ARGONAUT GAZETTE - Old Sacramento Living History Program



ARGONAUT GAZETTE - Old Sacramento Living History Program
SACRAMENTO, November 2008
The Festive Season
Janessa West, Program Coordinator
Hello and happy fall to you all! While it may
not be cold yet outside, our winter activities and
events are quickly approaching. First and foremost
is the 3rd annual Old Sacramento Tree Lighting
Ceremony on Wednesday, November 26th at 5:30
p.m. which kicks off the holiday season.
Following that is the Santa Parade. See the
article on page 5.
For the first time, the Sacramento History
Museum and the Historic Old Sacramento
Foundation are hosting a holiday party on Saturday,
December 13th from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the
Sacramento History Museum. OSLHP has been
asked to attend and to perform the highly acclaimed
Twelve Days of Christmas. Rumor has it that Father
Christmas will stop by the festivities. The party will
coincide with the Pony Express Christmas Card
Also tentatively planned for the same day is a
joint HOSF and Sacramento County Historical
Society (SCHS) function at the Eagle Theatre. The
SCHS plans to show a movie about the Gold Rush,
and a few members of Living History have been
asked to do a presentation about Gold Rush era
As you can see, we have a busy holiday season.
Please let me know if you would like to attend and
The President’s Quill
Greg Tracy, President
Fabulous Fall everyone. This year has certainly
been action packed and decidedly successful, and
our fun holiday events still lie ahead. November has
the ladies drawers class, the Christmas Tree
lighting, and the Santa Parade.
The holiday season is more favorable for living
history. The weather is cooler and, with the holiday
trappings, it seems quite natural to be wearing
historic attire. Old Sacramento’s Christmas Tree
lighting Wednesday the 26th is a great way to start
the Yule season with all the holiday finery. The
Santa Parade is on Saturday the 29th and is always
well received. The float decorating is the day
Finally, the Dickens Fair is just around the
corner in December and will be discussed at the
next meeting. This is one of the really outstanding
events of the year and should not be missed. See
you then.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hollywood comes to Old
Ghost Tours
Terry Eargle
Early Saturday morning, October 25, the State
Parks lawn in Old Sacramento was buzzing with the
excitement of filming a movie—just like a
Hollywood set. Watermark Films, an independent
film company, was filming the gallows hanging
scene for their latest project, "The Killing of Mary
Several living history organizations,
including the OSLHP and Union 2nd Cavalry, were
used as civilians and military crowd participants.
We first heard about the film project prior to
Gold Rush Days when Janessa was contacted by
Chris King, the director. Coincidentally, Chris
works at KCRA with Ray Eargle!
Chris was grateful to Ray and other members
including Terry Eargle, Jan Bullard, Ken Knott,
Greg Tracy, Terry Melau, Jill & Roger Quinn,
Jason & Jane Hollingsworth, Jim Lundsten, Wanda
Leventin, and Ashley (new member). Scenes were
also shot at the Governor's Mansion and Sutter's
Fort. Everyone had "stars" in their eyes by the end
of a busy day of filming! What an exciting
experience! We are supposed to receive a DVD of
the final product.
Ghost Tours
Janessa West
Ghost tours are and continue to be a tremendous
success! Thank you to Jan, Richard, and Jenna who
served as our tour guides and allowed us to expand
our tours and offer more tours each evening. While
not every tour session was full, we did more tours
and sold more tickets than last year.
Thank you to everyone who helped as a guide,
shepherd, ticket check-in, refreshment hostess, setup, tear-down, stationary security, and all-around
helpers. Special thanks you’s:
• to Jeff for running the check-in table every
• to Ashley for her ability to transform into a
soiled dove with only a moments notice,
• to Ken, Doug, Roger, and Ray for setting up and
toting around the coffin,
• to Terry, Greg, and Ray for setting up the shootout each evening,
• to Terry Eargle and Sandra for filling in and
being so flexible,
• to Mary, Dennis and Vicki our newest members
who simply joined the group and kept things
• to Yolanda for keeping the refreshments
• to Ruth and Dexter for maintaining the calm on
the boardwalk,
• to Alana, Kari, Jane, Jason, Ted, Mary,
LaMona, and Randy for shepherding the groups,
• to Bob for filling in wherever I needed you,
• to Sophie for documenting the tour,
• to all of our ghosts: Lesley, Lizzy, Chance, Ray,
Terry, Greg, Catherine, Terry E., Barbara,
Ashley, Mike, Rudy, Doug, Roger, Ken, and
Sandra who made it possible to do the tour.
• And last but not least, thank you to Jan for
writing a terrific script!
Coloma Gold Rush Live
Mary Blumenstein
This was my first experience with 'living' the
1850's. What an introduction!
Carol Bassoni, a fellow lace maker, asked me to
share her tent at Coloma. We arrived in the
afternoon on Friday and met Ken and Catherine
who provided us with a tent and cots. After getting
the tent and cots set up and our gear stashed, we
gathered fire bricks and wood for our cook fire. We
had no sooner started carting bricks when we were
assisted by a very nice young man who took over
the heavy work. Our next door tent neighbor
assisted us in starting our fire. What a joy to see so
many people who were willing to get us settled.
