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August, 2011
A Word From the Pastor...
What’s So Special About Sunday School?
Summer Series
“Fast Forward
3159 Sanderosa Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28312
Fayetteville, NC
Permit No. 191
T e mp l e B a p t i st C h u r ch
Join Pastor Kelly as he
continues his summer
sermon series, Fast
A Note From The Worship Leader…
“True worship
is not
sitting in
a pew on
It’s our
response to
in our
Forward Faith. This series
In my 37 years I have been very fortunate with appliances. I can only remember a short period of time
when a malfunctioning washer took me on several adventures to the Laundromat. Although the first
couple of times it was interesting to watch different people, and fun to have all the laundry done at one
time, the novelty quickly wore off. The mundane tasks of bundling dirty socks and towels, saving
quarters, and lugging around detergent became much more of a dreaded chore than an adventure.
Little did I know those few weeks without a washing machine would be God’s way of preparing me for a
mission experience. On any given Saturday there are groups of people all over the Fayetteville area on
mission to show the love of Jesus in area Laundromats. These people use their own money, or
donated money, to purchase rolls of quarters and detergent. They offer these gifts to Laundromat
patrons, and lend a helping hand or a listening ear, all in the name of Jesus.
One man has been so touched by this Laundromat ministry, which started through Operation
Inasmuch, that he is writing a play about it. The play will be presented this fall as a dinner theater, and
all of the proceeds will be given back to Operation Inasmuch. Thanks to Ron and Joan Denning and
their dedication to Inasmuch, I was introduced to this wonderful ministry, and have able to be involved
in the planning of this exciting event.
I would challenge you to begin now praying for ways that you can get involved in this or some other
ministry. I would love to share with each of you how God is moving and working, and how you can
help. God is working all around us. It’s up to us to get involved. We don’t have to have grand ideas for
some huge new ministry project. We just have to jump in where God is! True
worship is not sitting in a pew on Sunday morning. It’s our response to God’s
grace in our lives. I think that’s worth a few rolls of quarters and a couple hours on
a Saturday morning. I want to be His hands and feet. Do you?
is an in depth study through
For centuries Sunday School has been an important part in the health and growth of the local
church. It all began in Britain in the 1780’s when Robert Raikes, an English Anglican Evangelical,
began working with small, underprivileged children. Sunday Schools began as literal schools.
Religious education was always the core component to the classes and the Bible was used as
the textbook for reading. Likewise, many children learned to write by copying passages from the
Scriptures. After the establishment of state education, reading and writing were learned at school
during the weekdays and the Sunday School curriculum was limited to
religious education.
Today, Sunday School has broadened its scope to include all ages, from
children to senior adults. In the twenty-first century, it seems that some
have tried to undermine the importance of Sunday School in the local
church. Let me briefly share with you 3 reasons why I believe Sunday
School is so vitally important.
Reason #1: Sunday School provides a basic systematic study of the
Scriptures at a level of understanding for every particular age
group. Every class is intentionally organized around a specific age or life
stage group. The teaching materials chosen are unique and particular to
that individual group. This ensures that everyone, from our children to
our senior adults, is receiving the most benefit from the lesson.
Reason #2: Sunday School provides an opportunity for group discussion and personal
the book of James. Come application of the Scriptures. One of the beauties of Sunday School is that each member has
the freedom to contribute to the discussion as he or she feels appropriate. Our Sunday worship
as we see where faith and services do not allow an opportunity for questions, discussion, or personal feedback. Sunday
life connect! This series
could quite possibly be a
catalyst for significant
spiritual growth in your life.
Don’t miss it!
School, however, is the perfect place for this interaction to take place.
Reason #3: Sunday School provides for fellowship and care giving for each member of the
class. We know that fellowship is an important component of a healthy church. In each class,
members are afforded the opportunity to build strong, healthy relationships with each other.
These groups also allow members to care for each other during times of sickness, personal crisis,
or other times of special need. I’ve heard it time and time again, “My Sunday School class is as
close as my own family…we are a family!”
These are just a few of the reasons why Sunday School is so important. Let me encourage you to
give Sunday School a try. Next month (September) we will kick-off our new Sunday School year.
