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October 2014 - Walwa Bush Nursing Centre
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October 2014
Yesterday the awesome looking CFA truck
came to our school. The little kids went first
before lunch and we went after lunch. When
we walked into the truck the room was
massive. On the ceiling there were awesome
green lights. First thing we did was talk about
the fire danger ratings. Then we talked about
the days; Ash Wednesday, Black Friday and
Black Saturday. After the whole thing we got
a picture of the whole school the teachers and
the fire people. –Ethan Parry
Yesterday a CFA (Country Fire Authority)
Mobile Learning Coach came to school to
teach us about the dangers of fires. First we
watched a video about Australia’s three worst
fires in history, 1939, 1986 and 2009. The
1939 fire killed 71 people and is known as
Black Friday. The 1986 bushfire killed
around 100 people and destroyed thousands of
home and animals like koalas (we saw a dried out and burnt
koala) were killed. In 2009, dust from the north blew through
Melbourne and then the fire came. I thought it was the worst fire
I’d seen. This fire killed 176 Victorians and millions of wildlife
were killed. We also looked at a Fire Danger Rating- LowModerate, High and Very High are a good time to prepare to
leave. Severe, Extreme and Code Red are when bushfires are
likely to happen. –Jaiden Detering
on. The video was about Ash Wednesday, Black Friday and
Black Saturday. Lots of houses, people, animals and lots of other
things were burnt. We also learnt about the Fire Rating Scale.
Right now it is low-moderate and high. It was very interesting
and fun. –Julia Hoffmann
On Thursday, 9/10/14 we had the CFA visit. There were two
people from the CFA and their names were Todd and Jim. They
brought the CFA bus with them and they had like a classroom
On Thursday, Todd and Jim from the CFA came to school. Todd that folded out of the bus. They had a sort of computer but it was
and Jim showed us the three major fires that were called Black
a TV. On the TV they had a video clip about fires. It said about
Saturday, Black Friday and Ash Wednesday. Todd and Jim
fires and how many people died, how many houses were burned,
showed us the fire rating scale and they came out and took a
how many animals died and all that. They also had a poster thing
picture with us. –Jack Hamilton
and we had to spot things that people were doing for fire safety.
We listened to them speaking about the fire danger rating and the
On Thursday a fire safety bus came to school. They taught us
fire burn. They also talked about Black Friday, Black Saturday
about fire safety. It was really fun looking at the chart and they
and Ash Wednesday. –Amy Greenhill
told us about Ash Wednesday, Black Friday and Black Saturday. On Thursday two of the CFA members came. One’s name was
–Jock Spiden
Todd and the other one was Jim. They showed us how to keep
safe in summer. The bus was 12.9 metres long and 3.95 metres
On Thursday 9th October, a big bus came to school. The CFA had high. It is very, very posh. It’s got three TV’s, a glowing roof
come to school. Outside it looked like a plain old bus, but inside which is really cool, a fold out classroom, a fire danger rating and
it was pure luxury. There were a few pods, three TV’s and a few a driver’s seat (of course). –Emily Greenhill
big posters. We learnt about Black Friday, Black Saturday and
Ash Wednesday. Black Friday was on my birthday- January 13! Yesterday we hung out with the CFA in their massive bus. We
The men were Jim and Todd. We looked at a fire rating board
watched a video clip. It had the Black Friday, Ash Wednesday
and talked about smoke alarms. We looked at a board. The roof and as we all know the Black Saturday fires. After the film we
had small lights on it. We also watched a video that was about
told about what certain signs mean and if the information on them
Ash Wednesday, Black Saturday and Black Friday. –Jadzia
is bad. After that we picked out things that you should do to
prepare yourself for a bushfire, like mow the lawns around the
house, keep the grass green so that it can’t burn. After that we
On Thursday, Todd and Jim from the CFA came to school. They got to ask questions and then we had a photo. I would like to
taught us about fire safety. They gave us a ruler, a sticker, and a thank the CFA for getting us ready for a real bushfire. –Tom
certificate. In the bus they had a TV and they put a little video
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Walwa World October 2014
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William and Nano. Ellis’s mother, May had immigrated to
Australia from Ireland at the age 16 along with her 14 year old
sister Josephine.
Ellis’s early years at Merino were spent on the family property
“Springdale”. His father was born at Springdale in 1892 and
farmed merino sheep and Hereford cattle until the property was
sold. The family moved to Roxburgh Park, formerly agricultural
land, much of which is now a suburb within the greater city of
The Move from Springvale to Roxburgh Park occurred when
Ellis was aged 4. He was educated at the local primary school at
Greenvale and then moved to St Bernard’s College, Essendon. He
spent four years at St Bernard’s, honing his racing knowledge in
the company of a good mate-Peter Lynch. Peter later came to be
known as ‘Honest Pete, the Housewives Friend’, operating a
butchers shop on Burk Road, Kew; in inner Melbourne.
After completing his schooling, Ellis attended a local technical
college training as a Fitter and Turner, learning mechanical and
My last conversation with Wal Silvester; my uncle, was around a maintenance skills that he was able to utilise on the farm through
his life.
month ago.
