winter 2013 - ST Dominics Hostel



winter 2013 - ST Dominics Hostel
25th anniversary of St. Dominic’s Hostel NSW
1988 - 2013
A publication of St Dominic’s Hostel, 171 Walters Road Blacktown NSW 2148 Telephone : 9831 2054
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
From the Administrator’s Desk
Dear Residents, Staff, Relatives and Friends,
‘Prevention is better than cure’. May we remind that this is the season when flu finds its way easily in Aged Care!
It is best practice to wash your hands or use hand santising gel, prior & after visiting your loved ones.
Thank you for your co-operation.
I take this opportunity on behalf of the Board Members, the Sisters, Staff &
Residents to farewell Catherine Micallef.
Catherine has been a St. Dominic’s Hostel’s loyal employee for these last 16
years! It is with sadness that we bid ‘Happy Retirement’. Thank you for your
precious service Catherine!
Catherine with resident Miss Kathleen O'Connor
It is with pleasure that on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of St. Dominic’s Hostel, we the Dominican Sisters of
Malta have launched a CD.
This CD is a collection of Maltese devotional prayers and hymns, aimed to meet the spiritual & cultural needs of
elderly Maltese, particularly those suffering from dementia.
With love and prayers
Sr. Georgina Sultana
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
Amy Pereira
“When I was 14, I was the oldest I ever was. I’ve been getting younger ever since”
This is one of many quotes of Shirley Temple. I love watching movies of Shirley
Temple and singing to favourite songs like ‘On a good ship lollipop’.
My life journey began in the tropics of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
on the 9th of February 1926. I am the eldest of three
siblings, Ada and Billy. We sadly lost Billy to meningitis at
a very early age of his life. Ada and I were very close,
unfortunately Ada also passed away a few years ago due
to illness.
Arthur & Amy Hurdy with
children Amy & Ada
Young Amy Pereira
My parents Amy and Arthur Hardy were very caring and loving parents who wanted
the best for their children. As a result of my Father’s profession as a railway engine
driver we had to move around the country often. Eventually I was based
permanently at my Aunty Ellie’s house in a suburb called Nugegoda in Colombo. I
was united with my parents only during the holiday time.
I met my dear husband Robert Daniel Claymont Pereira during the preparation of
my cousin Estelle’s wedding. Robert was the Best man and I was the Bridesmaid.
Robert was on leave from the Army at the time, and looked a treat in his
We were married in 1944 at the Baptist church of Colombo. We decided to
continue living in the suburb of Nugegoda. Robert continued his service in the
Army during WWII.
We were blessed with three beautiful children – Deanna, Robert and Cheryl.
Amy with Husband Robert
Amy with children Robert, Deanna & Cheryl
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
I was the typical house wife and had the finest life a married woman with children could have. In 1954
my dear husband passed away suddenly leaving me feeling a very lonely and sad person. I have
cherished the memory of those wonderful few years with my dear husband and I do still think about
him often.
As life went on, I migrated to Sydney, Australia in the mid 70’s and started an exciting yet challenging
life. In Australia, I had to be self-reliant and independent which is the way of life here. This was a test
for me, because in Ceylon I had plenty of help and support to do the simplest things in life which I was
very dependent on.
I want to thank my 3 children for their patience, understanding and involvement in making difference
to my wonderful life here in Australia. I would like to spend as much time as possible with them.
I also adore my 8 grandchildren, 13 beautiful great grand children and eagerly look forward to seeing
them regularly.
Amy with her grandchildren
I am very lucky and thankful to my grandson Shane who found my current and wonderful home – St
Dominic’s Hostel. I enjoy my life here and really appreciate all the care and assistance provided by the
Nuns and Staff. “THANK YOU”.
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
Happy Birthday to:
1st………….Miss Carmen Pisani
11th …………… Mrs. Antonia Cini
8th………….Miss Kathleen O’Connor
11th…………Mr. George Haim
15th…………Mrs. Connie Borg
28th…………Mrs. Carmen Schembri
29th…………Mr. Joseph Sobolewski
10th…………Mr. Patrick Collins
19th…………Mrs. Jane Demarco
28th…………Mr. Pavel Rot
Mrs. Carmen Formosa
Mr. John Falzon (respite)
) Antonia Cini (respite)
Transferred To Nursing Home
Mrs. Irene Harley
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
As in previous years, the functions of the Easter Triduum were celebrated in the chapel of
St. Dominic’s Hostel. Fr. Claude was the main celebrant, assisted by Mr. John Beale. For
the Good Friday function and the Easter Sunday mass, the group of Marlene & Maureen
accompanied by Frank a bass guitarist, played and sang. Everyone enjoys their music.
Thanks to Fr. Claude and all who lent a hand in organizing these Holy Functions.
Marlene and Maureen - These two singers are well known and appreciated by our residents.
