Issue 11 Wed. Feb. 11, 2015 - The Collegian



Issue 11 Wed. Feb. 11, 2015 - The Collegian
kicks off
By Diana Giraldo
Embracing natural beauty
Photos by Darlene Wendels • The Collegian
(From top left) Fresno State students Sara
Remus, Caitlin Stone, Brittany Sosa, Armanda
Gonzales, (bottom) Aldenae Williams, Becky
Messer and Cynthia Atchoukeu.
“It empowers
women to want
to step outside
without their
faces all done
up and say ‘Hey
world, this is
me, this is what
I really look
like, and I don’t
care what you
— Brittany Sosa,
mass communication
and journalism senior
By Diana Giraldo | @dianainspired
Cynthia Atchoukeu has kept the same
morning routine since she was a teenager. She wakes up, showers, picks an outfit, brushes her hair, does her makeup,
eats breakfast and then faces her day.
Atchoukeu, like many other women,
has decided to break the routine.
“On the days I don’t wear makeup, I
feel good because I don’t need it,” she
said. Atchoukeu, an audiology senior,
has chosen to consciously understand
her cosmetology choices.
“I use makeup in a more personal
aspect now,” she said. “My confidence
doesn’t change if I wear makeup or not.”
Started in November, the 30-day no
makeup campaign encourages women to
face themselves and grow in self-love. In
five months, the campaign has received
recognition in 27 countries.
“30 Days No Makeup is about creating intentional space for internal change
and taking the action to grow in intimacy with oneself,” said Sarah Jaggard,
co-founder and director of communication for the campaign. “It’s just a tool
and an opportunity that has nothing to
do with makeup but everything to do
with loving oneself and accepting oneself at a deeper level.”
The objective of the campaign is for
“On the days
I don’t wear
makeup, I feel
good, because I
don’t need it.”
— Cynthia Atchoukeu,
audiology senior
See CAMPAIGN, Page 3
“I’m not
afraid of going
outside without
makeup, but I
used to be. It’s
sad when women think their
natural beauty
is not ‘good
— Becky Messer,
music senior
See MAKEUP, Page 3
In A&E: ABC’s ‘Blackish’ is the new
show to watch on Wednesdays. P4.
In Opinion:
Jon Stewart
Tuesday he will
leave ‘The Daily
Show’ this year.
It’s a sad day. P2.
Fresno State Student Involvement kicked off the
month of February by asking students what they love
about Fresno State during this
week’s “I Heart Fresno State”
I Heart Fresno State hosts
three days of events: Tuesday,
the discovery involvement
day; today, the spirit of diversity day; and Thursday, service
with distinction.
“Our main goal is to help
students to feel connected to
Fresno State and also to reflect upon their role within
our campus community,” said
Lauren Welch, graduate assistant of leadership programs.
I Heart Fresno State was
created in 2013 for students to
show their Bulldog pride and
enhance their Fresno State
experience by getting involved
on campus.
Tuesday started with the
idea of involvement. More
than 30 clubs and organizations showed students what
they are offering and different
ways they can get involved.
“In the evening, we are having a student involvement ice
cream social here in the University Student Union on the
lounge,” Welch said. “Students
can come and talk to repre-
›› Bulldogs men’s hoops
team falls to UNLV on the
road, 73-61. P8.
›› Women’s hoops team
looks ahead following loss
to San Jose State. P8.
Campus hosts
lineup of
Black History
Month events
By Collegian Staff
Fresno State will celebrate
National African American
History Month with annual
events throughout the month
as part of the national observance proclaimed by President
Obama and declared by every American president since
A public debate on the efficiency of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign will be held
Thursday at noon in the Free
Speech Area.
Presented by the Africana
Studies Program, Black Students United and the Central
Valley Cultural Heritage Institute, events set to debut this
month include the Cineculture
film feature, “The Pursuit of
Happyness,” a talk March 2 by
Rev. Jeremiah Wright and The
Black Agitprop Art Exhibit.
Stewart leaves my ‘daily’ life
By Jesse Franz
Jon Stewart announced Tuesday that
he’ll be stepping down from his faux anchor chair bringing his 16-year career at the
helm of “The Daily Show” to an end.
When he does, he’ll not only be remembered as a court jester in an increasingly
bitter political arena, but as a voice of reason through which both the complexity and
stupidity of government were made approachable.
