Salaam Namaste Constitution



Salaam Namaste Constitution
Constitution of Salaam Namaste
-PreambleWe the people of the Indian Subcontinent, in order to form more perfect opportunities to
integrate American and Indian culture at Bates College will establish Indian cultural
education and awareness, insure entertainment of the highest level through Bollywood
movies, provide for the much needed nourishment of Bates students through moviepopcorn and Indian dinners, promote the life long dedication to dancing and singing to
Indian music and secure the blessings of the Indian culture to ourselves and our posterity,
do ordain and establish this Constitution for Salaam Namaste.
Article I
The name of this of this organization shall be Salaam Namaste.
Article II
The purpose of this club is to give Bates students the opportunities to explore and enjoy
Indian culture in a variety of settings. Our interaction with the community will include;
cultural dinners, celebration of Indian festivals (Holi, Diwali, & Dashera) through
cultural programs. The club will also provide the viewing of exotic Bollywood movies on
a monthly basis along with a couple of open dance floor parties where Bates students will
master the art of grooving to Bollywood music.
Article III
This organization is open to all Bates students and staff, interested in the Indian culture.
Students and staff of Bates College are welcome to all meetings and club events
including movies, dance parties, and cultural programs. There may be admission fees for
certain events to help defray costs.
Article IV
Co-Presidents: In charge of calling and running weekly meetings setting club agenda
and providing leadership. Plans and coordinates all events taking responsibility for
suitable delegation of work where required.
Treasurer: In charge of budget and all monetary issues. The treasurer is responsible for
submitting a budget proposal to the Budget Committee in order to secure funds for future
club activities.
Secretary: In charge of keeping attendance at meetings, recording minutes, making
arrangements for events i.e blueslipping, booking the venues, and informing the Bates
community about club events
Officer Succession: To be a co-president, membership for one year is required. In the
other two posts, previous membership to the club is not necessary however, enthusiasm
and responsibility are strongly encouraged. Each office serves a one year term but can be
re-elected unlimited number of times. If an officer can not fulfill requirements associated
with that position or their performances deemed unsatisfactory by 2/3rds of members by
an anonymous vote, he/she will step down from office. Elections will be held in January
of each year unless a position becomes vacant over the year, in which case new selections
will be held at the next meeting. A nomination by another member is required to run for
office. For the election of officers, only a majority is required.
Article V
At least one meeting per semester will be called whenever the presidents determine that a
meeting is necessary. All decisions regarding the club's finances will be made by a
officers'vote including money allocations and fundraising. A 2/3rds majority is required
for all decisions and officers need not be present at a particular meeting to cast their vote.
At least 50% of officers must vote in any decision.
Article VI
Amendments will be voted on by the club members and will be passed by a 2/3rds vote.
The right to veto is reserved for the Co-Presidents of the executive committee.
Intervention by the faculty via club faculty advisor will be accepted by the club if
circumstances require it.

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