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Andrea Lusquiños Mansilla - The English Montessori School
Milagros Alonso’s speech at the 40th Anniversary celebration party
Milagros Alonso’s speech at the
40th Anniversary celebration party
Our students graduate from important universities
and have great success, in their profesional lives,
As most of you know, everything started at a due to the preparation and values imparted by
Conference of the famous Montessori pedagogue, TEMS.
Angela Martin… There are situations in life when
one feels the trascendence of that moment. That We now have a generation of “today students“
was for me something that would change my who are the children of our “yesterday students”…
life… The philosophy of Montessori impacted me, and several of our “yesterdays students” are now
so much, that it pushed me to investigate more, members of the TEMS staff! This is the case of:
pursue my own training and finally, to start the Álvaro, Laura and Cristina… All this is very
rewarding and touching.
Forty years!
The English Montessori School was born in
September, 1973 in a small building in Madrid.
The Montessori System, in English, was a very
progressive style of education at that time in
Spain. “A different way of learning” was our
slogan from the beginning.
What better tribute to a school, than to have its
traditions, ideals and philosophy carry from one
generation to the next?
Despite the economical crisis we continue to
grow. But the best of TEMS is that, even with the
growth, we retain the philosophy of “individual
attention” to the students. We stress personal
values and we educate the whole child, both
academically and personally.
José Manuel, Elaine and Belén.
Today is a day for recognition and thanks. I do
want to thank all of you for the contributions you
have made to the success of TEMS. Without your
There are so many things that I remember help, your professionalism, your diligence and
throughout all these years of the school… so your just plain hard work, that success would not
many anecdotes, so many experiencies, good and have happened.
bad… If I was a good writer, I could write a very
interesting book… At the moment I keep it all in But it would be very difficult to honor each and
my memory and my heart!
everyone of you, though you do deserve it, to
the teachers, administration and services of the
But… what about the school of today, after 40 school, without the risk of forgetting someone…
That is why I am going to mention just the three
TEMS has an excellent reputation and is always directors, that in a way, incorporate all of you in
recognized as one of the best schools in Madrid the Administration and Educational areas of the
and in Spain.
Jose Manuel, our general manager, deserves
special mention because he began his work
in a system that needed urgent repair and
adjustment in the financial area of the School. His
determination and vision have made such drastic
We continually excell in internal and external and positive changes not only in the finances but
exams. This is clearly shown by the recent and also in the physical environment of the school.
important recognized awards to several of our
students, from The Complutense University of Elaine, who has been at the school 35 years, and
Madrid and from Cambridge University.
17 of them as headmistress. Her committment
to the school has been unparalleled and the
We were number 3 in the Selectividad results, educational climate is a testament to her work.The
last June, among the 625 schools of the Madrid educational results and the good atmosphere
among the teachers, parents and students are
further evidence of her efficiency and leadership.
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Milagros Alonso’s speech at the 40th Anniversary celebration party
Belén, has been at the school 30 years and 20
of those as head of the Bachillerato and Spanish
studies. The success in this area of the school is
the best evidence of her efforts, professionalism
and knowledge.
In honoring these people I also wish to
acknowledge the contributions of all the “new”
people whose new life and fresh ideas combined
with the experienced faculty, constitute a perfect
balance which has made us the excellent school
that TEMS is today.
As we are celebrating the 40th anniversary I
think it is the moment to mention and be grateful And I want also to be appreciative of our dear
for your loyalty, to those of you who have been so retired staff, some of them are here today. They
also dedicated so many years of their lives to this
many of those years with us.
I start with those of you who have been at the
school from 15 to 20 years: Alan, Sharon, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TO ALL OF YOU
Cynthia and Lucy.
And to finish: The English Montessori School is
Between 20 and 25 years: Carly, Lourdes, like a big family and I feel very honored, grateful
and, at the same time, proud, for having planted
Richard, Lola and Juan Pedro.
the first seed of its developement.
