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May 2007 - KWAS Community Forums
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May 2007
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Heather on Flakes
Miecia on Beef
Stephen on Worms
White Worm Culture
Geoff on Shrimp
Doesn’t that sound appetizing!!
Well, maybe not to your palate but
to a fish it’s a veritable smorgasbord!
Flake Food
fins & tales
May 2007
The Kitchener Waterloo Aquarium Society (KWAS) is a non
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Further the hobby and study of tropical fish and related
Inspire the preservation of aquatic life
Maintain a meeting place for its members
Develop and maintain a library on aquatic life
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Seek out and establish a kinsh ip with other clubs with similar
KWAS is a proud member of the
Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs
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please contact our exchange editor.
Please send all correspondence to:
Kitchener Waterloo Aquarium Society ,
PO Box 38037 King St N., Waterloo, ON, Canada, N2J 4T9.
The following rates apply for one y ear (10 issues):
Business card = $25; 1/4 page = $60; 1/2 page = $100; full page
back cover = $225
Advertising of hobby related items is free to members.
President Al Ridley
519 571
[email protected]
Vice President Phil Maznyk
519 585
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Treasurer Brad McClanahan
519 746
[email protected]
Recording Secret ary Kevin Reimer
519 884
[email protected]
Past President Dean Crawford
519 887
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Newsletter Editor Miecia Burden
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Newsletter Publisher Miecia Burden 519 745 1452
Exchange Editor Zenin Skomorowski 519 748 0854
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Membership Chair Miecia Burden
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Auction Chair Robin Pixner
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Librarian Geo ff Money
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Lunch Committee Joe Kopachinski 519 884 7684
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Program Chair Bob Brown
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Raffle Chair David & Katie McClanahan
B.A.P. Chair Kevin Reimer & Rob Pixner
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519 746 2507
H.A.P. Chair Bob Brown
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B.A.P./H.A.P. Committee Executive
C.A.O.A.C. Rep Stephen Crawford
519 653 1569
[email protected]
Name That Fish Zenin Skomorowski 519 748 0854
Jar Show Zenin Skomorowski
519 748 0854
Webmaster Phil Maznyk
519 585 7982
Pet Store Liaison Al Ridley & Zenin Skomorowski
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
The Prez Sez........
by Al Ridley
(President of KWAS)
[email protected]
As I thought about what words
of wisdom I could offer to the
membership this month, it occurred to me that this will be my
29 th out of 30th Presidents Page!
I only have one more page to
pen after today. I want to thank
everyone who has emailed me
with their best wishes. It is a fun
and challenging position – I
would recommend it to any seasoned KWAS member.
My thanks to Phil for facilitating
the last Business meeting at Scot
and Lezley Smith’s home in
Cambridge. I ended up getting
the Black Death or the Bubonic
Plague or something like that
and couldn’t make it so at the
last minute; I passed everything
over to Phil. I understand that it
was a good meeting and Heather
even joined in the meeting via
webcam. Heather had a proposal
about a Specific Breeder Award
Program. It came up at on of our
Q&A sessions and I asked her to
present an implementation plan.
Well, she has done so. Thank
you for your effort Heather. We
will be looking at the program
over the next few months and
seeing how we can incorporate it
into our existing program.
In May, we will be showing our
membership the different ways
you can feed your fish. Heather
will be showing us how she
makes her own flake food.
Miecia will be making beef
heart. Stephen Crawford will be
doing worm cultures and Geoff
will show us how to culture
brine shrimp. This has always
been a fun program so bring
your notepads and get in on the
fun. Your fish will appreciate it
We will also be holding our
elections. As it stands right now
(subject to change), here is the
Pre sident – Ke vin Reimer
Vice President – Geoff Money,
Ste phen Crawford
Tre asure r – John Van Rompu
Se cretary – Lezle y Smith
I will be accepting any last minute nominations before asking
for a motion to close the nominations. Then we will vote.
Good luck to everyone.
The bug hunt is scheduled ( will
be done by the time you read
this) for April 22 nd . This is always an interesting and fun
event and Flash Skomorowski
will be there to capture it all on
film! Bring home some live critters to feed your fish and perhaps we will talk about what you
find in our foods program. Our
summer picnic is scheduled for
this summer (sorry, I can’t find
the date!!!). It will be held at
Waterloo Park at the covered
picnic area. We will have more
information at the meeting.
