April 2016



April 2016
To the householder…
April 2016
Also available at www.rupanyup.com.au
A large crowd witnessed the official opening of the
Rupanyup & District Men’s Shed (RDCC).
Adrian Tyler, Secretary of RDCC & Member for Lowan, Ms
Emma Kealy M.P. officially opening the Rupanyup &
District Men’s Shed.
The new sign on the outside of the Rupanyup & District Men’s
Well, who would have thought that when Michael Woods
brought to a meeting of the Rupanyup & District
Consultative Committee, a clipping from the paper,
advertising grants up to $60,000, for the building of new
men's sheds, that it would finally be officially opened by
Member for Lowan Ms Emma Kealy M.P.
I would like to congratulate & sincerely thank Rod & Jaye
for the tremendous effort of meeting that dead line & being
successful in gaining the grant for $60,000 from the
Department of health & Human Services, Strengthening
Men's Sheds Program, new buildings 2013. But this was
only part of the funds required to bring this building up to
this stage you see here today. The rest has come from
the generosity of the Rupanyup/Minyip Finance Group, the
management committee of our community bank,
sponsorship from Michael Woods, sponsorship from the
Woods' Farming & Heritage Museum, a grant from the
Australian Men's Shed Association, Rupanyup Major
Events, Rupanyup Lions Club, Yarriambiack Shire Council
Share Community Grants Program & 84 community
members who have paid $100 each inaugural
membership. On behalf of the Rupanyup & District
Consultative Committee I would like to sincerely thank all
those that have contributed financially to this wonderful
We want our shed to give you a reason to get up & keep
mentally & physically active. We want men to stay active
feel good & talk, - which ultimately improves overall health
& wellbeing.
Thankyou, Adrian Tyler – Sec. RDCC
Men’s Shed Project Manager.
(photos courtesy of Lynette Teasdale)
Adrian Tyler, Secretary of the RDCC & Anthony Chapman,
Chair of the Rup/Minyip Finance Group presenting a
$25,000 cheque for the Rupanyup & District Men’s Shed.
A further report will follow next month – we are all
still recovering from a fantastic day/night!
The Decibelles at St Philip’s Anglican Church – Emily
Teasdale, Lynette Teasdale, Di Walsh, Julie Andrew, Prue
McAllister, Pat Gardy, Merilyn Allen, Bernadette Taylor,
Anne Matheson, Carmel Healy, Lois Johnson.
Sandra & Leo at Dunlop’s.
The Dunmunkle CFA Group ( comprising CFA
brigades from Rupanyup, Minyip, Murtoa, Lubeck &
Coromby recently took ownership of a new Field
Command Vehicle ( FCV). The FCV, a new Ford
Ranger Mk11 Dual Cab 4x4, was purchased with
funding support from the Dunmunkle Group, each of
the member Brigades, the Victorian Government via
the Victorian Emergency Services Equipment
Program (VESEP) & a generous project grant from
the Rupanyup Minyip Community Bank Branches.
The initial seeding fund from the Community Bank
branches provided the impetus to gain further
financial & logistic support. The partnership of the
CFA brigades, District 17 & State CFA, the Victorian
Government (VESEP) & the Rupanyup Minyip
Community Bank Branches proved successful &
culminated in the new vehicle. The FCV, fully
operationally with emergency lights , sirens & radios
( CFA & UHF) is primarily designed to be a command
& control vehicle in emergency situations, in
particular fires both local & district. It will also be
engaged as a Strike Team Vehicle for major fires. As
a Dual Cab 4x4 it will provide transport for equipment
& personnel to fires & emergency situations. It will
also be used for transport of volunteers to training &
other related events.
The FCV is a welcome addition to the current CFA
vehicles in our area.
Winner of the inaugural 2015 Dirt Music Award for the artist
who most embodies the ethos behind the Rupanyup Dirt
Music Festival - Mick Trembath - at Chappies.
Pictured: Rupanyup Minyip Community Bank
Branches Chair Anthony Chapman presents
Dunmunkle CFA Group Officer Ian Taylor with a giant
Maddy Cashill at the Hall.
(photos courtesy of Lynette Teasdale).
