Recognition of UMKC Orthodontic Alumni



Recognition of UMKC Orthodontic Alumni
SUMMER • 2015
Summer 2015
Recognition of UMKC Orthodontic Alumni:
Dr. Gina Pinamonti & Dr. Fred Regenniter
A 100+ crowd gathered together for
the UMKC Orthodontic Alumni Lunch on
Thursday, April 9, 2015. The main purpose
of the lunch was to honor two UMKC
Orthodontic Alumni for their outstanding
contributions to UMKC and the profession.
Dean Marsha Pyle presented Dr.
Gina Pinamonti the Rinehart Foundation
Medallion for Philanthropy. Our thanks to
Gina for her support of the UMKC School
of Dentistry. Gina and her husband, Brian,
live in Pittsburg, Kan., with their three
children Isabella, Zoe, and Sophia.
As one of her last official duties as
UMKC Orthodontic Alumni President, Dr.
Nellie Kim-Weroha officiated the ceremony
which awarded Dr. Fred Regenniter the
title of 2015 UMKC Orthodontist of the
Year. Dr. Regenniter has served as an
assistant professor of dentistry at the
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine since
2001 and is the former program director
of the orthodontic residency program at
the Mayo Clinic. He is also a consultant
to both the Division of Orthodontics and
the Department of Dental Specialties at
the Mayo Clinic. He holds master’s faculty
privileges in dentistry in the Graduate
School at the Mayo Clinic College of
Medicine. He currently serves as a site
visitor for the Commission on Dental
Our congratulations Dr. Regenniter and
thanks for an outstanding career of service
to the orthodontic profession.
(L-R) Dr. Gina Pinamonti and Dean Marsha Pyle
In this Issue:
Passing the Alumni Board
President’s Gavel
4 Schweitzer
5 Big Thank You
7 MDC 2015
8 Class of 2014
Muehlebach Seminar
11 Dr.
Room Dedication
12& Faculty News
15 Blackwell
Thursday afternoon orthodontic alumni
and friends gathered for the annual
luncheon and the presentation of the 2015
UMKC Orthodontist of the Year.
L-R: Drs. Steve Billings, Jim Osborne, Fred
Regenniter, Nellie Kim-Weroha, and Mike
Drs. Vance Dykhouse and Fred Regenniter
During the lunch on Thursday, April 9th, Nellie Kim-Weroha (ORT ’07), immediate
past president of the UMKC Alumni Board, was presented a commemorative
plaque by Jim Osborne (DDS ’72, ORT ’76). Thank you Nellie for your service to the
Orthodontic Alumni Association….and thank you to Dustin Burleson (ORT ’06) for
taking over the reins as the 2015-2016 Alumni Board President. The luncheon gave
an opportunity for everyone to catch-up on the year’s events.
We are pleased to note that it has been
a banner year of recognition by the
profession for UMKC alum Fred Regenniter
(L) (Ort ’81). In April, during the 2015
Midwest Dental Conference in Kansas City,
Mo., Dr. Regenniter was recognized by the
UMKC Orthodontic Alumni Association
as its 2015 Orthodontist of the Year.
During the 2015 American Association of
Orthodontists meeting in San Francisco,
more than 250 people attended the
American Board of Orthodontics annual
luncheon meeting, during which the ABO
recognized Dr. Regenniter as an exemplary
senior clinician and Diplomate who
demonstrated exceptional dedication to
orthodontics through clinical excellence
and devotion to teaching in the image of
Dr. Dale B. Wade. Congratulations Fred and
thank you for a lifetime of dedication to
the profession.
UMKC Alum Receives 2015 Dale B. Wade Award
of Excellence in Orthodontics
Bioethics Seminars
Mentored by
Dr. Cathleen
All UMKC Advanced Education
Program residents are now able to
meet CODA accreditation standards
thanks to the hard work of Dr.
Cathleen Taylor-Osborne. Cathleen
completed her MA in Bioethics
from Loyola University, Chicago, in
2011. We are very fortunate to have
Dr. Taylor-Osborne’s expertise and
guidance with the emerging issues
of the day. The Bioethics Seminar
is a yearly requirement that engages
UMKC residents in topical issues they
are likely to experience in their private
Happy 10th Anniversary to our
2005 and 2006 classes!
Back Row: Class of 2006, Drs. Dustin Burleson,
Don Sanchez, Mark Revels, and Brent Wood.
