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Keystoner - Pennsylvania Optometric Association
Volume 28, Number 5
July/August 2012
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Questions about
HB 838?
If you have any questions
about HB 838 that haven’t
been answered during a local
society meeting or through
online resources, please don’t
hesitate to contact one of the
following doctors:
Dr. Charlie Stuckey
Executive Director
(717) 233-6455
[email protected]
Dr. Dan Russell
Immediate Past President
(814) 943-8164
[email protected]
Pennsylvania Optometric Association
Health Information Exchange (HIE) update:
FAQs ~ Get DIRECT free for a year
s reported in the last issue, the commonwealth is subsidizing one-year subscriptions of DIRECT Messaging for providers who sign up with a certified, commonwealthapproved health information service provider
(HISP) by August 15, 2012 through a $2 million
DIRECT Incentive Grant Program.
DIRECT is a communications tool based on
e-mail protocol to replace mail and fax transmissions for sharing health information. Developed
by the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services, Office of the National Coordinator
for Health Information Technology (ONC),
DIRECT was specifically designed to facilitate
secure communication of health information directly from one provider to another. It is the first
step toward the adoption of more robust forms
of health information exchange (HIE).
FAQs about DIRECT:
Do I need an electronic health records
(EHR) program to use DIRECT?
No. Providers simply need access to the Internet
with no additional in-house technology or resources required. However, doctors who do use
EHR in their offices can attach structured data
from EHRs to a DIRECT message. Doctors without EHRs can simply include health information
in the body of the DIRECT message or attach a
file containing the health information, like a text
or PDF document.
Do I have to apply for the DIRECT
No. Certified HISPs apply for the grants to provide DIRECT to providers. There will be no paperwork related to the grant for providers; they
will only have a contract with a HISP to receive
basic DIRECT Messaging for a year at no cost.
Will I be able to sign up for DIRECT
after August 15?
Yes. DIRECT will be available after the grant
incentive program ends on August 15. The grant
program subsidizes early adopters for a year. After
August 15, DIRECT will be available for a fee.
Are there any services for which a
HISP could charge?
Yes. Some HISPs may offer and charge for additional services, like EHR programs, outside of
basic DIRECT Messaging. It is important to review the “How to Choose a HISP Primer” on the
PAeHC website for a list of questions to ask before
choosing a HISP. Questions include: “What base
services provided by a HISP?”; “What services are
See DIRECT on page 5
September 29-30 • Eden Resort, Lancaster
Board Certification Preparatory &
Optometric CE Program
16-hour COPE-approved program
Dr. Bob Owens
DEO, State & National Affairs
(717) 354-2251
[email protected]
Saturday, September 29 ~ 7:45 AM - 6:00 PM, and
Sunday, September 30 ~ 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Dr. Bob Bittel
Chair, Legislative Affairs Cmte.
(412) 884-2020
[email protected]
Please see page 7 for more information ~ Download the Registration Brochure
AOA Member (prior to 8/10) ~ $550 I AOA Member (after 8/10) ~ $600
Information & Registration
July/August 2012
President’s Editorial
Where have all the members gone?
By Donna M. Buraczewski, O.D.
as anyone else noticed that wherto get this message out to others.
ever you are – a Kiwanis Club
Much time and effort has been spent
meeting, a country club meeting,
on conveying this message to the students
church vestry meetings,
in optometry schools around
POA/AOA meetings, etthe country, and I have met
cetera, – the discussion
many who have received
regarding the future of
the message. I would like to
organizations resolves
publicly say a few words rearound increasing the
garding the students I have
membership. Members
met at state and national
are getting older and
meetings. They are doing an
newer members are not
awesome job!! They are enjoining. How do we atgaged in the future of their
tract new members and
(our) profession. Over 300
ensure the financial viastudents personally financed
bility of these programs?
their expenses to attend the
Dr. Donna Buraczewski
Recently the AOA
AOA Advocacy Meeting in
proposed changes in the
Washington, D.C. in April.
membership classifications of the AOA. (See
Members of the AOSA have contributed
Dr. Christoph’s excellent report for the details
more to AOA-PAC than those at many state
and results of these proposals.) Whether you
affiliates. Trustees of AOSA spoke in favor
agree with these changes or not, the bottom
of changing the ascending dues schedule for
line is that all members – including Life
newly graduated optometrists. They know
Members, Partial Practice and new graduate
the importance of membership and are commembers – are receiving all the benefits of
mitted to our profession. I commend these
membership, but many are not paying full
students and request all members to also
dues. Is it fair that 50% of the members pay
congratulate these students when the op90% of the dues? These classifications had
portunity arises.
been created to encourage all optometrists
No one agrees with every decision made
to be members of the state and national asby an organization, whether it is a church,
sociation. We do not want to discourage
service or professional organization. The
anyone who desires membership. What is
answer is not to take your golf ball and go
certainly unfair is that while all optometrists
home. We need all members to be involved
have benefited and prospered from the acso optometry can continue to be a great cativities of the POA/AOA, many have not
reer. I challenge every member to invite a
contributed to the efforts either financially
non-member to lunch or to a local society
or by volunteering time and effort.
meeting; better yet, do both. Sometimes it is
What is the answer to this dilemma?
difficult for someone to make that first move
Unfortunately there is not one simple anand attend a meeting on their own. Extend
swer. First we need to convey the benefits
a welcoming hand. Educate him or her on
of membership to our colleagues who do
the benefits of being a member.
not belong to the POA. Without organized
All optometrists – male or female; fulloptometry, we would not be able to use ditime or partial practice; private, corporate
agnostic or therapeutic drugs. We would not
or employed; established or new graduates –
be able to treat diseases or glaucoma. It is
need to be a member of the POA. Be as
likely that optometrists would not be paid
involved as you are able, now or later. By
the same as ophthalmologists for the same
recognizing the importance of membership
services without advocacy from organized
and increasing our numbers, we can provide
optometry. Would optometrists be included
even more benefits. The benefits are not alin the health care reform efforts without
ways visible, but they are vital.
organized optometry? Since you are reading
Remember the thrill we felt at graduathis editorial, you already know the benefits
tion and becoming a doctor. Let’s keep that
of membership in the POA. Now we need
feeling alive or, if necessary, let’s rejuvenate
it. Be proud to be an optometrist and a
member of the POA. Share that feeling with
others. It is worth the effort. Thank you for
being a member and sharing with others.
