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Press pack 2016 //
In Burgundy,
water flows from the source
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
Véronique BEIGENGER / [email protected]
Marie-Hélène VERNEREY / [email protected]
that bridge…
p03 Cross that bridge…
p04 Fresh air thrills
p06 Going with the flow
p08 An exhilaratinge pla
Step back in tim
at the museums
Hand-made works of art!
Row, row, row your boat,
gently down the stream…
Angling at your leisure…
p16 Celebration is in the
p18 Bars and bistros
or those who want to treat themselves to an enchanting break
in the heart of Burgundy, where pretty little villages set the scene,
heading for the canals and rivers is an excellent idea! Three packages
are available to help you discover Burgundy by the water’s edge,
rediscovering serenity and enjoying the authenticity of the terroir
with stop-offs at vineyards, bucolic spots, markets, great restaurants and
local eateries. You’re ready set sail!
House-boat rental companies have fleets of vessels that, for a week or a
weekend, will perfectly meet your needs and aboard which you can enjoy
a unique experience with your loved one, with the family or with the whole
For those who like to coast along easily like a VIP, the barge-hotel package
allows you to sail in a refined and relaxed style. The crew will take care of
everything, including excursions, and provide you with a friendly welcome
to make sure you enjoy your trip. Finally, for those who like to experience
life on a grand scale, the river cruise liners allow you to explore cultural,
historical and gourmet itineraries with the singular charm of a cruise.
at the water’s edge
p20 The locks provide
excuse for a break
p21 Superb stopovers
Sweet dreams at the
water’s edge
p24 Wandering waters
in Franche-Comté
A Burgundy Tourism publication
and Sophie ARMATOL
Editor: Sylvie BLIN PR and
Véronique BEIGENGER/Coralie MOISSON (Burgundy Tourism)
Translation: Eugenio Raez
Photos: Alain DOIRE (Burgundy Tourism) Unless otherwise stated
Printing: Graphi System (Chenôve, 21)
January 2016
Fresh air thrills
urgundy offers a myriad of water based activities setting
off from pretty villages. It has to be said that there is certainly no shortage of natural beauty spots that are perfect
for sporty or more contemplative leisure activities.
Bivouac at the Bec d’Allier
From here you can marvel at the coming together
of the waters of the Loire and the Allier, forming
a patchwork of countless islands…On this
journey, you head out on a canoe to encounter
migratory birds, in the company of your guide.
Once evening arrives, set up your bivouac on
one of these islands and cook over an open fire.
You have never been so in tune with nature.
The Loire by Indian canoe
Dusk is the perfect time of day to sail down
the Loire in a rabaska, a large canoe made of
bark that can hold up to ten people, just like
the Native Americans of yesteryear. A two to
three hour visit around the Val de Loire nature
reserve in the company of a nature guide is both
fascinating and exciting.
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
The virtues of Ecopagayage
Different trails that showcase the plants and
wildlife, but also the culture of an area.
The « Ecopagayeur » concept in Burgundy is
applied to 8 modular trails that are accessible to
all. On the River Saône, for instance, it provides
a different way to explore the Abbey of Cîteaux
from the water or to touch on the history of
Bossuet and the still evident beauty of the
bargemen’s trail of the last century.
Slowing things down on the lakes
of the Morvan
You can really appreciate time slipping slowly
by on the great lakes of the Morvan. Take
advantage of this to refresh your spirit with some
beautiful walks or boat trips in a well-preserved
natural environment, such as that of the Lac des
Settons. Discretely watch the birds in their own
little world on the Lac de Pannecière, or play at
Robinson Crusoe on the Lac de Saint-Agnan or
Davy Crockett on the Lac de Chaumeçon…
Cable skiing on the lakes of Mâcon.
This is a new sport that is waiting to be
discovered, either with a fun beginner’s lesson
or taking a course that leads you to join a club. A
cable is used to help you glide across the surface
of the lake of Crèches sur Saône… its child’s play!
Those who are experts in water-skiing in its
original format should head for Les Settons, Arc
sur Tille or the Saône for big thrills guaranteed!
Swimming enthusiasts can be found
Most of all don’t miss the Lac de Chour, the Lac
de La Tille, Beaune Côté Plage, the Decize nautical
stadium, Nevers sur Loire and Dijon Plage…
White water is a speciality of the
The rivers of the Morvan are becoming ever
more popular for enjoying rafting, canoekayaking and hot dogging.
The Cure and the Chalaux,
These tumultuous waters provide a comprehensive range of possibilities, depending on
the schedule of water release, from mid-April to
November. It’s an invitation to excitement!
Climbing at the Rochers du Saussois
Come and scramble up the legendary cliffs of
Saussois, a climbing hot-spot, on the banks of
the River Yonne and the Canal du Nivernais.
Enjoy unbeatable views into the heart of a
well-preserved natural habitat blessed with
protected flora and fauna.
Going with the flow
n foot or by bike along the towpaths, these magical
paths let you enjoy the best of Burgundy’s nature in
some superb spots. They are very often dotted with
great places to eat...
