years of wishes, years of stories... - Make-A



years of wishes, years of stories... - Make-A
years of wishes,
years of stories...
2011 Annual Report
Tiffany and friends in the hospital during her relapse in 1987.
Wish of a Lifetime
On Halloween night 1984,
12-year-old Tiffany dressed up like
a skunk. She slept long and hard
after a night running door to door
trick or treating and binging on
sugary snacks. But, while she slept,
her mom lay awake worried about
the bruises that kept appearing on
her lethargic and pale daughter.
suffered a relapse. Tiffany recounts
the next chapter of her story in her
own words:
The next day, Tiffany was airlifted
to Seattle Children’s and several
days later diagnosed with Severe
Idiopathic Aplastic Anemia, a rare
disease where the bone marrow
does not produce sufficient blood
cells to replenish blood supply
to the body, ultimately causing
system failure. Against all odds,
Tiffany won this round and was
released into outpatient treatment.
But, Tiffany returned to Children’s
as a high school freshman, having
I was in this very lonely
place when, on an otherwise
unremarkable afternoon, my
mom mysteriously fidgeted in the
living room. The doorbell rang
and a different kind of journey
began. Make-A-Wish had arrived
and I was drawn into a world
where my fear was transcended,
where strangers would give
everything they had to open my
eyes to the beauty and power of
my dreams.
I had dreamed of someday
becoming a professional dancer.
Unfortunately, due to the
complexities of my treatment
Tiffany and her family.
I met my idol before he went
onstage and it’s impossible to
describe the feeling of being with
him. He was warm and kind and
real – my heart was full and my
head was spinning as I was escorted
to my seat just as the show began.
The concert was phenomenal and
just when I thought the evening
couldn’t get any better, I was
handed a small slip of paper,
inviting me to dance with him on
stage. I danced…for what seemed
like an instant and a lifetime all
at once. I slept more soundly that
night than I had in years.
Make-A-Wish was there when
I graduated from high school,
celebrated my college graduation,
married my college sweetheart,
Ben, and launched into a healthy
adult life.
I am now a wife, a mother, a
professional…and yet still very
much a wish child... Standing
backstage with my 80’s idol, I
realized that I had been given a gift
so much greater that what I had
wished for. Before that moment
I had been alive but too afraid to
truly live. The boundaries around
my heart fell away and I stepped off
of the plane upon returning home
and fully embraced the life that
I had been given without fear. It
is not an exaggeration to say that
when I think about my wish my
feelings are as strong as they were
in 1988. That memory is a peaceful
and energizing place for me – a
touchstone to remind me that there
is something to discover about my
own character in every challenge
and something deep inside of me
that can weather any storm. I am
inspired every day by the power of
our mission and in this way, my
wish has literally lasted a lifetime.
Hear more of Tiffany’s
wish story online at
and the impact to my body that
dream had been pushed out of my
reach. I wished to dance with my
favorite 80’s pop star because I had
intended to reach the concert stage
as a dancer through hard work and
perseverance. Instead, I reached it
through the grace of the Make-AWish mission and the experience
changed me forever.
Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington founders:
Greg Wong, Penni Maples and Bob Cleaveland
(left to right).
Chris Greicius, the
first wish child.
Letter from Leadership
It was in June of 1985 that Bob
Cleaveland and Greg Wong left
Washington to attend a conference
for life insurance sales leaders. As
they sat in a room with more than
5,000 others, these two unsuspecting
individuals were on the verge of a
decision that would change their
lives and thousands of others. And,
they didn’t even know it.
Barely out of its infancy,
representatives from Make-A-Wish
presented an incredible story about
a very ill child who wished to be
a police officer for a day and the
community that rallied together to
make his wish a reality. But, the
story didn’t end there. Out of this
one wish, an inspiring organization
grew from zero to 50 (chapters)
in just five years and they were
seeking the help of others to make it
blossom further.
