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CLUB EXPERIENCE - The Resort at Longboat Key Club
Summer 2015
The Member Magazine
Summer STYLE
Summer style is always about the beachwear, the
newest bathing suit design, fabulous shorts and
trendy tops, flowing cocktail dresses and casual accessories
to highlight a newly acquired tan. But did you know fashion
is the newest stage for sun-protection and a frontline
defense for age-proofing our skin from head to toe?
More tightly woven fabrics offer more protection while loosely woven
ones offer less. Wet fabrics can reduce their effectiveness by almost
half, with the exception of silk, which offers more protection when wet.
Although we all enjoy our natural fabrics, polyester contains a benzene
ring that absorbs UV light. Best warm weather fabric selections include
cotton viscose, satin-finished silk of any weight, tightly woven Bamboo/
Lycra fabric, shiny polyester blends and unbleached cotton.
Given our heightened awareness of the dangers of ultraviolet rays, many
clothing manufacturers are designing casual clothing lines with sun
protection top of mind. Through increased thread counts and novel
weaves along with options for pre-treating fabrics with UV-inhibiting
ingredients, designers are able to greatly enhance the UPF effectiveness
of their clothing.
We are pleased to offer lines in each of our retail outlets
that have UPF ratings. The Ship’s Store offers both men’s
and women’s lines, Coolibar® in particular, that have
selections with a rating of UPF 50. The Tennis Gardens
has a line, Bollé Tennis® that offers a variety of fashions,
all created with UPF rated fabrics. If golf is your game,
both pro shops offer a selection of UPF rated clothing
that will keep you looking fashionable on the courses, as
well as keeping your skin healthy and protected.
So, this summer stay stylish and add a few sunsmart fashions to your wardrobe. Your skin will
thank you! - Sandra Rios, Director of Marketing
and Communications
UPF Rating
Protection Category
% UV radiation Blocked
UPF 15 - 24
93.3 - 95.9
UPF 25 - 39
Very Good
96.0 - 97.4
UPF 40 - 50+
97.5 - 98+
We all tend to think of sun protection as slathering on
some great smelling lotion containing varying degrees
of SPF. We wear hats and sunglasses to protect our eyes
and the delicate skin on our faces and necks. But clothing
represents the first line of defense for protecting our skin
and now we have great choices to keep our skin healthy
while enjoying all our favorite outdoor activities.
New fashions, many in sports related areas, have created
clothing lines specifically rated for their sun protection
factor. A rating designation known as UPF (Ultraviolet
Protection Factor) represents the ratio of sunburn-causing
UV measured without, and with, the protection of the
fabric. Unlike SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measurements,
UPF is measured using a spectrophotometer and an
artificial light source. A sunburn weighting curve is then
applied across the relevant UV wavelengths.
The varying degrees of protection can be found on the
labels inside the clothing. As an example, a t-shirt with
a UPF of 50 lets in just 1/50th of the sun’s UV rays. An
everyday white, cotton t-shirt, by comparison, has a
UPF of about five. Standards for testing have been
established by the American Society for Testing and
Materials, in conjunction with other organizations
such as The Skin Cancer Foundation and the American
Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. There is
also a volunteer Photobiology Committee that can bestow
a seal of recommendation for products that are submitted
for review.
Protection factors include the weave, color, weight,
stretch-ability and wetness of the fabric, in that order.
July & August Specials
Summertime Glow - 80 minutes $195
Repair the sins of summer with this regenerative and
hydrating face and body treatment utilizing the magical
ingredients from the sea.
An exquisite full body exfoliating experience combining
a mini Ocean Facial with a full body scrub leaving you
perfectly polished from head to toe!
Summer Spa Tapas Menu
A delightful selection of light spa services.
Your Spa Experience
Any two for - $120
Any three for - $175
25 minute Relaxer Massage - $65
25 minute Refresher Facial - $65
25 minute Foot and Leg Massage - $65
25 minute Mini Detox Foot Treatment - $65
25 minute Scalp Treatment - $65
25 minute Summer Scrub - $65
Featuring Spray Tan Services in The Spa! - $65
Spa Poolside Oasis Services
Chair Massage - $5
(First 5 minutes, $1 per each additional minute)
The ultimate in poolside relaxation.
Detox Foot Treatment - $25
Savor the euphoric scent as you enjoy a foot scrub and
detoxifying mineral rich clay mask which absorbs impurities
and draws them through the soles of your feet; pair with
the Chill Out Eye Treatment to recover and revitalize.
Hand and Arm Quench - $25
Deliciously hydrating and indulgent.
Scalp or Hair Treatment - $25
Dry or oily scalp treatment or a moisturizing hair mask
applied and massaged into scalp.
Chill Out Eye Treatment - $25
Chilled glass globes are used to gently soothe the eye
area and decrease puffiness while you sit back and
relax. Pair with the Detox Foot Treatment for a relaxing
recovery remedy.
