ex-alderman newsletter 137 and unapproved chesterfield newsletter



ex-alderman newsletter 137 and unapproved chesterfield newsletter
By John Hofmann
July 26, 2014
THIS YEAR'S DRIVING WHILE BLACK STATS: For some reason the Post-Dispatch
did not decide to do a huge article on the Missouri Attorney General's release of Vehicle
Traffic Stop statistical data dealing with the race of drivers stopped by police. The stats
did not change that much from last year. Perhaps the Post-dispatch is tired of doing the
same story over and over or finally realized that the statistics paint an unfair picture
because the overall region's racial breakdown is not used in areas with large interstate
highways bringing hundreds of thousands of people into mostly white communities.
This does not mean profiling and racism doesn't exist, but is not as widespread as it
was 30 years ago.
Traffic stop statistics for cities are based on their local populations and not on regional
populations. This can be blatantly unfair when there are large shopping districts that
draw people from all over a region or Interstate highways that bring people from all over
the region through a community.
CHESTERFIELD: Once again the Chesterfield Police come off looking pretty good.
The four largest racial groups in Chesterfield are: Whites (84%) Asians (9%), Hispanics
(2.9%) and Blacks (2.6%). If you believe in these statistics they show the Chesterfield
Police are stopping too many whites and blacks and not stopping enough Asians and
Hispanics. That is what is wrong with the Missouri Collection of Traffic data. The
County wide population data comes into play since there is a major Interstate Highway
going through Chesterfield and four major shopping districts.
8964 87%
890 8.6%
61 Less than 1%
294 2.8%
County Population %
8363 87%
728 7.6%
67 Less than 1%
314 3.3%
TOWN AND COUNTRY: The total number of traffic stops in Town and Country
dropped from 2012 to 2013 by 1,632...from 10,358 in 2012 to 8,726 in 2013. That is an
8.4% decrease in traffic stops. There are two reasons for the decrease. First was staff
reductions through retirements and resignations of police officers. Town and Country
doesn't keep an active hiring list, where the applicants at the top of the list are hired as
openings occur. Instead they do a new hiring process which can take several months.
Secondly the four officer traffic unit that worked independently of on-duty shifts, was
disbanded and a single traffic officer was assigned to each 12-hour shift. This meant
there were no longer two traffic officers on duty at the same time during peak violation
times on major highways.
7,324 83.9%
1,178 13.5%
66 Less than 1%
141 1.6%
County Population %
8,759 84.5%
1,266 12.2%
69 Less than 1%
215 2.0%
4,801 81.1%
923 15.7%
38 less than 1 %
215 2.0%
While 86.5% of Town and Country is White and only 83.9% of the traffic stops involved
whites and 2.6% of Town and Country's population is Black and 13.5% of traffic stops
involved blacks, there is an excellent reason why. Unlike Chesterfield where there is not
active regular enforcement on I-64, Town and Country does do daily traffic enforcement
on I-270 and I-64. 67% of the Town and Country traffic stops are on Interstate
As someone who did traffic enforcement and supervised traffic enforcement it is just
about impossible to racially discriminate while doing speed enforcement using a LASER
Speed Gun and especially on the Interstate highways. The officers hit moving cars that
are 600-1000 feet away that are traveling at high speeds. You are not looking at the
race of the driver, but the car, the aiming of the LASER and viewing the speed read out.
There are over 400,000 cars a day going through Town and Country on Interstate
highways. That kind of volume represents a broad cross section of St. Louis County and
the metro region not the population figures of Town and Country with 11,000 people
who have higher than normal incomes.
Using the population breakdown of the County as a whole, at least on Interstate
Highway traffic stops, Town and Country cops are stopping too many white drivers and
not enough Blacks, Asians and Hispanics.
If you drive Hwy 40/I-64 you know that the Frontenac PD does a lot of traffic
enforcement. 40 years ago they used to be notorious for running radar on NB Lindbergh
right after you drove into Frontenac before Litzsingner Road.
Less than 1%
County Population %
Less than 1%
At first one might think the higher numbers of Blacks being stopped is socio-economic
and due to thefts at Plaza Frontenac. There were 74 "investigative Stops" reported with
47 involving Whites, 25 Blacks, one Hispanic and one "other" race. That's 63.5% white
and 33.78 Black. Of course "Investigative stop" is a broad term and certainly could
include some "driving while Black" stops. 54% of Frontenac's vehicle stops are on I-64
and 26.3% are on Lindbergh.
LADUE: The total percentage of Blacks being stopped in Ladue for 2013 was the
lowest in the last 10-years. In the last 13 years Ladue hit a high of 22.5% Blacks
stopped in 2006 and a low of 10.6% stopped in 2002.
County Population %
2279 81.8%
384 13.7%
12 Less than 1 %
Less than 1%
Whites make up 93% of Ladue's population and Blacks only have 1%. However Ladue
does have a portion of I-170 along its Eastern border that has a number of Blacks using
it and I-64 which cuts through the middle of the heart of Snoburbia.
In 2013 Ladue only made 33.8% of their traffic stops on I-64 and I-170. Ladue had a
reputation for stopping Blacks for no reason other than they were Black that dated back
to the 1970s. When I was cop in Rock Hill a Black Rock Hill resident who would be
pulled over in Ladue would have me wave to them as they drove by in Rock Hill.
ROCK HILL: Speaking of Rock Hill where 68.8% of the population is white and 22.9%
is Black, Whites get pulled over by the police far more often than Blacks. Whites are
stopped 84% of the time and Blacks only 13.2%. Most of the Blacks and Whites who
live in Rock Hill and nearby neighborhoods in Webster Groves know the reputation
Rock Hill has had for speed enforcement since 1985 and slow down when they are in
Rock Hill.
PINE LAWN: While most look for the numbers showing how heavily populated White
communities pull over a disproportionate number of Black people, Pine Lawn is always
a case in the opposite. Pine Lawn generates revenue by writing speeding tickets to
people on WB I-70. While Pine Lawn is 95.8% Black and just 1.3% White, 21.5% of the
vehicle stops involve whites. 31.5% of all car stops in 2013 in Pine Lawn were on I-70.
FOLLOW THE MONEY: Okay if you are not interested in politics (why are
you reading this?) this may put you to sleep. But here is your chance to see if you know
anyone who gave $1000 to a local candidate. I highlighted the contributions from Town
and Country and Chesterfield. Also see which Republican candidate got $25,000 from
Rex Sinquefield and which Democratic candidate got $100,000 from his wife.
Million Dollar John Diehl: For the first time in six years Diehl has
token opposition in any election. This time in the November 2014 general election.
Democrat Al Gerber, the confused speaking, ultra liberal running against a Republican
in a district where Republicans get as much as 77% of the vote in many precincts.
(Gerber did defeat me in 2010 on the Town and Country BOA with the help of existing
alderpersons wanting to get rid of me. They all turned on Gerber in the next election
when he was easily defeated.)