I would also like to ask everyone
to try and get a picture of your
aquariums. Geoff Money is putting together a PowerPoint presentation of KWAS club member
tanks. Please send your pictures
to Geoff along with a description
of the size of the tank and its
Phil and Andrew_ are working
on polishing our club logo and
then we hope to get some small
flags or banners so we can better
promote our club. As you can
see, there are a lot of things happening.
Well, I need to go and start preparing a package of items for our
next KWAS President. I also
need to begin the process of preparing for Oktoberfish 2007.
Miecia will once again be responsible for the Fish Room and
Scott Smith will be responsible
for the Auction Room. Meetings
will begin soon and I hope that
we can find ways to make this
event even better - like have
food available ;-)
Your suggestions are always
Sea U (and Rein) at the meeting!
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
Table of Contents
Prez Sez
Calendar Aquaristic
Treasurer’s Chest
Name That Fish
Minimalist Aquarist
Pleco Points to Ponder
Eyeball on Oddballs
Fish & Chips
Miecia’s Musings
Nomination & Elections
Jar Show Results
CAOAC Convention
Exchange Editor’s Report
Meeting Information Back
by Brad McClanahan KWAS
[email protected]
Sept 4
Sept 11
KWAS General Meeting
KWAS Business Meeting
Well this month I am writing with mixed emotions. Rumour has it that we now have a candidate
for the treasurer’s job. I must admit that I was hoping in some weird way that I would be put back
into the job as I enjoyed the job very much. However the other side of the coin is that there is a
great candidate that has shown some interest in it
and I know he will do a great job for the club. I
will help this new treasurer out in every way I can
and wish him all the best and look forward to
working with him in the near future. After all he
will have to be trained in how to give Miecia grief
as it is part of the job!
T his month is going to be an excellent meeting as
we also get to vote. The new faces that are stepping up to volunteer for the executive positions are
all excellent people and will steer this club in a
positive direction I am sure. And did I mention we
actually get to vote! This is amazing for the simple
fact that in most organizations they have a hard
enough time finding volunteers, much less finding
enough to actually hold a vote. This shows something for the character and depth in this club and
our members should once again give ourselves a
pat on the back for a job well done.
Now I suppose after all that I should actually
mention the finances of the club. We had a very
strong membership drive this year and find our
funds in abundance. That being said we also have
all our future bills paid at this time and are now
still tossing ideas around for events for the club.
There are a few things on order for the library and
we have just paid for another year of the chatroom
for the website. Hopefully the addition of the new
executive will also bring in a few great ideas for
the allocation of these funds also.
Oct 2
Oct 9
KWAS General Meeting
KWAS Business Meeting
See you at the next meeting…..did I mention we
get to vote at this one?!!
May 1
May 8
M ay 12
May 25-27
KWAS General Meeting
KWAS Business Meeting
Waterloo Tank M aintenance
CAOAC Convention
June 2
June 5
June 12
June 23
June 24
Tank M aintenance
KWAS General Meeting
KWAS Business Meeting
Waterloo Tank M aintenance
CAOAC M eeting
Summer Picnic July 29
Waterloo Park 1pm - 7 pm
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
April 2007 Name That Fish
by Zenin Skomorowski KWAS
[email protected]
This month’s “ Name That Fish” was a bag of two
L146a Rubber Lip plecos (Chaetostoma species )
guesse d by Jacob Reimer. They are commonly
known as the Spotted Bulldog Pleco, Spotted
Rubber Pleco, or Spotted Rubbernose Pleco or
Blonde Bulldog Pleco, or Striped Rubbernose
Pleco. They may also be sold as Thomsoni plecos.
Originally from mountain streams in Colombia,
they hang onto smooth rocks in strong currents,
giving them their bulldog look. They prefer
cooler water of 20-23C (68-73F) that is highly
oxygenated and a strong current. Check out to see how to set up a
suitable tank with good flowing water. Since
they are an omnivore, algae, and small live or
frozen food make up their food requirements.
Try algae wafers and zucchini.
Males generally have a larger and wider head and
a slimmer body than females. The males have
large pelvic fins to make sure fertilization of the
eggs occurs and to hold the eggs in the strong
water current. Breeding in captivity has been
limited. They are generally a peaceful fish, but
the males will push each other around to get the
best rock.