Derek Snead
Barry McConnell
From Humble Beginnings
Bob and Greg were just those
individuals to bring this
organization to the Northwest. It
started with just the two of them,
and then quickly a third, Penni
Maples, joined their ranks to
complete their motivated team.
In January of 1986, Make-A-Wish
Washington was born.
Today, our local Make-A-Wish
chapter has grown from a handful
of dedicated individuals committed
to making wishes come true to a
sophisticated organization with
offices in Anchorage, Seattle and
Spokane, a professional staff and
nearly 500 volunteers spanning two
states who work together to grant
about 300 wishes annually.
threatening medical conditions. For
many of them, it marks a turning
point in their fight against their
illnesses. For their doctors, nurses
and other health professionals, the
wish experience works in concert
with medicine to make their
patients feel better, emotionally and
even physically. We thank all those
whose dedication and support has
allowed our organization to thrive
and we look forward to the next 25
Warmest wishes,
Derek Snead
Board Chair
Barry McConnell
President & CEO
A wish come true helps children
feel stronger, more energetic more
willing and able to battle their life-
A Wish Never Fades
We dedicate this section to the memory of the beautiful wish recipients
who are no longer with us. It is an honor to have been part of bringing joy
to them during their short lives. Though many of the children we serve
overcome their life-threatening medical conditions, sadly, others do not.
We honor those children who lost their battle this past fiscal year
(September 1, 2010—August 31, 2011).
Rhema Butler
Kyle T. Cronk
Erika Guizar
Christopher N. Hastings
James Hino
April N. Huggins
Anthony James
Clinton P. Johnson
Daniel Johnson
Jaimeson Jones
Kristin M. Larson
Lauren Ludeman
Angel Martinez-Aguilar
Jenny Montes
Noe Munoz
Dianna Nelson
Tawnya Phillips
Ron B. Piedalue
Brayden Purdy
Hannah Roberts
Cullen Rogers
Kania Russell
Heather Schlindwein
Siona Shah
Jack M. Smith
Charlotte Sutphen
Nico Teobaldo
Hien Vu
Yuanhan Xu
Ethan Zakes
We strive to maintain accurate records; however, we apologize for any
errors or omissions to this list. We encourage you to contact the program
services team at 206.623.5300 to report errors or omissions.
A Wish Happens
Because of You
We are grateful for the dedicated and generous support from thousands
of community members, businesses, corporations, foundations, clubs and
associations. Contributions and investment income received by
Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington during the 2011 fiscal year
(September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011) totaled $5,209,475. Included in this
amount are in-kind contributions totaling $1,984,969. Net assets at the
end of the year totaled $2,842,693. Of every dollar spent in the fiscal year
2011, 75 cents went directly to expenses granting wishes for children with
life-threatening medical conditions.
2011 Revenues
31% In-kind goods and services
30% Internal and external special fundraising events
21% Gifts from individuals
16% Corporate support
2% Foundation support
2011 Expenses by Functions
75% Program (wish granting, outreach, volunteer, and public education)
15% Fundraising and events
10% Management and administration
Planned Giving
Many generous and forward-thinking donors left significant sums of
money to our chapter in the form of bequests. In the 2011 fiscal year, the
Foundation received bequests totaling $238,008. The Foundation’s board of
trustees established the Wishing Well Endowment in July, 2009. This Fund
strengthens our overall net assets to ensure that our chapter is financially
healthy and fiscally sound.
If you would like to learn more about leaving a legacy gift to
Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington, please visit our website at or call the Vice President for Development at
206.623.5300. Thank you.
2011 Fiscal Year Financial Summary
We take pride in the stewardship of our financial resources, leveraging
generous philanthropic support with donated goods and volunteer services.
