Hamiota Leader June 2014



Hamiota Leader June 2014
June 2014
Rural Week 2014 for Medical Students
from the University of Manitoba
(Week of May 19th, 2014)
These future doctors are completing their first year
of medical school at the University of Manitoba.
Their stay in Hamiota is a one week exposure to
rural practice with the purpose of stimulating interest
in rural medicine at an early stage of training.
Dr. Karen Juce and Barb Cumming organized a
dinner at the Golf Course on Wednesday May21st.
Mayor Larry Oakden & Reeve Randy Lints welcomed
the students.
The large attendance expressed our community
Linda Pan
Emily Saganski
Here’s hoping they will return to
practice in Hamiota!
June 2014
Hamiota United Church has no permanent ministry, however plans have been
made to keep the church operating smoothly.
Rosalie Beamish of the Worship Committee has arranged for pulpit supply till end of June,
and looking for the fall. There will be no regular Sunday Services in Hamiota and Kenton United
Churches in July and August with services to resume on Sunday September 7th. For most of the
Sundays, trained lay persons and members of the congregation have agreed to take services. We hope
to arrange to have ordained clergy to come for communion and baptisms.
For funeral coverage Campbell Funeral Home has the names of United Church ministers as well as some
United Church trained lay persons, otherwise contact the persons below for contact information or assistance.
A joint Search Committee is being formed and will start to actively look for permanent ministry, but the reality
is that it may be many months before a minister can be found. Hamiota and Kenton United Churches will continue
to provide service to you and with your help will remain strong during this time.
For information anytime please call: Rosalie Beamish at (204)764-2108, Heather Dale at (204) 764-2541, or
Marianne Whyte at (204) 838-2408.
HCI Graduation !!
Wednesday, 7:30pm, June 25th, 2014
June 2014
Thank You to everyone who helped to make the
Hamiota Great Strides Walk to Fight Cystic Fibrosis such a success!!
Thank You to the local businesses, the Town of Hamiota, the RM of
Hamiota, and RM of Woodworth, and individuals for their sponsorship.
Thank You to the RBC staff who worked our raffle table and the local celebrities who took a pie in the
face to raise funds, as well as the staff and families of the students who supported our baked sale.
Special Thank You to the 100 people who took part in the walk and collected pledges.
In total, $16,400.80 was raised to advance Cystic Fibrosis research and care.
…………………………………..submitted by the HCI Great Strides Walk Organizing Committee
The Seniors Council has a list of kids willing to mow lawns for ‘seniors’ needing this service.
Call Veronica at (204) 764-2658 for names and phone numbers of those willing to help our seniors!!
Hamiota Centennial Library - “Pave the Way” Contact Larry Oakden at (204) 764-2847
to donate $50 (tax deductible) for your name on a paving stone.
“Ladies Golf” Every Tuesday: 9:30am in June, July, & August
9 Holes of Fun Golf !!
Come & Join Us !!
Important News from our Hamiota Lions Club !!!
Hamiota Lions Club
It seems like we have always got our hands out wanting you to help with this or
contribute to that and you have always come through and supported us. We thought we should let you know
what we have done this past month or so .We have given the school patrol kids $100.00 towards their school-end
party. Two sick kids have received $400.00 each to help defray their extra expenses. The Golf Club has received their fifth
instalment of $1000.00 towards the expansion of the course. The highway ditches are a lot cleaner because of our Hamiota
Collegiate students and we sponsor them for their work. The Purina dog guide walk was a very successful venture. Thanks to
grade 1 students, teachers & parents who went on the walk. Again you came through with contributions totaling $1341.35!!!
This has been sent to the Guide Dog school which in turn will help some individual who suffers from a disability, be it autism,
sight impairment, seizures, hard of hearing, or a diabetic.
Lions Foundation of Canada
Lions Dog Guides, located in Oakville Ont. was started in early 1980's as Canine Vision Canada and has since branched
out to include, hearing loss, service to physical handicapped, autism assistance; seizure response and diabetic alert.
Dogs are placed with people who have one of the above disabilities. It costs $25,000.00 to train each and every dog, but
the service is given at no cost to an eligible individual, anywhere in Canada. Dog Guides are not government sponsored and
rely solely on donations from individuals, corporate sponsors and service clubs such as Hamiota Lions Club.
