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ISBN: 978-1-4457-1533-9
HAARETZ 12.3/04
TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2005 / 8 IYAR 5765
PROJECT SCOPE: 125,000,000$
PHONE: 212-434-9543; E-MAIL: [email protected] 229
PHONE: 202-518-3416 E-MAIL: [email protected]
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YITZHAK RABIN 1922 - 1995
[email protected]
ROY MELTZER 31 OCT 05 16:53
EMAIL: [email protected]
The last holdout of Jewish morality, our religion, has been
taken over by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The
two leading New York rabbinical colleges, Yeshiva University
and the Jewish Theological Seminary, are now in the hands
of the worst enemies of Judaism, indeed of mankind. In the
future, the majority of America's rabbis will be thoroughly
inculcated in the globalist vision of the New World Order
Sabbataians. And this dreadful vision has already spread to
We begin with a letter sent to me by an astute student of
Rabbi Marvin Antelman, David Samuels:
"The president of the CFR, Haass went to a ceremony in a
synagogue on 5th Ave. in Manhattan inaugurating the CFR
division at YU (again I mean this literally)--an institute for
Middle Eastern Affairs which will be overseen by the CFR
itself. Also presiding over the ceremony was the new YU
president Richard Joel. Joel is without doubt one of the most
dangerous figures in the Jewish world today. He immediately
went about revamping YU according to his NWO-CFR vision,
replacing the age old YU symbol with a torch (of
illumination), literally effacing every last sign of the old
symbol, and he even wants to change the name to
something like American Jewish University or something like
this, which sounds more like a conservative or reform
institution. This is just the beginning of it. I understand much
more is going on than these things. I even heard about
students receiving death threats via telephone."
Here are a few passages from Samuels' essay on the YU
In only the past two years we‟ve seen a shocking takeover of
Jewish institutions by Council on Foreign Relation (CFR)
elements. This includes the takeover of newspaper Makor
Rishon and TV channel Techelet by the CFR‟s Ronald
Lauder and an almost-takeover of the religious paper
HaTzofeh. But worst and most dangerous of all is the
takeover of the historical supply channel for the Orthodox
Union‟s rabbis, Yeshiva University.
The new head of Yeshiva University is a certain Richard
Joel. Joel isn‟t even an ordained rabbi. Now see what one
of his first moves is. (for full article, see CFR website:
Remarks of Richard Haass at inauguration of the Arthur
Schneier Center for International Affairs, Yeshiva University:
"I am always happy to be here at Park East Synagogue, to
my shul. I am especially happy given the circumstances: to
help launch Yeshiva University's Rabbi Arthur Schneier
Center for International Affairs. I want to salute Yeshiva and
its president, Richard Joel, for its good judgment twice over:
first, for establishing an interdisciplinary center that will bring
together faculty and both undergraduate and graduate
students from diverse intellectual backgrounds to study and
discuss some of the fundamental issues of the day. Your
timing could hardly be better. This is a moment of great
promise and peril alike for Americans and for the United
States, and we need to prepare a new generation that
understands and is tooled to address the challenges of living
in this global world of ours...I do believe too that everyone
involved would benefit in particular from the establishment of
a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel...This policy need
not be seen as inconsistent with the road map, which calls
for a Palestinian state with provisional borders."
With Yeshiva University now a CFR outlet, the same plotters
turned their attention to the Jewish Theological Seminary.
Before we begin with this sad episode, recall who CFR
member Stephen Frand Cohen is. For those familiar with my
work, you remember the Ginossar scandal of March '02. For
those unfamiliar, get my new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor
Zionism And The Holocaust, which boasts a long chapter on
the issue. To summarize: The former deputy head of Israel's
internal security forces, the Shabak, Yossi Ginossar,
laundered over $300 million in stolen funds for Yasir Arafat in
a Swiss bank account. To create a complicated paper trail,
Ginossar founded numerous phony companies on Arafat's
behalf and he appointed as CEO of many of these companies, Stephen Frand Cohen. The tale turns to murder,
when Cohen's Washington partner, former Utah congressman Wayne Owens, is found dead on a Tel Aviv beach. In
short, Cohen is an embezzler, fraud and complicit in murder.
So who better is there to bring inter- faith joy to America's
future rabbis?
Jewish Forward
Some of the most influential and controversial Islamic clerics
in the Middle East are participating in a plan to launch what
organizers describe as the first joint-training institute to
produce future moderate sheiks, rabbis, priests and
The unprecedented proposal to create a summer religious
institute - where young seminarians from the three faiths
would study together to break down barriers and foster
positive relationships - was unveiled this week during a nineday "Summit for Interfaith Respect," held in New York City
and in Boston.
Partially funded by the U.S. Department of State, the
interfaith summit assembled Catholic, Greek Orthodox,
Protestant, Islamic and Jewish religious leaders from around
the world to study biblical texts and begin planning for the
joint-training institute. The group spent Tuesday at the
Jewish Theological Seminary, the flagship institution of
Conservative Judaism, interpreting and debating the Jewish,
Muslim and Christian versions of the story of Abraham's
binding of Isaac.
Organizers, including Stephen P. Cohen, president of the
Washington-based Institute for Middle East Peace and
Development, are hailing the initiative as a vital step toward
bridging gaps between the West and the Islamic world.
Jewish participants included several members of the JTS
faculty; Orthodox rabbi and Brooklyn College professor
David Berger, and Rabbi Reuven Firestone, a professor of
medieval Judaism and Islam at the Los Angeles campus of
the Reform movement's Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion.
"This is a very important moment for leading religious figures
from the Middle East and the United States to come
together," Cohen said in a welcoming statement Tuesday.
Cohen, a private citizen who has spent much of the past two
decades shuttling between Arab, American and Israeli
officials in an effort to promote peace, said, "The tensions
that currently characterize relations among many nations and
religious communities require high-level discussion about
ways to advance respect and understanding across faiths."
In late November, the CFR road show, this time led by the
devious CFR leader Daniel Pipes, arrived in Jerusalem to
continue its infiltration of the religious and the Right. As
expected, these two groups supplied the dimwits as both
speakers and audience. But the circus didn't fool everyone.
Prof. Paul Eidelberg summed up the feelings of everyone
who saw through the charade:
A more subtle and insidious method of undermining Israel
and the Torah has just surfaced in Israel: it‟s called the
“Jerusalem Summit.” The Summit held its second annual
conference at the King David Hotel on November 27-29. Its
logo: “Building Peace on Truth.”
With branches projected on various continents, the
Jerusalem Summit must have very high-powered financial
backers. The Summit has attracted to its cause prestigious
Americans and Israelis from the world of academia, politics,
and journalism. Although Summit conferences include
Christian and Muslim speakers, the organization‟s Presidium,
Academic Committee, and Media Committee are
overwhelmingly Jewish, indeed, patently conservative. They
include many nationalist-oriented and Orthodox Jews. Such
Jews would be the last to give their names to an organization
based on a globalist and adulterated Jewish ideology. But
what better way to undermine Israel and the Torah than
through their most ardent supporters?
Indeed, it‟s reasonable to assume that the UN will use the
Council, hence the Jerusalem Summit, to internationalize
Jerusalem, spiritually, then politically. The Summit can
advance this objective by its interfaith and cosmopolitan
orientation, which subtly underlies its logo “Building Peace
on Truth.” What truth?
One can only wonder: Who is really behind the Jerusalem
Summit? We need “transparency,” lest the Summit‟s
objective, “Building Peace on Truth,” is a facade for
undermining Israel and the Torah.
With the Jewish religion targeted and taken over by the
demonic powers which have corrupted this planet beyond
moral recognition, the last outpost of protest will soon vanish.
And with it, Jerusalem and Israel.
I am an investigative reporter, not a lunatic. And guess what,
there are dissatisfied people contacting me. I haven't got all
the details yet but I'm getting there. It seems one Daniel
Abraham shoveled a lot of money to YU with conditions. One
of them was he approve (appoint) the president. Watch out,
there's more to come. BC
At 04:31 PM 12/9/2004 -0600, you wrote:
Dear Professor Stewart:
Do not spend any undue time worrying about this item from
the lunatic fringe. We receive such diatribes on a regular
basis from various corners of the dark cave of intolerance
and hate. It is all ballast, and unfortunately it is a fact of life.
You'd hope that people would spend their energies helping
others in true acts of chesed and tzedakah instead of this
pathetic desire to hear their own ranting and raving.
Thanks for your hard work on behalf of the university.
Peter L. Ferrara
Yeshiva University
Senior Director
Communications & Public Affairs
New York, NY
tel. 212-960-5285
fax. 212-960-0043
The connection between Stephen Cohen and Daniel
Abraham and the Ginossar Scandal is detailed in my new
book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust.
Do Not Sign the Wallerstein Proclamation
A few days ago I signed the Wallerstein Proclamation which
commits foreigners to coming to Israel to participate in nonviolent protest against the withdrawal from Gush Katif. There
were fewer than 500 signatories and I thought I'd try to beef
up the numbers a bit, despite being Israeli.
Tonight I joined a group of people to hear Pinchas
Wallerstein, head of the Binyamin Regional Council, in
Talmon. One of the topics of discussion on the way was why
the proclamation wasn't in Hebrew. Why was Wallerstein
aiming only at outside support? By the time the meeting was
over, I knew why.
For the past few years, I've been receiving information about
the heads of councils in Yesha. The following is not atypical:
Shalom Mr. Chamish,
I've been living for nearly 10 yrs. in Itamar and some very
strange things have been going on since Benzi Lieberman
was elected. In the elections before his first term there was a
suspicious incident with one of the ballot boxes
'disappearing'. Since the wave of terror in Itamar after the
assassination of Gilad Zar, the regional council has cut the
number of hours for Ambulatory help in the Gav-Hahar
region (Bracha, Elon more, Itamar, Yitzhar) - no Ambulance
is available on Shabbat and in the evenings; the ambulance
in Itamar was removed under the pretext that there's nobody
in Itamar who is a qualified paramedic. And last but not least
just when the security officer Shlomo Miller was
assassinated he was involved in a great dispute with the
council concerning the money which the Ministry of Security
transferred to install electronic security equipment in Itamar
and which the council is refusing to hand over to the Yishuv.
This is only the tip of an iceberg and should be investigated.
It should be noted that the same Benzi Lieberman publicly
supported the Wallerstein petition.
One person who made a very open complaint against
Wallerstein was Moshe Feiglin. In Chapter 5 of his book,
Where There Are No Men, Feiglin revealed that after every
act of protest by his Zo Artzeinu movement, Wallerstein, then
Yesha Council head, would inform government officials that
he denounced the protesters.
Which is precisely what he did this evening in Talmon. He
denounced soldiers who would refuse orders to evacuate
Jews from their homes, declaring that, "It's futile anyway. All
regular army soldiers are in favor of the evacuation anyway."
A patently false claim.
Next came his revolutionary program: a protest vigil outside
the Knesset.
I chimed in: "Do you mean to say your goal is to influence the
Knesset? Do you even know who you are fighting?"
To which he gave numbers and figures in the Likud Central
Committee who could be swayed by the vigil.
The authorities could not have devised a plan better suited to
their purposes. Many in the audience of about 100 protested
against the flimsy plan and Wallerstein told them to shut up
because they were weakening unity. He then ended the
meeting quickly.
I said to my companions, "You're finished. He's misguiding
you on purpose. He's working against you."
Then we understood why the petition is only in English.
Anyone who signs the petition will find his name entered in
the passport control computers. As the day of
disengagement nears, anyone who signed that petition will
be returned home as a radical troublemaker. Already, over
1600 committed Jews and lovers of Israel have been
identified. They are now lost to the cause.
Come to Israel and join the fight. Just don't announce it or
you'll never see the outside of the airport.
It is the evening of Jan. 5. Pinchas Wallerstein's program for
civil disobedience to fight the dismemberment of Israel is in
its fourth day. While no one cares, his protesters are freezing
in rain-soaked tents opposite the Knesset.
Great plan, Pinchas.
Just two weeks before, Wallerstein issued a proclamation.
Those who signed it agreed to go to jail for taking uncivil
action against the Gaza withdrawal. Why should the
authorities send anyone to jail when the conditions in the
protest camp are infinitely worse?
The rain will stop tomorrow. There will be a few dry days for
the protesters to ask why they listened to Wallerstein and the
heads of the Yesha Council in the first place. Either, it was
their leaders' plan to demoralize their movement, or they
suffer from a total lack of imagination.
Permit me to explain how civil disobedience could work. If
one is prepared to sit in jail on behalf of a cause greater than
himself, like preserving his nation, he had better be sure of
his motives. I am so prepared, but not because of Eretz
Yisrael or the Torah. What motivates me is that those
pushing the so-called disengagement are a clique of filthy
murderers and assassins. Anyone who gets in their way is
slaughtered and if the withdrawal goes through, we'll be
stuck with them ruling us until the nation collapses. If the
other side was honest and had the best interests of our
people in mind, I might be supporting them today. But they
are rot!
The Jews have a fine history of civil disobedience and know
to make it work. The core philosophy is: You gotta hit 'em in
the pocketbook. During the Seventies, the American
movement to free Soviet Jewry did just so by throwing
marbles on the stage of Bolshoi performances, turning dance
into pratfalls, and tossing pennies on the ice during
appearances of the Soviet hockey team, making skating
risky. These acts forced the cancellation of profitable Soviet
attractions and garnered international humiliation for Soviet
treatment of the Jews. In the end, they helped open the
gates of freedom.
I was just eighteen when I had my first journalistic coup. I
managed to finagle a short interview for my college paper
with Yippie leader Abbie Hoffman. The Yippies, which
Hoffman explained meant Yiddish hippies, were in good part
responsible for ending America's immoral role in Viet Nam,
using the pocketbook approach. Wouldst such a movement
only arise today to save young Americans from dying futile
deaths in Iraq!
Hoffman's philosophy was summed up in the title of his
bestselling book, Revolution For The Hell Of It. Perhaps his
most publicized act was gathering a group of protesters to
throw hundreds of dollar bills onto the floor of the New York
Stock Exchange from the gallery above. As he anticipated,
the traders scurried like rats to catch the money and trading
was thoroughly disrupted.
His cleverest idea was aimed at shutting down banks
throughout the country. He recommended opening a safety
deposit box and placing a sizable fish within. After just a few
days, the smell of the rotting fish will permeate the bank so
thoroughly, that working would be impossible. The smell
would be traced to its source but that would make no
difference. A safety deposit box, by strict law, cannot be
opened or removed without the signed permission of its
Unlike the equally Jewish, Weathermen, cum Weather
People, the Yippies rejected violence in favor of intelligence.
No one was ever hurt by a Yippie, only by the police fighting
And that is the perfect philosophy for Israel today, where no
one wants a violent confrontation with the army or police.
What follows is a real program for civil disobedience that
does not require catching pneumonia for no reason. If every
Israeli who is committed to saving his nation cooperated, that
is, half the population at least, the program would have a
genuine chance of success.
First, The Nation's Pocketbook
1. Anyone who owns stocks in Israeli companies, sell them,
all of them, and trade them in for foreign shares.
2. Sell all your shekels, including every last agora in your
savings accounts, and buy foreign currency with them. Make
all your purchases in foreign currency. If you are able, close
your accounts in Israeli banks and open accounts in banks
3. Do not buy any Israeli product, excluding those
manufactured in Yesha. Even the foodstuffs you buy must be
imported. To prevent any deviation, cancel all meals out.
4. If you were planning a holiday in the country, cancel it and
go abroad. Do not fly El Al. Book by internet and not through
an agency.
5. Merchants, do not charge VAT on sales. Citizens, do not
pay income tax. If two million people, or even 20,000 people
join a tax revolt, it would take decades to prosecute
everyone. Tie up all income collected by the government
until the collection process collapses. Bankrupt the country
that has betrayed you.
Next, Let The Disruptions Begin
1. It takes only 5-10 people to tie up the phone lines of radio
talk shows or government offices. All that is required is
getting a line at the same time and leaving that line off the
hook. When the lines are cleared, the group repeats the
2. Two vehicles driving side by side at the legal minimum
speed on a highway can create a traffic jam that will take
many hours to sort out.
3. Forty protesters at every city bus stop will make sure only
they get on the buses. It is perfectly legal to ride a bus if you
pay the fare.
4. It is also perfectly legal to play your car radio, even at 3
AM in a convoy of several hundred vehicles keeping target
neighborhoods sleepless. If thousands of people participated
in dozens of neighborhoods, there wouldn't be enough room
in all the jails to incarcerate them. And it would take several
centuries of court time to convict them all.
5. It is just as legal to buy a ticket on an El Al flight and
cancel it at the last moment, paying a penalty. When two
hundred people do so for the same flight, a point is vividly
Now We Destroy The Good Name Of Our Leaders
1. To get their way, our leaders have committed heinous
crimes against fellow Jews. They are terrified that these
crimes be revealed, especially to outsiders. Make sure they
are. Their most sensitive spot is the Rabin assassination. I'll
be happy to supply my book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin
without personal profit to anyone or any group willing to hand
it out to every tourist who gets off a plane or registers at a
2. Whatever your beef, make sure that every visitor who
enters, stays in, or leaves the country knows just what kind
of criminality has overtaken Israel.
3. And when anyone visits their favorite "safe" city, let him
see the signs wherever he goes: JEWS OUT OF TEL AVIV;
If properly coordinated, all these actions would get the point
across without any clashes with the army. Those who signed
the Wallerstein Proclamation will finally be tested. Are they
really willing to be arrested for creating a public nuisance, or
would they rather be free in their puddle across from the
Naturally, I don't actually advocate such actions because I
know I'd be the only one doing so. And I know none of these
suggestions will actually be tried. The protesters will continue
to follow their leaders from puddle to puddle and when the
bulldozers arrive, will wonder what went wrong.
On November 23, Gen. Raful Eitan was found dead in the
waters of Ashdod port. Gen. Eitan was IDF Chief Of Staff in
the 1980s when Ariel Sharon was Minister Of Defense.
There are now widespread suspicions of foul play in Israel, in
part because of a report widely read by the author of this
article. I am no stranger to the subject of Israeli political
assassinations. My book on the true circumstances of the
assassination of a prime Minister, Who Murdered Yitzhak
Rabin, made the top of the Israeli bestsellers list and has
been translated into six languages. Cracking the Eitan
murder was much easier than Rabin's. The media
inadvertently exposed the crime within two days.
Day One
The media reports:
Raful arrived at the Ashdod seaside early this morning, as he
did every day, to oversee the continued construction of the
new HaYovel Port. He drove up to the site, and while
standing on the breakwater, was either overtaken by a large
wave or slipped into the sea for other reasons. Only after an
hour or more did his car attract attention, and a search
began. A helicopter helped in the search efforts, and his
body was found close to 8 AM. Resuscitation efforts by
Magen David Adom teams failed to revive him.
Former Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan drowns.
Eitan's vehicle was near the scene; he was apparently
touring the site of the Ashdod Jubilee Port as part of his
duties as project head.
Globes correspondent 23 Nov 04 10:00
Former Chief of Staff and government minister Rafael (Raful)
Eitan was found dead this morning, the victim of drowning in
the waters of the Port of Ashdod. Eitan's vehicle was near
the scene; he was apparently touring the site of the Ashdod
Jubilee Port as part of his duties as project head.
Paramedics attempted to resuscitate him, but were not
Eitan was IDF Chief of Staff from 1978-83. In 1982, together
with then Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon, Eitan formulated
the plan to eradicate the PLO's military power in Lebanon
that led to the 18-year long Lebanon War.
Army radio reported that Eitan was hit by a large wave as he
stood on a pier while taking on his cellular phone.
Former chief of General Staff and cabinet minister Rafael
"Raful" Eitan drowned early Tuesday morning after falling
from a breakwater in Ashdod Port into the stormy
Mediterranean. Eitan, 75, had been employed for the past
two years by the Ashtrom construction company and served
as project manager overseeing the construction of
breakwaters for a new section of the port.
Workers said that Eitan told a fellow worker in a telephone
call at about 7 a.m. that he was on his way to the port to
inspect equipment following Monday night's storm. The
conversation was then cut off. Dock workers told police they
saw Eitan arrive at around 8 a.m. He parked his car near the
construction area and they lost sight of him.
According to preliminary police findings, Eitan apparently
was standing on the edge of one of the breakwaters his team
was constructing and was swept into the sea by a large
wave. The Ports Authority declared a state of emergency,
and police, IAF helicopters and navy boats began searching
for his body.
Police said they were certain Eitan died in an accident and
did not commit suicide. Senior officers, however, said they
do not understand why he was standing on the breakwater
when the waves were dangerously high.
"The waves Tuesday were very stormy and particularly
threatening," one senior officer said. "Eitan, who was known
to be courageous, should have set himself more limits and
should not have been there."
At 9 a.m., an IAF helicopter located Eitan's body off the
military section of the port. His body was retrieved shortly
afterward by a group of navy divers and he was pulled
aboard a navy ship, where attempts were made to
resuscitate him.
Transportation Minister Meir Sheetrit has ordered Ashdod
Port director-general Shaul Rotem to establish a committee
of inquiry to investigate the circumstances surrounding
Eitan's death.
The Eitan family expressed shock upon hearing the news of
his death, voicing harsh criticism of the government for failing
to send an official envoy to deliver the tragic news.
In 1983 Eitan entered political life and established the
Tzomet movement, which acted against the withdrawal from
the Sinai Peninsula. In 2003 he was nominated to serve as
logistic coordinator for the Ashtrom company, which was
improving the breakwater at the Ashdod port.
The Ashtrom company reported that the last contact with him
was at around 7 A.M. Tuesday morning. He called from a
cellular phone to senior company officials to report on the
state of equipment at the site following an overnight storm.
Ashtrom officials said the conversation was cut off, and, after
they were unable to reach Eitan on his phone a search and
rescue force was dispatched to the area.
Did Eitan drown at 7 AM or 8 AM?
This is no minor issue.
Jerusalem Post: At 7 AM, Eitan calls someone to inform him
that he is on the way to the port to inspect equipment. The
call suddenly is cut off. Dock workers tell the police they saw
Eitan arrive at 8 AM. The body is located at 9 AM.
Israel National News: Eitan is last seen at 7 AM and his body
is recovered at 8 AM.
Galei Tzahal (Army Radio): Eitan is talking on his cell phone
when a large wave cut it off.
Haaretz: Quoting Ashtrom, Eitan's company, he contacted
them to report he was already at the site at 7 AM when the
cell phone was cut off.
What is the truth? Was he on site at 7AM or 8AM? Was his
body located at 8 AM or 9 AM? Which leads to the phone
calls. If he was on the site at 8 AM, who was Eitan talking on
his phone to at 7 AM and assuming a wave wasn't
responsible, why did his phone cut off? If, in fact, Eitan was
on the breakwater at 7 AM, why did it take two hours to find
his body? The 7 AM arrival time was reported by a
spokesman for Ashtrom. Why does his version clash so
radically with that of the dock workers who reported to the
police that they saw Eitan arrive at 8 AM?
Someone had to be lying to explain the blatantly
contradictory testimonies regarding where Eitan was at what
time, and who he was talking to on the cell phone, at what
time. Management officially explained that Eitan was pulled
into the water by a wave at 7 AM and the workers, in signed
testimonies to the police, insisted they saw him arrive an
hour later.
What was he doing on the breakwater in the first place?
The police are asking this question with excellent reason.
Eitan wasn't an idiot. The Tuesday morning he died was wet
and stormy. He could see the sea was churning. Why would
be put himself in harm's way? A breakwater has two sides: a
stormy one facing the sea, and a quiet one protecting the
port. Now imagine the effort it would take him to drown. He
would have to walk to the edge of the breakwater on the sea
side. Why would he make such an effort to inspect
equipment? The Mediterranean is not the Pacific. Swells can
reach three meters; not enough to tow a man out to sea
unless he went far out of his way to make sure it happened.
We repeat the question the police are asking: why would he
do that?
Smaller questions:
Why was Eitan alone in such conditions?
Why did no one see him fall in?
Eitan was a good swimmer. If he fell off a pier, why didn't he
swim to safety a few feet away?
Couldn't Ashtrom have sent a worker to inspect the
equipment? Was there some necessity for Eitan to arrive at 7
AM, an hour before work began, on a cold, rainy morning?
Why, in 2003, was Eitan given this job in the first place? He
was a farmer and soldier, with no harbor building experience.
Why wasn't Eitan's family informed of his passing?
Day Two
Absolute Proof of Foul Play:
On November 24, the wide circulation newspaper Yediot
Ahronot published two photos on pages one and two. They
are included herein (read on). The question of the
breakwater was answered in both the photos published by
Yediot Ahronot. Eitan was on the protected side of the
harbor. Big waves could not get in. The photo where Eitan
parked his car showed that the whole bay was dead calm.
Barely a ripple could be seen. Outside the harbor, the sea
was nasty. But inside where Eitan was, it was quiet. Had he
actually fallen in, he could have swum to shore in seconds.
But that wasn't the biggest revelation in those photos. The
state of the car was the shocker. I sent the car photo far and
wide, observing:
Photo of the car (page 19): Now look at the damage to his
car. Observe the smashed windshield, the collapsed roof, the
near total destruction of the right hand side of the vehicle.
Now if anyone is crazy enough to think that a wave caused
the wreckage, note the damage on the left hand side of the
car as well. That car was rammed by something sharp there,
by something powerful and blunt on the other side, and it
appears that a fifty pound boulder fell on the roof.
Even if a magic tsunami raced over the breakwaters and
headed straight for the car, it could not have caused the kind
of damage we see in the photo. But the point is moot,
because no giant waves occur where the car was parked.
That observation was reinforced by the second: Eitan's body
is on a pier in the Navy base, 1.5 km. distance. The pier is
located on a far more exposed part of the harbor, yet the
waves don't come close to reaching the top of it. And
considering the still waters where Eitan parked his car,
Israelis are asking how his body floated such a distance.
The most likely scenario thus, is that Raful tried to escape
his assailants in his car and was violently prevented from
doing so.
As for motive: No one knew more about Sharon's murky past
than Eitan. Lately he had come out strongly against Sharon's
Gaza disengagement plan. In his last interview, to Tel Aviv
Magazine, he stated, "This disengagement plan is a
historical error and I can prove it."
In Israel today, that can get you killed.
Whatever the motive, the evidence of foul play was so strong
in the public mind, that the government ordered an
investigation on the day of Eitan's demise. It met for a few
hours and declared that a wave had towed Eitan into the
Harbor where he drowned. The issue of the still waters, the
contradictions in testimony regarding the time of the
"accident," and the state of Eitan's vehicle were not
In Israel today, this passes for justice.
Beyond any shadow of any doubt, Raful Eitan did not die
while carried off by a wave as he was standing on a
breakwater at Ashdod port. We have been lied to and maybe
this time, we have enough to get this political murder
honestly investigated.
Breaking this murder was as easy as opening pages one and
two of Yediot Ahronot 24/11/04.
Now look again:
First picture of the car (page 19) - Eitan's car beside the spot
on the breakwater where he allegedly fell in and drowned.
First, look at the water. It is dead calm. Eitan was on the
protected side of the breakwater. There is barely a ripple in
all of this bay of the harbor. There are no big waves which
could have towed Eitan in the water, and if a miracle tsunami
had appeared, he would have swum to shore in seconds.
But now look again at the damage to his car. Observe the
smashed windshield, the collapsed roof, the near total
destruction of the right hand side of the vehicle. Now if
anyone is crazy enough to think that a wave caused the
wreckage, note the damage on the left hand side of the car
as well. That car was rammed by something sharp there, by
something powerful and blunt on the other side, and it
appears that a fifty pound boulder fell on the roof.
Second picture (page 20) - Raful's corpse found on the
military side of the harbor. Now recall the calm waters where
Raful was supposed to have fallen in and ask how his body
floated so far away. But more important, this is an exposed
part of the harbor. Look at the water. It's churning, but no
wave comes close to reaching the top of the pier. These
photos were taken some 90 minutes after Eitan drowned,
however it happened. The weather could not have changed
much. There are no killer waves anywhere.
Now we know something about Raful's last minutes. He tried
to escape his assailants in his car and was violently
prevented from doing so. The murderers actually thought by
parking his car on the breakwater, that people would think a
magic wave wrecked it on all sides and from above.
All doubt is now evaporated. Raful Eitan knew he was in
trouble, he tried to escape his murderers, was chased and
sadly, was caught. It's all in the car. He did not have an
accident and drown. It's all in the waves.
In my initial analysis on the day of the murder, I surmised
that Eitan was going to come out against the Gush Katif
evacuation and he had all the dirt on Sharon he needed to
succeed. That appears to be the case. Here are some words
from his last interview:
Raful rarely gave interviews of late. One of these - with the
"Iton Tel Aviv" newspaper in January of this year - was
reprinted by Ynet on the day of his death.
"My opinion is that all these efforts [referring to Sharon's
disengagement plan - ed.] are for naught. With the Arabs, we
will never be able to make peace... This is a struggle
between civilizations. We are a foreign culture, and in my
opinion, Islam will never make peace with our foreign entity,
and with the fact that it has political independence and even
defeats them in wars. They'll never agree... I can prove that
whoever thinks that concessions, compromises, 'Geneva,'
Ami Ayalon's plan, are what will change the Middle East
situation - in my opinion is mistaken.
What he could prove and who he could finger, undoubtedly
cost him his life. He is the latest of a long line of political
murders ordered by the "peacemakers" of Israel.
What we have so far failed to do with Rabin, let us succeed
with Raful. We have the proof. We cannot let this opportunity
pass. We can bring justice to Raful. We can yet bring
salvation to Israel.
There is nothing complicated about the July 19 murder of
Israeli judge Adi Azar. The murderers have already
confessed but the Israeli government is rejecting the
confession. Accepting it could ruin the "peace" process. So,
the Israeli media is spreading salacious gossip about the
judge's personal life, including "a love triangle."
The key to the cover-up is convincing the public that Yasir
Arafat never tells the truth. Let's have a look at the events
leading up to the murder:
July 10 - World Court In Hague orders Israel to remove its
security fence.
July 11 - Tel Aviv bomb kills 19 year old soldier, wounds 34
July 12 - American court orders PLO to pay the family of
American terror victim Yaron Ungar, $116 million in
July 12 - Arafat: Israel Staged Tel Aviv Bombing by Abu
Khaled Toameh, Jerusalem Post
"Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat condemned
Sunday's Tel Aviv bomb explosion that was claimed by his
Aksa Martyrs Brigade, accusing Israel of masterminding the
attack...This is not the first time Arafat has accused Israel of
carrying out attacks against Israelis. In the past, he accused
the Israeli security services of assassinating tourism minister
Rehavam Zeevi."
The Tel Aviv bombing was out of character. It was not a
suicide attack, rather a bomb hidden in bushes near a bus
stop. It was designed to do the least possible damage while
appearing to be a major incident. As for Zeevi, my research
has Arafat dead-on right about Zeevi. (Please read Save
Israel! for details).
Now we look at the American court decision, also from the
Jerusalem Post.
July 13 - US Court, PA Must Pay Terror Victims Family
"In what may be a landmark blow to global terrorist financing,
a federal judge in the US ordered the Palestinian Liberation
Organization to pay $116 million to the family of a US citizen
murdered in Israel eight years ago."
There are thousands of terror victims, dead or mutilated, and
at $116 million a pop, the PLO and its murder state would be
bankrupted if this ruling sets a precedent. Now, on to Judge
Azar. He was adjudicating terror compensation cases in Tel
Aviv and the PLO could not have liked his rulings. Nor could
their supporters in the Israeli "peace" camp.
Let us look at how Judge Azar handled the issue of the suit
against the Egged bus company against Arafat and his
Arutz Sheva,
"Arafat Goes To Court A bill for 52 million shekels did what
nothing else was able to do: get PLO chieftain Yasser Arafat
to recognize Israelis courts. He turned yesterday to the Tel
Aviv District Court, asking it to overturn a decision of seven
weeks ago obligating him personally to pay that sum. The
court, ruling on a suit by Egged, Israel's main bus company,
stated that Arafat must compensate the company for
terrorism-related damages caused during the first year of the
ongoing Oslo War.”
"Egged had claimed in the suit that Arafat himself, as the one
who drafted and sent terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks,
must be made to know that the costs will come out of his
own pocket. "This is just another way to wage the war
against terrorism," Egged claimed. In the first year of the
Oslo War, Egged suffered more than 50 attacks, in which
113 people were killed, including a bus driver, and 594 were
wounded, including 19 drivers. Financial damage added up
to over 164 million shekels.”
"The court ruled in early February, after Arafat did not even
bother to respond to the papers served against him, that he
must pay the sum - plus court costs of 100,000 shekels.”
"Atty. Yosef Arnon, representing Arafat, claimed in court
yesterday that the lawyers representing the PA/PLO in the
case were not his client's, and that Arafat therefore cannot
be judged to have received the court papers. Arafat's lawyer
also asked that the judge, Hon. Adi Azar, be disqualified from
the case."
As for Judge Azar's treatment of the PLO lawyer Yosef
"Attorney Jamal Abu Toameh, an Arab citizen of Israel, has
been replaced by Yossi Arnon, a Jewish lawyer. "We
realized that in an Israeli court you have to be a Jew to
accomplish anything," says Farih Abu Madin. Last week,
Arnon made his debut as the PA's lawyer in the Tel Aviv
District Court, in a hearing on the Egged suit.”
"'This is not a terrorist case, but a civil case involving a
damage suit,' he said. Cross-examining the director of the
bus company's financial division, Arnon focused on the
question of whether Egged's profits had shrunk not because
of the terrorist attacks but because it lost its monopoly status
as an intercity carrier.
'"However, the judge, Dr. Adi Azar, refused to accept Arnon's
approach. "Even though this is a civil suit," he wrote in an
interim decision, "it deals in its entirety with a lengthy chain of
acts of terrorism and atrocity that are exceptional even by
international criteria, which unfortunately occurred in the
recent past in Israel ... It cannot be treated as a routine,
regular breach of contract suit, as though we were dealing
with a cupboard that someone ordered but was not
delivered, or a check not honored by a bank.'"
In another suit against the PLO, Judge Azar upheld his
position, and his integrity:
"In a decision of January 2003 to place a lien on NIS 4
million in favor of Yosef Azouz, who was wounded in the
March 2002 terrorist attack at the Sea Food Market
restaurant, the registrar of the Tel Aviv District Court, Adi
Azar, wrote, 'Immunity accrues to those who follow accepted
and civilized modes of behavior, and not to those who take
hold of an instrument of war and embark on a path of
indiscriminate murders.'"
Judge Azar's precedents threatened the PLO with more than
an endless payout to its victims. He also forced the
Palestinian Authority to reveal its assets in court.
Cause of losses
"A different reality is revealed in the courts. In an attempt to
annul the temporary liens, the PA stated that it possessed
considerable assets and would not have a problem meeting
the payments required by the courts if the courts ruled that
the PA had to compensate the plaintiffs. In an affidavit to the
Tel Aviv District Court in the Egged suit, Muhand Aljaouni, an
aide to Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, stated
that the PA owns assets 'whose value is dozens of times
greater than the amount of the suit ... The Palestinian
Authority has investments worth about $600 million in
various companies.'”
"A document attached to the affidavit provides details of the
PA's investments. The PA is said to have $74 million in cash
and to be a partner in 64 companies, including
communications firms in Jordan, Algeria and Tunisia, a
Palestinian cement company, a gas and aviation project, real
estate transactions worth $15 million, hotels, a flour mill, a
convention center in Bethlehem and the companies that
market Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola in the territories."
Judge Azar was forcing the PA to prove it could not pay the
compensation his court was demanding. Does anyone
believe that the PA only has $74 million in cash? Arafat has
more than that in his piggy bank. Nonetheless, the revelation
of the PA's corrupt business interests was bound to scare the
recipients of Arafat's largesse.
So he had to go to save the "peace." The murderer dressed
as a security officer and cased the judge's home for three
days before making his move. He placed a silencer on his
pistol, shot the judge five times and managed to escape on a
motorcycle. This was no mean trick in late afternoon Tel Aviv
traffic. Odds are he drove to a nearby safe house. Which
means, the killer was getting help inside Israel. Which
means, the "peace process" hit squad of the Shabak helping
out Arafat.
Arafat's Al Aksa Brigade took responsibility for the hit and the
Israeli government took enormous pains to scoff at the claim.
Most likely they were just accessories to the crime, but their
boss derived all the benefits from the removal of Judge Azar.
The next judge adjudicating compensation cases against the
PLO, whether in Israel or abroad, will think twice before
ruling in favor of the plaintiffs.
If the Israeli public were to discover that Arafat ordered the
hit, and turned to his allies in the Israeli "peace" camp to
carry it out, the whole Oslo process would likely collapse.
Which is why the lurid gossip about Judge Azar's private life
is being spread like the fertilizer it is.
Police arrested 5 suspects allegedly involved in what they
called a "random murder." According to evidence police
obtained during the investigation, underworld figure Yitzhak
Tzeziashvili, currently serving a life sentence for murder,
orchestrated the scheme and ordered Azar's assassination
for the sole purpose of shaking up the judicial system in
hopes of getting his prison sentence reduced.
The accused is a small time hood who murdered someone
over a business dispute. But one day, from his tiny cell, he
decided to "shake up the judicial system,' by murdering a
judge who had nothing to do with his own trial. So he asks a
fellow prisoner named Rafi Nachmani, who was set to go on
furlough, if he wouldn't mind murdering a judge for him while
he was away. One can only imagine the conversation:
TZ- I want this Judge Azar, rubbed out.
NA - He was the fink who sent you to the big house?
TZ - No, I never heard of him.
NA - So whaddya wanna snuff him for?
TZ - To shake up the judicial system and get my sentenced
NA - Do you get a reduced sentence for murdering a judge?
TZ - Sure, just do it and watch how your sentence gets
NA - You got it. Whaddo I get out of it?
TZ - Nuttin'. You think I make a good living in here? But you
do get to shake up the judicial system.
NA - Well den. I'm on the case.
Can you imagine the sheer desperation of the murder squad
to come up with this wallapalooza?
For those who read Hebrew, visit the following site. It is a
purported transcript between the police and the accused,
explaining that the real murderer was an Arab and if he is
caught, the whole peace process will collapse. TZ is offered
life in prison like a king if he cooperates, and God help him if
he doesn't. I've decided that the transcript is speculative but
look at it anyway to understand how much thinking Israelis
are buying this latest whitewash.
Shaul Rotem, General Manager of Ashdod Port to be
investigated for concealing evidence in his commission of
inquiry into the death of Raphael Eitan.
My claim that Raful Eitan was murdered made the rounds of
the top echelons of the Israeli media this week. It began
when a junior reporter for Yediot Ahronot, a charming lady
named Tal, called me to arrange an interview with a very
senior reporter, Chaim Meltzer. I felt the meeting went well,
but the media establishment has trained its reporters in the
fine points of double-facedness. Friendly interviews
invariably turn into vicious articles.
Next, Tzachi Biran, a journalist for Israel's top web news site,
Walla, interviewed me about Raful's demise and he wrote an
accurate and fine article. Look for it at:
Note, my interview is the lead news feature. This was a
major breakthrough. Hebrew readers, look at the pattern in
the commentaries. The first 100 are quite balanced, then
suddenly a barrage of anger and mockery begins. You can
be certain that the secret services monitor the media and
send their own messages to control public opinion. I suggest
adding your own comment while the story is still up.
During the course of our interview, Biran suggested that my
claims would be taken more seriously if I took them to the
police. I dwelled on the idea until the evening when I made
my move.
Two women, film students from the Bezalel Art Academy,
dropped by to interview me in my home. I gave them an
opportunity to up the scale of their documentary. They could
film me at the Modiin police station submitting a complaint
against Shaul Rotem, general manager of Ashdod Port.
After Eitan's death, Transportation Minister Meir Sheetrit
ordered Rotem to conduct a commission of inquiry into the
tragedy. Within a day his commission opened and closed,
concluding that a giant wave snuck into Ashdod port,
wrecking Eitan's car and sucking him into the water where he
The problem was Eitan's car was parked inside the harbor
behind the breakwaters, where big waves cannot enter. I
took two photos of the crime scene to the police station,
along with a list of published testimonies by eye-witnesses.
My complaint asked if Rotem's commission grilled the
conflicting witnesses. Did he ask the managers of Eitan's
company, Isratrop, why they claimed Eitan drowned at 7 AM,
when port workers told the police that they saw him alive at 8
AM? Did his commission find the source of the
contradictions? Did they bring a wave engineer to study the
damage to the car and determine if it was caused by a
wave? Did they demand an autopsy of Eitan's body?
The answer is no on all accounts, so I charged Shaul Rotem
with concealing evidence in a public commission. The police
investigator immediately understood the validity of my charge
and agreed to begin an investigation. Write me if you'd like to
see a copy of the police agreement to investigate the death
of Raful Eitan. With the agreement in hand, I called Tal and
asked her if Yediot Ahronot would like to report my police
complaint. She agreed that if the police agreed to investigate
the Raful death, it was a significant story. Even moreso
because, since the Walla piece appeared, I had appeared on
two radio shows announcing my successful opening of a
police investigation into the circumstances of Raful's demise.
She informed her editor, Buki Naeh and he agreed it was an
important story. So he assigned his reporter Reuven Weiss
to the story. Weiss assured me he would pop by my place
within a few hours to get the story. He never appeared.
Neither Naeh nor Weiss answered my calls.
More proof of media arrogance, manipulation and control.
And now why this story must be snuffed by the mafia
establishment. Since I publicized my suspicions about
Raful's death, people who lost loved ones equally
suspiciously contacted me. I promised them I wouldn't reveal
their names but here are letters from two distraught people.
Forgive the Hebrew - writing lady's English errors:
Dear Barry,
My father used to organize the Raanana anti Oslo
demonstrations. He always felt that some of the participants
were shabbak plants.
He died suddenly in the hospital by Zrifin (Yaffe?) after
recovering fully from a minor operation, Jan 4 three years
We never thought of looking into it, but you have me
Hello! I'm a widow of M S from Herzlia. He was found as
suicide in the cemetery of Herzlia on the early morning of
26/December/2001. He was a partner of the merkaz of
Mifleget Haavoda in Tel -Aviv. The night before there were
elections in the miflaga his side won but the leader gave up
and at least Ben Eliezer won some days before my husband
told me that somebody from the group of Ben tried to frighten
him because he is on the wrong side. My husband died! I
think he was killed! but nobody wanted to listen to me.
Hello Barry!
I sent all this to You because I had, and have till now, very
bad feeling about all this.
What was the reason of mister Burg to give up the position
of being the head of the Avoda after all? Why he gave this as
a present to Ben Eliezer? My husband worked for Burg like a
crazy and he made him the winner- but he earned also
So if You can write all this without mention my name -it can
be more than wonderful the real thing is that I'm till afraid
from them. Thanks.
Jerusalem Post Sold to Israeli, Canadian Companies
CanWest, owned by the Asper family, is one of the largest
media companies in Canada, with newspapers, television
stations and channels, publishing houses, and radio stations
in Canada, Britain, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.
I actually met the scion of CanWest, Izzy Asper. He was
running for the premiership of a Canadian province and I was
a young BA student. His sole issue was that a dam project
would flood some Native Indians' land. He brought the tribe
in full regalia to the university and I accused him of playing
on our feelings and exploiting the Natives for his own
purposes. I was roundly booed for doing so.
He has passed away but his son Leonard will be the new
publisher of the Jerusalem Post. I have long proven that the
Post is a mouthpiece for the Council on Foreign Relations
because its previous owner, Conrad Black, CEO of the
Hollinger Corp. was a prominent CFR member.
Now, with gratitude to my correspondent Elisheva Rubin, I
can report to you that the Post hasn't really been sold. It's still
safely in the hands of the promulgators of the New World
Order. We begin with the 2000 Bilderberger meeting. Look
who are both invited participants: Izzy Asper and Conrad
Black. Now look who is a director of Asper's CanWest Global
Communications. Why it's Conrad Black of the CFR!!
The Jerusalem Post sold itself to itself.
Bilderberger 2000 - Asper attended.
Global Elite :: Exposing secret world government
. . . Member of the Board of Directors of the Council on
Foreign Relations, the Ford Foundation, the New . . . CDN,
Asper, Israel Chairman, CanWest Capital Group ...
- 83k CDN - Black, Conrad M. Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Hollinger International Inc. in the United States,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Argus Corporation
Limited and Hollinger Inc. in Canada and Chairman of
Telegraph Group Limited in London. He became a member
of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour
in October, 2001. Hollinger International Inc. owns Englishlanguage newspapers in the United States, the United
Kingdom, Canada and Israel. Included among the paid daily
newspapers that the company owns are the Chicago SunTimes (U.S.), The Daily Telegraph (U.K.) and The Jerusalem
Post (Israel). In addition, the company owns a large number
of non-daily periodicals, numerous magazines and other
publications, including the Sunday Telegraph and Spectator,
(U.K.). Hollinger is also a successful Internet publisher and
investor. In addition, Lord Black is a director of Sotheby's
Holdings, Inc., Brascan Corporation, The Canadian Imperial
Bank of Commerce, CanWest Global Communications and
The Jerusalem Post Limited and serves on the Steering
Committee of the Silverberg Meetings and is Chairman of the
Editorial Board of the National Interest in Washington D.C.
He is also a member of The Trilateral Commission, the
International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Chairman's
Council of the Americas Society, a trustee of the Malcolm
Muggeridge Foundation, the Nixon Center and the Hudson
Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana, and a director of the Centre
for Policy Studies in London, a member of the International
Advisory Board of The Council on Foreign Relations in New
Thank you Joel Skousen for your fine review of my new book
in the World Affairs Brief:
No update on Israel would be complete without a review of
Barry’s unique series of exposes putting Israel’s treacherous
leaders under the scrutiny of truth. I read everything Barry
Chamish writes about Israel. I consider his works, even with
their flaws, essential reading for any serious student of the
inner workings of Israel. He is literally Israel’s lone voice in
the wilderness, trying desperately to wake up a sleeping
nation to the reality of their impending demise by their own
leaders. There are other valiant voices defending Israel from
its enemies within, but none has the clarity of understanding
that Barry has concerning the conspiratorial and globalist ties
which control Israel’s leaders, whether on the right or the left.
Most defenders of the Jewish Torah-Zion position in Israel
naively think their problems with leaders are the result of
"rogue" elements of corruption that can be fixed by simply
changing leaders. Little do they know that the corruption and
betrayal is systemic, rather than exceptional. And, as in US
politics, globalist controllers in Israel cultivate opposition
leaders further to the right (i.e.: Netanyahu) of the current
phony conservative leader (Sharon) so that when the people
finally get fed up with betrayal they fall into the arms of
another phony savior claiming to champion their cause, and
so the cycle of deception continues.
Barry Chamish is loved and appreciated by thousands and
hated by many more for having the audacity to challenge the
official government version of events surrounding the
assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. That was the
key event that changed Barry’s life and career. Not only was
Rabin NOT shot by a right-wing fanatic settler, as the
government claimed, but the blank-shooting patsy who was
set up to be blamed for the assassination, Yigal Amir, turned
out to be an agent for the Shabak (Israeli Secret Service)
and part of a radical right wing outfit created by and run by
other Shabak agents. In other words, Rabin was killed by
dark side elements of his own government - just like JFK in
the US. Chamish has discovered 90% of all the sordid details
surrounding the assassination and subsequent cover-up, and
sources keep coming forward to confirm more of the actual
story. Chamish’s Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin is a classic in
the genre. His video analysis of the assassination film
graphically proves his case as well.
One of the fascinating things to read in Barry’s subsequent
books are the number of first hand witnesses that come
forward to give him additional pieces of information missing
in the original work - which served as an impetus to bring
many reluctant witnesses out from the woodwork. We in
America almost never have the benefits of so many insiders
coming forward, so great is their fear of elimination and
retribution from the powerful forces that control our country.
There are reasons why Israel’s fate is a little different. First,
because of G-d’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
Israel (though most Jews are irreligious and undeserving) the
Lord keeps intervening, thwarting these conspirator’s
designs through continual Palestinian terror. Second, dealing
with conspiracy in the nation of Israel is like dealing with a
city government the size of Houston, rather than a nation.
When a nation has only a few million people and is tucked
into a city the size of Houston, you run into people who see
things and know things much more easily than you do in a
huge country like the United States. Barry is always running
into conspirators at public functions where he confronts them
brazenly and records their reactions, ranging from outright
disdain to livid bursts of anger. He tirelessly hauls his books
around to conferences or meetings and dares people to read
the truth. Many do, and now over half of Israel believes there
was a conspiracy by government to kill Yitzak Rabin and
blame it on radical settlers.
Barry’s other books, Traitors and Carpet Baggers in the
Promised Land, and Save Israel continue to saga of
collusion and conspiracy between those pretending to
represent Israel’s Right (the Likud) and the radical Marxist
Left (Labor Party). Chamish details the manner in which
America’s elite leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations
and other interlocking globalist conspirators suborn, train up,
and control Israel’s leaders. He is the only Israeli
investigative reporter other than Joel Bainerman (Author:
Crimes of a President) who really understands this crucial
Chamish’s latest book is Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism, and
the Holocaust ($25 postpaid from Israel for WAB
subscribers). Don’t be put off by the difficulty of the title. Like
his other works, most of this book is a chronicle of his latest
research uncovering the hidden hand of treachery behind the
most recent political assassinations and murders in Israel.
His analysis of the Ginosar scandal is a must read, showing
who in Israel colluded with terrorists to set up Arafat’s secret
bank accounts and why. Only the last two chapters deal with
the historical conspiracies of Shabtai Tzvi and Labor
As a caution to those unfamiliar with his works, you have to
know how to read Chamish. He is brilliant, but also a little
erratic, darting from one topic to another without refreshing
the reader’s memory about who’s who, or explaining titles or
acronyms that abound. Keep in mind, these books are all
produced under the greatest personal strain by a man
impassioned by a just cause but operating with no outside
editor, little money, and harried by government attempts on
his life and sanity. It’s best to get the whole set of Barry’s
books and start from the beginning. If you come to a part you
don’t understand, just keep reading; he’ll eventually repeat
the information in another context, and after hearing certain
key people show up numerous times, you’ll start to
remember who the real dangerous people are. This is real
live sleuthing, even if the prose is not as clear as Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle. Be patient. The journey is worth the effort.
Thursday, Dec. 30/04, I gave a lecture in Jerusalem about
the murders of Raful Eitan and Judge Adi Azar. The next
night, the attorney for the government's chief suspect in the
Azar murder, David Weiner, is shot in the head in his home.
A note was found by the body stating that Weiner wanted to
prove he was being honest in his handling of the Azar case.
So he killed himself.
Yeah, sure he did. He joins the long list of suicides and
accidents of Israelis who endangered the "peace" process.
Here is how Azar was really murdered. Quotes are from the
government's indictment.
January, Feb. 03 - Judge Azar rules against Yasir Arafat in
two suits brought against him to compensate victims of his
terror. He orders Arafat to pay 160 million shekels in
compensation and court costs. Further, he forces the
Palestinian Authority to reveal its assets in court so the
plaintiffs may collect on his rulings. This is not the kind of
judge that Arafat or the Israeli peacemakers want around, so
the hit squad of the peacemakers is called into action.
April ' 03 - A plan to murder Azar along the exact lines of the
Rabin assassination is hatched. The Yigal Amir patsy is Rafi
Nekhmani, serving life in prison for murder. He is released
on an illegal furlough and escapes. No manhunt is ordered
for his return. Instead Nekhmani stays, "in numerous hotels
while he staked out nine judges," in six different cities until
Azar was chosen as his target. Further, Nekhmani was not
located by the police for two years.
July, 04. Enter Avinoam Hajbi, the Margalit Har Shefi of the
Azar murder. He is drawn into the plot against his
understanding. Nekhmani hires him to drive him to Azar's
house three times for ten minutes each. On July 19,
Nekhmani took twenty minutes, returned to the car and gave
him a gun. He ordered Hajbi to drive to a nearby beach and
bury the weapon. Nekhmani explained that, "The plan was to
injure the judge so he could negotiate better conditions for
Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli." Hajbi told Nekhmani that, "The plan
was out of a science fiction movie," and "I didn't know that
Judge Azar was actually killed until I saw it on the news later
that night."
But witnesses to the shooting swore the killer escaped on a
motorcycle, not in a car.
ENTER David Weiner. He is Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli's attorney.
He believes his client was wrongfully imprisoned for murder
and has succeeded once in having an appeal heard. He is
approached with an attractive offer by, possibly, Nekhmani.
Whoever made the offer said he had knowledge of the Azar
murder and would reveal the whereabouts of the murder
weapon if Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli's prison conditions and
sentence were lightened within 48 hours. Weiner informed
attorney-general Menachem Mazuz, and later State
Prosecutor Eran Shendar, of the offer, which was rejected.
Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli has now been set up to be the Hagai
Amir of the Azar murder, that is, the weapons supplier. He,
along with Hajbi, are now indicted as masterminds of the
assassination. Neither, knew a thing about it.
Meanwhile, Nekhmani got two years on the lam in tourist
hotels for his cooperation, and once back in the slammer,
you can be certain conditions will be long as he
keeps his mouth shut. Like Yigal Amir, he was made to look
like the shooter, while the real hit man escaped on a
Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli called the charges against him
"fabricated and a load of nonsense." His current lawyer,
David Yiftah observes, "All he did was inform the prosecution
that he received information on the location of the murder
weapon. If he was behind the murder, why would he set
himself up and turn himself in? The only plausible
explanation is that Azar was murdered over a personal
motive and that the charges against my client are meant to
cover up the truth."
You can be well certain that David Weiner came to the same
conclusion and was about to serve the truth. So one more
honest Israeli had to be murdered for peace.
The list of the good slain to cover the tracks of the Oslo
"peace" is now so long, no one could call it a coincidence.
Make no mistake, Israel is in the hands of the Devil himself.
Tonight I had the displeasure of witnessing another
blabbermouth, know-it-all Jewish leader, Elyakim Haetzni,
lead his people inexorably to the box cars. Last week, I saw
a similar performance by Binyamin Region Council head,
Pinchas Wallerstein. Recall that he stirred a few waves in a
proclamation calling for civil disobedience. So we all
gathered to hear his plan. Now I lived through a period of
civil disobedience and know how it works. In today's Israel,
protesters would sit peacefully en masse at the entrance to
the Knesset or in roads leading to it, forcing the police to
make the first violent moves. Instead of such actions,
Wallerstein's plan called for a protest vigil in the park
opposite the Knesset. This hopeless action will begin on
Monday, Jan. 3 and nobody will watch as a few disheartened
suckers freeze in the rain and snow. What is not understood
by the followers is that their leaders, like Haetzni and
Wallerstein are part and parcel of the establishment. They
have to be ignored, not turned to in these times of trouble.
I issued a call not to sign the internet petition supporting the
Wallerstein proclamation because the protesters will be
identified by the Israeli authorities and turned away. And
passport control would have every right to turn back
someone who vowed to come to the country, break the law
and gladly sit in prison for it.
I guess someone noticed because former Deputy head of the
Shabak and today's Internal Security Minister, Gideon Ezra
announced that his policy will not be to turn such protesters
away. I know Ezra quite well. We were on the same podium
twice. No one who knows him would trust him at his word.
Now read the intent of his promise. It means the names of
these protesters are being collected.
And there's someone else I know personally; Ofir Pines How
long have I written that the longterm plan is to have Pines
replace Peres when he goes? I have documented Pines'
wickedness in a full chapter of my book The Last Days Of
Israel. I even sued him once. If you want further proof that
evil is running Israel, give a warm round of applause to the
new top dog of Labor Zionism, the Devil incarnate, Ofir
My recent piece on the takeover of Yeshiva University and
The Jewish Theological Seminary led to three tips. The first
went: "Daniel Abraham shoveled money at YU and extracted
concessions. Go looking."
So I did. It's true. Daniel Abraham is now the biggest donor
to Yeshiva University. And Daniel Abraham is Stephen P.
Cohen's partner in a Washington-based Middle East "peace"
tank, run by former Utah Congressman Wayne Owens, until
he was murdered in Tel Aviv.
If Yeshiva University staff and students don't think they've
been taken over, perhaps they should have a look at their
most generous benefactor. First, Daniel Abraham is a
leading board member of the Shimon Peres Center For
About The Peres Center for Peace > International Board
[][] Sort by Name / Country
Mr. S. Daniel Abraham Chairman, SDA Enterprises Inc.
Lest any student of YU has forgotten what Peres' intentions
for Israel are, allow me to remind you:,,2089-1399896,00.html
Peres predicts big Israeli pull-back
THE Israeli Labor party leader Shimon Peres, who is due to
begin negotiations today over forming a coalition with the
ruling Likud party, believes that Ariel Sharon will eventually
be prepared to withdraw from more West Bank land than the
small amount designated in his “disengagement” plan.
And lest anyone doubt that Abraham's hands aren't covered
with Peres' ambitions, let us put those doubts to rest:
S. Daniel Abraham (with Ewa)
S. Daniel Abraham's sale of Slim Fast Foods to Unilever last
year rocketed him onto the Forbes list of the 400 wealthiest
people in America. He had also recently sold his interest in
the pharmaceutical company Thompson Medical for a
reported profit of $200 million. Forbes estimates his net
worth at $1.8 billion.
A long-time Democratic giver, Abraham has spent most of
his political and charitable energies in the last decade
supporting Israel and the troubled Middle East peace
process. He has co-founded the Center for Middle East
Peace and Economic Cooperation, a group based in
Washington that has supported the Oslo peace accords.
The Center, often with Abraham leading the way, has
sponsored numerous congressional fact-finding missions to
the region, working to forge relationships between American
politicians, Israeli leaders, and their Arab counterparts.
Abraham forged himself a private role in America's Middle
East diplomacy, meeting repeatedly with Palestinian leaders,
Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, Shimon Peres, the late
King Hussein of Jordan, and former President Bill Clinton.
Abraham also helped fund a tunnel alongside Jerusalem's
Western Wall, which became a flash point between
Palestinians and Israelis in 1996.
Now let's look at Abraham as told by Wayne Owens' "peace"
center site. Note his direct ties to one Sarah Ehrman. former
head of Peace Now - America, and Stephen P. Cohen, who
is guiding the new Jewish Theological Seminary's inter-faith
The Center for Middle East Peace & Economic Cooperation
was established in 1989 by Slim Fast Foods Chairman S.
Daniel Abraham and Utah Congressman Wayne Owens. A
World War II combat veteran, Mr. Abraham had experienced
the horrors of war and committed himself to the prevention of
future conflicts. When he met Congressman Owens, who
served on the then House Foreign Affairs and Select
Intelligence Committees, the two men recognized that they
shared a determination to achieve a peaceful resolution to
the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Ms. Sara Ehrman, long time peace activist and former Senior
Political Advisor at the Democratic National Committee,
became Senior Advisor at the Center in early 1997. Toni
Verstandig, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
during the Clinton Administration, joined the Center in 2001.
Notably, Dr. Stephen Cohen served on the Center’s staff
between 1990 and 2000. Robert Malley, a Special Assistant
to President Clinton for Arab-Israeli Affairs and Director for
Near East and South Asian Affairs at the National Security
Council also served on the Center’s staff from 2001 to 2002.
Now we turn to Dr. Cohen. And if JTS staff and students
don't think they've been shanghaied by Peres, follow the trail:
Stephen Cohen has over the years also enjoyed financial
backing from US business tycoon Daniel Abraham. Abraham
is also one of the largest backers of the Peres Center. Then
too, Cohen's close colleague Nimrod Novick was Peres's
chief of staff during the 1984-1988 unity government with
Yitzhak Shamir and a close associate of Yossi Beilin's.
Yossi Beilin himself has used his Oslo advocacy to draw
large foreign contributions to his think tank the Economic
Cooperation Foundation. It has been reported that in his
capacity as a chief researcher at ECF, Beilin receives a
ministerial salary and an unlimited expense account for his
world travels during which he advances his radical views on
the need for Israeli surrender to Palestinian terrorism.
And if they still don't believe the CFR is now running their
show, observe that both Crown and Lifton are both members
of the 3800 member Manhattan "think" tank. Check it for
yourselves by writing: CFR members list - in any search
engine. You will also find Edgar Bronfman, Charles' brother
on the same list. Look for Eliot Abrams while you're at it.
Over the years, Dr. Cohen has worked with some of the
leading figures in Jewish Life. He was the founding president
of the Foundations of Charles Bronfman. He was the first
President of S. Daniel Abraham's Center for Middle East
Peace and Economic Cooperation. He was a partner with
Lester Crown and Robert Lifton in the New Middle East LLC.
Lester Crown was also Co-Chair of the Businessman for
Middle East Peace and Development created by Steve
And where do all these alliances lead? To the Ginossar
scandal and the murder of Rep. Wayne Owens:
And now that Abraham's money is at work, of course it leads
straight to occultic corruption:
In a development that could potentially alter the academic
face of Yeshiva University and realize the aspirations of
various administrators, funding has been secured for honors
programs at Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women.
The Commentator has learned that S. Daniel Abraham of the
Slim-Fast Corporation and namesake of the Yeshiva
University Joint Israel Program, has agreed to donate ten
million dollars to create an honors college at Stern while the
Schottenstein family of Columbus, Ohio has agreed in
principle to sponsor the same program for Yeshiva College.
Mr. Abraham has strong ties to Israel, which he expresses
through deep personal involvement and commitment. He and
then-Utah Congressman Wayne Owens traveled together to
Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in March 1988, and
have since made regular visits to the region. In 1989, Mr.
Abraham and Congressman Owens founded the Center for
Middle East Peace & Economic Cooperation, and Mr.
Abraham has served as the Center's Chairman since its
Derech Etz Chaim Severed from YU Israel Program
by Yehoshua Levine
Yeshiva officials recently terminated Yeshivat Derech Etz
Chaim’s affiliation with the S. Daniel Abraham Joint Israel
Program after discovering “compelling evidence” that a rabbi
integrally associated with the yeshiva has a history of
allegedly sexually abusing and engaging in cult-like behavior
with his students. The decision, which took effect on
February 13 and was made public in a letter sent to parents
of current Derech Etz Chaim (DEC) students, followed an
intensive international investigation in which the University
concluded that maintaining its association with DEC would
be “betraying the trust between Yeshiva University and its
Yeshiva Counter sues Derech Etz Chaim
The Commentator News/December 28, 2003
By Michael Rosman
In response to a May 2003 lawsuit against Yeshiva brought
by Derech Etz Chaim (DEC), a Jerusalem yeshiva that is part
of Yeshiva's S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program, the
University is countersuing DEC, claiming that DEC and its
dean have misrepresented their connection to Rabbi Matis
Weinberg, who allegedly has a history of sexually abusing
Last May, DEC filed a breach of contract lawsuit in a
Manhattan federal court, alleging that Yeshiva financially
crippled DEC by severing ties with it, which, DEC officials
claimed, was based on false concerns about the school and
the rabbi.
Following a meeting May 12 to discuss the discovery of
evidence that a rabbi integrally associated with the yeshiva
had a history of allegedly sexually abusing and engaging in
cult-like behavior with his students, Yeshiva officials had
decided to cut all ties with DEC, a popular school among
students in the Israel Program.
After the murder of Raful Eitan, I was reliably informed that
Eitan's former partner in his Tsomet Party, Gonen Segev,
was putting the squeeze on him. Segev is facing drug
smuggling and financial fraud charges and threatened to
blow the lid off the deal that sent him from Eitan's party to
Rabin and Oslo in 1993. And what secrets they must have
been that led to Raful's murder! Without commentary, follow
the trail to Enron.
Reuters Oct 10 1996, 12:00 am show options
Subject: Israel, Qatar natural gas deal in doubt
TEL AVIV, Israel (Reuter) - Israel has informed Enron Corp.
that it no longer has an exclusive agreement to negotiate
with Qatar for natural gas supplies for Israel, a National
Infrastructure Ministry spokesman said Thursday.
``A letter to this effect was sent to Enron in late September
informing the company of our decision,'' the spokesman said.
Enron and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding in
October 1995 at an economic conference in Amman, Jordan
granting the Houston-based company 180 days to finalize an
agreement with Qatar for the supply of at least two million
tons a year of natural gas. The agreement, signed by former
Israeli energy minister Gonen Segev and Enron
Development Corp. Chief Executive Rebecca Mark, gave
Enron exclusivity in negotiations with Qatar during this 180day period.
Power in Palestine
Enron International, in partnership with the Palestine Electric
Co., has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with
the Palestine Energy Authority. The
partnership is developing a 136 megawatt combined cycle
power plant to be located south of Gaza City in the Gaza
Strip. The $140 million power plant will be the first major U.S.
private infrastructure investment and first independent power
project in Palestine.
How long have I been expounding on the deep ties between
Binyamin Netanyahu and the CFR?
So let's prove them once again. Follow the ties between
Netanyahu's closest advisor, Uzi Arad and the CFR:
CFR Publications: Sharon and the Future of Palestine
. . . that understanding more revealingly than Uzi Arad, a
foreign . . . Arad and those who support Sharon's policies
seem . . . a roundtable meeting at the Council on Foreign . . .
_future_of. . .
Cached [ Search only in ] IDC . . . Dr. Uzi Arad is Director of the Institute of Policy and
. . . written for the New York Council on Foreign . . . Dr. Arad
has appeared before many academic, corporate and . . . Cached – - Israelis act to protect ties to US
. . . "It is a ridiculous assertion," said Uzi Arad, who served . .
. but all are known to the US government, Arad said . . . pace
in 3Q (4:28 PM) • DC Council debates baseball . . .,1,... Cached –
Dr. Uzi Arad
. . . Dr. Uzi Arad, . . . Interdisciplinary Center
(IDC); Co-author of Sharing Global Resources, written for the
New York Council on Foreign Relations. . . .
Cached Foreign Policy Centre: Articles / An Open Letter to the
Heads of . . . Dr. Uzi Arad, Institute for Policy and Strategy,
Israel. Dr. Timothy Garton Ash, St. . . . Mr. Max Boot, The
Council on Foreign Relations, United States. . . . Cached Conferences
. . . Chaim Kaufman (Lehigh University) Radha Kumar
(Council on Foreign Relations). . . . Ministry of Local
Government, Palestinian Authority) Uzi Arad (Senior Policy .
.. Cached 80
[PDF] An Open Letter to the Heads of State and
. . . Giuliano Amato, Former Prime Minister, Italy Dr. Uzi
Arad, Institute for . . . Minister, Sweden Mr. Max Boot, The
Council on Foreign Relations, United States Ms . . .
Cached -
Trilateral Commission. The Trilateral Commission at 25.
. . . retired from his directorship at the Council on Foreign . . .
course, 363 media professionals who are CFR members
[1997 . . . 15); ANDERSEN P NYBOE (12); ARAD UZI (65);
BARRE . . . Iraq News
... the same as his Apr 22 statement to the Council on
Foreign . . . The Forward, May 28, questioned Benjamin
Netanyahu's foreign policy advisor, Uzi Arad. ...
0611_i... Cached -
Herzliya Conference Israel
. . . Dr. Uzi Arad, Head, Institute for Policy and . . . of the
National Security Council, Prime Minister . . . 00 Dilemmas
and Special Alignments in Israel's Foreign Relations. ... Cache
And who is on the staff of Arad's little "think" tank? Why it's
the former head of the Jewish Department of the Shabak, the
handler of Avishai Raviv, the king of incitement against the
Jews, and one of the plotters of the Rabin assassination, the
one and only, Hezi Kalo. I have thoughtfully left his phone
details. Give him a call and let him know how you feel about
Academic Directory
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya Faculty
2004-2005 Academic Year
page twenty eight
International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)
Name of Lecturer:
Hezi Kalo
Areas of Expertise:
Jewish Subversion and Terrorism
Israeli-Arab Subversion
The Islamic Movement in Israel
Fundamentalist Islamic Movements
Former GSS Officer for Non-Arab Affairs
(Subversion, Terror and Espionage)
Contact Information:
[email protected]
You heard it first. Sharon is doomed. When Peres takes over
as Deputy Prime Minister this week, only Sharon will stand in
the way of his long-planned coup to take over the reins of the
Prime Minister. If I was Ariel Sharon, I'd take a long trip to
Bora Bora.