Our annual financial statements are audited by the independent auditing
firm KPMG LLP, and are available upon request at no charge. To receive a
copy of the 2011 fiscal year audited financial statements or our 990 report,
please go to our chapter’s website: or contact us at
Statement of Activities (for year ended August 31, 2011)
Total revenue, gains and other support
Program services (wish granting, outreach, volunteer and public education)
Fundraising and events
Management and administration
Total expenses
Change in net assets
Net assets, beginning of the year
Net assets, end of the year
Statement of Financial Position (for year ended August 31, 2011)
Total assets
Total liabilities
Net assets
Total liabilities and net assets
Board of Trustees
For the 2011 fiscal year, Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington Board of
Trustees meetings were held from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at the law offices of K&L
Gates, LLP in Seattle. Meeting dates were September 23, 2010; October 28,
2010; December 2, 2010; January 27, 2011; February 24, 2011; March 24,
2011; April 28, 2011; May 19, 2011 and July 18, 2011. The annual strategic
retreat took place at the Four Seasons Seattle Hotel on June 3 and 4, 2011.
Each trustee serves a three-year term, with none serving more than two
consecutive terms. Officers serve a one-year term.
Board Chair
Derek Snead
Costco Wholesale
Jack Arndt
Community Volunteer
Mark Barnum
UBS Financial Services
Ann Williams
Community Volunteer
Immediate Past Board Chair
Ramona Emerson
K&L Gates, LLP
Holly Brown
The Brown Real Estate Group
Jeff Butler
Alaska Airlines
Catherine Captain
Community Volunteer
Patrick Dreves
Spokane Club
Marsha Ederer
Community Volunteer
Brent Ericksen
Northern Trust Bank
Andrew Farrell
Symetra Financial Group
Amy Fredeen
Cook Inlet Tribal Council
Taylor Graham
Sounders FC
Julie Anne Halter
K&L Gates, LLP
Brian Mock
Russell Investments
Mitch Hansen
Clark Nuber
Heather Morelli
Expedia, Inc.
Sangeeta Hingorani, M.D., M.P.H
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Eric Persson
Meridian Systems Inc.
Lee Holmes
Support Services of Alaska
Scott Pitasky
Leslie Larson
Foster Pepper
Rob Rogers
Icicle Seafoods
Dorothy Ling, M.D.
Matrix Anesthesia
Bob Stone
Royal Celebrity Tours
Beverly Magee
Four Seasons Hotel Seattle
Carla Wigen
Wells Fargo
Kurt Martens
Leonard & Martens
Thomas Wybenga
Seyfarth Shaw, LLP
David Miller
T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Western Washington
Barry McConnell
President & CEO
Jan Jacobs
Vice President, Development
Donna Verretto
Vice President, Wishes
& Operations
Rhonda Chong
Director of Finance
Renee Baars
Wish Coordinator
Bre Brennan
Director of Data
& Information Services
Trina Cottingham
Director of Wishes
Jessie Elenbaas
Wish Manager
Meredith Fane
Wish & Outreach Coordinator
Lindsey Johnson
Community Development
& Special Events Coordinator
Cortney Lee
Gift Processing Coordinator
Janine Lee
Administrative Coordinator
Juli McClave
Volunteer Manager
Linh Nguyen
Corporate Relations Manager
Brian H. Roberts
Director of Community Development
& Special Events
Dayna Russell
Individual Giving Manager
Leslie Woodfill
Regional Co-Director
Laurie Schmertz
Director of Donor
& Corporate Relations
Lindsay Schrupp
Media Relations
& Social Media Coordinator
Jeannette Tarcha
Director of Communications
& Marketing
Nicole Sheldon
Regional Director
Dana Webster-Smith
Administrative Coordinator
Staff listing as of 4/1/2012.
Tai Terry
Graphic & Web Designer
Bob Trutnau
Accounting Coordinator
Eastern Washington
Angela Geiss
Regional Co-Director
years of wishes,
years of stories...
1985: Bob Cleaveland and Greg Wong
(chapter founders) meet in San Francisco, hear
the story of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and
contact the national office to inquire about
forming a local chapter in Washington State.
1994: The chapter raises
$1,000,000 to grant wishes
to local children.
