Vol 37:Iss 6 - Hoffman Estates High School



Vol 37:Iss 6 - Hoffman Estates High School
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Each year, it is tradition for the
Hawkeye View staff to publish a
Senior Issue that is put together to
commemorate their time here at
Hoffman. This year’s issue hopes to
examine the legacy left behind by
seniors and also give juniors something wonderful to look forward to.
The theme for this year’s issue
is “Then and Now.” In these eighteen years, we have all grown from
child to adult. Many of our tastes
and preferences have changed,
however we are united by one
common trait: we are “the 90s
As we now move on to the
next chapter of our lives, we can’t
help but become a little nostalgic.
It is essential to look back at all the
things that make us who we are
today. The pages of this final issue
are filled with the thoughts and
memories of the class of 2010.
As students move on beyond
the walls of Hoffman, they carry
with them a token of their memories: the Senior Issue of 2010. The
Hawkeye View staff wishes this
graduating class the best of luck.
Top 10 Scholors
Sayali Sakhardande
-Editors in Chief
Afsara Zaheed
Alex Oda
-Senior Photo Editor
Joe Winner
Julia Hamlin
-Senior Editors
Eric Liu
Cody Hootman
Amita Prabhu Jenn Gehrke
-Junior Editors
Top 10 Fine Arts
Front Cover by Afsara Zaheed
Back Cover by Alex Oda
Top 10 Male
Athletes (8-9)
Top 10 Female
Athletes (10-11)
Top 5 Favorites
Moments (18-19)
Miss Most
20 Years
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Honors Convocation Awards
Illinois State Scholars:
Roshan Ali, Trevor Bernhardt, Melanie Braun, Shianne Campos, Chung Cho,
Zachary Demmon, Bimal
Dholakia, Kylee Heine, Abel
Hernandez, Kulsum Ishrati,
Mason Jenkins, Mary Keenan, Michelle Kelley, Courtney May, Dipali Patel, Smit
Patel, Patrick Pugasa, Abigail
Reynolds, Michael Stanbary,
Wunpiti Vinotai,
Danielle Wilson.
National Merit Commended
Nicholas Gebbia, Mason Jenkins, Jiwon Lee, Daven Patel.
Presidential Scholars:
Soogin Ogden, Vibhesh Patel, Cindy Seong,
Elisa Wildman.
Kim Fischer 211 Teachers
Union Scholarship:
Pinkesh Shah.
Illinois State & Presidential
Kaushik Andra, Agnieszka
Bar, Diana Bartkowski,
Aakash Bavishi, Megan
Bryant, Mary Dickens, Kyle
Dooley, Jennifer Edwards,
Millie Fang, Nicholas Gebbia, Colette Ghunim, Kyle
Gonzales, Julia Hamlin, Else
Hwang, Dominique Jackson,
Gabriel Johnson, Brian Lee,
Jiwon Lee, Eric Liu, Kelsey
Lukowicz, Siddharth Matta,
Michael Mertel, Alexander
Oda, Reona Oishi, Paul Organ, Katie Pan, Lisa Papeck,
Daven Patel, Parin Patel,
Pooja Patel, Viraj Patel,
Molin Ray, Ronald Reader,
Sayali Sakhardande, Pinkesh
Shah, Elizabeth Smith, Carly
Stenger, Shugo Tanaka, Joseph Winner, Hannah Worman, Afsara Zaheed,
Alexandria Zinck.
Perfect Attendance Awards:
Samantha Bachelor, Kelsey
Lukowicz, Benjamin
Academic Scholars:
Kaushik Andra, Agnieszka
Bar, Aakash Bavishi, Zachary Demmon, Mary Dickens, Kyle Dooley, Nicholas
Gebbia, Else Hwang, Kulsum
Ishrati, Gabriel Johnson, Michelle Kelley, Joseph Krantz,
Brian Lee, Jiwon Lee, Eric
Liu, Kelsey Lukowicz, Siddharth Matta, Alexander
Oda, Paul Organ, Katie Pan,
Lisa Papeck, Daven Patel,
Parin Patel, Pooja Patel, Smit
Patel, Viraj Patel, Molin Ray,
Pinkesh Shah, Danielle Wilson, Hannah Worman,
Afsara Zaheed.
National Merit Finalists:
Aakash Bavishi, Paul Organ.
Peers and Leaders
Leadership Award:
Alexandria Wozny.
Illinois Student Assistance
Commission 2010-2011
Robert C. Byrd Honor
Aakash Bavishi, Paul Organ.
Heather Frostholm Creative
Arts Award:
Anna Gill.
Daniel Fox Memorial
Phillip Giacone,
Zachary Weisbacher.
H.E.L.P. Scholarship:
Aakash Bavishi, Nicholas
Gebbia, Elise Hwang, Kulsum Ishrati, Mary Keenan,
Kelsey Lukowicz, Alexander
Oda, Paul Organ, Daven
Patel, Pinkesh Shah.
Christopher S. Fischrup
Memorial Scholarship:
Alexander Oda.
Dr. Richard C. Kolze Service
Danielle Wilson.
Thomas Heidkamp
Memorial Award:
Thomas Iheme.
2010 Sandra Dowty
Distinguished Thespian
Award Scholarship:
Julia Hamlin, Mary Keenan,
Katy Kosiek,
Alexandria Wozny.
David Hirsch Honorable
Thespian Award:
Julio Alvarez-Lopez,
Michelle Wesoloski.
Harper College Scholarship:
Diana Bartkowski, Jennifer
Edwards, Cody LaBeck,
Fatima Macalaguin, Katie
Pan, Naveen Shahzad, Aaron
Vera, Steven Wadzinski.
Harper Board of Trustee
Chung Cho.
Daily Herald Leadership
Team Award:
Aakash Bavishi.
Anne W. Fox PTA
Hannah Worman.
Special Recognition Art
Charles Plaia.
Daily Herald 2010
Leadership Honorable
Pinkesh Shah.
Advanced Placement
Diana Bartkowski, Megan
Bryant Mauricio FloresOrtega, Julia Hamlin, Elise
Hwang, Mason Jenkins, Siddharth Matta, Crystal Meyers, Alexander Oda, Soogin
Ogden, Reona Oishi, Katie
Pan, Smit Patel, Vibhesh
Patel, Viraj Patel, Patrick
Pugasa, Abigail Reynolds,
Cinthya Rodriguez-Herrera,
Sayali Sakhardande, Aakash
Shah, Pinkesh Shah, Elizabeth Smith, Carly Stenger,
Joseph Winner, Alexandria
Congressional Art Award:
Sayali Sakhardande.
Schaumburg Township
Council of PTA:
Colette Ghunim, Anthony
Jenness, Kelsey Lukowicz,
Fatima Macalaguin, Alexander Oda, Paul Organ.
The Exxon Mobil Oil Alliance Scholarship:
Dipal Desai.
Dustin Rusakiewixz Athletic
Aakash Bavishi,
David Krzepicki.
Outstanding Service Awards:
Eunice Ahn, Aakash Bavishi, Colette Ghunim, Dakota
Hootman, Eric Liu, Paul
Organ, Pinkesh Shah, Kelvin
Tiongson, Alexandria Wozny.
Golden Apple Scholar of
Lisa Papeck,
Aubrey Templeman.
Daughters of the American
Revolution, Good
Citizen Award:
Colette Ghunim
Bonnie Parken Scholarship:
Gabriel Briceno,
Maria Gomez.
Service Awards:
Shianne Campos, Sarah
Channer, Elise Hwang,
Kulsum Ishrati, Katy Kosiek,
Marshal Marci, Alexander
Oda, Daven Patel, Abigail
Reynolds, Sayali Sakhardande, Michael Stanbary,
Lance Vesper, Michelle
Wesoloski, Elisa Wildman,
Danielle Wilson.
W-T Engineering
Aakash Bavishi.
Illinois Chemical Education
Foundation High School
Scholarship Award:
Aakash Bavishi.
Rotary Club of Schaumburg/
Hoffman Estates Vocational
Pawel Wota.
Advanced Placement Scholars with Honor:
Roshan Ali, Agnieszka Bar,
Trevor Bernhardt, Mary
Dickens, Millie Fang,
Nicholas Gebbia, Jiwon Lee,
Daven Patel, Shugo Tanaka,
Aaron Vera.
Advanced Placement
Scholars with Distinction:
Kaushik Andra, Aakash Bavishi, Colette Ghunim, Michael
Mertel, Paul Organ, Pooja
Patel, Molin Ray, Hannah
Worman, Afsara Zaheed.
Estates Alumnae Chapter of
Delta Sigma Theta
Alexandra Moore.
Fran Beckett/Caroll Walters
Student Activity Scholarship:
Eunice Ahn, Shianne Campos, Sarah Channer, Colette
Ghunim, Kristen Hisey,
Fatima Macalaguin, Pinkesh
Shah, Elisa Wildman, Alexandria Wozny.
Learning Through the
Community Action (LCAP)
Haley Sawtell.
Prairie State Achievement
Exam Award:
Agnieszka Bar, Aakash Bavishi, Trevor Bernhardt, Megan
Bryant, Mary Dickens, Jennifer Edwards, Julia Hamlin,
Elise Hwang, Gabriel Johnson, Michael Mertel, Alexander Oda, Daven Patel, Molin
Ray, Joseph Winner, Hannah
Chung Family Scholarship:
Colette Ghunim.
National Merit Scholarship:
Aakash Bavishi, Paul Organ.
Nirmam Vasanwala
Memorial Scholarship:
Kyle Gonzales
Departmental Awards:
Kulsum Ishrati, Danielle Wilson, Brian Wyskochil.
Applied Technology:
Nicole Cihock, Michael Gascon, Anthony Jenness.
Anna Gill, Christina Plata,
Sayali Sakhardande.
Business Education:
Kyle Connelly, Brian Fijalkowski, Joseph Valadez.
Dakota Hootman, Eric Liu,
Alexandria Wozny.
English as a Second
Gabriel Briceno, Dipal Desai,
Roberto Villalpando-Lopez
Family Consumer Sciences
Omotola Akinbiyi, Lisa Papeck, Michelle Wesoloski.
Aakash Bavishi, Paul Organ,
Daven Patel.
Millie Fang, Else Hwang,
Alexandria Wozny.
Physical Education:
Mason Jenkins, Joshua Levy,
Cindy Seong.
Aakash Bavishi, Vibhesh
Patel, Natalie White.
Special Services:
Thomas Iheme.
Student Services:
Colette Ghunim, Eric Liu,
Brian Wyskochil.
World Language:
Jiwon Lee, Paul Organ,
Alexandria Zinck.
Hawkeye View
Top 10
May 2010
Aakash Bavishi
Activities and Offices held:
Scholastic Bowl (Captain),
Math Team, Science bowl
(Captain), STAND (President), Student congress, Tennis, WYSE Special Honors and Awards: National
merit scholar, AP scholar
with distinction, All-sectional scholastic bowl team,
MSL scholastic bowl all-star,
Daily Herald leadership team
Greatest accomplishments:
Balancing academics and extra-curricular activities was
my greatest accomplishment.
I also took great pride in my
gifted project- “How to Put
a Man on Mars” Favorite
class: Gifted- Independent
Thinking Most challenging course: AP Biology
– there was a lot of random
memorizing Future plans:
In the Fall, I will be attending Northwestern University.
Most memorable teachers:
Mrs. Davey – extremely intelligent, passionate and caring; Mr. Armstrong- great
teacher, mentor, and friend
throughout high school; Mr.
Loh- awesome teacher and
very helpful; Mr. Mallon and
Mrs. Johansson- made history interesting; The whole
Math Dept. –helpful and excited about math Things you
will miss most about HEHS:
Excellent teachers, extra-curricular activities, intramural
basketball, and close friends.
Motivation for academic
excellence: Maximizing my
own potential. Most valuable
Activities and offices held:
Literacy Magazine as Vice
President, Hawk HOOKS,
Peer Mediation, National
Honor Society, Student Congress, Intramural Basketball, STAND, Photo Club,
and Theater Guides. Special
honors and awards:Illinois
State scholar, AP scholar,
NMSQT Commended Student, Eagle Scout, and
Spanish National Honor Society. Greatest accomplish-
ments:Some of my greatest
accomplishments are getting into Pamona College,
playing online poker with
Drake and winning $250,
skateboarding at SCRAP
skatepark and, of course,
being friends with Elise
Hwang! Favorite Class:
My favorite classes were
AP Lang and AP Physics.
Most challenging course:
My most challenging course
was AP Euro.Future plans:
I am going to Pomona
studying basically everything, writing books, and
skateboarding until I’m
put in a nursing home.
Most memorable teachers:
Mr. Ryan Brown and Mr.
Patrick Swanson Things you
will miss most about HEHS:
I will miss all of my friends.
lesson learned at HEHS:
As cliché as it is, just
be yourself and things
will honestly work out.
Childhood inspiration to
pursue academics: Looking up at the stars and just
wondering. Last Words:
Hoffman seems to get a bad
reputation, but it is definitely undeserved; this place is
pretty raw. Enjoy it while
you can and take advantage
of the opportunitines here. I
think I speak for all 2010ers when I say... Peace out!
Activities and Offices held
(Treasurer/Secretary), Soccer, STAND,
Tennis, Intramural Basketball, NHS, Hawks Hooks,
and Math Team. Special
Honors and Awards: Illinois State Scholar, NHS,
AP Scholar, AATF Level 4
Award, and French Honor
Society. Greatest accomplishments: All the great
friends I’ve become so close
to that have shaped me as a
person. Especially being
friends with Mike Mertel.
Favorite class: AP Physics
Most challenging course:
AP Calculus BC Future
plans: To go to Saint Louis
University and study to pursue a career as a pediatrician.
Most memorable teachers: Mr. Swanson, Mr.
Peak, Mrs. Davey, Mrs.
Ryon, Mr. Fivelson, and
Mrs. Harlan.Things you
will miss most about
HEHS: The diversity, the
wonderful people, and the
teachers who have always
encouraged me to strive for
Also, Nicholas
Gebbia and Kaushik Andra.
Motivation for academic
excellence: Learning for
the sake of learning, and to
make learning more enjoyable. Wanting to learn is
the best way to be successful. And my fierce rival
Alex Oda. Most valuable
lesson learned at HEHS:
Sometimes what others see
as a flaw can be what sets
you apart from everyone
else and will ultimately
lead you to success. Last
words: Take advantage of
all the opportunities and
resources that are available
and don’t forget to sleep!
to pursue academics:
School was fun and
where my friends were.
Activities and offices held: Cross
Country (4yrs), Track and Field (3
years), Yearbook (editor-in-chief, 3
years), Newspaper (editor, 3 years),
National Honor Society (vice
president, 2 years), Math Team (4
years), Orchestra/musical (section principal, 4 years), Forensics
Speech Team (1 year), and WYSE
(world youth in science and engineering, 2 years). Special honors
and awards: AP Scholar, Illinois
State Scholar, high “A” honor roll,
Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
Inductee, black belt in Illinois
Shotokan Karate, Mr. Hoffman
Hawk.Greatest Accomplishments:
meeting so many incredible friends
and personalities throughout my
high school career. Also, being one
of the top ten scholars while staying
actively involved with clubs, sports,
and activities ; I feel like it’s just one
more “Asian kid” requirement I can
check off my bucket list.
Favorite class: AP Physics. Most
Challenging Course: AP Calc BC.
Future plans: I plan to enroll at the
University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign in order to pursue
a degree in Civil Engineering.
Most memorable teachers: My
most memorable teachers include
Mr. Swanson, Mr. Fivelson, Mr.
Lindeen, Mr. Ahn, Mr. Brown, and
Mrs. Kirchhoffer. Things you will
miss the most about HEHS: I’ll
miss the people I’ve met and the
friends I’ve made the most. HEHS
is one of the most diverse institutions I’ve visited, and I’m going
to miss the memories. Motivation
for academic excellence: My
greatest motivation for academic
excellence stems from my older
sister, Christina. She’s been my role
model throughout my life, and I’ve
tried to push myself so I could be as
studious, hardworking, determined,
accomplished, and motivated as
she is. Most valuable lesson(s)
learned at HEHS: Life can be
unfair, but not everyone is out to get
you. You’re not alone – don’t take
your friends and family for granted.
Learn to appreciate what you have.
Last words: Enjoy Hoffman, because this is the last time you’ll be
able to make these memories. Live
out your life without regrets.
Alex Oda
Paul Organ
Activities and officers
held: I was on Swimming
(4 years – captain), Water Polo (3 years), Tennis
(1 year), NHS (2 years
– President), Orchestra (3
years), German Club (4
years), and Math Team (4
awards: I was a National
Merit Finalist, Presidential
Scholar, aand recieved the
Goethe Institute Award.
accomplishments: Some of my greatest accomplishments were
going to state for Math
Team, IMEA District 7
Orchestra Selectee, and
D211 Honors Orchestra
Assistant Concertmaster.
Favorite Class: AP Calculus BC
Most challenging course:
AP Physics C
Future plans: I’ll be going to George Washington
University in D.C., majoring in International Affairs
and possibly going to Law
School after.
Most memorable teachers:Mrs. Loh and Mr.
Brown- both taught me
not only about their subjects, but also a lot about
Things you will miss
most about HEHS: The
teachers and swimming.