Upon the personal recommendation of Finance Minister
Binyamin Netanyahu, The Bank of Israel has appointed a
new governor, Dr. Stanley Fischer, and he is a monster.
Have a look at his bio:
Dr. Fischer arrives in Israel from his positions of ViceChairman of Citigroup, the money launderer of choice of the
PLO in America, and Chief Economist of The International
Monetary Fund (IMF). It goes without saying that he is also a
prominent member of the Bilderberg Group and the Council
on Foreign Relations (CFR). The membership lists of both
are hereby provided:
To put Fischer's role in global mischief in perspective, we
turn to the incisive American analyst, William Jasper:
ECOSOC, the UN's mammoth globocracy, oversees an
alphabet soup of dozens of agencies, commissions,
committees, and ad hoc bodies (UNESCO, UNIDO, FAO,
UNEP, WHO, IMF, UNCTAD, UNFPA, etc.) employing tens
of thousands and dispensing billions of dollars worldwide.
The globalists have placed their operatives in all the key
posts. The World Bank, one of the UN system's pivotal
power centers, is headed up by James Wolfensohn
(president) and Jeffrey A. Goldstein (managing director),
both CFR members and full-blown internationalists. Over at
the IMF, globalist economic objectives were managed
through most of the turbulent 1990s (and up to 2002) by
Stanley Fischer (CFR). Mr. Fischer was assisted during that
time by Anne O. Krueger (CFR), who retains the No. 2 slot at
IMF. The IMF and World Bank closely coordinate their
lending policies with USAID, the U.S. State Department
agency that handles U.S. foreign aid. At that agency,
Constance B. Newman (CFR) is helping to maintain the
same destructive programs promoted by earlier CFR
apparatchiks like J. Brian Atwood.
They Don‟t Get It in Israel
For reasons not entirely understood, those Israelis fighting
the Gaza sellout just can't make the connection between it
and the CFR. Let's look at one example. Every week, the
Women In Green send out an "analysis" of local politics. For
the past month the Matars, mother and daughter-in-law,
have expressed amazement that their "allies" are abandoning them and supporting the Gaza surrender. One after
another, their "friends" like Charles Krauthammer, Daniel
Pipes, Mortimer Zuckerman and Eliott Abrams have jumped
And every week, I write the ladies and point out that all are
members of the CFR. With only 4000 members, how could
this be a coincidence? They were never friends and now
they are closing ranks behind the dismemberment of Israel.
But the Women In Green are too intellectually lazy to make
the obvious connection. They are simply incapable of understanding that the orders for withdrawal are coming from
Manhattan. And that is why they will, 100% guaranteed, lose
their struggle.
The latest "traitor" is one Hillel Halkin, a Jerusalem Post
reporter who co-authored a report recommending the
immediate evacuation of Gush Katif. And no one noticed that
his partner was David Kimche, President of The Israeli
Council On Foreign Affairs.
Somewhat surprisingly, one Israeli newspaper did make the
connection between Fischer's IMF and the removal of Gush
Katif from the Israeli map. On 22.10.04, David Bedein
reported in Makor Rishon, that Giora Eiland, head of the
Knesset National Security Committee, had made a disturbing
discovery; "The government of Israel had promised to
transfer all the real estate, properties and goods of Gush
Katif to the IMF headed by James Wolfensohn." The report
The same Wolfensohn in 1997, in cooperation with Shimon
Peres and Yasir Arafat, founded the Peace and Technology
Fund, with $100 million in seed money. The funds were
transferred to the IMF via the Shimon Peres Center for
For those still intellectually curious, have a look at the list of
Peres Center members and figure it out:
The Makor Rishon report continued:
In an IMF internal memo dated the 23rd of June 2004, and
titled, "The Disengagement, The Palestinian Economy and
the Settlements, it is written, among other things that, "The
goal of the program is to develop the Palestinian economy
and strengthen its leadership." The report notes that, "The
value of assets that will be left by the Israeli government is
impressive and will be of great benefit to the Palestinians of
Gaza." Finally, the report recommends that the Israeli
government transfer, "all deeds to the properties to the IMF,"
and that the Palestinians build "the proper infrastructure to
absorb the largesse."
And now, the Chief Economist of the IMF, Stanley Fischer
will take over The Bank of Israel to make certain that this is
But, asks the dazed Israeli, why would Netanyahu have
recommended him knowing all this? My book Save Israel
offers an explanation which I will only summarize here. The
great patriot Netanyahu sold his soul to the CFR when he
was a young student in Boston. His career was pushed by
the likes of George Bush Sr., Richard Perle and George
Shultz. He was appointed deputy ambassador to Washington
by Moshe Arens, of the CFR's International Advisory Board,
upon the recommendation of the CFR. He was later named
Israeli Finance Minister to alter the country's economy
according to the dictate of the CFR/IMF globalists.
Fischer is far from the first plant in the Bank of Israel. In the
1980s, Michael Bruno, later of the World Bank in
Switzerland, was used to remove Menachem Begin by
promoting policies which sent inflation soaring over 450%.
After the Oslo Accord, Yaacov Frenkel of the World
Bank/IMF was shipped from Washington to make sure that
"peace" proceeded, or Israel would face economic disaster.
The CFR now has a one-two punch planted in Israel. Daniel
Kurtzer will continue applying CFR diplomatic pressure as
American ambassador, while Stan the Man Fischer will apply
the threat of economic collapse should the Gaza withdrawal
be delayed in any way.
In the end, the Sabbataian anti-Jews of the CFR, with their
allies in Labor Zionism, will defeat Jewish religion and
morality because the God-fearing and/or moral Jews of Israel
were too arrogant, obstinate and dumb to figure out who
exactly they were fighting.
I was contacted by two distinguished Russian-Israelis last
week, (Jan. 05). First, the respected journalist Effie
Maideneck made a pitch to me to investigate the harassment
of a "truth seeker like you," Dr. Yuli Nudelman. Then I was
honored with three e-mails from the revered former Prisoner
of Zion, Ida Nudel. She also wrote, "Yuli needs help." (Mrs.
Nudel's correspondence will follow this article).
Dr. Yuli Nudelman is the former chief surgeon of Rambam
Hospital. In the 1960s he was a leader of the movement to
allow Soviet Jews to emigrate to Israel. When the Soviets
released him, he quickly made his mark in Israel as a major
in the IDF, awarded for his battlefield surgery, then as a
crusader against local medical corruption. He was a
columnist for the left wing crusading newsmagazine HaOlam
HaZeh and later the author of two powerful books exposing
serious malpractice in the Israeli medical system.
In 1999 he released a book in Hebrew and Russian called,
Sharansky Unmasked. Within, he claimed that Natan
Sharansky, then Housing Minister, was a longtime KGB
agent with deep ties to the worldwide Russian mafia. Soon
after its release, Sharansky sued Dr. Nudelman for libel and
the Jerusalem district court ruled that he had to pay
Sharansky the unheard of compensation of nearly $200,000.
This was widely acknowledged as a precedent aimed at
restricting the most basic rights of freedom of expression. Dr.
Nudelman's brother Boris was also his partner in the
Sharansky research project and he died, overcome by the
injustice of the trial.
On Jan. 20, Dr. Nudelman met me at my home for an intense
interview. He also gave me his book on Sharansky and a
thick stack of evidence which left me convinced of the
veracity of his claims. I warn my readers that you will find the
following report discouraging. However, I have long warned
that the leadership of the Jewish people has been thoroughly
infiltrated by frauds and criminals claiming they are working
on our behalf. That Sharansky is just another crook serving
ugly interests should not come as that much of a surprise.
Before presenting the quite shocking evidence, we begin
with my interview of Dr. Nudelman:
YN - In 1962, the KGB initiated a program of dissidence
against the Soviet Union. By running the dissident groups, it
could control the various factions which were dissatisfied
with Soviet repression and later utilize the leaders as agents
in the West. They were known as, spies of influence. By
appearing to be anti-Soviet they were welcomed abroad and
trusted. They could worm themselves into the top echelons
of foreign governments. Sharansky was one of these agents,
and possibly the most successful.
BC - But wasn't he a Zionist leader in the Soviet Union?
Didn't he spend eight years in prison for his activities?
YN - He was never a leader. He was unknown to most of us
until the Western media turned him into a hero. He
supposedly spent seven years in jail and one year in a prison
camp. No one saw him in jail except Mendelevich, and he
claims he only saw his eyes through a peephole. Understand
this, there is not one witness to him sitting in jail. He spent a
year in a prison camp as a hut commander. That was the
position given to KGB informers.
BC - But what about his wife Avital, who fought for his
freedom in Israel?
YN - All a KGB show, like her supposed conversion to
Judaism in 1974. She is from a family of spies. Her brother
Michael was sent to Washington to infiltrate the CIA. He got
into trouble there and fled to Israel. Not long after he arrived,
he was poisoned to death at age 44.
BC - What was the point of this charade surrounding
YN - He infiltrated Israel as a worldwide hero. Remember, he
got here through a spy exchange, not simply released from
prison and allowed to leave like all the rest of us. Within a
few years he was living in a $1.5 million dollar home. Where
did he get that kind of money? Next, he was in the
government cabinet. Now he's really useful. When the
powers that run America want Netanyahu to withdraw from
Judea and Samaria, who do they send to the Wye
plantation? Their agents Sharon and Sharansky. When the
same powers seek a justification for attacking Afghanistan
and Iraq, who do they turn to but the trusted Sharansky. Just
last week Condoleeza Rice called Sharansky the father of
the movement to turn the Middle East democratic. When
Putin is condemned worldwide for the slaughter in
Chechnya, who comes to his rescue but Sharansky.
Incidentally, that turned out to be a big mistake for
BC - Why?
YN - Because after my book was published, he called in his
chips. He asked Putin to release his whole KGB file to him so
no one could ever see it. Then he released on the Internet
the parts of the file he thought would serve him best. He
chose the wrong files to release because they revealed what
we all knew. During his interrogation and trial in 1977-8,
Sharansky gave the KGB a long list of Jewish activists. It
was during his trial that the witch hunt against us began in
earnest. Dozens of Jewish activists were arrested, some
beaten severely. Sharansky was nothing but a dirty little
These are serious allegations. Now we look at the evidence,
much of which comes from the protocols of Nudelman's trial.
What stands out is that a Who's Who of former Soviet Jewish
activists testified on Nudelman's behalf, whereas not one
witness except his wife, testified for Sharansky. He could find
not even one witness who knew him from prison and who
saw his bravery in action.
Deposition to Judge Zvi Segal, Jerusalem District Court
from Ida Nudel
I testify, as a former citizen of the USSR, grown and
educated under a totalitarian regime persecuting any dissent,
that Mr. Sharansky's behavior during investigation resulted in
the profound suffering of several people who were subjected
to additional persecutions because the KGB's attention to
them had been drawn by Mr. Sharansky's thirty-three page
request to the chief investigator of his case, Col. V.I. Volodin.
An attentive reader, provided he is a former Soviet Citizen
with an experience of conflict with the KGB, is struck by the
difference between Sharansky‟s description of his
imprisonment in jails and camps on the one hand, and the
personal experiences of many people, on the other hand. . .
Mr. Sharansky disregarded the ethical norms of the group
with which he identified and based his defense on requesting
the KGB investigators to interrogate activists and participants
of the emigration movement. . . Upon completion of his case
investigation, the KGB decided, on January 12 and 18, 1978
to open additional cases against 33 activists of the Jewish
emigration movement. Six Jews from the list were arrested
and sentenced to long prison terms: G. Goldshtein, L.
Volvosky, B. Chernobylsky, V. Slepak, M. Slepak and I.
Press Release from Vadim Rotenberg, Professor of Human
Psychology, Tel Aviv University, 18/08/02
According to my personal experience, Mr. Sharansky has
surrounded himself in Israel with cynical and dirty persons
without moral values and mafia-like mentality and behavior. .
Some official documents presented to the court confirmed
that Mr. Sharansky really collaborated with the KGB inquest
and mentioned some names of refuseniks, afterward
Letter Of Appeal submitted to Supreme Court Of Israel by
attorney Yoram Mushkat
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Of Housing And
Construction Natan Sharansky, had passed to the KGB
interrogators the names of aliya activists and other Jews who
tried to emigrate to Israel, and even requested the KGB
interrogators to investigate them and study the files of tens of
refuseniks all across the USSR who tried to emigrate to
Israel at that time.
Contrary to his image as a prisoner of Zion who heroically
struggled against the KGB, Sharansky betrayed his
comrades, the aliyah activists and other Jews who tried to
emigrate to Israel. . .
It was due to the exposure of Sharansky's, "Request Of
Solicitation," that Prisoners of Zion, Ms. Ida Nudel, and Prof.
Kislek (who was severely beaten after Sharansky requested
he be investigated) understood why the KGB made hundreds
of arrests of Jews after Sharansky's arrest and trial. This also
explains why later in prison camp, Sharansky was appointed
a dnyevalny, a ward orderly - a job reserved for informers
and collaborators. . .
Despite the public standing of Minister Sharansky, and the
grim matters exposed in court, not a single person came to
testify in his favor.
Appeal to Prof. Elyakim Rubinstein, Attorney General of the
State of Israel.
We, the undersigned, former Prisoners Of Zion, aliyah
activists, and refuseniks are appealing to you in regard to a
situation compromising state security in light of facts brought
out in the suit of Sharansky vs. Nudelman. We have arrived
at the following conclusions:
Sharansky had created his famous image based on a false
myth concerning both his activities in the USSR and his
"prominent" role in the Zionist movement, and his "heroic"
deeds in prison. Some details of his camp life as written in
his book do not look like the real ones we actually
encountered in the labor camps.
In the initial stage of the hearings, Sharansky testified that he
had never mentioned any names of people involved in
Zionist activities while interrogated by the KGB. However,
after being shown in the courtroom the KGB archive
documents, he changed his testimony, claiming that while he
had indeed given the names of aliyah activists, he did so, "to
assure that the names should remain in the KGB archives for
future use by historians."
We believe that Sharansky is not the person he is trying to
picture and will pay for him to undergo a lie detector test to
establish the facts.
Citizens of the State of Israel:
Michael Babel, Ilya Voitovestsky, Arye Vudka, Yigael Yehudi,
Dr. Felix Kochubievsky, Eduard Kuznetsov, Silva
YehudiNepomniaschchi, Meir Nepomniaschi, advocate Jacov
Maniovich, Ida Nudel, Dr. Victor Ben Zvi (Polsky), Prof.
Vadim Rotenberg, Jakov Segal.
Appeal to the Attorney General, Babel et al:
In the courtroom Sharansky categorically denied receiving
$100,000 from Grigory Luchansky, while the latter confirmed
under oath to giving Sharansky the money and gave the
bank account number Sharansky asked the money be
transferred to.
Affidavit of Grigori Luchansky, Presented To Jerusalem
District Court
I have met Israeli Minister Natan Sharansky about five times
in Israel and abroad. Mr. Sharansky asked me for a
contribution and I agreed to contribute the sum to an
association whose account was in Bank Hapoalim.
Haaretz, Akiva Eldar, 14/3/02
Kutzenov added that Luchansky complained to him that,
"Sharansky promised to help get him a passport, got money,
but did nothing. Later in 1996, I asked Sharansky why he
didn't help Luchansky. Sharansky said he can't help him
since Luchansky appears in first place on a CIA list of
members of the Russian mafia."
Either Luchansky signed a false affidavit or Sharansky
committed perjury.
Haaretz 12.3/04
Gavriella's car was discovered after he went to Grigori
Lerner's office where he met with Sofa Landver, formerly a
Labor Party member of the Knesset. Lerner was convicted
on three attempts to bribe elected officials. . . His arrest in
1997 dragged a parade of politicians to the National Unit For
Serious and International Crime Investigations including
Natan Sharansky, who received a $100,000 contribution
from Lerner, and Labor MK Shimon Peres, who had
promoted the career of Sofa Landver from being his Russian
teacher to being a Knesset member. . .
From, How The Russian Mob Has Invaded America, Robert
I. Friedman, Liberty Books.
One politician already ensnared in the web of organized
crime is Russian-born Natan Sharansky. . .Sharansky has
publicly admitted that his party has accepted contributions
from NORDEX president Grigori Luchansky. Officials from
the US Congress, the State Department, and the CIA
pleaded with Sharansky to sever his ties to Luchansky. Says
Winer, "We told him about Luchansky's MO: bribery,
influence peddling and that he was a bridge between
governments and organized crime."
Sharansky simply refused.
In March, 2004, Sharansky took personal responsibility for
securing the release of Jonathan Pollard, and wangled a law
giving him 4.5 million shekels a year until Pollard's release.
Pollard was not amused. On March 11.04 Pollard wrote
“I am stunned that you have authored a bill that legislates
political lassitude and financial corruption. As head of the
committee to secure my release, it was your job to know
about this law and do exactly that - secure my release - not
provide additional funds for your office.”
Jerusalem Post 12/5/04 - Zelda Harris
I was in Moscow in 1977 when Sharansky was arrested and
was partly responsible for bringing out legal documents to be
used in his campaign for freedom. Now I feel it is time to say
it like it is: I do not believe Sharansky was a sincere human
rights activist. He used the platform to gain stardom at a time
when Western eyes were focused on the Soviet Union. Once
he got here, his lack of support from olim who had been his
former compatriots showed what he really was: a selfseeker.
The former Jewish activists of the Soviet Union fought to live
in a Jewish democracy. Today, too many realize they traded
one dictatorship for another, more subtle one. The following
letter from former Prisoner Of Zion, Ida Nudel, expresses this
frustration and disappointment.
Dear Mr. Chamish,
First of all, let me thank you for permitting to use your
Internet address.
I admire the courage of your challenging the political
monopoly in our country and unveiling their secrets, deals
and misdeeds.
Your project Very Uncivil Obedience has raised my
reminiscences of not-so-old personal experience of civil
disobedience that was practiced by Soviet Jewish and other
citizens in the 1970s.
I would be most grateful if you could devote a bit of your
time to my thoughts about your protest.
Having lived in Israel for 17 years, I cannot imagine people
that might come forward and start the action at the level
being proposed by you. You are actually appealing to
intellectuals and businessmen the category of population that
is most conservative when a risk is involved of loosing their
social privileges. Something would probably become known
on the fate of 34 officers who signed a protest letter. I very
much fear that most of them will be morally broken and
humiliated in a most primitive manner, and their dignity will
be wrecked. Those who would prove stauncher if any will
also pay for that wonderful day when they behaved like free
I’ve come to Israel from a totalitarian country but with an
experience of a citizen perceiving my personal responsibility
to the society in which I live. I cannot help but to compare the
moral and social environment and the unwritten laws of my
both societies the past and the present.
I’m sorry to say that the moral spirit and the cynical
bureaucratic attitude towards the population in the Jewish
land have little difference from the Bolshevik regime.
The fact that anybody can freely leave Israel makes it
possible for the bureaucracy to conceal its Bolshevik
character. Instead of being put in prisons and psychiatric
hospitals as it was done in the USSR, the dissidents just
leave the society and the country in the care of their more
passive compatriots. The people are living in a fear of the
omnipotent bureaucracy and realizing their complete
helplessness against it. When talking to simple people, I hear
it far too often: Whatever I could do I’ve done: my children
live in America!
With regard to demonstrations, I share your doubts as to
the sincerity of the settlement leaders beyond the “green
line”. They’re civil servants and encounter serious personal
problems when challenging their employer the state. On the
other hand, the youth participation in the demonstrations
contributes to the development of their self-consciousness
and of their perception of themselves as something more
than merely toy soldiers.
The passive and voiceless intellectuals are clones of their
Soviet counterparts.
I am heading a small voluntary
organization that works for the prevention of asocial behavior
among new immigrant schoolchildren in the “developing
towns” of the Negev region, and have gained an experience
of dealing with the local municipal establishment. It is clear to
me beyond any doubt how far is our society from a real
democracy. It may rather be described as a two-faced
creature whose outside-looking face is that of Western-style
diplomats and scientists, while the inside looking one has all
the features of a lazy and corrupt Turkish colonial official. . .
Should your idea of disobedience be first implemented
outside Israel, than some Israeli version might probably
But who would help your great idea to materialize? Maybe
Christian Zionists? The idea of a Jewish state isn’t too
popular with the free world’s Jews, it causes them such a
With sincere wishes for your success and good health,
Ida Nudel 13/01/05
RE: My last piece on Stanley Fischer. He arrived in Israel
last week and two days later, the Bronfmans of the CFR
announced their acquisition of majority shares in the
country's third largest bank, Israel Discount (IDB), The
financial takeover of the CFR is in full swing.
My new lecture, The Secret War Against The Settlers, played
well last week in four Yesha villages. I begin the lecture by
presenting two blown-up, laminated photos of the suspicious
circumstances surrounding last month's death of Raphael
"Raful" Eitan. For those unfamiliar with the issue, have a look
first at my website:
Then read an overview at:
The photos I show at the lectures are wider and more
revealing than the one on my site, which was scrunched by
scanner restrictions. They reveal:
Photo one - Raful's Volkswagen parked parallel to the edge
of a pier in Ashdod harbor. The car is smashed on all sides
but nowhere moreso than on the roof above the front
passenger seat. There, it is certain that something very
heavy fell on it. Some have speculated that a heavy block or
other port-building equipment caused the damage. The
official inquiry lead by Ashdod Port manager Shaul Rotem,
which lasted at best a few hours, concluded that a giant
wave smashed the vehicle and swept Raful into the water
where he drowned. The problem is the vista reveals a quiet
port protected by distant breakwaters where the biggest
waves are barely ripples.
Photo Two - Raful's body on a pier at the Navy base 1.5 km.
distance from the car. This is the exposed part of the harbor
yet no wave comes close to topping the pier. Both photos
had to have been taken shortly after the body was recovered
at 9 AM since resuscitation efforts are in process.
It was at the lecture in El-Kanah before a full house that I had
a surprise visitor; the General Manager of the Israel Ports
Authority, Gideon Shamir. A high level debate ensued.
Mr. Shamir, a well-spoken gentleman in his late fifties stood
up, introduced himself and asked to examine the photos for
two minutes. He added that he had been on the scene later
that morning and had seen Raful's car. The crowd was silent
as he examined the evidence and I was tense, not knowing if
my conclusions would be borne out or not. He had the
advantage by his respected position.
After the two minutes passed, Mr. Shamir noted that, "The
picture is an illusion. It shows the quiet side of the harbor.
But Raful drove on a breakwater and you don't see that the
other side is exposed to the waves. That's where the killer
wave smashed the car and swept him into the water. Those
kinds of waves are rare, but once a year we get one of them
which bypasses the breakwaters and are strong enough to
push a tractor in the water. Raful fell into the quiet side of the
breakwater and probably hit his head, went unconscious and
It looked like I was sunk. My conclusions were about to be
exposed as wrong, or worse, they could be viewed as
fraudulent. So, nervously, I fought back. I showed him the
dents on the driver's side of the car which looked like a very
sharp object caused them. I queried, "You don't believe a
wave caused these do you?"
Calmly, Mr. Shamir replied, "No, of course not. But Raful was
a terrible driver and got into scrapes all the time. These were
probably there before the wave hit."
It was something I hadn't considered. It then occurred to me;
Shamir wasn't hesitating. He had immediate answers ready.
He had prepared for this debate. I was at a much worse
disadvantage than I thought. I had to think fast. I showed him
the floor of the road and said, "The car is smashed. All the
windows are shattered. Why aren't there glass shards and
debris next to the car?"
He replied, "When I got there, there was glass everywhere."
I'm not even sure if it was a lucky question or good thinking,
but I replied, "So where is it?"
Breakthrough. Finally he stumbled.
"No, I'm wrong. The floor was clean when I saw it. The wave
would have swept all the shards into the bay."
And then some expert help from the audience. A tall man in
his thirties noted, "You have to look at the weight distribution
of the vehicle. A car is like a boat; the motor is the anchor
and the rest of the car would float without it. If a powerful
wave hit it, the car would never have remained parallel
parked. As an example, look at the photos of the Asian
tsunami. After it hit, the cars were strewn at all angles, but
none remained parallel parked. Most cars were pushed by
the wave. The only ones which suffered the kind of damage
we see in Raful's car actually fell into the sea."
But, he added, if a block or heavy object had fallen on the
roof, we would see paint chipped away and that is not visible.
So I had to be wrong on that point.
The debate was evening out. I went in for the kill. "Mr.
Shamir," I asked, "If Raful fell into the quiet side of the
harbor, wouldn't his body have stayed in place" Then I
showed photo 2. "How did it float to the exposed side of the
breakwater? Why was it found over a kilometer away?"
Now he got stuck. "It could have been taken there," he
I asked, "Would anyone really do that?"
He offered no answer.
The confrontation ended and I concluded the evening by
signing books. Then a most telling incident occurred. Gideon
Shamir came up to me and asked, "What was the motive?"
Monday, Feb.7/05, I drive in a violent rainstorm to the funeral
of writer-broadcaster Adir Zik. It takes over half an hour to
drive two blocks and park. Two police cars direct the traffic.
The crowd of mourners flows from the chapel of the burial
society for another fifty meters, almost to the street. It is the
most crowded funeral I've seen. And not one Israeli TV
camera recorded the event.
I'm not alone in this observation. I stand under the umbrella
of a longtime acquaintance. He tells me, "There is not one
media personality from the Left who could draw a tenth of the
people in this kind of storm. The only report I heard of Adir's
death was on Galei Tsahal this morning. It said that he had
become very popular because of his advocacy of the Rabin
murder conspiracy and that a large gathering of right wing
extremists were expected at his funeral."
One of the most influential figures in the Israeli media died,
and there was not one word about it on any evening news
program, nor in the morning papers. That is how alienated
the media is from over half the people.
On a typical Friday morning broadcast on Arutz Sheva, Adir
would attract an audience of anywhere from 100,000 to
250,000. When he plugged a new book or CD of mine, I
would have over 200 sales within a few hours. No other
broadcaster anywhere in the world had the power of Adir to
bring my work to the public.
But then, how many other broadcasters joined me, hand in
hand, to expose the truth of how Yitzhak Rabin was really
murdered? Adir was fearless, the rest of the Israeli media are
cowering hypocrites. My personal loss can only be matched
by that of the rest of the country, which lost a giant. He may
turn out to be the last of a breed: an honest, Israeli crusader
for the truth.
Adir Zik showed no mercy to those involved in the Rabin
murder or the incitements that led to it and continue to this
day, justified now by the Gush Katif withdrawal. He gathered
his proofs and publicly accused the likes of Carmi Gillon,
Hezi Kalo, Shimon Peres, Yoram Rubin, Avishai Raviv, Eli
Barak et al of framing and jailing innocents and of organizing
the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
I say he paid with his life. When Adir was first diagnosed with
throat cancer I told him I suspected he was deliberately
infected. He replied with a Hebrew expression: "Nonsense in
tomato juice." Later, when a Mossad operation gone wrong
infected the Jordanian Hamas leader in the neck, he told me,
"If they can do that to him, they could have done that to me."
When my research veered from the Rabin murder into the
deep criminality of the Israeli and world Jewish leadership,
Adir hesitated to recommend me as warmly. But that
hesitation didn't last long. When my book Save Israel! was
published in Hebrew, he told his listeners, "I now accept 80%
of Barry's conclusions. He knew about Sharon years before
anyone else. He warned me not to endorse Sharon because
he was a puppet of Israel's enemies abroad. When no one
else was saying it, he announced that we were being
betrayed by the leaders of both the Left and Right. It's hard
for me to admit it, but he could be right about everything."
Through thick and thin, his and mine, Adir stuck by me. Last
year, the thin hit him hard when the government shut down
his radio station and forced him to go underground over the
internet. This was the most blatant attack in the undeclared
war against the Jewish religion. But that war is in full swing
now. In the past fortnight, the government has announced its
intention of closing down the religious army movement,
Yeshivat Hesder; the Education Ministry will close 17
teaching colleges, all religious and keep ten kibbutz colleges
open, all Bolshevik; the same ministry will no longer honor
university degrees which accept credits for studying at Israeli
yeshivot, meaning a degree from Yeshiva University is no
longer valid etc. etc.
At the same time, Attorney General Mazuz has rescinded a
law validating ownership of lands purchased by Jews in East
Jerusalem before 1900, while opening the sale of public
lands to non-Jews. In short, the land of Israel and its capital
are now up for sale to all enemies of the state. The first goal
is to rid East Jerusalem of Jews, without sentiment.
After the funeral, I joined two Israeli philosophers, Zvi Zweig
and Ohad Kamin, for dinner. Zvi's son Avi met us briefly. He
is a student at Yeshivat Aderet Eliahu in the Old City of
Jerusalem. Last week his yeshiva was attacked by Arabs
who smashed its windows with rocks. The students threw
rocks back and called the police. As Avi tells it, "The police
began beating us with iron rods and ordered us outside. This
was unprovoked. They just started swinging. They arrested
five of us, including two rabbis. It was no different than in
Nazi Germany."
Avi's analogy is more accurate than he knew and Adir would
have understood that. Not a year ago, Adir began a stubborn
transformation. He gave a lecture in Maale Shomron at Ohad
Kamin's bookstore. There he announced that the Gush Katif
surrender will mean the end of Israel. He knew it before his
audience even considered the consequences. When the
lecture ended, I gave Adir a book that has changed both my
and Ohad's perspective on the civil war already taking place
in our land. I speak of Rabbi Marvin Antelman's, To Eliminate
The Opiate, Volume One. Adir absorbed the message
slowly. It was eight months later that I knew he had changed.
Rabbi Antelman's thesis is that the leadership of the Jews
has been taken over by secret followers of the 17th century
false messiah, Shabtai Tzvi, and his later advocate Yaacov
Frank. The tenets of Sabbataianism are anti-Judaism. That
is, the opposite of the laws of the Torah are true. Taken to its
extreme, Do Not Murder means, Do Murder. Since 1785, the
Sabbataians, in alliance with the Vatican-based illuminati and
British-based Freemasonry, have played utter havoc with our
planet. The goal of the Sabbataians is to murder any Jew
who does not accept Shabtai Tzvi as the messiah, which
means almost all Jews. But they hate religious Torahbelieving Jews more than anyone. The Sabbataians invented
Labor Zionism as the means to their takeover of Judaism.
Their diplomatic headquarters in America is the Council on
Foreign Relations (CFR).
Now, I'll be the first to admit, this is some fish to swallow.
And the vast majority of Jews won't make the intellectual
effort to try. But Adir did and that meant erasing a lot of the
dogma of the Israeli Right. It meant finally understanding that
no American President, let alone Bush, is a friend of Israel's.
And it meant understanding that the CFR is now fighting a
two-pronged battle; one for the disintegration of Iraq, the
other for the disintegration of Israel. And even more difficult
for a spokesman of the Israeli Right, one has to understand
that the Iraqi "insurgents" are fighting the very same enemy
as ours.
That means seeing through the lies of the neoconservative
movement. When its media stooges gloat about the Iraqi
voter turnout, we think, "Of course there was a huge turnout.
Iran and the Shia imams ordered the turnout to take over the
country. The neocon dismemberment of Iraq is well on its
way. They have the same plan to divide Israel, using Gush
Katif as the first step."
And they tell you their goal. Read Shimon Peres well. He
writes, "In the future there will be no borders, just one world
government." That is the plan for the Middle East. No
nations, just a giant bloc which will eventually join a few other
EU’s to create one world government under Lucifer. And they
will stop at nothing to get their way.
I trace the decision to dismember the state to 1977 when
Menachem Begin won the national election. The Sabbataian
Labor Zionists realized that the Jews had rejected them and
the tenets of their false messiah. Instead of a state run on
evil, the Torah-believers and the moral secularists had won
the day. The Laborite Sabbataians decided that no state at
all was preferable to a revival of true Judaism. On that day
the war began in earnest.
For a decade from 1967, the Jews and local Arabs had
drifted towards a peaceful state of affairs that would be
resolved over time through mutual prosperity. That would
have to change through wars and violent rebellions. Over
time, Israel would be worn down and would dissolve. The
means to the misery would be the promotion to power of one
Yasir Arafat.
I came home from Adir's funeral and turned on the Education
Channel. A British program about the making of Hitler began.
Normally, I would switch from this kind of subject to a sitcom,
but immediately I saw that this documentary was very
different. Of Hitler we learn:
- In his adolescence he was smitten by a Jewish girl,
Stephanie Isak, sent her love letters and fantasized about
marrying her.
- In Mein Kampf, Hitler writes that he learned to be an antiSemite as a struggling artist in Vienna. Nothing could be
further from the truth. Rejected by the art academy, he
painted street scenes and sold them to Jewish galleries and
art dealers. While staying in a hostel for young men, he
befriended numerous Jewish tenants.
- During the war, not one soldier heard an anti-Semitic
remark from Hitler and a Jewish officer, Col. Gutman,
recommended him for the Iron Cross.
It was after the war that Hitler joined a Communist group in
the army. Within weeks, he joined a similar right wing army
political group. From there his political career suddenly
The program noted that Hitler was a mere drifter. To rise so
quickly in politics he needed backers with money. Whoever
they were and must have been, they remain anonymous to
this day. But in 1919, someone chose him to espouse a
viciously anti-Semitic agenda. Until that time, there was not
so much as a hint that he hated Jews.
The program concluded that either Mein Kampf was a lie or it
was written for Hitler. Perhaps, we know by whom:
When I did my final editing for Save Israel!, I faced one
dilemma that was nearly unsolvable. About two months
before 9-11, a wedding hall in Jerusalem called the
Versailles collapsed killing 23. Despite the vocal demands by
family members for the government to investigate the
disaster, it refused and the building's shell was flattened
within a few days. I knew there was a cover-up but I didn't
know of what. After 9-11, I surmised that the Versailles may
have been a dry run. I had enough proof that this might be
Adir blasted me for including the claim on two fronts: One, it
looks ridiculous. Two, if even slightly true, it would be the
final disaster for Israel.
I took his advice and never mentioned Versailles or 9-11
again. He was right, the anti-Semites would dance on our
country if there was a 9-11 connection. They wouldn't
understand that the victims of Versailles were Jews, the
victims of the Holocaust were Jews, the victims of the PLO
and assorted murder gangs are Jews, the victims of pogroms
and intifadas are Jews. The Sabbataian plotters may not
number 3000 out of 14 million Jews, but their victims will be
blamed. However it was done to us, half the Jews left now
live in Israel. And those who have done us in before, are at it
again. We are fighting for our lives and we'll have to take the
high ground until the magical day in some far off kingdom,
when the Arabs realize we are being driven to kill each other
by the same puppeteers. Only then can some
accommodation between us be found.
Adir was coming to realize all this and here's how I know. Not
three months ago, I met Adir at a lecture in Jerusalem. He
had now absorbed Rabbi Antelman's book and just finished
my new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The
Holocaust. He told me, "You were right. The Mapai are a
bunch of Sabbataians and they always were. But no one is
going to believe us."
Together, Adir and I made half the people of Israel
understand that Rabin was murdered in a political coup from
within his own circles. Together, we could have eventually
instilled this new truth in our people as well.
But we are no longer together. I lost my greatest ally.
What a week for intelligence provocations! It began with the
graves of Yitzhak and Leah Rabin being defaced by foes of
the "disengagement" and ended with an IDF memorial
service disrupted on national TV by these same foes,
causing General Ehud Barak to call for the "disengagement"
within five days. Of the first provocation, Prof. Wiseman of
the Weizmann Institute discovered that the Rabin graves are
surveiled 24 hours a day by two video cameras. The
defacers were caught on camera and found to be Shabak
agents. For this reason the police have stopped investigating
and the media has ceased reporting the incident. Of the IDF
ceremony, needless to say it was heavily guarded and the
incident wouldn't have happened unless it was supposed to
have happened.
While Bush and Sharon stage-managed a disagreement
over the evacuation of settlements, Israel turned into a trueblue fascist state in the name of Gush Katif. Summing up the
state of affairs, the following report was sent over the internet
in Hebrew and atrocious English.
A young boy - aged 17, eleventh grade grader who took part
in a demonstration against the Gaza withdrawal, has been
abducted by Ramle police and his whereabouts are
unknown. Only after intensive work was it discovered that he
is still under arrest by the Ramle Police investigators. The
police have not reported the arrest of this minor to his
parents nor to the Public Defender as required by law.
The Chaneni organization helps people who are under
political arrest .They report that 33 people, including 5 minors
have been moved to a new section of Maasiyahu prison, of
these, only a few were arrested at the anti- disengagement
demonstration on the Ayalon Highway - all the rest were
picked up in Tel Aviv because of their religious outward
appearance. Among them were a religious soldier who was
arrested walking in Tel Aviv as well and a ten year old
religious boy on his way to his grandfather's house.
The attacks against anyone opposed to the lying government
included me as well. At week's end I received a handdelivered notice that I was being sued for 17,000 shekels by
one Avigdor Eskin for sullying his good name by accusing
him of being an intelligence agency provocateur. Let's briefly
review some of Eskin's activities:
From the Washington Monthly:
In October 1995, on the eve of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day
of Atonement, a group of Israelis led by Avigdor Eskin
gathered outside the home of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
Wrapped in prayer shawls, they intoned the ancient Aramaic
chant Pulsa da-Nura ("Lashes of Fire"), a Kabbalistic curse:
"I deliver to you, the angels of wrath and ire, Yitzhak, the son
of Rosa Rabin, that you may smother him and the specter of
him, and cast him into bed, and dry up his wealth, and
plague his thoughts, and scatter his mind that he may be
steadily diminished until he reaches his death. Put to death
the cursed Yitzhak. May he be damned, damned, damned!"
After Rabin's assassination one month later - as Israel and
the world mourned a great statesman - Eskin boasted of his
prowess on Israeli television. The curse worked.
Avigdor Eskin's 'Pork-Related Crimes'
May 28, 1997 - Israel -- The man who put a curse on Prime
Minister Yitzhak Rabin a month before he was assassinated
was convicted in an Israeli court on Wednesday of violating
the Prevention of Terrorism Act, a court spokesman said.
"He was convicted under. . . the Prevention of Terrorism
Act," spokesman Moshe Gorali told Reuters. "The conviction
relates to the interview he gave on television about the pulsa
denura (curse) succeeding." Gorali said the section of the
act violated was that against encouraging violence. Avigdor
Eskin, according to local news reports at the time, stood
outside Rabin's house on the eve of the Jewish high holy day
of Yom Kippur in 1995 and cursed Rabin with the ancient
curse of pulsa denura -- Aramaic for "lashes of fire." The
curse Eskin put on Rabin read in part: "And on him, Yitzhak,
son of Rosa, known as Rabin, we have permission. . . to
demand from angels of destruction that they take a sword to
this wicked man. . . to kill him. . . for handing over the Land
of Israel to our enemies." He said the curse generally worked
within 30 days. Gorali said Eskin would be sentenced next
week. The Justice Ministry said he could receive a maximum
sentence of six years.
February 6, 1998 - Israel -- Israeli extremist Avigdor Eskin
was released on bail last week by a decision of an Israeli
court. Eskin, who was accused of planning to throw the head
of a pig wrapped in pages of the Quran inside al-Aqsa
mosque, made bail of NIS500,000 on January 21, 1998.
October 18, 1999 - Israel -- A Jewish extremist was
convicted last Tuesday of placing a pig's head on the Muslim
grave of 1930s Palestinian nationalist fighter Izz el-Deen alQassam. Qassam was a revolutionary Muslim cleric and an
inspiration to the militant wing of the present-day Islamic
group Hamas, which is opposed to the Palestinian peace
movement with Israel. The Jerusalem District Court,
however, found insufficient evidence that the defendant,
Avigdor Eskin, was guilty of conspiring to catapult a pig's
head into Islam's third holiest shrine atop Jerusalem's
Temple Mount. Pigs are considered "unclean" by both
Judaism and Islam. No date has been set for sentencing, but
prosecutors will allegedly ask that Eskin serve jail time for his
pork-related crimes.
November 19, 1999 - Israel -- An Israeli court sentenced a
Jewish extremist to 2-1/2 years in jail for placing a pig's head
on the grave of a Palestinian nationalist. The court last week
also gave Avigdor Eskin an 18-month suspended sentence
for conspiring to torch offices belonging to Israeli peace
activists. Eskin was cleared of charges of plotting to catapult
a pig's head onto the Temple Mount. On Friday, November
12, Avigdor Eskin was sentenced to two years in jail for
"orchestrating" the placing of a pig's head on the grave of
Issidin El Kassam.
And this is only a sample of Eskin's activities. Let us not
forget the following:
- It was Eskin's protégé, Tatiana Suskind who was convicted
of distributing a drawing of Muhamed having relations with a
pig, in Hebron.
- Another Eskin cohort, one Larissa Trembovler (mistakenly
written Trimbobler), put an end to her marriage with its four
children, to become engaged to that misunderstood hero,
Yigal Amir. Eskin was the proud matchmaker.
- On the occasion of Amir's 30th birthday, Eskin thoughtfully
brought a birthday cake to Beersheva prison. When a taxi
driver was told who it was for, a fist-fight ensued with Eskin
on national TV.
- And Eskin leads an annual pilgrimage to the grave of
Baruch Goldstein, wrongly accused of initiating a massacre
of Arabs in Hebron.
Amir attended the hearing as did Trimbobler, his father,
Shlomo, a brother and supporters including Avigdor Eskin.
Amir was not allowed to speak to reporters, who were
ordered to keep at arm's length from him. His father told
reporters that his son should be allowed to marry Trimbobler.
"If they wanted to put him to death, they should have done
so," he said. "If they allowed him to live, then they should let
him live."
Those of us who have actually researched the subjects,
know Amir and Goldstein were patsies, framed by the
Shabak's Jewish Department. Every act of Eskin's serves the
Shabak by reinforcing Amir and Goldstein's guilt in the public
mind. Further, his stunts lead the public to believe that the
Right justify assassinations and massacres. This has the
effect of implanting the message that only a crazed minority
opposes the government's diplomacy, including the Gush
Katif surrender.
Eskin serves the interests of the government and the Shabak
And I'm hardly the only one who thinks so. I did a quick
internet search and discovered that many and varied are
those who consider Eskin an intelligence operative. The first
item the search came up with was from an ignorant source,
known as the EIR.
"In 1986, EIR published a detailed dossier on Eskin, a young
Soviet intelligence agent, who could boast of service for the
KGB, Mossad, and several U.S. agencies.”
But things improved quickly. Look what Yitzhak Rabin's own
daughter had to say:
by Sarit Yishai-Levi
And when I hear that a person like Avigdor Eskin, whom I
have been closely following ever since the assassination,
was run by the G.S.S. (General Security Services), this
arouses in me thoughts and wondering, and things
arise. Such things arouse the doubt in me again and again.
Recall, Dahlia Rabin-Pelosoff was the Deputy Minister of
Security at the time of the interview. At the time, she was
following Eskin's activities closely. So who did she hear that
Eskin was run by the Shabak from? Certainly not me.
Now look at the next two items to understand just how
widespread the suspicions against Eskin are. The first quote
is from the far-left newspaper Haaretz. It is followed by a
quote from the opposing camp, the Kahane Chai site.
Truly, a very odd couple.
"He is the man who cast a curse on Yitzhak Rabin.
She is a leftist, supporter of the rights of Palestinians."
By Lily Galili Friday, March 13, 1998
"Many in the settlement community avidly believe that Eskin
is a Shin Bet agent ...
Others in the same camp believe that Eskin is none other
than a KGB agent. . .
they had a need to find a scapegoat. . . Avishai Raviv, a
small and insignificant provocateur . . ."
Article has a statement from Kahane Chai ("Kahane
Lives"), and a quote from the activist Itamar Ben-Gvir.
First, it's Ben Gvir. . . And I think it's clear to anyone who
follows Israeli press that he is a Shabak agent provocateur or
just plain idiot. Possibly both. He has broken the law so
many times, has a new trial each month, and every time he
is let out on a technicality. . . I know several Americans that
moved in JDL and Kach circles and they are all 100% sure
that he is a Shabak provocateur. He is very similar to Avigdor
Eskin, or Avishai Raviv both in his actions, and in the way he
never gets charged. . . Also, it is very telling that they always
do provocations, that are at best misdemeanors, make a lot
of noise in the media, but never does real crimes.
The main argument used to prove Eskin's sincerity is that he
has sat in prison for his activities. As one who has been
reporting on these provocations for a decade, I can assure
all that this argument is worthless. To maintain their covers,
provocateurs will be rewarded later for doing time. I know of
two members of the same family, both working for the
Shabak, who sat in prison for their alleged activities on
behalf of the Yemenite children.
What matters are the facts. Eskin's provocations are a
disaster for the Israeli Right. However, they are a blessing for
the "peace" camp. And his intelligence ties were long ago
traced by my researchers, i.e.:
"Hello Barry, There has been a recent important
development in this. Avigdor Eskin has been elected (in
absentia) as a member of Political Council (leadership) of
"Eurasia" Movement based in Moscow, Russia. The Eurasia
socio-political movement is financed and structurally
supported by Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and
Russian Presidential Administration. Although it is officially a
"patriotic", "neo-Eurasian", "anti-American" organization, it
serves the purpose of NWO and is paid by its emissaries in
Russia (basically, it is a pro-NWO party which hides behind a
pseudo-patriotic facade). The official organizer is talented
Russian geopolitician and political philosopher Alexander
Dugin. It seems they are trying to use Eskin and his cohorts
to "smooth" the relations between pro-Western Russian elite
(Putin, etc.), criminal oligarchs (Deripaska, Abramovich,
Chubais, etc.) with Israeli business elite and political circles.
(It is known that Eskin has connections with Israeli lobby in
Washington, with the late Republican Senator Jesse Helms,
and with head of Committee on International Relations of
Russian State Duma Dmitrii Rogozin, and has been used to
I contacted two attorneys; Dov, my longtime legal advisor
from Raanana, and Ram, one of the country's leading libel
experts, who I had sought out in an attempt to sue Daniel
Pipes. Both came to an initial conclusion; journalists in Israel
are protected from libel suits in all but the most extreme
cases. This is not one of them. Second, Eskin's reputation is
so sullied that I could not have damaged it more. Both
suggested I request that the suit be thrown out of court.
But then Dov had a brainstorm.
"There is another option. You could choose to prove that
Eskin is a provocateur. For that you would have to request a
change of venue from small claims court to civil court where
complicated cases are heard. There you would be permitted
to defend yourself by proving a pattern of crimes. That would
mean showing that the Shabak does employ agents like
Eskin to perform the same kinds of dirty tricks Eskin did. By
so showing, you would prove that you had every right to
suspect Eskin of being an agent provocateur. This Eskin may
have given you a way to reopen the Rabin murder in court."
I asked Ram if the idea is practical.
"I'd have to look for precedents but, on the surface, it's a
legitimate defense. Ideally, you would want Peres or Carmi
Gillon to sue you, but Eskin may have let you in through the
back door. Now a lot depends on what the judge permits, but
if we went down that road we could subpoena:"
- Avishai Raviv to testify about his provocations.
- Chezi Kalo, head of the Jewish Department of the Shabak
while Raviv was at work.
- Eitan Oren, the TV director who filmed staged provocations.
- Various members of Eyal, including Yigal Amir, who
participated in the provocations.
- Judge Meir Shamgar, who investigated the Shabak's use of
dirty tricks.
Ram continued: "The Shabak's policy is not to reveal the
names of its agents. So it's your word against his whether he
was acting on their behalf. But you have the right to defend
yourself by proving that the Shabak did employ agents to
commit outrages exactly like those of Eskin. And one of
those outrages led to Rabin's murder."
In March, 05, the firebrand rabbi, Shlomo Aviner of
Jerusalem's Meir Institute, until then the most vocal
spokesman in the battle against the Gush Katif surrender,
switched horses. He now advised his followers not to
interfere with soldiers in their duty of evacuating the Jewish
residents from their homes.
Last Passover, I was approached by someone while selling
books in Gush Katif. The message, quickly rendered was, "I
can't say what, it's against the sin of slander, but Harav
Aviner has a secret and they found out about it."
For those religious leaders without obvious vulnerabilities,
the sins will be supplied to them. That is how the Israeli
mafia leadership got rid of its two Chief Rabbis. Their crime
was openly providing moral leadership:
Chief rabbis say they oppose disengagement
By Amiram Barkat, Haaretz Correspondent
Israel's chief rabbis, Yonah Metzger and Shlomo Amar, said
on Sunday that they are against the disengagement plan.
Rabbi Metzger said that "the rabbis need to explain their
words in such a way that believers do not take from them
what it is forbidden to take. All in all, Israel's rabbis - almost
one hundred percent, with exceptions here and there understand the responsibility they possess,7340,L-83522,00.html
Rabbi Metzger was defamed last January using a timetested method. A year before, Knesset Member Nomi
Blumenthal demanded that the secret clauses of the Oslo
"peace" Accord be revealed to the public. Within days she
was in police custody on charges of giving supporters free
hotel accommodations. Metzger was framed the same way.
He was charged with the heinous crime of staying in hotels
for free.
Much more trouble was taken with Rabbi Amar. It took the
authorities months to cook up his framing.
How it all began.
Last Thursday Rabbi Amar's son and wife were arrested on
suspicions of kidnapping a religious youth who had dated the
rabbi's daughter.
The rabbi's 18-year-old daughter, Ayala, met the 17-year-old
ultra-Orthodox youngster three months ago through an
Internet chat.
However, the Amar family did not approve of the relationship.
After failed attempts to convince the couple to end their
relationship, the rabbi's son, Meir Amar, contacted two
acquaintances, brothers Ahmed and Abdullah Sawalma from
the Israeli Arab town of Kalansua, and together they planned
the kidnapping.
Reminiscent of 'A Clockwork Orange'
According to police officials, the rabbi‟s daughter coaxed the
youngster into meeting her at a street in the religious town of
Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv, where he was pushed into a car and
kidnapped at knifepoint by the rabbi‟s son.
The officials said the youth was beaten and threatened
during the drive to an apartment in Kalansua.
“When they took him up to the apartment I stayed in the car
the whole time, and did not see what they were doing to
him,” the rabbi‟s daughter said during questioning.
Police suspect the youngster was beaten for four hours, as if
from a “Clockwork Orange" scene, unaware that his
kidnapper was the brother of his girlfriend. The youth was
taken to Jerusalem the following morning where his
kidnappers continued to beat him in the rabbi‟s home.
Meir Amar claimed he wanted to “reeducate” his sister and
her suitor, as the ultra-Orthodox are not permitted to meet
prior to their wedding.
Sources close to Amar placed the blame squarely on the
shoulders of Meir, who left home some 15 years ago. Of
Amar's 12 children – four boys and eight girls – Meir is the
only one who abandoned religion.
So let's figure it out, shall we? Rabbi Amar's son Meir, has
been estranged from the family for 15 years. But as soon as
he hears his baby sister is in boyfriend trouble, he rushes
home. So noble is he, that he kidnaps the suitor and takes
him to a house in an Arab village where he is beaten all night
by Meir and his two Arab pals. We would assume that the
starry-eyed lover would have gotten the message to stay
away from the girl, but apparently not so. After a night of
beating, he was driven to Rabbi Amar's apartment in
Jerusalem for even more assaults next to the Rabbi's
Based on the dirty deeds of the Jewish Department of the
Shabak, Meir was another Avishai Raviv, a screwed-up kid
who got in trouble with the law, and was offered a way out by
betraying his family. That's how they've done it hundreds of
times before, and that's how they did it this time.
Once the religious-political leaders, opposed to the crimes of
the government, are removed, naturally a new religiouspolitical leader will emerge to replace the loss. And Natan
Sharansky was groomed for the part.
On Independence Day, Sharansky addressed the 80,000
Jews who had gathered in Gush Katif for the holiday. I
cringed at his presence but they lapped up his every word.
After all, didn't he just resign from the government in protest
over the Gush Katif pullout? It occurred to no one that as a
member of Sharon's cabinet, he had given the government
his approval of the surrender. Once he had done his
damage, he made his meaningless gesture.
Now he was on to new adventures. He had received a pile of
money to be a "thinker" for the Shalem Center, founded by
Binyamin Netanyahu's longtime aide, Yoram Hazony. Of
Netanyahu, he granted interviews this week to the Jerusalem
Post and Makor Rishon with the same self-serving, lying
message. He was opposed to the pullout but gave into
popular will. And what popular will is that? The latest Maariv
poll, blasted on the front page of its Shabbat edition, shows
support for the surrender down to half the country and
Worse even, Sharansky is the leading candidate to take over
the chairmanship of the Jewish Agency, Israel's diaspora
shadow government. It's a perfect ploy. This two-faced
midget wears a kippah, just like Avraham Burg before him,
so it appears he is representing the religious communities of
Israel. But he is not. They were rid of through blackmail,
threats, police abuse and Shabak frame-ups.
Now the proof of who Sharansky serves. The Bilderberg
Group is the international headquarters of Israel's demise
and eventual break-up. And guess who's coming to their
latest wing-ding?
The midget in person.
ISR, Sharansky, Natan, Former Minister for Jerusalem &
Diaspora Affairs
I, Siniscalco, Domenico, Minister for Economy and Finance
GB, Skidelsky, Robert, Professor of Political Economy,
Warwick University
E, Spain, H.M. the Queen of.
An added treat:
Army Radio Journalist Admits 'Conspiracy of Silence'
14:07 May 13, '05 / 4 Iyar 5765
A leading Army Radio journalist has confessed that the
media and political systems have turned a blind eye in
allowing/encouraging the disengagement at the price of
"I have failed. We have failed," wrote Kaveh Shafran, political
affairs correspondent for Israel Army Radio (Galei Tzahal) in
a recent article for the Israeli Institute for Democracy. "As a
diplomatic correspondent, I was among those who in the
past year were supposed to tell the public exactly what is the
disengagement plan, why it was created, how it will be
implemented, and to discuss its various aspects, as well as
how the Prime Minister functions."
He explained that one of the reasons for the failure is the
feeling of closeness of the media with the Prime Minister
when they fly together. The media and senior government
officials have "become a part of the [Sharon] family who fly
together [on press trips] and do not truthfully openly protest
for fear of being demoted," Shafran wrote.
The media kept silent, he added, when Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon "lied" by saying he would accept the results of a
Likud referendum on disengagement. "The media's
conspiracy of silence protected Sharon when he fired cabinet
ministers who did not support disengagement," he wrote,
noting that the media also ignored the High Court's criticism
of the dismissals.
"We denounced [former Minister] Benny Elon (National
Union) for not immediately making himself available to
receive the letter of dismissal, but we ignored the criticism of
the High Court" on the firings, Shafran wrote.
"We stayed silent when Sharon formed government [policies]
with an Arab majority and when he distributed bribes to the
hareidim and Shinui. We said nothing when he pressured,
threatened and bribed MK’s with jobs so that they would
support him... Where were we when the allegations of
Sharon-family corruption came to light?"
"Are the media who support disengagement allowed to turn a
blind eye to inappropriate [procedures] just to execute the
program? Does this mean that it is possible for Sharon to fire
any cabinet minister, the Chief of Staff and General Security
Services chief who do not agree with his position?"
He said that the following questions should have been asked
by the media, but were not: "What happens the day after the
disengagement from Gaza? Who will rule there? What's the
next stage in Judea and Samaria? What will be the status of
the territories that will be evacuated? Does evacuation mean
the 'end of conquest'? What will happen if the GSS Chief's
warnings about Kassams fired at Ashkelon come true? Why
are there no housing solutions for the evacuees? What does
Sharon want and what is he planning?"
Shafran also accused Finance Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu
and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom of not being true to their
conscience and refraining from criticizing the plan for fear of
being fired.
Shafran is the second journalist in the last two months to
admit to journalistic incompetence over disengagement.
Yediot Acharonot's Nachum Barnea, considered one of the
country's top journalists, recently wrote that the media
"supported disengagement more than they supported
On May 25, one Avigdor Eskin took me to court demanding
compensation for my writing that he was a "known Shabak
provocateur." I viewed the trial as nothing but a nuisance
because Eskin's claims were so stupid. Quoting a nearly
seven year old paragraph which appeared in an obscure
American web site with no Israeli readers, this liar claimed
that he was damaged. And it only took him seven years to
feel the pain.
My attorney, Dov Eben-Or wrote my defense argument and
quoted Israeli law which puts the onus of responsibility on
the publisher in such cases, not the writer.
So what did Judge Chaim Lakhovitzky do? He changed the
law. In an incredibly long-winded ruling, he declared that
because the Internet is based on forwarded messages, web
site owners cannot be responsible for damages the way a
newspaper is by law. From now on in Israel, writers who post
on the Internet are liable for any message they write.
Eskin is a known Shabak provocateur and I proved it. I
presented articles from much more influential sources
claiming just that and the most widely read such claim
appeared in Haaretz a full year before my little paragraph
appeared on the tiny American site. Another witness was
Dahlia Pelesoff-Rabin, daughter of the late Prime Minister,
who was quoted in a leading women's magazine insisting
that she had followed Eskin's antics closely and had been
told that he was acting for the Shabak.
But pity little Avigdor's daughter who was banned from
school because little old me had damaged her father's
reputation. The judge, for reasons I'm beginning to more than
suspect, dismissed the proven fact that one word in Haaretz
reaches hundreds of thousands of Israelis whereas, my
claim was read by not a one of my countrymen.
I asked the judge an obvious question. "Why is Eskin suing
me and not Haaretz or Dahlia Pelosoff-Rabin?" Now get this
reply: "Because he didn't want to."
I knew the fix was in at that moment.
If Eskin isn't a Shabak provocateur, he fits the pattern like a
glove. Like his fellow provocateur Avishai Raviv, Eskin seeks
the weak-minded and the weak to join his gang of merry
pranksters and prods them into committing outrages. Like
Raviv, he befriended Yigal Amir and even acted as his
matchmaker with his screwball fiancé Larissa Trembovler.
Since my last piece on Eskin, three people wrote telling me
how he tried to recruit them into his gang. They will be
witnesses, if they agree, in my appeal to this travesty of a
And I have one other witness, Amir A., who was Rabin's
emissary to Arafat. He provided me with inside information
proving Eskin's intelligence ties.
Eskin did not appear at the trial with a letter from the Shabak
denying he was associated with them. That could have been
acquired from the Defense Ministry. He brought no proof
whatsoever that he was not working for the Shabak and I
brought ample evidence that he was a widely known Shabak
Judge Lakhovitzky admitted my evidence carried great
weight, so he reduced Eskin's damages by 5/6, from 18,000
to 3,000 shekels. To do so, he had to change Israeli laws
protecting journalists from the kind of nuisance the Eskins of
the country can inflict on a free press.
As soon as he verdict was released on the internet, two
journalists, Raanan Bavli and Shahaf Pilovitz wrote me. Both
are editors of sites and forums on the Rotter portal. The
message was the same. You have to fight the verdict or the
precedent will destroy internet freedom in Israel.
Which I think was the idea in the first place.
Eskin didn't wake up after seven years and decide he was
damaged by me. He was sent. And he gave all kinds of hints
that he was coached. Lately, one attack against me has
appeared over and over by my paid detractors. A year and a
half before Ehud Barak's Lebanon escape, two helicopters
crashed in northern Israel killing 73 soldiers. A minute later,
an American F-14 crashed into Haifa Harbor killing its two
man crew. An hour later, from Geneva, Shimon Peres
declared that the accident proves Israel must leave Lebanon.
The next day, four engineers from Israel Aircraft Industries
were killed when an Arab truck driver smashed their car. One
was the chief navigation engineer for the helicopter division.
You can draw your own conclusion if this is all coincidental. I
sure don't think so.
Three times Eskin told the judge that I also wrote that Peres
caused the helicopter crash, which I never did. And that
came from coaching.
Then things became positively weird. After the trial, I went to
the court secretary for a copy of my verdict. I have been to
too many trials in my life and know the procedure. It is
printed out on the spot. Now, I needed that verdict to prepare
my appeal, but I was told it wasn't ready. I replied that I had
only 15 days to file an appeal and I needed that verdict. I
was told it would be mailed to me.
I called my attorney Dov Eben-Or who was astounded that
the judge overturned his arguments. But he was astonished
that I didn't have the verdict to send him. The court had to
issue it to me on the spot. That is a basic legal right.
One week passed and no verdict arrived in the post. So, I
called the Jerusalem district court to enquire what was going
on. Here was the conversation.
BC: I'd like to know if you posted me my verdict. (I gave the
file number)
Court Secretary: Let me check. No, you have to get it from
Mr. Eskin.
BC: What does that mean? I have to get it from you. Where
is it?
CS: There is a problem. It's still in the computer. We can't
recover it right now.
BC: Why not?
CS: We are transferring data to a new computer.
BC: You can't withhold the verdict from me. I can't file an
appeal without it. It's already been a week. When are you
giving it to me?
CS. We'll notify you as soon as possible.
Once more, Dov was astonished. "A verdict," he said, "is
written by the judge and printed out in hard copy by the court
recorder after the trial. Verdicts don't get stuck in computers,
they are paper which is faxed or photocopied. This trial of
yours really smells."
But I will continue to call Eskin a Shabak provocateur if the
evidence fits, rigged verdict or not.
And I will appeal not only for myself, for every Israeli
journalist who will no longer be free to express himself on the
If the appeal fails, I'll exploit the opening. I can't begin to
count how many real, baseless lies have been published
against me over the years on the net. I'll get them all with this
new precedent. I have one obsessive nutcase who has
called me a Holocaust denier on innumerable occasions.
Just last week he was up to the same nonsense on a bunch
of Jewish newsgroups, this time anonymously.
If the appeal fails, I'll go to town with him. But we'd all better
hope it doesn't or the only reporting you'll get from the Israel
internet is what the government allows.
Which was probably the point of this show trial in the first
One reader wrote, "Don't gloat." I don't gloat even when I've
been SO right in my last two articles.
A week ago I claimed that Chief Sephardic Rabbi, Shlomo
Amar, was framed as punishment for his objection to the
Gush Katif pullout. The first confirmation came from Haaretz,
which reported that the two Arabs who joined Meir Amar in
beating Ayal Amar's courtier were Shabak collaborators:
The two "Arabs" who beat up the charedi boy dating the
Amar girl are NOT "Israeli Arabs" but PALESTINIAN
""MASHTAPIM" (collaborators) with the Shabak. This was in
Ha'aretz last week.
As amazing a revelation as that is, it pales by all
comparisons to this next item, first sent to me by Makor
Rishon media columnist, Chani Luz. Now please, look at this
as hard as you can. You are now entering the real world of
the Israeli political mafia:,7340,L-3087363,00.html
In the Kitchen
Mrs. Amar told investigators that she had been in the kitchen
of her apartment at the time the alleged events took place.
She said she only heard what happened the next day from
another daughter, who in turn had been told by Ayala.
Mrs. Amar said she failed to tell her husband what happened
because she did not want to get him involved. But it would
appear she did know about the incident.
Despite her claim to investigators to have only had passing
contact with Meir, her son visited her a second time just two
days later together with Labor Party leader Shimon Peres.
According to Ayala, her brother threatened her with a knife,
saying he could kill her "with one stab."
- Vered Luvitch - YNet
Somebody must be gasping, "My Lord In Heaven! This can't
be true!"
But it wasn't me. I've long told you that Peres was nothing
but a thug.
Two days after beating the star-crossed lover, Meir arrives
with Shimon Peres to the Amar home, FOR THE SECOND
TIME, and watches with glee as the brother threatens to
murder his sister.
You can be sure that Peres' first visit was even scarier.
After threatening an 18 year old girl at knifepoint, where does
Shimon go? To make peace and money expelling the Jews
of Gush Katif.
News & Articles
Nobel Laureates Meet in Jordan to Tackle World's Problems
May 18, 2005
More than two dozen Nobel laureates and other international
figures are in the Jordanian city of Petra for a conference
focusing on the world's major problems, such as poverty,
disease, environment, peace and terrorism.
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, and
Israel's Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres are among the
group of eminent thinkers, economists, scientists, writers and
actors participating in the meeting.,7340,L-3088404,00.html
Peres, Qureia discuss Gaza at forum
Vice Premier Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority Prime
Minister Ahmed Qureia discussed Israel's planned
withdrawal from the Gaza Strip Saturday while meeting at
the World Economic Forum in Jordan.
All right, two weeks ago I spelled out the next scam. Peres
would sell Gush Katif's farms and structures to the World
Bank and pocket the profit of the resale to the PLO. That's
why Stanley Fischer, formerly of the World Bank, was put in
charge of the bank of Israel:
IDF General: Make Neve Dekalim an Arab Tourist Resort
Tuesday, May 17, 2005 / 8 Iyar 5765
An IDF General wants Gush Katif's 1125 acres of hot houses
to become businesses for Arab farmers. He favors having
Jewish homes in Neve Dekalim serve Arab resort guests.
World Bank adopts his ideas.
An IDF General, Yosef Mishlev, the government‟s
coordinator of activities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza told
Israel radio on Tuesday morning that he favors handing over
all the hot houses in Gush Katif, 4500 dunams (1125 acres),
to the Palestinian Authority so Arab farmers can establish
thriving businesses.
Mishlev said that Israel should take an active part in building
the Palestinian economy in Gaza after the government
expels the area‟s 10,000 Jewish residents. The Druze
general said that in his opinion, the homes, business, and
infrastructure of Gaza‟s Jewish communities should be used
to bolster the PA‟s economy and not be destroyed.
According to the cabinet decision authorizing the expulsion,
all the Jewish communities in Gaza and northern Samaria
were to be razed. The issue of whether to raze the
communities or leave them for the Palestinians has been the
subject of debate among government ministers over the past
few weeks. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said recently that
he was in favor of leaving the communities intact because of
the prohibitive cost of destroying them and carting away the
debris. He said razing Gush Katif might endanger the lives of
soldiers left behind to guard the operation.
Mishev's suggestions take that policy one step further,
recommending that the infrastructure of Gush Katif remain in
place and be used to develop the Palestinian economy. He
proposes that Neveh Dekalim, the largest community in
Gush Katif, located just off the Gaza beach, become an Arab
tourist resort. The homes would welcome vacationing Arab
Mishlev also favors transferring the Neve Dekelim and Erez
industrial zones to Arab businesses with Israel providing their
electricity, paid for by international donors.
According to Mishlev‟s plan, despite the disengagement,
Israel would remain actively involved in finding jobs for
unemployed Palestinians workers and opportunities for PA
businessmen. He suggests that 35,000 Arab workers from
the PA should be granted work permits in Israel until 2008.
Israel should also increase the number of Palestinian
businessmen allowed to travel into Israel, and grant them
VIP status.
General Mishlev‟s recommendations have appeared in a
plan drafted by the World Bank for rehabilitating the
Palestinian economy.
The World Bank's larcenies against Israel will not end with
Gush Katif:
The Geneva-based NGO known as COHRE has joined
BADIL in publishing a highly biased political attack against
Israel. BADIL's agenda and activities have been analyzed in
detail by NGO Monitor
COHRE's director, Scott Leckie, is a former staff member at
the PLO's Palestinian Negotiations Support Unit
file.htm . The 2000-2002 biennial report states "COHRE and
BADIL are planning to jointly hire a lobbyist to co-ordinate a
campaign to change policies within various UN agencies and
States with regard to the right of Palestinian refugees to
repossess the properties confiscated by Israel since 1947."
(p. 61) This report is part of that political campaign.
COHRE's donors include The Body Shop, Ford
Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Germany), Canada
(CIDA), Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
(SIDA), United Kingdom (DFID), Smith Richardson
Foundation, UN-Habitat Programme, UNHCR,UNIFEM,
The following item appeared in the mind-numbing Jerusalem
Post on May 18:
World Bank President James Wolfensohn agreed last week
in Washington, DC, to open a contact bureau in Israel, to be
operated by the Israel Export Institute, IEI director general
Yehiel Assia.
Now if the Gush Katif residents want to fight the plotters
against their lives and livelihoods, they would aim their forces
of protest against the hoodlum Shimon Peres, and his
cronies Yehiel Assia and Stanley Fischer.