It’s hard to imagine American politics
without Stewart’s voice. He held comedic
court for charlatans and fear mongerers
nightly. He put politicians’ feet to the fire
and let them make fools of themselves as
they danced and jumped through the hoops
of their own flawed logic.
Indeed, some of the most insightful and
pointed interviews conducted after the
Great Recession were on the set of “The
Daily Show.” And his infamous appearance
on CNN’s “Crossfire,” in which he pleads
with the hosts to host an actual debate rather than debate theater, remains one of the
best indictments of modern news media I
have ever seen.
For many Millennials, coming out of the
Bush era with a feeling of powerlessness
and distrust of government, Stewart became the voice of sanity. Despite him being
a comedian, or possibly because of it, he
knew how to throw the biggest punches and
land them every time.
To clearly and concisely report on complicated aspects of government and society
takes a tremendous amount of intelligence.
However, to be able to do so while turning it on its head and making an audience
laugh four nights a week takes a certain genius.
“If you don’t stick to your values
when they’re being tested,
they’re not values: they’re
“Religion. It’s given people
hope in a world torn apart by
Kevin Fitzsimons • Ohio State University
Jon Stewart. Indecision 2006“Battlefield Ohio: ‘The Daily Show’s Midwest Midterm Midtacular.”
As a 15-year-old kid, kicking and screaming my way through high school, “The Daily
Show” was the first approachable avenue I
had to actually learn something on my own
Though the language and broader concepts he talked about confused me at the
time, Stewart tutored and mentored me every night from 11 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. teaching me to critically evaluate and question
I shocked my parents with a newfound
interest in reading nonfiction books on
government, watching the news religiously
and debating philosophy with anyone who
would indulge me.
I suddenly wanted to learn concepts and
join the grand debate that is American government. I had a personal renaissance of
sorts, all tracing back to one night when I
turned on “The Daily Show.”
I understand that it sounds incredibly
silly. I’ve never met, or even seen, him. But,
in a unique way, Stewart made everything
digestible and kicked off a genuine hunger
for knowledge that has lasted me through
today. And it is that intrinsic drive that has
carried me from being a high school student barely getting by to a soon-to-be college graduate in political science.
In different ways, everyone who watched
and continues to watch “The Daily Show”
gains a new perspective on how to view the
world, and that’s something that will outlast even Stewart himself.
That being said, I’ll gladly volunteer my
time pro bono on a Stewart ‘16 campaign
for president.
“If it turns out that President
Barack Obama can make a deal
with the most intransigent,
hardline, unreasonable,
totalitarian militants in
the world, but not with
Republicans, maybe he’s not the
“But the thing is that this:
You’re doing theater, when
you should be doing debate,
which would be great... It’s
not honest. What you do is not
honest. What you do is partisan
“I’m not going to censor myself
to comfort your ignorance.”
“If gays become accepted, then
more people will decide to be
gay. Yes, because after blacks
gained rights, all the white
people went out and decided to
become black.”
Paul Vieira • The Collegian
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Dr. Katherine Adams
‘It’s empowering to women to step outside without their faces all done up...’
MAKEUP from Page 1
women to get to the core of who
they are.
“I feel that this campaign is
motivating and will push women
to get to know themselves and
love themselves in the skin they
are in,” Atchoukeu said. “[It]
motivates women to accept their
flaws and learn that it is OK to be
imperfect, because nobody is perfect.”
The idea came to Jaggard on a
particularly long, sleepless night.
“What would it be like for
women to choose to do a month
with no makeup and what would
happen for them?,” she said. “And
that really scared me, and that’s
why I wanted to do it.”
Armanda Gonzales, a junior
mass communication and journalism major, said she found the
campaign insightful, because the
people behind it want to empower young women to embrace both
their inner and outer beauty.
“But at the same time, they
aren't against makeup. They just
want us to feel good naturally,
and that's always a good thing,
because lots of young girl are insecure,” Gonzales said. “For me,
the impact was that I should feel
confident with the way I look,
Now Accepting Applications
First-come, first-served
and if anyone didn't like the way I
looked, it shouldn't matter to me.
It honestly felt good to have a bare
Jessica Adams, coordinator
for the Women's Resource Center, urges women and men alike
to evaluate why they use makeup
and what the meaning behind it
“Although makeup is used as a
tool of self-expression, it also has
the potential to mask the unwanted truth,” Adams said.
Makeup can be used as a cloaking device for many imperfections, like scars, bruises and acne.