A call had gone out that the old wool shed at “Carboona” needed In 1951 the family moved from Roxburgh Park to the Gippsland
region, purchasing a property at Berwick, now a township on the
clearing out.
Wal’s siblings including my mother, Nano and Bill together with south-east fringe of Melbourne. The property known as
“Woodlands” was a beef cattle farm that was located near another
a number of my siblings and relations turned up on Saturday,
being the last weekend in August , ready for work. The job brief property, “Elrington”, the home of Richard Casey, the first
was simple: remove and place the items from the wool shed into Australian-born Governor – General of Australia. Ellis changed
three separate piles-one for the scrap metal merchant, another for the farming mix at Woodlands to a dairy farm to complement the
better rainfall in the district. A ready supply of hops for the cost
the bonfire and the rest for burying on site.
for a local brewery caused the family to remark that they were
Wal turned up at Carboona on the Sunday. His long-time
often better fed than them.
companion Daphne Butler from Tumbarumba was there. At the
The next move in t1960 was to go north to God’s won countrytime, Wal’s lungs were in pretty bad shape and he had recently
the Upper Murray. Settling at “Carboona” , on the Jingellicmoved to a nursing residency in Holbrook.
Tumbarumba Road, this became Ellis’s final home, farming cattle
Wal poked around, picking up items that had found their way to
the different piles. What meant little to us meant something more and sheep along with his father and brother, Bill. His father
to him. He had a personal attachment to many items representing passed away in 1963 and Ellis and Bill continued to farm at
Carboona. There were good years and tough years. The tough
a lifetime of farming at Carboona.
years were no so great when times of severe drought meant
One item that caught my eye during the clean-out was, for all
appearances, a geologist’s pick. Wal explained that this item was droving sheep on the Khancoban Road for several months on end;
and then there were the good years, springs bubbling forth, full
used to set rabbit traps-a notch in the flat blade enabled the safe
dams, and everything seemed idyllic.
setting of a rabbit trap. There were a dozen or so rabbit traps
Ellis had varied interests. He played football for Walwa in his
hanging and rusting away in the old wool shed.
Unlike my first memory of Carboona in my younger years when younger days. He was a great supporter of Richmond Football
Club through good years and bad-he would have enjoyed their
the district was teeming with rabbits, there doesn’t seem to be
come back in 2014 from the bottom of the AFL ladder at the half
much use for rabbit traps anymore so they were added to the
way mark of the season to ascend to the finals berth in early
scrap metal pile.
Successive and successful viruses have depleted the rabbit
He loved to tinker about with mechanical and electrical repairspopulation on Carboona and thereabouts making way for
leaving many a skeleton radio in his wake! He would read a
wombats to move in.
newspaper front to back and then back to front again, enjoying
There were a few surprises too in the clean-up. In an old trunk
current affairs and everything in-between. He also enjoyed a
was a primary school textbook belonging to my mother dating
back to the early 40’s and many copies of ‘The Pastoral Review’ fishing trip with Bruce Fleming, whenever there was an
opportunity. He never missed a Henty Field Day- attending all
from the 20’s and 30-‘s with advertising of wool studs that
three days whenever he had the time.
referred to my grandfather (on my father’s side) who was a
Ellis also gave of himself to the community. In many ways he
highly regarded stud classer in the Merino breeding industry.
Wal with the family and Daphne enjoyed a pleasant lunch on the was an unassuming man. He took Jack Bramley out for his
weekly Saturday morning shop for many years. He gave forty
verandah at Carboona homestead looking across to the hilly
years’ service to the Jingellic Rural Fires Service. Fifty years
terrain of Clear Springs, the neighbouring property. This was at
service to the Jingellic Show Committee, including being the
the end of August.
gatekeeper for many years. Ellis was also a founding member of
On Monday of this week, Wal passed away peacefully in his
the Tumbarumba Men’s Shed, a place providing valuable
sleep at the Holbrook Hospital succumbing to pneumonia.
Thomas Ellis Silvester, known as Wal to family and friends, was companionship.
I take the opportunity to acknowledged specific family members
the son of Thomas Ellis Silvester and Mary Margaret Cagney,
known as May. Born at Merino, a town in the Western District of and friends;
To Daphne, a long term special friend – a companion and
Victoria on 13 November 1933, he was the first son and fourth
confidante. A relationship that was sustained to the very
child in a family of six children, his siblings-Josephine Patricia
end. A debt of gratitude for the care and time she gave
(who died at 2 years of age), Margaret (my mother), Elizabeth,
(DATE OF DEATH; 29/09/14)
Walwa World October 2014
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Ellis particularly in his later months prior to his admission
to the Holbrook Hostel.
To Bill, you supported Ellis for so many years running the
family farm together. Season after season, you were at
each other’s side, supporting each other. Across a
lifetime, the relationship between Bill and Ellis came to
know bothy affection and exasperation but their
differences and similarities were managed each having
their own interests but remaining connected.
A thank you to Nano who provided a family link to Ellis and
spent many hours helping him organise his admission to
Holbrook Hostel.
A special thank you to Leonie and staff of Holbrook Hostel
who cared for Ellis considerately until the end. He was
highly complementary about the wonderful home-cooked
meals at the Hostel. He enjoyed the company of the other
residents, especially Ron Emerson who had been a friend
of Ellis since coming to the district. Ron helped Ellis ease
into the life at the hostel making the transition more
comfortable for him.