Photos by Zenin
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
May 2007
fins & tales
The Minimalist Aquarist …
doing more with less’ and ‘keeping
‘keeping it simple’
by Rein Breitmaier (KWAS)
[email protected]
The headline in the Sunday newspaper
screamed “Beautiful Flowerhorns” in huge
(two colour) text which along with two full colour photos commanded a half page in the Outlook section of the Bangkok Post, one of the
English language dailies in Thailand. The
photo called it by its Thai name, the Hua Luo
I didn’t immediately recognize the fish pictured; brilliant red tapering to purplish midbody and sporting large black markings down
the lateral line. It was clearly a South American
Cichlid and the two fishes photographed for the
article sported huge head bumps. My first instinct had been to associate this with the peacock cichlid of recent world-wide fame, but
this fish was completely different again.
Below the headline, the author added: “The
new fish that’s taking the fish world by storm”.
Okay so I’m hooked now, I read on. As it turns
out I have seen this fish before and as the article explains the fish is hugely popular within
the Chinese community in Thailand. This
popularity stems from the resemblance to Chinese language characters of the black markings
down the sides of the fish, especially in the
higher valued specimens. We had seen these
fish in restaurants and hotels through our travels however without the language skills necessary to delve deeper with the locals, TMA was
never able to enquire about them further.
The fish is attributed to M alaysia where it was
first bred, being a hybrid between several species, most notably Cichlasoma trimaculatus
and Cichlasoma festae. Since their launch into
the Thai marketplace 5 years ago breeders have
continued to enhance not only the forehead
humps and coloration but have also produced
bolder markings on the body, thicker and
shorter bodies and better finnage. Wow talk
about cosmetic enhancement through better
I dropped the article on the table and grabbing
camera in hand, retraced my steps to the travel
agency on the corner of the alley just down
from our hotel. I had just been there and
needed to confirm my suspicions. Yes, I was
told, “Lucky” was a Flowerhorn. The proud
owner had him as a single specimen in about a
65 gallon tank in his cramped office space and
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
(Continued on page 7)
fins & tales
(Continued from page 6)
reiterated that 30,000 Baht would be a common
price for a mature top quality fish. That’s about
one grand Canadian. For that price I’m thinking the Chinese characters should tell a story
along the side of the fish.
Lucky was happy to pose for a few pictures of
my own and seemed generally in command of
his space, which included showing an interest
in anyone passing close enough to perhaps
throw some food his way. Talk about typical
cichlid behaviour.
The article claimed a 30% success rate in
breeding these fishes which seems a little high
to me. With any hybridization of species it
makes sense that a greater number of the offspring will either be ugly castoffs or genetic
throwbacks, meaning they look more like the
species which were originally conscripted to
this genetic experiment. Cross-bred offspring
are sometimes sterile, but even when they
prove fertile to expect them to breed true takes
many more generations of careful selection. If
indeed they are achieving 30% of the young to
look like their ‘champion’ parents then indeed
they have been busy. M ost koi or goldfish
breeders, even angel breeders who also have
laboured for years in their craft will admit to
culling viciously to improve the quality of the
May 2007
stock which they release to market. Of those,
only several fishes a year might be considered
worthy of promotion into the breeding line.
Interestingly the author recommended water
changes every 14 days (yes!) if you don’t have
a filter (say what?), temperature between 27
and 32 Celsius degrees (isn’t that Discus territory?) and not placing the aquarium in a sunny
location as that will negatively affect the body
coloration of the fish (huh?). He also claimed
Flowerhorns could survive without food for
several weeks as a testament to their hardiness.
I’m trying to be fair here and perhaps the author is not a fishkeeper himself but honestly
can you imagine the water quality given a 10
inch or better fish of this appetite and girth with
the through-put of wastes it would be capable
of? If cared for properly this fish can live
longer than a decade he continued. Hmmm, not
likely absent that filter thingy.
My views on hybrids aside, it is good to see
passion and interest in the hobby and of course
it is always a pleasure to stumble upon a display aquarium in a public area. Both Lucky and
all of the other Flowerhorns which TM A spotted were in fact well kept and most were in
tanks closer to a hundred gallons in size along
with significant filtration systems in place.
Lucky has a little filling out to do yet but he’s
already proving to be a fine pet whether or not
you consider his kind to be attractive.