For example, Atchoukeu used
to conceal her acne with foundation before she left her home.
“I made it into a habit, and it
grew out of caring about what so-
ciety thinks,” Atchoukeu said.
Quitting makeup for one day,
or even a week, Jaggard said, may
make a statement, but compared
to really sitting with the feeling of
vulnerability over an extended period of time would bring up a lot
more internal matters.
“Experiential learning is by far
the most profound and the most
memorable, because it’s not just
delivering information to someone. It’s someone deciding to
take that information and then
embody it and experience it for
themselves, and that’s where validity comes from,” Jaggard said.
Britany Sosa, a mass communication and journalism senior,
approves of this campaign, because it shows that there are other woman in the world trying to
make a difference for each other.
“It’s empowering to women to
step outside without their faces
all done up and say, ‘Hey world,
this is me. This is what I really
look like, and I don’t care what
you think,” Sosa said. “That’s why
I decided to participate in the 30
days no makeup challenge. I want
my friends to know they can be
beautiful without all the expensive products and show woman
that they can be beautiful with
natural beauty.”
Each woman will get out of the
experience what she puts in, Adams said.
“It is promising that there will
be things that come up for you
that you get to choose to look at or
not,” Laggard said “The results for
every participant are vastly different, and it ranges from women
saying ‘I’m glad I did that,’ to others who are saying, this changed
me so profoundly.”
$150 Deposit to reserve your space
London Summer/Fall 2015
3-Week Summer Session
July 27, 2015 - August 15, 2015
CAMPAIGN from Page 1
Sunday, Feb 22, 2015
2-4 p.m.
‘I Heart Fresno State’ promotes student interaction
Educ 173
For more information contact Carla Millar, London Program Office,
Music 186 or call (559) 278-5846 or email [email protected]
sentatives from our four leadership boards, the campus involvement ambassadors, USU board of
directors, USU Productions and
Vintage Days.”
During the event, Student Involvement also recruited for those
four leadership boards. The deadline to apply for a position with
Student Involvement is Wednes-
day, March 4.
Today is spirit day and Student
Involvement will be participating
in the Student Health Center’s “I
Heart Me” event. It will also host
a free pizza event for all Fresno
State students starting at 6 p.m.
before the women’s basketball
“At the pizza party, we will
be having games and activities
for students as well as prizes like
Fresno State swag, sweatshirts,
tumblers and an iPad mini 2,”
Welch said.
Thursday is service day, when
students can make Valentine’s
Day cards for Valley Children’s
Hospital that will later be delivered by student leaders, Welch
Have you nominated
YOUR advisor?
The Outstanding Advisor Awards are awarded annually to
faculty and staff advisors who have demonstrated qualities associated
with outstanding academic advising of students. The recipients will
be honored at the Campus Advisors Network Appreciation
Reception on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. at the
University Dining Hall. A minimum of three nominations,
including one from a student, are needed to be considered
eligible for nomination. Those receiving less than three will
be sent a notification of nomination after the reception.
Nomination Process
Faculty, staff, administrators, and current students are
eligible to nominate individuals for this award. The
nomination process is easy! Complete the online
nomination form located at
At least one nomination must come from a current
Any employee at Fresno State who
serves as a faculty or staff advisor,
or anyone who provides advising to
students as part of his or her job
duties, is eligible for consideration.
The top picks for tonight’s primetime television (yes, actual live TV)
By Yvette Mancilla
(ABC )
9 p.m.
Executive producer and star Anthony
Anderson’ s hit comedy provides the right
amount of laughs and satirical moments
with its take on what it’s like for a successful black man and his family life in white
Tonight’s episode is centered on Valentine’s Day. Dre (Anderson) attempts to
make up to Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) for
past failed Valentine’s Days that ended with
them fighting.
Meanwhile, Diane (Marsai Martin) tries
to learn how to accept a compliment and let
go of her constant criticism with the help of
her siblings.
“The 100”
(The CW)
9 p.m.
Although it doesn’t have the same critical acclaim and fan base as the network’s
show, “Jane the Virgin,” “The 100” still
packs a good mixture of drama and action
for an hour. The show was recently renewed
for a third season and is good fix for those
who are “The Hunger Games” fans.
Its premise is set in a post-apocalyptic
future where civilization has ceased to exist on Earth and humans have now resorted to living in space stations orbiting the
planet. A group of 100 juvenile delinquents
are sentenced to stay on Earth to see if it is
Tonight’s episode showcases the growing tension abrupt between the group’s
leader Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her mother
Abby (Paige Turco).