Front Row: Class of 2005, Drs. Lindsay Resmer,
Mike Ellis, Susan Bird, and John Roth
10 year
goes by s
the blink in
an eye. f
Dr. Eric J. Schweitzer
Memorial Symposium
Drs. Jodi Hentscher-Johson (L)
and Julie Olson (R) were our
guest speakers for the
2015 Schweitzer Symposium.
Each year, UMKC Graduate Orthodontics
organizes the Eric J. Schweitzer (Ort ’92)
Memorial Symposium. The purpose of the
symposium is to have recent orthodontic
graduates return to Kansas City to make
presentations to current orthodontic
residents. This spring’s two guest speakers
were Julie Olson (Ort ’11) and Jodi HentscherJohnson (Ort ’11). The benefactors of the
Schweitzer Memorial Symposium have
contributed to this endeavor so that
orthodontic practitioners can speak frankly
of the joys and difficulties they encountered
while embarking on their careers.
The summer of 1945 was M
The summer of 1945 was an important
epoch in history:
•USA, Russia, Britain and France agreed to
split occupied Germany
• US troops defeated Japanese forces on
• The United Nations Charter was signed
by 50 Nations in San Francisco
•James Osborne was born in
McMinnville, Oregon.
• And Abbott and Costello
released the longest version
of “Who’s on First”
We are pleased to
have witnessed the
beginning of a new
chapter for Dr. Oz…
A Big THANK YOU to UMKC Orthodontic Alumni
Many thanks to all our alums who
have paid their 2015 Association
Dues. Each contribution is directed
to supporting the UMKC Orthodontic
Program! If you have not paid your
2015 dues, please consider doing so.
Joe Aday
Las Cruces, NM
Michael Albright
Leavenworth, KS
Ronald Albright
Wier, KS
Jack Austerman
Oklahoma City, OK
Dean Baesel
Wichita, KS
Michael Barlow
St. Marys, GA
Jeffrey Barlow
Merritt Island, FL
Edward Beatty
Victoria, BC
Rick Beckwith
Longment, CO
Steven Billings
Parkville, MO
Jim Boley
Richardson, TX
Dennis Brenkert
Severance, CO
Patrick Briscoe
Longview, TX
David Brockman
Lincoln, NE
Steve Cain
Kansas City, MO
Glenn Casey
Jerry Cash
Springfield, MO
Tara Cash
Eugene, OR
Michael Cassidy
Topeka, KS
Jeffrey Cavanaugh
Manchester, MO
Brenda Chockley
Tulsa, OK
Llon Clendenen
Tulsa, OK
Jonathan Cooper
Tulsa, OK
Bob Craven
Liberty, MO
Joseph Dankey
Broomfield, CO
Stephen Darmitzel
Sante Fe, NM
Donald Dennington Cape Girardeau, MO
Fred Distelhorst
Vail, CO
David Dykhouse
Blue Springs, MO
Vance Dykhouse
Blue Springs, MO
Richard Elliott
Highlands Ranch, CO
Jerald Elrod
Independence, MO
Jeryl English
Pearland, TX
Richard Farmer
Liberal, KS
Forrest Faulconer Colorado Springs, CO
Richard Foster
Jarrell, TX
Larissa Freytag
Overland Park, KS
Craig Gerken
Ardmore, OK
Barton Girdwood
Lebabon, OH
Bart Goldsberry
Salt Lake City, UT
Orthdontic Residents (L-R) Drs. Matt McCoy, Steven Shaw, Danielle Giblert, Whitney Hewitt,
Kristen Sander, and Andrew McDonald are thankful for the help that they receive from
alumni. Through alumni donations, the residents are able to attend orthodontic meetings.
Lauren Gossett-Windhorst St. Joseph, MO
Mark Gregston
Parker, CO
Henry Hammer
San Antonio, TX
Tradd Harter
Athens, GA
Genavieve Hendrickson
Topeka, KS
Jodi Henscher-Johnson
Waterloo, IL
French Hickman
Midwest City, OK
Bryant Hirsberg
Oxford, MS
Kurt Hoffman
Leawood, KS
Bill Hoffman
Mission Hills, KS
Gary Holt
Highlands Ranch, CO
James Indiveri
Blue Springs, MO
Richard Ingraham
Corpus Christi, TX
Laura Iwasaki
Kansas City, MO
Baxter Johnson
Louisville, KY
Gerald Johnson
Mason, OH
Alan Kawakami
Sierra Vista, AZ
Robert Kennemer
Hays, KS
Nellie Kim-Weroha
Rochester, MN
Michael Klein
Bucyrus, KS
John Lawson
Rochester, MN
Gregg Lindsey
Centennial, CO
Charles Low La Canada- Flintridge, CA
John MacKinnon
Eugene, OR
Jesse Maize
Lee’s Summit, MO
Steven Malmstrom
Topeka, KS
William McReynolds
Starkville, MS
LM McRobert
Kansas City, MO
John Meschke
Hutchinson, KS
Robert Morrison
Hutchinson, LS
W Murphy
MFN Home, AR
George Myracle
Sikeston, MO
Ron Neugent
Wichita, KS
Jeffrey Nickel
Kansas City, MO
Jack Okenkstrom
Fairway, KS
Sara Oliver
Prairie Village, KS
Julie Olson
Omaha, NE
James Osborne
Lake Winnebago, MO
Gina Pinamonti
Pittsburg, KS
Charles Plett
Gerogetown, TX
Don Powell
Springfield, MO
Grady Price Jr.