Most valuable lesson
learned at HEHS: I
learned how important diversity is. Taking a class
at Conant this year, I was
able to see how fortunate
we are to have such diversity.
Last Words: Never let
anyone put limitations on
what you can do.
Childhood inspiration to
pursue academics: Sesame Street and the books
Encyclopedia Brown.
Elise Hwang
Honorable mentions
Kaushik Andra
lesson learned at HEHS:
Keep things in perspective.
Don’t settle for the easy way.
Embrace different people and
perspectives. Last words:
Each of us has something
special and unique to offer. Find your gift and use
it. Childhood inspirations
to pursue academics:Wanting to know how things
work, parents emphasizing
the importance of education, and having the desire to
learn about famous people.
Nick Gebbia
Katie Pan
Activities and Offices held:
Band (4 years, Vice-president),
STAND (3 years- Executive
Board Member), Tennis (4
years), Math Team (4 years),
Scholastic Bowl (4 years),
National Honor Society, Peer
Mediation, Student Congress
Debate (3 years). Special
Honors and Awards: Cook
County Sheriff’s Youth Medal
of Honor, AMC Math Contest
All School Winner, National
Merit Commended Student,
Student Congress Debate
Best Presiding Officer Award
Pooja Patel
Activities and Offices
Held:Scholastic Bowl (4
y e a r s ) , Te n n i s ( 4 y e a r s ) ,
M a t h Te a m ( 3 y e a r s ) ,
Stand (2 years) Executive Board Member) Student Congress (3 years)
Aw a r d s : B e i n g S u p e r
Cool Greatest Accomplishment: I watched
Siddharth Matta stuff
To m D o m b r o w s k i a n d
then later being able to
Pinkesh Shah
Activities and Offices Held:
Cross Country (4 year)-Captain, Freshmentors (1 year),
Track (4 years)-Captain, NHS
(2 years), Orchestra (2 years).
Special Honors andAwards:
Straight A Honor Roll- 7 semesters, Illinois State Scholars, Scholar Athlete, Cross
Country MVP 2007 and 2008.
Accomplishments: My greatest accomplishment is being All-State
for Cross Country in 2008.
Agnieszka Barr
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Greatest accomplishments:
Being a part of activities that
draw from different areas of
my life. Making friendships
and getting to know teachers
who have had a significant influence on me. Favorite class:
Gifted (Freshman and Sophomore year) Most challenging course: World History
the summer before my freshman year Future plans:
I plan to attend UIC as a
part of the GPPA Medicine
program. I hope to become
a physician and to get in-
volved with medical research.
Most memorable teachers:
Mr. Armstrong, Mr Murphy,
Mr. Kazlusky, Mr Erickson,
Mr. Lindeen, Mr Harlan, Mrs.
Thomas, Mr. Fivelson Things
you will miss most about
HEHS: The amazing friends
I have made and the teachers
that have helped inspire me.
HEHS helped me solidify my
future goals while still having
fun. Motivation for academic
excellence: My parents provide me with an unbelievable
amount of inspiration. Their
guidance throughout my life
has been my most valuable
gift. They are my true heroes.
Most valuable lesson learned
at HEHS: Take that path that
you really want to take, not the
one that is expected of you.
Last words: Know that everything happens for a reason.
Never lose faith in your journey to achieve your dreams.
Childhood inspirations to
pursue academics: Realizing
that the world has so much to
offer. I had to find a way to
take advantage.
Daven Patel
Activities and Offices
held: Newspaper (2 years),
Stand (1 year), Class Club,
NHS (2 years)
Special Honors/Awards:
AP Scholar with Distinction, Top 10 Scholar, Academic Scholar Greatest
Accomplishment: Being
ranked in the top ten and
being recognized in the
Senior issue. Favorite
Class: AP Psychology for
sure. We watched Friday
Night Lights, whats not
to love. Most Difficult
Class: AP Calculus BC. I
would sit there with Mary
Dickens and we would
have no idea what was going on! Future Plans: I
am attending the St. Louis
College of Pharmacy to become a pharmacist. Most
Memorable Teacher(s):
Mr. Lindeen (AP US History). One day he took off
his shoe to emphasize a
point in his story and was
so excited about what he
was teaching that he just
walked around without it
for the rest of the block. It
was pretty funny. Things
you will miss the most
about HEHS: I will definitely miss sitting in front
of lockers with my friends
in the morning, the assemblies, and I will miss the
teachers the most. Motivation for academic ex-
My family always pushed
me to do my best . Most
valuable lesson(s) learned
at HEHS Take time to enjoy the present and don’t
always worry about the future. Childhood Inspiration to pursue Academics
My brother Deval Patel
and Arthur. Oh, and Magic
School Bus. Last Words
Carpe diem- seize the day.
watch him dunk. And
b e i n g a g o o d g u e s s e r.
Favorite Class: Physical
Education Hardest Class
Physical Education Future Plans: Graduate
from college and open
a bakery shop and make
lots of donuts. Then
proceed to eat them.
t e a c h e r s : M r. H a r l a n ,
M r. R o u s e , M r s . S o w l e ,
Mrs. Featherling, Mrs.
D a v e y, M r. P e a k , M r.
S e e l y, M r. A h n , M r s .
Schildt Things you will
miss most about HEHS:
I will miss the rolling
towels in the bathroom,
which were usually never sanitary (they tasted
funny). I will also miss
my bestest buddy Roshan
Ali.Motivation for academic
excellence: Not getting
beaten with a belt by my
parents. Most valuable
lesson(s) learned at
HEHS: Sleep is very important. Inspirations:
Smit Patel for inspiring
me to try my hardest.
As well as Michael Jord a n / C h r i s B r o w n / Ti g e r
Wo o d s / M i c h a e l P h e l p s .
L a s t Wo r d s : H o w d i d I
get in the top 10? The
other 500 people must
have really messed up.
Activities and Offices Held:
PALS/HOPE: President,Band:
Clarinet Section Leader, Figure Skating: Coach/Instructor, Students of Society, Math
Team, Spanish Club, Asian
Pacific Islander, National
Honor Society Special Honors and Awards:Illinois State
Scholar, Presidential Award,
Daily Herald Leadership Team
Honorable Mention, Youth
Service Medal of Honor,
Greatest Accomplishments
Being part of the Top 10 as
well and meeting new teachers
and students. Favorite Class
AP Spanish. We had Mrs.
Rodriguez as our teacher and
learned a lot while Mrs. Mallon
was on leave.Most Challenging Class AP United States
History but, Mr. Lindeen was
one of my best and favorite
teachers and I had an awesome
time in his class. Future Plans:
Going to Marquette University
for a career in dentistry then
own a practice and travel the
world with an organization to
help underprivileged children.
Most memorable teacher(s):
Mr.Brown, Mr.Lindeen, the
Lohs, Mrs.Rodriguez, Mrs.
Sowle, Mrs.Chung, Mrs.Jenkins, and Mr. Fivelson. These
teachers as well as my other
teachers have helped me a
great deal throughout my
four years and I am extremely
grateful that I had the opportunity to know them Things you
will miss most about HEHS
I cannot imagine school
without my friends! I will
also miss wearing IDs
Motivation for Academic
Excellence: My parents and
teachers are the ones that are
responsible for my success.
Most Valuable Lesson(s)
learned at HEHS: To smile
and laugh, try my hardest, and never give up.
to pursue academics? My
grandparents and brother Last
Words: Thank you for helping to make my high school
experience one of the best.
Favorite Class: AP Calculus BC and AP Physics.
Most challenging course:
Future plans: I will be attending the University of
Illinois to study math, possibly to become a high school
math teacher. I am going to
run for U of I on the cross
country and track teams.
Macnider, Mrs. Davey, Mr.
Loh, and Mrs. Loh.
Things you will miss
I will miss my teachers and my teammates.
I always try to improve myself and do the best that I
can. I don’t allow myself
to do poorly in school because I know I can do better.
lesson learned at HEHS:
I learned the importance
of communication and true
teamwork. I learned how to
ask for help when I need it.
Just my desire to be
the best that I can be.
Take advantage of all the
opportunities you have because time is limited, and
you never know what could
happen to change your plans.
Hannah Worman
Smit Patel
Molin Ray
Viraj Patel
Afsara Zaheed
Hawkeye View
Top 10
May 2010
Fine Arts Classes Taken: Orchestra.
Performances: Comedy Troupe
(3 yrs) / Much Ado About Nothing (10th) / Charlotte’s Web
(10th) / Fashion Show MC (2
yrs) / Plaza Suite (11th) / Madrigal Dinner (2 yrs) / Beauty and
the Beast / Dance Show.
Special Awards/Honors: Distinguished Thespian Award.
Greatest Accomplishments:
opening up to the world of
singing senior year (THANKS
Most Memorable Experience:
Explaining every joke of Zach
and Julio’s at jester/wench practices at OB’s.
Other Activities: Thespian Society Troupe 1055/ Madrigals
Troupe/ National Hispanic Institute/ Freshmentors/ Hawk
Hooks/Peer Mediation/ Latinos
Unidos/ and selling magnificent
Future Plans: Next year I am
planning to Major in Comm
Studies and Psychology at
Northwestern University and
hopefully work at the radio/TV
station there, while doing child
counseling in Evanston...who
knows what else!
Most Memorable Teachers:
Every single teacher has had
a crucial part in my development...I can’t distinguish which
ones were “most” memorable.
Things you will most about
HEHS: the home away from
home (auditorium) / incredible friendships made / sense
of community and familiarity
with staff&students/ not being
allowed into the library without
an ID.
Favorite Performance: Being
Fine Art Classes Taken: Concert
Performances: Hello Dolly, Much
Ado About Nothing, Evita, Charlotte’s Web, Grease, Beauty and the
Beast, You Have the Right to Remain
Dead, Variety Show, Stronghold,
Madrigal Dinner, and Choir Concerts.
Special Awards/ Honors: Honor
Thespian of Troupe 1055, Choir Vice
President, District 211 Honors Choir,
and the Sandra Dowty Distinguished
Thespian Award Scholarship.
Greatest Accomplishment: Being
in every extracurricular vocal group
and the roles I got my senior year; I’m
very proud of them!
Most Memorable Experience: All
the crazy mishaps of closing night
of spring play and Theatre Fest and
Stronghold the past two years!
Other Activities: Newspaper (3
years), FreshMentors (2 years), Foreign Exchange (Spain), National
Honor Society (1 year), Madrigals (2
years), Vocal Jazz (3 years), International Thespian Society (2 years)
Future Plans: I’m going to study
Broadcast Journalism and get a The-
atre minor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and get
involved with the music program
there. After college I hope to be a TV
news anchorwoman and continue to
stay involved in music and theatre
Most Memorable Teachers: Mrs.
Ordonez (Obie!), Mrs. (Mama) Gilbert, Mrs. Wandro, Mr. Stevens, Ms.
Carroll, Mrs. Davey, Mrs. Jenkins,
Mr. Mallon, Mrs. Ryon, and Mr.
Things you will miss most about
HEHS: The theatre and music pro-
grams, the awesome teachers, and
my wonderful friends!
Favorite Performance: Beauty and
the Beast.
Childhood Inspirations: My mother
put me in my first drama class when
I was 6, I was in my first production
when I was 7, and I’ve loved it ever
Last Words: I’m so thankful for all
the amazing friends and teachers I’ve
met through the performing arts programs here! They have all had such
an impact on my life, and I will never
forget them.
Katy Kosiek
Fine arts classes taken: Band, Photography, 2D Studio Photography, 3D Design, Drama, Painting, and Art/Design.
Performances: Tech for every show since
freshman year, Comedy Troupe (4 years),
orchestra pit for Grease and Beauty and the
Beast, performed with the Madrigal Troupe
with the Recorder Ensemble (3 years), Jazz
for the All-State Performance of Urinetown.
Special awards/honors: Making the 2010
All-State Production of Urinetown. Also
I was one of the Drum Majors for band,
and I was in the District 211 Honor Band.
Greatest Accomplishments: Making AllState, being Drum Major, being part of the
dan Habel for Grease and Solo and Ensemble.
Most Memorable Experience Stronghold with the Madrigals each year. Also
during the performance of All-State when
the Thespians came to see us, and having the crowd go crazy for Lady SKAga, the band I was in for Variety Show.
Other Activities: Besides Comedy
Troupe, Band, Madrigals and tech, I’ve
also been in Jazz Band for four years,
FreshMentors senior year, and Thespians.
Future Plans: Next year I’m going to Saint
Mary’s University for my B.F.A. to study
theatre design and have a minor in music.
I want to come back and teach in D211. It
would be awesome if I could design sets
for shows on Broadway or for movies.
Most Memorable teachers:Stevens, Medina, OB (Ordonez), Wandro, Erickson, Pham,
with me forever because of how much they
Things you will miss most about HEHS:
I’ll miss theatre and music. I hope to come
back for all the shows! I’ll miss Marshal and
David doing their impersonations of their
favorite person in the music department,
band room lunches and Medina’s made
up words, and my saxy sexaphone partner!
Favorite Performance: My sophomore
year when I was in symphonic winds and
we played the Holst piece First Suite in E Flat.
When we played it for state band contest and
at the spring concert, it was mind-blowing.
My other favorite performance was the night
Jeffy’s pants fell down for Beauty and the
Beast, and having him recover greatly from it.
Performances you wish you could do
over: I would redo all my paintings because
I could have done a better job. I wish I didn’t
have to cut out all the good footage for the
Mr. Hoffman Hawk skit because of the time
limit, it would have been so much funnier!
Childhood inspirations to pursue fine arts:
My parents and Uncle are music educators, so
I’ve been taught around the ways of music. I’d
always see their ComedyTroupe and I always
Last Words: “All children are artists.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. “- Pablo Picasso
Fine Art Classes Taken: Art & Design, Multimedia, Painting, Commercial Design, AP Drawing.
Special Awards/ Honors: “Best in
show” for two years at the Schaumburg District Library Art Show, Best
Portfolio in Drawing at the Schaumburg District Library Art Show,
“Special Recognition” in the 4x5
Regional Art Show, 1st place in the
Congressional Artistic Discovery
Competition, 2009, 3rd place in the
Congressional Artistic Discovery
Competition, 2009, designing the
commencement cover.
Greatest Accomplishment: Winning first place at the congressional
art competition. Oh, and for forensics, which is “fine arts” too I guess,
being double entered at Sectional
this year! It was a great experience
for me.
Most Memorable Experience: Going to Washington D.C. and seeing
my drawing hanging in the tunnel
in the capitol building was an absolutely one in a life time experience
that I will never forget.
Other Activities: Swimming (4
years, captain), Forensics (4 years,
board of directors), Water Polo (4
years, captain). Newspaper (3 years,
Co-Editor in Cheif), NHS (2 years),
Murals (1 year), Peer Mediation (1
year), Hawk Hooks (1 year)
Future Plans: I am planning to major in business and possibly minor
in art at Miami University in Oxford
Ohio. After that, hopefully one day
I’ll own my own Advertising Firm!
Most Memorable Teachers: Ms.
Carroll, Schu, Papa Ahn, Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Surtz, Mr.
Scott, Mrs. Phillips, Coach Koch,
and Mrs. Davey. Each teacher and
coach has made an individual and
enormous impact on my education
and my life.
Things you will miss most about
HEHS: Friends and teachers, Saturdays with the forensics team, all
my swim and polo girls, and many
many hours spent in the pub.
Childhood Inspirations to pursue
fine arts: My next door neighbor
when I was 5 was an artist and she
taught me how to draw Mulan! I
was inspired.
Last Words: Make every moment
count at Hoffman. Have no regrets.
Sayali Sakhardande
Fine Arts Classes Taken: Dramatics
and Concert Choir
Performances: Hello Dolly!, Evita,
Grease, Beauty and the Beast, Little
Shop of Horrors, Picasso at the Lapin
Agile, You Have the Right to Remain
Dead, Madrigal Dinner, Variety Show,
Choir Concerts, Fine Arts Assembly.
Special Honors/Awards: Honorary
Thespian, Spirit of the Hawk for Choir,
Thespian President, Choir President,
Choir Communications Officer.
Greatest Accomplishments: My
greatest accomplishments are bringing
back “Connecting at the Curtain”, and
being a three year Madrigal singer.
Most Memorable Experience: Theaterfest 2009 & 2010 with Isabelle
Ezra, Julia Hamlin, Colette Ghunim,
and Leila Mustafa!
Other Activities: National Honors
Society, Vocal Jazz, Hoffman Basketball Intramurals, freshMENTORS,
Peer Mediators, and Madrigals.
Future Plans: I will be attending
Bradley University for Theatre Performance and Business. It may be my final curtain call on the Hoffman stage,
but not my last curtain call ever!
Most Memorable Teachers: Mrs.
Ordonez, Mrs. Wandro, Mrs. Gilbert, Mr. Stevens, Ms. Carroll, Mr.
Schlesinger, Ms. Pham, Ms. Sobolewski, Mrs. Marshall, and Mr. Wietlispach.
Things you will miss most about
HEHS: I will miss the people at Hoffman. Everyone here was like a second
family to me. I will especially miss
my best friends, the Madrigal troupe,
and Thespian Troupe 1055.