The family also wish to acknowledge the support of Holbrook
Hospital and Father Terence Mahadey, who gave Ellis
special care at the end of his life.
Lastly, and especially, to those who have travelled from afar, I
know Ellis would want to thank you for the trouble you have taken
to be here, to pay your respects to him.
So, go in peace Wal. We will fondly remember the good
conversation, your rich throaty laugh, the affinity you had with
your working dogs. I retain a special image of my uncle Wal-a
‘rollie’ hanging from the side of his mouth. Your memory will
remain with all of us.
Delivered by William McCarty.
where Steve had brought the dunny and of course this was a drink
break where Toohey was passing a bottle of wine around for takers
to try a refreshing drink called “Counting Sheep” . Well I thought
it was so funny but I tried it and it was delightful. So thank you to
Toohey for his kindness and Steve for his efforts too. Now back on
We had such a beautiful day after a very cold night again but it
the downer towards Walwa we walked our horses on and landed in
was worth getting up early for our annual Jingellic Show Trail
Ride. There were a few travellers who turned up Friday for a bite the township in front of the pub. Now Chris came out to see if
anyone wanted a drink so I think there were a few but the time was
of hamburgers and cake. It was good to greet everyone with a
running out to we had to push on towards the river again and
warm drink and sit by the fire, catching up with some old mates
across some private land, where Jimmy on Jimmy decided to go
from before and some new riders, ones who I had met from the
for a gallop and try Jimmy out to see how fast he can run and pull
Tumbarumba Charity Trail Ride in April. They were all asking
up. So we had some sight seeing and entertainment, then up again
where are we going tomorrow and I couldn’t say but turn up and
find out. Saturday came and we ended up with 30 riders and horses into the hills to parkland and down into the Upper Murray Resort,
where we stopped to say Hi to Robyn and Brian. Brian took some
all very excited to start our mystery trail ride. It was so lovely
along the river with different scenery and then we ventured up into pictures of us all on our horses and then we pressed on back
towards the crossing of the bridge and back into the show grounds.
the hills and around Walwa. This was a very different way from
before and could see the beautiful hills over and beyond. We went It was getting a bit late so we had taken a bit longer than
anticipated but had a fantastic ride. Thank you so much to our
through some rugged bush with beautiful lovely purple wild
Trail Boss Robbie McKimmie as he did such a great job to
flowers, across some lovely land and eventually coming down
organise all this for us to enjoy. Thank you to all the owners of
onto a lovely sandy creek for our break for lunch.
different farms we went through, Allan and Mary Hunt to have
We had a beautiful bar-be-que lunch with cakes, slices, fruit and
lunch on their property by the creek. Thanks to all our committee
billy tea. What a feast on a fantastic day. Our horses enjoyed the
break as we found some shady trees to rest them while we rest and helpers for the day, Cecilia, Dave, Jo, Simon, Merv, Toohey,
Merilee and Steve. Without these people we wouldn’t have been
enjoy lunch. Most of the crew came out too to share the day and
fed or refreshed. I do hope all our riders enjoyed themselves and
enjoy our encounters so far of the ride. After lunch we set out
hope to see you next year at our Annual Jingellic Show Trail Ride.
again on a different route which I had never been before and saw
some strange land and country, I never knew existed around here. Thank You again on behalf of our committee.
There was quite a movement by the water hole as Liz and I were
Liz McLellan,
yacking away and as we came closer, Kayleen on her horse went
Secretary, Jingellic Show Society
down as he thought it looked refreshing for a swim. Well she
jumped off and got him up again but she had a wet bottom for the
rest of the ride. We had a toilet break at one of the cattle yards
Jingellic Show Trail Ride
For 20th September, 2014
Walwa World October 2014
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We endeavour to make your stay with us the
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Your local Credit Union located at the Walwa Bush
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Walwa Primary School
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On Thursday 9th October, CFA people came and told us about
fire safety. The name of the people were Jim and Todd. We
watched an 8 minute long movie. It was about bushfires. There
were scenes of dead animals like sheep and koalas. The three
main bushfires were Black Saturday, Black Friday and Ash
Wednesday. We looked at a fire rating chart. We should be
preparing for bushfire season now.- Elsie Drummond
On Thursday, the CFA came and taught us about fire safety.
There was Black Saturday, Ash Wednesday and Black Friday.
The CFA gave us a floppy ruler and a get down low and go, go
go sticker and a certificate. The school got board games and a
picture from the CFA. –Talisha Detering
Yesterday Todd and Jim came to teach us fire safety. They
taught us about fire rating and then they said to change your
smoke alarm battery. They also told us to make a fire plan.
They had a chart of people and animals that were getting ready
for a fire. They told us about Black Saturday and Black Friday
and Ash Wednesday. I really liked it. They had a really cool
bus. We had a photo at the end. –Ada Drummond
Yesterday we went to the CFA bus and learnt some stuff like
how the fire moves along and gets fuel. The fire moves faster
when it is going uphill. It gets fuel from dead leaves, sticks,
logs and dead trees. It also gets fuel form the air. All of the
major bushfires were in Victoria, like the Black Saturday, Black
Friday and Ash Wednesday fires. With the fire danger ratings,
low means that it is unlikely to happen. –Blake Lee-McKie
Todd and Jim came. We watched a clip about fires. There was
Black Saturday, Ash Wednesday and Black Friday. The worst
was Black Saturday. We looked at a chart. The bus is long and
it folds out. They asked us about fire plans and if we have one.
