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May 26, 2016
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May 26, 2016
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Parade to Feature ‘Caparisoned Horse’
By Jean Perry
They say the custom dates back to the time of
Genghis Khan – the riderless horse led to the burial place
of its fallen warrior to soon after be sacrificed and eaten in
his honor – when it was believed that a horse was useless
without its warrior companion.
Things have changed over time in obvious ways,
but the sentiment behind the riderless horse remains
Today, the solemn practice of leading the horse
with no rider, known as a “caparisoned horse,” is
reserved for extraordinary people during their funeral
procession, a moving tribute to a great life that has passed
on to death.
On each side a boot, traditionally of the deceased,
is placed in the stirrup facing backwards, symbolizing the
fallen rider’s last look back on life before riding into the
Going back in U.S. history, Abraham Lincoln was
the first president to be honored by the cap horse, which
was President Lincoln’s personal horse, Old Bob.
The cap horse is truly a poignant sight to behold,
the vision of a horse that must go on without its rider.
This Memorial Day in Mattapoisett, parade
watchers will witness Mattapoisett’s first caparisoned
horse in recallable Mattapoisett history make its way
Mattapoisett Harbormaster Jill Simmons assisted the
Environmental Police on Wednesday, May 18, with the arrest
of Belmiro Baptista, 65, Pawtucket, charged with 153 counts of
poaching sea bass. He is accused of fishing outside the sea bass
season and possession of above the legal limit of five sea bass.
Seventy-five of the 153 sea bass were also below the 15-inch
minimum size. Photo by Jill Simmons
On the Cover: The Mattapoisett Memorial Day parade on
Monday will feature its first-ever riderless horse known as a
“caparisoned horse,” a historic tradition that honors warriors
and highly esteemed soldiers and individuals during a funeral
procession. Led by her owner, Cheryl Randall Mach, ‘Honey’
will be formally dressed with two boots belonging to Mach’s
grandfather, a WWI cavalry veteran, mounted in the stirrups
facing backwards along with a silver cavalry sword. Mach’s
father, George Randall, a Mattapoisett veteran and member of
the Florence Eastman American Legion Post #280, came up
with the idea to draw attention to the Legion. Photo by Jean
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May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
3 County Road, Route 6,
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through the village dressed in a traditional black saddle
and pulled by Cheryl Randall Mach in honor of our fallen
The brown and cream ‘Honey,’ Mach’s registered
paint horse, has been practicing for weeks for her first
caparisoned horse procession slated for Monday.
“This is our first time doing this, thanks to Dad,”
said Mach. Her father is George Randall, a Mattapoisett
veteran and member of the Florence Eastman American
Legion Post 280. He suggested to Mach that she
participate with Honey in the parade to help draw
attention to the Legion.
With only a week until show time, on Sunday,
May 22, Mach readied Honey outside her stall for a dress
rehearsal with the boots of Mach’s grandfather, Arthur
C. Lewis, a member of the cavalry in WWI, securely
mounted in the stirrups and a shiny silver cavalry sword
hanging on her side.
“He taught us how to ride military style,”
said Mach, recalling time spent with “Grandpa Lewis”
when she and her sister were little. “At his farm in East
Longmeadow, he would drill us.”
Mach said Honey had previously attended a
police horse training to get her used to sirens and noise
including barking dogs, and diversions like smoke and
other obstacles. She said she has been quite the spectacle
in her neighborhood these days, walking Honey up and
down Chapel Road where Honey’s home is at Peacock
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Mike Healy
Farm. But practice makes perfect, and Mach wants to be
sure Honey is confidant on the big day.
“A sword hanging off your side isn’t normal for
horses these days,” said Mach. “Not like they used to.”
Cap horses, Mach said, have traditionally been
darker horses, but these days more people are using
horses of all different colors and breeds.
“This was really all Dad’s idea,” said Mach.
Randall said the legion is having a hard time
recruiting new members and he worries about the future
of Post 280.
“We really got to try to keep the legion going,”
said Randall.
See Honey on Monday, May 30, in the Florence
Eastman American Legion Post 280 Memorial Day
ceremony and parade at 1:30 pm at the Mattapoisett
Mattapoisett resident Richard Langhoff, retired
professional engineer, is the guest speaker of the preparade service. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and
Vietnam War era veteran, Langhoff trained as a U.S. Air
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Jeffrey G. Swift, D.C., D.A.B.C.N.
• Post Graduate Faculty, University of
Bridgeport, Connecticut
• Board Certified Diplomate of the American
College of Chiropractic Neurology
• Member North American Spine Society
109 Fairhaven Rd • Suite D, Mattapoisett, MA
535 Faunce Corner Road, N. Dartmouth
Robert Allen Carpentry
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Force pilot through the Aviation Cadet Program, while
also training as a navigator. He served in the 463rd Troop
Carrier Wing of the Tactical Air Command and holds a
commercial pilot license.
Langhoff began his work career at age 17 as a
technician at Westinghouse Electric’s Bettis Atomic Power
Laboratory, builders of the nuclear reactors in the first
nuclear submarine, USS Nautilus, as well as the world’s
first commercial nuclear power station and first nuclearpowered aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise.
While at Bettis, he attended college, interrupting
his education to enlist in the Air Force. After graduating
with a degree in metallurgical engineering, he worked as
a metallurgist for several companies.
In 2002, he retired from Raytheon’s Integrated
Defense Systems in Portsmouth, Rhode Island as a
principal systems engineer. He is now a part-time school
bus driver and part-time driver for the Mattapoisett
Council on Aging.
Langhoff has been a member for over 30 years in
the Florence Eastman American Legion Post 280 where he
currently serves as a director and chaplain.
After the ceremony, which features the Old
Hammondtown Concert Band, junior high student Luke
Thomas Couto will recite of the Gettysburg Address and
the New Bedford High School Junior ROTC will post the
The parade will start from the library and proceed
to Water Street, to the Town Wharf, on to Cushing
Cemetery, and end at the Legion Hall on Depot Street
where refreshments will be served to the marchers.
Rochester will hold its Memorial Day observance
on Sunday, May 29, with a parade that will begin at the
Town Hall at 11:30 am, march to the memorial at the
intersection of Mary’s Pond Road and Route 105, and
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
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conclude around 1:00 pm.
In Marion, the parade starts at 9:00 am on
Monday, May 30, at the Marion Music Hall on Front
Street. The observance will start with the National
Anthem and the raising of the colors.
After a brief service, the marches will organize
and proceed down Main Street to Spring Street and turn
right down Spring Street to the Marion Town House for
the service and speakers.
The parade then proceeds north on Spring Street
to Old Landing Cemetery for a service at the gravesite of
Benjamin D. Cushing. After the short service, the parade
continues on Route 6 east, turning right onto Ryders Lane
over to Front Street and Veterans Memorial Park.
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What Can I Do For You?
By Marilou Newell
Objective: To purchase a new piece of equipment.
Goal: To secure a capital equipment grant. Problem: Grant
required a plan, a purpose for the equipment. Result:
Grant not achieved. Lesson: Every failure is a learning
opportunity, a chance to re-think and start again.
And it was that loss that inspired Old Colony
Regional Vocational Technical High School Assistant
Principal Jackie Machamer to think outside the proverbial
box – why not give the students a chance to partner with
small and emerging businesses and help them achieve
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May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
their real-time goals and objectives? Thus, OC Creates
was born.
Problem solving and strategic thinking are part
of each and every school day for OCRVTHS students.
Students design and build, working in inter-discinplinary
teams as part of their academic and shop experience. Now
the school has a program that focuses solely on bringing
real world problems into the shop while helping the
students develop their skillsets in a richer, more layered
OC Creates gives the students a chance to
interface with local businesses and assist them by
designing and building prototypes of equipment or
pieces of apparatus that perform within the businesses’
industrial atmosphere.
“This is a new venture pulling together different
shops whose collaboration will bring to fruition a product
for a client,” Machamer said.
On May 18, Machamer, along with department
heads Al Amaral, Mike Ferreria, and Mike Richards,
introduced the students whose efforts created a hoist
device for Anchor Insulation of Pawtucket, RI.
Acushnet senior Felisha Shiner from the metal
fabrication and joining technology shop, Assonet
junior Sky Bowker of CADD drafting and design, and
Mattapoisett junior Nat Nicolosi from machine and tool
technology explained how that collaborative process came
“I want to major in design,” said Bowker. “I did
the detail drawings to build a machine to lift insulation,
which is heavy.”
Prior to the development of the hoist machine,
workers at Anchor had to either work on the floor or
struggle to manually lift heavy rolls of insulation, Chris
King of Anchor explained.
Shiner took Bowker’s drawings and thought, “I
got this.”
The team would later learn that, sometimes,
the first plan is not always the best plan, as half way
through the construction process they had to go back to
the drawing board. Shiner expressed her emotions at that
juncture: “holy crap!”
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
In the end, the students’ focused efforts resulted
in a finished product that Anchor could use to improve
ergonomic functioning on their factory floor.
“It was a fun experience,” King said, finding the
students to be “very impressive.” “Our expectations were
King plans to remain in contact with OCRVTHS
and to try to “reciprocate and help partner students
with real time projects in the field.” King had tried to
work with vocational schools in Rhode Island, but they
were unresponsive. As a Lakeville resident, he knew of
OCRVTHS and has a nephew who is a student at the
“They were very responsive,” he said.
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Man Charged with 153 Counts of Poaching
By Jean Perry
Mattapoisett Harbormaster Jill Simmons sensed
something fishy on Wednesday, May 18, while giving a
hand to a boater who was having a hard time backing up
his trailer to the boat ramp.
Following her gut, her hunch led to the arrest
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The Wanderer
The group then went outside to see the finished
product as Shiner demonstrated how it works to the
Representative Bill Straus, who was on hand to
witness the unveiling of the hoist, told the students, “I’m
blown away by your presentation. You’ve already done
the kind of skills that are useful outside the school. You’ve
translated a concept to real life. A day like this is special.”
Principal Karen Guenette told the assembled,
“Watching the stages, there was not only a great team
building but a level of pride. They are proud. They know
customer satisfaction is important. This was a great
“Stuff like this happens all the time here,”
Machamer said with a smile. With the development of OC
Creates, the business community may now tap into the
potential waiting to be explored at OCRVTHS.
For more information on how your business may
partner with OC Creates, contact Jackie Machamer at 508763-8011 ext. 119.
May 26, 2016
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of Belmiro Baptista, 65, of Pawtucket, Rhode Island for
poaching sea bass.
“We got to talking,” said Simmons. “I asked him
how the fishing was and he said it wasn’t that good and
he only got five or six sea bass.”
Hmm, thought Simmons.
Baptista said he had a commercial saltwater
fishing license, but Simmons wasn’t certain if it was even
the legal season for commercial sea bass fishing. So she
excused herself and phoned the Environmental Police.
They told her commercial sea bass season wasn’t until
August 1, and recreational sea bass season didn’t start
until the following Saturday, May 28.
“So I said to him, how many bass did you get?”
This time Baptista replied, “Eight,” Simmons said. “So we
went from five to eight…”
Another check showed Baptista had been cited
four times in the past 12 months for illegal catches.
“[The Environmental Police] came down and
they’re the ones who have the authority to tear the boat
apart,” said Simmons.
She said some of the fish were covered by clothes
and trawling gear on the deck, which raised suspicions
that there could be more on board.
“When they opened up the door to the cabin, I
heard them say, ‘Whoa! We hit the mother lode!’”
According to Simmons and the Massachusetts
Environmental Police, Baptista had caught exactly 153 sea
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May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
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bass, with 75 of them below the 15-inch size minimum.
The legal limit of a sea bass catch is five sea bass.
Baptista was placed under arrest for failing to
display the fish on demand, possession of undersized sea
bass, possession of over the limit of sea bass, possession of
sea bass in a closed season, and no saltwater permit.
Simmons said Baptista will likely have his
commercial fishing license revoked as well.
Baptista will be arraigned on June 27 at Wareham
Superior Court.
The Ice Cream Man Cometh
Professional Service & Installation for Over 25 years
21 Arsene Way, Fairhaven, just off Rte. 6
This Mattapoisett Life
By Marilou Newell
If there is one guilty pleasure I will readily share
in this public forum, it is that I love ice cream. Not all
flavors or all types, however. Not the avant-garde green
tea sorbet or bacon chip coffee mocha latte. No, I like the
flavors of my youth when choices were few and the rarity
of eating ice cream – generally done only in the summer
months – made doing so memorable.
It’s funny how memory works.
Sounds, smells, and even tastes can linger in
our brains and be revisited upon request, returning us
to a place in time. A time when knees were perpetually
covered in band-aides, summer people flocked into town
like migratory birds as soon as schools closed for the
season, and the ice cream man returned from his winter
One of my strongest childhood memories, one
that comes to me now as summer approaches, is the
ice cream man who drove for Dainty Maid ice cream.
My love affair with ice cream surely began way back
then and surely is, in part, because of the ice cream men
Dainty Maid was a family-owned ice cream
factory and shop on Cranberry Highway in Wareham.
Their small fleet of white ice cream trucks became a
fixture along the streets of Onset village after Memorial
Day when I was a child.
These were not the panel vans that now roam
beaches or public recreational venues with blaring brash
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
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loud recorded ear-splitting tuneless loops of noise. Oh
no, Dainty Maid trucks were small pick-ups with custombuilt refrigerator units tucked behind the cabs. Bright
chrome handles on small doors, one on each side of the
refrigerator unit, allowed the driver to reach inside and
extract the yummy frozen treats.
Of course, we heard the ice cream truck long
before we saw it advancing towards our corner where
a group of giggling squirmy kids fresh from the beach
anxiously waited for its arrival. The drivers controlled
that sweet gentle tinkling bell, a real bell jingled back and
forth via a string attached to the interior of the cab. So
delightful was that sound, chime like, and so welcoming
to our ears.
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Everything was white. The trucks were white,
the ice cream man’s uniform was white, even his hat and
shoes were white. Those young men whose summer job
it was to drive a route selling ice cream novelties had to
actually park the truck, get out, and walk to the freezer
door. It took time, but then everything was slower and
anticipation appreciated in the last century.
The ice cream man was someone you came to
know and someone who knew what you wanted before
you could ask. You developed a relationship with the ice
cream man because he was part of your neighborhood
He was polite and expected the children to act
like decent little citizens – no pushing, no fighting, no
screaming, just line up one-at-a-time so he could then
focus his attention on the tiny customer standing before
him. From my little kid vantage point, he was tall and
elegant standing there with the power to fulfill my
deepest desire: ice cream!
You felt grown-up handing the ice cream man
a fifty-cent piece and he, in turn, would click the coin
machine levers that hung from his belt. He’d press the
coins in your hand with a friendly reminder, “Now don’t
lose that.”
Children would scamper to the sidewalk curb
under a shady tree to eat their treats. I can feel the warm
summer breezes now as they floated up the street from
Sunset Island and I, sitting on the curbstone, tried to
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
make my chocolate-covered bar last as long as possible.
Removing the paper wrapper from the ice cream,
we’d twist it around the stick to help catch the drips
we knew would come. Then, placing the wonderfully
smooth, thickly-coated chocolate-covered bar in our
mouths, voices disappeared into a chorus of “M-mmm.”
Everyone had their own style, their own
technique for eating a chocolate-covered bar. Some licked
and sucked the top off exposing the creamy homemade
vanilla ice cream inside, while others ate the hard
chocolate coating off first and then devoured the vanilla.
Regardless of one’s mastery for eating what can only be
described as a bit of frozen heaven, you’d end up with
melted chocolate and ice cream on your fingers. It was
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gooey and glorious.
Dainty Maid Ice Cream has long since ceased to
exist, except in memory. But on summer evenings when
the wind chimes in the garden catch a warm breeze that
send the tiny pipes to tinkling softly, I remember the
Dainty Maid ice cream man, taste the chocolate-covered
ice cream bars of my youth, and see his friendly smile.
Rochester Hires New Town Administrator
Rochester Board of Selectmen
By Jean Perry
The Rochester Board of Selectmen has found its
new town administrator, and selectmen didn’t have to
look very far to find her.
Suzanne Szyndlar, the current part-time town
accountant for the Towns of Rochester and Mattapoisett,
will assume the full-time position as the town’s first
female town administrator since the position was
“The Board of Selectmen is pleased to be
able to announce that we have found our new town
administrator,” said Selectmen Chairman Naida Parker
on May 23. “The position is going to be chief financial
officer/town administrator.”
The position was offered to Szyndlar on a sixmonth trial basis to ensure both parties, Szyndlar and the
town, were content with the arrangement.
“Everybody is very excited about the idea and
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
she is warming up to it,” Parker said. “She wasn’t quite
certain in the beginning … but she was getting more
enthusiastic about it.”
Parker said Szyndlar would likely be an asset to
the town, given her prior knowledge of all aspects of town
finance, including the budget.
“Suzanne brings full financial knowledge of
the town to the table, and she’ll be a fantastic town
administrator,” said Parker. “She will have the knowledge
… of how the money is being spent, and she will be able
to pick up the other administrative duties on the town
administrator side.”
Szyndlar will leave her position as town
accountant for the Town of Mattapoisett before starting
full-time at Rochester Town Hall on July 1.
“She’s the first [Rochester] resident and first
woman out of our town administrators, so I’m very
excited and very pleased about that,” said Parker.
“We are very excited about that,” Selectman
Bradford Morse added.