Rita & Kaye Dunlop $40, A & J Grainger $20, A
Stephen $20, Bendigo Bank $60
All donations are acknowledged & are accepted at
the Rupanyup Post Office or by direct deposit BSB
633000 Account 107957581 (please provide your
name as a reference with the deposit). If you receive
the Rupanyup Lions News, please consider a small
donation to help the Rupanyup Lions Club with the
cost. The monthly paper is also published on the
community website http://www.rupanyup.com.au
On Thursday 17th March I had a car accident at the T
Intersection from St. Arnaud to Rupanyup. A big
heartfelt thankyou to all the Firemen, SES, Local
Residents, Ambulance & Off Duty Policeman who all
helped & cared for myself, my mate & my dog Jet. A
wonderful community spirit which I’m very grateful
for. Thank you all.
Kind Regards, Les Hughes, Shepparton
The next meeting of Probus will be held at 10am on
Friday 8th April. Guest Speaker: Steve Townsend.
Trips: Yarrawonga 10th – 15th April. Leave café
7:50am. Please be there at 7:40am. Mary Poppins
14th May Ballarat. Cost $85 to be paid at meeting.
Lunch at our own expense at Park Hotel.
3 April
10am Russel & Cheryl Dunlop
10 April
Derek Breed
24th April
Pastor Fran Robinson
1st May
Anne Matheson
Date to Note:
Annual ‘SHARE’ Luncheon.
Friday May 20, 2016.
Rup. Supper Room.
Next meeting AGM Wednesday April 13th @ 7.30,
everyone welcome. PLEASE keep those photos
coming in, we can now scan slides & negatives as
well as the usual photos - I'm sure there are some
gems in slide boxes around Rup.
10 Cromie Street – behind the Uniting Church
Every Tuesday from 9.30 – 3pm
A friendly group who do many different crafts.
Art classes are from 1pm – 3pm weekly.
All welcome to come for a cuppa & chat.
Our next meeting date is Friday, May 6th, at 2pm.
Competition buyer: Cheryl Dunlop. Dates to
$ 5 entry, includes morning tea
Tuesday, May 10th, 10 am for morning tea/
Fashion Parade commences at 10-30am
11 April 2016
Uniting Church Ladies Guild
18 April 2016
Volunteer Group 2
Anglican Church Ladies
25 April 2016
02 May 2016
Primary School Parents Club
Rupanyup Newsagency & Post Office
* Stamps are now $1.00 we have plenty of 30c
stamps if required.
* We still have 2016 Diaries in stock & they are now
½ the marked price.
* Closed Monday 25th April, 2016 for ANZAC Day
* Reminder, if you have not paid, Post Office Box
accounts are now overdue. Please pay as soon as
possible to avoid late payment fees.
* Mother’s Day cards now in stock.
* You can now pay animal registrations for
Yarriambiack Shire at the Post Office.
* Opening hours 9am to 12.15pm / 1.15pm to 5pm
* Telephone / Fax 03 53 855 121 (please leave a
message on our answering machine).
* Our new email address is
[email protected]
Kaye & Tony Stephenson
Morning of Music & Singing
Friday 29th April
Entertainment by Neil & Chris from Stawell
10am Morning Tea (plate appreciated).
10:30am Entertainment. All welcome.
Sponsored by Yarriambiack Shire.
The march will leave from the Police station at 9:45
for a service at the Hall at 10am. Please be at the
assembly point by 9:30. The march will be led by the
Horsham Pipe Band & the service will honour the
memory of the 11 soldiers from Rupanyup who died
in 1916, 100 years ago.
Pool meeting 11th April at Pub from 7:30pm.
Day centre clients, families & friends joined residents & volunteers for a wonderful morning of music & singing
for the March Music Project. Talented artists Norm & Arlene McLean from Horsham entertained & organised
community singing of popular old songs. Norm & Marlene awarded Easter egg prizes to George & Kaye for
their singing & participation in the music. Many thanks to staff, volunteers & families for providing the
outstanding morning tea. Yarriambiack Shire Community Group Grants Fund program sponsored the
morning & will sponsor the April music activity. Sincere thanks to all for your overwhelming support for the
Easter raffle. Your generosity enabled draws for seven lovely prizes. Many thanks to Rachael, Dale, Geoff
& Billie who sold tickets in Minyip, Murtoa & Rupanyup, along with volunteers who sat in the street on such a
hot volunteers who sat in the street on such a hot day & sold over 200 tickets to very generous locals.
