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H1N1 naonal emergency
Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Vol. 92 No. 8 | November 5, 2009
Dannah Hartman
Just shy of two weeks ago,
President Barack Obama declared
a national emergency to deal with
the H1N1 virus due to its widespread and rapid increase.
“The 2009 H1N1 pandemic
continues to evolve. The rates of
illness continue to rise rapidly
within many communities across
the nation, and the potential exists
for the pandemic to overburden
health care resources in some localities” Obama said in his statement, quoted on cnn.com.
He continued, “Thus, in
recognition of the continuing progression of the pandemic and in
further preparation as a nation, we
are taking additional steps to facilitate our response.”
H1N1, also known as the
Swine Flu, first emerged last April
but has rapidly increased over the
past couple months. Dr. Thomas
Frieden, director of the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention,
told CNN that since the H1N1 pandemic began in April “millions of
people in the United States have
been infected, at least 20,000 have
been hospitalized and more than
1,000 have died.”
According to CNN, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and
Prevention reported that as of last
week, forty-eight states, including
Pennsylvania, had been listed as
having widespread flu activity.
The Lehigh Valley has been
greatly affected by H1N1; the
Morning Call reported that approximately 75 samples sent to
Health Network Laboratories in
Allentown tested positive for
H1N1 in October alone.
Children, teenagers and
young adults from ages 10 to 20
make up the majority of the cases
that tested positive.
While H1N1 can be found all
over the Lehigh Valley, the vaccine
connued | page 3
Protecng yourself: ways to stay healthy
With increasing fear and paranoia of getting ill, people are going the extra mile to stay
healthy. Here are some easy tips that people can follow to prevent getting sick this flu season.
1. Don’t touch your face-
3. Cover your nose and mouth-
Your eyes, mouth and nose all serve as pathways for viruses to enter your respiratory tract. By
keeping your hands, which are often susceptible to
germs, away from your face you can reduce your
chances of getting H1N1.
Coughing and sneezing is a common way of transmitting germs and viruses, by simply covering your
nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze you’re
not only protecting yourself, but others around you
as well.
2. Wash your hands- Computer labs, the bath-
5. Recognize your symptoms-
rooms, the classroom, the dining hall…all places
where you’re touching items and coming in contact
with germs. By washing your hands frequently, you
can reduce your risk for contracting the flu. Not a
sink in sight? No problem! Use an alcohol-based
hand sanitizer, cover both hands and wait for it to
dry (usually takes 10-15 seconds).
H1N1 symptoms are similar to those of the regular
flu; fever, body aches, sore throat, cough, runny
nose, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and lethargy. If
you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, seek medical attention by contacting your doctor or visiting
health services.
4. Keep your distanceCrowd surfing at a concert is probably not the best
idea when H1N1 has become incredibly widespread. Avoid an unnecessary social contact, specifically from crowds and people who are
experiencing flu-like symptoms.
CCC Forensic Speech Team
Compiled by Dannah Hartman
Pictures from the ball
Small but mighty
Lindsey Jancay
Cedar Crest’s Forensic Speech
Team has taken on a mantra this
year: “We are small but mighty,”
declares advisor Tim Brown. The
team has demonstrated such by recently hosting a successful Forensic Speech Tournament here at
Cedar Crest for 14 colleges and
universities from around the nation.
According to Forensic Speech
Team Advisor, Brown, this is the
third year a tournament has been
hosted at Cedar Crest College.
Each year, the Forensicators take
on the complicated job of hosting
the event.
“When you’re hosting a tournament, it is more about having the
party [than being the guest,]” explained Brown. The team’s focus
goes into the planning of the event
and ensuring that the guests are
taken care of. They had to consider
things like judges, planning schedules, making sure schools aren’t
competing against each other and
reserving the correct amount of
The team went to great lengths
to provide for their guests. “We are
consistently praised for it,” stated
Brown who explained that small
details, such as supplying umbrellas for people to use in the rain,
were not overlooked.
As hosts of the event, Cedar
Crest’s Forensic Speech team did
not compete on Saturday, and only
competed on a small level on Sunday.
“When you’re hosting, you’re
not looking to be the champion at
your own Tournament,” explained
Brown. That doesn’t mean that the
team fell flat.
“At our own competition, we
were exhausted, but we still took a
good shaving,” said Megan Newtown, junior Chemistry and Forensic Science major.
Turn out for the competition
was good despite the hit on Forensic Speech Team travel budgets due
to the economy.
Cedar Crest actually hosted
more teams at this year’s competition than last. “ We had people fly
in from Texas this year and we
never had that before,” explained
team captain Alisha Heilman, senior Chemistry, History, and Political Science major.
The Forensic Speech Team
has had a successful season thus
far. They recently took fifth place
in team sweeps with only four team
members competing. The opposing
teams competed with more people
and were among the highest ranked
in the nation. “We have one piece
that’s already qualified for Nationals in April,” said Brown of Heilman.
Heilman was among the competitors in the recent “Match made
in Heaven” tournament in Harrisonburg, Va. Four Cedar Crest
students participated in the two
one-day tournaments, competing
against several teams ranking in the
top 20 forensic speech teams in the
nation. The Cedar Crest team
placed fifth overall during both
days of the competition.
Individual results for the competition were:
• Chealsea Anagnoson, senior:
impromptu speaking (Saturday,
fifth place), poetry interpretation
(Saturday, sixth), impromptu
speaking (Sunday, sixth).
• Alisha Heilman, senior:
communications analysis (Saturday, fourth), communication analysis (Sunday, sixth).
• Samantha Hyson, senior: poetry interpretation (Saturday, fifth),
poetry interpretation (Sunday,
• Megan Newton, senior: extemporaneous speaking (Sunday,
Jessica Kuc | Staff Writer
The Student Activities Board hosted a Halloween Masquerade Ball. Pictured
above in Rebecca Pandone, dressed as Tinkerbell.
See page 2 for more pictures.
Hauna Colista, Editor
Dr. Wendy Robb presents at an
international exchange in Greece
Sarajane Sein
Dr. Wendy Robb, Assistant Professor of
Nursing, has presented at the 1st International
Congress on Nursing Education, Research &
Practice, which was held in Thessaloniki,
Greece from October 15th to the 17th.
She presented two papers, entitled “How to
Incorporate Student-Produced Case Study Simulations into the Classroom” and “Is Nursing
Ready for the Cooperative Exam? Creative
Collaboration as an Evaluation Method”. Both
of these papers developed out of work that she
did with students she taught in the class Complex Health Problems.
“I loved the international exchange of the
conference. Although English was the official
language of the conference, English was a second language for the majority of the presenters.
The format was very different from a traditional
nursing conference in the United States. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the international
audience,” Robb explained, discussing the
change of pace that a conference in Greece of-
Robb was also excited by the chance to be
traveling in Greece and visiting Thessaloniki,
the second largest city in Greece, for the first
“I was most excited to learn about the
Greek healthcare system. In many of the countries I’ve visited, I have been able to tour a local
health care facility and speak with clients,
physicians and nurses. Most recently, I toured a
health care facility in Singapore last year with
Cedar Crest colleague, Dr. Sandra Leh, and I
was hoping to have a similar experience in
Greece. However, the conference committee
had cancelled the arranged tours and there were
many less natives who spoke English than I expected,” Robb recalled.
However, her goal of touring a local health
care facility was accomplished, though not in
the way she had planned.
“On the evening of my arrival to the city, I
ended up as a patient in the Emergency Room
for several hours. It wasn’t quite the experience
that I had expected, but it was quite eye opening. I was on the ‘other side of the bed’ as we
say in nursing,” she remembered.
This conference also gave Robb a chance
to learn more about different interests that she
had in the field of Nursing.
“There were several presentations that focused on the use of complementary and alternative therapies in the treatment and prevention
of various illnesses as well as the maintenance
of health. One of my nursing interests is in this
area,” she explained, “Herbal and alternative
treatments are not used as a major focus of treatment as much in the U.S. as they are abroad. I
enjoyed listening to the most current nursing research on a variety of complementary and alternative treatments that are accepted as
mainstream interventions in different cultures.”
In regards to how academic conferences
and the overall experience relate to furthering
academic scholarship, Robb stated, “I think it is
important for educators to engage in professional conferences whether it is as a participant
or presenter. In order to be on the cutting edge
of your profession regardless of the field of expertise, it is important to keep up to date on the
most current advances and areas of interest.”
Alternative Medications
Alternative treatments and herbal
remedies are popular around the
world but less known in the U.S.
Here are some alternative medications and for what ailments they’re
For healing pains
Bitter Orange
For nausea
For anxiety
For inducing childbirth
For joint pain
For treatment in certain cancers
Source- nccam.nih.gov
Compiled by Jessica Heiser
SAB hosts Halloween Masquerade Ball
Jessica Kuc
Music, dancing and a wide
array of unique costumes took over
the TCC Dining Hall on Oct. 31 as
SAB (Student Activities Board)
launched its second annual Masquerade Ball.
The dining hall was transformed into a Halloween hotspot
with various decorations including
“tombstones” with popular faculty
members’ names on them, fake
bones, cobwebs and ghosts hanging from the ceiling. Halloweencolored lights and streamers
topped it all off
The D.J. kicked off the party
with Halloween-themed songs,
later switching to popular dance
songs that got everybody dancing.
Alcove A of the dining hall held a
few Halloween activities provided
by various clubs on campus.
“I think it was great that the
D.J. mixed it up and played some
Halloween songs as well as normal
dance songs,” said Jennifer
Schwab, freshman genetic engi-
neering major. “It really helped set
the Halloween theme while still
giving us something to dance to.”
The big hit of the night was
the enthusiasm that went into many
of the costumes. The vast majority of students at the ball were
decked out in creative costumes
with hair and makeup to match.
Wolves, Star Wars Jedi and fairies,
to name a few, gathered around the
dance floor as awards were given
out to the best and second best costumes in different categories.
Some prizes were even awarded to
a pair of students with complementing costumes.
“The decorations were definitely creative, and the costume
contest was a lot of fun,” said
Elyse Allen, freshman genetic engineering major. “I had a great
time there with my friends, and it
seemed like everyone else did
Dancing proceeded again
after the students with some of the
most creative costumes were
awarded, and the ball soon came to
an end as an undisputed success.
Jessica Kuc | Staff Writer
Top- A group of people dance the night away to classic Halloween tunes like the Time Warp
and Thriller.
Left- Two of the Seven Deadly Sins, Wrath, Freshman Colleen Aquino, and Envy, Freshman Elyse Allen strut their stuff at the Ball
Right- Decorations filled the Dinning Hall including tombstones with names of popular
professor including Maynard Cressman
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Students participating in The Crestiad may receive academic credit for their participation. The final responsibility for news content and decisions rests with the editorial staff.