By March 2014 before Gerber had filed, Diehl had raised $1,516,571 since 2008 to run
against no one. He had previously been unopposed in every primary and general
In the second quarter of 2014 Diehl raised $144,020. If Diehl is reelected he will go
from being the House Majority Whip to the Speaker of the House. Here are some of the
contributors from April 1 to June 30:
Brent Hemphill Lobbyist for three gaming companies, several health care
groups, the pork industry, NORANDA ALUMINUM,
Missouri Insurance Coalition Jefferson City, MO
Travellers Insurance Co Hartford, CT
Burns and McDonnell, the Kansas City Co used their Town and County address
Monsanto Co.
Missouri Realtors Assoc. Columbia, MO
Phoenix Home Care, Springfield MO
Friends of Tilley, former speaker of the house, now an election consultant and
lobbyist for A-B, car dealers, ALF-CIO and others
$2,000 Comcast, Philadelphia, PA Cable TV, NBC TV
$1,000 Missouri Corn Growers Association, Jefferson City
John Bardgett & Assoc. Lobbyist for 47 firms, including Phillip Morris tobacco,
banks, A-B, healthcare groups, banks, law firms
$12,000 RAI, Winston-Salem, NC 2nd largest tobacco company in US.
The Boeing Co. Arlington, VA
Realtors PAC, Columbia, MO
$1,500 Stinson, Leonard & Street Clayton MO Law firm
$6,500 Anheuser-Busch St. Louis
$3,000 Missouri Independent Banker, Liberty, MO
Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyers, Jefferson City, MO
Int. Association of Firefighters Local 73, St. Louis, MO
Int. Association of Firefighters Local 42, KansasCity, MO
$5,000 Missouri State Council of Firefighters, Blue Springs, MO
Firepac, Blue Springs, MO
Professional Firefighters of Eastern MO Local 2665 St. Peters
$1,000 Diamond Game Enterprises, Chatsworth, CA Slot Machine manufacturer
$10,000 Roy Pfauthch 52 Portland Place St. Louis 63108
$1,000 Mo Petro Marketers and Conv Store owners, Jefferson City
AMEPAC, Jefferson City Electric Utilities
Mo Beer Wholesalers St. Louis 63128
$1000 Missouri Healthcare Assoc, Jefferson City
$1,000 Sprint Phoenix, AZ
MO Pharmacy PAC, Jefferson City
$2,500 FEA PAC Overland Park, KS (Teachers Assoc)
$2,500 Ford Motor Co Dearborn, Michigan
$1,500 Doe Run Co.
$1,000 American Family Insurance PAC Jefferson City, MO
$1,000 Bank of America
$1,000 MO Medical PAC Jefferson City
$12,500 Right Choice managed Care Cincinnati, OH
$1,000 MO energy Development Assoc Jefferson City
$15,000 Lewis & Clark Leadership Forum St. Louis 63127
$1,000 James McDonnell III Ladue MO
$9,500 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
$1,500 Comprehensive Healthcare Hannibal, MO
$4,500 Grow Missouri, Jefferson City
$1,000 RGA Reinsurance Chesterfield MO
$5,000 Mark Gardner Springfield, MO
$2,000 Charter Communications Town and Country
Diehl had exactly three contributions actually from his district. His second largest single
contribution came from one of the top providers of lung cancer to Americans, the
makers of Winston, Camels and Salem cigarettes. Missouri has the lowest cigarette
taxes in the nation and it appears as if Diehl will try to keep them at the bottom while
lung cancer deaths continue at a high rate. Plus the folks at RAI (RJ Reynolds) would
like to see the tax break for genetic cigarettes get dropped.
Also the local and statewide firefighter unions were big contributors, groups not really
big with core Republicans, who have given large amounts to Democrat Steve Stenger in
his race for County Executive have given Diehl thousands of dollars.
Diehl made six payments to Chase Credit Cards and American Express totaling
Once again we have to point out that the money taken in is for campaigning for
reelection for State Representative. Diehl's district goes from Ladue down Clayton Road
taking in Frontenac, Town and Country and eastern Chesterfield. There are no airports
in his district. The total length of his district is about 18 miles.
Here are some of his other "campaign" expenses:
$150 Double Tree Hotel Jefferson City
$798.89 United Airlines
Southwest Airlines
$1,048 Hilton Hotel Jefferson City
$180.78 Doubletree Hotel Jefferson City
$136.96 Houston's Restaurant Kansas City, MO
$297.50 Southwest Airlines
$152.00 Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines
$7,000 Campaign Consulting Victory Enterprise, Davenport, Iowa
Diehl also gave $8,000 to other Republican candidates.
AL GERBER: Diehl's opposition Al Gerber raised a total of $4,675 in
contributions compared to Diehl's $144,020. Gerber claimed to have taken in $2,755
from people giving less than $100 who don't have to be listed with the Ethics
Commission. Gerber's largest contributor was $250 from Cecily Lee of Elsah, Illinois
who works at Principia College, the college that only allows members of the Christian
Science Church to attend. Al is a alum of Principia.
Gerber's expenses for the quarter were $2,000 and involved no airplane flights or
hotel stays. The $2,000 went to Blue Champion Strategies of 7254 Moeller Apt 54
Maplewood for consulting.
SUE ALLEN: Once again the Republican from western Town and
Country serving parts of T&C, Manchester, Chesterfield and unincorporated St. Louis
County has no primary or general election opposition.
Despite the fact that she is running against no one she managed to get $17,285 in
contributions in the second quarter. She now has $51,825 in her campaign fund.
Not surprisingly none of the $17,285 came from within her district.
Allen, who was a physical therapist appears to be a favorite of physical therapists
around the state and especially in Springfield.
Here are a few of her contributors in the last three months:
Anheuser Busch
MO Association of Nurse Anesthetists Jefferson City, MO
Dealers Interested in Government (Car Dealers)
Physical Therapists of Missouri PAC Jefferson City
Burns and McDonnell Kansas City
Phoenix Healthcare Springfield MO
Grow Missouri Jefferson City, MO Group for overriding veto of bill
to cut Missouri taxes
Missouri Health Care Assoc Jefferson City
Steven Halper Bonita Springs, Florida
On June 11 Allen collected $1,800 from 19 contributors in the Springfield, MO area
mostly connected to the healthcare field ranging from dentists to psychologists to
physical therapists.
Allen gave $1,750 to two other Republican candidates, one in Festus and one in
suburban Kansas City. In the first quarter she gave $5,000 to fellow state representative
Rick Stream in his race for County Executive.
DON GOSEN: The Wildwood state rep who represents western Chesterfield
has a Democratic candidate in the general election. He is unopposed in the August
primary. Gosen is a State Farm Insurance agent who has used campaign money to
travel to insurance industry events
In the second quarter Gosen raised $15,750. 25% of the 20 contributors were from out
of state.