The Canal de Bourgogne
Between the vineyards and the forest groves and flanked by touristic sites,
towpaths and small country roads link Migennes to Dijon (mountain bikes
or hybrid bikes recommended). From the Tonnerrois to the Ouche Valley,
passing through the Auxois, this is Burgundy in microcosm that is waiting
to be explored; vineyards and forest groves, châteaux and industrial
heritage sites, villages with character and small towns.
The River Saône along the Voie Bleue
The Voie Bleue is a 180km cycling tourism trail that runs from Mâcon
(Saône-et-Loire) and Heuilley-sur-Saône (Côte-d’Or).This itinerary flanks
the River Saône as it crosses Burgundy from north to south, passing rivers
and prairies and providing some wonderful cultural and gourmet stops
from Mâcon to Talmay. Two sections have been completed before and after
Chalon-sur-Saône, between Mâcon and Tournus and between Crissey and
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
you know?
The Loire Lateral Canal
The Loire, the last « great wild river » of France,
is reputed for its natural habitats brimming with
plants and wildlife. It is a good idea to explore
these from the riverbanks, thanks to the excellent
towpaths of its lateral canal. Although this is
essentially outside of Burgundy, the path this
route takes « flirts » very closely with our borders
and allows for numerous stop-offs at charming
towns with rich heritage and sumptuous
landscapes. To the south, at Iguerande, this
Greenway continues for twenty kilometres, right
up to Roanne.
The Canal du Nivernais
Its 174 kilometres are punctuated by some
exceptional landscapes: « The Little Amazon »
of the Collancelle vaults, three tunnels carved
into the rock and plunging into a luxurious
verdant habitat. The ponds of Baye are where
you can catch sight of the hardy kingfisher.
The Echelles de Sardy, a spectacular staircase
of 16 locks and two canal bridges. The Rochers
du Saussois, a climbing hot-spot, blessed with
well-preserved flora and fauna. Finally, there is
Irancy and its renowned vineyard with aromas
of blackcurrants and cherries, home to the SaintVincent Tournante de Bourgogne festival in
January 2016. Follow the cycling route between
Nièvre and Yonne, guided from end to end by the
Canal du Nivernais that crosses the rich lands of
the Bazois, skirts alongside the Morvan massif,
delves into the Vaux d’Yonne and finishes with a
flourish at the foot of the Auxerrois’ hills.
A trip along the River Seille
A gentle tributary of the River Saône, the Seille
will delight lovers of green getaways. Navigable
along 39km from the lock at La Truchère, close to
Tournus, and the picturesque town of Louhans,
in Bresse country, it crosses a nature reserve,
meanders through fields and forest groves,
passes alongside windmills and crosses four
locks. There are so many ways to appreciate the
local plants and wildlife. Keep your eyes open!
The Canal du Centre is still bustling
Narrow and sinuous, stretching for 112km, the
Canal du Centre provides a picturesque trail in
between Saône-et-Loire, a path followed by the
EuroVelo6 cycling route. Still partially in use, since
its construction at the end of the XVIII Century it
has contributed to the economic development
of the mining basin of Montceau-les-Mines. Its
itinerary leads you through the vineyards of the
Côte Chalonnaise and the Côte de Beaune, and
then into the heart of the green prairies of the
Charolais. When it comes to culture, a stop-off at
Paray-le-Monial is a must, a focal point for Roman
art and pilgrims, before you admire the superb
234m long aqueduct that connects the Loire
with Digoin.
The Tour de Bourgogne
à vélo®
Here is a different way of
exploring the many canals
of Burgundy thanks to a
network of cycling routes
and greenways that is unique
in France. 5 major itineraries
(the Voie Verte en Bourgogne
du Sud, the Canal du Centre,
the Canal du Nivernais, the
Canal de Bourgogne and
the Voie des Vignes) help
you savour the “Tour de
Bourgogne à vélo®” at your
own pace.
In France, Burgundy was the
very first region to work on
a major coherent regional
project of “Greenways”. The
region can also claim to have
invented the “Voie Verte”
appellation. The Saône-etLoire was, in fact, the first of
these in 1997, and was used
to coin the term, a French
translation of the word
Often established along the
towpaths of rivers and canals,
these Greenways are off
limits to any motor vehicle,
and so are perfectly safe!
An exhilarating playground
Museum of the Loire in Cosne-sur-Loire
In the heart of a former convent, this classified
museum offers a special encounter with the
Loire and with fine arts. On the boats of the Loire,
bargemen would rub shoulders with artists like
Derain, Chagall, de Vlaminck and many others.
Step back in time
at the museums
The Romain Rolland Museum of Art
and History at Clamecy
Among other collections, this museum
highlights the story of the timber floaters in an
exceptional hall.
The Museum of Waterways
at Saint Jean-de-Losne
Located in a typical house of the XV Century, you
can explore two hundred years of river heritage
thanks to objects, instruments, scale models
from the period and exhibitions.
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
© Alain Doire – Bourgogne Tourisme
mall quirky museums, historic works
of art, river cruises and fishing:
there are thousands of ways to
experience the rivers and canals of
The Canal Museum at Ecuisses
This quirky barge-museum presents the
Canal du Centre, in southern Burgundy.