And they had better start barricading their land and preparing
their properties to be razed to the ground the moment the
soldiers of doom find ways through the barricades. The
Peres/World Bank mafia have to know that they will get
NOTHING for their crimes against the Jews of Gaza.
But, as always, I'm not going to gloat. But, as always, I'm still
right and they're not going to listen. Instead they will believe
to the end, and it's coming, that orange strips of cloth are
going to save them, or that anyone believes their deluded
slogan, "Jews Don't Expel Jews."
Oh yes they do. Just wait.
Jerusalem District Court
File No. 108/98
Eskin vs. State of Israel
The defendant Avigdor Eskin - "I have worked for the
After a week's delay releasing the verdict of Eskin's suit
against me, my attorney Dov Eben-Or intervened and the
verdict, as well as the court protocols, were sent to him. He
phoned me.
"No wonder you lost. How could you say you deliberately
published an accusation against him?"
"I didn't. I testified that after seven years, I had no idea if the
'offending paragraph' was written for the site or whether the
editor picked it off the internet."
"It says in the protocols that you did know and that you
deliberately chose to offend him."
Allow me to quote from the previous article:
On May 25, one Avigdor Eskin took me to court demanding
compensation for my writing that he was a "known Shabak
provocateur." I viewed the trial as nothing but a nuisance
because Eskin's claims were so stupid. Quoting a nearly
seven year old paragraph which appeared in an obscure
American web site with no Israeli readers, this liar claimed
that he was damaged. And it only took him seven years to
feel the pain.
My attorney, Dov Eben-Or wrote my defense argument and
quoted Israeli law which puts the onus of responsibility on
the publisher in such cases, not the writer.
So what did Judge Chaim Lakhovitzky do? He changed the
law. In an incredibly long-winded ruling, he declared that
because the Internet is based on forwarded messages, web
site owners cannot be responsible for damages the way a
newspaper is by law. From now on in Israel, writers who post
on the Internet are liable for any message they write.
I raced to Dov's office to see the protocols. They made
incredible reading. They were not merely wrong, they
recorded the exact opposite of what I actually testified to. Not
only did I testify that I could not know if I sent the 'offending
paragraph' to the obscure web site, I took special pains to
stress that I owned no web site, thus I did not publish on the
internet, I merely write on it. The protocols changed my
testimony drastically, having me admit to publishing on the
No wonder it took a week to release the verdict. The time
was needed to rewrite the court records to make the ruling fit
the law.
But I had an advantage. A friend sat with me at the trial and
was a witness to the forged protocols. Dov spoke to her and
she agreed to sign a declaration that the court protocols had
nothing to do with my testimony.
Time was tight. The Hebrew Book Fair had just begun, and I
would be manning a booth for the next nine working days.
Dov wrote a request to the court to cancel the verdict based
on the false records of the trial. I had two days to notarize my
witness' statement and submit it to the Jerusalem court. Until
I did, he would fax the court his appeal draft to prove it was
in process.
Two days later, I rushed my witness to a lawyer's office, then
to the court to submit her declaration. When we got there,
guess what? Based on Dov's fax, Judge Lakhovitzky had
already ruled on his appeal. He declared that the court
recorder had made the errors and he was not responsible for
her misrecording of the proceedings. Thus, the appeal was
Everyone complains about the slow pace of Israeli justice.
Horror stories abound of people waiting ten years or more for
a ruling on their case. Not me. I get a ruling overnight,
BEFORE the declaration of the witness is submitted to the
Dov was flabbergasted. Not only does the ruling precede the
submission of the appeal, but, "This judge admits the
protocols are wrong. In that case, he has to rule for mistrial.
But worse, he's lying. He dictates the ruling to the recorder
and watches the transcript on a screen. I've never seen such
an illegal ruling."
I leave the courthouse with my witness, in utter despair. I am
a victim of trial fixing and I don't want to pursue an appeal. It
would just be more money lost trying to fight a thoroughly
rigged legal system.
The Book Fair
This year the Jerusalem Hebrew Book Fair is special. I have
two new products to push hard. My new English language
DVD called, The Deadly War Against The Settlers, has just
been released, but even more important, the Hebrew edition
of my newest book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The
Holocaust is also released on the opening day of the fair.
This is a vital test. Within is a scathing indictment of the
politicians plotting against the Jews of Gush Katif and Yesha.
There is not much time to get that message heard widely.
But the Mersel family helps me out. They gave me a
thousand shekels to give the book to soldiers as gifts, hoping
they will reconsider any actions against fellow Jews they may
be ordered to undertake. Dozens of soldiers of every rank
and unit accept the books with gusto and promise to share
them with their compatriots in the IDF.
Just as good. . .The book's first week is a huge success, with
200 sold. Only one other book at the fair may have outsold it
and that would be:
Boomerang, which was published in Hebrew last week. The
authors, left-wing commentators Raviv Drucker and Ofer
Shelach, reveal how Sharon came to make the decision to
withdraw from Gaza and Northern Samaria. According to the
two writers, Sharon’s basic impetus for adopting the radical
left-wing plan - that had been overwhelmingly rejected by the
voters in the January 2003 elections [but treacherously
approved by the Knesset in October 2004] - was his desire to
avoid indictment for his role in corruption scandals for which
he and his sons Gilad and Omri were under police
The fact that I reported the same thing a year before, of
course, will go unacknowledged. I knew the strategy of
diversion first hand from the experience of trying to expose
the truth of the Rabin murder, and coming too close to
breaking through.
In October, 1999, the Rabin family began a public campaign
to have the assassination reinvestigated. The issue was
number one in the news. That ended when PM Ehud Barak
announced his decision to withdraw from the Golan Heights.
From that point on, the Rabin family's voice was muted and
hundreds of thousands of Israelis expended millions of
working hours organizing and attending protests against the
Golan withdrawal.
Our leaders, in order to save their corrupt skins, will exploit
and terrify the people without conscience. They will, in the
name of criminal coverup, put Israelis through deep agony
over their future, threaten the homes and livelihoods of
anyone who gets in their way, and thoroughly waste their
time and energy for no reason. Eventually, when the Rabin
family demands for a new investigation were but a distant
memory, so too was Barak's Golan withdrawal plan.
That should only be the story of Gush Katif and Northern
As is the case at all of these annual book fairs, I meet the
general public and inevitably, people pass on invaluable
information and contacts to me.
This year was no exception. A young man was nearly drafted
to be a government snitch and told me how the recruiting is
going on. "Someone claiming to be from the Prime Minister's
office called me, and offered me a great job paying 3000
shekels a week. I'm sixteen with no job skills, so I knew the
offer was suspicious."
A water engineer, Jacob Wolfowicz, presented me his
findings on the proposed plan to raze Gush Katif and build
high-rise housing for a million people. The sewage would
flow untreated up the Israeli coastline, and force the
abandonment of all beaches and adjacent housing.
But the best information of all came from a legal source. On
the first evening, he told me, "You can beat this Eskin in
court. He has admitted to being a Shabak agent in court. In
1998 he went on trial for burning down Peace Now's
headquarters in Jerusalem. He got off the arson charge in
part by testifying that he had worked for the Shabak. He told
the court that he had worked for the Shabak but things didn't
work out well with them. Get the court protocols. The file
number is 108/98, registered at the Jerusalem regional
The file number was right on the money.
The next evening, the man returned. "The trial continued in
the summer of '99. In that session, Eskin reiterated his
Shabak ties."
This information also checked out. Dov has submitted an
appeal to rehear my trial based on relevant new evidence.
The protocols of both sessions have been requested from
the court. Knowing Israel's justice system as I am learning it
now, I assume they will arrive tampered with, and the
damning testimony will be removed.
Still, it was fair try.
On Dec. 6, I received a phone call from the newspaper Kol
Ha'ir asking my reaction to Itamar Ben Gvir's suit against me
for 140,000 shekels. It was the first I had heard of it, so I
stumbled through my reaction. I was better prepared for the
next reporter who called, from Yerushalayim Magazine.
I have claimed that Ben Gvir's actions serve the purposes of
the state and its security apparatus far better than that of
legitimate anti-government protesters. In fact, Ben Gvir and
his ilk have destroyed legitimate protest in a number of ways,
- Through their atrocious actions, the public associates any
anti-government protest with irrational radicalism.
- In fact, to the broad public, one who protests on behalf of
any anti-government cause is an advocate of murder and the
transfer of Arabs elsewhere.
- By leading unknowing protesters in harmless directions,
Ben Gvir and his ilk defuse political debate and send
innocent citizens to prison.
When news of the suit reached the public, I was contacted
and told, "Yediot Ahronot had an article, I believe by Nahum
Barnea, about Ben Gvir's suits. He sues everyone and
suspiciously, always wins."
I claimed that Ben Gvir's actions did more to stop the
defense of Gush Katif than anything else, excepting the
cooperation of the Yesha Council with the authorities. I was
not the only one to make the claim and he sued them as
First he sued the newspaper Hatsofe. I will include its
comment in Hebrew, which many will see in gibberish.
0&Word=&gilayon=2430&mador =
The comment in Hebrew reads: "Itamar Ben Gvir has sued
Hatsofe for implying that he is a Shabak agent. The suit has
been widely reported by the media but we have yet to
receive the suit. It must be that the Shabak lawyers have a
long list of suits before ours."
Then, Ben Gvir sued a Knesset member, Arie Eldad:
21:30 Jun-29-05 / 22 Sivan 5765
MK Eldad: Itamar Ben-Gvir is a Gov't Agent
Wednesday, June 29, 2005 / 22 Sivan 5765 (
Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said this
evening that right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, known for
his affiliations with Kahanist organizations, is actually an
agent of the General Security Services (GSS). Eldad claims
that Ben-Gvir was sent by the GSS to the Maoz HaYam hotel
area in order to stir up the emotions and cause provocations.
MK Eldad made the charges on Channel Two's Mishal Cham
interview program. Ben-Gvir has been involved in many
right-wing demonstrations and activist operations.
The reporter from Yerushalayim informed me that Eldad had
caved in and would be issuing an apology to Ben Gvir. It
wasn't worth his time and money to spend thousands of
dollars on lawyers and risk losing $40,000. Where Ben Gvir,
supposedly a student, finds the money for his serial suits
goes unanswered. But the method seems to be foolproof.
On the other hand, with a great deal less funding available, I
intend to fight the suit and in doing so to expose, not just Ben
Gvir, but the phenomenon of provocateurs wrecking any
pretense of free speech and expression in the country.
And I may not be alone for once. In the wake of the publicity,
I received a phone call. "Someone close to me faces ten
years in prison over a riot Ben Gvir was responsible for. I'm
trying to get him to testify for you."
May there be many more.
The reporter from Yerushalayim, Amir Shouan, told me that
Ben Gvir claimed I invented the suspicion that he was a
Shabak provocateur. I told him that was a lie and asked for
two hours to prove it.
It was like shooting fish in a bowl.
Let us begin in Gush Katif. A genuinely courageous protest
leader, Nadia Matar, saw the damage Ben Gvir was doing to
her cause: The Gush Katif hotel eviction. Did you know that
Nadia Matar requested from the police to remove Itamar Ben
Gvir and his hooligans from the hotel a week before the
eviction? Guess what? The police IGNORED her. Why?
They WANTED a big political story of the "crazies" in the
hotel. I KNOW most of the people evicted from the hotel.
They all said -- a group of Itamar Ben Gvir hooligans came
out of nowhere, refused to leave, and caused the whole
"uproar" of what happened. Please note: less than 24 hours
before the raid and eviction, the police arrive and escort BenGvir out of Gush Katif. Why? He works for rile up
his hooligans...and make people like you think (and a lot of
the Israeli public) that the hotel was full of fanatical crazies.
Now, let us return to 1994:
On 1 August 1994, three Kach activists who had organized
the paramilitary camp in Kiryat Arba a week earlier were
summoned for questioning by the police. The group's
spokesman, Itamar Ben-Gvir, one of the persons who were
summoned, indicated from a public telephone that they were
not going to cooperate with the police. (Ha'aretz, 29, 31 July
1994; Jerusalem Post, 31 July, 1 August 1994)
On Nov. 3 of this year, I appeared on the London and
Kirschenbaum television program on Channel 10. In 1994,
Kirschenbaum was Chairman of the Israel Broadcasting
Authority. The paramilitary camp organized by Ben Gvir was
nothing but a show for an IBA news reporter, Eitan Oren.
Ben Gvir staged the camp for Oren, who the late Adir Zik
proved was working for the Shabak. On the London and
Kirschenbaum program, the latter admitted the report of the
camp was staged for what could only be, the Shabak.
The tape should make interesting viewing in court. At a
young age, Ben Gvir was already cooperating with a Shabak
sting operation.
And I have another tape from December of the following
year, as well as the police written records of it. After the
Rabin murder, Yigal Amir was interrogated by the police:
Amir: I got to the demonstration and saw a friend from Likud
youth on a bus. He told me that Itamar Ben Gvir wanted to
kill Rabin tonight. He said Avishai Raviv gave him a gun with
blanks in it. "You know about this, of course," he said. "I told
the police about it." I laughed. In recollection I can't figure this
one out. But there were a lot of strange things...
Previous to the Rabin murder, Ben Gvir engaged in some
nasty acts. He and his gang jumped on the car of cabinet
minister, Binyamin "Fuad" Ben Eliezer while he was in it.
Though he threatened the life of a cabinet minister, Ben Gvir
was not jailed.
And that gave him time to personally place a note on Rabin's
car which read, "We got to his car, next time we'll get to
So, for threatening the murder of the prime minister, is Ben
Gvir imprisoned like the rest of us would be? Of course not.
That gives him the time to threaten to kill a singer, Sinead
Friday June 27, 1997
Singer slams threats of right-winger
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
JERUSALEM -- Israeli police plan to question an extreme
right-wing activist on suspicion of threatening Irish pop star
Sinead O'Connor.
O'Connor canceled her scheduled appearance at a concert
Saturday night in Jerusalem's Sultan's Pool after receiving
death threats. The concert, billed as being for "Two Capitals,
Two States," was sponsored by Israeli and Palestinian
women's groups.
No one claimed responsibility for the threats. However, ultranationalist Itamar Ben-Gvir said in an Israel Radio interview
that he "understood" those who sent the threats.
While not claiming responsibility for the threats, Ben-Gvir
said that he and his supporters had succeeded in getting the
concert called off.
So how do you like that? Ben Gvir admits that he and his
cohorts "succeeded" in getting the concert cancelled, which
means he admitted to threatening the life of Sinead
O'Connor. As far as anyone knows, murder threats are a
serious felony in Israel, but not for Ben Gvir. One can only
surmise that Ben Gvir made the threats for some
organization powerful enough to keep him out of prison.
Ben Gvir's activities are so obvious, that even his most likely
allies have issued the claim that he is a Shabak agent:
Article has a statement from Kahane Chai ("Kahane
Lives"), and a quote from the activist Itamar Ben-Gavi.
First, it's Ben Gvir... And I think it's clear to anyone who
follows Israeli press that he is a Shabak agent provocateur or
just plain idiot. Possibly both. He has broken the law so
many times, has a new trial each month, and every time he
is let out on a technicality... I know several Americans who
moved in JDL and later Kach circles and they are all 100%
sure that he is a Shabak provocateur.
%20 %20 3. , "
(27/2/2005 19:47)
From the settler's site: “Itamar Ben Gvir, I'm afraid you are a
Shabak agent."
But these sites barely scratch the accusations as compared
to other popular Israeli news sites:
These sites list the activities of and accusations against Ben
Gvir, from the first such public accusation in Makor Rishon all
the way back to 1993. Shahaf Pilovitch writes in
The Jerusalem District Court acquitted Itamar Ben Gvir of
Intimidation Of The Court and Insulting A Public Officer. Ben
Gvir distributed posters throughout Jerusalem accusing
Judge Tzvi Segal of being a 'threat to the Right and the
settlers. If he doesn't alter his leftish views outside the court,
he should not last long as a judge.'
And the court acquitted him? Sounds a lot like Avishai Raviv,
Pilovitch concludes:
Itamar Ben Gvir is a Shabak operative and it is up to the
public to put a stop to him because the political system which
employs him won't. Our politicians work hand in hand with
him and none are going to expose the fact that other Avishai
Ravivs continue his legacy of destroying the Right from
I e-mailed Amir Shouan what I proved within 2 hours:
Main points:
Ben Gvir was called a Shabak provocateur for his activities in
Gush Katif by Arie Eldad and Nadia Matar. Matar asked the
police to remove him from Gush Katif for his activities. He
sued Arie Eldad for the accusation.
Ben Gvir was accused of being a Shabak provocator in both
Makor Rishon and Hatsofe. He sued Hatsofe for the
Most telling: Ben Gvir was accused of being a Shabak
provocateur in the Kahane Chai and Yesha websites. And
they should know. Other websites who have so accused him
include and
Ben Gvir organized a staged training camp for Eyal youths
which included shooting at effigies of Arabs. This camp
became a television report made for IBA Channel One by
Eitan Oren, accused of being a Shabak Agent by the late
Adir Zik in his radio broadcasts and reports for Hatsofe. On
Nov. 3/05, I appeared on Channel Ten's London And
Kirschenbaum program. There Kirschenbaum, who was the
chairman of the IBA in 1994, admitted that the report
organized by Ben Gvir was staged.
Well done Shabak! You fine men of Israel's internal secret
services outdid yourself last week. By June 26/05, you had
secured your Gush Katif expulsion. By turning the brave
traffic stoppages against the protesters, you took the air out
of their tires. Sure, you had to play dirty and spread some oil
and bent nails on the road opposite Kfar Chabad. So what if
no vehicle actually ran over them. Getting the media to report
20 flat tires was as good as actually causing them.
And give your agent Itamar Ben Gvir his credit. His
performance at the hotel was superb. By writing Mohammed
Is A Pig so all the Arabs could see it on the wall was one of
Avigdor Eskin's tried and true tricks and this time it worked
better than ever. You managed to get a race riot broadcast
around the world.
So what if a hundred voices, including Knesset member
Arieh Eldad, go on TV and accuse Ben Gvir of ruining the
anti-expulsion movement for the Shabak! The settlers will
welcome him and his gang wherever he goes to destroy their
lives. And the media will follow orders and make him the real
spokesman for the protesters.
You guys are brilliant. And look at the timing! You raid the
hotel and turn Gush Katif into a closed military zone the day
before school lets out when tens of thousands of
demonstrators were on the way.
And what's so great about you is you don't care if anyone
knows you're behind the collapse of the protests. Heck, you
even send your former chief, Ami Ayalon to the streets to
hand out pro- withdrawal strips of blue cloth and meet openly
with the PLO enemy.
But no one in anyone's wildest imagination would believe
that you actually permitted a long interview in Makor Rishon
with the man behind the ruthless skullduggery of the past
Oslo decade.
Of Makor Rishon, ever since I exposed its takeover by
Ronald Lauder of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),
they have been most unkind to me. Two articles in the past
three weeks have tried to diminish my work. And we all
know, its editorial direction has not so subtly shifted away
from the Conservative Right towards the government's
position on most central issues. But to actually give a voice
to Yitzhak Fantik, the former head of the murderous Jewish
Department of the Shabak in Makor Rishon was such a
gutsy stroke!
Sure, he came off as a mad dog, bragging about all the
squealers and snitches he had planted throughout the
religious communities of the country. So the article appears
to be an expose. But you know what you're doing. This
interview humanized the crimes and lies of the Shabak and
justified both in the eyes of many of the toughest readership
in the country.
And you are now so totally in control of the situation, you
even tell all the people Fantick betrayed, imprisoned and
ruined where to find him. If you're in the mood for some
homemade herring, every Friday afternoon you will find
Fantik preparing it at Tzakho's restaurant in Machane
Yehuda, Jerusalem.
We all gotta hand it to you the way you neutralized still
another threat to expose the real Rabin murder. You had a
dilemma last April. A daring new site
made its debut on the internet in Hebrew, chock full of
documents I had gathered. It was receiving much publicity
and thousands of hits a day. So you put up an alternative site within which, the Amir family confesses
to everything you ordered them to. Now the effect of the
original site is minimal.
A stunning achievement.
But not nearly as good as the banner ad on your site. Who
would actually put an ad on a site purportedly expressing
Amir's joy at having murdered Rabin? Now this was the best
ever! Katomim, the supposedly pro-Gush Katif movement is
the only one to do so. And that radical headline was the best:
Expel Jews? Expel Arabs? Vote Now! Sure that's the key
issue in the Gush Katif surrender all right.
Still; talk about controlling everything. A little detective work
and we discover that the voice of the settlers, Arutz Sheva
designed the ad. And since they no longer have their own
radio station anymore, a new one called Radio Judea is
linked to their ad!
Boy, you got 'em comin' and goin'! Makor Rishon's CFR boss
Lauder and his local agent Shimon Ben Tzvi bought the
religious TV station Tchelet and even a secular one, Channel
Ten as the cherry on the cake. But that's not enough for you.
No sirree. So how did you recruit, Nati Koffer, Amos Barnea
and Shei Binyamini -- editors of a month old weekly sheet
advocating what they call "Realistic Religious Zionism? In
realistic terms, of course, meaning accepting the
Shabak, you are the best! In just three days you turned the
Israeli public around. From a majority rejecting the pullout,
after a few days of staged violence, now 62% want it. You've
got things so haywire, that after the hotel operation, the
leaders of Gush Katif thanked the police for ridding them of
the pests. You actually got the Gush Katif leaders to thank
their future executioners. We shiver at the artistry behind it
all. And with the Yesha Council leadership thoroughly in
Establishment pockets, now there is no leadership left. We
salute you in awe!
But your greatest achievement by far is so wearing down the
will of the soon-to-be homeless, that they will not fight as
dirty as you. And you know they'll have to if they are to
overcome the perfidious demons that you are.
I'll fight back my way until and after the Gush Katif purge.
Every criminal act committed by anyone behind the pillage of
Israel will be discovered and revealed. If nothing else, history
will judge them for the monsters they are.
Let's get started with a few juicy appetizers:
Last Week's Train Wreck: No one believed the
government's absurd claim that the truck driver fell asleep at
the wheel in the middle of the tracks, a minute after loading
two trailers with stones. He didn't. He was dead already
when the train struck.
Adjacent to the crash site, Arab workers are constructing
Route 6, the highway which our government will open to
traffic for the upcoming Middle East trade bloc they envision.
These laborers include terror spotters and saboteurs. They
watched the truck driver pick up his load of detritus and cross
the tracks every work day. They observed that the train
tracks were unsecured after 3 PM. After that the operation
was easy.
The truck was hijacked, the driver stabbed to death and put
in the passenger seat. The truck was driven to the tracks,
braked and the Arab escaped. The driver's body was
The government knows this is what happened and are afraid
the truth would affect the rape of Gush Katif. So it's lying to
us as usual.
ONE more CFR "conservative" toes the line - This time it's
William Safire who gave an inane interview to the inane
Jerusalem Post. He offered such gems as, insisting that
risking terror after the ruination of Gush Katif was better than
giving the Arabs the satisfaction of watching Israel surrender
to terror. I refuse to quote any of the idiotic interview. Not that
it matters. Israelis and Jews are incapable of seeing the
blatant CFR role in Israel's demise anyway.
OFRA Haza - This is a subject Israelis do understand. On
June 24, Haza's sister, and attorney, Rami Tsuberi appeared
on Channel's Two's program Mishal Kham with medical
records proving that Ofra did not die of AIDS but was
deliberately poisoned by her husband Doron Ashkenazi.
Precisely as I had written in my new book Shabtai Tzvi,
Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. With the Hebrew edition
now out, viewers everywhere must have asked how I knew.
I knew because I have good sources. Haza made the fatal
error of investing $1.5 million in a film exposing the
kidnappings of thousands of Yemenite children by the ruling
establishment of Israel in the 1950s. She is not the only
filmmaker to have paid the same price. Another filmmaker,
Tzipi Talmor made a film about the missing toddlers a
decade ago. She died of cancer two years later. Her sister,
who aided in the project, died shortly after her of the same
A lot of powerful people in the Labor movement want the
issue of the Yemenite children snuffed out forever. One, of
course, is Shimon Peres and I've covered his role at great
length in the past. Another is our recent State Comptroller
Miriam Ben Porat. As a young Jerusalem prosecutor in the
1950s, she quashed all legal objections to the child
kidnappings. She was rewarded with her very own stolen
Yemenite daughter, who today is the aging lady's personal
The American Army base - As reported in my last memo, a
huge American army base is nearing completion in Israel.
Reportedly, it has holding facilities for as many as 18,000
After visiting it yesterday, I'd say way more. This base is
massive. I counted ten enormous US Army issue prefab
warehouses and more were going up. At the base guard
post, the American flag is waving in the wind. A sign
proclaims that the project manager is one Jerry Ray.
I start taking photos of the base with a cheap camera. The
guard asked what I was doing. I replied, "I'm a journalist
proving that a huge American military base is being
constructed on Israeli soil."
"What's wrong with that?" he asked. "Who else will protect us
from the Palestinians?"
"Where are the Americans?," I probed.
"What do you mean, they're everywhere here. Everyone in
charge is American."
We drove away. My friend at the wheel was even more
depressed than me. "It's a concentration camp," he said.
To witness Israel's loss of sovereignty, take Route 443 to the
Rosh Haayin junction. Drive ten minutes until you see Rantis
Junction. The sign points to Beit Arye, and Halamish. Turn
right. The base is a mile away on the left side. To salute the
American flag, turn left at the entrance road.
The base is located ten minutes from Ben Gurion Airport.
Luckily, a new terminal opened last year, so the Americans
have the spacious old terminal to store and move whatever
they're planning to import once Gush Katif and the rest of the
settler vermin are rid of.
I am embarking on a speaking tour of North America. The
topic of my lectures is: The Dirty War Against The Settlers.
Within, I will prove that the ultimate goal the Gaza withdrawal
is the dismemberment by pieces of Israel. I will name the
foreigners who devised the Roadmap and I will show their
end game plan through their own words. They have oftstated their intentions, they meant every word of their
declarations and they are very busy making chaos
throughout the Middle East at this very moment. Lebanon
and Syria have now joined Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel in the
bloody remaking of the Middle East in their image, and that
will finally be a Middle East without borders controlled from
The Gush Katif surrender is stage one in the latest campaign
to diminish and eventually eliminate Israel as a sovereign
entity. Instead Israel will vanish into a Middle East bloc of
nations which will someday meld with the EU, NAFTA etc.
into one happy and obedient world parliament. The hard part
is getting people to part with their heritage, history and land
and agree to this entirely new order. The Gush Katif sellout
required an undeclared war against the Jewish residents of
Gaza which utilized every psychological trick to wear down a
people's will until they give in to a scheme that will spell
disaster for them and their nation.
These tricks included psychologically targeted murder and
lots of it.
What now follows is the introduction to my lecture.
On Feb. 26/05 I took my book table and son to Kfar Bilu, a
prosperous moshav near Rehovot. He had been my
assistant at many rallies and demonstrations against the
Gaza pullout but this one would be different. A group called
Nahalal claimed to be composed of kibbutz and moshav
members, secular and even left wing, who were opposed to
the government's Gush Katif policy. The leader had declared
on TV, the evening before, that his group would gather
200,000 secular Israelis in Gush Katif to fight the army and
protect the rightful residents. This time, I told my son, we
would see some hope.
Hope was dashed quickly enough. Only 60 people showed
up to the meeting and I knew most of them from previous
rallies. The mass movement of secular Israelis against the
Gaza withdrawal was not very massive.
However, for a change, it looked like they were seeking the
facts. The first speaker was Itamar Marcus, head of
Palestinian Media Watch. His presentation was a bit arrogant
but it was calm and orderly. Showing video clips and charts,
he showed how the "Palestinians" were defeated and
prepared to abandon terror before the Gush Katif pullout was
announced by Sharon. Immediately after, attitudes changed.
Now a great majority agreed that terror had worked and was
the only way to exact concessions from the enemy.
Marcus presented solid facts and he was the last speaker to
do so. From then on things deteriorated badly. Facts were
replaced by opinions. One windbag after another hogged the
microphone with the same old harangues against Sharon.
Four speakers in a row, in overly dramatic tones, elucidated
why they would refuse to obey any army order to evacuate
Gush Katif.
And on it went. Opinion, opinion, blabber, blabber and more
heartfelt opinions.
It never occurred to these blabbermouths that their opinions
are worthless because the government could not possibly
care less what they are. The only possible good a meeting
like this could do would be to bring the hard facts and plan
concrete reactions to them. The only useful result of this
meeting would have been a plan of civil insurrection and the
will to carry it out.
But there were no facts, no plans and no will. Any
disobedience would be controlled by the government through
their Shabak inciters like Itamar Ben Gvir. A popular rebellion
among the Jews was out of the question. Their cause was
lost and with it would go the nation.
I was then, transported back to 1938. In Kfar Bilu time was
suddenly racing backwards seventy years. I told my son, "In
1938, in Germany and Poland, groups of Jews would meet in
synagogues and halls just like this one, to discuss what to do
about the Nazi danger. They were not really going to do
anything to protect themselves, they just wanted to console
each other by giving the same opinions to each other. Back
then, the consensus among them was that everything was
going to be all right.
"Every now and then these denial groups were interrupted by
Jews led by Zeev Jabotinsky who brought them the truth.'
They are planning to slaughter you,' they would warn. 'You
have to get armed and trained or you have to flee. If you
choose to stay, then you have to be prepared to fight.' And
the Jews reviled the warners and their warnings. They didn't
want to know the horrible truth. They preferred to build their
own fantasy world instead.
"When I chose Israel as my home while I was young, it was
to protect my children someday and offer them safety in their
own home. I never dreamed that history would repeat itself
or that I would be that Jew who tried and failed to warn his
people about what awaited them."
Sixty people were in that hall, and twenty of them gave their
opinions. They were talking to themselves. When the
dreadful blather ended, I approached Ronen Tsafrir, who
organized the evening, and explained why this kind of a
gathering does way more harm than good. This meeting
served one purpose only, to feed the delusions of the angry,
keeping their emotions in check and assuring that their anger
would not spill over into action.
I then explained how three soldiers in Netzarim, on October
26 2003, were set up to be murdered, just to persuade the
tired Israeli public that it was too dangerous to send their
children to defend Gush Katif. I got four sentences into my
explanation when Tsafrir said, "I don't want to know," and ran
In late February I put my book table inside Jerusalem's
Convention Center where the Chabad had organized an anti
Gush Katif surrender gathering, As I sold a book a minute, I
was interviewed by the literary editor of the Jerusalem Post,
Eliot Jager. He is writing an article about the spread of
"conspiracy theories" in Israel and who better to talk to than
the "father" of this nefarious turn of literary events. I didn't
take notes, he did. But this is how I recall part of the
interview went:
EJ - Don't you get hurt by the rejection you suffer from the
mainstream writers?
BC - No Israeli writer born in an English-speaking country
sells nearly as many books as I do in Israel. Can you name
another writer who can put a table down and sell 100 books
in three hours? I am the mainstream.
EJ - How did that happen?
BC - At a time of our nation's biggest distress, we needed
brilliant writers and thinkers to emerge. Instead we got
mediocrity and dullness. It's not the first time that Jewish
"thinkers" failed their people. How many pre-Holocaust
writers can you name? Once again, the Jews are being
betrayed by their writers who have no clue who the enemy is.
EJ - Give me an example.
BC - Ruth Matar comes to mind. She is among the vanguard
of protest leaders and I admire that. But every week she
writes another confused political analysis that does no good
for her cause. This week she explained why she
recommended voting for Bush instead of Kerry, like she
tipped the elections or it made any difference who won. You
get this same confusion among literally all the protest writers.
Bush is right wing and is fighting terror in Iraq. Therefore, he
is Israel's friend. Any American right wing politico must also
be a friend of Israel's Right. Every one of them got it wrong
and their political stupidity is going to cost us a country.
At that moment Ruth Matar passed by and gave me a nod. I
rushed her over to Eliot to give her side of things to him. We
await the article. I say his editors nix the whole thing. Look at
the following two Jerusalem Post writers to understand why.
Example one: There is a writer for the Jerusalem Post called
Caroline Glick. Incredibly, she has a reputation in some
circles for being informed. As my readers know, there is a
huge mass of evidence proving that Yigal Amir could not
have murdered Yitzhak Rabin. If this evidence was properly
exploited, we could bring down Israel's so-called peace camp
better than any demonstration and put Shimon Peres on trial
for murder as well. But Miss Glick "writes" over and over,
every chance she gets, that Amir is the, "assassin" of the
prime minister. Moshe Feiglin makes the same dumb
mistake. Instead of pursuing our goals with the vast store of
ammunition available, they apologize for a crime the Right
never committed.
At least my readers know that PM Sharon is a flunkie of the
Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), the little 4000 member
Manhattan think tank which is behind the "Roadmap" and the
Gush Katif sellout. Look how one of them analyzes Ms.
Glick's "thinking."
Israel is no longer an independent, sovereign "State," it is a
laboratory, a test course for the Council on Foreign
Relations. Friends in Israel tried for years to warn us of this
takeover, few listened, fewer still cared. CFR members are
bolded below.
Our World: Look who's 'representing' Israel
Caroline Glick, The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 8, 2005
As US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice embarked on
her maiden voyage, it was reported that she departed from
America armed with a new policy paper on how to implement
the Quartet's road map produced by the James Baker
Institute for Public Policy at Rice University.
According to Edward Djerejian, the former US ambassador
to Syria who directs the Baker Center, the paper, with its
detailed recommendations, is a "street map to the road map."
One of the things that make the paper significant is that it
bears former US secretary of state James Baker's name.
Not only did Baker serve under the president's father, he now
plays a formal role in mobilizing international support for Iraqi
reconstruction efforts.
As well, the team that composed the report included senior
policy makers from the US, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt,
Canada and the World Bank. The US was represented by
current Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs
William Burns as well as by Norman Olsen, the political
counselor at the US embassy in Israel. The PA was
represented by security strongman Jibril Rajoub and by
senior aides to Mahmoud Abbas, Yasser Arafat and Ahmed
Qurei. Egypt was represented by Dictator Hosni Mubarak's
senior adviser Osama El Baz and by General Hossam Khair
Now we turn to another Post columnist, Ruthie Blum, who
happens to be the daughter of Commentary editor Norman
Podhoretz. Another reader added the bold letters for
emphasis. To understand this piece we shall turn to our list
of CFR members:
Who's Right?
Ruthie Blum, The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 17, 2005
In Bush, both Israeli and American conservatives believed
the US had found a president who not only recognized this
threat, but who was willing to put his money where his mouth
was and do something about it. That he unapologetically
surrounded himself with what his attackers called the
"neoconservative cabal" (his administration included the likes
of Douglas Feith, Elliott Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz and
others) – and simultaneously befriended Sharon – deepened
the natural three-way alliance between Washington,
Jerusalem and the conservatives, who finally felt their ideas
were being adopted by the leaders of both countries. And
that, for the first time in decades, America was not
pressuring Israel to make concessions that would be harmful
to its interests...
But most others, including Podhoretz, his wife, Midge
Decter, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer and
Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol, are behind Sharon.
As a result, Commentary and the Weekly Standard, which
published numerous pieces against the Oslo Accords, have
been relatively quiet over the disengagement plan.
Hudson Institute head Herb London, who supports the
plan, says the split on the Right over disengagement is not
as peculiar as it appears.
"Such disagreements are not unusual among conservatives,"
he said. "We've had many such arguments, including over
the war in Iraq – not the principle behind it, but the details.
The idea is for the Palestinians to democratize. It is the way
to achieve this that's being debated."
Like London, Podhoretz and Decter consider the plan to be
completely different from Oslo in terms both of its goals and
of the risks involved, mainly because of Bush.
"The toppling of Saddam, and Bush's determination to
reshape the entire region, have created an entirely new
context," Podhoretz said.
"You can't compare today's world, in which Bush is
president, Sharon is prime minister and Arafat is dead, to the
Oslo years, when Clinton and Barak were the main players,
and when Arafat and Shimon Peres won the Nobel Peace
Prize," Decter added.
Gaffney, though an opponent of disengagement, agrees with
London's assessment that the split among conservatives
over this issue is "not so much ideological, as tactical."
"The conservatives who support withdrawal from Gaza at this
stage think of it as a stratagem," he said, "different from Oslo
precisely because it is Sharon implementing it. This bolsters
the arguments of Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott
Abrams and others who see Sharon as a robust security
man," and the plan as "a relatively low-risk experiment."
Now let us see if our insightful political analysts note a
Douglas Feith - CFR
Elliott Abrams - CFR
Midge Decter - CFR
Charles Krauthammer - CFR
William Kristol is not CFR but his father Irving is.
Herbert London - CFR
Norman Podhoretz - CFR
Well, could it be that the American Jewish Conservative and
Right Wing thinkers fooled the Israeli Conservative and Right
Wing writers? Is it possible the Israeli "thinkers" were
betrayed from day one and are too petty to admit it?
Well thank goodness, at least my readership has caught on.
Here are a few typical letters received this week:
Hi Barry ~
I just want to let you know I've heard evidence that your
take on Daniel Pipes (CFR) is correct. I heard him speak at
an AIPAC fundraiser and membership drive in Denver in
March 2004, and was stunned at the insubstantial, noncommittal tepidness of his support for Israel's protection in a
mere 19-minute talk, for which I surmise he was paid big
bucks. Later, in another room at the event where he was
answering questions privately, he dodged my precise
questions about the "Toady Map" being a ploy to facilitate the
destruction of Israel. Rather than answer them, he told me
he was "a big picture guy," and was not able to answer such
detailed questions. I was rather shocked and immediately
"grokked" that his agenda is other than what he advertises. I
then felt like saying to him, "Et tu, Brute?"
Can a person really go on a North American speaking tour
with a speech called, The Dirty War Against The Settlers,
and actually attract audiences? The answer is a resounding
Yes. The following precis includes only highlights that may
be of interest to a broad readership. I wish I could list and
thank so many people who pitched in for me. Suffice to say,
in time you'll know my gratitude.
Unwanted Attention in New York.
The fascistic anti-smoking laws are just a test to see how far
people will obey unconstitutional laws. For those who
indulge, a cigarette at a bar is a basic right. Yet no one
fought back as they stood outside in 20 degree F cold for no
reason other than obedience to barbaric laws.
On a personal level, if I want to be accommodated with
almost everyone in my circles, I have to go outside their
homes to savor my unhealthy habit. The unflappable Ray
Antoky housed me in his empty parents' home in Brooklyn on
condition that I smoke outside. For three days I stepped onto
the freezing stoop when I lit up.
It was on evening two when I stepped out and within
seconds a taxi sped to the curb opposite me and stopped. A
sexy lady with a Latino accent stepped out and asked me if
I'd like to join her in the cab.
I turned down the invitation. I wasn't in the mood to be
drugged and videotaped. The next evening, I was in Zeev
Brenner's studio being interviewed on his popular radio
show. Ray sat beside me being as quiet as he was able
while I did my shpiel. Throughout the show, people called in
to ask me questions. We counted some ten calls backed up.
But when the time came to take the calls, Zeev was
mystified. All the calls but two had disappeared, apparently
cut off.
The first call, from Passaic was from a teenage boy named
Shai, who thanked me for telling the truth about the Rabin
murder. But the next call was not typical, and from the start,
sounded scripted. The caller began, "I love the Yidden of
Yesha." Zeev soon after noted, "No one has ever called them
the Yidden of Yesha before. It sounded phony." The caller
then proceeded to rant at me, calling me a liar three times
before Zeev finally cut him off.
We recounted the incident and Ray concluded that we had
witnessed a moderately high level piece of interference.
Mystery In Highland
Next came Highland in Southern California, home of the
surfers, beach blondes and hot rods, At least, that's what I
was hoping for. The reality wasn't quite as glamorous but the
people, non-surfers all, were terrific.
It was there that my hosts, Peter and Christie Michas and I
met Cheryl Knorr. She had written me previously, claiming
her father had been murdered by the Chairman of the
Council On Foreign Relations, Pete Peterson and William
Leavitt, a biologist arrested after 9-11 on suspicion of
spreading anthrax. It was so important she meet me, that
she drove from San Diego, three hours away, to do so.
Obviously, the story sounds mad. But Cheryl was both
charming and sane. Peter and I worked for a day sorting out
the details and records. We both agreed. The claims
checked out. One more witness to the evil had come
My lecture was given in a restaurant. Two nights before, the
owner of an adjacent liquor store, and one of his employees,
were shot to death in a robbery. The sidewalk was awash in
memorial flowers. This was not the Southern California of my
The restaurant was full for the lecture and I was revved up. It
was my best presentation of the tour. And it was professsionally recorded on DVD. The Michases made me a copy,
so I now have my first DVD. If anyone wants to order The
Dirty War Against The Settlers on DVD, just write me. If I
receive enough response, I'll make a cover and copy the
master for you.
Coming Into Los Angeles
By far the most emotional crowd was in the Mogen David
Shul in Los Angeles. Many in the audience really didn't know
my work, and not a few were Israelis. They were stunned
and some tried to fight back my reality by vocally denying it.
Yet by the end, most of the doubters had been assuaged
and one of the Israelis provided me with disturbing
A section of this tour's lecture discusses how the 1976
Lebanese Civil War was ignited. After the Yom Kippur War,
Henry Kissinger (CFR) shuttled between Damascus and
Jerusalem to find a way to end hostilities. Syria's Assad
insisted on getting the Golan Heights and Rabin refused him.
So Kissinger came up with a really cute solution to the
impasse. Syria also coveted Lebanon. Things would be
arranged so it would get Lebanon instead. The CIA's
operatives blew up a bus full of Christian children, the war
was on and Syria came in as peacemakers.
I ask the audience, "Do you really believe the Syrians blew
up Rafik Hariri last month? If they really wanted him dead,
they'd have done it quietly, not blow up Beirut's hotel district.
And how did the American government know within minutes
of the blast that Syria was behind it? They're back fomenting
another civil war in Lebanon, which may spread to Syria.
"What worries me more was the terror attack on the Tel Aviv
nightclub a few days later. Within seconds, the Israeli
government blamed Syria. How could it have known that 30
seconds after the attack? I can imagine a meeting where a
compromise was reached. Yes, we'll give you one attack but
not with big casualties. Have him detonate half an hour
before the club opens."
An Israeli talked to me after the lecture. He reported, "My
friend is in the police. He told me that the police were told
that an attack would take place two hours before it did. They
knew it was going to happen."
"So," I asked, "Why wasn't it stopped?"
"I don't know and either does my friend. They didn't even go
into high alert."
The next evening, my host Stewart Waxman invited me to a
movie premiere of a film of which he was the music arranger.
The film is called When Do We Eat and stars Michael Lerner,
Jack Klugman, Mili Avital and Leslie Ann Warren. It is a
scathing view of a family Passover seder. I watched the
movie with Moshe Parry who was appalled at the portrayal of
the Jews, especially the haredi character. After some thought
I disagreed. It is an important film for showing the near total
deterioration of American Jewish values in just three
generations. It needed to be said.
The Grim Beauty of Toronto
Thanks to a 90 minute interview on Richard Syrett's popular
radio show, the Toronto crowd was very different this year.
Young people, even a couple of Arabs, joined the regulars at
the Toronto Zionist Cultural Centre. I made it clear from the
beginning that both Arabs and Jews were being equally
screwed by the same cabal of wickedness. The newcomers
smiled broadly and even left with books by the end of the
However, I made it equally clear that the surrender of Gush
Katif has to be prevented at all costs. And that, to people
everywhere I went, meant a military coup. From my first stop
at the Brooklyn synagogue right through to Toronto, I heard
the same question over and over again; "When is the coup
already?" But Toronto was a bit different. When I mentioned
the issue of the coup in my speech, I received a prolonged
The question period included a timely matter. Moshe Feiglin
was to address the same organization in two days and the
question posed was, what should we ask him. I answered,
"Ask him why he broke up Zo Artzeinu to join the Likud. Ask
him why he expected his loyal followers to join a corrupt
political party for him. As we heard tonight, the leaders of
Yesha were murdered to prevent organized opposition to
their sellout. Maybe others were co-opted as well. Find out."
Next question: What can we do to save Gush Katif and
My reply: "Absolutely nothing from Canada. Your one option
is to travel to Gush Katif and stand up to the removal forces.
I only hope the Gush Katif leaders are smart enough to build
a tent city for you to stay in."
This was not what I was supposed to answer. No one
wanted to hear that personal action was the last remaining
option. And no one would be flying to Gush Katif any day
Israelis, mostly, cannot accept that their leadership is
planning to dismember their nation beginning with Gush
Katif. And more than anything else, they cannot believe that
Jews would be responsible for the deaths of untold numbers
of fellow Jews.
The explanation I have offered in my new book Shabtai Tzvi,
Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, is that Judaism has been
infiltrated by the secret followers of the 17th Century false
messiah Shabtai Tzvi and his second coming in the form of
Jacob Frank, whose 18th Century Frankist movement
resulted in the establishment of Labor Zionism.
Frankists believe in an anti-Judaism, whose tenets consider
the murder of true Torah-believing Jews, as a mitzvah.
Too incredible to believe, right? So why don't we look at a
piece of 20th Century history? Let us examine the slaughter
of Croatian Jews by Frankist "Jews" like Pavelic and
The Party of Right was doomed to remain on the fringe of
Croatian national politics within the Empire. But it was an
attractive ideology when it was discovered by a young lawyer
from Bradina, a small village in present-day BosniaHercegovina, named Ante Pavelic.
Ante Pavelic rose through the ranks of the Party of Right
after the incorporation of Croatia into the Kingdom of Serbs,
Croats and Slovenes, later to be renamed Yugoslavia. He
led the far right-wing of what was already a right-wing party the "Frankist" faction, so named after Josip Frank, a
singularly intolerant man despite his ethnic background as an
assimilated Jew.
On January 6, 1929, King Alexander Karadjordjevic declared
his personal dictatorship. Among those who sought refuge
abroad was Ante Pavelic. After drifting rather aimlessly
through Vienna, he established a relationship with Ivan
"Vancia" Mihailov's faction of the Internal Macedonian
Revolutionary Organization (IMRO), a terrorist organization
founded more than thirty years before aimed at establishing
Bulgarian hegemony in Macedonia. It is believed that
Mihailov recommended Pavelic to Italian duce Benito
Mussolini, who soon became patron, providing funds and
training at a camp near Siena to what Pavelic christened his
From the beginning, Pavelic had quite naturally adopted
Starcevic and Frank's ideology for his own movement. As
with the Italian Fascists, the Ustase was at its origins
xenophobic, and author Stella Alexander's description of
some articles in the Croatian Catholic press from this time as
"unpleasantly anti-Semitic but in a traditional, pre-Hitlerian
way" fits the Ustase as well. Ante Pavelic's own wife, Mara
Lovrencic, came from a family of assimilated Viennese Jews,
and his chief aide in exile, Dido Kvaternik, was related to
Josip Frank. Nevertheless, the movement became both
overtly and violently anti-Semitic when the center of gravity
for the militant right shifted from Rome to Berlin and Hitler's
Nazi Party.
Four days later, Slavko Kvaternik - Dido Kvaternik's father
and the elder statesman of the Ustase movement - declared
the Independent State of Croatia in the name of the
poglavnik (a Croatian equivalent of duce or fuehrer) Ante
Pavelic. Consolidated by Italian and German troops, Pavelic
established himself in Zagreb and immediately unleashed a
column of fire on the Serbian population. Aspiring to form an
ethnically pure paradise out of a state in which Croats were,
in fact, a minority, he was advised by Hitler not to show too
much pity. "If the Croat state wishes to be strong," he told his
pupil, "a fifty year policy of intolerance must be pursued,
because too much tolerance on such issues can only do
Within weeks, Pavelic's bloodiest henchman, Vjekoslav
"Maks" Luburic, began laying the groundwork for Jasenovac,
the largest concentration camp in Southern Europe. Peasant
Party leader Vladko Macek, who had originally welcomed the
Ustase's formation of the Independent State of Croatia,
found himself among the first internees at Jasenovac and
watched as Croatia's Jewish population along with untold
numbers of Serbs, Roma, and political dissidents passed
through the gates on their way to extermination. Macek was
later released to serve under house arrest.
All told, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has estimated that at
least 30,000 Jews (75% of the pre-war population), 29,000
Roma (97%) and 600,000 Serbs - or about one-third of the
pre-war population - were murdered in the four years of the
Independent State of Croatia's existence. Yet there was no
equivalent of Nuremburg for the Ustase.
Pavelic made his way from Austria to Italy, where he and
many other high-ranking Ustase sought shelter in the
Monastery of San Girolamo degli Illrici under the protection
of a former Ustase official and priest, Father Krunoslav
Draganovic. Agents at American Army's Counter-Intelligence
Corps (CIC) tracked Pavelic's movements and prepared for
his arrest before they were, inexplicably at the time, ordered
to cease and desist by their superiors. It is clear from reading
their reports today, particularly those written by the only
surviving member of the Rome CIC team, William Gowen,
that the Americans had taken over what was termed the
"Ratline" (after the highest point on a mast where sailors
would seek shelter on a sinking ship) from the Vatican.
Draganovic became a precious American asset and most of
the Ustase who made it as far as Italy were able to escape to
South America, Spain and, in Artukovic's case, to the United
States. In one of his final reports before being transferred
from the Rome branch of the CIC, Gowen wrote that
"Pavelic's contacts are so high and his present position is so
compromising to the Vatican, that any extradition of Subject
would deal a staggering blow to the Roman Catholic
There you have it. Frankist anti-Jews took control of Croatia
and slaughtered 75% of the country's Jews. But not only
were the Jews murdered, they were robbed at death by
Pavelic and his thugs, of at least $100 million in cash, gold,
jewels and valuables. There are people trying to recover the
Unfortunately, none of them will be Israeli anymore. On June
5.05, the Knesset committee responsible for compensating
Holocaust victims, headed by Reuven Rivlin, was disbanded.
A week before, Haaretz estimated the number of Israelis who
suffered under Nazi Occupation to be a surprisingly high
435,000. Their government would no longer seek justice for
their losses. Incredibly, Rivlin explained the reason for
breaking up the committee was because it was complicating
negotiations with the Palestinians.
So where is the Jewish money stolen by the Nazis? On April
18/05, the National Post of Canada provided a most
disturbing explanation. It appeared in a review of the British
Channel Four program called The Final Insult, by George
Jonas. The contention made is that in 1998-99, Charles
Bronfman, on behalf of his World Jewish Congress won
$6.25 billion from Swiss banks in a series of legal actions.
Disbursements are made to agencies and institutions of the
organizers' choice, while some survivors receive little or
nothing. . .
Scholars like Dr. Brian King of Oxford have raised similar
questions. "On the face of it, a small number of scholars are
deciding, on behalf of all Jewry, who gets what. Where is the
The answer is, there is none. The Frankist Bronfman can
pick the pockets of the millions dead and the Israeli
government will make sure no one asks for their fair share.
Lest you believe that the Croatian Holocaust created by the
Frankists in alliance with the Vatican is inapplicable to our
times, think again.
The Philadelphia Trumpet is a quirky but interesting Christian
publication. In their June 2005 issue, they published a quite
masterful expose of the Vatican's real manipulations in
Europe. I briefly quote from it:
In June 1991, Croatia and Slovenia declared independence.
By December of that year, against overwhelming opposition
from the rest of the world, Germany moved to give Croatia
and Slovenia its full backing as separate nations. . .The
Vatican speedily followed Germany with public recognition. .
.A horrible illegal war ensued sanctioned by the UN, EU and
Vatican, which readily stood by while NATO won. . .
But such German/Vatican bloodletting is a mere prelude,
remaining "high on the Vatican agenda, with, above all, the
retaking of Jerusalem remaining the plum."
Shall we recall that against all sentiments in the country, the
Israeli government supported Croatia over the Serbs? It even
sent Yossi Sarid to Sarajevo to assess the scene. He ran
home crying when he found out that he could get hurt there.
By supporting Croatia, the Israeli secret leadership was
paying homage to their fellow Frankists, Pavelic and the
And the trickery goes on. One of my central claims is that the
Vatican agent currently in charge of blinding the Jews into
submission is King Juan Carlos of Spain, who actually
believes he is the true Guardian Of The Holy Sites Of
Jerusalem. He's throwing a little wingding with all the folks
conspiring with Israel's powerbrokers to put an end to the
Jewish state:
His Majesty Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, will open this year's
event, which will focus on practical steps to combat
intolerance, building upon last year's Organization for
Security and Cooperation in Europe Conference on AntiSemitism in Berlin and Conference on Racism, Xenophobia
and Discrimination in Brussels. The Organization for Security
and Cooperation in Europe comprises 55 nations, including
the United States, Canada and the countries of Europe and
Anti-hate envoys
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday named New
York Gov. George E. Pataki to head a U.S. delegation of
Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders to a European
summit on discrimination next week.
The Conference on Anti-Semitism and Other Forms of
Intolerance is sponsored by the Organization for Security
and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a 55-nation body that
includes the United States, Canada, Russia, Europe and
Central Asia. King Juan Carlos of Spain is scheduled to
open the two-day conference on June 8 in Madrid.
As one reader emphatically notes:
In the June 8-9 Cordoba, Spain event we see coordination at
the highest levels between:
U.S. Oil and Banking Establishment
"Saudi" Wahhabi Establishment
European/Vatican Establishment
As usual, the Jews will be the sacrifice on the altars of each
group above, and, as usual, the Jews do not have the
faintest idea what is happening to them.
The Frankist leaders of Jewry are preparing to expel the
Jews of Gush Katif, and they will murder them if push comes
to shove. Either way, they will rob them of all their hardearned assets right after. The names have changed from
Pavelic and Kvaternik to Peres, Wolfensohn, Wolfowitz,
Fischer etc. but the methods have not.
THE AMERICAN army base - A huge American army base is
nearing completion in Israel. Reportedly, it has holding
facilities for as many as 18,000 protesters.
After visiting it yesterday, I'd say way more. This base is
massive. I counted ten enormous US Army issue prefab
warehouses and more were going up. At the base guard
post, the American flag is waving in the wind. A sign
proclaims that the project manager is one Jerry Ray.
I start taking photos of the base with a cheap camera. The
guard asked what I was doing. I replied, "I'm a journalist
proving that a huge American military base is being
constructed on Israeli soil."
"What's wrong with that?" he asked. "Who else will protect us
from the Palestinians?"
"Where are the Americans?" I probed.
"What do you mean, they're everywhere here. Everyone in
charge is American."
We drove away. My friend at the wheel was even more
depressed than me. "It's a concentration camp," he said.
To witness Israel's loss of sovereignty, take Route 443 to the
Rosh Haayin junction. Drive ten minutes until you see Rantis
Junction. The sign points to Beit Arye, and Halamish. Turn
right. The base is a mile away on the left side. To salute the
American flag, turn left at the entrance road.
The base is located ten minutes from Ben Gurion Airport.
Luckily, a new terminal opened last year, so the Americans
have the spacious old terminal to store and move whatever
they're planning to import once Gush Katif and the rest of the
settler vermin are rid of.
The article prompted a reporter from a large American radio
network to call me. He wanted to see the base and
photograph it. I met him an hour later and off we went.
First stop, the base gate. The reporter is amazed to see the
American flag waving and to read on a sign that the
contractor for the base is an Arab named Mustafa. He notes
what a huge security fiasco hiring an Arab contractor to build
an IDF base would be. Then we see busloads of Arab
workers leaving the base by bus.
We continue down the road and photograph the massive
buildings and underground digging.
Then we reach the checkpoint at the border of the Green
Line. The base stops precisely there, the border the
Americans have planned for us. We turn into the dirt road to
the left and start following the circumference of the base.
The base is enormous, far huger than any other base in the
country. We estimate that several tens of billions of dollars
are going into the base itself but the new road surrounding
the complex currently being blasted out of the rock has to
add another billion dollars to the pricetag. As for the value of
50 square miles of prime Israeli real estate: more billions.
Neither of us knows what the base will be used for so I
suggest, "Let's go inside and ask someone." We reach the
entrance where two guards are seated. I ask one if we can
speak to someone in charge of the project and photograph
inside. The guards agree to call headquarters and see. One
guard calls, the other points to a path to the right and says,
"Let's see if they'll let you photograph up there. You've never
seen so many computers and cameras in your life."
The base construction manager agrees to talk to us. We are
escorted to his trailer/office where he is sitting with three
other sub-managers. The radio reporter wastes no time
asking, "Are those buildings going to be used to hold
evacuated settlers and protesters?"
The project manager laughs. I agree. That is not the purpose
of this base.
Next question: "What is this base going to be used for?"
"A storage facility for the IDF."
I respond: "Suddenly the IDF is suffering a huge lack of
warehouse space? I mean, how big is this base?"
"It will be half the area of all Tel Aviv."
"For storage? What is the American role then in this base?"
"They are building it for us. All the supervisors are
"What are those underground tunnels for?"
"No tunnels. It just looks that way because of the topography.
Look, you came to the wrong person. I'm a simple builder
from Rosh Haayin. What do I know?"
We didn't know either. We now knew the US was building
this complex with an Arab chief contractor. It will not likely or
primarily be for IDF use. One guess was that it will replace all
the vital IDF bases in Yesha after a pullout but that wasn't
satisfying. Nothing could replace men overlooking the
I received the reporter's permission to distribute the photos,
six hours before I was to do a 2 hour interview on the Jeff
Rense radio program. I sent him the photos and then chose
a select few experts to tell me what they were of. My first two
replies were:
I have seen these kind of installations when I was in the
military for years I was stationed at a base where a major
part of it was like this. These are not barracks of any kind.
The metal facilities built up on the rocks are huge electronic
facilities probably filled with CIA and extensive phone and
other electronic monitoring stuff. The bunker is one just like
the ones I was around at the base I was at here in California.
It is a missile launch bunker. Somewhere within a mile to 5
miles are silos with the missiles in them, This kind of a facility
has minimal personal but filled with covered electronics that
can even be monitored from the US itself. Not one of those
large buildings is for people to live in or even really work in.
This is exactly what I was told in 2001, and I quote:
"It is the intention of the U.S. administration, to ultimately turn
over to the United Nations, the military base that is being
considered for construction in the heart of Israel. It is the
leaders of the NWO/Illuminati who will decide the appropriate
time when all that will occur. The U.S. is to build the military
base within Israel under the guise that it is for the use of the
U.S. military. It is not. It is to be turned over to the United
Nations at the appropriate time. The sole purpose of this
base is for the United Nations use, not the U.S., and not
Israel. This base will be a disaster to the best interests of
Israel. It will be used against Israelis."
Please click the following URLs to see the base.
Old Glory flies proudly at the base entrance
Road work within the base
The massive "warehouses"
Electronics tower. Below, what appears to be an entrance to
a tunnel. There is a car in the shadow. Compare it to the
height of the entrance doors.
Lots more building on the way
Forget Israeli sovereignty. Our precious and holy land will
soon be used as a forward base for the impending New
Middle East.
Reaction to my last article about the enormous military base
being built by the US in Israel was worldwide and strong.
Two of the correspondents actually worked on the base. Let
us first get an overview of the debate as presented by some
knowledgeable commentators.
I spoke to a person some time ago, who has worked on the
site you spoke of last night. This person said that you are
right in your findings and that the base is 25 sq. miles ON
The so-- called water tower and the
underground door seen in the picture, is one of the openings
into the underground. This goes down at a 45 degree angle
towards the hill in the background. There are missile silos
hidden in the ground all over. Each missile has 9 war heads
attached that can be sent in 9 different directions.
I read while ago that the IDF had agreed to let the US
stockpile Military Supplies in Israel. That is actually a good
thing for Israel on a number of levels.
Second, In the event of an emergency, Israel could take
these materials immediately after receiving the OK from the
US. This is far better than having to wait for material to be
shipped from US bases Germany or Turkey. For what that's
Wondered where all this spare land is coming from in the
middle of the country? The government is working on a land
swap with the JNF. They are giving the government land in
the center in exchange for land in the Negev. The deal is
basically acre for acre, plus some millions of sheqels to the
The information is from a trustworthy friend who has been
working at the JNF for a number of years.
Apart from the fact that it is not their land, where is all the
money going?
*A base is being built by a foreign power.
A. read the Wye Accords and find out Wye:
then see
Military Base - Nachshonim Project
Project Scope: 125,000,000$
Client: Corp of Engineers of the American Army and the
user is the Israeli Army.
Schedule: Start:2002 Finish:2005
Project Description: Setting up, the most advanced dry
storage base in the world for the armed division of the army.
A bid that three different Consortiums competed for.
From World Affairs Brief:
One thing for sure: these buildings are going to conceal a lot
of equipment and/or people in some future movement. I think
the US and the Israeli government intend a forced suicidal
withdrawal from all the strategic areas outside the 1967 war
borders (the Green Line). This huge military and settlement
withdrawal is not designed to bring peace -- nothing will -but only to weaken Israel sufficiently so that during the next
Arab/Israeli war, Israel will be forced to accept a UN
mandated settlement and occupation -- in the name of
"peace", of course. The cameras might, and computers
would, be essential for a large logistics base or storage base
if there were to be a major withdrawal of Israel Defense
Force (IDF) equipment from the territories.
The advocates of the base insist that it is a gift from the US
for signing the Wye Agreements. Far from being a multibillion dollar project, the whole thing only costs
$125,000,OOO. And all that are going up are some harmless
I will lead the chorus who insist that this is the cover story
and it's a flimsy one at that. $125,000,000 may cover the
cost of the warehouses but there is much, much more to this
base than them. Study the following photos and see what
you think:
Photo 1 - This picture does not do justice to the site. This is
an opening dug into the Eastern fringe of the base, about five
miles from the warehouses. In fact, there are six separate
concrete chambers within the structure. My colleague noted
that it looks like a water diversion except, "Where will the
water come from?"
Photo 2 - This is a long shot of a section of the base which is
not being used to construct storage buildings. Note the
concrete lot above the area, which appears to be a helipad.
And note also the significant mounds of newly dug dirt in the
background. Now jump to the close-ups:
Photos 4 and 5 - That's a mighty big door for a mighty tiny
building. Observe the blast walls in front of the openings. The
buildings are divided into two storeys. Level One certainly
looks like a concrete bunker. But level two is the same color
and shape as the distant warehouses. Once the surrounding
dirt piles cover level one to the top, level two will look to any
satellite like just another of the storage sheds on the base.
But beneath, the purpose of the concrete bunkers with their
doors high and wide, is certainly not for dry storage. Unlike
all the warehouses on the base, these structures have a
blast wall opposite their entrances which would be very
handy protection against missile attacks. We ask what
purpose such a small structure has that justifies so much
protection and camouflage. We conclude with trepidation that
these structures could well be tunnel entrances.
Photo 3 - This is a section of very extensive roadworks built
despite tremendous engineering difficulties at the back of the
base. The road follows the Green Line precisely and boasts
a two lane asphalt road, a security track and a fence that will
likely go electric when finished. And this road/fence extends
far from the base perimeter, continuing south beyond the
horizon. These are the borders agreed to by Netanyahu at
Wye. Now we return to the laughable project cost estimate of
$125,000,000. That would be a bargain just for the road.
People working on this project have clearly been
compartmentalized. They buy the cover story about storage
facilities and are told no more than what they have to know.
The US is building a base in Israel and it is more than a
storage depot.
Far more.
Recall that in the wake of PM Ehud Barak's total cave-in to
the PLO at Camp David, I was informed that the military was
planning a coup to prevent the implementation of what would
have been the end of the Israeli state. I detailed the plan as it
was related to me by a high ranking officer, and a year later
AP confirmed the near-coup, exactly as I reported it. The
details are found in my book Save Israel.
In the past few weeks, I have been receiving similar, but
sketchier reports.
PM Sharon is now scrambling to prevent another attempt at
a coup d'etat. The top echelons of the IDF, Shabak and
intelligence community have all reached the same
conclusions: the planned Gaza withdrawal will be a security
disaster. Once the withdrawal is over, Israel will no longer be
able to secure its southern coastal flank. This will be the first
step in the dismantling of the country.
To put an end to the coup discussions, in the past week
Sharon has fired the highest ranking security officers in the
country: IDF Chief of Staff, Gen. Moshe Yaalon, Shabak
chief, Avi Dichter, while a member of the Knesset Foreign
Affairs and Security Committee, Col. Effie Eitam, was
removed from proceedings for attacking Sharon, and his
leadership of the National Religious Party was suspended..
Sharon is rushing to replace the trio from their positions with
his own loyalists but the race to squelch the coup will be
The initial plan was simple and quick. A platoon of six tanks
would break down the Knesset security fences and surround
the building. Those inside would be given twenty minutes to
clear the area. A second tank backed by an infantry squad
would take over the Israel Broadcasting Authority studios, a
mile away. A smaller force would take over the studios of the
government radio stations in downtown Jerusalem.
To prevent a counter-attack against the Knesset forces, an
announcement of the takeover would be broadcast by TV
and radio, urging supporters to join the forces at the Knesset.
Estimates are that over 100,000 Jerusalemites would join the
soldiers at the Knesset within an hour, while 250,000 would
show their support for the coup within half a day. At that
point, a new rule by a military triumvirate would be
Support for the plan is strengthening and Sharon's mass
firings of the nation's security heads, may not prevent it.
Jerusalem Post, April 28/05
Israel and the Netherlands are discussing a cooperative
arrangement whereby
the Dutch would help Palestinians use the greenhouses left
behind in Gush Katif to grow flowers that Israel would help
market in Europe.
Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres raised the idea
Wednesday in a meeting with US Secretary for Near East
Affairs, David Welch. Another idea that was raised was that
the Aspen Institute would buy the greenhouses and transfer
them to the Palestinians.
Welch made his second visit to Israel in a week. Last week,
he was here with Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott
Abrams to push the Palestinians to coordinate the
disengagement plan with Israel.
Peres is scheduled to meet Saturday night with James
Wolfensohn on the outgoing World Bank President's first visit
here since being named the Quartet's special envoy charged
with assisting Israeli-Palestinian disengagement coordination
and Palestinian economic rehabilitation earlier this
Peres updated Welch regarding contacts with European
leaders about aid to the Palestinians. . . both he and Welch
discussed the slow implementation of these financial
commitments. The two also discussed the lack of a
forthcoming financial contribution from the Arab world.
So much criminality in so few words. Here is what the report
First, there is not a word reminding the readers that the
Knesset Finance Committee is currently investigating the
Shimon Peres Center For Peace for conflict of interest, tax
evasion and embezzlement. As I have reported for the past
three years, Peres gets huge kickbacks for "rehabilitating"
the Palestinian economy. The Knesset is now investigating
the 3.1% ownership of Paltel, the PA's phone company by
the Peres Center Peace Fund. The lion's share of the
company is owned by the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia.
To thwart the investigation, Peres shut down the Peace Fund
and likely, destroyed its records.
Continuing in his Mafia tradition, Peres is putting his end of
the scam before the interests of the nation he despises. The
Israeli people have been tricked all along the way to accept
the Gush Katif surrender, just so the crooks could divvy up
the ransom.
And who are the crooks? Once again we turn to the
membership list of the Council on Foreign Relations of
And who do we find on the list? Why, everyone mentioned in
the news item: Elliott Abrams, C. David Welch, James D.
Wolfensohn, and The Aspen Institute is a CFR affiliate. But
the Post "writer" isn't informed enough to make the
observation and would dismiss it as coincidence that every
American responsible for the Gush Katif sellout is a member
of one 4000 member think tank. No conspiracies for the
Now if those fighting the pullout would stop wasting their time
organizing demonstrations far from those selling them out,
and surrounded Abrams, Welch or Wolfensohn with 100,000
very angry protesters, they might actually get somewhere. If
any visiting CFR member arrives and his stay was made
most uncomfortable, the crooks might get the message that
the Jews are on to them and will make their lives insecure for
as long as they live. But they needn't worry; the Jews are too
dumb to figure it out.
We now reach the heart of the scam. Who will sell the
hothouses to the "Palestinians?" The owners and builders of
them living in Gush Katif for the past generation? Of course
not. The CFR's Aspen Institute will take them over, sell them
to the World Bank and it will resell them to the PA.
That's why Wolfensohn was in town and that is why the
CFR's Stanley Fischer was sworn in as the head of Israel's
Central Bank two days later.
