the activity report 2013



the activity report 2013
Activity Report
International Social Tourism Organisation
A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Table of contents
1. The institutional life
2. Activities of ISTO
3. Regional sections
Photo credits : Office du Tourisme de Maine, ISTO, IMSERSO, Westtoer, MS Bah
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
This activity report covers the period between the General Assembly held in Blankenberge, Belgium,
on 1 October 2013, and the upcoming General Assembly to be held in São Paulo on 8 October 2014.
During this period of time, the most significant events for ISTO include the 7th European Social
Tourism Forum in Blankenberge, the celebration of ISTO's 50th anniversary at the European
Parliament in Brussels, the approval of the Memorandum "Tourism for All: a European challenge",
establishing a genuine strategy for ISTO Europe for the next 5 years with the appointment of a
director for the section; the further development of the eCalypso platform, meetings with members
from Belgium, Italy and France; the participation of ISTO Americas in many events in Mexico, the
design of a new website for ISTO, and of course the preparation of the Social Tourism World
Congress in São Paulo, with the support and partnership of SESC SP.
The crucial support from members, but also from several institutions and individuals, made it
possible to implement those actions and many others, that will be presented in this annual activity
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
The institutional life of ISTO
European Social Tourism Forum 2013 in Blankenberge
Organised in collaboration and with the support of the Flanders Tourist Office —Visit Flanders, this
forum held on 1-3 October 2013 was attended by about 200 people from 22 countries on the
premises of the FLOREAL Group in Blankenberge. Under the main theme "Social tourism: what future
in Europe?", the forum addressed the following topics: the future of leisure activities in times of
crisis, innovation in the travel industry, the causes that prevent young people from going on holidays
in Europe, and the benefits of accessible tourism for clients and the tourism sector. Two video
messages of the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, and UNWTO Secretary
General Taleb Rifai, were broadcast during the event.
The Forum resulted in the approval of the Memorandum "Tourism for All: a European challenge"
with a view to the European elections held in the spring of 2014. It included a set of proposals related
to two major policy directions: a better recognition of the key social and economic role of tourism, as
well as the development of social tourism policies in order to enable EU citizens to gain effective
access to holidays.
Last but not least, the
opportunity to visit several
historical sites of the Great
commemorations from 2014
to 2018 are going to be at
the core of a significant part
of the tourism sector. In
addition to Flanders, this
event benefited from the
support of the Nord-Pas-deCalais Region and the
In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
ISTO's 50th anniversary
More than 170 people attended an
academic session celebrating ISTO's
50th anniversary at the European
Parliament in Brussels, the city
where ISTO was founded in 1963
and still has its headquarters. This
event looked back at the
achievements of the organisation,
but also addressed current and
future projects, and included
by 50th anniversary of ISTO in the European Parliament
of European and international organisations, messages recorded by members,
the presentation of the Memorandum, a brochure entitled "ISTO—50 years of
commitment in Social Tourism" and the publication of the Alliance for Training
and Research in Social and Fair Tourism, Regards croisés sur le tourisme social
dans le monde – l’apport de la recherche (Different perspectives on social
tourism worldwide – the contribution of research).
To host the event, ISTO benefited from the support of the French Community Commission –
Commission communautaire française, COCOF– of the Brussels region, and the tourist board of
Wallonia –Commissariat général au tourisme de la Région wallonne.
Statutory meetings
General Assembly
In accordance with ISTO articles of association, the General Assembly was held on 1 October 2013, in
Blankenberge. On this occasion, the Activity Report 2012-2013, the Financial Report for 2012 (profit
and loss account, and balance), the Auditors’ Report, the budget 2014, the indexation of
contributions (3 %), as well as the action plan for 2014 were approved.
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Board of Directors
Directors met twice in 2014. The first meeting
was held on 7 April in Madrid, at IMSERSO's
headquarters, with its General Manager, César
Antón Beltrán, and Márcio Favilla Lucca de
Competitiveness, External Relations and
Partnerships at the UNWTO, who both made
presentations on the activities of their
respective organisations.
