Vstrom Rox Risers



Vstrom Rox Risers
Vstrom Rox Risers
Handlebar Riser
After reviewing information on the Vstrom forum I choose the Rox 2 inch universal risers. I was encouraged by threads suggesting the
existing electrical harnesses and hydraulic lines could be used. Cool! I did consider Gen Mar risers but Rox's pivot and are a few bucks
cheaper. Gotta like that more features for less. Looks - well you decide but I didn't by the Strom cause it's cute. In fact I like to joke the
Strom is a Harley Antithesis.
I thought about different bars but didn't want to deal with the unknowns including bar position, electric cables and hydraulic lines.
I really like these units. They put me in a the good ole sit up and beg position, one that I find the most comfortable. Remember I'm old
and I'm a Beemer guy.
Installation wasn't too difficult.
1. Remove plastic electrical harness keeper from the handle
bars. Hopefully your harnesses are routed behind the bars
like mine.
2. Remove the handle bars and lay them on a blanket on fuel
tank (but you knew that right?)
3. Install risers. This is the tricky part. The riser can't be
installed clocked at zero degrees because a typical allen
wrench can't be put in the fastener. The trick is to rotate the
risers forward, tighten the rear fasteners, then rotate the risers
backward as far as as your allen wrench will allow and tighten
the front fastener. I used a T-handle allen wrench and had to
rotate the risers back about ten degrees to allow wrench
access. Use a ball end hex allen wrench and this problem
goes away.
Installation continued
4. More fun time. Find a little more slack for the hydraulic lines
- you have to work at this one and I was satisfied with the
slack I now have.
5. Install the bars - don't scratch them like I did mine - it is a
tight fit. The riser handlebar fasteners are allen heads and are
not metric. Bummer! They go together well but like me you
may want to carry a wrench to fit this. Nuts another wrench
to carry.
6. Get some fuel hose line so the inside diameter will just fit over
the throttle cables. Cut it length wise with a box knife and put
it over the throttle cable anywhere the cable is bound to rub
like the front brake reservoir and on the lower triple tree.
7. An alternate solution to the problem in 3 above mainly involve
spacers and a traditional external hex bolts instead of the
Strom's factory allen bolts. This will buy you 20 degrees of
adjustability. I'm satisfied with the product and very
comfortable with the position of my bars.
Vstrom Rox Risers

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