“Man Seeking Woman” (FXX)
10:30 p.m.
Audiences may only recognize Jay Baruchel from his work in “Knocked Up” and
as the lead in the highly successful “How
to Train Your Dragon” franchise, but his
new comedy provides a combination of his
goofy, big-child characteristics with some
actual seriousness.
The comedy is on the perfect network
(FXX is aimed at 18 to 30-year-old males)
with its focus on a 20-something man trying to find love while navigating adulthood.
Adam Taylor • Courtesy of ABC
ABC’s new family comedy, “black-ish,” takes a fun yet bold look at one man’s determination to establish
a sense of cultural identity for his family. The series stars Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and special guest star Laurence Fishburne.
In its fifth episode tonight, Josh (Baruchel)
meets a beautiful woman played by Minka
Kelly of “Friday Night Lights” fame.
“The Daily Show with
Jon Stewart”
(Comedy Central)
11 p.m.
With Stewart’s recent news of his retirement from the show, it seems fitting
to watch a new episode of the satirical late
night show.
His guest in tonight’s show is British actor Colin Firth to talk about his new film,
“Kingsman: The Secret Service.”
The Coleman Fellows Workshops are open to students, faculty, staff, and community members.
Seating is limited. To register for a workshop, please go to
SUDOKU: Fill the 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of
the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.
1 Long-necked instrument
6 Spiced beverage
10 Parched
14 Annoy one’s co-star,
15 Suggestion
16 Recording medium
17 Archers’ protection
19 Say openly
20 Ungenerous sort
21 “__ how!”
22 Money-related suffix
24 L.A.-based comedy
30 Hammers obliquely, as
a nail
31 “Yikes!”
32 Bit of pillow talk
33 Dress protector
36 Fla. airport
37 Sign of summer
38 Classic 1958 Chinua
Achebe novel ... and a hint
what literally happens in 17-,
24-, 50- and 61-Across
43 MLB team whose home
scoreboard is updated by
44 Prom rental
45 Full of recent info
46 “Wheel of Fortune” buy
47 See 4-Down
48 Regarding
50 Scoldings
55 Vermeer ’s “__ With a
Pearl Earring”
56 GI entertainer
57 Sénat vote
59 Bear up there
61 Magi
65 Verb, for one
66 One-named supermodel
67 10 out of 10, scorewise
68 Canadian coin that’s no
longer produced
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis / McClatchy-Tribune
69 Blog entry
70 Yankee manager before
1 Rogen of “Pineapple
2 “Let’s get some air in
3 Unyielding
4 With 47-Across, payment
for cash?
5 Bull Run soldier
6 Casual pants
7 Believer in karma
8 “Life of Pi” director Lee
9 “You convinced me”
10 Early game console
11 One of Hogwarts’ four
12 Nov. 2013 Twitter milestone
13 Morning drops
18 Outback order
23 Variety
25 Prince Harry’s alma
26 Pagoda instrument
27 Singer Young
28 Attendees
29 In need of a sweep,
33 Plate appearance
34 Platter player
35 1992 Crichton novel
involving a fictional Japanese
36 Upper limit
39 Boot option
40 Gas, e.g.
41 Not pro
42 Drudge
47 Sable or mink
48 Thumbs-up
49 Vegas dealer’s device
51 2014 World Series winning team member
52 Vague qualities
53 Hopeless case
54 Cotton candy, mostly
58 Cruise destination
59 Chapel Hill sch.
60 School of tomorrow?
62 Med. care provider
63 Set to be assembled
64 Binding promise
‘Dogs need not dwell
on defeat when they
face UNLV
BULLDOGS from Page 8
were poised, flexible and under control.
Fresno State had 25 turnovers -- which
turned into 18 points – and lost to San
Jose State 56-51.
“It was obviously not the turnout we
wanted,” said Fresno State head coach
Jaime White. “As a 5-point game, I felt
like there were multiple times when
we tied the score and could have gone
ahead. But we turned the ball over too
much and didn’t get the transition that
we wanted. That’s pretty much the end
of the story.”
And this is not exactly the time for
Fresno State to dwell on the loss. Coming up are UNLV, Boise State and Colorado State (again). If the ‘Dogs are planning to go into March’s Mountain West
Tournament as the No. 1 seed, they will
have to have short-term memory.