If you are not currently active in a group, I hope you’ll seriously consider making an effort to try
Sunday School. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all of our classes and I know you’ll be
encouraged in your walk with Christ. If you have any questions about which class would be best
for you, please contact our Minister of Education and Students, Pastor Brian Dawson at
[email protected] or call 483-7620.
Pastor Kelly
New Members
Mitch & Shauna Hair
5031 Highbranch Ct.
Stedman, NC 28391
Children: Mikel & Amanda
New Church Directory
Look around! Have you noticed all of the new faces here? Sometimes it can be difficult
remembering everyone’s name, but a church directory always helps put a name with a
face! On Sunday, August 7, we will begin scheduling appointments for photo sessions
for our new church directory. Pictures will be taken on Sept. 9,10,16,17. You will be able
to schedule your individual or family picture to be taken on one of these dates. For more
information, please see Nell Hollingsworth, Denise Davis or Joan Denning. You may
also call the church office at 483-7620.
Children’s Choir
Summer Update
Save the Date for our Ladies Hospitality Dinner
Join us on Sundays for
“Camp Branches Music
and Fun!” We are working
on a new
musical that will be
presented on Aug. 28.
Kids can be dropped off
for snacks and games at
6:15pm. We will finish
each night by 7:30pm.
The fall will soon be here and so will our Ladies Hospitality Dinner. Ladies, mark your
calendar for Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 5:00pm. We are so excited about this years
event! Information is posted online under “Women’s Ministry,” as well as a link to online
registration for your tables. You can also pick up a paper copy of this information in the
front lobby.
Check out our NEW
Flipside Parent
Newsletters available
online now or in the
front lobby!
Region 3 NC Missions Celebration
A Missions Event for Men, Women & Youth!
Galeed Baptist Church, Bladenboro NC
Tuesday, August 23 at 6:00 PM
Come join us for a
summer of fun!
For more information,
please contact Dawn
Come join us for a night of missions celebration as we experience what God is doing
through North Carolina Baptist volunteers in our state, our nation, and around the
world. Included will be times of worship, mission testimony, videos, and updates on
mission opportunities. Mark your calendars now for this exciting missions event for men,
women and youth. If you are interested in going to this event, please let Gerald Matthew
know by Sunday, Aug. 14. Registration is required.
Men’s Bible
“As iron sharpens iron, so
one man sharpens
another” (Prov. 27:17).
All men are invited to our
Men’s Bible Study at 6am
on Thursday mornings.
The study is held in the
conference room and will
conclude no later than
7am. The group is led by
Bo Seegars and Jim
Long. We are
studying through the book
of John. For more
information, please
contact Jim Long at
Sunday, September 11th — Kick-Off and Registration
Time and activities to be announced
These are the dog days of summer and dog these
days are hot. But we had a “cool” time at our
meeting on July 14th. It was a real blessing. Larry
Black and George Overton played and sang some
great old songs and we were all blessed so very
much. Like the old preacher said “if that don’t light a
fire in your soul then your wood’s wet.” Guys you have
to do that again very soon. Thank you again so very
Sunday, September 18th —No AWANA
All families are invited to Temple’s Annual Homecoming
on this Sunday morning.
We are going to the Farmer’s Market in Raleigh on Thursday, August 4th. We will leave the
church at 10 AM. If you will be able to go with us please contact Nell Hollingsworth at
The beginning of our 2011-2012 AWANA Program is
quickly approaching. Listed below is some important
information for you and your family.
Sunday, September 25th —First Regular AWANA Meeting for Clubbers
Time: 5:45—Drop off and Clubber Check In
6:00 (SHARP) - Pledges for Sparks & T&T in the
Sanctuary—Puggles and Cubbies go directly to
7:45—END—Parents will pick up clubbers in the foyer
For more information please email Nell Hollingsworth at [email protected]
Thank You
Please join us at Salem Pizza on August 12th. We will leave the church at 5:30 and meet in
Salemburg about 6 PM for a delicious meal with great Christian friends. Please let Ron
Denning (484-7303) know if you are planning to attend so we can reserve a table large
enough for all of us.
We are looking forward to our Amish County Trip in September. I know we will all be
blessed. Please come out and support the New Beginnings.
Ron Denning
Thank you for all of your
expressions of love and
concern during my
step-fathers illness
and death.
Dot Cherry