Favorite Performance: My favorite performance was closing night of
Beauty and the Beast when I sang
“Beauty and the Beast”. That perfor-
mance really hit me because it was
when I realized that it was my last
musical performance on the Hoffman
Performances I wish I could do
over: I wish I tried out for Variety
Show when I was a freshman instead
of waiting until senior year to try out.
Childhood inspirations: My grandma always sang in the church choir
and we would always sing in the car
on my way to school.
Last Words: It is never too late to be
involved in the music & theater department.
Colette Ghunim
Lexi Wozny
Honorable mentions
Milie Fang
Dominique Jackson
the Wench for the Madrigal Dinner.
Performances I want to do
over: Comedy Troupe again and
again...ideas are still floating in
my head for “next year”...=[
Childhood Inspirations: The
clickety-clackety sound of tap
shoes on marble floor when I
was seven resonated into a harmony of dance, music, and theater =D (and now a wee bit of
singing...but not really)
Julia Hamlin
Mason Jenkins
Fine Arts
Fine Art Classes Taken:
Art and Design, Painting,
and AP Painting.
Special Awards/ Honors:
Honorable mention in the
4x5 Regional Competition
Greatest Accomplishment: IMy greatest accomplishment was skipping
drawing and going straight
to painting. Naveen and
I also made a really cool
3D optical illusion painting showing a gallery of
famous paintings.
Hawkeye View
Most Memorable Experience: Painting the stage in
the art classroom with the
other AP painter was really
memorable because I know
that it will be there forever...hopefully.
Other Activities: My other
activities are cross-country,
swimming, and gymnastics.
Future Plans: I will attend
college! I want to become
a dentist and obviously an
awesome artist.
Most Memorable Teachers: Ms. Lambert and the
ESL dept, Mr. Scott, Ms.
Nuestra, and Ms. Haq
Things you will miss most
about HEHS: I will miss
the trust I had to do anything art-wise, the gymnastic team, my coaches and
all of my friends!
Favorite work of art: My
second tiger painting and
the girl with the dry roses.
Performances or work of
art you wish you could
do over and why: I wish I
could re-do my 4x5 because now I know what the
judges are looking for and
what to do to win.
Childhood Inspirations to
pursue fine arts: My dad!
He has always pushed me
to challenge my limits and
look for the perfect ballance in everything.
Last Words: Details make
perfection, and always follow your dreams.
Fine Art Classes Taken:
Art and Design, Drawing,
Painting, 2D Studio, AP
Drawing, Commercial Design, and Computer Studio: Commercial Design.
Special Awards/ Honors:
Third Place for Self Promotion Illustration in the
Schaumburg Library Exhibition 2009, Third Place
2007 book design, second
place charcoal drawing
Honorable Mention for
Vector-Based Original Illustration.
Greatest Accomplishment: Getting the chance
to compete in a National
Most Memorable Experience: I found one of my
drawings that I lost that
was worth a lot of points
for my evaluation.
Other Activities: My other activities are football,
wrestling, and track.
Future Plans: I will attend Elgin Community
College for two years and
then transfer to Northern
Illinois University to pursue a Bachelor of Science
in Art Education degree.
Most Memorable Teachers: Mrs. Surtz, Mr. Scott,
and Ms. Carroll.
Things you will miss
most about HEHS: I will
miss being involved with
an athletic team.
Most Memorable Experience:
V-show, every year the drumline
marches in and the crowd erupts.
Other Activities: Band, musical, debate team, writing/performing percussion pieces, getting a lead in my 2nd musical.
Future Plans: My future plans
are to attend Wheaton College, double major in English
and Education and become a
high school English teacher.
Most Memorable Teachers:
Mr. Macnider, Mrs. Jenkins, Ms.
Thomas, Mr. Ahn, Mrs. Wandro.
Things you will miss most about
HEHS: The abundant opportunities to perform somehow, the awesome people, and Bosco sticks.
Performances or work of art
you wish you could do over
and why: I wish I could redo the closing night of Beauty
and the Beast. I’d make sure I
didn’t drop my knife off the balcony while fighting the beast.
Favorite Performance: My
favorite performance was this
year’s V-show, since I was so involved in it and got to showcase
all of my abilities and passions.
Childhood Inspirations to
pursue fine arts: My childhood
Relient K, Yellowcard, Scot
Last Words: If I’ve performed
with you at all, thank you. It’s
been a great pleasure performing at HEHS with you all and
I can’t wait to use all that I’ve
learned in future performances.
Fine Art Classes Taken:Band
(4 years), Choir (4 years), Music
Theory (1 year), Educational Internship with Band (1 year)
Band concerts, choir concerts,
symphonic orchestra concerts,
jazz concert, Madrigal dinner,
Stronghold, and Beauty and the
Beast Pit.
Special Awards/ Honors:
District 211 Honors Band and
Getting accepted to Grand Valley State in Music Education and
being in this issue!
Most Memorable Experience:
Everything from high school has
been enjoyable for me.
Other Activities:
Baseball (1 year), Golf (4 years),
Tennis (3 years), and German
Club (4 years)
Future Plans:
Majoring in Music Education at
Grand Valley State University.
Most Memorable Teachers:
Mr. Erickson, Mr. Williams, Mr.
Schlesinger, Ms. Pham, Mr. Feo,
Mr. Orlicz, and Mr. Reece.
Things you will miss most
about HEHS:
I’m going to miss the football
and basketball games and everything that makes Hoffman so
Performances or work of art
you wish you could do over and
why: 2010 Mr. Hoffman Hawk, I
was a bit sick.
Favorite Performance:
Boy’s Volleyball Team WarmUps, Mix-tape
Most Memorable Experience:
My most memnorable experience
was last year in Mrs. Surtz’s class,
I got to work on my soccer vector
drawing, which I love.
Other Activities:
Soccer (3 years), Track (1 year)
Future Plans: Attend the College of Dupage in order to obtain
an Associates Degree in Business and Marketing. Transfer to
Full Sail University in Florida to
obtain a Bachelors Degree in Recording Arts. Most Memorable
Teachers: Mr. Lewandoski, Mr.
Armstrong, Mr. Scott, Mr. Davis, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Hutton, Mr.
Swanson, Mrs. Surtz, Mr. Ordonez, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mr. Philips, Mrs. Coaston, Mrs. Ryon,
Mrs. Mallon, Mr. Sriver, Ms. Haq,
Mr. Hoeft, Mr. Macnider, Mrs.
Schildt, Mr Rucks Things you
will miss most about HEHS:
The teachers I had a connection
with and the boys soccer team.
Coming to school everyday and
seeing everyone Favorite Perfomance/ Piece of Artwork: 2010
Doodle4Google Logotype Com-
petition Performances or work
of art you wish you could do
over and why: My 2009 Doodle4Google Logotype-I believe that
I could have made the message
clearer which would have given
me a greater chance of placing in
the competition. Last Words:
Get involved all four years
because if you do not, you will
regret it in the end. Childhood
inspirations to pursue fine arts:
Living in a home where music is
a huge part of our lives inspired
me to become a musician as well
as an artist.
May 2010
Gabriel Briceno
Performances or work of
art you wish you could
do over and why: I wish
I had the skill I have
now during my freshman,
sophomore, and junior
years as I rendered my
self portrait.
Childhood Inspirations
to pursue fine arts: My
Last Words: Patience and
practice make perfect.
Steven Green
Fine Art Classes Taken:
Art & Design and Band.
Performances: Hello Dolly!,
Evita, Grease, Beauty and
the Beast, Variety Show (4
years), Battle of the Bands,
and all various band concerts.
Special Awards/ Honors: IHSA
Academic Award, NHS, Thespian Society, A Honor Roll.
Greatest Accomplishment: Rebuilding the debate team, writing/
performing percussion pieces, and
getting a lead in my 2nd musical.
David Krzepicki
Fine Art Classes Taken: Art and
Design, Drawing, Commercial
Design, Advanced Commercial Design, 2D Studio Special
Awards/ Honors: Commercial
Corporate Mark Category: First
Place Recognition, Drawing Illustration Category: Honorable
Mention, National Google Logotype Design Competition, Regional 4x5 Art Competition and
Exhibition Competitor Greatest
Accomplishments: Congressional Artistic Discovery Art Competition and Exhibition Competitor, Music Producer, Creating the
Charles Plaia
Fatima Macalaguin
Michelle Wesoloski
Gabriel Johnson
The Battle Hymn of the Republic at 2010 Choral Classics.
Childhood Inspirations to pursue fine arts:
I would say just always listening to music on the radio all the
time. Music is all around us.
Last Words:
I really enjoyed all my time in
music at HEHS. It’s unfortunate
that music is being cut in schools
and I hope that we can save it.
Music is such a huge part of my
Nedim Melkic
Honorable mentions
Hawkeye View
Top 10
May 2010
Sports participated in:
Cross Country (4 years) and
Track (4 years).
Other activities participated
Band (2 years), Intramural
Dodge ball (2 years), NHS,
STAND (2 years), Lit Mag
Editor (1 year), Volunteerism
(2 years).
Most embarrassing moment:
At a cross country meet I forgot to put on my jersey. I was
putting it on while on the line
and the race started while my
warm-up pants were around
my ankles. As I took off after
the others, I “pulled a Keller”
while adjusting my running
Most memorable coach:
Coach Dowd, Jones, Mead,
Lew, Steffan, Gruszka, Delahunt and Schroeder.
Influence athletics had on
Sports have kept me from doing stupid things, aside from
running 1000 miles in 99 days.
Greatest lesson learned from
I learned that great things take a
lot of time and even more pain
to achieve.
Future plans:
After I graduate from Western
Illinois University, I will go to
Cook County jail to work. After a few years of that I will go
into the k-9 unit and fight the
war on crime. While working at
Cook County I plan on getting
married and have kids.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why):
Sports participated in:
Soccer (4 years), Basketball (4
years) and Baseball (4 years).
Other activities participated
Senior Class Club, Student
Council, and Freshmentors.
Most embarrassing moment:
Having the hairiest chest in the
locker room after morning basketball was pretty embarassing.
Most memorable coach:
My most memorable coach
would have to be Coach Wandro for Basketball.
Influence athletics had on
Sports have taught me how to
succeed and how to lose like an
Greatest lesson learned from
No matter how hard something
is in athletics, you have to keep
going because you have a group
of guys counting on you to do
your job.
Future plans:
I’m planning on studying sales
at Grand Valley State Univer-
sity and I’ll play intramurals.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why):
My dad. When I was younger
he always pushed me to work
hard and I hated him for it but it
all paid off, I really appreciate
what he’s done for me.
Childhood inspirations to pursue your particular sport(s):
My parents put me in baseball
and soccer when I was four and
I fell in love with sports ever
Sports participated in:
Football (1 year), Cross
Country (3 years), and
Tr a c k ( 4 y e a r s ) .
Most embarrassing mom e n t : M y m o s t e m b a rrassing moment was when
I was at my track meet
and I went to the bathroom and when I came
out there was toilet paper
sticking of out my pants,
a n d I d i d n ’t n o t i c e u n t i l
1 0 m i n u t e s l a t e r.
Most memorable coach:
coach would have to be
M r. G r u s k a .
Influence athletics had
on life/school:
Being a runner has matured me and made me
more responsible. It has
also prevented me from
making bad choices.
G re a t e s t l e s s o n l e a r n e d
f ro m s p o r t s :
Sports have taught me to
n e v e r s l a c k o ff , a l w a y s
work hard and you’ll get
what you want.
F u t u re p l a n s :
Next year I’ll be going to
North Central College.
Person(s) you want to
re c o g n i z e ( a n d w h y ) :
I want to recognize my
coaches for making me
work hard in practice eve r y d a y.
Sports participated in: Football (4 years), Gymnastics
(4 years), and Wrestling (4
Other activities participated
National Honors Society, Varsity Club, Student Trainer.
Most memorable coach:
Coach LaGrand, my wrestling
Greatest lesson learned from
I learned that if I want some-
thing, I need to work hard to
achieve it and keep working at
it until I get it.
Future plans:
Attend Northern Illinois University to major in Mathematics to become a high school
teacher or college professor.
I’d like to coach judo/jiu-jitsu
and possibly wrestling or gymnastics.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why):
Mr. Brown, Mr. Phillips, and
Mr. Calisch for pushing me in
gymnastics to have a good state
run. Coach LaGrand for forcusing on my strengths in wrestling
instead of changing my style
and Mrs. Chung for influencing
and reassuring me that I want
to be a teacher/professor.
to pursue your particular
Paul Hamn for gymnastics.
Dan Gable and Tom Brands for
wrestling and the Bears.
Sports participated in: High
School – Football, Wresting,
Lacrosse, and mixed Martial
Childhood – Soccer, Baseball,
Wrestling, Karate, and Hockey.
Other activities participated
Student Council, SADD club,
coaching football and wrestling, Fashion show, and
STAND club.
Most embarrassing moment?
While playing a lacrosse game,
I once scored a goal on my
own goalie.
Most memorable coach?
Coach Carol
Influence athletics had on
Athletics showed me how to
be successful and to work hard
at everything I do. It also prevented me from making bad
Greatest lesson learned from
Sports taught me that win or
lose, learn from your mistakes
and correct them for when the
time counts.
Future plans:
I’ll be attending Central Michigan University to wrestle and
possibly major in Advertising/
Marketing or Accounting. And
hopefully become a “UFC”
fighter like my Dad.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why):
Coach Scully – He talked me
into being a three sport athlete
and was my first high school
Coach Helzer – His workout
God, mom, dad, Brian, all of
my coaches, the distance guys
and anybody that has ever given
me support; your contributions
have carried me a long way.
to pursue your particular
I didn’t want to run when I
was younger. When I realized
I wasn’t good at real sports, I
started running. If anything,
my dad was my inspiration. He
went to state so I wanted to go
to state too.
Kyle Gonzales
Joe Gordon
Michael Jo
Marlen Hamilton
Brian Kempf
Justin Lovrich
Chris Fett
Michael Kivaranta
schedule help me get stronger
and faster to start my senior
to pursue your particular
My father motivated me to become an athlete. He paved the
way for me to excel by his experiences and through his genetics. My father was a UFC
fighter, soccer player, football
player, and wrestler. He shared
his knowledge with me and relived his experiences through
my success.
Shamar McFarland
Male Athletes
Sports participated in:
Varsity Soccer (4 years) and Bass
Fishing (1 year).
Other activities participated in
High School:
Intramural Basketball, Basketball
Most embarrassing moment:
Having my dad escorted out of an
indoor game in a men’s league after
he threw a water bottle at a player being “dirty” to me when the ref wasn’t
Most memorable coach:
Tony Kees for developing me into
ron James
one of the top players in the state,
Sriver for making high school so enjoyable and memorable, and Schmidt
for pushing us beyond our limits at
“Hell Week.”
Influence athletics had on life/
Playing some of the most competitive soccer, I had to always be on top
of my fitness level and my technical
aspect of the game. This cut into a lot
of my social life and was hard balancing school with soccer but I wouldn’t
have wanted it any other way. Soccer has made me become who I am
today, and I live for soccer.
Greatest lesson learned from
Sports have taught me to become
mentally tough and to be a leader.
No matter how hard something may
seem, you are going to get through it
and be stronger in the end.
Future plans: After watching the
2010 World Cup, I plan on attending
the University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign where I will major in
Biology and continue on to become
a Naturopathic Doctor.
Person(s) you want to recognize
(and why):
I want to recognize my boy Reona
Oishi for always being there for me
in club and high school soccer; and
all my friends for supporting me at
my games; my family for pushing
me to be the best I can be; and all my
coaches who have helped me develop and improve my game.
Sports participated in:
Golf (4 years) and Basketball.
Other activities participated
Special Olympics Volunteering,
German Club, Student Council,
Fashion Model, Bass Fishing.
Most embarrassing moment:
I hit a golf ball that nailed the
side of a golf cart with a guy in
it. I later found out that it was
my coach Coach Grabarek.
Most memorable coach:
Coach Bill Wandro for basketball.
Influence athletics had on life/
Don’t give up when times are
tough, because that is when you
need to work even harder.
Greatest lesson learned from
Every time I lost a golf match
my father would make me sleep
outside in a tent so I have learned
that losing is not an option.
Future plans:
I plan on becoming a walk on for
golf at Kansas University, where
I will be studying sales and mar-
keting or studying the ancient
arts of becoming a clown impersonator.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why):
I want to thank my dad for teaching me how to play golf and my
mom for helping me prepare
mentally while in the game.
Childhood inspirations to pursue your particular sport(s):
I got my first hole in one when I
was 13 and ever since then I’ve
wanted to play golf the rest of
my life.
Sports participated in:
Soccer (3 years) and Baseball
(4 years).
Influence athletics had on
Time management skills.
Other activities participated
I have participated in German
Club here at Hoffman Estates
High School.
Greatest lesson learned from
Patience and teamwork.
the sports that I play and has
coached me throughout my
life. I also would like to recognize my brother, I wanted to be
like him when I was little and
I took his number 8 for baseball.
Most embarrassing moment:
Throwing my bat after I swung
at Glenbrook North.
Most memorable coach:
Coach Meador for baseball.
Sports participated in:
Varsity Basketball (4 years) and
Baseball (4 years).
Other activities participated
Student Council, Freshmentors,
intramurals basketball referee.
Most embarrassing moment?