Sunscreen Application - $10
Choice of premium spa sunscreen applied to the
entire body.
Cooling Shimmer Spray - $10
Accentuate your sun-kissed skin with a cooling and
hydrating spritz containing aloe vera, chamomile and
vitamins A through E.
Moisturizing Mist - Complimentary!
A quick and refreshing cool and dewy bonus!
September Specials
Book any Hydro-lifting facial and you will receive a
complimentary enhancement!
Enhancements available for any skin concern. Your
facial specialist will help you choose the best for
you, including but not exclusive to, additional masks
to brighten and excite dull skin, to revive and nourish
stressed skin, eye treatments to brighten and reduce
puffiness or to uplift.
Beautiful Back Experience (Back Facial)
50 minutes - $85
Because beautiful skin doesn’t stop at the face. This is
a treatment geared to address the special concerns
of the skin on the back from clogged pores to back
acne to dehydrated skin; cleansing and exfoliating,
relieves congestion and reveals brighter, smoother
skin finishing up with a light back massage.
Sun Repair Treatment - $25 per area
Brightening Manicure
35 minutes - $40
Counteract the aging effects of the summer sun on your
hands and arms with a revitalizing, brightening remedy.
For overly sun-kissed skin rejuvenate and soothe skin and
accelerate the healing process with a heavenly algae
based remedy.
Rescue Pedicure
60 minutes - $65
An indulgently hydrating pedicure treatment to restore
and rejuvenate summer ravished feet and legs.
(face, back or elsewhere)
Cool Stone Treatment - $25
Instantly decrease body temperature with the use of cool
river stones.
To book an appointment, stop by or call The Spa at 387-1587 today!
Limited time special pricing. An 18% service charge will be added to the discounted price. Lic. #MM30745
The Resort at Longboat Key Club “To Go Menu”
Bring Your Party Home in Style! Below are just a few of our delectable selections.
Summer Sultry
Spa Evening
Wednesday, July 15
Bruschetta Station
Assorted Mediterranean Dips: Hummus, Olive Tapenade,
Tomato Basil, Sun-dried Tomato Relish, Spinach-Artichoke
served with Pita, Lavosh, Baguette
Fire-Roasted Tenderloin of Beef
Horseradish Cream, Béarnaise Sauce
Imported and Domestic Cow, Sheep and Goat Cheeses,
Grapes, Seasonal Fruit, Toasted Almonds, Strawberry
Balsamic Jam, Gourmet Crackers, French Bread
Florida Salad
Fresh Florida Oranges, Strawberries, Hearts of Palm,
Soft Lettuces, Mango Vinaigrette, Roasted Macadamia Nuts,
Fresh Baked Breads, Rolls, Butter
Beef or Vegetable Lasagna
Miniature Pastries
Key Lime Tarts, Chocolate Mousse Cups, Chocolate Éclairs and
Cherry Cheesecake
Call the Events office to place your order at
(800) 237-8821 ext. 1609 or
A $150 delivery fee will apply. Includes disposable plates,
silverware and napkins. We will deliver, or orders may be
picked up at The Tavern & Whiskey Bar, 3000 Harbourside Drive,
Longboat Key.
5 pm • Island House Dining Room
Join us for a sensory journey as we explore the aromatic scents of our
Spa products with our vendors. Listen to sweet musical sounds and savor a
sampler of healthy offerings from our culinary team. Delight your sight with an
array of fashions from our Spa and Fitness Center retail collection. Samples,
lite bites, beer and wine, and door prizes will be offered. Complimentary.
To RSVP for this event, please call 941-387-1662
or email [email protected]
Check out our newest lines of UPF rated sportswear at
your Club outlets!
The Spa has a special for everyone this summer.
“Bring Your Party Home in Style!”
Popsicle Party 10-12
Great ideas for a summer treat everyone will enjoy.
New Member report and referrals.
“It’s Time to Up Your Game” with a Membership upgrade and start
enjoying priority status and unlimited access to the amenities at the
premier Club facility on the west coast of Florida.
Great tips on how to protect and keep your vision sharp especially
during summer.
Keeps you cool during summer and so much more.
The Superstars on our staff, “Dream Maker” of the Month and
“Manager of the Quarter,” Recognition Award recipients.
On March 27, 2015, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian
cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko left the surly bonds of Earth for a
12-month engagement in outer space.