Ramer, AL
Mark Reeves
Oklahoma City, OK
Lindsay Resmer
Noblesville, IN
David Ries
Columbia, MO
Scott Robinson
Columbia, MO
Donald Sanchez
Mesa, AZ
Adam Saylor
Glen Ellyn, IL
William Schacknel
Sante Fe, NM
Rebecca Schreiner
Chesterfield, MO
Charles Schumacher
Effingham, IL
Robert Simpson
Littleton, CO
James Smith
Los Altos, CA
Bradley Smith
Overland Park, KS
Dennis Sommers
Minot, ND
Gerald Spencer
Sedalia, MO
J. Don Spillers
Warner Robins, GA
Michael Strope
Manhattan, KS
Jim Suit
Prescott, AZ
R Wayne Thompson Shawnee Mission, KS
Don Thompson
Leawood, KS
Kelly Toombs
Prairie Village, KS
Robert Toth
Kansas City, MO
Justin Trimmell
Wichita, KS
OB Vaughan
Corpus Christi, TX
John Warford III
Bismarck, ND
Richard White
Dardenne Prairie, MO
Robert Wilhelm
Fort Morgon, CO
Laura Willhoite
Claremore, OK
Dustin Wilson
Jefferson City, MO
Brent Wood
Lawrence, KS
William Wright
Vernell, UT
UMKC Orthodontic alumni and former and current presidents of the
American Board of Orthodontics from left to right: Drs. O.B. Vaughn,
Eladio DeLean, Jerry English and Vance Dykhouse.
Philanthropic Support for UMKC
Orthodontics Takes Many Forms
The Orthodontic Investment Fund • $484,528.59
This fund is directed by the Executive Board of the UMKC
Orthodontic Alumni Association. Monies accrued through alumni
dues, and profits from the Midwest Orthodontic Alumni Meeting
are used to support a variety of endeavors associated with the
UMKC Graduate Orthodontics Program. This fund also makes an
annual contribution to the Department Discretionary Fund.
Dr. Don Thompson Endowed Professorship • $934,286.99
As you are probably aware, there is an extreme shortage of
orthodontic educators, and UMKC is no exception to this crisis.
As a result of your generosity, we have established the Dr. Don
Thompson Endowed Professorship. Our goal is to increase the fund
to the level of Chair, approximately $1,500,000. The interest from
this fund will support a much-needed full-time faculty salary line
in the Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
similar to the Leo A. Rogers Endowed Chair currently held by Dr.
Laura Iwasaki.
Discretionary Fund
Account Balance $ (as of July, 2015)
The Department Discretionary Fund • $21,171.78
The funds from this account support the daily activities of the
department. This includes the cost of purchasing equipment such as
printers/scanners, the patient sign-in station, the graduation dinner,
alumni reception at AAO, of travel by residents to meetings and
speakers to our program, and hosting interviews for applicants to
our program.
Orthodontic Department Account Balances • July 2015
Schweitzer Fund
Blackwell Lecture
Zervas Fund
Orthodontic Department Account Balances • July 2015
Orthodontic Investment Fund
Account Balance $ (as of July, 2015)
Through the auspices of the Dr. Roy J. Rinehart
Memorial Foundation, accounts have been formed
to aid the mission of UMKC Orthodontics. The UMKC
Orthodontic Alumni Board believes it’s important you
know how your dollars are spent. The following are
brief histories and current balances of accounts used
by UMKC Orthodontics. We hope you will be pleased
with the updates and give again. Please use the donor
card included to make your next contribution to UMKC
Thompson Professorship Fund
Dr. Eric J. Schweitzer Memorial Fund • $18,094.88
Each year, the UMKC Graduate Orthodontics Program organizes the Dr. Eric J. Schweitzer (1992) Memorial Symposium. The symposium
invites recent orthodontic graduates to return to UMKC to make presentations to current orthodontic residents. The benefactors of the
Schweitzer Memorial Symposium make it possible for our students to hear recent orthodontic graduates speak frankly about the joys and
the difficulties they have encountered while embarking their careers. The Memorial Fund generates income to offset symposium costs.
Dr. Dan Blackwell Lecture Series Fund • $4,365.00
To honor Dr. Blackwell’s commitment to UMKC orthodontics, a lecture series in his name began in 2009. Since then each year a guest
lecturer is invited to share cutting edge knowledge with our residents, faculty, alumni and friends. Please consider attending and donating
to this fund to sustain this important lectureship.