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In the News
Nicole Magloire
10 bodies found in the
house of Anthony Sowell
after being charged
three more bodies in the house
of Anthony Sowell on Tuesday
3rd raising the number of bodies found in his house to 10. Police say that the four bodies and
a skull was found in the house
where the remains of the other
six women were found as well.
Police discovered the first six
bodies after a women reported
being raped by Sowell, investigators found one body in a shallow
backyard.Sowell is now in jail
and was charged with five
counts of aggravated murder
and with rape, felonious assault,
k i d n a p p i n g .
Jilted bride, parties instead of mourning to
move on.
Teanne Harris was preparing for her big day with her fiancé when he got cold feet
leaving her to pick up the
pieces. When Harris tried to retrieve her deposit from the Suburban Catering Hall they told
her that they wouldn’t be able to
refund her for the reception
scheduled for that Saturday. Instead of being sad or upset Harris decided to make the best out
of the situation and not let her
Halloween themed reception go
to waste. Harris moved the party
across the street and had a Halloween themed party with
guests in costumes ranging from
AT&T to Verizon:
There’s a lawsuit for that
AT&T is suing Verizon
Wireless for over it’s “There’s a
map for that” commercial saying that the ads are misleading.
AT&T filed the suit in US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia and is asking for
a temporary restraining order
and permanent injunction to
stop the ads. AT&T is arguing
that the 3G network coverage
commercials that use maps
showing where Verizon works
better and AT&T works better
are misleading because AT&T
works in the areas they say they
don’t. Verizon has now modified there commercials to better
explain to coverage and show
that AT&T works better than
Coach accused of showing inappropriate pictures to students
A former high school coach
entered a Lehigh County first
offenders program Monday
after being accused of showing
students lewd pictures. Asar
Long 33 was accepted into the
county’s Accelerated Rehabilitation program, he’ll be on probation for two years and if he
completes rehab his criminal
record will be expunged. Long
was a first-team East Penn Conference selection 1994 as a senior running back at Liberty.
Since the victims didn’t cooperate with authorities Long was
offered ARD.
November 5, 2009 | 3
Forensic Science students
present at long branch N.J.
Hauna Colista
Blood spatters and gun residue are not just
found in CSI: Las Vegas but right here at Cedar
Nine Forensic Science students traveled to
Long Beach, NJ on Nov. 4 to present research
presentations at the Northeastern Association of
Forensic Scientists’ (NEAFS) 35th annual meeting. However, each student was able to practice
their presentations in front of their peers and professors the day before they departed.
The NEAFS is a professional organization
for scientists working in the forensic science
The NEAFS website describes its priorities
as “exchang(ing) ideas and information within
the field of forensic science and to foster friendship and cooperation among the various laboratory personnel.” The NEAFS tries to encourage
an elevated level of skill among professionals in
forensic science, promote the importance of
forensic science in the criminal justice system,
and to “stimulate increased implementation of
existing techniques, along with research and development of new techniques within the field,
and to encourage financial support for these efforts,” says neafs.org.
There are a variety of topics represented by
Cedar Crest at the NEAFS meeting. Coleen
Spease, a senior Biology major did her research
continued | page 1
has now been made available to the
public to ensure further prevention.
Many health care providers still
only have limited vaccine supplies,
so the CDC’s Advisory Committee
on Immunization Practices recommends that certain “at risk” groups
get the H1N1 vaccination as soon
as possible, these groups include:
Pregnant women, people who live
or care for children, healthcare and
emergency medical personnel,
people between the ages of six
months and 24 years old, people 25
to 64 years old who have chronic
medical conditions.
The seasonal flu shot does not
fully protect against H1N1, however it is recommended that individuals get both the seasonal flu
shot and the H1N1 vaccine (if possible). The Lehigh Valley Health
Network will be administering the
seasonal flu vaccine for free this
weekend on Saturday, Nov. 7 from
9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Dorney Park and
Sunday, Nov. 8 from 9 a.m. - 3
p.m. at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs
Coca-Cola Park. Those individuals
who plan on receiving the vaccine
during either of those times are
asked to print and complete the
consent form that can be found on
Cedar Crest is now implementing a program on campus that
will hopefully help reduce the
spread of the flu. In a recent email
sent out to the Cedar Crest community from Dean O’Neill, it was
explained that Cedar Crest and
HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) have collaborated in order to develop a program
for residents in order to help manClassified Ad
Adoption- Loving home,
sweet dog, all NYC has to offer
awaits baby to adopt. Expenses
paid. Call Ellen toll free 888-8688778, or email at www.eeadoption.com
on blood splatters. “(I was) looking at the distance that small blood droplets can travel,” said
Spease. She continued, “Blood is a very common thing to be found at a crime scene and it is
hard to find something that hasn’t been done before.”
Michelle Shortell, a graduate student getting a masters in Forensic Science, has developed a method for detecting arson. “In fire
debris analysis there is a lot of background interferences and I have developed a method to
separate those interferences to determine
whether there are accelerants present,” Shortell
continues “It’s important because it’s just simplifying the identifying process.”
Some other topics included Nitrites in
gunshot residue over time and fingerprint comparisons.
Each presenter is a senior or graduate student interested in forensic science and was
mentored by a Cedar Crest professor. Dr.
Thomas Brettell, Brian Gestring, Thomas
Pritchett and Dr. Lawrence Quarino all mentored at least one of the students.
For many of the students, including
Spease, this is the first time attending this meeting or presenting at it. It is also the first time
many of them are presenting in front hundreds
of people at one time. Therefore the presentation practice on Nov. 3 was really important.
Quarino said, “It gives us a last chance to
catch mistakes and it gives them a confidence
age the recovery of students experiencing flu-like symptoms.
The Health Preceptor Program will have HOSA members
who will transport food and beverages from the dining hall as well as
course work from professors to
students who reside in the dorms
that either already have the flu or
have flu symptoms. Each residence
area will have two or more Health
Preceptors stationed in it, and these
individuals will check their e-mail
accounts several times a day in
order to best fill requests for assistance.
O’Neill explained that in
order to ensure that the Health Preceptors do not get themselves ill
while assisting the sick students,
“communication occurs via email” and “Health Preceptors are
cautioned from entering the room
of an ill student.”
Even though commuters cannot get assistance from this program, O’Neill still believes that
they will find various ways to get
aid if needed, “It is our hope that
commuter students will receive assistance from families as well as
classmates and preceptors. As a
community of scholars, and individuals who care about one another, it is my hope that we will
find ways to go the extra mile and
assist students no matter where
they are residing.”
The health preceptor program
was originally started to ensure the
health of the Cedar Crest community because it was anticipated that
H1N1 would impact the campus,
explained O’Neill. She does, however wish for this program to continue, “I would like to see the
program continue every year. Service is a part of the mission of the
College, and it reveals itself in
many ways. A college is not only
measured by how much knowledge that we have obtained but it
is measured in acts of care and
compassion. The members of
HOSA have demonstrated both.”
The students agree. Shortell said, “This is
the first time we have done a preview night. I
feel more prepared.”
The final presentations were held in Long
Branch, NJ and the meeting lasted from Nov. 4
to Nov. 7.
Hauna Colista | News Editor
The practice presentations, held in Miller 33, were an opportunity for students to smooth out their presentations. Coleen
Spease is shown presenting her research project above.
Student concerns and
president’s breakfast
Jessica Kuc
The Oct. 28 Student Government Association (SGA) meeting
was held in Butz Basement
The meeting was called to
order by SGA President Caitlin
Billow, who discussed current and
upcoming events on campus as
well as student concerns.
Students are encouraged to
take place in the School Supply
Collection Drive by donating
school supplies in the designated
boxes. These boxes are located in
Curtis, Moore and Butz Halls and
in the Tompkins College Center
(TCC) near the information desk.
Billow and Dean O’Neil
stated that the student breakfast on
the day of President Ambar’s inauguration far surpassed initial expectations. Almost 250 known
students attended this event, making it a huge success.
Billow also mentioned the
possibility of putting a historical
marker where the college first
stood. This will be discussed further as a possible SGA project.
Student concerns such as the
arrival of garbage trucks early in
the morning and the overload of
emails were addressed. While
some of these issues, such as the
garbage trucks, cannot be fixed as
they are out of SGA’s hands, any
possible solutions or ideas are
welcome for concerns regarding
anything administered within the
college, such as emails and planners.
As the President of SGA, Billow will be holding office hours in
the SGA office in hopes that stu-
dents will feel welcome to voice
any comments or concerns. Additionally, students are encouraged
to email Billow with specific concerns rather than the SGA email
account so that these concerns are
addressed personally and efficiently.
Administrative Vice President Tasha Cornish welcomed two
new senators to SGA, and Social
Vice President AnTionette ByersParedes mentioned the return of
the “song contest”, an old Cedar
Crest tradition. More details will
circulate the campus as this event
SGA Treasurer Christine
Saleb introduced eight petitions;
seven were passed and one was
tabled due to the absence of a representative from the club petitioning for money.
The Accounting Club was
given money for their Pizza Party
scheduled to take place on Nov. 16
and the Class of 2011 was allotted
money for refreshments following
the Junior Ring Ceremony. Globaleyes and the Social Work Club
were both given money for their
tables at the Masquerade Ball, and
Cedar Crest Christian Fellowship
received funding for an acoustic
guitarist who will be performing
holiday-related songs in Dec.
Lastly, Women’s Alliance received
money for its domestic violence
project in addition to a movie
Some changes to the SGA
website were suggested such as a
link to a list of the clubs at Cedar
Crest and the addition of the constitution and bylaws to the site.
The next SGA meeting will
take place on Nov. 4 in the 1867
Around the World in 101 Days...
Dannah Hartman, Editor
Adventures in India
“All towns are our home town...
all persons are our kin”
Courtesy | Rachel Edgar
A fruit stand located in the vibrant food market on the streets of Chennai, India.
Courtesy | Rachel Edgar
Rachel Edgar
My five days in India were filled with
oppressive heat, spicy curries, dust and dirt,
incessantly honking horns, brightly colored
saris, and the mixed smell of sewage and incense. India is an attack on all the senses –
everything swirls together in a dynamic,
sometimes overwhelming, pattern.
I spent my time in India exploring the
port city of Chennai and the surrounding
province of Tamil Nadu. I listened to a lecture by author Tulsi Badrinath about her new
novel Meeting Lives, visited several famous
Hindu temples in Mahabalipuram, participated in an Indian cooking class and demonstration for the local TV station, and visited
Andhra Mahila Sabha, a home for physically
and mentally handicapped children. Each experience broadened my worldview and provided me with the opportunity to understand
India’s people and culture.
