News Bulletin
A Weekly Report on the Activities of the Rotary Club of Guelph – Feb 10, 2012
The Rotary Club of Guelph
Box 511, Guelph, ON N1H 6K9
President: Norris Hoag
Treasurer: Trevor Lee
Secretary: Kerry Johnson
District 7080
Club 4645
Charter Feb 23, 1920
Valentine Program
President Norris opened our meeting and mentioned the fact that this was
the 4,490th meeting of our Club. He stated that unfortunately there would
be no music this week or next. President Norris congratulated our Fellowship committee for another very successful and enjoyable “After Hours”
Rotary event last Tuesday.
He also drew attention to the passing of Percy Cole – a former member
of our Club.
John Brubacher gave an interesting note of thanksgiving for our grace
before our lunch.
Introduction of Speaker
Murray Taylor introduced our guest speaker John Van de Kamer, Manager at Knar Jewellery in Guelph. After graduating from the University
of Guelph John switched directions into the jewellery business and did
further studies at the American Gem Society and the Gemological Institute
of America.
John Van de Kamer — Diamonds
Rotary International President:
Kalyan Banerjee
Vapi, Gujarat, India
District 7080 DG:
Brian Carmichael, Erin
Upcoming Meetings
 Feb 17: Classification Talk
— Trevor Reid
 Feb 24: Linamar — Frank
 Mar 2: A Day in the Life of
an Emergency Room Doctor — Dr. Aaron Smith
 Mar 9: The Changing
Landscape in Higher
Education — Julia Christenden Hughes, Dean CME
at U of G
John had achieved a degree in Soil Science and decided he preferred Carats to
corn. He has worked at Knar for more
than 25 years and proceeded to give us an
informative talk about diamonds.
Diamonds are the hardest material known
to man and 17% of the world’s supply of
diamonds are mined in Canada. We also
produce some of the best quality in the
Diamonds are created and formed via
volcanic activity at approximately 150
John Van de Kamer,
kilometres below the earth surface. As
Knar Jewellery
the diamonds are brought closer to the
surface due to glacier movement they can
be mined, mostly from open pits although underground mining is the norm
in the most Northern and Southern Latitudes.
Program — Continued on Page 4
The Rotary Club
Guelph News Bulletin - February 10th, 2012
Present January 27
Arnold, Beattie, Bothwell, Bradey, Breil,
Broadwith, Clayton, Clark, Cooney,
Curry, Dance, Del Rosario, Demarco,
Elliot, Farrelly, Forsythe, Funnell,
Groenewald, Hammill, Hewson, Hoag,
Housser, Jadeski, Johnson, R. Jones, L.
Jones, Kiely, Knowles, Kothari, Lymburner, MacKenzie, Marshall, Mau,
McCallum, McCarl, McDonnell, G.
Moore, Neufeld, Newton, Parr, Ralph,
Ramprashad, Rennie, Rice, Ricketts, M.
Richardson, Runions, Shortreed, Singh,
Slisarenko, Spratt, Steele, B. Stevens,
Tam, P. Taylor, M. Taylor, Thatcher, E.
Valeriote, Vanderkamp, Vieira, Wadleigh,
Whittaker, Winegard, Wisdom
Present February 3
Arnold, Beattie, Bothwell, Bradey, Breil,
Broadwith, Clayton, Clark, Cooney,
Curry, Dance, Del Rosario, Demarco,
Elliot, Farrelly, Forsythe, Funnell,
Groenewald, Hammill, Hewson, Hoag,
Housser, Jadeski, Johnson, R. Jones, L.
Jones, Kiely, Knowles, Kothari, Lymburner, MacKenzie, Marshall, Mau,
McCallum, McCarl, McDonnell, G.
Moore, Neufeld, Newton, Parr, Ralph,
Ramprashad, Rennie, Rice, Ricketts, M.
Richardson, Runions, Shortreed, Singh,
Slisarenko, Spratt, Steele, B. Stevens,
Tam, P. Taylor, M. Taylor, Thatcher, E.