Dr. Sperry Zervas Orthodontic Scholarship • $32,048.97
This fund was started in 2009 by the Zervas family to memorialize Dr. Sperry Zervas (ORT ’68). The interest from this fund will be used
annually to support senior resident’s endeavors to travel to professional meetings.
Your Charitable Legacy
As we confront the challenges of the future, we know that
the generosity of those who assist UMKC Orthodontics,
through the Rinehart Foundation, will make all the difference
in our success. That is why we seek your support in a very
special way.
Charitable or educational organizations can often play an
important role when setting up your estate plan. Providing
support for UMKC Department of Orthodontics, through a
planned gift to the Rinehart Foundation, helps with our long
term commitment to orthodontic education and research
and may also provide tax and/or financial benefits to you
and your family. For example, with a specific bequest in
your will or trust, you can designate a dollar amount or a
percentage bequest of your estate to be distributed to a
particular fund of the Rinehart Foundation which supports
UMKC Orthodontics. A beneficiary designation on your life
insurance policy or IRA can also be a very simple way to
show your future support.
Some donors also choose to help us in one additional
and important way. That is, they let us know that they
have included a gift provision to UMKC Orthodontics
in their estate plan. They know their provisions will be
kept confidential and they can change them at anytime
should their personal circumstances change. The Rinehart
Foundation respects each donor’s right to privacy and/
or anonymity. But, letting others know that you’ve made
a planned gift can influence other UMKC alumni or friends
who may also want to make a planned gift of their own
We hope you will consider making a planned gift to make
a difference at UMKC Orthodontics. We would be pleased
to share some ideas and confer with you in your planning.
Most of all, we would appreciate having the opportunity to
express our gratitude to you for creating such a special gift.
If you would like to learn more about how you can make
part of your estate a lasting legacy at UMKC’s School
of Dentistry, please contact Hilary Wheat, Director
of Development, School of Dentistry at 816-2352173. Or, you can simply write your request on the
response card included with the UMKC BONDS
Newsletter. We can help you and your advisors plan
a gift for tomorrow that will help our future residents
as well as you and your family.
2015 Midwest
Dr. Jim Osborne (DDS ’72, Ort ’76) and Dr. Nellie Kim-Weroha (ORT ’07)
chaired the Midwest Orthodontic Lectures and Activities.
Over Thursday and Friday, April 9 and 10, more than
250 attendees crowded into the orthodontic lecture hall
at the Sheraton Crown Plaza to hear presentations by
Mr. Landy Chase, Dr. Shane Langley, Mr. Chuck Hill, and
Mr. Mike Brewer. The speakers delivered presentations
that ranged from practice management to orthodontic
technique. The lectures were well received by attendees,
and we offer our thanks to Unitek for their support of the
Midwest Orthodontic Meeting.
Attendees to the orthodontic lectures listened to a variety of topics
presented during five lectures over two days. The focus
of discussions ranged from practice management to
orthodontic techniques, and provided both staff and
doctors with new information relevant to the dayto-day functions of private practice.
Over 250 practitioners
and staff registered for
the Midwest Orthodontic
Resident Research:
Congratulations to Drs. Curry,
Ponikvar, and Tima who have
completed their MS Degrees
Meet Our Class of
2014 Graduates
The success of our recently graduated residents was
celebrated during our graduation gala held December 11,
2014. Some 60+ family, residents, staff and faculty gathered
to honor Drs. Brittany Curry (L), Michael Ponikvar, and Lori
Tima (R). Clinic instructor Dr. Brad Smith was nominated as the
“Instructor of the Year” by the graduating residents.
Now that our three newly minted alums have graduated,
they are very busy with families and new homes to establish.
Lori and her husband, Tory, relocated to Gillette, Wyo.,
where Lori will be starting her private practice career. Michael
Ponikvar is headed to a private
PO practice in Canada, just outside
N of Toronto in Bellview, Ontario.
Brittany and her husband,
Josh, are now in Arkansas,
where Brittany has started
practice in Hot Springs.
Drs. Tima and
Ponikvar celebrate
with Dr. Brad
Smith, the 2014
Instructor of the
Dr. Michael Ponikvar
“Effect of Delayed Polymerization
Time and Bracket Manipulation on
Orthodontic Bracket Bonding”
This study examined the effect of bracket manipulation in
combination with delayed polymerization times on orthodontic
bracket shear bond strength and degree of resin composite
conversion. Orthodontics brackets were bonded to extracted third
molars in a simulated oral environment after a set period of delayed
polymerization time and bracket manipulation. After curing the
bracket adhesive,
each bracket
underwent shear
bond strength
testing followed
by micro-Raman
analysis to
measure the
degree of
conversion of the
resin composite.