1986: (January) Penni
Maples joins the other two
founders in Washington and
the three originate the local
chapter in Tacoma.
1986: (Summer) Make-A-Wish
1996: The chapter
Foundation of Washington grants its first
wish to a three-year-old who wished to fly
in the clouds and meet Mickey Mouse.
celebrates its 10th
anniversary by granting
its 1,000th wish to
Susan who wished to
meet John Travolta.
1991: The chapter staff
grows to three and moves to
offices in Seattle’s Capitol Hill.
1986: (December) Chapter
completes six wishes.
1988: The chapter celebrates
its 100th wish granted.
1989: The chapter moves from
Tacoma to Seattle, and opens the
doors of its first office.
1990: The all volunteer
1995: The chapter expands to
Eastern Washington and opens
an office in Spokane.
chapter hires its first two full
time staff members.
1992: Chapter grants its
500th wish with a professional
staff of less than six.
Cassidy, age 4, wished to meet Rascal Flatts in 2008.
1998: Staff grows to 10
employees, and both Seattle
and Spokane offices move to
bigger spaces.
Celebrating 25 years of granting wishes! From 1986 to 2011
The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska & Washington looks forward to many more years of granting incredible wishes to children battling
life-threatening medical conditions. Thanks to our community’s support, we have granted more than 4,725 wishes since our inception.
Here’s to our future filled with many more dreams come true.
1999: The chapter territory
is expanded to include
Alaska, Northern Idaho and
Montana, and opens an
office in Anchorage.
2003: First Annual Wish
Night Gala raises $409,000.
2009: Chapter celebrates
granting its 4,000th wish to Colin
who wished to go whale watching.
2005: Chapter grants its
3,000th wish to Krystal who
wished to be a princess.
2008: Received $1.5 million
2001: The chapter raises
bequest from estate of Agnes
Griffin, doubling the chapter’s
reserves to $3 million.
$4 million and grants its
2,000th wish to Jessica
who wished to go to
Disney World.
2000: The chapter staff grows
to 18 employees, and raises over
$3,500,000 to grant wishes to local
2006: (November)
Alaska Airlines launches
the Spirit of Make-A-Wish
Boeing 737.
2002: The chapter
staff grows to 21
employees, and the
Seattle office moves to
its current location in
Pioneer Square.
2006: (February) Chapter
celebrates its 20th anniversary
with 3,500 wishes granted.
2010: $5 million raised,
territory realigns to focus on
Alaska and Washington.
Chapter celebrates its
25th anniversary with 4,725
wishes granted.
...and it’s only the beginning!
The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope,
strength and joy. Connect with us online at; on Facebook at, on YouTube or Twitter at
MakeAWishAKWA and on LinkedIn by joining the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska & Washington group.
Make-A-Wish is funded entirely by private contributions. Every gift is
greatly appreciated and important to the chapter’s ability to carry out its
life-affirming mission. For a full listing of donors, please visit the “Donate”
section of our website at We strive to acknowledge all gifts
accurately, and we encourage you to contact the development staff at
206.623.5300 in the event of any errors or omissions.
Individual Donors
For a full listing of individual
donors, please visit the Wishful
Giving section of our website
We offer our sincere thanks to the
many donors, volunteers and
interns whose generosity made
the following events successful.
2010 Fall Benefit Breakfast
(Seattle, WA)
Hope Sponsors
Icicle Seafoods, Inc.
