World`s Most Advanced Maxi scooter



World`s Most Advanced Maxi scooter
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Front,The moment you pull away, you're riding in a whole new world,Toshiyuki Suzuki,The
world's most advanced maxi scooter, the 500cc TMAX makes its debut.,The Maxi Scooter Market
that Produced the Majesty,Starting Project: Obsession about the Riding Experience,Innovative
thinking leads to a breakthrough,TMAX Opens Up a Whole New World,International Focus,The
Challenge of Marketing to Revitalize the Market,Corporate,Yamaha Motor Marketing Japan Co.,
Ltd.,Hiroshi Ukon,Japan,Shizuoka,Keeping business style in step with the times,Success fueled
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Takeda,Vietnam,Yamaha rides for nature,Motorcycle,Riding School for the World Wide Fund for
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Shop,Owners Club Update,Nordic Yamaha Bike Meet,Yamaha MC Club Norway,Norway,YBR125
in Brazil - a major market shake up,YBR125,Brazil,Virgin boss gets mobile on Yamaha
scooter,Virgin Group,United Kingdom,Team Virgin Mobile Yamaha,2nd Summer Festival
held,Summer Festival ,Germany,Hockenheim Ring,F4 moves to Europe,Outboard Motor,MBK
Industries,Sanshin Industries Co., Ltd.,6-millionth outboard,Hamamatsu,High profile for Yamaha
in Malaysia,Safety Campaign,Yamaha Safety Campaign,Hong Leong Distributors Sdn
Bhd,TZM,TZ Highway Star Express,Yamaha Millennium Rumble,Record-breaking Millennium
Rumble,Challenge spirit, It's YAMAHA!,An Obsession with Innovation 1st Yamaha Challenge
Exhibition,Yamaha Aero Robot RMAX Mt. Usu Observation Special Spec. (2000),Industrial-use
Unmanned Helicopter,RMAX,World's first autonomous-flight outside range of vision,Unmanned
Ocean Atmosphere Observation Boat Kan-chan (2000),Kan-chan,World's first mobile unmanned
ocean atmosphere observation vessel,Yamaha 26 II S,GP SuperCar OX99-11
(1992),Engine,OX99-11,A super car mounting an F1 engine developed for the ultimate in
performance,Concept Model Morpho II (1991),Morpho II,In Pursuit of the Ultimate in ManMachine Interface,Electric Scooter MEST (1993),MEST,Control technology enables development
of a new electric personal vehicle,Rotary Engine Motorcycle RZ201 (1972),RZ201,Venturing into
a new Realm of Small-engine Technology,Concept Model OU32 (1988),OU32 ,A small-class
hydrofoil to open up a new genre,Concept model MT-01 (1999),MT-01,In Pursuit of comfort and
taste in the motorcycle's sound and vibration,Concept Model Hybrid Commuter,A new-concept
commuter that is more people-friendly and environment-friendly,Yamaha Motor 45th
Anniversary Celebration Challenging the 21st Century,Challenging the 21st
Century,Communication Plaza