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
As remembered by MIECIA BURDEN
All plecos need R/O water for spawning
Condition with Sera Catfish Chips,
blanched zucchini, snow peas, broccoli
stems: also frozen cantaloupe skins, butternut squash skins – blanched and frozen
Collard greens – frozen between wax paper sheets
Will eat frozen brine shrimp, Mysis, Hikari carnivorous pellets, Tropical crumbles from Wardley’s
Sand is preferred substrate or fine gravel
Builder’s sand (washed very well) is good
– also good for plants; contains iron
M ost plecos need wood in diet to aid with
digestion – roughage
Cedar or poplar that has been waterlogged
by lake water is best
Use spawning caves made out of bamboo
sticks, clay pots or slate
Should be width of fish plus one pectoral
fin wide, twice the height of fish and a
little longer than the fish
Block one end of the bamboo or slate
Two clay saucers with notched cut-out;
position rim on rim and silicone together
Expect about 30 babies per spawn
M ost plecos like water temp about 80 –
85C and like ‘old’ water not new
Zebra’s like it really warm at 86C as do
Sterbai corys
#L174 Inspector plecos – fairly large
spots; smaller sized pleco; good to keep
with discus; carnivorous
#182 and #183 – spotted white with white
strip on dorsal and tail
#182 – easy to breed, #183 – much harder
to breed
Bushy-nosed /gold spot - 72 – 74C to
Star-light busy nosed pleco – 78C to
2 types of clown plecos – one vegetarian
and one carnivorous
#177 – gold nugget pleco – has spots and
stripes just like #182 and #183
#162 Queen Arabasc – fine lacy pattern
all over
List of the L#’s can be found on planet
catfish website
A Warm Welcome
to our
Newest Members
Nice to see you
at our
John Skerrett Family
Peter Miles Family
Tony Gibbons Family
Brad Hodkinson
Irvon Weber
Donovan Snelleman
Renee Trottier
Tom Nakluski
So glad you’re part of KWAS!!
Were guests at our last meeting.
We hope you enjoyed yourself
and we hope you’ll consider joining
the club real soon!
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
Eyeball On Oddballs: A Pleco That Isn’t
By Derek P.S. Tunstin (DRAS)
Scanned in from the March 2007 issue of Tank Talk, a publication of the Durham Region Aquarium Society
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
May 2007
fins & tales
Fish & Chips
by Phil Maznyk KWAS
[email protected]
Simple easy sharing of your internet connection.
This is the topic of this month’s article. Many of us
already have two or maybe even more computers in
our homes. Do we need to pay for internet access
for each individual PC in our homes? Absolutely
networks PC’s.
Today’s society being so information driven and
hungry is always looking for relatively cheap and
easy ways to hop on the information highway and
one of the neatest things you can do when you have
more than 1 computer in your home is network or
connect them together so both machines can access
the web.
Basically we have two choices. A wired connection
or a wireless connection. A wired connection, one
that uses CAT 5 cable to connect the computers
together is very cheap and relatively secure however it does require you to become ingenious in
finding ways to hide the blue cable.
Add-In Network Card
Motherboard with built in LAN
CAT 5 Ne twork Cable
Each computer must have either a network card or a
motherboard with a built in LAN or local area network where the CAT 5 blue cable can connect to.
To complete the wired puzzle our system must either use a hub or a router so our computers on the
network have a central place to plug into. From this
hub or router we then connect to the outside internet. I prefer a router as most of these have built in
hardware firewalls which can help in securing your
Next we have the wireless solution and as you no
doubt already know this method uses no blue cable
to connect the machines together but instead does
this through infra-red wireless technology. For this
type of network we require a wireless router or hub
and each computer must also have a wireless network card which can connect to the master router or
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
(Continued on page 11)
fins & tales
May 2007
(Continued from page 10)
Wireless add in network card
Wire d Route r with built in Fire wall
Of course the wireless solution is ultra easy to work
with as you have absolutely no wires to try and hide
thereby making this a very clean and quick way of
getting your little network going.
In the wired system once we have fed all our blue
network cable to a central location where our router
is all we do is plug in each PC and then connect our
router to our cable or DSL modem.
The default passwords are known by all hackers.
Change it immediately and stop the chance of having one of these miscreants ruin your day. Setting
up the network in Windows XP and Vista requires
but a few simple steps to get you and your network
on the internet together at the same time using a
single internet connection. Another real plus of
having a home network is having the ability to rapidly share files whether photos or music with all
machines on your network. The secure area not exposed to the internet is called an Intranet. Each machine on the network can be easily configured to
see and share each others files, play games and
even share printers.
Wireless route r with dual antenna
The main advantage to a wired network as I mentioned earlier less cost, and typically better security.