It recounts the life and history of those
who built it, and then travelled along it by
pulling the boats themselves.
The Water, Fisheries and Nature
Centre in Heuilley-sur-Saône
An educational space based around
traditional fishing, with aquariums, a
reconstructed fountain and native fish.
The Chain Boat Museum
at Saint-Léger Des Vignes
In a service house at the very start of the
Canal du Nivernais the 1933 chain boat
Ampère V is hidden. This proud towing
vessel has a whole story to tell… Outside,
it is important to admire the view over
Saint-Léger Des Vignes and its weir from
the belvedere.
The Chain Boat Hall
in Pouilly-en-Auxois
Created by the Japanese architect Shigeru
Ban, who recently designed the Centre
Pompidou in Metz, the Chain Boat Hall
houses the electric chain boat, a river
haulage vessel from 1893, that allowed
merchant barges to negotiate the canal
tunnel. The originality of the hall resides
in its construction using cardboard tubes
linked by aluminium knots.
Hand-made works of art!
On the Canal de Briare
With this gigantic project, Henri IV and Sully
wanted to develop the navigable waterways that
crossed France and to link the Mediterranean
with the Atlantic and the English Channel. At
Rogny, it was necessary to cross a 24m hill and
the architect Hugues Cosnier invented this
monumental staircase of 7 locks, between the
Loire and the Seine. It is a masterpiece that is a
listed Historic Monument. Every year, on 25th
July, the locks are illuminated thanks to a musical
fireworks show.
On the Canal du Nivernais
The Baye and Vaux ponds
Reservoirs linked to the Canal du Nivernais,
these ponds created in the XIX Century are home
to nature in its pure state and to well-managed
trails. Classed as «Sensitive Natural Areas», these
ponds are also the site of nautical activities and
fishing. The great Etang de Vaux is very wild and
a favourite spot for birds. Don’t forget to watch
out for the kingfishers!
The Collancelle Vaults
The depth and narrowness of the watershed
canal in the XVIII Century allowed for the
construction of an elegant tunnel that was
hidden from the world. It is necessary to tackle
the giant stairs carved into the mountain in
order to reach the obscurity of the vaults. There,
you are faced with a magnificent spectacle. The
line of black water that is the canal shines with
a thousand lights before becoming lost in the
refuge of the tunnel…The perfection of this
building forged in a natural habitat that has now
regained its former glory, the majesty of this
site, the shadows and the silence will take your
breath away!
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
The Needle Weir at Biches
This is a rarity... Constructed in 1837 on the banks
of the Canal du Nivernais, at the commune of
Biches, this needle weir (moveable metal stakes)
on the River Aron allowed water to be retained in
order to feed the canal in the event of its levels
dropping. Saved from demolition, every summer
it creates a large water basin where the Canal du
Nivernais and the river flow side by side through
the Bazois landscape, dotted with hedgerows.
There is also another straight line of preserved
needles that is on display out of the water close
to the canal thanks to the lockkeeper’s efforts, at
the entrance to the camp site of Vincelles. This is
a final reminder of the timber floating industry
that existed along this waterway.
The Dirol lift-bridge
The Canal du Nivernais stands out from other
canals in Burgundy thanks to the presence
of moving bridges. Most of these were put in
place when construction work on the canal
recommenced in the 1830’s.
On the River Seille
The weir at La Truchère
This needle weir dates from 1818. Recently
automated, it allows for mooring and helps
prevent the worst of the flooding on the River
On the Canal du Centre
The Chain of Locks
Ecuisses is situated on the watershed line crossed
by the canal. The extremely uneven terrain in this
location forced the canal’s engineers to design
a chain of seven locks. This was reduced to
four when the Freycinet gauge allowed for the
passage of the biggest vessels at the end of the
XIX Century.
The Montceau-les-Mines swing-bridge
The Canal du Centre, the Bourbince and the
Lac du Plessis have always been a part of the
landscape in Montceau. The creation of the
port, the swing-bridge and its harbour master’s
office, located in the very heart of the town, have
allowed a new type of tourism based around the
river to flourish here.
The Guetin Aqueduct
It spans the Allier in the natural setting of the Bec
d’Allier, a WWF site.
The Aqueduct at Digoin
This swing-bridge, a fine work of art in itself,
sits above the Loire. It was constructed with cut
stone between 1834 and 1838, and extended in
1870. It now measures 243m. The swing-bridge
essentially allows the Loire Lateral Canal to span
the River Loire and to link up a little further on
with the Canal du Centre, at Port Campionnet in
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
On the Canal de Bourgogne
On the River Vingeanne
Pouilly-en-Auxois’ vaulted tunnel
In the heart of the town, the canal passes
through a 3,333m subterranean tunnel known as
the Voûte de Pouilly. It was built in just 7 years
from 1825 to 1832, by digging 32 ventilation
shafts. Had the workers simply dug the tunnel
from one end to the other, the work would have
taken more than 50 years to complete.