Valeriote, Vanderkamp, Vieira, Wadleigh,
Whittaker, Winegard, Wisdom
Present February 10
Armstrong, Arnold, Bothwell, Broadwith, Brubacher, Clark, Cooney, Dance,
Del Rosario, Demarco, Dredge, Eszes,
Fairbairn, Farrelly, Forsythe, Fryett, T.
Funk, Funnell, J. Funk, Gammie, Hammill, Hewson, Hoag, Irvine, Jadeski,
Jofriet, R. Jones, L. Jones, Kich, Kiely,
Knowles, Kothari, Lee, MacKenzie,
Marshall, McCallum, McCarl, McLeod,
Newton, A. Pennock, P. Pennock, Pietrobon, Ralph, Ramprashad, Reid, Rennie, Runions, Russo, Sather, Shortreed,
Editor Feb 10
Diane Spratt
Editor Feb 17
Norman McLeod
Upcoming Events
Skipper, Slisarenko, Spratt, Steele, L.
Stewart, Tam, P. Taylor, M. Taylor, Thase,
Thatcher, Truex, Valle, Vanderkamp, van
Boxmeer, van Dreumel, Whittaker, Winegard, Wisdom, Zajdlik
(Aboriginal Concerns: January 21):
Dance, (Africa: January 31): Buisman,
Farrelly, Jackson, (Board Meeting: January 16): Smith, (Canada Day: January
27): R. Jones, (Corporate Coordinating Committee: February 2): Wettstein,
(District Meeting: February 4): Seager,
(Dream Lottery: January 26): Breil, (International Service Development C’tee:
January 21): L. Jones, (Sports Challenge:
January 31): Lymburner, Lymburner,
Reid, Slisarenko, G. Stewart
Other Clubs
Holmes (Fort Myers South, Florida:
Jan. 30); MacKenzie (Fergus-Elora: Jan.
17); Maher (Little River NC: Jan. 13,
18,25,Feb 1;P letsch (Avon Park Breakfast, FL: Jan. 20, 27 & Feb 3)
Rob Dupree – Jim Fryett
Rosemary Kennedy – Bernie Kiely
Len Robitaille – Charlie Whittaker
Marj Newton – Ron Newton
Marney Fryett – Jim Fryett
Jean Funnell – Ray Funnell
Dana Slisarenko – Helmuth Slisarenko
Eileen Arnold – John Arnold
Margaret Malek – Hank Valle
Jane Funk – Tom Funk
Eleanor Shortreed – Jim Shortreed
Eileen Hammill – of Ken Hammill
Carrie Burden – GSE Team member
Christine Wood – GSE Team Leader
Priya Mehta – GSE Team member
 Fri Feb 24: Bring a Prospect
to Rotary — See Tom Funk
 Sat Feb 25: Hockey Challenge
— See Trevor Reid or Paul
 Sat Feb 25: Toronto Mass
Choir — See Marva Wisdom
 Tue Mar 6: Rotary After
Hours — See Roxanne Eszes
 Sat Mar 31, 6 pm: Guess
Who’s Coming To Dinner —
See Jane Armstrong
 Tue Apr 3: Rotary After Hours
— See Roxanne Eszes
 Apr 21: Tree Planting on
Rotary Earth Day — See
Lyndon Stewart
 Tue May 1: Rotary After
Hours — See Roxanne Eszes
 May 6-9: RI Convention,
Bankok, Thailand - See Tim
February 13..............Anne Dance
Rotary Anniversaries
13.......Bob Ireland (21)
15...... Norris Hoag (10)
16.. Steve Stepinac (11)
17........Milt Sather (50)
17.......Jim Stevens (34)
Head Table
Murray Taylor
John VandeKamen (speaker)
Paul DeMarco
David Ralph
President Norris
Electronic Warning
If you take your laptop computer for
a run you could jog your memory.