Results demonstrated the shear bond strength and the degree of
conversion of ceramic brackets did not vary over time. However,
with stainless steel brackets there was a significant effect (p ≤ 0.05)
of delay time on shear bond strength between the 0.5 min and 10
min bracket groups. In addition, stainless steel brackets showed
significant differences related to degree of conversion over time
between the 0.5 min and 5 min groups, in addition to the 0.5
min and 10 min groups. This investigation suggests that delaying
bracket adhesive polymerization up to a period of 10 min then
adjusting the orthodontic bracket may increase both shear bond
strength and degree of conversion of stainless steel brackets while
having no effect on ceramic brackets.
Dr. Lori Tima
Dr. Brittany Curry
“Intraoral Corrosion of Self-Ligating
“Effects of Topical Fluoride
Metallic Brackets and Archwires and Prophylactic Agents on the
the Effect on Friction”
Mechanical Properties of
Orthodontic Nickel-Titanium Closed
The purpose of this study was to investigate how the frictional
coefficient was affected due to intraoral use. A secondary aim of
Coil Springs and Stainless Steel
this study was to determine whether or not there was a relationship
Closed Coil Springs”
between corrosion of orthodontic alloys and friction via scanning
electron microscopic qualitative analysis. Orthodontic brackets
and 0.019 x 0.025 inch stainless steel archwires were collected and
divided into three groups of n=10: used bracket and used wires
(UBUW), used brackets and new wires (UBNW), and new brackets
and new wires (NBNW). “New” materials were as-received from
the manufacturer, and “used” materials were clinically used bracket
and wires collected from patients following orthodontic treatment.
Archwires were pulled through bracket slots at a rate of 0.5 mm/min
while friction forces were measured. Following a cleaning process,
the surface topography of the bracket slots was examined under a
scanning electron microscope (SEM).
Based on a 1-factor MANOVA, there was no
significant group effect (all p>0.05) on frictional
forces. Partial eta squared values indicated that
intraoral exposure had only a small effect on frictional
forces (≤ 3%). Qualitative analysis of SEM images did
not show an association between surface characteristics
of the bracket slots and magnitude of frictional force.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of topical
fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical unloading properties
of nickel-titanium (NiTi) and stainless steel (SS) closed coil springs.
Springs were stored at 37˚C under static load in phosphate buffered
saline (PBS) and treated with either neutral sodium fluoride (NaF)
or acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) five days per week for two
minutes. Mechanical testing was done in a dH2O bath at 37˚C
at 0-, 1-, 4-, 8-, and 12 weeks. Unloading forces for NiTi and SS
springs were measured at 9-, 6-, and 3 mm and 2-, 1.5-, and 1 mm,
respectively. Scanning electron microscopy was used to evaluate
surface topography of selected springs after 12 weeks.
Based on a 1-Factor ANOVA
and Dunnett’s post hoc, 3M
NiTi springs showed a significant
decrease (p <0.01) in the
unloading force at each extension
following exposure to both
fluoride treatments, but only after
12 weeks. The AO NiTi springs
showed a significant decrease in
unloading force at each extension
after 12 weeks following exposure
to NaF. However, with SS springs,
there was no significant effect of
either fluoride treatment on the SS springs at any extension or time
point. SS also springs showed no significant surface topography
changes, irrespective of storage conditions, which correlates with
the lack of fluoride effects on SS mechanical property effects. In
contrast, while there were NiTi surface topography changes (pitting
and mottling) following PBS+APF exposure, those changes could
not be directly linked to the observed changes in mechanical
Results suggest topical fluoride used with NiTi springs could
potentially lead to prolonged treatment time due to decreased
unloading properties. However, topical fluoride used with SS
springs should not affect treatment duration.
Meet the UMKC Ortho Residents
Class of 2015
Danielle Gilbert
U. of Alabama at Birmingham, 2013
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Matthew McCoy
Creighton University, 2013
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Kristen Sander
UMKC, 2013
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas
of 2016
Whitney Deforest-Shaw
UMKC, 2014
Hometown: St. Charles, MO
Andrew McDonald
Creighton University, 2014
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Steven Shaw
Baylor University, 2014
Hometown: McKinney, TX
UMKC at the AAO
Room 2016 of the Sheraton Marquis was a bustling
locale for 50+ UMKC orthodontic alums.
1 UMKC residents Drs. Danielle Gilbert (L) and Whitney Hewlett (center) engaged in
animated discussion with Drs. Dan Ranjbar (R) (DDS ’91, Ort ’93) and Vesna Ferrier
2 Dr. Robert Craven (ORT ‘71) and Mrs. Rose Mary Craven.
James Boley (MS Ort ’67) and Mrs. Sabrina Bowley.
