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newsletterNov2012 copy
November 2012
i26 Hyperimmune Egg
The perfect FOOD for an aging population
With over 70 million baby boomers
dealing with the effects of getting older
the Anti-Aging products market is
exploding. It is estimated to hit $114
billion by 2015. This does not mean
that it is money well spent. Most
people who are concerned with the
effects of getting old start by dealing
with what they see in the mirror. The
reality is most of the damage is caused
by what is failing on the inside.
The role of a declining immune
system was first discussed in detail by
Dr. Roy Walford a professor of
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at
UCLA, in his book The Immunologic
Theory of Aging. In the book Dr.
Walford points to a poorly functioning
immune system as the main culprit in
the aging process. So can the process
be slowed? The answer is a qualified
So how do you stop the march of
time? You deal with the root of the
problem – a failing immune responseand not just the outward signs and
symptoms. i26 Hyperimmune Egg has
been proven through specific research
to help a faulty immune system regain
its innate intelligence. As we age our
immune systems suffer a kind of
communication breakdown. This
results in an inflammatory immune
response that is either to weak to too
strong. If the response is too weak
sickness can more easily take hold.
Our invisible shield of protection is
vulnerable to attacks that when we
were younger were not a problem. If
the response is too strong our systems
may send an inflammatory response
that is too strong damaging
surrounding healthy tissue. This
damage becomes visible inside and
So what is in i26 Hyperimmune
Egg that makes it such a valuable AntiAging supplement? A Hyperimmune
Egg contains 17 vitamins, 9 minerals
and all 17 amino acids. Many of the
vitamins are anti-oxidants and one of
the amino acids L-Glutemate is known
as the master anti-oxidant. These
antioxidants are like your bodies
cleanup crew, helping you dispose of
unwanted matter that can lead to
looking old. This nutritional makeup is
the same as a regular table egg but
how it is presented is much different.
When a normal egg is cooked (as is
recommended) almost all of the
nutritional elements are radically
changed or even destroyed. This is
not the case for a Hyperimmune Egg
because of the patented low-heat
spray drying process. Almost all of the
nutritional integrity is preserved in i26
Hyperimmune Egg. The part of the
egg that is different from a regular
table egg is the immune co-factors
which help the immune system
function intelligently. It is estimated
that a Hyperimmune Egg has over 30
times the number of these important
factors than a regular egg. They are
also not available in any other
supplement. This factor alone makes
a Hyperimmune Egg an Anti-Aging
In this issue
2 What is “in” i26
Hyperimmune Egg?
3 IgY Athlete Spotlight:
Kelly Guillory
3 Recipe Corner
No Bake Oat Bars
4 The Business of Health
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LIVINGWELL November 2012
There is more to an i26 Hyperimmune Egg
than you may know
11 Vitamins, 9 minerals and
17 amino acids - all in perfect harmony
which carry signals locally between cells, and thus
Eggs may be the most complete functional food on
the planet. Eggs are common in most diets for good have an effect on other cells. They are a category of
signaling molecules that are used extensively in
reason: they are the only food we consume from
cellular communication. They are proteins, peptides,
which life springs and they are much more than just
or glycoproteins. One hyperimmune egg contains
the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates they contain.
roughly 30 times the number of Cytokines
Everything needed to create a life is in an egg
than a regular table egg. This alone is a
in perfect balance. i26 Hyperimmune
major reason for the many positive test
takes all of the wonders of an egg and
results at universities and hospitals
has improved upon them for our
benefit. So whats in an i26
proving that Hyperimmune eggs
Hyperimmune Egg? A host of
help bring the immune system
vitamins, minerals, amino
11 Vitamins
into balance and that this
acids, and relevant immune
results in optimum health.
system proteins and coThere are, in fact, two
factors. Most of which
A, E, D
specific patents:
are preserved by the
6,420,337 and
patented spray drying
7,083,809 that show
process used by
how novel
Legacy For Life in
Hyperimmune egg is
producing i26.
at this ultra
Calcium, Iron, Magnesium
important job of
Potassium, Sodium, Zinc
immune system
Copper, Manganese, Selenium
Minerals and
Amino Acids i26
In review
Hyperimmune egg,
17 Amino Acids
Egg are
used to produce
extraordinary in
Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Lysine
and IgY
what they
Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine
contain. Serine, Isoleucine, Leucine
represents a
IgY antibodies
Methionine, Phenylalanine
breakthrough in
The IgY antibodies in
Proline, ThreonineTryptophan
Hyperimmune egg are
supplementation. The
Tyrosine, Valine
a form of protein that
content of
help our body’s immune
Yolk Lecithin
Hyperimmune egg, along
system with a daily tune
with the added benefit of
up. The antibodies work in
relevant antibodies and
the digestive tract, where
make it the most
over 80% of the immune system is
complete and beneficial functional food on the planet.
working to keep us well. Think of it as a body
Did you know
within a body.
Legacy For Life holds over 100 Patents
Cytokine Proteins
Cytokines are any of a number of substances that are
and Patent Submissions on
secreted by specific cells of the immune system
Hyperimmune Egg Technology?