On my second day in India, I attended
the 100th Voyage Celebration of Semester at
Sea and a seminar entitled “Youth Leadership
Through Global Education & Travel” hosted
by the Ethiraj College for Women.
As my friends and I stepped off the bus
in front of Ethiraj College for Women, musicians greeted us; one beating a drum while
another played a kuzhal, a reed instrument
with a shrill, penetrating tone. Their exotic
tune vibrated throughout the air. Accompanying the musicians were dancers, including
men on stilts dressed like horses and peacocks and women dressed in colorful saris of
scarlet, gold, and navy blue. The women
strung garlands of fragrant jasmine around
our necks and led us to a classroom where we
were served masala chai, milky tea mixed
with spices and herbs, and cookies.
When we finished our snack, we were
led to an auditorium for the 100th Voyage
Celebration and leadership seminar. As we
entered the building, women from
the college applied dots of
kumkum paste
made of red and
yellow turmeric
powder to our
foreheads as an
One of the five Hindu mini-temples located in Mahabalipuram.
auspicious symbol. We were then sprinkled
with holy water and given bright pink flower
The program began with a number of
dance performances, both by children from
the local schools as well as young women
from the college. The program incorporated a
mixture of traditional and modern dances,
and included a dance number to the song Jai
Ho from Slumdog Millionaire. Another piece
was choreographed to traditional Indian
music, and the dancers were dressed in saris
the colors of the Indian flag.
The seminar following the dance performances included speeches from Semester
at Sea Students, two Indian students, and several Indian and American dignitaries including the mayor of Chennai, as well as the
Semester at Sea Dean Executive Dean
Nicholas Immarino. Each speaker was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful handmade silk scarf following their
What interested me most, however, was
a simple saying on a banner hanging up in the
background of the stage. “All towns are our
home town, all persons are our kin,” stated
the ancient Tamil verse. This completely describes my experience throughout this entire
voyage around the world – each newcountry,
each new city becomes my home town as I
move through parts of Europe, Africa,
and Asia. In each place, I learn about a new
culture, meet people, form a small family;
then I share meals and experiences, hugs and
goodbyes as I move on to my next hometown. I’m happy to say that I now have seven
hometowns – all the way from York, Pennsylvania to Chennai, India plus five more to
add before my journey is complete.
After the program ended, we were
served a traditional Indian lunch, which included an unleavened bread similar to a tortilla called chapati, Basmati rice, a spicy lentil
dish called sambar. We were also given a dry
curry made with potatoes, vegetable koottu
cooked with tamarind and coconut, and curd
rice made with yogurt and garnished with
pomegranate. The food was flavorful and delicious, and sharing lunch with the Indian students was an enjoyable experience. I felt
completely at home at the Ethiraj College for
Rachel Edgar is a Cedar Crest College
student who is participating in the Semester
at Sea program. She writes a weekly series
that chronicles her adventures around the
world. This is Edgar’s sixth article about her
experiences, her previous five articles are
available in back issues of The Crestiad on
Courtesy | Rachel Edgar
Courtesy | Rachel Edgar
Above: An Indian woman demonstrating the art of creating traditional patterns with chalk at the
entrance of an Indian home. The drawings are believed to bring good luck to the household, and a
new one is drawn usually at the beginning of each day
Left: Posters at Ethiraj College for Women encouraging awareness of women’s issues including maternal health, gender equality, and equal educational opportunities.
Lindsey Jancay, Editor
Leer to the Editor
How much do we eat a week?
I have always been a resident
‘Comment Card’ writer in the upstairs
Dining Hall. I’ve found that it is a
nice way to gain changes and make
improvements to the food that we eat.
A couple weeks ago, I noted on a
card that fries were served every day,
and pondered why. Many other comment card writers had also as commented on the amount of pizza, pasta,
and seemingly massive amounts of
starches that were also served weekly.
Chef Jerry Rogers, the head Chef of
the Dining Hall, gave me a very
strange statistic in his reply.
“We serve 500-700 lbs a week in
fries.” 500-700 pounds a week? If you
do the math, our school has eaten in
the past eight weeks approximately
3,500 pounds of fries. That is 1.75
short tons, which is more than half of
the average weight of a female
African Elephant.
But why such numbers? Recently, I had a meeting with Chef
Jerry and Dean Piacentini, the head of
Food Services. When I first contemplated this question, I came to the logical conclusion that so much is eaten
because it is served every day.
But Jerry explained that many
don’t realize it’s not just served every
day because it’s a popular food, but
because we eat it in such a massive
quantity weekly. The Parkhurst cooking staff not only has to supply a nutritious meal for students, but they
must appeal to the majority of eaters
in the Dining Hall, and these eaters
voice their opinion by eating things in
large quantities.
This tends to show in many other
common foods, which appear quite
often on the menu. Pizza, or any other
kind of dough, sauce, and cheese
product is on the menu at least two or
three times a week due to how fast
they sell it during lunch and dinner.
Pasta is another common starch, appearing on the menu about three or
four times a week. They begin with
approximately 100 pounds of dry
pasta, but when it’s cooked, it can
weight as much as 250 pounds a
Why this popularity in food that
can be considered as ‘bad diet foods’?
Mr. Piacentini stated that it isn’t that
students in general have bad eating
habits; these kinds of food simply fit
into what we would call the ‘American Diet.’ Burgers, fries, pizza, fast
food, fried chicken- all of these things
fall into rather common and popular
foods that Americans have come to
know and love, formed from our
growing addiction to Fast Food.
So, when students come to colleges, they tend to lean towards this
diet that they have become familiar
and comfortable with, thus resulting
in the ‘Freshman 15.’
Chef Jerry noted that one of the
ways he’s seen students help keep
themselves on a healthier track is following the ‘Healthy U Program’,
which many have joined to help with
their weight issues and staying in
The Dining room upstairs already supplies a rather constant meal
rotation of a main entree (usually
meat), a starch, two vegetables (one
always fresh), a vegan meal, fries, and
a fried option. With salad bar, cold
bar, soups and sandwich bar, there is
always a nice option for anyone to
pull from the usual American Diet of
fries, pizza, pasta, and other starches.
But in case you find nothing that fancies you, the cooks are always more
than happy to make you a burger, hot
dog, veggie burger or veggie dog to
your liking.
If the food still hasn’t met your
criteria, or you simply want to see
something new, the yellow ‘Comment
Cards’ at the front of the Dinning Hall
is the way to go.
Parkhurst is always looking for
new ideas for meals, and will gladly
take in any new recipes. If you just
want to note something simple, like
the food was dry one night, or cold
another, or you were sad that they ran
out of something and you couldn’t
have- write a card.
The Food Service staff always
accepts good critique and options or
alternatives. Mr. Piacentini and Chef
Jerry personally read all comment
cards, and all relevant cards are
replied to and posted on their bulletin
board. If there is anything you’d like
to see on the menu, or even changes
to the current food- write a card!
Change will be on the way
though. Chef Jerry did note that when
the Bistro is done, the Dining Hall
will return to it’s older format, and a
greater variety will be available, simply from the lack of the recent high
numbers in Dining Hall eaters.
He also mentioned, for the curious concerned eater, that he will be reopening his kitchen tours to the
student body, and will give free tours
around the prep areas and downstairs
kitchen to see where the food comes
from, how it is prepared and how Mr.
Piacentini stuffed him in a storage
closet for an office.
But if we do want to see greater
change our common foods served
weekly, the student body as a whole
may need to change the foods they eat
most, and try something new. 500-700
pounds of fries just sounds like too
Christine Hickey
Senior, Computer Information
Systems Major
From victim to
Kristen Issacson
When people look at
me, several things that may
come to their mind is pretty,
smart, shy and friendly. But
something that hardly anyone can guess is that I am a
survivor of abuse. Not physical abuse, but emotional
I was abused emotionally by someone I thought
was a friend for almost two
years. This person would insult me and put me in uncomfortable situations and
make fun of me for not
being comfortable. I did not
realize how bad it got until
another person witnessed
this and helped me to realize I did not deserve to be
treated this way.
I got myself out of that
situation, yet I am still dealing with the after effects of
that friendship. I have had a
lot of trouble accepting the
fact that I have been a victim of abuse, choosing to
just walk away from the situation. However, it is not
that simple.
With any type of abuse,
the person who was abused
deals with a lot afterwards.
My “abuser” still to this day
does not feel like she did
anything wrong. Our friendship is ruined and she completely blames me.
The definition of abuse
is “any behavior that is designed to control and subjugate another human being
through the use of fear,
humiliation, intimidation,
guilt, coercion, manipulation etc.” This is according
to http://eqi.org/index.htm,
which is a site devoted to
Emotional Intelligence and
goes into Emotional Abuse.
The site goes on to say
that emotional abuse is any
kind of abuse that is emotional rather than physical in
nature. It can include anything from verbal abuse and
constant criticism to more
subtle tactics, such as repeated disapproval or even
the refusal to ever be
I do not wish to be seen
as a victim, and I am working on being a Survivor.
Being a victim gives the
abuser all the power. I want
to be seen as a survivor so
that I can move on with my
A friend, parent, girlfriend or boyfriend has no
right to treat a person with
abuse, with words and emotional abuse, or physically.
Definitely having people to
talk to and close people to
support me has helped to get
me on the road to move forward in my life.
According to Designed
“It is important to remember, while you are the one
who is made to feel inadequate, the abuse received
seldom has anything to do
with you. People only
change when they are ready
to change and those who are
sensitive usually do so reluctantly. One of the hardest
things to realize, is you will
have little to no influence on
making deep and lasting
changes in the abuser.” Always remember, you did not
deserve this and it is not
your fault.
If you are in this kind
of relationship or you know
someone who has suffered
from emotional abuse,
speak up. No one should
stick around for that. No one
deserves to be treated in that
The digital age of books
are there. It uses the same E Ink display that most e-readers
are using these days. However, it also has a color touch screen
that you use to buy books and access the different areas of the
The Nook has a Micro SD slot that allows you to expand
the memory. The most exciting feature of this e-reader is
the ability to share books. You can send books you
have downloaded on your Nook to other
Nook users, as well as to Apple
iphones, blackberries, and computers.
The Nook also offers a wide
selection of free books, mostly public domain or older titles, such as
Pride and Prejudice and Treasure Island.
The Nook comes out on November 30, and many stores will have one
on display for customers to come in and
try out, something you can’t do before
buying a Kindle.
If I were ever to switch to a digital
reader, the Nook would be it. It will be some
time before we have left the paper world of
books and completely enter the digital one, but
with products like the Nook on the market the
transition may be easier than it seems.
In this age of technology it’s no surprise that books have
gone digital. E-readers have been around for a few years now,
the most popular one being Amazon’s Kindle. As an avid
reader I have to say I’ve been tempted to purchase one. Having access to an entire library of books at the push of a button is the stuff dreams are made of.