[email protected]
President’s Editorials are now posted
on POA’s President’s Editorials Blog at for
your comments.
New drug
approved for use
by optometrists
he Pennsylvania Secretary of Health
has approved tafluprost topical
ophthalmic solution for use by
optometrists. Approval was effective upon
publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin
on June 30, 2012.
Workforce Study
survey mailed
n Friday, July 13, AOA and the
Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO)
mailed the Optometric Workforce Study
surveys to more than 4,000 practicing optometrists across the nation. The AOA/
ASCO Optometric Workforce Study team
hopes to have all survey responses by July
31, 2012. If you received the survey, we
encourage you to return it by that date.
When completed later this year, the new
Optometric Workforce Study will provide
the optometric profession, law makers and
other stakeholders a definitive assessment
of supply and demand for eye and vision
care in the U.S.
July/August 2012
AOA House of Delegates report
POA Delegates address By-Laws changes and resolutions
By Richard Christoph, O.D., POA Secretary/Treasurer
he AOA House of Delegates considered a number of resolutions
and several By-Laws amendments
at Optometry’s Meeting in Chicago. As you
may know, the House of Delegates is the
policy making body of the AOA. As the
name implies, the House of Delegates is
comprised of delegates from each of the affiliated organizations – each state association
plus the District of Columbia, the student
association and the armed forces optometric
society. Your Pennsylvania delegation was
comprised of five members of the Board
of Directors, POA Executive Director Dr.
Charles Stuckey and several volunteers
from the membership. The following is a
summary of the actions taken by the AOA
• Based on actions taken at the 2011
AOA House of Delegates, a resolution was
proposed to direct the American Council
on Optometric Education (ACOE) to develop a program to accredit providers of
continuing education. Prior to the meeting, this issue was a hot topic of discussion
and debate. At the meeting of Association of
Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO)
on the Tuesday before the House of Del-
egates, AOA President Dr. Dori Carlson
offered a compromise where AOA would
work with ARBO/COPE to try to develop
a new system of CE accreditation. Since that
proposal was well received by ARBO, the
ACOE motion was withdrawn. Another
motion was passed directing AOA to continue to work with ARBO, and if a satisfactory compromise can’t be reached, to report
back to the House of Delegates in 2013 with
a new plan.
• In the course of hearing preliminary
information in the lawsuit that the American Optometric Society (AOS) has filed
against the American Board of Optometry
(ABO), a federal judge issued an opinion
that stated that optometrists are not physicians. This was in response to AOS’s contention that ABO’s board certification program
is not equivalent to medicine’s board certification because optometrists are different from medical doctors. In response, the
AOA House of Delegates passed a resolution
directing the AOA Board of Directors to
vigorously defend optometry’s status as physicians using all means possible. The House
of Delegates passed a second
resolution calling on AOS to
join AOA in affirming optometry’s status
as physicians, and in working to have the
opinion changed.
In a surprisingly quick response, the
federal judge has already issued a correction, changing the wording of his published
opinion to state that optometrists are physicians, but do not hold the M.D. degree.
AOA’s legal team will continue to monitor
the progress of this litigation.
• A resolution was passed directing
AOA to share the profits from online educational programs with the state affiliate of
any doctor taking online CE from AOA.
Some states were concerned that as AOA
develops more online CE, it would compete
with programs offered by the state associations.
• Two resolutions were passed that will
change the way AOA handles endorsements.
AOA will endorse programs that benefit
members, but won’t endorse equipment,
treatments or products provided or sold to
See House on page 5
A first-timer’s review of Optometry’s Meeting
Four things I didn’t know
By Marianne Boltz, O.D., POA Trustee
hicago has been my favorite city for
the past 16 years, ever since it was
my home for one year while I completed my pediatric optometry residency at
ICO. It is a city that truly has it all: great
food, beautiful downtown shopping along
the Magnificent Mile, impressive architecture, renowned sports venues and incredible
museums all sitting just blocks from Lake
Michigan that most days is as turquoise
blue as the Caribbean Sea! That being said,
you could understand my delight upon first
learning that Optometry’s Meeting was set
for Chicago on June 27-30, 2012.