Also during the meeting, during review of
the Annual Town Meeting Warrant, two members
of the Board of Assessors and one town employee
of the Highway Department and Fire Department
challenged warrant article No. 14 that would amend the
Personnel Bylaw to abolish the employment practice
of sick leave buyback for all town employees, current
and new; however, the amendment would not affect
current contractual employees of the Police and School
Not fair, cried the town employees.
Selectmen said the financial liability is too much
for the town to handle, suggesting that if the amendment
is not made, the town would have to seek a Proposition
2½ override to continue to fund sick leave buyback.
Town employee Harrison Harding, who is also
a non-voting member of the Personnel Board, said the
article amendment was not brought before the Personnel
Board for discussion, which it should have been.
“It never got discussed,” said Harding. “There
were some things that were supposed to be talked about,
but the people who should’ve been talking about it
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weren’t there.” He continued, “It wasn’t other people’s
places to be talking about it.”
Harding said this was the first time he had heard
anything about the warrant article.
Selectmen and Town Counsel Blair Bailey
could not explain why it was never brought to the
Personnel Board’s attention, assuming that perhaps the
miscommunication occurred with the relatively abrupt
departure of former Town Administrator Michael McCue.
Board of Assessors member Diana Knapp told
selectmen, “It’s basically saying, ‘We don’t support lowlevel employees’.”
“I have been here 12 years doing this, and I have
listened [to the] employees’ complaints a number of times
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that the contract employees have better benefits than
them,” said Bailey. “So now the selectmen are taking away
something from the contract employees from across the
board and want to take it away from the bylaw employees
to be fair…” Bailey continued, “I get it, it’s a no-win
situation as far as the selectmen are concerned.”
Knapp told selectmen there must be a number of
other alternatives to ease the financial liability to the town
other than cut out sick leave buyback.
“Kind of the problem is,” said Harding, “the
articles just come up and ‘bang,’ hit the agenda and
there’s kind of no discussion … to see if there’s any kind
of … way of working with you.”
Harding said he is not a contract employee and
he is not concerned with what benefits contract employees
“But they’ve had it for a long time and now
you’re pulling it out from under them,” Harding said.
Parker said this debate will likely hit the Town
Meeting floor on June 13, but Harding argued that
earlier discussions could avoid lengthy town meeting
Parker said anyone was welcome to motion to
postpone the article at Town Meeting, but the article
remains on the warrant.
“[Buyback] has to come out unless we want to
pass an override to fund it,” said Parker, “and that will be
the will of Town Meeting.”
The next meeting of the Rochester Board of
Selectmen is scheduled for June 6 at 6:30 pm at the
Rochester Town Hall.
New Business at Old Venues
Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen
By Marilou Newell
During the May 24 meeting of the Mattapoisett
Board of Selectmen, two new businesses received all
alcohol and common victualler licenses.
Coming before the board was Nabih “Nabby”
Maujabber of New Bedford to discuss his plans for
opening the Lebanese Kitchen at the former Mattapoisett
Chowder House, 79 Fairhaven Road.
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Maujabber said they were faced with more work
than anticipated, thus causing him to do more than
originally planned to the interior of the building.
“We are going to be our best so you can be proud
of us here,” said Maujubber, adding, “We want to make
sure when we open, we do it right.”
Selectmen Tyler Macallister said, “We’ve heard
nothing but good things about you.”
Maujabber had an established restaurant in New
Bedford until two years ago when a devastating fire made
re-opening at that location untenable. Now he plans to
open in Mattapoisett.
“There are not a lot of opportunities for
commercial development,” said Selectman Jordan Collyer.
1887 129 Year
“You are being a tremendous asset to the community.”
He, too, praised Maujabber.
Macallister welcomed Maujabber to Mattapoisett
to a rousing round of applause from those in the audience.
Also coming before the board was Eric Lawrence
of Aeolus Energy Services, Rochester. Lawrence plans
to renovate the Bowl-Mor property, keeping much of its
traditional character while adding new electronic scoring
technology, a new lounge, and a restaurant.
Selectman Paul Silva was concerned about
approving the last remaining all alcohol license, noting
the possibility that a business might move into the former
Tokyo restaurant which has lain empty for five years.
After further consideration by the board, the license was
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May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
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Another business seeking permission to do
business in town was Johnny’s Seafood of Cumberland,
Rhode Island, a food truck service. Arlene Marina,
representing owner John Fogerty, said that he was
interested in doing business at the town’s public beaches
and at Ned’s Point.
Collyer was not in favor of allowing a food truck
at Ned’s Point, saying it was a “serene” location not
suited for that type of business. The selectmen did agree
that the town beach location on Water Street was a good
location, but asked the applicant to return with a ‘request
for proposal’ to ensure fairness to all businesses looking to
“lock up” that location for the summer season.
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Another business coming before the board was
the Hillside Motel in their final performance review.
Sonya Patel, the owner, was praised by the board for her
efforts to improve the property and improve screening of
potential occupants of the motel.
All three selectmen said that they discussed her
efforts with police and fire departments who were also
pleased with all she had been able to accomplish since
conditions and concerns were addressed last winter. Patel
was told she didn’t need to return to the board until her
license renewal in December.
Town Administrator Michael Gagne reported that
the bike path project was slated for October 2017 by the
Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
Gagne also said of the town’s roadway reconstruction projects that he had seen the list during his
meeting as the town’s joint transportation plan member
at SRPEDD. “We are fiscal year 2021 … $4.5 million, it
may seem like it’s a long way off but there are projects
that have been on the TIP (transportation improvement
program) for five years,” he said, due to not having 25
percent engineered drawings completed. Gagne said such
documentation was “critical to funding.”
The board agreed to prepare a RFP for
engineering for such drawings in preparation for
Fall Town Meeting. Silva suggested, “Look at Barry’s
(Denham, highway surveyor) original five-year plan,
look at what’s been done. Then, let’s see what we need to
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finish in that plan.”
This discussion segued into Mattapoisett
Municipal Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan which has been
posted on the town’s website.
Gagne suggested that the board wait until the
next meeting to discuss the plan in order to give the
community sufficient time to prioritize and identify costs
associated with the plan. He said he had seen plans fail
due to not scheduling a long list appropriately or noting
the value of each item on the list.
Gagne then moved on to the issue of sidewalks
in need of repair and said that type of work needed to be
added to the plan’s list.
Regarding SRPEDD, Gagne said that Randal
Kunz, who had held the position of Mattapoisett’s
representative to the regional transportation planning
group, was stepping down. He said anyone interested in
submitting their name for consideration will be involved
with regional planning and development, energy groups,
rail transportation and other infra-structure matters.
The selectmen also discussed plans for additional
flagpoles. It had been suggested that additional flags
might be appropriate at Ned’s Point. But after further
discussion, Gagne said that the American Legion had
pointed to unfinished business at the municipal library.
The legion suggested any new flags should be placed at
this municipal location.
Collyer said that the library is actually two parcels
of land with one parcel having been gifted to the town by
the Purrington family many years ago with memorials
placed for veterans of wars up to WWI. He said it had
always been planned to erect other monuments for other
wars and veterans but had not been followed-up to date.
“Let’s do what we have to do at the library,” Silva
suggested. They agreed to address lighting concerns at the
Ned’s Point pole location, a pole that had been donated to
the town by Steven Rule.
Gagne said that he had received a letter from
Peter Newton of the Conservation Commission stating
that he will not be seeking a fifth term on the commission.
Gagne said, “ConCom has the heaviest agenda and
hardest job.” Collyer chuckled that that might not be an
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
enthusiastic endorsement for those looking to fill the seat
that will be empty in July.
The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Board of
Selectmen will be held on June 23 at 7:00 pm in the town
hall conference room.
Special Permit Filing Withdrawn
Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals
By Marilou Newell
Patricia Harrington, 169 North Street, laid out
all the reasons why the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of
Appeals should approve her request for a special permit
to construct a new home on her undeveloped abutting lot.
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
During the May 19 hearing, Harrington told the
board that when she purchased the two side-by-side
parcels in 1975, it was with an eye towards the future.
“We left it undeveloped until maybe family
needed it,” she told them. Her daughter is now ready to
build on the lot she said.
Continuing with her defense of the filing, she
said, “It would be no detriment to the neighborhood….
It’s the same as many lots on North Street.” Harrington
finished her comments by adding, “It would seamlessly
fit into the neighborhood.” She described the proposed
new home as being a colonial style.
The board members looked at one another. Then
ZBA member and clerk Mary Ann Brogan asked, “Where
are the plans?” Harrington said she didn’t want to spend
the money to get plans or engineered drawings until she
knew whether or not the board would view her request
Building Inspector Andy Bobola responded, “I
tried to explain in-depth, but Mrs. Harrington wished to
file anyway.”
ZBA member Paul Millott said, “We’re looking at
a pretty big blank.”
Brogan interjected, “We are not the last stop.”
Board members then took turns explaining to
Harrington that, before they could review and make a
determination on a special permit, they needed specific
details such as a septic plan and architectural drawings at
the very least. Brogan said, “You need ConCom approval
Harrington again said that she didn’t want to
spend thousands of dollars without knowing if the house
could be built.
“That’s the chance you take,” Brogan said. “It’s a
business decision.”
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
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Harrington fired back, saying it wasn’t a business
decision because it was for her family. Harrington also
said that her daughter could not get a construction loan
without showing ZBA approval.
Brogan said that Harrington could sell the land
to her daughter without town department approval, but
the existing process protected both the town and the
“I have to spend money and cross-fingers
that you would approve it,” Harrington declared with
Bobola told Harrington she should follow the
checklist provided to her by the Building Department to
help her navigate through the process.
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Harrington was at a standstill at that point as
Bobola suggested to the board that they allow Harrington
to withdraw her filing without prejudice so that she could
start over.
Harrington heard that if she wished for the board
to vote on her application then and there, it would be
denied and she would have to wait two years before refiling. “Please don’t do that,” Harrington pleaded as she
agreed to withdraw her request.
In other business, David Vermette, 0 Harbor
Road, received a special permit to build a single-family
home on the undeveloped lot.
Also coming before the board was Phil Goyette,
11 Mattapoisett Neck Road, for a special permit to
demolish the existing structure and construct a new
single-family home. Goyette’s request was approved.
The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Zoning
Board of Appeals will be posted for June 16 at 6:00 pm in
the town hall meeting room if there are filings to be heard.
Silvershell Beach Now Smoke-Free
Marion Board of Health
By Jean Perry
Leave your cigarettes at home if you’re heading
to Silvershell Beach in Marion this summer because the
Marion Board of Health is getting rid of the designated
smoking section located at the edge of the beach and
doing away with the cigarette barrel once placed there.
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
This was the first topic brought to the table by
newly-elected Board of Health member Jason Reynolds,
who asked on May 24 that fellow board members support
the removal of the designated smoking section and the
installation of a ‘No Smoking’ sign right at the entrance of
Silvershell Beach.
Reynolds said the Town of Marion is a “desirable
town” to live in, with “well-educated” residents, so
smoking should not be permitted at the town’s beaches,
parks, or any other public area.
“I just feel like the last thing I want to do when
I’m at the beach is be subject to someone’s cigarette
smoke,” said Reynolds.
Health Agent Karen Walega agreed that the
designated smoking section should go, calling it a “bad
spot,” just as bad as walking into the grocery store with
someone smoking right at the entrance. At Silvershell, she
noted, the smoking section is “literally as you walk onto
the beach.”
Walega pointed out that the smoking regulations
the board updated earlier this year specifically list public
beaches as areas where smoking is prohibited, so a public
meeting is not required for the new sign.
“It definitely says ‘municipally owned parks and
playgrounds … beaches and swimming areas’,” read
Board of Health member John Howard suggested
placing the sign right at the driveway entrance to the
beach and foregoing providing a receptacle for smokers’
cigarette butts.
“If they want to stand in the middle of the public
road and get hit by a car…” said Howard, then so be it.
The board also plans to place a ‘No Smoking’ sign
at Washburn Park.
In a somewhat related matter, the board,
concerned about synthetic marijuana, sought to
investigate whether it is within its purview to set
regulations banning synthetic drug substances from sale
in town.
Walega said Town Counsel Jon Whitten, who
recently reviewed the matter, does not believe the Board
of Health should have such regulations at this time.
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
The Porch is
In other towns such as Wareham, Walega said,
the Board of Health has crafted regulations banning the
“I say we just do it,” said BOH Chairman Betsy
The rest of the board preferred to hold off so
things could be done in the proper manner, while Walega
said she contacted Marion Police Chief Lincoln Miller
about police oversight of synthetic marijuana.
“He still hasn’t gotten back to me,” Walega said.
“So he put it on the back burner.”
Reynolds asked about what the board can do
now to regulate the sale of the synthetic drug in town.
“I don’t know,” replied Dunn.
The next meeting of the Marion Board of Health
is scheduled for June 14 at 4:30 pm at the Marion Town
Developer Fixing Erosion Control Concerns
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Mattapoisett Conservation Commission
By Marilou Newell
Ted Gowdy of Aerie Homes of Waltham, the
developer of high-end residences at The Preserve at the
Bay Club, apologized during the May 23 meeting of the
Mattapoisett Conservation Commission for several site
work issues previously raised by Conservation Agent
Elizabeth Leidhold.
Gowdy confirmed that Leidhold had brought
such matters as water being pumped into designated
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
wetlands and concrete spills near buffer zones to his
attention weeks ago during an on-site visit. He said that
several days later, those matters had been rectified.
Gowdy said the water that was being pumped
was clean water, and it was a miscommunication between
Leidhold and himself that had led him to believe that
activity was acceptable. He also said that concrete waste
had been cleaned up.
Chairman Bob Rogers thanked him for bringing
that to the attention of the commission as they moved on
to the three filings Gowdy was present to discuss.
First was a Request for Determination of
Applicability for 146 Fieldstone Drive for the building of
a single-family home.
Rogers said that use of doubled-stacked hay
bales versus straw would provide better erosion control
throughout the site. Gowdy said that hay bales had been
hard to find, which prompted commissioner Mike King to
say, “Hay will be available locally in a couple of weeks.”
Gowdy said his crew had recently found some and
procured them from a local farmer.
The commissioners granted the project a Negative
3 determination, additionally requiring permanent
markers denote the 50-foot buffer zone and several other
special conditions to ensure good erosion controls were in
Next, Gowdy discussed a Notice of Intent filing
for 107 Fieldstone Drive for the construction of a singlefamily home and driveway within the buffer zone of a
bordering vegetated wetland. He was asked if the Natural
Heritage & Endangered Species Program had responded
to his request for comment. He said he had not pursued
that yet, but assured the commissioners that the agency’s
comments thus far had been neutral.
“A very strict commission would continue this
[hearing] until Natural Heritage responded,” said Rogers.
“I don’t want to ignore them.”
King then displayed a job site photograph, noting
that it appeared that “erosion controls are non-existent.”
Gowdy responded that those were eight or nine
years old, “We are putting new erosion controls in as we
go along,” he stated.
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King continued, however, saying it appears that a
slope was eroding into wetlands.
“We are in a transition,” said Gowdy. “Once
approved, new controls will be put in place.”
The commissioners felt they could approve the
application with special conditions of confirmation from
Natural Heritage, at which time Gowdy would return
for an amended Order of Conditions, and that abutter
notifications would be verified. They also asked for
permanent markers for wetlands.
The last filing Gowdy discussed was a continued
request for a partial certificate of compliance. The
commissioners weren’t satisfied with the sparse details
from Outback Engineering for work completed on 108
Fieldstone Drive, a storm water detention basin.
Rogers said he needed to see the differences
between approved plans and as-built. He also wondered
if the Planning Board had any comment regarding the
Rogers asked Gowdy to request a continuation
until these questions could be answered. Gowdy
Earlier in the evening, Boy Scout Davis Mathieu,
joined by Mattapoisett Land Trust Chairman Mike
Huguenin and member Paul Osenkowski, came before
the commission seeking approval for Mathieu’s Eagle
Scout project. Mathieu plans to build a bird observation
stand at the Walega-Livingstone Preserve. The 8x6-foot
platform will be supported by 5-foot pilings secured on
four Sonotubes.
“It will be enjoyable for anyone going in there,”
said Rogers, adding, “We are fortunate to have Boy Scouts
to do projects like this.”
Late into the proceeding, Peter Chmiel, 10
Brandt Island Road, who had been invited to discuss
disturbances near a buffer zone on his property, met with
the commissioners.
“We are willing to cooperate with you,” said
Chmiel, as he explained the clearing and cleaning he had
King said, “You may have done some clearing in
a buffer zone.”
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
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Rogers suggested Chmiel work with Leidhold
and said he might have to file an after-the-fact RDA.
Highway Surveyor Barry Denham said,
“Remember, this property has been developed over 50
years. I don’t see anything that I haven’t seen before; they
are basically removing overgrowth.”
“It’s a fine line between cleaning and clearing,”
said King.
Chmiel will follow-up with Leidhold.
Regarding the construction taking place next to
the Town Landing on Mattapoisett Neck Road, Rogers
wanted the public to understand that, in June 2011,
the commission had issued an Order of Conditions,
which was subsequently appealed to the Massachusetts
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
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Department of Environmental Protection. The DEP issued
a superseding Order of Conditions.
Rogers said that residents should contact Dan
Gilmore of the Massachusetts wetlands division. He
also reminded the public that the town does not have
local wetlands bylaws that might have prevented the
King said it was “a shame” the town had not
offered to buy the parcel when the owner offered it to
The next meeting of the Mattapoisett
Conservation Commission is scheduled for June 13 at 6:30
pm in the town hall meeting room.