Volunteers also appreciated the generous support of staff members. Congratulations to prize winners:
1st Val Starbuck
2nd Gloria Frankilin
3rd Vicki South
4th Luke Wylie & Family
5 Ric Osi
6 Sox (a transport driver who donated his prize to Nursing Home staff).
7th Wendy Pickering. Sandra & Leo & John Canning are engaged for music activities in May & June.
Many thanks, Mary & Marg
Anzac Day is one of Australia’s most important national occasions. At the beginning of WW1, Australia had
only been a federated nation for 13 years when Britain declared war in August 1914. Australia automatically
became involved. Australian and New Zealand troops formed part of the expedition that set out to capture
the Gallipoli peninsula so as to open up the Dardenelles. The objective was to capture Constantinople (now
Istanbul). The Gallipoli campaign lasted 8 months & over 8000 Australian soldiers died. Although the Gallipoli
campaign failed, the actions of the men involved left a powerful legacy. The first Anzac Day was held on
25th April 1916 when 2000 Australian & New Zealand troops marched through London. A London newspaper
dubbed them ‘The Knights of Gallipoli. Other services were held around Australia. During the 1920s, Anzac
Day became a national day of Commemoration for the more than 60,000 Australians who died during the
war. 1927 was the first time every state had a public holiday for Anzac Day. Later Anzac Day served to
commemorate the lives of all Australians who died in WW2 & all other conflicts in which Australia has been
involved. Today marches & services are held in every town & city in Australia & New Zealand & sporting
fixtures have become part of the day. The first Anzac day service in Rupanyup was in 1922. Lawson was
President of the RSSILA & Copley was secretary. The first march to be held on Anzac Day in Rupanyup was
in 1936 & in 1937 the Boy Scouts were invited to march. The next year the Cubs, Girl Guides & Brownies
were also invited. The Horsham Pipe Band started coming to Rupanyup to lead the march in the early 1940s
& have led the march ever since. After the WW2 the march was made up of veterans from both wars. Today
only two veterans remain.
The next meeting will be held on Friday, April 15th at 2 pm. Please note the change of date. All members
welcome. Volunteers will be selling Anzac tokens in the week prior to Anzac Day. Please support the RSL in
this endeavour.
Lest We Forget
Join the sugar sipping stoppers for your chance to win $500
Yarriambiack residents can sign up now to join the Yarriambiack H30 Challenge & cut out sugary drinks.
The Yarriambiack Shire Council has just announced that all new registrations on
www.h30challenge.com.au/yarriambiack will go into the draw to win $500 for the community project of their
choice. Participants must be aged 18 years & over. The council is also encouraging existing H30 Challenge
participants & team members to update their sugary drink intake online to be eligible for the $2000 team prize
on offer to the winning team. Yarriambiack residents have the highest rate of sugary drink consumption in
Victoria. The Yarriambiack H30 Challenge, an initiative of VicHealth, encourages residents to switch sugary
drinks for water for 30 days, to kick-start healthier habits. The campaign is being run in conjunction with the
Yarriambiack Shire Council, the YCHANGe initiative, Rural Northwest Health & Dunmunkle Health, with
funding from VicHealth. The winning team will be announced in April by the Mayor of Yarriambiack Shire
Council, Ray Kingston & will receive $2000 to be used on a community or workplace project to promote
healthy eating, physical activity or water consumption. The individual who wins the $500 for their chosen
community project will be announced at the same event. For competition details, & to sign up, visit:
Puy Lentil Salad
100 grams Puy Lentils
2 tbsps. chopped parsley
1 red chilli
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
2 whole garlic cloves
4 handfuls rocket leaves
4 tbsps. olive oil
4 tbsps. semi dried tomatoes
1 tbsp. finely chopped shallot
150 grams feta cheese, crumbled
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1/2 teaspoon thyme leaves
1. Place lentils in a pan with the chilli, top removed, & the whole unpeeled garlic & cover with boiling
water by 2 cms.
2. Bring to the boil, removing any scum from the surface, then simmer slowly for 20 minutes or until
cooked. Remove & drain, discarding the garlic & chilli if not wanted.