Many wireless networks are never properly setup,
thus leaving your network insecure and wide open
to hacking. The very first thing anyone should do
when they setup their wired or wireless modem is
change the factories default password.
Back vie w of a wire d router
One of the easiest to follow online guides to setting
up your own home network is located on Micro-
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
(Continued on page 12)
fins & tales
May 2007
soft’s servers here
There is a wealth of easy to follow knowledge
based articles. So if you’ve been sitting on the fence
wondering if you should connect your kids or your
spouses PC up to your internet connection, you now
have some information which should make the decision all that much simpler. Until next month…
Hi Folks. As you can see Brad and I have
swapped places in the newsletter. Since it
looks like both of us are going to be replaced in the next term I decided that his
column should have an upfront appearance
for the next two issues. Guess where he’ll
be next month!!!!!
Thank you!
Thank you!
to all those great KWAS members that
helped out at the CAOAC/BAS Auction last
Typical cable modem
Ron & Griffin Quigley
Dave Holtz
John Podhorny
Zenin Skomorowski
Rob Pixner
These guys were runners and
did a great job !!!
Polar Bears are leftleft-handed
Snails can sleep for three years
It's possible to lead a cow upstairs….
but not downstairs
A duck's quack doesn’t echo
and no one knows why
And also thanks to all those who supported
the auction by being there and spending
your hard earned bucks!!!! There were
some great deals and as usual I ended up
with a trio of fish that I mistakenly bought
thinking they were some thing else. But
you know, I’ve grown to like them and after
reading the minutes realize that they are
the same fish that Al got his BAP certificate for - Copadichromis borleyi. I’ll have
to call him for information on how to best
raise and breed these little fellows.
See you at the May 1st meeting.
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
Editor’s Note: This is the final listing of the BOD positions - if you are interested in any of the positions please contact anyone listed on the inside front cover of the newsletter. These are appointed at the general meeting in June.
• shall maintain an up-to-date membership list
• shall collect all dues and distribute membership cards and related materials
• shall maintain a guest book and submit a list of guests each month to the newsletter editor
• shall be responsible for the contest at the monthly meeting
• shall be responsible for obtaining a fish each month for the meeting
• shall be encouraged to write an article about the fish for publication on a monthly basis
• shall be responsible for the accumulation and layout of the contents of the newsletter
• shall be responsible for the publishing and mailing of the monthly newsletter
• shall be responsible for the mailing of any complimentary newsletters
• may chair a committee consisting of up to three (3) members who will assist the editor in his duties
• shall be responsible for organi zation of our annu al Oktoberfish event
• shall be responsible for raffles at each monthly meeting
• shall accumulate and store all the raffle goods fo r the meeting
• shall run the lunch counter at the general meetings
• shall be responsible for the purchasing and storage o f all lunch supplies and goods
• shall promote the club to local stores
• shall advise local stores of the monthly programs
• shall encourage co -operation between store staff and KWAS members
• shall advise all local media (print, radio and television) of club events & meeting schedule
• shall handle all KWAS advertising
• shall arrange fo r all programs and equipment as approved by KWAS Offi cers for the monthly meetings
• shall arrange fo r the proper treatment, introduction and payment of all guest speakers
• shall be responsible for the return o f all borrowed equipment & materials by their due date
• shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance o f the Website
• shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance o f the Forum
• All officers o f KWAS must be members in good standing for the duration of their term
• Selected directors may be required by the executive to submit an annual report
• All committees shall be accountable to the executive
• All committee expenses shall be pre-approved by the executive
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
April 2007
Judged by
John Van Rompu
Anthony McAslin
Synodontis Albertii
Taylor Kipfer
Pictus Catfish "B"