From 25 to 30 years: Mercedes, Manuel, Olga,
On a day like this I get emotional, full of joy and I
Chus, Eric , Almudena and Vicente.
feel with all my heart that the spirit of TEMS will
And finally those who have been in the school be mantained during many many years… Who
knows how many!
more than 30 years:
Elaine, Belén and Antonio Barnusell.
Thank you and Congratulations to all!
Milagros Alonso,
President and Founder of T.E.M.S.
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
History of the School
History of the School
Milagros introducing
the school to the parents
In September of 1973 the seed was sown that has become The English
Montessori School (TEMS). That seed sprang from the creativity,
enthusiasm and love of its founder, Milagros Alonso, for the Montessori
method, a system largely unknown in Spain in those days.
The English Montessori School first opened its doors with a small group
of students from one to four years of age. It was one of the pioneering
Montessori schools in Spain. The language of instruction was English.
The following year the school did not enrol more one-year olds but
expanded to include students up to six years of age.
Soon, the school in Alfonso XIII became very popular for its “Different
Way of Learning”: the prepared environment, the learning with individual
freedom, the motivation of the encouragement to self-discovery, the
development of personal capacities of each child and the different
attitude of the teacher towards students.
That approach was unique in education in Spain at that time.
Though originally a nursery/infants school, the parents of those pupils
were so pleased with such an innovative methodology, that they requested
that the school extend into primary education.
This growth necessitated an additional site located in Calle Triana, as
well as, to be recognized, officially, as a British School in Spain. British
inspectors came, inspected and approved the school in 1978. It was to
follow British education in Spain, which was recognized by the Ministry
of Education in both countries. The school also adapted its curriculum
allowing the Montessori philosophy to be combined with the British
Angela Martin
in Alfonso XIII School
At that time The English Montessori School became a charter member
of the founding of the National Association of British Schools in Spain
(NABSS). It has maintained its membership throughout the years.
The expansion of TEMS was partly, of course, due to the fact that each
year an additional educational year had to be added. The parents, simply,
wanted their children, as they grew older, to continue at the same school.
In addition to the parents’ feelings, the reasons that the students felt so
positive were manifold: the close bond between students and teachers,
characterized by small things such as calling the staff by their first names
and more important things, among which are the Montessori philosophy
of teachers acting as enablers rather than lecturers, the importance of
recognizing each child as an individual and the stress on the education
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
History of the School
Milagros receiving an
international business
award for the success of the school
of the “whole” child (academic, personal and social) are just some of
these reasons.
In June 1987, when the school held its first promotion, graduating students
in Year 9 (8º EGB), students had to leave to pursue their educational
studies, at the BUP and COU levels, in other centers.
However, as time progressed the school concluded that offering up to 3º
BUP for our pupils would not accommodate the wishes of the students or
the parents. This corresponded to the time when changes were instituted
in the Spanish educational system that offered TEMS the possibility of
presenting the Bachillerato, after acquiring, in 1990, the new and present
premises in Calle de La Salle (Aravaca).
The English Montessori School has followed this program with
exceptional results and, every year, has been among the top-ten schools
entering Selectividad at the Complutense University of Madrid.
The school’s continual evolvement throughout the years – improving the
site, augmenting the academic staff, expanding teacher support systems,
providing in-service training and expanding the international character
of the student body, has provided the pupils at TEMS the opportunity
to attain significant improvement in their academic, social and personal
The English Montessori School has, each year, been recognized as one
of the best schools in Spain and, after 40 years, continues to educate and
graduate confident and well-prepared young adults, ready to accept and
cope with the challenges and demands of today’s society.
Senior School Teachers Choir
San Isidro in Senior School
Senior School Aravaca
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
40th Anniversary Celebrations
40th Anniversary Celebrations
Ex-pupils Reunion Party (May 23, 2014)
40th Anniversary Dinner and Dance (June 18, 2014)
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
40th Anniversary Celebrations
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Comments from ex-pupils
Comments from ex-pupils
Álvaro Ramos Cabello
Birth: 1977
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1980-1994
Education: Telecommunication Engineer (Universidad Carlos
III de Madrid).