That is the scam, and Peres and his CFR cronies will all get
their slices of the theft. Their only disappointment is that
more money to steal in the name of Palestinian economic
rehabilitation isn't pouring in to them.
The Gush Katif residents have no choice. They must adopt a
scorched earth policy if they are to have any chance of
preserving their homes. The moment the pullout begins, the
hothouses have to be burned to ashes. All of them. Then, if
the removal forces gain the upper hand, every house has to
be burned beyond use. Nothing must be left for Peres and
his CFR crooks to sell to anyone.
These preparations must be made immediately!
To illustrate how little the Israeli media, even the voice of the
settlers, understands, compare my correct reading with the
In his meeting with US Undersecretary for Middle East
Affairs Walsh, Deputy Prime Minister Peres updated him on
Israeli talks with Palestinian Authority officials, as well as with
Arab and European leaders. Peres described his efforts to
obtain financial assistance for the PA, and noted the slow
pace of fulfillment of European and other commitments made
to the PA. During the discussion, Peres and Welch also
talked about the lack of response in the Arab world to
requests on behalf of the PA.
In addition, Peres called on the US private sector to increase
investments in PA-controlled territories.
Mr. Peres noted the need to maintain the current tax
structure between the PA and Israel, and informed Welch of
the plans for the transfer of Gush Katif hothouses to Arab
ownership in the context of the Disengagement Plan.
According to Minister Peres' office, the deputy prime minister
described to the American official negotiations currently
underway with Holland to allow Israeli marketing of PAgrown flowers.
Today's Tel Aviv meeting is a preview for Minister Peres of a
planned meeting with the economic coordinator for the
"Quartet" - sponsors of the Road Map peace plan - outgoing
World Bank president James Wolfensohn, Saturday night.
Peres will discuss with Mr. Wolfensohn projects to
rehabilitate the PA economy.
The following report is much better.
Peres suggests turning Gaza settlement into Club Med
By: Israel Insider staff and partners
Published: April 19, 2005
Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres sought to plot out the
economic fortunes of the Middle East after Israel pulls out of
the Gaza Strip this summer, proposing Monday regional
economic cooperation that could include a tourist resort in
Palestinian areas for terrorists who need rest and
recuperation after their hard labors. "We could convert a
settlement into a Club Med," he said.
There are unconfirmed reports that this could be a
collaborative effort with the casino planned for Gush Katif by
Ariel Sharon's adviser, Dov Weissglas. "Our fighters need
rest and recuperation after their hard labors," one Palestinian
official said." If they can relax in the sauna and do aerobics,
perhaps they'll be less inclined to carry out martyrdom
"We must not wait for the political solution but create
economic and social hope" in the region, Peres said at the
end of a 45-minute meeting with French President Jacques
Chirac in Paris. "We must help all the countries construct an
economic democracy," Peres said, referring to Gaza, Jordan
and Israel. "We must coordinate on the economic front," he
Gush Katif residents should know that the Peres/CFR mafia
are coordinating their efforts with France/Vatican. Everyone
will get a piece of the resort/casino about to be built on their
By the end of the day, don't be surprised if the Peres gang
put a roof over the whole Gaza Strip, install air-conditioning
and call the place The Gaza Plaza. One stop shopping for
I was supposed to lecture in Neve Dekalim on July 17. I
received a cancellation this morning because Gush Katif is
now closed by orders of the IDF. Non-residents are hereby
not permitted to enter.
Professionally, I knew this it would be this week. All the signs
were there.
Hushing Opposition Voices
Now we know why I was entrapped into a kangaroo court by
one A. Eskin. The precedent set by the judge opened the
floodgates to phony libel harassment. After the raid on Gush
Katif two weeks ago, Knesset member Arieh Eldad public
accused Itamar Ben Gvir of inciting the attack on behalf of
the Shabak. Last Thursday, Ben Gvir sued Eldad for 100,000
shekels knowing that my legal precedent gives him a perfect
chance at victory.
But what about poor Nadia Matar. She was actually charged
by the police for "insulting a public official," and faces
possible imprisonment.
Arresting My Readers
Last night it was my reader Noam Livnat's turn to be
arrested. This week my correspondents young and old or
their families called with horror-filled arrest stories. 48 year
old Yves Cahen was incarcerated for a month and is now
under house arrest for an undetermined period of time. He
cannot earn a living. Fourteen year old Ezra Melamed sits in
photographed throwing a rock at a policeman.. He insists this
is a lie. His attorney has asked the court to force the police to
produce the photograph. He was turned down.
And on and on and on the arrests continue against those
exercising their democratic right to protest.
The American Army Base
Serious research into a huge army base being built by the
US in Central Israel reveals its main purpose. In 1998,
Netanyahu, Sharon and Sharansky less than publicly agreed
to push the plan of the Council On Foreign Relations and pull
all Jews out of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. To replace the
vital IDF bases within, Israel was promised a state-of-the-art
border road and surveillance base which was guaranteed by
Pres. Clinton, to hermetically seal the country from attack.
Gush Katif is just the first step towards an indefensible Israel
guarded by an illusionary American-built power base.
Even More Infiltration
I have the services of an internet expert who knows how,
under many circumstances, to trace source addresses of
sites and forums participants. We did some tracing this
My latest revelations have been published by the popular
Hebrew portal, Every time they are, a hysterical
voice denounces them. The voice has been traced to a
psychopath in Haifa. In time he will be handled.
However, far, far more worrying was his tracing the source of
the Gush Katif Referendum. The address belongs not to any
Gush Katif resident but to one Mike Guzovsky, a longtime
JDL/Kach activist who has wormed his way into the upright
Kahane Chai movement. It was he who put a banner ad on
Yigal Amir's site, the tipoff that anyone who signed this
referendum is now known to one or two security services in
Israel and the US.
Wearing The Protest Out For The Last Time
Look what the Yesha Council is going to do about the Gush
Katif atrocity:
02-6211.977, Begin the march toward Gush Katif, led by
Natan Sharansky and Dov Shilansky In reaction, the IDF
may close Gush Katif before D-Day. If this happens, we will
activate all of our plans for the original D-Day throughout
* Bring sleeping bag and food for 3 days. The rest will be
taken care of by the organizers (From: HaMate HaMeshutaf
[email protected])
* The Giant March starts on 16:30 in NETIVOT (Sleeping in
K’far Maimon)
TUESDAY: Continue through Re’im to Kisufim Camping
WEDNESDAY” Reaching The Gush; putting up hundreds of
structures for thousands remaining there
* If you cannot participate with the marchers in Israel join
with them in spirit and attend the Solidarity World-Wide Rally
in your area (E)
L-rd Save Us All. We're back to the Pinchas Wallerstein
fiasco of last January. Then, he wore out thousands of
youthful protesters by having them sleep in freezing, wet
tents for a month outside the Knesset. As I warned, this
served no purpose but to wear down resistance.
Now look what the Council is offering. Three days of
marching in the July heat. That will eliminate anyone over the
age of 24 from even reaching Gush Katif. And after two days
of sleeping on the ground, sunburn, blistered feet and bad
food, the protesters are supposed to build structures??
Fat chance of this working. Instead of 150,000 protesters
gathering in one place at one time, by Wednesday, at most a
few tens of thousands of exhausted kids will be left.
And now we know what they were grooming Sharansky for.
Once a spy, always a spy. He will march at the head of the
futile procession, sabotaging it as he goes along.
But note the real formula for failure. The police and army will
subdue whatever pathetic crowd is left with clubs, cattle
prods and tear gas. Look what they tell the participants not to
bring: their own gas masks, clubs and helmets. Everyone
should be running out and buying a motorcycle helmet or
hardhat, finding their Gulf War gas masks and fashioning
defensive sticks.
The soldiers/police attack in packs. If they are overwhelmed
by 10 or 20 protesters each, they could be forced to back off.
Forget that. They'll face whoever was hardy enough to
survive the forced march, but still strong enough to lift
hammer to nail.
How we have been had!
Friday, July 15/05. I am invited to lecture in Gush Katif at the
Neve Dekalim Community Center on Sunday, but two
applications to the IDF have been turned down. The army
doesn't want me in. On Sunday morning a way in was found,
that better left unexplained. A rabbi asks that I come early to
hear some vital information.
On Sunday afternoon I was in Gush Katif for the first time in
a week. How it had changed! The IDF had built huge bases
in just one week and the trucks, bulldozers, tanks and sundry
heavy equipment were parked for miles. All was ready for an
attack. The August 15th date will prove to be another
deception. The rape of Gush Katif will likely begin right after
a rigged protest march ends on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, there are no preparations for defense within
Gush Katif. Nothing, not even jerry cans of fuel to raze their
hothouses, was in place.
Worse still, the residents are letting the army and police
enter their villages freely. I'm aghast. Why are they letting
their executioners have free rein of their villages? Why aren't
they fighting back already?
As I arrive, a Kassam rocket falls on Neve Dekelim 200
yards from me, badly wounding a Chabad rabbi. It is the fifth
time he's been attacked and many residents tell me he is
being targeted.
Before my lecture, I meet with three rabbinical scholars, and
after the lecture with a former woman student of Rabbi
Shlomo Aviner, one of the organizers of the last gasp protest
march set for the next day. They have gathered damning
evidence that Aviner is a Shabak plant inside the Yesha
Council. They are certain he has already sabotaged the
march beyond repair.
The evidence is indeed damning. In one of his books, Aviner
admits to working for an Israeli intelligence agency. He told
the Maariv reporter Kalman Lipskind that, "Every now and
then the Shabak asks me to write an article for them." As the
case builds, one scholar makes the claim that Aviner is a
Sabbataian. He notes that his name appeared on an internet
list of Israeli freemasons. He has been brought before
rabbinic courts for falsifying decrees concerning the correct
time for marital relations. In the religious world, this is about
as serious a charge as can be laid. It means he sanctioned
children born into sin.
"And it's Aviner," I was told," who has been destroying the
resistance movement from within. It is he who has ordered
his soldier students to obey commands to attack us. It is he
who has decreed no resistance to the police. And he is a
major organizer of tomorrow's march, so you can be sure it
will be a sham."
The lecture hall is packed. I give the speech of my life. The
audience is stunned but come question time, their meekness
is revealed. One woman tells me no Jewish soldier would
hurt another Jew. I answer that foreign soldiers wearing IDF
uniforms will do the dirty work. Soldiers without ten words of
Hebrew in their vocabulary, had already practiced beating on
protesters in Tsfat the week before.
The next day one of the audience, Doron, traveled to
Kissufim Junction to talk to the soldiers. He phoned me right
after. "You were right. They're not Israeli. They barely speak
any Hebrew. One told me he was Spanish."
Another question; "You see conspiracies everywhere. Why
should we believe you?"
"I see them only where they are provably real. And those
tanks at your borders are as real as proof gets. What is the
matter with you? You are back in Poland, 1942. The Gestapo
is primed to drag you out of your homes handcuffed and lead
you away in trucks. Who do you want to believe, me or
Question: "Then what can we do against all that power?"
Answer: "You can stand up and fight them like proud Jews
defending your homes. If you go down, go down with
On the way back, I stop into Kfar Darom for refreshment from
the oppressive heat. A beautiful stone synagogue stands
nobly in the square. My host proudly notes, "We just finished
it last month."
"Fine," I thought. "Now let's see you defend it."
Monday, July 18/05.
The roads to Netivot are packed, traffic is backed up for ten
miles when it isn't completely stalled. We finally make it and
the first person I see is my departed cousin's wife and her
group. She has a story to tell:
"We were all on a bus to here when the Shabak raided it.
They took away the driver's license and warned him if he
kept driving, he'd never work again in his life. Then the driver
ordered us all off the bus."
This same story was repeated all over the country.
Thousands of people were forced off buses and not a one of
them fought back. The sheep of 2005 Israel are the same
sheep of 1942 Poland. Jews are far too suicidal a people to
actually learn the lessons of their history.
The speakers mount the podium. Just as I was warned the
day before, Rabbi Aviner appealed to the crowd not to defy
the police, "who are our own flesh and blood."
Without defying the police meant, of course, failure. The
only, very only, way to save Gush Katif was to defy the
police. Aviner did his nasty deed and was followed by Yesha
Council bigwig Pinchas Wallerstein.
It was Wallerstein who sent thousands of Yesha youth to
wet, leaky, freezing tents in January to protest for a month
outside the Knesset. The result, as anyone could have
anticipated, was an utterly futile fiasco which visibly wore
down the resistance of the protesters.
Now it was July and he dusted off the same plan in reverse.
This time, he would send the protesters marching in near
100 degree heat for two days to break their spirit. And if the
day wasn't torturous enough, we were being bitten to shreds
by mosquitoes at night.
Wallerstein started speaking and he heard disinterested
rumbling from the crowd. Quickly, he threw a tantrum,
shouting, "Shut up! I'm talking! Pay attention!"
This man finally revealed his personal weakness: He is a
certifiable nut job.
Seconds before the 6 km. march to Kfar Maimon is set to
begin, there is a shocking announcement from the podium.
The police will not permit the marchers to enter Kfar Maimon
and camp. But the march will go on anyway.
"This is it," I tell my companions, "It's the showdown. Get
ready to breech police lines."
I prepare myself in the car to be hurt or make it through
unscathed, or be arrested trying. Whatever the result, I would
stand with my fellow Jews and fight as hard as I knew how.
Traffic to Kfar Maimon is blocked by the police, so we park
and start walking to the police lines. It is a surreal hike. In the
background are long rounds of machine gun fire, just to
scare the protesters who brought their children. And there
were lots of them. I thought, are they totally deluded? Was
this just a picnic to them, a chance to sleep under the stars?
They must have believed that the police would be so moved
by the sight of their children that they would open the gates
of Gush Katif to them.
As we approach the police lines, the march organizers run
up and down the road beseeching the people to go back to
their cars and be patient. Their attorneys had submitted a
petition to the Supreme Court to let the march continue.
That was it for me. I was going home. If this protest
depended on the will of the Israeli "justice" system, I'd rather
watch it on TV. Didn't anyone understand that there was no
justice to be found anywhere in official Israel, that the
government no longer had any moral authority over its
people, that Israel as a nation was no longer to be respected
or obeyed?
A strange thought hit me. When American blacks sought
justice in the mid-60s, they stood up like men and burnt their
cities to the ground. And they got their way. The government
spent hundreds of billions of dollars to compensate them for
injustice and their civil rights were strictly enforced.
Only if a nation's infrastructure is threatened and its regime
of crime possibly toppled, will governments be moved to take
protests seriously.
We get in the car and turn on the radio news. The first words
were, "Fifty thousand settlers gathered. . ." I requested the
radio be turned off. I couldn't handle the lies at that moment.
I'm not a settler. My cousin's wife is not a settler. Half the
people I met weren't settlers. This was a protest built to fail,
but those who showed up were the only Israelis worth a
damn anymore, not fifty thousand settlers.
On the way home I thought of some parting words for my
fallen nation:
"Bye-bye Israel. You were too cowardly to stand up to
fascism and deserved to go."
Who is leading the Jews out of Gush Katif? According to
Haaretz reporter Uzi Benziman, a vocal advocate of
"disengagement:" Ariel Sharon, a wife murderer.
Powerful suspicions that Sharon eliminated his first wife and
possibly his first son are widespread. Not so ironically, the
accusers are mostly from the "disengagement" supporters of
the Left, who made them when Sharon was their bogeyman,
not hero.
We begin our journey with the official version of events:
Sharon has been widowed twice. Shortly after becoming a
military instructor, he married his first wife, Margalith, with
whom he had a son, Gur. Margalith died in an auto accident
in 1962, and Gur died in October 1967 after being shot while
playing with his father's rifle. After Margalith‟s death, Sharon
married her younger sister, Lily.
Now we hear from an Israel-hating Israeli musician:
Meanwhile, Sharon's personal life story reveals another
spectrum of mystery not many people in the west know
about. Sharon's family has been blighted by accidental
tragedies with no connection to the region's endless wars.
The Prime Minister's first wife, Margalit, was killed in a car
accident in 1962, and his eleven-year-old son, Gur, died in a
shooting accident in 1967. These are the dry facts. Few
people know that Sharon's second wife, Lily, was actually
Margalit's younger sister. At the time there were some
vicious rumors that it was Sharon's affair with his wife's sister
which led Margalit to suicide. Gur found his death while
playing with his father's loaded gun. I myself have neither the
means nor the intention to search for the true story of
Sharon's family affairs. On the contrary, I would argue that
the element of bloody gossip entangled with some libidinal
rumors helped to glorify the image of the promising young
Next a poet:
This was idle gossip in the early seventies - Imagine the
ladies in Cafe Exodus on a Friday afternoon whispering
about the strange death of Sharon's first wife. She drove her
car off the road, said one, because she found out her husband was leaving her for her sister, Lily. Someone fixed her
brakes, said another. Next week the ladies are back - see!
he's marrying the sister! He got rid of her for sure.
That was ALL I knew of Sharon in the seventies - that his
wife died under mysterious circumstances.
Now a mystic:
Sharon's first wife Margalit was supposed to have been killed
in a car crash in 1962. His wife's sister, Liala (known as Lily)
immediately moved in, to act as a "housekeeper" - a few
months later they were married. Then, not many years later,
Sharon and Margalit's son Gur (who, depending on which
report you believe, was either 9 years old or 11 years old at
the time) was accidentally killed playing with one of Sharon's
One report I found from a Middle East magazine says that
the story about Margalit dying in a car crash was totally
fabricated by Sharon - they claim that the truth is that
Margalit killed herself, despondent over the revelation that
Sharon and her sister were having an affair.
The direct link to this was expunged, but was fortunately
cached in Google (and to be on the safe side, I copied it into
a permanent file). search? q=
doc_2002/ autobiography.htm+ margalit+ sharon+ car+
accident&hl= en&ie= UTF-8
Although there are minor sources of these suspicions, one
very major source stands out. He is Uzi Benziman, a reporter
with Haaretz:
"When he returned to Israel in 1962 his wife Margalit was
killed in a traffic accident. Sharon describes this event with
honorable restraint - precisely the same restraint with which
he later describes the death of his beloved son Gur, who was
killed at the age of eleven when another boy shot him
unintentionally with a rifle that was in Sharon's house. But
touching as they are, even these two tales require the
corrections to be found in Benziman's book. Sharon ascribes
his wife's accident to the fact that the car she was driving,
which they had brought back from England, had right-wheel
drive. But, according to Benziman, many of Sharon's
acquaintances believe his wife committed suicide in the
accident after discovering that Sharon was conducting an
affair with her younger sister Lily, who, shortly after her
death, became Sharon's wife and the mother of his children.
Moreover, after his son's death Sharon was vengeful toward
the boy who had shot Gur, accusing him of intentionally
killing him. The boy and his mother, the widow of a pilot,
were forced to leave their house, which was near Sharon's."
In his autobiography book Sharon says that his wife was
killed in a traffic accident, because the steering wheel was an
English type, and his son was killed by mistake by another
child was playing with Sharon‟s rifle. The Israeli journalist Uzi
Benziman said in his book “ Sharon, Caesar of Israel” that
Sharon pretended to forget that his first wife was not killed in
a car accident but she committed suicide when discovered
the illicit love affair between Sharon and her sister Leila.
After the death of his first wife they, Sharon and Leila,
actually got married. Concerning the death of his son,
Sharon as Benziman said was not tolerant as he said in his
autobiography, with the child‟s family. On the contrary, he
used all kinds of terrorism and brutality against them and
forced them to move to another place.
Benziman claimed in his book, Sharon, Caesar Of Israel, that
Ariel Sharon deliberately drove his first wife to suicide, and
that is murder. This claim has led to broader charges in the
Arab media:
On May 6, 1962, Margalit was driving her car from Jerusalem
to Tel Aviv, when she suddenly veered out of her lane. A
truck approaching from the opposite direction was unsuccessful in avoiding her. She died. Sharon died when he got
the news, however, he remained silent during her funerals.
The police investigation found Margalit responsible for
reckless and negligent driving. Friends said that she was in
love with Sharon and had a strong sense of jealousy of her
own youngest sister, Lilly. Lilly had immigrated to Israel as a
youngster and spent her first few years ay Sharon's home.
When called up to the army, she served in the Paratroopers
Brigade, then under Sharon's command.
Margalit's acquaintances note that during the weeks just prior
to the accident, Margalit was once depressed and
preoccupied, and had confided to a friend that her life had
become miserable as a result of her all consuming suspicion
of a liaison between her sister and her husband.
Did Margalit die in a common car accident or did she
A year later on, Sharon married Lilly.
Recently, a right-leaning site joined the fray by declaring
suspicions about the death of Sharon's son Gur shortly after
Sharon married the boy's aunt:
In the summer of 1967, eleven-year old Gur Sharon trumped
all of his buddies by declaring, "My Abba gave me five guns".
A couple of months later, tragedy struck. On Rosh
Hashanah, the first day of the year, Arik Sharon's first-born
son, from his first wife, was dead from a bullet wound.
Details are sketchy, but it seems that somehow Gur and a
friend managed to get a bullet into the chamber of a shotgun.
Arik Sharon was home at the time, and Gur died in his arms.
I don't know what the laws were 38 years ago, but in today's
world a "lesser" man may have been brought up on charges
of criminal negligence.
Indeed, any honest police investigator would ask why Sharon
let his son play with a loaded rifle. Why was he not charged
with criminal negligence, as anyone else would inevitably
have been?
Thanks, in no small part to Benziman, a new picture
emerges of a sociopath murdering his first family so he could
start a fresh one with his new wife, the sister of the
So who is this Uzi Benziman who broke the story of the
Sharon family murder(s)? He is now one of the country's
leading voices calling for the evacuation of the Jews of Gush
Katif. Sharon has few allies so useful to his plans. Let us now
hear from Mr. Benziman:
Preparations for withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern
Samaria are not in the public consciousness and have not
become central to public discourse. As a result, there is no
atmosphere of preparation for something that is really going
to happen...The mantle of normalcy worn by these
negotiations is a great missed opportunity; it leads to delay
which in turn leads to the evaporation of the critical national
significance of the decision.
The settlers are rebelling against the rule of law and the
authority of the state. As if that were not enough, when the
law catches up with them, they act as if they are the ones
who have been wronged.
The settlers and their official leadership openly declare they
do not accept cabinet and Knesset decisions to withdraw
from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank. They
challenge the legitimacy of these decisions, and there are
those among them who declare outright their preference for
another source of authority
The decisions on the disengagement plan to be made by the
cabinet [on Sunday] and the Knesset on Tuesday may be
essential steps, but they will still not ensure its
implementation. The demand to prefer halakha [Jewish law]
to the law of the land, to exclude Israel's Arab citizens from
the process of approving disengagement, to deviate from
accepted norms of debate and decision-making, to shut up
opposition by means both administrative and juridical, are all
clouds that presage the storm. Violence will later emerge
from its lair with all of its destructive force. If the country does
not manage to impose its authority on the minority opposing
disengagement, it will open the gate to its disintegration.
Commentator Uzi Benziman in Haaretz
In short, Mr. Benziman, believing full well that Sharon
murdered his first wife after investigating the crime, is now
working for the murderer. In an honest, sane nation with an
honest, sane media, Benziman would be demanding a
reinvestigation of the murder of Margalit Sharon and his
newspaper would be exposing the mad killer leading their
nation into catastrophe.
Instead, Uzi Benziman is letting Sharon murder again, this
time with his enthusiastic approval.
Barely a week ago I addressed the people of Neve Dekalim
in Gush Katif and promised them that just before the pullout
there would be a massacre perpetrated by the Shabak. I
used the example of the Hebron pullout to make my point.
Back in '97, PM Netanyahu couldn't get his Hebron
withdrawal past his cabinet. The next day, an IDF soldier,
Noam Friedman, who had just spent 3 months in a
psychiatric ward, took a bus to Hebron and shot up the Arab
market in front of numerous television cameras which
happened to be there as well. Due to international pressure,
the withdrawal was passed by the cabinet that evening.
And I also told the gathered that the outrage would come
from Kach, since the Shabak runs the organization. It is no
coincidence that a few days before, Kach members publicly
staged a Pulsa Dinura, death curse ceremony against Ariel
Sharon. That trick was played one month before Rabin's
murder by Kach members led by one Avigdor Eskin.
So, surprise, surprise, the Shabak aided by IDF intelligence
pulled the old rabbit out of its hat just when they were
supposed to. As usual, the patsy was Yemenite.
Here are the predictable details:
A Jewish soldier who went AWOL from the IDF one month
ago killed four people and wounded 12 others when he
opened fire inside a bus in an Arab town in the Galilee.
Angry residents lynched the 19-year-old following the
shooting. He was identified as Eden Natan Zada from Rishon
L'tzion, a city south of Tel Aviv. Israeli media reported that he
recently moved to the Kfar Tapuach community in northeast
Samaria after turning to religion and becoming involved in
extreme political activism, but the administrator of the
community said he never heard of the man.
The killer's parents, worried over their son's radical change,
said they had asked the army to take away their son's
weapon but were told by officers there was no need to do so.
Israel media tried to link the murder with anti-expulsion
protests and pointed out that the murderer had refused to
take part in the planned expulsion. Former MK Rabbi
Chanan Porat told questioning interviewers there is
absolutely no connection to be made between the antiexpulsion protests and the murder.
Many questions remained unanswered following the murder,
which occurred shortly before 6 p.m., particularly concerning
events immediately after the shooting. Police approached the
bus in the town of Shafarm after the shooting and removed
an angry mob from the bus and reportedly tried to protect the
vehicle from hundreds of angry Arab residents. Five officers
were injured as the mob pelted them with stones and bottles.
Several people got past police, but it was not clear whether
the shooter was killed following the police intervention or
whether he died from the initial mob attack.
Zada was in an IDF unit other than the Border Police and it is
not known how or why he obtained the Border Police
MK Uri Ariel (National Union) said the IDF must investigate
why the murderer had his weapon with him after having been
on AWOL for an extended period of time.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, "This was a reprehensible
act by a bloodthirsty Jewish terrorist who sought to attack
innocent Israeli citizens.... I send condolences to the families
of those who were murdered and my best wishes for a quick
recovery to those who were wounded. The entire State of
Israel, regardless of race, religion or sex, strongly condemns
this act of terrorism."
Once again, the sociopath Sharon had four Arabs killed and
16 others shot just to get his little Gaza withdrawal done. The
shooter was another in a long line of Shabak patsies which
includes Yigal Amir and Baruch Goldstein. And, as always,
the "leaders" of the Right and the religious communities
cower in shame over the incident. None dare actually blame
the real perpetrators, the government of Israel and its
internal security apparatus.
This setup is a double-edged blessing for the
"peacemakers." Until now, Druze soldiers had mostly refused
to drag Jews out of their homes in Gush Katif, cage them like
animals and force them away in trucks. Now they will
cooperate. And of course, the public opinion that had turned
against the rape of Gush Katif will instantaneously and
dramatically shift.
Mob kills shooter, who deserted IDF to protest pullout
By Jack Khoury, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service
and Agencies 4 August 2005
A Jewish Israeli man in Israel Defense Forces uniform
opened fire on bus passengers in a Druze neighborhood of
the Israeli Arab town of Shfaram Thursday afternoon. Four
people were killed and 12 wounded, two of them moderately.
The gunman was killed by a mob that boarded the bus after
the shooting.
Security forces said the shooting was
apparently a Jewish terror attack and that the attacker was a
newly religious man, an IDF deserter from Rishon Letzion
who recently moved to the West Bank settlement of Tapuah.
Security forces said the gunman, Edan Zada, 19, was an
activist in the outlawed extreme-right Kach movement. Zada
went AWOL a month ago to protest the disengagement plan.
So let's ask the obvious questions:
- Why didn't military police find the awol soldier in a full
month and arrest him?
- Why wasn't there a fullscale manhunt to find this "radical"
soldier who took his M-16 with him?
- Where was he for the month? (My answer is being
brainwashed, as you might expect).
- Why would he put on a Border Guard uniform instead of his
- Why did the IDF allow the shooter to keep his weapon
when his parents reported a dangerous mental change and
requested that he be disarmed?
- Why would the shooter kill Druze to protest
- How did the police identify him before they seized his body
from the bus?
And on and on. It's just business as usual at the Shabak and
just as usual, they will get away with murder.
And as usual, I will attempt to balance the Israeli terror mafia state with the truth. Which usually means, I will impart
vital information in utter futility.
Three days ago I received a phone call from Oslo. The caller
was Henry Gluksman, the advance man for the Oslo
negotiations. He read my website and was impressed by my
Rabin murder research. The first thing he said was, "You
missed the real motive for Rabin's murder. It was financial."
A little background about the man. He lives in what he calls a
"fool's paradise" as a political refugee in Norway. The
government there provides him with an apartment and
pension as protection against mortal retaliation from Israel.
Strange that he would be used to pave the way for the Oslo
"peace" talks.
He claims the Shabak made attempts on his life and he was
forced to flee Israel in the early 1980s. Argentinian-born
Gluksman publicly accused Israel of being behind the
Falklands War. "I discovered that it was Israel Aviation
Industries that provided the Argentinian planes and missiles
and it was they who sunk the Lancaster," he explained.
"They convinced the Argentinian government that they could
win the war for them."
Mr. Gluksman's motives for talking freely to me appear not to
be ideological. He is an avowed Marxist. Simply, he believes
his Oslo talks became corrupted and that Rabin was
murdered by the corrupters of his negotiations. His insider
revelations are startling and verify the crux of my own
HG - When I began laying the groundwork for the Oslo talks
in '88, money wasn't even considered as a political issue. It's
when it became the core issue that things turned ugly.
BC - What do you mean '88? The talks began in '92.
HG - The plans for them were initiated in '88. We had to wait
until Rabin was elected to put them into action. He sent the
two negotiators, Pundak and Hirshfeld, to Oslo and the initial
talks were aimed at establishing an honest groundwork for
BC - I interviewed Ron Pundak in 1996 and he told me
something remarkable. He said that his boss, Yossi Beilin,
doesn't believe in borders. Borders cause wars. He told me
the end result of the accord would be the removal of Israel's
borders. This would be done by dismembering the country
piece by piece. After, Israel would blend into a Middle East
bloc of united Arab countries.
HG - Yes, that was our objective. The Gush Katif
disengagement was agreed to in 1993 as part of the broader
plan. To understand how this would lead to peace, look at
Hong Kong. It was a colony of six million in a sea of over a
billion Chinese. Israel consists of six million Jews in a sea of
over a billion Moslems. When Hong Kong was handed over
to China in 1999, nothing changed for the people of Hong
Kong. They went on with their lives as before but without the
threat of attack hanging over them. That was our objective.
Israel would become Arab and nothing would change, but
the threat would end. The Jews of Tel Aviv would go on with
their lives, run their businesses, build their homes but the
mayor would be an Arab, the police would be Arabs, the
courts would be Arab. It was the ideal solution.
BC - So if the plans are on course beginning with Gush Katif,
what is your problem with the accords?
HG - The problem began when the Labor Party leaders saw
Oslo as a way to make a quick buck. Everyone was rushing
to join in, Peres, Ramon, Micha Harish. And they all came
with their Palestinian businessmen in tow. I mean, who were
Micha Harish and Chaim Ramon? How did they become
peace negotiators? Oslo was drawing the greediest crooks to
the money pot. They didn't want peace, they wanted a piece
of the action. People who were absolute nobodies suddenly
were showing up for discussions. The most absurd was this
Rabbi Melchior who Peres brought along. Who ever heard of
him before? He had no legitimacy or constituency, never
wrote learned tracts and overnight he jumps from Oslo to the
cabinet of Shimon Peres. Everyone the Israelis sent to iron
out details were there for what they could get out of Oslo and
the PLO more than cooperated in the thefts and corruption.
From a Marxist beginning, the discussions turned capitalistic.
BC - Where did Rabin fit in?
HG - He saw how corrupt everything had turned and decided
to abandon the whole enterprise. He was going to put the
talks on hold or shut them down for good if the corruption
didn't stop. That's why they murdered him. He threatened to
bring down the house of crime and that would have been
very costly to the crooks. I read your work. Your conclusion
is similar to mine but you left out some people who stood to
lose big if Rabin stayed alive. It's a broader plot than you've
found out.
The interference of the CFR has been discovered by none
other than Joseph Farah:
Following is the middle of an interview with Joseph Farah
found on
FP: Why wouldn’t the Bush administration secure our
borders? What are the advantages of leaving them
unsecured? Is it too politically incorrect to secure them?
Farah: I've asked this question myself over and over. It is
the most frequently asked question I hear from my radio
audience and from the thousands of emails I receive
from readers. President Bush candidly said it was a
matter of cheap labor a few months ago. I believe that is
dead wrong. I don't believe there is anything cheap
about this labor. It is bankrupting our health-care
system. It is taking jobs away from law-abiding American
citizens. It is raising crime rates and it is threatening our
national security.
No, I believe there is another more sinister reason. There
is a master plan for global governance being plotted in
meetings of groups like the Council on Foreign
Relations. You can read its reports. And, I believe this
open-borders policy is a direct result of those plans,
which have been secretly adopted by our highest
leaders, including President Bush.
Wednesday Aug. 10, 100,000 people gathered at the
Western Wall in Jerusalem to pray for the salvation of Gush
Katif and Israel. I was not among them because I had been
worn down by the phony rallies of the government-controlled
Right. But this rally was not organized by the Yesha Council
or Zo Artzeinu or any of the hapless anti-disengagement
"leadership." This appeared to be a grassroots display of
Jewish anger, and this time, government shills do not seem
to be running the show behind the scenes.
And all we can ask is why it took so long for the good Israelis
to take matters into their own hands? With six days to go
before the rape of Gush Katif, barring a welcome civil
uprising, it is now too late to make a difference.
Still, some lessons learned from the Gush Katif failure might
soon be useful in salvaging the remainder of Israel. Please
listen to the following interview with me on the Tamar Yonah
show. It will be archived only until August 16.
Within the interview I exposed who was behind the recent
Shfaram massacre and I presented an eye-witness account.
Read on:
Hon. Mr. Chamish:
Let me thank you for the great and courageous job you are
However, there is one issue, which needs some
You wrote about Eden Nathan-Zada. My son knew him,
because he is unfortunately involved with the thugs of
Tapuach. And you must know the truth.
Eden came to Tapuach and met Mike Guzofsky. Then Mike
saw in Eden some potential and sent him to A. Eskin. Unlike
Mike, Eskin is a real scholar in Judaism and Kabbala and his
books are published in Moscow. However, his real goal is to
brainwash youngsters and to turn them into shahidim. He is
very clever.
My son went a couple of times to his shiur and got excited,
but stopped, because he did not want to become Jewish
shahid. Eskin teached Zohar, and Vilna Gaon writings and
encourages young students to kill themselves like Goldstein.
Eden was his student for last six months. He used to spend
Shabbat with Eskin and to help Eskin's wife even in the
kitchen. He was instructed by Eskin to commit his crime. The
practical instructions came from Mike, but the ideology from
Eden was a victim, poor Eden and his victims.
The Shabak knows about Eskin and never disturbs him.
This how I saved my son from Eskin. But Eden and over
twenty other young boys are there. They will be the future
Please, help.
Of course, the infiltrators were not through with their deed.
Next came the inevitable praise for the "murderer.",0,6620416.story?coll=nyworldnews-print In Rishon Letzion, Avigdor Eskin, one of
dozens gathered in solidarity with the teen gunman, decried
the lack of attention to Natan-Zada's killers and predicted
more such "political" acts by Jews.
Those trying to preserve the integrity and security of their
nation, still cannot accept just how thoroughly infiltrated are
the organizations that pretend to represent them. The
blindness is intensified when they have been exploited by a
rabbinical leader. However, once informed, a few wake up:
Rav Aviner:
I was very skeptical about your allegations concerning Rav
Aviner. But when I read in this week's "Mayan haYeshua" his
article "We won (Nizachnu)" I cannot other but concede that
you are right : in essence he writes that we won because (1)
we succeeded to retreat (from Kfar Maimon and Ofakim), (2)
our restraint is power (ipuk ze koach (!)) and (3) our most
important mission now is to distribute orange ribbons
because this is an action of immense influence and changes
the face of the state (italics by me)
And look - preparing this mail - I see on the bottom of the
pamphlet - Distribution (Hafaza) : Makor Rishon !!
With time all but run out, my oft-written charges that the
Council on Foreign Relations is behind the dismemberment
of Israel is proven true, as is my claim that the World Bank
will be collecting the dividends of Israel's breakup. Watch
Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice (CFR) and World Bank
Chairman Paul Wolfovitz (CFR) in action.
Israeli gov't admits: US Pressures Determine Retreat
Israel Resource News Agency,
The U.S. State Department has made it clear to Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon: It wants the Jews out of the Katif
district of Gaza by August 15th, with no excuses. The Chief
Rabbi of Haifa, Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, came to
Jerusalem and pleaded with Sharon to reconsider his plan to
retreat from Katif, which involves Israel's obliteration of the
21 Jewish communities there, including 325 thriving Jewish
farms and 86 synagogues and Jewish study centers
Sharon's answer to Rabbi Cohen: "This is what the U.S.
State Department is demanding that I do, and I must do
Aug. 8, 2005 21:52 | Updated Aug. 8, 2005 22:17 Jerusalem.
After August 17 those who are forcefully removed will not be
permitted to return to their homes," Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Amos
Yaron, the ministry's director general told reporters on
Monday. A total of 3,100 containers have been allocated to
settlers in Gaza and the West Bank to pack their belongings
and property, and as of August 17, the official relocation cutoff date, crews will begin packing and removing settlers'
belongings by order of the IDF.
Once the Israeli teams have completed their tasks, then
Palestinian sub contractors hired by the World Bank will
enter the area and remove the building rubble. Israel will pay
to the World Bank the sum of $25 to $30 million that will
cover the costs of removing the rubble, said Yaron.
And yet, and yet, the Israeli "thinkers" still can't connect the
dots. When Finance Minister Netanyahu resigned in protest
of the "disengagement", he was actually praised for his
courage. As we have shown time and again, Netanyahu is a
longtime puppet of the CFR and when Sharon goes, nothing
will change. The same outside forces will simply play their
new card; the same Netanyahu who unilaterally pulled out of
Hebron ten days after he was elected in 1997.
And when Attorney General Mazuz declared that Rabin
wasn't murdered because of incitement, the same crowd
celebrated a triumph of truth. In fact, Mazuz simply
reinforced the lie that Yigal Amir shot the fatal bullets:,7340,L-3125350,00.html
Once all the rallies, demonstrations and prayers to save
Gush Katif and Northern Samaria have proven impotent,
perhaps those who have been misled by their leaders will
finally play the Rabin card. The tenth anniversary of the
murder is on the horizon and if the same energy that went
astray in Gush Katif is rallied behind the Rabin truth, the
good people of Israel can bring down Peres, The Shabak
and a good chunk of the "peacemakers" who are wrecking
the country.
But that will mean taking matters into their own hands and
not when it's too late to matter.
It won't be
It won't happen
- deluded Gush Katif theme song
It was
It happened
- Song Of The Gush
The Nazis knew how to keep the Jews deluded until the end.
They hired the Judenraat to run local Jewish councils. The
Judenraat fed the Jews false hope until they were gathered
and shipped away. Of course, that could never happen in
Israel? But it did. The new Nazis of Israel ran the Judenraat
of the Yesha Council, and the Jews followed them into the
ghettos of Kfar Maimon and Ofakim where they were safely
trapped behind enemy lines.
The new Judenraat hired kapos with names like Wallerstein
and Aviner who pretended to be leading a rebellion, but they
were really collaborating with the authorities. They pretended
to back civil disobedience so long as no one was hurt or any
damage caused. And that's just what the authorities asked
them to do.
However, the task was made so much easier by the religious
leaders who instilled a sense of fatalism, laziness and
superstition among their congregants. Well over 200,000
prayed at the Western Wall five days before the rape of
Gush Katif. Almost a quarter of a million G-d-fearing Jews
prayed for the salvation of Gush Katif at the grounds of
Judaism's holiest site.
They all wasted their breath. Their prayers weren't answered.
G-d was not interested in Gush Katif.
And why should He be? Why should He have anything to do
with a people who won't fight for His land and their homes?
Why should He have anything to do with a people who
forego responsibility because they believe, actually believe,
that a miracle is going to bail them out? Or that the moshiach
will come and sort things out for them?
Well, no miracle saved Gush Katif, and still no signs of the
If I was the moshiach I sure wouldn't want anything to do with
this sorry lot. The depths of their delusion is beyond easy
comprehension but let us look at one example.
TWO days after the enemy felled Gush Katif, I saw a group
of young men handing out pamphlets to save the place, in a
Modiin shopping center. I asked them, "What are you doing?
It's over." One replied, "It is not over. We can still sway public
Briefly stunned, I retorted, "This crappy public abandoned
you. You are finished."
Reality returned and the young man asked, "So what can we
There is only one out. "Find a sympathetic army officer or
two and take over the Knesset."
I wasn't kidding. But they laughed. And they will laugh and
laugh until they have nothing left to find funny anymore.
And that's what the protesters were up to for the past year.
They were gathering by the tens of thousands outside the
Knesset laughing and dancing to tuneless Arieh Zilber
songs. They danced their homes away. No one actually
thought to pass out a thousand wire cutters, an equal
number of Mace cans, and stage a sit-in inside the Knesset.
Nah, they were too busy being Sioux Ghost Dancers to
actually take action. Why bother with action anyway when a
last second miracle is on the way?
Two days before the fascist troops moved into Gush Katif,
there was a rally where more than 200,000 people showed
up. Where was it? In Tel Aviv. Not near the Gush Katif
prisoners? Of course not. 200,000 could have actually
overwhelmed the forces and made withdrawal unfeasible.
And that was not what the kapos of the Yesha Council
And guess what question I heard a hundred times from a
hundred people that night? "Do you think the withdrawal will
go through?" They still hadn't caught on.
After the deluge, a friend of mine told me she had spent the
day helping the Gush Katif refugees, bringing them food and
setting up their computers. I asked her, "Are you nuts?
You're not helping them, you're helping the 'government' of
Israel. They got them into this mess, now they can get them
out of it. Learn from the Arabs already. Do not rehabilitate
the refugees. If you do, within a short time you'll solve their
plight and the authorities will be free to make more
thousands homeless."
But more to the point: Screw You Gush Katif. You Let Us All
The night before the troops advanced, what did Gush Katif
do? Put up barricades for a showdown? Raze all properties
so the mafia of the CFR and Israeli 'government' would not
rob you of your life's work? Prepare helmets and Mace to
fight the fascists? Chain yourself to your properties?
Nah. You danced.
The fathers of Gush Katif weren't prepared to defend their
homes. No sir. They sent their teenage children to the battle
front. And from now on those brave wonderful kids will lose
all respect for their cowardly fathers. Not a life was lost for
the Gush, not a soul injured. The Jews walked into the cattle
cars with their hands up.
Because of the Gush Katif cakewalk, Adolph Sharon will
send his shock troops of the New World Order through all of
Yesha, and that means Jerusalem too, at a blitzkrieg pace.
Shame on Gush Katif.
Shame on Gush Katif.
And shame on the leaders of the protests, the Feiglins, the
Matars et al for being too dumb to know who they were
fighting. For playing the 'government's' game by the
'government's' rules. Shame on them all for leading their
followers straight into the authorities' traps. Shame on them
for organizing futile seminars, hopeless rallies and political
dreams instead of studying and understanding the enemy,
then confronting him on even terms. And that goes double
for the writers and "intellectuals" who reacted to the
onslaught with bad information and worse advice.
I gave a lecture to a large crowd in Jerusalem on Aug. 18.
Before it began, I was advised not to say, 'I told you so.' I
restrained myself because I failed just like everyone else.
The difference is, I worked almost entirely alone. I didn't have
large financiers putting up my yeshiva, buying my
ambulances or dedicating my community center.
For all of you who did so in Gush Katif. . .
You lost all your money, suckers. Every penny is gone. Your
contributions will soon be houses for terrorists and resorts for
crooks. AND you deserved to lose it because you didn't
invest one nickel in self-defense.
I tried to organize a protest last week. In it, current and
former IDF soldiers would meet and burn our uniforms. No
statement could be stronger today. By endangering loyalty to
the IDF, people might see that they are being personally
endangered by the consequences of these pullouts. I got
precisely 6 people to agree to join me. Meanwhile, I received
a lot more letters telling me not to blame the soldiers. They
were only following orders.
Remember the good old days when Jews scoffed at
Germans who claimed they were only following orders? This
army could have stood down, but it behaved as good Nazis
do and obeyed immoral orders. Things were so absurd that
soldiers living in Gush Katif voluntarily turned over their
weapons to the army. Worse yet, soldiers whose families live
in Yesha helped clear out Gush Katif. At least the Nazis
didn't "disengage" whole German towns.
The Jews of Yesha let the 'government' shut down its radio
station, Arutz Sheva, without a whimper. What remains is a
weekly newsmagazine called B'Sheva. It has been pushing
the Yesha Council/miracle line for a year. After the demise of
their beloved Gush Katif, what was their analysis?
The headline read, "The Rip in Israeli Society Begins."
The delusions just won't stop. There is no rip. You guys lost.
Your community will be rendered tiny and harmless, your
children will mostly join in Sabbataian Israeli society, while
some will seek refuge among the haredim. But you are
through. You are about to fall like dominoes because you let
yourselves lose.
And it's way too late for you to figure out how.
I had just finished the article proving the Council On Foreign
Relations (CFR) in New York organized the destruction of
Gush Katif, causing thousands of refugees and homeless.
I sat down on the sofa to rest and was struck with an image. I
don't understand these things.
In the wake of the Gush Katif/Shomron rape, somehow Joel
Skousen's World Affairs Brief connected me to a very
optimistic viewpoint:
The disengagement from Gaza and two West Bank
settlements is complete. The settlers only put up token
resistance and were met with overwhelming power. Barry
Chamish, Israel's most effective voice for guiding the Israeli
faithful out of the clutches of the Sharon betrayals, was
justifiably depressed by the failure of the settlers to make a
stand, or to heed his warnings about how the movement was
infiltrated ahead of time.
But I remain optimistic for the long-term, believing that the
God of Israel is merely paying out sufficient rope to let these
treacherous Jewish leaders of Israel hang themselves
someday. There is only so much unarmed settlers can do to
fight the all-powerful state. I hope Barry's voice is preserved
for the sake of the hundreds who continue to wake up to his
warning voice each year. Someday it may be enough to
make a difference. Even if they have lost this battle, they
must never fail to learn the lessons of that failure -- the main
one being that the right wing must never trust the Likud again
nor any of its leaders who are connected to the US and
European globalist establishment, like Benjamin Netanyahu,
waiting in the wings.
I wish I shared this assessment. I reply, "No Way. These
Jews will never catch on." Watch them support Netanyahu.
Watch their protest leaders demonstrate against all the
wrong people. Watch the mistakes compound each other. It's
only getting worse since the disaster.
Example One: Many people cited Daniel Pipes' post-pullout
piece as proof that he's in their camp.
It means nothing that he is the director of the Middle East
Forum of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
Daniel Pipes - Monday, August 15, 2005
The Israeli government's removal of its own citizens from
Gaza ranks as one of the worst errors ever made by a
democracy. This step is the worse for being self-imposed,
not the result of pressure from Washington. When the Bush
administration first heard in December 2003 that Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had unilaterally decided to pull
all soldiers and civilians from Gaza, it responded coolly.
Months of persuasion were needed to get the White House
to embrace the initiative.
Can you imagine a more cynical trough of horse manure?
Look at Pipes protect his CFR buddies! No pressure from
Washington? Self-Imposed?
Once and for all, let us state the obvious: the CFR is
destroying Israel. That is its intent and Pipes is deliberately
deluding the Jews.
Without further commentary, we present the case against the
CFR. Afterward, watch how the Jews fail to digest this mass
of cold, unforgiving, unmistakable evidence:
Mystery Solved
New York Sun Editorial
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
One of the little-noticed virtues of the Israeli withdrawal from
Gaza, completed yesterday, is that it puts in sharp relief one
of the questions of the Middle East debate that has puzzled
us in recent years, centering on the Council on Foreign
Relations and Henry Siegman. The council's Web site
describes Mr. Siegman as "senior fellow and director,
U.S./Middle East Project" and also as "foremost expert on
the Middle East peace process ... and U.S. Middle East
Policy." Yet his writings over the past few years are hard to
distinguish from the hard-line propaganda of the Arab
A visitor to the Council's Web site yesterday could view in its
archives an interview with Mr. Siegman by a former foreign
editor of the New York Times, Bernard Gwertzman, under
the headline, "Siegman: Sharon Unlikely to Carry Out Plans
to Withdraw from Gaza." In the interview, Mr. Gwertzman
asks Mr. Siegman, "Why won't the withdrawal take place?"
Mr. Siegman answers in all apparent seriousness that Mr.
Sharon lacks majority support for his plan in the Israeli
It's now clear that Mr. Siegman's assessment in October
2004 was precisely wrong. It's hardly the first time. America's
Middle East policy, in Mr. Siegman's analysis, is the result of
how "Sharon manipulates Washington," as he put it in an
April 26, 2004, article in the International Herald Tribune. A
similar theme is conveyed in cartoons in the Arab press,
labeled as anti-Semitic by the Anti-Defamation League,
depicting Mr. Sharon as a puppeteer manipulating President
Mr. Siegman has said Israel is worse than the terrorist leader
Yasser Arafat. "Surely depriving the freedom of 3.5 million
Palestinians and subjugating them to a military occupation
for nearly two generations is a more fundamental and
egregious offense to basic democratic values than the
authoritarianism of Arafat, who at least came to office in a
free and democratic internationally supervised election," Mr.
Siegman wrote on February 27, 2003, in the International
Herald Tribune. He suggested that U.S. policy-makers who
think that "our actions in Iraq will inspire admiration and
trigger region wide democratic change better check what
they are smoking." The smoke had barely cleared when
American actions in Iraq did trigger region wide democratic
change and admiration from Beirut to Cairo and beyond.
So why would the Council on Foreign Relations, a New Yorkbased American institution, fund this "expert" at the level of
$204,151 in salary and benefits, making him, in the most
recent year for which tax returns are available, its fourthhighest paid employee? It turns out that much of the funding
for the Council's "U.S./Middle East Project" comes from
overseas, including the European Commission, the
government of Norway, Kuwaiti and Saudi businessmen, a
Lebanese politician, and, for one year, an official of the
commercial arm of the Palestinian Authority, Munib Masri.
Mr. Siegman tells us that his views have been consistent
over his career and that his project's funding sources - which
he points out are a matter of public record - haven't
influenced his opinions. A spokeswoman for the Council says
that there is no connection between funding sources and any
scholar's opinions. The editor in charge of the opinion page
at the International Herald Tribune, Serge Schmemann, says
that the paper never asked about, and Mr. Siegman never
mentioned, where his money was coming from. Editors at the
New York Review of Books, where Mr. Siegman also
publishes, did not return our phone calls seeking comment.
Why aren't the New York Review of Books and the New York
Times-owned IHT disclosing that the man attacking Israel in
their pages is being supported by European governments
and non-American Arab businessmen? The Times itself has
an integrity policy requiring freelance contributors to "avoid
conflicts of interest, real or apparent," yet the Times ran an
op-ed piece by Mr. Siegman in 2002 identifying him only as
"a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations." If the
publications had made the disclosure, their readers could
draw their own conclusions.
© 2005 The New York Sun, One SL, LLC. All rights reserved.
** I am grateful to my correspondent Elisheva Rubin for
gathering more cold facts and for proving that not all Jews
can be fooled. Take your time and read. I won't be back until
the end of this section: **
---------------An Open Letter to:
The C.F.R. - Council on Foreign Relations &
Judith Kipper, CFR Director, Middle East Forum
Is the CFR a "Nonpartisan Think Tank"?
CFR Books discuss "turning refugees into citizens".
- But the CFR policy in Israel has done the reverse:
Turned law-abiding, income producing Jewish citizens:
Into displaced persons and refugees.
How can anyone think that the recent Pogrom on the
Jews of Israel is acceptable "foreign policy"?
Siegman: Crucial for Sharon to Offer Palestinians Full Peace
Negotiations in Return for Ending Violence
Interviewer: Bernard Gwertzman Interviewee: Henry
August 22, 2005
Introducing [L to R]: C.F.R. President Richard Haass;
Judith Kipper, Director, Middle East Forum;
James M. Lindsay Vice President, Director of Studies;
Maurice R. Greenberg, Chair
-- Refugees and the Displaced - January 1997
Refugees into Citizens: Palestinians and the End of the
Arab-Israeli Conflict
By Donna E. Arzt Book
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April 10, 2003 Internally Displaced Persons in Iraq: A
Potential Crisis? By Arthur C. Helton and Gil Loescher OpEd
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Helton Op-Ed January 9, 2003 Building the Capacity to ReIntegrate Angolan Returnees Transcript
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and Gil Loescher Op-Ed July 16, 2002 War on Terror Hurts
Refugees Too, By Arthur C. Helton Op-Ed
-See more in Terrorism, Society and Culture
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President Richard N. Haass
Richard Haass, a former director of policy planning in the
State Department, is president of the Council on Foreign
"There is a growing awareness in Israel that the current
situation -- one of open-ended Israeli occupation of
lands mostly populated by Palestinians -- is inconsistent
with Israel's determination to remain a secure,
prosperous, Jewish and democratic state. . ." Biography
Excerpts: Experience: Richard Haass is President of the
Council on Foreign Relations, a position he has held since
July 2003. The Council, based in New York with an office in
Washington, DC, is an independent, national membership
organization and a nonpartisan center for scholars dedicated
to producing and disseminating ideas so that individual and
corporate members, as well as policymakers, journalists,
students, and interested citizens in the United States and
other countries, can better understand the world and the
foreign policy choices facing the United States and other
governments. Until June 2003, Richard Haass was Director
of Policy Planning for the Department of State, where he was
a principal advisor to Secretary of State Colin Powell on a
broad range of foreign policy concerns. Confirmed by the
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More on Pres. Haass: CFR on GUSH KATIF POGROM
Let's Seize Opportunity While We Can
Author: Richard N. Haass
February 6, 2005 Miami Herald
Let's seize opportunity while we can.
On reading the CFR materials, one gets the decided
impression that the CFR not only supported the Pogrom
on the Jews of Gush Katif, and others; but possibly
created it. Direct links to the Israel Gov sites promoting
it. None of the material even remotely addresses the
harm it has caused.
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the West Bank’s largest settlement, Maale Adumim, to
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20 Apr 2005
Introduction Hope for the prospects of peace has revived in recent
months. The death of Yasser Arafat and the election of his
successor, Mahmoud Abbas, have fostered the expectation
of a new era in relations between Israelis and Palestinians.
Within this context, Israel’s Disengagement Plan, introduced
in December 2003, should be seen as an important step
Ever since the 1967 Six Day War brought Judea and
Samaria (the West Bank) and the Gaza Strip under Israel’s
administration, their status has been in contention. Israel was
forced to wage that war in self-defense, and the disputed
territories were held not as the object of conquest, but to be
part of eventual negotiations for lasting peace.
back to CFR President Haass oped promoting the
destruction of Israel
It has been a long time since the words opportunity and
Middle East appeared in the same sentence. But now they
are. Even better, this optimism may have some basis in
reality. One important reason for this change in attitude is, of
course, Yasser Arafat's disappearance from the scene. Like
the Thane of Cawdor in Shakespeare's Macbeth, "Nothing in
his life became him like the leaving it."
Arafat never grew beyond the man who appeared at the
United Nations decades ago with both an olive branch and a
gun. His unwillingness to jettison terror and choose
diplomacy proved his undoing, as he lost legitimacy in the
eyes of both Israel and the United States. The result was the
failure to create a Palestinian state.
But it is not simply Arafat's passing that provides cause for
optimism. We now have a Palestinian leadership legitimized
by elections, one that appears to be opposed to using
terrorism as a tool to achieve political aims. Mahmoud Abbas
(Abu Mazen) has a good record of questioning the wisdom of
the intifada that has taken too many lives and caused only
misery and destruction on all sides.
Changes in Israel are also contributing to the mood swing.
There is a growing awareness in Israel that the current
situation -- one of open-ended Israeli occupation of lands
mostly populated by Palestinians -- is inconsistent with
Israel's determination to remain a secure, prosperous,
Jewish and democratic state.
The formation of a new Israeli government, one more centrist
in its composition and support, is another positive
development. Israel is now led by a prime minister who has
the ability to make historic choices and a government
inclined to support him.
But opportunity is just that. Middle East history is replete with
examples of missed and lost chances to make peace. The
challenge now is to break this pattern and turn today's
opportunity into reality.
Govern responsibly
This requires that the promised Israeli disengagement from
Gaza and parts of the West Bank succeed. But "success"
entails more than departing Israelis. It also requires that
Palestinians demonstrate that they can govern responsibly
and that they can put an end to terrorist violence emanating
from Palestinian soil.
What happens in Gaza after Israel leaves will have a
profound impact on Israeli politics. If Gaza turns into a
lawless failed state, one that is a base for attacks on Israelis,
it will be difficult to persuade Israel to withdraw from other
areas that it now occupies. But if Palestinians in Gaza
demonstrate that they can rule themselves and be a good
neighbor, a key justification for Israel's continuing occupation
elsewhere will weaken.
Palestinians will need help if things are to turn out right in
Gaza. The United States, Europe and Arab states such as
Egypt, along with Russia and the United Nations, all have a
responsibility to assist Abbas. Palestinians need financial
and technical help to build up a unified and capable security
establishment, to revive a moribund economy and to build a
modern, transparent political system.
Domestic challenges
It is also important that the Gaza withdrawal be a beginning,
not an end, to the political process. There must be a link
between what takes place in Gaza and a comprehensive
settlement to the Palestinian question if Abbas is to persuade
a majority of his people that diplomacy and compromise
deliver more than violence and confrontation.
Here, too, there is an important role for America to play. In
fact, the United States has already begun to do what is
required. In a September 2004 letter to Israeli Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon, President Bush reassured Israelis that it was
"unrealistic to expect that the outcome of final status
negotiations will be a full and complete return to the armistice
lines of 1949." The framework for a solution to the
Palestinian refugee issue "will need to be found through the
establishment of a Palestinian state and the settling of
Palestinian refugees there, rather than in Israel."
These promises meant a great deal to Sharon as he faced
domestic political challenges. What is needed now is a
parallel letter from Bush to Abbas. Such a letter could spell
out the U.S. commitment to a viable, contiguous, sovereign
and independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines,
with compensation provided by Israel wherever territorial
adjustments are agreed.
Territorial return
In return, Palestinians would need to pledge to reject the use
of violence and terror once and for all. The United States
should not, however, make the establishment of a full
Palestinian democracy a prerequisite for territorial return and
peace. To delay negotiations until Palestinian democracy
matured would only persuade Palestinians that diplomacy
was a ruse and give many a reason to turn to violence.
After more than a half-century of Israeli-Palestinian conflict,
translating opportunity into reality will be difficult enough
without introducing new
desirable, are not essential.
Judith Kipper: Expert on Israel???
- Judith Kipper Director, Middle East Forum –
Contact Info: Phone: 202-518-3416 E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Washington, District of Columbia Israel July 2,
2003 Mideast Expert Sees 'New Chapter' in Push for IsraeliPalestinian Peace Judith Kipper interviewed by Bernard
Gwertzman, Interview
-See more in Israel, Palestinian Authority
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Brookings Institution (1987-95); Resident Fellow, American
Enterprise Institute (1980-86); former consultant to RAND on
international affairs.
Education: B.A., University of California, Los Angeles.
Selected Publications: The Middle East in Global
Perspective (co-editor, 1991).
Research Projects: Energy Security Group, Middle East
Judith Kipper Director, Middle East Forum
Middle East analyst with expertise in U.S. Middle East policy,
regional politics and development, Arab-Israeli peace
process, Gulf region, Iran, and Iraq.
Expertise: Middle East and Persian Gulf regional
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Peacemaking August 22, 2005
Siegman: Crucial for Sharon to Offer Palestinians Full Peace
Negotiations in Return for Ending Violence
Henry Siegman interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman,
See more in Palestinian Authority, Peacemaking
July 27, 2005 Mideast Road Map Essential Documents Pllan
See more in Middle East, Palestinian Authority,
Siegman: Crucial for Sharon to Offer Palestinians Full
Peace Negotiations in Return for Ending Violence
Interviewer: Bernard Gwertzman Interviewee: Henry
August 22, 2005
Henry Siegman, the Council’s top expert on Israeli and
Palestinian issues, says that in the aftermath of the
successful withdrawal of Israelis from Gaza, it is imperative
for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to offer President Mahmoud
Abbas a return to full negotiations on all aspects of the socalled “road map” to peace if the Palestinian leader can put
an end to violence against Israel.
“If Sharon will take the position that Israel will not move on
the road map until all violence comes to an end, without
adding that if the Palestinians succeed in ending the
violence, then Israel is prepared to negotiate all the issues
included in the road map - the pre-1967 border, the capital of
a Palestinian state in Jerusalem, trading territories in order to
accommodate the major Israeli settlement blocks in the West
Bank, etc.- then it will be clear he is using the security issue
to prevent a peace process, and the Gaza withdrawal was
nothing more than a ploy to gain time for the deepening of
Jewish settlements in the West Bank,” says Siegman, senior
fellow and director of the U.S./Middle East Project at the
Council on Foreign Relations. “If he makes it clear that
Palestinian success in dealing with terror will create a
genuine Palestinian state, then we’re on the way back to the
road map.”
Siegman was interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman, consulting
editor for, on August 22, 2005.
With the Israelis now having concluded the withdrawal
of settlers from the Gaza strip, what‟s your impression of
the way the operation was handled?
I think it went far better than anyone could have anticipated.
There were instances where the Israeli military seemed to be
more tolerant than circumstances required. Some people
may ask: If the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) can show this
kind of forbearance toward Israeli settlers even when they
break the law - some of them in very outrageous ways - how
can they justify their behavior in dealing with demonstrations
by Arabs who are Israeli citizens, and also Palestinians on
the other side of the border, who hold non-violent
demonstrations to protest Israeli government’s policies? As
we know, in previous instances where Israeli Arabs were
involved, several were killed by the Israeli police. That’s not
to take away any credit from the way [the IDF] handled the
settlers, but it does raise some serious questions [about]
whether it is necessary for them to be as brutal as they often
are in dealing with Israeli Arabs or Palestinians.
How did you think the Palestinians acted during this
withdrawal period?
They showed the kind of restraint responsible people hoped
they would by not engaging in activities that would have
made it impossible for [Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon to
continue the withdrawal, or to provide fodder for criticism by
Sharon’s opponents. So on balance, the Palestinians,
particularly President Mahmoud Abbas, behaved very well. I
also have to say Hamas, who most people believed would
act irresponsibly and attack the Israelis, also behaved well. I
think the reason they didn’t [attack] is not necessarily out of
compassion for the settlers or consideration for Sharon, but
because they understood the Palestinian public would have
been very angry with them - and they would have lost a great
deal of political support - had they attacked the IDF or the
settlers during the withdrawal.
What are the next political steps for both the Israeli and
Palestinian sides in coming weeks and months?
Sharon has a number of issues he has to deal with, all of
them complex, and they fall under two major headings. The
first one is Gaza itself. If Sharon wants this withdrawal to be
a bridge towards the resumption of the peace process - and
to make sure Gaza is not turned into a hotbed of renewed
terrorism - then he must do certain things that would enable
Palestinians in Gaza to revive their economy, to create a
political horizon for a return to the peace process, and more
specifically, [to help them achieve] a Palestinian state, so
they do not come to the conclusion that this was indeed what
Sharon intended - Gaza first and Gaza last - as some critics
were saying all along.
What are these things that Sharon has to do?
He has to open the borders and place them under
international supervision. [This will] enable the Gazans to
conduct trade and have free movement of people and goods,
subject to international controls at the crossing points, both
to the West Bank itself - so there is secure access for
Gazans to the West Bank - and also to Egypt, Jordan and
the rest of the world. There will not be any investment in
Gaza if Gaza doesn’t have the opportunity to trade with the
rest of the world and export its agricultural and manufactured
goods. That’s absolutely key.
This also requires that the airport be reopened. Palestinians
also need a seaport, but that’s for the future. It will take them
at least three years to build a seaport, which only
emphasizes the importance of opening these other points of
entry and exit into Gaza. If that does not happen, Gaza will
be turned into a large prison.
Has Israel at this point agreed to any of these issues?
There’s no final agreement on any of them. Sharon has said
Israel is looking at these matters, but so far [he] has made no
definitive commitments.
Is there a timetable for Israel on this? It‟s going to be a
while before Palestinians move into this area, right?
The need to open up Gaza to outside investment, to
manufacturing, to a revived agriculture, all of that is
immediate, and is not dependant on moving [Palestinians]
into the area where settlements existed.
Is [former president of the World Bank] James
Wolfensohn, a special U.S. envoy on economic
questions, working on this problem too?
He is. He has an incredibly difficult job and is doing it as well
as anyone can. What he’s doing there, from my point of view,
is truly amazing.
What is he doing?
He has defined the issues and [determined] what Gaza
needs to succeed. He has personally helped raise public
money from governments and public institutions like the
World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the
European Union, and has [also] raised money from the
private sector. For example, he put together $14 million
dollars toward a much larger sum of money, most of which is
public money, for the purchase of the greenhouses-the greenhouses and the dairy.
Right. They were bought from the settlers so they could be
left in place and used by the Gaza Palestinians. And he
personally contributed half a million dollars toward the
purchase of those greenhouses. So he’s doing an
outstanding job. But in the end, it is the government of Israel
that has to agree to these arrangements.
And the second set of issues for Sharon?
They deal with the political process, particularly returning to
the road map and the peace process. And that means, at the
very least, he must finally put an end to the expansion of
settlements; he must finally keep his word about dismantling
the illegal outposts; and he must also halt plans for
construction in East Jerusalem, whose express purpose is to
prevent the establishment of a capital in any part of East
Jerusalem for a future Palestinian state. These are the things
he must do now. They’re all demanded and required by the
road map. These are things he must do if Palestinians are
not to conclude that withdrawal from Gaza was not intended
to renew the peace process, but rather to deepen Israel’s
occupation of the West Bank. And if they do come to that
conclusion, then we can say goodbye to Abu Mazen
[Mohammed Abbas’ nom de guerre], to the peace process,
and to the possibility of Gaza itself succeeding in terms of its
economy and governance.
The Palestinians have scheduled their parliamentary
elections for the end of January. Will there likely be an
Israeli election in the same time period?
There’s likely to be one. We don’t know that yet.
Is Sharon‟s popularity now high or low?
His popularity remains higher than that of any other politician
in Israel, despite the unhappiness of the extreme right wing
and the settlers. However, his popularity among members of
the Likud party is not high. There’s a great deal of
disenchantment and even anger with him, and former Prime
Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is now seeking to take
advantage of that anger to run against him and to replace
him as the Likud candidate for prime minister in the next
The polls have shown Netanyahu enjoys greater support
than Sharon within the Likud. Those same polls have also
shown that if Sharon were to decide to leave the Likud - if he
were to come to the conclusion that he cannot defeat
Netanyahu, and instead establish a new centrist party
drawing on some of the more moderate members of the
Likud and more importantly, moderate Israelis generally, and
get Shimon Peres and his Labor Party and the Shinui [a
secular Israeli party] to join with him - such a party would
emerge in the next election as dominant and would form the
next government.
And this centrist party, I assume, would be more willing
to go to road map negotiations?
Yes, exactly. And what also would make it possible for such
a centrist party to do that - to return to the road map, which
means doing some difficult things - is the fact that as a
consequence of the experiences Israelis have had this past
week, there is a fairly widespread disenchantment with the
settlers. Israelis no longer see them as the best and the
brightest but as a danger to the country and its democracy.
Israelis may now feel more confident about taking the risk of
doing some difficult things required by the road map that they
would not have considered doing before, when they feared
the power and influence of the settlers. The settlers emerge
from this confrontation considerably weakened, a shadow of
what they were before.