Taylor Kipfer
Pictus Catfish "A"
Rebecca Quigley
Pepper Cory "A"
Anthony McAslin
Whiptail Catfish "A"
Zenin Skomorowski
Dwarf Gold Spot Pleco
Zenin Skomorowski
Cory "A"
Geoff Money
Panda Cory "A"
Kent Hunter-Duvar
Cory "B"
Geoff Money
Pepper Cory "B"
Griffin Quigley
Albino Pleco
Griffin Quigley
Whiptail Catfish "B"
Jonathon Samson
Albino Cory
Jonathon Samson
Panda Cory "B"
Geoff Money
Speckled Molly
Jonathon Samson
YoYo Loach
Geoff Money
Red Tail Rainbow
Anthony McAslin
Sterbai Cory
Anthony McAslin
Checkered Rainbow
Jonathon Samson
Golden Algae Eater
Speckled Molly
People's Choice
Geoff Money
Anthony McAslin
Geoff Money
Jonathon Samson
Zenin Skomorowski
Griffin Quigley
Taylor Kipfer
Renee Ballard
Featured Show Jar Classes for May will be:
Loaches, Killifish, AOV
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
MAY 25th 27th 2007
Discus Hans (Discus)
Stephan Tanner (Plecos)
Full Convention Ticket
(prior to May 15th) $75.00
(after May 15th) $100.00
Peter Unmack (Native Fish
& Rainbowfish)
Speakers Only Ticket $50.00
Children’s Ticket
(16 yrs & under)
Rein Breitmaier
World traveler
Children’s Workshop $20.00
Play Money Casino Night & Auction
Dinner & Entertainment with Karaoke
35 Class Fish Show
Junior Aquarium Beautiful Seminar
AGM & Elections
Awards Breakfast
Giant Auction
2 Giant Raffles sponsored by Hagen Inc
Fanshawe College
1460 Oxford St., E
London, ON
Terry Little
(519) 752 8642
[email protected]
Miecia Burden
(519) 745 1452
[email protected]
Suites from $54.99 to $109.90
2 or 4 Bedroom
All amenities included
Tony Bernard
(905) 768-7991
[email protected]
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
(Chaetostoma species) guessed by Jacob Reimer.
of the
April 3, 2007
President Al Ridley welcomed everyone &
started the meeting at 7:30 P.M. There were 60
people present, including 4 new guests.
Exe cutive present: Al Ridley (President/PSL),
Phil Maznyk (Vice President/Webmaster), Brad
McClanahan (T reasurer) , Kevin Reimer
(Recording Secretary, BAP)
- Apr. 15 – Durham Show & Auction
- Apr. 21 – Waterloo Tank Maintenance
- Apr. 21 – Sarnia Auction
- Apr. 22 – Live Food Hunt – contact Zenin
- Apr. 29 London Auction only
- May 25 – 27 - CAOAC Convention - T here will
be a Junior Workshop (16 yrs & younger) for $20
they will build a tank
Open the nominations for Executive. Motioned:
Matt Ballard, Seconded: Judy Hunter
Pre sident: Kevin Reimer
Vice Preside nt: Geoff Money, John Van Rompu,
Stephen Crawford
Tre asure r: Open
Se cretary: Open
Question & Answer: Hosted by Al Ridley. Discussed: Griffin spawned yellow labs, do fish spa wn
more in the spring – is this due to barometric pressure changes, Ducks eating Al’s pond plants, green
algae in a pond – do you want to / should you remove it – it’s probably a good thing this time of
year. Phil’s T ropheus are displaying lots of aggression in a large colony – tore the tank down to rearrange landscaping, culling / Isolate the dominate
Our program: Charlie Drew spoke on Catfish
Show Jar Re sults: T here were 8 people showing
20 fish in two classes
Library Draw: $18 won by Jimmy Graham
Raffle Draw: Our large prize was an AquaClear
Filter donation by Hagen won by Brad McClanahan
Auction: Robin & Todd auctioned a full table fish
& plants
Submitted by
Kevin Reimer (Recording Secretary)
April 10, 2007
Phil Maznyk called the business meeting to order at
7:30 PM, hosted by Scott & Lezley Smith.
March Busine ss Meeting Minutes:
Approved as published, Motioned: Miecia, seconded: Brad. Voted on & carried.
April Gene ral Meeting Minutes:
Approved, motioned: Miecia, seconded: Stephen.
Voted on & carried.
BAP Certificates:
Al Ridley
Copadichromis borleyi
Kevin Reimer
Geophagus SP "Tapajos Red
Kevin Reimer
Elementary Breed ers Award
HAP Ce rtificates: None this month
Future business Mee tings
May – Kevin Reimer’s; 508 Brentcliffe Drive, Waterloo
June - Zenin Skomorowski’s; 34 Pathfinder Cres.,
Kitchener, ON N2P 1S6
Sept - Matt & Renee’s in Woodstock – possibility,
perhaps consider hosting meeting on a Saturday
Name That Fish: T wo L146a Rubber Lip plecos
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
In Attendance
Scott & Lezley Smith Hosts
Phil Maznyk
Vice-President / Webmaster
Brad McClanahan
Kevin Reimer
Recording Secret ary / BAP
Miecia Burden
Editor / Membership
Rob Pixner
Auction / BAP
Geo ff Money
Bob Brown
Program / Raffle / HAP
Stephen Crawford
Zenin Skomorowski
Jar Show / Exchange Editor / NTF / PSL
Katie McClanahan
David McClanahan
Al Ridley
President / PSL
Joe Kopachinski
Tre asure r Re port: Read by Brad. Motioned:
Kevin, seconded: Stephen. Voted on & carried.