The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-readers
on the market. It wirelessly downloads books to your device,
and can hold about 1500 - 3500 books; depending on which
one you buy. However, you cannot add to the memory on the
device. You can access some web sites through it, but that’s
what my computer is for. (I really don’t understand why
every new gadget has to have a browser on it). And you can
also play MP3s, but with limited space you wouldn’t be able
to fit many songs onto it and still have room for your books.
There is no way to share books that you buy on your Kindle, and though Amazon backs up your purchases, I’d prefer
backing them up myself on my computer.
Just reading the user reviews on Amazon.com keeps me
from purchasing a Kindle. You cannot share books with other
Kindle users, and there was even a case where Amazon removed books from Kindles.
According to an article in the New York Times by Brad
Stone “In a move that angered customers and generated
waves of online pique, Amazon remotely deleted some digital editions of the books [1984 and Animal Farm by George
Orwell] from the Kindle devices of readers who had
bought them.” A company that did not have legal
rights to them had submitted the books to the Kindle store.
A spokesperson for Amazon.com, Drew
Herdener, told the New York Times that “We
are changing our systems so that in the future
we will not remove books from customers’
devices in these circumstances.” I’m dubious of any company that would delete
books I’ve paid for without notifying me
Amazon needs to prepare for
some competition. Barnes and
Noble, Inc. has announced its ereader, the Nook. This reader has
everything that the Kindle does
not, and then some. You can
download books wirelessly,
as well as read excerpts before buying. Also, if you are in
a Barnes and Noble store, you can
read any book on the Nook just as you could
pick up any book off the shelf and read it while you
Lauren Panepinto
November 5, 2009 | 6
r i g ht
side of
to w n
To label or not to label
so rude it makes me sick. I will even admit to
have done it before, I am not perfect.
When you look at someone else you see not
their face and their hair, you see their
Accessibility, comfort, luxury and trust are
just four things that I look for when I am shop- clothes. You see the style and of course usually
ping, and I can proudly say that I do not need to the brand right on the article of clothing, so byspend an arm and a leg to find these qualities in standers will know “who” you are wearing.
I think that is stupid. “Who” are you wearthe things that I buy. I have no fear in thrift stores
Who cares! Would you like to know what
and flea markets and I welcome generic brands,
irks me? I don’t understand girls that wear
because I have confidence in my choices and do
not need to prove anything to anyone by buying designer so everyone thinks that they have a lot
of money. First off, if you are in
things less expensive than others.
college, no one has money, so
Like most shoppers, I love to
why are you wearing designers
buy clothes that make me feel
are in col- to show off when you should be
good. I stand firmly by my opinion that I do not need to buy lege, no one has showing off your books instead.
I know there are people out
brand name clothing to feel confident and luxurious. I also firmly money, so why are there that are like that, I know
believe that just because you are you wearing de- them. Even worse than that
though, I thoroughly dislike
buying something that is generic
people who refuse to wear anysigners
or does not have a designer name
slapped on it does not make you when you should thing but designer, generics are
not acceptable and they are emany less of a person then a person
barrassed to wear them.
who can afford “superior
love thrift stores, I think
your books in- they I are
so much fun to go
I find shopping to be one of
through and wear other people’s
my most favorite things to do, in stead.
clothes, there is something hisfact I love it so much that I will
torical about it; it makes me
shop almost anywhere I can behappy. There are people out
cause it is that much fun. On my
shopping excursions I pass others that seem to there though, that inside cringe at the thought of
enjoy is just as much as I do, but as I pass I re- wearing someone else’s clothes. Well, hey, what
ceive smirks, and stare downs from other happens when those people turn their old clothes
into the Salvation Army? That means other peowomen assessing my attire.
I know I am not the only one who notices it! ple will be wearing their clothes, what’s wrong
People, especially other women, look at other with that? Those jeans that someone bought, that
women and look straight up and down at what used to be yours, well someone else’s butt is in
the other person is wearing. It is so obvious and them now. Big deal! Your butt is no better than
Allie Scott
someone else’s.
On Collegecandy.com, there was an article
discussing why designer brands are better. They
came up with a list of five things you benefit
from buying designer clothing; Product quality,
consistency, self identity, social status and
uniqueness and rarity. Now I hope it is not just
me but doesn’t that seem a bit ridiculous that designer clothes give you a sense of self identity
and uniqueness?
Now, as an educated woman I have a
learned that my strength, morals, knowledge and
personality are where I get my self identity from,
I do not need to wear expensive clothes for people to know who I am. I feel that whoever wrote
that article was rather shallow.
This concept of “superior brands” goes beyond clothing. Some people talk down generics
and brands of foods and household items that are
less expensive, calling them “cheap and poor
quality.” I have found that through some vigorous shopping adventures, sometimes generic is
better and that whole “poor quality” rumor is
total crap. I love trying generics because most of
the time, I have personally found to like the
generic better!
No matter what brand you wear, whether it
is designer or not, you should buy it not because
of how much it cost and how much of an impact
it will make, you should buy it because it makes
you feel good and it will be something that you
can enjoy.
For myself all I know is that I do not want
to judge others for what they wear or what products they use, so I would expect the same out of
them. I will still continue to shop at thrift stores
and outlets, and enjoy my Suave shampoo, because the scent makes me happy.
New model cars are geng facelis
Elizabeth Kern
Shopping for a new car can be
overwhelming, exciting, and may
even make you feel like someone’s
watching you.
This is exactly how my car
shopping experience went down.
Naturally anyone given the opportunity to get a new car is excited
and with the unlimited car brands,
models and all their options it’s
quite an overwhelming process.
Let’s discuss the whole Big
Brother theory I’ve begun to notice
and have become quite fond of.
Walking through the rows of
2010 Mazdas, I didn’t feel alone. I
felt a ton of eyes glaring at me as a
paced back and forth the isle. When
I asked the salesman if he saw these
wide grin faces looking at him he
said yes. He then proceeded to tell
me that I could have the model with
“braces” (a metal strip sitting inside
the grille or “smile” or without.)
Other cars besides the Mazda3
feature this new face. Ford has
come out with new models that
hope to bring up their dismal sales.
“Clearly we wanted a more expressive, a more sculptural car," Earl
Lucas said in an interview with
CBS Sunday Morning. "Especially
I think, the face of the car is awfully
Even more high-end automakers are looking toward this new
trend. The BMW 5 series is known
to have a more angry looking face
A study done at the University
of Vienna has noted that both men
and women are able to see different
characteristics in cars. From emotions, sex, and personality cars have
been ranked. Most people were
won over by the surprising angry,
“high power”, look of the BMW.
For me, the face of the car
used to be a turn off. Why would I
want my car to be looking at me?
Then it dawned on me. I’ll be driving the car, so I really won’t have
to see its face.
Now, I wouldn’t have it any
other way. I love the way when I’m
having a bad day and I approach
my car it makes me smile because
I’m greeted by its permanent grin.
I like that my car has a personality trait that suites mine. Some
people think that a little rust or a
ding on the bummer gives their car
personality but it really doesn’t. It
might just be telling the other drivers that you aren’t taking care of
your car.
It may seem funny to recognize the future of cars by their
faces, but don’t we already treat are
cars like humans? We give them
baths, sometimes less often then we
should, we give them names
(guilty, my previous car was named
Hoopty, R.I.P.), we give them shelter in the garage and forced to feed
them expensive “food.”
In an article from Psychology
Today it mentions, “A study in the
journal Nature Neuroscience challenged the notion that a small specialized part of the brain is wired to
recognize only faces. Instead, that
brain region can be used to recognize other objects of familiarity.”
If you’re not a fan of these
inanimate objects having a face and
personality of their own I’m afraid
you’re out of luck. It’s a growing
trend that has started to take off in
other directions not just cars.
Maybe you’ve noticed the American Express commercial with the
sink, airplane, house boat and many
more taking on smiles and frowns.
It’s just something about these ob-
jects that makes me laugh.
I don’t think loving these faces
has anything to do with my love for
The Brave Little Toaster, but
maybe. Either way I’m happy to
see that the future designers of
these innovative products have a
sense of humor.
Elizabeth Kern| Lifestyles Editor
Imagine having your car greet you each morning with a smile. Now, cars are
being designed to have faces to match the names and personalities owners have
been projecting on their cars for years.
Tired of Hearing about
Swine Flu
Sarajane Sein
“I don’t want to touch that.
It’s the swine flu pen.” I heard
that comment this week at work,
not from an overly-precocious obnoxious eight-year-old, but from
a man who appeared to be in his
forties, dressed in business garb.
He was standing in line at
my work and insisted on using his
finger to type in his PIN number
(because, of course, NO ONE has
ever touched the screen before)
instead of the “swine flu pen.”
While not minimizing the
suffering of those who have unfortunately contracted “swine flu”
(H1N1,) it is getting very grating
to hear endlessly about this “pandemic.” People are going into a
panic over this illness, and doing
ridiculous things such as slaughtering innocent pigs due to misplaced fear of them. According to
a TIME magazine article by Jeffrey Kluger, leaders in Egypt ordered the death of the country’s
entire 300,000 pigs, out of fear of
this “pandemic.”
Let’s look at the statistics.
(According to the Associated
Press, the WHO gives an estimate
of 5,000 swine flu deaths worldwide as of Oct. 23.) According to
an Associated Press article in
USA Today, nearly one million
people die each year from
malaria. Nearly 3,000 people die
of the disease every single day.
When was the last time
someone mentioned malaria in a
front page headline? The United
States’ advisor to the United Nations claims that President Obama
is dedicated to ending deaths from
malaria by 2015 (USA Today,)
but exactly how he is planning to
do that appears to be a mystery.
According to the CDC, in
2007, the death of people from
AIDS in the United States alone
was 14,561 (nearly three times
the amount of worldwide swine
flu deaths.)
However, with the exception
of coverage of the fledging vaccine to come out of Thailand,
AIDS hasn’t been in the news
very much lately, either.
Swine flu is the new fear and
the new “big thing” that everyone
is concerned about. The same
people, obviously, should be careful – pregnant women and children – but that is true of any
But people, as I see it, are
going too far with their germophobic craze and insistence that
they will be given swine flu by
daily human interactions. It’s
common sense to wash your
hands and/or to use hand sanitizer, so you should do it – but refusing to touch a pen at a store is
just off the wall.
If you feel walking out in the
world will give you swine flu,
you have two options: try and get
a vaccine or stay home. Better
yet, please couple that with the
knowledge that many people have
it much, much worse: but no one
is listening to them.
Elizabeth Kern, Editor
“Baseball’s best mascot:”
The Phillie Phanac
Elizabeth Kern
With all the hype over the Phillies,
sometimes we forget about the big green
mascot cheering the team on.