LOOKBOOK 31 - 67
Accounting Office............................................ 387-1593
Sales and Information ....................................387-1661
Member Events .................................................387-1662
Concierge............................................. 383-8821 ext. 1110
Links on Longboat Pro Shop........................387-1632
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Portofino Ristorante......................................... 383-1900
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Spike ‘n Tees........................................................ 387-1640
Harbourside Pro Shop...................................... 387-1631
The Tavern & Whiskey Bar.........................387-1650
Holiday reservations in the Club restaurants
are subject to our cancellation policy for
parties of 4 or more on the following holidays:
The Tennis Gardens..........................................387-1633
Fitness Center......................................................387-1656
The Spa.................................................................... 387-1587
Mind & Motion Studio..................................387-1665
Sales and Leasing ............................................383-8383
Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. As
courtesy to your fellow Members a 48 hour
cancellation notice for the restaurant reservation
is required to avoid a $75 per person charge for
a no show reservation. All restaurant reservation
cancellations must be made through the restaurant.
Resort Reservations............................................ 383-8821
Member Card Charges
Don’t forget! If you stay at the hotel be sure to use
your member card for charging in lieu of your room
key to ensure you receive member discounts and that
F&B spending is applied to your minimum.
Exclusive offerings are available to you when you
book a stay at The Resort at Longboat Key Club:
20% Off Best Available Rate
Upgrades upon arrival, based on availability
Please mention rate code LOYALTY.
For more information, call Juliette Valin,
Membership Director at (941) 387-1661 or
email [email protected]
Summer is upon us and a freezer
full of summertime delights will
keep the heat at bay and your taste
buds happy! While artisanal gelatos
and savory ice creams are all the
rage, don’t forget the lowly popsicle
as a perfect solution for a quick
cool-down, a burst of afternoon
energy or even a breakfast on the
go! Take a trip down memory lane
to the days when as a youngster you
relished the afternoon treat, maybe
sitting on a neighbors stoop or in
a park playing kickball with your
neighborhood buddies. If you have
young ones visiting, what better way
to spend a few hours than making
up some great new flavor combos
and freezing them in a paper-cup
for a memorable homemade treat!
As natural and healthy food choices
have come into the spotlight and
into our pantries and refrigerators,
don’t neglect to include frozen
treats as a healthy food option
too. Gather a selection of your
favorite juices, aromatic herbs and
satisfying teas and you have the
perfect ingredients for a “wellness”
popsicle–your way! Steer clear of
the grocer’s freezer full of sugared
up pops, which are typically full
of high-fructose corn syrup and
artificial colors. Homemade is
definitely a better choice!
Aside from the ingredients, all you
will need are some popsicle molds,
or a stack of paper cups and popsicle
stick, both readily available at your
local grocery store. If you choose
to go with paper cups, chill the
mixture in the freezer for an hour
or so, and then insert the popsicle
stick. The mixture will continue to
solidify. Run the frozen popsicles
under cool running water for a few
seconds to loosen the paper, and
voilà! Homemade deliciousness!
- Sandra Rios, Director of Marketing
and Communications
Chef ’s Table
Thursday, August 13
Executive Chef, Edward Geyfman invites you into his kitchen to cook alongside
him as he teaches you some tricks of the trade. The courses feature Wagyu beef,
Halibut and Diver Scallops paired with side by side wine comparisons.
6:30 pm • Harbourside Kitchen
ome Handy Tips!
Choose organic ingredients when possible.
Freshly picked herbs make a beautiful
addition when frozen into the final product.
Remember, freezing water expands, so leave a
little room at the top when filling your molds or
paper cups.
Allow fizzy ingredients such as soda or sparkling
water to sit a while before freezing. This allows some
of the gas to escape, deterring a frothy overflow
during the freezing process.
Make space for the popsicles in your freezer ahead
of time.
Juices and teas freeze as hard as rock, the addition
of sugar, or lessening the water content, will help
make the popsicles softer. The addition of a small
amount of puréed fruit will help with the texture
as well.
Adding edible flowers, nuts, sprinkles and fruit
slices adds a touch of glamour to your treats!
ome Great Popsicle
Pomegranate and Red Zinger tea
Lavender, almond milk and honey
Carrot juice and pineapple or carrot juice and wheatgrass
Watermelon and basil
Lemon juice, water, mint and honey
Cucumbers, green tea and basil
Coconut water and blueberries or strawberries
Coconut milk, granola and chopped peaches (breakfast on the go!)
Coconut water, lime and cantaloupe purée
Coconut milk and mashed avocado
Chai tea, with a few chocolate shavings
Black tea and a touch of leftover jam
(a great way to finish up that last bit in the jar!)
Pink grapefruit, mint and a touch of cherry juice
Sweet potato, coconut water and coconut flakes
Gazpacho (plain and simple!)
