Basic InnoVia



Basic InnoVia
Basic InnoVia
Computer Training Guide
REALTORS® Association of Northeast Wisconsin
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
September, 2005
Logging In:
1. Go to the RANW website (
2. Click the InnoVia Login link; the InnoVia login screen will appear.
(Note: Do not set the InnoVia login page as a browser Favorite - if you wish to set a
Favorite for your convenience, please use the RANW website instead.)
3. Enter your MLS username and password in the appropriate fields. Be sure
to enter your login and password in lower case letters.
4. Click the Login button (or hit the Enter key on your keyboard).
“By logging into this site through use of your MLS password, you are
acknowledging that you will be bound by the Rules and Regulations of
the RANW MLS, and all licensing agreements therein. RANW MLS
grants to authorized MLS users only, a terminable non-exclusive, nontransferable license to use the MLS data under terms and restrictions
outlined in the MLS rules.”
Do not share your User ID and Password!
My InnoVia
Upon login, My InnoVia will be the first screen to appear.
The left column of the My InnoVia screen is personalized for each member. Here, you will find a Hotsheet for your
market area, links to your Active (Contingent and Pending) Inventory, notices of expiring listings and/or prospect
records, as well as links to all prospect records and a quick-open option for Residential prospects.
Board News is generated from the Board office, and may contain messages regarding MLS system maintenance,
upcoming events, or other important information for members.
The Bulletin Board offers members the opportunity to share information with other RANW MLS members.
To view Board News and Bulletin messages:
Click on the blue title link to view the full text of a message.
The full text window includes Print and Close buttons for your convenience.
My InnoVia includes quick link buttons to access MLS Documents and Help Topics (both are also available under
the Misc. menu), and the Super CMA (also found under the Reports menu).
Links of Interest are provided for member convenience, allowing one-click access to the websites of RANW, NAR,
WRA, and Also included on My InnoVia are local weather statistics for your market area, provided by
The Weather Channel.
Quick Search
1. Using the pull-down menu, choose List Price, Street Number, or MLS
2. In the second box, enter the exact price, name, or number you wish to find;
3. Click the Go button.
All listings (cross property type) that exactly match the value you entered will
appear in a oneliner display.
Searching in InnoVia:
Click the black menu button titled Search, and select the property type you wish to use. (For this
guide, we will use the Residential property type. Note that all of InnoVia’s screens are very similar to
this example.)
The InnoVia property type search screens are separated into left and right frames (with the menu
buttons always appearing across the top of the screen - see image above).
The left side of the screen should be considered the “control panel” for the search. The right
side of the screen is the criteria selection area (see pages 6 and 7 for information on how to use
the criteria selection fields).
The Selected Criteria window provides shorthand information detailing what criteria you have selected.
It is not possible to delete or change criteria selections from within this window; all criteria selections are
made on the right side of the screen.
The Count Records box is checked by default. When you
execute your search, a pop-up window will appear and let
you know how many listings match your search criteria.
There are two pull-down menus for Sorting and
Display options. You can choose to sort your search
results or select a display before executing your search, or
while reviewing your search results.
3 & 4.
The Select All checkbox allows you to quickly select all listings in your search results before clicking the Use Checked
button. Clicking the Select All checkbox a second time will
un-select all listings. If you select more than 75 listings, the
Use Checked button will not work.
When the Display Criteria box is checked, all displays
printed will include the shorthand criteria information from
the Selected Criteria box at the bottom of each printout. This
often makes one-page displays run on to two pages.
The legend (Low Value, High Value) is there to remind you
that in places where you see an L or an H, the L is where you
enter the Low value, and the H is where you enter the High
value. (See page 6 for additional options when entering
criteria into a Range field.)
The Search button that appears below the display
menu is the button used to execute your search.
The Email button allows you to email displays from
InnoVia. Email can also be accessed through the Use
Checked button.
Return to Search takes you from your results screen
back to the search criteria screen with the criteria of
the last search still selected. You may then edit the
criteria and perform a new search.
(Do not use the Back button to go from search results
to the search criteria screen and edit the criteria selections. If you use the Back button, your criteria selections may be cleared from the screen, and the results
of your next search may not be accurate.)
The Reset button will clear your criteria selections,
and present you with a fresh screen. Using the black
Search button at the top of the screen to select a new
property type will also clear your current screen.
(There is no “Are you sure?” prompt before the
criteria is erased.)
