Pleasant Hill Intermediate School
Pleasant Hill Intermediate School
May 2007
Principal’s Corner
May is already here and students and
staff are excited about all of the learning
and upcoming activities that will be taking place during the remainder of the
year. The students have just concluded
a study on metaphors. Each student,
during home room, took a pre-test on
metaphors followed by several weeks of
learning more about them. Then each
student took a post-test on metaphors.
Each home room that raises their overall
percentage will be rewarded with a popcorn party! The students have definitely
increased there knowledge of figurative
language during this study.
The weather is getting nicer out and we
have a large amount of lost and found
coats, hats, and sweatshirts in the office. Since the students do not need
these items during the afternoon because the weather is warmer, they forget to come and check the lost and
found box. Please stop by our office in
the next few days to locate your child’s
missing items! We appreciate your
help with this.
Our MAP testing has concluded at the
Intermediate School! Our students did
an outstanding job of putting forth their
best effort and taking the test seriously.
They definitely showed everyone how
much they knew! We are proud of how
hard they worked each day during testing. We are all excited to get the re-
Special Points of
Field Trip Information
Tour of Middle School
DARE Graduation
Human Growth Video
Hillside Singers
Gates Testing
Park Day
Field Day
May Calendar—Upcoming Events
May 2
• Missouri History Days – Lone Jack Field Trip 5th Grade 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
• Sixth Graders – Tour of the Middle School leaving around 8:30 a.m. return around 9:30 a.m.
May 3
• Fifth Grade DARE Graduation at 7 p.m. Intermediate School Gymnasium/Students arrive at
6:30 p.m. meet in Library
• Band-Aides Meeting at 7 p.m. at Middle School
May 4
• Fifth Grade Students will watch Human Growth Video
• Sixth Grade Field Trip to Missouri Town buses leave at 11:30 a.m. return around 2:00 p.m.
May 9
• Hillside Singers perform at 1:50 p.m. in the Intermediate Gym
May 12
• Solo/Ensemble Festival (Band) in Kansas City at the Lincoln Prep Middle School
May 14 & 15
• Gates Testing
• May 15th—End of the Year Band Concert at 7 p.m. at PAC/HS
May 17
• Sixth Grade Team B Field Trip to Nelson-Atkins Museum buses leave at 10 a.m.
May 18
• Sixth Grade Team A Field Trip to Nelson-Atkins Museum buses leave at 10 a.m.
May 21—Fifth Grade Park Day & May 22– Sixth Grade Park Day
May 30
• PHIS Survivor Field Day 8:45-2:00 p.m. at the Intermediate School
Inside this issue:
Pleasant Hill Intermediate School
Counselor’s Corner
Students are to be commended for showing
good character traits during the MAP testing.
They worked very hard and it was obvious that
they understood the importance of these tests.
Your child participated in a drawing for some
fabulous prizes and our congratulations to the
following winners.
$15 Gift Card
Dylan Ross
Lucas Gibson
Alyssa Smith
Chase Snyder
Monica Ramstorf
Danny Ballew
Kyle Kuntz
Zach Cohen
Brent Norris
Cody Pullen
Lori Williams
Johnny Berry
Andy Um
Perry Brown
Charlotte Williams
Madison Dryer
Cody Sublett
Dominic Taylor
Rusty Barbarick
$25 Gift Card
Josh Shewmaker
Kristan Orpin
Sonic Meals
Kaitlin Long
Branden Crust
Brady Franklin
Mackenzie Fabela
Danny Ballew
Charlea Jackson
Matt Ralston
Andy Um
Portable DVD Player
Trenton Kirkpatrick
IPOD Shuffle
Nick Petty
Christian Martin
Student Council
Student Council has recently learned of a
boy in Grain Valley who was severely
burned. His mother was in the process of
pouring out hot grease when it spilled on
him. They young man is severely burned
and requires a great deal of surgery. One
very compassionate sixth grader, Tyler
Wilhite, suggested that we help
out. STUCO will be sponsoring hat days
for the next 3 Fridays. The cost is $1 each
day. All money will be donated to help pay
for medical bills he has acquired.
Samuel in the library with Mrs. Yokley.
Student Council will be selling pencils,
paper, and pens. Students can purchase
these items in the library using our
machine. Mechanical pencils, notebook
paper, and pens are fifty cents. Regular
pencils can be purchased for twenty-five
cents. Students will need to bring quarters
as we will not have change in the library.
Page 2
The Missouri Association of School
Librarians has announced the nominees
for the 2007-2008 Mark Twain Award
nominees. The Mark Twain Award is
selected by students in grades four
through eight and presented annually.
