2013-07-23 Romsdals Budstikke



2013-07-23 Romsdals Budstikke
Satisfied: General Manager Knut Silseth and Housing Manager Venke Hovde in the Student
Welfare Association for the regions Romsdal and Nordmøre consider Molde Campus to have
Norway’s finest view.
Nothing can compare with this
The Student Welfare Association’s new housing project is immediately ready for
moving in.
Published: 23.07.2013 at 21:43
Last updated: 24.07.2013 at 14:01
- We are very satisfied. Both the location and the housing units look very good, says General Manager of
the Student Welfare Association for the regions Romsdal and Nordmøre, Knut Silseth, to the newspaper
Romsdals Budstikke.
New building
In Kvam, only a stone’s throw west of Molde University College, stand the three small blocks that are
immediately ready for moving in. Molde Campus is the latest residential project of the Student Welfare
Association that shall relieve the situation with student growth in the city, as well as with the old houses
that were previously offered on Fabrikkvegen.
Many people have noticed the small blocks that have risen so quickly, located between the University
College and the Skrenten housing cooperative. Most remarkable with the new student housing is the view.
If a student draws a “winning lottery ticket” here, he or she can get a south-facing apartment on the third
floor. From there one has an impeccable view over the fjord and mountains.
Advantage of Molde
- Here you can see the whole Molde panorama. I don’t think there is any student housing in Norway that
can compare itself with this, says Silseth.
- In my opinion it is an advantage for Molde to be able to promote itself in this way with students. Maybe
they want to stay here after their college years.
Most single rooms are only 18.5 square meters but each still contains its own bedroom, bathroom and
living room with kitchen. Twin rooms, which have 44 square meters total, have two bedrooms as well as
a bigger kitchen/living room.
Same price
The price is the same for everybody, regardless of whether you end up in a twin or single room, or
whether you get a fantastic view or not.
- We take 4500 Norwegian kroner for rent, including electricity and Internet, says Housing Manager
Venke Hovde.
- If we don’t take the same price, it becomes very difficult to differentiate the various options, she
Stylish façade
It is Kosbergs Arkitektkontor, which has designed Molde Campus. The blocks consist of modules built in
the Baltic States.
- To keep the prices down most has been made ready in Estonia. We were afraid for a moment that the
blocks would look like large barracks, but with the aid of among other things great colours this has been
solved, explains Silseth.
State support
In total Molde Campus cost 110 million Norwegian kroner. The Student Welfare Association has
received great help from the state to finance the construction.
- Public funds cover one-third of each unit, which costs about 600,000 Norwegian kroner. The rest is
financed by a loan from Husbanken, he concludes.
Molde Campus
The Student Welfare Association in new houses in Romsdal and Nordmøre close to the Molde
University College
Planned since 2007.
Replaces student housing Fabrikkvegen.
Price: 110 million Norwegian kroner
Located some hundred meters west of University College
Consists of three blocks, with space for 160 students
112 of the units are single rooms while 24 are twin rooms
Most probably student Norway´s finest view.
Ready to move in on August 12.
The school year starts on August 22.
The Molde Campus is straight away ready to be moved in.
Molde Campus, seen from the west side.
The south side of the Molde Campus with the Rica Seilet Hotel in the east.
There is little space in single rooms but the solutions are good.
There is little space in single rooms but the solutions are good.
Housing Manager Venke Hovde shows the practical
Lockers, where there is also room for suitcases and
The handicap rooms also have walk-in closets.
The twin rooms (44m2) are over twice as large as the single rooms (18,5m2)
The Molde Campus has a total of nine handicap rooms. These are larger than usual single rooms but cost
the same to rent.
The Student Welfare Association hopes that
the students will become adept at recycling.
The view from the Molde Campus is impeccable.
The bathrooms are not large either, but there
is still room for a sink, a toilet and a shower.
The view from the south-facing rooms is absolutely phenomenal, and one can see the whole
Molde panorama. Here westward.
The view from the south-facing rooms is absolutely phenomenal, and one can see the whole
Molde panorama. Here westward.
As part of a new RIR project, recycling stations shall be placed here.
The floors are marked with different colours. Large number will also be set up on each floor.
This will help the visually impaired, while providing a stylish and modern impression.
Molde Campus, seen from the west. The new recycling stations of RIR shall be set up here.
Instead of taking ten Norwegian kroner for washing and ten for drying the Student Welfare
Association has decided to take 20 Norwegian kroner for the whole package. That way they will
get students to dry fewer clothes in the rooms and in the hallway.
It should be possible to order washing time over the Internet, and a modern electronic system
shall register the payment to the room.