ORR Turns Vegas (for a Night)
ORR Update
By Sienna Wurl
Twinkling lights offset the darkness of the sky on
Saturday, May 21, the evening of the annual Junior SemiFormal Dance.
The students, most of whom had been preparing
outfits, hair, dates, and everything else for months, arrived
at Old Rochester at around 6:30 pm. A line was formed in
the courtyard, which was decorated with sparkling lights
and a small fountain surrounded by beautiful plants.
The theme, Las Vegas, was embodied through the
artful decorations created by a committee of parents in
charge of sprucing up the courtyard and cafeteria for the
dance. As the doors opened, students were greeted with
a cafeteria straight out of Vegas itself – an Elvis cardboard
cutout, sets of cards and a poker chips (all personalized
with “ORR Junior Semi”) for every person, an abundance
of large dice, and a chandelier made of ribbons of lights
adorning the center of the ceiling. After everyone had
found a table at which to sit, it was announced that food
was ready.
On The Go catered the event, serving an
abundance of delicious food, from chicken fingers and
fries, to mashed potatoes, salad, and chicken-broccoli-ziti.
After most of the students had finished eating, there was a
general consensus to move the party to the dance floor.
The DJ, Michael Rock from Fun 107, accepted
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
The Reiki Room
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67 County Rd, Rte. 6, Mattapoisett
requests from anybody willing to give them, which led
to an extremely diverse playlist. It included everything
from 80s song Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners,
to current Top 10 song Work by Rihanna, to classics that
everybody knows, like Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.
Throughout the night, groups of friends made
their way to the back of the cafeteria, where a photo
booth had been set up with props ranging from boas and
cowboy hats, to crazy sunglasses and devil horns.
At 11:00 pm, the music slowed to a stop,
signifying the end of the dance. Those who were
attending the after-party held in the school’s gym grabbed
their things and changed into comfortable clothing
optimal for the two bouncy houses that stood inflated just
waiting to be bounced on. A henna artist and a caricature
artist were also present for any students who wished to
A raffle was held, with most prizes being donated
from local communities. The “big raffle” included items
like a GoPro, a FitBit, and a school parking pass for next
Festivities also occurred in the auditorium
right across the hall from the gym. A hypnotist put on
a magical (and hilarious) show, and afterwards the
auditorium became home to a movie, which doubled as
a comfortable, quiet place to take a nap for many of the
exhausted students.
The after-party came to a close at 5:00 am, and
students grabbed their stuff and shuffled to their cars to,
hopefully, sleep the day away.
All in all, the juniors who attended Semi (and
its after-party) seemed to be very happy with the way
it came together. The freedom to do what they wanted
seemed to be the best part, as explained by Emily Newell:
“I really liked that they let us be us and that they didn’t
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Lori Pinard LMT
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34 Barstow St. Mattapoisett
Certified in
Neck Pain
make us do any of the events.”
Lauren Valente felt similarly. “I loved the fact that
we were trusted and the parents weren’t breathing down
our necks all night.”
Students also appreciated the sheer amount of
things to do at the sleepover. As Elise Parker said, “I
liked that there were many different things you could do
between the dance and the sleepover. It was cool that we
got to do or try so many different things.”
Students felt that the way the dance itself was set
up worked well.
“I liked the arrangement,” said Krishna Patel.
“How there was a photo booth, and how there were
people serving food there.” It made for a very smoothflowing night.
At any dance, music choice is, arguably, the
paramount factor in determining whether or not
the dance was successful. One bad song can kill the
excitement almost immediately. But for Semi, the students
generally felt good about the way the music was selected,
as Emma Cadieux said: “For the most part, music
requests were listened to, and you could tell that mostly,
the music was chosen by the students.”
All in all, the Junior Semi Formal was a smashing
success, and the students who attended appeared to
thoroughly enjoy themselves.
Burner Service Available
508•992•3030 • GUARDOIL.NET
508•758•2OIL (2645) 508•748•1OIL (1645)
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
Peter P. Briggs
Insurance Agency, Inc.
Memorial Day
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Clubs? Meetings? Events?
Our Function Room Is Always Free
Parties? Training? A.M. Meets?
2424 Cranberry Hwy, Wareham • 774-678-4215
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for a FREE Design Consultation
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21 County Road, Rt. 6, Mattapoisett
Moorings • Dock Space
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Launch Service
Gas Dock
Moorings Available - 25’ to 32’ Boats
Tabor Academy News
By Madeleine Gregory
As the school year winds down and graduation
approaches, Tabor Academy is looking towards the
summer and the opportunities that it provides. The
summer program is designed for kids of all ages and
provides the chance to develop new skills and try new
Bobbi Krein is the director of the Summer
Program and is very excited to begin this next year of
“Tabor Academy is the perfect location for a
summer camp,” said Krein.
Since it’s right on the water but also has access
to all the opportunities that Tabor’s facilities provide,
there are a wide range of activities for kids to try. There
are programs geared towards marine science, sailing,
and swimming, and other land-based ones like ceramics,
photography, squash, soccer, and lacrosse.
“One of the coolest things we do,” said Krein,
“is we have enrichment programs like drone technology,
GoPro, The Incredible Machine (which is a look at the
human body), and Crack the Cube (a strategy-based
course designed to teach campers the tools to solve
puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube).”
Both the faculty and counsellors who work at the
summer program and the campers who spend their days
Hauling & Launching
Summer Dry Dock Service
Maintenance & Repairs
Rigging • Crane Service
Winter Storage
Repairs • Appraisals • Consignment
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
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Memorial Day
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The Wanderer
39.95 * most cars
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May 26, 2016
Nancy Moore MSW, LICSW
[email protected]
Specializing in adults, couples, families and geriatrics
Offices in Marion and Bridgewater
Accepting all insurances including Medicare
Fax: 508-279-0094
at Tabor get a lot out of the program.
“The program is built to nurture risk-taking in
a supportive and loving environment,” said Krein, who
sends her own kids to the summer program every year.
She says her daughter loves sailing, Ultimate Frisbee,
and fitness, and her son loves squash, soccer, and drama.
They’ve both been able to take “safe-risks” at Tabor,
exploring new passions and putting themselves outside
their comfort zone in comfortable ways.
“Professionally, I love offering young people
and not-so-young people the opportunity to take on
new challenges and build talents in areas that they never
imagined,” said Krein. “Our staff is able to get creative
and build offerings that are engaging and fun, while
interacting with the campers in our program. We create a
culture of ‘be who you want to be and do what you want
to do,’ so kids feel safe and supported to try new things.”
Krein loves that, in addition to all their work,
“We also have an insane amount of fun while keeping
safety and camper happiness at the center of our goals
and mission.”
Following this belief in safety, sunscreen
dispensers will be added to Tabor campus so that
students and counsellors can stay safe and not sunburnt
throughout the many days spent on the waterfront.
Krein sums up the camp nicely by saying, “the
TASP values are respect, community, caring, growth,
connection, and joy.”
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Many current Tabor students were once campers,
and a lot of the counselors are Tabor alumni. This network
of Tabor involvement brings life to the summer program
and helps many young children start their Tabor careers
and discover some new passions that they’ll continue
throughout their lives.
Girls’ Track, Boys’ Tennis Win SCC Titles
ORR Sports Update
By Patrick Briand
Two ORR teams became SCC Champions this
week: Boys’ Tennis and Girls’ Track. The boys clinched
with a Friday win over D-R, while the girls won a meet
over Seekonk and Voke that gave them at least a share
of the #1 spot and won the SCC championship meet to
further cement their glory. Boys’ Track also had a good
week by beating Seekonk and Voke and finishing second
to Dighton-Rehoboth at the SCC meet, while Baseball
notched three wins.
Baseball: The Bulldogs were at Wareham High
under the lights on Monday night. The game was a
back-and-forth battle that went to nine innings, but
ultimately the boys lost 8-7. On Tuesday, the boys got a
nice comeback win over Bourne, which ended their losing
streak. Senior pitcher Bryant Salkind was excellent,
allowing just four hits over seven innings enroute to the
win. They were on the road again on Wednesday night
to play GNB Voc-Tech. Junior Will Hopkins threw a
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
gem, allowing just one run, three hits and three walks
in a complete game. Salkind’s two-run singles scored
sophomore Jake Asiaf and senior Hunter Parker, giving
Hopkins all the run support he needed to win a 2-1 game.
The game also marked Head Coach Steve Carvalho’s
200th win. On Friday, the ‘Dogs came back home to face
off against Apponequet. Junior Sam Henrie returned from
an appendectomy to fire six innings of two hit balls with
10 strikeouts to get the win in a 10-1 rout of Apponequet.
Salkind had another strong day at the plate, going 3-for-3
with two RBIs, while sophomore Mike Kennefick had
three hits and Parker added two plus a walk. This week,
the guys are playing Case at home on Monday before
traveling to Bourne on Wednesday and coming back
home on Friday to play Fairhaven.
Softball: The Lady Bulldogs began their week
with a night game against Wareham High on Monday,
which they lost 11-4. They were also away at GNB VocTech against the Lady Bears on Wednesday afternoon,
losing 5-1. Their sole hit in the game was a single courtesy
of senior Courtney Dextradeur. On Thursday, the team
traveled to Fairhaven to play the Lady Blue Devils in a
make-up game at Hastings Middle School. They lost 3-1,
despite good pitching from senior Deianeira Underhill.
Junior Hannah Guard knocked in the team’s only run
with a single. Finally, they played Apponequet at home on
Friday night. Underhill got the win this time as she finally
got some good run support. Junior Olivia Labbe had a
single, a triple, and three RBIs, while sophomore Sophie
Hubbard had a pair of hits. The girls are away against
Case at Elizabeth S. Brown Elementary on Monday. They
then have a pair of road non-conference games: against
Bishop Stang on Tuesday and Coyle & Cassidy on Friday.
Boys’ Lacrosse: The Bulldogs were home against
non-conference Archbishop Williams on Wednesday.
They lost 10-8 in a tough game that featured three goals
from star junior Landon Gougen. On Friday, the boys
were away versus non-conference Sandwich High.
Unfortunately, they let a 4-2 deficit at halftime turn into
a 14-4 loss. Gougen scored twice, while the other goals
came from sophomores Alex Lorenz and Zak LaBonte.
They will be home against non-conference Dartmouth
High in a rescheduled game this Thursday.
Girls’ Lacrosse: The Lady Bulldogs played nonconference Sandwich High in a rematch on Monday,
losing 15-11. The girls will play this week at nonconference Bishop Stang on Monday.
Boys’ Track: On Tuesday, the Bulldogs began
their week with a tri-meet against Seekonk and GNB
Voc-Tech at New Bedford Voc. The team won both meets,
which included wins from sophomore Evan Tilley in
the 2-mile and junior Eli Spevack in the 400m hurdles.
The annual SCC Championship meet took place at
Apponequet on Friday. The Bulldogs finished second
behind a number of strong performances. Among the
contributors were sophomore Harry Smith (100m), senior
Jared Wheeler (mile), Spevack (400m hurdles), and senior
2 Main Street, Acushnet
James Estudante (shot put). Junior Danny Renwick was
extremely impressive, winning the 400m hurdles (58.5),
11m hurdles (15.2), and high jump (6-2). This week, the
Bulldogs run against Bourne on Monday and send most
of their top runners to the D-4 State Meet at Norwell High
School on Saturday.
Girls’ Track: The girls faced off with Seekonk’s
Lady Warriors and GNB Voc-Tech’s Lady Bears in a trimeet on Tuesday in New Bedford. The Lady Bulldogs
won on both fronts, marching closer to an undefeated
season. In the win, senior Zoe Smith took the 100m
hurdles and fellow senior Emily Josephson won the
2-mile. Most athletes competed in the SCC Championship
meet at Apponequet on Friday. The girls took an easy
win, powered by strong performances from Smith
(100m hurdles, 4x100m relay) junior Avery Nugent (5:37
mile), freshman Maya Doonan (100m), and sophomore
Caroline Murphy (400m hurdles). Senior Nicole Mattson
won the triple jump (33-8) while fellow senior Maddie
Meyer won the 2-mile (11:57). Smith and Doonan also
teamed up with sophomore Rachel Demmer and senior
Lauren Ovian to win the 4x100m relay. The girls compete
against Bourne on Monday and then participate in the
D-4 State Meet at Norwell High School on Saturday.
Boys’ Tennis: The Bulldogs’ first game of their
busy week was at Apponequet on Monday afternoon.
The team played Caleb Jagoda (Jr.), Maxxon Wolski
(Jr.), and Geoffrey Noonan (Fr.) at singles, and all three
Rte 6 & Sconticut Neck Rd
won their matches, leading to a crucial 5-0 victory. The
winning doubles teams were composed of Max Asker
(Jr.) with Alex Reichert (Fr.) and Jake Thompson (So.)
with Ray Williams (Fr.). On Wednesday, the ‘Dogs played
non-conference Pope John Paul II in a make-up match.
Sophomore Sam Pasquill (2nd Singles) and Jagoda (3rd
Singles) were instrumental in preserving a 4-1 victory. The
doubles teams of sophomore Jahn Pothier and junior Josh
Lerman and Asker/Wolski also won their matches. The
team returned home to play Case on Thursday. Pasquill,
Wolski, and Noonan won their singles matches in a 5-0
victory. The winning doubles teams were made up of
Lerman/Pothier and Reichert with fellow freshman Mike
Leavens. On Friday, the Bulldogs clinched their second
Hathaway Road
New Bedford
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Try Dr. Earth!
Natural, organic, and pet friendly!
Sunnynook Farm
32 Neck Road Rochester, MA • 508-763-5405
Mon.-Fri. 8:00-5pm, Sat 8-4, Sun 9-1
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
straight SCC title with a win over the D-R Falcons. Junior
Alex Bilodeau, Pasquill, and Jagoda were the singles
winners. The winning doubles teams were composed of
Lerman/Pothier and Asker/Wolski. Although DightonRehoboth put up a great challenge, it just wasn’t enough
as ORR won their 37th consecutive match as a team. Their
eventful schedule will continue, as the guys play the
Wareham Vikings at home this Monday before facing nonconference teams Dartmouth High (Tuesday) and Pope
John Paul II (Wednesday), with both games on the road.
They will come back home to play Dartmouth again on
Girls’ Tennis: The Lady Bulldogs started their
week at home on Tuesday to face the rival Apponequet
Lady Lakers. Apponequet solidified their standing atop
the SCC, handing the girls’ a 5-0 loss. Juniors Katelyn
Bindas and Alexis Parker battled very hard at 2nd
Doubles, going to a 10-7 third match, but it wasn’t enough
to eke out the win. Next, the girls faced off with Case at
the Veterans’ Memorial Courts on Thursday afternoon,
winning 4-1. On Friday, the girls played the Lady Falcons
of D-R. They won 4-1, getting singles wins out of seniors
Morgan Middleton and Olivia Bellefeuille. The doubles
tandems of Parker/Bindas and freshman Delaney Pothier
with junior Emma Collings were both victorious. This
week, the girls will be at Wareham High on Monday night
before returning home to play non-conference Dartmouth
High Tuesday. They will stay at home to play non-
conference Pope John Paul II on Wednesday and finish
their eventful week with a road game versus Dartmouth
on Friday afternoon.
Below are the overall spring team records,
followed by the conference records in wins, losses, and
ties as of May 22.
Baseball: (10-6-0)(10-3-0); Softball: (7-12-0)(5-80); Boys’ Track: (7-1-0)(6-1-0); Girls’ Track: (8-0-0)(7-0-0);
Boys’ Lacrosse: (9-5-0)(9-1-0); Girls’ Lacrosse: (10-5-0)(62-0); Boys’ Tennis: (14-1-0)(13-0-0); Girls’ Tennis: (13-3-0)
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May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Movie Review
One Stooge
By Rob Gonsalves
Deadpool. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Morena
Baccarin. Directed by Tim Miller. Running time: 108
minutes. MPAA rating: R.
Deadpool is a superhero movie for people who
hate — or have grown to hate — superhero movies. As
the man himself — Special Forces retiree and current
mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), aka Deadpool
— will be the first to tell you, he isn’t a hero. His
superpowers (mutant healing abilities) are granted to him
as a side effect of curing his cancer; another side effect,
alas, leaves him scarred. Deadpool’s entire goal in the
movie is to convince the man responsible for his powers
and scars, the British snot Ajax (Ed Skrein), to undo his
scars so he can get back together with his fiancée Vanessa
(Morena Baccarin). Save the world? Save the city? Save
the block? Nah.
Deadpool nonetheless behaves much like a
superhero, in that he fights bad guys, except for the part
where he kills them. While Batman v Superman and Captain
America: Civil War agonize over metahumans taking lives,
either purposely or accidentally, here comes chipper,
cavorting Deadpool to separate many, many heads and
limbs from their bodies when he isn’t shooting said bodies
full of holes. And all so that his ex-escort girlfriend — for
which occupation she is never shamed — won’t find
his face repellent. In other words, Deadpool gives up the
pretense even of fighting for a greater good, unlike even
such a cynical antisuperhero satire as Kick-Ass. Deadpool
is highly sexed and violent and foulmouthed, and he sees
no reason not to be. Perhaps not coincidentally, the movie
broke many box-office records upon its February release.