Achievements and Experiences: Best academic performance of
the Telecommunication Engineering Studies at the UC3M (1995-1996).
4 years working at Telefónica I+D in Barcelona and travelling around Europe.
Currently: Bachillerato Teacher in T.E.M.S.
“I loved my school... so I came back.”
Marta Agudo Medina
Birth: 1981
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1983-1995
Education: Diplomada en Magisterio: especialidad de lengua
extranjera (inglés). (Univesidad Complutense de Madrid).
Achievements and Experiences: Working experience abroad:
Charles Dickens Primary School (London). Teacher. Wembley
High Technology College (London). Teacher. Hollin Primary School (Manchester).
Teacher. King’s Head Theatre (London). Doing administrative work. Environmental
Investigation Agency (London), receptionist and administrative.
Currently: I am an English teacher (civil servant) currently working at C.E.I.P.
Dámaso Alonso bilingual School (Madrid). I am also involved in a teaching project called “Staff 2.0” which is
focused on teaching children with hands on activities to practice the concepts that they are learning in their classroom.
Through this method they will master these concepts in a fun way knowing they are working on math.
“The English Montessori school has made me a dynamic and creative person with an inquiring mind who feels more British than
Spanish. Learning English since I was little has given me the chance of having an extended working experience in England.“
Álvaro Couto
Birth: 1981
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1984-1998
Education: Studied Computer Engineering, in Madrid (unfinished).
Currently: Currently teaching, and as a musician, both parttime - and “between (proper) jobs”.
“I miss the old schooldays - whose idea was it to grow out of it, and into adulthood, anyway? Can we return, please?”
Borja Ruiz Nieto
Birth: 1984
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1987-2002
Education: Medicine
(Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Achievements and Experiences: Scientific oral
communications presented at both national and international
congresses of Orthopaedic Surgery.
Currently: Working as resident in training in Orthopaedic Surgery at Severo Ochoa
Hospital, Leganés.
“I am married and I have one daughter. I hope she can receive the same excellent education as I did. Thank you for all those wonderful years!!”
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Comments from ex-pupils
Lucía Juncos Zori
Birth: 1983
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1986-1999
Education: Degree in Mathematics (Universidad Complutense
de Madrid).
Erasmus: 12 months at the Universitá degli studi di Perugia, Italia.
Achievements and Experiences: I started working in an
American Company : IriWorldWide (Industry experts in Marketing and mix
modeling, it provides retail Insights and Analysis). I used to travel a lot around
Europe and Chicago in the USA.
Currently: Data output Specialist in Spain , and Reporting project Manager in
Holland, Germany and Norway.
“When I was 3 years old I began at the English Montessori School, I remeber my first teacher she was Miss Ondina
from San Diego (USA). I ended school when i was 15 years old , my last year was (2 B.U.P.), I spend a wonderful time
there , so many nice memories, I remember my teachers, Richard, Sharon,Eric, and also Rosa, Cristina, Belén, and
and so on....!! All this it couldn’t be posible without your help, I appreciate all teachers’ effort , Thanks!”
Alejandra Torres de Carvalho Mera
Birth: 1985
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1989-2001
Education: Diseño de Moda (Centro Superior de Diseño de
Moda de Madrid).
Achievements and Experiences: Trabajé durante 3 meses en
la empresa Mexx con una beca de diseño. Fue en el verano de
3º de carrera, mientras que estudiaba.
Currently: Gerente de Producción y Diseño de la marca española El Ganso.
“Siempre recordaré mis años en el colegio Montessori porque me hacían sentir cada
día que estaba en familia. Muchas gracias por unos años TAN maravillosos!!!”
Estrella Mera Herrera
Birth: 1985
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1989-2001
Education: Bachelor in Advertisement and Public Relations
(Univesidad Complutense de Madrid). Graphic Design
superior studies at Arte10.
Achievements and Experiences: Exchange programme at the
Bath Spa School of Arts at Bath, England during the year 2012-2013.