That‟s interesting because in the United States, so much
TV footage has been of the settlers, showing them in a
very sympathetic light. But the same TV images in Israel
did not win them much support?
No, it did not. I think the Israelis generally empathized with
their anguish, but there’s been a demystification of the
settlers. And I think this will have serious political
consequences. I think from the point of view of the peace
process, that is one of the most positive outcomes of this
encounter between the largely secular and centrist Jewish
public in Israel and the settlers.
What about the Palestinians? What do they have to do?
What Palestinians need to do most importantly is to clean up
their own government. Their government under the
leadership of Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei is comprised of
many people who are held in contempt by the Palestinian
public. They are seen as self-dealing, as corrupt, and as
simply politically inept. For a long time now, the Palestinian
public has been furious that they have been allowed to stay
in office.
Abu Mazen’s greatest challenge is to replace these people
and to open up the Fatah component of the Palestinian
Authority - which is by far its most important political
component - to new elections, which have been resisted by
the old guard. He must allow new young people, referred to
as the young guard, to run for office and to replace these
people. That’s one of the most important things he has to do.
Equally important, he has to take some tough measures on
the security front. He must finally create a security system
that is in fact under the control of the central government. So
far, he has not done so.
Is that because he‟s not able to?
He is far too weak. He has two problems: first, he is too weak
politically. If he were to try to take on Hamas, he would
trigger a Palestinian civil war that the Palestinian public
would not support. He must first show that his opposition to
violence and terror produces tangible benefits for the
Palestinian population, which the intifada and those
advocating violence could not produce. And [second] he
must also show that [his way] produces a credible political
path to Palestinian statehood. There is an interdependence
here between what he is able to do and what Sharon is
willing to do. And Sharon has to allow the strengthening of
the Palestinian security forces that were destroyed during the
intifada by the IDF. So Israel has to permit Abu Mazen to
rebuild that security structure. So far, Israel has opposed
even allowing the Palestinian Authority’s security forces to
obtain the new vehicles and arms they need to confront
Hamas. Sharon cannot say to Abu Mazen, “You may not
have the arms and you may not have the necessary
equipment to confront the terrorists, but you must dismantle
So there is a very real interdependence between the two.
Neither Abbas nor Sharon can succeed without each of them
doing what the other needs to succeed.
Should the United States get more involved than it is
The United States has become more involved than it had
been in the past, but so far mostly on the rhetorical level.
[Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice has taken a more
personal role and State Department officials have been there
as well, on a fairly regular basis. But the question of whether
the Bush administration is prepared to put some real political
muscle behind the rhetoric remains unanswered. And the
pressure must begin with Sharon, because Sharon still
insists he is nowhere near returning to the road map.
What is the single most important thing in getting the parties
back to the peace process?
There are, of course, many factors that are important if the
Gaza withdrawal is to lead to a sustainable peace process.
But if I have to identify the most important one, I would say it
is how Prime Minister Sharon will deal with the security
issue. If Sharon will take the position that Israel will not move
on the road map until all violence comes to an end, without
adding that if the Palestinians succeed in ending the
violence, then Israel is prepared to negotiate all the issues
included in the road map- the pre-1967 border, the capital of
a Palestinian state in Jerusalem, trading territories in order to
accommodate the major Israeli settlement blocks in the West
Bank, etc.- then it will be clear he is using the security issue
to prevent a peace process, and the Gaza withdrawal was
nothing more than a ploy to gain time for the deepening of
Jewish settlements in the West Bank. If he makes it clear
that Palestinian success in dealing with terror will create a
genuine Palestinian state, then we’re on the way back to the
road map. If all he says is, “First I want an end to terror and
then we’ll see,” then a return to violence is inevitable.
--- Copyright 2005 by the Council on Foreign Relations. All
Rights Reserved. --------Related Materials
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Doran: Anti-Americanism Fanned by Saudi
Conservatives Interview - By Bernard Gwertzman, Michael
Doran . . . are depicting the struggle as not just Islam versus
the Christianity and Judaism of America and Israel, but
Christianity and Judaism aligned with Shiism. . . . 34k February 5, 2004
MIDDLE EAST: Peace Plans Background Background
Q&A - By Esther Pan . . . Israel refused. (The Temple Mount,
or Al Haram al-Sharif, is sacred to both Judaism and Islam.
The compound’s summit includes the Dome of the
Rock, an . . . 37k - February 7, 2005
Make Peace, Not War, Inevitable in Mideast Op-Ed - By
Dafna Hochman
. . . Jews. Dan, from a secular family of Holocaust survivors,
was able to clearly articulate to Rami why the Israelis
demanded a capital in Judaism's holiest city.
. . . 26k - March 26, 2002
At War With an Idea; Strife Is Not the Only Way Op-Ed By Dafna Hochman . . . a holy war against the Jews. Dan,
from a secular family of Holocaust survivors, told Rami why
the Israelis demanded a capital in Judaism's holiest city. . . .
26k - March 24, 2002
Sharon‟s Gamble Could Trigger a Holy War Op-Ed - By
Henry Siegman . . . in the Palestinian government”. Mr.
Halevy also insisted that the conflict between Judaism and
Islam was “resolvable” and that the two could achieve “a . . .
24k - April 7, 2004
Democracy Be Careful What You Wish For Op-Ed - By
Youssef Michel Ibrahim . . . to Cairo from all over the country
to take part in the funeral. As in Judaism, Islamic burials
have to be carried out a day after death. The adherents had
no . . . 28k - March 23, 1970
Democracy in Iraq? Be Careful What You Wish For OpEd - By Youssef Michel Ibrahim. . . to Cairo from all over the
country to take part in the funeral. As in Judaism, Islamic
burials have to be carried out a day after death. The
adherents had no . . . 28k - March 30, 2003
Extreme Measures Journal Article - By Walter Russell
Mead . . . On precisely the "philosophical-religious" level,
Islam acknowledges Christianity and Judaism as legitimate if
misguided religions and asserts more clearly . . . 24k - July
25, 1999
Next year, Jerusalem? Op-Ed - By Joanathan Lincoln . . .
then the recognition of a shared religious legacy is an
imperative starting point. Judaism and Islam have a much
better chance of finding common ground than do . . . 24k July 24, 2005 Remarks by His Majesty King Abdullah II to
the Council on . . . Transcript . . . From our soil, the Levant,
faith in One God . . . the united belief of Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam . . . took root and spread across the
world. Today, we . . . 29k - September 18, 2003
Don't Be Fooled by Sharon's 'New' Message Op-Ed - By
Henry Siegman . . . is indistinguishable from anti-Semitism.
That is a lie that defames Judaism and
demeans the enlightened ideals that animated the classical
Zionist enterprise . . . 27k - December 26, 2003
No god but God Transcript - By Reza Aslan, Steven A.
Cook . . . like Anglicanism in the UK [United Kingdom], like
Hinduism in India, like Judaism in Israel, is a perfectly
suitable ideological framework to create the moral . . . 74k May 12, 2005
The Theological Iron Curtain Journal Article - By Joseph
Lieberman . . . obligations of Islam, one that is echoed in the
other two monotheistic faiths of Judaism and Christianity. It
should also be at the core of our relations with . . . 35k October 17, 2003
The New European Institutions: An Opportunity for . . .
Transcript - By Valerie d'Estaing. . .but significant, if we put in
the constitution a reference to Christianity and Judaism, we
must— we’re obliged to put Islam also. So then you
have a . . . 67k - March 7, 2005[PDF]
Report of the Conference on Nigeria . . . same." Muslim
participants stressed the common roots that Islam shares
with Judaism and Christianity, as well as some similar
elements with Chinese traditions . . . [PDF] The Foreign
Policy of Hamas Page 1. The Foreign Policy of Hamas
Muhammad Muslih council on foreign relations new york
Page 2. . . . Page 3. . . .
#3 Search: Jewish
Results 1 - 10 of about 365.
Op-ed in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency Journal Article By Joseph Lieberman . . . home > by publication type >
journal articles > Op-ed in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. . .
. Op-ed in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. . . . 22k - January
11, 2004
The Truth About Jewish and Muslim Claims to
Jerusalem Op-Ed - By Henry Siegman. . . home > by
publication type > op-eds > The Truth About Jewish and
Muslim Claims to Jerusalem. . . . The Truth About Jewish
and Muslim Claims to Jerusalem. . . . 25k - August 10, 2000
Next year, Jerusalem? Op-Ed - By Joanathan Lincoln . . .
history and religious significance reveals a legacy of
coexistence enshrined in Jewish and Islamic traditions. This
legacy is largely ignored by Israelis and . . . 24k - July 24,
Swapping Gaza for the West Bank? Op-Ed - By Jonathan
Lincoln . . . it should be clear that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon's plan to remove Jewish settlers and Israeli military
installations from Gaza does not signify the . . . 21k - April 1,
In the Mideast, Ask the Right Question Op-Ed - By Henry
Siegman . . . may yet invest the peace process with the
energy and direction it now lacks - is whether there is still
hope for the survival of Israel as a Jewish state. . . . 25k May 5, 2005
A Symbolic Strike Op-Ed - By Warren Bass . . . gent who'd
slap burekas, rice and schnitzel onto the plates of students
with a democratic enthusiasm that cared not a whit whether
they were Jewish or Arab. . . . 24k - August 18, 2002
Makovsky: Very Hot Political Summer Ahead in Israel
Interview - By Bernard Gwertzman, David B. Makovsky . . .
former managing editor of the Jerusalem Post, says his
worst fear is that Jewish extremists will attempt to
assassinate Prime Minister Ariel Sharon or blow up . . .32k July 21, 2005
TSUNAMI DISASTER: Aid Organizations and Agencies
Background Q&A . . . Quake Fund Air Serv International
American Friends Service Committee American Jewish Joint
Distribution Committee, Inc. American Jewish World Service
American . . . 22k - January 3, 2005
Israel: A Historic Statement Journal Article - By Henry
Siegman . . . year-old conflict between Israel and the
Palestinians ever expressed by any Jewish leader. It holds
the potential of transforming the Israeli-Palestinian and . . .
27k - February 8, 2001
Sharon Betrays Israel's Founders Op-Ed - By Henry
Siegman . . . chaos in the wake of the promised withdrawal
from Gaza -- and to widen Jewish settlement activity
throughout the West Bank gives the lie to such wishful . . .
26k - August 20, 2004
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Make Peace, Not War, Inevitable in Mideast Op-Ed - By
Dafna Hochman . . . their clashing existential claims to the
same homeland. Such a fatalism predicts that Jew will kill
Arab and Arab will kill Jew until a Mideastern doomsday. . . .
26k - March 26, 2002
At War With an Idea; Strife Is Not the Only Way Op-Ed By Dafna Hochman . . . their clashing existential claims to
the same homeland. Such a fatalism predicts that Jew will kill
Arab and Arab will kill Jew until a Middle Eastern doomsday .
. . 26k - March 24, 2002
Israel and Bias in the American Press Op-Ed - By Scott B.
Lasenksy . . . the former is the now-famous mislabeled photo
of a bleeding young American Jew in Jerusalem running
from an Arab mob. The menacing-looking Israeli soldier, we .
. . 25k - December 30, 2002
The Middle East Roadmap and Its Aftermath Transcript By Henry Siegman, The Honorable Brent Scowcroft, Sari
Nusseibeh, Ami Ayalon . . . Arabs, represented in this case
by the Palestinian in the forefront, and the Jew, represented
by Israel, in the forefront in this conflict. And I personally . . .
61k - September 15, 2003
Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies
Transcript - By Ian Buruma, Fouad Ajami . . . Jews. And as
[political philosopher] Isaiah Berlin described Karl Marx as
the typical German Jew, the yeke of all yekes. "His humor
was as heavy as his food . . . 77k - April 22, 2004
The Myth of an American Neoconservative Cabal Op-Ed By Max Boot . . . Some use it as a virtual synonym for “Jew,”
citing neocon thinkers like former Pentagon official Richard
Perle and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz . . . 27k
- January 14, 2004
A Troublesome Truth Op-Ed - By Scott B. Lasenksy . . . for
wearing two hats - "that of the American ambassador and
that of a Jew." On the latter score, both veteran Middle East
watchers and two generations of . . . 21k - December 16,
'After Jihad': A Delicate Balance Journal Article - By
Jonathan D. Tepperman . . . constitutional law, he's very
young (in his early 30's), was raised an Orthodox Jew and
worked for Al Gore during the Florida vote recount.
Nonetheless, he's . . . 26k - July 6, 2003
Daniel in the Den of Lions Journal Article - By Mahnaz
Ispahani . . . who was discovering too much in a place
where such knowledge can kill; he was a Jew with family
links to Israel in a place where, Levy correctly points out, an .
. . 31k - September 28, 2003
Worried About a Foreign Policy of Going It Alone
Interview - By Chris Hedges, Richard N. Haass . . . As a Jew
I never read the New Testament until I went to Oberlin," he
said. "In Israel I could read texts that were thousands of
years old and walk in the same . . . 24k - September 9, 2003
Map of the Middle East Without Middle Ground Journal
Article - By Max Boot . . . Israel that he was denounced by
some right-wingers as a ''self-hating Jew.'' More neutral
observers generally agreed that Mr. Ross was a fair
negotiator . . . 26k - August 18, 2004
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Note how Islam is referred to as an entity, in relation to other
entities: Judaism and Israel are in relations to "Palestinians",
Arabs, etc.
EUROPE: Integrating Islam Background Q&A - By Esther
Pan . . . See Also. . . . EUROPE: Integrating Islam. Author:
Esther Pan. . . . How have European countries dealt with the
practice of Islam? . . . 37k - July 13, 2005
Roundtable on the Middle East and Islam . . . home > the
cfr think tank > research projects > Roundtable on the Middle
East and Islam. . . . Research Project. Roundtable on the
Middle East and Islam. . . . 42k
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Background Q&A. Related Materials. . . . See Also. Iraq.
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Islam in Africa Transcript - By Stephen Ellis, Jeffrey Tayler,
Princeton N. Lyman, Sulayman Nyang . . . Islam in Africa. . .
. LYMAN: Policy, Jeff? TAYLER: I was going to actually
speak to the question about whether Islam was radicalizing. .
. . 79k - March 14, 2005
Faith-Based Initiatives: Can Islam Bring Democracy to
the . . . Journal Article - By Ray Takeyh . . . The World
Should Not Pin Its Hopes on Rafsanjani By Ray Takeyh OpEd. Faith-Based Initiatives: Can Islam Bring Democracy to
the Middle East? . . . 29k - January 1, 2002
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Romanowski, Mahnaz Afkhami . . . Audio. Related Materials.
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Afkhami, Transcript. Tanya Gilly-Khailany on Shiite
Federalism Interview. . . . Women in Islam. . . . 21k - June 2,
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Princeton N. Lyman, Sulayman Nyang . . . Audio. Related
Materials. Islam in Africa By Stephen Ellis, Jeffrey Tayler,
Princeton N. Lyman and Sulayman Nyang Transcript. . . .
See Also. . . . Islam in Africa. . . .21k - March 14, 2005
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CFR openly promotes Arab interests
Towards Greater Democracy in the Muslim World
Transcript - By Richard N. Haass . . . home > by publication
type > transcripts > Towards Greater Democracy in the
Muslim World. ... Towards Greater Democracy in the Muslim
World. Author: Richard N. Haass. . . . 55k - December 4,
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Group on US Foreign Policy and the Muslim World. . . .
Study Group on US Foreign Policy and the Muslim World. . .
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Muslim 'Fear and Loathing' of the US. . . . 31k - June 18,
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Democratization. Toward a Greater Democracy in the Muslim
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40k - July 9, 2003
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Terrorism Op-Ed - By David L. Phillips. . . home > by
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Essential to Countering Terrorism. . . . Moderate Muslim
States Are Essential to Countering Terrorism. . . . 27k September 24, 2001
The Truth About Jewish and Muslim Claims to
Jerusalem Op-Ed - By Henry Siegman. . . home > by
publication type > op-eds > The Truth About Jewish and
Muslim Claims to Jerusalem. . . . The Truth About Jewish
and Muslim Claims to Jerusalem. . . . 25k - August 10, 2000
Toward Greater Democracy in the Muslim World Journal
Article - By Richard N. Haass. . . home > by publication type
> journal articles > Toward Greater Democracy in the Muslim
World. . . . Toward Greater Democracy in the Muslim World. .
. . 19k - June 1, 2003
Muslim Politics Project . . . Research Project . . . 13k
The Truth About Jewish and Muslim Claims to
Author: Henry Siegman August 10, 2000 International
Herald Tribune
NEW YORK - When the sages of the Talmud had
irreconcilable differences over a point of Theology or law,
they decided to defer a decision to the Messiah, when he
comes. It is a legal fiction referred to in the Talmud as teiku.
Teiku is the only solution to the issue of sovereignty over
Jerusalem’s holiest site.
By every account, Israel and the Palestinians made
significant progress on most of the permanent-status issues
during their 15-day negotiations at Camp David. Only the
issue of Jerusalem defied agreement, thus rendering all
other agreements null and void. The ground rules included a
clear understanding that "nothing is agreed to until
everything is agreed to."
So both sides preferred to abandon historic agreements on
most of the issues that divide them for the sake of retaining
certain claims to sovereignty over parts of East Jerusalem.
For Israelis, a redivision of Jerusalem, which has served as
the "undivided, eternal capital" of the Jewish state since
1967, is inconceivable. Equally inconceivable to Palestinians
is Jewish sovereignty over Arab neighborhoods in East
Jerusalem, and above all over the Haram al Sharif, on which
stand the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques.
The surpassing irony is that by failing to reach an accord,
each side is in fact bringing about the very situation it is
seeking to prevent. Israel is all but assuring the division of
Jerusalem, and the Palestinians are assuring that they will
have far less access to their holiest shrines than they now
Israel has had complete sovereignty over all of East
Jerusalem for more than three decades, yet for Israelis the
Palestinian areas of East Jerusalem might just as well be on
the other side of the moon. Most Israelis have never entered
these areas, a foreign and threatening place for them. It is
quite common for Israeli taxi drivers to refuse to take
passengers to these parts of East Jerusalem.
If that is today’s reality, how much more isolated will East
Jerusalem be from the rest of the city in conditions of far
greater political confrontation, or even of actual violence. In
those perilous circumstances, the division between
Palestinian areas of East Jerusalem and Jerusalem’s Jewish
parts would become complete. This radical fragmentation of
the city is the predictable consequence of a sterile Israeli
policy denying manifestations of Palestinian sovereignty.
The consequences of Palestinian rigidity are equally
predictable. Today, Palestinian Muslims enjoy largely
unfettered access to the Haram al Sharif. But absent a peace
agreement, and most certainly after a unilateral declaration
of Palestinian statehood, Palestinian access to this area will
be curtailed by Israel. In the case of violence, it may well be
halted entirely.
In the name of protecting the unity of the city and
guaranteeing access to holy places in East Jerusalem, both
sides are in fact accomplishing the opposite. It is clear that
only by reaching an agreement that creates new levels of
sharing can the unity of Jerusalem and access to its holy
places can be enhanced.
Which brings us to the dirty little secret about
Jerusalem. Both Islam and Judaism have managed quite
well over the centuries (in the case of Judaism, for two
millennia) even when they did not exercise political
sovereignty on the Temple Mount, as they call the Haram
al Sharif. They would undoubtedly continue to manage
well without such sovereignty in the future.
What neither side can apparently imagine is yielding
sovereignty over its shrine to the adversary. It is Jewish
sovereignty over the Haram al Sharif and Muslim sovereignty
over the Temple Mount that most outrages the
religious/national sensibilities of Muslims and Jews, not the
absence of their own sovereignty.
This unpleasant truth suggests the solution - both sides
deferring indefinitely the issue of sovereignty over Temple
Mount/Haram al Sharif.
This does not preclude Palestinian sovereignty in areas of
Jerusalem in which Palestinians predominate, a possibility
that Ehud Barak conceded at Camp David. Palestinians
would continue to have administrative control of the Haram al
Sharif, as they do now, and unfettered access to the
mosques from the Palestinian side would be assured by a
sovereign land connection.
Israel would defer any further action on its claim to
sovereignty over the Temple Mount, but it would not
concede anyone else‟s sovereignty.
Some may dismiss this proposal as politically unrealistic
since it requires Israel to withdraw its earlier annexation of
the Temple Mount. In fact it requires no such thing, for,
contrary to conventional assumptions, Israel never annexed
East Jerusalem. In 1967, Israel’s government decided to
apply Israeli law and administration to the enlarged municipal
boundaries of Jerusalem. The terms "sovereignty" and
"annexation" do not appear in the Knesset’s legislation.
** Ladies and gentlemen, the CFR. Now go and do nothing.
Once again, proof that, at least in the case of Rabin, I helped
change a country.
Here is the latest poll, conducted by the popular news portal,
Rotter. Surprise, surprise. Two thirds of Israelis don't believe
the government.
Do you believe the official version of the Rabin Murder ??
21.5% - I believe it's true
5.1% - Most of it is true
8.5% - Partially, half-half
13.6% - Mostly lies.
51.4% - I don't believe it [at all]
Number of votes 3214
Date of survey 04.08.2005
Being the eternal optimist, I am backing a strong idea for
salvaging what's left of the country. This is the tenth
anniversary of the Rabin assassination and Sharon is
planning to make a huge deal of it.
Show up in force at Rabin's Memorial Service this year. Drive
the truth to the surface! If you are interested in helping out in
any way, write me or call.
I have been accused of being insensitive by condemning
anyone who helps resettle the Gush Katif refugees. Sharon
applauds you all. You're letting the government off the hook.
Correspondent Marlene Young expands on the issue:
The Danger of Hugging the Expulsion
The Yesha Leaders were, to be generous, unwittingly used
to coordinate with the Police, IDF and Mofaz on every act of
"resistance" they would be "allowed" to take. All mass rallies
were held BEFORE the Disengagement, not during, which
could have prevented it! They coordinated in the disarming of
all the Jewish citizens in the communities slated for
destruction, based on an imbalanced lone gunman who
Sharon managed not to arrest even as he arrested a
thousand "settler extremists", including kids. Not one, not
one, PA terrorist has been disarmed in violation of all
Accords and the Roadmap, but Sharon, as part of the
"Disengagement" accomplished the disarming of thousands
of law-abiding citizens in Israel, and the portrayal of Rightist
and Religious Israeli citizens protesting their expulsion as
Listen carefully: A neighborhood in which Jews are
convinced to cry and hug those sent to expel them will be
quickly expelled again and again. A neighborhood in which
every single law-abiding Jewish citizen was armed and
demanded new elections and investigations of those
involved in the Expulsion Plans could never be destroyed
and expelled. Never.
September 9: You went looking for Shimon Peres, you got
Yigal Amir. The web site looks like a copy
of the Labor Party site but the headline reads: Rabin's Killers
Are Still Free. In response, Labor Party youth director, Roi
Ben David received permission to lodge a police complaint
from Labor Party Secretary Eitan Cabel. The complaint was
issued against Barry Chamish, who is mentioned on the site.
Chamish is known in Labor Party and Yesha circles for his
book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, which attempts to prove
Amir's innocence in the assassination.
Peres spokesman, Yoram Drori added that a warrant for the
arrest and incarceration in a psychiatric hospital should be
issued to those behind the web site.
Very shortly I will be questioned by the police for no reason.
As usual, the news site NRG and the Labor Party didn't ask
me a basic question: Is this my web site? It is not. I have
nothing to do with it. My work appears on it as does my work
on a hundred other sites. But in this case, it was used
without telling me.
So, a false arrest is on the way.
Now this could actually turn out for the best. I will show up for
questioning with as many documents and films as necessary
to prove my research is correct. And I will once again, submit
a complaint as I did over five years ago, that Peres as prime
minister in 1995-96, led the official coverup of the Rabin
But do keep in mind, the Labor Party largely owns the police
and things could also turn out very nasty for me. In such a
case, I have a vast storage of material I have not released. I
will be sorting it out this week.
The 10th anniversary of the murder is coming up quickly and
the government is going all out to make this the event of the
decade. The Education Ministry will release 5,000 DVDs next
month twisting the murder and sending them to every school
in the country. To prepare the public, an equally twisted
musical on Rabin's life is now a major Tel Aviv play. And wait
till you see the ceremonies that await us all in November with
dignitaries attending from all over the world!
But on the truthful side of the fence, a terrific flow of
information has suddenly erupted. Two weeks ago I gave a
lecture to a youthful audience at Kfar Roeh. Preceding me
was a private investigator who did work on the Rabin murder.
He stressed that Yigal Amir was, "A bisexual and this fact is
very relevant." The speaker did not elaborate.
But this theme is now the talk of the Israeli internet. For
Hebrew readers, go to the next site to read the homosexual
thesis of two university students:
Now what lies behind this obsession with Amir's sexuality? I
have personally interviewed one lawyer and one policemen
who insisted Amir was a trapped pedophile. He was caught
while serving in the army and was promised his police file
would be destroyed if he became an agent for the Shabak.
This information was never released because no one would
give me documentation. However, with or without me, mostly
without me, the rumors keep flying.
They do so because it is the best explanation of why a
religious young man would sell out his friends as an agent
and why he would deny his innocence in the Rabin murder
despite the massive collection of evidence that could be
used to free him.
One piece of evidence supporting the claim recently
emerged on Ynet, the internet site of Yediot Achronot. Amir
was likely chemically castrated. Read on:,7340,3133918,00.html
Click the link above to go to the article.
Rabin killer wants fertility treatments
Yigal Amir asks Prison Service to permit fertility
treatments; prison officials say latest request a ploy
meant to circumvent ban on conjugal visits
Raanan Ben Zur
Yigal Amir, who murdered Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin,
submitted a request to the Prison Service several days ago
asking that he be allowed to receive fertility treatments so his
partner, Larissa Trimbobler, could bear children.
Yigal Amir
Rabin’s killer wants some lovin’ / By VERED LUVITCH
Yigal Amir petitions court after "erotic" visit by wife disrupted
by prison guards
Amir, who is serving a life sentence and is considered a
security prisoner, asked the Ayalon prison director to allow
the treatments. Several weeks ago, a rabbinical court
recognized Amir's marriage to trimbobler. However, despite
the court decision, prison officials said they do not intend to
permit Amir to have conjugal visits.
According to the Prison Service, the marriage has not yet
been recognized by the Interior Ministry. British precedent
Prison officials said Amir's latest request marks an attempt to
circumvent the ban on conjugal visits. The officials noted
Amir is classified as a security prisoner, a designation
approved by the High Court of Justice. Notably, security
prisoners are not eligible for vacations, conjugal visits, or
fertility treatments.
A prison official noted that a British court rejected a request
by a life prisoner who wanted to have children on the
grounds of looking out for the child's welfare, noting he would
suffer as a result of his father serving a life term. However,
the Prison Service said Amir's request will be examined by
prison officials in conjunction with the State Prosecutor's
Office and in consultation with the General Security Service.
In the past, Amir submitted requests for conjugal visits with
Trimbobler. However, the applications were rejected by the
Prison Service and the courts on security grounds.
(08.27.05, 22:15)
Yigal Amir is thirty six years old. Why would he need fertility
treatments unless he has been rendered infertile or
impotent? That rendering is the punishment meted out to
serious sex offenders.
It could be inferred that Amir's "marriage" to Trimbovler is
intended to cover up serious crimes that led directly to his
turning as an agent of the Shabak's Jewish Department and
later to his becoming their patsy for the Rabin assassination.
This Thursday, September 15, in Jerusalem's Sacher Park,
the Gush Katif refugees will hold their first mass rally since
their expulsion. Here is the headline of the full page ad for
Here is the rally description below: " Under the auspices of
rabbis, public figures and the residents of Gush Katif,
thousands of youth from throughout the country will display
their unbending gratitude and faith through multi-media
shows, artistic presentations and mass dancing. We will all
come and salute them."
Now get this for the final message: "With determination, faith
and values admired throughout Israel, we will provide the
forces to continue to build and create."
Hilarious, no? Let us salute the newly homeless through
mass dancing. Afterward, let's go build some more houses
the government can tear down.
It would be a lot funnier if real Gush Katif youths weren't
going to actually participate in this sad farce. Permit me to
throw some cold reality onto the parade.
Gush Katif and northern Samaria are gone. The enemy is
dancing on the flaming ruins of your synagogues, they will
destroy the land you turned fertile and your standing
buildings will soon turn into mafia-run casinos.
And it's 90% your own fault.
From the time the dictator Sharon announced his plan to
disengage you to the day it happened, over 18 months
passed. You had 18 months to prepare your defenses. You
had eighteen months to barricade your communities, to
organize your self-defense, to oust the army from your
villages. It was your only option from the beginning.
Here's what you did. You held hands and handed out orange
rags. You told the soldiers how much you loved them and
you danced for them.
You pathetic Jews danced in front of your executioners.
Then you handed them your weapons and danced again for
them. And as if you haven't had enough of dancing, you're
doing some more fancy steps this Thursday in Jerusalem.
And all the media will report that the homeless of Gush Katif
are so delighted by their new status that they are dancing for
joy in the park.
And you will undoubtedly invite members of the Yesha
council to join you in a snappy minuet. Why change
partners? For a year you saw how the council was
sabotaging any hope for victory and you let it glide you to
extinction. Not one mass meeting was held in your own
community centers to form your own council. You let them
have their way with you and did not a thing to control your
own destiny.
So why didn't you do a damn thing for yourselves? When the
soldiers came into your homes, why didn't anyone try so
much as to push them out of the way? You gave up without a
fight and the nation snickered at your performance.
You let the government-choreographed Yesha council turn
your struggle from a political battle to a religious one. Your
battle was a national priority, but you scared the secular
away. I was one of the very few secularists I saw at any
demonstration. I worked for eighteen months to publicize the
righteousness of your struggle and expose the crooks
planning your demise. I received little reward but I thought
this was the right fight to join. Hundreds of thousands of
others took great risks fighting for you with just as little
Now start to fight for yourselves already.
You were viciously removed from your homes by the
government and the army of this government. Your
livelihoods were destroyed. Your communities were wrecked.
Now you are poor and indigent and you know who is
So stop looking for handouts. Stop the sob stories of being
forced out of hotels you thought the government was going
to actually pay for. Quit the tales of misery and alienation.
Get off your damn knees and raise your fists for once.
The criminal government of Israel is responsible for your
fiasco and anyone who gives you charity is letting it off the
hook. The government would be delighted if the donors
found you homes, jobs and security. That would be their
green light to expel everyone from Yesha and Jerusalem. If
you care at all about the rest of the land, you will refuse help
from anyone but the government.
No matter how destitute you become!
You are obliged to create a refugee problem the nation has
to look at face to face. You are required to make this country
and this people see what they have done! You must make
them pay!
Stop taking, stop dancing and start standing up for
And finally face what was done to you and by whom. On
Thursday you will meet to celebrate Zionism. You will
actually gather to celebrate more building and creating in the
land. That is your reaction to the tragedy you have endured!
How much of a hint do you need? Zionism has no place for
you. It has rejected you and punished you.
You are way too good for Zionism. You are above it in every
way. Find your own path.
Nothing is quite so amazing as this reaction of strengthening
Zionism in the wake of the expulsion. The same people who
fought for Gush Katif are busy promoting aliyah to Israel. The
only message to be possibly learned from the past summer
Sell your worldly goods, give up your secure life wherever
you are and build a home in the land of Israel. Best of all,
after as long as thirty five years, the government gets to
demolish the home you built and take away your income.
Come one, come all. Zionism is great.
I will be at your rally in Jerusalem. I will set up my table and
hope my books fall into the right hands.
And don't anyone ask me to dance.
This is one of the better appeals for money for the Gush Katif
refugees. Don't give them a nickel! It is money down the
drain. Worse, by providing succor to the homeless, a network
is being built which will allow the government to uproot many
thousands more Jews. Whoever is responsible for these
people's suffering must pay and no one else.
One must ask, why are the refugees agreeing to live like
what you just saw? Once again, they are living on false
hope. The government has promised them new homes and
villages within 2-3 years. The naive refugees can't see this is
a lie. The government doesn't want to pay and is stalling.
Within two or three years it figures that all the charity workers
will have settled the Gush Katif homeless and they'll be let off
the hook.
And the activists are falling into the trap. They don't see the
permanent damage they are inflicting on Gush Katif and all
of Yesha.
Isn't it amazing how quickly the refugees have organized for
charity, yet they can't organize for their own justice. For that,
there is no will. Permit me to suggest what should be done
Why should the architects of the Gush Katif expulsion sleep
soundly in their homes when they have made 10,000
innocent people, mostly children, homeless? They deserve
not a moment's peace so long as even one of their victims
remains without a just and complete compensation for his
And that is why the refugees will get out of their caravans
and hotels and set up tent residences opposite the homes of
the architects of their expulsion. They will begin by moving a
few dozen families to Sde Eliahu where the government's
expulsion director, Yonathan Bassi lives. They will make his
home a prison, just as theirs are.
Then the tent villages will spread to the homes of every
bureaucrat, politician, army and police officer responsible for
Gush Katif and Northern Samaria's abandonment. It is a
small country and finding the addresses will be no problem.
Every night, those responsible for the tragedy will be awoken
from their sleep. Every morning their children will be
reminded of what their fathers caused the children of Gush
It will be a long struggle with lots of police harassment, but it
will be far more dignified than sleeping helplessly in hotels
and caravans. And it will make the government a great deal
more reluctant to try "disengaging" Jews again.
The refugees will take their children out of school and
prepare for a long struggle. It may be many months, perhaps
years, until the government relents. That will require supplies
and lots of them. I will empty my wallet for this and join the
refugees in their tents.
And I won't be alone.
However, if Gush Katif refuses to fight back, they will get
nothing from me. And I won't be alone.
Nobody admires a beggar for long.
The Thursday before the Jewish New Year, there was a
celebration in Jerusalem. The youth of Yesha gathered to
salute the brave youth of Gush Katif. For 18 months I had
seen the same kids gather to save their land. They were the
most spirited young people in the land. They believed they
could fight expulsion from their homes by the power of their
combined goodness.
Not anymore. This night they looked lifeless. Their spirit was
gone. They looked like they had been raped.
And they had been, non-stop, for a whole year.
The thoroughly criminal leaders of Israel, governmental,
rabbinical and media, had gang-raped the country this past
year and it looks like they'll be coming back for sloppy
seconds next year. I don't apologize for the crudity. Even it
doesn't begin to describe what the body of Judaism has
suffered in the past 12 months.
It is half a day before the year ends. Today, I'll summarize
the crimes and crooks through their felonies and the effect
they've had on some people I know. Come Yom Kippur, I'll
tell you how the criminality of the rulers has corrupted Israelis
and ruined life in the country, focusing on one crooked
printer and the effect he's had on me.
Because, quite frankly, I've had it with this place and so has
just about everyone else.
Though they still claim to be clinging to divine hope.
Yesterday I received a call from Tsfat. The man declared,
"I'm not worried. We'll get Gush Katif back."
"No we won't," I quickly reacted.
"When the moshiach comes, he'll return it and take care of
the Arabs."
A lovely thought, if it works for him. But the Arabs had nearly
nothing to do with the expulsion from Gush Katif. Jewish
soldiers did it all.
Blind, degraded, cruel Jews did the dirty work. And somehow
the caller missed the point. The delusion won't last the rest of
next year when these same soldiers clear out the rest of
Earlier today, a friend called from Kedumim. He informed
me, "Everyone here knows we're the next in line."
"So what are you doing to prepare?" I asked.
"Nothing," he replied. "What can we do?"
That's just what I heard in Gush Katif. But there was lots to
do. All that was needed was 100,000 people to fight back.
I was in Gush Katif just before the expulsion. I told a
companion that I was considering staying to help him fight
back the forces. "Where," I asked, "Is everybody sleeping?"
The answer was, "Nowhere. You could try putting a sleeping
bag on the beach."
Within the answer was why Gush Katif died. They couldn't
even organize a campground for their allies. And they didn't
even try to.
And either would Kedumim take the simplest measures to
defend itself. They were too defeated.
"It's all in the hands of Kadosh Baruch Hoo," my friend
"No," was my rejoinder. "It's all in your hands with His help."
It is apparent that Kedumim wants to suffer the indignities of
Gush Katif. And like the refugees of Gush Katif, they won't
fight back even after their own expulsion.
That would take spirit and a will to survive.
7 suicides in the army ranks as a result of the Gush Katif
expulsion. My guess is that they knew things and were
prepared to talk about it.
This morning I attended a press conference given at Beit
Agron, the site of the Israel news association. The main
presenter was Itzhak Meron, one of the attorneys of the
Legal Forum for the Land of Israel. This volunteer group is
representing the Jewish exiles from Gush Katif and the
Northern Shomron. The main point that needs to be spread
across the globe and especially to our Jewish brethren in the
US and elsewhere is that the government is willfully involved
in a major disinformation campaign. Aside from having
planned a very well executed military/police operation
against this population NONE of the civil solutions for the
post expulsion phase are in place! This means that over 95%
of the nearly 10,000 refugees do not have a true permanent
solution to their housing, employment or any of their basic
needs (School for their children, health care, etc.). Sharon's
'government' has hired twenty public relations professionals
to put out these untruths. One is Arad associates, Ramat
Gan and the other is called the Israel Project out of
Washington, D.C. All the major Jewish organizations have
been fed the line that each of the expelled Jews left with
$500,000 and are temporarily in luxury hotels and all will
have a permanent solution by September 1st.
You wouldn't believe it. I couldn't. But it happened. I was in
NITZAN on Monday evening. They inaugurated 2 synagogues and brought Sifrei Tora. Then there was a ceremony/
Who spoke there, besides rabbis and MK Orlev?
Afterwards a few refugees came to ILAN COHEN and asked
him to help them in finding jobs for them.
Now how can Israel fight back when it refuses to believe that
it is being dismembered by the international mafia of the
Council On Foreign Relations? Just look at the list of CFR
felons below behind the expulsion and consider the
ghastliness of their crimes. Begin with Edgar Bronfman, who
finagled billions of dollars from Swiss banks on behalf of
Holocaust victims and kept every penny for himself. To
obfuscate the larceny, he gives a little back to a program
called Birthright, which brings Jews to Israel to be
brainwashed for "peace."
Last update - 21:48 29/09/2005
WJC President Bronfman: Sharon brought back my
pride in Israel
By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent
"For years I was a harsh critic of [Prime Minister] Ariel
Sharon, and now I'm his biggest supporter," World Jewish
Congress President Edgar Bronfman told Haaretz on
In explaining the recent change in his attitude toward Sharon
Bronfman said that over the past six months the prime
minister has proven to be a true leader, brave and clever.
The WJC President went on to say that God is on Sharon's
side, as He is on the side of people who do the right thing.
Bronfman, who is a prominent representative of the
American Jewish community's liberal branch, praised Sharon
as a person who realized that the diplomatic path he'd been
on was errant and dangerous and shifted his political
outlook. "In doing so, Sharon proved himself to be an
honorable leader."
"I love to be proud of Israel, and Sharon brought back my
pride in Israel," Bronfman said. He went on to say that he
expects the prime minister to continue advancing the
reconciliation process with the Palestinians and that Israel
will provide financial aid to the Palestinians.
Bronfman said that the WJC Board of Governors will
convene in Jerusalem in early 2006, and that the session will
be devoted in part to showing support for Sharon, Bronfman
Bronfman, 76, who is a major contributor to projects
including Birthright Israel.
And when Sharon needs some more illegal cash, who does
he turn to but the CFR?
Just before departing New York Sunday night, PM Sharon
allegedly managed to violate campaign funding laws by
taking part in a dinner at which participants donated well over
the permitted amount.
A report by Israel's Channel Ten television reporter Raviv
Drucker last night provided a detailed report on the Sunday
night affair. He related how the organizer and hostess - NIna
Rosenwald - sent letters to selected invitees asking for
$10,000 per person or couple, and how the 5th Avenue
location was closed off for over an hour for what the police
described as a "top secret" reason. Only the 15 invited
couples were permitted to enter Rosenwald's apartment,
after having paid the minimum amount in advance.
Rosenwald is a member of the CFR (Council of Foreign
The CFR's James Wolfensohn "saved" Gush Katif's
greenhouses, only to watch in glee as they were burnt to
ashes minutes after the IDF departed the area. Now look
who brokered the deal; a foundation begun by the highlypaid EU agent Yossi Beilin and Oslo negotiator Yair
Hirschfeld. Of Beilin's felonies, much has been written. Far
less is known about Hirschfeld, so allow me to illuminate you.
He is from Vienna and an informant of mine from Vienna
knew him and his family intimately. "Did you know that Yair
Hirschfeld spent his youth and adolescence in and out of
mental institutions? He was known in the community as a
very sick young man. And you let this mental case negotiate
'peace' for you?"
Subject: Opening Statements After the Meeting between
Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Quartet Special
September 7, 2005Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres:
"James Wolfensohn has been for a relatively short while in
his present capacity and should be credited with some
important moves, which are unprecedented. "One: Most
important is he saved the greenhouses. It was a complicated
compilation, which was done with political guidance and
private execution. Most greenhouses were saved and will be
handed over to the Palestinians as a source of employment
and of income. The purchase is being made by the private
Economic Cooperation Foundation. Investigative reporter
Yoav Yitzchak reported in the 8 February 2002 issue of
Maariv that former Labor Party MK Beilin is drawing an
annual salary of NIS 350,000 - NIS 400,000 from The
Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF), a Tel Aviv based
organization that he formed with Yair Hirschfeld at the end of
For years now I have told the protest leaders to quit the
demonstrations opposite Sharon's office or the Knesset. It
would do no good. I beseeched them to surround the hotels
where the CFR enemy was staying and make their visits
risky and unwelcome. The CFR's Condoleeza Rice was in
Israel just before the Gaza pullout, so where were you?
Here's what she ordered while you gathered outside Tel
Aviv's city hall:
INN: Rice Promises Arabs More Jewish Deportations
by Shlomo Wollins
Rice Assures PA: More to Come
21:46 Aug 18, 2005 / 13 Av 5765 11:15 pm.
( American Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice told Arab leaders on Thursday that the United States
will pressure Israel to conduct further
And now that the Israelis let the CFR mega-crooks and
foreign mental cases have their way with you, look what you
can expect this coming year. Recall the chapter in my book
Save Israel called, The Foreign Troops Are Coming:
The 'Occupation' of Foreign Troops in Israel will Start Soon.
Israel Looking to Station Int‟l Forces on Philadelphi Route
08:20 Sep 19, '05 / 15 Elul 5765
( Israel and the European Union will be
starting negotiations over stationing European forces on the
Philadelphi route in order to reign in the chaos that has
developed on the border between Egypt and Gaza.
There is a rumor floating throughout Yesha that the Sharon
government cut a deal with the Bush regime and its CFR
neo-cons. You attack Iraq for us and we'll expel the Jews of
Yesha for you. Visit the following web site and decide if that
was the case.
Then, there are the endless speculations of how Education
Minister Limor Livnat was so deeply turned in the past two
years. Most of the guesses focus on her very public affair
with Netanyahu and subsequent blackmail, but the answer
may be a great deal less salacious. In fact, she is in bed with
another enemy:
Barry - hope you are holding up and continuing your work
after the "selling" of Gush about this piece on the
UN - and did you know that our friend, Limor Livnat is head
of UNESCO in Israel.
Israel hopes UNESCO selection of ancient archeological
areas as world heritage sites will encourage international
By Tamar Treblisi Hadad
Eight new Israeli archaeological sites were declared world
heritage sites at the 29th world heritage conference of
Limor Livnat, Education Minister and also
president of UNESCO in Israel said that the selection is an
unprecedented achievement for Israel.
And where is all the cuddling with the foreigners leading?
Guess who's back in Jerusalem?
(Communicated by the Transportation Ministry Spokesman)
Transportation Minister Meir Shetrit, Palestinian Authority
Transportation Minister Saed-Eddine Khurma and senior EU
representatives will tomorrow (Wednesday), 21.9.05, at
12:00, at the Notre Dame Hotel (opposite New Gate) in
Jerusalem, attend the dedication ceremony for a joint IsraelPA office for planning and promoting joint transportation
A reader sums up the new Israel that emerged this year:
Dear Barry,
No civil war, my step daughter, Luz, calls it a "brothers"
war. Don't expect there to be a civil war. What we are
experiencing is a dramatic change in societal values--and
Israel will never again be the same.
When I first came here, Israel was called "the closest thing
to democracy in the Middle East" and people actually
believed we were becoming a true democracy like the US.
People loved the soldiers, as they were made up of the
common people and everyone considered every soldier a
potential son or brother. Police were respected as the "good
guys" and everyone was always available and willing to help
the police or army if the need were ever to arrive. And so it
goes...even the government officials were respected and
people couldn't even imagine someone (except a "right wing
extremist") assassinating someone in the government. The
list goes on and on.
Now, within a short 9 year period, the police get no respect
from anyone I know of...I personally have no respect for
them. The soldiers are in the position of being in a "lovehate" relationship with the general populace. Uri (my elder
son) got out of the army with a less than honorable discharge
as he refused to do anything he was told. Yoshi (my
youngest son) refused to even enlist as is required by law. I
also know of a number of other young men who refuse to
serve. This is an all-time first in the history of this country! I
have a friend whose son was of two young men who were
machine gunned by a IDF helicopter a few years ago--we all
suspect it was a "political" message to my friend. Political
murders are at an all-time high. The murders are not
committed by the "right", but by the left; and the left is
actually running a mafia that is controlling the country. Mafia
tactics are being used from everything including a seemingly
endless list of political murders to our "disengagement"
which, I am convinced, would not have been passed if it had
been voted on by the general population. Many of us are
now hoping to get rid of this spineless "democracy" and go to
a true Torah government.
Right now, I am just hoping Netanyahu will not make it
back into a position of power. Just after Netanyahu was
elected Prime Minister in 1996, he was immediately called to
Washington, D.C. by President Bill Clinton (CFR). Netanyahu
was strutting like a peacock when he got on the plane here in
Israel and when he got off in the US. After the meeting with
Clinton, he looked like a little whipped pup as he exited the
President's office. Only later did we find out the details of that
infamous visit. . . . .
Clinton laid out the law to Netanyahu and told him that if
Israel didn't pull out of Hebron (a Jewish community that had
existed in that spot for over 500 years), he would make life
hell on earth for Netanyahu and Israel. Just to prove the
point, he told the PM that he had already ordered the next El
Al plane out of New York to be shot down!
There is one last way to get out of this awful mess. This year
is the tenth anniversary of the Rabin assassination and the
eyes of the nation will soon be on his memory. If we can
make the nation understand that the same forces who
brought the disaster of last year upon the nation murdered
Rabin, we might be able to stop them. If the truth comes out,
Peres, the Shabak and the "peacemakers" will fall like
kingpins. Sharon will face the consequences of covering up
the crime. We can rid ourselves of the crooks.
I have asked the leaders of the country's last remaining
opposition to gather their people and show up at Rabin's two
memorial services on Nov. 5 in Tel Aviv and Nov. 14 at
Rabin's grave in Jerusalem.
This coming year is our last chance to make the truth
emerge. So far only Nadia Matar of the Women In Green has
committed herself to coming. But then again, she has so
much to gain by the fall of the regime:
Attempt to Arrest Nadia Matar
This Sunday morning, September 4th, 2005, four (4)
policemen in plainclothes came to Nadia Matar's home in
Efrat. She was told that she was under arrest, and had to
come with them to jail immediately.
Nadia asked to speak to her lawyer. When reviewing the
arrest order, it showed no signature of a judge. The police
left, promising to return.
According to the arrest order, Nadia is accused of incitement
to rebellion in her articles.
Ariel Sharon has turned Israel into a police state. There is no
freedom to criticize the Government. There is no freedom of
In order to make the idea work, a strong publicity campaign
is needed immediately. But no one will contribute a dime.
The Jews will give to the Gush Katif refugees and support
their hopeless misery wallowing, they will contribute to
yeshivas and ambulances, but no one will spend a dime to
save the country with an idea that can actually work.
So the few of us who do care will do our best with the little
we have. Yaacov Verker, Chairman of The Committee To
Reinvestigate The Rabin Assassination, will provide a
meeting place for anyone interested in participating. Call him
at 050 5205591.
The best I can do is sell my book Who Murdered Yitzhak
Rabin at a loss to anyone willing to hand them out to educate
the unconvinced. You can have them for $5 a copy or for any
offer as far as I'm concerned. It's all I can afford to do. If
November passes and the Rabin option fails, I'll start looking
for something else to do anyway. What's the point anymore?
Nothing is sacred to the Yesha Council, not even Yom
Kippur. On this holiest of days, Jews offer their slichot,
begging for forgiveness, to those they have harmed. So
since the Yesha Council harmed the whole country, it sent
50,000 copies of its own slichot to every remaining home in
Judea, Samaria and. . .that's it. No Gaza.
Written by Yesha Council head Benzi Lieberman on behalf of
all Council members, the "apology" is a masterpiece of
nothing. Let's look at some of the gems within:
It was a difficult year, very difficult. We never invested so
much energy, sweat, prayers and tears into one public battle.
We never felt so betrayed and abandoned by the Israeli
So far, so good, right?
We tried everything, fought on all fronts, and though filled
with righteousness, on Tisha B'Av, disaster befell us. In his
eyes, G-d did what was best for us.
Okay, it was G-d's fault.
We present an important accounting of our activities, to clear
the air. The expulsion could not have happened without the
hushup by the country's elites, the cooperation of the police
and the lack of criticism by the media. Despite these
impossible obstacles, we managed to succeed on a number
of fronts. For example, we forced the Likud to hold a party
referendum. But we admit failures. Many who demonstrated
at Kfar Maimon came home worn out and disappointed.
So far, we seem to be getting a sincere accounting. But this
is mere trickery. Look what comes next:
We roundly criticize the followers of the far right, who
blocked roads and spread oil and nails on them.
So many lies in one sentence. The road-blockers were NOT
organized by the far right. This was a grassroots rebellion of
mostly mainstream concerned youth. And not a one of them
was EVER arrested for spreading oil and nails on the roads.
The public consensus, and the correct conclusion, is these
acts were the products of the sick minds of the Jewish
Department of the Shabak.
It was proven in polls, beyond dispute, that road-blocking
damaged our battle and our goals.
In actuality, it was proven beyond dispute that the Yesha
Council's condemnation of civil disobedience destroyed
everybody's battles and goals.
We did not support the movement to convince soldiers to
disobey orders to expel Jews. However, we didn't actively
oppose such persuasion so long as it didn't endanger
soldiers' lives, such as the spreading of oil and nails on the
Now what has the oil and nails business got to do with
refusals to obey immoral military orders?
Why is the council returning to a blatant government
provocation to argue their innocence in another, unrelated
matter? Could it be that this "accounting" was actually
dictated by the government?
The only specific order we issued was not to cut the security
fence around Gaza in order to enter Gush Katif, and then,
only after receiving a dispensation from Rabbi Avraham
So the Council prevented the masses from entering Gush
Katif and thus, most likely saving the place, because it was
guided by the rabbi most revered for his devotion to the
Gush Katif cause. I want to hear that from the rabbi himself!
In other words. . .it was his fault that we didn't push our allies
into the real battle front. Some apology.
Now that the Council has begged forgiveness for nothing,
what will be its next steps to prevent further expulsions?
Today, the left is clutching its hands, waiting for us to
announce our disengagement from the state. But we are
going to continue to fight for peace, to serve in the military
and continue to build for the blossoming of our salvation. We
will energetically and lovingly participate in all the goals of
the nation - settlement, army, education and developing
That'll show them for uprooting out homes and making
refugees of our people. We'll teach them for destroying our
lives. We're just going to do whatever they tell us, and make
them try and stop us!
This Yom Kippur, let the Jews be certain of one thing: Our Gd will never forgive the Yesha Council for its sins and this
cynical deception. Never!
Last month, Natan Gefen submitted an appeal to the Israeli
Supreme Court to re-open the Rabin murder inquiry based
on new medical documents he had uncovered. In a letter to
Makor Rishon, he expressed huge disappointment that the
political "hero" of Gush Katif, Arie Eldad refused to support
his petition to try and bring down the government that was
wrecking the place. Well, here is what Gefen obviously didn't
know. Eldad is a big fan of Dr. Yehuda Hiss, the state
pathologist who covered up the medical truth of Rabin's
news_id=1188&sivug_id=5 This week MK Dr. Aryeh Eldad
(National Union), formerly chief medical officer of the IDF,
wrote that "the cult of the dead, parts of the dead and pieces
of tissue is common here, and the bereaved families
sometimes become the high priests of this cult. Anyone who
does not know or does not want to know what happens to a
body in the grave would do best not to make his ignorance
known. From dust man comes and to dust he shall return,
and along the way there are decay, worms and
disintegration. Hundreds of burn victims and wounded
people in Israel," he added, "owe their lives to skin tissues
taken at the institute and to the training of doctors [on
cadavers - R.R.] to learn life-saving procedures. They owe
their lives to Prof. Hiss.
I warned you, that if something isn't done, the tenth anniversary of Rabin's murder will turn into an awful celebration by
the enemies of Israel. Now look what the Rabin Center is
planning to commemorate the 10th anniversary. Leaving the
terrible spelling intact, note who will be eulogizing Rabin: all
of those responsible for the dismemberment of the country.
Only one Jew will be participating, the CFR's James Wolfensohn, personally responsible for selling Gush Katif to the
The Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Abu
Mazen and Prime Minister Abu Ala are expected to
address the International Conference which will be held
at the Strategic Dialogue Center, Netanya Academic
College to mark the 10th anniversary of the
assassination of the late Yitzhak Rabin.
The International Conference will be held at the Netanya
Academic College on November 15-16, 2005 in
cooperation with the Yitzhak Rabin Center.
The Chairman of the Strategic Dialogue Center, Netanya
Academic College, M.K. Gen. (res.) Danny Yatom
personally invited Abu Mazen and Abu Ala to attend the
conference. Both accepted the invitation and would be
pleased to address the conference.
The address by Abu Mazen to the Netanya conference
marking the 10th anniversary of the Rabin assassination
will be the first ever by a Chairman of the Palestinian
Authority to an Israeli forum.
Among the other dignitaries attending the International
Conference in Netanya are the following:
The Prime Minister of Jordan during the signing of the
Peace Treaty with Jordan, Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Majali;
President of Andalusia, Manuel Chevas; Miguel
Moratinos, Spanish Foreign minister; Javier Solana,
European Union High Representative for the Common
Foreign & Security Policy; former President of
Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid; Senior Adviser to the
President of Egypt, Dr. Osama El Baz; James Wolfenson,
Special representative of the „Quartet‟ of International
mediators and former President of the World Bank. The
United States and Great Britain has announced that a
very senior representative will participate in the
conference at the Netanya College. France is expected to
send a senior representative.
Other dignitaries are waiting for confirmation of their
The International Conference at the Netanya Academic
College to mark the 10th anniversary of the
assassination of the late Yitzhak Rabin is under the
theme “Peace – Dream or Vision”.
Among the topics to be discussed at the conference are
topics connected with Yitzhak Rabin including: “Rabin
and Egypt”; “Rabin and King Hussein”, “Rabin and the
Palestinian problem”; Rabin – Syria and Lebanon” and
“Rabin and the US”. There will also be a discussion of
regional water problems.
A special commemorative pin has been designed to
mark the International Conference being held in
November in Netanya and it will be given to all the
participants. The pin was designed by Architect Claude
Grundman-Brightman using 16 types of basalt stone that
make up the Yitzhak Rabin memorial in the Rabin Square
in Tel Aviv – the memorial itself was also designed by
the same architect.
The theme of the conference – Peace – Dream or Vision
– is embossed on the pin.
Linda Rivkind – Foreign Press Liaison – 052-2636588
There is one last way to get out of this awful mess. This year
is the tenth anniversary of the Rabin assassination and the
eyes of the nation will soon be on his memory. If we can
make the nation understand that the same forces who
brought the disaster of last year upon the nation murdered
Rabin, we might be able to stop them. If the truth comes out,
Peres, the Shabak and the "peacemakers" will fall like
kingpins. Sharon will face the consequences of covering up
the crime. We can rid ourselves of the crooks.
I have asked the leaders of the country's last remaining
opposition to gather their people and show up at Rabin's two
memorial services on Nov. 5 in Tel Aviv and Nov. 14 at
Rabin's grave in Jerusalem.
This coming year is our last chance to make the truth
In order to make the idea work, a strong publicity campaign
is needed immediately. But no one will contribute a dime.
The Jews will give to the Gush Katif refugees and support
their hopeless misery wallowing, they will contribute to
yeshivas and ambulances, but no one will spend a dime to
save the country with an idea that can actually work.
So the few of us who do care will do our best with the little
we have. Yaacov Verker, Chairman of The Committee To
Reinvestigate The Rabin Assassination, will provide a meeting place for anyone interested in participating. Call him at
050 5205591. Or contact me personally.
Why do I think that this idea too will fail? Let us take the
example of Gush Katif:
Friday afternoon: Just when it appeared that the problem
was solved, the Disengagement Authority apparently did not
reach an agreement with the hotel after all, as a result of
which, according to Israel Radio on the PM news, it has cut
off electricity, and will not be providing food for the residents
of Gush Katif on Shabbat. At the time of this writing, close to
Shabbat, an in-house Bdoloch spokesperson could not be
reached. Aaron Farjun, who moved from the hotel to a
caravan in Nitzan a few days ago, said, "Now everyone will
see who the Disengagement Authority is. This country is
governed by criminals." Only a hotel secretary was available
to talk, and she said, "They've closed the hotel because they
[the Disengagement Authority] didn't extend the contract. I
don't know what the people will do." It is half an hour before
Just as I warned. The government is now slowly torturing the
Gush Katif refugees. I told you all, they have to fight back
now and I proposed a practical way of doing it. I warned you
that the very worst approach was to support the refugees
through charity. It will tide them over during the time when
they should be waging a war for justice. And in 6 or 8 months
when the charity runs out, where will they be?
But I was called heartless and ignored.
I won't be asking forgiveness of anyone this Yom Kippur. Let
others ask it of me.
RABIN' S MEMORIAL - The Tenth Anniversary
Rabin memorial postponed so Clinton can attend gala event
By: Associated Press Published: October 6, 2005 A
gathering marking the 10th anniversary of the assassination
of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin will be postponed a
week to allow former U.S. President Bill Clinton to attend,
organizers said Thursday.
At Clinton's request, the event, originally set for Nov. 5, will
take place on Nov. 12, a day after Clinton arrives in Israel,
said Moshe Debby, spokesman for the Rabin study center in
Tel Aviv.
Rabin was gunned down after a peace rally in Tel Aviv on
Nov. 4, 1995. Clinton is expected to address a memorial at
the site of the assassination after speaking at the a
conference kickoff dinner sponsored by the Saban Center for
Middle East Policy, both on Nov. 12.
Rabin's memorial rally was delayed to accommodate Clinton.
That pretty well sums up how badly Rabin's memory has
been corrupted. But on the bright side, it gives us more time
to prepare to be there with the truth.
Rabin can save this nation from its enemies if anyone cares
to have it saved anymore. The world media will be out in
force to cover the tenth anniversary. And if we have any
sense, we'll be joining them with signs reading:
Who Really Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?
Reinvestigate Now!
Arrest Peres
And so on. . .
Even if the Rabin issue isn't your priority, you've got Clinton
on the podium. Yes, Mr. CFR Bill Clinton, the monster who
gave us the Oslo accords, is coming to town. And everybody
injured by his diplomacy should be on hand to give him a
welcome he'll never forget.
Of course, the former residents of Gush Katif should unite in
force to let Clinton know how much he means to them and
how much they appreciate what his "peace" has brought
them. But they'll be too busy sulking and taking charity to
make the effort. And of course, all those protest leaders who
have succeeded at nothing will keep their minions at home.
Why show up for a demonstration that may actually change
the course of Israel's downfall?
That leaves us to do the job by ourselves. I will not
recommend any group to help out. Last week, one group
advertised that I would be sponsoring a meeting with a
Shabak-connected lawyer. That's an example of what
happens when I trust people too much.
On the other hand, I've received numerous letters and calls
from trusted readers promising to join me at the two Rabin
services, on Nov. 12 in Tel Aviv and Nov. 14 at Rabin's grave
on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.
And that's how it will be for me. On Saturday night, Nov. 12,
8 PM, I'd be honored if we met at Rabin Square, at the
corner where the Rabin murder was staged. Come bearing
signs. For the religious, there are only two hours between the
end of Shabbat and the meeting, so plan accordingly. Please
write me if you'd like to help me and the nation out.
Other readers are taking matters into their own hands. Three
such committed correspondents want to pitch in for other
events. On October 27, New York will be holding its official
Rabin memorial service:
Rabin Memorial - RSVP to: [email protected]
Date: 20/10/2005 10:32:58 Eastern Standard Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Yitzhak Rabin 1922 - 1995
Dear friend,
I am pleased to offer you the opportunity to attend the 10th
Annual Commemoration Ceremony in memory of the late
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
The ceremony will take place in New York City on Thursday,
October 27th, 2005 at 6:00pm, with the attendance of
Rabin's daughter, Ms. Dalia Rabin, and special guest Mayor
Michael Bloomberg.
Please find attached an invitation for the ceremony.
However, there are limited places available, and so seats will
be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Please RSVP
by email to [email protected] and we will send a
confirmation email.
Ambassador Arye Mekel
Consul General of Israel in New York
Please contact the following addresses if you'd like to hand
out flyers and set this meeting straight. Hurry, there is very
little time:
[email protected]
[email protected]
The Hillel and Reform Movements are also holding services.
Try and be there:
Now, back to Israel. On Nov. 15-16, look who is coming to
Netanya to commemorate Rabin. Just look at the list of
"people" who have the nerve to set foot on our land. There is
Javier Solana, who worked with Peres and Beilin, to sell our
heritage for Europe's bounty. There is the CFR's James
Wolfensohn, who sold Gush Katif to the World Bank out of
his own pocket. And how can we ever properly welcome Abu
Mazen and Abu Alla to our humble domicile?
Read the Israel Government's announcement. I'm keeping
their childish spelling mistakes intact for effect:
Israel Government Press Office Sunday, 09 October, 2005
[IMRA: The third and most obvious alternative will, out of
political correctness, not be mentioned:
"Peace - Dream, Vision or Nightmare". It is close to certain
that Mr. Rabin's opposition to a Palestinian state - as
expressed in his last address to the Knesset - will remain
safely buried in the national memory hole.] The Chairman of
the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Abu Mazen and Prime Minister
Abu Ala are expected to address the International
Conference which will be held at the Strategic Dialogue
Center, Netanya Academic College to mark the 10th
anniversary of the assassination of the late Yitzhak Rabin.
The International Conference will be held at the Netanya
Academic College on November 15-16, 2005 in cooperation
with the Yitzhak Rabin Center. The Chairman of the Strategic
Dialogue Center, Netanya Academic College, M.K. Gen.
(res.) Danny Yatom personally invited Abu Mazen and Abu
Ala to attend the conference. Both accepted the invitation
and would be pleased to address the conference.
The address by Abu Mazen to the Netanya conference
marking the 10th anniversary of the Rabin assassination will
be the first ever by a Chairman of the Palestinian Authority to
an Israeli forum.
Among the other dignitaries attending the International
Conference in Netanya are the following:
The Prime Minister of Jordan during the signing of the Peace
Treaty with Jordan, Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Majali; President of
Andalusia, Manuel Chevas; Miguel Moratinos, Spanish
Foreign minister; Javier Solana, European Union High
Representative for the Common Foreign & Security Policy;
former President of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid; Senior
Adviser to the President of Egypt, Dr.Osama El Baz; James
Wolfenson, Special representative of the 'Quartet' of
International mediators and former President of the World
Bank. The United States and Great Britain has announced
that a very senior representative will participate in the
conference at the Netanya College. France is expected to
send a senior representative.
Other dignitaries are waiting for confirmation of their
The International Conference at the Netanya Academic
College to mark the 10th anniversary of the assassination of
the late Yitzhak Rabin is under the theme "Peace - Dream or
A wonderful lady from Netanya called me to volunteer to
make this conference an event for the ages. If you want to
join her in ruining the party, write her at: [email protected]
The volunteers have asked what they can hand out at such
short notice. Under separate cover I've sent you a picture
that says it all. You will see an ambulance beside Rabin's
limousine, the ambulance Rabin wasn't put in. At the front of
the vehicle you will see Shimon Peres coordinating the next
move with Rabin's driver, Menachem Damti.
As for a flyer, print lots of the following:
- We charge Rabin's bodyguard Yoram Rubin with perjury in
his testimonies to the Shamgar Commission and at Yigal
Amir's trial. He testified that Amir's bullet entered and
penetrated his arm at the elbow, exiting at the shoulder.
- We charge the pathologist Dr. Yehuda Hiss with medical
malpractice and evidence tampering. While all other doctors
including Gutman, Sneh and Barabash reported that Rabin's
spine was shattered causing death, Hiss removed the wound
from Rabin's autopsy.
- We charge Avishai Raviv with perjury at his recent trial.
Raviv testified that Amir never informed him of his murderous
- We charge Shimon Peres with gross misconduct and
dereliction of public service. As prime minister, Peres
approved the Shamgar Commission's conclusions that Rabin
was shot twice in the back.
- We charge former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Meir
Shamgar with gross judicial misconduct for changing the
time of Rabin's murder from 9:30 PM to 9:50.
- We charge Eitan Haber of evidence destruction based on
his own testimony to the Shamgar Commission that he
absconded with Rabin's possessions at Ichilov Hospital,
while later admitting to Kol Ha'ir that on the same night he
cleaned out Rabin's filing cabinets at the Prime Minister's
- We charge Rabin's driver, Menachem Damti with perjury for
testifying to the Shamgar Commission and at Amir's trial, that
he drove to Ichilov Hospital in less than two minutes. The
ride actually took 22 minutes.
- We charge Yoram Rubin with perjury for testifying to the
Shamgar Commission that Rabin was shot at 9:50. Yigal
Amir was arrested at 9:30.
- We charge Rubin, Damti and Shamgar with conspiracy to
alter evidence, by coordinating a new, later time of murder.
- We charge Rubin and Damti of being accessories to the
murder of Yitzhak Rabin by deliberately denying him medical
treatment. Note the ambulance beside Rabin's limousine.
Why wasn't Rabin offered the services of trained medical
professional waiting ten feet away from him.
- We charge Yoram Rubin with perjury for testifying to the
Shamgar Commission and Amir's judges that Rabin helped
him get up after he was shot and then jumped head-first into
the limousine. No such thing happened.
- We charge Menachem Damti with perjury for testifying to
the Shamgar Commission that he was opening the door for
Leah Rabin when he heard the first shot, and that he reacted
by immediately jumping into the driver's seat, as he was
trained to do. Leah Rabin was standing on the steps
nowhere near her husband when Amir shot the blanks and
Damti stayed outside after the shot.
- We charge the chief judge at Yigal Amir's trial, Edmund
Levy, with gross judicial misconduct for dismissing the
testimony of police forensics expert, Inspector Baruch
Gladstein, who proved scientifically that Rabin was shot at 0
range, about half a meter closer than Amir ever got to Rabin.
We charge that Levy acted with full knowledge and intent in
this dismissal of evidence. All previous evidence including
at, as is the defense summation of
attorney Jonathan Goldberg. Within the latter is more than
enough proof that Judge Levy deliberately ignored and
dismissed relevant evidence throughout the trial.
One week before Nov. 4, the tenth anniversary of the Rabin
murder, the country's largest circulation newspaper, Yediot
Achronot publishes a poll:
Do you believe in the conspiracy theory about Rabin's
Yes 25%
Not sure 9%
It was the lowest result of five polls taken in the past four
years but it shocked the nation. As Yediot wrote;
“Unbelievable, but one in four Israelis believe Rabin was shot
by the Shabak." In fact, the figure was more. Yediot's poll
included 20% Arab respondents, who are utterly unaware of
the issue. Factor them in with the not-sures and over 40% of
the nation's Jews no longer believe the government.