Here are a few of his contributors:
Right Choice Managed Care Cincinnati, Ohio
Anheuser Busch
Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City
Value Pharmacy Service of Midwest Chesterfield
RGA Reinsurance Chesterfield
AT&T Employees PAC
Glazer's PAC Jefferson City MO
CANDACE FARMER: Gosen's opponent in the general election is Candace
Farmer, 36, of Wildwood who has B.S. degrees in biology and psychology. She works
at a local college in purchasing. Farmer raised $200 in the last quarter half coming from
herself and $100 from the Women's Political Caucus from the Central West End of St.
JILL SCHUPP: The only Democratic representing part of West County is Jill
Schupp because part of her district is in Creve Coeur and a section of Maryland Heights
where 70% of the voters are not aligned to the GOP.
She is running for the Senate this year in a district that has a lot of Republicans. But
thanks to redistricting Democratic voters appear to have a slight edge. Schupp is best
known as being one of the few legislators who refused to accept anything from
lobbyists, even a doughnut at committee breakfast buffet paid for by a lobbyist.
In the second quarter of 2014 Schupp pulled in a quarter of a million dollars.
$225,004.10 to be exact. In the first quarter Schupp's take was $81,102.28.
There are 48 pages of campaign contributors. The majority of the contributors came
from within Schupp's district, but not necessary the most money as she received quite a
bit from organized labor. Unlike Democrat Al Gerber, who hid all contributors under
$100 (which is allowed by Ethics Commission rules) Schupp listed everyone who gave
money. The three smallest contributions were each for $25. One being from Town and
Country Alderwoman Linda Rallo, who is a former Republican staffer in Jefferson City.
Due to all the contributions, we are only listing those of $1,000 are more.
Carpenters District Council St. Louis
MBA Gateway Region PAC Jefferson City
UFCW Local 655 Manchester MO
McBride and Sons Chesterfield, MO
Missouri Health Care Assoc. Jefferson City
Committee to Reelect Rory Ellinger University City
Teamster Local 600 Maryland Heights, MO
Mont Levy Clayton, MO
Thomas Green, attorney Kirkwood, MO
Missouri Democrat State Committee Jefferson City
Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC
McCormack, Baron, Salazar, Inc. St. Louis
Levota for Missouri Independence, MO
Home Building Industry PAC Creve Coeur, MO
Scott Stern Ladue, MO
Teamster Local 41 Kansas City
Susan Mlynarczyk Chesterfield
Comprehensive Health Systems Hannibal, MO
Missouri National Education Association Jefferson City
Operating Engineers Local 101 Kansas City
Nancy Grove Ladue
Teamster Local 541 Kansas City
Telephone Contact, Inc. Clayton, MO
Safer Families for Missouri Jefferson City
Law Offices of Newman, Bronson and Wallis Maryland Heights, MO
Leona Bohm Creve Coeur, MO
Anheuser Busch St. Louis
Teamsters Local 245 Springfield MO
Missouri State Teachers Assoc Columbia, MO
Teamster Local 688 Woodson Terrace, MO
David Roberts Clayton, MO
Service Employees International Union St. Louis
Amy Soper Ladue, MO
Carol Klein Clayton, MO
Better Schools for Missouri Jefferson City MO
James Nutter Kansas City
Robert Denlow Clayton, MO
Missouri Realtors Assoc. Columbia, MO
Karen Knopf Creve Coeur, MO
Arlene Zarembka and Zuleyma Tang-Martinez University City, MO
Women s Political Caucus EMPAC St. Louis
MO Optometric PAC Jefferson City, MO
David Dempsey Ladue, MO
On July 1 Schupp had $459,287 in the bank.
Schupp is unopposed in the primary, but there are three candidates on the Republican
August ballot.
JOHN "Jay" ASHCROFT: Yep the son of former Missouri Attorney General,
Governor, Senator (who lost reelection to a dead man - Gov. Mel Carnahan died in a
plane crash two weeks before the election) and United States Attorney General.
Ashcroft who lives north of Olive and east of I-270 in unincorporated St. Louis County in
a modest 3-bedroom 2-bath 1,500 square foot ranch house . He has only been raising
money since the last quarter and has raised $227,590. That's $2,586 more than Jill
Schupp. Former St. Louis County Executive Gene McNary is Ashcroft's treasurer.
While Ashcroft is being supported by well known Republicans with last names like Fox,
McNary, Cunningham and Wagner. His opponent's sign is in the yard of Republican
Majority Whip and likely 2015 Speaker of the House, John Diehl.
Like any good Republican front runner in a primary, Ashcroft has far more four figure
and five figure contributions than anyone else in the race. Like John Diehl, Ashcroft is
getting most of his money outside of his district. In fact he is getting a huge amount of
cash 214 miles away from people in Springfield, MO and southwest Missouri where the
Ashcroft family home is located. If you look at the below list of contributors you would
swear Junior is running for office in Southwest Missouri and not in St. Louis.
$2500 Tony Feather Jefferson City, MO
$30,000 Janet Ashcroft Willard, MO
$10,000 Sam Fox Clayton, MO
$10,000 August Busch, III Weldon Springs, MO
Frederick Palmer Ladue, MO
$5,000 Roy Pfautch St. Louis
$1,500 Gerald Cook Ozark, MO
Ingram Enterprises Springfield, MO
The Durham Company Lebanon, MO
Jack Miller Lebanon, MO
S. W. Fowler Springfield, MO
$1000 Nail Dental Springfield, MO
$1000 Larry Lipscomb Springfield MO
$1000 Judy Beisner Springfield MO
$1000 Sarah Hargis Springfield MO
Wayne Barnes Springfield MO
Randall Voss Springfield, MO
William Hart Springfield MO
Tom Fowler Rogersville, MO
Friends of Lincoln Hough Springfield MO
Howe Properties Lebanon, MO
Gordon Elliott Springfield, MO
James Cooper SPringfield MO
William Keely Springfield, MO
Med-Pay, Inc. Springfield, MO
Nathan Kester Springfield MO
Frank Evans Springfield MO
H.R. Thompson Springfield MO
Rochelle Buckner Springfield, MO
James Hagale Stratford MO
Custom Metal Craft Springfield, MO
$25,000 Rex Sinquefield Westphalia, MO
Evergreen Investments Lebanon MO
Phil Wienke Springfield, MO
Michael Mooney Frontenac, MO
Citizens for Jay Wason Nixa, MO
William Darr Springfield, MO
Jack Stack Springfield MO
David Cribbs Bolivar, MO
Darrell Procter Willard, MO
John Pratt Springfield, MO
Peter Herschend Branson, MO
Penn Enterprises Springfield MO
Kenneth Suelthaus Ladue, MO
Sharpe Holdings, Inc. Bethel, MO
Jannell Brunner Des Peres, MO
Douglas Albrecht Ladue, MO
Lawrence Collett St. Albans, MO
Harvey Tettlebaum California, MO
H.E. Whitner Fair Play, MO
Nathaniel Morris Lexington, KY
MBA Gateway Region PAC Jefferson City
Ford Motor Company Dearborn, Michigan
Richard Baalman Des Peres, MO
Friends of Kirk Mathews Pacific MO
Jerry Hunter St. Louis, MO
Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists St. Louis MO
Ann Wagner for Congress Ballwin, MO
Citizens for Schatz Sullivan, MO
Missouri Club for Growth St. Louis
Richard Wagner (husband of Congresswoman Ann Wagner) Ballwin, MO
Gary Cunningham (husband of former Senator and current fire Board Dir. Jane Cunningham)
Michael Moore West Plains, MO
Evelyn Williams Ladue, MO
Gene McNary Ladue, MO
Eagle Forum PAC Alton, IL
Crestwood Square Assoc. Crestwood, MO
Citizens to Elect Paul Curtman Sullivan, MO
Hunter Engineering Bridgeton, MO
Menlo Smith Frontenac, MO
Robert Ferguson Franklin, Michigan
John Twitty Springfield, MO
Krystyna Clarke Springfield, MO
John Gentry Springfield, MO
Curtis Jared Springfield MO
Allen Icet Anchorage, Alaska (former Mo State Rep and losing candidate for
Missouri Auditor. Now working for BP in Alaska)
Gateway Group Richmond Heights, MO
Pelopidas Richmond Heights, MO
JACK SPOONER: Jack Spooner, an attorney has been in the race for some
time. Spooner lives on S. Spoede Road in Creve Coeur. In the first quarter of 2014 he
raised $104,574.