Board of Directors in Madrid, César Antón Beltrán of IMSERSO,
Jean Marc Mignon of ISTO and Márcio Favilla Luca de Paula of
The Board then met on 8 October in São Paulo, during the Social Tourism World Congress, organised
in partnership with the Serviço Social do Comércio – São Paulo –SESC SP.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee met five times: on 17 December 2013 in Brussels, on 4-5 February 2014 in
Mont St-Aubert in the framework of a discussion seminar, on 10 March 2014 in Brussels, on 12 June
2014 in Paris, and again in Brussels, on 4 September 2014.
The two-day discussion seminar, attended by the members of the Executive Committee and ISTO
Secretariat staff in Brussels, was organised for the third year in a row. 5 main topics were developed,
including the institutional framework and priorities of ISTO Europe, the other regional sections and
working groups, finances, communication and the eCalypso platform.
Financial commission
The Financial Commission, chaired by ISTO treasurer Filip Delmotte, met three times, in conjunction
with the meetings of the Executive Committee, on 17 December 2013, 10 March 2014 and 4
September 2014. The follow-up on contributions, the evolution of the budget, the financial aspects
of European projects, and the identification of new sources of funding, are the main concerns of this
Commission, which then reports its findings to the Executive Committee.
Under the supervision of the Secretary General, Yves Godin, ISTO Secretariat is composed of a fourperson staff:
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Charles-Etienne Bélanger, ISTO Director
Luc Gobin, Director of ISTO Europe
Jacques Rayet, Projects officer
Ruut Van Laer, Communications officer
In addition to the annual contribution of member organisation, and the funding of the European
Commission for EU projects, ISTO operations depend on the significant support of –mostly Belgian–
institutions and organisations.
First of all, ISTO receives subsidies from the Office Régional Bruxellois de l’Emploi (ACTIRIS) for
Jacques Rayet's position, for an annual amount of almost €30,000.
Additionally, ISTO Secretariat has received, for several years, significant support from the General
Federation of Belgian Labour (FGTB-ABVV) and FLOREAL Group, which provide ISTO with offices, IT
infrastructure and a wide range of services. This support represents an annual amount exceeding
Flanders Tourist Office continued and increased its support to ISTO in 2014. It was reflected by the
assignment of L. Gobin in the framework of an agreement between both organisations. The arrival of
L. Gobin in February 2014 was a significant addition to ISTO staff and gave the organisation a director
for the Europe section. The support of Flanders also materialised in the payment of a contribution of
€29,000, partly financing R. Van Laer's position.
ISTO also benefited from the support of the French ministry of Tourism, which renewed for a fourth
year an extra-contribution of €6,000 for the development of the eCalypso platform.
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Activities of ISTO
Network of Local and Regional Authorities
The main activity of the Network over the past few months focused on the joint organisation of a
meeting on the role of local and regional authorities in social tourism, held on 1-2 April 2014 in
Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne, France), with the association of French regions –Association des
Régions de France, ARF–, with the support of the "Maison Commune du Tourisme pour Tous" –
Common house for tourism for all– of the Rhône-Alpes region.
The Network, which is coordinated by the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy), currently includes 27 local
and regional authorities, members of ISTO, from 4 European countries (Belgium, Spain, France, Italy)
and 2 countries from the American continent (Canada and Mexico).
However, the management of the Network as an independent working group remains a concern, and
different options are being considered to make sure that it matches the interests of the local and
regional authorities, members of ISTO.
Alliance for Training and Research in Social and Fair Tourism
In addition to the publication entitled "Regards croisés sur le
tourisme social dans le monde – l’apport de la recherche"
(Different perspectives on social tourism worldwide – the
contribution of research) released for ISTO's 50th anniversary –a
200-page publication collecting the contributions of about
twenty scholars from several countries–, the Alliance also
published a second Newsletter in May 2014.