It’s not all doom and gloom for the
‘Dogs. They are second in the conference
in scoring defense, field-goal-percentage
defense, 3-point-percentage defense,
steals and lead the pack in blocks. A
team like Colorado State, which entered
the Jan. 31 matchup having beaten Boise
State 83-82, only scored 49 points.
The Spartans led the Mountain West
in scoring at 80.6 points per game on
Feb. 4. They only put up 56 points in
their victory over the ‘Dogs.
Turnovers may have been an issue for
Fresno State, but the ‘Dogs knew how to
defend off their mistakes. As White said,
all they needed was at least four more
UNLV comes to town
On Wednesday, Fresno State will host
the UNLV Lady Rebels for the first time
this season. They have the leading scorer
in the Mountain West, senior Danielle
Miller (18.4 points per game).
“They’re a combination of athletic
and long,” White said. “They have some
long kids who are good outside shooters.
Miller does a good job inside and out,
and our work is cut out for us with that
And since the ‘Dogs suffered a heartbreaker at San Jose State, they took advantage of Saturday’s day off to condition.
“We watched film, and I thought we
did a good job,” White said. “It wasn’t
like we overdid it.”
The Lady Rebels have the historic advantage over Fresno State (15-12), but
the ‘Dogs have dominated over the past
six years, winning eight of nine.
UNLV also shares a distinction with
Colorado State and San Jose State: it
likes to score. The Lady Rebels post an
average of 69.6 points per game, enough
for third in the league.
And their road record does not do
them justice. They are 2-8, but the wins
came against Air Force and San Jose
This season, the ‘Dogs have rewritten
history. This time, however, they will
want to keep one thing constant:
They have not lost to UNLV at home
in nearly 23 years, since Feb. 15, 1992.
19-5 8-3
17-4 9-1
18-6 8-3
17-5 9-2
17-6 7-3
12-10 8-3
20-4 7-4
14-7 6-4
14-10 7-5
9-13 6-5
14-9 6-5
8-13 5-5
11-13 6-5
11-11 5-6
14-10 5-6
10-11 5-6
11-12 4-8
6-17 3-8
7-16 3-8
6-15 2-8
2-21 0-11
2-21 1-11
START leAding wiTh expeRience.
START climbing higheR.
START Above The ReST.
Doctor of
Physical Therapy
START leAding wiTh compASSion.
START Adding To youR RéSumé.
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months from Azusa Pacific University, and gain a solid, generalist
START leAding The wAy.
perspective of patient care in a supportive Christian environment.
Program Benefits
■ Prepares you for entry-level positions in orthopedics, neurology,
cardiopulmonology, clinical electrophysiology, pediatrics, geriatrics,
and sports medicine.
■ Qualifies you for leadership positions in hospitals, private clinics,
There’s strong. Then there’s Army Strong. By enrolling
in Army ROTC as a nursing student at Fresno State,
you will receive advanced training from experienced
Army Nurses. You will also be eligible to receive a fulltuition, merit-based scholarship. After graduation, you
will be an Army Nurse. And an Army Officer.
To get started, visit
sports clinics, rehabilitation centers, pain clinics, government
agencies, home and community health care programs, and
research projects.
■ Enables you to join one of the fastest-growing sectors in health care.
Apply today!
Visit, email [email protected],
or call (626) 815-4570.
(559) 278-5460 OR EMAIL [email protected]
©2008. paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved.
Bulldogs brought to a halt in Las Vegas
Fresno State attempts comback, falls short to Rebels Bulldog
By Daniel Leon
Darlene Wendels • The Collegian
Fresno State guard Darnell Taylor drives to the basket in the Bulldogs Feb. 4 win over San Jose
The UNLV Rebels fended off a nearsecond-half comeback from the Fresno
State men’s basketball team Tuesday
night at the Thomas and Mack Center in
Las Vegas for the 73-61 conference win.
Sophomore forward Christian Wood
fueled the Rebels (14-10, 5-6 Mountain
West) on both sides of the court with 27
points, 19 rebounds and seven blocks.
Guard Rashad Vaughn added 18 in the
The Rebels built a 10-point halftime
lead behind consistent 3-point shooting
in the first period.
UNLV continued to set the tone in the
second period, going on a 13-5 run to lead
by 18.
The ‘Dogs (11-13, 6-5 MW) got within
reach with just over eight minutes to go in
the game, when junior guard Julien Lewis
cut the Rebels’ lead to eight with a fastbreak layup as a result of a steal.