In 7th grade I took a 3pt. shot
and shot it right over the backboard.
Sports participated in:
Football, Volleyball and Basketball.
Other activities participated
Mr. Hoffman Hawk, NHS, API,
Feeder Coach, Freshmentor,
Junior Class Club and Fashion
Most embarrassing moment:
Playing my first home football
game, I got tackled by a tight
end who was committed to
playing for Iowa Star University. Everyone saw it during the
Mike Mertel
Hawkeye View
Future plans:
I will be attending Knox College and major in Biology.
Childhood inspirations to pursue
your particular sport:
Alessandro Del Piero, David Beckham, Andriy Shevchenko, and my
Ukrainian culture.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why):
I want to recognize my dad,
he introduced me to all of
to pursue your particular
I wanted to be better than my
brother in the sports we both
played—soccer and baseball.
I liked playing both so I stuck
with them.
Mike Brown.
a division I or II school.
Influence athletics had on
It made me a more humble and
thankful of the abilities I had.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why):
Coach Brown and Coach Wandro because I would not be as
good as I am without them. My
parents, because without their
push I would not be as successful.
Greatest lesson learned from
Good things happen to those
who work hard and are humble.
Most memorable coach?
Coach Bill Wandro and Coach
Future plans:
I will be playing basketball at
Elgin Community College for
two years then transferring out to
Childhood inspirations to pursue your particular sport(s)?
Basketball: Dennis Rodman and
Scottie Pippen. Baseball: Mark
Prior and Derek Jeter.
game and the team saw it the
next day during film session.
Most memorable coach:
The football and basketball
coaching staff at Hoffman.
Influence athletics had on life/
It definitely shaped my character a lot and I learned a lot of
lessons through it. Athletics
also kept me out of trouble.
Greatest lesson learned from
sports: The little things are
what make the difference.
Future plans:
Play basketball at Dominican
University. Major in Math and
hopefully come back or at another district 211 school to
coach and teach. Or possibly
play as long as I can, whenever
I can.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why):
Parents and grandmother, they
are who I resemble and have
supported me in everything.
Abby Tiongson, throughout
my whole life she has been my
number one best friend. Adrian
Punzalan, my nephew and kind
of my mini me. He is basically
my little brother. Basketball
team, I have been playing with
them since elementary school,
they are my brothers from other
mothers and my 2nd family.
Childhood inspirations to pursue your particular sport(s):
The NBA conference finals between the Los Angeles Lakers
and Sacramento kings when
Shaq was with LA. It was one
of the most intense series I’ve
ever seen.
Reona Oishi
Vishal Shah
May 2010
Brad Powszok
Brett Miehls
Erik Smoy
Lance Vesper
Kelvin Tiongson
Hawkeye View
Top 10
May 2010
sports participated in: Varsity Track (4 years)
Other activities participated
in? Cheerleading (4 years), Best
Buddies, NHS, Hawk Hooks,
Peer Leaders, Freshman class
club, Sophomore class club, Junior class club, and Senior class
Most embarrassing moment?
Probably in cheer junoir year
when we went on Fox News
and I mouthed “Hi Mom” and
no one on the team ever let me
live it down.
Most memorable coach? Mr.
Anderson and Mrs. Andel
Influence athletics had on life/
school? Being in Athletics has
helped me work on keeping my
grades up and staying eligible in
school. It has taught me about
my self and how privilaged I am
to be on teams with incredible
Greatest lesson learned from
sports? One of the greatest lessons I learned is that if you want
something bad enough, do what
it takes to get it and it will be
Future plans: I will go to college and hopefully one day be a
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why): I would like
to recognize Mr. Anderson for
always pushing me to be my
best and never giving up on me.
He also continued to inspire me
and he never let me do anything
better than my best. I also want
to thank Mrs. Andel for being
there through track and cheer
Sports participated in: Volleyball (4 years), and Water
Polo (3 years).
Other activities participated
in? Fashion Club, Photography
Club, Math team, and NHS.
Most embarrassing moment?
Junior year on water polo,
my team was warming up before our game when Elizabeth
Smith accidentally gave me a
bloody nose before our game
even started.
Most memorable coach? Ms.
Koch was my most memorable
coach, my most enjoyable seasons were when she was my
Influence athletics had on
life/school? It is hard to balance school and sports but I
have become a more responsible person because of it.
Greatest lesson learned from
sports? It is so much easier to
get the job done when people
get along, but if they cannot, it
is near impossible.
Future plans: I plan on going
to the University of Illinois to
the study Physics. I will probably participate in either intramurals or intercollegiate club
teams there.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why): I would like
to recognize my parents for all
their support throughout the
to pursue your particular
sport(s)? My mom signed me
up for a wide variety of sports
as a child. I would not be an
athlete without her.
Sports participated in:
In High School, I participated in Cross country
and track.
Most memorable coach?
coach was definitely Mr.
Influence athletics had
on life/school?
Running has shaped my
life into what it is today
and my life now revolves
around running.
Greatest lesson learned
from sports?
One of the greatest lessons I learned is to not
take things for granted
and to always work hard
towards the things that
are important in my life.
Future plans:
Next year, I plan on running cross country as well
as track at University of
recognize (and why):
I want to recognize Mr.
Macnider: He’s a great
role model and he always
pushes me to do my very
best at all times. He always belived in my running abilities even though
I didn’t run my freshman
year. He has taught me
lessons that I will carry
with me throughout the
rest of my life.
and also helping me always do
my best. I want to thank Brittany Phee for always having my
inhaler or getting it from home
and the entire varsity track team
for being an incredible family
to me.
Childhood inspirations to pursue your particular sport(s)?
I honestly didn’t have a lot of
childhood inspiration to run or
cheer. I was into sports and I
played them with my brothers
my whole life and just grew to
love it.
Cindy Allen
Michelle Kelley
Melissa Schmidt
Hannah Worman
Vanessa Daugherty
Mia H
Person(s) you want to
Sports participated in: Cross
Country and Track.
Other activities participated in?
National Honor Society, Freshmentors, Orchestra, and Lit Mag.
Most embarrassing moment?
At conference my junior year I
tripped 5 meters before the finish line anchoring for the 4x800,
falling on my face and losing the
Most memorable coach? Mr.
Influence athletics had on life/
school? Running helped me to
learn about myself as a person.
It showed me that I am always
capable of pushing a little harder
and giving a little more than I ever
thought possible.
Greatest lesson learned from
sports? I learned to trust my training and believe in my ability to do
what I need to do. Most importantly, I have learned to relax and stay
calm instead of stressing about everything, especially before a race.
Future plans: I am going to run
for the University of Illinois next
year. I plan to major in math to
hopefully become a high school
math teacher and cross country
coach after college.
Person(s) you want to recognize: Mr. Macnider because he
has guided me all throughout high
school to become the best athlete
and person I can be. He has supported me through my success and
through adversity. I thank him for
always being there.
Childhood inspirations to pursue your particular sport(s)?
None. I just ran because I liked to
Sports participated in: Girls
Volleyball, Girls Soccer, and
Girls Bowling.
Other activities participated
in? I have been a part of Student Council, volunteering, and
Most embarrassing moment?
Senior year being announced
for a home soccer game, my
name was called, and I ran
out and slapped all my teammates hands, and as I did that, I
stepped on my un-tied shoe lace
and tripped in front of everyone.
Most memorable coach?
Coach Hutton, he taught me
to become a great volleyball
player, and really showed me
how fun it is to play for a great
Influence athletics had on
life/school? By being in sports,
it has made me so many friends
and will continue through life
by playing college volleyball.
Greatest lesson learned from
sports? My greatest lesson
learned from sports was that no
matter what other teams think
about you, or what your ranking
is, you can go out there and
show them what you’re really
made of.
Future plans: My future plans
are to attend Empire Beauty
School to become a hair stylist
as well as play volleyball for
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why): I would like
to recognize my mom for all my
achievements, she has always
supported me and has been to
all of my games and matches
for the past 4 years. She has
always had faith in me and she’s
the reason I succeed. I would
also like to recognize Jacob
Uhunmwangho for being a part
of my successes as an athlete.
Agniezka Bar
Elizabeth Smith
Shawn J
He has been by my side when I
took a hard loss and was always
there to make me smile, and he
has been an inspiration to me.
There is not a lot I could have
done without Jacob and my
Childhood inspirations to pursue your particular sport(s)?
When I was a child, I was very
involved with sports, playing
soccer from the age of 5. My
older sisters were my inspiration to play sports, because I
wanted to be just like them, and
one day be able to beat them.
Melissa Wilkes
Sports participated in: Gymnastics. (4 yrs.)
Other activities participated in?
Cheerleading, Freshmentors, and
National Honor Society.
Most embarrassing moment?
My first gymnastics meet was
pretty embarrassing. I forgot my
routines, I forgot to salute the
judges, and I think I scored like a
1 on bars. Definitely not my finest
Most memorable coach? Coach
Calisch because he’s been my
coach since I was a freshman. He
Hawkeye View
spent a lot of time working with
me, not just during the season but
during summer camp and pre-season open gyms. I can’t thank him
enough for all his help and devotion to our team.
Influence athletics had on life/
school? Athletics helped me learn
to manage my time better and it
forced me to keep up in school to
avoid the consequence of being
Greatest lesson learned from
sports? The greatest lesson I
learned from sports is to just be-
lieve and have faith in your abilities’. There are skills I accomplished by my senior year that
freshman year, I never thought I
could have come close to.
Future plans: I’m attending the
University of Iowa next year and
I’m majoring in secondary education because I would like to become a high school counselor.
Person(s) you want to recognize: I want to recognize my mom
and dad. They taught me to never
quit anything I try. I must always
finish what I started. At one point,
May 2010
I didn’t want to come back to gymnastics, but they pushed me to, and
I’m so grateful they did that.
Childhood inspirations to pursue your particular sport(s)?
My sister, Kaylee, was my inspiration to pursue gymnastics. I had
never done gymnastics before, so
I would have never even considered coming out freshman year if
it wasn’t for her encouragement.
Plus, she was a junior on the team
and it was comforting to get to be
on the same team as my big sister.
Jenna McCreary
Sports participated in:
Volleyball (4 years), Soccer
(4 years), and Basketball (4
Other activities participated in? NHS, Student
Council, Math Team, Varsity Club, and Class Club.
Most embarrassing moment? Getting hit in the
face with the ball during a
volleyball game was pretty
Most memorable coach?
Coach Nocella and Coach
Influence athletics had on
life/school? Sports made
me use time management
and forced me to keep my
grades up It definitely made
me appreciate the value of
hard work and dedication.
Greatest lesson learned
from sports? Sports taught
me patience and leadership.
Future plans: I plan to go
to the University of Illinois
and study business then
maybe go to law school.
Person(s) you want to
recognize : I want to recognize my parents for being supportive most of the
to pursue your particular sport(s)? My parents
were my inspirationbecause
they always pushed me and
taught me. Also, my brothers because I watched them
and they made me competitive.
Sports participated in:
Tennis (4 yrs), Bowling (4
yrs), Softball (2 yrs), and
Badminton (2 yrs).
Other activities participated in? SADD Club,
Peer Mediation.
Most embarrassing moment?
My whole high
school career was full of
embarrassing moments especially in sports.
Most memorable coach?
My three tennis coaches,
freshman bowling coach,
and badminton coaches all
have had a positive impact
on me. However, my most
memorable coach is my
dad because he taught me
everything I need to know,
especially in bowling.
Influence athletics had
on life/school? I’ve had
an awesome time doing
sports at Hoffman and had
the opportunity to meet
many amazing people.
Greatest lesson learned
from sports? You have to
practice a lot to get better
at something.
Future plans: I plan to attend DePaul in the summer
and Illinois State in the
fall to earn my elementary
education degree.
Person(s) you want to
recognize (and why): I
would like to thank my
parents and my sister for
all of their dedication and
moral support. They really
helped puch me to always
do my best.
Kelsey Lukowicz
Sports participated in: Volleyball (4 years), Soccer (2
years), Basketball (4 years),
and Track (2 years).
Other activities participated
in? NHS, Best Buddies, Math
Team, Freshman Class Club,
Spanish Club, Student Council.
Most embarrassing moment?
When I fell backwards off of
the lab bench in Biology 2 during a test.
Most memorable coach? Mr.
Andersen, I’ve never had a
Lisa Papeck
s ports participated in: Volleyball (3 years), Basketball
(3 years), and Golf (1 year)
Other activities participated in? NHS (2 years), Freshmentors (2 years)
Most embarrassing moment? When I washed my
home basketball jersey with a
black sweatshirt and my white
uniform came out grey.
Most memorable coach? Mr.
Bryant. He was always coaching me, on and off the court.
coach push me so much. He’s
been there for me, and believes
in me.
Influence athletics had on life/
school? Athletics have showed
me what hard work can really
do, and also that I need to manage my time with schoolwork.
Greatest lesson learned from
sports? The harder you work
to reach your goals the more
success you’ll have. The hard
work is definitely worth it in
the end.
Future plans: I’m attending
Danielle Rubino
Influence athletics had on
life/school? Sports made me
organized, taught me good
and pushed me to keep good
Greatest lesson learned from
sports? Win or lose, make
sure you are at least having
fun doing what you love.
Future plans: I’m attending
Concordia University Wisconsin and will contine playing basketball.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why): I want to
recognize my sister and thank
her for all her support and the
time she commited. I would
also like to thank my friends
and all of my teammates that
made my four years in Hoffman sports so great!
to pursue your particular
sport(s)? Watching Michael
Jordan on TV!
Megan Bernadoni
the University of Iowa to major
in speech pathology.
Person(s) you want to recognize (and why): My parents because they have always
been there to support and help
me. Mr. Andersen and Coach
Houle because they have been
there to support me and pushed
me all the time to help me reach
my goals. My friends because
they encourage me to do well
and reach my goals.
Elizabeth Lewis
to pursue your particular
sport(s)? I did track in junior high and randomly found
out that high jump is my sport.
When I stopped playing soccer and switched to track, my
grandma gave me a picture of
my grandpa doing high jump
when he was in high school.
I was never able to meet him
because he died when my dad
went to college. I think of him
before every jump.
Lauren La Masse
Kristen Hisey
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Saint Mary’s University
•Katy Kosiek
University of Minnisota Twin
•Abby Reynolds
•Danielle Wilson
Mcnally Smith College of Carthage College
•Mike Sanchez
Marquette University
•Ian Smart
•Pinkesh Shah
•Mary Hacker
Drake University
•Eric Liu
University of Iowa
•Kristen Hisey
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
•Pooja Patel
•Parin Patel
•Smit Patel
St. Louis University
•Elise Hwang
•Molin Ray
•Sid Matta
Washington University
•Pete Vinotai
Grand Valley State University
•Shianne Campos
•Joe Gordon
•Eunice Ahn
•Sarah Channer
•David Krzepicki
Michigan State University
•Alexandra Moore
Valparaiso University
Miami University
•Grace Watkins
Ball State University •Sayali Sakhardande
•Kyle Connelly
Purdue University
•Carly Stenger
Where are you
going to college?
California Polytechnic
•Megan Bryant
Pomona College
•Nick Gebbia
Utah State
•Liz Lewis
George Washington
University, D.C.
•Paul Organ
Eastern New Mexico
•Stephanie Schwartz
Alabama State
•Tatiana Johnson
Chaminade University of Hawaii
•Brandon Hernandez
Hawkeye View
Augustana College
• Cody Hootman
• Mike Mertel
• Alex Ochoa
Rockford College
• Emily Zuniga
University of Illinois in
• Vishal Shah
• Hyein
• Dipali Patel
• Charlie Plaia
• Daven Patel
• Millie Fang
• Matt Wrobel
DePaul University
• Sandra Tourjman
Illinois State
• Elisa Wildman
• Stephanie Orozco
• Chris Jennings
University of Illinois, Urban
• Roshan Ali
• Akash Shah
• Patrick Pugasa
• Cindy Seong
• Melissa Schmidt
• Michelle Kelley
• Reona Oishi
• Hannah Worman
• Kelsey Lukowicz
• Vibhesh Patel
• Joe Winner
• Julia Hamlin
• Kaushik Andra
• Alex Oda
• Brad Powszok
• Liz Koh
• Viraj Patel
• Nick Sall
Colombia College
• Haley Sawtell
Bradley University
• Lexi Wozny
Harper College
• Megan Norwood
• Katie Pan
• Shaik Mahmood
• Gabriel Briceno
• Nicole Hagen
• Siddiq Ahmed
• Nicole White
• Fatima Macaglaguin
• Jhelam Shah
• Maria Gomez
• Jashira Roman
• Joanna Besareino
• Sean Milner
May 2010
• Areli Bahena
• Jose Rivera
• Becca Gonzalez
• Dawn Tan
• Grace Kim
• Vanessa Daugherty
• Aaron Vera
• Ben Weisberg
• Travis Davis
• Beverly del Rosario
• Saad Hashimi
• Abraham Alvarado
• Sumayya Kaleem
• Lauren Kubiniec
• Ana Cruz
• Brian Wyskochil
• Austin Anderson
• Naveen Shahzad
• Brian Proskey
Southern University of Illinois,
• Thomas Iheme
• Brianna Novelli
• Natalie White
Benedictine University
• Dipal Desai
• Kinnary Patel
Illinois Institute of Technology
• Kulsum Ishrati
• Nick Zielinski
Illinois Wesleyan
• Elizabeth Smith
Knox College
• Samir Shimi
Northern Illinois
• Charlie Oriji
• Michelle Robles
• Jose Anaya
Art Institute in
• Martin Contreras
Western Illinois
• Kyle Gonzales
• Matt McGee
• Veronica Sosa
Northwestern University
• Afsara Zaheed
• Colette Ghunim
• Aakash Bavishi
• Dominique Jackson
Robert Morris University
• Michelle Wesoloski
North Central College
• Kati Mattes
Loyola University
• Mason Jenkins
• Jhanvi Shah
McKendree University
• Veronica Varga
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Sen iors pay i n
“I will Grace Park my “Mol-E”
from chemistry.”
