NEW BOOKs for January 2011 - New Westminster Public Library



NEW BOOKs for January 2011 - New Westminster Public Library
NEW BOOKs for January 2011
Non Fiction
As We Speak
By Peter Meyers • 808.51 M576a
This new approach will help you master the three building blocks of public speaking: content, delivery,
and state.
The Elements
By Theodore Gray • 779.3 W832e
Beautifully illustrated, this book also presents facts, figures, and stories about the 118 elements in the
periodic table.
How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age
By Dale Carnegie & Associates • 158.2 H83c
Carnegie’s classic advice on how to communicate, lead, and work efficiently has been revised to be
relevant in today’s digital age.
Knocking on Heaven’s Door
By Lisa Randall • 500 R158k
An expert in particle physics and cosmology explains how science answers the big questions of what
makes up the universe.
The New Deal
By Michael Hiltzik • 973.917 H569n
The Pulitzer -Prize winning author offers a revaluation and new insights into Roosevelt’s economic
recovery plan for Americans in the nineteen thirties.
The Oprah Winfrey Show
By Deborah Davis • 791.45 W726d
Photographs, essays, tributes, and stories examine and celebrate this legendary show and host, and
their impact on the American public.
And So it Goes
By Charles J Shields • 813 V896s
Entertaining and disturbing, this first authorized biography of Kurt Vonnegut delves into his creative
struggles and family life.
Love Times Three
By Joe Darger • 306.8423 D247L
The story of a man, his three wives, and their twenty-four children as they live their faith in a world of
prejudice, misconception, and fear.
Mary Boleyn
By Alison Weir • 942.052 B637w
An in-depth biography of Mary, Henry VIII’s famous mistress and Anne Boleyn’s sister, whose life was
full of mystery and misfortune.
My Life, Deleted
By Scott Bolzan • 616.85232 B639m
A workplace accident resulted in Bolzan’s permanent amnesia. This true story is a powerful statement
about the challenges involved in rebuilding a life.
My Song
By Harry Belafonte • 782.42164 B41m
Follow this extraordinary man’s life, from his poverty-stricken early years in Harlem and Jamaica to his
spectacular rise to musical fame.
Then Again
By Diane Keaton • 792B K223t
More than the autobiography of a legendary actress, this is a book about a very American family with
very American dreams.
Abuse of Power
By Michael Savage
A reporter must make the choice between protecting his own life and investigating a terrorist cell whose
goal is total political control - no matter what the cost.
All for You
By Sheila O’Flanagan
TV’s favourite newscaster, Lainey, is about to hit a stormy patch. Uncovering some long-concealed
family secrets, she begins to reassess her life.
Hot Water
By Erin Brockovich
When environmental activist AJ is asked to leave home and take a case involving a nuclear power plant,
it takes all her skills to keep her world from crashing down on her.
Our Man in the Dark
By Rashad Harrison
An historical noir novel about a worker in the civil rights movement who became an informant for the
FBI during the months leading up to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Sisters
By Nancy Jensen
Growing up in hardscrabble Kentucky in the 1920s, with their mother dead and their stepfather an everpresent threat, sisters Bertie and Mabel Fischer have no one but each other.
The Temple Mount Code
By Charles Brokaw
With the help of a beautiful Iranian-American Jewish graduate student, linguistics professor Thomas
Lourds races against the clock and his enemies to seek a dangerous document.
The Town that Drowned
By Riel Nason
The residents of Haverton discover that a massive dam is being constructed and that most of their
homes will be swallowed by the rising water.
The Boy in the Suitcase
By Lene Kaaberbol
Red Cross nurse Nina’s ability to thrive on crises is tested when an estranged friend leaves her a key to
locker where she finds a drugged but alive, naked 3-year-old boy.
Coffin Man
By James D Doss
A wonderfully wild romp through the Wild West that is chockfull of tall tales, wide-open spaces, and
Doss's signature homespun wit.
Dead Last
By James W Hall
When a real-life serial killer begins to copy storylines featured on a popular cable television crime series,
the show's head writer and leading man are implicated.
The Devil’s Ribbon
By D E Meredith
When a series of violent murders in the midst of a cholera plague threatens to cause tensions to boil
over, Scotland Yard’s Hatton and Roumande investigate.
Mozart’s Last Aria
By Matt Rees
A magnificent historical mystery that pulls back the curtain on a world of soaring music, burning passion,
and powerful secrets in the salons and concert halls of 18th century Austria.
A Quiet Death
By Marcia Talley
Caught in a horrific train crash, Hannah Ives sets in motion a chain of events that put her life in grave
danger when she tries to help her injured seatmate.
The Towman’s Daughters
By David J Walker
When a chance encounter becomes a missing person case, it’s up to lawyer Dugan and his PI wife,
Kirsten, to find out what’s happened.