Royal Caribbean International
Strength Sponsors
Costco Wholesale
Menzies Aviation
Jeannie & Bruce Nordstrom
Joy Sponsors
Alaska Airlines
Delta Global
Foster Pepper
Nintendo of America
Seattle Children’s
2010 Walk for Wishes
(Seattle and Spokane, WA)
Presenting Wish Sponsor
Royal Caribbean International
Strength Sponsor
Alaska Airlines
Joy Sponsors
La Quinta Inns & Suites
McGladrey LLP
Trutina Financial
2011 Wish Night Gala & Auction
(Seattle, WA)
Diamond Sponsors
Platinum Sponsor
Royal Caribbean International
Silver Sponsors
Alaska Airlines
Costco Wholesale
McKinsey & Company
Puget Sound Energy
Seyfarth Shaw, LLP
Bronze Sponsors
Mark & Lark Barnum
Bellevue Plice Officer’s Guild
Eric & Gloria Bensussen
Marsha & Dave Ederer
Ramona Emerson & Brian McMullen
Tom Faley, CFP, CRPC, AAMS
Mark & Barbette Fremmerlid
K&L Gates LLP
Nintendo of America
Rob & Patty Rogers
Seattle Children’s
Seattle magazine
Sweeney Conrad, P.S.
West River Capital, LLC
Ten Year Consecutive Donors
We are thankful to those donors
whose generosity spans a decade.
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Community Share
Ali’i Greeting Service
Allstate Giving Campaign
Judith Alphonse
American Airlines
Marie E. Aquino
Merle & Karla Mae Armstrong
Associated Builders & Contractors
of Western Washington
Pixie & Bob Austin
Timothy & Siobhan Avolio-Toly
Michael Ballew
Bank of America Foundation
Gail Bartlett
Mike Basch
Bayview Limousine
Patricia Bazal
Richard Beahm
Bill Belmondo
Delane & Gloria Benedict
Eric & Andrea Benson
Best Buy - Northgate Mall
Nancy Bjerke
Marcia Bolesh
William Bonniwell
& Leigh Anna Warren
Damon & Toni Brantner
George Brooker
Douglas & Susan Brown
Neva L. Brown
Wilson & Carolyn Buchanan
Robert & Laurie Buhl
David Busch
Richard Callahan
Gretchen & Don Campbell
Merlin & Dianne Cavender
Chi Omega, Beta Beta Chapter
Clallam Bay Corrections Center
Lois Clark
Michael A. Clocksin
Louis & Raye Cohen
Combined Federal Campaign of
Island County
Combined Federal Campaign of
Kitsap & Mason Counties
Combined Federal Campaign of
North Puget Sound
Combined Federal Campaign of
South Puget Sound
Bruce & Geri Conard
Costco Wholesale
Trina & Evan Cottingham
Ron & Erica Cowan
Stacey Crawshaw-Lewis
& Jefferson Lewis
Marvel Cummings
Bert & Shirley Custer
John D. Daly
John & Graciela Daniel
James Delisa
Delta Airlines Inc.
Richard Deming
Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel
James & Betty Dolan
Dolphin Quest Oahu
Wayne & Carla Dramer
Janet & Willard Edison
Mary & William Edwards
Sandy Edwards
Jon Egge & Deanna Sundvick
Elizabeth A. Eggen
Julie & Jerry Elkington
Empire State Building
Patricia Eskola
Experience Music Project
Falls Plumbing, Inc.
