Join a Club Make a Difference



Join a Club Make a Difference
Join a Club
Make a Difference
Saving You the Cost of a Ticket
The cost of a Snopass is $150, but the cost for illegally
riding Snoman trails is $474.15, so by purchasing a
Snopass, you’re saving almost $325!
Don’t Get Caught
Reduce your trespassing risk on private property as our
clubs have agreements in place with landowners for the
trail system. Remember to play it safe and stay on the
designated trail.
2121 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2G 1P8
Phone: 204-940-7533
Fax: 204-940-7531
E-mail: [email protected]
Family Lifetime Activity
Our shelters are the
ideal place for a rest
stop, a wiener roast, a
hot drink and a warmup. You might even
run into old friends, or
make some new ones.
Families who sled together continue to sled together for
generations. Being a part of your local club gives you access to family activities.
Part of the Solution
By purchasing a Snopass,
you can proudly say that
you are part of the solution as you are helping
with the costs of maintenance and grooming of
snowmobile trails in
Exploring the World Around You
We provide winter travel links between communities
throughout rural Manitoba, even into neighboring provinces
and states. Due to our reciprocity agreement, Manitoba
Snopass holders have access to Saskatchewan trails, which
total approximately 10,000 kms.
As a designated trail rider, you have the opportunity to be
a part of your local club and be instrumental in planning
and promoting the trail system as well as participate in
club activities.
Our 52 clubs care about the environment and are active
players in sustainability. Snowmobiling occurs when a
blanket of snow protects the ground, thereby minimizing
its impact on the plants and earth. We embrace ecologically friendly policies, from recycling to the adoption of
new technologies. Snoman was honoured at the 2014
Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards for Champions of the Environment.
Ride Safe
The designated trail system is the safest option for riders.
The signed trail system enhances the safety of persons,
snowmobiles and property, thereby improving travel between regions.
Giving Back
The Manitoba snowmobile
community provides in excess of half a million dollars
each year for charitable
needs with funds raised
through rallies, derbies,
and other activities.
Let Us Guide You
The trail system is laid out on
well-defined maps, and
Snoman’s website provides
up-to-date information about
trail conditions.
Economic Stability
Many businesses in rural Manitoba rely on the snowmobile
industry to help sustain their services throughout the winter.
The industry has an economic benefit to the provincial economy of more than $300 million per year (2013 Probe Research Economic Impact Study).
On the Rise
In the 2013-14 season, there were 19,209 sleds with
Snopasses, as compared to 17,359 in the previous season.
This illustrates that snowmobilers are seeing the benefit of
Snoman trails and the importance of contributing to their
upkeep. Also, while Snopass policy count continues to
climb, the non-Snopass policy count declines.
The Fee
With a $150
Snopass, you gain
access to approximately 12,000 km
of well-groomed
trails, providing
you with a safe
experience and
reducing liability.
Club Membership
Snoman has a variety of benefits through CCSO (the
Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations), Strata
Benefits, and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.
Please visit to
view all benefits available.

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