Amusingly, this is tangentially an X-Men movie,
as it features two members of that mutant superhero team:
the stolid Russian man of steel Colossus, and a character
I want to see in a spin-off movie immediately, the sullen
Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand),
whose powers are as excessive as her name. Colossus and
N.T.W. step in every so often to lend brawn to Deadpool’s
mission, though even Colossus can barely stand against
Silver City Galleria
2 Galleria Mall Drive, Taunton
140 North Dartmouth Mall
The Wanderer
Ajax’s right-hand woman Angel Dust, played by Gina
Carano, who seems to have resigned herself to the fact
that she can’t act and attitudinizes accordingly. Anyway,
few will laugh louder than I if this disreputable, R-rated
red-hooded stepchild actually outgrosses the legit X-Men
film opening soon.
Directed by Tim Miller, formerly a visualeffects guru, Deadpool makes the most of its peanuts-bysuperhero-standards $58 million. The action is hyperviolent but sunny and weightless; it lacks the sadistic stab
of the slaughter scenes in Kick-Ass. This movie, unlike
Kick-Ass, isn’t trying to moralize with its violence — it’s
just PlayStation shoot-the-works splatter with a sneer and
a gibe. It never pretends to be “real.” On the other hand,
there’s some genuine pathos in Wade’s health situation;
he doesn’t want Vanessa to have to watch him die, so he
absents himself from her life. She’s appropriately enraged
by this. Vanessa, like the other women in the film, takes
no crap, and Baccarin has perhaps never been better.
Vanessa’s and Wade’s relationship is built on shared
callous jokes and fierce sex; since they’re never really
romanticized, they come off all the more romantic.
As for Reynolds, this is the role he was made for,
and he tears into it as if to make up for the ridiculously
terrible earlier version of Deadpool he played in X-Men
Origins: Wolverine. He’s a good and funny actor, and
he doesn’t deserve to be haunted by the emerald ghost
of Green Lantern for the rest of his life. Reynolds has,
improbably, baked his personality into a role in which we
almost never see his face. He wants to have good dirty
fun and to share it with us. Deadpool is the sort of popculture offense all the uptight moralizers always warn
you about — a hero-myth with the soul of Larry Flynt.
39 Doty Street (Rte 58) Wareham
Movie Hotline: 508-291-4100
Falmouth Cinema Pub
137 Teaticket Highway
East Falmouth 508-540-5343
May 26, 2016
500 Kings Highway
New Bedford, MA
Movie Hotline: 508-985-3000
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Wind Chimes
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May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
He is survived by two daughters, Michelle Sylvia and
her husband Jim Sylvia of Acushnet and Marcie Wilde of
Barbara Edna DeTerra, 84 of Rochester,
N. Conway NH. He was the step father of Sam Tomasik of
MA passed away peacefully at her home
Wareham and Karl Tomasik of Marion. He also leaves behind
on May 18, 2016 after a long illness.
two granddaughters Chloe Wright and Brittany Fugate as well
She leaves behind her husband of
as two step-grandsons Jacob and Seth Tomasik and two great
49 years Raymond DeTerra of Rochesgranddaughters Cailyn Zeppenfeld and Brooklyn Fugate.
ter, MA; her daughter, Cynthia Eugenio
Funeral services will be private.
of Leesburg, FL; her son, Raymond F.
DeTerra and his wife Jennifer DeTerra of
M. Clare Doyle passed away peacefully in
New Bedford, MA; her son, Robert Cobb
Meredith, NH on Monday, May 16, 2016.
of Key West, FL; two grandchildren;
She lived life to the fullest during her
Adam Cobb of Brooklyn, NY and Matthew DeTerra of New
incredible 103 years. Clare was born in
Bedford, MA; as well as many nieces and nephews. Barbara
Woonsocket, RI on August 16, 1912. She
was predeceased by her son, Steve Cobb and her son-in-law,
graduated from the Rhode Island Hospital
Daniel Eugenio.
School of Nursing.
Born and raised in New Bedford, the daughter of Leo and
Clare entered the US Army Nurse
Edna (Kubel) Talbot, she was a resident of Rochester, MA. for
Corps in 1944 and saw two tours of duty
over 50 years. She was also the sister of the late Janet Barao
in Germany, one in Korea, and many in the
and Leo Talbot of New Bedford, MA.
US. She retired from the Army in 1964. She then worked at
Barbara worked at various retail stores through the years. Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI as Associate Director of
Barbara also volunteered her time for 16 years working in the
Nursing. She retired from Miriam in 1974 and was honored
gift shops at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, MA and at
with the Mary Clare Doyle lecture series held in her honor
Tobey Hospital in Wareham, MA. Barbara was a member of
each year during Nurses Week.
the St. Rose of Lima House of Worship in Rochester, MA.
Clare and her sister, Eileen Hurley, summered in Mat
Barbara loved spending time with her family, loved good
tapoisett for many years and moved to Mattapoisett full-time
Polish food, enjoyed gardening and cooking and she had a
in 1976. She was a communicant of St. Anthony’s Catholic
beautiful smile that could light up a room.
Church where she was also a Eucharistic Minister and a
The family would like to thank the staff at the Southcoast member of the Women’s Guild. Clare was awarded the Marian
Centers for Cancer Care and Southcoast Hospice VNA for
Medal in 1982 from the Diocese of Fall River. She moved to
their care and compassion.
Meredith, NH in 2009 and enjoyed many happy years with
Calling hours were held on Sunday, May 22, 2016. Celfamily there.
ebration of Life Services were held at Rock Funeral Home on
Clare was a member of the Rhode Island Hospital Alumni
Monday followed by burial in White Cemetery, Keene Rd.,
Association, the Retired Army Nurse Corps, and the Florence
Eastman Post #280 of the American Legion.
In lieu of flowers donations can be made to The Tomor
Clare was sister to the late Edward J. Doyle, K. Eileen
row Fund located at R.I. Hospital 593 Eddy St, Providence,
Hurley, J. Noel Doyle, and Charles V. Doyle. She is survived
R.I. 02903.
by many much-loved nieces, nephews, and great nieces and
For online tributes please visit: www.rock-funeralhome.
Her Funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Anthony’s
Church, Mattapoisett on Monday, May 23, 2016. Calling
Ralph Wilde, 79, of Marion passed away on Tuesday,
hours were held on Sunday, May 22, 2016 at the SaundersMay 17th at Tobey Hospital. He was the companion of
Dwyer Mattapoisett Home for Funerals, 50 County Rd.,
25 years to Sally Tomasik also of Marion. He was born in
Route 6, Mattapoisett. Burial was in St. Charles Cemetery,
Taunton, MA the son of the late Howard D. and Carrie A.
Blackstone, MA. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in
(Coombs) Wilde Sr.
her honor to the Central NH VNA and Hospice, 780 N. Main
Mr. Wilde attended Fresno State School of Agriculture
St., Laconia, NH 03246; or to the
and the Rhode Island School for Electronics. He worked as an American Legion – Florence Eastman Post #280, P.O.Box
Assistant at Wirthmore Seeds and later worked as a Central
738, Mattapoisett, MA 02379. For guestbook, please visit
Office Technician for the New England Telephone &
graph Co., retiring from Nynex with 35 years of service. He
was also a U.S. Naval Reservist. Ralph’s passions were boatContinued on page 52
ing, fishing, and cooking.
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
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To the Editor:
I attended the Mattapoisett Town Meeting as I
have done for 32 years. I was particularly interested in the
discussion regarding the purchase of the Holy Ghost land
on Park Street. I asked if this land would be for recreation
and open space only or could the town consider building
more housing for the elderly. A selectman answered
there will be no elderly housing on this land. He did not
acknowledge that there was a need for more affordable
housing for the elderly.
This past summer, I was confronted with the
lack of affordable housing in Mattapoisett. I had to find
an apartment in three months, and I wanted to remain
in Mattapoisett where I had lived with my family for
32 years. Though I am an elder, I was not ready to live
in elderly housing. I was unable to find an apartment
that I could afford in town and I resigned myself to
Stunning Waterfront
Home with Private
Dock and Beach.
Expansive Water
Exclusive Round Hill
home in the Salt
Marsh enclave. Golf,
Tennis, Pool, Beach
and Community
- $949,900
Broker Associate
[email protected]
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Peter A. Lizotte of Mattapoisett, passed
student at St. FX, she met her husband Mark W. Palm, of Bevaway peacefully after a brief battle with
erly, Massachusetts. She and Mark were married in 1979 and
cancer. Peter is survived by his wife, Julie
moved to Massachusetts where they built their life together.
and their sons, Oliver and Ethan, his parThey lived in Beverly before moving to Marion, and later,
ents, Edmund J. and Beatrice J. Lizotte, a
to Mattapoisett. Nova Scotia always remained in Margaret’s
brother, Jeffrey, a step-son Andrew Heller,
heart, and visiting her family in her homeland of Canada
a nephew, Dakota and a niece, Shyanne.
brought her great joy.
He was a dear relative and friend to many.
She was a strong, devoted, and caring mother, wife,
A successful title examiner across several Counties, Peter sister, daughter and friend. Her primary job was to ensure that
was a graduate of Middlebury College and received his Juris
the people she loved were well cared for. Throughout her life,
Doctor degree from Suffolk Law School. Peter enjoyed the
she committed herself to supporting her parents, her siblings,
complicated titles and was known for his expertise and thorher husband, and most of all, her children. Peggy raised four
ough research. Peter was an exceptionally devoted father and
children: Jonathan, Alan, Jenny and William. She taught them
in raising his sons volunteered as a coach for soccer, baseball,
to devote themselves to family and always encouraged them
basketball and football youth leagues. Coach Lizotte is best
to follow their dreams. She was a consummate homemaker
known for his easy demeanor and calming influence. He was
and took pride in keeping a clean, orderly, and love-filled
also an ardent ORR High School supporter and fan. He could
home and a beautiful garden. She designed and decorated
be heard cheering and commenting on the referees across the
homes for her family to gather and celebrate together in Nova
field. He truly enjoyed watching his sons play sports.
Scotia and in Mattapoisett.
Next to his family, Peter’s truest passion was golf. A seri- Peggy always made those around her feel comfortable
ous competitor, Peter loved the sport and was content to play
by listening attentively and asking thoughtful questions. She
in any conditions as well as religiously following tournaments had a warm smile and a playful sense of humor. A life-long
on TV. He joined many leagues and for the last several years
learner, she pursued a passionate interest in health and wellwas a member of the Wicked Stix at Acushnet River Valley
ness. She volunteered her time and resources to support those
Golf Course. Peter was a great gardener and enjoyed sharing
in need.
the bounty with family and friends. It was a source of pride to
Peggy took great joy in the simple things of life: cookgrow so many vegetables. We will all remember his boistering and sharing delicious meals with her family, celebrating
ous laugh, easy smile and gentle disposition. Such a great man holidays and birthdays, dancing all night long, walking in the
called home way too soon.
woods, cruising Buzzards Bay on the family boat, and picking
Friends are invited to share memories with the family
blueberries in the fields of Nova Scotia.
on May 25, 5-7 PM at the New Bedford Country Club, 585
In 2010 Margaret was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Slocum Road, N. Dartmouth. A funeral mass will take place at With the support of her family, Peggy fought heroically to
10 AM Thursday, May 26 at St. Anthony’s Parish, 22 Barstow live as long and as well as possible. Through her courage,
Street, Mattapoisett. Burial will be private. In lieu of flowers,
perseverance, and love for life, she was able to celebrate the
memorial donations can be made to ORR Athletic Booster
weddings of two of her children and the birth of three grandClub, Inc/Lacrosse, PO Box 1089, Mattapoisett MA 02739. To children. Her strength will forever serve as an inspiration for
send a tribute please visit:
her family.
Margaret is remembered with love and survived by her
Margaret Anne Palm, known as “Peggy” to friends and
husband Mark W. Palm; her son Jonathan Mark Palm and his
“Dee” to family, was born to Kathleen and Joseph Breen on
wife Marcie and their children Avery and Oskar; her son Alan
April 5th, 1955 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. She died
Breen Palm and his wife Maya; her daughter Jennifer Dee
at home on May 22, 2016 surrounded by
Crepeau and her husband Peter and their daughter Oliva Dee
her family. Throughout her life, Peggy
Crepeau; her son William Joseph Palm and his partner Mollie;
cared for those around her with lovingher parents Joseph and Kathleen Breen; her brother Ronnie
kindness. As the first of eight children, she
Breen and his wife Lisa; her brother Chis Breen and his wife
helped to raise her four brothers and three
Vanessa; her brother Joseph Allen Breen; her sister Debbie
sisters. Her father ran a small lumber mill;
Arsenault and her husband Francis; her sister Elaine Berry
her grandfather Peter Breen said that, “the
and her husband Paul; and her sister Karen Langille and her
Breens have sawdust in their blood.”
husband Al. Margaret was pre-deceased by her brother Paul
Margaret was the first person in
Breen in 1985.
her family to attend college. She graduated from St. Francis
Her Visiting hours were held on Tuesday in the SaundersXavier University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. As a
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
looking elsewhere. Two days prior to signing a lease in
Dartmouth, I received a call from a Mattapoisett landlord
that an affordable, beautiful apartment had become
available. I know how fortunate I am to still be living in
Mattapoisett where my son and his family live.
Those of us who have lived in Mattapoisett for
years and contributed to the life of this community should
be able to continue to live here in our later years. It is
in our interest to make the community at large and the
selectman aware of the need for more affordable housing
in Mattapoisett.
Cecile L. Sanders, Mattapoisett
Academic Achievements
Caroline Cunningham Johns, the daughter
of David Johns II and Colleen Cunningham Johns of
Mattapoisett, graduated from Macalester College
during the college’s commencement exercises on May
14. Johns received a liberal arts degree in Economics and
Community and Global Health Concentration. Johns is a
graduate of Falmouth Academy.
In addition, Johns received the following honors/
awards: Honors Project: Determining Household Health
Care Spending: An Analysis of the Massachusetts Health
Care Reform; Economics: Samantha Cakir, Advisor.
Northeastern University is pleased to recognize
those students who distinguish themselves academically
during the course of the school year. Mattapoisett resident
Platters Serving 10-15:
Chicken or Roast Pork
Fried Rice $32
Peking Noodle $36
Boneless Spareribs $37
Linguica Fried Rice $36
General Gao’s Chicken $41
Garlic Shrimp $53
& Many More
30-50 Piece Platters
Chicken Fingers (30) $24
Fried Linguica Wonton
(50) $24
Crab Rangoon (40) $26
Chicken Wings (50) $29
Beef Teriyaki (30) $39
Scallion Pancakes (36) $28
& Many More
Perfect for Memorial Day,
and Graduation Celebrations!
Open 7 days: Mon.-Thurs., 11 a.m.-10 p.m.;
Fri. & Sat., 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Sun., noon-10 p.m.
Dwyer Mattapoisett Home For Funerals, 50 County Rd. (Rt.
6) Mattapoisett. For guestbook, please visit
Donald C. Wood, affectionately known as “Woody” throughout his life, passed peacefully at Sippican
Healthcare on May 22, 2016. He was predeceased by his wife, Marjorie, to whom he
was married for over 66 years. He was the
father of four daughters, Roxanne Roberts,
Betsy Jackson, Dianne Wood, and Susan
McMahon. Born to the late Kenneth and
Elizabeth (Rowland) Wood, he was a lifelong resident of Mattapoisett.
He was the brother of the late Kenneth M. Wood, Jr. and Richard E. Wood.
Woody was a devoted member of the Mattapoisett Fire
Department, starting out as a call-firefighter at a young age.
He remained a firefighter for the town, working his way up to
Chief, until he retired in 1993, and also worked as a firefighter
for the federal government at Camp Edwards, Fort Devens and
Wellfleet A veteran of World War II, he served proudly in the
U.S. Army. He was a member of the Mattapoisett
tional Church, a member of the Plymouth County Fire Chiefs
Association, the Machaucum Club, the Pythagorean Lodge
A.F. & A.M. and a former trustee of the Mattapoisett First
Meeting House, now the Historical Museum.
As the proud grandfather of nine, Caitlyn Roberts, Megan Ocampo, Sarah Johnson, John Roberts, Ian Lake, Caleb
Wood-Daggett, Nathaniel Jackson, Emily Jackson, and Seamus McMahon, he derived great pleasure watching sporting
events or performances of his grandchildren. Many afternoons
and evenings were spent watching soccer, hockey, baseball,
or basketball games, babysitting or providing transportation
whenever and to wherever needed. He was their biggest fan
and they his. In addition, he leaves five granddaughters, Maddie, Eden, Emelia, Ellery, and Brinley whom he loved and
enjoyed. A true “family man” in every sense.