The main activity for 2014 was the preparation of a 2nd meeting
on "Tourism based on development: unity in diversity", held in
São Paulo, in the framework of the World Congress. The
schedule of this meeting includes 13 addresses by scholars from
8 countries, selected among 60 applications to a call for papers.
The Alliance was also actively involved in the preparation of the
congress, through the selection of papers for the e-poster
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Under the coordination of Anya Diekmann, from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the Alliance
currently comprises 27 members (10 institutional and 17 individual members), representing
academic institutions and scholars from 15 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Development of the eCalypso platform
ISTO has maintained its support to the development of eCalypso. The main activities carried out over
the last few months include the promotion, the technical improvement and the management of the
On the promotional level, the
platform was represented at several
national events (Italian Fair for
Cooperative & Associative Tourism–
BITAC, Social Tourism Forum in
(European Bus and Coach Forum in
Belgium, European Commission
workshop on senior tourism) and
international events (World Travel
Market in London, ITB fair in Berlin);
and attended the events organised
by ISTO that were relevant to
ISTO and eCalypso at ITB Berlin 2014
A wider marketing campaign needs to be conducted in order to attract buyers onto the platform.
On the technical level, the region of Murcia (IT partner) improved both the public section –with
simpler menus and submenus–, and the private
section –with a more user-friendly access to the IT
tools (ARPA, ORION and AURIGA).
Last but not least, on the management level, ISTO
formally founded eCalypso, a non-profit association
under Belgian law, with the support of the other
founding members, namely FLOREAL Group, UNAT,
Vacances Ouvertes, and Instituto de Turismo de la
Región de Murcia (Spain). eCalypso Board of
Directors is currently composed of those members,
plus the INATEL Foundation that presides the
association, and the SINIS tourism cooperative in Sardinia.
The eCalypso Board of Directors
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
During this period, eCalypso secretariat, located on the premises of ISTO, was managed by Ms Serena
Ianniello until the end of August 2014. She was about to be replaced at the time this report was
As a conclusion, ISTO considers that social tourism operators should get more involved in this tool,
which is expected to become a major platform to promote the supply in social tourism products and
exchange programmes within EU countries. This is a great challenge, which is why ISTO has invested
a lot in this project over the past few years.
Communication activities
The main achievement of ISTO in terms of
communication is the new website of the
organisation, launched for the World
Congress in São Paulo. Designed with the
technical support of the Murcia region, this
website features the latest technology to
allow members to promote their activities
by posting news and add their events to
the agenda. Members will be able to
communicate easily within ISTO, through
specific themes in the new discussion
forum. In addition to being a gold mine of
information on social tourism-related
topics and its specific forms in the different
parts of the world, the website provides
members with greater visibility, exclusive information, and the option to have access to literature
watching on selected topics, or by keywords.
Concurrently with the preparation of the new website, the current site has been updated on a
regular basis, and a Facebook page on ISTO was created and updated.
Other communication activities include the release of the issue # 155 of "Social Tourism
International" magazine, with a focus on youth holidays and the presentation of Poland in the
"Country Profile" section. The magazine has a print run of 1,500 copies, sent to members and other
tourism professionals in about 60 countries worldwide.
ISTO also issues a newsletter under a new format, including the news of the organisation, its regional
sections, of the members and of the sector. The newsletter, issued every two months in French and
English is sent only to ISTO members.
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Last but not least, several communiqués have been issued for members or partners of ISTO,
especially for the World Congress.