The Phillie Phanatic made his debut on
April 25, 1978 at old Veteran’s Stadium playing against the Chicago Cubs. The Phanatic
has been a part of the team ever since but instead of a number he is given a star and he
prefers to wear his hat backwards.
He was a success in 1978 and remains a
big hit with fans of all ages. When the Phanatic was formally introduced to the public
on the Captain Noah and His Magical Ark
show, then-Phillies player Tim McCarver,
gave him the title of “baseball's best mascot.”
The Phanatic has also been voted "best mascot ever" by Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Kids.
While some might consider him a bird
because of his backside feathery tail he is
known by most as a creature or even an alien.
He comes from the Galapagos Islands and is
extremely friendly and means no harm, just
The Phillie Phanatic is 6’6” and 300
pounds of love. The Phanatic eats, sleeps,
and breathes Philadelphia. On his profile,
found at the Phillies home page, it reads his
favorite foods, “Cheesesteaks, Soft pretzels,
hoagies, scrapple and Tastykakes.” Everything that Philly prides itself on and maybe
even a little nod to one of their sponsors!
He may mean no harm but he sure is up
to no good, “In the crowd - watch out! - the
Phanatic may clumsily spill a tub of popcorn,
steal your girlfriend, buff a bald head or just
sit down and watch the game with you - from
your lap,” explains his profile.
His entertaining skills continue over
onto the field where he rides around on his
all-terrain vehicle before the game and mess-
ing with the opposing players. He also likes and is also the author of the Phillie Phanatic
to perform before and during the 7th inning book series.
stretch. He’s been known to dress up as Elvis
In 2004, the head of the Phillie Phanatic
and sing “Hound Dog” when the
SPCA is visiting and even “Me
and Mrs. Jones” when he brings
his lady friend, Phyllis out.
Just because the Phanatic has
strange green fur and big eyes
with purple lashes and blue eyebrows doesn’t mean he isn’t a part
of a family. The big mama’s boy
always makes sure to bring his
mom, Phoebe, out to the Mother’s
Day game.
Entertaining off the field, the
Phanatic has become a pro at that
too. He now has six children’s
books published about him and
his adventures such as, “The
Phillie Phanatic's Parade of
Champions.” In 2006, he even
came out with his own movie,
“Phillie Phanatic Goes to Hollywood.”
He has been on national television shows such as, “Today”
and “Good Morning America.”
Most recently, he was featured on
Elizabeth Kern | Lifestyles Editor
an episode of “It’s Always Sunny The Phillie Phanatic interacting with fans during a home
in Philadelphia” where he and
Charlie have a misunderstanding
and get into fight.
made headlines when it went missing from a
His entertainment has also spread charity sale and auction. A week later a myssmiles over children’s hearts when he comes terious phone call was made into a radio stato visit them in the hospital. It’s hard not to tion claiming that he had the head. Bernard
smile when you’re lucky enough to get one Bechtel, 37, of Whitehall Township, was arof his signature kisses with that bright red rested after he brought the head to the statongue!
tion. Bechtel was charged with felony theft.
It’s easy to forget that there is a man inThe Phanatic is not only known nationside the costume, which is made by Acme ally but globally as well, making appearMascots. The first man in the suit was Dave ances in Japan, Australia, and Mexico. With
Raymond and he delighted fans for 15 years. all his success over the years his head hasn’t
Tom Burgoyne now resides inside the suit gotten any bigger, but his belly might have.
Trident Layers Gum
Sarajane Sein
The Claim: According to Trident’s
website, Trident Layers is “much more than
gum. It’s a gumwich! As if chewing Trident
wasn’t good enough, now happy comes
in layers.” Therefore, if one chews Trident gum, one will be happy as there is
extra tangy flavor to be had in this new
invention, the “gumwich.”
How to Use: Luckily, gum is fairly
self-explanatory. Take off the outer plastic, then open the packet inside. You are
presented with fourteen pieces of individually wrapped gum. Then, open the
individual foil wrapping (if you are into
making Christmas tree chains with the foil
wrappers, retain wrapper). After you have
successfully opened the gum, place gum in
mouth and chew. When flavor has dissipated,
either spit out or swallow the gum (it will not
take seven years to digest, despite popular
wisdom). The gum comes in two flavors, so
depending upon your taste you can go with
either Wild Strawberry or Tangy Citrus flavors.
The Reason: A lot of people chew gum,
and everyone who does wants a longer-lasting, better tasting gum to chew, not wanting
to have to either keep replacing their gum
with a fresh stick or waste their time chewing
on something that has the flavor of a cardboard box.
While I was not mobbed and beaten to
have my Trident gum stolen, when I offered
sticks of gum to my co-workers, they did invite the ability to try the product. Their reactions were generally similar to mine, with my
co-worker Kim specifically stating,
“Mmm… it’s pretty good.” I agree with this
sentiment, and as far as gum goes,
Trident Layers does a good job, but
it’s nothing special that I would go
out and buy a caseload of in case of
the threat of it being discontinued in
the future.
As for whether Trident specifically made anyone happy, I don’t
know if I observed any excessive
happiness specifically related to the
The Results: I tested the Trident Layers
Strawberry type, as the store that I went to
was out of the Citrus. The gum was fairly
good tasting at first, however, it lost its taste
as quickly as any other gum and was nothing special in that department. As for the
“layered” effect, it made for a somewhat different taste, which was interesting. Trident’s
website also claims that one should not open
their Trident gum around other people, because everyone will want a piece.
Where to Buy: Drug stores anywhere. I
got mine at Walgreens, so a similar selection
should be had at CVS, Rite Aid, etc. They
sell very inexpensively, I managed to purchase two packs for only $2 on sale. Trident’s website, www.tridentgum.com, is also
offering coupons for 75 cents off the price of
one pack, so you will be buying a pack of
gum for around 20 cents (needless to say, a
good deal.)
The S D A
Food Crew
The Low Down on Iron
Anna Dold-Fisher | Crestiad Special
Do you ever look in the mirror and notice those dark circles under your eyes? It
might not be because you are staying out
too late partying, or your lack of sleep. You
could have low iron. Iron is important for
the production of your red blood cells
(RBC’s), and is also a component of hundreds of proteins and enzymes. Deficiency
will lead to fewer RBC’s which means that
less oxygen is being carried throughout the
body. When the cells are not getting
enough oxygen you may feel tired, and
even your memory and mental function can
be affected. If you feel fine that doesn’t
necessarily mean you are in the clear, because many people in the early stages of
deficiency may have no signs or symptoms
at all.
According to the CDC, iron deficiency
is the most common nutritional deficiency
in the US, especially in women. Women
need more iron than men because of their
menstrual flow. During one of the recent
blood drives on campus, 1/3 of the girls
who wanted to donate had to be turned
away due to low iron. Yikes, looks like
Cedar Crest needs to pump up the iron intake.
According to the American Dietetic
Association (ADA), low iron intake, frequent dieting, and low vitamin C intake can
lead to iron deficiency and eventually anemia. The RDA for a non-pregnant woman
between 19 and 50 is 18mg a day compared
to men which is only 8mg per day. According to the National Institute of Health,
“the need for iron may be 30 percent
greater in those who engage in regular intense exercise.” Too much iron can also be
dangerous, so talk to your doctor or dietitian if you are unsure about your intake levels.
You can boost the amount of iron in
your system through the foods you eat or
with supplements. You should try to get
your iron primarily through your food. If
you think you might need a supplement
you should talk to your doctor first. According to the ADA, “Animal foods such
as meat, poultry and fish are high in iron.
Most grain foods such as cereals,
pasta, rice and bread are now fortified with
iron. Foods that are naturally high in iron
include beans (pinto, kidney, black), lentils,
split peas and spinach.” But don’t take
your iron with a glass of milk, coffee or tea.
These foods can bind to the iron and decrease how much your body absorbs. Instead of milk, take it with a glass of orange
juice or something high in Vitamin C. This
will actually increase the amount your body
The iron in meat, poultry, and fish
(heme iron) is absorbed 2-3 times more
than iron from plant sources (non-heme).
If you are getting iron from plants, try to
include a source of vitamin C, like squirting your spinach with some lemon or putting red bell peppers on top. Good sources
of vitamin C include orange juice, red and
green bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries,
tomatoes and potatoes.
A recent study at the University of Arizona and the University of Arkansas found
that a balanced intake of iron and calcium
has better benefits concerning bone health
because of iron’s role in the production of
collagen which is an important part of our
So ladies, as you can see, iron is important for so many reasons, and you need
all the energy you can get to make it
through this semester.
Albinism: The Real Facts
Sarajane Sein
Anyone who has seen or read
The Da Vinci Code remembers the
sinister villain Silas, the albino
gunman who is fanatically devoted
to his cause and out to kill those
who get in his way. However, portrayals such as these do not present
an accurate portrayal of albino people, often showing them as “freaks”
and not as people with a legitimate
disability. So, what is the real story
on albinism?
As stated on the website for
NOAH (The National Organization
for Albinism and Hypopigmentation), albinism is genetic in basis
and can occur as either ocular albinism (which only affects a person’s eyes) or as oculocutaneous
albinism, which affects both the
eyes and skin. Those with oculocutaneous albinism are those who
people generally recognize as having albinism. People with albinism
often have problems with vision
and may burn easily in the sun.
Other than these differences,
which, depending on the person’s
type of albinism, may or may not
be noticeable, people with albinism
are very similar to other people,
aside from needing to take special
precautions to protect their skin or
be able to see things more clearly.
Unfortunately, the most common portrayals of those with albinism tend to be like that of the
aforementioned Silas, not delving
deep into the reality of those who
have the condition. A portrayal that
is as well-known as that of the Da
Vinci Code villain is hard to come
“The only portrayal I can
think of is the guy from the Da
Vinci Code. I don’t think it was really necessary for him to be portrayed that way. Granted, he was
your typical bad guy, but he didn’t
need to be from any particular
group,” said Megan Newton, a junior Chemistry major with a Forensics concentration.
College students with albinism find themselves faced with
special challenges.
“[I]n college, I found myself
surrounded by strangers who not
only didn't know me, but didn't
know anything about albinism.
They wanted to know why I looked
different, why I held things so close
to read them and why I used certain
types of adaptive technology to do
my homework. It was up to me to
educate them and to tell my story
as I felt comfortable telling it. This
helped me to see that albinism was
not something I should be ashamed
of but rather something I should
celebrate,” recalled Kelsey Thompson, a member of NOAH’s board
of directors.
There are also places in the
world where misconceptions about
albinism have led to tragedy. In
Tanzania, 53 people with albinism
have been killed, due to the belief
that charms made by the body parts
of albino people can lead to wealth
and good fortune, leading many
others to flee the country.