3. Pour half the oil into a fry pan with the shallots & chopped garlic & cook until soft.
4. Toss the lentils with the remaining oil, parsley, balsamic vinegar & the shallots & garlic from the pan
with any remaining oil in the pan.
5. When the lentils are cool, combine with the rocket & tomatoes & toss well. Check the seasoning.
6. Add the crumbled feta on top & sprinkle over the thyme.
Lightly toasted walnuts go well in this salad.
In support of the many community organised events held within our municipality Yarriambiack Shire Council
wishes to offer the opportunity for Council sponsorship of events. The sponsorship grants are to be used for
prize money or purchase of a trophy for a competition open to the public & scheduled as part of an event or
festival. The sponsorship cannot be used for internal club competitions. Only one allocation will be made per
community group. Groups or organisations wishing to make application for an allocation should contact the
Municipal Office 34 Lyle Street Warracknabeal 3393 (tel: 5398 0100) to obtain application forms or
alternatively download from the Yarriambiack Shire Council Website at www.yarriambiack.vic.gov.au
Applications close at 4.00pm on Friday, 20 May 2016. All applications will be considered but not
necessarily funded by the Council. The maximum amount of sponsorship available to each group is $200.
Ray Campling, Chief Executive Officer
A demonstration on how to make Colombian Empanadas with a dipping sauce followed with a rice drink
Masato De Arroe. This will be held at Senior Citizens Hall on Monday 9th May at 10am. Demonstration will
be by Magda Medina. RSVP 5th May. Ne Next meeting on Monday 11th April at 10:30am, Emma’s Café
in Minyip.
2pm – 3:30pm
Basic computer
Seniors room
Every 2nd Monday
Charlie Fallon
Creative Writing
Seniors Rooms
Amy Hurley
Margaret Sprake 5385 5044 Midge McGill 5385 5478
2nd Wednesday of
the month.
Well that time of year has come around again & this Saturday we will be
taking on the Southern Mallee Giants for their first ever encounter in the
Horsham District League at the Rupanyup Recreation Reserve. A lot of hard
work from our coaches, recruiters & committee has gone into making all of
our sides more competitive going forward over this off-season, but the real
work starts now the home & away season is upon us. Our pre-season has
been very fruitful for both netball & football beginning with our match against
the Marnoo ‘Sons of Guns’, a Wednesday night game against the Stawell
Warriors & an earlier netball practice match against Horsham Saints, all of
which were very competitive affairs. The signs are positive at this early stage
& we look forward to an exciting brand of football & netball during the 2016
season proper.
Our club is an integral part of the local community we would love to see as many Rupanyup people as
possible make it to the game. Our players & committee get a huge buzz out of seeing the big crowds &
with a strong contingent of Beulah & Hopetoun supporters making the journey down the Henty Highway
we would love to see you there to give your support. After the match we will be holding a spit roast & salad
tea at the Community Centre, so we would ask players &/or families to supply a salad. The club would
also appreciate donations of slices & cakes for our afternoon teas each week for home games. This
Thursday night we will also be holding our annual guernsey presentation night & will be reading out all of
the sides that are taking part in Saturdays matches, so make sure you get down to the Rec Reserve to
cheer on the boys & girls & hang around for a BBQ tea & presentations afterwards. Last but not least, a
huge thank you must go out to all of our committee, players, sponsors & supporters that have helped out
during the pre-season. Your hard work & commitment to our great club does not go unnoticed & is
fundamental to our success going forward. Keep up the great work & let’s have a fantastic season 2016.
Brad Jackson, Vice President
At the recent annual meeting of the Rupanyup Community Centre Committee Andrew Weidemann was
elected as Chairman, Jo Bourke as Secretary, Calinda Hurley as Treasurer, Carling Trotter as Event
Coordinator & committee members Ade Tyler, Kel Tyler, Gayle Emmett, Rod Lingham, Tony Heubner &
Craig Morgan.
The facility is being well used for local sporting & social functions, as well as business & industry forums.
The committee has successfully maintained the building & managed to continue improvements eg
installation of the cool room, additional shelving. Planning for the entrance on the west side of the building
is underway, dependent on attracting funding.