Currently: Works at the international publicist company Ogilvy & Mather as a
graphic designer.
“It’s a privilege to know that the english learned at school stays always with you.”
Miguel Sánchez Puelles
Birth: 1988
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1991-2006
Education: ADE (Univesidad Complutense de Madrid).
Master Finance ESSEC
Achievements and Experiences: Erasmus year at Sorbonne
(Paris) / Finance Master at ESSEC (Paris). Worked for BNP
Paribas in Madrid and in Paris (Export Finance).
Currently: Finance L’Oréal Luxury Division (Paris).
“Muchas gracias a todos nuestros profesores por encima de todo, desde los primeros hasta
los últimos. La lista es muy larga y me olvido de muchos, pero muchas gracias a Carmen H., Pilar, Mercedes, Chus, Rosa,
Manuel, José Luis, Miguel, Javier, Belén, Beatriz, Elaine, Chris, Sharon, Lynette, Alan, Matt, Douglas, y a muchos más.”
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Comments from ex-pupils
Andrea Lusquiños Mansilla
Birth: 1989
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1992-2005
Education: Arquitectura (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).
Erasmus : TU Delft - Delft University of Technology.
Currently: Realizando el Proyecto de Fin de Carrera y beca
del COIE en la revista Arquitectura Viva.
“¡Gracias T.E.M.S.!”
Alba de Blas Velasco
Birth: 1990
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1993-2008
Education: Degree in Economics - bilingual studies
(Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).
Erasmus : Paris (2010-2011).
Achievements and Experiences: Master´s degree in
Marketing (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).
Currently: Working in Bufete de Marketing doing market research.
“I would like to say that my years at The English Montessori have been the best of
my life; I have not only learned but also met wonderful people (both teachers and students) whom with I still have
relation nowadays. Thank you for the best 15 years of my life!”
Ana Pérez López
Birth: 1990
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1993-2008
Education: Double major in Film & Digital Media and
Journalism with a minor in Humanities (Universidad Carlos III
de Madrid).
Achievements and Experiences: My field of interest is
illustrated journalism and while I did my study abroad program at University of
California, Santa Cruz, I started working as an animator for Dee Hibbert Jones,
artist and professor in the Digital Arts Research Center and for the video artist and
social worker John J. Leaños. I’ve also been an artist in resident in two European
centers. Firstly, I spent a month with a project of interactive art in Christiania Researcher in Residence, in Copenhagen
and from there I was invited to Nabbeboda Skola, school where the Swedish nobel of literature, Harry Martinsson,
learned to read and write that now hosts a prestigious program in art and technology.
Currently: Scholarship that the bank “La Caixa” to young journalists. Interning as a correspondent in the delegation
of Santiago de Chile of Agencia EFE.
“The teachers in this school opened my eyes to cinema, art and critical thinking and I couldn’t be more thankful.”
Carlota Iglesias
Birth: 1990
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1993-2008
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from 2008-2013
(Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).
Achievements and Experiences: Studied one year in Milan
Currently: Graphic and Web Designer.
“I would like to highlight how much I appreciate having attended TEMS for 15
years. I believe I had an extraordinary education under the guidance of, not only
great teachers, but great persons.”
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Comments from ex-pupils
Diana Mera Herrera
Birth: 1990
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1993-2008
Education: Architecture student at the E.T.S.A.Madrid.
(Univesidad Complutense de Madrid).
Achievements and Experiences: Exchange programme in
the NEW YORK CITY COLLEGE during the academic year
2011-2012 and in the Architecture School of BARCELONA during the year 20122013.
Currently: Finishing my carrer with my Thesis Project and working in an
architecture office.
“I remember being in the infants playground and playing with my friends that we travelled to strange countries.
Now I actually travel to those exotic places with those same friends from school.”
Jorge Martínez Pazos
Birth: 1990
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1993-2008
Education: Administración y Dirección de Empresas Bilingüe
(Universidad Fco. de Vitoria).