4 Drs. Ed Johnson (ORT ‘71) and Laura Iwasaki
(Rogers Endowed Chair of Orthodontics)
5 L-R: Dr. Clarence Simmons (ORT ‘98) and
Mrs. Khia Simmons with
Dr. Tradd Harter (DDS ’99)
Class of 2017
Andrew Eichholtz
Marquette U., 2011
Hometown: East Troy, WI
Mark Greenburg
U.Colorado, 2015
Hometown: Wheat Ridge, CO
Kelcey Loveland
UNLV, 2015
Hometown: Hurricane, UT
On Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, the UMKC
School of Dentistry held a ceremony
in Room 364 to dedicate the newly
renovated space in recognition of the
legacy of Dr. George Muehlebach.
Dr. Muehlebach was a part-time
clinical instructor in the Department
of Orthodontics and Dentofacial
Orthopedics for over 30 years until
his untimely death in 2005. He was
much beloved as an instructor by all
the residents he came in contact with
and much admired by his colleagues.
This state-of-the-art seminar room was
made possible by fundraising that was
spearheaded by the Tweed Study
Club of the Midwest and involvied
the donations from many alumni and
friends. The ceremony was attended by
Dr. Muehlebach’s wife and many of his
children and their families, plus former
colleagues and residents. Also on hand
were current UMKC staff, residents
and faculty. The Department gratefully
acknowledges the donors and all of those
who helped to facilitate the fund-raising,
design, renovations, and equipment
installation for the Dr. George Muehlebach
Seminar Room.
Dedication of the
Dr. George Muehlebach
Seminar Room
The Muehlebach Family gathered to celebrate the dedication of the seminar room.
L-R: Drs. Frank Crist (ORT ‘93), Michael Klein (ORT ‘87), James Indiveri (ORT ‘90) and
Steve Billings (ORT ‘79).
2015 Graduating residents Drs. Brittany Curry and Michael Ponikvar prepare the
seminar room computer system for a case presentation.
The Dr. George Muehlebach Seminar Room being put through its paces, with high tech
AV capabilities and functional working spaces for comprehensive examinations.
News from our New Faculty Members
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Shankar Rengasamy
Venugopalan, BDS (2004, Tamil Nadu Medical University);
DMSc Ortho (2014, Harvard); PhD (2010, TAMU Baylor)
to our department. Dr. Venugopalan agreed to uproot
himself from the East coast and join the School of Dentistry
as an assistant professor. It’s not Shankar’s first time to live in the
middle of the U.S; Shankar completed his PhD at Baylor College
of Dentistry. From there he moved to Harvard, where he
completed his orthodontic residency and DMSc in 2014. Dr.
Venugopalan will have responsibilities for teaching didactic
courses to dental students and orthodontic residents, as well
as supervise in the undergraduate orthodontic clinic.
It didn’t take very long for Dr. Venugopalan to get
busy at UMKC. Our congratulations to him for receiving
2015 AAOF and AAO Awards. Dr. Venugopalan also has
quickly made his UMKC presence felt at a national level. Firstly,
he has been awarded an Orthodontic Faculty Development Award
from the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation. His four-part
application was named the 2015 Willie and Earl Shepard Fellowship Award for the most
meritorious application in this category. His research project for this Fellowship is entitled:
“Genomic Studies in Hemi-facial Microsomia and Pierre-Robin Patients.” Following this
terrific news, the steering committee of the American Association of Orthodontists Task
Force for the Recruitment and Retention of Faculty announced that it would award Dr.
Venugopalan an AAO sponsorship to attend the 2015 Academy of Academic Leadership
Program in Atlanta, Ga. The goals of this program are “to help participants refine teaching
skills that will enhance the quality of their interactions with students and develop other
skills that will facilitate confidence, job satisfaction, and professional growth in the
academic environment.” Congratulations to Dr. Venugopalan!
We are excited to announce that Dr. Vesna-Lea Sustiguer Ferrer, DMD & Orthodontic
Certificate (Manila Central University), PhD (University of Connecticut Health Center),
and Orthodontic Certificate (University of Nebraska Medical Center) has joined our
department as a clinical assistant professor. Dr. Ferrer received her dental and orthodontic
education in the Philippines and worked in private practice there. She then came to the
U.S. and graduated with a PhD on the topic: Dlx genes in mineralization using murine
models. Next, she lived in Lincoln, Neb., where she completed the Advanced Education in
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics program. For the past two and half years, Dr.
Ferrer has been working as an orthodontist in San Antonio Texas.