His Funeral Service will be held on Saturday at 10 AM
in the Saunders-Dwyer Mattapoisett Home For Funerals, 50
County Rd. (Rt. 6) Mattapoisett. Burial will follow in Cushing
Cemetery. Visiting hours Friday from 4-8 PM. In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory may be made to the Mattapoisett
Firefighters Association. For directions and online guestbook,
please visit
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Tri-Town Police Logs
Log highlights May 15–May 21
• Gary Dr – EMS/mutual aid
• Moorings Rd – EMS/medical
• Creek Rd – Suspicious activity
• Mill St – Heath/welfare
• Point Rd – Parking enforcement
• Deer Run – 911 abandoned
• Point Rd – Parking enforcement
• Village Dr – Noise complaint
• Cottage St – EMS/medical
• Front St – EMS/medical
• Whynot Ct – EMS/medical
• Front St – Suspicious MV
• River Rd – Animal complaint
• Stoney Run Ln – Waterways complaint
• Point Rd – MV collision
• Mill St – EMS/medical
• Front St – Found property
• Water St – EMS/medical
• Village Dr – Suspicious person
• Sippican Harbor – Waterways emergency
• Moorings Rd – EMS/medical
• Mill St – EMS/medical
• Converse Rd – Follow up investigation
• Mill St - Fraud
• Mill St – Larceny/past
• Mill St – EMS/medical
• Mill St – Follow up investigation
• Mill St – Family offense
• Mill St – EMS/medical
Log highlights May 15–May 21
• Mattapoisett Neck Rd – MV crash
• Oakland St – Health/welfare
• Tobey Ln – Health/welfare
• County Rd – Property returned
• Angelica Ave – Larceny/forgery/fraud
• Point Rd – Suspicious persons
• Angelica Ave – B&E
• Upland Way – General services
• Mattapoisett Neck Rd – Property found
• Point Rd – 911 abandoned
• County Rd – Suspicious MV
• Mariners Way – Medical/assist
• Shaw St – Larceny/forgery/fraud
• Tara Rd – Medical/assist
• County Rd – MV crash
• Timberledge Ln – Domestic disturbance
• County Rd – 911 call
• Acushnet Rd - Complaint
• Randall Ln – Suspicious MV
• Cove St – B&E
• Fairhaven Rd – Assist other agency
• County Rd – Restraining order services
• Church St – Health/welfare
• County Rd – Property returned
• Wolf Island Rd – MV crash
• Holly St – 911 call
• Depot St – MV crash
• Neds Point Rd - Vandalism
• Main St – Health/welfare
Log highlights May 15–May 21
• Neck Rd – MV stop/arrest
• Cushman Rd – Officer wanted
• Dexter Ln – Ambulance request
• Randall Rd - Threats
• Dexter ln – Officer wanted
• Randall Rd – Officer wanted
• Dexter Ln – Officer wanted
• Hartley Rd – Larceny/forgery/fraud
• Hartley Rd – Larceny/forgery/fraud
• Hartley Rd – Larceny/forgery/fraud
• Route 105 – MV accident
• Cranberry Hwy – Ambulance request
• Pine St - Investigation
• Stuart Rd - Complaint
• Hathaway Pond Cir – Officer wanted
• Forster Rd – MV accident
• Burgess Ave - Vandalism
• Paulines Way – Larceny/forgery/fraud
• Marion Rd – Restraining order service
• Snipatuit Rd – Ambulance request
• North Ave - Investigation
• Dexter Ln – Officer wanted
• Walnut Plain Rd - Investigation
• North Ave - Investigation
• Cushman Rd – Officer wanted
• North Ave - Investigation
• Braley Hill Rd – MV accident
• High St – ATV complaint/arrest
• Braley Hill Rd - Lockout
For a full PDF of the three town’s police logs from the past week, including arrest reports, visit
Regional Lunch Menus
Monday, May 30: Memorial Day – No
Meals Served
Tuesday, May 31: Lasagna, zucchini
& summer squash, whole wheat roll,
fresh orange
Wednesday, June 1: Gypsy soup,
grilled chicken, apricot sauce, rice
pilaf, multigrain roll, banana
Thursday, June 2: Meatloaf w/pearl
onions & gravy, parsley mashed potato,
peas & mushrooms, wheat bread,
Friday, June 3: BBQ pork, baked
beans, cabbage & carrots, scali bread,
almond cookies, diet: fresh fruit
Monday, May 30: Memorial Day – No
Tuesday, May 31: Hot dog, baked
beans, fun size chips, pickle, fruit, milk
Wednesday, June 1: Taco nacho,
cheese sauce, corn chips, lettuce, tomato, salsa, refried beans, fruit, milk
Thursday, June 2: Cherry blossom chicken, vegetable “fried” rice,
steamed broccoli, fortune cookie, fresh
fruit, milk
Friday, June 3: Stuffed crust pizza,
fresh tossed salad w/dressing, fresh
fruit, milk
Monday, May 30: Memorial Day – No
Tuesday, May 31: Hot dog, baked
beans, fun size chips, pickle, fruit, milk
Wednesday, June 1: Brunch for
lunch French toast w/maple syrup,
orange wedges, light sausage patties,
hash browns, fruit, milk
Thursday, June 2: Cherry blossom chicken, vegetable “fried” rice,
steamed broccoli, fortune cookie, fresh
fruit, milk
Friday, June 3: French bread pizza,
fresh tossed salad w/dressing, fresh
fruit, milk
Monday, May 30: Memorial Day – No
Tuesday, May 31: Taco nacho,
seasoned taco meat, cheese sauce, corn
chips, lettuce, tomato, refried beans,
fruit, milk
Wednesday, June 1: Crispy chicken
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
sandwich, lettuce & tomato, pasta
salad, steamed broccoli, fresh fruit,
Thursday, June 2: Spaghetti &
meatballs served w/bread stick, tossed
salad, fresh fruit, milk
Friday, June 3: Cheese quesadilla,
salsa, sour cream, fiesta black bean &
corn, fresh fruit, milk
Monday, May 30: Memorial Day – No
Tuesday, May 31: Chicken sandwich,
lettuce & tomato, pasta salad, mayo,
BBQ sauce, ketchup, fresh fruit, milk
Wednesday, June 1: Brunch for
lunch French toast w/maple syrup, berries w/whipped topping, light sausage
patties, tator tots, fruit, milk
Thursday, June 2: Sloppy Joe sandwich, fun size chips, carrot & celery
sticks, fresh fruit, milk
Friday, June 3: Stuffed crust pizza,
fresh tossed salad w/dressing, fresh
fruit, milk
Tuesday, May 31: Taco nacho,
seasoned taco meat, cheese sauce, corn
chips, lettuce, tomato, refried beans,
fruit, milk
Wednesday, June 1: Brunch for
lunch French toast w/maple syrup, berries w/whipped topping, light sausage
patties, hash browns, fruit, milk
Thursday, June 2: Build a burger:
cheese, lettuce, tomato, pasta salad,
carrot & celery sticks, fresh fruit, milk
Friday, June 3: Stuffed crust pizza,
fresh tossed salad w/dressing, fresh
Monday, May 30: Memorial Day – No
Tuesday, May 31: Mozzarella sticks,
fries & bread
Wednesday, June 1: Build a burger &
roasted sweet potatoes
Thursday, June 2: BBQ chicken,
pasta salad & corn
Friday, June 3: Stuffed crust pizza &
Caesar salad
Monday, May 30: Memorial Day – No
Andrew Macaulay, majoring in Electrical Engineering,
was recently named to the University’s dean’s list for the
spring semester, which ended in May 2016.
Karen Martin of Mattapoisett was awarded a
Bachelor of Science in Nursing during Salve Regina
University’s 66th commencement on Sunday, May 15.
Roslyn Flaherty, of Rochester, was one of 693
graduates to receive a degree during Assumption
College’s 99th commencement exercises on Saturday, May
7, held at the DCU Center in downtown Worcester, MA.
Flaherty was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.
Tabor Academy to Host Blood Drive
Please participate in Tabor Academy’s spring
blood drive. You will find the blood mobile in the parking
lot at 256 Front Street Marion on May 26 from 9:30 am to
3:30 pm. Drop in or by appointment by calling 508-2918375.
There are so many in our community who are
impacted by cancer and other illness that require blood
transfusions. Please help your neighbors in the Southcoast
by donating during this drive.
Mattapoisett Historical Society Yard Sale
The Mattapoisett Historical Society will hold a
yard sale on Baptist Street in Mattapoisett on Saturday,
June 4 starting at 8:00 am and ending at 11:00 am. There
will be a variety of items for sale: ceramics, rare seashells,
Saturday, May 28th 11:00-1:00 • Sunday, May 29th 11:00-1:00
Distinguished Marion Village water view home located directly across from the Beverly Yacht Club.
This property includes a completely remodeled main house, newly constructed garage and guest
house, and private dock on Sippican Harbor. The first floor of this stately home blends old charm
with modern amenities: an open layout with great room and custom kitchen, formal dining room,
formal living room, study, and powder room. Second and third floors boast a total of 6 bedrooms,
which include a spacious master suite with balcony to take in the views of the harbor and expansive grounds. Beautiful, custom finishes
throughout, 3 fireplaces, and water views
from nearly every room in both the main
house and guest house. Walk across the
street to the private dock and be at your
mooring in just minutes! Centrally located
just steps from village center, Tabor Academy, Silvershell Beach, and private clubs.
Exclusively Listed at $3,995,000
2 Main Street, Marion
Directions: 2 Main Street is located on the
corner of Water Street and Main Street in
Marion Village
Converse Company Realtors
166 Front Street, P.O. Box 416
Marion, Massachusetts 02738
Tel: 508-748-0200 Fax: 508-748-2337
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The Wanderer
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Big Top
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Part 1 - 2016
12:05 PM Sippican School Vocabulary Day
Part 2 - 2016
1:00 PM ORR National Honor Society
Induction Ceremony 2016
1:30 PM Sippican Drama Club - Under the
Big Top
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The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
furniture, Presto Press, etc. Come buy a treasure and
support the Mattapoisett Historical Society.
Boat Race Supper and Special Raffle
The Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race (RMDBR)
Ham & Bean Supper will be held on Saturday, May 28 at
Rochester Memorial School, 16 Pine Street in Rochester.
The supper will be served from 5:00 to 7:00 pm and
tickets can be purchased at the door: adults are $10 and
children under 12 are only $5. Beans baked by the best
bean bakers in town, coleslaw and potato salad prepared
by the Culinary Arts Department at Old Colony Regional
Vocational Technical HS, rolls and brown bread. And to
top it all off, there will be apple crisp for dessert prepared
by Meredith of The Artisan Bake Shop.
Proceeds from the supper help offset the expenses
of the race. Also, there will be a special raffle drawn at
the supper. William Watling III, last year’s winner of the
Jim Hartley trophy, has custom made and donated two
carbon fiber river racing paddles designed specifically
for the RMDBR. Specs: foam core blade and shaft with
carbon fiber and fiberglass laminate; fiberglass wrapped
blade tip and edges for strength and durability; molded
palm grip handle; approximately 26 ounces each. One
has a bent shaft, angle 5 degrees, length 53.5 inches; the
other is straight, with a length of 57.25 inches. Tickets
are $5 each. There will be two separate drawings, one for
each paddle. Choose which drawing you would like your
5/25 Neal, Kyle & Colin
5/26 Becky & Brian
5/27 Daddy O
5/28 Dancing Dogs
The Tri-Town’s Newest Auto Repair Facility
508 Sport & Luxury Inc.
79 Marion Road, Route 6, Mattapoisett
Mon.-Fri. 8:30-6:30, Sat. 8:30-4
508-758-7875 • Walk-ins Welcome
Tired of paying for
costly Auto Repairs?
Then Call Us!
We Repair:
• Suspensions • Brakes
•Oil Changes • Timing Belts
•Transmissions • Engines
-in all domestic
and foreign vehicles
Volvos • Acuras • BMW
• Chevy • Subaru • Jeep
Second Location: 1288 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
TriTown Happenings
The Marion Natural History Museum’s after
school group had another wonderful trip to Bird
Island, thanks to Isaac Perry and the Marion
Harbormaster’s group. Another group of
students had a chance to see the newly-restored
nesting habitat of the Roseate tern along with
other sea birds. Many thanks to Isaac and his
crew. Photo courtesy Elizabeth Leidhold
OCRVTHS students Felisha Shiner, Sky Bowker, and Nat Nicolosi gave
a presentation and unveiled the first OC Creates joint venture with their
client, Anchor Insulation, on May 18. Rep. Bill Straus was present to hear
about the school’s plan to work with small and emerging businesses to
develop prototypes to assist with industrial functions of their businesses.
OC Creates will provide the students with inter-disciplinary partnerships
within the school while experiencing real-world business strategies and
problem solving. Photo by Marilou Newell
The Mattapoisett Land Trust in tandem with the
Mattapoisett Bike Path Committee held its first Tour
de Crème on Sunday, May 22. The fundraiser brought
groups on three different courses – 13-, 25-, and 48-miles
long – winding their way through area towns and making
stops at various local ice cream parlors. Although rain
was in the forecast all week, the over 150 participants
lucked out with only partly cloudy skies. Photos by Colin Veitch
The trail work at the Nasketucket Bay State
Reservation has been completed along the Salt
Marsh Trail that runs parallel to the beach. Two
long bog bridges made from lumber and fashioned
by the Conservation Department will now keep
hikers’ feet mud-free as they pass through the
narrow path. Photo by Jean Perry
These photos and more are available online at
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
ticket entered in. You do not have to be present to win. All
proceeds go to the Rochester Firefighters Association to
support the race.
This is the 82nd anniversary of the race and it
remains one of the few racing events with no entry fees as
it was in 1934 when it was started. Enjoy a great meal at
one of the important social events of the year in our area.
The more the merrier. Parking at the rear of the school,
enter at the rear door. For additional information, please
contact Arthur Benner, Chairman, RMDBR, 508-763-2024.
Senior Projects at Tabor Academy
It’s that time of year – Tabor Academy seniors are
showing off all of the hard work they have put into their
senior projects this spring. Senior project presentations are
underway at the school this week, and all the projects are
presented in abstract on Friday morning.
Senior Projects allow seniors in good academic
standing to drop classes in the last seven weeks as
necessary in order to pursue a project of their own
creation. Projects typically include original art and music,
all manner of building projects from boats to motorcycles,
and internships in business, government and nonprofit
organizations from architectural firms and catering
kitchens to hospitals. The Senior Projects Committee
approves the projects after a rigorous application process.
Some examples from this year include restoring
a dory, performing an original stand-up comedy routine,
writing and performing an original play, creating an
album of original music, and creating native costumes
from the Caribbean, as well as various internships and
research projects.
On Friday, the entire Tabor community attends
Senior Project presentations, a capstone event that allows
the seniors to show all they have learned during the
project period.
Cleans all types of siding and shingle
Also specializing in siding & shingle replacements
Free estimates-Insured
Michael Clancy 508-758-4392
in Marion. Garden Tour only tickets are available at The
Bookstall, Marion General Store, St. Gabriel’s office at
124 Front Street and day of Tour for $20. Combination
Tour and Luncheon tickets may be purchased by mail
before June 14. Please make $45 check out to St. Gabriel’s
(include your phone number) and mail to Frederica See,
11 Bayberry Lane, Marion 02738. Tickets will be mailed to
you. Luncheon will be served at the Kittansett Club. Call
508-748-1507 for more information.
ORR Tennis Clinics
For the 14th summer, the Old Rochester School
District will again offer student tennis lessons at the Old
Rochester Tennis Complex. The clinics will run Monday
through Friday. There will be two classes: ages 7-11 and
12 to 18. Groupings within each class will be based on
age and abilities. Each class will last for two hours and 15
minutes. Maximum number of students is 36 per class to
ensure a 6:1 teaching ratio. The first clinic will run June 27
to July 1 and the second from August 1 to August 6.
For more information about the $96 clinic, contact
Gardens By The Sea
St. Gabriel’s 14th annual Gardens By The Sea
tour and luncheon is scheduled for Friday, June 17 from
10:30 am to 3:30 pm (rain or shine). Tour steps off at the
Capt. Hadley House, corner of Route 6 and Front Street
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Home conditions still demand attention. Also, keep an
open mind about a sudden question of trust
involving a close friend. All the facts are not
yet in.
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) With summer
just around the corner, travel begins to dominate your sign. Make plans carefully to avoid
potential problems in the first half of June.
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A romantic
Libra sets a challenge that your “sensible”
side might question, but your idealistic self
finds the prospect too intriguing to resist. The
choice is yours.
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Those tense
times in your personal life are just about
over. Concentrate on reaffirming relationships. Your love of travel opens a surprising
new opportunity.
LEO (July 23 to August 22) The Big Cat
usually loves to be in the center of things.
But this week it might be wiser to watch and
learn from the sidelines. A Pisces wants to
make you purr.
VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) “New”
is your watchword this week. Be open to new
ideas, both on the job and in your personal
life. A romantic Aries or Sagittarian beckons.
LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Some
difficult family decisions have to be faced,
but be sure to get more facts before you act.
Be careful not to neglect your health during
this trying time.
SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) You
still need to support a loved one through a
difficult time. Meanwhile, things continue to
work out to your benefit in the workplace.
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December
21) Aspects continue to favor expanding
social opportunities. A Gemini reaches out to
offer a chance for re-establishing a onceclose relationship.
CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19)
There’s a potential for misunderstanding in
both your job and your personal life. A full
explanation of your intentions helps smooth
things over.
AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)
You might be feeling restless on the job,
but delay making any major moves until all
the facts are in. A Scorpio has a surprising
PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Your
business sense works to your advantage as
you sort through the possibilities that are
opening up. A Libra is Cupid’s best bet for
your romantic prospects.
BORN THIS WEEK: You have a gift for
being open-minded about people. This helps
you make friends easily. You would do very
well in public service.
(c) 2016 King Features Synd., Inc.
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
Beaver Tree Works
We keep your property safe and looking good
Tree Removal • Trimming
Clearing • Stump Grinding • Mulch
Certified Arborist
23 Years
All major credit
Free Estimates
cards accepted
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Coach Bob Hohne at 508-742-5231 or [email protected]
MWC 75th Diamond Jubilee Year
In celebration of their 75th Anniversary, the
Mattapoisett Woman’s Club announces their 2016 biennial
garden tour on Saturday, June 25 from 10:00 am to 4:00
pm, rain or shine.