Correspondence :
• Zenin received correspondence from the Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGI S). Is
the entire presentation/meeting appropriate for
young children of 7~16? Also, does the presentation/meeting contain scientific information as
well? Zenin will follow up.
• Phil received email re: ‘Googling’ Hillview
potting substrate & you get Al Ridley’s name
• Stan Neil contacted Phil originally to donate a
tank to the club, Rob Pixner’s gone back a second
time to pick up more donated aquarium items
Oktobe rfish 2007 (Al): Absent
Committee Re ports
NL Editor/Publishe r (Miecia): Everything going
Exchanges (Zenin):
• Zenin’s received more requests for articles
May 2007
Nassau County has replied and will continue to
exchange – problem with snail mail, will email
Membe rship (Miecia):
• 63 Members + 3 special: includes 24 adult, 33
family, 6 honorary, plus the 3 special
• We will advise CAOAC that we’re over 60
members – motioned: Geoff, seconded: Bob.
Voted on & carried
Auction (Rob): Charlie Drew donated 4 bags of
cats at the general meetings. Lots of items still
come in at every meeting. HAP & BAP increased
involvement are contributing to the volume & quality of items.
Library (Geoff):
• Al still to follow up with Jim Robinson on Plant
database – Geoff will follow up with Al to get the
old CD & Jim’s contact information
• Books being signed out is on the increase – lots
being signed out
• New National Geographic DVDs: Lake T anganyika ‘Jewel of the Rift’ in the library
• New National Geographic VHS: Amazon: Land
of the Flooded Forest – will not be available for
sign out until it’s shown at a general meeting
• New DVDs coming out in June & we will purchase when available: Fishes of the Rio Orinoco
& Mato Grosso-del Sul
• Discusse d purchasing books at the CAOAC
Convention - $200 approximate budget
Program (Bob):
• Flake food – Heather, beef heart - Miecia,
worms – Stephen, brine shrimp – Geoff
• Beef heart & worm packages for Members
• Follow up with speakers
• Zenin hasn’t had a response from Joe Alery &
Brett Harrington about coming to perform presentation. Stephen advised that he meets with them
every few weeks & will follow up.
Raffle (Katie / David): We’re in good shape up to
• Will discuss with Al which items we still have
from the Hagen donations, perhaps raffle off the
Fluval canister filter at the June or September
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
May 2007
fins & tales
seconded: Kevin. Voted on & carried.
(Continued from page 17)
General meeting
Lunch (Joe): Absent
HAP (Bob): Going well
BAP (Kevin): Going well
CAOAC (Stephen): Unable to attend the last
CAOAC meeting
NTF (Zenin): Going well –
• April was a bag of two L146a Rubber Lip plecos (Chaetostoma species ) guessed by Jacob
• Zenin has next months fish already in quarant
Show Jar(Zenin): Good number of entries coming
in to the meetings.
• April judged by John Van Rompu: 8 people
showing 14 fish in featured class of Catfish, and
6 fish in AOV, total of 20 fish
• Loaches, Killies & AOV at the May general
We bmaster (Phil):
• Website homepage has a new image showing
a good general meeting audience (thanks to
Tony Gibbons)
• Minor cleanup of some pages on the site, reorganized the downloads page and articles page,
new larger member images on our website gallery, moved the sponsors flash banner down to
bottom of the page to give the homepage a
cleaner look
• We’re consistently averaging well over 2 million hits per month. T his is on target with Phil’s
forecast of 25 million hits per year.
• Over 550 members on our forum now
• We gave our first forum member ban to tans66
(14 days) for rude comments and not following
our forum rules. Removed several of his posts
from a tank cycle thread and then re-posted the
• Andrew from the forum is going to work on a
polished club logo with Phil for KWAS
• Our chat room renewal fee is up April 24th.
The cost is 125.00 US. Brad Hodkinson and
Gerry Geddes paid for the past year.