The Cheuge Drawbridge near Mirebeau
The only drawbridge in Burgundy was built
in 1887 from grey cast iron with a wooden
slatted track slotted into cut stone. It is near this
drawbridge, at the farmhouse mill, where the
film « The Widow Couderc » with Simone Signoret
and Alain Delon was filmed.
The Saint-Florentin aqueduct
It was in 1810 that this surprising work of art
was constructed. The Saint-Florentin aqueduct
was built according to the plans drawn up by
Foucherot and Sutil. In a style close to that of the
one at Vauban, close to lock 108, in the vicinity
of the port, this aqueduct is a stone bridge with
5 arches that allows the Canal de Bourgogne to
span the Armance.
Digital itinerary
for the canals of Burgundy!
With the brand new web site canaux.region-bourgogne.fr, set off to explore the heritage of Burgundy’s canals, their history, their works of art: buildings, locks, reservoirs, channels, ports… and the
landscapes they traverse: cities, villages, churches,
châteaux, factories, industries… A veritable mine
of information and of images, it allows you to discover in a different way the heritage of the Bourgogne, Centre and Nivernais canals, as well as the
canalised River Seille, thanks to interactive features
and a variety of visual tools.
he excursion boats allow you to
enjoy an enchanting moment in the
heart of nature dotted with pretty
little villages, whilst exploring pleasant landscapes with countryside accents…
Navigate in perfect tranquillity aboard
these boats, which come in all sizes, as you
glide along the waterways or across the
lakes of Burgundy. At lunch time, or when
the light starts to fade, step aboard a cruise
with the family or with a group of friends
on the Canal du Nivernais, the Yonne, the
Row, row, row your boat,
gently down the stream…
The Pouilly vaulted tunnel and the
Collancelle vaults
aboard two electric solar powered boats (Oh!
the silence!), La Billebaude on the Canal de
Bourgogne and the Art du Temps on the Canal
du Nivernais.
The aqueduct and the typical villages
aboard the excursion boat Le Latéral on the Loire
Lateral Canal from Port du Guétin and at Decize,
or aboard the Ville de Digoin from the city of the
same name.
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
Departing from Auxerre, the Hirondelle
provides several types of cruises along the River
Yonne and the Canal du Nivernais.
On the River Saône,
one of the most beautiful rivers in France,
departing from Saint-Jean-de-Losne, aboard the
Vagabondo or on the nearby River Seille aboard
the Potiquet Jolly departing from Louhans …
Cross Chalon-sur-Saône
aboard the restaurant boat Le Delta, with an
unbeatable view of the quayside.
On the Lac des Settons,
step aboard one of the two boats, Le Morvan
or Les Settons, and listen to the story of the
lake, of the timber floating industry and of the
construction of the weir.
ishing certainly has its aficionados, and for them, the lakes,
rivers and landscapes of Burgundy are on a par with a trip
to Ireland. Here, fishing makes perfect
sense and experts or beginners will
be able to indulge in their passion!
River crayfish
You can still find « broad-fingered »
crayfish in the rivers of the Nièvre and
the Morvan, the Yonne, the Beuvron, the
Sauzais, the Dragne, the Anguison, the
Cure... Lovers of family fishing trips will
just need a wooden rod, a net and some
bait. The children will love it!
Angling at your leisure…
The bullhead; a sacred monster
of the Saône and the Loire
When you first catch sight of it, along the
River Loire as you are kayaking, with its
raised barbs, what will impress you most
will be its length and colour. Anglers love
to boast about this sort of catch! In Mâcon,
the Centre for Big Game Fishing arranges
bullhead fishing breaks on the River
Saône, including everything you need;
equipment, a boat and a guide.
Predator fishing in the Morvan
The great lakes of the Morvan Regional
Nature Park are reputed for their predator
fishing (pike, pikeperch, perch and
bullhead). The Lac de Pannecière, or the
lakes at Settons, Crescent or Saint-Agnan
et Chaumeçon are all flanked by forests,
and Bourgogne Pêche provides courses
in heavy lure fishing that meets even the
most specific requirements.
Carp fishing, by night
Carp fishing is permitted at any time
of day or night. All the carp fishing
areas along the Canal de Bourgogne are
classified « catch and release».
Fly fishing in the Morvan
The « Neptune » estate is an idyllic spot,
a trout reservoir situated in a wooded
and wild location. Fed by sources from
a property covering 14ha, it also offers a
covered shelter and picnic tables.
An angler’s paradise
in Merceuil Tailly
Just a few minutes from Beaune, the ecoleisure park established for walkers and
anglers is very aptly named: the Etangs
d’Or, or Golden Ponds. Here you can
fish for predators (pike, pikeperch, black
bass, perch), for carp and for forage fish
(bleak, roach, whitefish) at 16 lakes linked
by pathways created by the National
Landscaping School in Versailles.
Celebration is in the air…
wooden train
heading full steam
for Paris
If the bridges of Paris could only
remember, they would tell a
forgotten story. It is a story of
the rafts of wood that set off
from the Morvan to keep the
capital warm for three centuries.
In 2015, the Flotescale association made this forgotten chapter
of Parisian history come back
to life by reliving this epic story.