Quick Picks
Devil’s Gate
By Clive Cussler
By Michael Connelly
By Stephen King
Explosive Eighteen
By Janet Evanovich
A Good Man
By Guy Vanderhaeghe
The Impossible Dead
By Ian Rankin
By Michael Crichton
The Night Circus
By Erin Morgenstern
The Prague Cemetery
By Umberto Eco
Prince of Ravenscar
By Catherine Coulter
Red Mist
By Patricia Cornwell
Soft Target
By Stephen Hunter
V is for Vengeance
By Sue Grafton
for January 2011
A Small Act
DVD340.092 Sm18
The Immortal Beaver: A Celebration of Aviation History
DVD387.7 Im6m
Cave of Forgotten Dreams
DVD759.01 C315f
Rick Steves’ Europe: Spain
DVD914.6 R42s
The Balkans
DVD914.96 B199g
DVD915.496 N351w
Holy Lands
DVD915.694 H747h
Great Drives: Hawaii: Oahu
DVD919.69 G798ha
Great Drives: Hawaii: Maui
DVD919.69 G798hm
Tabloid: An Errol Morris Love Story
DVD364.15 T114a
Why We Wear Clothes: The Functions of Fashion
DVD391 W622c
Extraordinary Minds: Noam Chomsky
DVD410 Ex87n
Darwin’s Lost Paradise
DVD576.8 D259p
Exhale: Core Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity
DVD613.7 Ex47c
The Myths of Nutrition and Fitness
DVD613.7 G621m
Managing Menopause Naturally: What Every Woman Needs
DVD618.1 M311m
Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G. Walker
DVD746.43 St59b
Kaguyahime = The Moon Princess
DVD792.84 K119m
NEW FILMS for January 2011
Feature Films
Dramatizes the true-life survival story of a group of Uruguayan rugby players, who turn to cannibalism
after their plane crashes in the snowy Andes. Ethan Hawke, Vincent Spano. 1993
When a wealthy playboy rejects an arranged marriage to a socialite and pursues a woman he loves, his
family decides to cut him off from his inheritance. Russell Brand, Helen Mirren. 2011.
Beautiful Kate
An author in his forties returns home to visit his dying father and unearths family secrets regarding the
death of his twin sister and suicide of his older brother. Ben Mendelsohn, Bryan Brown. 2009
The Breakfast Club
Five teenagers with nothing in common spend a Saturday detention in the school library. Emilio Estevez,
Molly Ringwald. 1985.
A Christmas Romance
A bill collector’s plans to evict a family for missed mortgage payments go awry when a snowstorm
strands him at the family’s home. Olivia Newton-John, Gregory Harrison. 1994
Crazy, Stupid, Love
After his divorce and still in love with his wife, Cal Weaver finds his life unraveling as he enters the
dating scene and tries to manage his relationship with his children. Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling. 2011.
Drop Box
After a spoiled pop star accidentally returns a homemade sex tape to the video store, she must try to
get it back from an uncooperative store clerk. David Cormican and Rachel Sehl. 2006.
A city boy moves to a Midwestern town where dancing has been banned and encourages his friends to
fight for the right to dance. Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough. 2011.
For Colored Girls
Several women explore social and personal issues particularly important to African American women.
Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton. 2010.
The Help
Set during the civil rights movement of the 1960s, a young woman embarks on a secret writing project
which tells the stories of African-American maids and the women they work for. Emma Stone, Viola
David. 2011
Invaders: Genesis
After a modern day nuclear war a peace keeping officer battles a terrorist group for control of a small
town in a last chance to rebuild society. Joseph Canale, Sirwrath Chhean. 2010
Kate Logan Affair
An unstable young police officer mistakes a French executive for a wanted felon, seduces him, and
begins down a treacherous path in this psychological thriller. Alexis Bledel, Laurent Lucas. 2010.
Mid-August Lunch
When a middle-aged Italian man living with his mother in Rome agrees to look after his building
manager's mother to erase his debt, he ends up with more than he bargained for. In Italian with
optional English subtitles. 2008
Morning Glory
Out-of-work TV show producer Becky gets a job with a struggling morning news program, where she
must keep feuding co-anchors from each other's throats while trying to revive the show's ratings. Rachel
McAdams, Harrison Ford. 2010.
Of Gods and Men
Based on a true story, eight French Christian monks choose to stay in their Muslim community in Algeria
despite the growing threat of terrorism. Lambert Wilson, Michael Lonsdale. 2010.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
As Jack and Barbossa sear
.. 2011.
Save the Last Dance 2
This sequel follows Sara's struggle at Julliard as she confronts a rival, falls in love with a professor and
must decide between her dream of becoming a ballerina and her new interest in hip-hop. Izabella Miko,
Columbus Short. 2006.
A Song for the Season
A new school administrator threatens to shut down a school but has a change of heart after meeting the
music teacher. Naomi Judd, Andy Griffith. 1999.
Suicide Kings
Avery's sister has been kidnapped and ransom set at $2,000,000. Desperate, he and his buddies abduct
a retired mob boss to try to force him to use his contacts to find the girl. Christopher Walken, Denis
Leary. 1997.