Marvin & Sandra Fenswick
Roy & Constance Ferguson
Roger & Helen Ferleman
Kay Filyaw
James & Patricia Fosnick
Ron & Linda Fosse
Fraternal Order of Eagles #2643
Jeanne L. Friend
Lloyd & Lucille Gardner
William & Norma Geenty
Anne & Jim Gillingham
Give Kids the World
Lorraine Glasgow
Douglas Grall
Douglas Green
Larry Grothaus
Maria Groux & Manuela Tucker
Clifford & Merlynn Gullings
Kathryn Guykema & Robert Grey
Kathryn L. Haniuk
Bernie & Kit Hansen
Stephen & Donna Hardy
Jane Harwood
Cameron & Esther Haslam
James & Donna Gates Hawkins
Cheryl & William Henry
Thomas & Beverly Heunisch
Stewart & Linda Hill
Frederick & Gail Hines
Becky & Gary Hoff
Jeffrey A. Hoffman
Hotel Monaco Seattle
Andrew & Kimberly Howe
Barbara Howell
Ada Hughes & Nancy Neill
Inland Northwest Combined
Federal Campaign
Gary & Jo Ann Inman
Barbara Innes
Issaquah School District #411
Hattie Jackson
Wesley & Rhoda Jackson
Gezina Jacobson & Anita Vanloo
Wayne & Joanne Jensen
Lorrin & Joann Johnson
Leonard & Linda Johnston
Jeffrey D. Jones
K&L Gates
Rudolph Kalous
Charles Kauffman
Gwendolyn Kearse
Dwight & Adele Kennedy
Dennis & Marcia Kent
Donald Kent
Ken Kieffer
Marilyn Kimble
King County Employee
Charitable Campaign
Doris A. King
Gina & Mark King
Jolanta & Andris Kleinhofs
Margaret Knight
Jacqueline Kubu
Marcia & Orville Langdahl
Jean Lange
Debra Leach
John Lee
Sandra Leick
Larry J. Lewis
Shirley T. Lewis
Frances Linton
Frances W. Lloyd
William & Martha Longbrake
Irwin Lott
Drs. Ron R. Louie & Irene Japha
Karman M. Lundell
C. G. Lynn
Macy’s, Inc.
Linda J. Madisen
Make-A-Wish Foundation
of America
Kenneth & Christina Marable
Monte & Jaqueline Marino
Kathy Martin
Roth & Barbara Mason
Patricia & Robert McComas
Barry & Catherine McConnell
Scott R. McFadden
Elaine McGonigal
William D. McKee
Jon & Traci McLeod
Lois & William McMonnies
Joseph & Marguerite Michels
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Mid Columbia Area Combined
Federal Campaign
Martha L. Miller
Brian & Julie Mock
Virginia I. Morin
Judith Moses
Jacqueline Mosgrove
Joseph Moss
William & Claire Moultrie
William & Mary Murdock
Janet & James Nelson
Lillian Nelson
Linda & Robert Newman
Nintendo of America
NMI, Inc.
Nicholas & Betty Novak
Brad & Kathy Nysether
Adella & Alden Olson
Edi Olund
PACE Engineers, Inc.
Paradise Cove Luau
Paris Plumbing Inc.
Viki Parrott Dragich
& Christopher Dragich
Norman & Elizabeth Partington
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Pepper
Anna & Donald Peterson
L. Robin Peterson
Phi Beta Psi Sorority
- Gamma Beta Chapter
Robert & Stacy Pleskoff
Theresia Podany
Marjorie Potter
Donald Powelson
Lael & Michelle Prock
PSF Mechanical, Inc.
Puetz Evergreen Golf Course, Inc.
Barbara Purcell
Leigh & Louise Rabel
James Radonich
Lorrie & Dave Rae
Rainforest Cafe - Southcenter
Mona & Douglas Ready
Harold & Charlotte Rehmer
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Reuben Jeweler
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Gary & Janet Ritchie
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Bryon & Paula Runyon
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Ruby L. Ryan
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Allan & Barbara Schneider
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Elaine Schunter
Audrey & Robert Seale Airport Parking
Seattle Foundation
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SeaWorld - San Diego
Robert & Lawson Sebris
Jeff & Penny Ann Sefton
Richard & Mary E. Sellers
Barbara Shane & Mike Cox
Milton & Birgitte Shannon
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Pat & William Shertz
Trevor D. Short & Linn Abraham
Ronald & Fabiola Shurer
Margaret Sigley
Sigma Chi Fraternity
- Upsilon Upsilon Chapter
Phyllis Simonson
Skagit Valley Wings
Skyway Luggage
Space Needle LLC
Robert F. Spencer
Peter Spieker
Mack D. Stanhope
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Shari Steffensrud
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David & Shawn Taylor
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Douglas & Denia Taylor
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& Thomas Van Halm
Michael & Teresa Thompson
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David Toyohara
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United Plumbing
United Way of Anchorage
United Way of King County
United Way of Pierce County
United Way of Snohomish County
United Way of Spokane County
United Way of Thurston County
Universal Studios - Hollywood
Glenn A. Vail
Maria Valdesuso-Roberts
& Mark Roberts
Verizon Foundation
Donna & Pete Verretto
Edward L. Vervoort
Dale Vogel & Nancy Bird
Walla Walla Area Combined
Federal Campaign
Walmart Foundation
Walt Disney Company
Mary J. Ward
Valerie & Robert Watson
Connie Welker & Wendy Irvin
Arlene & Niles Wescott
Shirley A. White
Gary & Nancy Woempner
Women of the Moose, Chapter 462
Leslie A. Woodfill
Woodland Park Zoo
Yakima-Kittitas Combined
Federal Campaign
Frank Yenko
Ed Zabel
Tributes and Memorials
Friends and family provided
generous gifts in honor or in
memory of their loved ones,
including those who are
listed below.