Sunday, five days before Nov. 4, Yigal Amir's prosecutor
Pnina Guy admits the second shot to Rabin was from point
blank range, a fact I exposed almost a decade before. Still, it
is redemption for me. Since Amir never shot point blank, he
announced that he wanted a new trial:
Yigal Amir, who never denied assassinating Prime Minister
Yitzchak Rabin, is now strongly considering requesting a
new trial - now that the case prosecutor has raised some
major questions herself. Atty. Penina Guy, the prosecutor in
Amir's trial in early 1996, said Sunday morning that some
aspects of the murder are still not clear to her: "It's still a
mystery to me how he managed to shoot three bullets and at
the same time even approach Rabin, and, according to the
ballistic evidence, actually touch Rabin's jacket for the third
However, Amir himself was surprised by the end of
Prosecutor Guy's statement. According to his wife, Larissa
Trimbobler, Yigal was surprised to hear that the murderer
came as near as Rabin's jacket. "Yigal has always said that
this is not true," she told Arutz-7 today. "He did not approach
Rabin; rather, Rabin got further and further away from him.
Yigal also says that he certainly never touched Rabin or his
However, it was not a day before Amir's webmaster and
handler Mike Guzovsky changed this stance to one of ugly
incitement. Now, according to Amir's Shabak-run website,
anyone who was in favor of disengagement, also deserved
to be slaughtered. The Amir issue was ended, but not before
Shimon Peres used it for maximum advantage:
Yigal Amir‟s mother said: „Those who were in favor of the
disengagement should be hung in the streets. What rubbish!
Who is she? And who are the hilltop youth? And rabbis give
orders to the army? Who appointed them? On this issue, we
must be the most blunt, determined, united and serious as
we can be. There will be no concessions here and no looking
the other way. This is vital not only for the IDF but for the
existence of the state.
My former webmaster, David Rutstein, no longer consults
with me. He added two provocative images of Peres to the
site, one behind bars, the other with his hands dripping in
blood. I wasn't in favor but he promised results, and they did
come in. Major media from Channel 10 -TV to both Maariv
and Yediot's websites condemned the images and the state
attorney general presented them to the Knesset cabinet to
decide whether to prosecute or not:,7340,L-3161933,00.html,7340,L-3160375,00.html
Tuesday, Nov 1, I became legitimate. I was invited to appear
on a highly respected and staid TV program, Law And
Judgement. This is a prime time show on the government's
second channel. The situation is three prominent attorneys
interviewing guests with relevant legal issues to share. The
guest before me was the new state attorney general.
He was interviewed alone and I assumed I was to be. But no.
Fifteen minutes before the start of the program I was
informed I would be sharing the show with prosecutor Pnina
Guy and former head of the Mossad Danny Yatom.
It was now five against one. I had been set up.
But, as numerous viewers told me after, I won.
Guy had backtracked from her doubts of two days before as
she was obviously scripted to do. Yatom was all prepared to
smear every rabbi, religious Jew and anyone from the Right.
But I brought evidence and had it filmed before I began my
shpiel. I was not given a lot of time, and under great pressure
I showed Israel the ambulance beside Rabin's car, the watch
showing how Shamgar lied about the murder time, the
infamous songsheet. I defended myself with the facts and my
co-guests did not even try to answer them.
After sitting quietly for nearly ten minutes while Yatom
spewed ugly venom against the supposed inciters of the
Rabin murder, I became brazen. I told the host, "Do you
know he just slandered half the country and you let him?"
After the show, neither Yatom nor Guy would accept my
book as a present. But I knew a little about Yatom, so here I
am telling the former head of the Mossad, "Are you aware
that the London Observer wrote that Netanyahu gave you
the Mossad job in return for silence about Rabin?" Yatom
turned red and replied, "I already had the job from him."
That night, somebody decided I was serious enough to sit on
the same panel as the country's most famous prosecutor and
the former head of the Mossad. Even odder, they agreed to
sit with me.
And the next night was just as significant. I was invited as a
guest on Channel Ten's prime time talk show, London And
Kirschenbaum. The guest before me was Ami Ayalon, former
head of the Shabak. My, what company I was suddenly
Yaron London is the nation's most influential literary critic
and Moti Kirschenbaum was chairman of the Israel
Broadcasting Authority at the time of Rabin's murder. In my
book, I lambast him for authorizing two staged reports about
Yigal Amir and Avishai Raviv's phony organization, Eyal.
And he was hopping mad about that. He had his say and I
didn't think I'd get mine. But I reminded him that other guests
were permitted to speak freely and I was off and running. I
presented an overview of Israel television's role in creating
Eyal and Amir and he agreed that mistakes were made. Most
important of all, he admitted the reports on Eyal were staged.
London interrupted and told me, "I'm really mad at you."
I smirked broadly and answered, "Why aren't I surprised?"
He continued, "Why wasn't I in your book for something?"
I replied, "Send a director to stage TV reports for the
government and next time you will be."
London, the preferred literary critic of the country, then lifted
my Rabin book to the camera and recommended it as an
alternative to his way of thinking.
I won.
And I kept winning. The major web sites suddenly wrote very
positive things about my work and most of the reactions were
highly positive.
9:30, Thursday, November 3, the conspiracy finally goes
public for good. Channel two broadcast a one hour
documentary proving Rabin was shot a third time and from
the front. This is only my core claim for the past nine years.
Rabin's clothing had been sitting untouched in the prime
minister's archive for the past decade. The filmmakers
retrieved them and found a frontal bullet hole in the shirt and
undershirt. It wasn't where I said they'd be but now my
central claims that Rabin had been shot point blank was
verified by Pnina Guy, and from the front, by Channel Two. I
couldn't watch the show properly so many people called to
congratulate me. One complaint: the film used so much of
my discoveries i.e. the change in the time of the murder,
Prof. Hiss reporting the hole in the front of Rabin's shirt,
Health Minister Sneh reporting three bullets etc. and gave
me no credit.
But it didn't matter. The viewers knew I had won, we had
The film was followed by an hour panel discussion where
Hiss' lies finally caught up with him and Sneh tried to
obfuscate his statement on the night of the murder by
attacking the right wing inciters. This time, everyone agreed
he sounded hollow.
Most important of all, the Left, for once showed integrity.
Ronen Bergman of Haaretz eloquently demanded a
reinvestigation of the Rabin murder, "to dispel once and for
all the conspiracy theories threatening our democracy." Of
course if that third bullet hole is for real, Amir didn't cause it,
so he'll get his conspiracy whether he likes it or not. And the
next day, Tom Segev of Haaretz demanded that every point
of the conspiracy theories be re-examined.
Haaretz became our ally? I never thought I'd live to see the
Friday, Nov. 4 was the best anniversary Yitzhak Rabin could
have ever wished for. His personal bodyguard, Dror Yitzhaki
appeared on Channel Two with his own deep suspicions of
the Shabak's involvement in the murder. He joined the media
chorus to reinvestigate the Rabin murder.
And what a chorus it was this year. The Friday papers
presented excellent long analyses of the conspiracy. The
chorus included Makor Rishon, Yated Neeman, and
Hashavuah. As expected the Jerusalem Post barely
mentioned the number one issue of the nation this Nov. 4.
But best of all was Maariv's 4 page investigation of the
conspiracy claims. Reporter Navah Tsuriel did a fair and
excellent overview of the conspiracy claims and found that
many were not wanting. And congratulations to her for finally
solving the riddle of the death of Yoav Kuriel. Yes, he was a
Rabin bodyguard and yes, he was murdered. She got eyewitnesses at the burial society to speak out after ten years.
I never thought I'd live to see the day when not just Haaretz,
but Channel Two and Maariv stopped protecting the
establishment and started acting like journalists. I never
thought I'd ever see the day when Channels 33 and 10
invited me to prime time programs to debate the
I never thought I'd see the day when the Israeli public would
wake up and admit Rabin was murdered in a political coup.
I never thought I would live to see myself vindicated.
I never thought we would actually win.
I never thought I'd be so glad I was wrong.
Saturday Evening, November 12, 2005, Tel Aviv - 100,000
gather at the annual Rabin official memorial ceremony for
Yitzhak Rabin. Included were me and twelve of the bravest
and best Jews Israel has to offer. Here's how we got there:
In late September, I vowed to gather people to come to the
ceremony with signs demanding the Rabin truth. The call to
gather was made more urgent by the promised appearance
of the disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton. By mid-October the
Committee To Reinvestigate The Rabin Assassination was
on board and two meetings were held to plan the rally. It was
decided that preceding the rally, they would hold a press
conference, with all members and me speaking for five
minutes and then all taking questions.
I prepared myself for the fiasco.
As I expected, you couldn't get any of the speakers off the
platform with a hook for forty minutes each. When my turn
finally came, I announced the rally and got off the mike in five
minutes. Then I got out of the place, or at least I planned to
until who walked in but Yigal Amir's sister Hadas, phony wife
Larissa and their Shabak tagalong named Nachum.
So I spent a little time watching and talking to the official
Amir gang. What was clear was they had no intention of ever
freeing Yigal Amir. There was no family desperation to
liberate an innocent brother or husband. So I told them off for
their ingratitude and got out of the ugly atmosphere pronto.
Once I had left, the tagalong took the mike to explain what a
dangerous Shabak agent I was. Then the "wife" announced
that she would have nothing to do with anyone who
considered Shimon Peres a suspect in the murder.
I was told that sealed their fate for almost everyone in the
room. The Amir family is doing the Shabak's bidding. Like I
didn't know that anyway.
This was a press conference with almost no press and it had
nothing to do with organizing a presence at the memorial
rally. And in fact, only one member of this committee even
showed up at the rally and he left after half an hour, once the
dirty work began. The real planning of the rally belonged to
me and Tova Rubin. I wrote and she printed 6,000 flyers
asking relevant questions about the murder in Hebrew and
English. I brought a five foot long sign asking Who Really
Murdered Yitzhak Rabin in both languages and wore my teeshirt with the same message.
Now add the twelve best Jews in Israel and we really rocked
the place.
Stage one - We handed out the flyers to the tens of
thousands of rally goers coming at us up Ibn Gvirol Street.
Most took mine and read them. Three threw them back in my
face. And one called the police to stop us. Fortunately for us,
Attorney Dov Eben-Or had arranged a city permit to be there
and he was nearby to scare the cops away. We were free.
Stage two - When the traffic thinned out and the
proceedings began we went parading. We proudly walked
with my sign, two of the men brought their own signs and I
was wearing my shirt. It was too crowded to get to the front
of the gathering but we found our perfect spot, under the
screen where the ceremony was being projected. Facing
several thousand rally-goers we stood firm and proud.
Then Peres began his speech and I took out a horn to blast
his words away. I was politely warned that this went too far
and desisted. Another in our group but a hundred yards
away, David Rutstein, apparently didn't take the warnings
and was manhandled to the ground by the police and briefly
When the despicable Clinton began his speech, I booed long
and loud. This led to a ruckus. We were surrounded by a
pretty angry crowd and lots of cameras. The star of this
moment was a tiny Haredi lady named Reena, who stood her
ground like a tiger.
After that, we were followed by the cameras wherever we
went. When the rally ended, we stood on the raised traffic
island as the proudest group in Tel Aviv and let 50,000
passers-by see our message.
We brought the truth to the lion's den and the negative cost
was low. Twice the sign was ripped from our hands, and
twice we fought to get it back. But now, consider the plusses:
The next day, the IDF radio station broadcast our activities
and then interviewed Rabin's daughter Dahlia. She admitted
that she also was dissatisfied with the official version of her
father's death and wanted answers.
Then the popular Tel Aviv station FM103 reported our work
and interviewed a political scientist who concluded that
because Rabin's murder was political, we had every right to
be at the memorial service doing what we felt was right. The
station was then barraged with faxes and e-mails
commenting on his controversial conclusion.
We didn't make world news as we had hoped and as we
would have if only another hundred people had joined us.
But we accomplished something undefinable and after the
ceremony was over, six of us sat together at a Tel Aviv pub
to figure out what happened that night. Here are some of the
notes I quickly took:
- Far, far more people read our flyers and politely asked to
know more than resisted them. When I spoke to the young
people who wanted to know what I meant by Who Murdered
Yitzhak Rabin, I saw the same faces as the settler youths
who had asked the same question at their rallies. The
difference between these kids is really minimal.
- The only people who violently opposed us were old men.
And there weren't many of them. If there were 100,000
people at the rally, easily half were wearing uniforms of the
Scouts or political youth movements. If these groups hadn't
been organized to come en masse, there would have been
almost no one in that square mourning Rabin.
- And I was a hero to dozens of those kids, Peace Now
included, who saw me recently on television and had read
my books. And these kids, yes Peace Now as well, helped
us all night long by explaining our cause to those who didn't
understand it. And by the way, the press photographers took
rolls of film of this magical encounter without being able to
explain it to themselves.
- But as for the leaders of these kids...Here's Noar Avoda at
work. To stop us from distributing the flyers, two Labor Youth
leaders volunteered to distribute them. After wasting a few
hundred we figured out they were ending up in the bins. So
the next generation of Labor is already being prepared for
lying and deceit. Anything for the right cause.
- And who should pass by me but Rabin's Health Minister,
Ephraim Sneh. "Hey Sneh," I shouted to him. "Was it two
bullets or three?" He knew what I meant. Bet he didn't expect
me there to ask. He thought he was in hallowed territory,
protected from Israel.
- And, just like any other rally, I met people who admired my
work and passed on information. One young man proudly
showed me where I mentioned him in my Rabin book. Amir
knew him from school and ran to the other entrance of the
sterile zone when he saw him. He noted that he had a tiny
role in history. Another Laborite in his fifties told me, "You
don't know what you did in the last two weeks. Peres was
thrown out of leadership because of the suspicions that he
murdered Rabin. I know people who switched to Peretz just
to get rid of the murderer."
The lion's den was filled with my people and most were
good. All they needed were a few facts leading to an
awakening. And the twelve of us provided it to tens of
thousands of our people. Of the twelve, two were over sixty,
and three were middle-aged women.
Now, let us ask where everyone else was.
Where was the Committee To Reinvestigate The Rabin
Assassination? Weren't they taking credit for planning this
counter-event? And where were the other Rabin
investigators and writers? It turns out it's much easier to be
brave behind a computer screen. And where were the fine
people of Kedumim who I spoke to just a week earlier and
told them this was a way to save your homes. I guess they
really want to be uprooted without a fight.
And where were the Gush Katif activists? They had a chance
to arrive en masse and show the world what was done to
them. But they were far too busy having their winter coats
stolen from them by the Shabak and gathering in Jerusalem
to talk to themselves in an auditorium to take real action. And
that goes for all the right/religious protest leaders. It struck us
all at that Tel Aviv pub, that they are all too cowardly to face
the Israeli left. They are actually afraid of confronting scary
groups of teenage leftists and a few angry old men.
And that is why they are losing.
Despite government insistence that no such photographs
exist, some three years ago, I received a dozen photos of the
backstage "sterile area" two minutes before and immediately
after Yigal Amir shot his blanks at Yitzhak Rabin. The photos
were acquired partly by chicanery, which some day I'll
explain, and partly through a reliable source. One series of
photos shows Shimon Peres conducting his nefarious
murder plot stage by stage. Not one magazine or major
internet site has ever published these shots and I can only
guess why.
Another photo shows the moment Yigal Amir was arrested.
The arresting officer's watch captures the exact time of the
arrest; 9:31. The watch was blown up and highlighted before
I released it and it was reprinted in dozens of Israeli
magazines and websites alongside the conclusion of the
Shamgar Commission that Rabin was shot at 9:50. The
implication was clear to everyone; If Shamgar was telling the
truth, which he wasn't, Amir was under arrest 19 minutes
before Rabin was shot. Some alibi! In fact, Shamgar
deliberately falsified the time of the shooting to protect
Rabin's driver, who, otherwise, would have been driving for
22 minutes to complete the 2 minute hop to Ichilov Hospital.
Previously, this photo had already been published in Yediot
Achronot, the country's most popular newspaper, without
anyone understanding the implications.
On November 3, '05, Israel's second TV channel broadcast a
breakthrough documentary proving Rabin was shot a third
time from the front. This was my claim of eight years and it
appeared to vindicate my work. But the film's director, Naftali
Glicksberg, could not allow that to happen. During the
roundtable discussion which followed the screening, he
viciously attacked my integrity without naming me. The photo
of the arrest was a complete fabrication, he said, and
someone, which had to be me, changed the watch to read
9:31 when in fact, in the original shot, the watch read 9:53.
Some claim since my source never fabricated evidence and I
sure didn't.
And this lie began gaining currency. A few days later I met a
youthful reporter from Makor Rishon who was covering the
Rabin murder conspiracy and offered him the full set of
pictures. Young Jimmy Olsen of Makor Rishon turned down
the offer claiming I had no right to offer the photos for
publication, like they were copyrighted by the Shabak, and
anyway, I had fabricated the watch shot.
The next week I was interviewed at great length by a
genuine reporter, Yonathan Gat, of Israel's
magazine, Anashim. This publication is popular among the
nation's media crowd and yuppies and the result was highly
professional. For one thing, the magazine became the first to
publish two of the backstage shots.
During the course of the three day interview, I received a visit
from two gentlemen, today respected physicians, who in their
youth briefly dabbled with Avishai Raviv. Raviv, as we know,
has disappeared from Israel and no one knows where to find
him. Except they spotted him in Budapest, Hungary working
as a senior citizens' helper. I gave Gat the scoop and his
magazine turned to the Shabak and asked its spokesman if
the information was accurate. The Shabak refused to
Gat then turned to a sensitive issue. He played me the tape
of Glicksburg calling the watch photo a fabrication and asked
for my reaction. Since I didn't fabricate it, I suggested that he
contact the photographer. That could be done by phoning the
photo dept. of Yediot Achronot. He did so and was greeted
with hostility. The man on the phone was sick of fielding
inquiries about the photo from journalists. The photo, though,
was no longer in the Yediot archives but when it was there,
the watch read 9:50.
So Gat took the next obvious step; he asked for the
photographer's name and phone number. The name was
Pablo Bichman but no number existed because Bichman
committed suicide a few years ago, about the time I first
released his watch shot.
My, my. Another "suicide" around Rabin. He joins such
august company as three of Rabin's bodyguards, the Bar Ilan
student David Newman, who on the night of the murder sent
an e-mail with his suspicions about Amir to newsgroups, and
Avishai Raviv's Russian companion, one Ariel, who "jumped"
to his death from a building in Dimona. One can only imagine
what Pablo Bichman's lens captured that led to his early
Gat quizzed Oren Agmon, head of Yediot's photo bureau and
he told him, "The real picture shows the watch at 9:50. Pablo
Bichman left the paper well before he killed himself. Any
attempt to connect the photo with a conspiracy about his
suicide is ridiculous."
The Anashim article is essential reading about the Rabin
assassination and treats me more than fairly. It's on the kiosk
and supermarket stands until Dec. 6. Israeli readers, if you
can't find it, order by e-mail at [email protected] or
call 03 6275566.
Those of you who listened to me interview on the Tamar
Yonah show last week,
may have noticed in my overview of the Vatican's recent
attempts to acquire Jerusalem's holy sites, that I insisted the
whole Middle East "peace" process is being manipulated
through the Vatican via King Juan Carlos of Spain. The day
after the interview, coincidentally the day Sharon broke up
the Likud, guess who called Arik?
Former Labor chairman Shimon Peres is close to making a
decision to leave Labor for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's new
Kadima party, sources close to Peres and Sharon said on
Sunday night.
Sharon spoke to Peres more than once on Sunday and he
offered him to return to his cabinet post of vice premier with
additional responsibility over negotiations with the
Palestinians and the peace process. "If Peres does not
announce his decision on Monday, it will have to wait
until Wednesday when he returns from a trip to Spain."
(Communicated by the Prime Minister‟s Media Adviser)
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon spoke this evening (Tuesday),
22.11.05, with Spanish King Juan Carlos I de Bourbon, who
had telephoned in order to ask him to attend the gathering to
mark the 10th anniversary of the Barcelona Conference. The
Spanish monarch said many European and Arab leaders such as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Algerian
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Tunisian President Zine
El Abidine Ben Ali - will attend and emphasized that Prime
Minister Sharon‟s participation would be very important for
advancing relations between Israel and Arab countries. The
Spanish King reiterated the international community‟s high
esteem for the Prime Minister and the steps he has taken in
the framework of the Disengagement Plan.
Prime Minister Sharon thanked Spanish King Juan Carlos I
and said that he would be happy to attend but will be unable
to do so in light of the domestic political situation. The Prime
Minister said that he decided to bring the elections forward,
quit his party and establish a new party in order to advance
the things he believes in.
Prime Minister Sharon said that after the elections he would
be happy to visit Spain and meet with the King. The Prime
Minister invited the Spanish monarch to visit Israel.
From the first day of the Gush Katif expulsion, I warned my
readers that the government would crush the refugees and
give them nothing but empty promises. I insisted they had to
fight for their rights immediately or they would suffer
catastrophe. I further warned, that anyone who propped up
their misery through charity would be dooming the refugees
to permanent poverty. I wish it wasn't true, but all media
reports illustrate that in just three months, the once thriving
residents of Gush Katif have sunk into violence, despair,
divorce, drug abuse, crime and hopelessness. So keep on
giving til it hurts and liberate the Yesha Council and
government from any responsibility for their recklessness.
Yesha Council s Disengagement Struggle Advisor to Head
DM Mofaz s Campaign to Lead Likud
21:21 Nov 27, '05 / 25 Cheshvan 5766
( Political advisor to the Yesha Council (of
Judea and Samaria communities), Yuval Porat, will head
Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz's campaign to head the Likud
Party. Porat served as advisor to the Yesha Council over the
past year and was one of the leading strategists behind the
campaign against the Disengagement Plan – ostensibly out
of ideological identification with the cause.
He said Sunday that after deep internal ideological conflict
he decided to help Mofaz, even though the Defense Minister
was one of the main backers of the expulsion of Jews from
Gaza and northern Samaria.
[by Barry Chamish, published in the Jerusalem Post]
As Israel approached the tenth anniversary of the Rabin
assassination, Yediot Ahronot published a survey which
showed that 35% of Israelis do not believe the government's
version of the murder. Discounting the Arab sector, which
has almost no knowledge of the issue, close to half of all
Israeli Jews believe or suspect the government is lying to
them about the circumstances of Rabin's demise.
Just previous to the release of the poll, long and respectful
features about me were printed in a wide variety of Hebrew
publications including Anashim (People), ShofarNews and
Maariv. In the wake of the poll, I was invited to appear on
four television programs in a week, including the very staid
and establishment London And Kirschenbaum and Khok
VeTzedek (Law and Justice).
And why not? A good portion of the reason for the poll's
result was directly attributable to my book, Who Murdered
Yitzhak Rabin, which has sold over 34,000 copies in six
languages in Israel and made the top of the bestselling lists
of Yediot Ahronot and Haaretz. Combined with the sales of
my other three books in Hebrew, no other native Englishspeaking Israeli writer has sold as many books as me in the
past decade.
I have achieved that elusive prize which escapes almost all
"Anglo-Saxon" writers: widespread recognition by mainstream Hebrew-speaking Israelis. Not a bad achievement for
someone who dared to write that Yigal Amir did not murder
Yitzhak Rabin.
It is this cultural breakthrough that has generated some
resentment among English writers in the country, but none
moreso than an obsessive accuser from Haifa. He has
illegally abused the Internet, sending missives against me
under phony names, with two main claims.
The first is that I write about UFOs, a heinous crime if there
ever was one. From 1987-99, Israel saw a barrage of
unexplained aerial phenomena, all highly publicized by the
Hebrew media. Using ethical journalistic standards, I
documented the events and received worldwide recognition
for my efforts. Four episodes of the NBC-TV program
Sightings were dedicated to my discoveries, and in 1999,
Fox-TV devoted a full half hour of prime time to my work. I'm
very proud of this period of my career but the phenomena
stopped and I haven't written a word on the subject in six
The next claim is so slanderous that I was forced to sue the
obsessive accuser. He has actually accused me of being a
Holocaust denier. Type my name into Google and you will
find that my work appears on the internet 71,100 times,
again, by far the most of any Israeli native-English writer. A
few of those sites are run by the deniers, therefore, abusing
guilt by association, I must be one of them. In fact, I have no
control over the internet and anyone who finds my writing
useful can copy and paste it into their sites. I appear on far
more sites run by socialists and new-agers.
Yaacov Levi, then-moderator of the Yahoo newsgroup of
Americans For A Safe Israel, investigated the accuser's
claims and concluded: "He is always identified as pro-Israel
and a Holocaust 'believer'. They quote him simply because
he raises questions looking for accountability from the Israeli
government. What a concept ! I also checked out other
websites of the revisionist genera, they ALL cite him as pro317
Israel and anti-revisionist. Not a one made any tiny effort to
identify him as an ally."
To prepare for my suit, I wrote the editors of two of the sites
cited by the accuser, asking them to confirm the obvious.
Both replied the same way. Jeff Rense, who incidentally is
not a denier, but nonetheless sure doesn't like Zionism,
wrote: "At no time, never once, has Mr. Chamish ever
solicited the posting of his work on my site of"
Judge Yamini of the Ramle District Court, examined the facts
and ruled in my behalf, recommending that my suit be heard
before a higher court. That process has begun.
One of the errors of literally all Israeli writers in English is that
they restrict their audiences to like-minded readers. My
audience runs the gamut of contemporary thinking and by
also entering the homes of the enemy, I have neutralized
much anti-Semitism worldwide. I do this indirectly by
exposing the crimes of those in power who have brought us
"peace," and, I insist, are endangering the existence of our
The first book to say so was Traitors And Carpetbaggers In
The Promised Land, written a decade ago. This book was an
expose of the crimes of the Oslo process. What has attracted
so much reader loyalty is that the "absurd" claims I made
back then all came true. The "absurd" claims of my latest
book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust will
likewise, all prove to be accurate in time.
Permit me to present a few examples of prescience:
- Six years ago, I warned my readers not to vote Sharon. I
insisted he was installed in the Israeli Right to destroy it from
within and that he would immediately appoint Shimon Peres
as his Foreign Minister. No more need be said.
- In my latest book, I claim Ofra Haza did not die of AIDS but
was poisoned. Three months ago Haza's sister and her
attorney Rami Tzuberi appeared on the TV program Mishal
Kham with medical documentation proving Ofra Haza was
poisoned. Both demanded her exhumation and a
reinvestigation of the circumstances of her demise.
- One of the central points of my book Who Murdered
Yitzhak Rabin, was that Rabin was not shot twice in the back
as the government concluded, but was actually shot three
times, the deadly wound coming from the front. On Nov. 3 of
this year, Channel Two spent two hours unintentionally
vindicating me in a documentary. The documentary makers
examined Rabin's clothing and found the third bullet hole in
the front of his clothing.
So sorry for being right!
From this point on, not a comment from me:
Report: Israel to hand control of Jerusalem holy site to
Haaretz November 6, 2005
By Amiram Barkat
Israel is to give the Vatican control over one of the most
sacred Christian sites in Jerusalem, several European
newspapers have reported recently. According to the reports,
Israel will give the Holy See possession of the Coenaculum,
or the Room of the Last Supper (also known as the Upper
Room or the Cenacle), on Mount Zion.
Rabbi Rosen invested as Papal knight
The Jerusalem Post, Nov. 3, 2005
Rabbi David Rosen, the American Jewish Committee's
international director of interreligious affairs on Thursday
became the first Israeli citizen, the first Orthodox rabbi and
the fifth living Jew to be invested with a papal knighthood.
Rosen received the decoration and citation attesting to his
new status as a Knight Commander of the Pontifical Order of
St Gregory the Great at a ceremony hosted at the Notre
Dame of Jerusalem Center by the Apostolic Delegate in
Jerusalem and Palestine and the Apostolic Nuncio in Israel
Archbishop Pietro Sambi.
The investiture was conducted by Cardinal Walter Kasper,
President of the Holy See's Commission for Religious
Relations with Jewry. The ceremony coincided with the 40th
anniversary celebrations in Israel of Nostra Aetate, the
ground-breaking Vatican II document that paved the way for
mutual respect and dialogue between the Catholic Church
and the Jews.
Kasper credited Rosen with being a moving force in the
realization and implementation of the spirit of Nostra Aetate.
Noting that Rosen is active in many fields, Kasper who has
known him and worked with him for several years said: "One
meets him everywhere that this dialogue is going on - and he
keeps the dialogue going on."
He first met Rosen, Kasper recalled, as a Jewish partner in
dialogue. He found Rosen to be frank, free and outspoken,
saying what pleased him about the Christians and also what
didn't please him.
Kasper characterized Rosen as "a fair partner who wants to
understand Christianity" and struggles to overcome
misunderstandings and slander. He described Rosen as a
man of peace and dialogue who builds bridges. One of the
most positive developments of the last half century said
Kasper is that Jews and Christians have found a way to
gather. "It is a sign of hope and reconciliation, friendship and
mutual understanding."
Kasper made a point of emphasizing that in his work for
reconciliation and peace, Rosen is not a man of compromise,
but acts from the depth of his Jewish faith. Because Jews
and Christians are both children of Abraham who received a
promise to be a blessing for all people said Kasper, "We
have a universal dimension in sanctifying the name of God.
In this secular world in which we live, there is a danger of
forgetting the name of God."
In response, the powerfully articulate Rosen said that he was
not usually at a loss for words, nor he admitted was he a
particularly modest individual, but after hearing what Kasper
had said about him, he felt rather inadequate.
In his quest for reconciliation he said, he had remained loyal
to his people, his faith and his tradition. His aim in life was to
reach out and build bridges of understanding and thus make
the world a better place, said Rosen.
A former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, Rosen confessed that when
he brought his family to live in Israel 21 years ago, he
thought that he had said goodbye to pomp and circumstance
and had no idea what providence had in store for him. "I'm
an extremely lucky beneficiary of timing," he said, observing
that he had been at the right place at times of historic
Rosen who was on the team that negotiated diplomatic
relations between Israel and the Vatican was pleased to see
among the witnesses to his honor Shmuel Hadass, who was
Israel's first ambassador to the Vatican.
He also paid tribute to Zvi Werblovsky whom he lauded as
an Israeli pioneer in the field of Jewish-Christian dialogue. "I
see myself as a spiritual son of his in this endeavor," said
Rosen, who in a post ceremonial conversation, said that
Werblovsky should have been given a papal knighthood
years ago.
It was a most rewarding day for Rosen and his family. From
Notre Dame he continued on to Dormition Abbey, where at
another ceremony hosted by Abbot Benedikt Lindemann of
the Benedictine Abbey Hagia Maria Sion he was presented
with the Mount Zion Foundation's Award for Interreligious
Understanding in recognition for his contribution to JewishChristian reconciliation, understanding and cooperation.
The Mount Zion award is presented biannually to individuals
and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to
the enhancement of dialogue between the different religions
and cultures of the Holy Land.
Nostra Aetate: Origins, Promulgation, Impact on
Catholic-Jewish Relations
Jerusalem, 30 October–1 November, 2005
The Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, in conjunction with the John XXIII
Foundation for Religious Studies in Bologna, will hold a
scholarly Conference in Jerusalem on the above to mark the
40th Anniversary of the Conciliar Declaration Nostra Aetate,
which was a watershed in Catholic-Jewish relations.
The first day of the Conference will be devoted mainly to
Nostra Aetate and its origins and the second day to its
various impacts since 1965. Participants will review the state
of research on the document, make their own contribution
thereto and attempt a critical assessment of Catholic-Jewish
relations over the past forty years.
It will be attended by leading scholars actively engaged in
these areas from Israel, Italy, Germany France, Belgium,
Russia and the United States. Prominent figures, who are
personally involved in the Jewish-Catholic Dialogue - headed
by the Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Pontifical
Council for Christian Unity and Rabbi David Rosen,
President of IJCIC - will also take part.
Holy See Address on Plight of Palestinian Christians
Moreover, of ongoing concern is the security wall which cuts
access to some Palestinians' lands and water sources, as
well as to employment, commerce, education, medical care
and freedom of worship. My delegation freely acknowledges
the right of all peoples to live in peace and security; on the
other hand, we believe that the Holy Land is in greater need
of bridges than of walls.
In the hope that the many problems of the region will be
resolved by negotiation and dialogue, my delegation
underlines that a lasting solution will include the question of
the Holy City of Jerusalem. In light of the numerous incidents
of violence and the challenge to free movement posed by the
security wall, the Holy See renews its support for
"internationally guaranteed provisions to ensure the freedom
of religion and of conscience of its inhabitants, as well as
permanent, free and unhindered access to the holy places by
the faithful of all religions and nationalities"
Jerusalem is the acknowledged home of the three
Abrahamic faiths, and whoever has custody of the Holy
City has a particular responsibility for it before the
international community. Borrowing the recent words of
Pope Benedict XVI, we hope that Jerusalem will one day be
"a home of harmony and peace" for all believers.
The time is long overdue for fraternal, open dialogue in order
to bring about the birth of two states, side by side, mutually
respecting each other's right to exist and prosper. There
have already been far too many innocent victims, be they
Israeli or Palestinian, Jews, Christians and Moslems alike.
Only with a just and lasting peace -- not imposed, but
secured through negotiation -- will the legitimate aspirations
of all the peoples of the Holy Land be fulfilled.
They are pleading John Paul's II and Arafat's Feb. 15,
2000 Covenant
A Covenant Between the Pope and PLO Leader Yasser
On 15th February, 2000 at the Vatican, the Pope and the
leader of the PLO terrorist organization, Yasser Arafat,
signed a covenant against the G-d and people of Israel
and Jerusalem.
According to this agreement, Jerusalem should be an
international city based on international resolutions and
an international guarantee. (The UN decided on more
than one occasion that Jerusalem should be an
international city.) They also decided that any step or
activity taken by Israel to change this position of
Jerusalem is against the law. The agreement also
recognizes a "Palestinian" state in the land of Israel and
agrees on cooperation between the Vatican and the PLO
and the Vatican committed itself to assist the so-called
Authorities in the Vatican explained: "the agreement
paves the way for establishment of full diplomatic
relations with a Palestinian state when it is founded".
The PLO representative in the Vatican stated: "This is an
historical covenant.
The Wording below is from the Illuminati Plan:
"Moslem and Jewish areas in Jerusalem will be
combined with Christian to create the New Jerusalem
Covenant. Then, and only then, will it be possible to
combination Temple/Church/Mosque
"At the proper moment in history, the Pope will visit the
combined Jewish/Christian/Moslem sector of Jerusalem
to announce that all religions should be combined into
one. This action will then finally break the Middle East
logjam." (Ibid.)
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has urged Pope
Benedict XVI to visit the Palestinian people, according to an
Italian religious affairs magazine.
Monthly magazine 30 Giorni said in a promotion of an
interview with Abbas that he extended the invitation "to visit
the Palestinian people in Palestine," Italian news reports
Abbas was quoted as urging Benedict to "use all his
weight and the spiritual and moral importance of the
Catholic Church to put an end to the suffering of the
Palestinian people and to guarantee their legitimate right
to create an independent state with East Jerusalem as
its capital."
VATICAN ------------------19:06 According to Italian sources, Palestinian Authority
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)( Holocaust
Denier) is expected to meet soon with Pope Benedict XVI
at the Vatican. (Guysen.Isra l.News)
Israel‟s Wrong Turn: Europe to Guard Border
Monday, November 7, 2005
The Gaza Strip border crossing with Egypt must be looked
after, but Israel has been pressured to turn the job over to
the EU. What might the consequences be?
Israel announced on Tuesday that the EU will send
inspectors “with real powers” to monitor the Rafah border
crossing between the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip and
The European Union has hit paydirt. After more than 10
years of struggling with America to gain control of the
Middle East peace process, the EU and the Vatican are
one step closer to realizing their Middle East ambitions.
Spain's foreign minister on Wednesday said Spain was
studying the possibility of helping police the border
separating Egypt from Gaza.
Israel's cabinet on Tuesday approved the deployment of
European inspectors on that frontier following its pullout from
Gaza. Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos told a news
conference that Spain was willing to support an international
effort to promote peace in the region.
Ariel Sharon Takes Long Path From Settlement Builder
to Settlement Dismantler.
Ariel Sharon's transformation from settlement builder to
settlement dismantler was sealed in a secret meeting with
U.S. envoys in Rome in November 2003, when the Israeli
prime minister revealed his plan to give up the Gaza Strip
and parts of the West Bank by the end of 2005.
For four decades, Sharon had been the main force behind
Israeli settlement construction in lands claimed by the
Palestinians for their state. In that Rome hotel room, two of
his aides say, he became the first Israeli leader to set a
clear deadline for dismantling some of them. . .tory?id=1031800
--------------vatican, jerusalem, agreement, final countdown, oslo,
intifada, end . . . . which he had agreed to do in 1993 Oslo
agreement) and reduce the number of armed . . . if Israel
does no conform to the agreement. PLO-Vatican pact riles
Israel Officials in Jerusalem dep. . .
December 30: Vatican and Israel sign an agreement . On
this day, December 30, 1993, the Vatican and Israel signed
the Fundamental Agreement Between the Holy See and the
State of Israel. . . .
Fundamental Agreement - Israel-Holy See MFA MFA Library
1990_1999 1993 Dec Fundamental Agreement - Israel-Holy
See . . . followers as solemnly stated by the Second Vatican
Ecumenical Council in its . . . . .
Vatican: Fundamental Agreement - Israel and the Holy
See 1993 Date: May, 1998 URL: . . .
>>> . . . He has been a member of the Vatican
Delegation who negotiated, on behalf of John Paul II, the
Fundamental Agreement with the State of Israel, signed on
December 3rd 1993. Printable page. . .
Isr - Vatican 1993 Isr - Vatican 1993 ] [ Israel Palestine
STATE OF ISRAEL - 1993 . . .
. . . marking the historic diplomatic agreement signed in
1993 by Israel and the Vatican have been put together . . . as
commentaries on the monumental agreement, has been
The Vatican and Jerusalem . . . posts will be under UN
control. The plan which led to the December, 1993
agreement between The Vatican and the State of Israel was
originally discussed in November 1992 at the exact sam. . .
Israel-Vatican Relations Established - December 20, 1993
. . . On July 15,1992, Israel and the Vatican agreed to a
framework and agenda for negotiations. . . .
December 30: Vatican and Israel sign an agreement
Agreement signed between the Vatican and Israel. . . .
December 30, 1993 ? Finally Israel and the Vatican Agreed.
by the Staff or associates of Christian . . . . .
CNN - Israel, Vatican sign historic agreement - November
10, 1997
Israel, Vatican sign historic agreement. Pact defines church's
legal status in Israel. JERUSALEM (CNN) -- For the first
time, there is no question about the legal status of Roman
Catholic i. . .
Please investigate these disturbing facts that suggest that
the conspiracy against Rabin may be ongoing and may have
claimed more lives:
The assassination of Rabin is linked to the assassinations of
Meir Kahane (November 5, 1990), JDL leader Irv Rubin
(November 4, 2003), and JDL activist and Rubin associate
Earl Krugel (November 4, 2005) by a "coincidence" of dates
that could not possibly be pure coincidence. Rabin of course
was murdered on Nov. 4, 1995 (exactly ten years before the
Krugel murder, and exactly five years after the Kahane
murder). Four Jewish leaders could not possibly have just
happened to have been murdered on the same calendar
date within a space of only fifteen years.
Irv Rubin, the leader of the Jewish Defense League,
supposedly "committed suicide" in a United States Federal
prison by first cutting his own throat, then running thirteen
yards, and finally jumping off a balustrade to his death-surely the most athletic suicide in history! This happened on
November 4, 2003--eight years to the day after the Rabin
assassination. Rubin's fellow JDL activist, Earl Krugel, who
was imprisoned on the same charges as Rubin, was
murdered in prison on November 4, 2005--exactly ten years
to the day after the assassination of Rabin.
If the assassination of Rabin has been covered up, those of
Rubin and Krugel have never been exposed to public view in
the first place! But the assassins certainly used the date
November 4 as their calling card.
Earl Krugel pleaded guilty to conspiracy and received a 20year sentence. Irv Rubin was murdered before his case
came to trial. Neither man received a death sentence or
deserved to be murdered in jail. Please try to get justice for
these two men, whose murders are plainly connected to that
of Yitzhak Rabin.,7340,L-3125444,00.html
Mehadrin to earn NIS 32.5m profit sale of land in Ashkelon
Mehadrin chairman Yonatan Basi is director of the SELA
Administration for disengagement from the Gaza Strip and
northern Samaria.
Roy Meltzer 31 Oct 05 16:53
Real estate company Mehadrin (TASE: MEDN) is about to
reap a big profit from the removal of Jews from the Gush
Katif communities from the Gaza Strip under the
disengagement plan. The company announced today that it
had signed an agreement with the Israel Land Administration
(ILA) giving the latter a free nine-month option to buy 1,300
dunam (325 acres) in northern Ashekelon.
The exercise price for the option is NIS 46,410 per dunam
(NIS 185,640 per acre), making the total exercise price for
the land NIS 60 million. If the ILA exercises the option,
Mehadrin will post a one-time net after-tax capital gain of NIS
25,000 per acre, making its total profit on the deal NIS 32.5
For the past six months, Mehadrin chairman Yonatan Basi
has been director of the SELA Administration, the special
administration established in the Prime Ministers Office for
handling Jews removed from the Gaza Strip and northern
Samaria. IDB Holding Corp. (TASE: IDBH) subsidiary
Hadarim Properties (TASE: HAPR) (37.1%) and Israel
Phoenix Assurance (TASE: PHOE1; PHOE5) (33.1%)
control Mehadrin. The latters market cap is $57 million,
following a 57.1% surge in its share this year.
Published by Globes [online] - - on October
31, 2005 Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National
Union) said this evening that right-wing activist Itamar BenGvir, known for his affiliations with Kahanist organizations, is
actually an agent of the General Security Services (GSS).
Eldad claims that Ben-Gvir was sent by the GSS to the Maoz
HaYam hotel area in order to stir up the emotions and cause
MK Eldad made the charges on Channel Two\'s Mishal
Cham interview program.
Seeking Solution, Shin Bet Offers Ben-G'vir Rent-Free
16:04 Aug 11, '05 / 6 Av 5765
( Seeking to vacate the Kiryat Arba
apartment of Miriam and Yaron Adler, the Shin Bet has
offered former Kach activist Itamar Ben-G'vir and his
wife a rent-free apartment.
One of the reasons the Adlers cannot or will not accept an
administrative detention order to leave Sa-Nur is because
they cannot move back into their Kiryat Arba home since the
Ben-G'virs are renting the apartment.
Protests over Burg's Plan to Eat 'Festive Meal' on Ninth
of Av Fast Day
18:59 Aug 11, '05 / 6 Av 5765
( Rabbis and public leaders are furious over a
statement by former Labor Knesset Member Avraham Burg
that he will eat a festive meal Sunday afternoon, the Ninth of
Av. Many secular as well as observant Jews observe a 24
hour fast from sundown Saturday in memory of the
destruction of the ancient First and Second Temples.
Burg, a vocal supporter of the expulsion plan, said on an
Israeli radio program that a festive meal would mark what he
termed Israel's nearing control over its destiny following the
planned expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria.
Burg's father, Yosef Burg, was leader of the National
Religious Party, but his son identifies with the Conservative
Dear Barry,
It's interesting that they picked the day after Tisha B'Av for
the disengagement, since according to Sabbataian tradition,
Tisha B'Av is Shabbatai Zvi's birthday.
The disengagement efforts began in 2004 which was the
360th birthday of Nathan of Gaza. There may be a
Sabbataian implication in this since the number 360 is
important in gnostic systems (cyclical concepts). So 360
years after their prophet of Gaza's birth Gaza is given to
Yishmael (the Arabs).
By Jack Manuelian
When the Zabbatean Zionists created the modern state of
Israel they also made plans for the creation of an anti-Israel
"force" in the Middle East that would be used to destroy their
experiment of modern Israel. The Zabbatean Zionists would
be both the creators and indirect destroyers of the state of
Israel. Nowadays inner Zabbatean Zionists are activating the
"self-destruction" mechanism of modern Israel; their plan is
to bring a Turkish muslim dictator as a ruler of Turkey, a
Muslim Hitler-like destroyer, a Turkish Bin Laden who will
unite the various factions in Turkey and lead them to the old
glory they once knew. Presently the invisible rulers of Turkey
are not real Turks but rather infiltrated secular "Turks" who
are the secret followers of the anti-Mohammed and antiChrist prophet Zabbatai Zevi, who was the founder of the
Turkish Donmeh Zabbatean sect and of the Zabbataean
movement in general.
Tony Blair, the British prime minister, welcomed a
Spanish proposal to create an "Alliance of civilizations"
between Western and Muslim countries in the fight
against terror in a meeting with Jose Luis Rodriguez
Zapatero, his Spanish counterpart, on Wednesday.
Mr. Blair, who also held talks on Wednesday with
RecepTayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, said that
Turkey is particularly involved in this initiative.
The book originally called "Frank and the Polish Frankist
Followers" by Alexander Kraushar, Poland 1895.
Here is a clip:
...the best banking houses in Frankfurt hurried to voice their
readiness to serve them [the Frank family]
Even the Frankfurt Rothschilds must be included in the list of
believers, as Mr. Schenk-Rinck records in the second part of
his treatise Die Polen in Offenbach.(5)
Who Was Winston Churchill?
The essential fact about Winston Churchill is that his
mother's father was Leonard Jerome (formerly Jacobson,
1818-1891) a speculator and business partner of August
Belmont (nee Shoenberg 1813-1890), who was Rothschild's
main American representative.
Jennie Jerome's marriage to Randolph Churchill, the second
son of the Duke of Marlborough appears to have been a
marriage of convenience, typical of many unions between
spendthrift English aristocrats and daughters of Jewish
Just a few weeks ago, the following was the issue of the day
in Israel:
Report: Israel to hand control of Jerusalem holy site to
Haaretz November 6, 2005
By Amiram Barkat
Israel is to give the Vatican control over one of the most
sacred Christian sites in Jerusalem, several European
newspapers have reported recently. According to the reports,
Israel will give the Holy See possession of the Coenaculum,
or the Room of the Last Supper (also known as the Upper
Room or the Cenacle), on Mount Zion.
In response to the news, I wrote an article which proved the
handover of the Old City of Jerusalem was a done deal. In
fact, it was one of the secret clauses of the first Oslo "peace"
accord signed by the Israeli government.
A week after, I received a phone call from a rabbi of the
Diaspora Yeshiva. He explained that the Tourism Minister
was visiting their school the next day and he was trying to fill
the study hall to prove to the government that their yeshiva
was too valuable to be given away.
I replied that I would not partake in such a spectacle. I might
come if the students forcibly barred the Minister or any
government official from entering the property. Hadn't he
learned anything from Gush Katif? The government of Israel
couldn't care less about him and could care even less how
many students he can pack into a room. Mount Zion was a
litmus test of how much opposition the government and its
corrupted army could expect when all of the Old City was
turned over to the Vatican.
He said I must talk to the headmaster of the Yeshiva, Rabbi
An hour later, I was honored by a call from Rabbi Goldstein.
Soon, however, I was in despair. As far as he knew, the
Vatican wanted to turn his school into a money making
tourist site and the Ministry of Tourism was being enticed by
the prospects of millions of Catholic tourists visiting Israel to
see the Last Supper room.
I did my best to wake the Rabbi. I told him that tourism was
the facade, not the issue. I tried to explain the global forces
using their muscle to get the Jews out of Jerusalem's holy
sites. I noted that the government of Israel was the worst
enemy of Judaism and that he must block the entrance of
their representative with whatever force he could muster.
However, as with the Rabbis of Gush Katif, my words were
wasted. Mount Zion will give up without a real fight. You
Nonetheless, the truth marches on. A brilliant Jerusalembased German-born historian, Dr. Asher Edar, also honored
me with a conversation. Vive le difference:
BC - Why is the Vatican suddenly so interested in getting its
hands on Mount Zion real estate?
AE - There's nothing sudden about it at all. In fact, the roots
of the desire go back 1200 years to the time of Charlemagne. He was the Vatican's military tool for converting
Europe to Roman Catholicism. He succeed magnificently
and created what is known as the Holy Roman Empire but
what was then called The Holy Roman Empire Of The
German Nation. Charlemagne's capital was at Aachen and
there he built his first cathedral.
BC - Excuse me but, so?
AE - Next to the yeshiva on Mount Zion is the Dormition
Abbey, built by the Germans starting in 1906. It is an exact
duplicate of Charlemagne's Aachen Cathedral.
BC - How did that happen?
AE - Kaiser Wilhelm II came to Jerusalem in 1898 to build
two churches, a modest Lutheran Church of minor religious
significance and a magnificent Catholic structure on Mount
Zion. In 1898, the ruler of a nation didn't make such a difficult
journey to a diplomatic backwater unless it was extremely
important. The Vatican was worried that the British had an
operating church in Jerusalem and its presence could solidify
and spread. The Vatican provided much of the funds for the
trip and the bribe to the Turkish Sultan, Khamid. Since
Wilhelm had a Protestant population to appease, he put up a
smaller Lutheran church as well, but the real prize was
Mount Zion.
BC - Why all the money and trouble if the Vatican gets the
real estate? What was in it for Germany?
AE - Germany has never given up its dream of reviving the
Holy Roman Empire. At the height of that empire, their
greatest king, Frederick the Great, marched into Jerusalem
and became the city's king. Jerusalem was once part of the
Holy Roman Empire and the dream is that it will be again. In
this empire, the delineation of powers was strict. The pope
was the spiritual leader, but the political leader was whoever
ruled Germany. This dream led straight to World War I.
BC - Where do the Jews fit in all this?
AE - Nowhere. Herzl tried to get a role for the Jews and met
with Wilhelm in Jerusalem. Wilhelm would have nothing to do
with him. His goal was to save Jerusalem for a Christendom
led politically by Germany and spiritually by Rome. Nothing
has changed except now the pope is a determined German.
The Vatican want the Jews out of the Old City and
apparently our government is agreeing with them.
Now a history lesson with little comment:
Encyclopedia - Frederick II, Holy Roman emperor and
German king
King of Jerusalem
Having married (1225) Yolande, daughter of John of Brienne,
he claimed the crown of Jerusalem, but again postponed his
departure on crusade. He further offended the pope by
reasserting at the Diet of Cremona (1226) the imperial claim
to Lombardy. The Lombard League was immediately
revived, but open conflict did not break out until 1236. On the
insistent demand of the new pope, Gregory IX, Frederick
embarked on a crusade (Sept., 1227), but fell ill, turned back,
and was excommunicated. In 1228 he finally embarked. His
“crusade,” actually a state visit, was a diplomatic victory. At
Jaffa he made a treaty by which Jerusalem, Nazareth, and
Bethlehem were surrendered to the Christians, with the
Mosque of Omar being left to the Muslims. In 1229 he
crowned himself king at Jerusalem.,_Holy_Roman_Emp
In 1226, by means of the Golden Bull of Rimini he confirmed
the legitimacy of rule by the Teutonic Knights under their
headmaster Hermann von Salza over the Prussian lands
east of the Vistula, the Chelmno Land. At the time he was
crowned Emperor, Frederick had promised to go on crusade.
In preparation for his crusade, Frederick had, in 1225,
married Yolande of Jerusalem, heiress to the Kingdom of
Jerusalem, and immediately taken steps to take control of
the Kingdom from his new father-in-law, John of Brienne.
However, he continued to take his time in setting off, and in
1227, Frederick was excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX
for failing to honor his crusading pledge - perhaps unfairly, at
this point, as his plans had been delayed by an epidemic. He
eventually embarked on the crusade the following year
(1228), which was seen on by the pope as a rude
provocation, since the church could not take any part in the
honor for the crusade, resulting in a second excommunication. Frederick did not attempt to take Jerusalem by force
of arms. Instead, he negotiated restitution of Jerusalem,
Nazareth, and Bethlehem to the Kingdom with sultan AlKamil, the Ayyubid ruler of the region.
Some forty knights were received into the new Order at its
foundation by the King of Jerusalem and Frederick of
Swabia, who selected their first Master in the name of the
Pope and Emperor. The knights of the new confraternity had
to be of German birth (although this rule was occasionally
relaxed), a unique requirement among the Crusader Orders
founded in the Holy Land. They were drawn predominately
from the noble or knightly class, although this latter obligation
was not formally incorporated into the rule until much later.
Their blue mantle, charged with a black cross, was worn over
a white tunic, a uniform recognized by the Patriarch of
Jerusalem and confirmed by the Pope in 1211. The waves of
German knights and pilgrims who followed the Third Crusade
brought considerable wealth to the new German Hospital as
well as recruits. This enabled the knights to acquire the
Lordship of Joscelin and, soon thereafter they built the castle
of Montfort (lost in 1271), the rival of the great hospitaller
fortress of Krak des Chevaliers. Never as numerous in the
Holy Land as either the Hospitaller or Templar Orders, the
Teutonic knights were nonetheless a formidable power.
© Guy Stair Sainty
The origins of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher have been
disputed for centuries. In this examination of the history of
what is today a major Catholic Order of Knighthood, under
the direct protection of the Holy See, it has been my intention
to separate fact from fantasy and outline the historical development of this great institution. It now has a world-wide
mission to support the Holy Places, particularly in Jerusalem,
and has approximately eighteen thousand members across
the globe. [1]
Two Christian sources who are certain the goal of the
"peace" process is to establish a German/Vatican capital in
Jerusalem are David Ben-Ariel, and the Philadelphia
Looking to Jerusalem
We have also said that the next pope would have his sights
set on Jerusalem. Ratzinger was known for statements he
made concerning a reconciliation of sorts with the Jews. That
reconciliation being, “the moment in which Israel too will say
yes to Christ.” After all, the “star points to Jerusalem,”
Ratzinger said once. Watch for this new pope to have a more
fervent interest in Israeli politics and affairs surrounding
First let's understand Aachen Cathedral's history:
Aachen in north-western Germany (in French, called Aix-laChapelle), was the capital of Charlemagne's empire in the
9th century. It became the site of one of the great medieval
pilgrimages because of the textile relics obtained by
Charlemagne and Ortho III. The four “Great Relics” include
the cloak of the Blessed Virgin, the swaddling clothes of the
infant Jesus, the cloth on which St. John the Baptist‟s head
lay after his beheading, and the loin cloth which Jesus wore
on the Cross. These four relics were shown only once every
seven years.
John Paul II's Letter for 1,200 Years of Aachen Cathedral
VATICAN CITY, JAN 31 (ZENIT).- John Paul II referred to
the ties that unite the Catholic community spread over the
world with the Church of Rome and the Holy City of Jerusalem, in a letter to commemorate 1,200 years since the
construction of Aachen Cathedral, an event which was
celebrated last Saturday and Sunday in this historic German
locality. The Pope's special envoy to the celebration was
Cardinal Dar?o Castrill?n Hoyos, prefect of the Congregation
for the Clergy. The Holy Father addressed the letter to
Bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff of Aachen. John Paul II pointed
out that the Cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin, was built at
the request of Charlemagne. That same year, 800, the
emperor was crowned in Rome by Pope Leo III in the
Vatican Basilica. This historical event reflects the closeness
that existed between that local Church and the diocese of
Rome. But Aachen Cathedral has yet "another link" that
carries it "with heart and mind" to the Holy City. These are 4
precious relics that Jerusalem gave to Charlemagne and that
recall "with profound reverence events in the history of
salvation." The 4 relics are fragments of the newborn Jesus'
diapers, the cloth Jesus wore around his waist on the cross,
the dress Mary wore on Christmas Eve, and the cloth of John
the Baptist's beheading.
Now, we have a look at Aachen Cathedral:
Next, we look at the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion:
Surprise! It's an exact copy of the first church built by
Charlemagne, founder of the Holy Roman Empire.
Conflicting Agendas!
Mount Zion and Dormition Abbey, Jerusalem
Mount Zion lies to the south of today's city walls. Coming out
of Zion Gate you are faced with the Benedictine Basilica of
the Dormition. The Dormition Abbey is a massive structure
that rises on Mount Zion, just outside the Zion Gate, and
resembles a mighty fortress; it is topped by a high, domed
belltower, a conical dome and corner towers. This Benedictine Basilica, built over the site where Virgin Mary is said to
have fallen asleep for the last time (Dormitio - from here one
of the apocryphal writings describing this event). It was
completed by Kaiser Wilhelm II at the beginning of 20th
century based on plans by Heinrich Renard who used as a
model the Carolingian cathedral of Aix-la-chapelle.
The Room of the Last Supper lies just outside the Dormition
Abbey behind the Franciscan house on Sion. The whole area
has been transformed by religious Jews into various
Yeshivas (Schools of the Torah) especially due to the
devotion for the Tomb of King David which is believed to be
located beneath the Upper Room.
Germany Rejects The Jews Not For The Last Time
When Herzl met the Duke of Baden, the Kaiser's uncle, he
tried to persuade him of the importance of a meeting with
Kaiser Wilhelm for the Zionist cause. After more than one
and a half years of fruitless contacts with influential German
figures, Herzl was called to the German consul during a stay
in Amsterdam and informed that the German Kaiser was
prepared to meet him on his journey to Jerusalem. Kaiser
Wilhelm II's first stop on his journey to the land of Israel was
at Kushta. In October 1898, Herzl traveled to Kushta, where
he met with the Kaiser for the first time and received a
promise of a subsequent meeting in Jerusalem. Herzl and
his companions went up to Jerusalem in an optimistic frame
of mind to wait the second meeting, which took place on
November 2. His frosty reception by the Kaiser and the lack
of protocol led Herzl to realize that the German monarch had
withdrawn his initial offer of support for Jewish settlement in
the land of Israel.
For the rejection of Herzl and the race against Britain for
Jerusalem real estate, Turkey and Germany paid a heavy
price. In 1910, the Dormition Abbey was completed. Within a
decade, Germany and Turkey were defeated in all out war,
and Britain was in Jerusalem alongside Herzl's Jews.
Then came the Holocaust.
It has been barely a month since the Israeli government
apparently agreed to cede some real estate on Jerusalem's
Mount Zion to the Vatican and barely two weeks since I
reported on the deep background to the affair. Since that
time, a great deal of mail has arrived rounding out the
picture. As grateful as I am for the new information, another
event surpassed it. At a recent dinner party, the hostess
informed me that she had sold her book collection but had
kept one volume back. She agreed to lend it to me.
The book is called All Roads Lead To Rome? (Dorchester
House Publications). It is a detailed study of how the
ecumenical movement is razing the foundations of the
Anglican church in England, and replacing it with the
ceremonies and beliefs of the Roman Catholic church. The
author, Michael de Semlyen, is a leader of a British
Evangelist group and this is going to cause difficulties with
my Jewish readers who are tired of looking over their
shoulders waiting for another Evangelist trying to "save them
from Hell."
To these readers, I can only assure you that this book is vital
to the understanding you need to protect yourself from mortal
danger. I am well aware that given the choice of who is more
threatening to the Jews, the Evangelist movement or the
Vatican, American Jews would choose the former because of
their conversion practices. But they are very wrong. These
practices are patronizing and insulting, but they are a mere
inconvenience compared to the past and present mass
murder of the Jews secretly organized by the papacy.
The Jews should be deeply grateful for Protestantism. As
soon as any nation replaced Catholicism with a new
Protestant state religion, the slaughter and torture of the
Catholic inquisition stopped and decency took over. The
Protestant nations of Europe and the British Commonwealth
offered their Jews a secure shelter they had never known in
any Catholic country. By fighting to protect Protestantism
worldwide, de Semlyen, is fighting to protect the safety of
Jews worldwide.
Which leads to an issue that should bother all Jews. Why is it
that only Christian writers are exposing the depths of venality
that has seen the Jews massacred by the Vatican through
the millennia? Where are the Jewish voices investigating the
papacy and its current manipulations against the Jewish
state? Why, in this time of desperate intellectual need, are
Jewish writers so lame?
But that is the fact and those of us seeking the deep truth
about Israel's current disastrous decline must turn to
Christian writers like de Semlyen to get to the bottom of
matters...At least until our own writers stop with their
conventional claptrap and start investigating for themselves.
De Semlyen finished his book in 1991, and some of his
findings are more than merely interesting in light of historical
events which followed them, and needless to say, he could
have known nothing about. Let us look at what his research
tells us about the current Pope Benedict XVI.
pp. 162-3 - The Rehabilitation of the Inquisition of old is
something of an article of faith for the Vatican; for the
Inquisition is alive and well and, within the restrictive limits
placed on it by democratic freedoms, as powerful as ever.
Roman Catholic author and former priest, Peter de Rosa, in
his 1988 book Vicars Of Christ, The Dark Side Of The
Papacy, writes about the modern Inquisition: 'Located at
Casa Santa, the pope's house is known locally as the Palace
of the Inquisition. In recent years, having had a bad press,
the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Inquisition, like the Soviet
secret police, has been renamed more than once. In 1908,
this oldest of Rome's Sacred Congregations became The
Holy Office. From 1967, it changed to the Congregation For
The Doctrine Of The Faith. The present secretary and Chief
Executive. the Grand Inquisitor Of Old, is the Bavarian
Cardinal Ratzinger'. . . According to the Catholic Herald,'
Austere Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is dubbed in Italy as the
latter day inquisitor for his Doctrinaire Guidance as prefect of
the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith.'
What do you know? The pope was, until his investiture, the
Grand Inquisitor of the church, the same post which saw
millions of Jews, tortured, mutilated, or if they were lucky,
merely forced to flee or hide their faith.
De Semlyen also provides surprising background on
Princess Diana, written years before her assassination.
pp. 149, 162-3 - When Newman became Britain's most
famous convert to Rome in 1845, his confession prior to his
confirmation was heard by George Spencer, known as
Father Ignatius Spencer of St. Paul, who also acted as his
sponsor. Great great great uncle to Princess Diana, as well
as great uncle to Sir Winston Churchill and convert to Rome
in 1930, just before the start of the Oxford Movement, Fr
Spencer is now in line for 'Sainthood.'. . .
The Parker-Bowles family is Catholic. Princess Diana, much
influenced by her spiritual rapport with Mother Teresa and
her favorite clairvoyant, Irish Roman Catholic psychic Betty
Palko, is 'taking instruction from a Dominican priest to
convert to the Roman Catholic faith, at a secret Oxford
address,' reported the tabloid newspapers, Today and The
If these reports are true, the princess, once converted, may
well ask the Pope for an annulment to her marriage, based
on the infidelity of Prince Charles. This would create a
constitutional crisis that would very likely assist the ambitions
of Rome.
However, what interests us most, is the Vatican's push to
create a one world religion with its capital in Jerusalem.
pp. 17 - In May 1989, a group of 100 Pentecostal and
Charismatic leaders representing 30 nations, met to pray for
a Decade of Evangelism in Jerusalem's ecumenical Notre
Dame Centre.
pp. 19 - Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury and an
enthusiastic ecumenist, told BBC Radio Three; "It is entirely
possible that the Anglican Church could disappear to make
way for a united world church."
pp. 56 - A remarkable revelation from a 1990 book, The
Keys Of This Blood, written by a former Jesuit, Malachi
Martin, is that Pope John Paul II is convinced he will be
called in the 1990s to be the moral and spiritual leader of a
world government.
pp. 73 - Roman Catholic writer, Piers Compton, in his book,
The Broken Cross, recounts in considerable detail, the
initiation of Angelo Roncalli, late Pope John XXIII, into the
society of the Rose-Croix, or Rosicrucians, in 1935. He also
lists eleven cardinals and 75 prelates of the Church, together
with their code names and dates of initiation into secret
Masonry encourages all religions. 'The Great Architect of the
Universe,' it is argued, can be approached through many
mediators including Buddha, Muhammed, Krishna or Christ.
Freemasonry offers little or no resistance to ecumenical unity
and thus freemasonry and Catholicism, freed from the
difficulties of the past, can share a common goal in
overseeing a one world faith.
pp. 75 - The world's statesmen and rulers continue to seek
audiences to consult the pope on global strategy. George
Schultz, America's Secretary of State, consulted the pope
before major discussions, stopping off at the Vatican on the
way to Middle East peace conferences. Yasser Arafat, after
the American acceptance of the December 1988 PLO peace
initiative at the United Nations, also stopped at the Vatican
on Dec 24, presumably for more than a Christmas blessing.
Arafat has met with the pope more than once. . .
The Reformer Magazine sounded a warning: "It is not without
significance that Mikhail Gorbachev went to see the Pope in
this time of crisis. This stirs fear in many hearts. The reunion
of Germany under a Vatican-dominated party gives cause for
concern. Will history be repeated? Will there be a proVatican bloc in Europe again, this time allied to Russia with
Poland, Hungary, Romania and Czechoslovakia in tow? Will
this be a repeat on a wider scale of the Vatican's support of
the central powers leading up to the First World War and the
Fascist powers in the Second World War? These are
pertinent questions. The Vatican has never lost its objective
of world dominion."
pp 83 - Interviewed on Denver's KLTT Radio, Dr. Malachi
Matin spoke of three forces battling for total domination of
the planet, as the world races towards annihilation. The
contenders were John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev and the
capitalist West. As the world's spiritual and moral leader, he
would lead a world government with absolute authority to
decide all basic issues of human survival and human
pp 85 - Many believe, and not only Christians, that Europe
is destined to be the center of a final world empire, as the
Holy Roman Empire restored. The European newspaper
reported that, "The Christian Democratic leaders from
Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands
backed far-reaching plans for the transfer of national
sovereignty and the establishment of a federal government,
with sole control over monetary, foreign and defense policy."
pp 87 - Dutch Prime Minister, Rund Lubbers, a devout
Catholic who attended a Jesuit College, was the architect of
the Maastricht Treaty on Political Union. Lubbers worked
closely with Jacques Delors, also Jesuit-educated, in
furthering the Maastricht agenda, undeterred by the
mounting distrust of the treaty by the European people.
pp 100-01 - Author Roy Livesey is convinced that much of
what we see is an elaborately devised smokescreen for the
deception fashioned by the Jesuit Order and the Church of
Rome. . .Another professor of history, Norman Cohn, writing
about 'the myth of the Jewish World conspiracy,' states in his
book Warrant For Genocide that it can be traced back to a
French Jesuit, Abbe Barruel, who instigated the myth on
which the infamous Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion were
based. . .
Like the Vatican, the New Age has close links with powerful
organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, the World Council
of Churches, the Bilderberg Group and the Freemasons.
Other organizations and movements with a political agenda,
such as the many various peace and disarmament groups,
also act as a veil behind which one-world government and
one-world religion are taking shape.
pp 128 - The order of the Society of Jesus was founded by
Ignatius Loyola to secretly accomplish two major goals for
the Roman Catholic Institution. The first was to obtain
universal political power; the second, to establish the
universal church.
pp 133 - Dr. J.H. Lehmann points out in his book Behind
The Dictators that the Jesuit Father Staempfle wrote Mein
Kampf for Hitler.
The infiltration of the Vatican's symbology on the Israeli
psyche is far deeper than Israelis can fathom. Let one
example suffice for now. When the new shekel coin was
introduced just over a decade ago, the imprint on one side
didn't seem Jewish. It wasn't a symbol of Judaism like the
date palm, menorah or even the Medieval star of David, it
was a three petaled lily. Beneath it on the left side are three
other symbols which may have a perfectly good explanation,
but it's not known to the public whatever it may be. From top
to bottom they appear to be a gallows, a yardarm with a =
sign, and a Z with a - sign. Who knows what the shekel is
trying to tell us, but two of my correspondents have come to
similar conclusions:
Have you looked at a Shekel lately? "Joan of Arc carried a
white banner that showed G-d blessing the French royal
emblem, the fleur-de-lis, when she led French troops to
victory over the English in support of the Dauphin, Charles
VII, in his quest for the French throne. The Roman Catholic
Church ascribed the lily as the special emblem of the Virgin
Mary. Due to its three "petals," the fleur-de-lis has also been
used to represent the Holy Trinity."
Not even the Shekel has escaped the disintegration.
A picture that I have seen from a Cabbalistic source showed
the triple crown tiara on a flame-breathing dragon for the
Solar deity worship shows exactly what these people intend
to do: worship the ancient deities of the sun, moon and stars.