Having just returned from this meeting, the AOA’s 115th Annual Congress,
representing Pennsylvania as a delegate and
president-elect-elect, I wanted to share a few
highlights from the perspective of some-
one experiencing it for the
first time. After attending
so many POA House of
Delegates over the years, I
thought I knew what to expect – that was
true in some cases (like the strict attention
to Robert’s Rules of Order), but not the case
in others. Here are the four main things that
surprised, impressed, educated and excited
me at the AOA House of Delegates (HOD)
Pomp and circumstance
The HOD began with a grand flag
ceremony where the president of each state
association carried his or her respective state
flag around the meeting hall in a procession
to patriotic music. Shortly thereafter, every
delegate in attendance was asked to stand
and recite the AOA Optometric Oath. The
HOD ended with a rousing presidential
procession (those crazy Texans!), a moving
Presidential Inaugural Address by Dr. Ronald L. Hopping (whose optometrist father
was also a past president of the AOA) and
formal installation of the 2013 Board of
Getting to know the AOA Board
and executive director
Other than our appointed AOA liaison who annually attends our Congress and
Board meeting, I can truthfully say that the
See First on page 6
july/August 2012
News you can use
Implementation of
HealthChoices New West
Zone postponed to October 1
mplementation of the HealthChoices New West
Zone has been delayed by one month. Beginning October 1 (delayed from September 1), 13
counties in northwestern Pennsylvania will form the
HealthChoices New West Zone. The ACCESS Plus
physical health program and the United Health Voluntary Managed Care Program for Medical Assistance
Recipients will end on September 30. Affected counties include Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Crawford,
Elk, Erie, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Mercer, Potter,
Venango and Warren. The open enrollment period
for Medical Assistance recipients in these counties to
select a HealthChoices physical health MCO is August
10 through September 6.
For additional details about the delay, please
To serve people on Medical Assistance, providers in these counties will need to join the following
Coventry Cares ~ (866) 903-0748
Gateway Health Plan ~ (800) 392-1145
AmeriHealth Mercy ~ (800) 521-6007
UPMC for You ~ (800) 286-4242
To enroll as a Medical Assistance provider, call the
Department of Public Welfare’s provider enrollment
number at (800) 537-8862.
Research projects and studies
Glaucoma research project
POA has been contacted by the Department of Ophthalmology, UPMC Eye Center regarding a study on
how the use of glaucoma imaging technology affects
the diagnosis of glaucoma. Read the letter of invitation, and if you would like to participate in the research project, the online module can be accessed at
Service member training survey
The Pennsylvania Statewide Service Member & Veteran’s Behavioral Health Alliance has designed a survey to
assess any potential training gaps or needs for professionals who come into contact with service members and
their families. To participate, visit www.surveymonkey.
com/s/9NNLT3G by Friday August 24, 2012.
Novitas to cover
OCT for Plaquenil
fforts by our colleagues at the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians have resulted in
a change in a Novitas Solutions Inc. (formerly
Highmark Medicare Services) LCD that also benefits
optometrists and their patients here in Pennsylvania.
NJSOP recently spearheaded an effort to request
a modification in the existing coverage policy for the
performance of SCODI (Scanning Computerized
Ophthalmic Diagnostic Imaging) for those persons
beginning and in the midst of ongoing Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine) therapy for rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus.
In 2011, the American Academy of Ophthalmology changed its own clinical policy guidelines concerning the care of the patient on HCQ or CQ therapy to
reflect advances in technology that permitted the very
early identification of the ultrastructural changes in the
retina that would result in sight loss. The American
College of Rheumatology subsequently agreed to the
same recommendations. Armed with this information
and considerable medical evidence, NJSOP petitioned
Novitas to modify its existing LCD L27529 to allow
for the performance of spectral domain-ocular coherence tomography (SD-OCT) at recommended intervals during the course of therapy with these agents.
For those who own this technology and are interested
in its application, the details are contained within the
LCD at
In correspondence regarding the change, NJSOP
President William Marcolini, O.D., F.A.A.O., reminded his society’s members that “Every practitioner would
be well-served to be familiar with current versions
of the coverage guidelines maintained by the local
Medicare contractor. Each one of these documents is
subject to periodic review and revision as technology
emerges and clinical indications change. This ongoing work is performed by the volunteer members of
the Carrier Advisory Committee in conjunction with
the professional staff and medical directors of the carrier. It should be noted that any change to an existing policy must be based upon sound reproducible
medical evidence and these recommendations must be
endorsed by the relevant medical specialty societies. It
is for this reason that not all contemporary applications
of technology are reflected in the published clinical
Thank you to our colleagues in New Jersey for
recognizing the problem and pursuing a solution.
The Keystoner is published by the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA). POA is the professional association for doctors of optometry
in Pennsylvania, providing continuing education, public information materials, government relations and membership benefits. Direct any
inquiries to the Keystoner, 218 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101. Phone: (717) 233-6455. Fax: (717) 233-6833. E-mail: [email protected]
org. Web site: Executive Director: Charles J. Stuckey, Jr., O.D. Editor: Deborah S. Blanchard. The Keystoner is partially
underwritten by USI Affinity.
July/August 2012
Continued from page 3
• Eighteen By-Laws amendments were
proposed, discussed and voted on. Some of
the amendments were further amended by
the House of Delegates. Most of them pertain to membership categories and payment
of dues. The AOA secretary/treasurer provided a presentation showing the changing
demographics of our membership and the
effect that has had on dues income, along
with projections for the future. The most
telling statistics from that presentation were
the fact that while AOA dues are currently
$800, the average member is only billed
$568 (and average dues paid are even less),
and that less than 50% of AOA members
pay 90% of the dues. I will try to summarize
the more significant changes briefly, focusing on the potential effects these changes
will have on the AOA, POA and membership. If anyone would like to see the full
amendments you can contact the POA office for a copy. The effective date of these
changes is January 1, 2013:
• The deadlines for dues payment
have been changed. Twenty-five percent
of dues are now due at the end of each
calendar quarter. One month after the
end of the quarter, if dues are not paid,
the member will be considered delinquent; two months after the end of the
quarter, members will be terminated.
You will no longer be able to maintain
your membership if your dues are not
current. All members should be aware
of this change and plan accordingly for
• An amendment was proposed to
require $35 dues from student members,
but an amendment was passed to change
that to $0.
• Post Graduate membership was
defined as someone who has graduated
optometry school and is enrolled in a fulltime, post-graduate program, including,
but not limited to, optometric residency
programs. Dues were set at $35.