-Gabriel Briceno
“Priya K: missing the bus. Krupa:
some extra stubbornness and
Angelica: take care of Sara for
-Katie Pan
“To Rachael Gallo- the official
position as the “stupid one” on
the team and my heart necklace
(if i ever find it). To Steph Castro- someone else to put their
stuff right on top of yours in the
locker room. To Dorota Knagathe ability to remeber where she
put her stuff so she stops losing
everything! To Bailey, Jordan,
and Amita- the strength to lead
the forensics team. To Vicki
Shah- the task of completing
the mural. To Vishwa Shah- my
-Sayali Sakhardande
“I am going to will my old backpack to my brother and also
give him my chillin spot that I
had for the past three years.”
-Roberto Villalpando
“I will the middle hallway on the
lower level for the new ESL kids.”
-Maria Gomez
“I will my frog penny that I
made freshman year to my
- Adrianna V.
“To Nick, Mike, Wookie, and
Matt- the 200 Freestyle Relay
-Paul Organ
“I will my “locker” in the band
room to Liz Saffold, and I will
control of Comedy Troupe to
Zach Lentino.”
-Katy Kosiek
“To my children: Victor Lugo
and Bubba Tednes, I will my
whiteness and Asian-ness. To
my brothers: Jordan and Sean
Habel, I will my ability to find
happiness from the little things in
life. To my flaggers: Dom, Renee,
Brittany A., Mira, and Faith, I
will my love for flags. To Dri, my
smile. Brittany S., my American
flag. Meran Liu, my ability to
juggle a million activities. And to
Katie Tombero, I will my passion for flags, my perseverance
to survive, and every good
memory possible. Oh, and my
-Abby Reynolds
“I would like to will my little
sister all my knowledge about
high school and my gym locker
so none of her stuff is stolen.”
- Gianinia Robles
“To my “cousin” Brittany Aguirre
and Mira Kim, my amazing flag
-Veronica Sosa
“I will my sister (Miranda Lewis)
my good looks. Mary Petit all
my seminars, Precious O. all the
food in our locker, Jada Stotts
my history book, Destinee Young,
my dance movies.”
-Liz Lewis
achieve whatever she wants. You
will do great things.”
-Daven Patel
“To Isabelle Ezra: the presidency
of PALS and the title of worst
president ever. To Kayla and
Kristi: my awesome figure skating skills. And to everyone else,
my ability to always smile and
my passion to do well in school
and volunteer my time.”
-Pinkesh Shah
“To Regina Emiliano - room H2 in
Hickory House at Stronghold. To
Izzi Ezra- my binder for concert
choir so you’ll have one. ”
-Julia Hamlin
“I will my athletic skills to Takuro
Azumaya (Tako) so he can lead
the basketball team down
-Brad Powszok
“Jake Didier, I will you my lacrosse number for next season.”
-Austin Anderson
“Isha Jog: my book collection,
Mallorie Cruz: all my new badminton stuff (I never made the
team) and my place in dance
club! Hope you take care of it!,
Maaria Shamsuddin: my laptop
just because I love you, Diana
Martinez: my music! You always
are on your iPod and you need
new material, Aliya Tashin:
clothes – you’re fashion central,
Anja Vuckovic: nail polish- you’re
so bright, Jenny Woo: my dance
moves…although you don’t
need them, Amaris Herrera: my
position on theater guides- I
hope you will shine, Kristin McCrod: my weights so you can
work hard in Roesner’s class
next year, Jilaine Heitkotter- my
calculator so you can out shine
everyone! Be one step ahead
always!, Rahul Kalluri: my funny
personality- you don’t need it,
but to make you even funnier!,
Janki Patel: my facebook profile
– have fun!”
-Meera Patel
“To Jeanne L., my awesomeness,
to Jeremy B., the song by Brand
New, to Gabe Alvelo, lots of
good times, to Jaime N., a list of
bad wise-cracks and jokes. To
Shannon K and Molly S, the will
to become awesome people. To
Josh D., my Spanish notes.”
-Samir Shimi
“I will to Brian Currie my awesome stanky leg.”
-Akib Shiliwala
“I will all my weird gangsta
moves to Josh and all the random/funny orchestra moments
Milie and I shared to Amruta
and Vicki. Finally, I will onto Alejandro all my random dancing!”
-Diana Bartkowski
“To Alex Bonds keep playing defense like “ya daddy”
“I would like to will my tight
jeans to my favorite freshman,
Andrew Baker. I would also
like to will my awesomeness to
Alyssa, Kramer, Michael, Daniel,
Franco, Mclovin, Warda, Danielle, Kendall, and Courtney.”
-Sean Milner
“To Amita Prabhu- the exclusive
“key” to the Pub and all the
fun times that come with it. To
Vishwa Shah- another year of
hilarious memories in French and
my favorite quotes from 3 Idiots.
To Mike Wnek- my ability to
make people’s day. And to my
freshman Sana Shafiuddin- 3
more years of advanced classes,
3 more years of stress, and a
coupon for free advice.”
-Afsara Zaheed
“To Krupa Patel: the ability to
discovery her true potential
and the knowledge that she can
“I want to will a Florida orange,
my scratch and sniff stickers, and
nail polish to Haley Goers.”
-Cindy Seong
“A piece of .7 lead to Katie
-Alexi de Mendoza
“The skills to fool mom.”
-Jeffrey Bratanch
“My tennis position to Scott Yoo.”
-Pete Vinotai
“The indomitable spirit I had
during lacrosse to Chris Huerta,
half of my social skills to my
sister (I need the other half for
-Aaron Vera
“Center position to Linden Fick.”
-Mary Hacker
“I will my whiteness to Kyle
Caldwell, my spot for flags captain to Brittany Spooner, my role
as blonde drummer to Natalie
Clarke, my boys volleyball
manager spot to Mirela and my
shades to Victor Lugo and Gabe
-Melanie Braun
“I will Kevin Tednes Jake Didier’s
hand to hold in the hallways
since I won’t be here. Ashley
Howell everything that she wants
to rob me of and my parets as
long as she makes me pasta
salad, and Jake Didier all the
good gum and Arizonas I have.”
-Fatima Macalaguin
“To my freshman foundations
class, I’d like to will you guys 3
more years of bad cafeteria
food, strict hall monitors, and the
best 3 years of your life!”
-Sumayya Kaleem
“I will the round table to Laura
and her friends in the morning.”
-Ben Weisberg
“I would like to will whatever
money I have left on my ID to
Galen Smart”
-Ian Smart
“I would like to will Amruta
Bhatt my heart, Nilam Pael my
weirdness, Alexa Sears my art
locker, Meran Liu my love for
cute things, and everyone else
my immense amount of stress
-Milie Fang
“Colleen Thomas: inspirational
quote book. Tori Davilla: the
best little sister a girl could ask
-Sarah Channer
“I will the title of dirtiest player
on the baseball team to Kevin
-Matt McGee
“I will to Huma Choudhry my
Frisbee-golfing skills, my angry
face, my British accent, and all
my love. And I’ll take her perfect
hair from her.”
-Naveen Shahzad
“To Robert Szymski, I will my
devilishly good looks, use them
with discretion… they are lethal
and sexy!”
-Roshan Ali
“I will my brother my lucky running spikes, all my AP Bio notes,
and my desk in Mr. Mallon’s AP
US class. I will Amruta the movie
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I
will Deedee Delahunt my Spanish dictionary (she’ll need it!) and
my Kung Fu Panda movie. I will
Lauren Lotito my bus seat.”
-Jhanvi Shah
“To the current underclassmen
on cross country/track distance I
would like to will a GPS so they
can stop getting lost when they
go out to run. Since I can’t afford
that I’ll probably print out some
-Kyle Connely
“I will my sleepiness to Nick
-Brandon Hernandez
“I will Stephanie Castro my ability to grow.”
-Michelle Kelley
“I would like to will my dedication to studies to Ninah Talamantes, my positive attitude to
Amruta Bhatt, my seriousness to
Maria Shamshuddin, my love
for HEHS to all underclassmen
and everything else to Sandhya
-Kulsum Ishrati
“Colleen Thomas: I will you
all the school dances, student
council, bus rides listening to
music, and McDonald’s ice cream
cones. Mandy Kreuger: I will
you my Asianness and all the
talks we had in 4th block gym.”
-Euncie Ahn
“Gilberto Cuellar, Andres Pena,
Terry Waksymovich, keep Oscar
Salas under control. Izacc
Robinson, be the 2011 version
of Joe Gordon but better. Mike
and Liz Gordon, don’t ruin my
relationship with hall monitors
and teachers. “
-Joe Gordon
“I would like to will my goalie
gloves to Tanya Skworch-good
luck with that. I would like to will
my ability to make fun of how
Hutton talks during volleyball
season to Jada Stotts.”
-Vanessa Daugherty
“I will my smartness to Sandhya
Maryani. I will my luck to Amruta
Bhatt and Vicky Shah.”
-Dipali Patel
“I will my bio notes to Parth and
-Parin Patel
“The ROJ wills the corner to Blue
a.k.a Steven.”
-Nikki Fleming
“I would like to give my strength
of badminton to Sandhya Haryani!”
-Dipal Desai
“Nicole-my athletic locker, Rachel-the smell of my car, Haley
Worman-my bus seat, Takshakamy morning run shower, Jessi-my
ice cream cone children, Katiethe rights to our Taylor Swift rap,
Hawkeye View
May 2010
ng it forward
Deedee-a hairbrush.”
-Kati Mattes
“I will Jessi: my athletic locker
and my bus seat, Haley Goers:
my oatmeal container, Rachel:
one pair of adult Nike shorts,
Nicole: green windbreaker,
Deedee: a pair of p-pants,
cross-country team: spirit stick,
Cassy: Blue XC bag, Takshaka:
my blue ribbon, Rachel, Becca,
and Brittany: colored Gatorade bottles, Kim: morning run
-Melissa Schmidt
“Colleen Thomas-Potato skins
from Village Tavern, and our
Halloween pumpkins. Emily
D’Amico-all my track memories,
love and dedication to our best
sport. Kelsey Pellus- my Bristish
accent, cookie dough, Garibaldi’s pizza, Ben and Jerry’s ice
-Kristen Hisey
“Mark Roberts-keep doing what
you’re doing kid. Joey Bikodon’t be lazy, hit the weights
and play ball.”
-Danny Malakismail
“Connor Schwarz: my gypsy
accent, my ability to not care,
my dashing looks, zsa-zsa, undergarments, a razor. Anthony
Patrick: my portrait, the term
seet thang, my kitchen. Harry
Wright- my brother, do what
you want. Yum. Marcus Hatchett-sick dance moves. Sasha
Fierce, and Chapstick.”
-Stephanie Schwarz
“I will my confidence, and selfrespect to all the girls at HEHS
who don’t have any.”
-Alexandra Moore
“Scott Yoo-my sandwiches, Emily
Wrobel-my locker snacks.”
-Matt Wrobel
“I will to Mary Pettit a composed
attitude for everything, and
music, you know. To Shannon
Keane all things JB: you are the
last one to carry on our fan club
at HEHS.”
-Dominique Jackson
“To my brother I will my beautiful hair. To David Guitierrez, I
will my ability to throw the ball.”
-Bryan Proskey
“I will to my brother Brian my
room and cow piñata. I give
Michael “G-Baby” Goers a
glass of milk so he can grow up
big and strong. I give Alejandro
Mancera some doggy treats. To
my son Kunal, I leave my Spanish skills.”
-Kyle Gonzales
“I will to Amaris Herrera my
position in Theater Guides and
I will to Tatiana Medina my
ability to get out of absolutely
-Cody Hootman
“Kelsey Pellus: my sidekick
and the front seat in Lean’s car.
Britney Spzuner: my spot as
captain. Aimee Nendez and
Breanna: my skills in basketball
and dance. Bubba Tednes: a
hot glue gun, and dairy queen
ice cream.”
-Shianne Campos
“To Kim Allen, my athletic locker.
To Haley Goers, my 4x400m enthusiasm, my junior class records
(even though she will take them
anyway), and my racing braid.
To Alex Labeots, my bus seat.
To Takshaka Patel, my ability to
color- coordinate running outfits.
To Haley Worman, my awesome
stick-shift skills and my bedroom
(only when I’m gone).”
-Hannah Worman
“Mel McGinn- weekly movie
-Mike Mertel
“I would like to will my linemen
gloves over to Borris Slav and
my swag to Josh Little.”
-Jacob Uhunmwangho
“Vishwa Shah: All the memories
of a tremendous senior year.
The car. Krunal Patel: Our
intramural basketball team and
an awesome senior year of
football. SADD club: my funny
comments at trainings, memories,
and Operation Snowball. Good
-Vishal Shah
“I will to Courtney Case to hang
in one more year. It goes by really fast kick the Juniors’ butts in
Powderpuff and enjoy it while it
lasts. P.S. Don’t let the underclassman think they’re gonna
take over the school.”
-Julia Kamen
“I would like to will my mad procrastination skills, and terminal
senior-itus to all the juniors.”
-Nicole White
“I will all my best Hermione
Granger impersonations to Connor McGarry, all my bathroom
passes to Asad Ahmed and his
small bladder.”
-Lauren Kubiniec
“I will the responsibility of putting up the nets in the back gym
to Krina Desai, and the strength
to do it to Meran Liu and Avni
Bavishi-you better learn soon!”
-Carly Stenger
“I will Jordan Habel the Asian
Smash, Bailey Armstrong not
being third, Kevin Lang R.O.B.,
Ryan Seong a DDR mat, Izzi
Ezra my cello, and Josh Parado
my bottles of hair gel.”
-Alex Oda
“I would like to will my sister
Avni Bavishi the best of luck
and success for the rest of high
-Aakash Bavishi
“Kyle Caldwell my #10 jersey
for volleyball, John Pape the
drumline and the cadence solo.
Victor Lugo my Filipino volleyball skills.”
-Patrick Pugasa
“To Haley Worman: the black
lucky socks I stole, my room while
I’m gone, and my dog to walk,
to Takshaka Patel: my running
bus seat and lucky orange bow.”
-Grace Watkins
– the abilities to roll his R’s. My
little bro – my legacy.”
-Mason Jenkins
“Mike Christen: ability to speak
English, Nick Jesse: captain of
future boys’ swim team, Brandon
Grahm: muscles, Robert Szumski:
-Akash Shah
“Colleen Thomas- I will her the
ability to touch her toes and the
ability to put up with Mr. Fidler
without me. Meran Liu- I will her
the ability to go to sleep before
12! Krupa Patel and Jenny
Woo- I will you guys the front
row seats in Band. Spencer Davis and Vishwa Shah- I will them
the powers to disrupt French
class productively.”
-Elise Hwang
“I would like to will my geniousness to the underclassmen.”
-Smit Patel
“To Melitza Irizarry: I will you
my ability to get out of trouble
at any given time.”
-Megan Norwood
“I will my lanyard to all the underclassmen because everyone
loses at least three a year.”
-Natalie White
“I will some more space rocks
to Leila, a pixy box to Zach
Lentino, my P9Ox to Vishwa
and her muscles, Maheen more
awkward ‘hi’s’, Jordan Habel a
-Colette Ghunim
“Dana Jones: My lazyness and
my ability to make other laugh
by saying stupid things.
Kayla Goddard: My strength to
get through her senior year with
such bad seniorites!
Taylor mann/Ashley Howel:
Gypsy Voice.
Kelsey Chorney: My crazy personality.”
-Christina Conigliaro
“I would like to will my steezy
switch kickflips to Baby Jesus
(Jimmy Kazakos).”
-Nick Gebbia
“I will to Nilam Patel our seat on
the bus and our volunteer crew
at the hospital.”
-Pooja Patel
“I will H20 to David Lee and
Daniel Choi. I know that it’s in
good hands and I know you
guys will take a stand and make
a change.”
-Liz Koh
“Make sure you stay on top of
your grades and kill it in football next year, don’t chase the
women Jason Sumbling.”
-Shamar Mcfarland
“My gymnastic grips to Jake
Santiago and Josh Parado.”
-Jose Anaya
“To Joshua Novelli – I will you
the honor of being the last
Novelli kid to go through HEHS,
stay out of trouble!”
-Brianna Novelli
“I would like to will this quote
to my sister Vanessa Gonzales,
‘Life is full of beauty. Notice
it. Notice the bumble bees, the
small children, and the smiling
faces. Smell the rain and feel
the wind. Live your life to the
fullest potential and fight for
your dreams.’”