Here are a few interesting contributors from the first the first quarter.
Jeanne Rhodes and Rich Galocki Waterloo, Illinois
Michelle Spooner Lucas Chesterfield
Drury Development (Drury Hotels) Creve Coeur, MO
Lawrence and Elizabeth Lenke Town and Country, MO
David Spence (defeated Governor candidate) Ladue, MO
In the second quarter after Ashcroft entered the race, Spooner's congributions dropped
to $48,400.
Georoge Weber, IV Weber Chevrolet Columbia, Illinois
Robert Byrne Frontenac MO
Matthew Kopsky Chesterfield MO
David Spence Ladue (a total of $6000 in 2013 and 2014)
Mary Ann Shanahan Ladue, MO
Apex Oil Co. Clayton Mo
Fred Zaegel, III Overland, MO
James Barton Houston, Texas
David Mattern Ladue, MO
ROBB HICKS: Hicks is a doctor graduating from USC in 1987. He did his
residency in St. Louis and started a practice and an urgent care facility in Cape
Girardeau. His current address is that of an apartment in unincorporated St. Louis
County. Hicks showed $50,000 in the campaign fund that was raised in the second
quarter, It was all from a loan he gave the campaign.
CHARLIE DOOLEY: In the County executive race, the incumbent
Charlie Dooley raised $241,764 in the first quarter of 2014.
Here are Charlie's big donors in the first quarter: (We highlighted County
employees...do you think there was a little arm twisting for those donations?)
Clayco Overland, MO
Terry Bloomberg Frontenac, MO
James Buford St. Louis, MO
Centene Management Corp. Clayton, MO
David Farr, CEO Emerson Electric
Jan Gregory (Lobbyist employee) Chesterfield
Sheryl Hodges (St. Louis County Director of Public Works)
Dr. Dolores Gunn (St. Louis County Department of Health)
Gary Earls (St. Louis County Manager)
Herbert Bernsen (County employee Dir of Dept. Justice) Kirkwood
Thomas Curran (St. Louis County Dir. of Inter-govt Affairs)
Julie Leicht (St. Louis County employee "Interim Director")
Eugene Leung (St. Louis County employee "Director")
Glenn Powers (St. Louis County employee Director of Planning)
Martina Price (St. Louis County employee Dept. of Revenue)
Patricia Reddington (St. Louis County employee County Counselor)
Pamela Reitz (St. Louis County employee "Director")
Nancy Slay (St. Louis Couinty employee "admin ast")
John Bardgett & Associates (Lobbyist) Thru 3-24-14 contributed $10,000
KTCO, LLC Chesterfield, MO
Lewis-Rice Law firm St. Louis, MO
McBride & Sons Chesterfield, MO
McKelvey Homes Chesterfield, MO
McCormack, Baron, Salazar Property Management St. Louis
Motorola Shamburg, IL major police communications supllier
Service employees International Union St. Louis
$100,000 Jeanne Sinquefield Westphalia, MO
Karen Temporiti (relative of Dooley advisor)
Thompson Coburn Law Firm ($27,500 donated thru March 6, 2014)
UAW Hazelwood, MO
In the second quarter of 2014 Dooley raised another quarter of a million dollars, bringing
in $223,493 despite the recent scandals coming out of the County Executive Building.
We found another six County employees forking over money to Dooley. Also we
counted where 11 Ameren UE employees contributed $6,025 to Dooley in the second
Former Town and Country Alderman Bill Kuehling, hid the fact he was an old line St.
Louis City Democrat for one term on the BOA for 2007 & 08. He gave Dooley $500.
If you feel Dooley has had a corrupt and mismanaged government for the last 10-years,
take a look at some of these local companies trying to help him get reelected and think
of them before you spend your money with them, knowing where some of it goes.
Here are some contributions that caught our eye:
Imo's Pizza HQ Des Peres (founder of Imo's lives in Town and Country)
Freeman Bosley (former St. Louis mayor who clipped the History Museum for
$500,000 in the sale of contaminated property...Bosley is currently is currently
appealing the two-year suspension of his law license.
