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The Newsletter of First Christian Church
August 4, 2016
1800 W. Hunt * McKinney, TX 75069
972-542-4491 www.goodnewsfcc.org
Neill Grimes
I’m mulling, pondering, and ruminating this week; as the temps climb, I’m sinking down, not
stirring, and quietly thinking. I’m thinking about fall BLOCK and possible themes for preaching
and teaching. The topic of Wisdom is prodding me; it seems in short supply this year. We have
become a culture consumed with itself; the worst of who we are is being played out daily. We
have become people who will say anything or do anything, regardless. Our Christian tradition,
a faith based on a gracious living Word, teaches us that our words are perhaps our most
powerful gifts; we should be careful with what we say and think. Listen to musings of two of
my favorite Catholic theologians.
“We are a ‘first-half-of-life’ culture,’ largely concerned about surviving successfully. …We all try to do what seems like
the task that life hands us: establishing an identity, a home, relationships, community, security, and building a proper
platform for our life.”1
“We tenaciously cling to the achievements and qualities we think make us somebody. We fear that if we let them go we
will be defenseless, having nothing to show for ourselves. We will be indistinguishable from everyone else, sporting only
the unimpressive fact of our creation.”2
Richard Rohr and John Shea point us back to a life set within a Christian context; life is not true life, or full life, or
abundant life, until we break free or transcend the everyday tasks we think so important. Life is not true life until we
begin a journey with God, our Divine Companion in this life. God calls us out and away from the daily tasks that so
consume us; God calls us out of the self we would create and into the self that is created in Jesus image. God calls us to
a journey to leave the routine and familiar and toward a path of change and transformation. We are initially ego driven
selves, but God calls us toward our True Self, the depth of our soul, as created in God’s image. So, I leave you with a few
If God is our Divine Companion in this life, how are God’s values and perspectives different
from those we live by daily?
Do we live out of a sense of graciousness or a sense of struggle or survival or competition?
These are very different perspectives and require different responses.
What are two or three Christian convictions you would want a child or grandchild to
know and understand?
Are we willing to confess that living out of a sense of graciousness does not protect us from
harm, even devastation?
What are those things within us, if spoken and revealed, would scare or perhaps even
alienate others? These are the edges for God’s transformation.
If the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is the path of our lives, what does this reveal?
That in life we will know grace and struggle, mission and failure, conflict and renewal?
That’s enough questions. Our faith requires us to think and pray and ponder, so that we can then live. It is so much
more than a few rules or regulations. The wisdom of God is found therein, for those who will seek it. Peace. Neill
Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr, pp. XIII-XIV
Stories of Faith by John Shea, p. 62
Associate Minister
Cara Gilger
Summer is slowly winding down—parents, it’s time to start back-to-school shopping,
retirees it’s about time to brace yourselves for more traffic in the mornings around town. At
our house we are trying to simultaneously soak up the end of summer with reading and
trips to the pool while beginning to turn our minds towards another school year. This is a
great time to pick up the on-going conversation with your child about character, kindness,
compassion and faith. Here is my list of favorite books that help facilitate the conversation
around the questions “who are we called to be?” and “how will we treat others?”
Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev This is a fabulous book for ages 3-7 years old to begin the
conversation about difference and inclusion as it tells the story of a boy and his pet elephant who
want to join a pet club.
Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelth Suited for ages 5-8 years old tells the story of a boy who is pining
after the pair of “it” shoes. This is a great book for talking about wants and needs and choices around
money. It’s also a great book for talking about difference and generosity.
Enemy Pie by Derek Munson is best for ages 5-8 years and is a funny and fun story about making
friends out of enemies and making pie!
The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig is best for 5-8 years to help you have the conversation about what
it feels like to be included and how simple and what an impact it makes to include others. There are
even discussion questions in the back of the book to help parents make
What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada is best for ages 5-9 years that
provides encouragement for any child that is creative or likes to dream big. A great read for the
budding entrepreneur!
What Do You Do with a Problem? by Kobi Yamada the follow up book to What Do You Do with an
Idea? this book is best for ages 5-9 years old and is a visual voyage that helps kids think about
problems as opportunities, rather than obstacles.
Sunday, August 7
11:00 am
Greer has captured the hearts of listeners from San
Diego to the White House, Europe to Africa, and
from Australia to Asia. His music is being played on
radio and satellite stations broadcast around the
world, and his voice can be heard in almost every
time zone.
Mr. Miller completed his Bachelor of Music at
Southern Methodist University and moved to New
York City where he attended the Juilliard School.