• An amendment was proposed to
shorten the ascending dues schedule for
new graduates from five years to four. It
was defeated by less than 20 votes. The
current schedule will remain in effect: 0%
dues in the first year of license, followed
by 10% in year two, 20% in year three,
50% in year four and 75% in year five.
• Partial Practice was redefined as
limited to those working 16 hours per
week or less with dues set at 60% of full
AOA dues. Previously, a graduated scale
of dues based on the number of days
worked per week was in place. The POA
delegation voted against this amendment,
but it did pass by a significant margin.
• Life Membership is now conferred
on those who have been a member for
45 years, regardless of age. The previous
requirement was 35 years of membership
plus age 65. All current Life Members
will continue as Life Members (“grandfathered”). Life Members continue to
pay no dues. This change means that the
average optometrist who joined AOA
upon entering school and maintained
their membership continuously would
achieve Life Membership between age 67
and 70. An amendment was proposed to
change the requirement from 45 years to
40 years. That amendment was defeated.
The POA delegation voted against this
motion, as directed by the POA House
of Delegates in Bedford Springs.
• Retired Membership is defined as
those optometrists who no longer work in
any optometrically-related activity. Those
who wish to receive benefits of membership will pay $100 in annual dues. Those
who only wish to maintain the title “Retired Member” will not pay dues.
• The descending dues scale has been
eliminated. This scale provided graduallyreduced dues for Active Members over 70.
Those members will now qualify as either
Active, Partial Practice, Retired or Life
Members, depending on their individual
• Changes in membership classification will be limited to once per year.
Those changes effective in the first half of
the year will be retroactive; those in the
second half will take effect at the end of
the year. This will make tracking membership easier and simplify bookkeeping
procedures, since each member will be in
only one dues classification for the entire
• Several changes were made to the
requirements for membership to allow
optometrists who are no longer practicing
and optometrists from other countries to
join AOA more easily.
• Members are allowed to affiliate
through the state where they work or
where they live.
The House of Delegates also elected
a new Board of Directors. In the one contested race, Dr. Hilary Hawthorne from
California was elected to the one year trustee
position over Dr. Bob Layman of Ohio. The
POA delegation was split between the two
candidates and felt both were well-qualified.
Dr. Buraczewski, as chair of the delegation,
cast 45 votes for Dr. Hawthorne and 40
votes for Dr. Layman.
We were also introduced to AOAEXCEL, an exciting new online venture of the
AOA, and presented with numerous reports,
including reports from the executive director, secretary-treasurer, president, chair of
AOA-PAC and the student association.
Continued from page 1
included in the subsidized first year?”; and
“Will I be able to customize the service to
better meet my organization’s needs, and
what will the cost of customization be?”
Who can I communicate with
using DIRECT?
Providers who contract with a HISP will
obtain a DIRECT e-mail address and digital
certificate, and can communicate with anyone who also has a DIRECT e-mail address
and digital certificate. To use DIRECT to
its fullest extent, it is important to encourage those with whom you have a communications relationship – optometrists
and other health care professionals – to
also sign up for DIRECT.
How do I find a certified,
commonwealth-approved HISP?
A list of certified HISPs and important
questions to ask HISPs can be found in the
“How to Choose a HISP Primer” on the
PAeHC’s website.
How do I sign up for DIRECT?
Visit the PAeHC DIRECT website. Read
the “DIRECT Info Sheet for Providers”
document; download the “How to Choose
a HISP Primer” for a list of HISPs and
questions; contact the certified HISPs and
pick one that best fits your needs; and contract with your chosen HISP for a one-year
subscription to DIRECT at no cost. Since
POA has two members on PAeHC committees, we also ask that you contact POA
at [email protected] or (717) 233-6455
with your experience so that we can provide
feedback to PAeHC.
July/August 2012
Continued from page 3
AOA Board members were just names to me
in the past. The HOD provided the opportunity to hear most of the current Board and
executive director give reports or speak on
various topics. We learned quite a bit about
2013 President Dr. Ronald Hopping’s personal life and history, even getting to see his
wife and children. Dr. David Cockrell’s wife
Cherry, a fellow optometrist, was appointed
to officially nominate her husband for vicepresident of the AOA in 2013. Those who
attended the Saturday night reception at
The Field Museum also had the opportunity
to see and mingle with next year’s Board and
significant others who were dressed in their
finest formal attire.
Being “part of the action”
It wasn’t long into the meeting that I
realized that we were participating in AOA
history, helping to shape the direction of
the organization. I don’t think most POA
members realize the strength of the Penn-
sylvania delegation’s vote at the AOA HOD.
Pennsylvania has the fifth highest number
of delegate votes (85), following California
(183), Texas (118), Ohio (115) and Florida
(114). This voting “strength” translates to
Pennsylvania being one of the leaders to
which other states seek support and even
guidance. This was particularly evident during roll call votes; for example, during the
election for the open AOA trustee positions.
There certainly was an element of political intrigue during the meeting and “after
hours,” with delegates from other states or
trustee nominees approaching Dr. Buraczewski asking for Pennsylvania’s vote. One of
my former PCO classmates who was a past
president of another state association even
approached me with a vote request!
Not all state associations are
created equal
The longer I’ve been a POA trustee,
the more I realize that we have such an active state association that stands out among
others. For example, even though Illinois is
a similar state in size and optometrist num-
bers (i.e., delegate votes), they do not hold
a yearly state House of Delegates meeting
like we do. Other state offices do not have
exceptional staff and such a respected executive director. There is no other state association that comes close to our successful
involvement and outcomes with third party
plans or insurance optometry advisory committees – other states look to us for advice
on this topic.