Lime juice, cilantro, water and avocado
++ per person
Summer Members
Andrew Rudnick - Fairhope, AL
Robert and Victoria Buckler - Ann Arbor, MI
Charles and Colleen Maguire - Brick, NJ
Mark Woglom and Marie Baker - Gilford, NH
John and Cheryl Swansburg - Prides Crossing, MA
John and Deborah Gardner, Jr. - Edwards, CO
Hunter and Patricia Roberts - Summer Golf/Tennis
Jason and Laura Stout - Summer Golf/Tennis
Lisa Bernstein and Jeffrey Weiss - Summer Social
Jennifer Bankovich - Summer Social
Michael and Marsha Svirsky - Summer Golf/Tennis
Jeff and Dottie DeCarlo - Summer Social
Kim and Suzanne Lelli - Summer Social
Larry and Angela Miller - Summer Social
David and Patricia Grossman - Summer Social
Paul and Sarah Karon - Minneapolis, MN
Carla Satcher-Rodriguez - Longboat Key, FL
Liliana and Vernon Chalfant - Johns Creek, GA
Please join us in
welcoming our
newest members
Margaret Noble - Winterset, IN
James Edwards and Jamie Musselman - Bethlehem, PA
Carl and Susan Schlicker - Mechanicsburg, PA
Al and Cindy Lees - Westport, MA
Joseph and Ann Fitzgibbons - Okoboji, IA
Eugene and Noreen Luca - Amagansett, NY
Paul Galeski - Columbia, IL
Peter and Mary O’Hara - Babylon, NY
William Stogsdill - Wheaton, IL
August and Donna Troendle - Cincinnati, OH
Roger and Linda Lutz - Longboat Key, FL
Kristian Gibson and Brenda Olds - Quincy, MA
Steve and Carolyn Donnelly - Sarasota, FL
James Courcey and Kristine Nordstrom - Quechee, VT
Blake and Polly Whitney - Longboat Key, FL
Richard and Amy Price - Rochester, MI
Stanley Levine and Barbara Weschler - Pittsburgh, PA
Janet Oliver and Ronald Damele - Lafayette, CA
Nick and Donna Economou - Lexington, MA
Robert and Melinda Morrissey - Califon, NJ
Lester Mangle and Pamela Mosser - Longboat Key, FL
Stephen and Denise Madva - Social to Family Golf
Carl Arentzen and Kathleen Kojis - Social to Family Golf
Kevin Milliken - Social to Single Golf
Trip Mooney - Social to Single Tennis
Referral Club
Darlene LeBaron
Kelly Mastria
Markus and Jean Schulz
Michael and Linda Burke
Reid Murphy
Judy Reskow
Martin and Rochelle Racanelli
Doug Parks
Linda Webber
Michael and Elaine Hargarten
Roger and Alisa Pettingell
Frank Morneau
Steve and Kathryn Gold
Richard and Michele Kaleida
Mort and Jytte Mandle
Robert and Marilyn Buzzard (2)
Thomas and Jan Price
David Brody
Maureen Horn
Kathleen Callendar
Up Your Game!
Save the Date
5th Annual
Ownership’s commitment continues to provide an unparalleled Club experience. Upgrade your Membership to enjoy
priority status and unlimited access to the amenities at the premier Club facility on the west coast of Florida.
Social Members Upgrading to Tennis Membership
Pay initiation difference of $2,500
• Receive a 50% dues waiver for Oct. 2015 to Oct. 2016
dues year
• Enjoy unlimited tennis play with 3 day advance court reservation
Social Members Upgrading to Golf Membership
Pay initiation difference of $17,500
Receive a 100% dues waiver for Oct. 2015 to Oct. 2016
dues year
• Receive a 5% spending credit on initiation paid
• Enjoy unlimited golf play with 3 day advance tee time
• Golf reciprocal play at 21 local private clubs through Oct. 2015
Tennis Members Upgrading to Full Membership
Pay initiation difference of $25,000
Receive a 100% dues waiver for Oct. 2015 to Oct. 2016
dues year
• Receive a 5% spending credit on initiation paid
• Enjoy unlimited tennis play with 3 day advance court reservation
and unlimited golf play with 7 day advance tee time
• Golf reciprocal play at 21 local private clubs through
Oct. 2015
• Option to add adult children to Membership
Golf Members upgrading to Full Membership
Pay initiation difference of $10,000
Receive a 50% dues waiver for Oct. 2015 to Oct. 2016
dues year
Enjoy unlimited tennis play with 3 day advance court
reservation and unlimited golf play with 7 day advance
tee time
Golf reciprocal play at 21 local private clubs through
Oct. 2015
Option to add adult children to Membership
For additional details contact Juliette Valin,
Director of Membership (941) 387-1661 or
[email protected]
Upgrade period ends September 30, 2015.
Upgraded Membership benefits begin immediately.
Food & Wine
November 12 & 13, 2015
Longboat Key’s Premiere Charity Event
Exclusive Wine Dinners
• Stone
Crab Celebration and Grand Tasting
Featuring Select Winemakers from Around the Globe
• Live
Entertainment and Dancing in the Sand
• Live
For event reservations and information, please call the Membership office at 387-1662.
Here’s Looking
at You, Kid!
“Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca”
Summer is always a time when we turn our attention to fun in the sun, don our favorite sunglasses,
head to the beach, pool or boat and favorite outdoor activity. Eye protection should be a part of your
everyday regimen before stepping outside to meet the new day. Eye health is also maintained with
healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Here are a few important tips for keeping your vision sharp, and
your eyes healthy for a lifetime.
Eye health begins with the food choices you make. Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and
vitamins C and E are proving to be beneficial in keeping age-related vision problems at
bay. The best food choices to obtain these nutrients are salmon, tuna, and other oily fish,
eggs, nuts, beans, other non-meat protein sources, leafy greens such as spinach and kale
and citrus fruits. Obesity-related diseases are a leading cause of blindness in adults so
achieving a healthy weight, and maintaining it, will allow you to live a longer and more
fulfilling life.
If you are still a smoker–quit! There is nothing beneficial or beguiling about smoking.
Aside from the multitude of health risks caused by smoking, disorders related to
eye health include cataracts, optic nerve damage, and macular degeneration.
Safety First!
Be smart when doing yardwork, working on home projects and participating
in sports. Specialty safety and sports glasses offer much needed protection
from hazardous materials, fumes and bodily impact. Keep a spare pair of
safety glasses handy where you will need them most.
Screen the Screen!
Our digital age of computers and smart phones is not only creating a
stressful, 24/7 access environment, it is also stressing out our eyes!
Remember, your eye movement is controlled by muscles so if you
find yourself spending extended periods of time in front of a
computer, periodically adjust your vision to look away and focus
on a distant object on the other side of the room or a beautiful
view outside your window. The close proximity of these devices
leads to eye strain, blurry vision, poor distance vision and dry
eyes. A common rule of thumb is to rest your eyes about
every 20 minutes, for about half a minute, and at least every
two hours take a 10 to 15 minute break from your device.
Special glasses are available for computer use, ask your eye
professional about options. Installing anti-glare screens
and adjusting your computer screen to accommodate
your gaze so it is focused slightly downward will help
alleviate eye strain.
Visit Your Eye Doctor!
Don’t neglect your annual eye exam! Many
eye diseases have no symptoms and are only
discovered through early detection, which will
offer more treatment options for you. Some
eye problems occur with age and there are
simply no answers or measures to prevent
them, but, they can be managed through
diligence and education.
Shop Smart!
We all like to look fashionable but when it comes to your eyesight, don’t sell yourself short. Choose protection
over fashion and select glasses that have the appropriate shape and lens quality that will help protect your
vision. Sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of both UVA and UVB rays combined with wraparound lenses
help afford the optimal protection. Polarized lenses reduce glare but do not always have the best UV
protection, so be sure to check that both options are included in the pair you select. Some contact lenses
offer UV protection but it is recommended to wear sunglasses in addition to your contacts.
Saturday, August 15
7 pm • Barefoot’s Pool
Just as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage skin, they can also harm the lens and cornea of the
eyes. UV radiation increases your odds of getting cataracts, and it has also been linked to macular
degeneration. Sunlight that bounces off highly reflective surfaces such as snow, water, sand, and
pavement can be especially dangerous.
Movie Night
Sunglasses play a vital role in shielding the fragile tissue around the eye where the skin is thin
around the eyelid making it vulnerable to skin cancer. Protecting your eyes from the sun begins
with picking the right pair of sunglasses.
How to Pick Good Sunglasses
Choose sunglasses that provide full protection against ultraviolet light. Look for a label or a
sticker that says one or more of the following:
Lenses block 99% or 100% of UVB and UVA rays.
Lenses meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z80.3 blocking requirements.
UV 400 protection. These block light rays with wavelengths up to 400
nanometers, which means that your eyes are shielded from even the tiniest
UV rays.
Choose the right lens color. The coating that blocks UV radiation is clear
so a darker lens isn’t necessarily more effective than a lighter one, but
lens color does play an important role in an individual’s color perception.
Yellow or rose tinted lenses can make it difficult to distinguish changes
in traffic lights. Gray, green, and brown lenses minimize color distortion
and are a better choice when you’ll be behind the wheel. Opt for
polarized lenses if you spend a lot of time on, or around the water.
Polarized lenses reduce glare by filtering out the reflected sunlight
that bounces off surfaces such as water or pavement. However,
polarized lenses can make it difficult to read your cell phone,
GPS devices, or liquid-crystal displays such as those found
on car dashboards or ATM machines. It is important to keep
in mind that polarization has nothing to do with UV protection.
So again, make sure the sunglasses you select provide full
UV filtering.
Quality is Key!
Price is not a gauge of UV protection, but inexpensive sunglasses
are likely to contain lenses that are stamped out of a mold rather
than ground and polished, and that can affect optical quality.