-Becca Gonzalez
“I will my locker to my sister,
Cheri Wilson, considering she
invaded it already anyways.”
-Danielle Wilson
“I will the captain’s armband
and leading the soccer team
to Sishuh Zerihum and my #7
jersey to Nick Cardenas.”
-Reona Oishi
“To Shuhei Lieda, Nathan Tatara,
and Gabe Alvelo the trombone
section. To Claire Kaplan my
techie skills. To Conor McGarry
the role of being shorty.”
-Michelle Wesoloski
“Regina Emiliano – my height.
Jordan Habel – the ability to be
mean. Jon Pape – the drumline
(and good luck). Carlos Garcia
“Aashutos- my lifting abilities.
Shannon, Molly, Megan- SADD
club officerships.”
-Vibhesh Patel
“Colleen Thomas- my ACT score.
Mary Kate Petitt- the ability to
put people in their place. Precious Ogunleye- the ability to
not get suspended. Jada Stottsa beautiful singing voice. Tonisha
Harris- flavor blasted goldfish.”
-Kelsey Lukowicz
“My brother, Kyle Wozny, I’d like
to will him the auditorium.
I’d like to will my Madrigal dress
to Isabelle Ezra, my best friend.
Regina Emiliano is willed the
Concert Choir & Madrigals alto
Zach Lentino is willed my skinnest pair of skinny jeans.
Allison Amato, Kelsey Chorney,
Annie Nguyen, Monica Saraga,
Alyssa Morreale, Jeannie Liautaud, Jazmin Stanizewski, Dominique Collins, Renee Rolewicz,
and Mira Kim are all willed
my camera for capturing every
hilarious moment in gym class.”
-Lexi Wozny
“I, Gabriel Johnson, will to Jon
Pape and Regina Emiliano the
drumline. I will to Dan Tatara
authority over the stash of suspenders we keep for the basketball games. I will to Franco
Fumagalli the number 13, as
well as my height so that he may
be even beastlier in volleyball. I
will to Zach Lentino my ability to
grow hair anywhere so that he
may instantly grow a goatee for
any future roles in performances,
as well as to grow hair on his
body so that he may shave a
six-pack on his abs. I will to
Jordan Habel my loud booming voice so that he may have
a more intimidating presence
while conducting the band. I
will to Alex Sears the ability to
go through puberty, since I’m
done with it and he desperately
needs it.”
-Gabe Johnson
“I would like to will the “Thornton
Legacy” to my cousin Mersadiz
Thornton. My brother and I have
maintained a strong foundation
under this name and hopefully
you will do the same....or we will
be forced to emancipate you
from the family. In other words...
DON’T ACT UP! I would also like
to will my infamous dance moves
to Chakeire Joyner that she
secretly envies.”
- Alexa McCaskill-Thornton
“I will Ryan Seong a pair of real
sideburns, Allison Amato the
horn section of the band, Jordan
Habel surprise late night carrides, and Izzi Ezra the fact that
you are finally a senior.”
-Joseph L. Winner
Hawkeye View
Top 5
May 2010
Taco Bell
Panda Express
Favorite Teacher
Mrs. Wandro
Mr. Ahn
Mr. Seeley
Mrs. Bromley/ Ms. Lambert
Mr. Brown
Favorite Class
1. Senior Survey
2. Biology
3. AP Biology/AP Language
& Comp./ AP Physics
4. Gym
5. Foods/Fashion
Most Difficult Class
1. Calc BC
2. Geometry
3. AP Physics
4. Biology
5. AP Language & Comp./
AP Stats
Top 5
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Favorite TV
1. The Office
2. Family Guy
3. Glee
4. Bones/
The Simpsons
5. Grey’s Anatomy/
Jersey Shore
Favorite Movie
Favorite Music
1. Taylor Swift
2. John Mayer
3. Linkin Park/ Gucci Mane
4. Lil’ Wayne
5. Boys Like Girls
The Blind Side
The Hangover
3 Idiots
Rush Hour
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Oops... I di
“When I fell down the
stairs in front of the
whole school.”
-Austin Andersen
“When I spilled juice
on my pants and had
to go to class with a
wet spot and present.”
-Tatiana Johnson
“Going to the boys’
-Ana Cruz
“When I slipped at
Garber stadium.”
-Martin Contreras
“When I threw up during soccer tryouts and
Coach Torren almost
fell in it.”
-Fernando Reyes
“My uncle is a Hoffman
Estates cop. So naturally, when we had all
those bomb threats,
he signed up to work
here so he could keep
an eye on me. During
lunch I was sitting at a
table and eating when
he snuck up on me.
He was in full uniform
and had a very serious look on his face¬.
He came up to me
grabbed my arm and
asked me to come
with him. I yanked my
arm away and yelled
at him. When I looked
back everyone at all
the tables surrounding me were staring.
Next I knew, everyone
was asking me why I
fought with a cop.”
-Abigail Reynolds
“Fell up and down the
-Chris Penn
“When I fell in the
cafeteria sophomore
-Mayra Avila
“Freshman year I was
coming from lunch and
I was coming down the
stairs and accidentally
walked into the girls
-Bishoy Bahour
“Sophomore year, I
was heading to gym
and wanted to use the
bathroom, I made a
mistake and almost
walked into the girls
bathroom twice! I
don’t think anyone noticed though…”
-Samir Shimi
“When I fell down the
stairs my very first
day of school.”
-Martha Lomeli
“Sophomore year in
gym class I was running in gym class and
fell in front of everybody there.”
-Maria Gomez
“I’d cry in front of my
friends and in class”
-Beverly del Rosario
“Falling asleep backstage during Charlotte’s Web, my foot
lost circulation, I woke
up and fell, there was
a crash, Anna Gill
and the other techies
laughed at me!”
-Katy Kosiek
“I was so excited to
see my brother during the 1st week of
school because he
was a freshman. I saw
him walking down the
cafeteria hallway and
waved to him obnoxiously and excitedly
across the cafeteria.”
-Cindy Seong
“I was playing with my
friends at the cafeteria I got wet because
they started playing
with water. I had to
wait until I got dry. My
pants, shirt, and hair
were all wet.”
-Abigal Pilota
“Tripping on nothing.”
-Alexi De Mendoza
“When I was a freshman in the main gym
and the 10 minute bell
rang, I was one of the
ones who stood up
thinking it was time to
-Liliana Ramirez
“My senior year, walking into a freshman
math class, clueless,
until I realized, “Hey
that’s not Mr. Fivelson
and this is not Calc
-Daven Patel
“In the beginning of
sophomore year, I had
to give a presentation
about a person I was
partnered with. I was
fine until I forgot her
name. What’s worse,
I knew her the year
-Pete Vinotai
“Breaking my arm
sophomore year because someone pushed
me over at practice.”
-Fatima Macalaguin
“The accidental lunch
date I went on with a
friend and we stared
at each other the
whole time. Awkward…”
-Diana Bartowski
“When I was in Northern Iowa for a basketball camp and I pulled
a muscle when I was
going up for a layup
and all the parents
were laughing.”
-Thomas (Bubba)
“When my friend
pulled down my pants
in the weight room.”
-Sean Milner
“During my very 1st
legitimate varsity soccer practice sophomore year, I went to
trap a ball and my leg
gave out and I landed
straight on my butt.
Great first impression.”
-Sarah Channer
“Slipping on water in
the gym and having
everyone laugh.”
-Shianne Campos
“When my voice
cracked during Beauty
and the Beast.”
-Charlie Plaia
“When I fell backwards
off a lab bench in Bio
2 during a test.”
-Kristen Hisey
“When I was on the
water polo team freshman year, we had one
more point to make
before time was out to
win and I got the ball,
shot it, but the ball
went 5 inches in front
of me and we lost.”
-Ian Smart
“The numerous times
I’ll be talking about
someone (even when
it’s completely harmless) and then find out
they’re right behind
-Naveen Shahzad
“Throwing up on the
track during the turkey
-Matt McGee
“At the Spring sports
assembly they announced Hoffman
softball and I went
running through the
softball banner but it
didn’t break.”
-Mary Hacker
“During the school
day performance of
“Grease”, I ran down
the aisle at the beginning of the show
and went to jump on
stage and my foot
got caught under the
stage. I fell in front of
-Julia Hamlin
“Slipping on the cafeteria floor and falling...
numerous times.”
-Haley Sawtell
“Freshman year when
my sister posted embarrassing photos of
me around the school
for my birthday.”
-Brad Powszok
“Tripping down the
stairs during a passing
period and spraining
my ankle sophomore
-Pooja Patel
“I would have to say
my most embarrassing
moment at HEHS was
when I sprained my
ankle by rolling it out
on a rock.”
-Kyle Connely
“Falling down the
stairs not knowing
they were wet”
-Ben Weisberg
“My junior year in
math I didn’t stand up
for the pledge and Mr.
Hutton made me stand
up. After the pledge
I sat down but fell
on the floor instead
because Mr. Hutton
moved my seat. I still
haven’t forgiven him!”
-Sumayya Kaleem
“Before the basketball
games started, the
band would be in the
stands playing music
during warm ups. Every game some of the
flags girls, including
myself, would go down
there to dance to the
music. This one game
me and four other girls
were down there and
were dancing and I
really started getting
into it. After a while,
the other girls stopped
dancing. I didn’t know
why though so I kept
going only to find
out a moment later a
ref for the game was
standing right behind
me as I was dancing.
It was so awkward but
lucky me, that happened twice that day.”
-Melanie Braun
“My favorite pair of
skinny jeans has a
messed up zipper. I
wore it anyways but
when I went to the
bathroom, it broke and
I was trying to fix it. I
was in there forever…
girls probably thought
I was doing #2!”
-Grace Kim
“When I messed up at
-Brandon Hernandez
“The first day of freshman year, I tripped
down the stairs.”
-Elisa Wildman
“Hurting Mrs. Sowle
during the 2009 Turn
about week in a sumo
suit, then having her
as a teacher the following year.”
-Vibhesh Patel
“Probably when Augi
was twisting a mustard packet and I told
him to stop because
Hawkeye View
May 2010
d i t ag a i n. . .
it would explode all
over me. He continued
to do it anyway and,
lo and behold, it happened. I smelled like
mustard for the rest of
the day.”
-Megan Bryant
“Dressing up as a
geisha for Mr. Hoffman
Hawk. Yeah, I think
that ended up being
pretty embarrassing.”
-Alex Oda
“In AP Government
when I literally fell out
of my chair, and took
my desk down with
-Elise Hwang
“Sitting in a Spanish
three class, freshman
year, and wondering
why I didn’t recognize
anyone and how does
the teacher expect
Spanish one students
to be conversing in
Spanish only.”
-Kulsum Ishrati
“More like two embarrassing periods of time
– asking a girl to prom
my junior and senior
-Aaron Vera
“Coach Sriver was joking and telling me how
the mobile classrooms
were indoor soccer
fields and I actually
believed him.”
-Reona Oishi
“Junior year, we were
warming up before a
water polo game. We
were doing a drill and
I accidentally elbowed
Michelle Kelley and
gave her a bloody
-Elizabeth Smith
“When I talked in front
of the whole school
and said we were going to win our first
game and then we
-Shamar Mcfarland
“I walked into my second block A day class
as a Junior and it took
me until the teacher
walked in to realize it
was a B day.”
-Nikki Fleming
“Singing in the cafeteria for the psychology
prison experiment.”
-Mike Sanchez
“Stuttering in front of
my survey class.”
-Mariana Neria
“Tripping on the stairs
at the Foreign Language Awards.”
-Parin Patel
“Accidentally spitting
water at Becky Gilbert
during a water break
at soccer practice.”
-Kelsey Lukowicz
“Falling down the
bleachers at a basketball game.”
-Melissa Schmidt
“The first outdoor assembly.”
-Jacob Uhunmwangho
“When we were being
introduced for our first
soccer game my senior
year, I was all excited,
a lot of my peers were
there, I ran out and
tripped on my united
shoe lace.”
-Vanessa Daugherty
“Running across the
bleachers at the end of
junior year and falling
down on the gym floor
and my shoes flew up
in the air as all my
friends continued to
run across and leave
-Cindy Rodriguez
“At the end of the first
day of freshman year,
I walked into a door
infront of a ton of
-Nick Zielinski
“I was with my friend
freshman year and
we we’re pointing out
this how guy that was
walking our way. She
told him that I thought
he was hot, and it
turned out he was a
-Michelle Kelley
“Once I forgot to bring
boxers and shorts to
school after morning running, after the
shower, I was given
to choices: wear my
sweaty short shorts
or wear my towel to
class. After much consideration, I walked to
first block in just my
-Kyle Gonzales
“Sophomore year, I
came to Grace Kim’s
locker and kicked her
in the butt, but when
she turned around, it
wasn’t her! I accidentally kicked a random
girl in the butt and I
apologized about a
hundred times.”
-Liz Koh
“When I decided not to
wear a cup in one of
my freshman baseball
games and I ended
up getting hit with the
ball in that area while
stepping on home
-Nick Sall
“Most embarrassing moment was my
freshman year when
I injured my neck in
gymnastics and have
to walk around in a
bright yellow neck
-Emily Zuniga
“Slipping on water in
the cafeteria in front
of everybody.”
-Julia Kaman
“Freshman year, I
was in volleyball and
I went up for a spike
and my shorts were
really loose on me and
so when I came down,
my shorts came down
to my ankles and all
this happened in front
of my coach.”
-Jose Anaya
“My first day of freshman biology… we were
giving short presentations and I was really
nervous. Instead of
saying ORGANISM, I
said orgasm. Way to
start my high school
-Brianna Novelli
“Hmmm. I have fallen
up and down the stairs
a couple of times. But
the one thing that I try
to control, but continue to do, is snortting
when I laugh. Very
- Alexa McCaskillThornton
“Scraping the outside
of my cheek when trying to get cheek cells
for biology and getting de-pantsed in the
-Liz Lewis
“Running into a tennis ball during a match
and tearing two ligaments.”
-Aakash Bavishi
“Freshman year when
returning a tray and
plate, I knocked stack
all over the floor.”
-David Krzepicki
“When I used to wear
tight pants and I
ripped my pants in
Sobolewski’s class.”
-Bryan Proskey
“Oh so many: from the
casual tripping up the
stairs and my shoe flying off, to walking into
a wall, to shrieking in
the middle of class in
AP physics because of
-Jhanvi Shah
“Freshman year I went
to lunch not knowing that my two best
friends were absent
that day. Instead of
going to the library,
I sat at a table full of
strangers and pretended I knew them just so
I wouldn’t look like a
loner. Ha ha, YIKES!”
-Alexandra Moore
“My most embarrassing moment was when
I first put on the Belle
wig for musical. It
looked like a mullet.”
-Danielle Wilson
“During badminton, I
smashed the birdie at
Kulsum’s face and she
got hurt! Sorry Kulsum!”
-Dipal Desai
“My teacher wanted
me to draw something
on the board so he
threw the chalk at me
and it went down my
shirt in front of the
whole class.”
-Natalie White
“Junior year during
Homecoming week,
the dress-up day was
Movie Star Day. I
dressed as Tom Cruise
from Risky Business,
wearing an over-sized
white dress shirt, and
no pants. Needless
to say, I got plenty of
looks in the hallways,
and got questioned
about the dress code
from the hall monitors.
Well worth it though!”
-Mike Mertel
“During the in-school
performance of
Grease last year, we
performed the song
“Greased Lightning.”
Every guy in the cast
wore paper jumpsuits
for that song. They
said “one-size fits all”,
but in reality, they
were more of one-size
fits MOST. Of course, I
– in terms of size – am
NOT most… so… The
crotch of my jumpsuit ripped in front
of an auditorium full
of my friends. They
all started laughing,
and I thought “Did
someone add a funny
dance move during
this part?” Then as I
looked down to make
sure I didn’t trip on
the edge of the stage,
I saw it. Needless to
say, I didn’t use the
paper jumpsuits after
that performance.”
-Gabe Johnson
“One afternoon during Grease rehearsal,
we were running the
burger palace scene.
I played Jan had to
“give the finger” to
Dan Nitti, who played
Roger. Right when my
middle finger went up,
Ms. Busch walks in the
auditorium to watch.
Mrs. Wandro joined
in the embarassment
with me so it felt good
not to be the only
-Lexi Wozny
Hawkeye View
~~Mrs. Bromley
“Go eat, go eat!”
~~Mr. Brown
“It‛s not time for carpet watching”
“What is this witchcraft?”
“Have a good weekend, make good
~~Mr. Ahn
“This is the sucks”
“Don‛t be the person who lives for the
weekends because those people only
live 2 out of the 7 days of the week”
“Hai yahhh (and kicks door open)”
“Search for the truth, friends.”
“Whatever you do good, someone will
do it better.”
“Share your genius, my friends.”
“Hello, friends”
“Learn for thr sake of learning”
~~Ms. Carroll
“Totes Magotes.”
~~Mrs. Wandro
“I‛ll lick your stamps”
“Ian Smart, you look very smart today”
“…and they were all feeding each
other” (while crying during the Heaven and Hell speech)
~~Math Department
“Where‛s your ID?!”
~~Mr. Fivelson
“Repeat sophomore!”
“Pinkesh, penalty box.”
“Is it because we‛re Jewish?”
~~Ms. Haq
“Break a leg”
~~Mr. Peak
“You got served.”