All bookings & enquiries may be made through Carling [email protected] Fees have been reviewed
& are available from Carling. Meetings are charged at $20/hour & functions at $330. A reminder that the
kitchen is a registered food premise & is available for hire.
The debt on the facility, initially $100,000 interest free loan from Yarriambiack Shire, has been reduced to
$52,500. The committee thanks the Rupanyup Recreation Reserve Committee for their recent
contribution of $7500, income from the new NBN tower at the grounds. Further sponsorships are
available – see a committee member. The committee is planning fundraising activities & seek broad
community support.
 Another wine night to be held on 22 April – these nights attract many people from outside our
community & showcase the facility well
 A craft beer night will be held in August, in partnership with Graincorp. Watch out for the promotions
as it promises to be a great social activity.
Users of the facility are reminded to switch off heating/cooling prior to leaving. The cost of the air
conditioning is approximately $7/hour, & there have been instances when it has been inadvertently
left on for several days! We cannot afford to have this happen, & users will be charged in future.
Jo Bourke
Donald – Minyip Poacher’s Report
5th & 6th March
Donald & Minyip have just completed their annual Poacher’s Weekend. 22 branches were represented at the shoot.
Both days saw approximately 157 shooters attend Donald on the Saturday & Minyip on the Sunday. Thank you to all
the shooters that braved the extreme heat over the two days to compete. One of the major attractions has been the
door prize of an Over & Under Miroku MK70 shot gun supplied by Outdoor Sporting Agencies & Greg Deutscher of
G.D.Sales. 155 of these shooters that attended both days were eligible to win the gun. The lucky competitor was Jeremy
Pearce from our very own Donald Field & Game club. Buloke Firearms in conjunction with G.B. Corsivia, H.G & C.P
Dunstan, G.D Sales & Donald Hotel sponsored Donald’s day. Tyler’s Hardware of Rupanyup, Stawell & Horsham
sponsored Minyip’s day. G.B Corsivia Shot Shells & Targets contributed to the raffles & sponsored all the prizes for the
overall winners with their combined 2-day scores on handicap. First draw in Donald’s raffle was a PUMA .22 rifle which
was won by Mick Lewis from Barham. First draw in Minyip’s raffle was a PUMA .22 rifle which was won by Nathan
Power from Ararat/Stawell. A massive thank you to all the ladies & gents who worked in the kitchen at Donald & Minyip,
these ladies & gents are an invaluable asset in running these days. Thank you to all workers, office staff, kitchen staff,
set up crew, manual trap workers & anyone else who helped make the days a great success. There is so much that
goes on behind the scenes to make these days a success. Thank you Weirs IGA who donated the coleslaw for the
Donald shoot. The people on the manual traps, Wade Howard, Sarah Kate Maddamuge, Kaleb Krause & William
Laursen-Habel, couldn’t have had the set up without you.
Day One Donald
High Gun- Wayne Lowen (Colac) 65.
AA Grade- Bill Chapman 63 (Sunraysia), 2nd Kevin Jacobs 62 (South Gippsland), 3rd Mick Coll 62 (Shepparton), 4th
Russell Chaplin 62 (Deniliquin)
A Grade- 1st Mick Keirl 64 (Echuca/Moama), 2nd Rob Shawyer 63 (Renmark), Kevin Robertson 62 (Colac), 4th Chris
Roberts 62 (Grampians)
B Grade- 1st James Baird 53 (Sunraysia), 2nd Neville Dowd 52 (Warrnambool), 3rd Ian Chapman 51 (Ballarat), 4th
Jason Dowdy 51 (Sunraysia)
C Grade- 1st Mick Greenwood 40 (Grampians), 2nd Gavin Krause 39 (Minyip), 3rd Mark Hogan 37 (Clunes), 4th James
Fritsch 37 (Donald)
Ladies- 1st Tanya Clark 50 (Minyip), 2nd Jacinta Clark 44 (Bendigo), 3rd Sheryl Ferguson 44 (Benalla), 4th Sarah Harris
42 (Sunraysia).