The dogs are mainly Golden Retrievers, Labs, and Poodles and are born at Breslau, Ont. They are then fostered out to
volunteers who socialize the dogs for approximately 16 months. They are then sent to Oakville for further training. When an
application for help is received, someone from Guide Dogs goes to the persons place and interviews the applicant. If accepted,
the applicant goes to Oakville for 2 to 4 weeks for dog/person compatibility testing & training. The applicant keeps the dog for
the duration of its working life. If an applicant does not wish to keep the retired dog, it is returned to Oakville and is put up for
adoption to a good home.
This is the reason the Hamiota Lions Club sponsored the Purina Dog Walk on May 23rd and we want
to THANK the many people who generously supported the event!
……………..If you are interested in the program and want further information go to the website www.dogguides.com
June 2014
Hamiota Quitter Wins $1,000
Claudette Lynn of Hamiota is $1,000 richer because she decided to quit smoking and registered for The Manitoba Lung
Association’s ManitobaQuits contest earlier this year. The contest runs annually and participants register online with the goal
of simply remaining smoke free for the month of March. “We hope the initial quit attempt will ultimately lead to a smoke free
life,” says Tracy Fehr, Tobacco Reduction Coordinator for The Manitoba Lung Association. Statistics show that most smokers
will make 3-4 attempts before they will quit for good but health benefits begin immediately once a person does not smoke.
Twelve hundred people from all over Manitoba took part in the contest with five prizes of $1,000 awarded and additional
prize of $200 given to their “quit buddy”.
Lynn followed her boyfriend Rick’s lead when he decided to kick the smoking habit earlier this year. Rick, a former pack
and a half per day smoker, has a family history of heart disease & was experiencing shortness of breath, along with a smoker’s
cough and realized that he had to act before it was too late.
Lynn, a long time smoker, saw a flyer for ManitobaQuits at the hospital where she works as a supervisor in housekeeping/
laundry. The chance to win $1,000 prompted her to enter, but the decision to quit was in response to the constant urging of her
daughter. Her daughter, Savannah, is thirteen years old – the same age Claudette was when she began smoking.
Rick signed on as Claudette’s quit buddy and they have supported one another through the process. Rick used the quit
smoking aid Chantix, while Claudette chose to go cold turkey. The prize money will be enjoyed by the family as they are
putting it into their favourite hobby, dirt bike racing.
Other winners were Peter Pomart and Rick Heisler, both from Winnipeg; Gayle Perley of Brandon and Arleigh Firby from
Minnedosa. You can find out more about ManitobaQuits or find help to quit smoking at www.mb.lung.ca
Vaccination Walk-In Clinic
Shoal Lake Veterinary
Will be at the Hamiota FIRE HALL !!
Veronica Menzies, Hamiota/Blanshard Seniors Council, would like to thank everyone for their
huge support once again of our Annual
Pie Auction Fundraiser………………………………..
We were very fortunate to receive so many donations of pies, baking, door prizes and other auction
prizes, as well as the numerous cash donations which made the event a tremendous success. The whole
thing would not have been possible without the endless organizational skills of Dana Routledge who
continued this event even though she was no longer employed with the Hamiota Seniors Council. She also brought her
entourage of friends and family willing to give up their Friday night for this fundraiser. Ray Brethour was our auctioneer for
our early bird pie auction Friday morning and Ken Hudson had the honor of auctioneering for the evening event. We thank
both of them for their services as well the Hamiota Hotel for their support. Kaitlyn Campbell and Evie Routledge were both
kept busy showing off the wares while the Hamiota Drama Club provided the entertainment. The high school student council
were busy providing refreshments.
This year the proceeds of the fundraiser are to provide much needed radios for our local fire department and the remainder
is for our summer students’ funding for the many summer activities that will occur for our seniors. Due to the generosity of
everyone who attended or purchased via telephone we raised $7,150, making both of our goals achievable. FANTASTIC!
We truly live in a great community where the support for our event is always overwhelming.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting such a worthwhile cause.
Look forward to seeing everyone next year!
June 2014
At the Arts Center
Friday, June 13th, at 7:30 p.m. we have a fresh face performing at the Heritage Arts Centre.
