Newsletter Nr. 14 vom 21.September 2010



Newsletter Nr. 14 vom 21.September 2010
Friedrichstr. 122
D-10117 Berlin
Newsletter Nr. 14 vom 21.September 2010
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
am Donnerstag startet zum fünften Mal das Reeperbahnfestival in
Hamburg. Mit dabei sind diesmal 55 deutsche Künstler und Bands,
davon 12, die von der Initiative Musik gefördert werden.
Das nehmen wir zum Anlass ein Newsletter-Spezial zum
Reeperbahnfestival herauszugeben mit allen Daten, Uhrzeiten und Infos
zu den Bands. Damit auch unsere internationalen Kollegen unsere
Künstler kennenlernen, diesmal das Ganze in Englisch.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen
Ina Keßler
Thursday, 23.09.2010
Hundreds Pop / Elektro / Elektropop
The magical voice of Eva meets the
melancholy piano playing and synth-pop
sounds of her brother Philipp. This duo from
Hamburg create wonderful music that makes
your heart jump and let’s you forget the rest of
the world.
Schmidt's Tivoli, 23:45-00:45
Tusq Indie / Rock / Psychedelic
The four guys who make up Tusq had all played
in a number of bands before, but this hasn’t
stopped them putting all their energy into their
new project. They recorded their album in
Finland and you can feel and hear the
Scandinavian influence. The more people that
hear them, the stronger their fanbase becomes
ensuring success here in Germany and beyond.
T: +49 (0)30 - 531 475 45 - 0
F: +49 (0)30 - 531 475 45 - 9
E: [email protected]
Prinzenbar, 22:30-23:15
ZPYZ Pop / Electro
No, they were not born in the 80s - although
they sound like they would have been big in
those days. ZPYZ are like a modern version of
the Beastie Boys who made out with Bloc Party
and had a rebellious kid. When you go to a
show of the Berlin-based dance-pop duo get
ready to dance hard.
Moondoo, 22:30-23:30
Friday, 24.09.2010
Adolar Punk / Emo
“The girl you want to date will probably wear
their band shirt.” That is what music magazine
Visons wrote about the band Adolar. The four
guys from Saxony-Anhalt are Germany’s
answer to the US Emo-Punk movement...just
their lyrics are even better. Go to their show
and be sure to exchange band shirts.
Grüner Jäger, 20:15-21:15
Irie Révoltés Reggae, Ska, Dancehall
Happy go lucky Raggae – Dancehall – Hip Hop.
Irie Révoltés was founded in Heidelberh in 2000
and the group transcends every genre and
language and mix what inspires them. They
write lyrics in German and French and celebrate
the good times.
Docks 23:40-00:50
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MIT Electro
When the cool kids are united they will never be
divided – everyone’s talking about the Cologne
based electronica trio MIT. If you’ve only ever
sampled their German-language electro once,
you’re sure to be a confirmed fan already. MIT
were produced by Jas Shaw, the head of
Simian Mobile Disco, and ex-Kraftwerk member
Emil Schult.
Uebel&Gefährlich, 22:00-23:00
Schlachthofbronx Electro / Dancehall
Munich Bass is the new Bavarian ghetto sound.
Benedikt Wießmeier, Jakob Döring and
Christoph Brandner are true traditional guys in
“Lederhosen” who mix their accent with aggro
Electro, Dubstep, Soca and Miami Bass. USmusic magazine Fader featured
Schlachthofbronx as the next big thing and
producer Diplo also jumped into their Festzelt.
Uebel&Gefährlich, 23:30-00:45
beat!beat!beat! Indie / Shoegaze / Pop
German music seems to go up a notch or two
on the credibility scale when beat!beat!beat! are
playing. Tim Gerke, Mortz Leppers und Joshua
Gottmanns may be from the little town of
Viersen but already sound like the next big thing
in the indie rock movement. Everybody who has
seen them praises their talent and wants to see
Terrace Hill, 21:10-21:50
Fotos Indie / Pop
It’s not hard to really feel Fotos. Inspired by
British indie music, the Hamburg-based guys
adapted that style and took it into softer and
purer territory. Fotos gained a reputation for
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being one of Germany’s top live acts; they
played over 220 concerts in eleven countries
and are an experience you will never forget.
Haspa Bühne, 19:30-20:30
klein Singer-Songwriter / Acoustic / Electronica
„The world is klein“ became a synonym for the
Hamburg-based band klein and their influence
in the scene. At the age of 12, Lutz Nikolaus
was already playing in a Cure cover band and
took it from there to found klein with Karsten
Deutschmann, Meike Schrader und Cordula
Grolle in 2001. They are everything but small.
Hasenschaukel, 21:00-21:40
Nils Koppruch Folk / Alternative / Andere
Before Nils became a one man show he played
in several bands. Now he’s found himself
somewhere in the midst of lyrics that make you
smile or cry...or both. His guitar and his voice
are the central feature of his music, augmented
at times by a variety of other instruments.
Terrace Hill, 23:40-00:40
Tim Neuhaus & Band Alternative / Acoustic /
Almost born with a guitar in his hand, Tim
Neuhaus has been recording music since he
was sixteen and it looks like him and his fans
can not live without it. Sometimes he plays
together with six band members sometimes with
less but that doesn’t really matter because his
voice and his songs touch everyone that listens.
Terrace Hill, 20:00-20:40
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