May 2010
~~Mrs. Schildt
“I am going to kick you in the face”
~~Mrs. Thomas
“Pinkesh, you‛re making me reddish”
“Hey Lamont… ugh I mean Gabe!”
“Life is gud”
~~Mr. Jones
“Man, skip that!”
“I smell trig!”
~~Mr. Loh
“You are all giftards.”
“It all comes down to… yours all
~~Mr. Meador
~~Mrs. Nolan
“I‛m about to retire, and I calculated
that with all my built up sick days, I
can miss every Friday, from now until
the end of the year.”
~~Mr. Hutton
“Pump it up”
“I‛m a real boy”
“Don‛t kick the baby”
~~Mrs. Yereb
“Ding! Ding! Ding!”
~~Ms. Koch
“Set! Set!...Not anymore!”
Social Studies
~~Mr. Anderson
“Why do you even come to school, why
don‛t you just drop out?”
“Easy peezy lemon squeezy”
“I‛m not saying, I‛m just saying”
“What movie?”
“Refrain from speaking”
“Way to go, supernerd!”
~~Ms. Atamian
“I think my house is haunted”
“Stop beating up Augi.”
“Proskey no one would want to date
you for four years. Don‛t worry about
opportunity costs.”
“Your fingers are like E.T.”
“Did you just see that?”
“Did you just hear that? Or am I
“This is going in the smile file.”
~~Mr. Konecki
“I am a member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals!”
“Imma come at you! I‛m the juggernaut.”
“Any thoughts, questions, hopes,
dreams, feelings, reactions?”
“Folum Folum”
In a high pitched voice “Let‛s pop a
cap in his-“ regular voice “Whoah!
Calm down Mickey Mouse!”
~~Mr. Schumacher
“… only after you turn 25, hold hands,
and get married of course.”
“Alexi, how do you say that in
“Take your quiz!”
~~Mrs. Sowle
“You sillies…”
“I had a cankle once!”
~~Mr. Swanson
“I got mass, you got mass…baby we
~~Mr. Lindeen
“The britches are coming!”
“Where is mopus?”
~~Mrs. Ryon
“Point in case”
“So you bought me cake and now expect me not to teach? Is that what
this is?”
“Look up at me guys”
“Are you with me?”
“Oh, I probably shouldn‛t have said
~~Mr. Schmidt
“KISS: keep it simple stupid”
~~Mr. Seely
“No te cases”
“My sister‛s tan and I‛m red”
“I‛m drawing a frickin bird!”
~~Mr. Armstrong
~~Mr. Scully
“Does that make sense”
“I‛ll shoot you in the knee cap”
“Disco really angered me”
“If I gotta wear the ID, you gotta
wear it too.”
“Thank you. That enlightened my
“I‛m doing number 2.”
~~Mr. Beebe
“Make like a baby and head out.”
“Your mom…..she‛s a nice lady.”
“Yeah, my last girlfriend….”
“So my ex tried to run me over the
other day.”
-Mr. Mallon
“John Q Public”
~~Mr. Dowd
“You‛re runnin‛ like this!”
Foreign Language
-Mme. Frost
“People have sex, words have gender”
“My uterus is none of your business”
“Dans le couloir, Pierre.”
~~Mrs. Rodriguez
“Pinkich and Daben, stop it!”
Hawkeye View
~~Mrs. Coaston
“Are you just chillin‛ back there?”
Business Ed./Drivers Ed.
~~Mr. Wandro
“What up boo boo”
“It‛s all fun and games until the flying monkeys attack.”
“If all you eat are big macs, then
you‛ll become a big mac.
~~Mr. Bryant
“We have a no touch policy here at
“Stop Yourself.”
“Serenity now.”
Health/Family & Consumer
~~Ms. Ecker
“All of your smiling faces looking at
~~Mrs. Marshall
“Be yourself and don‛t do anything
that you don‛t like just to impress
Physical Ed.
~~Mr. Davis
“Which is worse, the layer or the
“Sean, what is you doin‛.”
“People, I can still see you, they got
~~Mr. Medina
mirrors in here for a reason.”
“Cocoa puffs is warfare in my mouth” “Open for business”
“Son of a cheeseburger”
~~Mr. Heyse
“Are you angry?”
~~Mr. Scott
“He‛s not hurt, he‛s a hockey play“You need to work on your face”
“This is due…next week”
~~Mrs. Roesner
“This is what a real man looks like”~~Mr. Beers
after pausing ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10
“Why are you so angry? You really
days‛ on a shirtless Matthew McConagey
need to calm down.”
“A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the
Special Ed.
~~Mr. Ganas
“Out Fight somebody”
“Hawk style!”
~~Mrs. Verdonck
“I‛m gunna call your mother”
“Here we go”
“Sell yourself to the judges-but not
in a bad way!”
~~Mr. Ihms
“Girl you stank, take a bath.”
~~Mr. Erickson
“Action without vision”
“I have too much blood in my caffeine system”
“More tuba…”
“Pinch that dime.”
~~Ms. Pham
“No smokes ‘til after the hooker.”
~~O. Rod
“There is no such thing as forgiveness”
May 2010
~~Mr. Schlesinger
“Are you turning 18?.. Make sure you
get arrested the night before your
~~Mr Lewandowski
“Don‛t be a turd”
~~Mr. Schmidt
“Bull Schmidt”
~~Mr. Sriver
“Why don‛t you go take a lap to
think about it.”
“Ya Stiff!”
“Work to get better”
Applied Tech.
~~Mr. Ligman
“Hey meatheads!”
“You do something that you are not
supposed to, and I will punch you in
the ear.”
“Common sense is not so common.”
~~Mrs. Lambert
“Don‛t give up”
“You‛re better than that”
Pictures from left: Ryan Brown, Joshua
Schumacher, Christina Ordonez
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Just take our
“Appreciate your friends
and be someone who deserves to be appreciated.”
-Katie Pan
“Never speak when you
are not spoken to.”
-Liliana Ramirez
“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your
limits! Don’t ever think
you are too cool to not do
something, loosen up and
have fun!”
-Gabriel Briceno
“Make use of not taking
the finals second semester.”
-Siddig Ahmed
“Just be yourself and
choose your friends wisely.”
-Roberto Villalpando
“Never let anybody take
you down.”
-Beverly del Rosario
“Don’t throw your future
into the garbage.”
-Jashira Roman
“If you try your best you
will succeed in your life.”
-Martha Lomeli
“Don’t mess with your
teachers and have fun
with your friends.”
-Mayra A
“Enjoy your high school
career because it won’t
last forever.”
-Bishoy Bahour
“Don’t act like a freshman.”
-Cindy Seong
“Anything is possible
if you set your mind to
something and stick with
it. Don’t ever give up and
always stay strong for
yourself and others. Don’t
run into any trouble.”
-Samir Shimi
“Always stay smiling and
work hard in school- it will
pay off in the long run.”
-Pinkesh Shah
“Do your work, be what
you can be, and don’t be
stupid. Be excited with
every moment.”
-Austin Andersen
“Never let someone tell
you what you can and cannot do.”
-Tatiana Johnson
“Just enjoy your high
school career because you
are never going to get it
-Martin Contreras
“Try your best because
senior year is your hardest
-Abraham Alvarado
“Stick with your friends,
don’t lose them.”
-Saad Hashmi
“Enjoy everything you do
and do as many things as
you can.”
-Fernando Reyes
“Perseverance is key. Have
fun and never forget the
flags team! Oh, and be excellent to each other. And
party on dudes!”
-Abby Reynolds
“Freshmen: don’t be stupid
(but we know you are).
Sophomores: don’t need to
say much, just have fun
with ACTs next year. Juniors: have fun senior year
and don’t take any math
or sciene classes (good
choice on my part).”
-Sean Milner
“Four years really do go by
fast so have fun and make
the best out of high school.
Try something new, you
never know, it could be
the best decision you ever
-Fatima Macalaguin
“Work hard from start
to finish and make sure
everything is satisfactory to you. Don’t care so
much about what other
people say, listen to your
own heart. But make sure
that if you do decide to do
something, that you can
stand by it.”
-Diana Bartowski
“Stay sharp and act cool.”
-Akib Shiliwala
“High school provides you
the opportunities to really
discover who you are as a
person; take advantage of
those opportunities. And
say “hi” to your teachers,
they’re people too!”
-Daven Patel
ter. Don’t say, “My friends
don’t talk to me,” if you’re
not making an effort either. Join a lot of activities
and sports.”
-Aaron Vera
“Don’t slack, you will always be sick of homework
and studying but that’s
life. Make school your
priority or you’ll regret it
-Stephanie Orozco
“Don’t procrastinate college stuff too much.”
-Pete Vinotai
“Have no regrets in high
school, shortest 4 years of
your life. So live each day
to its fullest.”
-Akash Shah
“Don’t take this amazing school and people for
granted because before
you know it, you’ll be filling out this Senior issue
-Roshan Ali
“Do everything you do to
the best of your ability
because you only get one
chance and before you
know it, it’s over.”
-Brad Powszok
“Just be yourself, don’t let
people walk over you.”
-Haley Sawtell
“Remember every grade
you get goes toward your
GPA and take advantage
of every opportunity high
school offers.”
-Julia Hamlin
“Start making new habits
that will prepare you for
college. Try something
new. Hangout with everyone at least once.”
-Mary Hacker
“Do your best in everything you do- never give
up. Get involved- it makes
high school fun.”
-Nicole Hagen
“Live it up!”
-Reona Oishi
“Do your homework and
be nice to the hall monitors (they’re good to have
on your side).”
-Gianinia Michelle Robles
“Pay attention in class,
do your homework with
quality (no half-butting!)
and stay true to yourself.
Guaranteed, you will succeed.”
-Milie Fang
“Don’t waste your time
complaining to your
friends or teachers about
how much your life stinks;
get up and make it bet-
“Do what makes you
happy and don’t take
your time left for granted.
Cherish every minute of
it as well as every person.
Forget about the drama; it
won’t matter in 5 years.”
-Sarah Channer
“Don’t cram for tests, and
get sleep.”
-Naveen Shahzad
“Don’t get senioritis too
early, have fun. High
school goes by fast.”
-Stephanie Schwarz
“Don’t put your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s wants
ahead of your own needs,
don’t change your morals
to fit in, think with your
brain and nothing else.”
-Alexandra Moore
“Remember to make smart
choices, be open minded,
avoid alcoholism.”
-Bryan Proskey
“Wear your ID’s, have as
much fun as possible, and
study and work hard.”
-Veronica Sosa
“Just to enjoy the time you
have left at H.E.H.S. because it goes very quickly
and you have to live everyday to the fullest.”
-David Krzepicki
“Show up to class, stay
awake, do the homework,
and suck it up, you’ll
never fail, guaranteed.”
-Kyle Gonzales
“Don’t take anything for
granted. High school goes
by quickly.”
-Vishal Shah
“Have fun haha!”
-Julia Kaman
“Sleep is key.”
-Elise Hwang
“Don’t think you’re too
cool for anything or anyone because you’ll end up
missing out on great opportunities.”
-Danielle Wilson
“Keep your heads up, don’t
get involved in the drama,
and keep your future in
-Emily Zuniga
“The advice I would give
is to get involved in clubs,
because it makes the year
go by faster, and you make
tons of memories while
having a great time. Also
do not stress out too much,
because in the end it’s
probably not that important anyway. You’re only
in high school once (hopefully!) so have fun while
you can.”
-Nicole White
“Don’t wait until it’s your
senior year to start applying for college; it gives
you more work to do along
with your school work and
stay on your teachers good
-Nick Sall
“Keep things in perspective. Set a goal and do
everything to achieve it.”
-Aakash Bavishi
“Every year counts. Don’t
put anything you can do
today for tomorrow. High
school passes by faster
than you think. And mostly, work hard, play hard.”
-Sandra Tourjman
“Work as hard as you can
now, it’ll pay off later.
Never give up on something that means a lot to
-Kristen Hisey
“Don’t take your time here
for granted. Stop worrying about drama, it won’t
-Shianne Campos
“Do snowball!!”
-Brandon Hernandez
“Try not to worry about
others, just worry about
yourself and study hard.”
-Adriana Villalpando
“Take freshman year seriously, it will pay off your
senior year.”
-Ian Smart
“Develop a good attitude
and an open mind toward
school. Also, put a lot into
your school work but not
so much that you can’t
have fun!”
-Grace Kim
“As much as you don’t
want to, keep up with
your homework, and try
to postpone senioritis as
much as possible and have
some fun! Stressing out
won’t get you anywhere.”
-Melanie Braun
“Have fun, don’t stress,
and do your homework.”
-Chris Jennings
“Don’t eat the food in the
cafeteria, go all out senior
year, and just wear your
ID’s because being written up for something that
small is pointless and
stupid (we all know)”
-Sumayya Kaleem
Hawkeye View
May 2010
r word for it
“Pursue the things you
love and you will succeed.”
-Ben Weisberg
the way early, get involved.”
-Megan Bryant
“Try a bunch of different
things at school and get
involved and try not to be
a scumbag.”
-Charlie Plaia
“Enjoy senior year and the
years in high school while
they last.”
-Pooja Patel
“Keep on track with your
academics and enjoy the
time you have at Hoffman.”
-Kyle Connelly
“Do all your work and get
good grades because it
pays off in the end.”
-Michelle Wesoloski
“Talk to random people
and make new friends.”
-Grace Watkins
“The biggest thing is that
you can’t let emotion get
in the way of your goals.
If you let your feelings get
you sidetracked from being rational, your ability
to achieve what you want
diminishes. Also try not
to limit yourself to one
clique…there’s some awesome people here at HEHS
to get to know!”
-Colette Ghunim
“Bring your own lunch
every day.”
-Jose Briceno
“It doesn’t matter how
many games you win or
how good the performance
is; what matters is the
memories you make on the
-Katy Kosiek
“Enjoy the rest of your
time here! Don’t wait until
the end of your senior year
to realize that Hoffman
is way undeserving of its
dull reputation.”
- Nick Gebbia
“Beware of the cafeteria
burgers and be nice to the
hall monitors- they’ll do
favors for you.”
-Carly Stenger
“Be yourself, stay calm
throughout your high
school years. The more
friendly you are, the more
people you attract.”
-Chris Hernandez
“The four years in high
school go by quickly. Enjoy
every day and don’t stress
about the little things.”
-Elizabeth Smith
“Don’t procrastinate, get
all required classes out of
“Do not procrastinate!
Have fun in high school,
it ends sooner than you
-Liz Koh
“Have an easy senior
-Viraj Patel
“You know how EVERYONE says senior year goes
by fast? Listen to them, it
really does.”
-Michelle Kelley
“Either study, or become
friends with someone who
-Nick Zielinski
“Enjoy all the time you
have, it will be over before
you know it.”
-Cindy Rodriguez
“Stop complaining. Everyone goes through the same
four years.”
-Eunice Ahn
“Don’t learn only from
classes but from your
social interactions too. Go
out on Friday and Saturday.”
-Joe Gordon
“Make sure you surround
yourself with people that
make smart decisions and
have a positive attitude.
Try new things, spontaneity is key. Avoid drama,
that could be a major
- Alexa McCaskill-Thornton
“To cherish your first few
years at Hoffman, to chose
the people who will always
be in your life through
the good and the bad,
and don’t be involved in
drama. It’s never worth
it, and be with whoever
makes you happy, no matter what.”
-Vanessa Daugherty
“Get involved as much as
you can.”
-Dawn Tan
“Don’t stress too much to
be done with high school
because before you know
it, you will be ‘out there’ in
‘the grown up world’ and
there won’t be a ‘golden
ticket’ to come back to this
memorable time.”
-Laura Luna
“Be better.”
-Jafet Blanco
“Take risks.”
-Matt Wrobel
“Read a book.”
-Matt McGee
“Join the Cross Country
-Melissa Schmidt
“Don’t wail ‘til the last few
months of senior year to
realize you are going off to
college. Senior year is not
easy, so work really hard.
Also enjoy the high school
years, because they go by
-Dipal Desai
“Join tech, and do it
-Nikki Fleming
“Love thy school.”
-Kulsum Ishrati
“Do your homework! Don’t
be a slacker like me. It
will come back to haunt
you…I promise.”
-Megan Norwood
“Work hard, enjoy life,
dream big.”
-Mike Sanchez
“Do whatever you can and
want to do in high school.”
-Patrick Pugasa
“Don’t ever give up on
something you love and
education is key.”
-Shamar Mcfarland
“Take all four years seriously but have the most
fun as possible at the
same time. High school
is one of the best times of
your life.”
- Lauren Kubiniec
“Get a good start in high
school and finish strong.
Without an education you
can’t get anywhere.”
-Jose Anaya
“If you’ve got big dreams
and big goals- go get it.
No one is stopping you but
-Smit Patel
“Follow the rules and
respect all of the teachers
and students.”
-Jhelam Shah
“Get involved! School is
much more fun when you
are involved activities that
interest you. You also meet
new friends that way.”
-Brianna Novelli
“Time stands for no
one- make the most of
these four years because
they truly do go by too
fast. Take advantage of
Hoffman’s diversity and
enjoy all this school has to
offer. Have FUN and save
senioritis for the end of
senior year.”