They told us to check our smoke alarm batteries.- Jack Daly
It’s almost a year since the members of the Lankeys Creek
community started gathering for a casual get together on the first
Friday of every month.
There were a few reasons for starting these events, one being the
bush fires earlier in the year. It was felt that there was a need for
a space and platform for community to get together and discuss
local issues such as use of the hall, the bush fire brigade and
generally the wellbeing of our community members. The happy
hour has proven to be a great success where even in the colder
months we have had a regular attendance of up to 25 people.
Generally we will have a food theme; for example we have had a
couple of casserole nights, a soup night and a pie and sausage
roll night. With the wood fire burning and some hot food, the
cold hall can become a welcoming venue for a social evening.
We have also incorporated a fire brigade meeting which has
attracted more community input, a talk by David Hunter on the
Boorolong Frog in Lankeys Creek and surrounds, and in general
any topic can be discussed on the night. We hope to continue this
gathering indefinitely and welcome all of the local community
and those from further afield who would like to join in.
Now that the warmer weather is on us we will be barbequing and
enjoying the longer evenings. Next happy hour is on the 7th
November at 6.30pm where we will discuss our Christmas
gathering. All those who want to be involved in our community
please come along.
An old Doberman starts chasing rabbits and before long,
discovers that he's lost.
Wandering about, he notices a panther heading rapidly in his
direction with the intention of having lunch.
The old Doberman thinks, "Oh, oh! I'm in it now!"
Noticing some bones on the ground close by, he immediately
settles down to chew on the bones with his back to the
approaching cat.
Just as the panther is about to leap, the old Doberman
exclaims loudly, "Boy, that was one delicious panther! I
wonder, if there are any more around here?"
Hearing this, the young panther halts his attack in mid-strike,
a look of terror comes over him and he slinks away into the
"Whew!," says the panther, "That was close! That old
Doberman nearly had me!"
Meanwhile, a squirrel who had been watching the whole
scene from a nearby tree, figures he can put this knowledge
to good use and trade it for protection from the panther.
So, off he goes.
The squirrel soon catches up with the panther, spills the
beans and strikes a deal for himself with the panther.
The young panther is furious at being made a fool of and
says, "Here, squirrel, hop on my back and see what's going
to happen to that conniving canine!"
Now, the old Doberman sees the panther coming with the
squirrel on his back and thinks, "What am I going to do
now?" But instead of running, the dog sits down with his
back to his attackers, pretending he hasn't seen them yet, and
just when they get close enough to hear, the old Doberman
says ...
"Where's that squirrel? I sent him off an hour ago to bring
me another panther!"
Moral of this story...
Don't mess with the old dogs...
Age and skill will always overcome youth and treachery!
Bullshit and brilliance only come with age and experience.
Some members of Lankeys Creek Bush Fire Brigade with the new
generator received as part of the NSW RFSA Grant Scheme 2014
Walwa World October 2014
(Taken from the Tallangatta Rotary Newsletter)
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
Will travel throughout the Upper
Dam Cleaning
Quarry pick up delivery
Dry rock retaining walls
Post hole digger ( 304 & 450mm )
Excavation house cuts
10m tipper
5.7 tonne excavator and bobcat
Lawn mowing ride on mower available
Pallet forks also available
36 main Street
Walwa Vic 3709
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
10:30am to 3:30pm
We are always looking for donations of clothes
fruit and vegies and bric a brac. We are also in
need of more volunteers so if you have a couple
of hours a month to spare and would be
interested in helping out give us a call.
Come in and check us out or just have a chat.
Any queries contact Kerrie on 0408 696 384
Call Tony
on 0413 018 416 or A/H 02 6236 3424
Walwa World October 2014
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
Join the Friends of Murray Mountain Parks, in cooperation with Parks Victoria, for a weekend of nature walks,
talks and activities - Shelley Forest Camp, November 1 & 2.
During the Melbourne Cup long weekend the Mammal Survey
Group of Victoria will be visiting the North East to study the
distribution and occurrence of mammals in the Shelley area, and
the Friends Group is inviting all members of the public to
participate in a weekend of activities around their visit.