Use Checked allows you to select certain properties from a list of search results and then use
only those properties for printing, email, mapping, CMAs, or changing displays. Do not select
more than 75 listings total, or the Use Checked button will not work. You may Regroup up to
75 listings; the number of listings that can be used for the other options in the Use Checked
window will vary. See page 10 for more information on Use Checked options.
InnoVia offers members the option to save search criteria in the system, and even have any new
or price-changed properties that match the search criteria emailed to you automatically. You
can save the criteria as a Search (which does not include the email option), or as a Prospect
(which offers the option of emailing yourself alone, or yourself and your client) using the Save
Search and Save Prospect buttons.
Get Search and Get Prospect allow you to retrieve the saved search criteria.
See pages 12-13 for step-by-step instructions on saving and editing Prospect records.
Searching in InnoVia:
Quickly Searching by MLS Number:
If you know the MLS numbers for the properties you need to retrieve, you can quickly pull up
those listings by number, rather than by criteria.
Enter the MLS number (or multiple numbers separated by commas), select the display you wish to
use, then execute your search.
(You can also search by an MLS number range (example: 20501000 to 20501075), and your search results will contain
all listings for this property type within that range of numbers.)
Selecting Search Criteria (on the right side of the screen):
Help: Each criteria selection field on InnoVia’s search screens has a “Help” link, indicated with a
posted to inform members how to make their selections. Click on the Help link to open a new browser window
with the Help tips; when you have finished reading the instructions, close that window to return to the InnoVia
search screen.
There are four basic criteria selection options:
1. Pick List:
In a pick list:
1. Click on the criteria option you desire.
2. Use your mouse to click-hold-drag to select more than one option, or
3. Click the first item, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and click
to select or un-select additional options.
2. Range Fields:
There are two types of range options:
When entering a number (not a date), you can enter a low value and a high value, or
just a low value followed by a plus sign (example: 100000+). List Price, Selling
Price, Bedrooms, Acreage, and Square Footage all use this type of range field.
When entering a date (manually), you may use a 6-digit format (090104). When
you advance to the next field, the date will re-format (09/01/2004).
You may also use the calendar buttons to choose your Low and High dates.
Some date fields will allow you to use a T Minus option in the “low” field. T stands for “today,” the dash is
used as a “minus,” and then you enter the number of days you’d like to use. For example, T-7 stands for
Today minus 7 days, and would give you the last 7 day’s changes. Do not use “T Minus” to search more than
30 days back; instead, enter your low and high dates manually or use the calendar buttons.
3. Text Fields:
When searching the Remarks or Agent Remarks fields in InnoVia you can search on one
word at a time, using asterisks as “wildcards.”
Example: To search for a property described as charming, enter *charm* in the remarks
Other text fields, such as Street Name, Body of Water, and Builder Name, do not
require asterisks. In these fields, you can also search multiple words, separated
by commas.
4. Coded Features:
To use Coded Features in your search, click the Coded Features button.
A new screen will appear that contains select boxes for every coded feature option that
appears on a listing data sheet.
• Click in the select box for each feature you wish to include in your search criteria.
• If you wish to Omit a feature (so that no listing with that feature will appear in your
search results), click on both the select and omit boxes for that feature.
• When you are finished selecting or omitting features, click the Accept button at the
bottom of the screen.
Searching Residential Property Sub-Types:
The first page of the Residential listing data sheet
includes five property sub-type options: Waterfront,
New Construction, Farm, Condominium, and Twindominium.
Each listing agent will provide a Yes or No answer to
each sub-type category, and this information will be
included for each property listed in the MLS.
The Residential search screen offers members an
option to Include or Exclude any or all property subtypes to narrow their search to specific sub-types.
When Including property sub-types, members also
have the option of using an Default Search option or
an Any / Or option for included types.
Please see page 8 for detailed examples of sub-type
inclusion and exclusion.
RANW MLS FAQ - Sept. 2005: Using InnoVia’s New Residential Search Screen
Search Example #1 - Searching all Residential listings by Status
InnoVia’s new residential search screen is set up to retrieve all
property sub-types by default.
To search for Active listings, regardless of sub-type,
simply select the Active status.
With the example given at left, this search will return listings
that are currently active in the MLS, regardless of whether the
property sub-type fields have been completed as “Yes” or as
“No” on the data sheet.