Join us in viewing six fabulous gardens, along
with five points of interest, on display in Bay Club,
woodland and village locations. The gardens selected
feature a variety of gardening styles – from formal
to informal, woodsy to cottage, as well as annuals,
perennials, vegetables, herbs and beautiful container
Leave it to Beaver
Club members have also created several fairy
gardens in containers that will be raffled at Ying Dynasty
Restaurant the day of the tour.
A delicious buffet luncheon will be served
from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm at the Inn on Shipyard Park,
overlooking the gazebo and Mattapoisett harbor.
Advance tickets are available at Periwinkles and
Gotta Have It in Fairhaven; The Bookstall in Marion;
Isabelles, Pen & Pendulum, Town Wharf General Store,
and Ying Dynasty Restaurant in Mattapoisett. Advance
tickets are $15 for the tour only and $40 for the tour and
luncheon. Tickets on the day of the tour will be $18.
Luncheon tickets must be purchased in advance and will
Welcome Back!
Spring Hours
Wednesday - Sunday
11am - 8pm
Open Memorial Day
Monday, May 30th 11am to 8pm
Hiring cooks.
Call or stop by.
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Water main flushing will be conducted
on May 16th through June 24th.
Flushing will begin May 16th at 7:00pm
until 3:00am.
Flushing will be continued May 17th
through June 24th during the daylight hours from
8:30am to 5:00pm.
Discolored or red water may be expected along with periods of low water pressure in
some areas.
Locations most likely to be affected
are those south of Route 6 extending from Main
Street east to Aucoot Road and including Crescent
Beach, Point Connett, Hollywood’s, and Peases
Point. Other areas may be affected due to system
Chlorine will be injected into the system before flushing begins and will continue for a
period after flushing is completed.
Henri H. Renauld, Superintendent 508-758-4161
5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26
--------------------------------------------NOTICE OF ACTIVITY AND USE LIMITATION
A release of oil and/or hazardous
materials has occurred at this location, which is a
disposal site as defined by M.G.L. c. 21E, § 2 and
the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, 310 CMR
40.0000. On April 29, 2016, Connett Point Realty
Trust recorded with the Plymouth County Registry
LIMITATION on the disposal site, pursuant to 310
CMR 40.1070 through 40.1080.
USE LIMITATION will limit the following site
activities and uses on the above property:
(i) Use of the Property as a singlefamily residence, school, daycare center, nursery,
recreational area, and/or other such activities and/
or uses at which a child’s presence is likely;
(ii) Any short-term (three months or
less) activity including, but not limited to, excavation which is likely to disturb petroleum-impacted
soil located at depths greater than 5 feet below
grade without the prior development and implementation of a Soil Management Plan and a Health
and Safety Plan;
(iii) Relocation of petroleum-impacted
soil located at depths greater than 5 feet below
grade to a shallower depth, unless such activity is
first evaluated by an LSP who renders an Opinion
which states that such relocation is consistent with
maintaining a condition of No Significant Risk;
(iv) Construction of any new buildings,
or modifications to the floor of the existing building, which could result in the creation of a new
vapor intrusion pathway, unless such activity is
first evaluated by an LSP who renders an Opinion
which states that such activity is consistent with
maintaining a condition of No Significant Risk; and
(v) Any long-term activity (greater than
three months), which is likely to disturb petroleumimpact soil located at depths greater than 5 feet
below grade.
Any person interested in obtaining
additional information about the NOTICE OF
Environmental Strategies & Management, 273
West Main Street, Norton, MA (508) 226-1800.
USE LIMITATION and the disposal site file can be
can be viewed at MassDEP website using Release
Tracking Number (RTN) 4-490 at http://public. or at
MassDEP Southeast Regional Office, 20 Riverside
Drive, Lakeville, MA (508) 946-2714. 5/26
--------------------------------------------TOWN OF MATTAPOISETT
The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Monday,
June 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the Mattapoisett
Town Hall on a Request for a Determination of
Applicability submitted by Dennis Arsenault.
The Applicant requests that the Conservation Commission confirm the boundary of a
delineated Bordering Vegetated Wetland. No work
is proposed.
The property is located at the end of
Snow Fields Road and is further identified as Lot
#26 on Mattapoisett Assessors Map #28. 5/26
--------------------------------------------TOWN OF MARION
The Marion Board of Health will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, June 14, 2016
at 4:45 p.m. in the Main Conference Room of the
Marion Town House on the variance request submitted by Charon Associates, Inc. pertaining to the
property located at 125 Cross Neck Road, further
identified as Map 5, Lot 38.
The following variance is requested to
Title 5 of the State Environmental Code:
310 CMR 15.212: Depth to Groundwater
To allow the depth to groundwater to be
less than the four (4) foot requirement.
Marion Board of Health
Elizabeth S. Dunn, Vice Chairman 5/26, 6/2
--------------------------------------------TOWN OF MARION
The Marion Conservation Commission
will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, June
8, 2016 at 7:05 PM in the Town House conference room, 2 Spring Street, on a Notice of Intent
submitted by Village Way Realty Trust, for the
construction of a single family dwelling and gravel
driveway and the installation of a septic system,
utilities and associated fill. Portions of said work
have already been completed under DEP File No.
SE 041-1102 which has recently expired.
The site is further identified as Lots 44
& 44B on Marion Assessors’ Map 18. Plans are
available at the Town House for review.
Norman A. Hills, Chairman 5/26
--------------------------------------------TOWN OF MARION
The Marion Conservation Commission
will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, June 8,
2016 at 7:10 PM in the Town House conference
room, 2 Spring Street, on a Notice of Intent submitted by Robert C. & Virginia C. Beams, to demolish
and replace the existing single family dwelling
within Flood Zone VE (El. 18) at 35 Holly Road.
The site is further identified as Lot 113
on Marion Assessors’ Map 2. Plans are available at
the Town House for review.
Norman A. Hills, Chairman 5/26
--------------------------------------------TOWN OF MARION
The Marion Conservation Commission
will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, June 8,
2016 at 7:20 PM in the Town House conference
room, 2 Spring Street, on a Request for Determination of Applicability submitted by Kitt Sawitsky &
Heather Brown, for the removal of foul smelling
seaweed which has accumulated (and choking
out the growth of the salt marsh grass) on the salt
marsh and the area immediately down-gradient at
75 Holly Road.
The site is further identified as Lot 116
on Marion Assessors’ Map 2. Plans are available at
the Town House for review.
Norman A. Hills, Chairman 5/26
by Stephan Pastis
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
not be sold the day of the tour.
All proceeds benefit the Mattapoisett Woman’s
Club Scholarship Fund.
Marion Fireworks Cancelled
Despite our best efforts, we were unable to
raise the funds needed for the 2016 Independence Day
Fireworks at Silvershell Beach. Thank you to all of our
generous supporters. All monies raised will be kept in the
Fireworks Account for 2017. Even though this summer’s
show is cancelled, donations are still being accepted and
all funds will go toward the goal for 2017.
Donations may be mailed to the Marion
Fireworks Committee, 13 Atlantis Drive, Marion,
Massachusetts 02738. Any questions, feel free to contact
us at 774-217- 8355 or [email protected]
Marion Art Center Gallery Opening
The Marion Art Center is pleased to announce the
opening of an exhibition of abstract paintings by Susan
Strauss and Alison Horvitz. A reception honoring the
artists and their guests will be held on Friday, June 3 at
the Marion Art Center from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in the Cecil
Clark Davis Gallery. In addition, members of the Marion
Garden Group will present floral interpretations of the
artists’ paintings. The arrangements will be on display
as long as the blooms last. The Marion Art Center is a
not-for-profit organization located at 80 Pleasant Street,
Marion. The gallery opening is free and open to the
Frank’s Small Engine Repair
15 Years of Experience
Repairs done to most brands of outdoor power equipment
Chainsaw Chain Available
Chain Saws • Trimmers • Lawn Mowers etc.
Serving All Your Outdoor Power Repair Needs
Frank Viera Owner/Technician
Call Ahead 508-965-8134 • Acushnet, MA
will have a practice race. The first race of the July series
will be the following Wednesday, June 15. All boats are
invited to attend the practice race. The July series is
by registration only. Boats of all sizes compete in three
classes. Visit the MYC website for more information on
participating or email [email protected]
The club will hold a “Kick-Off” cookout at
the Club at the Mattapoisett Boat Yard on Friday, June
10 at 6:00 pm. Hot dogs and hamburgers for all; BYO
beverages. Local sailors are encouraged to come to the
cookout to find out more about the Yacht Club and its
activities. Let us know if you wish to attend 508-758-9168.
The following day – Saturday, June 11 – the MYC
will host the Annual Spring “Round-the-Bay” Race. Any
Animal Advice
MYC Begins Its Racing Season
The Mattapoisett Yacht Club begins its racing
season with the first race of the June series for the Ensign
class on Tuesday, June 7. The Ensign is a 23-foot onedesign keel boat with a strong national class association.
The MYC Ensign fleet #76 is the fastest growing fleet
in the country. This year, MYC will have the honor of
hosting the Ensign National Championship Regatta in
August. The Ensign class will also be racing as a class in
this year’s Buzzards Bay Regatta.
On Wednesday, June 8, the PHRF Cruising boats
Denise’s Pet Care Center
Quality Pet Supplies & Friendly Service
Frequent Buyer Programs
Premium Pet Foods
123 Fairhaven Road
Mattapoisett, MA 02739
Tues-Fri 9-7, Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5
Jay Gould, DVM
My dog is a 10 year old mutt. He has been drinking a
lot more water for the past 6 months. At first I thought
it was because the house was dry in the winter but
now I’m not so sure. Is this a problem?
A change in the water consumption habits of
either a dog or cat can be an important sign of
illness. There are about 15 different disorders such
as diabetes, kidney disease, and some hormone
problems that present themselves initially as
increased thirst or excessive urination. It is very
important to discuss a change in your pets water
consumption with your veterinarian as a delay in
diagnosis may result in more severe illness.
You can contact Dr. Gould at 508-758-6400 or
visit our website at
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
The Marion Conservation Commission
will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, June 8,
2016 at 7:15 PM in the Town House conference
room, 2 Spring Street, on a Request for Determination of Applicability submitted by Elizabeth H.
Weinberg, to perform maintenance as required per
Special Condition No. 5 of Waterways License
No. 3404 issued for the pier structure at 23 Water
The site is further identified as Lot 169
on Marion Assessors’ Map 16. Plans are available
at the Town House for review.
Norman A. Hills, Chairman 5/26
--------------------------------------------TOWN OF MATTAPOISETT
The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Monday,
June 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the Mattapoisett
Town Hall on a Request for a Determination of
Applicability submitted by Marcia Waldron Dexter
Lane, Mattapoisett, MA 02739. The proposed
project is to change in the surface of the existing
driveway from stone-dust and gravel to tarmac/
hardtop. The project is located at 7 Dexter Lane,
and is further identified as Lot #51 on Assessor
Map #9. 5/26
--------------------------------------------TOWN OF MATTAPOISETT
The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Monday,
June 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the Mattapoisett
Town Hall on the Notice of Intent submitted by
William & Sophia Macropoulos.
The Applicants request an “After
the Fact” approval of a 12’ long tapered poured
concrete cap on top of the existing stone jetty, work
which occurred within Land Subject to Coastal
Storm Flowage.
Said activity was completed during
repair work on the concrete jetty which was performed under DEP File No. 44-1164. No additional
work is proposed at this time.
The project is located at 12 Howard
Beach which is further identified as Lot #18 on
Mattapoisett Assessors Map #14. 5/26
A public hearing will be held on
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town
Hall Conference Room regarding a Request for Determination of Applicability filed by the Rochester
Highway Department, 200 Ryder Road, Rochester,
MA 02770. The Rochester Highway Department
proposes to install a catch basin on the northerly
side of Hartley Road on the westerly side of the
Mattapoisett River. Said work will occur within the
roadway layout east of 75 Hartley Road, within the
100 foot Buffer Zone to wetland resource areas.
Siltation control measures will be implemented.
This hearing is being held under the
Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act, MGL Ch.
131, Section 40 and the Town of Rochester Wetland Protection By-Law.
Rosemary T. Smith, Chairperson 5/26
--------------------------------------------TOWN OF MARION
The Marion Board of Health will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at
5 p.m. in the Main Conference Room of the Marion
Town House on the variance request submitted by
G.A.F. Engineering, Inc. pertaining to the property
located at 6 Tucker Lane, further identified as Map
21, Lot 6M.
The following variance is requested to
Title 5 of the State Environmental Code:
310 CMR 15.211(1): Minimum Setback Distances
To allow the minimum distance between the soil absorption system and the inground
swimmimg pool be 18 feet rather than the 20 foot
Elizabeth S. Dunn, Vice Chairman 5/26, 6/2
Two Men and a Dump Truck available for cleaning
out yards, houses, barns, attics. Downed trees/
storm clean-up. Hedge and Tree Trimming. Call
508-992-4021 or cell 508-525-0248. Insured.
-------------------------------------------------------WANTED: Pinball Machines,
Slot Machines, and Arcade Games
Call Paul at (508)728-1017
-------------------------------------------------------WATERFRONT BEACH COTTAGE AVAILABLE JULY 4 AND OTHER WEEKS!
Mattapoisett Neck four bedroom beach home in
private neighborhhood, easy swim access, water
views from every room, fullly furnished and
equipped, outdoor shower, toys, games, puzzles,
FUN, FUN, FUN ! @$3,000/wk
[email protected]
-------------------------------------------------------Wayne Ferreira Painting
Painting one story houses
Repair & Restore Antique &
Double-Hung Windows.
Shutters, Window Boxes and more.
-------------------------------------------------------What a Find! Consignment is looking for furnishings to add to its inventory. We are in need of quality, clean items from a pet and smoke free home.
Call us for details. 508-997-0166
-------------------------------------------------------WINTER RENTAL MARION VILLAGE Avail
9/1/16-5/31/17: Walk to Tabor; 3 BR Cape 1.5
baths; $1300/month + utilities. Require first, last
and security deposit; Non-smoking; No pets; Go to (property numbers: 44085 or
209708); Call Gael 508-331-3425
-------------------------------------------------------Yard Sale
Recently combined households. Lots of kitchen
and household items, wood stove, sporting, china
and more. Saturday May 28th (raindate May 29th).
8:30-12:30. 21 Brandt Beach Ave, Mattapoisett
by Chad Carpenter
Place your classified ads
24 hours a day
7 days a week
on-line at
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
boat with a current PHRF rating is invited to participate.
Boats from around Buzzards Bay compete in both Racing
(spinnaker) and Cruising (no spinnaker) classes. Visit the
MYC website for more information and registration.
The MYC was established in 1901 to promote
local and regional sailboat racing and cruising. Its
membership is open to all. It hosts several cocktail parties
throughout the summer and other social events. Visit the
MYC website for more information.
Tabor Celebrates its 138th Commencement Service
Tabor Academy will celebrate its 138th
Commencement Service at 2:00 pm on May 30, Memorial
Day, graduating 139 students from as close as Marion,
the Cape and Southeastern, MA, to as far away as China,
Thailand, and Nigeria. The class of 2016 had admirable
Coastal Smiles!
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Mathematics Tutoring
All levels of mathematics through college. I teach
at Curry College and, also, do an MCAS program
each spring at a local high school. I have been
preparing students for the SAT and ACT Math
exams for the past 20 years. Call Pat at summer
residence: 508-758-2234 or home: 781-449-4356
Papa's Lawn Care seeks to hire a landascape
laborer or a landscape foreman. Positions pay
$12-$20 per hour depending on experience. Hard
working and detail orienated individuals enocuraged to contact Mike at (508) 828-8925
-------------------------------------------------------PAPA'S LAWN CARE
Spring Cleanups, Chain Saw, Dump Runs,
Weekly/BiWeekly LawnCare, Mulching, Woods
Manicuring, Projects, Etc. Please call or email for
all your landscaping needs.
[email protected]
Michael Papadakis (508)802-2665
-------------------------------------------------------Part time/full time floral designer and or someone
knowledgable about plants and plant design.
Please forward resume or stop by
Alway in Bloom Flower & Gift Shoppe
-------------------------------------------------------Paul's Paint
Interior and exterior painting and small carpentry
jobs. Honest and reliable with ten years experience.
Call Paul at 508-961-7350
-------------------------------------------------------Penny Pinchers Exchange Consignment
Designer Labels - Children's and Men's Clothes
Household & Linens
Come Shop & Save 39 Main St, Marion Village
Wed 10-4 - Sat 10-1
-------------------------------------------------------Perkins Quality Construction
General Contractor-Additions & Remodeling
Fully Licensed & Insured - Call Andy
Cell: 774-929-0008 - Office: 508-758-4342
Email: [email protected]
Book your date before they're gone.
Call 857-488-4425 Fairhaven
-------------------------------------------------------Pro Drummer
Looking To Join Established Working Band
-------------------------------------------------------Professional House Cleaning
Good price - 10 yrs experience
Text or call 508-840-0484
[email protected]
-------------------------------------------------------Room for Rent in very private 3 Bedrm home
in Marion on 5 acres of lush property walk to
town large Master Bedrm w prvt bath all utilities included May1 to end of August $625.00 per
month working female only Call 508 269 0575
-------------------------------------------------------Screen Repair
-------------------------------------------------------Spring Cleaners
Home * Office * Rentals
Spring cleaning all year round!