Just like it did in ages past, a raft
of wood left Clamecy for Paris
along the Canal du Nivernais,
the Yonne and the Seine, at a
speed of 6 or 7 km/h.
This 72m raft of wood crossed
Paris. The likes of this had not
been seen since 1877!
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
n summer, the rivers and canals spring
into life with fetes and festivals that
blends history and terroir, all in a refreshing ambiance to help you enjoy life!
They bring a torrent of surprises…
Clamecy, capital of timber floating
Every summer Clamecy celebrates with gusto its
historic links with timber floating. Reconstructions
of the traditional wood rafts, trips along the canal,
but also many other fun activities, such as the
giant pedalos, the descent of the waterways on
ramshackle « Bidon » rafts, a competition to judge
these precarious rafts, descents using inner tubes
and other nautical games.
The Pardon des Mariniers festival
The bargemen in the smallest city in France, SaintJean-de-Losne, make the end of July a vibrant
tribute to the river haulage industry. A solemn
mass and blessing of the boats that have been
decorated to mark the occasion, cultural and
joyous events, meetings with the lockkeepers, the
haulers, the millers and, the jewel in the crown,
the world championship of sculling.
Digoin brightens up its River Loire
For 10 years now, Digoin has paid tribute
to its river, the Loire, with a festival called
Les Ligériades that combines shows and
exhibitions, open-air cinema, a fair and
The Canal en Fête at Pouilly-enAuxois and Châtel-Censoir
These two towns blessed with privileged
locations organise a festival and tribute
to the Canal de Bourgogne every two
years and its taking place this year! But
every summer, river cruises let visitors
explore the marvels of this waterway in
slow motion, including the famous Pouilly
Decize is bursting with music
In July, at the Promenade des Halles (a
listed site), 18 hours of free shows take
place. On the programme of Festiv’halles
there is traditional music as well as
international bands.
The Yonne and the Cure, the
tilt-yard of nautical jousting
On the last Sunday in August, in Accolay
and Coulanges-sur-Yonne, jousters come
face to face on the River Cure, under the
benevolent gaze of Saint-Nicolas, patron
saint of timber floaters. The performances
are wildly applauded by an enthusiastic
crowd that show appreciation for every
contestant, whether they fall in or not!
Next edition: August 2016.
In Auxerre there is
wine and games
Rendezvous in May 2016 on the quayside
of the River Yonne at Auxerre for an
escape into the vineyards where around
one hundred wine producers share their
passion with you through meetings and
tastings. They enlighten wine lovers and
make the city vibrate with their fanfare.
« Fleurs de vigne » also celebrates the
wines of the Grand Auxerrois as well
as its beautiful river, with nautical
jousts, concerts, shows on the water,
Bars and bistros
at the water’s edge
hey add a pinch of spice to
your outings in Burgundy
and are well worth a detour.
Often quirky, always pleasant, they may be hidden aboard a
barge or in a lockkeeper’s house. Their
1930’s atmosphere and beautiful
dishes of fried fish accompanied by a
glass of white are truly irresistible. Here
is a selection of the very best spots!
L’île Chaumette in Epervans
7km from Chalon-sur-Saône, you can dine
on the terrace at the water’s edge with an
island all to yourself.
L’Embarcadère in La Truchère
A restaurant-barge with a terrace and a
floating delicatessen that is moored on
the River Seille at the boating base.
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Restaurant du Port in Decize
Situated at the confluence of various canals,
the Port de la Jonction welcomes boats,
but it is also home to this restaurant where
guests are delighted by regional products.
Péniche Cancale, in Dijon
This 1951 barge was given a new lease
of life when it became a floating dining
establishment, an original bistro-show. This
convivial venue is ideal for artistic discoveries,
with concerts, DJ sets, shows, exhibitions…
Most usually in dry dock, but on occasions
by the bridge or along the quay…
O p’tit repère du goût
in Fleurey-sur-Ouche
In a bucolic setting, on the banks of the
Canal de Bourgogne, the P’tit Repère is
the perfect gourmet stop! On fine days,
a covered terrace leads out onto a small
Japanese style garden.
Press pack 2016
Les Tilleuls, in Vincelottes
On the quays of the River Yonne, this inn
serves a tasty and well thought out menu
that changes with the seasons and is in
keeping with the most refined Burgundian
Au fil du Zinc, in Chablis
This restaurant housed in an old mill that
spans the River Serein has a high-quality
neo-bistro style. A Japanese chef, who
has worked with Robuchon and Alléno,
is in command, assisted by his wife, who
is herself an excellent patissiere. The local
Crus have pride of place here.
Le Pot d’étain, in L’Isle sur Serein
A Bib Gourmand award was the prize
for this classic gastronomic restaurant,
located in the pleasant Serein Valley.
L’Escale, in Migennes
A cabaret at the water’s edge, this historic
venue has welcomed all the great artists
of French chanson of the 1960s.
La Folie, in Auxerre
This is a must simply for its summer barbecues!
Le Maurey, in Auxerre
Have lunch or enjoy a drink on the terrace
aboard a barge with an unbeatable view
of Auxerre.