The weekend will be based at Shelley Forest Camp (approx.
halfway between Tallangatta and Corryong), and is hosted by the
Friends of Murray Mountain Parks with support from the
Victorian Government Country Action Scheme. Planned activities
include presentations by the Mammal Survey Group and Parks
Victoria; along with general information about the Friends Group,
Shelley Forest Camp - local history and points of interest.
where some 10 -12 surrounding mountain tops can be located and
Most activities are set for the Sunday, several options starting
around 9.30am, to be followed by a BBQ lunch and afternoon tea;
but members of the general public are invited to arrive and camp
over Saturday and/or Sunday night. For a small (camp) charge
people are welcome to set up camp anywhere about the extensive
Forest Camp grounds, or book a bunkroom, with up to 4 or more
beds at your disposal. Full access to kitchen/cooking facilities and
amenities are included. If planning to stay in the bunkhouse you
will need to bring pillows and a sleeping bag or sheets and
For more information or to register your interest in attending,
please contact: Andrew Kingerlee on 0417 064 060
Or Tony/Gayl Sullivan (02) 6037 6230
Short walks will include a guided
Nature Trail /Flora Identification Walk
led by local authority Lyn Coulston; a
talk and frog identification walk led by
Charles Sturt, Adjunct Lecturer
Alexandra Knight; and evening
spotlight walks. Sunday activities will
include guided visits to several local
points of interest including Boggy
Creek Trestle Bridge - Victoria‘s
highest; Avondale Gardens (c1840) once surrounding a homestead, still
thriving with many exotic trees and
shrubs; and Lawrence Lookout from
Hard times ahead ...
It seems that every time I go to town, prices in the supermarket
have gone up again! Not only does it seem to be costing me more
to buy the groceries, but the cost of getting there has grown
enormously over the past 2 years also. What’s a girl to do?
This girl has sat back and had a long hard think about the state of
the economy, both Australia’s, and mine, and here are a few
money saving ideas I have tried and tested!
Most of us around here have a lemon tree in the back yard.
Recently there has be a spate of lemon home cleaning recipes on
TV, in magazines, on the net, and I even found an entire book
devoted to the subject. Maybe there’s something in this ...
I have given a few of the ideas and recipes a bash, and not only am
I saving some of my hard earned dosh, this stuff works.
Thanks to a great website called www.simplesavings.com.au I
have found an easy to follow chart that not only tells one what to
mix, but how much you could potentially save in a year, by
making your own household cleaners. The numbers will amaze
you! You can sign up for a free e-mail loaded with tips and ideas
to save you $$’s every month.
To get you started, here’s a couple of easy to make recipes that I
found work really, really well! P.S. They are also non-toxic, and
you gotta love that!
Ants – Lemons
Leave cut lemons or squeeze out the juice along where they are
coming in. For me, it is the along the edge of the door.
Toilet – Bi-carb, white vinegar and eucalyptus oil
I put about 2-3 tablespoons of Bi-carb in the bowl and about 1 cup
of white vinegar. It fizzes and bubbles for a bit and then give it a
scrub. I then put a cap full of eucalyptus oil in the cistern and
Kitchen sink and benches – Juice of one lemon, equal amount of
white vinegar and fill the 250ml spray bottle with water, or if I’m
not feeling that creative, hot white vinegar.
Spray and wipe!
Floors – Juice of one lemon or ½ cup white vinegar in ½ bucket
of hot water
Mops awwaayyyy ...
Room Deodoriser – juice of ½ a lemon, 4 drops of lavender oil,
warm water in a spray bottle. Shake well.
Smells lovely. You can also use the lemon skins or orange skins
and pour boiling water over them and steep for about 15 mins and
then add the lavender oil to the scented water.
With a little bit of creativity, a touch of elbow grease and a dab of
forethought you can really save on household cleaners. Currents
Showers, bathtub, hand basins, widows, mirrors – hot (white) stats say as much as $1200 per year and in some cases more. Next
I’m going to try make my own laundry washing powder...
Place a container or cup (not the whole 2 litres) of white vinegar in Cheers All!
the microwave and nuke it until its toasty warm. 1 cup in my
microwave takes 50 seconds. I put it in a spray bottle, and pretty
much everything comes up trumps.
Walwa World October 2014
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
Jingellic Show Society Trail Rides - 21st September 2014
A lovely sunny day laid ahead as the 32 riders left the
showgrounds, crossed the bridge with the help of
Andrew Green, our new policeman, and then
travelled through many paddocks for a couple of
Meanwhile Bob Olman, Davide and I went ahead and
set up camp in the picturesque valley beside Walwa
Creek, at Alan and Mary Hunt’s farm down Shelly
Rd. Bob had brought his home-made BBQ and a
gazebo which helped all the cakes, slices and nibbles
from being ruined as it was getting quite warm.
Steve McHarg and Merrilee bought all the cool
drinks. Then Ace Coughlan's son, Joe and son in-law
Simon Lewis arrived with the Lion's BBQ. Everyone
quickly set up camp and got everything organised
before the riders arrived. The horses enjoyed drinking
the cool water and having a rest. All the riders were
soon having a cool drink themselves and then tucking
into hamburgers, sausages and cakes and then having
a rest themselves. The portable toilet was a great
success, many thanks to Robbie McKimmie.
Everyone enjoyed the rest but it was time to head off
again. They travelled thru Robert and Janice
Newnham's, Coleman's, Rodney Wolter's yards, Richard
Wright's, Dave Hanna's, into Roys Road and then Shelly
Road into Walwa, stopping at the Walwa Hotel for a
photo before heading down River Road towards the
Murray River, then into Dave Hanna's, coming out at
the second creek crossing, across River Road and back
into Dave Hanna's, thru Snake Gully and into the Upper
Murray Resort, back across the bridge and into the
showgrounds. Arriving 6 pm.
They spent a good 8 hours in the saddle, but everyone had a great time.