Representation and international partnerships
ISTO was represented at several events at the national and international levels. In addition to the
activities directly linked to the regional sections, ISTO was represented at the following events:
European Tourism Forum (EC) on 12 November in Vilnius, Lithuania;
Italian Fair for Cooperative & Associative Tourism (BITAC) on 28-29 November 2013 in Bari,
Colloquium on the heritage of social and fair tourism (UNAT) on 9 January 2014 in Paris,
Forum of the holiday participation centre (Visit Flanders) on 23 January in Louvain, Belgium;
Printemps du tourisme (Wallonia) on 21 February 2014 in Charleroi, Belgium;
ITB fair on 5-9 March 2014 in Berlin, Germany;
National forum on social tourism in Angola on 2 May 2014 in Luanda;
International conference on tourism for all (INATEL) on 29 May 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal;
World responsible tourism day on 3 June 2014 in Paris, France;
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
ISTO President also participated in the workshops and attended a meeting of the UNWTO World
Committee on Tourism Ethics, as a full member, on 26 February 2014 in Madrid. ISTO is very pleased
to note the stronger cooperation with UNWTO, which participated this year in several major events
of ISTO.
Jean Marc Mignon, ISTO President at the National forum on social tourism in
Angola on 2 May 2014 in Luanda
Development of members
New members
At the meeting of the Board of Directors in Madrid, 8 new members were approved:
 Araribá Turismo & Cultura (Brazil)
 The holiday resort Ter Helme, non-profit organisation (Belgium)
 Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Spécialisée en Tourisme –ESCAET (Aix-en-Provence,
 Les villages clubs du soleil (France)
 Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de Guanajuato (Mexico)
 Serviço Social do Comércio Estado de Minas Gerais – SESC/MG (Brazil)
 Queensland University – UQ (Haiti)
 Youth Care Entertainment – YCE (Zambia)
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
For the meeting of the Board of Directors in São
Paulo, 6 new members were approved:
 La Rosa dei 4 Venti (Italy)
 Secours Catholique – Caritas France
 Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de
Veracruz (Mexico)
 Serviço Social do Comércio Santa
Catarina – SESC/SC (Brazil)
 Serviço Social do Comércio Estado
do Rio Grande do Sul – SESC/RS
 Université de Paris 1 PanthéonSorbonne: Institut de Recherche et
d’Etudes Supérieures du Tourisme –
IREST (France)
During its meeting in São Paulo, the Board of Directors should approve the termination of the
membership of 13 organisations that had either not paid their financial contributions for at least two
years, asked to withdraw from ISTO, or ceased their operations. The affected organisations include:
Asociación Paz y Bien (Spain)
Borghi Autentici d’Italia (Italy)
Centre béninois pour le développement des initiatives de base – CBDIBA (Benin)
Centre for sustainable and responsible tourism - (Serbia)
Conseil régional Poitou Charentes (France)
Conseil régional Languedoc Roussillon (France)
Conzorcio Sociale COIN (Italy)
Fédération unie des auberges de jeunesse – FUAJ (France)
Mutuelle générale des entreprises de Services (Tunisia)
Provincia di Rimini (Italy)
Jamtland region (Sweden)
Ternelia Tourisme (France)
TURAD (Turkey)
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
ISTO currently comprises 150 organisations from 30 countries:
27 organisations in 6 countries of the Americas
110 organisations in 15 countries of Europe
12 organisations in 9 countries of Africa
1 organisation in Asia
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Regional sections
ISTO Americas
The main activities carried out by ISTO Secretariat for the Americas, directed by Veronica Gomez and
chaired by Jacques Perreault, include:
13th meeting of the national network "Tourism for All"; 1st National council on social
tourism; workshop on social tourism for the local directors of tourism boards in Veracruz,
representatives of Mexican States
and major social tourism tour
operators attended the most
important annual event of the
sector: the 13th meeting of the
national network "Turismo para
todos". ISTO Americas was in
charge of the scientific programme
of the event. A fair was also
organised in order to connect the
supply and demand in social
tourism. In addition to the keynote
speech, ISTO Americas organised a
workshop for the directors of the Veronica Gomez, ISTO Americas Director, at the 13th meeting of the National
60 Network “Turismo para Todos”.
municipalities of the State of
Veracruz to inform them on the access to tourism for all. ISTO Americas, shared its expertise during
the meeting of the National council on social tourism. At the closing session of the event, the
Tourism Secretariat of the State of Veracruz was praised for recently joining ISTO.