William Danforth Ladue, MO (Total $12,000 in campaign)
RGA Reinsurance Chesterfield, MO
McBride and Son Chesterfield (contributed $17,500 in 2013 & 2014)
Charter Communications Town and Country
TSI Engineering St. Louis, MO
Vince Schoemehl (former St. Louis mayor)
Pine Lawn Phillips
Grey Eagle Beer Distributor
Donald Ross President Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Strategic Capitol Consulting Chesterfield, MO
William Kuehling Town and Country (Former T&C Alderman)
Polsinelli & Shughart Law firm (total contributions $14,098 in 2013 & 14)
Schnuck's Markets
Susan Talve Clayton, Rabbi Central Reform Congregation
Pasta House Company (Had given a total of $6500 in campaign)
Builder's Bloc Chesterfield
John Alberici, Alberici Construction (given $20,000 total in 2013 & 2014)
Jan Gregory, Bardgett & Assoc Chesterfield (Gregory has given $8,000 in 2014)
Laclede Gas (contributed $5000 total in 2013 and 2014)
UFCW Local 655 Manchester, MO
Collinsville Acquisitions, Inc Clayton, MO
Kenneth Krazberg Ladue, MO
Mark Gardner Springfield, MO
Kevin O'Keefe Kirkwood (named partner in law firm that represents Town & Country)
Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides and Barnerd LLC Alton, IL
John McDonnell Town and Country, MO
Dobbs Tire and Auto High Ridge MO (Total $10,000 in campaign)
Ameren UE (Total $29,824 in campaign)
Warner Baxter Eureka, MO (Ameren UE President)
Thomas Voss Eureka, MO (Ameren UE CEO)
Richard Mark Collinsville, IL (Ameren UE VP)
Monsanto Creve Coeur, MO
McCormack, Baron & Salazar (low income property managers)
Tope Normandy, MO
Express Scripts Cool Valley, MO
St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Club
William Maritz Ladue, MO (Maritz Advertising Fenton, MO)
Anheuser Busch (A-B had given Dooley's campaign $22,500 thru May 27)
Committee to elect Kiki Curls Kansas City (Curls is a top receiver of Lobbyist gifts in Jefferson City
Thomas Curran (St. Louis County Employee)
Michael Coleman (St. Louis County Employee)
Jonathan Boesch (St. Louis County Employee)
Michael Jones (St. Louis County Employee Sr. Policy Advisor)
William Ray (St. Louis County Employee)
John Bales (St. Louis County employee Dir. of Spirit of St. L. Airport)
And the money goes out: You might think that the leader of the area's largest political
subdivision would make it a point to keep all of his campaign money being spent in the
area. While Charlie does keep a lot of in town, certainly not all of it. Dooley has spent
money from New York to California on his campaign. Just in the second quarter alone
Dooley spent $170,906 to people and businesses hundreds and thousands of miles
away from St, Louis County. Only one business was in Missouri, a printer in suburban
Kansas City. Aren't there any printers in St. Louis County? Take a look and see where
that $170,906 went:
Brooklyn, NY Donna Davis Campaign worker
San Francisco The Organizer Device Set Up fee
San Francisco The Organizer License Fees
Minneapolis, MN Grassroots Solutions Campaign Field Consulting
Lee's Summit, MO Kennedy Graphics Printing
Brooklyn, NY Donna Davis Campaign worker
Lawrence, Kansas Activate, LLC
San Francisco, CA The Organizer Device Licenses
San Francisco, CA Donna Davis Supplies
Minneapolis Grass Roots Solutions Field Consulting
Austin, Texas Stanford campaigns Background Checks
Washington, DC NGP Van, Inc. Website maintenance
Brooklyn, NY Donna Davis Campaign worker
San Francisco, CA The Organizer
Lawrence, Kansas Activate, LLC
Brooklyn, NY Donna Davis Campaign worker
Minneapolis, MN Grass Roots Field Consulting
Brooklyn, NY Donna Davis campaign worker
East St. Louis, IL Brian Taylor campaign worker
Marietta, Georgia Canal Partners Media Media Buy
Marietta, Georgia Canal Partners Media Media Buy
Minneapolis, MN Grass Roots field Consulting
East St. Louis, IL Brian Taylor Campaign worker
The last three months Dooley sent 22 checks out of the region for $168,378. You might
think that should get him an "F" grade. While Stenger sent nine fewer checks he did
spend $340.179 more out of state than Dooley. (See Stenger's report below.)
STEVEN STENGER Dooley's opponent in the August Democratic
primary is County Councilman Steve Stenger who has a background in law and
In the first quarter of 2014 Stenger raised $252,957.
Here are some of his biggest or more interesting contributors for the first three months
of 2014:
Joseph Treadway South St. Louis Co.
Community Services St. Peters, MO
John Bommarito St. Peters, MO
Frank Bommarito Ellisville, MO
Assistor St. Louis, MO
Budrovich Contracting Co South St. Louis County
Maria Schick Clayton, MO
Wolfe Properties Clayton, MO
CHIPP PAC (Carpenters Union) St. Louis
Heat and Frost Insulators Local 1 Bridgeton, MO
International Union of Painters Hanover, Maryland
Pace Properties Brentwood, MO
R.G. Ross Construction Souith St. Louis County
McKelvey Homes Chesterfield, MO
Dobbs Tires
Enchanted Parkway, LLC South St. Louis County
Sally Stottis South St. Louis County
Quick Trip Corp. Tulsa, Oklahoma
Brinkman Constructors Chesterfield, MO
Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 St. Louis
Karpel Solutions South St. Louis County
Information Technologies St. Louis County
Mathew Rae Kirkwood, Mo
Building Consultants Clayton, MO
Iron Workers Local 936 St. Louis
Rita Eiseman Trust Clayton, MO
Western Oil Earth City, MO
McDonough Law Firm Chesterfield, MO
William Moriconi Trust Ladue, MO
Mason Olive Central Assoc. Creve Coeur, MO
James Lang South St. Louis County
The Law Firm of Thomas C, Antoniou Clayton, MO
Pattonville Community Affairs Fund North St. Louis County
Sitepac Kirkwood, MO
NB West Contracting Brentwood, MO
Dennis Schoemehl Town and Country, MO
Concrete Strategies Overland, MO
Ray White, III Chesterfield, MO
3100 South LLC Brentwood, MO
Valcour Development Co. Marlborough, MO
RKB Brothers St. Louis County
P&H Coatings LLC St. Louis County
CDC-ELT Operations Town and Country, MO
Billy Taylor Trust Columbia, IL
Raymond Van de Riet, Jr. Town and Country, MO
Gary O'Neal Chesterfield, MO
Nathan Bartlett St. Louis County
Karl Kloster St. Louis County
Murphy Equities Crestwood, MO
Citizens to elect Mike O'Mara Florissant MO
Thomas Milum St. Charles, MO
Scott Wittkop Wildwood, MO
Jefferson Barracks Marine Service St. Louis CO
Friends of Dolan Richmond Heights, MO
Concord Auto Body St. Louis County
Brinkman Construction Chesterfield MO
Scott Reece Brentwood, MO
Robert Ruebsam St. Louis
Ronald Ortyl Frontenac, MO
Commercial Bank Maryland Heights, MO
Concord Professional, LLC St. Louis County
Savoy Productions Brentwood, MO
BBH Express St. Louis
Lormil LLC Brentwood MO
Onder, Shelton, O'Leary and Peterson Webster Groves, MO
Jeffrey Heater St. Louis
City Line Partnership St. Louis County
Larry Kagan Kirkwood, MO
Craig Concannon Kirkwood, MO
George Eble Earth City, MO
RealtyNET Kratky Team St. Louis
Light Bulb Express Afton, MO
Indoor Comfort Team St. Louis County
H2 Logistics St. Louis County
Patricia Withers Ladue, MO
Ruth Fitch Fenton, MO
Joel Nelkirk Cape Girardeau, MO
Johnny Londoff Chevrolet Florissant, MO
Michael Vassel St. Louis
In the second quarter of 2014 Stenger brought in even more than
any other
candidate in the region when he collected $339,772.