Winnipeg-based Sean Burns is a 30 year singer/songwriter making a name for himself across the
country. He has already three independent releases to his credit, and his down-to-earth story-telling style
will appeal to those who love Canadiana, folk, country and blues. His music blends acoustic and electric
guitar with soulful harmonica and has hints of Steve Earle and Johnny Cash as influences. We're always trying to offer up
something different at the Art Centre to appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes, so this is an opportunity to show support for
new Canadian talent. Tickets are $15 and available at 764-2400.
Spend Saturday afternoon, June 21 with us and enjoy a little old-time and easy listening fiddling with Beth English and
her group "Fiddle Faddle" at the Arts Centre. Music starts at 2 p.m. and there will be cookies and juice available. Donation at
the door, so please drop in and enjoy the music!
A big Thank You! to Tom Dowden and all the crew who helped with the "Here Comes the Sun" concert. It was a relaxing
evening of smooth jazz (backed up on some songs by his jazz trio of Jaimie Rose, Bailey Wilson, and Joel Usick), great food,
and a great chance to visit with friends so thanks to everyone who made it such a success!
"Tea at the 'Old' Bank" is being served from 2-4 p.m. at the Heritage Arts Centre, so please join us any Thursday from
June through to the end of September! We love seeing you all and from time to time there will be visits from artists or maybe
even a little entertainment to add to the day. Our June 5 tea celebrated fashions from the Thrift Store with over 60 in attendance
to enjoy the fun.
A big THANKS to Elaine Rawlings and her crew for putting the fashion show together!
The new exhibition for the rest of the month of June is "Together", a collection of paintings by Rapid City artists Faye
Stelmack and Margo Eckberg, so have a look at their work when you drop in for tea. Margo is a farmwife who just started
painting three years ago, and both she and Faye are with the Brandon Palette Club. The July exhibition will be a collection of
work by Carol Forsyth of Oak River.
The Street Market and "Sidewalk Dog Cafe" will begin the first Thursday in July with live music outside each week. Our
first 'busker' on July 3, 11 a.m., is a favorite - George Rogers and friends - so we'll hope for sunshine to go with the great music!
Last, but certainly not least, we've set a date, Wednesday, August 6, for another “Show 'n Shine” to celebrate the August
exhibition of woodworker Harold Hogg of The Pas.
All vehicles are welcome from 6-9 p.m. so save the date on your calendar...and start polishing up those vehicles!
Gallery hours are Mon-Wed-Fri from 1-4 p.m. or leave a message anytime at 764-2400.
Looking forward to seeing you this summer!
On Friday, April 25, 2014
Gwenda Skayman attended a
Long Service Awards Banquet held in
the Manitoba Legislative Building.
There she received her
30 Year Long Service
Congratulations !!
Picture by Tracey Goncalves, MB Government Photographer
In the picture from left to right:
Dori Gingera-Beauchemin,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture;
Angela Pearen-Burnside,
GO Team Manager for South Parkland;
Gwenda Skayman, Extension Coordinator with the
Manitoba Agriculture Food & Rural Development; and
The Honourable Ron Kostyshyn,
Minister of Agriculture.
June 2014
Hamiota United Church Building
Celebrates 100 years
Sunday, June 14, 2014 saw
160 people gather at Hamiota
United Church to celebrate
100 years since the church was
built in 1914. The history of
the church community actually
begins in 1882 with both
Methodist and Presbyterian
roots. The Presbyterians built
their first church in 1892 and
replaced it with another in
1905. The first church for the
Methodists was built in 1894.
In 1913 the Methodist
congregation remodeled and
enlarged that first church with
the work being completed
towards the end of the year. On
February 10, 1914 the newly
renovated church burned to the
ground. And the history of the
current church building begins.
In spite of the need to go into debt to build the church, and in spite of the outbreak of World War I in August, the new church
was ready to be officially opened the first Sunday of December, 1914.
In addition to our regular congregation members, Sunday’s celebration brought back to the community some of the many
people whose families had been Hamiota United Church members. Three ministers who had served in Hamiota returned for the
special occasion. These included Ken Moffatt, Ralph Clark, and Barbara Rediker. Rev. Alex Barber’s wife Joyce and their son
John were also in attendance.