Le Quai, in Auxerre
Have lunch or simply a glass of something
in the historic square of the Marine quarter.
Le Doubs rivage,
in Charrette-Varennes
A green getaway at the water’s edge, a
large Bressanne house, a high-quality
restaurant: those are the ingredients for
a pretty gourmet stop between Dôle and
Chalon sur Saône.
L’Auberge des Vieux Moulins
Banaux, in Villeneuve l’Archevêque
Dine in the machine room of a water mill that
dates back to the XVI Century and has been
entirely restored. The mill is located on an
island that is accessible by wooden bridges.
La Vieille Ferme, in Mâcon
An authentic farm on the banks on the
River Saône, with swimming pool and
flower filled gardens.
Le Poisson d’Or, in Mâcon
On the banks of the River Saône, food
lovers and gourmets will appreciate this
little bubble of refinement, tranquillity
and sweetness. A father and son team
work together in the kitchens to share
exceptional gastronomic moments with
their guests.
Brasserie de la navigation,
in Saint-Jean-de-Losne
On the menu at this authentic spot you
will find fried fish and frog’s legs.
La Marine, in Seurre
On a shaded terrace, guests can sample
regional specialities, such as Pôchouse
fish stew.
Le Riva Plage, in Glanon
A terrace at the water’s edge, just a few
kilometres from Beaune, local cuisine,
Pôchouse fish stew, frog’s legs, fried
Le Nymphéa,
in Lamarche-sur-Saône
A panoramic terrace serving fried fish as a
Le Chalet du Lac de Chour,
in Franxault
After a little fishing expedition, you can
treat yourself to the convivial ambiance
of this restaurant and to its menu, where
fried fish has pride of place.
Le Lac de Panthier,
in Vandenesse-en-Auxois
On the lakeside, next to the camp-site and
the swimming pools, this restaurant with
a view is a perfect gourmet rendezvous.
Pôchouse stew,
a Burgundian speciality
Traditionally, this bargemen’s dish
consists of river fish with firm flesh that
are cut into chunks and cooked in white
wine; eel, pike, perch, tench and carp.
Nevertheless, recipes for this highly
regarded regional dish vary depending
on the chef, and some have become
really quite sophisticated. Didier Denis,
Chef at l’Hostellerie Bourguignonne in
Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, is responsible for
a star turn among the local « Menus
Pôchouse »: the Pôchouse Verdunoise,
with garlic and white wine. He also organises « Pôchouse Days ». There is also
a confraternity that honours this dish.
The locks provide
an excuse for a break
hese calm spots, surrounded
by nature, flank the canals
and are adorned with little
houses. A good idea would
be to stop to enjoy a drink, or even
spend the night there.
Restaurant « L’Eire du Temps »
at Barbirey-sur-Ouche
Strolling through the Ouche Valley, you
begin to believe that you are actually
in Ireland! And if there is one place
that confirms this belief, it must be the
restaurant « L’Eire du Temps ». It is so
convivial that with an Irish Coffee in hand
you are transported straight to Dublin!
Just in front of the gardens, follow the call
of the bagpipes!
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
N°67, Ecluse des Dames,
Canal du Nivernais
In a charming little stone house with
red shutters, almost hidden beneath the
flowers, this is a small restaurant based on
products of the terroir.
N°57, Canal du Nivernais,
A small and shaded terrace at this house
covered in flowers that is decorated and
brought to life by a passionate lockkeeper.
N°87, Ecluse d’Argentenay,
Canal de Bourgogne
A picturesque lock where a lockkeeper
and her artist and sculptor husband
reside. They provide entertainments and,
if in season, pumpkin soup!
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Superb stopovers
hen you are sailing
along in a boat, the
thought of enjoying a
stop at a well-managed
and fully equipped port adds another
pleasure to your day. Here are a
few ports of call that you should not
Port Royal in Auxonne
Located in a historic site, it is surrounded
by ramparts from the XIII Century. When
you stop here, you are just 400m from the
town centre.
Saint-Léger sur Dheune
Ideally situated on the Canal du Centre,
from here you can strike out and visit the
most prestigious vineyards in Burgundy;
Mercurey, Santenay or even Montrachet.
The quays of Auxerre
Recently restored, special care had to be
taken with this quayside as it is the very
soul of the city. The work has been a total
The port of Saint-Jean-de-Losne
Created a century ago, refurbished,
enhanced and incredibly well-equipped
(you will find a shipyard here), Saint-Jeande-Losne has become the most important
river tourism port in France.
At the confluence of the Canal du
Nivernais and the Loire lateral canal, this
is a crossroads of navigation routes and a
departure point for the major cycle trails.
You will love the fishing huts around the
basin, ideal for enjoying sweet dreams on
the water.
The new marina at Mâcon
With 420 berths and ideally located on the
River Saône, Mâcon is one of the leading
inland river marinas in France.
Ideal for families, a large tree-filled space
with play areas for children.