Education is the key to helping people discover that people
with albinism are not that different
from other people. The few public
figures with albinism who have
been in the news, such as brothers
Johnny and Edgar Winter, help
with this more positive media portrayal. “[R]ather than trying to
downplay their unusual looks, the
Winter brothers embraced them,
using them to fuel their flashy rockstar image,” wrote LunaEterna,
webmistress of a website detailing
Albinism in Popular Culture.
As time goes by, more people
with albinism may come to the
forefront and show the world that
this condition is not a barrier to
success. As stated in the Introduction to the Albinism in Popular
Culture site, “Hopefully, circumstances will improve for those of us
with albinism as more people become educated about our condition
and are better able to appreciate
everything we have to offer.”
Birth control pill more problemac then good
Rena Wallace
“I’ve seen birth-control babies and
I’d rather be safe because the pill is
not 100 percent effective.”
There are also females whom
would rather not take birth-control
at all. They are less likely to use it
due to annoying side effects such as
weight gain or loss of appetite.
mood swings, anxiety or changes in
vaginal discharge can sway their
decision as well. In addition,
headaches and acne are not anyone’s favorite.
Nicole Delle Donne, sopho-
three weeks a patch is placed on the
hip, buttocks or upper arm. The
fourth week the female is free from
the patch allowing for a menstrual
In previous years, not as many
contraceptives were offered to
However, like I said, there are
young women as they are now.
types of birth-control. If
Condoms and various forms of
work, there are lots to
birth control are available for fechoose
The pills are the most
males who wish to be sexually acwidely
form but there are
tive. However, if females aren’t
easy methods such
careful when using these contraas injections that can be taken.
ceptives, they won’t be as effective
Depo-Provera is an injection
as they are meant to be.
by a health care provider that
Nearly half of all unplanned
prevents pregnancy
for three months.
young, sexually active
Lunelle is an injection
women are due to birththat prevents pregcontrol lapses and
nancy for one month.
screw-ups, according to
NuvaRing, or a
a report by the
ring is also not
Guttmacher Institute, a
reproductive-health orIt
ring that
For instance, when
vagina for three
females play roulette
weeks, removed for
with the pill, they are in
one week, and then rejeopardy of getting
placed with a new
knocked up.
ring. The ring releases
might skip a pill every
estrogen and progesnow and again, thinking
terone into the body.
one missed dose won’t
It depends on what
The pill makes contraceptives a game of roulette for many
increase their chances of
women. a female is comfortable
becoming pregnant.
using. Intrauterine DeA great way to avoid
is a small plastic device
this is by switching to a birth-conforensics
copper or hormones
trol method that is not a daily task.
into the uterus by
About 3 million young women
deal with an accidental pregnancy to the high hormone dosage. I a medical professional.
The IUD does not stop the
each year. These mishaps occur would get extremely moody and
the smallest things would get me sperm from entering into the
because females aren’t cautious.
uterus, however it changes cervical
For example, some females upset.”
mucus which decreases the probadon’t carry any protection at all bewhich
bility of fertilization. In addition, it
cause they don’t have much sex.
vachanges the lining of the uterus
On the other hand, in the heat of the
moment, if birth-control is not rieties of contraceptives such as the which prevents implantation if ferhandy, they may be tempted to go patch but because of the high risk tilization occurs.
of blood clots, she has not made a
When it all comes down to it,
without it.
cannot be contingent on
“I’ve been using the pill for
They are given the
about three years and I still conplaced
have to be respontinue to use condoms as well,”
it if they don’t
Katilynn Grey, sophomore and elementary education major said. of the patch. Each week for the first want to get pregnant.
November 5, 2009 | 8
Who’s lovin it?
McDonald’s faces hard mes trying
to flourish in other countries
Nicole Magloire
McDonald’s, the beloved fast
food restaurant that is known by all
in the United States, is being casted
out as a thing of the past in other
countries. Iceland officials decided
to close down the three McDonald’s restaurants in their country
blaming the fall in the economy for
the need to close down the stores.
The McDonald’s chains arrived in Reykjavik in 1993 and
have been open to the public ever
since. Since opening, the company
had no issues with running the
chain, but due to the recent plummet in the economy keeping the
chain running was not an option.
Magnum Ogmundsson, the
managing director of the McDonald’s franchise holder in Iceland,
was quoted by yahoo finance saying “the economic situation has
just made it too expensive for us,
the unique operational complexity
of doing business in Iceland combined with the very challenging
economic climate makes it financial prohibitive to continue the
Officials believe
that the only way for
the chain to have
stayed in business,
prices would have
been raised 20 percent making the Icelandic burger the
most expensive in the
This is not the
first country that had
to close its McDonald’s chains the one
and only restaurant in
Barbados closed after
only six months and in 2002 the
company pulled out of seven countries.
Though the economic situation in Iceland leaves them unable
to afford McDonald’s a museum in
France is hoping its visitors will
accept the restaurant.
The Louvre Museum in
France plans to open a McDonald’s in the food court in their bottom level and visitors are not
France is the second highest
seller of McDonald’s next to the
United States. Bernard Hasquenof,
runner of the Louvre Pour Tous
website was quoted by CBSnews.com saying “it’s a victory
after thirty years for McDonalds in
France, being at the Louvre or any
museum is a seal of approval for
their business.”
Unfortunately for McDonald’s not all consumers in France
feel the same way as Hasquenof,
CBSnews.com reported that visitors asked “what do we do to
protest,” complaining that the
restaurant would help increase the
already growing obesity rates in
children in the country.
Though it may be loved by
most and hated by many McDonald’s is here to stay and just as soon
as one chain closes in one country,
another one opens in a different
country. With the question of
Elizabeth Kern | Lifestyles Editor
who’s lovin it? Still unanswered,
we can just assume that everyone
is, seeing as McDonald’s is still on
the rise and on its way to possibly
being bigger than ever.
Vanishing Vitamins?
Yes, its true vitamins can be lost in your favorite drink and condiments. Keep track of when you buy the following items because certain nutrients are unbalanced when exposed to oxygen, heat and
Orange Juice: According to EatingWell Magazine, “One cup of OJ
can offer a full day's dose of vitamin C. But OJ that has been opened
loses all antioxidant benefit after just one week. Try using frozen
concentrate because it’s exposed to less light and air.
Green Tea: A study in Journal of Food Science found, “That catechins (antioxidants linked with a reduced risk of some cancers) in
green tea decreased markedly over time. After six months, catechin
levels were 32 percent lower.”
Olive Oil: Extra-virgin olive oil is by far one of the healthiest oils to
use when cooking. However, researchers from the University of Foggia in Italy say, “After six months of storage their [antioxidants] potency decreases by about 40 percent.The oxygen bubbles in the bottle
actually destroy the antioxidants.
Honey: Researchers at the University of Illinois discovered, “The
antioxidant power of clover and buckwheat honey decreased by 30
to 50 percent after six months.” If you’re looking for a healthier
honey try the buckwheat over the clover because it generally has
more antioxidants.
Compiled by Elizabeth Kern
Gabrielle Augustine, Editor
Celebrate Naonal Peanut Buer Lover’s Month
Fill in the answers about peanuts and peanut butter from the clues below into the spiral. Start each word in the box with the corresponding number. Answers are below if needed.
1. Largest country in South America, where peanuts originated
2. Peanuts are not actually nuts but instead are __________, which is in
the same family as beans
3. Used on a lot on plain peanuts, this mineral also goes with pepper
4. The third president of the United States, he was a big cultivator of
5. This month is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month
6. If you get Bubble gum in your hair, to do this, peanut butter works
7. Combine peanuts, sugar, and _________ to get peanut butter cookies!
8. Who patented the peanut butter process?
9. The peanut is this state’s state crop
10. The scientific name for peanuts
11. The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
12. This is one of the southern states that produces 70 percent of the
U.S.’s peanut crop
13. Only .5 percent of Americans are __________ to peanuts
14. The first fossilized peanut was found in this country
15. (Adult/Kid)s eat more peanut butter per year
16. The other southern state that produces 70 percent of the U.S.’s peanut
17. Bacteria that is famous for being found in peanut butter
18. Peanut butter has a lot of this type of amino acid
Submitted by Gabrielle Augustine
Wish your professors a Happy Birthday!
Whether your favorite professor has had a birthday or will be
celebrating, you can give them best wishes!
Nov. 5 -Brian Exton
Nov. 13 - Nancy King
Photosource | forum.servomagazine.com
Mr. Chemist’s Neighborhood
By David Raker
Nov. 20 - Gaetan Giannini
Nov. 25 - Dr. James Scepansky
G 51
I 27
O 75
N 43
There has been a traditional bingo winner, so for the rest of the semester, it shall be full card bingo with
four numbers each week. Original cards still apply.
The Cedar Crest College crest in the center of each card is a Free Space. Once you believe that your card has won,
send an e-mail to [email protected] including your name, the winning numbers and your relation to Cedar
Crest College (student, faculty, staff).After you have sent the e-mail, you will be asked to mail the card to The Crestiad (Box H) via campus mail.
Winners will be picked on a first come basis, based on the time the e-mails are received. The Crestiad is distributed
on campus on Thursday morning, but is also available on Wednesdays at www.cedarcrest.edu/ crestiad. Past numbers can be found in Crestiad archives. Visit www.cedarcrest.edu/-crestiad to view old issues.
7. Milk
8. Kellog
9. Georgia
10. Arachis hypogaea
11. Arachibutyrophobia
12. Alabama
13. Allergic
14. China
15. Adult
16. Texas
17. Salmonella
18. Arginines
Submitted by Stephanie Augustine
Cresad Bingo Week 7
1. Brazil
2. Legumes
3. Salt
4. Thomas Jefferson
5. November
6. Remove gum
LIBRA: (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)- It seems like these last couple weeks have
been a balancing act - school, friends, family - keep up the good work! But
you are on the right track - that is all life is... one big balance beam.
SCORPIO: (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)- You can’t get mad at people for not doing
things you never told them to do! Be kind and people will get along with
you easier.
SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) - The weekend is coming up, and you
can’t wait! But don’t forget about the assignment due on Monday - if you
put it off, you will regret it.
CAPRICORN: (Dec. 22 - Jan 19)- Life seems to be pretty blissful, but
don’t miss the small details. They get you every time. Make sure you are especially watchful in the coming week.
AQUARIUS: (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)- Don’t stress out! You’ve been so frantically studying; you’re missing out on the fun. Try some time management
- race against the clock to see how much you can get done, then give yourself a rewarding break.
PISCES: (Feb. 19 - March 20)- You feel like you’ve bitten off more than
you can chew, but you feel guilty to back out on anything now. Don’t fret.
Life will go on and you will be fine.
ARIES: (March 21 - April 19)- It’s fun to hang out with friends, but beware of becoming a clique. Be more observant of the world around you and
don’t be afraid of corners; you’d be surprised at what you’ll find.