After having coffee and conversation in the
morning, it was off to breakfast of eggs, pancakes,
sausage and juice. Then it was off to get dressed
and set up to demonstrate lace making. Lunch, if
you didn't lose track of time and miss it, was a
much needed break.
There was a very big spread for the Saturday
night potluck. It is amazing what can be done with
dutch ovens! Since I was new to cooking over an
open fire, my dessert didn't finish until after the
potluck. I was glad that I thought ahead to bring
pumpkin bread. After the potluck, we warmed
ourselves around a large central fire where there
was singing and story telling.
Sunday was a special time because we walked
to the little white church up the hill and had a nice
service. I even knew some of the hymns that were
sung. Carol was the cook for Sunday night, and she
made a delicious stew. We shared our meal with
Ken, Catherine, Dan the pharmacist, and his son.
I enjoyed meeting the other tent city inhabitants
and hearing stories about all of the experiences they
have had. I was amazed at how many different
places they go just to participate in these events. I
must admit that after spending 3 days camping out
and talking to the large amount of visitors that
meandered through our 'city', that I was ready to
'decamp' and return to my other life.
I can't wait to go back next year.
Ken Knott rests before the punters arrive.
Carol Bassoni and Mary Blumenstein show off their lace.
Bill Brown demonstrates his tin ware.
Santa Parade
A Bonus Class in November
Janessa West
Ken Knott, Training Coordinator
The Santa Parade is the Saturday after
Thanksgiving. The parade is around Sacramento’s
downtown area. The suggested theme for our float
for this year is the first Christmas as a state. If you
have any other themes in mind, or if you would like
to help decorate and be in the parade, please let me
The float decorating will take place at the end of
2 and I Streets, underneath the freeway, on Friday,
November 28th at 10:00 a.m.
Just when I thought we had run out of subjects
for our training class series, member Dale Shinn has
come up with “Gold Rush Guns.” Dale will show
and describe the guns in common use in early
California in the 1840’s through the 1850’s—the
Mexican War and the Gold Rush—with an
emphasis on pocket pistols, single-shot “hide-out”
guns that were popular for personal protection.
The class will be held after the General
Members Meeting on Saturday, November 8th, at
12:30 in the Living History Center.
Dickens Fair
Catherine Hanson
We will discuss the possibility of attending the
Dickens Fair as a group at the November Members
Meeting. But if that doesn’t work out, the event is
well worth attending on your own. The official
name is “the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, a
Victorian Holiday Party,” so we fit right in!
The fair will be held at the Cow Palace in San
Francisco every Saturday and Sunday between
November 29 and December 21, as well as Friday,
November 28th.
Rumor has it that this will be the last year for
the fair at the Cow Palace. Information on hours,
tickets, etc. can be found at
Dale discusses his gun collection at Coloma.
Free Museum Day
Janessa West
Once again, the Sacramento Association of
Museums will be hosting a free museum day the
first Saturday in February, the 7th. Our plans for this
year are still tentative and may include setting
something up inside the Sacramento History
Museum. Venues in the past have included the
saloon, mourning buttons, a bottle collection, and
many more. If you would like to participate in a
specific venue or with a specific display just let me
Hawaiian Chieftain comes
to Old Sacramento
Candlelight Tours,
Sutter’s Fort SHP
The Hawaiian Chieftain, a replica sailing ship,
will visit the Old Sacramento Public Boat Dock
November 1 - 25.
According to Grays Harbor Historical Seaport:
"The topsail ketch Hawaiian Chieftain is a replica
of a typical European merchant trader of the turn of
the nineteenth century. Her hull shape and rigging
are similar to those of Spanish explorer's ships used
in the expeditions of the late 18th century along the
Washington, Oregon, and California coasts. Built of
steel in Hawaii in 1988 and originally designed for
cargo trade among the Hawaiian Islands, her design
was influenced by the early colonial passenger and
coastal packets that carried on coastal trade along
the Atlantic coastal cities and towns."
Tours will take place for school groups every
weekday and public tours and adventure sails for a
couple of hours each evening and on weekends.
Adventure Sails: November 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
Dockside Tours: November 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23,
On this November evening, the hustle and bustle
of midtown Sacramento melts away, and in its place
the soft glow of candlelight welcomes you to life in
the 1840’s. A lantern-carrying guide leads you
through Captain John Sutter’s fort in New Helvetia
and you quietly “eavesdrop” on the conversations
and tales of the pioneers and emigrants who have
made it to California.
This once a year theatre-like program takes
place on November 15 at Sutter’s Fort State
Historic Park in Sacramento. Tickets are currently
on sale for the 24th Annual Sutter’s Fort Living
History by Candlelight – An Evening at the Fort,
1846. Reservations may be made by calling 916375-5966.
Lamplight Tours,
Columbia SHP
Enjoy a magic evening of Christmas scenes
from our Gold Rush past, as you are guided by
lamplight through Columbia. Experience a view of
holiday traditions from many cultures. Tours will be
held December 5th and 6th. For more information
call 209-588-9128 or for tickets call 209-533-4117
Thank you for all the work that you put into
your Ghost Tour show in Old Sac - I thought it was
a very enjoyable experience and a great way to get a
quick tour of interesting sights in the old town.