Wood would continue to shine for the
Rebels, scoring eight of his team’s next 10
points to get the UNLV back up to double
digits with a few minutes left to help seal
the win.
Lewis recorded a team-best 16 points
for Fresno State including a making all
three 3-point attempts.
Karachi Edo earned his second double-double of the season, with 13 points
and 10 rebounds.
Marvelle Harris, the conference’s leading scorer with 17.3 points per game, recorded 12 and six rebounds. Harris’s double-digit performance also helped him
move into the No. 20 spot on the school’s
all-time scoring list with 1,190 career
Fresno State will host the second-place
Boise State Broncos (17-6, 7-3 MW) Saturday at 7 p.m.
“The urgency right now in terms of
every game is really important,” Bulldogs
head coach Rodney Terry said. “We’re going to have to do whatever we can to protect home court … To have a crowd there
and have some energy on Saturday would
be very important to us.”
Moving on from the loss
By Christopher Livingston
Throughout the season, the Fresno State women’s basketball team
has been able to avoid repeating history.
Win 13 straight games? Check.
Set the school record for best 20game start? Check.
Beat Colorado State at home?
Darlene Wendels • The Collegian
Fresno State guard Stephanie Rovetti (2) looks for a Bulldog
to pass to during ‘Dogs’ home win over the San Jose State
Spartans Jan. 14 at Save Mart Center.
Next on the list was San Jose
State. The ‘Dogs suffered heartbreak
to the Spartans in 2014, when they
lost 68-66 in San Jose.
But this game was unlike last year.
The ‘Dogs did not lose by two points
to a team that was 2-7 in conference
No, this time, the Spartans were
better. They entered the game 3-6
in the Mountain West, and they
See BULLDOGS, Page 7
"As a 5-point game, I felt like there were multiple times
when we tied the score and could have gone ahead. "
— Jaime White,
Fresno State head coach
Briefs and blurbs on the Fresno
State Bulldogs
Football: DeRuyter announces
coaching changes
Fresno State assistant football coaches
Ron Antoine and Joe Wade will be switching positions for the 2015 season, head
coach Tim DeRuyter announced Monday.
Antoine, who has coached the wide receivers since 2012, will move over to head
the running backs, a position that Wade
has controlled since 2009.
Also, Jordan Peterson, the ‘Dogs’ assistant defensive backs coach, will replace
Marcus Woodson to head the outside linebackers. Woodson will stay on the Fresno
State staff to run the secondary. Defensive
coordinator Nick Toth will coach the inside
"I believe we have an excellent coaching
staff, and I want to continually challenge
and develop our coaches, just as we do our
players," DeRuyter said. "These changes
will bring some new energy and ideas to
their respective position groups as we strive
to compete for the Mountain West Championship."
The ‘Dogs will return to the field on
March 2 for spring football.
Women’s Golf: ‘Dogs finish in second place
For the whole tournament, the Fresno
State women’s golf team was behind Long
Beach State, and it kept its pace to finish
second in The Gold Rush tournament in
Seal Beach, California.
The ‘Dogs finished with a 308 team
score in the final round on Tuesday, their
highest stroke total of the tournament.
In the second round, Fresno State put
up the best score in the frame (295).
Junior Hannah Sodersten and freshman
Mimi Ho finished the best on the Bulldogs
at 223 apiece, enough to claim a fifth-place
finish at the 54-hole tournament.
“It was exciting to have a couple of top10 finishes,” said Fresno State coach Emily Milberger. “I’m really looking forward
to those players capitalizing on some time
off before we head to San Jose. The level of
play is outstanding, and it’s looking to be a
very exciting spring.”
Softball: ‘Dogs to honor former
Before the ‘Dogs’ matchup against UC
Riverside on Friday, former softball pitcher Wende Ward will be honored and will
throw out the first pitch.
Her No. 19 jersey was retired on March
22, 1987, and she was the second Fresno
State female athlete to receive such an honor.
Ward played for the ‘Dogs from 198083. The right-hander posted the all-time
record in hits, at-bats, runs, doubles, home
runs, RBIs, wins, complete games, innings
pitched and strikeouts.
She was also a four-time Most Valuable
Player and owns six of the 71 no-hitters
tossed by Fresno State pitchers.
“Having my number retired is the ultimate honor,” Ward said. “I’m so grateful
for the life lessons I learned playing for the
Fresno State softball team.”.

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