This example shows the broadest option for searching Active
If you wish to narrow your search results to specific sub-types,
select the Status and then complete the Property Sub-Type
boxes (below the Status and Area fields on the search screen).
Search Example #2 - The “Default” Search
By completing the Search ONLY these Sub-Types field (in addition to Status), you are asking
that the search results be restricted to those listings where the property sub-type has been
designated as “Yes” on the listing data sheet.
By selecting both Waterfront and New Construction in the example at right, the search results
will contain only those listings where the property sub-type fields for Waterfront AND
New Construction were BOTH designated “Yes” on the data sheet.
Search Example #3 - The “ANY / OR” Search
Members may also use an “Any/Or” search when selecting property sub-types.
With this example, listings in the search results will have a “Yes” answer on the data sheet
in either the Waterfront OR New Construction sub-types, but not necessarily both.
This is a broader search than the ALL / AND search.
Search Example #4 - Excluding Property Sub-Types
Members may also exclude specific sub-types from their search results, even if no selections
are entered in the Search ONLY these Sub-Types section.
By selecting Exclude Condominium and Exclude Twindominium in the example to the right,
listings in the search results will not contain a “Yes” answer in either of those property
sub-type fields on the data sheet.
The “Matches Found” window:
When you execute your search (with the Count Records box checked), a popup window will appear telling you how many properties match your search
If you feel that you have too many or too few listings in your search results,
you can use Cancel to return to your search criteria and make changes.
The Continue and Printer Friendly Version buttons will both take you to
your search results, but each will handle the resulting listings in different
Printer Friendly will take all of the properties in your search results and put them in one long scrollable
list. As you review various displays, all properties remain in one long scrollable list. (Note, the more
properties you have in your search results, the longer it will take to build each different display.)
Using the Continue option will also take you to a list of search results, but the number of listings you see
will be limited based on the display you are using. The Oneliner (default) display lists up to 30 properties
per screen; if you have more than 30 matching listings, you will need to use the Next button to see the rest
of your listings. When you review other displays, you may only see one listing at a time, and will need to
use Next to view additional listing displays.
Do not use the Back button to return to the Criteria Selection screen from the Results Screen!
The next search you execute may contain incorrect listings, or corrupt a Prospect record you are working
Instead, use the Return to Search button, which will allow you to change your criteria and get reliable
results in your subsequent searches.
Reviewing your Search Results:
The default display (if no other is selected before executing the search) is the Oneliner display. This display has
the most commonly requested information about listings in a short, one line per listing, format.
The Sub Type column shows you whether each listing has a Yes or No answer in any of the residential property
sub-type categories (Waterfront, New Construction, Farm, Condo., Twindo.)
The buttons that appear in the Oneliner Display header can be used to sort the listings by that column (MLS
number, Area, Address, List Price, List Firm, or List Agent). Use the Sort Results By menu on the left side of
the InnoVia screen for additional sorting options.
On any display in InnoVia:
Clicking on the MLS number link brings up the Customer display for that particular listing.
Clicking on the Street Address link brings up a Mapquest map of the property location. (Please review the
map information. Although most maps are accurate, we cannot guarantee that each map will portray the
exact location, particularly for rural or vacant land listings.)
Clicking on the Firm number link brings up contact information for the listing firm.
Clicking on the Agent number link brings up the Agent display for the listing agent.
To select a different display for all listings in your search results, use the pull-down display menu on the left
side of the screen and click on the desired display. Your screen will change automatically (no need to hit the
Next button) to the new display.
The Display menu is divided into three sections:
Agent-Use Displays: The Oneliner through Totals Only Oneliner are designed to be used by Agents only. In
particular, the Full Member Only Display (a confidential display for members only) includes commission
information, Agent-Only remarks, How to Show coded features, and the name and telephone number for the
Listing Agent/Office so should never be given to a client.
Client-Based Displays: The Customer through Agent Displays are specifically designed as client handouts.
Some of these displays offer multiple photos, or add your own photo/contact information in a “Prepared by:”
section. (Note: to use the Magazine displays, you must re-group your listings into that display using the Use
Checked option - see below for more information on Use Checked.)
Downloads: Appearing below the Agent Display are a variety of download options.
The Use Checked button:
Chances are you will not want to use every listing that appears in your search results. The Use Checked option
offers you the ability to narrow your list and print, email, create a Mapquest map, or create CMAs. You can also
re-sort or change displays at the same time.