The Jewish leaders can't get close enough to him. He is
wearing the same outfits as the apostate Herodian temple
high priests of 1900 years ago, wearing the same kingly tiara
of three crowns. . .The secret societies that want to put him
in place believe he is the most qualified. One of the books
that I recently viewed showed that the ancient Herodian
temple of 1900 years ago had the same exact Vatican snake
pillars inside. The apostates will continue to congregate with
their fellows. The solution is to listen to what the legends
have told our people.
On Ecumenism
On Benedict XVI
Papal Homily on 40th Anniversary of Close of Vatican II
She is the offshoot from which grew the tree of redemption
and of the redeemed. God has not failed, as it might have
seemed formerly at the beginning of history with Adam and
Eve or during the period of the Babylonian Exile, and as it
seemed anew in Mary's time when Israel had become a
people with no importance in an occupied region and with
very few recognizable signs of its holiness.
God did not fail. In the humility of the house in Nazareth lived
holy Israel, the pure remnant. God saved and saves his
people. From the felled tree trunk Israel's history shone out
anew, becoming a living force that guides and pervades the
world. Mary is holy Israel: She says "yes" to the Lord,
she puts herself totally at his disposal and thus
becomes the living temple of God.
Pope Benedict, in his first Christmas address, has urged
humanity to unite against terrorism, poverty and
environmental blight. He called for a "new world order" to
correct economic imbalances.
Plan to Internationalize Jerusalem May be Urged at Herzliya
Conference 11:34 Jan 17, '06 / 17 Tevet 5766
( The non-profit Jerusalem Institute for Israel
Studies has issued a study recommending that Jerusalem's
holy sites be administered by an international body. The
study likely will be presented at the annual Herzliya
conference schedule to start this Saturday.
The center's research concluded that the "lack of trust
between Israel and the Palestinian Authority" supports
turning the authority over to an international committee to
preserve holy sites. Jordan closed off non-Moslem sites
during its occupation of the eastern part of the city. Israel reopened up Christian and Jewish sites to visitors after Jordan
retreated during the Six-Day War in 1967 and Israel reunited
the capital.
Temple Mount yes, Mount Sinai no; Dr. David Jaeger, the
Vatican's legal advisor in negotiations with Israel,
presented an interesting fact pertaining to the status of holy
sites: According to the United Nations resolution on
November 29, 1947, Jerusalem is considered a "corpus
separatum" that belongs neither to the Jewish or Palestinian
state. Therefore, the Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem after
the Israeli War of Independence was considered, like the
Israeli occupation after the Six-Day War, to be "illegal."
As far as international law is concerned, the status of
Jerusalem has not changed since 1947, and, therefore,
according to Jaeger, Israel and the Palestinian Authority
cannot achieve a bilateral agreement concerning the
status of Jerusalem. Israel cannot "give" the Old City to
the PA because, according to international law, Israel
does not have legal authority over Jerusalem.,7340,L-3194646,00.html
Vatican also wants Jerusalem?
Vatican envoy: Israel, Palestinians cannot be trusted to
safeguard holy sites Ahiya Raved Israel cannot be
trusted? The Vatican's legal advisor in Israel, David
Jaeger, harshly criticized Israel‟s policy regarding
safeguarding Christian holy sites. Speaking during an
international conference at a Haifa University conference
Tuesday, Jaeger said Jerusalem is an important city the
fate of which should not be left in the hands of Israel and
the Palestinians.
Talks continue between Israel and the Holy See, in the
post-Sharon crisis
Tel Aviv (AsiaNews) – Negotiations continue between Israel
and the Holy See to reach a comprehensive bilateral accord,
despite the difficult political situation in Israel following Ariel
Sharon‟s illness. Delegations of the Holy See and the State
of Israel have continued today, Wednesday, January 11,
their negotiations aimed at reaching the "comprehensive
agreement" mandated by the 1993 Fundamental Agreement,
on the fiscal status of the Church in Israel, and on safeguarding ecclesiastical property, especially Holy Sites. The
previous meeting took place last November 24; parties have
agreed to hold their next meetings on May 17 and 18. In the
meantime the bilateral "Working Group" on properties the
Churches wishes to recover will continue its work, and other
consultations also will continue between the parties' legal
experts. Sharon's departure from the political scene
could cause some worry to the Catholic negotiators,
given Premier Sharon's decisive role in making his
colleagues and subordinates take seriously the
relationship with the Catholic Church and resume
negotiations with the Holy See, even when other
government elements were inclined to go in other
directions. It was Washington that persuaded Sharon of
the importance of paying due attention to the Catholic
Church, and it will fall to Washington to continue to
press this matter on his successors, both before and
after elections in Israel.
The first week of February 2006 was one of great hope and
tragedy. The hope is that brave Jewish youth have finally
stood up to the forces of rot wrecking Israel. There are no
words to express the joy of seeing the young people of
Amona courageously fighting for our land. We hope they
learned the lessons for next time: wear helmets, and horses
bolt at the site of spikes.
Now the tragedy: The forces ruling Israel are dividing its
people from our army and police. A brief testimony from
Arutz Sheva succinctly summarizes this tragedy:
An IDF officer in an elite reserve unit sent a letter to his
commander, turning in his stripes. The letter states, "I feel,
like my entire population sector, persecuted, humiliated, and
the target of repression in every corner. After Gush Katif,
when I saw the 'army of the people' expelling Jews from their
homes with no compassion and destroying entire
communities with no hesitation, and thereby destroying
families - I had terrible doubts as to whether I could continue
in this army. . . When I put on my uniform, I felt nauseated. . .
Yesterday, on my way home [to Yesha], an officer stopped
me [at the roadblocks preventing protestors from reaching
Amona] and asked me who I am and where I'm going. I
answered, 'I'm just like you, an officer in the same army as
you.' He said, 'So what? Show me your ID card.' At that
moment I felt that he and I are not in the same army, or
maybe he's in the army and I'm not; I felt like a suspected
terrorist who has to show his identity card. . . I always
wanted to volunteer as much as possible - but that's it; no
more. This is not the army of the people, but rather a political
army that is motivated only by self-fulfillment and
advancement, no ideology. . . I hereby return my ranks to the
IDF; I have no desire for them, they only make me ashamed.
I no longer want to be in this army." He later explained that
though the police were those who used excessive violence,
but "the commanders of the operation were leading IDF
figures Yair Naveh and Yosh Division Commander Yair
The next reason for hope, is personal but beyond so. A man
of great integrity emerged in the local media. Eliot Jager, oped editor of the Jerusalem Post, let me have my say in his
paper and he presented me beautifully.
The tragedy. In April '03, Mr. Jager wrote a strong article
about Israeli alternative literature and dismissed my
contention that the Sabbataian movement is behind Israel's
woes today.
The hope: a brave witness has finally come forward to
expose the Frankist/Sabbataians:
Sabbateans, Doenmeh and Frankists, Jewish sex-cults now
experiencing a re-emergence due to new age mysticism and
the internet, did they ever disappear?
Name to be provided to the appropriate legal authority.
November 19th, 2004
About two years ago Ms. Vicki Polin called me on the
telephone from Baltimore asking me to perform a ritual of
exorcism on her. When I asked why she felt she needed an
exorcism, she told me that she was a survivor of a Jewish
devil-worshipping cult and felt herself invaded by its baleful
influence. She had heard from a friend that I am a student of
kabbalah, so, after her request was refused by rabbis in
Baltimore she was turning to me for help with an exorcism.
She told me that her parents were members of the EZRAHABONIM synagogue on Dempster St. in Skokie, Illinois.
The essence of her story was that there are currently many
rabbis involved in this cult who brought their satanic rituals
with them to the USA from Europe. That she was born into
one of the Jewish families owing allegiance to the cult. She
claimed to have been used as part of an organized child
sexual abuse ring organized by the rabbi of her synagogue,
and that the sexual abuse took place on Sifrei Torah Scrolls
laid out on the floor of the synagogue. That the abuse began
in early childhood and continued over a period of many
years, through her teen years and into adulthood, and that
she was only one of the many young children, boys and girls
used in this manner. I did not ask for specifics of the rituals
but she mentioned cannibalism, defecation and the sacrilege
of sacred objects. I told her that if she feels herself Tameh,
unclean she ought to go to the mikveh - ritual baths.
All the above is what she told me during our single phone
conversation. I have not spoken or corresponded with her
since then.
Name to be provided to the appropriate legal authority.
November 17, 2004
Vicki Polin told me that she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey
show using the name Rachel. In that appearance and in
private conversations to me she made the following claims:
 That her family belonged to a satanic ritual cult in
which she was regularly sexually abused from the
time she was a baby.
 That she was forced to murder babies and eat their
flesh as part of this cult.
 She was raped on Torah scrolls in a synagogue in
 That she had five abortions as a result of incest with
her father.
 That she suffers from multiple personality disorder.
Vicki made it very clear that she believes that there is a large
satanic cult with many professional people as members who
are regularly involved in sex abuse and murdering babies.
She told me that she believes that this satanic cult dates
back to Jacob Frank: she told me she was afraid to eat
chicken bones because they reminded her of the murdered
babies‟ bones.
David Samuels wrote an in-depth analysis of the effect of the
Sabbataians on today's events in Israel. I will quote his piece
briefly. To read the full text, write him at:
[email protected]
The Sabbataians discussed this back and forth and after
many days of meetings formulated the following revisions,
applied to the state of Israel, for the annihilatio! n of the
Torah and all religious Jews.
Stage one, the 3rd Reich, would be replaced by the creation
of a new Middle East. This would include promoting peace
no matter what the consequences or possibility of actual
peace. This would start by drawing up a peace plan which
would be shoved down the throat of everyone, and anyone
not accepting it would be marginalized and regarded as a
lunatic. Yitzchak Rabin was put in charge of this stage, but
he wasn‟t told about any stage after 2.
An event would be staged to incriminate the religious Jews.
This would be the assassination of Rabin. [Rabin was going
to go along with a staged assassination, but after he realized
where the peace plan was going, began to back out.
Therefore, they turned it into a real assassination].
This event would be blamed on the religious Jews who would
be singled out and criminalized.
The media! would be put in charge of dehumanizing the
religious Jews. This would include comparing them to
terrorists and calling them “The Jewish Hamas.” Their blood
would be cheapened by making it commonplace to beat
them to a pulp without restraint. Dehumanization (not merely
de-legitimization) would be used to desensitize the public,
police and army to the use of extreme violence against them,
which now would be no big deal since they‟re not human
From the relentless persecution and media pogrom, the
religious Jews would fall into a prisoner mentality and adopt
Stockholm Syndrome. They would be terrified to say the
truth, lest they be deemed guilty of “provocation” and
arrested and thrown in jail without trial for an indeterminate
period of time. They would be made to feel like not real
Israelis if they regarded the government that was trying to kill
them as pure evil. They therefore refused to call them by
their correct definition: halachic mishumadim and mosrim.
The first stage of violence would be to merely evict people
from their houses using regular army forces. The level of
violence would gradually be raised to the point of using live
ammo. A special force called yaSSam would now be brought
in riding on specially-trained German horses, which were the
children of the horses the Nazis used. The soldiers would be
given special uniforms reminiscent of the SS.
The hope is that American Jews are fighting back as well.
The tragedy is they still won't make the connection between
the attack on them and the simple fact that Georgetown
University is Jesuit headquarters in America:
Annual ISM Hate Israel Conference at Georgetown
The Jewish people are under attack at Georgetown
University in Washington, D.C. The International Solidarity
Movement is a propaganda arm of the PLO that is invading
every college campus in America to spread anti-Semitism
and hate for the state of Israel. They are composed of
American communists and anarchists who ally with the PLO
Muslims and Arabs to try and persuade Americans to reject
Jews and a Jewish state in our world society. They use a
college campus to appear intellectual when their goal is that
of the Nazis.
They have one goal: the dismantling of Israel.
We are seeking volunteers who we will bus to this
conference at Georgetown. The college says nobody can
be denied admittance
Email: [email protected]
The issue of the Jesuit/Vatican plots against Israel is not one
of anti-Catholicism. Very few Catholics have any idea how
ruthless the Vatican is. I have visited Italy three times and
noted how the people are aware of how corrupt the Vatican
is, but carry on with their lives ignoring it for all but
ceremonial usefulness. The same goes for the German
people, I'm sure. They are unaware that generation after
generation of their leaders have been promoting a Medieval
agenda that has brought nothing but tragedy to them.
The full tragedy for Germany and Israel is laid out below.
Take your time absorbing it. We begin with a photo I sent out
last week wrongly attributed:
In 1943, when he was 16, Ratzinger was drafted with many
of his classmates into the Luftwaffenhelfer programme. After
his class was released from the Corps in September 1944,
Ratzinger was put to work setting up anti-tank defenses in
the Hungarian border area of Austria in preparation for the
expected Red Army offensive. He was eventually drafted into
the German army at Munich to receive basic infantry training
in the nearby town of Traunstein. "There is no doubt in the
Sentry's mind that Ratzinger was indoctrinated along with the
rest of the Hitler Youth and all of the excuses in the world will
not relieve him of that terrible indoctrination.” "If you think
early indoctrination can be easily shaken off try getting a
Christian to denounce his faith.” "Ratzinger's entire career
as the Vatican enforcer of extreme Catholic Doctrine is a
study in Nazi organization. In the German language this is
called 'Deutsche Ordnung.' "
New York Post. New York, N.Y.: Apr 17, 2005. pg. 003
April 17, 2005 -- A "fuhrer" furor is dogging the papal
candidacy of Germany's top Roman Catholic cleric ‹ over
revelations he was a member of the Hitler Youth.
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger ‹ a favorite to become the next
pontiff ‹ joined the Nazi children's corps in 1941 as a 14year-old and was later an anti-aircraft gunner.
At one point, he guarded a factory where slaves from a
concentration camp were forced to work. He was later
shipped to Hungary, where he reportedly saw Jews
Ratzinger, a staunch conservative dubbed "God's
Rottweiler," has said he joined the Hitler Youth when
membership became compulsory. He and his brother were
later drafted but deserted. The cardinal claims he never fired
a shot and that resistance would have meant death.
Not so, Germans from his hometown of Traunstein told The
Times of London.
"It was possible to resist, and those people set an example
for others," recalled Elizabeth Lohner, 84. "The Ratzingers
were young ‹ and they had made a different choice."
World Jewish Congress' Israel Singer Meets Senior
Vatican Officials in Rome; Joint Initiative for Talks With
Muslim World Discussed
VATICAN CITY, Jan. 26 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Israel Singer,
the Chairman of the Policy Council of the World Jewish
Congress, has held talks in Rome with senior Vatican
officials. He met (for the first time) with Archbishop Leonardo
Sandri, Substitute for General Affairs at the Secretariat of
State of the Holy See, and Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo,
Secretary for Relations with States (foreign minister). Singer
also met with Cardinal Kasper, president of the Pontifical
Council for Promoting Christian Unity; and Archbishop
Michael L. Fitzgerald, president of the Pontifical Council for
Inter-Religious Dialogue.
The main points of discussions were ways to intensify
dialogue between the two religions, and specific
possibilities to expand inter-faith talks to also include
high level Muslim clergy. The modalities will now be
discussed, both in bilateral and multilateral meetings,
according to Singer.
After his meetings at the Vatican, Singer said: "It is
important to enter into discussions with the third 'Son of
List of Masons in the Italian Church and Vatican
The following is a Mason list reprinted from the Bulletin de
l'Occident Chretien Nr.12, July, 1976, (Directeur Pierre
Fautrad a Fye - 72490 Bourg Le Roi.)
If still alive, it should be noted with interest that all of the men
on this list, are subject to excommunication by Canon Law
2338. Each man's name is followed by his position, if known;
the date he was initiated into Masonry, his code #; and his
code name, if known:
Albondi, Alberto. Bishop of Livorno, (Leghorn). Initiated 8-558; I.D. # 7-2431.
Abrech, Pio. In the Sacred Congregation Bishops. 11-27-67;
# 63-143.
Acquaviva, Sabino. Professor of Religion at the University of
Padova, (Padua). 12-3-69;# 275-69.
Alessandro, Father Gottardi. (Addressed as Doctor in
Masonic meetings.) President of Fratelli Maristi. 6-14-59.
Angelini Fiorenzo. Bishop of Messenel Greece. 10-14-57; #
Argentieri, Benedetto. Patriarch to the Holy See. 3-11-70; #
Bea, Augustin. Cardinal. Secretary of State (next to Pope)
under Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI.
Baggio, Sebastiano. Cardinal. Prefect of the Sacred
Congregation of Bishops. (This is a crucial Congregation
since it appoints new Bishops.) Secretary of State under
Pope John Paul II from 1989 to 1992. 8-14-57; # 85-1640.
Masonic code name "SEBA." He controls consecration of
Balboni, Dante. Assistant to the Vatican Pontifical .
Commission for Biblical Studies. 7-23-68; # 79-14 "BALDA."
Baldassarri Salvatore. Bishop of Ravenna, Italy. 2-19-58; #
4315-19. "BALSA."
Balducci, Ernesto. Religious sculpture artist. 5-16-66; #
Basadonna, Ernesto. Prelate of Milan, 9-14-63; # 9-243.
Batelli, Guilio. Lay member of many scientific academies. 824-59; # 29-A. "GIBA."
Bedeschi, Lorenzo. 2-19-59; # 24-041. "BELO."
Belloli, Luigi. Rector of Seminar; Lombardy, Italy. 4-6-58; #
22-04. "BELLU."
Belluchi, Cleto. Coadjutor Bishop of Fermo, Italy. 6-4-68; #
Bettazzi, Luigi. Bishop of Ivera, Italy. 5-11-66; # 1347-45.
Bianchi, Ciovanni. 10-23-69; # 2215-11. "BIGI."
Biffi, Franco, Msgr. Rector of Church of St. John Lateran
Pontifical University. He is head of this University and
controls what is being taught. He heard confessions of Pope
Paul VI. 8-15-59. "BIFRA."
Bicarella, Mario. Prelate of Vicenza, Italy. 9-23-64; # 21-014.
Bonicelli, Gaetano. Bishop of Albano, Italy. 5-12-59; # 631428, "BOGA."
Boretti, Giancarlo. 3-21-65; # 0-241. "BORGI."
Bovone, Alberto. Substitute Secretary of the Sacred Office.
3-30-67; # 254-3. "ALBO."
Brini, Mario. Archbishop. Secretary of Chinese, Oriental, and
Pagans. Member of Pontifical Commission to Russia. Has
control of rewriting Canon Law. 7-7-68; # 15670. "MABRI."
Bugnini, Annibale. Archbishop. Wrote Novus Ordo Mass.
Envoy to Iran, 4-23-63; # 1365-75. "BUAN."
Buro, Michele. Bishop. Prelate of Pontifical Commission to
Latin America, 3-21-69; # 140-2. "BUMI." etc.
If all of this plotting against Israel is getting on your nerves,
call the Vatican's reps here and let them know:
Apostolic Nunciature, Apostolic Delegation in Jerusalem
Address: Rehov Shmuel Ben Adaya 1
Jerusalem 68037
Phone: 972-2-6282298 Additional Phone: 972-2-6288630
Fax: 972-2-6281880
Apostolic Nunciature, Embassy
Address: Netiv Hamazalot 1
Old Jaffa 68037
Phone: 972-3-6835658 Fax: 972-3-6835659
I share so much hope with my readers. Look at the quality of
information they send me.
January 29th, 2006
Today, I participated in a briefing at the office of the Israeli
Prime Minister, and Yisrael Maimon, the cabinet sec'y, who
answered question about home demolitions in the
Palestinian sector.
Maimon was asked a straight forward question: Are the
home demolitions in the Jewish sector - in Hebron and
Armona - a sign of things to come in the Palestinian sector.
Maimon answered in the affirmative, saying that Ariel
Sharon's last act before his stroke was to authorize the
implementation of massive home demolitions in the
Palestinian sector - immediately.
In other words, my information has now been confirmed by
the highest possible source - on the record.
I am available to discuss this further at 02
Meretz Calls Sharon's Treatment "One of Largest Political
Scandals Ever"
I have done quite a lot of research originally done for Bedein,
on "Evergreen Canada-Israel Investments Ltd." which
eventually others traced to a Cayman Island registration.
Peres was a principal! The World Bank and the International
Financial Corporation, poured M's if not B's into the
designated: Gaza and West Bank Investment/Industrial
Zone. Wolfowitz and Wofenshohn a.k.a. C.F.R. and former
US military/political "advisors" in Afghanistan/Iraq? showed
up often!
Barry, at first I thought they came to see your stuff.
But it seems they are watching us now too.
Name IP Address Country United States
Region New York City New York ISP Intellispace Inc
Anything suspicious about Bronfman's wife's death?
It is not nice to say things about someone who is not here to
defend themselves, but I saw the report on Andy Bronfman.
I knew Andy Bronfman as a woman of passion and flair just
like all the reports are saying. But what I have not seen in the
reports concerns her passion relating to Gush Katif. Months
before Sharon announced his Disengagement Plan, Andy
passionately told me that she hoped by the next summer,
Gush Katif would return to nothing but sand dunes, because
she was of the opinion that Jews did not belong there.
So Shimon Peres finagles his way to number two in the
government. What does that mean to him? A fun trip to the
First, Shimon packs his trunks for the huge Papal pool. Then
some plastic puke to liven up the meeting with Benny. And of
course, he doesn't forget those silly written promises to hand
over Jerusalem to the holy see.
Peres Meets With Pope in Vatican Thursday, April 6, 2006
/ 8 Nisan 5766
Israel's indefatigable Shimon Peres met with Pope Benedict
XVI today, and submitted an invitation to visit Israel from
Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
The two met for 40 minutes in the Vatican, and the Pope said
he hopes to visit Israel sometime in the first half of next year.
They said afterwards that they had discussed Middle East
matters. "I definitely believe that a visit by the Pope can
influence the peace process," Peres told reporters.
Peres is reported, in 1994, to have promised the Vatican
official status in Jerusalem.
In February 2000, the Vatican and the Palestinian Authority
signed an agreement calling for an internationally
guaranteed special status for Jerusalem. The agreement
stated that a special statute would protect "equality before
the law of the three monotheistic religions [in Jerusalem], the
proper identity and sacred character of the city, [and]
freedom of access" to the city's holy sites.
Israel objected, saying that freedom of religion is already
protected throughout the country. It also opposed the
Vatican's treatment of the PA as an independent country.
Shortly afterwards, Pope John Paul II visited Israel, and unlike one of his predecessors, Pope Paul VI, who visited in
1964 - agreed to come to Jerusalem. Pope John Paul met
with the Chief Rabbis in their Jerusalem offices, and visited
Yad Vashem as well. Pope Paul, on the other hand, refused
to visit Jerusalem, leading then-Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Nissim
to boycott his visit altogether.
During his visit in 2000, Pope John Paul II conducted a
prayer service in Bethlehem, and announced that the Vatican
had always recognized the Palestinians' national rights to a
homeland. Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, Dean of Yeshivat Ateret
Cohanim, said in response that the Pope's goal was simply
to obtain a foothold in Jerusalem for the Church, and that his
visit was one way the Pope hoped to reach this goal.
He added: "Relations between the state of Israel and the
Holy See were also examined -- in the light of
agreements endorsed in 1993 and 1997 -- as well as the
relations of Israeli authorities with the country's
Christian communities."
After being received by the Bishop of Rome, Peres met with
Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano.
And that's the excuse that Peres offers the world for his
meeting with the papal head; he invited him to Israel. That's
why he was invited to Rome. To give Benny the invite.
That's what Israelis were told and that's what they believe.
But we know there are bigger conspiracies to fry. There is
just so much more to believe. You must get C.T.Wilcox's
excellent, Transformation Of The Republic, website is, available at
Within, you will understand how the Jesuits murdered Lincoln
and other US dignitaries. Now that's a conspiracy! But even
moreso - their sinking of the Titanic!
finally found the Video I first found the Titanic conspiracy
reported :
"Who Controls The World? Illuminati, Jesuits, Bilderberg,
Church, Skull,
Religion "
43 min 10 sec - Mar 11, 2006
At 26 min 45 secs the Titanic reporting starts :
--------------------------||---------------------------In 1910, seven men met on Jekyll island just off the coats of
Georgia to plan the Federal Reserve Bank. Nelson Aldrich
and Frank Vanderclip represented the Rockefeller (Illuminati)
financial empire. Henry Davidson, Charles Norton and
Benjamin Strong represented J.P. Morgan (Illuminati). Paul
Warburg (Illuminati) represented the Rothschilds (Illuminati)
Banking dynasty of Europe. The Rothschilds were the
banking agents for the Jesuits and hold `the key to the
wealth of the Roman Catholic Church.' The Morgan gang,
the Rothschilds gang and the Rockefellers gang were fierce
competitors yet entered joint ventures. They were to
establish the national banking cartel called the Federal
Reserve System. . . .
. . . but there was a problem.
Three of the richest people in the world opposed the
Illuminati/Jesuits' plan to establish a central bank in the
United States because they knew what would happened to
America if this happened. Also these people would most
likely of also tried to stop the Jesuit‟s plan to engineer world
War I. These three people were Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa
Strauss and John Jacob Astor. The Jesuits were determined
to create the Federal Reserve bank in America and so they
HAD to somehow get rid of these three people.
This is how the Jesuits did it. . .
There were a number of powerful men who were NOT in
favor of the Federal Reserve System. Benjamin Guggen368
heim, Isa Strauss and John Jacob Astor opposed the
formation of a Federal Reserve System. These men were
arguably the richest men in the world and stood in the way of
the Jesuits'/Illuminati plan. These three men were coaxed
and encouraged to board the Titanic. Not only were these
enemies of the Jesuits against the Federal Reserve Bank,
but they would have used their wealth and influence to
oppose World War I. Construction of the Titanic began in
1909 at a ship yard in Belfast, Ireland. Belfast was Protestant
and hated by the Jesuits. Morgan took control of the White
Star Lines. The Jesuits ordered J.P. Morgan to build the
Titanic. From the very beginning of the luxury dinner, the
Titanic was destined for doom. Edward Smith was the
captain of the Titanic. He had been traveling the North
Atlantic waters for twenty-six years and was the world's most
experienced master of the North Atlantic routs. he had
worked for Jesuit, J.P. Morgan, for many years. Edward
Smith was a 'Jesuit tempore co-adjutor.' This means that he
was not a priest, but he was a Jesuit of the short robe.
Jesuits are not necessarily priests. Those who are not
priests serve the order through their profession. Anyone
could be a Jesuit, and their identity would not be known.
Edward Smith served the Jesuit Order in his profession as a
sea captain.
When the Titanic departed from Southern England on April
10, 1912, Francis Browne, the Jesuit master of Edward
smith, boarded the Titanic.
That America, a zillion laughs. The head of FEMA is a
pedophile, the Vatican is pushing illegal immigration to
change the status quo and the Vice President tried to shoot
his buddy to death. It never ends.
But for a deep belly laugh, take a look how the Sabbataians
are destroying the Jews from within. Just gasp at the
Sabbataians in action. My favorite has to be Churchill with
such an obviously Jewish mother.
The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
However, if you're missing your fill of Sabbataian literature,
allow us to keep you sated.
[email protected]
A brand new publications house started to operate in June
2000 in Istanbul where is the center of economic and cultural
life in Turkey and which constitutes a brigade between Asia
and Europe.
• &nbspTHE NAME ZWI : The family of Ilgaz Zorlu -the
founder of Zwi Publications- has its roots in the Eli Zwi's
family who is brother of Rabbi Sabbetai Zwi who declared
himself the Messiah in 17thth Century. Zwi means "deer" in
Hebrew language. The second president of Israel Yitzak Ben
Zwi also descends from the Ashkenaz branch of that family.
Traditionally the word Zwi which has deep meanings in
Hebrew religion and mystical Jewishness, is the symbol of
peace, brotherhood and knowledge.
• &nbspPUBLICATION POLICY : The basics of the
publication policy of Zwi Publications is to collect the writings
of ethnical cultures in Turkey with no discrimination and the
pass this magnificent richness on to the next generations.
Doing so, Zwi aims to share the cultural wealth of Turkey
with all the countries and cultures of the world. We also aim
to introduce the already published or unpublished books
about these cultures to Turkey which have been written
abroad and in another language then Turkish. Our main
principle is to pay to the authors and researchers every legal
Within the framework of our policies, the publication plan is
as follows :
• &nbspSERIES 1 - Religious Origins of Ethnic Cultures :
The aim of the first series is to gather the religious roots of
ethnic cultures like Sabbataians, Syrians, Jews and publish
the related studies. Kabbala itself and the studies on
Kabbala have a priority in our publication plan.
Now here is the ultimate world conspiracy. The Frankist
Labor Zionists and Hitler. You can't get bigger than this.
None of the crazy conspiracy "conspiracies" coming out of
Israel could match this.
PART TWO: Except We're So Close
The missiles are here. As every Israeli leader knew, leave
Gush Katif and the Katyushas will come flying from Elei
Sinai. Now Israel gets 40 Katyushas and Kassams shot at it
daily. And it's only getting better by the day. What a lovely
justification for frying Iran.
And don't believe that everything is random. Get the Jews
out of Gush Katif, give up the Philadelphi Corridor, elect
Hamas, ban Hamas worldwide. It was barely a challenge
because the residents of Gush Katif were mentally incapable
of defending themselves and everyone else was infiltrated.
And if you exposed the infiltration, what a mess they made of
your life. I got a taste of that in response to my last article:
Just to clue you in. My yeshiva was in Gush Katif. We
stayed at the hotel when Ben Gvir showed up with his thugs.
He hung around for a few hours then took off. His hoods
turned the scene violent with the Arabs and the police had
the excuse to boot us out. Meanwhile, good guys like Pinner
and Cytryn will face prison. Everyone got it from him.
So when the elections came up, we couldn't vote Marzel
because of Ben Gvir. We decided on the Pensioners never
really believing they'd get in.
Let me explain how lying is the way of life in Israel beginning
with Itamar Ben Gvir. I had a stroke a month and a half ago,
so I delayed my trial with him until June. That was far too
merciful for him, so he send a liar to me by phone. Her
name was Ayalah and claimed she was booking me for a
lecture. The number she left was 0528693876. She taped
our discussion during which I agreed to the lecture and
explained I was going on a five day trip to Cyprus.
From the liar to my lawyer's postal box comes a legal claim
that my delay due to stroke was bogus because I can do a
lecture and am going on vacation. This is a legal farce since
my good pal Jim Searcy is paying my fare to get me
recuperated in Cyprus and I can do a speech I've done 600
times at 80% efficiency. But I need time to recover for a trial.
In fact, I've delayed a separate trial against a nutcase
detractor because I'm not totally back.
The courts have suddenly turned enormously fair to this
crowd. Noam Federman somehow picked up 25,000 shekels
because a radio station spoke to his daughter, Avigdor Eskin
doesn't have to produce his trial testimony that he worked for
the Shabak previously, and Gvir never loses anything. And
how can he? I had to pay my attorney to defend the latest
outrage. When he's finally tried I will lose 15,000 in legal
costs and get nothing in return. It was the harassment that
made MK Arye Eldad apologize to him. Needless to say, no
one believed Eldad was sincere.
And he can keep up the harassment forever with the
purposeful agreement of a rigged and bought so-called legal
Here's how I know that lying has taken over a nation. Today I
spoke to one Michael, the organizer of a severely out of date
folk festival called Jacob's Ladder. I wanted a stall and he
didn't want me there. So he lied about a previous book seller.
He couldn't have two booksellers, he explained. So I ask for
his number to see if there would be a problem. Then the lies
multiplied to absurdity.
All this Michael had to do was tell me the truth, or add a
flourish, like politics don't belong at a folk festival 30 years
out of date.
But lying has taken over Israel.
In fact, lying has taken over the official Jewish world.
I discussed this on Bill Deagle's radio show earlier this week.
Somewhere in the psyche of the Jew he knows his "leaders"
are unelected crooks. He knows they let Europe's Jews die
during the Holocaust. Yet he defends them all because he's
afraid the genuine anti-Semites will pounce on him. I told Bill
that this time is not 1941 and I will expose the Sabbataian/
Frankists and maybe save ourselves. It's not a pretty alternative but it's self-preservation.
I had a brief discussion in Jerusalem last week with an
advocate of one Rabbi Ginsburg. The Rav wants to save
Yesha but with a difference. Religious Zionism cannot win,
he explains. It has to stop.
Yes, it has to end. We are returning to 1940 when one tiny
group of Zionists lead by Hillel Kook tried to get America to
intervene for Europe's Jews. This tiny group lost to organized
Frankist Labor Zionists who got their kicks from dead
European Jews.
The Kook group today should be the Jews of Yesha but they
have been worn down by infiltration and egoism to sawdust.
Every issue that could save them has been taken away from
them. Yigal Amir's little brother can set up a website for the
family, which naturally is so proud of its murder. Little boys in
unshapely peyot are the only collectors for Pollard. Pollard
has lost all common sense, as evinced by a new reader who
knows him:
He gave me some CIA and Navy Intelligence information, but
to tell you the truth I think most of the stuff is jibberish. His
bunkee was Marvin Hersh (so called pedophile) another ahole. Jonathan Pollard can't even wash windows good at the
Clemson Unit where he lives in Butner FCI, Butner, NC. He
never goes to Jewish services, stays away from all the Jews
at the place. And to tell you the truth, he didn't really impress
me, with his so called sharpness. I didn' t think he was the
sharpness knife in the set. As far as security, the only thing
you've got to worry about at Butner FCI, Butner, NC is
getting a hangnail on your finger.
Now who was the rabbi who persuaded Yesha's kids to hug
the cops and dance for the soldiers? Who convinced those
naive youngsters that goodness would save Gush Katif?
Who watched him lead the people of Yesha into the desert
as far as away from Gush Katif as he could walk?
And here is the ad in B'Sheva for this rabbi, Shlomo Eliahu.
Now he is chief rabbi of Tsfat and no one said a word against
him. He is leading a seminar for the Northern Congress, a
fiasco I have reported on and whom I won't add a word now.
And this Frankist rabbi will be joined by Moshe Leshem, MK
Ori Oriel and lawyer Eliakim Haetzni.
So what is a person to do? Yesha wants to go down in
stupidity, let them. Step by step, inch by inch, away they go.
Dead by total zombihood. Yesha. Led down the garden path
by their superiors.
Ten years ago I started with Rabin. I figured, get the facts
out, try Peres, Gillon and Rubin for murder and get on with
life. How did I know that Israel is this controlled? And I mean
every part of the place down to its Euro-copy dreadful culture
is controlled.
Who would have dreamed that Israel was not what they told
us? It was not here to save Jews, it is here to use Jews.
Before Rabin, who would believe I would ask Nefesh
B'Nefesh to stop its immigration activities until it could assure
the safety of its people. With missiles bombarding the place
and world war reeking from the region, how dare they lure
Jews from their homes?
Israel was raised by the Frankists from the bodies of
Europe's Jews. And if these Frankists want it, Israel will fall
from the bodies of her own Jews. That's how much Frankists
care about Jews.
But they brought us here and we have to act like a nation.
And that means defending Israel. What else is left? They
brought half the world's Jewish population here and how we
must survive their mess. There is no other choice. Meaning,
all that and no more Zionism. That dreadful period is over,
and preserving Israel has begun.
As for me, I wish I could get out of this damned hole. If only I
knew all this 34 years ago, before I decided to move here.
But now my family is very Israeli and their life is here. I'm
stuck. I have to watch the train tracks go down everywhere
and all the land in central Israel getting bought. And that's on
good days.
But so there's no mistake; at a young age, this country
makes me very sick.
As for all the people who could have saved this place: I gave
you all you ever needed on Rabin's murder, but you followed
whatever other crap you were handed.
My heart breaks as Israel loses the war. But her crooked
leaders are doing wonders for the New World Order. Now
the Vatican gets in its dibs and a new trade bloc is in
While the rockets fly, the US and Kuwait sign a free trade
agreement. So do Dubai, Bahrain and Jordan. And did
anyone notice that America no longer patrols Afghanistan?
NATO has taken the reins.
Not ten years ago, PM Shimon Peres was tired of the
Grapes Of Wrath mini-war and put an end to it with an attack
on Kana which killed 100 and brought international troops to
Lebanon. The week before, a decade later, the leaders of the
NWO met in Rome under the kind but stern guidance of
Condeleeza Rice. They decided to put in Lebanon
International Troops. . .someday. A second Kana bombing,
no matter who was responsible, gave Peres another chance
to bring back his buddies, the French. Yes, it was decided
that French troops would form the majority of the contingent.
And are they balanced:
At the news conference held in Beirut, French Foreign
Minister Phillippe Douste-Blazy praised Iran as a “stabilizing
force in the Middle East.” Douste-Blazy told reporters that
Iran "is an outstanding country with great people and an
honorable civilization. It has a crucial role in the region.”
This whole awful war was designed to get those Vatican
soldiers into Israel and given another few weeks of rocket
attacks, barring a nuke on Teheran, Israelis will lift their arms
and beg for any troops, anywhere, just to get a night's peace.
Even in Jerusalem.
A few nights ago, I was almost back in Israel. A brilliant
researcher, who, yes indeed, demands recognition, Daisy
Stern, called me and let me have a 90 minute blast of her
research. She began easy; "You were right about Daniel
Abraham and this dreadful man Joel running Yeshiva U.
They brought in half the Vatican to YU to supposedly discuss
anti-Semitism with their rabbis. That wasn't the discussion.
They wanted "their" land and that meant Jerusalem."
It was 102 degrees in America, the fields were desiccated by
the minute and I was back in corrupt Israel. I was home.
Abraham almost cost Olmert his "honesty," he writes with a
broad smirk, by passing him a couple of spare million dollars,
by buying his home for 2.5 times its value in the midst of the
election campaign. And that, lesser crime, tied Shimon Peres
up with Olmert more than politically. Abraham is a valued
member of the milestone to money laundering, the Shimon
Peres Peace Center.
And Peres, the Vatican's chief spy along with Yossi Beilin, is
now number two in Israel, an apt number if there was one.
And all those crooks and murderers who caused the war,
Peres, Barak, Beilin, are they strung from the highest oak
tree in the land? Of course not! They go to cabinet meetings
and decide how to kill the most Israelis in one day.
Daisy goes on, and I'm now taking notes. It's just like being in
"Peres promised the pope East Jerusalem in May of 1992
and the Vatican wants to cash in now. But Sharon wasn't
playing ball. In July of last year he actually banned diplomacy
with the Vatican. So the Vatican tried working around him. In
September they invited both Israeli chief rabbis to Rome to
threaten the Jews if the holy sites of Jerusalem weren't
handed over to them. In November, they hatched the Mount
Zion plot, trading a Spanish church for the Last Supper room.
President Katsav flew to the Vatican but Sharon still said no.”
"Finally they knew Sharon had to go. Enter the apostolic
nuncio Pietro Sambi. He plotted with Peres to finish Sharon
and possibly supplied the poison Sharon drank in his final
meeting with Peres on Dec. 18. On thing is certain, 18 hours
before, after 8 1/2 years in Jerusalem, Sambi flew out for a
new assignment in Washington.”
"Once Olmert and Peres won the election, Peres flew to the
Vatican taking with him a letter from Olmert to the pope. No
one will say what was in the letter, but you can be sure he
promised the pope 'his land' and the war drastic enough to
give it to him."
Imagine a dozen cartoons serving the same purpose as
Pearl Harbor or Sarajevo, being the final straw that led the
planet into world war. Now imagine the cartoons were a
staged event, designed purposely to drag us into
unimaginable violence. If that is the case, then those who
foisted the plot on an unsuspecting world, would be guilty of
And what if the latest candidate for the Attila the Hun award
goes to Daniel Pipes? That is precisely what is being claimed
throughout the world wide web at this moment. Though you
will not be happy with the sources and sites, read them
seriously, no matter how much you've been trained to believe
they must be lying.
The world is upside down. Israel's highest-level "friends and
allies" are selling us down the river. And our "enemies" may
yet become our allies when they realize that Israelis and
Jews have been had.
I personally, am no defender of Islam. I consider it a culture
of immense repression. I do, however, believe their
sensitivities are being exploited with the goal of creating a
world war. In this war, like the last, Jews will be on the front
line and will be the biggest losers of all.
I have long proved that the Council on Foreign Relations
(CFR) is intent on getting the war started. To do so, fear and
resentment against Islam must be spread persuasively. For
that purpose, they have chosen a leading member, Daniel
Too many Jews have fallen for the enemy of my enemy line
and believe by fomenting anti-Arab attacks that Daniel Pipes
is their ally. In fact, his work has nothing whatsoever to do
with defending Israel and a lot to do with involving her in the
first line of a world war.
Pipes is not a "radical" advocate of Israel as his critics
believe. He is, in fact, the worst kind of enemy of the Jewish
state. It is about time that Israelis and her critics figured out
the real game plan.
And Pipes, sadly, has a few allies working with him to incite
Arabs into a frenzy through any means of deceit and
deception. The pathetic deeds of his little Israeli adjunct are
found at the end of this article.
Now you decide if, in this vast world, Pipes' direct ties to the
Danish editor who first published the cartoons, are mere
Cartoon Madness is an NWO Plot
By Fintan Dunne, 7th February, 2006
There is evidence of deliberately inflammatory publication by
European newspapers, and a campaign to inflame Muslims -as well as a deception operation to downplay the links
between the Danish editor who first published the cartoons
and leading Neoconservative Daniel Pipes.
And now here comes Neocon guru Daniel Pipes, weighing
into the 'toon madness, to identifying it with the Clash of
Civilizations ideology he professes not to personally
espouse. It's now-or-never, "no compromise" language:
Stand With Denmark in Cartoon Dispute
by Daniel Pipes Feb 07, 2006
The key issue at stake in the battle over the twelve Danish
cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad is this: will the
West stand up for its customs and mores, including freedom
of speech, or will Muslims impose their way of life on the
West? Ultimately, there is no compromise; Westerners will
either retain their civilization, including the right to insult and
blaspheme, or not.
You get the spin, don't you? Europe stands with the Danes.
So come time to vote on the EU Constitution the Danes must
stand with Europe. Slick. Even as he takes this stand, Pipes
is carefully covering his back against journalists uncovering
the link between him and Flemming Rose, the Danish
magazine's cultural editor:
My role in the Danish cartoon affair
Posted by Daniel Pipes on Feb. 6, 2006
There's a conspiracy theory developing about myself and
Flemming Rose, the Jyllands-Posten cultural editor who
published the famous twelve cartoons of the Muslim prophet.
I'll begin with the conspiracy theory (but without providing
links or even quotes, as I don't want to send readers to these
crackpot websites), and then provide the facts.
The conspiracy theory: Rose came to Philadelphia in
October 2004 to see me and we developed a close bond.
Then, as a result of this visit, Rose decided to publish the
The facts: Rose visited me in my office on October 25, 2004,
when he interviewed me for a feature piece on me that he
published on October 29 in Jyllands-Posten. The resulting
article, "Truslen fra islamismen," can be found on my
website, as can a translation of it into English, "The Threat of
Islamism." It was a standard interview in which Rose inquired
about my views on a variety of questions pertaining to radical
Islam. It contains, for example, my signature statement,
translated into Danish: "Hvis militant islam er problemet,
s m mods tningen, moderat islam, v re l sningen." Flemming
Rose and I have not written, spoken, or seen each other
since that one meeting. I had nothing to do with the decision
to commission or publish the cartoons eleven months later
and only learned of their existence from press coverage of
That's called getting your denial in first -- even before any
mainstream media get hold of this angle. Isn't it sooooo
fortunate that someone has written a "conspiracy theory"
article on this very sensitive issue, and published it on what
Pipes ironically calls "crackpot websites." So, when/if any
journalist approaches Pipes on this issue, he can laugh it off
as "old news" and "crackpot conspiracy theory." Which is a
vitally convenient smokescreen -- because there is a clear
connection and a commonality of interests between Pipes
and the Danish editor. In the Forum,
poster CaptainW draws another link
-- this time to the Bildebergers:
What is not being mentioned in the Media is that the Editor of
the Danish paper has links to both US Neocons & The Bilderbergers. . . MERETE ELDRUP, managing director of
company that published the cartoons (JP/Politikens Hus) is
married to ANDERS ELDRUP, who has attended the last
FIVE Bilderberg meetings. Link
Coincidentally Pipes has just decided to drag up all his best
conspiracy material in a new "best of" revisiting of the issue
on Feb 2nd:
Bibliography - Conspiracy Theories
Posted by Daniel Pipes on February 2, 2006
With the conspiracist mindset seemingly on the perpetual
rise these years, I thought it useful to gather my various
writings on this topic in a single place, to be updated as
And who had so conveniently provided Pipes with this
smokescreen? We warned you about this guy:
Cartoons are a purposeful provocation
American Free Press
Rose traveled to Philadelphia in October 2004 to visit Daniel
Pipes, the Neo-Con ideologue who says the only path to
Middle East peace will come through a total Israeli military
victory. Rose then penned a positive article about Pipes, who
compares "militant Islam" with fascism and communism.
The editor of Jyllands Posten who ordered the publication of
the cartoons is Flemming Rose, who has extensive
connections to Daniel Pipes, another neocon fascist
madman who runs Campus Watch, a neo-McCarthyite witchhunting organization which vilifies American professors who
criticize Israel or show sympathy for the Palestinians.
President Bush wanted to name Daniel Pipes to the board of
the US Institute of Peace, a government-funded arm of the
State Department which organizes conferences and
publishes books. When the raving extremist Pipes turned out
to be too widely discredited to obtain Senate confirmation for
this post, Bush forced his nomination through with a summer
2003 recess appointment to a temporary term at USIP
without Senate approval. Daniel Pipes is the nepotist son of
Richard Pipes, a Sovietologist who was a leading figure in
George H.W. Bush's 1976 Team B, the incubator of today's
neocon clique. At the time of his recess appointment, Daniel
Pipes was accused by the very moderate Arab-American
Institute of "hatred and bigotry" in the context of his "bizarre
obsession with all things Arab and Muslim."
( This is the
sick, racist point of view embraced by Jyllands Posten.
Flemming Rose provided details of his conversation with
Daniel Pipes in a later article. They talked about the need to
mobilize Europe for the war of civilizations against the
Moslem world. Rose wrote: "Pipes is surprised that there isn't
greater alarm in Europe over the challenge that Islam
represents thanks to falling rates of fertility and a weakened
sense for its own history and culture." (Flemming Rose, "The
Threat from Islamism,” Jyllands-Posten, October 29, 2004)
How long have I warned that when the war comes to Israel's
"settlers," it will be vicious, cruel and fought largely by antiSemitic troops imported into the country for the purpose of
inflicting the kind of violence any moral Jew would find too
appalling to enact?
Here is today's report about Amona last Wednesday:
One girl was picked up by a policeman and held up high
against a wall, while the other policeman shoved his club up
her vagina.
"How do I know it is true?" the young man telling the story
echoed his mother's question. [I told her that I needed to
know how the stories she told me yesterday were true, what
the sources were.]
"Because my friend just came from her house. The girl is
hysterical. She has locked herself in her bedroom. She won't
come out, she's screaming and wailing, her family is
hysterical, their friends can't find a way to comfort them, can't
get her to come out or to talk to anybody. She's screaming
and won't come out.
Another girl was grabbed by two riot policemen who were
shoving her into a paddy wagon. One held her flat on her
back at the edge of the paddy wagon and held her legs
spread open, and the other policeman rammed his club up
her vagina so hard and so far that the whole club was inside
of her, up to his fist.
2 boys lost an eye -- 1 is being flown to huz'laretz to
try to save his eye. I'm not sure if he is one of the 2, or
a 3rd boy.
 4 girls have no womb anymore
 40 serious head injuries
 20 boys whose testicles were crushed so badly that
they don't know if
they can save them. 3 of those 20 for sure are
permanently ruined, they
will never be able to father children.
Following are two reports confirming the use of foreign
troops. The first is from former Prisoner of Zion, Ida Nudel.
Barry, shalom!
Yesterday, Russian language's TV by name RTVi in its
Saturday's evening program at 21.00 show an interview with
a young man by name Eliahu Levin.
Mr. Levin was standing on a roof of one of houses in
Amona. When people of the army and police came up to
clean the roof and began pushing and attacking those who
stayed there, among them Levin noted one looking as
Russian. Levin told him in Russian language: "Brother, we
should be on the same side." The man in Israeli uniform
answered in a proper Russian: "I am not your brother,
jidovsky morda (in slang - face).”
Nobody had an
identification tags on the uniform. The station RTVi has
internet site HYPERLINK "http://www.RTVi"
Just yesterday I read that the police who took part in the
events in Amona, were not Jewish but Arab, Druze and nonJewish Russians. . ."
I read it too. People were reading the name tags on the
police uniforms and a lot of the names were Arab and
Let us now look at the Council On Foreign Relations and its
members' latest economic and diplomatic plots, all aimed at
strengthening Israel's enemies and embroiling the nation in a
war it will tragically lose.
February 10th, 2006
At a time when the Foreign Minister of Israel condemns the
government for inviting Hamas to Moscow, the Israeli
government will
not renounce the promise of Mr. Stanley Fisher, the governor
of Israel,
to provide funds for a Hamas-led Palestinian government.
Please note:
Quartet envoy James Wolfensohn is scheduled to go to the
Persian Gulf later in the week to raise funds for the financially strapped Palestinian Authority, amid concern in some
western capitals that if the money is not raised, Iran may
step in and fund the PA to get a strong foothold in Gaza.
Wolfensohn is scheduled to come to Israel before going to
the Persian Gulf, to discuss the critical Palestinian financial
situation with both Israel and Palestinian officials.
Which brings us to the Bronfmans' organization, the World
Jewish Congress. On Feb. 1, thanks to the courageous
efforts of longtime reader Isi Leibler, Israel Singer, the WJC's
former Chairman of the Board, was found culpable, by the
NY State Attorney General, of transferring $1.2 million of
WJC funds into his own pocket. He was banned from all
financial duties in the organization.
Instead, Edgar Bronfman (CFR) immediately appointed him
head of the new WJC Policy council, which according to the
Jerusalem Post, 2/2/06 includes Vatican agent Shimon
Peres and former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer.
The following is Singer's first assignment:
World Jewish Congress' Israel Singer Meets Senior Vatican
Officials in Rome; Joint Initiative for Talks With Muslim World
VATICAN CITY, Jan. 26 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Israel Singer, the
Chairman of the Policy Council of the World Jewish
Congress, has held talks in Rome with senior Vatican
officials. He met (for the first time) with Archbishop Leonardo
Sandri, Substitute for General Affairs at the Secretariat of
State of the Holy See, and Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo,
Secretary for Relations with States (foreign minister). Singer
also met with Cardinal Kasper, president of the Pontifical
Council for Promoting Christian Unity; and Archbishop
Michael L. Fitzgerald, president of the Pontifical Council for
Inter-Religious Dialogue.
The main points of discussions were ways to intensify
dialogue between the two religions, and specific possibilities
to expand inter-faith talks to also include high level Muslim
clergy. The modalities will now be discussed, both in bilateral
and multilateral meetings, according to Singer.
After his meetings at the Vatican, Singer said: "It is important
to enter into discussions with the third 'Son of Abraham'.
It is entirely obvious that the CFR and the Vatican are
working together towards Israel's end, even if it takes a world
war to get the job done. It is just as obvious that Daniel Pipes
is playing a cynical role in preparing his public to fight and
die in that war.
We begin with Israeli members hurt in the recent Amona
The demonstration was on Friday. The page accusing him
of things you mentioned is to be found at
Shavua tov
Women's Crisis Center Received Reports of Sexual
Abuse in Amona
19:01 Feb 14, '06 / 16
Center for Religious Women, has confirmed that the office
has received reports from girls of sexual harassment and
sexual abuse that took place in Amona during the violent
evacuation there. In addition, the crisis center has been
asked by certain schools in the religious community to meet
with the students and to discuss the events at Amona.
Gross emphasized that all young women who were present
at Amona and who feel that they were victimized, traumatized or are going through an emotional crisis as a result of
what they experienced.
* Teenage girls said the police called them prostitutes,
threatened to rape them, and touched their private parts.
* A 52 year old woman said that when a Yassam policeman
took her out of a house in Amona, he placed his hand under
her sweater. She slapped him in the face.
Now we would go to where CFR sell each other's profits.
Let's let Dr. Stern tell her story.
I told you a couple of days ago that a CR member, ( Edgar
Bonfman's son Matthew who purchased it for the family),
harassed 6% of Israel Discount Bank, with option to buy
another 25% the controlling interest ill, listen to this:
November 14, 2005, there was a press release from the
Israel Finance Ministry, with EHUD OLMERT as finance
minister, to the effect that 9.99% of Bank Leumi's shares had
been sold to the "Barnea Investment Group" ( a Jewish
enough sounding name, don't you think?), in parenthesis the
Cerberus-Gabriel group, with option to buy another 10%,
which would make it the controlling interest in the bank, in
this particular case. Prof. Amir Barnea is the founding Dean
of the Arison School of business, teaches at the Recanati
UNIVERSITY, and is a partner in the Singer Barnea
investment firm. What the press release failed to mentioned,
and what the Knesset official release in January of 2006 complete with picture of beaming Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert,
Stanley Fisher, and Jewish representative of the Barnea
group - "failed to mention", and what the Israeli Press the
world over failed to mention, is that the Barnea group is a
front for the Cerberus hedge fund, (the Cerberus-Gabriel
group, according to my research, only appears on the
internet in connection with this single transaction of BenLeumi; with other words, it doesn't exist!). Who REALLY
bought 9.99% of Bank Leumi, and who, by their own words,
definitely plans to exercise their option to buy the rest,
thereby making them the controlling interest of the "National
Bank of Israel"?
More details:
The Cerberus group was competing against six other
FINANCIAL INVESTORS. With other words, Dan
Quayle's purpose is not to make a lot of money, but to be
able to do whatever he wants and actively control the bank.
Not only that, but he paid so much more for the deal than
what it is worth that the whole financial and banking
community was in shock!!
And Dr. Stern found the source for the donations. They were
both American members of the CFR;
Council on Foreign Relations Membership List (L-R)
2893. OLIVER COVEY T, CFR '84, 1988 annual rpt
2894. OLMERT EHUD, CFR '92
2803. NEMAN RICHARD A, 1988 annual rpt
2804. NETANYAHU BENJAMIN, 1988 annual rpt
The Israeli election came and went as I hoped. I warned the
Right that voting would be its undoing. It would elect a
unilateral pullout party and have to keep quiet as 80,000
Jews are forced from their homes. After all, they took a risk
to vote and lost.
This election, no one reported the spoiled votes, which could
add up to over 2% of the results. But I'll guess that a perfect
40% of the country didn't vote at all or honestly. Well done.
Still, what do we do with the 60% who do vote? In fact, what
do we do with the Right?
I know the Left well, in fact, I constantly lecture to them about
Rabin. Lately that's been rough. A month and a week ago, I
passed through a stroke. The first week after I was
unincarcerated, I accepted a previous invitation to give my
Rabin speech at a kibbutz. It turned out to be a bit early.
There is nothing more irritating than the Leftist who asks
non-stop dumb questions. Normally I handle them well,
this night I couldn't come up with simple arguments, even
simple names. I saved the night by showing the evidence to,
especially the fine kibbutz kids, without adding a word of
explanation. Somehow, the night was good but I knew it was
a failure.
A month later, a new test on my career skills. And what a
difference a month can make. I was 80% back to health. The
lecture was in Zichron Yaacov. One lady wouldn't shut up
with idiotic questions. She was a lawyer determined to
destroy my night. By the lecture's end, she was reduced to
mumbling about loose ends in the presentation without
pointing out where. I watched the host, Mr. Bar Yosef, argue
brilliantly for corruption. It turns out he is the manager of the
Knesset's Committee For Foreign Diplomacy. While all over
the home the people were being influenced not to accept my
conclusions, my host was backing me more than half way.
And there's your leftist. Mostly, they possess an innate gift of
turning off the ability to think. They couldn't accept that Peres
was a murderer, so they deliberately turned into babbling
morons. But a few lacked the gift and began their first
analysis. So long as you know how to approach them, you
can enjoy their company, no matter how aggravating parts of
it are.
Here is how the Leftist thinks the elections went. Even the
editor of the Jerusalem Post had a lunk-headed article like
this deciding that SHARON WAS VINDICATED. The Left
and Center actually believe the election would have been
different if the great Sharon was alive, or as I explained to
them, wasn't murdered by Peres and Olmert.
In fact, the order was given to take Sharon down and the
Schlaff family of Vienna had already handed Israel Police 3
computers full of the facts behind Sharon accepting $3
million of bribes from them. On Jan. 3, the day before Sharon
was taken down permanently, the police leaked the results of
the Schlaff computers. Sharon was finished as a politician.
Either he ran as a very wounded candidate or dropped out.
Either way, he would lead the Kadima party to disaster. The
left are too mentally handicapped to even see that.
But they can be changed over several decades. The right
can never be changed, only because their leaders are no
longer leaders and no one will ever rise to guide the claque.
Menachem Begin was the last leader. When he was
destroyed on purpose by Sharon, no one has led the right
and no one will be allowed to.
I receive lots of right-wing newsletters, once requesting them
for helpful information, now to watch their death throes. I
admire Nadia Matar greatly. But look how the road expires.
Just before the elections, Ruth Matar sends a missive to
vote, to whom she does not say. After the election slaughter,
she reprints an article by one Daniel Pipes. Now everyone on
the inside of Right Wing politics knows Pipes is a 100% paid
employee of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) who
despises Women In Green and anyone like them. But the
elder Matar can't figure it out.
In fact, with the CFR's media backing, Pipes has fooled more
than just one Women In Green that he simply loves Israel.
More worrisome is that as big as he is being pushed, no
Jewish Rightist will ever be permitted to become another
Menachem Begin. Look as this list of speakers: Ever heard
of anyone?
The Underlying Roots of Terrorism - Terrorism's Threat to
World Peace and National Security
A Symposium in Arlington, VA (Washington DC) on
Saturday, April 29th.
The event is sponsored by American Truth Forum and will
feature the following speakers:
Dr. Andrew Bostom, Brigitte Gabriel, David Horowitz, Joseph
Dr. Harvey Kushner, Laura Mansfield, Richard Miniter, Walid
Phares, Dr. Daniel Pipes, Whalid Shoebat, Robert Spencer,
Dr. Bruce Tefft, Kenneth Timmerman, Dr. Paul Williams,
James Woolsey.
Now because I actually do sell books to the Israeli market
and actually do lecture to the Israeli public, I have a couple of
perturbed fruitcases "volunteering" to bring me down. And in
the world of the internet, they actually believe they are doing
Still, no one must ever lead the right again and diminishing
choices is considered a choice method to assure it.
You only have a couple of days but you must go to Tamar
Yona's program of Monday, March 27 and listen to Paul
Eidelberg explain beforehand why his party got no seats in
the Knesset. He was allied to Baruch Marzel whose
right hand man is a creep named Itamar Ben Gvir. Known
throughout Yesha as a likely snitch, no one running for a
Knesset seat would keep him.
Unless something else is going on.
Tamar, a beloved broadcaster renowned for interrupting my
programs, lets Eidelberg hang himself in the last part of his
interview. She asks a simple little question about his
relations with former partner, Michael Kleiner. Eidelberg's
vicious attack on Kleiner pretty well sums up the pettiness
and stupidity running through the Right.
I tried so hard to make Gush Katif smart. But it truly is
hopeless. They not only voted, they voted 15% higher than
the population. After being stripped of everything, lied to and
abused by Israeli democracy, they support it more than
practically anyone. What can a person do about such
* A. . . of WND is a really informed journalist. He called to
talk about a major military base constructed here by the US
army. We had covered the story last year. Here was our
BC: The US handed it to us and it will replace all our Yesha
bases. So what's to add?
A - I thought there might be more.
BC - There isn't. Now do the Sharon murder story. I have a
good dozen unanswerable questions all ready for you.
A - I'd do it someday but I still am bothered by the fact that
he was playing ball with Peres. Until I . . .
BC - I haven't heard a question that dumb in ten years.
Because Peres is going for the prime minister's job. He's one
off. And where's the CFR story? How did you miss Yoav
Yitzhak's expose of Daniel Abraham funneling money to
Olmert? What do you know about any shared activities
between the CFR's Lauder and Abraham and their backing
of Peres and Olmert?
A- I can tell you that Abraham is the smart one and Lauder
may not understand how he's being used.
BC - That's great. Let's see it in print already.
A - The time isn't right.
You see, Aaron is a good journalist with lots of information.
But he's a coward about the real issues. Just like almost
every other Jewish writer.
* Rafi Eitan was Jonathan Pollard's handler. He took
Pollard's data and transferred it personally to PM Shimon
Peres all through 1985. And if anymore thinks he
accidentally rose to lead a Pensioner's Party, knows nothing
about the corruption of the Knesset. He was never poor
enough to even need the party, let alone lead it.
Just 20 years ago, Pollard was a powerful Israeli national
issue. Today, it is run entirely by the Israeli Far Right. Those
scary kids and the suspicious wife are responsible for
Jonathan Pollard's survival, which means the rest of his life
will be in prison. That's how the establishment deflates any
issue: just hand it over to the Far Right. As soon as Eitan
was in, the wife had her say, on the Yoav Yitzhak site, that
Eitan should resign. The message was, naturally, ignored by
* We end with a Toronto friend Gil Zalmonsky who brought
me a woman he promises will be Prime Minister in 20 years,
that is to say, apparently, in an Israel still standing. She
needs background info on the CFR. So I tell the ground story
and she insists, "Great, I'll join them and work from within."
BC - You can't just join. It's a small club and you have to be
recommended by a member.
The Female - Then I'll meet a member.
BC - Now how are you going to arrange that?
The Female - I'll ask around.
I knew it was hopeless and shut down and the lady just
blabbed silliness all by herself.
And she was the Right. If you never heard of something,
don't admit it or quickly ignore it. You know everything and
have to learn nothing. Everything is in place. Israel doesn't
have to be examined anywhere but where we're allowed to
go. We have a great democracy here. We are in unsafe
hands but we can fix it all. That's why we vote in elections,
60% of us anyway.
Now that Kadima is back and Peres is number two in the
government, his real agenda with the Vatican begins:
Livni is meeting Vatican officials, and then Peres on April 6
Kadima official offers Palestinians a J'lem capital
A significant number of Arab neighborhoods on the periphery
of Jerusalem will eventually serve as the capital of the
Palestinian state, Othniel Schneller, a religious dove who is
on Kadima's Knesset list, said Wednesday. "Some of the
neighborhoods of Jerusalem . . . are not part of historical
Jerusalem, and therefore we make a clear and sharp
distinction between them," Schneller said in presenting
Kadima's platform on the future of Jerusalem. "Those
neighborhoods which are not part of historical Jerusalem,
which in the future will serve as the Palestinian capital, will
not be part of the capital of Israel."
MARCH 24, 2006
Seville, Spain
It's not often that the keynote speakers at a conference
speak openly about the possibility that the meeting will fail.
But speakers at the second World Congress of Rabbis and
Imams for Peace, held Sunday through Tuesday in Seville,
Spain, made it clear that if this year's event doesn't lead to a
concrete plan of action, it will have to be judged a failure.
The patrons of the event -- the kings of Spain and Morocco -couldn't make it, but the Hommes de Paroles foundation,
which sponsored it, stressed that the delegates who
attended carry enough weight in their communities to make a
Peres private audience with Pope April 6
Israeli leaders to visit Vatican
Mar. 20 ( - Two leading Israeli politicians will
visit the Vatican in coming weeks, according to Italian media
reports. Tsipi Livni, the Israeli minister of foreign affairs, will
meet on March 22 with Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, the
Vatican's Secretary for Relations with States. And on April 6,
former prime minister Shimon Peres will be received in a
private audience by Pope Benedict XVI.
*With Peres sitting with the pope, you might wish to
reconsider the
So we will not be caught off guard as was the case in Yitzhak
Rabin's murder, here is the background to Ariel Sharon's
second stroke. Be prepared to think this time around:
Dec. 19 Prime Minister Sharon shares drinks with Shimon
Peres in the Knesset. Within half an hour, Sharon is driven to
hospital unconscious. It took him a day before he could even
spell his own name. He was brought into the hospital by his
bodyguard, Yoram Rubin. As a good chunk of Israel knows
today, it was the Peres-Rubin team that murdered Yitzhak
Rabin. When Rubin was shown on television news
accompanying Sharon's stretcher, suspicions spread
throughout the country.
For two days, Sharon remained in hospital where he
underwent intensive tests. We may ask, how did they miss
the blood clot that struck Sharon barely two weeks later?
The timing of Sharon's latest stroke is uncanny. It occurred
one day after he was implicated in an enormous scandal. For
those unaware of the background to the scandal, peruse the
Recently, police have revealed the possibility that Kern
served as a front man for Martin Schlaff, a known friend of
Sharon s and an Austrian-Jewish businessman heavily
invested in Israel, and that he was the man who stood
behind the loan in order to receive favors from the prime
minister in the form of reopening the casino he owns in
From Jan. 4/05
Police Say There s Evidence Linking Sharon to $3 Million
The police say they know of evidence linking PM Ariel
Sharon to the receipt of a $3 million bribe. So reported
Channel Ten tonight, causing a storm of reaction and calls
for Sharon to resign.
The investigation of the money trail to Sharon has been
underway for over three years, and in fact was first
publicized before the last national election, in 2003. The case
is known as the Cyril Kern affair, named for the South African
friend of Sharon who served as a conduit for the money. The
source of the cash, however, has long been suspected to be
Austrian millionaire and Jericho casino owner Martin Schlaf.
The police say the money was used partially to help Sharon
pay back campaign contributions that he had received
illegally in 1999, and partly for the Sharon family's private
Because of the suspicions hanging over him, Schlaf has
refrained from visiting Israel of late. His brother James,
however, came for a visit two weeks ago - and the police
jumped at the opportunity. They raided his parents' home in
Israel, and confiscated documents and two laptop
computers. However, the police were not permitted to
extricate the information on the computers without James'
permission - which he refused to give.
Schlaf's behavior aroused the suspicion of the police, which
turned urgently to the courts and said that the computer files
will show that the $3 million was in fact passed as a bribe to
Ariel Sharon or his sons. The police therefore say that it is
imperative for them to be allowed to enter the computers in
order to extricate vital evidence in the Kern-Sharon affair.
James Schlaf, aware of the developments, has since given
his permission for the police to peruse his computer files.
Schlaf's lawyer Atty. Navot Tel-Tzur said there was actually
nothing new in the case "except for the fact that there is a
laptop computer involved." He expressed anger at the leak.
Bronfman (Meretz): "If the police have evidence of Sharon's
corruption, he must end his political career."
Dec. 21 - James Schlaff flies to Israel. He is immediately
investigated by the police.
Jan. 3 - The police investigation is leaked to Channel 10
television reporter Baruch Kra.
Jan. 4 - Sharon is in the midst of a career-ending scandal
until the late evening when he is struck down by a lifethreatening blood clot in his brain.
Tonight, in Vienna, some of the heroes of this affair, and of
the next one, will meet at the huge bat-mitzvah celebration of
Martin Schlaff s granddaughter. Dov Weisglass, Schlaff s
old friend and lawyer will be there. Haim Ramon, another
close friend, will also attend. There will be many others.
Some of them from amongst the political, social, and
economic elite of Israel. Avigdor Lieberman, for example. No
one is embarrassed by it. Some are even proud of it. In
another time, another place, one could consider it collusion,
coordinating testimonies. After all, Schlaff s name has
recently been tied in to that other affair: the Cyril Kern
affair . Schlaff, in case you ve forgotten, is one of the
owners of the casino in Jericho.
A live Sharon will have to face prosecution for the KernSchlaff bribes, even in Israel's thoroughly corrupt legal
system. A dead Sharon will not have to face prosecution.
And that would be just fine for the creme de la creme of the
country's political leadership.
The first impression is that Sharon survived the first attempt
on his life. In reaction, James Schlaff immediately flew to
Israel with evidence to bring the prime minister down in
scandal. Somehow, the police were tipped off and
immediately confiscated the evidence. Once the investigation
was done, the results were leaked to the media. On the day
of the second stroke, the scandal spread fast, threatening to
engulf many of the country's political elite in deep corruption.