Please accept these photos as my gift of thanks for
the great job that you all do. You can view and
download the pictures from my picasa website, but
you will need this link to get access to the page:
I am an amateur photographer (for now just
trying to keep my hobby funded), so if anyone from
your group would like prints or print-quality
downloads of any of these, please contact me.
Otherwise feel free to download and use these
lower-resolution versions for your own personal
enjoyment and distribute amongst your members as
you wish. Thanks again for the great job that you
all do, and I look forward to seeing your show again
next year!
I'm an ex-member of OSLHP and retired from
re-enacting last year so am considering selling most
of my costume collection. Need to clean out some
closets! It not only includes complete costumes but
also separates and costume pieces (parasols, shoes,
gloves, lace fans, shawls, jewelry, and several
hoops (2 for young ladies). Have period correct
costumes for 1850s (including an 1850 dinner dress
in maroon with black lace) and 1860s (hoop skirts
and Civil War day costumes) (about size 10-12) and
numerous young ladies' lace blouses, as well as a
little girl's costume appropriate for 1850s. Also
have several possibility pieces. Will sell very
If you have new members who are looking for
attire, I'd appreciate it if you'd pass along my
number, 916-717-0336.
Best regards,
Autumn Hill
Bridget Branton, 916-223-8844
[email protected] or [email protected]
Gentlemen's Etiquette
Jason Hollingsworth
Here is the second of a series of articles taken
from Routledge's Etiquette for Gentlemen.
Remember, quotes from the book are printed in
Letters of Introduction
This is a short chapter and it probably does not
pertain much to us in OSLHP since our characters
all seem to know each other except in the matter of
ladies and those employed within the saloon,
Indians, and of course, Californios. Ladies surely
would not know, or acknowledge, these groups.
The Argonaut Gazette is published monthly by
the Old Sacramento Living History Program.
Editor: Catherine Hanson
Photographer: Sophie Flaherty
Old Sacramento Living History Center
Located at 1101 Second St., lower level
Corner of K & 2nd Streets, Old Sacramento
Do not lightly give or promise letters of
introduction. Always remember that when you give
a letter of introduction you lay yourself under an
obligation to the friend to whom it is addressed. In
questions of introduction never oblige one friend to
the discomfort of another.
Mailing address
Sacramento History Museum
Attn: Living History
101 I Street
Sacramento CA 95814
There is more to this chapter. In fact the entire
book is available on the Internet. Search out
Etiquette for Gentlemen. The complete Routledge
book will appear.
The next article will deal with Conversation.
Janessa West, Program Coordinator
[email protected], (916) 808-4980
2008-2009 OSLHP Officers
Greg Tracy, President
Jason Hollingsworth, Vice President
Ken Knott, Past President
Jan Bullard, Secretary
Bob Flaherty, Treasurer
Terry Melau, Member-at-Large
Richard Vincent, Member-at-Large
From your Editor
Catherine Hanson
All OSLHP members are invited to submit
items for inclusion in the Argonaut Gazette.
Articles, letters to the editor, calendar items, and
personal news announcements are welcome. The
submission deadline is the 25th of the month before
publication. Submissions may be modified for
length and readability at the discretion of the editor.
E-mail articles to me at:
[email protected]
For those without e-mail access, submissions
can be mailed to: 1179 Theo Way, Sacramento CA
OSLHP is sponsored by
the Historic Old Sacramento Foundation.
2 – Sunday
4 – Tuesday
8 – Saturday
8 – Saturday
7:00 – 9:00
10:00 a.m. –
12:00 noon
12:30 p.m.
15 – Saturday
26 – Wednesday
5:30 p.m.
28 – Friday
10:00 a.m. -
29 – Saturday
9:00 a.m.
Sewing Class – ladies
Executive Board
General Membership
Training class – Gold
Rush Guns
Candlelight Tours
Living History Center
Geri Royer
[email protected]
Janessa West
Living History Center
Greg Tracy
Living History Center
Ken Knott
Sutter’s Fort SHP
Christmas Tree
Decorate Santa
Parade Float
Santa Parade
Old Sacramento
Janessa West
Under the freeway,
end of 2nd Street
Janessa West
Lamplight Tours
Columbia SHP
7:00 – 9:00
7:00 – 9:00
3:30 – 5:30
Executive Board
General Membership
Museum Party
Dickens Fair
Living History Center
Janessa West
Living History Center
Greg Tracy
Sacramento History
Cow Palace, San
Janessa West
7:00 – 9:00
10:00 a.m. –
12:00 noon
Executive Board
General Membership
Living History Center
Janessa West
Living History Center
Greg Tracy
Living History Center
Janessa West
Living History Center
Greg Tracy
Janessa West
5 & 6 – Friday &
9 – Tuesday
10 – Wednesday
13 – Saturday
Saturdays and
6 – Tuesday
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7 – Saturday
10 – Tuesday
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Free Museum Day
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