In Honor Of
Advisors at Storehouse
Partners LLC
Alex Durand
Allison Rollins
Amanda Carter
Anna Boone
Araceli Meagher-Reyes
Ariel David
Barry McConnell
Benjamin Alm
Beverly & Glenn Boyes
Bob & Michelle Cordova
Brice Kron
Carl VanBorkulo, Jr.
Cash Parriera
Cecile Morales & Pete Blois
Charlie Park
Charlotte Sutphen
Christiane Newton
Claire Anderson
Connor Loth
Deb Crespin
Dick Kerbs
Doug Voeller
Dr. Michael Everett
& Dr. Alison Reinbold
Elliott Moss
Garrett Light
Gloria Newman’s 70th Birthday
Haley Beebe
Heather Morelli
Heung Y. Kim
Hunter Smith
Isabella Carlone
Ivy Howland
Jackie Loyola
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Jamie Howard
Jennifer Hawkinson
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Joshua Currey
Juli McClave
Karl Bielser
Kelly Simpson
Kennedy Robillard
Kenny & Ashley Bjorneby
Kent Knutzen
King County Metro Access Staff
Kristin Gibson
Krystyne Soderstrom
Laura Bartolomei
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Lois Wilson
Manasi Shah
Margaret Strong
Mark Donner
Mark Taylor
Mark Watterson
Marsha & Dave Ederer
Meagan Mullanix
Michael Hirsch
Mr. & Mrs. Rod McNickle
Myrtle Horn
Northern Quest Casino
Olyn Schultz
Orv & Marcy Langdahl
Owain Weinert
Owen Marshall
Paije Clark
Peyton Rudkin
Richard Vincent
Rick Boyle
Robert G. Quimilman
Rozanne Faaola
Sam Anderson
Sandra Small
Sara Lemon & Matt McAlister
Sean & Lisa Vanderdasson
Seattle Housing Authority Staff
Sheila & David Martinez
Signa Treat
Sofia George
Sofia Martinez
Soriya Rim
Susan Rodgers
Thane Meyer
The Cordova Family
The Steven Terry family
Tobiah Begalman
Wendy Weyerhaeuser
In Memory Of
Aaron Thorson Brown
Adam Karnes
Al Calderella
Albert D. Brown
Alec Custer
Alice Torello
Amanda Bunch
Amareen Gill
Anne Tomich
Annika Faith Woodard
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Darlene Wolfe
David Carroll
David Danielson, Jr.