As to the church building itself, mention was made of the hollow red bricks of which the church is constructed, the
marvelous stained glass windows, each with a story of its own, and the wonderful acoustics of the sanctuary. The original
building was extended in 1962 with the addition of Chumah Hall on the north end. When the church burned in 1914, the
newspaper of the day stated: “And nothing was saved.” The focus of the service was to demonstrate that through the work that
has gone on within the walls of the church and the extended church community, the phrase “And nothing was saved” was
simply not true! The important role that music has played; the importance that children have always had within the church; the
significant work that women have carried out for the church, and the volunteer efforts of the men in maintaining the church
building itself, were all highlighted. The conclusion of the service focused on the idea that a church can be viewed in more than
one way. Some would suggest that the church is the people and that the building is of little consequence. When the celebration
is for a 100 year old church, the idea that the building is an important part of our Christian faith, must surely be stressed. Would
the community miss the big white United Church that sits on the highest point of land in the Town of Hamiota? Our service of
celebration concluded that the church building would certainly be missed!
Readers for the reflections on the life of the church included Rosalie Beamish, Barb Brown, Joan Foxton, Ron Houck,
Karen Mathison, Ruth McConnell, Ken Smith, and Vicki Smith. In addition to well chosen hymns, a variety of musical
selections provided support for the theme of the service. Allan Ranson, Jacinta Doupe, and Jaimie Rose provided individual
selections. Agnes Bridge and Linda Conner played a piano duet and provided accompaniments to other items. The trio of Ron
Houck, Rob Johnson, and Ken Smith provided a vocal selection. A children’s chorus, accompanied by Barb Brown, included
Kaitlyn Campbell, Alexis Dale, Emma McConnell, Carson Smith, and Danika Smith. The regular choir, accompanied by Linda
Conner, provided two anthems to support the overall direction of the service. The sanctuary, beautiful in itself, was enriched
with a lovely bouquet of flowers from Campbell Florists.
After the service everyone was invited to Chumah Hall to share in a tasty lunch prepared and served by the U.C.W.
Official cake cutters for the occasion were the three earliest members on the Historic Roll of Hamiota United Church: Helene
Dillon, Nora Kirk, and Marion Sheardown. Following lunch, people had the opportunity to view the display of photographs and
artifacts, many of them borrowed from Hamiota & District Archives. The display items, largely prepared and organized by
Vicki Smith, were assembled in Chumah Hall with the assistance of Betty Gregory, Barb Brown, and Ken Smith. The
organizing committee for the 100th Celebration included Rosalie Beamish, Barb Brown, Karen Mathison, Vicki Smith, and Ken
Smith. Sally Dale was the photographer for this special occasion!
All in attendance received a special book mark and program to keep as a memento of this historic day!
June 2014
Gallery Display - Margo Eckberg and Faye Stelmack of Rapid City
Tea at the "Old Bank" Assorted Desserts
2-4 pm
Singer/Songwriter - Sean Burns in Concert
Printing Press Demonstration
1-4 pm
"Fiddle Faddle" with Beth English and friends
2 pm
High School Graduation
Heritage Arts Centre
Heritage Arts Centre
Heritage Arts Centre
Isabella Museum
Heritage Arts Centre
Hamiota Collegiate Institute
Street Sale, Sidewalk 'Dog' Cafe, George Rogers 'busking'
Tea at the "Old" Bank - Canadian Dessert
Street Sale and Sidewalk Dogs, Kirk Family 'Buskers"
Tea at the "Old" Bank - Peach Slice
Fair Concert
Heritage Arts Centre
Heritage Arts Centre
Heritage Arts Centre
Heritage Arts Centre
Hamiota Curling Rink
2-4 pm
2-4 pm
6:30 pm
Weed Notes…………..….by Sid Lewis
It has been a well known fact in the Lewis family for years that even when not on the job
and the family are going from point A to point B, old Dad is checking ditches for weeds or
some other related reason. It seems when I am concentrating on a certain area I start turning
the steering wheel in that direction. A well timed, placed “SID WAKE UP!!!” from Terry
usually brings me back on course.
So far, when I am driving alone in the sprayer truck I am keeping a safer travel course.
Lately I have been watching for future brush control areas and luckily so far memory recall
has been good. Next summer if the replacement is a much younger person, they will just hit a button on their
highly expensive G.P.S unit installed in the truck to pinpoint the problem area for later.