On one occasion they were accompanied by Fr. Arthur Cook - a professional singer, who
impressed our residents with his great singing voice.
Cultural Activities
Each week a series of Maltese Programs are shown to our residents called ‘Malta u Li Hinn
Minnha’ i.e. ‘Malta and Beyond.’ These programs consist of a series of information services
recorded with a high definition and systematic broadcast. Among the regular services we
find: walks along the country side…Others focused on nature; Farming and natural
scenes on the Maltese Islands…Services about Historical and Architectural
History….Traditional foods cooked in different ways…Traditional Craft of popular aspects
that give Maltese identity… Information about New Publications (books) and other exclusive
services brought up by other countries that focus on Maltese Diaspora…Others that show
nature and the beauty of the World Civilization around the four Corners of the World.
These are being translated into English for the non Maltese residents.
A Great Day for the Irish – On St. Patrick’s Day, the Story on the life of St. Patrick was
shown to our residents with a series of Information about Ireland, customs, Irish songs and
Irish Dancing.
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
Mother’s Day - A Mother’s day concert was organized for our residents. Popular singer Joe
Apap volunteered to come and entertain our residents. He is very popular especially with
the Maltese. Afternoon tea with a sing-a-long was also organized. Each female resident was
given a little gift consisting of a bag of homemade cookies on Mother’s day.
Song birds - A group of singers, adults and children came to entertain our residents. All
residents enjoyed their performances.
Bus Outings – A small group of residents were interested in going to the Redgum Centre,
Wentworthville to watch one of the popular Gilbert & Sullivan ‘s
Musical comedy classic, ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ which they
thoroughly enjoyed.
Another group of residents were taken out to visit another
interesting exhibition at Fairfield City Showground, Smithfield. It
consisted of over 400 Koi Fish on Display, Live Entertainment,
Taiko drummers, Japanese Dancers, Petting Farm (Baby Animals) Dingo Sanctuary Bargo,
Live Reptile Displays, Australian Parrots, Koi Bonsai, Orchids, Cactus, Guinea Pigs,
Ferrets, Birds, Discus, Rats & Mice.
Our Lady of Mercy College Year 11 students invited our residents for an entertainment and
luncheon. A good number of residents participated in this activity. The students showed
great respect and courtesy towards our residents. All residents present had a great time.
Our residents were invited to ‘The Noble Mission’ at Rooty Hill Mosque Mt Druitt. A group
of interested residents were driven to this place. Information about Islam was given. They
also visited the mosque; our residents were shown and explained the rituals Muslims use
for prayers. Sausage sizzles and drinks were served to our residents.
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
A relaxing moment – enjoying the Koi
Fish belonging to Rita Borg our Staff
Member who belongs to the Koi Club.
Petting the hamster
Our Residents’ at the 2013 Koi Pet & Garden Show
Touching the snake
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
Admiring the BONSAI
Anniversary Celebrations
On the 6th April 3013, a thanksgiving mass was held at St.
Dominic’s Hostel to commemorate 25 years of dedicated service
since the first resident was admitted in April 1988.
His Lordship Bishop Kevin Manning concelebrated mass assisted
by Fr. Claude Borg MSSP and Fr. Anthony Zahra OFM Conv.
both residents of St. Dominic’s Hostel, The J & C choir under the
direction of Mr. John Beale was in attendance.
Among the invited guests present at the ceremony were Mr. Frances Tabone - High
Commissioner for Malta in Australia. The Council General for Malta in NSW- Mr. Chris
Mercieca and Mrs. Mercieca - The Hon. Mr. John Aquilina - members of the Board of
Management - Our sisters from Rosary Home, Victoria, and several other friends and well
wishers, staff and residents.
Sr. Georgina gave an introductory speech and welcomed all
In his homily, Bishop Manning praised the sisters for their
dedication in caring for the elderly.
The Superior general Sr. Carmelita Borg who was unable to be present on this occasion
sent a message of thanks and appreciation which was read at the conclusion of the mass.
The High Commissioner, Mr. Francis Tabone presented Sr. Georgina with
a gift in appreciation of the service they give to those who are under their
Sr. Georgina made a presentation of a CD to the Hon. Mr. John Aquilina
consisting of a collection of devotional hymns and prayers in Maltese,
which will serve as an aid to the Maltese elderly especially those
suffering from Dementia. We have already started distributing copies to
Aged Care Facilities where elderly Maltese are residing.
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
Know your Reps
Rev. Fr. Claude Borg mssp
Residents' Meeting
Mrs. Ziska Deutrom
Residents' Meeting
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |
Mr. Joachim Vaz
Residents' Representative
At the Board of Management
St Dominic’s Hostel Management,
Cordially thanks Mr. Charles Said – Vassallo
For supporting St. Dominic’s Hostel
throughout the years.
St. Dominic’s Hostel – News & Views Winter 2013 |