Jewellery Draw
The usual 50/50 draw
was replaced with a
draw for a Silver Heart
pendant necklace from
Knar Jewellery. It was
won by Monte Hewson.
The Rotary Club
Guelph News Bulletin - February 10th, 2012
 Africa Committee
Graham Knowles made a special announcement and
presentation to Dave Marshall on behalf of the Africa
“During the 1996/97 Rotary year, our past president
Dave Marshall challenged our committee and the International Service committee to encourage other clubs
to partner with our Club with the potential benefit of
the involvement of many more Rotarians, increased
understanding of international projects and increased
funding opportunities.”
Graham outlined the historical successes and accomGraham Knowles makes the presentation of a
plishments which were a direct confirmation of Dave’s
painting from Cameroon to Dave Marshall
vision from a decade earlier. To recognize the positive
impact of Dave’s advice he was presented a copy of
art work generated in Cameroon which shows a woman carrying water on her head. Thanks to Dave,
to the “Hand Up” programs and to the many water projects our Club has participated in, this is now a
short trek to the village stand tap – where the water is safe.
Tom Funk making the
Membership report
 Membership Committee
Tom Funk made an announcement on behalf of the Membership committee:
“A Club update – we have five new members this year (four under 40)
and three others in the pipeline, however we have had four resignations
and one passing member.”
On February 24th Frank Hasenfratz, the founder of Linamar, is our guest
speaker and Tom encouraged our members to “invite a prospect” to that
meeting and the guest’s lunch cost will be covered by the committee.
Tom mentioned that there were lists on each table of the past few years’
recipients of the top 40 under 40 from the Guelph Mercury – he asked
us to review the list and would like any members who have a connection
with or contact info on any of these on the list to please mark down their
name and Tom will follow up.
 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Jane Armstrong on behalf of the Fellowship Committee asked for members to sign up for the “Guess
Who’s coming to Dinner” event on March 31st. Hosts are asked to provide the main course and the
guests bring other items.
 End Polio Now Campaign
Terry Van Dreumel thanked the Club for a successful End Polio Now gift certificate campaign – over
$4,000 was raised.
The Rotary Club
Guelph News Bulletin - February 10th, 2012
Program – continued from page 1
Mining Diamonds in Canada
In areas of Africa, diamonds are sifted from streams
and rivers, however in Canada they are mined through
hard rock. The Canadian diamond mines are approximately 200 kms south of the Arctic and approximately
five million carats are mined per year.
John showed us videos of the large equipment used
during this mining process and also the automated
equipment that crushes and separates the diamonds –
approximately one carat of diamond is harvested from
one tonne of ore. Diamond crystals are then x-rayed
and scanned to determine how large a diamond can
be cut optimally from the crystals.
against Polio for children donated on his behalf.
President Norris then closed the meeting by quoting
a romantic passage by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Previous Week’s Speaker
Sheeba Varghese — Life Decisions
Sheeba presented
members and guests
with an interesting exposé of the life and
times of Sheeba Varghese, her passion
and profession along
with some underlying promotion of the
new book “Sheeba’s
Polishing Diamonds
Secret - A Formula for
Diamond dust is then utilized to polish the diamond
More Success Through
after it has been cut. John displayed extreme trust in Greater Self Awareness.” Sheeba’s fundamental thesis
our Club membership by passing around for viewing is embedded in her simple formula. (See diagram on
two diamond rings with very large stones.
next page.) However, the key to the formula is greater
World Diamond Market Has Changed
self-awareness – a theme that Sheeba returned to sevHe mentioned that DeBeers used to control 85% of eral times during her presentation.
the world’s diamond market but now has 35% of the
Self-Awareness + Focus + Strategy =
market – Russia, Africa and Canada are now key playSuccess
ers in the diamond manufacturing market. Emerging
consumer markets for diamonds are China and India. Sheeba works with individuals who desire more sucCanada has been able to more effectively compete in cess. Typically, clients are individuals who are somethe market as the federal Government in 2006 got rid how dissatisfied with their current situation in their
personal and professional life, have a belief that there
of a hidden excise tax on this product.