Call Samantha 508-245-9806
-------------------------------------------------------Squeaky Clean Window Services
30 years experience. Let the professional do the
work. Free estimates 508-994-9796
cell 508-542-7106
-------------------------------------------------------MATTAPOISETT*******HOUSE FOR RENT
3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch, screen porch, wooded
lot, oil heat, 1 yr lease;1st, last, security; references; $1,800 per month. Call 508-951-4185
-------------------------------------------------------Mattapoisett Year round clean, one bedroom, all
new windows, appliance, lg. yard deck, gas heat.
No pets/smokers. First, last & security $800. per
month. Call 508-763-5631
-------------------------------------------------------Mature, experienced and dependable private childcare available beginning mid June.
Please contact me at [email protected] to
discuss your childcare needs.
-------------------------------------------------------MELINDA EATON
custom home and marine interiors
blinds, shades, drapes, cushions and more
508-758-9404 or email [email protected]
-------------------------------------------------------Mendoza Masonry
All Types of Masonry
Brick, Stone, Block, Cement, Walls
Walkways, Chimneys, Chimney Sweep
Free Estimates - Fully Insured
508-441-9849 Nixon Mendoza
-------------------------------------------------------MIKE'S APPLIANCE - Sales and Service - Experienced with all brands. Also available evenings,
weekends and holidays.
Call Mike Healy at (508) 748-2557
-------------------------------------------------------Mike's Trash Removal
A Great Job At A Great Price
Mike Desrosiers 508-999-4258
-------------------------------------------------------Moving? Two men and clean enclosed truck for
hire. Licensed and insured local and long distance
moving. $85./hr. D.P.U. #29374.
(508)992-4021 or cell 508-525-0248
-------------------------------------------------------Mowing - Bagging - Clean Ups - Dump Trips
Mulch, Heavy Brush Cutting, Chain Saw, Trees
cut - Jonathan 508-758-3347
Cell 508-287-4824
-------------------------------------------------------OFFICE HELP: Small, busy Mattapoisett office,
part time - Quick Books, general office duties
Send resume to [email protected]
-------------------------------------------------------PIANO AND VOICE LESSONS
COACHING: P/V and Acting
Joyce Jacobsen 508-291-4160
[email protected]
Member NEPTA
-------------------------------------------------------Pacheco's Landscaping
Commercial and residential lawn maintenance
new lawns, weekly cutting, aerating, dethatching
rolling, Bobcat service, clean ups 508-717-5126
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
-------------------------------------------------------Summer Rental Mattapoisett: Antassawamock
Compound - Mattapoisett Neck Rd. Unobstructed
water & sunset views. Private surroundings - fully
furnished including 3 bed rms, 3 decks. Available:
June 26th thru September 2016. $1400/wk & security. Please contact Jim Hanna 508-881-4536
-------------------------------------------------------Summer rental-Crescent Beach
Nice family 3 bedroom home, close to beach, sunny living room,large yard, cable TV,WIFI, A/C in
bedrooms. No smoking, no pets.Available anytime
in June and August 13-27. [email protected] or 215-295-0478.
-------------------------------------------------------SUMMER TIME MATH TUTORING
Retain learned skills. Prepare for a strong start in
the fall. Specializing in Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry
Grades 5-11 SSAT-Prep-KenMarks
34 years at ORRJHS- retired math teacher
Tom Grondski 508-758-6219
-------------------------------------------------------The Lawncutter
Providing service for new lawn mowing accounts,
clean-ups, mulching, pressure washing, and dump
runs. Fully insured local business for 8 yrs. Please
call 720-422-4164. Matt.
-------------------------------------------------------To Do List Specialist
Get your list done
Home/Business repair & maintenance
Call Lee Lombard reg & insured 508-207-3949
-------------------------------------------------------TOOLS & YARD SALE
Hand & power tools. Nails & hardware. Power
washer. Gorilla ladder. Yard sale "stuff".
Sat 5/28 Sun 5/29 Mon 5/30 9-5
55 North Street, Mattapoisett
Rain or Shine
off the mark
by Mark Parisi
success in the college process. According to Kerry
Saltonstall, Director of Communications, ninety percent of
the class applied to a most or highly competitive college
according to Barron’s Guide, while seventy-six percent
of the class found success in that very competitive pool
of schools. Eighty-seven percent were admitted to one of
their top three choices.
Tabor begins Commencement Weekend with a
Baccalaureate Service on Sunday, May 29, the night before
diplomas are received. As is the school’s custom, a parent
of a senior is typically invited to address the class. This
year, Mrs. Angela Dawicki (mother of Hannah Dawicki
of Fairhaven) will be the speaker. Angela holds a B.S. and
a M.S. in biomedical engineering from Tulane University.
In 1995, Angela and her husband Eric purchased the
Northeast Maritime Institute, which offers maritime
education for professional mariners. In 2014, under
their leadership, the Institute received degree-granting
authority from the Massachusetts Department of Higher
Education and began offering an Associate in Applied
Science in Nautical Science degree program in 2015.
While Angela has held many roles at the Institute, she is
currently the Chief Academic Officer.
The celebration continues the next day with
a formal procession of the seniors, surrounded by
underclassmen, parents, families, friends, and faculty.
After a greeting from the Head of School, John Quirk,
and the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Carmine
Martignetti ’71 (Marion), the Class of 2016 will hear from
the student Co-Heads of School, classmates Mary Kate
McIntire (Mattapoisett) and Oliver Sughrue (Marion).
Following a musical interlude, Richard Roller, Senior
Master and Director of College Counseling, will give
the Commencement Address. Mr. Roller and his wife,
Joan, are retiring from Tabor after 46 years of service.
Rich Roller has served the school in many and varied
administrative roles, most recently as Dean of Faculty,
Director of College Counseling, Assistant Head and
Senior Master. And, over the decades, he and Joan have
worn many hats: as teachers, coaches, and house parents,
working with four of Tabor’s nine Heads of School.
After the Commencement Address, the business
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
508-789-6388 FULLY INSURED
-------------------------------------------------------L.B.P. Interior & Exterior
Power Washing and Painting Services
L.B.P. Interior & Exterior
Power Washing and Painting Services
Affordable, Clean & Reliable
Call Loring @ 508-933-4990
15 Years Experience - References Available
Free Estimates - 15 Years Experience
Call Loring (508) 933-4990 - References Available
-------------------------------------------------------LOCAL CARPENTER seeks your seasonal projects. Replacement windows, doors, storm doors,
finish work, gutterguard, hardwood stairs, storm
damage repair. Call Paul 508-789-9308
-------------------------------------------------------MASON offers Quality Work at Reasonable Prices
Chimneys, Steps, Walkways, Stonewalls,
Stone Veneers, etc. New or Restoration.
Chimney Cleaning
Local. Joe Fleurent 508-858-9875
by Chad Carpenter
-------------------------------------------------------LOOKING TO GROW THAT PERFECT LAWN?
A1 Hydroseeding can help! Our perfect blend of
seeds and fertilizers will create that beautiful lawn
you have been waiting for! For a free estimate call
Matt at 774-400-4462
Affordable, Clean & Reliable
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
of recognizing the class begins in earnest. The first order
of business is honoring and inducting new members
of the Cum Laude Society, the school’s top academic
students. Following the induction ceremony, the faculty
will award other achievement and service awards to the
class, recognize retiring faculty, and finally, present the
The service will take place under cover of a
grand tent at 2:00 pm on the waterfront and will run
approximately two hours with a reception for families
following; no road closures are planned.
Tri-Town graduates include:
Marion: Sarah Kathleen Adams; Phoebe Washburn Bride;
Brett Matthew Dineen; Tucker Adam Francis; Bradford
William Gebhardt; Abigail Kennedy Heron; Zachary Hale
Lowe; Christopher Gallagher Muther; Michael Joseph
Ryan; Robert Alan Stickles, II; Oliver Lawrence Sughrue;
Elizabeth Burr Tarrant; and Brooke Carolyn Wakeman
Mattapoisett: Jeremiah Brown Adams; Liam Patrick
Barley; Cameron Anderson Coelho; Noah Curtis Greany;
Colin Allen Kay; and Mary Katharine Evans McIntire
Rochester: Kyle Emmanuel Rood
Remembering the Ladies
The Sippican Historical Society will present a
lecture, “Remembering the Ladies: Boston Women in
Public Art,” by Mary Howland Smoyer on Thursday, May
26 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Music Hall. Mary Howland
Smoyer, a lifelong Marion summer resident and a retired
Boston Public School teacher, has been active in the
Boston Women’s Heritage Trail ( for over 25
years. The Trail was founded to recover, document and
disseminate Boston women’s history. Mary will present
the six women honored with statues in Boston and
highlight some of the public art made by women. Women
included in her talk are Abigail Adams, Lucy Stone,
Phillis Wheatley, Harriet Tubman, Anne Hutchinson and
Mary Dyer.
The lecture will be illustrated with PowerPoint
slides followed by a question and answer session. The
lecture is free and open to the public.
Capt. Bonney’s
Creamery & Food
258 New Bedford Rd.
Rochester, MA
Open Daily 11-8
Thursday, May 26th
Outside Music Night
54 Flavors of Hard & Soft Ice Cream
Hot Dogs - Paninis - Lobster Rolls
Soups & much more!
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
32' Brownell Bass Boat
Serious inquiries only please
-------------------------------------------------------Free furniture. Matching queen sleeper sofa and
loveseat, coffee table, two twin beds, queen box
spring and frame, full-size refrigerator, white
plastic table and five chairs. You pick up. Call
-------------------------------------------------------Get rid of that pesky stump. No job too small.
Including select tree removal.
Dick's Stump Grinding 774-202-0935
-------------------------------------------------------Gomez Landscaping
Spring Clean-up & yard maintenance
Oscar Gomez 774-417-3713
-------------------------------------------------------Group Estate Sale Sat. May 28, 9-12
174 Mendell Rd, Rochester
Antiques, furniture, art & art supplies, architecture
books, pottery, clothes & books
-------------------------------------------------------Guida's Cleaning
Portuguese Style, Home, Office & Boat Interiors
508-287-7947, 774-202-5510
-------------------------------------------------------Gutter Clean
Gutter Repair
Property Maintenance
Spring & Fall Cleanups
Weekly Lawn Cuts
Owner Chris Hiltz 774-454-8460
-------------------------------------------------------HOME AND YARD CLEANUPS
General Home Maintenance
Landscaping & Mowing
Brush & Tree Removal
Reasonable, Reliable with References
(ins) 508-971-8248
-------------------------------------------------------HOSPICE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
Can you share up to four to eight hours a month?
Do you enjoy conversation, arts&crafts or reading?
Hospice Services of MA is seeking volunteers to
become part of a vital team caring for people at the
end-of-life. Next training session is in early June.
Call 508-291-0049 for further information and
registration. Make a difference!
Retiree buys machinist, automotive & woodworking tools to fix & resell to keep busy.
Call Rusty 774-206-6298 or 781-789-0672
-------------------------------------------------------Items For Sale: Nice cherry antique DR table,
wine rack, nesting tables, plant holders, padded
window seat, torchiere, oval oak table & stuffed
pheasant. Call Jack 508-360-8407
-------------------------------------------------------JAMES OIEN - ELECTRICIAN
Upgrade old electrical services, generator, recessed
lighting, outlets, cable, elec. heat,
New or Old Work, Residenial or Commercial
508-863-3067 / 508-748-0718
License #31447E and Insured
-------------------------------------------------------Jet Ski, SeaDoo, 1997, like new condition, well
maintained, very few hours, must see, comes with
new trailer, $2290. Call 508-758-4509
-------------------------------------------------------John's Residential Window Washing
Tel# 508-990-1946 - Cell 508-264-4258 References, Call Anytime
-------------------------------------------------------Johnson 4/5 HP 4 stroke longshaft outboard
like new $595. Jack 508-360-8407
-------------------------------------------------------Kent McCormack Photography
Weddings and Creative Portraits
e-mail:Kent [email protected]
web:Kent McCormack
-------------------------------------------------------KIDS PARTY ENTERTAINMENT
Educational and fun animal programs
Bringing sm. animals and reptiles
right to your special occasion ~ kids love us !
-------------------------------------------------------Leah and Sam
Reliable and Experienced Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers
617-823-4156-We’re Local
-------------------------------------------------------KW Powerwashing & Painting
Book all your vinyl siding cleaning now
-------------------------------------------------------Launch Driver Needed Beverly Yacht Club is
seeking full time Launch Driver also part time for
May to October must have minimum of launch
tender or OUPV and TWIC contact Rusty Peirce at
508-748-0540 or [email protected]
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
Don’t forget to wish these people
a Happy Birthday!
Jack Carey Rapoza
Molly McCarthy
Susan Lasky
Tony Tranfaglia
Jaimee Lamb
Margery Fluegel
Payton Lord
Stephen Morte
Janice Foley
Joe Mort
Laura Casey
Vica Silva
Chelsea Gilbert
Edward Smith
Jennifer Doyle
Joseph Murray
Lydia Dominici
Nancy Souza
Patrick Maloof
Beatrice Duarte
Genevieve Grignetti
Ray Lemieux
Susan J Foster
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If you would like The Wanderer to announce
a birthday for yourself, a friend or family
member, please submit your information online to us at To submit
information by regular mail, please send the
person’s name (month and day) along with
your name and phone number so we can
confirm the information to Birthdays, c/o The
Wanderer, P.O. Box 102, Mattapoisett, MA
02739. You may submit birthday announcements anytime during the year and they will
be published/posted during the appropriate
Open Auditions for Oliver
The Marion Art Center announces auditions for
its upcoming production of Lionel Bart’s musical Oliver.
Auditions for all roles will be held June 7 and
June 9 from 3:00 to 7:00 pm by appointment only on
those dates. Please call The Marion Art Center at 508748-1266 to schedule an audition time on either June 7
or June 9. Callbacks, if needed, will be held on June 14,
beginning at 5:00 pm.
All auditions will be held at The Marion Art
Center, located at 80 Pleasant Street, Marion. Those
auditioning are asked to sing 16 bars of “Consider
Yourself.” There will also be a short dance combination
taught to determine movement and dance abilities.
Those auditioning for Oliver and the Artful
Dodger must be able to dance and move very well. For
those auditioning for all other orphans and main adult
characters, no dance training is necessary; however,
those individuals should be able to move and pick up
choreography quickly.
The show is being directed by Jamie
Wiksten and musically directed by Cassandra
Morgan. Rehearsals begin the end of August and the
performances will be held November 3-6 at the Art
Center. Additional audition information, including an
audition form, is available on the Marion Art Center
home website page at
Glaser by Name...Glazier by Trade
Quality and Service Since 1921
• Auto Glass
• Glass Tabletops
• Insulated Units
• Screens & Sashes Repaired
• Plastic/Lexan (scratch resistant)
• Mirrors: Polished, Beveled, Framed
• Specialty Glass for Kitchen Cabinet Doors
• Glass for Frames
• Custom Stationary Storm and Screen Frames
• Frameless Shower Door Glass & Hardware
2 Convenient Locations:
1265 Purchase Street
910 Pleasant Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
Fall River, MA 02720
Winner of:
Follow us on
landscape design/build
landscape lighting
May 26, 2016 masonry
The Wanderer
Crescent Beach Summer Rental
2 1/2 Bdrm, sleeps 6, across from beach area,
$1,000/wk ($1,100 holiday) 617-519-7811
-------------------------------------------------------Cut grass & trim
Reasonable prices
Carlos 508-287-3429
-------------------------------------------------------Dark American Arborvitaes 8'to 10' tall.
Premium grade locally sourced Arborvitaes
$120.00 each with professional installation .508542-8889.
Deer eating your landscape plants?
Our organic spray service can help.
Roseland Nursery Acushnet 508-995-4212
-------------------------------------------------------Don's Home Improvement interior/exterior carpentry, remodeling and snow plowing. No job too
small! Fully insured. 774-849-5394
ESTATE SALE Fine furniture, antiques, china,
etc. Sat 5/28 Sun 5/29 Mon 5/30 9-5
55 North Street, Mattapoisett
Rain or Shine
-------------------------------------------------------Fairhaven Center Apt for Rent. 1Bedroom
Beautiful, quiet neighborhood. Convenient parking. No smoking/pets. 508-993-5070
-------------------------------------------------------Enjoy Life! Be right on the water!
June & July wks avail. Angelica Pt. Cozy cottage. Sleeps 4. No pets. 301-237-5219 Bob
-------------------------------------------------------Fairhaven Coal Co.
* Premium Anthracite - Pea, Nut, Rice, or Stove
* Pick-up or Delivered * Bulk or Bag
Tony Lopes: 508-990-0011 * Cell: 508-965-6018
Answering Machine Pick-up After Fourth Ring
Now taking orders for immediate delivery
-------------------------------------------------------Family Cleaning
We clean all type of houses (Reg.Homes,
Rentals,Offices etc)
Flexible Schedule, Free Estimate
Call: Katherine Hernandez
-------------------------------------------------------DUMP RUNS AND CLEAN UPS, ODD JOBS,
CALL STEVE @ 508-758-2608
-------------------------------------------------------DUMP RUNS and MORE Any cleanup, yards,
houses, attics, apts, etc. Oil tank and boiler
removal call Cliff 508-472-8539
-------------------------------------------------------DUMP RUNS
You Point, We Load Anything
Call 508-758-2621, 508-596-3798
-------------------------------------------------------Electrician Eric Cordeiro lic#e51465. For good
work & reasonable price,24hr service,5% of
seniors, big & small jobs,free estimates, Will call
back same day or 5% off. Call #5089954496.