Walwa World October 2014
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
A Special thank you from The Jingellic Show Committee to all
the Landholders for letting the riders through their farms.
After Joe and Simon left Hunt's farm they headed
back to the showgrounds and started to make a
camp fire to heat all the 10 camp ovens meals that
the committee members had made the previous day.
All the horses were tended to and people were
starting to relax around different camp fires to keep
warm. I was sitting near the fire that was heating up
our food, helping Joe and Simon when Peter
Sutherland demonstrated the advantage of wearing
all natural fibre clothing, as he tripped on a handle
of one camp oven, tried to regain his balance, as he
turned he curled up like a turtle and fell on his back
into the hot fire still holding onto his beer and did
not spill a drop. Many hands lifted him out of the
fire, rolled him over to see what damage he
might have received, but he jumped up with
no injuries other than a couple of minor burn
holes in his
Thank you
Joe and
Simon, Steve
and Merrilee,
and all the
ladies who
made cakes
and slices that
loved so
Cheers Cecilia
Thank you Bob and Dave.
Thank you to our President, Ace
Coughlan for all the hard work he
does to make the day a success.
Thank you Robbie for organising
the trail ride again this year.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the
ride and seeing a bit more of our
A special thank you to Steve for following riders in the afternoon with drinks and the toilet
Walwa World October 2014
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
Low back pain affects most of us at some stage in our active adult
lives and is one of the most common ailments afflicting mankind.
It may be described as fibrositis, slipped disc, lumbago, arthritis in
the back, rheumatism or when it causes pain extending into the
leg, sciatica.
Lower back pain often starts without warning and for no obvious
reason, interfering with simple activities of living and affecting
sleep. Once we recover from an acute episode of back pain, most
of us quickly forget our lower back problems. Due to a lack of
knowledge and understanding, we are often unable to deal with
present symptoms ourselves and certainly have no way of
preventing future lower back problems.
According to Robin McKenzie, world renowned and author of
“Treat your own Back”, the management of your back is YOUR
RESPONSIBILITY. You can call on doctors, physiotherapists
and chiropractors for treatment, but in the end, ONLY YOU CAN
POSTURE: In the standing position, there is an inward curve
in the small of your back called THE LUMBAR
LORDOSIS. This is lost whenever the back is rounded,
usually when sitting or bending forward. If it is lost often
and for long enough, then lower back problems may
MECHANICAL PAIN: If you understand this, you are
more than halfway towards solving your problems. Pain
of mechanical origin occurs whenever the joint between
two bones is placed in a position that overstretches the
surrounding soft tissues. E.g. Try bending one finger
backwards until you feel a strain. You will feel mild
discomfort initially, but if you held it for a prolonged
time, pain will eventually develop. If you bend your
finger back past the point of strain to pain, the pain is
immediate. You have overstretched and your pain
warning system is telling you that to continue movement
in that direction will cause damage. If you ignore the
warning and continue to overstretch, DAMAGE WILL
OCCUR. Most lower back pain is caused by prolonged
overstretching of ligaments and other surrounding soft
tissues. Whenever we remain in a relaxed position,
whether standing, sitting or lying, prolonged
overstretching can easily occur. Allowing our posture to
slouch is the real culprit. DAMAGE occurs with
overstretching and with great forces, such as tackling in
football, or lifting too heavy objects.
When the ligament surrounding the disc is injured to such an
extent that the disc loses its ability to absorb shock and its
outer wall becomes weakened, this allows the soft inside
of the vertebral disc to bulge outwards. In extreme cases,
it bursts through the outer ligament. When the disc bulges
far enough backwards, it may press painfully on the
sciatic nerve causing pain, numbness and weakness as far
down as the foot.
When tissues heal, they form scar tissue, which is less elastic
than normal tissue and tends to shorten. Movement
stretches the scars and produces pain. Unless appropriates
exercises to restore normal flexibility are performed, the
healed tissue, the scarring, may become a constant source
of pain and stiffness lasting for years.
lordosis especially when sitting is important. Use a
specialised back rest (RACV have them in Wodonga ) for
use when driving. Regular interruption of prolonged
sitting, getting up and moving about regularly is also
important to prevent the onset of back pain. When
working bent forward as in vacuuming or weeding, it is
best to do this in the morning when muscles are fresh and
strong and also interrupt working with standing upright
and doing backbends to counteract the effects of
stooping. Best to not stay on one position for more than
20 minutes. Keep Moving.
LIFTING OBJECT: If your back is rounded when lifting,
this raised the pressure in the discs to a much higher level
than when body is upright and lordosis present. In order
to minimize the risks of lifting, stand upright and bend
backwards 5 -6 times immediately before and after
lifting, especially with a single heavy lift. This ensures
that there is no distortion already present in the joints of
the lower back while you lift. This is especially important
if you have been in a stooped position or sitting for a
prolonged time immediately before the lift.
load with a wide stance, bend knees, keep back straight
but accentuate the lordosis,, keep steady, no jerking, shift
your feet to turn to avoid twisting.