TAURUS: (April 20 - May 20) - You are so ready for the semester to be
over---the holidays are the perfect way to unwind all that stress. But don’t
start planning during finals!
GEMINI: (May 21 - June 21)- Your mood swings are really hard for people to understand. Take some time to relax, pamper yourself a little! Your
friends will thank you for it.
CANCER: (June 22 - July 22)- That grade has been eating away at you.
Don’t think about it! Just concentrate on studying, and you’ll do better.
LEO: (July 23 - Aug. 22)- You have way too much to do---but if you take
a deep breath, and relax, things won’t be so bad. Take a short break, but not
too long of one - otherwise you are procrastinating.
VIRGO: (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)- How are you supposed to finish that ten page
paper by tomorrow morning? Eat something sweet---it’ll clear your mind.
Do you like to write....fiction? Non-fiction? Poetry? Want to see your work published and possibly win CASH prizes?
Then submit your work to [email protected] as a Word attachment for this year’s edition of In Other Words and the Writing
Contest. Also seeking digital photography or other art work reproducible in black and white to feature in the Lit magazine.
Deadline is December 7th, 2009
For Questions, contact preterite
Allie Scott, Editor
Old game systems
never die young
Sarajane Sein
Xbox 360 or Wii? People can
argue about which video game system is better for hours on end, but
most in either camp can probably
also beckon back to an earlier argument: Sega or Nintendo?
Even as newer and
more advanced systems
sweep the landscape
every year, the oldschool video game consoles are nevertheless
oldies but goodies. I received a Sega Genesis
in 1994 as a Christmas
gift, and it has lasted me
from grade school to
my second college (and
is still going strong).
There are several
things to be said for the
possibility of bucking
the trends and getting an old video
game system instead of a new one.
First of all, older video game
systems are less expensive, though
granted, you have to buy them
used. Online vendors such as eBay
have Sega Genesis and Super Nin-
tendo consoles for around $50, the
price of just a game for many of the
newer systems. Older games are
resold at around $5 a game.
Older systems also tend to
have classic games with what can
be considered easier to learn and
simpler game-play, as opposed to
many of the more involved games
Photo Source | www.businessweek.com/
of today. It is easy to quickly learn
how to maneuver Sonic the Hedgehog or other similar games, making
them easy stress-relievers for people who don’t have time to toil over
a manual to learn how to work out
a newer strategy game.
A n
added dimension
who may
be considered a
g a m e
system for their child, that older
games are less violent than newer
games. Even a game such as “Mortal Kombat”, noted as being violent
for its time, is incredibly tame by
today’s standards.
“The new games today are
more violent. The things we played
as kids, kids don’t find as amusing.
Kids have lost their innocence
today, whereas games back then
were designed to preserve our innocence,” said AnToinette ByersParades, a sophomore Biology
For those interested in purchasing an older game system, or to
restock their libraries for their already-purchased system, there are
several options. The easiest is to
purchase online, through online retailers such as eBay or Amazon.
Many game stores, such as Game
Stop and EB Games, may also
stock old used games in a bin
Photo Source | www.businessweek.com/
(though it is getting harder to find
games for farther back game systems such as the Genesis or Super
Nintendo, and this is a better bet for
something like the original Playstation).
In the suburban Pittsburgh
area, in the town of Greensburg,
there is even a store entirely dedicated to vintage, well, everything.
Stores such as this are another safe
bet for your old-school video game
While most likely not replacing your new Xbox or Playstation
3, an older video game system can
be an excellent investment. With a
varied variety of inexpensive, wellknown and loved games, as well as
easy game play and a variety of
places to purchase, retro game systems just might make a comeback.
J a c k Johnso n ’s
En Concert proves
a cd and dvd are
“Beer Together”
Dannah Hartman
The audience screams as the
acoustic guitar begins, accompanied
by an accordion with a very French
sound. Then singer/songwriter Jack
Johnson starts his song “Belle,” “Oi
leinda, Bella che fa? Bonita, bonita
que tal?” He sings as the crowd
goes wild.
While still singing in French
Johnson starts playing the tune to
his hit “Banana Pancakes” and the
crowd, once again, claps and
screams with excitement. All of this
action is caught on En Concert,
Johnson’s newest musical release.
Not only is En Concert a live CD
recorded during 2008’s Sleep
Through The Static tour but also a
documentary capturing the tour
which was the largest tour of Johnson’s career to date.
Filmed all over Europe in cities
such as Paris, Berlin and London
the film features many fellow musicians Johnson usually works with,
including Adam Topol, Merlo
Podlewski, Zach Gill, G. Love, Ben
Harper, Mason Jennings, Neil Halstead and Matt Costa.
The CD component of En Concert features 19 live tracks, mostly
songs from Sleep Through The
Static. Johnson does however, perform many older tracks that are fan
favorites, including “Flake,” “Bubble Toes” and “Sitting, Waiting,
The live aspect adds to many
of the songs on the album, “Staple
It Together,” and “The Horizon Has
Been Defeated” are both longer
than usual and have instrumental
jams throughout the song that showcase the musical abilities of both
Johnson and his band.
“Country Road” is another notable song on En Concert. The song,
which is a duet between Johnson
and Hawaiian singer Paula Fuga,
has an incredibly catchy reggae
vibe. The two whistle the tune back
and forth in between verses, Fuga
sings “What’s meant to be will always be though I control my destiny,” Johnson replies, “Free will
you gave me even though you made
me.” Fuga has an incredible voice,
and sings the majority of the song
Photo Source | www.jackjohnsonmusic.com
without overpowering Johnson.
The clear standout on the
album is “Constellations,” which
features Pearl Jam front man Eddie
Vedder on acoustic guitar as well as
vocals. Vedder’s usually powerful
vocals are quiet and relaxed on this
track to match Johnson’s laid-back
style. Vedder and Johnson’s voices
are extremely complimentary to one
another, hopefully these two will
continue to work together in the future.
The best part of the album?
The proceeds. According to jackjohnsonmusic.com, 100% of 2008’s
Sleep Through The Static tour profits and profits from En Concert will
be contributed to the Kokua Hawaii
Foundation and The Johnson Ohana
Charitable Foundation that supports
environmental, art, and music education around the world.
Jackjohnsonmusic.com offers
everything from En Concert; the
live film for both DVD and Blu-Ray
Disc, the CD (that comes with two
bonus tracks), the Collector’s Edition vinyl, and even a digital download that also comes with two bonus
For all those super fans out
there, the website also offers a Collectors Deluxe + Vinyl package that
includes the CD, DVD + 60 page
booklet, the collector’s vinyl, a
download of the entire album and
bonus tracks, a limited edition
poster (first 500 signed by Johnson)
and a t-shirt.
In the trailer for En Concert
Johnson explains, “The songs that
we play are about love and that
makes people feel good.” En Concert certainly accomplishes that, it’s
a compilation of laid-back, positive
songs that would make anyone feel
good. This CD/DVD is not only a
must have for longtime Jack Johnson fans, but also a must have of
this year.
Halloween has come and
gone but the celebrity costumes
are still something to talk about.
The cutest couple costume
award goes to Jessica Alba and
Cash Warren as Dora and
Diego! We can imagine that
daughter Honor was quite pleased
to see her parents’ costumes.
No surprise here, most popular costume this year was Jon
and Kate Gosselin. This year it
seemed most appropriate to dress
as the dynamic duo. Heidi and
Spencer Pratt dressed accordingly, Ed Hardy gear and a darling
frontward mullet along with eight
baby dolls. Regis and Kelly also
wore their Jon and Kate attire for
their Halloween special.
Another popular costume
was Lady Gaga. Celebrity juice
blogger, Perez Hilton arrived at a
Halloween soiree dressed as the
pantless pop queen, mini dress
and all!
Derek Hough please just
come out already! He arrived to
Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween
party as Clark Kent but it gets
worse…he arrived with “BFF”
Mark Ballas’s mom! Can we just
say that mommy Ballas looked
sexier then Derek.
Nick Lachey and girlfriend
Vanessa Minnillo hosted a Halloween bash at their Bel Air pad
where they dressed as Mr. and
Mrs. Frankenstein.
The guests of honor or “horror”, Heidi and Seal, were
dressed as crows this year. Each
of them were donning black faces
and feathery garb.
Speaking of Heidi, she will
not be walking in the annual Victoria Secret Fashion show this
year. However, she will still be a
crowd pleaser by being the emcee
for the evening. We understand
that since having baby girl, Lou,
she might not feel comfortable
parading around in thongs and
bras yet. We still think you’re one
hot mom though!
Ryan Seacrest is trying to
make news about himself because
he must have tons of free time
with American Idol not filming
yet. He claims that he has an alleged stalker, Chidi Uzomah Jr.
(who looks eerily like Tyrone
Biggums, a character from The
Chappell Show), but he will remain just alleged until further evidence (if there is any).
Oh myyy Lady “no pants”
Gaga makes headlines again. She
recently accepted the Stylemaker
Award at the 13th annual Accessories
Awards. Okay maybe she could
win an award for best costume for
365 days of the year but for having style!? We think this award
should be revoked until she decides to put some pants or even
real clothes on.
The Gossip Queens
November 5, 2009 | 11
She and Him, here’s to Volume Two
Lindsey Jancay
What do you get when you
combine two quirky and successful
celebrities? Sometimes a disaster,
but in the case of M. Ward and
Zooey Deschanel, the product is
success. Together, the well known
actress and successful musician create a unique blend of music from
the past and innovative lyrics.
The sound is timeless and
echoes the sentiments of Ella
Fitzgerald and John Fogerty. While
a jazz singer seems a strange musical companion for the lead singer of
Creedence Clearwater Revival, that
is exactly the quirky feel emitted by
M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel, the
“she” and “him” of She and Him, an
up and coming indie folk duo that
has recently bridged the gap between film and the music that accompanies it.
Many know Zooey Deschanel
as the offbeat actress featured most
recently in 500 Days of Summer.
What people don’t know is that
Zooey is an excellent singer. While
the influence of afore mentioned
Ella Fitzgerald is quite evident in
live performances, Deschanel’s
voice seems to adapt to recording in
a mellow, yet vaguely echoed form
that is reminiscent of music of the
seventies playing over a car radio.
No doubt this has much to do with
the sentimental feel of the music she
and M. Ward Produce.
M. Ward himself is an old hand
at music making. He has released
six records, the latest being Hold
Time in 2009, and has produced 10
records, including She and Him’s
debut album, Volume One in March
of 2008. M. Ward is known for his
soft raspy voice and his rambling
guitar. Many assume that he is from
the deep south instead of his home
in Oregon.
