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Intake Tube
Part Number 001-656
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Tools required: 5/16” nut driver or flat blade screwdriver, 12mm combination wrench, 12mm shallow
socket, long extension, brake clean and a rag.
Illustration 3
1. Remove the engine cover, covering the throttle
body. There are three grommets holding the cover
on. Lift straight up on the cover at these points. Set
cover aside. (See Illustration 1)
Illustration 1
Remove the air box lid by unclipping it, lifting up
slightly, pushing rearward, and taking it out of the
engine compartment. (See Illustration 4)
Illustration 4
2. Next, remove the air temperature sensor from
the factory intake tube. Gently wiggle the sensor
while pulling. Be careful not to damage the sensor.
Once removed, hang the sensor wire over the
computer mount to keep it out of your way. (See
Illustration 2)
4. Lift air filter out of the lower air box. (See
Illustration 5)
Illustration 5
Illustration 2
5. The lower air box is just pushed into rubber
grommets and is removed by pulling up and wiggling. Remove lower air box. (See Illustration 6)
3. Now, loosen the clamp securing the intake tube
to the throttle body and pull the tube off the throttle
body. Reach under the intake tube and pull the
hard plastic breather tube out of the side of the
intake tube. (See Illustration 3)
Revised 08/01
Pt Cruiser Installation Instructions
10. Install tube and filter in your car. Point the air filter downward and out toward the driver’s inner
fender, between the battery and the fuse box, to
allow space to slip the open end of the tube into the
large hose on the throttle body. (See Illustration 10)
Illustration 6
Illustration 10
6. It is now time to start installation of your new air
intake. First, clean the inside of the intake tube with
automotive brake cleaner and a rag to remove any
residue from polishing.
11. Align the hole in the bracket with the hole in the
rubber grommet of the factory air box mount. (the
center most grommet) (See Illustration 11)
7. Once the tube is clean, insert the supplied grommet into the large hole in the side of the tube. This
is where the intake air temperature sensor will be
installed. (See Illustration 7)
Illustration 11
Illustration 7
12. Use the supplied bolt, nut, and washers to
secure the intake tube. Slip a large washer under
the bracket on top of the rubber grommet. Next,
slip the bolt through the bracket, large washer, and
through the grommet. Now slip another large
washer and flat washer onto the bolt and start the
nut. (See Illustration 12)
8. Next, install the large silicone hose onto the
throttle body and slip two of the three large hose
clamps over the hose. Position and tighten the
clamp nearest the throttle body. (See Illustration 8)
Illustration 8
Illustration 12
9. Now, slip the last large hose clamp over your
new air filter and slip the air filter over the end of
the intake tube, opposite the grommet. Position
and tighten the clamp. (See Illustration 9)
13. At this point, tighten the second clamp at the
throttle body onto the intake tube and then, using a
12mm socket and 12mm combination wrench,
tighten the mounting bolt.
14. Slip the air temperature sensor through the rubber grommet in the side of the new intake tube. A
lubricant, like WD40 and insertion of the sensor at
Illustration 9
Revised 08/01
Pt Cruiser Installation Instructions
a slight angle may aid installation. Be sure the
grommet stays in place. (See Illustration 13)
Illustration 13
15. Use the supplied small silicone hose to connect
the hard plastic breather tube to the new air intake
tube. Reinstall the engine cover. See Illustration
Illustration 14
Revised 08/01