Veterans- 1st Neville Johnson 61 (Timboon), 2nd Ian Cooke 54 (Ballarat), 3rd Roger Kerslake 53 (Echuca/Moama), 4th
Reg Carmody 52 (Benalla)
Super Veterans- 1st Bill Harker 52 (Sunraysia), 2nd Ryan Hutson 51 (Barrook), 3rd Bruce Papst 47 (Minyip), 4th Ray
Gould 46 (Minyip).
Under 18 juniors- 1st Mathew Redway 51 (Renmark), 2nd Andrew Crafter 41 (Minyip), 3rd Brad Leerson 38
Under 15 Juniors- 1st Acacio Mota 55 (Cranbourne), 2nd Jackson Murray 44 (Donald), 3rd Mitch Dumesny 41
(Natimuk), 4th Ellen Gunther 40 (Warrnambool).
There was a shoot off for 3rd in AA, B & C & a shoot off in Ladies for 2nd.
Day Two Minyip
High Gun- Chris Charleson (Swan Hill) 72.
AA Grade- Michael Coll 72 (Shepparton), 2nd Stephen Crawford 72 (Coleraine), 3rd Anthony Wilkin (Minyip), 4th Greg
Deutscher 68 (Minyip)
A Grade- 1st Mick Keirl 70 (Echuca/Moama), 2nd Rob Shawyer 67 (Barrook), Daryl Quigley 64 (Warrnambool), 4th Tim
Chapman 64 (Sunraysia)
B Grade- 1st Neville Dowd 61 (Warrnambool), 2nd Jason Dowdy 58 (Sunraysia), 3rd Graeme Jardine 56 (Donald), 4th
Paul Gaut 55 (Timboon)
C Grade- 1st Mark Hogan 60 (Clunes), 2nd Brian Klowss 54 (Natimuk), 3rd Andrew Falla 51 (Donald), 4th David Elsom
49 (Donald)
Ladies- 1st Tanya Clark 48 (Minyip), 2nd Sarah Harris 46 (Sunraysia), 3rd April Thompson 46 (Echuca/Moama), 4th
Kate Gunther 45 (Warrnambool)
Veterans- 1st Neville Johnson 65 (Timboon), 2nd Roger Kerslake 61 (Bermagui), 3rd Frank Dick 56 (Barrook), 4th Ian
Cooke 56 (Ballarat).
Super Veterans- 1st Brain Hutson 63 (Barrook), 2nd Ray Gould 59 (Minyip), 3rd Bill Harker 57 (Sunraysia), 4th Ed
Pannan 50 (Natimuk)
Under 18 juniors- 1st Mathew Redway 56 (Renmark), 2nd Lauren Pearce 51 (Donald), 3rd Andrew Crafter 51 (Minyip),
4th Brad Leerson 27 (Sunraysia).
Under 15 Juniors- 1st Acacio Mota 55 (Cranbourne), 2nd Mitch Dumesny 50 (Natimuk), 3rd Ellen Gunther 43
(Warrnambool), 4th Liam Klowss 40 (Natimuk).
Four shooters scored a possible 25 at Minyip, Chris Charleson on his second round Steven Crawford, Michael Coll
and Mick Keirl on their third round. There was a shoot off for Highgun between Steven Crawford, Chris Charleson &
Michael Coll. Following this there was a shoot off for 2nd & 3rd in the Ladies, Veterans & Juniors, which also included a
shoot off for Highgun & Juniors for the overall scores over the two days (six rounds).
Overall winners
Off the Gun High Gun: Mick Coll (Shepparton).
All remaining winners include handicap on count back.