By 11 PM, Sharon was bleeding heavily from the throat and
his prognosis was a living or real death.
On December 18, Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres raised
wineglasses together in the Knesset. Half an hour later,
Sharon suffered a stroke. He was brought into hospital by
Yoram Rubin, the bodyguard who murdered Yitzhak Rabin.
On Jan. 4, Sharon returned to hospital with a massive
cerebral hemorrhage and within a few hours I published my
suspicions that Sharon was the victim of a second
assassination attempt by the same Peres/Rubin team which
had finished off Yitzhak Rabin.
Naturally my critics howled that I saw conspiracies
everywhere. To their dismay, I'm certain, within a day, so did
the rest of the Israeli media. How well they have been trained
since the Rabin murder!
I'll let the following typical reports summarize the suspicions
of foul play, then we'll return to more political mayhem in
Last update - 11:42 06/01/2006
Hospital director: Letting Sharon go to Negev farm was
Several senior doctors raised a host of questions Thursday
about the standard of treatment Ariel Sharon has received
over the last two weeks, with the director of a large hospital
telling Haaretz that according to the media reports on
Sharon's medical treatment, he fears "there was
indescribable negligence."
The questions cover the period from Sharon's first stroke two
weeks ago to his arrival Wednesday night at Jerusalem's
Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, where he is being
treated for a severe stroke and cerebral hemorrhage. They
pertain to the supervision over Sharon's physical state,
following the blood-thinning medicine he received after his
first hospitalization.
Such supervision is essential, as these medicines could
cause a cerebral hemorrhage, like the one Sharon suffered.
Questions were also raised about the dosage he received.
"Yitzhak Rabin was not wearing a bulletproof vest that could
have protected him from the murderers' bullets, and now, 10
years later, Sharon was not given the required medical
treatment that could have saved him," the hospital director
said. "Israel has not learned the lesson from Rabin's murder,
and thus lost two prime ministers because of inadequate
protection - one from weapons, the other from illness. I
cannot understand how the prime minister could have been
sent to stay in an isolated farm, more than an hour away
from the hospital he was supposed to be treated in, two
weeks after a stroke and one night before a heart procedure
he was afraid of."
Sharon was slated to undergo a cardiac catheterization
procedure Thursday to fix a small hole between the
chambers of his heart that doctors said contributed to his
initial stroke.
"A night before the catheterization he should have been
hospitalized in Hadassah or at least made to stay in
Jerusalem," the director said. "I also have questions about
the dosage of blood-thinning medication he received. My
feeling is that Sharon did not get the best medical treatment
he deserved."
A senior doctor told Haaretz that "Sharon's medical condition
was iatrogenic - that is, induced by treatment of physicians,
as it was likely that the blood-thinning medicine Sharon was
receiving had caused the severe brain bleeding."
According to the doctor, "Clearly, Sharon needed complete
rest at least until the catheterization, as anyone who had
undergone a stroke would. But it is hard to say that Sharon's
refusal to rest caused the hemorrhaging."
Another senior doctor said he suspected "Sharon's treatment
was partly faulty because he fell victim to the political-media
spin intended to show the public he was back to work as
"He paid a high price for this spin," the doctor said. "My
concern is that non-professional considerations dictated the
chain of medical events. The doctors took a dangerous but
calculated risk when they gave him blood-thinning drugs at
home instead of in the hospital under full supervision. But he
should have been kept under constant supervision and
certainly not allowed to return to work as usual."
Several questions have been asked this week regarding the
standard of treatment Sharon has received: How much time
elapsed from the moment Sharon told his son, Gilad, he
wasn't feeling well to the arrival of his personal doctor at
Sycamore Ranch? Why wasn't there a doctor at his side
since the first stroke, especially on the eve of the
catheterization? Why wasn't Sharon taken to the hospital by
helicopter? Why was he taken to the distant hospital in
Jerusalem, rather than to Be'er Sheva's Soroka Medical
Center? To what extent did the treatment Sharon received
after the first episode account for the hemorrhaging?
Sharon's aides said nobody thought he was in danger when
he left his office for Sycamore Ranch on Wednesday
afternoon. The paramedic of the Shin Bet security service's
VIP protection unit, who was always at his side,
accompanied him.
According to the initial plan, a doctor was to be with him after
the catheterization, when he returned to convalesce at the
ranch. Since his release from Hadassah on December 20,
after the first incident, Sharon was frequently examined by
his personal physician, Dr. Shlomo Segev, who also
administered his blood tests. Sharon did not complain of pain
or feeling bad. The chief cardiologist at Hadassah, Professor
Haim Lotan, who was supposed to perform the
catheterization, visited his office on Tuesday. Sharon
received two Claxon shots a day intended to thin his blood
and prevent blood clots and a recurrent stroke. He received
the last shot on Wednesday morning, so that its effect would
wear off before the heart procedure.
When Sharon felt unwell on Wednesday, his personal
physician was called in from the center of the country.
According to one version, he arrived at the ranch just as
Sharon was being put into an ambulance, and joined him on
the trip. According to another version, he met the convoy at
the Masmia junction on the way to Jerusalem.
Sharon's aides, who pieced the event together, said Sharon
did not want to be taken to hospital. He said he was due at
Hadassah for the procedure the next morning anyway.
Apparently, his son, Gilad, and the Shin Bet paramedic
convinced him to go anyway. Even when in the ambulance,
he told Segev he wanted to turn around and go the following
Segev, who refused to comment Thursday, was under the
impression that Sharon had suffered another stroke, which
was worse than the first one. He decided to proceed to the
hospital in the ambulance rather than scramble a helicopter.
He feared that the movement of the helicopter would harm
Sharon more than a few more minutes in the car.
Apparently, Segev was the one who decided to take Sharon
to Hadassah rather than to the closer Soroka center. The trip
to the hospital took 55 minutes, during which Sharon's
condition deteriorated.
Doctors asked why Sharon wasn't required to stay in his
Jerusalem residence instead of the ranch, at least while he
was being treated with Claxon and until the procedure to
mend the hole in his heart had been performed. Why wasn't
a senior doctor at his side at all times, one who could have
administered immediate treatment when the deterioration
Some of the questions suggest that Sharon and his aides'
desire to show that the prime minister had returned swiftly to
his daily routine resulted in inadequate treatment and
The senior doctors asked why Sharon's physicians had not
insisted that he take a significant rest after the first stroke, as
they would have done with any other patient. They asked to
what extent political and media considerations were involved.
They also asked why the catheterization was not performed
Other questions refer to why it took about two hours from the
time Sharon felt unwell at his ranch to the time he arrived at
the hospital emergency room at about 11 P.M., and why he
wasn't taken to Soroka for preliminary treatment at least.
Sharon's Stroke Raises Medical Questions
The Associated Press
Thursday, January 5, 2006; 4:33 PM
JERUSALEM -- Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a
massive stroke in the back of an ambulance while on an hour
long trip to a Jerusalem hospital, raising a host of questions
about his treatment.
Why wasn't he flown to the hospital or at least driven to one
closer to his home? Did doctors take an unnecessary risk by
treating him with blood thinners after he had a mild stroke
two weeks ago? Did they wait too long to schedule a heart
procedure designed to prevent another stroke?
And perhaps most important: Could political pressures have
colored his treatment?
The stroke followed a mild stroke Sharon suffered Dec. 18
that was caused by a small blood clot. Doctors at Hadassah
released him less than 48 hours after that stroke and gave
the 77-year-old leader blood thinners to prevent future ones.
His neurologist, Dr. Tamir Ben-Hur, said "chances are
excellent that he won't have another one."
On Dec. 26, doctors said they found a small hole in Sharon's
heart they said had led to his mild stroke. They planned to
seal the hole in a procedure scheduled for Thursday to
prevent another stroke.
But on Wednesday night, Sharon complained of feeling ill
and his sons and a paramedic loaded him into an ambulance
that had been stationed at his ranch in the Negev Desert
since the stroke. The closer Soroka Medical Center in
Bersheeba was told to prepare for his arrival, but he was
taken instead on the hour long trip to Hadassah.
Sharon was conscious for most of the drive, and didn't
deteriorate badly until about 15 minutes before reaching the
Some Israelis questioned whether the outcome could have
been different if had he been airlifted.
"If there is an ambulance that is available at the door to the
house that can leave immediately and a helicopter that still
takes time to arrive, it is preferable to get moving," Dr. Zeev
Feldman, a neurosurgeon at Tel Hashomer Hospital outside
Tel Aviv, told Channel 2 TV.
Surgery to stop the bleeding apparently had been
complicated by blood thinners Sharon took following his
initial stroke, and the medication may also have contributed
to the severity of Wednesday's stroke.
There you have it in a nutshell. The prime minister of a
modern nation suffers a stroke and is released from hospital
in two days, unsupervised by a doctor. Though he has a
residence in Jerusalem, he chooses to reside on his ranch
100 miles away. When he feels ill 18 days later, he is
trundled off to Jerusalem in a car, passing by a major
hospital ten minutes away, so he may better enjoy a 75
minute ride to the hospital which misprescribed his original
treatment. Of course, he should have been flown to hospital
by helicopter, but here is the excuse why he wasn't.,7340,L-3195358,00.html
Why wasn't Sharon airlifted to hospital?
According to initial explanations, ambulance left on way to
Jerusalem hospital before proposal to use chopper was
raised; doctor concerned carrying Sharon to helicopter would
have worsened his condition due to the change in air
Just last night I shared dinner with a group of visitors from
the US. One of the party was a Colorado was a Colorado
doctor who served in Viet Nam. He explained why the
explanation was nonsense. "You fly at 300 feet following the
landscape and there is no air pressure difference. When you
medivac someone in Sharon's condition, you don't fly at
12,000 feet." That simple.
Now, let us examine Sharon's last moments before being
rushed to the hospital. He had two appointments at his
ranch. The first was with Otniel Shendler, who is not part of
any murder plot but provides an interesting digression.
Shendler was managing director of the Yesha Council during
the Gush Katif expulsion. Sharon had invited him to join his
Kadima party. Shendler gave Sharon a gift. It was a book he
co-authored with Yair Hirshfeld, one of the two negotiators of
the Oslo Accord. Just another piece of evidence that the
Yesha Council worked hand in hand with the government to
sell out Gush Katif.
The next and final meeting was with Ehud Olmert. The
following day, Sharon was supposed to have undergone
minor heart surgery to repair a small hole in his heart. The
operation was to last 3 hours and during that time, Sharon
signed the papers appointing Olmert temporary prime
According to the newspaper Hashofar from the same week,
Sharon was utterly opposed to Olmert as his successor and
had, instead, chosen Moshe Katsav. And that may go a long
way to explaining why Olmert was so concerned about
receiving the temporary transfer of powers authorization from
Sharon himself in the Negev Desert, when the very same
papers could have been faxed to him in his Jerusalem office.
Yediot Ahronot on Jan. 5, published a revealing account of
the meeting.
Olmert then entered the room. "Arik," he said, "There are a
few matters I want to handle while I'm serving as temporary
prime minister." Sharon retorted, "I thought so. I'll transfer my
authority to you but I remind you it's only for three hours. Do
you understand? You will deal with no one and take care of
nothing without me."
Within minutes of the stern warning to Olmert, Sharon was
stricken and taken by the picturesque route to Jerusalem.
And who was there to make sure things went as planned?:
Embedded in the lead story on
< /"EUDORA="AUTOURL"> today:
"No politicians have been permitted to visit Sharon, but
Shimon Peres was to have been the first one, had Sharon
not been taken to the operating room."
By January 11, Olmert had announced his intention of
inviting Shimon Peres to sit in his new government cabinet.
It may be instructive to look at the three days leading to
Sharon's demise. As my readers know, Sharon was a
longtime agent of Henry Kissinger and the Council On
Foreign Relations. Two days before his fall, Sharon agreed
to put their plans into final action:
Sharon‟s New Plan: Uproot Towns in Judea and Samaria
in Exchange for American Compensation
12:06 Jan 02, '06 / 2 Tevet 5766
and in Hebrew:
( The Israeli newspaper Maariv reports that
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is planning on replacing the U.S.
backed road map peace proposal with a new plan that would
uproot Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria in
exchange for American compensation.
Sharon reportedly would implement his new plan despite any
deterioration in Israel‟s security situation due to an upsurge
of terrorism from the Palestinian Authority.
Details of Sharon s new plan were reported by sources
close to former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.
The day before his demise, Sharon put the plan into action:
"Security Forces Handing Out Expulsion Order to Jews
Living in Reclaimed Hevron Marketplace in 15 Minutes."
Dateline= 08:35 Jan 03, '06.
On the day his brain was drowning in blood, Sharon was
implicated in a scandal that seemed guaranteed to fell him
politically. Police had found evidence in the Schlaff family
computers that Sharon had accepted a $3 million bribe from
casinos owner Martin Schlaff via his frontman, Cyril Kern. We
may safely assume that in return for the bribe, Sharon
promised Schlaff a new money-laundering casino
somewhere in his realm, but widely reported to be in the
former Gush Katif. After he was struck down, the police
began to reconsider their intentions:
Police said Sunday they would reevaluate continuing their
investigation into bribery allegations against Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon due to his health condition. Police said that it
was still too early to tell if the case would be closed but that
the possibility would be considered.
The investigation - dubbed the Cyril Kern loan affair focuses on the nature of several money transfers made to
the Sharon family by South African businessman Cyril Kern.
Police suspect that Kern served as a front for Martin Schlaff an Austrian-Jewish businessman - and that the money was
meant to serve as a bribe to the prime minister.
Apparently, a possible police reevaluation wasn't comforting
enough for Cyril Kern, who on Jan. 8 flew all the way from
South Africa to be at Sharon's side. From Maariv, Jan. 10:
Ariel Sharon's friend Cyril Kern arrived in the country to be by
him. Kern arrived at Hadassah hospital two days ago and
went to the seventh floor where the Prime Minister is
interned. Sharon family sources explained that as soon as
he heard Sharon was fighting for his life, he felt he had to be
by his side. . . According to a State Comptroller's report,
Sharon's son Gilad accepted an illegal 4.7 million shekel
loan from Kern. . .Kern was not allowed to see the prime
minister in his room but did meet with his sons for an update
of the situation.
Would it be too forward to suggest that one of the messages
Kern delivered to the Sharon boys was, "You keep your
mouths shut, or else."
An observation I made on a number of radio interviews is
how the world media is misreporting the so-called outpouring
of grief for Sharon. On Jan. 8, Israel TV News reported that
"dozens of Israelis had gathered at the Western Wall to say
prayers for the prime minister." A whole, "dozens." Another
media report also noted the striking lack of public grief for
It is noteworthy that virtually every interview on public
television and radio begins with the interviewee saying that
he is "praying for Sharon's full recovery." Most interviewees
and their interviewers even add that they "join the entire
country" in praying for the Prime Minister. As news of
Sharon's operation became known, Army Radio reported that
"spontaneous prayer quorums" had sprouted up at the
Western Wall to pray for Sharon. This appeared to be a case
of wishful thinking, however, as web-photos of the holy site,
backed up by eyewitness testimony, showed very sparse
attendance at the Wall - except for several press
photographers making a rare visit and photographing the
worshipers from various angles.
When I report on the wave of political assassinations in
Israel, there is always initial widespread skepticism. But it's
just a matter of time before the facts come out verifying my
assertions. Recall my disbelief that Raful Eitan was
swallowed by a giant wave. Now look at the flimsy coverup
which took place last week. I'll let my correspondent speak
for me. It seems Raful just never took a hint, as his wife
explains in a Haaretz interview:
"And he died at the age of 75, one misty morning in
August, suddenly, for no reason.
"That is perhaps the death that he could have wished
for. This may be a secret, but Raful simply never knew
how to swim. And he was almost deaf, but was
vehemently opposed to wearing a hearing aide. It was
simply contrary to his facade as a man. And what is a
man? It's someone who overcomes life. And Raful did
not hear the wave that sneaked up behind him, and he
was dragged into a stormy sea. Did you expect Raful to
wear a hearing aid? {shlomo comment: a widow's
delusional grief}
"You know what? There were portents of his death. He
had already lost three cars during the last year and a half
of his life, during which he was responsible for the
building of the port. He drove with them in the mornings
onto the pier in Ashdod, and they were swept away and
hit by the waves. I'm sure that he died in the place
where, had he been asked, he would have wanted. . ."
Barry? three cars taken by waves in 1 1/2 years? doesn't
this imply several things:
(1) why would he park in a place where he already lost 3
cars (if it was the same place), especially considering
the stormy day?
(2) what kind of "parking place" could have this type of
wave action? I lived near the shore and I never recall any
car being "swept by waves" and certainly not 3 in a year
and half.
(3) this story is so convenient. . . .needed hearing aid to
hear wave "sneaking up on him" and could not swim. . .
( ) his
widow explains how upset he was about Sharon and the
corruption overtaking this country. . .
Ehud Olmert has a fatal flaw. Fatal for Israel mostly. Give
him a position of power and he exploits it to enrich himself,
and damn the consequences for the country. When he was
Jerusalem's mayor, he pillaged the city treasury for himself
and his cronies. On five separate occasions he was
investigated by the State Comptroller for theft and corruption.
Shall we begin with a quick overview?
Only two years went by, and in the race against Sharon it
emerged that Olmert had not learned his lesson. The
investigation of his relations with contractor David Appel
found that his office manager, Shula Zaken, had phoned
Appel, asked him for a contribution to Olmert's election
campaign, and arranged the visit by the mayor of Athens,
suiting it to his needs. Olmert joined the conversation on an
extension and said to Appel, "Whatever you want, just tell
me," but Attorney General Menachem Mazuz realized that
Zaken had implicated Olmert through no fault of his own "Yes, Mr. Mayor" - and closed the case.
In the affair of the Likud receipts, Mudrik mentioned with
skepticism one of the witnesses' problems with his memory,
which conveniently became confused. At that time, the judge
did not remember that forgetting is a common human
phenomenon. Olmert remembered hardly anything in the
Appel case - not the Greek delegation, not the special help
that Appel had requested, and not even whether such help
had been received. This was the second incident that caused
Olmert an attack of amnesia. The first was recorded in 1988,
in criminal case 84/87 against Yehoshua Halperin of the
Bank of North America. Olmert, the witness for the
prosecution, had borrowed $50,000 from Halperin interestfree, but found at least 12 different ways to say that he could
not remember.
With his recent newfound power, Olmert was quick to turn it
to his advantage.
First, he compromised Israel's telecommunications industry.
Partner is one of the country's three cellular companies. Its
clients include the military, police. . .in fact, the whole
security apparatus. Because of the fear of a hostile takeover,
nobody may purchase more than 10% of a cellular
company's stocks without interference by the government.
In mid-December, Olmert flew to Hong Kong and met with
the CEO of Hutchison Telecommunications International, the
majority shareholder in Partner. Just a week later, an
Egyptian company, Orascom, bought 19.85% of Hutchison's
shares which just happened to give it a 9.997% of Partner's
Olmert had coached well. Now one of Israel's most important
telecommunications companies had a new Egyptian partner,
one with stakes in companies in Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan and
Bangladesh, Israel's dearest friends.
As for Olmert; did someone say kickbacks?
Not content with compromising telephone security, Olmert is
now working on our fuel supplies:
Policy u-turn: Olmert wants to buy gas from Britain, not only
Egypt 19.1.06 | 18:16 By Sharon Kedmi In an abrupt aboutface of policy, acting prime minister and finance minister
Ehud Olmert is seeking to buy natural gas from Britain. The
gas would derive from an offshore field British Gas has
developed in partnership with the Palestinians: the Prime
Minister's Office under Ariel Sharon had prohibited buying
from them.
At present Israel's sources of natural gas are the Tethys Sea
consortium, but its field is not large, and Egypt. Yesterday
Olmert wrote to Gordon Brown, Chancellor to the U.K.
Treasury, saying Israel would be glad to do business with
British Gas.
Sharon had opposed buying Gazan gas, on the grounds that
Israeli money might wind up financing terrorism.
One can only wait with bated breath for the new business
opportunities which await Olmert, the peacemaker, when he
gets his shot at the big prize: four years as prime minister.
Olmert attacks Jericho and the Israeli Right is so proud of
him. The CFR-owned Right-wing weekly rag Makor Rishon
just kvells its approval of the army. The army killed two PLO
guards and then two Israelis were murdered within a day
near Ariel. Thirty-four Arabs were wounded defending the
prison in Jericho where the "murderers" of former Tourism
Minister Rehavam Zeevi were recaptured by the IDF. And
the Right was so darn happy with the operation, it gave
Kadima two more seats in the Knesset. was all another horrid lie. Zeevi was murdered
by and for Shimon Peres, with a bit of help from Ariel
Sharon. And as far as I saw, only one writer, Joel Skousen
referred to this fact:
Saadat, the leader of the Popular Front for Liberation of
Palestine, is believed to have ordered the assassination of
cabinet minister Rehavam Ze'evi in a Jerusalem hotel in
2001 What isn't widely known, however, is that Israeli
security was involved in allowing the killing, having put Ze'evi
in an insecure hotel location and withdrawn his guards so the
attackers could get to him.
Israel claims that they raided the prison in order to prevent
PA president Mahmoud Abbas from freeing Saadat as he
publicly promised to do last week. But, it may just as well
have been to prevent Saadat from disclosing any collusion
with the Israeli's in the elimination of the pesky and
outspoken Ze'evi, who wasn't going along with PM Sharon's
sellout policies.
Only one writer sent me a reminder of the facts:
"In another portion of the interview that was edited out, Arafat
apparently said that the Israeli Mossad (external intelligence
service) was behind the assassination in Jerusalem of Israeli
cabinet minister Rehav'am Ze'evi."
I'll remind you of my conclusion:
In early October, 2001, Zeevi threatened Sharon. If Peres did
not stop his secret diplomacy, he would publicly reveal what
it involved. Sharon acquiesced and had a letter drawn
promising that he would order Peres to cancel a planned
meeting with Arafat in Greece. A week before his murder,
Zeevi displayed the letter at a party caucus meeting.
Sharon's appeasement did not succeed for long. On October
13, 2001 Zeevi handed Sharon his final ultimatum: Peres is
removed from the cabinet or he will resign from the
government and take two parties with him; Yisrael B'aliyah
and the National Party. Sharon was given a choice between
Peres and suicidal withdrawal, or his coalition. Sharon went
with Peres and withdrawal. On Oct. 17, 2001, four hours
before Zeevi was to give his resignation speech to the
Knesset, explaining who Peres was and why he couldn't sit
in the same government as him, he was shot dead outside
his hotel room in Jerusalem. Arabs may have been the
triggermen, but the order came from within the Israeli
Hamas was letting the murderers threaten Peres and that is
never smart. The British and American guards paid to guard
the Arabs pulled out early and Olmert took away the
troublemakers. And so far, it's only cost Israel and the PA 4
dead and 34 wounded. But more are on the way. That's what
happens when Sharon murderers Olmert and Peres are
number one and two in Kadima.
This election has been a gruesome fraud. I had candidate
Yaacov Schlosser over on Friday. He was being primed to
get into the Knesset by demanding that the police investigate
the way Sharon went down. But he had a nasty call on his
cell phone and is now way too frightened to carry on. So, out
he goes.
The election had one issue only, the removal of Judea and
Samaria from Israel. But no one was going to debate that. Of
course, the debater should have been Moshe Feiglin, except
Netanyahu had a 12 second morning meeting with Feiglin
and he was banned seeking a Likud seat to the Knesset.
How long have I argued that the "Right Wing Activists" like
Itamar Ben Gvir and Avigdor Eskin committed some dreadful
crime and were forced to become provocateurs. That's how
it's done and now the legal system is letting them collect
some compensation from the courts. For years I was told
Feiglin was ordered to break up Zo Artzeinu and take all his
protesters to nowhere in the Likud. There, they would be
given a bit of laxity, but that would go when the time was
That time came and now there is no one to vote for and no
Yesha withdrawal to debate.
Too bad Feiglin followers! Anyone plan to keep in his fold?
For that matter, anyone planning to vote in the Israeli
I guess I should state that Israel is being brought down by
the Vatican and their American buddies in the Council On
Foreign Relations (CFR). The country's leaders are the most
deranged crooks the CFR can cook up. This time the mafia
is led by an Olmert/Peres, with a Bibi ready to make it a third.
Other years there's been a Sharon, or Barak, or what was
Shai's name, placed to get Sharon in, or Rabin. And all have
been created and financed by the CFR. The exception is
Peres who is the Vatican's toy-boy, but who cares by now?
It's the same team anyway.
The plot has a few more subtleties, like bringing in second
stage leadership by showing them how the world's media is
going to destroy Zionism by leaking some utterly dreadful
secrets from the 1930s. But these "leaders" don't realize that
the Jews of Israel will have to stand up to the truth sooner or
later and there are proper ways to win. They are too terrified
to tell their truth.
Incredibly, some from the Right are encouraging people to
Shame on them.
If you vote, you support the scam. You have one choice only.
You do not vote and prepare to fight later.
That is the only option that exists today in Israel. Face it.
"If you want to know Israeli political crime, you gotta read
Dan Izenberg?" How often have you heard that? If you want
a feel for the crime, you have to know the man who's
following it for the Jerusalem Post. Right? Someone said
that, no?
Well it doesn't matter. We're following crime and that means
busting our chops on Post political crime expert Dan
Izenberg. No matter how crunchy he tastes in butter.
But you got to love him. Then look at the job he does on
Judge Azar. Brilliant. You remember the judge who got
carried away with Arafat, just couldn't stop convicting him for
terror. So our secret government agreed to knock him off and
blame some innocent Kurds for it.
Oh all right, so it got nasty. A couple of weeks after they
announced the Kurds plot, I held a speech in Jerusalem
explaining the whole thing and the next day they murdered
this David Weiner, lawyer for the chief Kurd. But heck. Even
his own mother won't say she knows the truth. She's too
hilarious for that. She'd rather her son killed himself. These
Israelis, they bring you down every time.
I mean look at Izenberg's 24/2/06 sub-headline: Court: It
sounds like a horror movie; sadly, it's fact.
That Izenberg, doesn't he just break your legs:
Tzeziashvilli organized murder from within prison...He
promised to provide information about attacks against more
judges in return for release from prison, through Assistant
Public Defender, David Weiner, who was representing him in
another case. Weiner later committed suicide after being
named as a witness in Tzeziashvilli's trial.
You gotta give that Weiner three giant pookies for that great
stunt. Two weeks from his wedding and he feels so
humiliated that he may be called as a witness that, like so
many great attorneys before him, he kills himself. And just 17
hours after my little talk in Jerusalem about what he must
have figured out about this trial. No, four giant pookies.
As for this Izenberg, look at him starting the big roll. Hold
your bellies for where he's taking us:
In its decision Thursday, the court wrote, "A series of facts
has been laid before us that would be fitting for a horror
movie. To our sorrow, this time it is a fact. Two defendants,
who are criminals heart and soul, stretched out their
murderous hands towards a senior judge, Adi Azar, whom
they happened to come cross and choose by chance, and
murdered him in horrifyingly cold blood."
You guessed it, the defendants are screeching for the right to
be heard and Izenberg guides us right through their yaws. It
can never get this good twice, can it?
Tzeziashvilli and Nahmani continued to insist they were
innocent. Judge Segal silenced Tzeziashvilli in the middle of
his plea for a lighter sentence. He claimed that Tzeziashvilli
exercised his right to remain silent during the trial.
Now can you ever forgive this Izenberg? Honestly, can you?
Tzeziashvilli wasn't pleading for a lighter sentence. He
wanted out. He finally watched the peace-team judges finish
him off and just couldn't keep his pumper yapped. Either
could his father:
As the judge was silencing Tzeziashvilli, the defendant's
father stood up and accused the court of conducting an
unfair trial. Three court security officers ejected him from the
Now if you were just reading Dapper Dan, you'd swear he
was reporting crime at the lowest possible level. But we
know how to read between the lines. Look how he grasps
Olmert in his upper talons.
I mean, you gotta love the way these Israelis murderer their
sitting prime minister to become prime minister. If the only
thing between you and the PM's office is Rabin, well, you
step on Rabin. Find the patsy and away you go. A decade
later have the patsy play funny sperm games with the set-up
screwball wife. Sharon was just as much fun. All that was
needed was one CFR member with a delightful sense of
humor and we were off to the races.
It's Front Page Jerusalem Post time. Dan pitches in on Feb.
22/06: Comptroller investigating sale of Olmert's house.
You just can't help hullifying those gronquise Israelis and all
their CFR pals, now can't you? Of all the dirtball
squeezebags and look who is buying Olmert's adobe for
twice the value? Tell Us Dan, Big Time!"
Haaretz reported that it triggered the investigation by
supplying the Comptroller with new details regarding the
sale, including the fact that the company that purchased the
house was registered in the Virgin Islands and that it was
owned by one Daniel Abrahams.
Dandy Dan skips ne'er a beat and practically shoves a
sidebar down our crown. What do you want to know about
Daniel Abraham that Izenberg doesn't tell us?
* Donated $120,000 to Peres' failed campaign to stay as
head of the Labor Party.
* One of the biggest backers of the Peres Center For Peace.
* Inaugurated the S. Daniel Abraham Foundation Prize at Tel
Aviv University to promote peace in the region.
Now here's how we know you're really, really following what
Danny means to be saying about Olmert's new buyer. Did
you know Abraham;
* Is funneling gastrogillions into Yeshiva U to get it's foreign
affairs thinking into super-CFR order?
* Was the builder of Congressman Wayne Owens center and
most likely helped order him murdered.
* And in 1993, contributed $193,000 to Ehud Olmert's
campaign as Jerusalem's mayor.
And now the Peres backer, Daniel Abraham has helped kill
his way to the top again. Izenberg is the best, the very best.
No one else could have taken us for such a tight nick. Dan
the Izen always lets us off with an unforgettable rub.
You know how he likes to call them. An Arab blows up his
crowd of Israelis and drifts off to heaven. Muhamed
introduces him to his new companions. First there is George
C. Scott, then Booker T. Washington, then Robert E. Lee
until all 72 gentlemen arrive. The bomber is shocked. "Where
are my virgins?" "Virgins?" replied Muhamed. "You get
Now really, don't you just gotta love that great political crime
writer, Izenberg of the Post.
I was in Cyprus for five days where I stayed with Jim Searcy.
He had just produced a 9-11 CD and noted, "They screwed
up Building 7 and UA Flight 93. If people figure those out, the
scandal will fly."
I answered him, "They're already figured out. It's the same
Jim didn't know what I was saying. And when I got home I
looked on the internet. No one had put it together. I can't
believe this, but you're hearing a new 9-11 fact.
Flight 93 was supposed to knock Building 7 down and the
building was jammed with explosives for the moment. But
instead, the plane fell in Pennsylvania so owner Larry
Silverstein had to bring the building down by himself. That, or
expose the demolitives for the world to see.
There, now you know. Another Sabbataian "Jew" mucking up
the world.
But first some facts. Building 7 fell in a controlled demolition.
Larry said so. Need I ask? Do you know how long it takes to
rig a building for a perfect fall? Larry broke the record by a
few weeks, rigging his building in a few hours, while the twin
towers smoldered beside him.
Yet, despite the paramount importance of the remains, they
were hauled away and melted down as quickly as possible.
The steel was sold to scrap metals vendors and most was
soon on ships bound for China and India. Some of the
smaller pieces and a few token large pieces of steel marked
'save' were allowed to be inspected at Fresh Kills landfill by
FEMA's BPAT volunteers. Officials running the "cleanup
operation" took pains to make sure the structural steel didn't
end up anywhere but in blast furnaces. They installed GPS
locater devices on each of the trucks hauling loads from
Ground Zero at a cost of $1000 each.
Questions about the highly suspicious nature of the building's
collapse remained comparatively muted until January 2004,
when a PBS documentary, America Rebuilds, originally
broadcast in September 2002, received attention across the
The documentary was made infamous for one comment
made by Larry Silverstein on the subject of 9/11. Silverstein
states, "I remember getting a call from the, er, fire
department commander, telling me that they were not sure
they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said,
"We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest
thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and
we watched the building collapse."
For a building to collapse into its own footprint, as WTC 7
did, ALL of the load bearing members must fail at the exact
same moment. This is achieved in controlled demolitions.
Meanwhile, Flight 93 had to be shot down. It's nose was
found eight miles from the tail in a Pennsylvania field. Such
stories were made up to explain the mess! The terrorists let
the toughest guys get together to use their personal
handsets to call home. Someone heard, "Let's get rolling,
boys." They rushed the cockpit and saved the nation.
Except cell phones don't work from 35,000 feet up.
CeeCee Lyles husband said that he saw the caller ID, Ed
Felt had called from a bathroom, and Air phone cords don't
reach that far. As a matter of fact, in a bathroom, one would
expect that it would be harder to make a call, probably
bringing down the power about in ½ (3dB).
Ted Olson first said that Barbara had used a cell phone, then
he said she was in the bathroom, then he said she forgot her
purse and had to borrow a credit card from someone to
make an air phone call. his story kept changing. If you look
at the flight maps, most of the calls for flight 93 "should" have
been made at 35,000ft or even above.
And who were the select passengers on board? Pretty
unusual and tiny group, no?
Flight 93 had only forty four people in total, including four
suspected hijackers. Thirty seven passengers (excluding
crew) on a plane that holds around two hundred people
23 of those (at least) bought tickets at the last minute! also
several people came from flight 91 that was cancelled.
Did ANYONE buy tickets for flight 93 ahead of time???
In 1980 Larry Silverstein won a bid to buy the last
undeveloped parcel from the Port Authority of New York.
The Port Authority is not a municipal property. It was founded
by and owned by the Rockefeller family.
When the attacks occurred, Silverstein was at home
debating with his wife about plans to move his headquarters
to the 88th floor of the North Tower. His son Roger was at 7
World Trade Center but was not hurt.
This, of course, was a lie. He was not debating his wife and
his son was out of danger.
How concerned should we be therefore that Silverstein
Properties bought the lease from MetLife for Chicago's Sears
Tower in March 2004?
We should be extremely concerned.
Following the attacks, Silverstein was awarded an insurance
payment of more than three and a half billion dollars to settle
his seven-week-old insurance policy[3]. In addition, the
Silverstein group sued the insurers liable for the World Trade
Center for another three and a half billion dollars, claiming
that by an obscure clause in their contract, the two planes
constituted two separate terrorist attacks[4]. In total,
Silverstein was awarded nearly $7.2 billion in insurance
money following the destruction of the Twin Towers[5].
No point losing, now is there?
We now get to Larry's politics. What do we discover? His first
customer for the new Building 7 is a Chinese revolutionary.
Larry may have owned the WTC inside, but the outside
concourse was Israeli. And who did Larry support in the last
Israeli election but the king of chopping Israel to nothing, the
great, now-headless, Ariel Sharon.
He is, by most accounts, an unusual businessman,
especially in China. He stresses vision and serving his
country as much as the bottom line. He said his real
interests were history, Marx, Hegel and Mao. Then there are
the pictures of Che Guevara and Yasser Arafat in his office.
He explained that they were both revolutionaries,
emphasizing that he admired Mr. Arafat's discipline and
courage, not his politics. "He spent his whole life trying to
achieve one thing," Mr. Feng said.
"He had great
determination; real perseverance."
On September 12, 2001, The Jerusalem Post reported:
"Frank Lowy, who emigrated to Australia from Israel in 1952,
owns the 99-year lease for the 425,000 square foot retail
portion of the destroyed World Trade Center. . . Westfield
said today that it has insurance cover against terrorist
attacks and its earnings will not be materially affected."
A report by Israel's Channel Ten television reporter Raviv
Drucker last night provided a detailed report on the Sunday
night affair. He related how the organizer and hostess - NIna
Rosenwald - sent letters to selected invitees asking for
$10,000 per person or couple, and how the 5th Avenue
location was closed off for over an hour for what the police
described as a "top secret" reason. Only the 15 invited
couples were permitted to enter Rosenwald's apartment,
after having paid the minimum amount in advance.
Rosenwald is a member of the CFR (Council of Foreign
Among the participants at the dinner were World Trade
Center insurance beneficiary Larry Silverstein. A reporter
asked Silverstein on his way out if Sharon had thanked him
for his donation. Silverstein replied, "No. But it's not
necessary; we're here to support the man."
It's simply a God-awful world for Jews and those who know
our history is divine. It's even worse because anti-Semites
can have a field day and not have a clue how dumb they are.
Silverstein can call himself as Jew, but he is working for the
Sabbataian/Frankist fold.
They hate Judaism and use all their power to make it
disappear into the worship of the anti-Jewish fiend, Shabbtai
For, this they created Israel.
But Israel turned religious and that had to be stopped. So the
religious began to "disengage." And the more Israel's
religious are drawn into the mainstream, the more Iraq,
Afghanistan and Iran explode.
Even though it's staring the anti-Semites in the face, they
don't get it. Their closest ally in the Middle East is not the
Arabs, who despise them thoroughly, and it is surely not the
Israeli peace camp, leading the nation to permanent
disengagement and taking the world with it.
It's those right-wing, religious Israeli Jews.
So, by being too dumb to sort it out, the anti-Semites are
letting Larry and his New World Order buddies get away with
anything they want.
And only one brilliant site on the whole internet figured the
whole thing out:
NAMES: Leon Fuerth, Andrew Gitlin, Larry Silverstein,
Maurice Hank Greenberg, Henry Kissinger, Rahm Emanuel,
Ariel Sharon
THEORY: People like Fuerth, Emanuel (U.S. Mossad chief in
the Clinton era and White House Rasputin), Kissinger, Gitlin,
Greenberg, Silverstein, Sharon are reputedly leaders of a
homosexual satanic underground (at least its relatively small
Jewish division, overshadowed by its much larger nonJewish division). They are false Jews. From their midst
allegedly came the impulse to assassinate the Israeli Prime
Minister and peace dove Yitzhak Rabin, the impulse to
provoke the still ongoing Second Intifada in Palestine in fall
2000, and the re-emergence of the known serial murderer
and terrorist Ariel Sharon. Sharon was elected Prime
Minister of Israel on February 6, 2001 in a special election.
This grouping sent several prominent members into the
informal committee(s) that perpetrated 9-11 on America.
There are multiple links to the second-generation Meyer
Lansky crime syndicate. A note of clarification: I am NOT
saying "it was the Jews", and do not quote me thus.
I could have added, from the moment Larry was informed
Building 7 HAD to come down because its flight wasn't
arriving, to the present day. . . but I held back. Still, look at
the connections. July 7 of last year saw London under attack.
And who was there but Rudy Guliani and Binyamin
Netanyahu. Were they in town to observe the reaction?
Guliani for sure. You needed a mayor to run 9-11. That's
why they made him a knight. I'll say Netanyahu too on gut
This report, repeated by, added that the Israeli
Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in
Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel
room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the
site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station,
where he was to address an economic summit?
The Frankist Michael Chertoff kept New Orleans wet and
thirsty for as long as he could, and his cousin kept the 9-11
critics stupid.
'Who is Benjamin Chertoff, the senior researcher at Popular
Mechanics who is behind the article? American Free Press
has learned that he is none other than a cousin of Michael
Chertoff, the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland
Security. This means that Hearst paid Benjamin Chertoff to
write an article supporting the seriously flawed explanation
that is based on a practically non-existent investigation of the
terror event that directly led to the creation of the massive
national security department his cousin now heads.
Once again, we witness the agonizing spectacle of the brave
youth of Israel fighting the cowardly bullies of the Israel
Defense Forces (IDF):
Pictures of military actions in Hebron:
1. Hebron declared "closed military zone" Israeli central
command General Yair Nave tonight declared all of Hebron
to be a 'closed military zone.' According to this military order,
only residents of Hebron will be allowed into the city. All
others will have to request 'special permission' from the
"Judea' regional brigade." The order is due to be in effect
until January 22.
The Jewish Community of Hebron has come under invasion
by the Israeli police and other security forces. This morning,
for the 2nd time in two days, dozens and dozens of police,
border police and riot squad members invaded the Avraham
Avinu neighborhood in Hebron.
Israel withdrawal from West Bank?
Many regard planned eviction of Jews as start of massive
future evacuation.
The fight is a civil war, make no mistake about it, and the IDF
is using its arsenal of repression to win and that includes
provocateurs planted within the youths to create outrages
aimed at putting the worst face on the rebels.
But the young rebels are the heroes of Israel today even if
they don't fully understand the whole picture of what they are
fighting against. In too short a time, my children will be
drafted into the IDF. When that time comes I will be sending
the following notice to the IDF's office of recruitment:
I proudly served in the IDF for 13 years as a regular and
reserve soldier. During my service, I did not complain when
asked to serve in high-risk operations, including the Lebanon
War. So, it is with great sorrow that I inform you that I will not
permit my children to serve in this army if they are to be
responsible, directly or by proxy, for the removal of my fellow
Israelis from their homes, wherever they may be. If you
cannot assure me of that, I will take whatever measures are
necessary to prevent their recruitment, including sending
them out of the country.
While the heroes of Hebron are standing tall to protect the
holy land of their ancestors, my beef runs much deeper. The
IDF is being used to protect the interests of outsiders
determined to dismember Israel, and the deep criminality of
those they installed in power to rule Israel while it lasts.
Those who do so rule us are murderers and my children will
not defend them.
It took me ten years to convince a majority of Israelis that
Yitzhak Rabin was murdered in a political coup directed by
Shimon Peres. The same thing happened to Sharon and I'm
not planning to write another book proving it.
Sharon Docs Face Scrutiny Over Treatment
The Associated Press
Friday, January 13, 2006; 8:39 AM
JERUSALEM -- Ariel Sharon's doctors faced new criticism
Thursday for failing to divulge a brain disease discovered
after the prime minister's initial stroke and for prescribing
blood thinners that may have contributed to a massive
second stroke.
The criticism added to a growing chorus of questions about
Sharon's treatment.
After Sharon, 77, suffered an initial, minor stroke Dec. 18,
doctors put him on Clexane, an anticoagulant. At a news
conference a few days later, doctors acknowledged blood
thinners increased the risk of brain hemorrhage, but said the
fear of a clot leading to another stroke was greater in this
The debate gained momentum after the Haaretz daily
revealed that Sharon also suffered from cerebral amyloid
angiopathy, known as CAA, a disease common in the elderly
that weakens the blood vessels in the brain and increases
the risk of hemorrhage.
Doctors confirmed they knew about the disease after the first
stroke, but prescribed the blood thinners anyway, a move
outside experts criticized Thursday.
"If someone has a disease that caused bleeding, that causes
bleeding, that could cause bleeding in the future, giving
anticoagulants . . . is certainly an undesirable situation," said
Amos Korczyn, head of the Tel Aviv University Medical
School's neurology department.
Doctors were prescribing the Clexane until they could seal a
small hole in Sharon's heart they said caused Sharon's first
stroke. Clexane, or enoxaparin, is sold as Lovenox in the
United States.
But some experts questioned that theory and said the initial
stroke was more likely caused by Sharon's brain condition.
Sharon suffered his massive stroke a day before he was to
undergo the procedure to seal the hole in his heart.
"The likelihood is that the hole in the heart was of no
relevance," said Dr. Anthony Rudd, a stroke specialist at
London's St. Thomas' Hospital. He said CAA could have
caused the first stroke.
Doctors did not disclose the condition in December, and
several Israeli media outlets chided Sharon's medical team
for keeping it under wraps.
SenderBerl comments on its own original analysis regarding
January 12, 2006 6:00PM
SenderBerl has always offered its interpretations on the
edge. There he was, the Prime Minister, without medical
supervision, isolated at his ranch, after a stroke, when he
was to go into the hospital the next morning for surgery.
If SenderBerl is right about his first hospitalization, then there
was no need to for him to take blood thinners at all -however, with his KNOWN CAA condition the NWO gave him
an overdose of blood thinners under the guise of his
preparation for legitimate surgery the next day, Sharon
knowing that he had to mask the first stroke (where blood
thinners were medically ordered the wisdom of that
questionable order taking us on a different direction we need
not go).
Thus the overdose of blood thinners, under the umbrella of
Sharon's own design to himself mask his first hospitalization,
triggered his complaints, and then exactly in line with
SenderBerl's original analysis on rushing him to the hospital
in Jerusalem by ambulance, he then succumbs to a second
stroke IN THE AMBULANCE when there was an endless
stream of high quality medical helicopters to take him to the
hospital in Jerusalem.
Docs concealed
By Aluf Benn <mailto:[email protected]>
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's physicians concealed from the
public their diagnosis of cerebral amyloid angiopathy, it
emerged yesterday.
At a press conference held December 26, a week after
Sharon's first hospitalization for a minor stroke, doctors
reported that Sharon's
neurological examination was normal.
"His neurological examination was normal," Prof Tamir BenHur, head of neurology at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein
Karem, said at the conference. "We saw that the blood
vessels that supply blood to the brain are normal."
However, it emerged yesterday that during that
hospitalization, doctors had diagnosed Sharon's vascular
disease. This disease made it riskier for Sharon to use the
anticoagulants he was given.
The Prime Minister's Bureau invited political reporters to the
press briefing, rather than those who cover the health beat.
There, the doctors detailed Sharon's medical condition
before, during and after his hospitalization.
"With the prime minister's consent, we are at your disposal to
provide proper disclosure of his condition following his
hospitalization," announced Prof. Boleslav Goldman,
Sharon's longtime physician. Later on, Goldman even
ridiculed reporters' poor grasp of medical information.
The doctors gave the impression that Sharon was relatively
healthy for his age, with no risk factors besides being
"He has things on the MRI that you find in most people his
age, the meaning of which is unclear [...] It is nearly
impossible for any person his age to undergo an MRI and not
see these changes," said Ben-Hur.
NOTE from a doctor to a
The Hadassah Hospital physicians doesn't know even how to
If they knew "before" that he had Cerebral Amyloid
Angiopathy [CAA] so how
they could give him anticoagulants [blood thinners] which is a
contraindication! How they could operate on a patient who
was on blood
thinner and who didn't have a Normal Coagulation Profile
because was given
before the second stroke, Clexane [Brand Name] or Low
Molecular Heparine.
2 injection daily, in his home in Beersheva, Negev, without
any physician
daily control and without any daily evaluation of his
Coagulation Profile which can be done only by a thorough
examination in a hospital environment. That was the reason,
why the PM Sharon was bleeding to dead with a massive
intracerebral hemorrhage and therefore was submitted to 3
brain surgeries in 24 hours with abnormal Coagulation
Profile ! [On Heparine or Clexane] Giving a patient with a
CAA anticoagulant or blood thinners is a double pure
ignorance mistake. I do hope, that a total independent
ENQUIRY by Independent Medical Commission appointed
by the Israel's Attorney General will be appointed in order to
investigate all why's and who's, about the treatment of the
PM of Israel Ariel Sharon. The State of Israel, all Israelis and
the Jewish People deserve to know the real truth of a such
medical catastrophe.
Dr. Sigmund Mittler, M.D.
Professor of Medicine and Advanced Medical Imaging
The two major forces plotting Israel's demise are the Council
on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Vatican.
Please read the following before trying to understand the
significance of the developments occurring in the wake of
Sharon's demise:
MK Shimon Peres, number two on the Kadima list, will leave
on Sunday night for a week-long trip to the U.S., where he
will meet in Washington with Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, and the
president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz. Peres will be
accompanied by former Foreign Ministry director Avi Gil.
Israel's State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss has launched
an investigation into suspicions that MK Shimon Peres broke
campaign finance laws, accepting illegal donations from
foreign sources.
It was abruptly announced on Sunday, a day after the above
news broke, that Peres had resigned from the Knesset. He
supplied no reason for his resignation.
Peres received $320,000 for the Labor Party primaries,
which he lost to Amir Peretz despite polls predicting a
landslide in his favor.
The donations, far in excess of the 36,000 shekel
(approximately $8,000) per donor allowed by law, came from
billionaires Chaim Saban, S. Daniel Abraham and Bruce
The State Comptroller refused to release the details of the
investigation, but his office released a statement saying,
"The comptroller views with great severity what transpired
during the primaries, certainly without referring specifically to
Shimon Peres."
A spokeswoman said the investigation is ongoing and has
not yet concluded.
The investigation was made possible by a law passed in the
last days of the 16th Knesset, allowing the Comptroller to
investigate candidates' violations of the campaign funding
law in primaries, and not only in general elections.
Peres' lawyer told Army Radio that "all donations were given
according to the law, and approved by the [Labor] party's
All three donors in question serve on the board of the Peres
Center for Peace. Saban was, in the past, investigated for
illegal funding of Ehud Barak's second election campaign.
S. Daniel Abraham has long been involved in Peres's
independent diplomatic initiatives on behalf of the Jewish
state. He founded the Center for Middle East Peace and
Economic Cooperation with former Utah Congressman
Wayne Owens, and served as its lone chairman since
Owens was found dead in Tel Aviv in 2002.
In actuality, Congressman Owens was murdered in Tel Aviv
by the same forces who brought down Rabin and Sharon.
Leading these forces was Shimon Peres.
Peres to meet Rice
Shimon Peres, Israel's deputy prime minister, is coming to
Washington next week to meet with Condoleezza Rice.
Peres, who arrives Tuesday, will be a guest of the Center for
Middle East Peace, a think tank led by Danny Abraham and
Sara Ehrman, U.S. Jewish leaders closely identified with the
Oslo process.,00.html
In a Tel Aviv speech, Peres says Kadima will attempt to
reach final-status peace agreement, adds Israel needs a
strong political Center to make tough decisions. "The Middle
East is approaching a fork in the road – either becoming
fanatical-Shiite-terrorist or modern and sane," Peres said.
"Arik (Prime Minister Ariel Sharon) surprised me in a positive
way, he said 'we're both no longer little kids and four years is
plenty of time.' With Ehud (Olmert) I found an even bigger
drive to reach a peace deal."
ports Thursday said that Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice has invited Olmert to visit Washington DC, probably
sometime next month. And on Wednesday evening Bush
called Olmert by telephone and told him that he intended to
make sure the vision he and Sharon shared of Israel
surrendering more land for the sake of peace became a
Olmert responded that if elected, he would be working side
by side with the American to realize the birth of a Palestinian
Arab state on the ancient Jewish lands of Judea, Samaria
and Gaza.
The Al-Manar newspaper reported that the U.S. is
conducting secret contacts with the Palestinian Authority and
Arab countries in an effort to have them help strengthen
Olmert's stature. The U.S. informed them that it is interested
in having Olmert head Kadima and "continue the process
that Sharon began to solve the Palestinian-Israel conflict."
The paper further reports that the Americans feel that Olmert
is a "smart leader who will be able, with his advisors, to lead
the peace process and rebuff the political machinations
against him."
The U.S. even informed Olmert, according to the paper, that
it would like him to keep Sharon's advisors on his team,
especially Dov Weisglass and Shimon Peres.
In the previous reports, the following were involved in the
murder of Wayne Owens. For further information, there is a
complete chapter on the Owens murder in my new book,
Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust:
Shimon Peres
Dov Weisglass
Daniel Abraham
Sara Ehrman
Avi Gil
The following are members of the CFR
Condoleeza Rice
Daniel Abraham
Paul Wolfowitz
Stephen Hadley
And those who still refuse to acknowledge the depth of the
Vatican's role in Israel's coming disintegration, consider how
distraught it is since Sharon's sudden exit from power:
Talks continue between Israel and the Holy See, in the
post-Sharon crisis
Tel Aviv (AsiaNews) – Negotiations continue between Israel
and the Holy See to reach a comprehensive bilateral accord,
despite the difficult political situation in Israel following Ariel
Sharon's illness. Delegations of the Holy See and the State
of Israel have continued today, Wednesday, January 11,
their negotiations aimed at reaching the "comprehensive
agreement" mandated by the 1993 Fundamental Agreement,
on the fiscal status of the Church in Israel, and on
safeguarding ecclesiastical property, especially Holy Sites.
The previous meeting took place last November 24; parties
have agreed to hold their next meetings on May 17 and 18.
In the meantime the bilateral "Working Group" on properties
the Churches wishes to recover will continue its work, and
other consultations also will continue between the parties'
legal experts.
Sharon's departure from the political scene could cause
some worry to the Catholic negotiators, given Premier
Sharon's decisive role in making his colleagues and
subordinates take seriously the relationship with the Catholic
Church and resume negotiations with the Holy See, even
when other government elements were inclined to go in other
It was Washington that persuaded Sharon of the importance
of paying due attention to the Catholic Church, and it will fall
to Washington to continue to press this matter on his
successors, both before and after elections in Israel.
The IDF's vicious attack on Hebron is barely a symptom of
the crime and rot it is now defending. Unless it wakes up and
actually begins to defend Israel again, it would be an
unforgivable crime for any Jew to serve in its ranks.
Sharon's doctors confessed. They murdered the Prime
Minister, and on April 27 said so on the Channel Two show,
Uvda, meaning, fact. They should have said, "Peres blew the
first attempt on Dec. 19 because Sharon didn't drink enough
poisoned tea. So these thugs cornered us and made us
murder Sharon for good." But they coordinated their
testimonies. They were all "frustrated" that they killed
Sharon. Yes, they found his weak brain veins and prescribed
an anti-coagulant guaranteed to pop them.
But they weren't alone. They got lots of help from the secret
service, the Shabak.
** Three days before our trip to Cyprus, my son and I made a
grand discovery. He could make me discs from his computer
and he could download practically any song for me. So we
made a disc of my favorite 20 songs. The first song to be
chosen was Navy Blue, a grand melody by Diane Renay. It
was a perfect hit in 1964, by a lovely Jewish singer.
I never understood why she changed her name from the far
sexier Rene
Kushner. The inspiring lyrics began:
Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be
'cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee
Who wouldn't be driven by such a thought?
The disc-making function would come to great use. The
wonderful person who filmed my last two lectures, just
couldn't make a reliable final product. Now my own son could
make a testable and saleable CD. Our host in Cyprus, Jim
Searcy made such products and could train him.
** And the Uvda show, taught us all how the Shabak is used
to kill prime Ministers. It turns out that on Dec. 19th, Sharon
had a private meeting in the Knesset with Shimon Peres. By
the end of the meeting, Sharon felt badly. Now it turns out,
Shabak headquarters never heard about this turn because
communication with the Knesset was disrupted for 15
minutes. Now, since Yoram Rubin was Sharon's chief
bodyguard, the communication breakdown was with him.
Uvda host Ilana Dayan didn't mention Rubin's name, or that
he knocked off Rabin when he was his chief bodyguard, or
that he is in the direct employ of Shimon Peres.
But 15 minutes is nothing compared to the day Sharon was
really done in. First, Olmert leaves Sharon's Negev farm with
permission to be Prime Minister while Sharon undergoes
"minor" heart surgery the next day in Jerusalem. A few hours
later Sharon doesn't feel good, so his Shabak keeper
decides to move him by ambulance to Jerusalem. Sharon,
meanwhile, collapses in the bathroom and it took the keeper
50 minutes to get him on a stretcher and out of the house.
Yes, 50 minutes, that's what Uvda reported.
But here's the kicker! Israel didn't care. There was minimal
coverage in the papers, and no one talked about it .
AND...No one stood up and demanded a more thorough
But I shouldn't have been so surprised. During the past
election, I advised candidate Yaacov Schlosser to take a
reporter to the closest police station and complain against
Sharon's doctors. This act would make him a hero and get
him a seat in the Knesset.
Needless to say, one more coward chose not to represent
the Jewish people in the Knesset.
What worries me is, as, in the case of Rabin, people are
already supplying me with the real facts on Sharon. But I'm
not spending another decade on justice for Sharon when
most Israelis despise him anyway.
Still, a short passage from a long essay by a man who
Yes - and obviously thought of you and what you wrote,
I am a pharmacologist-toxicologist, Barry. I used to be the
Head of the Drug Registration Department in the Ministry of
Health here; I am also today a consultant re new drug
entities, clinical studies; I write this intro. because I am
considered as a drugs expert. The treatment which the 'late'
PM received could, under no circumstances, advised for a
person in his condition . . .To hear the Head of Hadassah
telling how Medicine (with a capital M) today is NOT really
accurate and so risky - made me wonder if he is the right
man for his job! What a lot of nonsense; Medicine has never
had it so good! It is impossible to understand how daily PR
assessment to establish the correct dosage for Sharon could
have been made so quickly-and if any plan was made for this
test to be continued at his home....If as was indicated he
received injections of Clexane - a "hell-of-an" anti-coagulant,
then to be traveling home with a body full of the stuff is an
apt description of a walking time-bomb. . . I think Ilana Dayan
is probably on a hit-list now and we may see some doctors
being retired early or us being informed they are abroad for
** My friend Jim Searcy doesn't share that much with me, but
what we do share is profound. In short, we both fight the
New World Order in our writing, and we fish, I mean really
fish. This was his second invite and I refused it at first. Last
June he promised me bass and I flew to Cyprus, fished like
an otter and caught none. Jim was the only angler in Cyprus
to catch them. But he pitched in money this time and I added
a bit more to bring my son to the island. It was at a cost. I
also lost two great selling days in Hebron.
My son is very quick and after his first hour of Cyprus from a
taxi, he proclaimed, "This is primitive Europe like the
Funny he should say that. Just prior to my last visit, I read a
long book; The Cyprus Conspiracy. I would recommend it,
but it's so boring. In short, Kissinger got the Turks to attack in
'74. The island is kept prosperous but not too. . .
Kinda makes you recall the great lyrics of Navy Blue:
He said he wanted to settle down
And let me be his girl
But first he had to do a little travelin' around
And see the whole wide world
That's why I'm . . .
Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be
'cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee
** Now where did Israel's great courage go to? Maybe, most
of it ran away when you consider what becomes of people
who get involved. Like Sharon's lawyer:
Last update - 06:14 12/04/2006
Mother, son killed in six-car pile-up in northern Tel Aviv
By Assaf Carmel, Haaretz Correspondent
The accident occurred when the SUV driven by attorney
Avigdor "Dori" Klagsbald slammed into the Wexlers' car as
they were waiting at a red light. It is still unclear why
Klagsbald failed to see the other car and to brake in time.
Other vehicles were also involved in the accident, in which
six people including Klagsbald sustained minor injuries. . .
Klagsbald, who lives in Kfar Shmaryahu, is one of Israel's top
lawyers. He is cofounder and partner of an office specializing
corporate law. His clients have included Ariel Sharon, whom
he represented during the police investigations into the
"Greek Island" and "straw companies" affairs, as well as
Shaul Mofaz and Ofer Nimrodi.
** This trip was different. I caught 2 bass. My boy was
satisfied catching way more of an easier fish, but I stuck with
my guns and lo and behold, I caught the piscine prince for
my fishing legends; two largemouth bass. Only one thing
could dull the trance, a very minor scratch on the car. You
couldn't see if from 2 meters away.
But Jim wasn't worried. He fully insured me. I might have to
lose my
$100 deductible.
But we had never dealt with the likes of rentals man, Stavros
He informed me that Jim had insured me for the usual 500
pound, $1200 deductible. He demanded a bit over $700 for
my trouble.
Immediately, the lyrics of Navy Blue resounded:
I got a letter yesterday from Tokyo
And a souvenir
A walky-talky wind-up little China doll
That says "Wish you were here"
Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be
cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee
** Up tempo to present day! Why should I be bothered trying
to get the Jews to know that they've been infiltrated, and
many of the "great" Jews guiding them are Frankists, their
very worst enemy? They always inform them that these
Frankists, like Joseph Lieberman, are Orthodox though they
never wear a kippah. The newest Frankist creep is Joshua
Bolten, White House Chief-of-Staff, hired to keep Bush in
There is, first of all, the well-known fact that Brandeis'
ancestors had been believers in the eighteenth century
pseudo Messiah, Jacob Frank. While his family did not follow
their leader into the Catholic fold, they were prominent
among the crypto-Frankist sectarians in the Jewish
community of Prague. By the mid-nineteenth century,
descendants of these religious" dissidents were no longer
mystical antinomians, and they often destroyed records of
their past; yet they retained the memory of it as a proud
family tradition.
Gershom Scholem has published the ethical will of Brandeis'
mother's uncle, Gottlieb Wehle, in which members of the
family are exhorted (in 1864) to respect their ancestors'
tradition of antinomian disdain for the normative Judaism of
traditional rabbis. This document came to Scholem through
the good offices of Justice Brandeis himself.
Strangely enough, Brandeis did not remember-or choose to
remember?-that there exists a privately printed book of
reminiscences, written in: German by his mother, at his own
request, and translated for the benefit of their grandchildren
by his wife, Alice Goldmark Brandeis. This is a fascinating
little document in which the family atmosphere of antitraditional dissidence is strikingly evoked.
Brandeis gave mute testimony in one respect to the lingering
vitality of at least some aspects of the family tradition. A
bachelor until the ripe age; of thirty-four, when he finally did
marry he followed, knowingly or not, a custom widely
practiced among Jewish crypto-Frankist families. His wife, a
cousin, was like himself a descendant of the Central
European circle of crypto-Frankist Jews,
who, as Scholem reports continued to maintain close contact
and intermarry among themselves.
Accounts of Brandeis's life often note the influence of his
mother on his own political idealism, while the recently
published volume of Brandeis' letters shows him frequently
writing on current politics, especially on international affairs,
to his father. He takes unfeigned pride in his family's
immediate European background: they considered
themselves "Forty-Eighters," and his father in-law, Joseph
Goldmark, had been one of the foremost student leaders of
the 1848 revolution in Vienna. But these were hardly
influences that could make a Jewish leader, let alone a
Zionist, out of him. Indeed, his Zionism was not shared by his
parents, his own generation, or his children except for his
daughter, Susan. There remains his uncle, Lewis Dembitz;
an early American Zionist. According to Alpheris Mason, the
standard, authorized Brandeis biographer, in the close
Wehle-Dembitz-Brandeis circle in Louisville this eminent
Kentucky lawyer, scholar, and abolitionist "was easily the
dominating figure of the group: Brandeis himself eulogized
his uncle as, "to those of my generation, a living university."
The strong attachment of L.D.B. to LeWis Dembitz is not only
attested by Brandeis' express statements; it is borne out by
certain acts of plainly symbolic character. He consciously
followed his uncle's example in becoming a lawyer-and a
1egal scholar. He changed his name: originally Louis David
Brandeis, he chose to call himself Louis Dembitz Brandeis.
Whatever the significance of his act in relation to his mother,
who was a Dembitz, it is a blatant identification with her
brother, his Uncle Lewis.
His mother's reminiscences
(written at his request, from 1880 to 1886, after he had left to
settle in- Boston and it was clear he intended to remain far
away from home) cast a revealing light on the special
position in the Brandeis clan of Uncle Lewis, as well as on
the general attitudes prevailing in the family. Her memories
of the Old Country evoke the atmosphere of: something
larger than family or clan: it is the unmistakable flavor of a
movement that is conveyed. There are references to heroic
and noble characters more precisely, to men and women of
titled nobility who were associated with what is not
specifically named but proudly indicated, the Frankist
underground. Anyone who has participated in a rebellious
movement, particularly in one that goes underground, will
recognize the style of intimacy with greatness, the ,pride in
exceptionalism, the consciousness of belonging to an elite
that emerge from those pages.
**My son is always right. Cyprus has a big enough exchange
in foreign tourists that the car renters can pull off this racket.
Don't give them real insurance and pounce when there's a
sucker. But Stavros Aristos was not merely a racketeer who
racketeers, he was also an established conman. He assured
me that Cyprus had a marvelous deal with American
Express. You pay the full insurance here and are repaid in
full back home.
With time running out, his con was accepted.
In Israel he was immediately reported to AMEX, while copies
of the report were sent to Cyprus' Tourism Minister, and
Insurance Federation. I e-mailed Jim and asked him to report
the gangster to similar agencies.
But he hemmed and he hawed. Clearly I could be raped for
$700, and he would do nothing to defend my honor. Or his.
Which leads to the universal question: If you're writing
against a whole New World Order, why won't you fight the
local racketeer the same way?
I figure, the right answer here might explain why Israel has
lost its cajones.
Till then, I can only be consumed by the hopeful closing
lyrics of Navy Blue:
He's comin' home to see me on a weekend pass
A forty-eight hour day- ate
That boat he's sailin' on just better get here fast
'cause I can hardly wait
Till then I'm . . .
Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be
'cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee
**What's ten years? Fine, someone else has had his eyes
opened wide.
The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin - Peres Connection?
Compiled by Steven Shamrak
"The police and hospital records prove beyond doubt that
Amir could not have been Rabin’s killer. All the filmed and
eye-witness testimonies show that he did not and could not
have shot Rabin point blank and from the front." - Linda
Goldman co-produced a four-minute report of the
assassination for "NBC-Extra." Mother of Yigal Amir stated
that her son had been goaded into shooting the prime
minister by an agent provocateur working for Shin Bet.
According to a report by Maariv, Yossi Ginosar, an ex-secret
service officer, who was former Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s
special envoy to Yasser Arafat, was also handling monies on
behalf of the PLO leader. According to the report, the
monies that passed through Ginosars hands on behalf of
Arafat reached the sum of up to 300 million dollars, and were
deposited in a secret account in Switzerland. Peres got a cut
of Ginosar's deals and we know that because the Peres
Center for Peace, owns a 1.3% share of Arafat's telephone
company Paltel and has been conducting other
internationally sponsored deals with PA. Rabin wanted out
of Oslo and that would have been very costly for Yossi
Ginosar. Was he in on the Peres assassination team? If he
and Peres aren't investigated, we'll never know. After
Rabin's assassination in 1995, and Peres succeeded him as
prime Minister . . . (The case against Peres involvement in
Rabin's assassination is circumstantial, but it merits the need
for criminal investigation against him. Now Peres is the
second man in the Kadima party. If Kadima forms the
government, history might repeat itself. True democracy
must not allow it!)
**So now I have to get the work and make up my lost $700.
So what do I do? I lose another $1200 to pay my lawyer to
fight Itamar Ben Gvir. Right now, the Kach boys are being
rewarded brilliantly by the courts. Itamar won 66,00 shekels
four days ago in a suit against the police. Noam Federman
got over a million shekels for his house arrest.
My, how the courts suddenly, even fabulously, love Kach
these days.
But I got somebody to talk. And it wasn't easy. But I have got
a witness.
You know what? I'd love to send you a long videotape on
Ben Gvir. I'll even throw in Yigal Amir telling Israel police, on
four separate occasions, that Ben Gvir was supposed to get
a toy gun from Avishai Raviv and fake-shoot Rabin. I'll even
add the Police's written records of the interrogation.
What the heck, if I get ten orders, I'll make the whole
package. Maybe I'll ask for 30 shekels for historic films and
All this to get Ben Gvir really good and worried! Join in.
**I learned some lessons from the last article about Larry
Silverstein. One is 9-11 has to be looked at individually. The
experts' consensus is that UA Flight 93 landed in Cleveland
Heights and who knows what did or didn't crash in
Pennsylvania. More important, the world is too ignorant to
differentiate between the vast millions of Jews and the
thousands of Frankists who both hate the Jews
and claim to represent them.
The latter are up to their ears in 9-11 and I'm not saying
another word. Finito!
** So, I'm with my son a few days before the Cyprus trip. We
download Navy Blue. I hear it for the first time in a few
decades. I say to my son, "That's it. I'm writing Diane and
she'll write me right back."
His reply; "Yeah, sure you will."
I wrote her that night. I told her that she was, for me, the
grand lady of Jewish chanteuses. That she should have
recorded under the name Rene Kushner. And that I was in
the Israeli Air Force, not Navy.
Within a day she answered with this wonderful, no beautiful,
Dear Barry:
Thank you for your email!
For your information I have many relatives that live in Israel
that were related to my Grandfather, whom I do not know! I
only met a cousin from Israel when he came to the US for a
visit when I was a little girl. His name was Ami, if that is the
correct spelling!
He was tall and had blonde hair and the bluest eyes. . . . I
had a terrible crush on him, LOL.
However a war broke out during the 50’s and he had to go
back to Israel to fight.
We never heard from him again!
Love: Diane {:>)
End ~
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