Heat & Frost Insulators Local 1 Bridgeton, MO (Total of $18,650 for campaign)
Sally Stotts St. Louis County (Total of $10,000 for campaign)
Even Dozen Properties LLC Clayton, MO
Budrovich Contracting St. Louis County (Total of $4000 for campaign)
A-1 Locker Rental & Self Storage St. Louis Co, (Total of $5,500 for campaign)
Visions Electric St. Charles (Total $2250 for campaign)
FOCA General Contracting St. Louis County
IAH & FI & AW Local No 1 Bridgeton, MO
Exelco Leasing Fenton, MO (Total $2250 for campaign)
Tony Lee Construction High Ridge (Total $2000 for campaign)
The Sterling Co. St. Louis County (Total $10,000 for campaign)
Cory Bailey St. Louis
Murphy Equities Corporation Crestwood, MO (Total $16,500 for campaign)
Joseph Treadway St. Louis County (Total $15,681 for campaign)
Dennis Schoemehl Town and Country, MO (Total $4,500 for campaign)
Commercial Bank Maryland Heights, MO (Total $12,000 for campaign)
Jeff Padousis Town and Country, MO
American Electric and Data New Melle, MO
Enchanted Parkway LLC St. Louis County (Total $2,000 for campaign)
Rognan and Associates Ballwin MO (Richard Rognan was President of the
West Co. EMS & FPD and was arrested in 2013 for attempting to pay $150 for
sex with a teenage prostitute, who was an undercover cop in Velda City, MO.)
$3500 Electrical Workers St. Louis (Total $19,753 for campaign)
$5000 RKB Brothers St. Louis County (Total $6,000 for campaign)
$5000 James Posadny Chesterfield, MO
$2500 Value Pharmacy Services of Midwest Chesterfield MO (also gave $1500 to
State Rep Republican candidae Don Gosen)
$2500 Ray White, III Chesterfield, MO (Total $7,500 for campaign)
$2000 Eric Bolin Ballwin, MO
$1000 Kimberly Sanchez Glendale, MO (Total $1,250 for campaign)
$2500 Midwest Petroleum St. Louis, MO
$5000 Dobbs Tire and Auto Center High Ridge, MO (Total of $10,500 for campaign)
$5000 CDC-ELT Operations, LLC Town and Country, MO (Total $10,500 for campaign)
$25,000 I.U.O.E. Local 513 Bridgeton, MO (Total $40,003 for campaign)
$1000 Andrea Nye St. Louis County
$500 Professional Firefighters of Eastern MO Local 2665 St. Peters, MO (Total of
$9000 for campaign)
$1000 Richard Kamp Kirkwood, MO
$2000 E.J. Land II LLC Earth City, MO
$2,500 Concrete Strategies Overland, MO (Total $5000 for campaign)
$500 Dierbergs Markets Chesterfield, MO
$1000 Karl Klsoter St. Louis County (Total $2000 for campaign)
$2500 Maria Schick Clayton, MO (Total $5000 for campaign)
$1000 N.B. West Contracting Brentwood MO (Total $2000 for campaign)
$2000 Nathan McKeen Brentwood
$1000 Michael Walsh St. Louis County
$1000 Syberg's of Westport Maryland Heights, MO
$1000 William K. Busch Brewing Co. Brentwood, MO
$1000 Grey Eagle Distributors Maryland Heights, MO
$2500 Quiktrip Tulsa, OK (Total $6250 for campaign)
$1000 Kuna Meat CO Dupo, Illinois (Total $1250 for campaign)
$2000 C.C. Dillon Co. Arnold, MO
$5000 J.R. Marschuetz Construction Eureka, MO (total $10,003 for campaign)
President of J.r. Marshuetz Town and Country resident.
$5000 Timothy O'Keefe Kirkwood, MO
$4800 Paul Flaker Florissant, MO
$1000 Drury Displays (Drury Hotels) Creve Coeur, MO (Total $1500 for campaign)
$1000 Forshaw of St. Louis
$7500 Chad Roberts OFallon, MO
$1000 Michael Anthon Creve Coeur, MO
$1000 Artco Fabricating St. Louis County (total $5250 in campaign)
$4500 William C Coco St. Louis County (Total $9500 in campaign)
$1000 Community Services of Missouri (Total $3500 in campaign)
$1000 Newell Baker Ballwin, MO
$10,000 CHIPP (Carpenters Union) St. Louis (Total $35,010 in campaign)
$25,000 Laborers International Local 110 St. Louis County
$95178 McCulloch for Prosecutor Committee Kirkwood (Total $19,598 in campaign)
$3000 Meyer Group, LLC Crestwood, MO
$2000 IUPAT (Painters Union) Hanover, Maryland (Total $3500 in campaign)
$1000 John Willett St. Louis County (Dave Sinclair Ford)
$1000 James Sinclair Town and Country Mo (Dave Sinclair Ford)
$1000 Daniel Sinclair Afton, MO (Dave Sinclair Ford)
$1000 Dave Sinclair LLC Kirkwood, MO
$1000 Christopher Godfrey St. Louis County (Sinclair Ford)
$2000 Commercial Bank Maryland Heights, MO (Total $11,000 in campaign)
$2500 Lenny Kagan St. Louis County (Total $11,000 in campaign)
$2000 Lormil, LLC Brentwood, MO (Total $4000 in campaign)
$5000 H2 Logistics St. Louis County (Total $20,000 in campaign)
$1000 Dan Twardowski Town and Country
$ 1000 Glendale Chrysler Jeep Dodge Glendale, MO
$2000 Peiker-Piatcheck Associates, Inc St. Louis County (Total $4000 in campaign)
$1000 George Weber IV Columbia, IL
$2500 Frank Bammarito Chesterfield, MO (Total $5,000 in campaign)
$4000 Patrick Twardowski Naples, Florida (Total $4250 in campaign)
$2500 John Bommarito St. Peters, MO (Total $7000 in campaign)
$1000 Johnny Landoff Chevrolet Florissant, MO (Total $2000 in campaign)
$1000 Jefferson Barracks Marine Service St. Louis CO (Total $9500 in campaign)
$2500 Bommarito West County Ellisville, MO (Total $4500 in campaign)
$5000 GSTLAA (Auto Dealer Assoc) St. Louis Couinty (Total $6000 in campaign)
Central Co Professional Firefighters St. Peters (Total $1,300 in campaign)
$1000 Double E Farm Belleville, Illinois
$2500 1636 Country Club Plaza St. Charles, MO
$2500 O.K. Novelty Overland, MO (Total $3000 in campaign)
$2500 Craig Corcannon Kirkwood, MO (Total $15,001 in campaign)
$1000 Sarah Borgmann Washington, MO
$2500 Jeffrey Heater Clayton, MO (Total $5500 in campaign)
$3131 Kenrick's Catering St. Louis County
$1000 Roger Lahr St. Louis, MO (Total $1500 in campaign)
$1000 Wilke Window and Door St Charles, MO
$1000 Fulford Homes O'Fallon Illinois
MONEY OUT: Let's see if Stenger is doing a better job in keeping campaign money in
the area than Dooley had done. Here are his bills paid that are out of the area in the
second quarter:
Harrodsburg, Kentucky L.A. Harris & Associates Fund Raising
Washington, DC Lake Research Partners Funding Raising
Harrodsburg, Kentucky L.A. Harris Fund Raising
Washington DC NGP Van Fundraising
Harrodsburg, Kentucky, Fund Raising
City of St. Louis Michaels Bar & Grill 7101 Manchester for lunch...I know this
is in the region, but Stenger is running for County Executive...is it that hard to
find a restaurant in a county of a 1,000,000 where the sales tax goes into the
County coffers
Alexandria, Virginia Murphy, Vogel, Askew & Reilly Video ad production
Washington, DC Buying Time LLC DC firm purchasing TV time in St. Louis
Washington, DC Lake Research Polling
Washington, DC Buying Time LLC DC firm purchasing TV time in St. Louis
Washington, DC Buying Time LLC
Washington, DC Buying Time, LLC
Washington, DC Buying Time LLC
Although a large amount of money came back to St. Louis in TV buys , Stenger's
campaign sent 13 checks totaling $503,557 out of the region in the last three months.