Achievements and Experiences: Pleasure: Travelled a lot
through South East Asia. Entrepreneur: Perú.
Currently: Working Lola Rey Zapaterías (Purchase Department).
“School´s education is the base for proper mental and professional development, and
one is not aware of it until he is an adult. Then is the moment to say: THANK YOU.”
Lucía Gutiérrez García
Birth: 1990
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1994-2008
Education: Studying Medicine: I have just finished my fifth
Achievements and Experiences: I went to Valencia to study
Currently: Studying Medicine.
“I keep very good memories from those years at Montessori, and always love to
meet again with friends and teachers.”
Ignacio Albert Smet
Birth: 1995
Years in T.E.M.S.: 1998-2013
Education: Estudiando Ingeniería Biomédica (Universidad
Carlos III de Madrid).
Achievements and Experiences: Premio a los 100 mejores
resultados de selectividad en la Universidad Complutense de
Currently: Estudiando Ingeniería Biomédica
“Después de tantos años aquí y después de tener una experiencia tan fantástica,
siento que no puede haber otro lugar en el que hubiese encontrado mejores amigos y profesores. Espero, gracias
a ello, conseguir todas mis metas, entre las que destaco: convertirme en dependiente de Cortefiel, ganar el premio
Nobel varios años consecutivos y hacerme inmortal gracias a la medicina regenerativa.”
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Los murales del 40º aniversario
M ónica Marín y yo recibimos el encargo de realizar dos murales sobre
azulejos que quedaran definitivamente en las paredes de nuestro colegio, nos
pareció un reto difícil, ya que coordinar a todos los alumnos del colegio para realizarlo no dejaba
de ser una tarea complicada.
ideas de realizar una película con
los recuerdos de nuestro colegio
y un libro con las frases que representaran
la filosofía de María Montessori partió de
la creatividad de Mónica; las manos que
realizaron los bocetos fueron las mías. A partir
de esta idea se propusieron dos concursos de
dibujo, uno en primaria y otro en secundaria,
porque nos parecía fundamental que fueran
los niños los que aportaran su creatividad y el
encanto del dibujo infantil.
vez seleccionados los dibujos que
formarían parte de los murales,
empezamos a trabajar. Mónica y yo teníamos
que trasladar los dibujos de primaria a los azulejos, y los niños autores de los mismos los colorearon,
sacando tiempo de sus clases de manualidades. En secundaria, la profesora de Arte, Angela
Drummond, dedicó mucho tiempo a lo largo de todo el curso en sus horas de comida para que los
autores de los dibujos fueran realizando sus proyectos sobre los azulejos. Todo esto supuso en enorme
trabajo de organizar a los alumnos, preparar materiales, conseguir la pintura especial, subir y bajar
azulejos, llevarlos y traerlos de un edificio a otro…
paso final era llevarlos al horno. Aquí tuvimos la inestimable
colaboración de Nicki Casado, que transportó los 550 azulejos
poco a poco hasta su casa, los esmaltó uno a uno, los metió al horno y
los trajo de vuelta al colegio. Así se dice fácilmente, pero fue una larga
tarea que había que simultanear con nuestras tareas habituales.
montaje final, sobre el suelo de la terraza del edificio pequeño,
lo realizamos durante la primavera, al extenderlo todo se vieron
defectos, se tuvieron que rehacer bastantes azulejos y terminar muchos detalles. Acabamos la tarea
el último día de curso a última hora. ¡Pero lo conseguimos!
Chus López
40 Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Los murales del 40º aniversario
mural del patio de Infants fue realizado la semana
del 21 al 25 de octubre de 2013 por la ilustradora
Raquel García, una mamá de la escuela, que preparó un
boceto previo sobre los conceptos de amistad, creatividad,
autoestima y respeto en el colegio y en la vida.
pintora aprovechó la ocasión para trabajar con
los niños de Nursery hasta Year 2 y enseñarles los
principios básicos de la pintura, así como las técnicas y
manejo de materiales como pinceles, esponjas y más…
duda fue una semana inolvidable y enriquecedora
tanto para la pintora como para todos los niños
de Infants que ya forman parte de la escuela con sus
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Cake competition 2013-2014
Cake competition 2013-2014
FIRST PRIZE: Patricio Banegas Goñi (Nursery Almudena)
The judges found this year’s competition more difficult than ever to judge. Thank you to the
winners for their creativity and for being great bakers.