To test optical quality the FDA suggests focusing on a
vertical edge or line. Move your head back and forth,
allowing your eyes to sweep across the lens. If you
notice any wiggle in vision line, the lenses may
have an optical defect and you should choose a
different pair. - Sandra Rios, Director of Marketing
and Communications
$35++ per adult
$1295++ per child
Featuring the #1 Movie in 1995 “Toy Story” simply the coolest space
action figure ever made. Enjoy a barbecue with burgers, dogs and chicken.
Beer and wine along with a juice bar for the children is included.
To RSVP for this event,
please call 941-387-1662 or
email [email protected]
is NICE!
There is nothing more appealing than some cool, icy thoughts on a hot summer day.
Ice. Have you ever really thought much about it? You fill your glass with it and don’t
give it a second thought. We ice down our fish, and throw a few cubes in the dog’s
dish and enjoy the happy yap we get in return. We reach into the freezer for an ice
pack for an injured knee, and buy bags of ice to fill a picnic cooler. We always have
ice within easy reach anytime of day.
But have you ever thought about the history of ice? The earliest records of ice
harvesting are found in the Shih cheng, or “Book of Songs” written in 600 B.C., a
collection of stories recanting the lives of the Shensi warrior–farmers living in the
highlands of northwest China. The farmers would flood their fields and then store
the blocks of ice to keep fish fresh during the warmer summer months. Harvesting
ice continued throughout the world until the 1800’s, when ice manufacturing began.
Jacob Perkins patented an ice manufacturing machine in 1834 which was followed
in 1859 by a machine, from French inventor Ferdinand Carre, that used ammonia to
chill the ice. By the 1920’s ice was big business with over 750,000 blocks of ice made
each day in the United States alone.
If you have ever been on a cruise you have experienced the beautiful ice carvings
that adorn the multitude of buffet offerings. Ice sculptures provide a level of elegance
and excitement to any affair, whether an in-home party or a formal event. Just as
gemstones capture our eye, so do the nuances of a beautifully lit, high-quality ice
sculpture. Refined elegance and crystalline beauty are at the center of a regal or even
casual gourmet spread. If you are seeking to be the “hostess with the mostest,” you will
certainly impress your guests with a beautiful ice sculpture, prominently displayed.
Creating the ice is a skill unto itself. Ice clarity and color involve special techniques
to achieve a perfect end result. Some restaurants and chefs actually prefer naturally
harvested ice for its specific color and qualities. Clear, transparent ice is a result of the
freezing process and not necessarily related to the purity of the water. Clouded ice is
often the result of small air molecules that are trapped during the freezing process.
Clear ice is usually the result of controlling the freezing process by circulating the
water in the freezing chamber.
Not all carving blocks are clear ice. White ice blocks are desired for their snow-like
appearance and colored ice blocks are produced by adding dyes to the ice as the
water cools.
Various sizes of ice blocks are produced artificially and naturally harvested blocks
can be cut to almost any size from frozen rivers or "ice quarries," which are lakes or
ponds that have frozen over. The characteristics of
the ice will change according to its temperature as
well as the surrounding temperatures.
Imagine this–a 300 pound block of ice standing in
front of you, and you are tasked with the amazing
transformation from frozen natural beauty to
a masterfully crafted artistic centerpiece. An
ice sculptor, just as any other artist, has a set of
select tools, varying greatly depending upon the
end result that is desired. Ice sculptures can take
hours to create, often in sub-zero conditions, with
patience and a great deal of skill being required.
The science behind the art requires a master
ice sculptor to craft each detail of the sculpture
to be able to maintain its appearance during its
prolonged exposure to ambient room
temperatures. Attention to detail is key to the
success and beauty of the final piece.
Ice sculptures can take on just about any shape
or design, so are perfectly suited to display logos,
insignias or even family crests. Many creations
have artistic elements frozen into them, creating
an added allure to the final product.
More recently, ice vases, bars, champagne stands
and ice based food displays have become all the
rage, offering an “icy” cool ambiance to a club
setting or event. - Sandra Rios, Director of Marketing
and Communications
Friday, August 21
Dinner at Longboat Key Club
What is a live murder mystery? A cold-blooded killer
will strike at the Longboat Key Club on Islandside
Friday evening with “The Last Takeout.” You and your
guest will have the corpse drop at your feet, and then
spend the rest of the evening dining with the murderer
who could very well be sitting at your table. As you
meet the other suspects, you become the sleuth,
unraveling clues provided, to determine WHODUNIT!
Join in on an evening of murder and mayhem. We
certainly hope you survive!
$50++ per person
To RSVP for this event, please call 941-387-1662
or email [email protected]
Dream Maker Awards
Monthly Dream Maker
March Front of House
Zo Smith, Tennis Club Division
Manager of the 1st Quarter
Mey Vidal, Administrative,
Human Resources
March Heart of House
Casly Remilus,
Food & Beverage Division
Making the Difference...Creating the Dream
Meet Our Superstars!