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Super Show 2012. Just 2 years after
Athlete Spotlight
Kelly Guillory is a
Master Crossfit
Champion and the
#6 ranked woman’s
competitor in the
By Kelly Guillory
There is a history of major athletes
endorsing products they have never
tried, don't like or absolutely hate.
All for the mighty dollar.
Do I sponsor a product that I have
no knowledge or interest in? NO I
DO NOT. In 2010 I learned how to do
a muscle up. Thirty days later were
the Crossfit South Central Regionals.
Some days I was a rock star and
could pop the muscle ups out...and
some days I was bad. I ended up
finishing 6th at the 2010 Regionals, 2
spots from attending the
International Crossfit Games. I
rocked the house and almost made it
to the ultimate competition.
HOWEVER, my bicep tendons in
both arms were so inflamed from
learning and practicing the muscle
ups that I could hardly straighten my
I still competed at the Texas
Throwdown at the Dallas Europa
Supershow in August of 2010. I
finished middle of the pack. More
importantly I discovered the IgY
Hyperimmune Egg product that
reduced my inflammation, increased
my endurance and decreased my
Recipe Row
LIVINGWELL November 2012
I only share products
I have my reputation at
She is also a proud
member of
recovery time. I began taking it three
times a day. In 30 days my bicep
tendons felt wonderful. For most
people it only takes 10-14 days. I
was just too far gone...but not really!
I was able to continue training and
the inflammation went away. This
was a product I could believe in!
When I qualified to attend the 2011
Crossfit Games as a Masters
competitor I contacted IgY Recovery
Proteins and told them my story. I
insisted that they sponsor me to the
International Crossfit Games. To my
surprise they agreed.
Recently IgY asked me to present
their product at the Dallas Europa
I discovered their product and used it
to heal a chronic injury I would be
sharing this product with my fellow
I was able to share IgY with people
who really needed it. Some were
skeptical. I was too, at first. But I
tried the product and had results. My
usual response to people who want
to try something new is: Give it 30
days. If you like the way it feels keep
doing it. I have not jumped on any
"lose weight fast" band wagons or
endorsed any other products that
might make me money. My
reputation is more important than the
money it might make me.
No-bake protein
oat bars
If you are wanting a fun and nutritious
way to take your i26 these no bake bars
make a great alternative. They are also
perfect for a person on the go.
Mix all ingredients
2 cups dry oatmeal
together in a bowl, and
8 scoops i26 powder or
then press into a 9-by-9
4 scoops Vanilla or
inch pan lined with wax
Chocolate Complete
paper. Freeze for 40
½ cup natural peanut butter minutes and cut into
1/3 cup of water or milk
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LIVINGWELL November 2012
Who do I talk to? I need more leads.
Then it’s time to create your own!
By Ann Sieg
Do you like to be pitched or sold to? With rare exception
the answer is NO! Then why do you think you will be
successful pitching your product or service to someone
else? You have a product that really can make a
difference in peoples lives and you naturally want to share
it. How you go about accomplishing this is the difference
between many new customers and business partners and
just a few. Have you noticed that it is much easier to
increase your business when your prospects come to
you? The dynamic is different: they have a need and you
have the answer. They have a problem and see you or
your product as a solution. So, how do you get people to
come to you? Become a resource and new fresh leads
will never ever be a problem.
So repeat after me...
You’re not in the network marketing business: you’re in
the information business.
You’re not in the health and wellness business: you’re in
the information business.
Before I became a productivity and marketing coach I was
a distributor of health products. I spent years spinning my
wheels until almost by accident I created a health
awareness seminar. I gave this seminar in my community
(and later on the internet). I did not pitch my products but
I did mention products like mine could be a benefit. Much
to my surprise people started treating me like an expert.
Without even knowing it. I created content that I could use
to develop new, fresh and very friendly leads. I did not
pitch: I provided useful and relevant information. The more
content you produce (both online and offline), the more
customers and leads you will generate. I can’t remember a
time EVER when this hasn’t proven to be true.
Very few people truly get this (I sure didn’t for a LONG
time), yet it is so simple. Delivering quality free content to
your prospects that is useful and brings value to them
About Ann Sieg
The author of some of the most widely
read books in the world on how to get
new customers and prospects to come
to you, Ann Sieg is considered one of
the pioneers of attraction marketing.
Find out more at
BEFORE they ever purchase anything from you (or not)
will open the flood gates of growth in your business.
Think about this for a moment, and what it means for
your business:
Nothing is sold without content.
It is what makes the world as we know it function.
This is what every website, TV station, magazine
and newspaper publisher on earth lives and
breathes for: Good content.
Because people are attracted to value (content),
not sales pitches.
People don’t buy the magazine for the advertising.
They buy the articles and pictures. The more
content a magazine has, and the better quality
they are, the more magazine subscriptions the
magazine sells. The more magazine subscriptions
the magazine sells, the more readers the people
who pay to have their ads in the magazine get to
expose their message to.
The point is: Content is the reason that advertising is
able to exist in the world.
If you’re not doing something to educate your prospects
and enrich their lives, you’re like a TV station that runs
nothing but commercials 24/7.
Who’s going to watch that?
(Not me. Not you. No one.)
6520 N. Western - 201
Oklahoma City, Ok 73113
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