1. As you review your search results, select the listings you want to use by clicking once to put a check mark in
the Select box. (See the image of the Oneliner display on page 9 - the Sel box is the first column on the
Oneliner, and may also appear on other displays.)
2. After you have selected the listings, click on the Use
Checked button. The Selected Data window will
3. The default option is to Re-Group your listings; this
narrows down your list of search results to only those
properties you have selected. To choose a different
option, click the circle that corresponds to the new
4. If desired, choose a new sorting option from the
pull-down menu.
5. If desired, choose a new display from the pull-down menu.
6. Click the Next button to execute your selections.
How Many Listings Can I Use With Use Checked?
Print: Up to 75 listings. Please note: depending on the number of
listings you choose, and the display option you select in Step 3 of the
Selected Data window, the process of sending the print job to your
printer may take a very long time, or your printer may not accept it.
Re-Group: Up to 75 listings. To Re-Group is to reduce your list of
results to only those properties you have selected with a check mark.
Email: 10 listings maximum; however, fewer is often better.
Depending on which display you choose (multiple photos, maps,
contact information) emailing fewer than 10 listings at a time may
provide better system performance and faster email generation.
Slide Show: Up to 25 listings. The Slide Show offers 21 different template options to choose from, and makes a
great presentation to showcase listings.
View Map: 15 maximum. The map that is generated will be best if the 15 listings are within a fairly close
proximity. Also, the map location of each listing is dependent on the listing using a 9-digit zip code, as required
by MLS.
CMA (Residential Properties Only): 3 listings maximum. The standard CMA allows members to make adjustments for Appreciation, Square Footage, and other system or manually created fields in a quick worksheet format.
Horizontal CMA (Residential Properties Only): 25 listings maximum. The Horizontal CMA uses the same adjustment options as the standard CMA, but uses a horizontal row layout and allows members to select more than 3
Tips for Printing InnoVia’s Displays:
InnoVia is a framed website, meaning that - behind the scenes - it is broken into separate sections on the
page. The top menu bar is one frame, the left column with the Selected Criteria window and Search button is another frame, and the main part of the screen (where the search criteria and displays appear) is a
third frame.
When printing using the Print button on the browser toolbar, or the File - Print command, the frame
currently active (the last frame that you touched) will be the page that is printed. To ensure that you are
actually printing the display, click on the main part of the screen before using the Print button.
Another way to print a display is to right-click on the display. When you right-click (clicking once
with the right-side mouse button) a mini-menu appears, and you can select Print by clicking on it with
the left-side mouse button. Using the right-click option allows you to specifically select the frame you
want to print, and will avoid printing the wrong part of the screen by mistake.
(When using right-click, do not right-click on a hyperlink or image - the mini-menu that appears is
customized to those functions, and will not print the entire display.)
Recommended Printer Settings:
• All margins should be set at .25”
• No header or footer text
• For print setup instructions, see RANW MLS’s Internet Browser Setup Guide.
InnoVia allows members to enter search criteria for a client, save it in the system, and ask InnoVia to search
the system every night and email any New or Price Change listings that match that search criteria to the
member and, if requested, to the client as well!
Select your search criteria, but do not execute the search.
On the left side of the screen, click the Save Prospect button. The “Save a Prospect” screen will appear.
There are 5 fields that should be completed for every new prospect record:
Click to put a check mark in the New
Enter an expiration date for the
prospect record. This should be a date
in the future where automatic emails
will not be needed (the maximum time
limit is 365 days).
Enter a Prospect Title. At a minimum,
this should contain the prospect’s name
and the type of search that is being
performed (Mary Smith Residential).
Enter the first name and last name of
your prospect.
Address and telephone information can be included as well. Please be aware that this information can
not be extracted from InnoVia and merged with letters or labels at this time. The only way to review
this information is from the “Save A Prospect” screen or the InnoVia Prospects report.
To set up the prospect record to send automatic emails to YOU:
• Click to put a check mark in the Email Me box. The automatic email will be sent to the email
address in your membership record at RANW.
To set up the prospect record to send automatic emails to YOUR CLIENT:
Enter the client’s email address in the Email Address box. (One email address per prospect record.)
Click to put a check mark in the Email My Prospect box (you must check Email Me as well).
Enter a short message (250 character maximum) in the Prospect Email Message box. This
message will be delivered, along with a link to the Customer Display for matching listings, every
day that prospect matches are found.