AA Grade: 1st Wayne Lowen (Colac) & 2nd Chris Charleson (Swan Hill)
A Grade: 1st Mick Keirl (Echuca/Moama) & 2nd Rob Shawyer (Barrook)
B Grade: 1st Neville Dowd (Warrnambool) & 2nd Paul Gaut (Timboon)
C Grade: 1st Mark Hogan (Clunes) & 2nd Gavin Krause (Minyip)
Ladies: 1st Sarah Harris (Sunraysia) & 2nd Sheryl Ferguson (Benalla)
Veterans: 1st Neville Johnson (Timboon) & 2nd Kevin Hammond (Warrnambool)
Super Veterans: 1st Bruce Papst (Minyip) & 2nd Brian Hutson ((Barrook)
U/18 Junior: 1st Mathew Redway (Renmark) & 2nd Andrew Crafter (Minyip)
U/15 Junior: 1st Liam Klowss (Natimuk) & 2nd Jackson Murray (Donald)
Our season is now drawing to a close & we will host the North Wimmera Closing Day & Presentation on
Sunday 24th April. In pennant Div 1 were defeated in the preliminary final, Div 2 won their last 4 games to
just miss out on finals. In February we held our Corporate Night bowls with 12 teams playing for the 4 weeks
& the winners were Rup North defeating Major Events . This was sponsored by Barber Automotive & Sue
Barber Massage. The Annual Mens 4's Tournament was held on February 28th 16 teams competed &
StArnaud CC were the winners . Emmett Motors & John Deere were the sponsors once again. We are
extremely grateful to our sponsors-Small Club, Small Community, we all need each other. Russell Dunlop &
Rob Eelman defeated DARYL May & Chris WEBB to win the Men's Championship pairs. Jan Arnold won the
Ladies Championship defeating Marg Lingham. The end of season dinner & presentation night will be held
on Friday 22nd April at the Commercial Hotel at 6.30pm. All players & partners are invited, a list will be
put up at the clubhouse.
President John Arnold, Secretary Russell Dunlop
Deliveries of firewood for the coming season will be made on Wednesdays & Sundays only so our volunteers
are not called upon to make deliveries daily. Please place your orders with Bob Baker with sufficient notice
so you do not run out of firewood.
Monday 4th to Friday 8th April Meals on Wheels
Saturday 16th April Lions Newspaper collection. Please leave your bundles of tied newspaper on your
kerbside for collection.
Monday 2nd May Lions Meeting 7.30pm at Commercial Hotel, Rupanyup
The Rupanyup Lions News is also available every month online at rupanyup.com.au
Items for the May Lions News, to be left in a clearly marked envelope at the Rupanyup Post Office by 5pm
Monday 2nd May 2016 or better still, emailed, along with any other correspondence to
[email protected]
Monday 2nd May
Thursday 5th May
Monday 30 May
Thursday 2nd June
Monday 4 July
Thursday 7th July
Monday 1st August
Thursday 4th August
Monday 29th August
Thursday 1st September
Monday 3rd October
Thursday 6th October
Monday 31 October
Thursday 3rd November
Monday 28 November Thursday 1st December
Advertising costs associated with publication in the Lions News
1/4 p black & white $20 colour $30
1/2 p black & white $40 colour $60
full p black & white $60 colour $90
Bigger Benefits for Students
Introducing PokitPal Debit MasterCard
Access to exclusive discounts and offers
In-app purchases that offer discounted gift cards
for leading brands including Coles, Woolworths,
JB Hi-Fi and many more
Ability to complete purchases online, in-store and
over the phone where ever MasterCard is accepted
Student Account holders pay NO monthly fees for
having a Bendigo Bank Debit card
Last months answer to what is Australia’s deadliest snake? Inland Taipan. It has the most toxic venom of all Australian
snakes. The highest recorded venom yield is 110mg, enough to kill over 100 people or 250,000 mice. It is restricted to
the northeastern areas of South Australia. This months question…..What was the first ship to use the SOS
Rupanyup Lions News COMMUNITY CALENDAR –April
MOW Anglican
Church Ladies
MOW Primary School
Parents Club
UCS Rup 10am
Probus Meeting
Rup – Southern
Mallee Giants
UCS Rup 10am
U3A Creative
Writing 2pm
RSL 2pm
Lions Newspaper
UCS Rup 10am
Society AGM
Show Meeting
Rose Faull Open
House 3pm
End of Term 1
Lions Dinner
Pool Meeting
MOW Anglican
Church Ladies
MOW Volunteer
Group 2
U3A Easy
Walking 9am
Lions News
Cross Country
Wine Night
Rup Nursing
Home Morning
of Music 10am
Paul Bangay
Garden Tour
UCS Rup 11am
Rup – Edenhope
UCS Rup 10am
Lions Club Meeting
Items due for Lions
Stonehaven Ladies Auxilliary 6th May 2pm, BLUMES May 10th, SHARE Luncheon May 20, Yarrilinks Weekend May 21st & 22nd
Public holidays are shaded.

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