Going past a certain area this week I was checking the control on the south side of the Municipal ditch that
we had sprayed last year for brush. I remembered a situation that had happened on this stretch of road in
2013 and it brought a laugh or two. I had just finished the 5 mile application and was going to turn around to
start the north side and continue until the tank was empty. The adjacent producer pulled up beside me and
rolled down his passenger window. As I had previously been on the receiving end of his wrath 2x, I knew the
facial expression he had this time wasn’t going to be any different than before. As usual spraying the ditch
aggravated him because he wanted to mow it for hay. I explained to him the period indicated in the local
newspaper for roadside hay harvest was way past the end date and same as the municipal mower operators we
were doing our due diligence then for the various reasons. Plus I pointed out wherever his electric fence was
soon going to be interfered with by growing brush I was doing him a favour by removing the brush before it
happened. So, I agreed I would leave the north side of the ditch adjoining his property so he could still harvest
the hay. This year it is quite apparent in 2 years the brush on that mile will be a problem for the Municipal
snow program. Having stalled him in his venting at me, he thought a minute then started again saying I was
ruining the chances of roadside hay for him a number of miles away from his farm. That is when, rather than
say what I was thinking and not help the situation, I told him this was holding me up so unfortunately I was
going to leave and continue my job further away. What 2014 has in store between the 2 of us, who knows???
…………..Sid Lewis is the Supervisor for the Midwest Weed District and can be reached at 204 764 2128
June 2014
Richie and Shelley Hardinge of Hamiota
announce the engagement of their daughter,
Genevieve to Tyler Treso
of Redvers, Sask.
The wedding ceremony will take place on
August 9, 2014 in Carlyle, Sask.
A ‘Come-N-Go’ bridal shower is being held at the Midwest Arts Centre in Hamiota on
Saturday, June 14, 2014 from 2-5pm.
…………..We hope to see you there!
Birch Lodge Resident
Bruce Medd, entertains
residents in the courtyard
with his mandolin.
Enjoying Bruce’s music
(from L-R): Doug Heise,
Lil Lowe and Sonny Sheane.
Chamber of Commerce
raised $519.45 at its
June 5th BBQ.
President Dave Rawlings
presented the donation to
Shelley Crampain of
Hamiota Minor Ball for
the Ball Park Upgrades.
Elaine Rawlings receives a gift from Mayor Larry Oakden in recognition of 28 years
of dedicated commitment as director of the Hamiota Centennial Library.
Elaine joined the board in 1986 and served 2 terms as chairperson and one as vice
chair. She organized and headed Christmas and Easter programs with sing-songs, snacks
and crafts, she worked with Early Childhood Education to set up in the library, helped
transport, set up, and dismantle yearly Arts West Traveling Galleries, masterminded
entries in the Hamiota Fair parades, and worked with the Hamiota Art Club to provide
art for display in the library. For many years, Elaine introduced her kindergarten classes
to the library and helped the librarians prepare a library card for each child.
Elaine was one of the library’s 2004 Volunteer of the year recipients.
The Town of Hamiota Municipal Office
Open Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM
Closed 12:00PM to 1:00PM
Hamiota Municipal Building
Box 100
75 Maple Avenue
Hamiota Manitoba
R0M 0T0
Summer Landfill
9am - Noon
Town Council Meetings are held on the first and third
Tues to Thurs: 1pm - 8pm
Wednesdays at 7:00PM.
10am - 6pm
Rural Municipal Meetings are held on the second
Take Used Oil & Antifreeze
Wednesday at 9:00AM
to Eco-Centre at Landfill
Phone:764-3050 Fax:764-3055 e-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.hamiota.com
Funded by the Town and Rural Municipality of Hamiota the
Hamiota Leader Newsletter is published by the
Hamiota Economic Development Corporation.
To submit your announcement, or news item
This Newsletter is also on our
Home Page……... www.hamiota.com
Tell all of your out-of-town
friends & relatives
please contact the Economic Development Officer (EDO) at
Box 100 Hamiota MB R0M 0T0 or Tel: 1 204 764 3050 ext 107 or Fax 1 204 764 3055
e-mail: [email protected] by Noon on the 10th of every month

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