Upon completing his M.M. at Juilliard, Mr. Miller
moved once again, this time to China where he served
as Principal Trumpet of the Shanghai Broadcasting
Symphony. He has performed with artists such as
Wynton Marsalis, Yo-Yo Ma, Luciano Pavarotti,
Empire Brass, Canadian Brass, Josh Groban, and
Idina Menzell.
August 14
11:00 AM
JULY 24, 2016
JULY 31, 2016
Tithes & Offerings
Capital Campaign
Tithes & Offerings
Capital Campaign
Worship Services:
9 am Contemporary 94
11 am Traditional
Worship Service:
9 am Contemporary 84
10 am Traditional
Sunday, August 7
9:00 am
Contemporary Worship
10:00 am
Sunday School
11:00 am
Traditional Worship
Wednesday, August 10
12:30 pm Women’s Ministries Board Meets
6:30 pm
Youth Group
NO Adult Hand Bells
NO Chancel Choir
Worship Total 205
Sunday, August 14
9:00 am
Contemporary Worship
10:00 am
Sunday School
11:00 am
Traditional Worship
Worship Total 205
During the month of AUGUST, Women’s
Ministries is continuing to collect basic NEW
school supplies to be donated to local
schools for children in need.
Wednesday, August 17
6:30 pm
Youth Group
NO Adult Hand Bells
NO Chancel Choir
Donations most needed:
 Crayons
 3 hole wide-line notebook paper
 Pencils
 Glue (ie. Elmer’s)
Congregation: June Browne, Beth Cooper, Kerry Kirby, Kathryn Knight
Congregation Family and Friends: Wanda Wynn (Penny Welch’s mother), Mary Hurt (Carol
King’s sister-in-law), Ted Wright & Joe Davis (friends of Larry Collins), Greg Oliver (friend of
Sharon Gotcher), Jennifer Robinson (Jerry Thompson’s sister)
We welcome Charlaine Milliken who
transferred her membership to First
Christian Church, McKinney on Sunday,
July 24.
We express our Christian sympathy to Sarah and
Wes Hendricks for the passing of Sarah’s mother,
Billye McSpedden on July 12.
Please give Charlaine a warm welcome.
Please keep this family and their friends in your
AUGUST 7, 2016
WORSHIP @ 9 am
BREAKFAST BAR: Sharon Wright
VIDEO/AUDIO: Indalita Holt/Brad Peters
COMMUNION: Ricky & Sharon Bourland
SHUT-IN COMMUNION: Chuck & Cathy Buchfink
WORSHIP @ 11 am
AUDIO: Brad Peter
USHER: Randy & Elizabeth Agan
FOYER GREETERS: Becky Rasor/Sherry Hendricks
ACOLOYTE: Ariel Wilson
Russ Mitchell
Beth Webb
Butch Irby
Paul Westbrook
Russell Allen
Aiden Hulbert
Nathan Dalley
Betsy Crum
Cara Gilger
Richard Tarver
Ken Branch
Mike Hutcherson
Will Spearman
Nikki Davis Spearman
Johnathan White
Chuck Buchfink
Rowan Cooper
Cathy Barton
ELDERS: Bill Rasor/Vickie Williamson
DIACONATE: Kathi Livezey, Cindy Peters, Emily Westbrook, Nancy Mathews
COMMUNION PREP: Annie McCarley/Kathi Livezey
HOUSEKEEPER: Kim Guthrie/Gerald Lewis
Church Staff
Senior Minister
*Neill Grimes*
AUGUST 14, 2016
WORSHIP @ 9 am
Associate Minister
*Cara Gilger*
BREAKFAST BAR: Indalita Holt
VIDEO/AUDIO: Cindy Peters/Steve Dixon
Student Youth Minister
*Stephanie Kendell*
COMMUNION: Boyd & Cindy Gallatin
SHUT-IN COMMUNION: Hugh McCarley/Larry Collins
Administrative Assistant
Financial Secretary
*Penny Welch*
WORSHIP @ 11 am
AUDIO: Steve Dixon
Minister of Music
*Larry Neel*
USHERS: Sharon Gotcher
FOYER GREETERS: Kim & Nikki Spearman
*Blake Bouldin*
ACOLOYTE: Matthew White
Director of
Contemporary Ensemble
*Steve Stark*
ELDERS: Cindy Dixon/Blake Britton
DIACONATE: Virginia Grimes, Heidt Matthews, Matt
Guerra, Steve Wilson
Director of
Crossing Point Christian School
*Debbie Dodson*
COMMUNION PREP: Annie McCarley/Kathi Livezey
HOUSEKEEPER: Kim Guthrie/Gerald Lewis

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