Dr. Ferrer has previous teaching experience at her alma mater, Manila Central
University in the Philippines. She also spent two years as a research fellow at Niigata
University in Japan. We are grateful that Dr. Ferrer has decided to share her clinical,
teaching and research experiences with us here at UMKC. To start out at the SOD, Dr.
Ferrer will be teaching primarily in the pre-doctoral orthodontic program.
The 42nd Annual
Moyers Symposium,
2015, in Ann Arbor,
March 6–8 marked the dates for
this year’s gathering for the annual
Moyers Symposium at the University
of Michigan. UMKC faculty member Dr.
Shanker Venugopalan presented his
research concerning the “Biological
Basis for Dental Anomaies in AxenfeldRieger Syndrome.” Following the
Moyers Symposium presentations, the
UMKC crew took speakers Dr. David
Hatcher and Dr. Venugopalan to a local
Italian restaurant for a revitalizing meal.
Braving the warm March evening in Ann Arbor are (L-R) Drs. Jeff Nickel (UMKC
Program Director), Shanker Venugopalan (UMKC Faculty and Invited Speaker),
Steven Shaw (resident), David Hatcher (Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist,
Invited Speaker), Andrew McDonald (Resident),
Matt McCoy (Resident), Whitney Hewitt
(Resident), and Laura Iwasaki
(Leo Rogers Chair)
Your Full Time Faculty:
Expanding the Influence
of UMKC Orthodontics
UMKC full-time faculty have a variety of obligations in addition
to teaching and clinical activities. One other area where
considerable effort is directed is that of research and researchrelated activities.
Drs. Laura Iwasaki and Jeff Nickel continue their service
obligations as reviewers of grant applications submitted to
a variety of NIDCR study sections and the AAOF. Drs. Iwasaki
and Nickel are the principal investigators of a $3 million dollar
award from the NIH. This much needed federal grant funding
allows the continuation of their research into the variables that
contribute to degenerative joint disease. Additionally, Drs.
Iwasaki and Nickel are co-investigators on grants awarded by
the AAOF. Firstly, an Education Innovation Award provides
funding to bring together investigators at the University of
Michigan, University of North Carolina, University of Kentucky,
Virginia Commonwealth
University, University of
Connecticut, University of
California San Francisco,
and UMKC. The project’s
aim is to improve the
success rate of junior
faculty seeking grant
funding and promotion
and tenure at universities.
Secondly, it was recently
announced that Drs. Nickel and Iwasaki,
together with faculty members from
University of North Carolina and Oregon
Health Sciences University, were awarded
an AAOF Center Award. The 3-year
award provides $75,000 to support two
Innovators’ Workshops in 2014 and 2016.
The aim of these workshops is to facilitate
the development of collaborations among
leaders in research endeavors relevant to
the practice of orthodontics and
dentofacial orthopedics. The first
Innovators’ Workshop was held
in Itasca, Illinois, on September
11-14, 2014. The next Workshop is
planned for West Palm Beach, Fla.,
September 8-11, 2016.
An important role of our faculty
is to push at the boundaries
of science, and in particular to
address scientific issues that
directly affect orthodontics and
orthodontic education. Here is
a list of recent publications, and
other scholarly activity of the
Department of Orthodontics and
Dentofacial Orthopedics.
Publications by your UMKC
Orthodontic Faculty
Li X., Venugopalan SR, H. Cao, F. Pinho, M.L. Paine, M.L. Snead,
E.V. Semina, B.A. Amendt, (2014). “A Model for the Molecular
Underpinnings of Tooth Defects in Axenfeld–Rieger Syndrome” Human
Molecular Genetics; 23(1):194–208
Nickel JC, Liu H, Marx DM, Iwasaki LR (2014): Effects of mechanical
stress and growth on velocity of human tooth movement. Am J
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image based diagnosis and clinical applications. In: Cone Beam
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Recipients” Bone Marrow Transplantation; 50(4): 604-606
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Association between waking-state oral parafunctional behaviors and
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Iwasaki LR (2015). Markers of paradental tissue remodeling in the
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Nickel JC, Liu H, Iwasaki LR (2015): Effects of mechanical stress
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Orthodontics: Improving the Efficiency of Orthodontic Treatment
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(eds), Monograph 51, Craniofacial Growth Series, Department
of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry and Center for Human
Growth and Development, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
MI, pp 27-46.
The Strength of Our
Program Rests in Our
Part-Time Clinical
The Legacy of the UMKC
Orthodontic Alumni Tournament
We want everyone to know
how fortunate we are at UMKC
Orthodontics to have dedicated
clinical instructors to help
mentor our residents. Thank you
to all who give so generously of
their time.
For the past decade, every September
is blessed with sunny skies and an
opportunity to break out the old
BILLY BARUE for 9 holes of fun.