Sweet dreams
at the water’s edge
here is nothing like being
near a river to make you
relax. Here is a selection of
charming stopovers, hotels or
guest houses, which are a speciality
of Burgundy’s waterways. Give in to
Les Grillons du Morvan,
at Settons
An intimate hotel close to the lake, with a
large terrace that overlooks the landscape
and provides the departure point for
some magnificent walks around the lake.
Le Coq Hardi,
in Pouilly-sur-Loire
A veritable institution, this gastronomic
restaurant provides a beautiful terrace
that extends out onto a prairie that gently
slopes down towards the River Loire.
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Le Bon Accueil, in Chaumard
In the heart of the Morvan, close to the Lac
de Pannecière, this family establishment
boasts an unbeatable view of the lake and
the valley.
Le Maxime, in Auxerre
A former salt loft on the banks of the
River Yonne, this charming hotel is ideally
placed. Set off on a bike ride (they are at
your service) along the towpaths of the
Canal du Nivernais, and make a stop for a
wine tasting at the Caves de Bailly.
Le gite du Pont de la Roche,
in Fresnois
A wooden house on stilts in a contemporary
style, blessed with a terrace that overlooks
the River Ignon. Chic, nature and design!
Le Rive Gauche, in Joigny
Opposite and owned by the same family,
this is a charming hotel-restaurant with a
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Les Gîtes de l’Écluse,
in Vandenesse-en-Auxois
This beautiful house from the XVIII
Century provides 2 gîtes and 4 guest
rooms, just near lock number 8.
Côté Rivière,
in Pontailler-sur-Saône
The lovely holiday ambiance of the 1900’s
is evident in this beautiful country house
on the banks of the river.
La Côte Saint Jacques, in Joigny
All the beauty and the art de vivre
of an exceptional Relais & Châteaux
establishment by the river. Jean-Michel,
with 2 Michelin stars, attends to the
kitchen with great creativity!
© La Toue cabanée
Le Moulin des Ruats,
in the Cousin Valley
Between Avallon and Vézelay, this
protected area lends itself perfectly to
reverie in a setting that combines tradition
and the contemporary. The terrace at the
waterside is ideal for sampling the cuisine
of Jean-Pierre Rossi.
The Eau de Vie Gite Cruise
aboard the barge Magnolia,
in Maconge
All the charm of sailing along the river for
a 2 day/3night half-board cruise aboard
this magnificent barge-hotel that has been
luxuriously appointed. Guests are collected
from the train station in Dijon and the
journey takes them on to Gissey-sur-Ouche.
Les Cabanes du Port, in Decize
The Port in Decize provides an ensemble
of guest rooms and gîtes; the latter are
designed as an Oléron oyster farmers’
cabin, with wooden framework painted in
bright colours.
Lake Cabins, in Poil
Sitting in the middle of a pond in
the enchanting park of the Château
d’Ettevaux, these lake cabins will envelop
you in sweetness so that couples will feel
at home. It is only by row boat that you
can reach this poetic refuge.
Of Clay and Water, in Digoin
That is the name of this beautiful and wellequipped barge that receives guests for
full-board breaks along the water.
The Eau de Vie, a fishing gîte
in Chanceaux
A welcoming contemporary wooden gîte
beside a private 2ha pond. Three rooms
and a terrace in a natural setting.
Gite L’Eau de Vie
© Domaine de Saint-Pierre Ronde
Domaine de la Pierre Ronde,
at lac de Chamboux
Yurts, Hobbit houses, tepees and stories
by moonlight are the speciality of this
estate located on one of the six great lakes
of the Morvan.
Cabins on stilts, at
Marolle-St Didier sur Arroux
You can swim, paddle a canoe or
simply enjoy the pleasures of living in
a little lakeside house that is the stuff of
childhood dreams, with a view across the
hills of the Morvan.
© Chau d’Ettevaux
Les Toues Cabanées,
in Chassenard
Moored at a pleasant pond in the
Domaine des Demoiselles, these cabin
barges that are clad in wood, allow guests
to cut themselves off from the outside
world, to find themselves and to dream.
Unbeatable views of nature thanks to
their large bay windows and terraces!
English style, on the barge
Wine and Water
Our English friends really appreciate the
Crus of Burgundy and the pleasures of
boating. Aboard this very British barge,
the “Captain” speaks English. There is a
great ambiance when it’s time for drinks.
© Michel Joly / CRT Franche-Comté
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
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The Doubs
It draws its source from Mouthe, in the HautDoubs, and its 453km course stretches between
mountains and valleys. The river is buffeted by
dramatic changes in level along the first section of
its course, but becomes calmer in the Montbéliard
region. It is here that navigation becomes
possible on a 200 km stretch, whether along its
natural and wild sections, or in areas where it
has been canalised. The Canal du Rhône au Rhin
that accompanies and extends this river, allows
boaters to link up with the Doubs without any
difficulty. The Doubs flows and undulates before
finally joining the Saône in Verdun-sur-Doubs.
© CRT Franche Comté
The Saône
From the foot of the Vosges to the threshold of
Burgundy, where it is joined by the Doubs, the
« Petite Saône » runs its pleasant course across
159km and provides some ideal conditions
for boating. Blessed with good water levels in
all seasons and with very few locks, it is wide
and remains in a natural state along many of
its sections. It is perfect for enjoying the joys of
boating in the heart of authentic landscapes and
charming villages that are simple and natural.