-------------------------------------------------------ESTATE AND YARD SALE
16 Prospect Road (Corner of Pine Island Rd.)
Saturday, May 28th. 8-3 only
House open at 8:30. Numbers given out at 8.
Antiques: Chairs, brass bed, breakfront, desks,
mirrors, drop leaf end tables, vict. dictionary stand,
clocks, paintings, prints, berry scoop, dishes, many
nice books, silverplate, throw rugs, copper buckets,
brass bells, plus numerous interesting knick knacks
and some jewelry.
The Wanderer
-------------------------------------------------------FED UP WITH HAM
For good old fashioned quality at reasonable
prices, call the "Old Master Craftsman,"
R. Scott Armbruster. 508-758-2891
-------------------------------------------------------FOR SALE
2007 Dodge Ram Laramie 1500 4x4
quad cab, leather, 5.7L hemi, GPS, sirrius, alarm,
bedliner, tow package, remote start, tool box.
91k miles -14,500 or b.o. call 508-728-4319
-------------------------------------------------------Gary’s Rototilling Service
Any Garden 40.00
Call or text 508 858 9397
-------------------------------------------------------FOR SALE
2013 VW New Convertible Beetle
Auto, turbo, Fender Edition, 6880 miles, dual
exhaust, 18" wheels, keyless entry and start, Fender
stereo system, navigation, air, leather, etc. Blue
with beige roof, very sharp, must see, list price
new $33,925, Kelly Blue Book $22,575, selling for
$19,500. Call 508-954-0348 or 508-997-7039.
May 26, 2016
Subscription Form
First Class Mail
One Year $68
6 Months $34
Starting Date:
Return completed form to:
The Wanderer
P.O. Box 102
55 County Road
Mattapoisett, MA 02739
Order on line at:
Yes, There Was Life Before Video Games
Growing up in Rochester in the 1950s was quite
different than it is today. Back in the day, there were no
iPhones, iPads or iTunes.
The Rochester Historical Society is sponsoring a
writing contest for Rochester’s youth between the ages of
12-14 years old. The essay, minimum of one page, should
compare the differences of playtime activities of 12-14
year old children in the 1950s in Rochester with what 1214 years old kids do today for fun.
Ask your parents, your grandparents, your
neighbors, or visit the Historical Society’s museum to
help you unlock the ideas for your essay. What would you
do without your iPad? What would you be doing if you
couldn’t text or Tweet your friends or watch videos? You
might be surprised at all the things Rochester kids of the
1950s did for fun.
The top three essays will be announced at the
Historical Society Booth at the Rochester Country Fair in
August. First prize will be $100; 2nd prize will be $75; 3rd
prize will be $50. Submissions must be postmarked no
later than August 1. Please mail your entry to Rochester
Historical Society, P.O. Box 171, Rochester, MA 02770.
Please include your name, address and age on your essay.
Any questions, call Edyie at 508-961-7401.
So Rochester kids between the ages of 12- 14,
put down your iPads and pick up your pencils. We look
forward to reading your essays.
Family Fun Field Day
Despite its well-established presence in the North
Atlantic, the white shark is not considered an abundant
species and efforts to study its life history and ecology
have been hampered by the inability of researchers to
predictably encounter these sharks. However, with the
protection of marine mammals over the last 40 years,
the western North Atlantic gray seal population has
rebounded and there is strong evidence that white sharks
have expanded their foraging strategies to include active
predation on these animals off Cape Cod, MA. For the
first time, researchers have predictable access to white
sharks in the North Atlantic. This presentation will
highlight the results of this research. The program will be
on June 10 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at the Marion Music Hall,
Join the Mattapoisett Lions Club for a Free
Family Fun Field Day to promote diabetes awareness
on June 11 from 9:00 - 11:00 am at Veteran’s Park (Ned’s
Point Lighthouse). Games will include wheelbarrow
races, egg toss, three-legged race, sack race and more!
Nutritious snacks and water will be provided. No preregistration necessary. No charge! Bring your family and
enjoy a beautiful morning while learning about diabetes
awareness. Sponsored by the Mattapoisett Lions Club.
White Sharks in the North Atlantic
Marion Natural History Museum presents “White
Sharks in the North Atlantic” with Dr. Greg Skomal,
Senior Marine Fisheries Scientist, MA Marine Fisheries.
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
Maintenance, Painting & Repairs
Home Improvements
Roofing - Siding - Gutters - Decks
Quality Work - Low Prices
Call 508-596-3798 or 508-758-2621
-------------------------------------------------------Beautiful Crescent Beach Summer weekly rental
(sleeps 10), Newly renovated 3 BD plus bunkroom;
bonus outdoor shower and bathroom; large deck,
private yard and short walk to the beach; most
weeks between June 24 and August 12th available.
Call Noele 860-305-7927
-------------------------------------------------------Car Storage
Short/Long Term Indoor Car Storage, Located in
Marion, $150 per Month, Call Mike (508)802-2665
-------------------------------------------------------Chickens for Rent!!!
2 laying hens, coop and accessories!
Seasonal Rental call Pat at 774-309-0402
-------------------------------------------------------Classic Eddy & Duff North Haven Catboat
L-14' x W-4'6", lead inside ballast, much teak trim,
wood spars, w/trailer
-------------------------------------------------------Cleaning Services
Home * Office * Rentals
Will meet all of your cleaning needs all year
Please call Sarah for free estimate at
-------------------------------------------------------CRANBERRY INDOOR FLEA MKT.
OPEN 9-5.....Every Fri., Sat. & Sun.
23,000 sq. ft. of Antiques, Collectibles,
Vintage Toys, Glassware, Militaria & more.
3065 Cranberry Hwy., Wareham, MA
Two full levels of treasures for everyone!
Room for more vendors. Call 774-634-6364.
-------------------------------------------------------College Students + Trucks =
Your Junk Gone for Less $$
Complete Home Repair
Repairs, Painting, Carpentry, Tiling
Kitchen/bathroom renovations
40 years experience
HIC #184523
410 382-4442 (cell)
-------------------------------------------------------Computer repair/virus removal/new computer info
transfers ... Fast, reliable and cost friendly...Please
call 508-295-5653 to make an appointment.
-------------------------------------------------------COTTAGE FOR RENT: Crescent Beach, Mattapoisett
Adorable fully furnished home with open floor
plan. Large private patio deck w/expandable
awning for shade. Nice yard and a short walk to
the beach! Great location - see pics on computer.
Go to and click on different
508-207-7347 or 508-364-0316
or SEAHORSE REALTY 508-758-4663
-------------------------------------------------------Cleanouts at Reasonable Prices
Need to clean out the Garage, Yard, House, Attic, Shed or Basement?
Don’t want to spend an arm & leg doing it?
Call or email me for a free no obligation quote.
Honest, reliable, hard working young adult saving
money for college. Call Ben @ 774-328-7038
or email: [email protected]m
Honest, Reliable College Students
Saving money for school.
Free no obligaton Quotes.
Call Ben at 774-328-7038
email [email protected]
Classified Policy: All Classified
Advertisements must be prepaid and
can be placed at our office or on line at
Classified Deadline: Tuesday at
10:00 am for Thursday’s paper.
Classified Rates:
Classified Advertisements are $5.00
for 3 lines or less per week. Each
additional line is $1.00 per week. There
are an average of six words per line.
Classified Guidelines:
*As a general rule, there are
approximately six words per line in a
standard Classified Ad.
*Blank lines cannot be used in
Classified Advertisements.
*There is only upper case and lower
case lettering.
*No graphics may be used in Classified
*Classified Ads cannot be placed on
*Classified Ads cannot be taken over
the phone.
Mailing Classified Ads: Ads can be
mailed with payment to P.O. Box 102,
Mattapoisett, MA 02739
Placing Classified Ads On-line: Ads
can be placed on line at:
Dropping Off Classified
Advertisements: Ads can be dropped
by our office at 55 County Road in
Mattapoisett, Monday, Thurs, Fri -9am
to 3pm; Tuesday 9am to noon
Payment Policy: All sales final, we do
not offer credits or refunds.
Legal Advertisements:
* Legal Ads are $1.00 per line, at a
minimum of $20. per ad.
by Stephan Pastis
Other services offered: moving items,
lawn cutting, general yard work,
clean-ups, whatever you need help with
-------------------------------------------------------Cottage for rent Crescent Beach
2Bedroom,2Bathroom $1000wk
[email protected]
-------------------------------------------------------COUNTRY MASON
Wayne Therrien
Bricks, Stones, Concrete, Aluminum Rails &
Chimney Sweeping, Bob Cat Service, De-ice gutter
Lic & Ins. 40 yrs experience. 508-763-4586
-------------------------------------------------------CRANBERRY INDOOR FLEA MKT.
OPEN 9-5.....Every Fri., Sat. & Sun.
23,000 sq. ft. of Antiques, Collectibles,
Vintage Toys, Glassware, Militaria & more.
3065 Cranberry Hwy., Wareham, MA
Two full levels of treasures for everyone!
Room for more vendors. Call 774-634-6364.
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
164 Front Street, Marion. Cost is $8 for members and $10
for nonmembers. Marion Natural History Museum phone
Marion Recreation Summer Programs Guide
Marion Recreation began rolling out its
summer program guide and it is filled with activities
for participants of all ages. Silvershell Summer Camp, a
new Silvershell Teen Camp, basketball, tennis, sailing,
swimming and more are all included in this year’s
planned offerings. Registration has already begun and
space is first come first served, so don’t delay. A full
program guide is available for pick up at the Marion
Town House, 2 Spring Street, Marion or by visiting
Marion Recreation, 13 Atlantis Drive, Marion. Also the
full guide is available digitally on the recreation website at Contact Marion Recreation
for more information.
Bake Sale
Homemade baked goods will be on sale at
Lloyd’s Market in Rochester on Saturday, May 28
starting at 10:00 am. Pies, cookies, cupcakes, brownies,
Pup Cakes (for Dogs) and more – made by members
of Sippican Pomona Grange that includes area granges
from Rochester, Acushnet and S. Middleboro – will be
available. The Grange is a family organization whose
focus is in agriculture, community issues and services.
[email protected]
2016 Stone Horse Builder’s Cup
The Builder’s Cup is a series of one-design races
limited to the 23-foot Stone Horse built by Edey & Duff,
formerly of Aucoot Cove, Mattapoisett. The 2016 races
will be sailed in Buzzards Bay off of the New Bedford
Yacht Club on Saturday, August 13.
Overnight moorings are available through New
Bedford Yacht Club
For information or to RSVP, contact Tom Kenney
at 508-984-1820, [email protected]
Tri-County Symphonic Band
Old Rochester Farmers’ Market
This year’s Old Rochester Farmers’ Market will
run from June 7 - October 18. The market is open every
Tuesday from 3:00 - 6:00 pm, held outside the gymnasium
of Old Rochester Regional Junior High School. The
market has live entertainment on a weekly basis and will
also have additional activities, such as face painting for
kids as well as free yoga from 5:00 - 6:00 pm on every
third Tuesday. This year’s market will have a variety
of items to choose from including fresh local produce,
breads, cut flowers, herbs, fruits, sweets and pastries,
yogurts, cheeses, pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef,
non-GMO local chicken, sweet and savory pies, honey,
jams, fresh eggs, organic baby food, sauces, ethnic foods
and artisan crafts. Don’t miss out visiting our market.
Accepting applications for new vendors; please email
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
17 year old male high school student available for
part-time childcare. Responsible, dependable, CPR
certified, with own transportation. Please contact
Tim 508-317-5944.
-------------------------------------------------------2004 Triumph Speedmaster 790 cc's 5,000 mi.
Excellent condition - $3700 blue book value
508-758-9289 508-997-9968
-------------------------------------------------------2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata 13,000 very good condition. 5-speed, auto-man, AC, ABS, power windows, power steering, tilt wheel, alloy wheels, dual
air bags, side air bags, AM/FM stereo. Bronzed
burgundy. $10,999. 774-553-5465
-------------------------------------------------------5 bedroom year round rental
in Piney Point
-------------------------------------------------------ADR Lawn & Landscape
Lawn Maintenance, Mulch Beds, Clean Ups, Tree/
Shrub Trimming, Patios, Walkways, Cobblestone,
Stone Driveways, New Lawn Installation, Mulch
Delivered, & more!
Fully Insured - Free Estimates
-------------------------------------------------------Adriana Cleaning Services
10 yrs. experience and good references
Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time services
available. Call or text 857-249-7241
-------------------------------------------------------All Types of Alterations
Men's - Ladies - Children
Tailoring by Mario Luzza
265 Wareham Rd, Marion
(508) 748-6500
-------------------------------------------------------APPLIANCE REPAIR
Washers, Dryers, Stoves & More
-------------------------------------------------------Art Lessons: Fox Run Studio offers Private
Instruction in all mediums. Children and adults,
coastal watercolors, commissions accepted.
Jeremy Lafferty 508-287-4338
[email protected]
Spring Cleanup, Landscaping, Dump-runs, Painting, Powerwashing, Carpentry, General Maintenance, Complete Home Repair,
Interior & Exterior Work, Cleanouts, Moving &
Storage, Installation of Multimedia Systems
-------------------------------------------------------AUTOBODY REPAIRS FULL/PARTIAL RESTORATIONS ON YOUR EVERYDAY DRIVER
508-763-2199 CELL 508-998-8725
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Carpentry-Paint-Tile-Mason-Wood Siding-FloorsDecks-Repl. Windows-Doors-Roof-Drywall-Outdr
Showers/Garden Structures. No Job Too Sm. 29
Yrs Exp 508-758-4413 H 508-951-8433 C
-------------------------------------------------------Beautiful views from this 3 bedroom waterfront
home on Crescent Beach, Mattapoisett. Available
June, 7/2-7/9, 8/20-8/27 Call 617-212-7445
--------------------------------------------------------Brandon's Tree Service & Landscaping- Professional Tree Trimming and Removals - 50' Bucket Truck, 10+ Years Experience - Bobcat Service, Full Landscaping -Land Clearing, Lawn Mowing, Power Washing-Thorough Yard Cleanups, Mulching - Stone Walls, Patios - FULLY INSURED - Firewood, Snow Plowing Estimates -Work year roundCall Jeff at 508-232-9949
-------------------------------------------------------Brandt Beach, 3 br 1 bath, large yard, short
walk to assoc. beach, sleeps 6, washer/dryer
dishwasher, cable, wireless Available:
June 25-July 9, July 17-30, Aug 6-13, Aug 20-27
Call 978 621-5345
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by J.P. Toomey
The Wanderer
May 26, 2016
The Tri-County Symphonic Band will present
its14th Annual Benefit Pops Concert entitled “A
Celebration of the Sea” on Sunday, June 12. The Social
Hour & Raffle will begin at 2:00 pm and the Concert,
Cupcakes and Coffee will begin at 3:00 pm in the Grand
Tent at the Fireman Performing Arts Center, Tabor
Academy, 235 Front Street, Marion. All proceeds will
benefit the John R. Pandolfi Scholarship Fund. Come
join us in an elegant, spacious tent on the scenic shore of
Sippican Harbor, as light fare and cupcakes from On The
Go Catering adorn the tables and the raffle ensues. The
Tri-County Symphonic Band’s program will highlight
music that was written about the sea and the brave folks
who have spent their lives at sea. Please help us celebrate
our 14th annual Pops Concert with this afternoon event.
Concert tickets are $25 each and can be purchased at
the door on the day of the concert. Raffle tickets are $20
each ($1,000 Grand Prize) and can be purchased at The
Bookstall in Marion and The Symphony Music Shop in
Dartmouth. You do not need to be present to win the
raffle. All proceeds from the concert and raffle will benefit
the Tri-County Music Association’s John R. Pandolfi
Scholarship Fund.
For more details, visit http://
Real Estate Transactions
158 Sandwich Rd Wareham
Exceptional one level ranch in move in condition.
Newer windows and vinyl siding. Nice sun room
with water views of the Weweantic! 2 car garage
and heated basement. $229999 508-758-4944
Nasketucket Bird Club
Photographer Dan Logan features Birds of the
South Coast at the May 26 meeting of the Nasketucket
Bird Club. Fairhaven resident and professional
photographer Dan Logan will show some his images from
this past year. Most will be of birds that live in or pass
through southeastern Massachusetts as well as some birds
he saw during his trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
The event will be held at 7:00 pm on Thursday,
May 26 at the Mattapoisett Public Library. The meeting is
free and open to the public. For more information, contact
Carolyn Longworth at [email protected]
©2016 The Warren Group, reprinted with permission
Dennis Mahoney&Sons Inc Mcintire, David J
Industrial Dr
City DatePrice
Dennis Mahoney&Sons Inc Mcintire, David J
Industrial Dr
Dennis Mahoney&Sons Inc JDAM Real Estate LLC
91 Marion Rd
Dennis Mahoney&Sons Inc JDAM Real Estate LLC
42 Pearl St
Jones, Wendall M
Jones, Tammy A
Fringuelli, David
Fringuelli, Debra J
80 Forbes Rd
Connet Woods LLC
Lafleur FT
12 Shadow Farm Ln
Lafleur, RonaldJDAM RE
Visit us at to search past Real Estate Transactions with our searchable database
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer
off the mark by Mark Parisi
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off the mark
Sudoku Answer
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May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 The Wanderer