IMPORTANT: Do not use asterisks (*) or other characters ($, %, etc.) on this screen!
To save your prospect, click the OK button at the bottom of the Prospect Save window. Your screen
will go blank, then a message will appear giving you the Prospect ID number for this prospect record.
Remember, prospect emails will be generated each day only if there are New or Price Change listings
that match your search criteria.
Retrieving a Prospect Record:
To retrieve your prospect record, you must be on the same type of search screen that the prospect was
saved under. (For a Residential prospect, you must be on the Residential search screen.)
1. On the left side of the screen, click the Get Prospect button.
A new window will pop up on your screen.
2. Use the pull-down menu to find the prospect you wish to retrieve, and click on the name so that it appears highlighted.
3. Click the Continue button that appears below the pull-down
menu. The search criteria for your prospect will fill in on the
screen, and the pop-up window will disappear.
At this point you can execute a search using this criteria, or make criteria changes.
To save criteria changes OR to access the “Save A Prospect” screen, click the Save Prospect button.
• When the “Save A Prospect” screen appears, you can edit your client information if desired.
• To save changes (to criteria or client information) click the OK button at the bottom of the “Save A
Prospect” screen.
• Use the Cancel button if you do not wish to save any changes.
• The Delete button will permanently delete this prospect record. If you delete a prospect by accident,
you will need to re-enter the search criteria and prospect information.
Emailing Displays using InnoVia’s Email feature:
In addition to offering automatic prospect email, InnoVia allows you to select and send displays manually using InnoVia’s Email feature.
1. Perform your search, and select the properties you wish to send via email. We recommend that you
choose no more than 10 listings at one time.
2. Click the Use Checked button.
From the Selected Data window, you can select
either Email or Re-Group in section #1. (See
note below.)
Choose the display you would like to send in
section #3.
Click the Next button at the bottom of the
Using the Email option in section #1 will take you
directly to the Email Display.
Using the Re-Group option in section #1 will give you another chance to review the listings
you’ve selected, as well as to review/change the display you are sending.
• When you are satisfied with the listings selected, and are viewing those listings using the
display you would like to send click on the Email button on the left side of the screen
and the Email Display will appear.
Emailing Displays, continued
Whether you select Email from the Selected Data
window or the Email button found on the left side of
the search results screen, you will see the same Email Display window.
When you enter your prospect information, if you
include a first name, last name, and email address, that client’s name appears in the Prospects window.
If you would like to send this email to any of these clients, click their name to highlight it.
If you do not wish to send this email to any of these clients, do not click on their name.
If you click a prospect name by accident, remember that
you can use Control+Click to un-select the name.
Additional To:
This field allows you to type in an email address (or multiple addresses, separated by commas). It is not necessary
to include your own email address; InnoVia will automatically send a copy of this email to the address on file in
your membership record.
Displays the email address on file in RANW’s membership database for the person logged in to InnoVia. This is
the address where you will receive your copy of this email. (Members must have an email address on file or they
will be unable to utilize InnoVia’s email features.)
Type in a short subject line for this email message.
Type in a short (240 character maximum) email message to be delivered along with the listing displays.
Mail Type:
• Sending displays in TEXT format is the default. TEXT format creates a hyperlink that is inserted into the
email message. When you or your client click on the link, the listing displays appear in one long scrollable
• When you send listing displays in HTML format, the displays will appear within the email message as soon as
the message is opened. Unfortunately, not all email programs are able to read HTML messages.
When you are ready to send the message, click the Send It button.
If you do not want to send the message, click the Cancel button.
My Email:
The My Email button will attempt to open the default email program (usually Outlook or Outlook Express)
installed on the computer you are using, open a new “compose” window, and insert a hyperlink to the listing
displays selected. Because you are then using your default email program, you can use your own address book,
signature file, and other settings (including automatically copying yourself on each message if applicable). The
email program that opens via the My Email function is dependent on the configuration of each individual
Using InnoVia’s Bulletin Board:
My InnoVia is the first screen to appear when a member logs into InnoVia.
Along with personalized listing and prospect
information, My InnoVia includes Board
News (messages generated by Board office
staff) and a Bulletin Board section (messages
posted by members).
Click on the News or Bulletin headline to
view the full text of a message in a new
pop-up window.
Print and Close buttons are provided at the
bottom of each full text pop-up window.