PLAYING BOTH SIDES: Here are a few companies that we noticed gave money to
both the Stenger and Dooley or Rick Stream campaigns.
McKelvey Homes
$500 for Dooley
Dobbs Tires and Service
$10,000 for Dooley
Grey Eagle Distributing (Beer) $1,000 for Dooley
Johnny Londoff Chevrolet
$500 for Dooley
Anheuser Busch
$5000 for Dooley
Laclede Gas Co.
$5000 for Dooley
$500 for Stenger
$10,500 for Stenger
$1,000 for Stenger
$2,000 for Stenger
$1500 for Stream
$1000 for Stream
THE SUPERMARKET CANDIDATES: If you remember I wrote back in 2012 how
Dierbergs and Schnucks both gave money to Todd Akin's campaign. This of course
was before the "legitimate rape" interview. Interestingly Schunks gave money to Akin
despite the fact that Claire McCaskill and her mother were loyal customers at the Des
Peres Schuncks' store.
In the County Executive race both stores have switched parties. While in 2012 they
both gave money to crazy right wing Republican Akins...this year they are giving money
to Democrats, just different ones.
Schnucks gave Charlie Dooley $5000. Dierbergs gave Steve Stenger $500.
PRESCRIPTIONS: You have to wonder if your cost of Express Scripts
prescriptions might not be cheaper if the company was not giving $10,000
campaign contributions to Charlie Dooley.
RICK STREAM: In recent newsletters we have shown how Rick
Stream is at or near the top of the list of taking gifts from lobbyists, Just what you don't
want in a County Executive candidate to try and clean up the favoritism in Clayton.
Rick Stream ranked eighth on our list of the greediest State Reps after the first four
months of the year. Through April Stream had put the arm on lobbyists for $1615 worth
of stuff for him, his staff and family. After May Stream had collected $2,175 in free stuff.
But the worst Stream abuse has to be the night at a Blues game for him and two sons,
which included $145 tickets and $65 meals for each member of the Stream clan,
totaling $629...courtesy of Ameren UE, a giant utility that Stream is suppose to have
some oversight over along with the PSC. Now Ameren is steering all of its election
support to Democrat Dooely. If you look at Stream's campaign contributions in the first
quarter of 2014 he seemed to still be connected to lobbyists.
First Quarter of 2014 Stream collected $29,375. $1,750 were straight from lobbyists. A
lot of the rest was from groups and companies that normally used lobbyists to reach
Stream in the Statehouse and are now going directly there through campaign
contributions. It is easy for them to do since he is accepting money in his bid for County
Executive. They can give to that and hope for positive votes while he remains in the
Missouri House of Representatives. Here are some of the contributors:
Missouri Health Care Association Jefferson City
MARF (Missouri Assoc of Rehab Facilities) Jefferson CIty
Mednax Sunrise, Florida
Laclede Gas St. Louis
David Steward Maryland Heights, MO
CGI Technologies and Solutions Fairfax, Virginia
Citizens to Elect Sue Allen Town and Country
Committee to Elect Tom Flanigan Carthage, MO
Caryn Lamping (wife of Senator John Lamping) Ladue, MO
Missouri Leadership Committee Farmington, MO
Microsoft Redmond, Washington
Urisys Corporation Reston, Virginia
If you look at three of these large contributors...you have to ask why they would care
about the St. Louis County Executive race...they probably don't. But the cared about
votes in the Missouri House and were likely contributing to gain favor with a house vote.
Stream did a little better in the second quarter bringing in $40,330. But the majority of
that money did not come from people or businesses in St. Louis County, but Stream's
buddies in State government, who had excess money in campaign treasuries. Here are
a few.
David Spence (failed governor candidate) Ladue
Phoenix Home Care Springfield, Mo
Friends of Tilley (former speaker of house now consultant/lobbyist)
Mary Jane Jokerst Town and Country (Republican Committee Woman)
Citizen for Mike Thomson Maryville, MO
Dempsey for Missouri St. Charles, MO
Schmitt for Senate Kirkwood, MO
Citizens for Hinson St. Louis County
Committee to Elect Mike Leara Sunset Hills
Diamond Game Enterprises (Slot Machines) Chatsworth, CA
Anheuser Busch
Gary Cunningham (husband of former Sen. Jane Cunningham) Chesterfield
Laclede Gas St. Louis
DC Inc Fenton, MO
Missouri Health Care Assoc Jefferson City, Mo
MONEY OUT: Rick Stream joined the crowd of sending money out of the area instead
of hiring local professionals for his campaign. Here is his list of money not put into the
local economy.
Perryville, MO Campaign Concepts Consulting Retainer
Jefferson City, MO Barklage & Knodell Consulting Retainer
Jefferson City, MO Barklage & Knodell Consulting Retainer
Fairfax, Virginia Applied Research Demographic Research
Jefferson City, MO Capital Consulting Fundraising
Alexandria, Virginia American Viewpoint Polling
Kansas City, MO Candidate Command Artwork
TONY POUSOSA: The final candidate for County Executive is an
alderman in Green Park, population 2,628. He is also a Republican Committeeman in
the Concord Township.
In the first quarter of 2014 he raised $7,700. He got $2,500 from John Brunner in the
first quarter, plus $1000 from Dr. Jae Jang. Everything else was contributions from
individuals and was $500 or less.
In the second quarter he received $11,600. Of that $9,000 came from Dr. Jae Yang of
Pousoa already lost one election this year. It was a 3-3 tie between Pousa and another
Green Park Alderman for the position of President of the 6-member board of alderman.
The mayor broke the tie in favor of Pousa's opponent.
CAR DEALERS SPEAK IN MASS: It is as if the automobile dealers in the St. Louis
area voted and decided to back Stenger. Car dealers so far have given Stenger
$46,550. The Dave Sinclair Group tossed $5000 to Stenger, while the Bommarito Group
raised $18,000.
