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Project sheet - Denby Dale - PASS-NET
Object name
Denby Dale Passivhaus
The Denby Dale Passivhaus has pioneered the combination
of low energy Passivhaus methodology with standard British
cavity wall construction and building materials and is the UK’s
first cavity wall Passivhaus.
Why cavity wall?
- Most British builders are familiar with the technique
and materials could be sourced easily from any
builders' merchant.
- Cavity wall met West Yorkshire planning
requirements for stone exteriors and was affordable
for clients.
- Masonry construction, including cavity wall, offers a
'cave effect' which acts as a thermal mass, helping to
keep temperatures stable in winter and summer”.
To get cavity wall to perform to Passivhaus standards the
building team had to develop unique design details.
- Wet plaster coating to interior walls as airtightness
- Concrete floor slab is carried across the top of the
blockwork of the inner leaf of the wall to minimize
shrinkage cracking between the wall and the floor
- Use of 300mm insulation in the cavity going right
down to the strip foundation, so that any heat lost
from the concrete floor slab will have a longer
thermal transfer path.
- Use of lightweight aerated block below ground level,
which does not transfer heat as readily as standard
concrete block.
- Use of basalt and resin cavity wall ties (instead of the
usual steel ties).
- Positioning of windows and doors at the centre line of
the insulation layer.
For more information on the Denby Dale Passivhaus and to
register for a free 40 page pdf technical briefing,go to::
Single house in Denby Dale/ W. Yorks
Treated Floor Area
104.4 m²
Number of apartments
Completion date
Energy standard [PHPP]
Heat requirement / year
15 kWh/m²a
Heat load
10 W/m²
Primary energy requ.
87 kWh/m²a
Air-tightness (n50-value)
0.33 1/h
Building type Cavity wall construction
Exterior wall
Basement floor /
Floor slab
Windows / average
0.096 W/m²K
Specification ventilation system
PAUL Thermos 200
Heating installation
Condensing gas boiler, solar thermal
Construction costs 1613 Euro/m²
(using treated floor area figures and
not including external works/ garage)
Building owner
Geoff & Kate Tunstall
Project leader/ planner
Green Building Store
Photo credits
Green Building Store

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