ferrovia, 8 Località Cortello
33050 Pavia di Udine - Italia
tel. + 39 0432 646 411 - fax + 39 0432 646 451
e-mail: [email protected]