Childminding Brochure



Childminding Brochure
Childminding Services
For newborns-5 years
The childminding service is Open!
Bonsor Recreation Complex
6550 Bonsor Avenue
Phone: 604-297-4597
Monday-Friday, 9am-12noon (ongoing)
Saturday, 9am-12noon
Note: Saturday service runs
September 10, 2016-June 24, 2017
(excluding statutory holidays & long weekends)
Closed December 24, 2016-January 2, 2017
for maintenance
Edmonds Community Centre
7433 Edmonds Street
Phone: 604-297-4838
Monday-Friday, 9am-12noon (ongoing)
(excluding statutory holidays)
Activities for Adults
Eileen Dailly Pool & Fitness Centre
The childminding service is open to children whose
parent or guardian is participating in an activity
at the recreation centre. There are many options
available for adults to choose from including:
240 Willingdon Avenue
Phone: 604-298-SWIM (7946)
September 6-December 15, 2016 &
January 3-June 29, 2017
Monday-Thursday, 9am-12noon
(excluding statutory holidays)
» A variety of fitness classes
» A well-equipped weight room complete with
free weights, cardio machines and strength
training equipment
» Pool activities including aquatic fitness classes,
lap swimming or relaxing in the hot tub or sauna
» Squash, racquetball, badminton, yoga/pilates and
table tennis
Our childminding service operates on a first-come,
first-served basis. You may place your child in one
of our services for a maximum of two hours per
day, six hours per week.
To ensure safe and effective care, the maximum
number of children allowed in is limited.
Bonsor Recreation Complex
Edmonds Community Centre
Eileen Dailly Pool & Fitness Centre
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Enjoy our Childminding Services!
About our Childminding Centres
Our friendly staff look forward to sharing their
wealth of experience with your child while
providing excellent care.
Our childminding services are for newborn babies
to children five years of age.
Babies are welcome—either sleeping or awake!
A quiet carpeted area for pre-mobile infants
is provided.
Free play options include a variety of toys, puzzles
and books which stimulates play and provides
enjoyment for all.
Older children can have fun with the craft table,
games and age appropriate toys. Seasonal and
themed activities are included for your child’s
What to Bring
& What to Leave at Home
Most youngsters enjoy eating a snack
during their stay at the childminding centre.
We encourage you to bring a nutritious snack
and a drink each time your child visit. Due to
the risks associated with allergies to nuts,
please do not bring any nuts or nut products
into the room. Please keep us informed of
any changes that occur in your child’s
dietary needs.
Childminding is a weapons-free zone. War toys
are not allowed. We also encourage you to leave
your child’s favourite toys at home unless he/she
is willing to share them with the other children.
To eliminate any confusion, please label lunch
boxes and other personal items that arrive with
your child.
Health & Safety
The front door of childminding is secured by a
locking system. In order to ensure the safety of all
children, please check that only your child leaves
with you! Please ensure the door lock is secure
when entering and exiting the room.
Help us provide the highest possible quality care
for your child by ensuring that staff are continually
updated on information regarding allergies, health
care or behavioral challenges.
When your child is ill, please do not bring him or
her to the childminding centre. We are equipped to
care for well children only.
Childminding Rates
September 1, 2016-August 31, 2017
Punchcard $42.30/10 one-hour visits
$2.35 per hour for each additional sibling
Prices do not include tax.
Please note that you must remain in the facility
while your child attends our childminding centre.