International conferences on tourism, Tourism and community development, Guanajuato ,
ISTO Americas coordinated with the Tourism Secretariat of the State of Guanajuato , Mexico, the
organisation of the event Jornadas Internacionales de Turismo, on the theme Tourism and
community development, on 30-31 January 2014. Over 400 people, including local tourism
authorities and tourism operators, attended several conferences given by representatives of multiple
ISTO member organisations.
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Visits to Brazilian members
As part of the preparations for the Social Tourism World Congress, ISTO Americas travelled to São
Paulo to work in close cooperation with ISTO and SESC São Paulo. The director visited the national
SESC and gave a video conference to 80 representatives of the other SESC centres. Finally, during the
visit in São Paulo, SESC invited about twenty representatives of several organisations so that the
director could present the mission and activities of ISTO and ISTO Americas.
Participation in the launch of Mexico City summer season of social tourism
ISTO Americas was invited to join the Governor of the Federal District in kicking off the summer
season of the social tourism programmes implemented by the City of Mexico. Free activities were
offered to low-income populations in the Mexican capital.
Increased number of members in the Americas
As a result of the promotional efforts and representations on the American continent, ISTO Americas
attracted new members, mostly from Mexico and Brazil.
Youth programme
The "youth programme" of ISTO Americas is an initiative that aims to provide young people aged 12
to 35 with easier access to travels through the administrative management of the Fondation
Tourisme Jeunesse (FTJ). FTJ mission takes the form of grants for young travellers, independent or
part of a group, as well as through its travel-conference programmes. This year, FTJ provided close to
€4000 to about 30 young people from Quebec, allowing them to discover the world and learn more
on international cooperation.
Participation in the associative life of the organisation
The Board of Directors of ISTO Americas, chaired by Jacques Perreault, met five times over the last
year in Montreal. ISTO Americas also participated in several meetings of the Executive Committee,
the Board of Directors and other ISTO events. The section participates actively in the preparation for
the Social Tourism World Congress, in São Paulo in 2014.
In addition to all those activities, ISTO Americas was represented at several events in Quebec, Mexico
and Brazil, including:
General Assembly of the Conseil québécois du loisir, Montreal, on 23 October 2013
Conferences on Social Tourism, Florianopolis, Brazil, on 28-29 October 2013
Conference on ISTO and its global activities, São Paulo, Brazil, on 1 November 2013
Seminar on accessible tourism, Sonora, Mexico, on 28-29 November 2013
Training on accessible tourism, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 10-12 March 2014
"Tianguis Turistico Mexico 2014", Cancun, 6-9 May 2014
2nd UNWTO Knowledge Network Global Forum, Mexico, 28-30 May 2014
Adventure Travel Mexico marketplace – ATMEX 2014, Chiapas 26-29 August 2014
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
ISTO Europe
The appointment of a specific director for ISTO Europe, Luc Gobin, gave momentum to the section
and resulted in the definition of new actions in three directions: establishing a strategy, participating
in the initiatives of the European Commission on senior and youth tourism, and meetings with
Establishing a strategy
A strategy has been established for the next five years. Entitled "A European travel experience for
everyone", this strategy results from discussions with members from multiple countries who
expressed their expectations, and debates that took place during the two meetings of the
coordination committee of the Europe section.
The strategy focuses on four priorities, namely the dissemination of the Memorandum, the definition
of a vision for Europe, the preparation of an action plan
and the structure of the coordination committee.
The Memorandum "Tourism for All: a European
challenge", adopted during the last European forum and
translated into 7 languages, was widely disseminated to
members and partners of ISTO, Members of the
European Parliament and European political groups, and
to other European Union institutions.
The Coordination Committee of ISTO Europe, led by Jean-Claude Nérisson (ANVM – France), Michel
Vandendriessche (PASAR – Belgium) and Fabrizio Pozzoli (Federcultura Turismo – Italy) met twice.