Deschanel took a little convincing to share her music, but once
Ward convinced her, a beautiful collaboration began. Volume One, their
first endeavor tracks the emotional
ups and downs of romance from the
female perspective.
Deschanel was the primary
writer and singer, while Ward acted
more the part of producer and
recorder. Ward’s sensitive vocals are
the perfect compliment to Deschanel’s thoughtful lyrics and soulful voice.
Photo Source | www.sheandhim.com
You can also check out She and Him on the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack available in stores or on iTunes.
Together, the duo creates a
unique sound that draws influence
from multiple eras. The sound is
simply ideal for the timeless tales of
love narrated throughout the album.
One can only hope that the sound
will blend as effortlessly with the
themes in Volume Two.
Gabrielle Augustine
According to persistanceunlimited.com, reading helps you improve your memory and improves
your concentration and focus.
Those are just a few of the 26
reasons stated on the site as to why
reading is healthy for you. It may be
the middle of the semester, and
everything is starting to pile up, but
take a breather and read a book (or
at least part of it). Here are The
Crestiad’s editors and staff writer’s
fall favorite picks – books that they
can read over and over again.
Gabrielle Augustine
Study Break Editor
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
by Avi
A young woman learns about
loyalty and courage and takes on a
man’s job while at sea. Set in the
1800’s, Avi shows us that women
didn’t always belong
in skirts.
Allie Scott
Arts Editor
Something Borrowed
by Emily Giffin
I am not a big reader, but I absolutely devoured this book in a few
days. It’s a juicy story about love,
best friends and little secrets. I am a
huge fan of Giffin’s, her writing is
amazing, you feel like you’ve
known the characters for years, I
love being able to connect with the
Brea Barski
Editor in Chief
by Alexandra Ripley
I love Gone With the Wind, but
Scarlett is just a lot better. It's the
more scandalous, less descriptionfilled sequel to the classic novel. It's
creepy and romantic and keeps you
on the edge of your seat.
Jessica Heiser
Assistant News Editor
Anna Karenina
by Leo Tolstoy
This Russian classic is beautifully crafted, emphasizing the differing lifestyles of the lavish upper
class and the humble workers of the
field. Leo Tolstoy's moving prose
and heart wrenching, memorable
characters are just a few of the reasons this has been ranked as one of
the greatest books of all time. You
won’t walk away from it unchanged.
Elizabeth Kern
Lifestyles Editor
Bless Your Heart Tramp
by Celia Rivenbark
The funnier the book is the
faster I read it. Rivenbark's books
are all about southern belles and
funny stories that have happened to
her personally. Rivenbark is like the
Chelsea Handler of the south.
Nicole Magloire
Advertising Manager
To Kill A Mockingbird by
Harper Lee
It's been my favorite book
since I was younger and I try to
read it at least twice a year to remind myself how great it is.
Autumn Drury
Staff Writer
The Bell Jar
By Sylvia Plath
Plath writes what
other women of the
time want to say but
are afraid to. It
shows how far we
have come, and
yet how much
farther we have
to go.
Morgan Keschl
Staff Writer
by Anne Rampling [Rice]
This book, although a bit disturbing, combines love and obsession with the chaos of fame. A
44-year-old children's book illustrator falls in love with a 16-year-old
girl with a dark past. Written under
Anne Rice's pseudonym, "Anne
Rampling,", it is not linked at to her
vampire series.
Jessica Kuc
Staff Writer
A Thousand
Splendid Suns
by Kahled Hosseini
Set in relatively modern
Afghanistan, it provides an insight
into the lives of women living there,
while at the same time encompassing a storyline that makes it impossible to stop reading.
Sarajane Sein
Staff Writer
T h e
by Fyodor
This story
pulls you into the
lives of the characters, and everyone
can definitely relate to
one (or more) of the
brothers. The tale has
many twists and turns, not
to mention philosophical
issues that are tackled.
Stacey Stangl
Staff Writer
The Count of Monte Cristo
by Alexandre Dumas
This book in particular makes
the reader reflect on their definitions
of justice, forgiveness, and death and causes one to really step back
and see how they would react if they
were that character.
Jocelyn Ludwig
Staff Writer
by Stephenie Meyer
I love them because it gives
you a chance to step out of reality
and live your fantasy love story.
Stephanie Augustine
Staff Writer
Heir Apparent
By Vivian Vande Velde
Both science fiction and fantasy, Heir Apparent is a story of adventure, love, and suspense all
within an advanced video game, and
I could read it again, again, and
Dannah Hartman
Managing Editor
A Clockwork Orange
by Anthony Burgess
This was by far one of the most
interesting books I have ever read.
Although it’s somewhat disturbing,
it’s definitely a book that’s hard to
put down.
Lindsey Jancay
Opinions Editor
Tess of the Durbervilles
byThamas Hardy
The book is fairly long, but
cliff hangers and plot twists keep it
interesting and the themes are
thought provoking and timeless.
All photos sourced from Barens
and Nobles.
Khyla (Brandt) Flores, Editor
Cedar Crest Awarded Instuonal
Academic Excellence Award
Sarajane Sein
Cedar Crest College has been awarded
the First Institutional Academic Excellence
Award by the Colonial States Academic Conference (CSAC). This award means that
Cedar Crest’s student athletics had the highest combined, overall GPA (3.20) in the
CSAC. The CSAC consists of twelve Division III schools.
This award cements Cedar Crest’s athletes’ ability to be both successful athletes as
well as good students. This award, of which
Cedar Crest is the first winner, will be given
annually to whichever institution garners the
highest GPA.
“Winning this award proves that Division III athletes in the CSAC are wellrounded by being talented and keeping up
with academics. It proves that we truly work
hard to keep our grades up while working
hard on our teams,” said Katey Dauble, a
sophomore Outside Hitter for the Volleyball
team as well as an Elementary Education
This statement was echoed by Lakeisha
Packer, a sophomore Attackman for the
lacrosse team and a Chemistry major. “I think
being awarded this award shows our hard
work both on the field and in class. We give
it 110 percent in class and on the field,” she
Keeping up with rigorous academic
work as well as rigorous practices when not
in the classroom can be a difficult task, but
Cedar Crest students have shown that they
are up to the challenge by winning this
“This award shows how well-rounded
our athletes are here,” said Marci Lippert, the
Director of Athletic Communication.
age, which CSAC uses to determine the winner.
Student-athletes at Cedar Crest are honored to have received this award and are seeing how their combined hard work has paid
off, both in the classroom and on the playing
“I have had a lot of privileges coming
here and playing
on the volleyball
team as a freshman. It's an honor
to be working and
playing side by
side with so many
great student athletes, and I'm
proud to represent
my team, my
school, and all of
the people who
worked so hard to
make all of it possible,” said Kim
Carmen Ambar
freshman Middle
Blocker for volleyball and a Psychology major.
“Being recognized for being smart and
for being tough is an honor. Lacrosse is my
outlet and so I plug in,” said Maureen Manning, a junior Attackman for lacrosse as well
as a Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
The administration of Cedar Crest is also
This demonstrates that our
athletes are successful both
on and off the field...We could not
be prouder of their success and we
look forward to similar results on the playing field.
As reported in the Morning Call, the criteria for how the award is decided is as follows: students who have a “season of
eligibility” (which the NCAA defines) are included in an overall GPA, of which CSAC
takes the average, using all of the quality
points achieved by the students. This results
in the institution’s overall grade point aver-
very proud of its student-athletes, who have
now made history by being the first winners
of this sure to be prestigious award.
“I am so pleased that CCC has been
awarded the first CSAC Institutional Academic Excellence Award. This demonstrates
that our athletes are successful both on and
off the field. This award is also a team award,
requiring all of the athletes to perform well
to reach a cumulative high average. We
could not be prouder of their success and we
look forward to similar results on the playing
field,” said President Carmen Ambar.
“We are so proud of our athletes and the
honor of being recognized as the inaugural
recipient of the CSAC Institutional Academic
Excellence Award. It demonstrates what we
have always known to be true – that successful athletics and academic achievement is a
combination that is attainable and sustainable. It is a testament to these students and
coaches and how much they value their education. I couldn’t ask for a better group of
students to represent Cedar Crest,” said Dr.
Kimberly Owens, the Senior Executive Vice
President for Enrollment Management and
Student Affairs.
The Morning Call states that Cedar Crest
will be officially presented with this award
on Saturday, Nov. 7. It will take place during
the half-time period in the midst of the Field
Hockey Championship at Immaculata University. The game itself will start at noon.
Salge Awarded
Athlete of the Week
Khyla (Brandt) Flores
Courtesy | Lauren Salge
Being a new student in college can be very stressful and
yet exciting at the same time. Gaining the ability to balance
a whole new course load and still involve yourself in athletics is not easy to do, but quite an accomplishment. It is especially nice to be recognized for doing an outstanding job,
such as Lauren Salge, freshman forensic psychology major,
has received by being named Athlete of the Week for the week
ending Oct. 26.
Salge feels that receiving such an award “is pretty awesome. I didn’t really expect to get it so that makes it that
much better.” This is Salge’s first year at Cedar Crest and so
far she has only played on the field hockey team, but she also
intends on joining the softball team come spring.
Salge is not a novice when it comes to her involvement
in athletics. She has been playing field hockey throughout
her school years, starting in middle school. College level is
only a bit different as she states, “The transition between high
school hockey and college hockey was pretty easy, but while
playing in college, you’re playing against people who have
been playing longer than you and whose skill level is higher
so it makes you step your game up to a whole new level.”
Since this is Salge’s freshmen year in college, she hasn’t
had the ability to receive any other college level awards of
this prestige, but she has received acknowledgement for her
good sportsmanship during high school. In her senior year,
Salge states, “I was nominated by the Central Jersey Field
Hockey Coaches Association to a second team all star team,
and that was pretty cool because it was out of all the players
in Central Jersey.” She had also had the pleasure of receiving honorable mentions for the same award in softball.
Salge still has quite a few years of college left, but she
knows one thing she will do for certain when she is done.
“Most likely, I will continue playing field hockey, as well as
other sports, on pick up leagues and such. I will most likely
end up coaching, because all of my coaches have been positive influences on me and I would like to be that influence in
someone else’s life,” Salge states.
This season of field hockey has come to an end but it has
definitely been an exciting road for Salge as she recalls, “So
many overtime games and so many close calls, but it was definitely a great season and we can only look forward to improving for next year.”
When Salge needs some encouragement she just looks
to the field, as she declares, “My sport inspiration basically
just comes from having fun while playing. I love to watch
players that can play a sport and just make it look like it’s the
best thing in the world because of how much fun they’re having.”
Freshmen, Lauren Salge, works hard on the field.
Congratulaons to Freshman Sarah Wicks for being named
Cedar Crest Falcon of the Week for her outstanding
performance in the week ending Oct. 19.

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