Brochures Cavosa 2016



Brochures Cavosa 2016
Tunnels – Galleries – Shaf ts – Chambers – Mining – Specialized Works
We build
the shortest way
In underground works
we make our way
to development
130 km of tunnels in
the last 12 years.
With Cavosa the
development makes its
way along the shortest
path, along the fast,
economical and
efficient construction
path of underground
La Codina Tunnel. Barcelona, Spain
Bilbao Subway. Vizcaya, Spain
Cavosa is the company of Sacyr specialized
in underground works, which provides the
latest technical and technological
innovations in the execution of road
tunnels, railway tunnels, subway, hydraulic
tunnels, galleries, ramps, shafts or
A specialization of nearly 50
years, during which have come
true from the simplest to the
most complex projects. Cavosa
has developed works for the
Ministry of Public Works, the
Ministry of Environment, various
Autonomous Regions, Town
Councils and the main
construction companies and
industrial groups.
gh-Speed Train Llinars-San Celoni. Barcelona, Spain
Campanas Tunnel. Navarra, Spain
With the underground civil work
new ways of action
million euros
total budget for the executed
Cavosa participates in the construction of
underground transport, hydraulic,
industrial and environmental
infrastructures, by providing its experience
and specialization to the project.
The capacity of Cavosa is reflected in unique
performances with high ratios of efficacy and
The application of new methods and construction
processes, as well as the use of the most advanced
machinery is the key to progress with quality, speed
and optimization of materials of underground
Chiva Tunnel. Valencia, Spain
For the mining industry, Cavosa specialization results
into higher productivity.
The rigor and the skills of engineers, managers,
foremen and officers from Cavosa is reflected in a
job that goes far beyond the simple collaboration in
the construction of tunnels, shafts, ramps and
chambers. Cavosa, if required by the customer,
assumes the full exploitation of the mine providing
an added value to its work of specialized
construction company.
CAVOSA is part of the
history of
mining in Spain
Working Chamber. Galicia, Spain
La Sagrera Tunnel. Barcelona,
Cavosa moves all the
specialized training and
the experience of all its
staff to each of its
The specialization
beyond the superficial
conventional tunnel
A constantly updated training, both in a
theoretical and in a practical level, that
allows the continuous incorporation of
new technology and providing innovative
solutions in the construction processes.
Furthermore, the qualification of the
Cavosa team is not only aimed at
successfully undertake works of great
complexity, but it is also aimed to the
prevention of occupational riks.
La Muela II Penstock. Valencia, Spain
With Cavosa quality starts from the very moment of the study
and analysis of the project. All the work we carry out is
adjusted to a rigorous internal operating system based on the
fulfillment of the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2008. Each of
the phases of the works follow this quality assurance system
backed up by the Company Registration Certificate number ES
Furthermore, in Cavosa we understand how important are the
construction and environmental qualities. For this reason the
alternatives that minimize the negative impact on the
environment are always imposed.
In Cavosa we have adopted an Environmental Management
System according to the guidelines of the UNE-EN-ISO
14001.2004. This system has been endorsed by the Company
Registration Certificate number ES-2007/0014, awarded by
We go beyond
the quality
LAV Llinars—San Celoni. Barcelona
Pajares Tunnel Batch 3. Asturias, Spain
Cavosa equipment fleet,
valued at over 30 million
euros, is one of the most
extensive, modern and
technologically advanced in
the industry
Fully robotized
11 Jumbos with 4 booms (3 drilling rigs
and a lift basket), fully robotized and able
to achieve headings up to 5.5 m. And
capable of covering sections between 24
and 196 m2. These Jumbos, from more
than 200 kW power, are equipped with an
automatic drilling and positioning system,
ruled from a central computer to be
installed in the cabin. The positioning and
guidance system consists in a laser device,
which combined with the sensors network
of the sliders makes it he most accurate
tunneling system.
23 semiautomatic Jumbos, with up to
175 kW power, capable of covering
sections between 8 and 150 m2.
Wet m
Highest a
with cutting-edg
22 Wet mix concrete Spraying Mobiles.
These robots are handled remotely with
telecommand and allow to achieve high
productions while ensuring the best
conditions of safety and health in this
Roadheaders up to 300 kW cutting power
making our fleet practically unique in the field
of underground works.
Robotized Jumbo
mix concrete
ying Mobiles
ge machinery
The different machinery for excavating,
loading and transporting operations; as well
as for lining and waterproofing are a clear
sign of the high rates of production and
safety that there are in Cavosa.
TBM “LA MEZQUITA” Ø10 m Double Shield. Abdalajís Tunnel. Málaga, Spain
km tunnel
made by TBM
The most adva
a new inner w
The latest generation of tunnel
boring machines of Cavosa brings
a new constructive concept in
underground works, much more
efficient, effective and secure.
TBM “BARCINO” Ø11,52 m EPB. La Sagrera. Barcelona, Spain
TBM Ø10 m Single Shield. Pajares Tunnel Batch 3. Asturias, Spain
anced TBM technology
for building
It is added to the high level of
specialization of the whole team
the most advanced technology of
open grippers, shields and double
shields, providing optimal adjusted
solutions to each work.
The adaptability of the TBM technology of Cavosa,
without sacrificing the highest quality standards,
results in unalike constructions such as the
excavation of tunnels for the high-speed train, for
channeling water, for highways passing or for the
subway network.
3D Modeling
San Pedro II Hydroelectric Power Plant
12 projects developed in the
last 8 years
3 patents reached
Golden Seal for
Excellence on innovation
from TÜV
Steel profile placer prototype
the g
Basalt Fibers
doser prototype
Cavosa, moved by the desire for
improvement of its qualified team and its
unquestionable experience, carries out an
incessant R&D activity, which allows to
anticipate the future and provide its
specialization to each project.
Drilling and Support Equipment
for High Slant Tunnels prototype
Guadalajara Subway. Mexico
works in progress in
7 countries
see light
Manquehue I Tunnel. Chile
Cavosa presence in Chile, Colombia, Mexico,
Portugal, Italy and Peru is the result of its
experience, specialization and quality.
Cavosa is an international reference both at
mining projects as in the construction of
underground road sections, railways, hydraulic
or environmental works.
A position conquered with unique projects and
supported by its integration into one of the
leading business groups in the world: Sacyr.
Kennedy Tunnel. Santiago de Chile, Chile
Paseo de la Castellana 83 – 85 • 28046 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 91 545 50 00 • Fax: +34 91 556 69 86 •

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