We are proud of our superstars and welcome the opportunity
to share with you our outstanding Associates that help make
Longboat Key Club the premier membership club on the west
coast of Florida.
Our Dream Makers are just that – individuals that go above
and beyond what is required to give our members and guests
a most memorable experience. Nominations come from
many sources – management, other associates, members,
guests and even our TripAdvisor postings. While all nominees
are recognized for their outstanding efforts and exemplary
service, only two, one front of the house Associate and
one back of the house Associate, are presented with the
Dream Maker of the Month Award.
April Front of House
Robert Cartmill, Security,
Administrative Division
April Heart of House
Ruben Cotto, Housekeeping, Rooms Division
May Front of House
Lynda Watson, Front Desk , Rooms Division
May Heart of House
Carlos Montes, Tennis Club Division
These Associates are truly our superstars and we want you to
know about them!
To nominate an Associate for the Dream Maker of the Month,
please contact Tamara Rogers, Director of Human Resources
at [email protected]
If you were a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, all you dreamed about being one
day was an astronaut! Astronauts were the uber-celebrities of the day–move over
Kim Kardashian! The great NASA missions starting with the Mercury program
and the “Made for TV” launches of the Apollo and Gemini missions were true
inspirations for youthful minds and made for proud moments to call yourself an
American. The Apollo-Soyuz mission was our first joint space adventure with
the Soviet Union, fast forward to 1998, we were all bunking up like one happy
family in space on the International Space Station (ISS).
The past 60 years of space exploration, technological wizardry, engineering
mastery, medical advances and lots of sweat equity have brought us to the here
and now, as we witness the most recent human endeavor in our continuing
efforts to chip away at the mysteries of the “final frontier.”
This year two men, one American and one Russian, began an ultimate test
of physical and mental endurance, scientific exploration and a tribute to the
unbounded curiosity of the human spirit.
On March 27, 2015, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut
Mikhail Kornienko, left the surly bonds of Earth for a 12-month engagement
in outer space. Yes, that’s right–one full year. They will celebrate Easter and
Passover, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving,
Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day–
within the confines of the International Space Station. No birthday parties, no
barbeques and no cold beer. Imagine meeting someone at a business conference,
enjoying great collaborative conversations and enthusiastic exchanges of ideas,
and then find yourself camping somewhere far, far away with them, for a year.
Just the two of you. One speaking English and the other Russian. Interesting to
say the least!
Up to this point in time, most expeditions into space lasted between four to six
months. Researchers are hopeful they will gather insights into a multitude of
things including an understanding of how the human body reacts and adapts to
long-duration spaceflight.
As we continue our efforts of space exploration,
and aim for expeditions to Mars and beyond,
the data collected from this initial long-term
stint in space will be invaluable to the success
of future missions. A journey to Mars could
take 500 days or longer. Long exposure to a
zero-gravity environment can affect the human
body in many ways, including changes to the
eyes, muscle atrophy and bone loss. From a
psychological perspective, it will be important
to understand the effects of living in such
isolated and confined quarters.
Seven key research elements will take place on
the one-year mission. Functional studies will
shed light on performance factors, prior to
and at the end of the journey. Sleep patterns,
exercise routines and visual changes will be
studied through measurements of the pressure
inside the human skull. Changes to the
immune system, effects of stress and physical
performance will be monitored as well as any
microbial changes in the two men.
Some of the more predictable issues the two men will face will
be bone loss and muscle atrophy, which can be combatted with
about two and a half hours of exercise per day. In plenty supply
are sleeping pills, pain pills and anti-nausea pills. Another
common ailment that occurs post flight are the production of
kidney stones, with a higher number of occurrences happening
in direct correlation to the length of the expedition. Bone loss
might be the culprit, but it is believed that high levels of carbon
dioxide in the ISS air supply is to blame, it is 10 to 20 times
higher than what we breathe on Earth.
genetic samplings will be gathered from both men, and compared
in a way that no other tests could benefit from. Scientists will
collect data down to the molecular level, comparing DNA, RNA,
proteins, metabolites and gut microbiomes as well as studying
macro phenomena such as fluid shifts, walking performance,
jumping performance, cognition, and immune systems. The
information and research gathered from both the American and
Russian crew members will be shared between the countries.
High on the priority list is researching how to avoid impaired
vision, which most returning astronauts have experienced.
During the return on one mission, an astronaut discovered that
he could not even read the re-entry instructions and checklist for landing, which luckily, are procedures all astronauts
know virtually by heart. On Earth, gravity is pulled to the
lower extremities, while in space all fluids float upwards. We
have seen the swollen faces of the astronauts during satellite
transmissions. This causes headaches and significant changes to
vision. Each mission is stocked with an ample supply of glasses
with a variety of different magnifications.