So if you are looking forward to
coming back for some Kansas City
golf, contact Dr. Andrew McDonald
([email protected]) to get all
the details about this year’s UMKC
Orthodontic Alumni Tournament.
Cup Winners:
UMKC Orthodontic Alumni
Board at Work for You!
The UMKC Board met early on Thursday, April 9, 2015, to discuss issues relevant to
projects and plans of our alumni. Dr. Nellie Kim-Weroha, president of the Alumni Board,
presided over the meeting.
Alumni Board members include Drs. Jim Indiveri, Steve Billings (Secretary), Steve
Malmstrom, Mike Klein, Laura Iwasaki (ex officio, Leo Rogers Chair of Orthodontics), R.
Wayne Thompson, Jim Osborne (Treasurer), Nellie Kim-Weroha (President 2014-2015),
Clarence Simmons, Patrick Briscoe, Michael Barcon, Ian Ballou, and Dustin Burleson
(President Elect 2015-2016).
Issues discussed included finances and policies of the organization, donation
of monies to the UMKC Graduate Orthodontic Program, and planning for the 2016
Jim Osborne (DDS ’72, Ort’76)
Director Orthodontic Clinic
Frank Crist (DDS ’90, Ort’93)
Thursday afternoon
Steve Billings (DDS ’77, Ort’79)
Friday afternoon
Scott Hamilton (DDS ’84,
Baylor MS Ort ’86)
Thursday afternoon
Brad Smith (DDS ’97, Ort ’00)
Tuesday afternoon
Jeff Thompson
Don Wilson (DDS ’93, Ort ’95)
Thursday afternoon
Dustin Burleson (DDS ’04, Ort’06)
Wednesday morning
Kurt Hoffman (DDS ’94, Ort ’96)
Wednesday afternoon
Michael Klein (DDS ’84, Ort ’87)
Friday morning
Cameron Walker (U. Chicago DDS, Friday pre-doc clinic
Steve Malmstrom
(DDS ’89, Washington U. Ort ’91 )
Wednesday morning
Ph.D., U. North Carolina Ort ‘12)
(DDS ’77, MS Ort ’80)
Friday morning
Dan Ranjibar
(DDS ’91, Ort ’93)
Friday morning
Dr. Nan Hatch, University of
Michigan “Pharmaceutical Control
of Orthodontic Tooth Movement
and Relapse: Current Concepts and
Translation to Clinical Practice”
This lecture series was established
April 3, 2008, in recognition and
honor of Dr. Dan L. Blackwell for
his years of dedication and service
to the orthodontic profession
and the UMKC School of Dentistry,
Department of Orthodontics and
Dentofacial Orthopedics.
On Friday, June 5th more than 30
guests attended the 7th annual
Blackwell Lecture. Dr. Nan Hatch
was our invited speaker. Nan is an
Associate Professor in the Department
of Orthodontics and Pedodontics,
University of Michigan.
Dr. Hatch’s lecture focused on the
variables of biology and mechanics that
affect the velocity of tooth movement.
As well, Dr. Hatch’s lecture included
how the coming age of personalized
and precision therapies will involve
biomarkers. In the near future, these
biomarkers can inform the orthodontic
practitioner concerning treatment
efficacy of orthopedic appliances,
velocity of tooth movement, and
succeptibility for root resorption. Nan’s
presentation brought to the fore the
future of orthodontic diagnosis.
2015 Blackwell Lecture:
Let’s set a date for
the 2016 Blackwell
Friday June 3, 2016
Our featured speaker is Dr. Lina MorenoUribe, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor,
Department of Orthodontics, University
of Iowa. Dr. Moreno-Uribe will talk
about “Genetic Studies of Malocclusion”.
We look forward to seeing you then.
Remember, there are CE credits, and
attendance is free for this 4 hour morning
Dr. Lina Moreno-Uribe is originally
from Medellin, Colombia, where she
received her DDS in 1991 from the
Instituto de Ciencias de la Salud CES. She
completed her first orthodontic residency
at the University of Antioquia in 1995
and practiced orthodontics for 3 years. In
1998 she emigrated to the U.S to engage
in her PhD studies in Oral Sciences, with
a concentration in human genetics, at the
University of Iowa. Lina completed her
PhD studies in 2004. Following 2 years
of postdoctoral training, She completed
a 2nd orthodontic residency in 2008
and became an Assistant Professor in
the Department of Orthodontics at the
University of Iowa.
Dr. Moreno-Uribe currently serves as
a staff orthodontist with the Cleft Palate
Team at the University of Iowa. She also
has an orthodontic practice which is
primarily focused on the care of patients
with craniofacial anomalies.
University of Missouri-Kansas City
School of Dentistry
650 East 25th Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
We have not
been in touch with
you since last year!
Here is wishing you a
from all of us at

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