LADIES LUNCH AND GETTING CONNECTED.... sitting around a table... In speaking with attendees afterwards,
not only did everyone enjoy the experience, but one lady
commented that she had always thought that the women of
On Monday 29 September, WBNC hosted a ladies lunch with
Walwa were connected to each other and that they have a really
guest speaker Emilia Barrow.
good network, and that it was reassuring to have it
Emilia has practiced for the past 12 years on a fortnightly basis as confirmed. Lunch was provided by our talented cook, Lydia, who
continues to amaze with the quality of her meals, and the
the attending mental health professional here at Walwa Bush
Nursing Centre. Emilia is a registered clinical social worker who raspberry cheesecake was extraordinary. Since then, a couple of
uses a variety of strength based techniques in her practice. Emilia women have asked more events like this. As a result, we are open
to suggestions for future topics.
spoke about what it is that makes up mental health, its degrees
and mental illness, and in particular, STRESS. We participated in
If you would like to see Emilia, please contact the Walwa
a two mindfulness exercises aimed at helping us to recognise
Medical Clinic for more details on 02 6037 1222.
when we are feeling stressed and managing those times. It was
really a peaceful scene watching everyone’s face relax as they
Shirley Sprenger
worked through the experience. Unfortunately, there was no
camera in sight, but if you could just imagine 16 sleeping beauties
Walwa World October 2014
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
CRT Agmate Rural Services
Corryong will be servicing the
Walwa area every Tuesday..
Please contact us for orders
02 6076 1166
Yoga with Irene Palmer is currently
5:30pm Wednesdays.
If you are interested in coming to
Yoga at a different time email Irene
[email protected] or
phone 0427 371 357
Doctors in November
Dr Barbara Hoare
Dr Hoare’s special interest are nutritional and environmental
Dr Alison Walsh
Dr Walsh’s special interest is food intolerance & allergy
Appointments can be made with the following practitioners
Counselling - Emilia Barrow on 5th & 22th November - Ph: 6037 1222
Physiotherapists – 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th November - Ph: 6076 3200
Maternal Health Nurse - Marie Kirk by appointment - Ph: 6076 3200
Walwa World October 2014
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
I had the privilege of being a C.E.R.T member for some nine
This was truly an enjoyable experience on at least three counts.
Firstly I gained valuable training in rendering first aid to
community members in need of medical assistance, whilst they
awaited ambulance assistance and in many cases helping with
transportation to the hospital facility.
Secondly, I had the reward of assisting people who were
traumatised in varying degrees and, in supporting and
reassuring them.
Finally I worked with a wonderful team of people from Walwa
and Jingellic District. We were constantly supported by the
Walwa Medical Nursing Centre staff and the highly
professional and dedicated members of the New South Wales
and Victorian ambulance services.
I would encourage anyone in the District to become a member
of CERT if able to do so.
I am so grateful to have had this life experience which has so
enhanced my confidence and provided so many positive
outcomes and friendships.
Rosemary Murray Albury
11 November 2014 6.30pm
Walwa Hotel
All community members welcome-all positions
declared vacant
Meal provided
The COM meets up to four times a year to provide support to the
CERT with governance, grants and procurement. If you wish to
volunteer for a position please call
COM chair Caroline Staughton on 0427371371
Walwa World October 2014
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
157 bras were collected from Walwa/Jingellic area.
A big thank you to all those people who contributed.
Another recipe from Woolly Wombat cook book
Contributed by David Hunt
Take a boned leg of lamb, stuff with mixture of
Uncooked long grain white rice
Crushed nuts
Chopped apricots
Chopped onion
Fresh mint
Black pepper
Walwa World October 2014
Ground caraway seeds
Put into a baking dish that can be well sealed. If necessary seal
lid with dough of flour and water. Place baking dish in a larger
dish containing some water. Cook in a slow oven 220 degrees F
for 6 to 7 hours.
-------------------------------------------------LAWN DRESSING
Contributed by Nea Smithwick
3lbs sulphate ammonia
1lb superphosphate - mix well
Use at the rate of 4 1/2 lbs per 1,000 square feet. Spread evenly.
Water in well
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
Act now to reduce fire hazards
around your home
As we move into the fire season, Towong Shire
Council is urging every household to take action
now to prepare their properties for a safe summer.
Inspections of properties in township areas will
soon take place to ensure that fire hazard risks are
addressed as soon as possible.
Cr David Wortmann, Councillor and member of
the Towong Shire Municipal Fire Prevention
Committee said that clearing up around the home
is an essential part of being fire ready.
“Some straightforward jobs such as cleaning out
gutters, pruning overhanging branches and
removing flammable items that are close to the
house will help you to prepare your home for the
fire season,” advised Cr Wortmann.
As part of Council’s preparations for the fire
season, Council inspects properties in township
areas for fire hazards. If a property is overgrown
or contains derelict cars, buildings or other
rubbish, a Fire Prevention Notice can be issued.
Property owners or occupiers must then remove
the hazards within fourteen days or risk incurring
a $1,476 fine plus the cost of Council removing
the hazard.
“We encourage all households to access the
CFA’s Fire Ready information,” said Cr
Wortmann. “The CFA has a number of tools
designed to help you prepare for the fire season,”
he said.
Visit the Plan & Prepare section of the CFA’s
website www.cfa.vic.gov.au or contact Council to
obtain a hard copy of the Fire Ready Kit.