While sitting on the airplane from
O’Hare back to Harrisburg, I reflected
on the events of the past four days. Ultimately, what I felt was a sense of gratitude
and pride: grateful for the opportunity to
represent our state at this national meeting
and proud of the POA for all that we are
and all that we do for the profession that we
love. I would encourage any POA member
to attend next year’s Optometry’s Meeting
in San Diego and sit in on the public session
of the HOD. I guarantee you will leave with
greater knowledge and appreciation of the
AOA – and who knows, maybe even leave
with a new favorite city!
July/August 2012
Certification Preparatory & Optometric CE Program
September 29-30, 2012
The Pennsylvania Optometric Association, in conjunction with Optometry Board
Certified, is pleased to present Essentials in Eye Care 2012. This 2-day, 16-hour,
COPE-approved program will cover a diverse list of topics designed to assist those
doctors of optometry who are interested in pursuing the Board Certification designation, and to provide outstanding lectures to those who are just looking to add to their
optometric education. Remember, this is a license renewal year and Pennsylvania
doctors of optometry need to complete 30 credits by November 30, 2012.
Presenters for this event are Joseph Pizzimenti, O.D., Susan Cotter, O.D.,
M.S., William Marcolini, O.D., and Susan Gromacki, O.D. Courses include:
Pharmacotherapy of Ocular Disease
The ABCs of Refractive Error Management in Young Children
Case Studies in Pediatrics and Binocular Vision
Case Studies in Glaucoma
Review of Systems
Recognizing the Signs of Retinal Disease
Mysteries of the Unexplained Anterior and Posterior Segment Grand
Cataract Surgical Co-management
Fundamentals in Refractive Surgical Care
Update on Soft and Rigid Contact Lenses
A Guide to Keratoconus
This course is being held at the Best Western Premier Eden Resort in
Lancaster. Registration information can be found on the POA website. Please feel
free to contact Ilene at the POA office with any questions at [email protected]
or (717) 233-6455.
Mittelman succeeds
Lewis as Salus
University president
alus University has
announced that Rear
Admiral Michael H.
Mittelman, O.D., MPH,
a 1980 graduate of PCO,
will succeed Dr. Thomas L.
Lewis as the university’s next president.
Dr. Mittelman has 32 years of experience as a senior healthcare executive in the
US Navy. An active duty member of the
Armed Forces, Dr. Mittelman will complete
his service with the Navy before beginning
as Salus University president sometime in
late spring or early summer 2013. In order
to accommodate this timing and to ensure
a smooth transition, Dr. Lewis has agreed
to delay his planned June 30 retirement to
remain as president during this period. As
president-designate, Dr. Mittelman will be
in regular contact with Dr. Lewis and will
be on the university’s Elkins Park campus on
occasion, when time and his service obligations permit.
July/August 2012
September 23, 2012
CPOS Fall CE Forum featuring
Drs. Melton and Thomas. Hotel
Hershey, Hershey. Six credits of
CE. For more information, contact
[email protected] A registration
brochure is available to download.
September 29-30, 2012
Essentials in Eyecare: POA
Board Certification Preparatory &
Optometric CE Program. Eden Resort, Lancaster. 16 hours of CE for
board certification prep or simply to
count toward 2010-2012 license renewal. Visit the Meetings & CE Programs page at for
October 21, 2012
NEPOS Third Annual CE Seminar.
Hilton Scranton Conference Center.
Eight credits of CE featuring Drs. Andy
Gurwood, Marc Myers, Sachin Patel
and Shakeel Shareef. For more infor-
mation, contact Dr. Sherry Winn at
[email protected] or (570)
586-3228. A registration brochure is
available to download.
November 18, 2012
POA November CE Program.
Hershey Lodge & Convention Center, Hershey. Featuring diabetes and
glaucoma education. Mark your calendar!
Any time, any place!
POA Webinar Series (three available): HD OCT, Glaucoma or Oral
Medications. On-demand online via
POA’s website on the Meetings & CE
Programs page. Each webinar provides one hour of CE at a cost of $25
for members; $50 for non-members.
Format is 50-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A period.
Contact [email protected] with
POA gratefully acknowledges our
2012 Business Partners
C&E Vision Buying Group
Ophthalmic Management
Services, LLC
USI Affinity
Signet Armorlite
Allergan and Optometry
Proud to Be a Part of Your World
Allergan supports the field of optometry
with our products, educational programs,
practice support, and online resources.
Visit our optometry-dedicated
website for more information.
RESTASIS® (cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion) 0.05%
LASTACAFT® (alcaftadine ophthalmic solution) 0.25%
ALPHAGAN ® P (brimonidine tartrate ophthalmic solution) 0.1%
COMBIGAN® (brimonidine tartrate/
timolol maleate ophthalmic solution) 0.2%/0.5%
LUMIGAN ® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.01%
ACUVAIL® (ketorolac tromethamine ophthalmic solution) 0.45%
REFRESH® Lubricant Eye Drops
ZYMAXID® (gatifloxacin ophthalmic solution) 0.5%
LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%
©2012 Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA 92612 ® and ™ marks owned by Allergan, Inc.
ZYMAXID® is licensed from Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. APC03FP12 120628
July/August 2012
Classified Ads
Practice for sale
West Central PA. Forty-four-year-old
practice for sale. Excellent location with
high visibility. Building with ample parking
included in sale. A complete primary eye
care facility with 1,800 sq. ft. Call (814) 5358697 between 4-4:30 or (814) 255-1644
after 6:00 PM.
Optometrist wanted
Pittsburgh. Part-time optometrist needed
in the South Hills on both Wednesday
morning and all day Friday. If interested
please call (412) 344-8691.