The first prize is a wonderful tribute to the school on it’s 40th Anniversary.
Claudia, Carla y Cristina Leonard Platas (Y2 & Y5)
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
Adriana García y Cristina Cortés (Y9 Emma)
Art Exhibition 40th Anniversary
Art Exhibition 40
Pedro Ordóñez. Y10
Paula González. Y11
Here some of the lovely Art pieces from our 40th.
Anniversary Exhibition. The pupils really enjoy the
variety of projects that they are given and gain lots
of skills over the years. These include how to use
and control a pencil correctly, mix and apply paint,
composition, printing, sculpture, researching Artists
movements and styles, computer Aided Design, the
Design process in Graphics and much more. With
these skills, if they choose Art in Y10 they are prepared
to move on to sit the I.G.C.S.E. Art and Design Exam.
We hope you enjoy browsing through some of the
examples of Art work!
Angela Drummond
Claudia Verdesoto. Y7
Clara Gómez. Y10
Soraya Mustienes. Y6
40 Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
More than 40 years providing educational excellence
More than 40 years providing
educational excellence
The English Montessori School-TEMS has,
for more than four decades, been receiving
recognition for the success in providing excellent
education for its students.
Selectividad at the Complutense University of
TEMS has received many prizes and honors
every year from different institutions such as
the Complutense University of Madrid and
Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.
This illustrates the quality of learning students
receive while enrolled at TEMS.
among the 613 institutions.
TEMS, as a school, in a very impressive
ceremony at this university, was given the prize
Year after year we are among the top schools in for excellence for the results of our students in
the ranking that the university entry examinations Selectividad.
(Selectividad) publishes. There is also an increase The newspaper “El Confidential” published an
in the number of students who choose to go to article last June 12th, ranking the schools in the
British and American universities.
community of Madrid, awarded TEMS 3rd place
Equally we are pleased to report that four of our
students, Ariadna Redondo, Javier López, Javier
Molina and Ignacio Albert, have been presented
Scholarships of Excellence for having attained the
best academic results for the entire Bachillerato.
Foto de Ignacio Albert, alumno del colegio, en el acto
de reconocimiento al rendimiento académico de la UCM.
En la imagen recoge el premio por estar entre las mejores
notas de selectividad de la Comunidad de Madrid.
The school itself has received praise for its
outstanding preparation program in the Proof
of Access to the University tests. Additionally,
TEMS placed third in the Selectvidad ranking of
all the schools in the Madrid Community for the
school year 2012-2013.
Once again in the school year 2013-2014 one of
our students, Ignacio Albert, earned the award Mención honorífica al centro TEMS por la excelente
of having obtained one of the best results in the labor formativa. 2014
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
More than 40 years providing educational excellence
Redondo Ribes
Molina Bermejo
López García
Albert Smet
Estos alummnos de 2º de Bachillerato obtuvieron la Beca Excelencia de la Comunidad de Madrid en 2013,
una beca otorgada a alumnos con aprovechamiento académico excelente.
Congratulations to Isabel Martín García for
the highest mark in the world for AS Level
Spanish Language from Cambridge University
and to Javier Albert Smet for the highest mark
in Spain for IGCSE Computer Studies from
Cambridge University.
But there is no better prize than the satisfaction
the students, the parents, the school and the
community derive from such accolades and
Alummnos de 2º de Bachillerato graduados en 2014
Premios otorgados por la Universidad de Cambridge
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
40th Anniversary Inscriptions
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013
40th Anniversary Inscriptions
40th Anniversary The English Montessori School. 1973 - 2013