The first meeting was held in Madrid, on 8 April 2014, in conjunction with ISTO Board of Directors.
During this meeting, Pedro Ortun, director in charge of tourism at the European Commission,
presented the main aspects of EU policy on tourism. The Committee met a second time on 16 June in
Participating in the initiatives of the European Commission
The tourism unit (DG Enterprise and Industry) at the European Commission has launched an
important action to develop senior tourism in Europe. In this framework, ISTO Europe contributed, as
part of a group of experts to draft an action plan on senior tourism in Europe for 2014-2020.
Still in this context, ISTO, along with a group of partners from 7 countries, was selected as a result of
a call for projects, to conduct the SENTOUR project (Senior Tourism). This €485,000 project –with
70% funding from the European Commission–, started on 1 September 2014 for a 16-month period.
Its purpose is to identify the mechanisms and offer programmes that would facilitate the mobility of
seniors between the participating countries, namely Germany (Think Camp), Belgium (FLOREAL
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Group), Spain (Tourism Institute of the Region of Murcia), France (ANCV), Italy (Happy Age), Portugal
(INATEL Foundation), and Slovenia (Urban Planning Institute).
Project partners of the SENTour project
ISTO Europe also attended a meeting held by the tourism unit, related to the preparation of a call for
projects on youth tourism.
Additionally, ISTO representatives attended several events organised by the European Commission,
European Tourism Day, in Brussels on 12 November 2013
Conference on accessible tourism in Brussels, on 3-4 December 2013
Conference on "Destination Europe 2020", in Brussels, on 12 February 2014
EU Infoday on tourism funding, on 20 March 2014
Workshop on IT tools for tourism, in Brussels, on 21 March 2014
Conference on Mind the Accessibility Gap, in Brussels, on 6 June 2014
Conference on Social developments in the European Union 2013, in Brussels, on 1 July 2014
ISTO welcomes the mutual trust and work atmosphere with the tourism unit all over the year.
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Meetings with members
In order to strengthen the
relation with the members that
are active in the countries most
namely Belgium, Italy and
organised in Brussels, on 11
March at ISTO headquarters, in
Roma, on 15 May at the head
office of the Confcooperative,
and in Paris, on 11 June at FIAP
Jean Monnet. Those informal Meeting with the Italian ISTO members in Rome
meetings, attended by 15 to 25
participants, gave an opportunity to discuss on ISTO activities and members' expectations.
Relationship with European networks
ISTO has maintained its cooperation with the
multiple European networks with which it has
partnership agreements, namely ENAT, EFFAT,
EARTH, and NECSTouR. ISTO met with
representatives of NECSTouR for greater
synergy, and attended EARTH conference on
"European Realities of responsible tourism", in
Brussels on 2 December 2013.
As a member, ISTO attended the meetings of
ISTO partners at the European Social Tourism Forum in 2013,
Blankenberge (Belgium)
the European Travel and Tourism Advisory
Group (ETAG).
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
ISTO Africa
ISTO Africa, founded 10 years ago, is chaired by Bassirou Diarra and coordinated by Sory Ibrahima
Waigalo from the section secretariat in Bamako, Mali.
Despite the difficult situation in several countries of the region, the section has been very active:
a second newsletter, entitled "Nouvelles d’Afrique" was released in May 2014;
the head of the section secretariat, Sory I. Waigalo, travelled to Brussels in June 2014, for a
one-week visit, in order to gain a good knowledge of ISTO actions. He also attended the
World responsible tourism day, with ISTO president in Paris, where he met with the persons
in charge of UNAT and ATES. This visit resulted in the preparation of an agenda, including
priority actions, in tandem with ISTO director;
the organisation of a press conference in Bamako on 21 August 2014 attended by
representatives of the Ministry for Tourism and Handicraft of Mali, journalists, and
associations. It gave the opportunity to share the action of ISTO and the goals of the Africa
contacts have been established with the West African Economic and Monetary Union
a campaign to inform and attract new members has been conducted towards public and
private bodies;
the section strengthened the communication with African members, created a Facebook
page for the Africa section and attended ISTO Board of Directors in Madrid.