David E. Garitano
David Robecker
David Waaga
Debra K. Frisby
Denny Jessup
Dick Cady
Dollie Plouf
Don Mackin
Doris McDaniel
Dorothy Jean Kenney
Edith Larken
Edward Bursch
Elaine & Dean Christepherson
Elizabeth Alpaugh
Eric Dederer
Eric Johnson
Eric T. Johnson
Estelle P. Powers
Ethan Zakes
Evelyn Kastrup
Florence Padgett
Frances B Juliano
Frances McCollum
Gavin Hughes
Gordon MacDonald
Gordon Nelson
Grace Sakuma
Harry C. Bauknecht
Harry Honnold
Heather Schlindwein
Helen Tall
Howard Hagen
Iris Elliott
James A. Connolly
James Merlino
James Nordale
James Ries
James Vath
Jay M. Halvorson
Jennifer Tjelle
Jessica Zemke
Jill Hanson
Joan Thersa Klancke
JoAnne Kreuz
John M. Keblish
John M. Kotch
Johnathan Santos
Jon Wenstrom
Jonathan Sahlstrom
Joseph Powell
Joshua Baker
Joshua Hardy
Julius Jorgensen
Karen Perryman
Kathleen Axelson
Kathleen E. Hennessey
Kathryn Zenner
Kathy A. Stroh
KellyAnn Nichols
Kyle Armstrong
Lilly Taylor
Linda Jane
Linda Krook
Lois Meddock
Louise Martinson Vaa
Ludwig Gnojek
Maddy Murakami
Madeleine Borda
Mara Adams
Marcia Hekkel
Margaret Knechtel
Marilyn Cortines
Marion Coble
Maryellen Ingham
Mattie Gwinnett
Maudelle Jones
Maurice Ahern
Maxine Daly
Maxine Street
McKenzie Gelvin
Megan Soucie
Michael Aaron Chestnut
Michael Stead, Jr.
Mickey R. Dinsmore
Mildred Salinas
Minolta Johnson
Miriam Shapiro
Molly Langston
Morris Salzberg
Nick Piacentini
Norma Ferris
Norry & Shawna Lipscomb
Olive Davis Oswald
Olivia Brandes
Ollie Skagen
Pallette Polhamus
Patrick Poyner
Phyllis McMaster
Piero Iob
Pranav Shah
Rachel Evans
Ray Caldwell
Richard Davis
Robert Lyman
Robert Scott Fitzsimmons
Robert Singyke
Roger Roth
Ron Syria
Ronald Tisdel
Ruth Peak
Ryan Tropple
Sam E. Moore
Samantha Webb
Sandu Pohlet
Sandy Hartjoy
Sanford Kuznetz
Sarah Rose Wendt
Sherod Nichols
Shirley Wright
Susan Jasmer
Suzanne Monroe
Tamara Ferleman
Terri Allen
Theresa E. Marchese Mancinelli
Thomas & Kathryn Tate
Thomas F. Farrell, Sr.
Tia Morad
Tom O’Dell
Tony Hill
Tony Lucarelli
Tracy Kerslake
Trenton M. Kersey
Tyler Dailee Pearson
Violet Swinhoe
Virginia Baker
Wade Joyner
Yolanda Violet Benn
Yoshiya Daikoku
Zachary McLauchlan
Zack Simpson
For a full listing of our current
volunteers, please visit the
Volunteer section of our website at
About Our Chapter
Make-A-Wish Alaska and
Washington grants the wishes
of children with life-threatening
medical conditions to enrich the
human experience with hope,
strength and joy.
Connect with us online
Special thanks
Tiffany (Bangs) Rowe for sharing
her wish experience with us for the
purposes of this annual report, as
well as all those children pictured
on our 25th anniversary timeline.
Photos provided courtesy of the
wish families.
Our thanks, also, to the following
for their generous contributions to
this Annual Report:
Jeannette Tarcha, Writing
Tai Terry, Graphic Design
Chelsea Reyes, Concepts
Photography courtesy of:
Brian David Casey Photography, p. 5
Anne Todd Photography, p. 3
Tai Terry
Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington grants the wishes of
children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the
human experience with hope, strength and joy.
165 E 56 Avenue, Suite 4
Anchorage, AK 99518
Eastern Washington
104 S. Freya Street
Green Flag Building, Suite 311A
Spokane, WA 99202
Western Washington
811 First Avenue, Suite 520
Seattle, WA 98104

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