For more information about Council’s fire
preparation and prevention activities, contact Mr
Craig Reid on 02 6071 5100.
Local community organisation, Walwa & District Community
Support Group Inc., has been awarded $3,450 from Australia Post
as part of its 2014 Our Neighbourhood Community Grants
The program funds projects that improve local neighbourhoods
and support those in need.
Australia Post Managing Director and Group CEO, Ahmed
Fahour, said the Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program
was established to recognise and reward organisations that, like
Australia Post, help people everywhere and every day so their
communities work better and can prosper.
Walwa & District Community Support Group Inc. was chosen for
plugging people into a digital media education program, which
reflects the Our Neighbourhood aspiration of helping build
healthier, more vibrant and inclusive communities across
“Staying in contact, accessing services and remaining connected to
each other in our small, isolated rural community is difficult due to
distance, poor roads, and an older population with limited
understanding of digital technology,” said Margy Fury, secretary
of the Walwa Community Shop Committee.
“This grant will give us the capacity to improve communication
and con-nectivity by providing education for our older population
to assist them to use Facebook, email, Twitter and the internet
generally,” she explained.
“Since launching Our Neighbourhood Community Grants in 2013
we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from thousands of All unsuccessful grant applicants will receive a complimentary
strategic grants webinar to provide feedback and advice on how to
organisations doing some really important work in their local
communities,” he said.
develop grant-ready project plans to improve their chances for
future grant application success.
“We are delighted to award funding to this year’s successful
organisations and congratulate all of them on their dedication and
commitment to their respective causes.”
Walwa World October 2014
walwa.com.au or walwabushnursing.com
10:30am - 3:30pm
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Catholic Church Service
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If you would like your group or activity listed in the calendar please contact Irene at [email protected]
Contact Phone Numbers: WBNC 02 6037 1220 Penny 02 6037 1275 Caroline 02 6037 1271 Kerrie 0408 696 384
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39 Main Street, Walwa Vic 3709.
Specials Board - changes regularly
Tuesday Night Parmi & Pot Thursday Night Fish & Chip
Lunch: Monday - Sunday
Dinner: Monday - Saturday
12.00 - 2.00pm
6.00 - 8.00pm
Accommodation, Ice, Large Shaded Beer Garden
Friendly staff
Your Hosts: Alan & Chris
Phone/Fax: 02 60371310
A big thank you to
Neva Taylor,
Mary Connors,
Betty Hallinan and
Elma van de Hoef
for helping with the folding of
Our October Bookclub was held at Marie's home. The month's
book for discussion was titled "Dark Victory" by David Marr and
Marion Wilkinson. This subject of this book dealt with the
political situation pertaining to the Tampa Crisis and the babies
September Walwa World
Those that read this (a few of us felt the topic a bit heavy so
chose other books to read for the month!!) gained a lot of insight
into this strange political time. Many lies being told and much
political spin.
Hopefully, our next month's book will appeal to more members.
"Revolutionary Road" by Richard Yates” is the story of Frank
and April Wheeler, a bright young couple, who are bored by the
banalities of suburban life and long to be extraordinary'.
Tennessee Williams described the book as a "masterpiece!!". It
sounds promising.
Cheers Bron.
Radio Upper Murray house
will be auctioned on site
Saturday 8 November 2014
Walwa World October 2014
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5 letter words
8 letter words
Walwa World October 2014
Look at the clues below and fill all the numbers you can
into the grid. Then start again and use your answers to
help solve the other
Can you fit all the words correctly into the grid?
Two letters have already been entered.
3 letter words
4 letter words
2. Ninety-one doubled
4. Half of sixty-eight
5. 7 across plus 14 down
7. Sixty-six divided by three
8. 3421 reversed
10. Fifty-two divided by four
12. Number of hours in a day
13. Half of 3536
15. Three times seven
16. Five times thirteen
17. Forty-eight doubled
18. Eight times sixty-four
1. Fifty-four divided by three
2. Number of days in a fortnight
3. Half of 5842
4. 17 across divided by three
6. Four times 15 across
7. 9 down minus ninety
9. 123 reversed
11. Five times 1131
14. Half of 152
15. 10 across doubled
17. Four times twenty-three
19. Seventy-five divided
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Walwa General Store & Newsagency
Friendly Service guaranteed
Summer Trading Hours:
8am to 6pm.
Winter Trading Hours:
Sat. 8am to 5pm.
Sun. 8am to 4pm.
Proprietor: Joyce Hunt
Grocery Supplies
Alfresco Dining or
Take Away Café Meals
Cheapest on the Murray
Pharmaceutical Supplies
Fishing Licenses & Supplies
Premium, ULP, & Diesel Fuel
02 6037 1291
Asbestos Removal
If you suspect asbestos and want to know the facts, contact us today.
Commitment free quotes
We work with you to reduce the risks and costs of dealing with asbestos and provide removal alternatives.
Hunt Environmental makes the process straight forward, giving you peace of mind.
We can replace asbestos roofing and reclad walls providing an easier all in one service.
Call Robbie on 0447 436 948
Over 20 years’ industry experience. All work fully WorkSafe & EPA Licenced, Insured and Guaranteed
[email protected]
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WorkSafe Licence no. H13/03153
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