Sory Ibrahima Waïgalo of ISTO Africa, visits
the office in Brussels
Bassirou Diarra, responsible for ISTO
Africa, at the press conference in Bamako
ISTO was also invited by the Angola Ministry of tourism to attend the 1st National forum on social
tourism, organised with the support of INATEL. During the event, ISTO president gave a speech in
front of the representatives of the public and private sectors involved in the Angolan tourism sector.
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
More than 50 years after its creation, ISTO is and remains the only international organisation that
focuses specifically on issues related to access to leisure activities, holidays and tourism for all. The
activities carried out by ISTO over the year in different regions of the world, prove that this topic is of
great interest to many organisations.
In an increasingly complex and volatile international environment, impacted by many crises,
"Tourism for All" may look like a minor concern, given the emergencies that need to be addressed for
many population groups; both in developed countries with low growth rates and in emerging
countries willing to balance their growth which is often poorly controlled. However, the activities led
by ISTO and its members, even if they may only represent a single drop in an ocean of needs, actually
respond to the aspirations of millions of citizens worldwide to gain access to holidays and tourism.
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all
Board of Directors of ISTO
BundesForum Kinder-ind Jugendreisen
Ritva Marx
Gîtes d’Etape du CBTJ
Eric Wolters
Joie et Vacances asbl
Alain Clauwaert
Pasar vzw
Michel Vandendriessche
Philip Delmotte
Conseil Québécois du Loisir – CQL
Sonia Vaillancourt
Global Tourisme
Pierre Tremblay
Alain Guinot
Jeunesse au Plein Air – JPA
Jacques Durand
Union Nationale des Associations du Tourisme – UNAT
Patrick Brault
Vacances Léo Lagrange
Frédéric Rosmini
Centro Turistico Giovanile – CTG
Maria Quartulli
Federcultura / Confcooperative
Fabrizio Pozzoli
Federazione Italiana Tempo Libero - FITEL
Giovanni Ciarlone
Federazione Italiana Turismo Sociale – FITUS
Bruno Molea
Association Malienne pour la Promotion du Tourisme Social – AMPTS
Bassirou Diarra
Fundaçaõ INATEL
Anabela Correia
Evgueniy Trofimov
Mutuelle Générale des Entreprises de Services
Béchir Ben Amor
Fest Travel
Faruk Pekin
20 organisations
Commissariat Général au Tourisme – CGT
Alain Brohez
Toerisme Vlaanderen
Peter De Wilde
Direcció General de Turisme – Generalitat de Catalunya
Marian Muro
Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales - IMSERSO
Manuel Dominguez
Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine
Renaud Lagrave
Conseil Régional du Nord-Pas de Calais
Chrisitne Batteux
Greek National Tourism Organisation
Ioulia Kouremenou
I Borghi piu’ Belli d’Italia
Fiorello Primi
Regione Emilia Romagna
Paola Castellini
9 organisations
Executive Committee of ISTO
Jean Marc Mignon
Sonia Vaillancourt
Alain Clauwaert
Fabrizio Pozzoli
Filip Delmotte
Maurizio Davolio
Jacques Perreault
Bassirou Diarra
Paola Castellini
Yves Godin
Charles Etienne Bélanger
Luc Gobin
President - Elected member
Vice President - Elected member
Vice President - Elected member
Vice President - Elected member
Treasurer - Elected Member
Representative ACI 1
President ISTO Americas
Representative ISTO Africa
Coordinator ISTO Network
General Secretary 2
Director² ISTO Europe
According to the agreement signed with the International Cooperative Alliance
² According to the Statutes, the appointed Secretary General and the Director also
serve on the Executive Committee without voting rights
Activity Report ISTO 2013-2014 A fair and sustainable tourism for all