Central PA. Exciting opportunity for an
optometrist interested in a full time position practicing in a professional optometric
practice in central Pa. Full scope of care:
diagnosing and treatment of eye diseases,
co-managing lasik and cataract patients,
and general optometric care. Competitive
salary and benefits. If interested e-mail to
[email protected]
Allentown Area. Optometrist wanted for
northern Lehigh Valley optometric practice.
2-3 days/week possibly leading to full-time.
Please reply to [email protected] or
call Tanya at (610) 767-1555.
Lehigh Valley Area. Part-time, two days
per week. Professional environment and
state of the art equipment. Call (610) 2586666 ask for Pat.
Westmoreland County/Western PA. Optometrist wanted for fill in work, Monday
or Friday, for end of June to mid-late July.
Interested optometrists should contact
[email protected]
Philadelphia area. Looking for energetic
full-time optometrist western Philadelphia suburb. Please e-mail interest to
[email protected]
Reading Area. Optometrist needed 1-4
days a week. Please call Dr. Dennis Linsey
at (813) 960-8896.
North Pittsburgh. Optometrist needed for
part-time in a progressive private practice.
1.5 to 2 days a week with potential for growth
in the future. Mondays and Saturdays
needed now. Full-scope of care. Technology-driven practice with EMR, OCT, automated phoropter, Fundus Camera, VF. Excellent trained and dedicated staff. Please
e-mail [email protected] if
Central PA. Full-time optometrist wanted for
medically-oriented practice. Well-equipped
with OCT, Optos, Marco TRS and more.
Send resume to [email protected]
or call (814) 375-0125.
Central PA. Luxottica and Sears Optical
seek to affiliate with independent doctors
of optometry who share our passion, imaginative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and
patient-centric approach. As an affiliated
doctor, you’ll be part of a patient-oriented
team that provides convenient, caring and
personalized eye care. We lead the way in
ophthalmic frames and lenses and provide
support to help you achieve your personal
and professional goals.
We currently have an opportunity for a
full-time/part-time Independent doctor of optometry to lease space in our Sears Optical
location in York and Lebanon. Associate doctors also needed in Hanover and Reading.
For further information, please e-mail Emily Nyman at [email protected]
or go to to
submit an interest form.
Lebanon. Pearle Vision sublease opportunity
available immediately! This is a fantastic
opportunity with huge growth potential. If
interested send a resume or quick note of
interest to [email protected] or call
(717) 657-0803.
Wilkes Barre. Available August 2012.
Full-Time (5 day) salaried position,
including comprehensive benefits package.
Competitive salary, including relocation
support. Days off include Sunday & one
weekday. Busy, primary care practice.
Contact Dr. Jennifer Lo at (206) 617-7467
or [email protected]
Pittsburgh. Available August 2012. FullTime (5 day) salaried position, including
c o m p r e h e n s i ve b e n e f i t s p a ck a g e.
Competitive salary. Days off include Monday
& Tuesday. Busy, primary care practice.
Contact Dr. Jennifer Lo at (206) 617-7467
or [email protected]
York. Full or part-time Fill-in Optometrist
wanted for a 3 location private practice.
Part-time permanent position potential.
Full scope optometry with the latest
technology including EHR. Fill-in position
available 9/17/2012 through 12/30/2012. If
interested, please forward CV to [email protected] or call Tracey at (717)7414788 ext. 1128. For more information on
our practice visit
Optometrist available
Pittsburgh. TPA certified optometrist, currently completing a primary care residency
(completion July 2012). Looking for a parttime or full-time position. Please e-mail
[email protected]
Equipment for sale
Diversatronics Desk with Sink; Smart Centration System Hardly Used in Excellent
condition; 1 Optical display case. Call (610)
258-6666 ask for Pat.
Woodlyn slit lamp. Includes Goldman
tonometer. Instrument is in excellent working condition. $1800. Pittsburgh area. (724)
Kowa non-mydriatic digital retinal camera. $8995. Excellent working condition.
Includes camera, Kowa VK2 software, Windows XP Pro computer, installation and
training. E-mail [email protected] or
call (570) 259-0458.
Briot patternless edger, Accura CX. Good
condition. $4,000. If interested, call (717)
Heidelberg HRT 3 with Retina module includes HRT3 / laptop computer / software
/ table stand / printer / locking travel case.
Excellent condition. $16,500 or best offer.
Please e-mail [email protected]
National Optronics 6E patternless edger
and 4T tracer both in great working order
with the exception of the internal display.
Edger uses external computer monitor. 12,000 cuts. $10,000. Two B&L 70
lensometers, one in mint condition the other
can be used for parts. Additional lab equipment, hand edger, Speede blocker, buffing
wheel and new ergo pro handle Hilco adjusting tools. e-mail [email protected]
Advertise in the Keystoner
Free of charge to members; $1 per word,
minimum $25, for non-members. Ads
must be submitted in writing via e-mail
to [email protected] or via fax at (717)
233-6833. Please indicate the number of
months you want your ad to run, up to a
maximum of three months. The deadline
to submit classified ads is the 1st of the
month preceding publication. (Example:
January 1 for the February issue.) POA/
C&E members can also post classified
ads at
July/August 2012
don’t be dr. stress
c&e buying group
more than
2% toWards
your poa &
aoa dues
increased office efficiency
consolidated billing
one statement
marketing resources
practice management tools
continuing education
call 800-346-2626
*ABB percentAge is less thAn 2%
Pennsylvania Optometric Political Action Committee
Recurring Contribution – What color are you?