The purpose of the Mark Twain Award is
to provide the children of Missouri with
their very own source to enrich their lives
through reading. I want to encourage
Intermediate School students to read
these books not only because they are
great books but also because some
great incentives will be offered for reading these over the summer! And the
nominees are:
The Naked Mole-Rat Letters by Mary Amato
Wing Nut by M.J. Auch
On Etruscan Time by Tracy Barrett
Shakespeare’s Secret by Elise Broach
Do You Know the Monkey Man by Dori
Hillestad Butler
Lunch Money by Andrew Clements
Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Defiance by Valerie Hobbs
Gentle’s Holler by Kerry Madden
Deadly Drive by David Patneaude
Project Mulberry by Linda Sue Park
Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson
Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
First Boy by Gary Schmidt
Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith
Jack’s Run by Roland Smith
The Search for Belle Prater by Ruth White
Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles
Black Storm Comin’ by Diane Lee Wilson
When Ratboy Lived Next Door by Chris
Pleasant Hill Intermediate School
Physical Education
Fifth and sixth grade have just finished
juggling. They did a great job and
worked at it very hard. Fifth grade is
now beginning pickleball and sixth
grade is beginning badminton. We will
also be reviewing bones and muscles of
the body.
Mrs. Albin watching Kaitlin apply a learned
technique in sixth grade Art class along
with Elizabeth. The sixth grade Art Classes
will be starting a Unit on Thomas Hart Benton.
Fifth Grade Art and Roots and Shoots Club
5th graders are studying Emily Carr and doing shades of green collages and paintings. We’ll end the year with John James Audubon and drawing birds.
Roots and Shoots will complete the year with projects surrounding Earth Day and
Arbor day. They’ll touch on recycling, and learning about why trees are so important
to our environment.
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Pleasant Hill Intermediate School
Choir– Sixth Grade
The following students will be representing our school this summer on July 18 at
Jefferson City for the Missouri Youth Honor Choir. Congratulations to all who
auditioned. Fourteen percent of the choir are Pleasant Hill Students – Way to go!
Kacey Breitbach, Hannah Dustman, Mariahe Long, Anna Prewitt, Cassidy White
Hannah Winkler, Samantha Bornaman, Adam Reeves, Jamie Kelly, Summer Kirchhofer
Hannah Meyer, Nicole Patterson, Charlotte Williams and Tyler Wilson
Sixth grade PHYRE students became real life authors when their stories were published by Nationwide Learning Publishing Company. In addition to being proud authors
of books available to students at the Primary School Media Center, four PHYRE students are contest winners. Four of the students’ stories were selected to for the 2007
Page to Stage Festival Contest. The winning stories will be produced by The Paul
Mesner Puppets in Kansas City and performed on Friday, May 18th at 10:00 AM and
7:00 PM. There will be a reception honoring the winners following the Friday night performance. The stories will also be presented Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20,
at 2:00 PM. The winners are left to right:
Noah Dayson, author of Where’s Momma!
Jacob Randle, author of Tom Finds Good Friends
Adam Reeves, author of The Little Monster
Blake Greufe, author of The Frowning Monkey
Computer Class
In fifth grade we’re progressing nicely through the
ten key working our way to finishing the program.
The students have done an excellent job maintaining the good habits they picked up during the
first unit. If we get done before the school year
ends we will be starting the PowerPoint unit and
put all our keyboarding skills to work. In sixth
grade the two half year classes have started the
PowerPoint Unit and over the next week will be
getting ready to start giving their presentations.
The two all year classes are working their way
through word learning to how format letters, reports, memos, and journal entries.
Page 4
Pleasant Hill Intermediate School
Take Note—Band Program
April 21st was our Spring Sonic Car Hop and 4th Quarter Social Event at Paradise Park.
Thanks to all who participated and made this a great day!
April 24th is our Pre-Solo/Ensemble Night from 4-8 p.m. All students taking Solos or
Ensembles to festival will perform at the Intermediate School Choir and Band Rooms.
Audience members are welcome!
Our next Band Aides Meeting (and last one for this school year!) will be May 3 at 7 p.m.
We will be organizing our End of the Year Concert. We also need students’ nominations
for the Band Aide Awards. See Ms. Hidritch for more information.
Century Resources have been delivered! Please have your money back by May 8th.
Checks should be made out to Band Aides.
Solo/Ensemble Festival will be held May 12th in Kansas City at Lincoln Prep Middle
School. Schedules will be handed out May 1st. Transportation will be provided and chaperones are needed! Students should be dressed nice.
The End of the Year concert will be May 15th at 7 p.m. in the HS PAC. 6th grade warm
up time will be 6:45 and students will need to be dressed in concert attire.
Thanks to all students and parents for a great year! I am so proud of the 6th grade and
how much they have learned and grown as musicians. Don’t forget to continue to practice and play during the summer, and please consider taking advantage of the summer
band camp opportunities. New information is available for Central Methodist and Missouri State Camps at the following websites: and
Music-Fifth Grade
Pleasant Hill 5th graders worked very
hard on the musical and it turned out to
be a great success!! I want to say thank
you to all of the parents who spent their
time working and volunteering. I also
want to thank all of the students who
participated. You were absolutely awesome!
Congratulations to 5th graders Kacey
Breitbach, Hannah Dustman, and
Mariahe Long who made the 2007
Missouri Choral Directors Association
5th and 6th grade Honor Choir. The
students sent in an audition tape last
month and were selected from applicants all over Missouri. They will meet
this summer on July 18th in Jefferson
City to perform for the MCDA convention! Congratulations also go to Mrs.
North’s eleven 6th graders who made
the choir!
Have a great month of May!
Ms. Allen
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Pleasant Hill Intermediate School
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