Here is the list of car dealerships or the owners and managers of dealerships that gave
money to Stenger:
South County Dodge and Chrysler Jeep $500
McMahon Ford $2000
Suntrup Nissan Volkswagen $800
Bommarito Chevrolet Mazda South $500
Behlmann $500
Bommarito Cadillac, Mazda, Volkswagen St. Peters $500
Bommarito Nissan $500
Lou Fusz...Chad Roberts $7500
Sinclair Ford John Willett $1000
Sinclair Auto James Sinclair $1000
Sinclair Ford Daniel Sinclair $1000
Dave Sinclair, LLC $1000
Barreth Chrysler Washington, MO (Franklin County) $1500
Glendale Chrysler, Dodge Jeep $1000
Weber Chevrolet George Weber IV $1000
Bommarito Auto Frank Bommarito $5000
Seeger Toyota Thomas Seeger $250
Bommarito Auto John Bommarito $7000
Johnny Londoff Chevrolet $2000
Bommarito West County $4500
Greater St. Louis Auto Dealers Association $6000
Sinclair Ford David Godfrey $1000
Barreth Ford Union, MO $1500
NOTHING LIKE BEING SUPPORTED AT WORK: Stenger's law firm, Klar, Izsak and
Stenger, LLC has put $30,253 in his campaign pot so far.
COUNTY EMPLOYEES: While we discovered a lot of County
Employees who gave campaign contributions to Charlie Dooley (we are guessing under
duress) we found none giving money to Stenger, with one exception. The St. Louis
County Police Officers Association gave Stenger $500 on June 30.
If you want to remove Charlie Dooley from office and if you live in West County you will
have to do something that might be difficult. Go to a polling place in August and ask for
a Democratic ballot. I still feel the Democratic candidate will win in November, Steve
Stenger or Dooley will win. Vote against Dooley in the primary and then vote for the
Republican in November.
However, none of the people leave me with a good feeling.
Dooley's administration have been full of corruption and hacks. Just recently it was the
police lab HVAC scandal, followed by the Dooley appointee to the Zoo-Museum District
voting to give her own company work at the Science Museum. Now the Health
Department fraud by a senior manager won't go away with no one willing or wanting to
release the FBI report. It is time for Dooley to go.
Being Democrats Stenger, Dooley and Jill Schupp all are getting money from labor
unions. But Stenger is getting money from all the Fire Union groups, including a lot of
cash from Local 2665. That hoists a red flag for me. Local 2665 often puts getting overthe-top cushy benefits over public safety. They beat the drum about how dangerous
firefighting is. Granted fighting fires is not like crunching numbers at the office, but
firefighting is not even in the Top 10 of most dangerous jobs. Commercial Fishing is
number one, followed by loggers, commercial pilots of small aircraft, iron and steel
workers, farmers and ranchers, roofers, utility linemen, truck drivers, trash/garbage
truck workers and police patrol officers are the top 10 most dangerous jobs. Taxi
drivers are the 11th most dangerous jobs. So when Local 2665 speaks I become
Also Local 2665 has been backing nothing but losers for two years in St. Louis County.
Over $20,000 went down the drain in Chesterfield when Jane Cunningham easily beat
Cole McNary. They were shutout in University City this April, backing multiple
candidates for city council and having all lose. They did have some wins in St. Charles
County where Union backed candidates now control several fire districts.
On the Republican side, Jane Cunningham is sending out emails saying the polling
shows Rick Stream can win. She also just sent a $7,500 check as a loan. I see Rick
Stream much as the Claude Raines character, Sen. Paine in Mr. Smith Goes to
Washington. Nice smile, a slap on the back, but in the pockets of lobbyists and big
business. Not someone I want watching the nickels.
Claude Raines as Sen. Paine, seemed like a nice guy but turned out to be a rat who in the end was
controlled by special interests and could not live with himself.
Perhaps Tony Pousosa is the best candidate but with the least experience.
Me...I'll probably vote against Dooley in the primary and normally would vote for the
Republican in the general, but this year I might not vote at all for County Executive in
the general election.
$116 for a box seat between the dugouts for an upcoming Cardinals-Cubs game ask
yourself how much of that money gets spent for the Cardinals to give Charlie Dooley
$10,000? And why so much? The next question is why give to any politician? You want
to market your product to everyone and everyone doesn't agree with you in partisan
MUSIC: Monday June 21 was another fun Rat Park Monday night at the One-19 with
Dean Christopher, Jim Manley and Chris Swan. Here are some photos and drawings
from the evening.
Dean doing Dean Martin with a fake cigarette
Dean doing Francis Albert with a real drink
While Jim Manley plays the chorus of a song Dean decides to be maitre. Diana's quick sketch.
Alderman Jon Benigas appears to have suffered a loss when the Town and Country
BOA meeting was cancelled for lack of a quorum for Monday July 28. With
Alderwoman Amy Anderson 675 miles away on Beaver Island in the middle of Lake
Michigan, Benigas' bill to pay for a Carbon Foot survey would have likely passed.
The unneeded survey for $4,200 also involved a political hot potato of joining an
international group tied to a UN resolution in 1992. Spending money with ICLEI was
opposed by a number of residents. With the full board of aldermen, there is a better
chance of the bill for the Carbon Footprint survey ending in a tie requiring Mayor Jon
Dalton to do something he hates to do...vote on a controversial matter.
SUMMER READS: I mentioned James Garner's memoir titled the Garner Files was
an enjoyable read for me this spring and is a perfect summer book because it is
easy to put down and pick up later. I thought about the book again on
Garner's death last week. Having been a fan of Garner for my whole life I found it
surprisingly honest about fellow actors and directors who he considered to be a pain in
the ass. If you never watched Maverick, The Rockford Files or a half dozen of Garner's
better movies it would not be a book for you, with the exception of the first section of the
book about his growing up and being raised by reluctant relatives after his mother died
and his father disappeared. Also his brief description of being shot in the Korean war
and spending two days trying to reach allied lines was eye opening. There was one
copy at the County Library on Lindbergh.
I have to admit that I found book on Johnny Carson by his longtime lawyer
(21 years) Henry Bushkin was fascinating. Bushkin was at one time exclusively
Carson's lawyer. Carson fired him and stopped using the "Bombastic Buskin" line in his
monologues about six years before he retired from the Tonight Show. I was somewhat
shocked to read Buskin give up information that was clearly confidential attorney-client
information before Carson's death. There was a bit of unnecessary filler material but you
can finish this book in two days if you are at the beach or on the porch of a summer
cabin. Also finding out who the "other man" was that broke up Carson's second
marriage is quite a surprise. There were three copies of this one at the Library
Headquarters on Lindbergh.
I bought John Grisham's newest book last November and saved it for
my summer vacation. It was worth it. In Sycamore Row someone dies in the first couple
of pages. The story goes from fictional Ford County Mississippi to Alaska and back and
is full of colorful characters.

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