Over $1,000 Annually
> $83.50 Monthly
> $250 Quarterly
> $500 Semi-Annually
$750-$999 Annually
$62.50-$83.25 Monthly
$187.50-$249.75 Quarterly
$375-$499.50 Semi-Annually
$500-$749 Annually
$41.67-$62.42 Monthly
$125-$187.25 Quarterly
$250-$374.50 Semi-Annually
$100-$499 Annually
$8.34-$41.59 Monthly
$25-$124.75 Quarterly
$50-$249.50 Semi-Annually
Amount $
q Monthly
q Quarterly
q Semi-Annually
q Annually
Amount $
q Monthly
q Quarterly
q Semi-Annually
q Annually
Amount $
q Monthly
q Quarterly
q Semi-Annually
q Annually
Amount $
q Monthly
q Quarterly
q Semi-Annually
q Annually
Other Recurring Contribution
Amount $
q Monthly
q Quarterly
q Semi-Annually
q Annually
One-time Contribution
q $120
q $250
q $500
q $1,000
q Other $
Member/Payment Information
Corporate donations are not permitted under state law. All contributions must be made via personal check/credit card/bank card.
q Check #
q Credit Card #
q MasterCard
q Visa
q Discover
Expiration Date
Name on Card
Billing Address for Card
q AmericanExpress
3-Digit Security Code (back of card)
q Debit Card/Bank Account #
Bank Routing #
I authorize POPAC to charge my credit card or debit card according to the contribution I have pledged
above and understand my account will be charged 1) ONCE for a one-time contribution or 2) MONTHLY,
QUARTERLY or SEMI-ANNUALLY AS INDICATED for a recurring contribution until I cancel.
Online Contribution via PayPal
To make a quick, easy and secure contribution through PayPal, please visit Both recurring and
one-time contributions can be processed via PayPal.
Mail or fax this form to: POPAC, 218 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101; Fax (717) 233-6833
Contributions for POPAC are not deductible for federal tax income as a charitable contribution.
POPAC complies with applicable laws and files regular reports with the Bureau of Elections.
Pennsylvania Optometric Association
218 North Street • Harrisburg, PA 17101
phone: (717) 233-6455 fax: (717) 233-6833
e-mail: [email protected]
Address Service Requested
You eye
New members
We are pleased to announce the following
new POA member. Please welcome this doctor to her professional association:
Pamela J. Blade, O.D. (BMOS)
Congratulations to Vera Kohler, CPOA,
who received the 2012 AOA Paraoptometric
Section Paraoptometric of the Year Award in
Chicago. Vera works with Dr. Delia Landy
and Dr. Dan Casamento, who traveled to
Chicago to celebrate her achievement.
AOA appointments
Thank you to the following members who
have accepted appointments to serve in the
AOA volunteer structure:
Scott A. Edmonds, O.D.
Accreditation Council on Optometric
Lynn D. Greenspan, O.D.
Evidence-Based Optometry Committee
**Additional appointments appear in the
April 2012 issue. **
Most of the information in the Keystoner is not only valuable for you, but
also for your staff. We encourage you
to share your Keystoner with your office
manager, paraoptometrics and other
Robert P. Bittel, Jr., O.D.
Health Promotions Committee - Chair;
Clinical Resources Group Executive
Janice E. Scharre, O.D.
Accreditation Council on Optometric
Letters to the Editor
Letters may be submitted to
[email protected] or
Editor, POA, 218 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
❑ Doctor
❑ Office Manager
❑ Para
❑ Para
❑ Para
Paid Advertisement
Information Technology SoluPartner with Total Merchant Services to process your credit card
payments and we’ll give you a $300 credit voucher to be used
towards your POA dues each year as a part of our special
Optometric Payments Processing Program
In recent years, Total Merchant Services has received the official endorsement
from several professional societies nationwide. The company is endorsed in its
home state of NC by the NC Veterinary Medical Association as well as the entire
NC Medical Society (see reverse side for testimonial). LensCrafters (ALLDOCs),
the Arkansas Optometric Society, and the SC Optometric Society have also
selected TMS as its preferred processor, saving its members money on credit
card processing fees as well as the following added advantages:
A generous credit toward your POA
compliance fees, and no IRS reporting
dues each year going forward. Just fax
fees that other processors are now
or email TMS the receipt showing your
paid membership fee in full and we’ll
send you a reimbursement check for
your agreement is simply month to month
year benefit!
equipment (if applicable) at NO
CHARGE to your practice. Standard
3 0 2 1 B e r ks W a y
Ste 202
phone line connections to your credit
card terminal are now optional.
Raleigh, NC
Support for your state’s optometric
association. Quarterly, TMS will donate a
portion of its profits to the optometric
society in your state based on your
volume of processed credit card
Give us a call and allow us to review one of
your current merchant statements so that we
w w w . t m sn c. co m
better offering.
as you go. No fee to cancel if you find a
Unlimited quantity, upgraded highspeed compatible credit card
No obligation and no long term contract
that other processors require. With TMS
$300.00. Again, this is a year over
No annual fees, no quarterly PCI
can show you how many extra dollars your
Susan A. Bobo
National Account Executive
PH 800.823.2712 ext. 120
[email protected]
current provider is charging you
unnecessarily. Due to our no obligation
offering, you really have nothing to lose and
much is to be gained.
Paid Advertisement
July/August 2012
Camille Seganos, CPOA
It was great to see everyone at Bedford Springs! There certainly was a lot to celebrate. Congratulations!
Roberta Beers, CPOT who was awarded 2012 PPA Para of the Year. Congratulations! Vera Kohler, CPOA
who was awarded 2012 AOAPS Para of the Year. Congratulations! PPA was awarded 2012 AOAPS
Bridgeway Award.
Let’s celebrate the excellent speakers and education presented. We had great education in a fun environment.
Celebrate leadership opportunities in Paraoptometry. Your involvement, dedication and support will help PPA to
It was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones in a venue where we encourage and support each other. Let’s celebrate the
camaraderie among us.
I hope you all are enjoying your Summer!