As the third brightest object in the nighttime sky, the space
station will be easily seen if you know when to look. NASA’s
Spot the Station service has been setup to give thousands of
individuals at locations worldwide the opportunity to sight the
ISS during its mission. The link will allow you to sign up so
you can receive updates by email or on your mobile device. The
space station will look like a fast-moving plane in the sky.
And, as fate would have it, astronaut Scott Kelly is the identical
twin brother of NASA astronaut, Captain Mark Kelly. This sets
the perfect stage for comparative genetic studies as data and
Be part of the excitement! You can track the International Space
Station during its one year mission!
Sign up for the link at Spot The Station www.spotthestation. This will give you a list of upcoming space station
sighting opportunities for your current location. Mission
Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX,
will post sighting opportunities for over 6,700 locations
worldwide. Happy tracking! - Sandra Rios, Director of Marketing
and Communications
Tennis Pro Member
Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles
Club Championships & Awards Dinner
Singles Ladies’
Championship A Division
Singles Men’s
Championship A Division
Singles Men’s
Championship B Division
Doubles Men’s
Championship B Division
Charlotte Gummesson
Finalist: Gosia Pilch
Champion: Jim Roemer
Finalist: Bill Whitmore
Champion: Paul Thomas
Finalist: David Novak
John Hartman & Dave Levine
Doubles Ladies’ Championship A Division
Doubles Men’s Championship A Division
Champions: Charlotte Gummesson & Roxy Mollod
Finalists: Nina Mortazavi & Teresa Morneau
Champions: Frank Trulaske & Chris Wetzig
Finalists: Brad Cohen & David Glorius
Doubles Ladies’ Championship B Division
Mixed Doubles Championship A Division
Champions: Ellen Zimmerman & Joanne Forch
Finalists: Kimberley Carreiro & Kathy Anthony
Champions: Jeff Rhinelander & Nina Mortazavi
Finalists: Chris Wetzig & Layne Smalheiser
Mixed Doubles Championship
C Division
Mixed Doubles
Championship B Division
Mixed Doubles
Championship B Division
Champions: Jaleigh & Mike White
Finalists: Marcia & David Gutridge
Joe Wolfer & Teresa Morneau
Spring Wine Dinner
Member Guest
Yacht Club
Fish Fry
Ladies’ Member Guest
Men’s Member Guest
McIIroy Flight
1st Place - Paul Miller and Bill Brightly
2nd Place - Matt Zito and Norman Langlois
3rd Place - Dave Decker and Dave Decker
Watson Flight
1st Place - Rich Goldwater and Ken Machlin
2nd Place - Gary Brochin and David Honig
3rd Place - Bud Fulkerson and Larry Gritzinger
Stenson Flight
1st Place - Frank Child and Jeff Heltman
2nd Place - Doug Lunau and Charles Spry
3rd Place - Rich Reiman and Ben Lee
Scott Flight
Jim Zakovec and Don Burhart
Bill Bash and Richard Solove
Jack Gibson and Tom Fanelle
Don Kreiss and Marty Rosenfeld
Eliminated after the 1st Hole of 2 Hole Shoot-out
Goldwater, Machlin/Zakovec, Burhart/Lunau, Spry
Final Hole Championship
Frank Child and Jeff Heltman
Paul Miller and Bill Brightly, Par to a Bogie
Golf Monthly Mixer
Blue Heron Flight
Red Hawk Flight
Closest to the Pin
1st Gross
Bob and Jan Van Iten, Ava O’Hara,
Joanne and Steve Stein
1st Net
Gertrude Lochmeier,
Arlene McKitrick, Hans Lochmeier
and Ava O’Hara
2nd Net
Jim Long, Pat Goldwater, Ava O’Hara,
Barbara Brizdle and Bruce Myer
1st Gross
Bob and Blenda Ontiveros, Ava
O’Hara, Tom and Hwei Lin Sung
1st Net
Norman and Hannah Weinberg, Ava
O’Hara, Joann and Michael Cohen
2nd Net
Ava O’Hara, Pam and Norman Reiter,
Betsy and Jim Granite
Blue #3 - Bruce Myer
Blue #7 - Jom Pettinato
Red #3 - Tom Costello
Red #6 - Mel Taub
1st Gross
Arlene McKitrick and Hank McFarland,
Terry and Ava O’Hara, Kathleen and Scott Greig
3rd Net
Michael and Andre Keebaugh,
Terry and Ava O’Hara, Mary and Russ Meloche
1st Net
Michael and Elizabeth Sarzynski, Sandy
Finnegan, Terry and Ava O’Hara, Tom Finnegan
Closest to the Pin
#8 Donna Pettinato
#12 Weezie Stewart
#17 Jim Zakovec
2nd Net
Richard Kaleida, Terry and Ava O’Hara,
Michelle Kaleida, Susan and Charlie Wilson
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