© CRT Franche Comté
irst of all there is the natural exuberance, the chlorophyll colours,
the forests and the meadows that
make up the essence of the region,
stretching right up to the gates of the
cities. Then come the aquatic blues, from
turquoise to marine, of the thousands of
lakes, ponds, springs, rivers and canals. It
is with this happy harmony that the myriad landscapes and exceptional diversity
are formed. From one village to another,
from a stopping point to a port, FrancheComté provides pleasure boaters with this
backdrop on a human scale, a beauty that
continues up along the River Saône and
River Seille into Burgundy. It is an effervescent heritage that is natural, historic and
architectural, and it can be explored along
the waterways thanks to all the beautiful
encounters that they provide. Because
here, conviviality is not just a legend…
© CRT Franche Comté
in Franche-Comté
The statue of St Nepomuceno dominates the
bridge of Chemilly that dates from 1753. You can
find that same statue in Prague on the Charles
Bridge. The Maison Maisonnier is a must and the
spirit of Le Corbusier oozes from this work: the
concrete, the light, the use of space, its integration
into the landscape…A symbolic masterpiece
of the era that is now accessible to all since the
Maison de Chemilly became a 4* gîte.
© CRT Franche Comté
Arriving at Dole along the Doubs and the canals
is enchanting. It’s as if the entire town had been
built from the water. The marina opens out onto
parks and gardens before crossing the tanner’s
canal. A historic quarter par excellence, today the
canal is flanked by flower-filled terraces where
you can stroll in perfect happiness. It is here that
you will discover the birth house of Louis Pasteur.
© CRT Franche Comté
© CRT Franche Comté
Nestling at the foot of a château and dotted with
beautiful Renaissance buildings, Montbéliard is
alive, vibrant and bubbling in the 21st Century.
In this modern backdrop, it is on a level footing
that you can dock at the marina in Montbéliard,
via the Près-la-Rose Park and its extension known
as the Île en Mouvement. Both sites are devoted
to wandering and enjoying games, but also to
scientific and technical culture. With its facilities,
its setting and its rich heritage, the Cité des
Princes is a town where stopping off becomes a
real pleasure.
© Maxime COQUARD & Elisa DETREZ @Bestjobers
Besançon a different way
The town is encircled by a loop of the River
Doubs that overlooks the famous citadel built
by Vauban. The Cité des Arts that is named after
the eponymous river stop is without a doubt an
iconic building of the renovation of the town. It
houses the Conservatoire of Grand Besançon and
the Regional Contemporary Art Fund. Locals and
visitors can also enjoy the site from the terrace and
the brasserie. Another remarkable building on the
opposite bank is the Rodia, a venue for shows and
for the latest music. The Cité des Arts river stop
opens another gateway to Besançon and brings
contemporary culture to the waterfront…
© Michel Joly / CRT Franche-Comté
in Franche-Comté
A small Comtois city with character, Ray-surSaône is accessible from the pontoons and
jetties. The medieval château (that has become
a heritage site of the Haute-Saône department)
and its English style park overlook the meanders
of the River Saône from around fifty metres up.
you know?
Selles Swing-bridge: since 1886, this famous swingbridge allows you to cross the Canal de l’Est. It is another
ingenious construction to add to the numerous built
heritage sites that dot the landscape and are linked to
the waterways.
The Saint Albin tunnel: It is at Scey-sur-Saône that
you will find one of the jewels of the River Saône, the
subterranean canal of Saint-Albin. A remarkable work
that stretches for 681m and was built from 1838 to 1843,
it has been included on the supplementary list of Historic
© Michel Joly / CRT Franche-Comté
In Burgundy, water flows from the source
Press pack 2016
The steam boat was born here! The Marquis
Jouffroy d’Abbans first tested this form of
navigation here between 1776 and 1778.
2 itineraries
along the Doubs and the Saône
Charles the Bold
From Belgium to Burgundy, passing through
Lorraine and Franche-Comté, that is the ambitious
programme of this new trail that skirts the banks
of the Saône and recalls the routes taken by the
Dukes of Burgundy in their noble conquests.
© Michel Joly / CRT Franche-Comté
The vast stone quays still bear witness to the
intensive port activity that has been a feature
of Gray through the centuries, leaving behind a
remarkable architectural heritage for the city to
be proud of: the Renaissance town hall, the Italian
Theatre, the XV Century basilica … Its privileged
location on the axis of northern Europe and the
Mediterranean endures to this day and pleasure
boating here benefits from a very particular
© CRT Franche Comté
© CRT Franche Comté
When you mention the lower valleys of the
Doubs, you think of a flat landscape that is ideal
for walks and discoveries. Reserved exclusively
for pedestrians and non-motorised vehicles, the
EuroVelo6 trail breaks with the frenetic nature
of what surrounds it and manages to make time
slow down. This legendary itinerary stretches for
187km across Franche-Comté.
Design your own
Burgundy break
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