is something missing from their lives or are tired of
Knar’s Hearts on Fire Diamonds
being in a rut or stuck doing the same old – same old
John then described the “Hearts on Fire” diamonds thing. Sheeba’s secret path to more success starts with
and showed us several pictures displaying the intricate getting her clients to identify where they are in terms
manual work that is done by his expert team in the of their satisfaction in various parts of the life in the
Knar workshop. He described the stress of working well-known wheel of life model. Concurrently Sheeba
with older jewellery due to the expense of a mistake encourages and assists clients to identify and priorbut also the emotional attachment that customers have ise their innermost and most significant values and
with their heirloom jewellery.
view their situation through the prism of these values
John emphasized how much he loves and enjoys what particularly the ones that create the most excitement,
he does and the intricacies of designing new jewellery enthusiasm and passion from their own perspective.
or redesigning older pieces.
Subsequently Sheeba encourages them to adhere
tightly to the integrity of these values in applying
Thank You
these values in their decision making and choices in
David Ralph thanked our speaker by pointing out that
it was a “gem of a talk” with “rock hard facts” and
presented John with a certificate for 100 vaccinations
Program – continued on page 5
The Rotary Club
Guelph News Bulletin - February 10th, 2012
multilingual professional assist them in refocusing
and re-energising their lives and fortunes given the
wherewithal to afford the service.
their significant areas of their life model and what’s The self oriented focus of the service may be somemore, pursue the chosen path with care and concern what in conflict with the “Service Above Self” maxim
but above all with conviction and boldness. Sheeba of Rotary. However, if helping others and giving back
are cherished values to you, then pursuing this goal
has obviously had significant
with boldness and conviction
success in this activity parPersonal
will undoubtably unleash the
ticularly with her favourite
Health &
target client group: the ageFitness
ing corporate executive.
The Book
Friends &
Sheeba and Sheeba’s story
The book is a good read and
is very impressive from a
has some memorable one
Fun &
marketer’s perspective – she
liners and quotes. A dash of
has, by good management
introspection, evaluation,
and life’s tapestry, identified
reorientation and focus never
a valuable service, a rich
Sheeba Varghese’s Formula for Success
vein of client prospects facThank You
ing uncertainty about their
future, their station and prospectively their capabili- Evan Valeriote thanked Sheeba for her fantastic talk
ties. Moreover, she has identified a relatively uncom- and presented Sheeba with a certificate acknowledging
plicated, understandable formula and who wouldn’t a contribution to Polio plus in her name.
be interested in having an articulate, multicultural,
Program – continued from page 4
Happy Bills
$ Richard Broadwith
Richard gave several happy bucks – Carrie Burden asked him to sit with her and be her Valentine
at lunch, but he also apologized for an error in
the bulletin last week regarding the donation of
soccer equipment – he has submitted the following correction:
The soccer balls and hats destined for Africa that
Susan Farrelly gave Happy Bucks for last week
were donated by the I.C.C. and not as reported
in last week’s Bulletin.
$ Jim Fryett
Jim gave some happy bucks and showed some
pictures of his soaring adventure in New Zealand
in celebration of his 60th birthday. He thanked his
wife Marney for encouraging him to enjoy this
Stories from British Newspapers
Irish police are being handicapped in a search for a
stolen van, because they cannot issue a description.
It’s a Special Branch vehicle and they don’t want
the public to know what it looks like.
(The Guardian)
A young girl who was blown out to sea on a set of
inflatable teeth was rescued by a man on an inflatable lobster. A coast guard spokesman commented,
“This sort of thing is all too common”.
(The Times)
At the height of the gale, the harbour master radioed a coast guard and asked him to estimate the
wind speed. He replied he was sorry, but he didn’t
have a gauge. However, if it was any help, the wind
had just blown his Land Rover off the cliff.
(Aberdeen Evening Express)

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