Report of the VP of Continuing Education
Sarah Owens, CPOA, CPOC
PA Paraoptometric Association
Fall Education 2012
Sunday, October 14th
The Woodlands Resort
1073 Highway 315
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
Lunch Provided
Education Topic : TBA
Registration form available soon
Rooms available Saturday evening with breakfast on Sunday morning at our group rate for PA Paraoptometric Association.
The Woodlands is less than 1 mile from the Mohegan Sun Casino at Pocono Downs. Free shuttle service available. Book your room
Saturday night and join your fellow paras for an evening of fun before education on Sunday.
Page 2
July/August 2012
PPA Board Members 2013
2013 PPA Board: Camille Seganos, CPOA, president; Vera Kohler, CPOA, president-elect; Sarah Owens, CPOA, vice president of
continuing education; April Stewart, secretary/treasurer; and Estela Velara, CPO, vice president of communications.
Congratulations to Vera Kohler, CPOA, and Roberta Beers, CPOT, who were honored with paraoptometric achievement awards this
Vera Kohler, CPOA, was awarded the 2012 American Optometric Association Paraoptometric Section Paraoptometric of the Year
Award during Optomery’s Meeting in Chicago.
Roberta Beers, CPOT, was awarded the 2012 Pennsylvania Paraoptometric Association Paraoptometric of the Year Award during the
POA/PPA Annual Congress at the Bedford Springs Resort in May.
Page 3
July/August 2012
New Additions to PPA Loaner Library
Awarded through AOAPS Bridgeway Award
Self Study Course for Paraoptometric Assistants & Technicians
Third Edition w/ Self Assessment Exam
Certified Paraoptometric (CPO) study Flash Cards
Introduction to Insurance Processing Study Flash Cards
Certified Paraoptometric Assistant & Technician Study Flash Cards
 CPO Review Course Education Module
 CPO Study Guide 2010
 Practice Management 101
 Anatomy & Physiology
 Special Procedures
 Ophthalmic Dispensing
 ABC’s of Optical Dispensing
 Optimizing Efficiency in the Optical Dispensary
 Introduction to Free-Form
 Soft Contact lens Wear & Care
 Fitting Soft Toric Contact Lenses
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 814-266-7611
Fax: 814-266-3532
Paraoptometric Career Center - A new added benefit offered on our PPA website allows Optometrists to post wanted ads for
Paraoptometrics in their area, or for Paraoptometrics to post their information if they're seeking new employment, and best of all
there's no charge!
Page 4
July/August 2012
Charm Lanyards
Recognition for your achievements and dedication to your career is very important to the PPA. May Congress was the first time the
PPA used the Charm Lanyards, giving every member in attendance a football charm to go along with our theme “Friday Night
Lights”. The Charms are a symbol of your involvement with the PPA and your community. Charms are given for attendance at May
Congress and for accomplishments listed below. The charms are to be placed on your lanyard and worn to every PPA meeting for all
to see. Remember to bring your charm lanyard with you to all PPA meetings. You can access the form online at in
the Paraoptometric Section ( or fill out the following form and return it to:
Felicia Kauffman
c/o Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons
1802 Papermill Rd.
Wyomissing, Pa 19610
[email protected]
1. Have you ever served on the PPA Board of Directors?
If yes, what position(s)?
2. Have you ever been honored with the PPA Para of the Year Award? Y
If Yes, When?
3. Are you a CPC approved speaker?
4. Are you a PPA Honorary Member?
5. Please list any community service activities you are involved with personally and / or professionally:
6. Do you serve on the board of your local society?
If Yes, what position and which society?
7. Are you a Certified Paraoptometric?
If Yes, CPO / CPOA / CPOT / CPOC (please circle)
8. Are you an AOA member?
Page 5
July/August 2012
Each set includes approximately 100 questions that cover a variety of topics. Flash cards are effective learning tools to test the type of
knowledge needed for the CPOA and CPOT certification examinations.
Set One: Item number: PS14
Practice Management
Anatomy & Physiology
Refractive Status
Sports Vision
Ocular Emergencies and Triage
Set Three: Item number: PS15
Specialty Testing
Visual Fields
Contact Lenses
Low Vision Examination
Binocular Vision
Set Four: Item number: PS17
Ocular Pharmacology
Ophthalmic Instruments
Common Pathological and
Functional Disorders
Ophthalmic Surgery
Common Eye Disorder
To view education module descriptions and learning objectives visit,
DISCLAIMER: The certification study materials are not prerequisites for taking the paraoptometric certification examinations
administered by the Commission on Paraoptometric Certification (CPC). Using these study materials and/or taking and passing the
self‐assessment examination accompanying them does not guarantee passing the paraoptometric certification examinations
administered by the CPC.
Page 6
July/August 2012
Camille Seganos, CPOA
(814) 266-7611
[email protected]
Vera Kohler, CPOA
(814) 368-7090
[email protected]
April Stewart
(814) 677-6636
[email protected]
VP of Education
Sarah Owens, CPOA
(717) 355-2138
[email protected]
VP of Communications
Estela Valera, CPO
(610) 434-1000 ext. 242
[email protected]
Immediate Past President
Dominga Pedraza, CPO
(610) 372-0712
[email protected]
POA Liaison
Marianne E. Boltz, O.D.
(717) 531-6622
[email protected]
Order Form
PPA Paraoptometric Reference Manual
Name_________________________________ Phone_____________________
Non- Member
Price Each
$4.00 (each)
Total Amount Due
Name_________________________________________ Phone___________________________
Price Each
Checks payable to: Pennsylvania Paraoptometric Association
Send to: Theola Amundson, CPOT
118 Scotland Ave.
Punxsutawney PA, 15767

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