Add Your Own Bulletin Board Messages:
Select MISC-Bulletin Maintenance. The screen
that appears is used to search for a current message
that you wish to edit or delete.
Click the Add New button on the left side of the
screen. The Bulletin Entry screen will then
appear. Be sure to review the message guidelines
at the bottom of the bulletin entry screen!
Complete all fields, using the pull-down menus
and typing in your text as applicable (see next
page for a detailed description of each field).
When your Bulletin entries are complete, click on
the Save button on the left side of the screen.
Wait for your screen to go blank, and the entry
confirmation message to appear.
If you entered today’s date as the effective date and would
like to review your message:
• Click the Home button on InnoVia’s menu bar to
return to My InnoVia.
• Use your mouse to right-click on a blank part of the My
InnoVia screen, then select Refresh from the mini menu
that appears.
• Your new bulletin message will appear at the top of the
Bulletin Board.
Bulletin Message Entry Fields:
Effective Date: Enter the date you wish the bulletin to appear on the system. You may enter the date in 6-digit
format (080105) and when you move to the next field the date will reformat into an 8-digit field (08/01/2005).
Expiration Date: Enter the date the bulletin should be removed from the system. Like the Effective Date, you can
enter a 6-digit date. Messages will expire at the end of the day on the Expiration Date specified. (Messages may not
be left on the Bulletin Board longer than 30 days.)
Type: Choose a Bulletin type from the pull-down menu. (Messages must be related only to MLS properties, may not
offer self-promotion or services independent of the MLS.)
Special Note: APPR-Appraiser Message Bulletin Type
Appraiser members have a separate Bulletin Board on My InnoVia where they may post
information including appraisal details for non-MLS properties.
Only appraiser members should use the APPR-Appraiser Message bulletin type.
MLS Number: Enter the MLS number of the listing you are advertising with your Bulletin message. When your
message is viewed on the Bulletin Board the MLS number entered here will be used as a link to the Customer display
of the listing. (MLS number is required unless your message is seeking a property for your buyer.)
Bulletin Headline: Enter a short, descriptive headline for your message. This is the text that other members will
click to read the full text of your bulletin. The Bulletin Headline is limited to 60 characters.
Bulletin Detail: Enter the full text of your message. Be sure to include the MLS number of the listing in either the
headline or full text of your message. The Bulletin Detail is limited to 250 characters.
Edit Your Own Bulletin Board Messages:
Select MISC-Bulletin Maintenance. The screen that
appears is used to search for a current message that you
wish to edit or delete.
The easiest way to retrieve your bulletin is to enter the
Bulletin ID in the proper field, and then click the Search
button on the left side of the screen. (The Bulletin ID is
found below the headline of your message.)
When the “oneliner” search results appear on screen, click the Bulletin ID
number to open the “edit” screen.
To Edit Your Message: Make any desired changes to your bulletin message, and then
click the Save button on the left side of the screen.
To Delete Your Message: Click the Delete button on the left side of the screen.
MISC - Users Preference
The Users Preference section of InnoVia allows you to change your MLS password, include a Bio and/or
Certification information on your Agent Display in InnoVia, and specify a Preferred Phone number that is
shown as part of your contact information on InnoVia displays.
1. Select MISC - Users Preference
2. Enter your current MLS password in the
space indicated
3. Click the Submit button
Use the fields at the top of the
Users Preference screen to enter
or change your Password, Bio,
Certification information, or your
Preferred Phone.
When your changes are complete,
click the Submit button to save
your changes.
For member convenience, your Email address, Website address, and telephone numbers appear on the bottom
of the Users Preference screen.
This information can not be changed through InnoVia. To request that this information be updated, send an
email to the RANW Membership department (an email link is provided on the Users Preference screen). Your
data will be changed in your member record, and updated on InnoVia.
The email address for Cheryl Dreger in the Membership department is: [email protected]
MISC - Agent Photo Upload:
Add or update your Agent Photo and within 30 minutes your new picture will appear on InnoVia’s Customer,
Customer w/Gallery, and Agent displays.
1. Select MISC - Agent Photo Upload
2. Click the Browse button.
3. Use the “Find File” window that appears to
locate your photo file on your computer.
4. Double-click your photo file and you will
be returned to the Agent Photo Upload
5. Click the Upload button.
Note: Agent photo files must be in JPG format, and under 70K in size. Allow up to 30 minutes for processing.

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