- Club to pay the fee this year. Motioned: Miecia,
Pet Store Liaison (Al/Zenin):
• Zenin spoke with Brent at K-W Aquarium on
Saturday regarding flyers, he was receptive, and
took the flyers and some complimentary copies
of the newsletter. Brent mentioned that he does
go to our forum once in a while to read when he
has time. Zenin needs to drop off a holder for
the flyers, however, he doesn’t have any at this
• Still waiting for the official re-opening of
Planet Aquarium under a new name at the new
location on Stewart Street (off Park).
Old Busine ss
• Vacancies still available on the Waterloo Inn
T ank Maintenance Schedule (add Charity to the
• Elections – new Executive to be elected at
May General Meeting, BOD appointed at June
General Meeting
- President: Kevin Reimer
- Vice President: Geoff Money, Stephen Crawford
- T reasurer: John Van Rompu
- Secretary: Lezley Smith
• KWAS logo/web a ddress on banners – discuss
at next meeting / Scott following up on additional quotes
• Live food / bug hunt – Sunday April 22 >
Zenin will be the contact send him an email
Ne w Busine ss
• Heather’s Specialized Breeders Award Program proposal – email proposal to everyone, will
discuss at next business meeting
• Discusse d the fee paid for speakers.
- Honorary speaker’s fee increase to $75. Motion:
Stephen, seconded: Brad, voted on & carried.
Submitted by
Kevin Reimer (Recording Secretary)
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
fins & tales
May 2007
Exchange Editor’s May Report
by Zenin Skomorowski KWAS
[email protected]
The newsletters featured in this
column and others are available
to you. Please let me know by
email, or at the monthly meeting, which ones you would like
to read.
colouration and fin structure,
and how they change from juvenile to adult in about 3 years.
Many will swim upside down to
graze on the underside of rocks
and fallen branches.
Here are some interesting articles in recent issues of Aqua
Babble from the Aquarium Club
of Edmonton:
Decem ber
“ Apistogramma Panduro – The
Other Panda” by Sean Kettle
January 2007 – “ Rediscovering
the German Blue Ram – Microgeophagus ramirezi” by Lois
and Max Gallade
March 2007 – “ Malawi Mbuna”
by Andy Gordon and Michelle
Stuart, also “The Mbuna Community T ank” by Grant Gussie
If you are looking for a nongreen plant for your aquarium,
try Polygonum sp. Sao Paulo.
T imothy S. Gross describes this
purplish red plant in the March
2007 issue of Finformation
from the Greater Pittsburgh
Aquarium Society.
“ Can’t Leave Without My
Fish,” de scr ibe s Sebastian
Ruszkowski’s experiences in
setting up an aquarium in his
classroom. Read all about it,
and some of the feedback he
received, in the March 2007
issue of Hi-Fin from the Brampton Aquarium Club.
Want to know more about the
varieties of larger synodontis
catfish ? Check out “ African
Siluriforms of the family Mochokidae by Mitchell McKenzie
in the March 2007 issue of Fins
& Friends from the Regina
Aquarium Society. He discusses their general features of
I would like to highlight three
articles from the March 2007
issue of T ank T alk from the
Durham Region Aquarium Society. The first is “Working
With Yabbies – Part 1” by T om
Mason. What’s a yabby ? Ask
to see this issue and find out.
The second is “Thinking of Going Planted” by Ivan Shaw. He
writes about the various factors
of tank size, substrate, heating,
filtration, lighting, CO², and
fertilizer, including the recipe
for PMDD.
T he third is
“ Eyeball On Oddballs: A Pleco
that Isn’t”. Derek P.S. T ustin
describes the hill stream loaches
and their requirements for environment and food.
Surf’s up ! He re are this
month’s we b sites to explore:
Want to build a koi pond ?
P h o t o
f r o m
http://www. water ga
h tt p ://www. f la r e de v . c o m /
http://www. a kc a.or g/libr ary /
http://www.koif ishpon
Save ‘em and bring ‘em to
the club.
The Library will
collect them and we will
the money for Library
Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society
We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month
from September through June at the Adult
Recreation Centre on the corner of King and
Allen Streets in Waterloo. The meeting room
is open at 7 PM and we get under way at 7:30
PM. Each meeting usually has a very brief
business section then we get on with “Name
That Fish”, a program or speaker, a couple o f
raffl es and a small auction. A number of
other features may also be present at any
Please feel free to come out at any time and
learn more about the many ben efits o f a
KWAS membership.
Field Trips

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