Super 8
In the summer of 1979, a group of young friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash
while making a movie and when locals start to disappear, the inquisitive deputy suspects that the
incident was anything but an accident. Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler. 2011
To Walk with Lions
A profile of George Adamson, a zoologist whose mission is to preserve wildlife in Kenya. Richard Harris,
Ian Bannen. 1999.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Years after astronauts find an alien robot on the surface of the Moon, Sam Witwicky once again joins the
Autobots to stop the Decepticons from destroying the Earth. Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel. 2011.
Under the Mistletoe
Devoted dad Tom Chandler dies, but appears as a ghost to his teenage son, Jonathan. Father and son
join forces to play matchmaker to Tom’s wife (Jonathan’s mom), so that she can once again find
happiness. Michael Shanks, Jaime Ray Newman. 2006.
Wagon’s East!
The legendary West turns out not be what it was cracked up to be, so Richard Lewis and his family turn
around and start back East-- taking the entire town, led by John Candy, with them. John Candy, Richard
Lewis. 1994.
NEW MUSIC for January 2011
Troubadour Live
Shake ‘em on Down: a Tribute to Mississippi Fred McDowell
by Rory Block • CD BLUES BLOCK ROR
King of Hearts
To Behold
by Musiq Soulchild • CD BLUES SOULCHILD
The Sinatra Project. Vol. II. The Good Life
by Michael Feinstein • CD JAZZ FEINSTEIN
Selections from Swinging into the 21st
by Wynton Marsalis • CD JAZZ MARSALIS
Gerry Mulligan
by Gerry Mulligan • CD JAZZ MULLIGAN
Road Shows : Vol. 2
by Theodore Walter (Sonny) Rollins • CD JAZZ ROLLINS T VOL.2
No Beginning, No End
by Kenny Werner • CD JAZZ WERNER KE
Oceans of Fantasy
by Boney M • CD ROCK BONEY M
Ten Thousand Light Years
by Boney M • CD ROCK BONEY M
Love Sensuality Devotion : the Remix Collection
by Enigma • CD ROCK ENIGMA
by Michael Jackson • CD ROCK JACKSON M
by Kenny Loggins • CD ROCK LOGGINS K
Just a Dream
by Moreland & Arbuckle • CD ROCK MORELAND
Sounds of the Eighties
Anything Goes
by Cole Porter • CD SHOWS ANYTHING
Treme : Season 1 : Music from the HBO Original Series
True Blood : Original Score from the HBO Original Series ; Volume 3
The Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn, Part 1 : Original Motion Picture
Concerto : One Night in Central Park
by Andrea Bocelli • CD782.1 B631c
The Best of Verdi
by Giuseppe Verdi • CD782.1 V584b
Back with a Bang
by Jasbir Jassi • CD782.421629142 J315b
Altar Wind
by Anwyn Leverett • CD782.421629162 L577a
Songs from Shadow Wood
by Anwyn Leverett • CD782.421629162 L577s
Uncover Me 2
by Jann Arden • CD782.42164 Ar28u v.2
MatadoR : the Songs of Leonard Cohen
by Leonard Cohen • CD782.42164 C66o
Songs of Leonard Cohen
by Leonard Cohen • CD782.42164 C66s
Pull up Some Dust and Sit Down
by Ry Cooder • CD782.42164 C77p
Moonfleet & other Stories
by Chris De Burgh • CD782.42164 D354m
Planet Waves
by Bob Dylan • CD782.42164 D992p
by Feist • CD782.42164 F328m
The Very Best of Roberta Flack
CD782.42164 F594v
by Florence + the Machine • CD782.42164 F662c
Andy Grammer
by Andy Grammer • CD782.42164 G762a
Honeymoon Punch
by Jenn Grant • CD782.42164 G767h
Pennies in a Jar
by Nikki Jean • CD782.42164 J341p
Her 12 Faces
by Lanu • CD782.42164 L297h
Evil Eye
by Evil Ebenezer • CD782.421649 Ev33e
Planet Pit
by Pitbull • CD782.421649 P68p
Watch the Throne
by Throne • CD782.421649 T416w
I’m Taking Off
by Nick Carter • CD782.42166 C246i
by Kelly Clarkson • CD782.42166 C561s
by Adrian Glynn • CD782.42166 G527b
by Hedley • CD782.42166 H359s
If Not Now, When?
by Incubus • CD782.42166 In2i
The Great Escape Artist
by Jane’s Addiction • CD782.42166 J254g
Modern Love
by Matt Nathanson • CD782.42166 N195m
Now! 18
CD782.42166 N86b
Music For a Time of War
by Oregon Symphony • CD784.2 Or31m
Symphony no. 7, E major
by Anton Bruckner • CD784.2184 B831 7
And the Waltz Goes on
by André Rieu • CD784.4 R447a
by Ludwig van Beethoven • CD786.2183 B393 3