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Aahaa... Sirantha Isai
THR Raaga is Malaysia’s uncontested No. 1 Tamil radio
station, stretching across the West Coast of Peninsular
Malaysia. The station offers the best music to 1.66 million
listeners, who are mainly the urban Indians, between 18-34
years old. Magnetic on-air personalities present the hottest
Tamil hits and are committed to championing Malaysian
Indian music.
6.00 am - 10.00 am
Kalakkal Kaalai with Aanantha & Uthaya
10.00 am - 3.00 pm
Mid Morning with Suresh
Apart from bringing the best in Tamil music, THR Raaga
also offers the latest news and information on Tamil movies
as well as sizzling updates from the entertainment scene,
truly making it the home for Malaysia’s Tamil listeners.
3.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Hyper Malai with Ram & Revathy
7.00 pm - 12.00 am
Broadcasting daily from 6am to 12 midnight, the Indian
community enjoys great offerings from their vibrant radio
station and its multi-talented announcers-entertainers.
Aanantha & Uthaya’s Kalakkal Kaalai serves the most
infectious laughter with segments such as “Ithu Eppadi
Irukku’s” and Guys Ah… Girls Ah…. [email protected], from
7pm to 12 midnight gives listeners the opportunity to
request for their favourite love songs via fb.thr.fm and
THR Raaga also cares for the community and does its part
to reach out to those in need. Campaigns such as ‘Raaga
Unggal Nanbenda’ in 2011, addresses the needs of those
who are less fortunate directly. It is also able to create more
awareness among the listeners, that there are a lot of
individuals out there who need a helping hand. THR Raaga
announcers are also great entertainers as they attract large
crowds with their outstanding performances at their
concerts and showcases.
AANANTHA is without a doubt, a well-rounded
entertainer. He was formerly a rock star, where he
played a string of musical instruments and
exercised vocal chords. Aanantha is involved in
stage and film acting. While he rocked his era as a
musician back then, now he continues swinging
as a radio announcer on THR Raaga hosting
Kalakkal Kaalai from 6 – 10 in the morning with
Uthaya. Aanantha, who is also a spokesperson for
the Malaysian AIDS Council and the Youth
Ambassador for IM4U, is admirable by his fans.
Inimai @ Raaga with Maaran
RAM is a successful entrepreneur who has
expressed his talent in multiple ways. Besides
hosting the very popular drive time slot, he also
performs at functions, emcees shows, contributes
to charity and dresses to the nines. On top of this, he
is an owner of several businesses. There is no doubt
that Ram is seriously multi-faceted.
UTHAYA, host of Kalakkal Kaalai, has an
extraordinary interest in paranormal activities
and the spiritual phenomenon. This witty
personality stands out as he was awarded
“Popular Personality” during the Raaga Astro
Award 2010. Like his co-host Aanantha, Uthaya
is a spokesman for the Malaysian AIDS Council. For leisure, Uthaya, who is also a karate
instructor enjoys reading, watching movies and
engaging in adventurous sports.
SURESH is a THR Raaga discovery via our
announcer search held in 2009. When Suresh
stepped in for his audition, he instantly stood out
from the rest. We immediately offered him the
weekends to train up. In 2011, Suresh became
the breakfast back-up crew and has not just won
radio listeners attention but also became a host
for a TV show. Suresh comes with talent and
spontaneity that every announcer needs to
possess. He now goes on-air from 10am to 3pm,
Mondays to Fridays.
REVATHY was once a primary school teacher
before she joined the THR Raaga team. As a host
of Hyper Maalai with Ram, Revathy finds time to
enjoy reading and writing. Besides hosting, she
has also engaged in modeling and floral designing
on a part-time basis. Charitable by nature and an
advent environmentalist, Revathy plans to build a
Tamil library in Malaysia. Currently, Revathy is
pursuing a master’s degree in Tamil Language.
MAARAN is another announcer with a truly
impressive background. Aside from having three
solo albums under his belt, he has also produced
and acted in a number of movies in Malaysia and
India. This announcer continued to impress us
when he was awarded the ‘Best Tamil Radio
Station Announcer’ by the Malaysian Indian Artist
Association. He was also a host for a TV game
show called “Room 201”. To sum it all up, Maaran
is a truly admirable announcer with immense
passion for the arts.
Aahaa... Sirantha Isai