-Afsara Zaheed
“Seminar senior year is
the best! Don’t be smarter
than Kelsey Luckowicz
because she doesn’t take
-Liz Lewis
“ ‘Don’t live your life only
for the weekend, because
you will end up only living
2 days out of 7 for your
entire life.’- Mr. Ahn.”
-Nick Sherlock
“Join cross country!”
-Kati Mattes
“Don’t be lazy and not do
homework and don’t not
care if you fail a class because in the future it will
hurt you. Take advantage
of time and work hard
to get somewhere in the
-Becca Gonzales
“Do not wait until the last
minute to do your homework. Also, never give up
on anything; try as hard
as you can.”
-Dipal Desai
“Always look forward,
never regret what you do.”
-Jose Rivera
“Don’t take anything for
granted; try hard in every
-Danny Malakismail
“Don’t stop believin’. And
get involved! Sports and
activities are great fun
and a good way to meet
-Mason Jenkins
“Get involved as early as
possible- it’s a great way
to meet new people and
you will have a million
memories that you can
look back on and laugh.”
-Natalie White
“Underclassmen! Good
luck with high school.
High school is a roller
coaster, and when you
graduate, you’ll realize
how much fun it was.
More activities doesn’t
always mean better. Try
different sports and activities, and when you find
the thing that you truly
enjoy, make sure you commit yourself to it.”
-Jhanvi Shah
“Stay focused, especially
junior year. Save senioritis
for 4th quarter of senior
year. Stay positive. Love
and cherish everyday.
Basically, live with no
regrets. Tryout for the
musical. You never know
what could happen!”
-Lexi Wozny
“My advice is to
but really, class of 2010 is
gonna be a hard act to follow, so… ya.”
-Gabe Johnson
“Keep your life balanced.
It took me 3 years to figure this out, but I’m better
for it. Don’t overwork
yourself, but don’t coast
through life either.”
-Mike Mertel
“Go to Sam’s Club and
stock your locker with lots
of food.”
-Kelsey Lukowicz
“Get to know as many
people as you can; there is
a lot of good here.”
-Vibhesh Patel
“I know high school sucks
when it comes to waking
up early having to take
stupid tests and having
alot of homework. Dont
stress the little things,
take advantage of high
school and have fun with
your friends, because after
the four years are over everyone goes there seperate
-Christina Conigliaro
“Make sure that you always remember to wear
pants to school. Make sure
that your cafeteria food
isnt making noises before
you eat it. Try not to fall
asleep in the school bathroom. Eat your wheaties!”
-Joseph L. Winner
“Dont procrasinate too
much...or at least try not
to. Remember sleep is a
necessity. Always keep
some food handy in case
you get hungry!”
-Sayali Sakhardande
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Do you Remember all
“Joining the Gymnastics team
for the first time.”
-Gabriel Briceno
“All my teachers helped me in
my difficult times at Hoffman
when I was new. Also, the International Fair.”
-Jhelam Shah
“Chilling, talking, and working
out in the weight room with my
girls: Ashtar and Adriana.”
“One of my most memorable
memory is when we had bomb
threats during my sophomore
year. It was crazy with all the
police and the strict rules.”
-Roberto Villalpando
“Having shared these years with
my teachers.”
-Abigail Pilota
“The ESL Dance: “Tropical Paradise,” and soccer and wrestling
-Jose Briceno
“My favorite memories from
HEHS are with my friends, and
how we played around. As well
as a few teachers.”
“My favorite memories at HEHS
are meeting my new friends,
getting to know many people,
and just having a fun high school
-Beverly del Rosario
the musical- best decision of my
senior year. Scoring the winning touchdown in powderpuff.
The fashion show. Softball: even
though we are a young team,
the chemistry we share together
allows us to achieve more than
what may be expected. We
make it happen.”
-Mary Hacker
“Swimming meets and post-AP
Test laziness.”
-Paul Organ
“All the long tech days, marching band dinners, and all the
theatre productions.”
-Michelle Wesoloski
“10 minute passing periods,
band room lunches, Stronghold
with Madrigals, shows (musicals,
plays, V-show), music department boat trips, and Lady
Skaga for V-show.”
-Katy Kosiek
“Joining SADD club for the first
time this year and being a small
group leader for Operation
-Samir Shimi
“Everything involving flags (football/basketball games, competitions, state), exciting volleyball
games, and my junior prom.”
-Abby Reynolds
“Playing soccer and the football
-Fernando Reyes
“ESL dance, Homecoming and
Turnabout, and ESL picnic.”
-Joanna Bejorano
“Playing soccer sophomore year
(and in gym almost everyday).”
-Abraham Alvarado
“Having weight training with my
best friend.”
-Martha Lomeli
“Being president of Latinos
Unidos, being the only freshman at a leadership conference,
and the dances and my performances.”
-Martin Contreras
“When we went to a fieldtrip
with my classmates and my
-Areli Bahena
“It hasn’t come in yet- my last
day of school. Participating in
“The sports I’ve played and
the friends I made because of
-Austin Anderson
“My senior year during basketball season when we beat ZionBenton to go to the regional
-Thomas Iheme
“Doing the fasion show at the
end of the year and meeting a
lot of people.”
-Bianca Ocampo
“Fieldtrips to the Museums and
summer school.”
-Mayra Avila
“My track team and sleepovers,
meeting new people, and learning life lessons.”
-Tatiana Johnson
“Sophomore year we were
playing with dry ice in Chem
and we thought it would be a
good idea to put dry ice in a
Gatorade. Needless to say the
bottle blew up.”
-Matt Wrobel
“My memory is that I met a
lot of people from different
-Jashira Roman
“When I met my new friends. Or
when I stayed after school with
my friends and we would just
play around and have fun.”
-Adriana V.
after school with arms flailing or
maybe when Milie chased me
around the class trying to tickle
me while Neha stood with her
mouth open. Or perhaps the
womanly cuves dance…long
story. Ah sweet memories.”
-Diana Bartkowski
“When my AP Physics class
went outside to measure car
speed, but the car we chose first
completely went through a red
-Nick Sall
“Ah the wonderful orchestra
moments between Milie and
me. It’s hard to choose which
one. Maybe the picture of the
2 of us clad in our “lovely”
black dresses skipping down
the supposedly locked hallways
“ Going to Washington D.C. for
STAND, hosting Connie Payton, being part of the German
exchange and everyday of Mr.
Clark’s Psych Class.”
-Natalie White
“Sitting in front of the lockers
and yelling ‘the cow jumped
over the moon!’ when a teacher
walked by.”
-Katie Pan
“Dancing at the assembly.”
-Akib Shiliwala
“Memories from seasons in
baseball and other sporting
-Matt McGee
“Being on the lacrosse team for
4 years, being nominated for
homecoming court, and seminar
with Aval, Kendall, Courtney,
and Danielle.”
-Sean Milner
“Hawks for Haiti, because it
showed me how selfless our
school is.”
-Danielle Wilson
friends, the brat stand, Mr.
Clarke’s Psych class, and when
the power went out sophomore
-Nicole White
tion, finding Mrs. Verdonck in
the 1991 HEHS yearbook, making fun of friends that will last a
-Ben Weisberg
“Homecoming was always fun,
senior year was the best because of Powderpuff.”
-Alexandra Moore
“All the people I met and have
grown up with.”
-Lauren Kubinec
“Soccer, Volleyball and Football
-Nicole Hagan.
“My favorite memories are
of homecoming week. Being
in band, that week we got to
march through the hallways and
at the game. Just all the spirit.”
-Dominique Jackson
“Going to Washington to rally
for STAND, presenting with
Connie Payton, getting lost on
student congress rides, spending time with the ATP kids and
finally being a senior.”
-Brianna Novelli
“When I fell in the cafeteria
and everyone started to laugh,
when we had the Rachel’s Challenge Assembly, and PowderPuff.”
-Laura Luna
“Basketball games vs. Schaumburg, pep assemblies, lockdowns, chemical explosions,
snow days, fire alarm , freshmentoring, expo comp, w/Mrs.
Wandro, off campus and the
-Sumayya Kaleem
“Marching in the drumline, the
pipe explosions, when Hutton
went crazy and started drop
kicking the balls during volleyball practice, then the boys got
-Melanie Braun
“I will always remember during
my sophomore and junior years
being an English Monitor with
the fun time we had during
fourth block and all the teachers started singing 80’s music to
-Cody Hootman
“Volleyball team bonding at
-Pat Pugasa
“All the great times with the
guys on the Cross Country team
the past four years, body painting before football games, and
meeting a lot of cool people.”
-Kyle Connelly
“Working with STAND, being a
magician for my gifted project,
winning best presiding officer at
a debate tournament, playing in
band throughout high school.”
-Daven Patel
“Having a blast at social events
like I-Fair or the dances.”
-Jose Anaya
“Winning conference indoor and
outdoor for track and qualifying
for indoor in track.”
-Kristen Hisey
“Sporting Events, musical and
homecoming week.”
-Sandra Tourjman.
“Participating in or cheering on
any HEHS sports team.”
-Elisa Wildman
“Being the prince in Beauty &
the Beast was cool because…
well I am a prince.”
-Charlie Plaia
“Orchestra and Diana bartkowski, Basketball managing,
Badminton an V-show with
-Millie Fang
“The extra-curricular activities
and the Gifted Expo.”
-Aakash Bavishi
“Random conversations in class
and hanging with friends.”
-Naveen Shahzad
“Doing the musical every year.”
-Julia Hamlin
“All the long tech days, marching band dinners and all the
theatre productions.”
-Michelle Wesoloski
“Going to state for Poms
freshman year, decorating for
dances, football and basketball
games and everything about
-Sarah Channer
“The golf team, all the basketball games with the Blue Crew
and everything other than the
-David Krzepicki
“Putting together operation
snowballs, playing softball and
-Christina Conigliaro
“Dance show, Hanging out with
“The blackouts, chemical reac-
“Going to prom as a junior,
Hawkeye View
May 2010
of the Times we had...
scoring 3 goals in a varsity
lacrosse game against Palatine
(we won!), getting a math tossup
correct over the math geniuses
during a scholastic bowl match
against Palatine.”
-Aaron Vera
“Hanging around with friends,
going to my first dance, and just
fooling around in class.”
-Pinkesh Shah
“The Boys soccer seasons including the bus ride home from
Fremd and all the pasta parties.
Also, Kryptonite Krew, Homecoming weeks, and Prom.”
-Mike Mertel
“Mrs. Bromley’s class because
she always made everything so
much fun.”
-Meera Patel
“Screaming at the top of my
lungs when I’m so close to getting a t-shirt that they throw to
the stands at football games
and assemblies.”
-Cindy Seong
“French class.”
-Alexi de Mendoza
“The snow days, the black-out,
the bomb threat, the chemical
explosion, and the runaway
shooter were definitely some
of my favorite memories! Being
part of cross country and track
for 4 years, skipping down the
hall with Oda, Olive Garden
and Noodles with MaryKate
and Nicole, and craziness with
-Jhanvi Shah
tion in.”
-Nick Zielinski
“Going to state with my flags
teams, performing at football
and basketball games, decorating for dances and all the stuff I
did with student council.”
-Shianne Campos
“Basketball games vs. Schaumburg, pep. Assemblies, lockdown
sophomore year, chemical
explosion last year, snow days,
fire alarms, fresh mentoring,
expo comp with Ms. Wandro,
off campus, half days.”
-Sumayya Kaleem
“Always trying to find the softest
cookie out of the chocolate chip
- Alexa McCaskill-Thornton
“Memories from 4 seasons in
baseball and other sporting
-Matt McGee
“Running through the halls trying
to find Waldo with orchesis, 12hour days with the poms team,
variety shows, the dances, and
the lacrosse games.”
-Fatima Macalaguin
“Dancing to the band with my
fellow Skyhawks while waiting
to do Colourguard.”
-Hayley Sawtell
“Being a part of the varsity
soccer team all 4 years. All the
people here at HEHS and the
amazing times I had at snowball
with some of the best people I
-Brad Powszok
“My freshman year because I
met new people who became
very good friends.”
-Gianinia Robles
“Swim meets and being in the
assemblies with the push cart.”
-Akash Shah
“Playing board games in
physics, snowball, and all the
-Pete Vinotai
“When I dressed up as Hitler
for the Euro Project….that got
-Roshan Ali
“Going to Ahn’s class to yell,
Beauty and the Beast, blackouts,
chemical explosions, and floods,
Taylor and his provocative announcements, staying 1 hour after and loitering the hallways.”
-Colette Ghunim
Being on the poms team.
-Emily Zuniga
“My favorite times were the
ones spent with all of my
friends. I’ll never forget them.”
-Stephanie Orozco
“My favorite memories are from
wrestling and during the passing
periods trying to fit a conversa-
“Participating in or cheering on
any HEHS sports team.”
-Elisa Wildman
“Winning conference (indoor
and outdoor) in track and field.
And qualifying for indoor.”
-Kristen Hisey
“When Kyle G., Matt W., Nick
S., and I built a snowman during
practice and got in trouble.”
-Brandon Hernandez
“Playing football, putting up
points, being involved in sports,
knowing everybody in school,
being the man in school”
-Shamar M.
“I remember when I was a freshman, how scared I was. I was
so small and was used to seeing
kids my age, but instead I saw
older kids and I kind of freaked
out. I remember being so shy
and quiet also.”
-Becca Gonzalez
“10 minute passing periods,
having English and science for
only a half a year, and not having to wear IDs.”
-Ian Smart
“Student Council Mystery Tour at
‘Tina and Tony’s Wedding.’”
-Grace Kim
“Homecoming, passing periods,
friends, parties, sports, gysies.”
-Stephanie Schwarz
“Spending more time with
football teammates than my
family over the summer. The
great things I’ve learned from
Mr. Beers. Driving Ms. Atamian
insane with Brandon and Augi.”
-Bryan Proskey
“When I go an interception during powderpuff!”
-Veronica Sosa
“By far, the Snowman Revolution
of 200 was the greatest ever.”
-Kyle Gonzales
“All the games and assemblies
at school prom and the ‘middle
-Julia Kaman
“Playing in the pit for three
musicals. Black-out sophomore
year. Chemical explosion junior
-Carly Stenger
“Working the musical “Beauty
and the Beast.”
-Nikki Flemming
“Swim meets, water polo games,
after AP tests.”
-Elizabeth Smith
“Blackout/chem explosion, off
campus lunches, long post-AP
test lunches, hanging out in the
Pub, and the countless fun times
with friends.”
-Afsara Zaheed
“Football, Mr. Ahn’s class, Volleyball.”
-Vishal Shah
“All the people I’ve met and
have grown up with.”
-Lauren Kubiniec
“Having a blast at social events
like I-fair or dances such as
Homecoming and Turnabout.”
-Jose Anaya
“Breakfast every morning in
the cafeteria for all four years
has always given me a boost of
energy at the beginning of my
day. Also sitting in the hallways
before school/during seminar
chatting with friends.”
-Kulsum Ishrati
“Winning the Elgin wrestling
tournament freshman year, elevator flooding, and blackout.”
-Mike Sanchez
“Sports, pasta parties, and
student council events.”
-Eunice Ahn
“JV basketball, baseball game
junior year at Barrington, the
chemical spill, and basketball
senior night.”
-Joe Gordon
“Girls volleyball, girls soccer
season, rolling on the new turf
with Tanya Skworch, football
games, turnabout, and prom.”
-Vanessa Daugherty
ing with the drumline, freshman
year. As the four count-off beats
were hit and we began marching onto stage playing the cadence, the crowd erupted and it
was the coolest feeling I’d ever
felt until then. I love that moment
for every year’s V-Show, as the
first four snare hits are played
and everyone knows that we’re
coming and that it’s gonna be
-Gabe Johnson
“Soccer season, time with my
bros, the dances, snowball”
-Reona Oishi
“Homecoming week and making
-Nick Sherlock
“Going to state for cross country
and all the team trips!”
-Kati Mattes
“Basketball team, my friends,
the pipe busting, being the
hawk, fashion shows, and whenever I’m not learning.”
-Liz Lewis
“Playing baseball for 3 years,
the crazy flood, the lockdown,
the blackout, and Hoffman
beating Zion-Benton.”
-Danny Malakismail
“Getting named the MC right
after 4th block weight training.”
-Jacob Uhunmwangho
“When everybody thought that
I and Dipali Patel were twin
sisters even though we weren’t!”
-Dipal Desai
“Going to state for cross country
and track and team trips.”
-Melissa Schmidt
“All the friends I made, and the
memories we all have.”
-Jose Rivera
“Sitting with my friends in front
of the lockers.”
-Parin Patel
“Variety show, marching and
pep band, scholastic bowl, and
the reactions of people when
they learned that Mrs. Jenkins is
my mom.”
-Mason Jenkins
“All of it. I loved every single
part of it.”
-Megan Norwood
“Football games, Mr. Hoffman
Hawk, AP Physics after AP tests”
-Megan Bryant
“Pep assemblies, football
games, homecoming week.”
-Pooja Patel
“Homecoming 2009, watching
all of the plays/musicals/variety and dance shows, clubs,
meeting awesome people,
pretty much everything.”
-Liz Koh
“My favorite moment at HEHS is
always the Variety Show, so my
favorite moment overall would
be my first Variety Show play-
“My favorite memories at HEHS
was from Snowball, especially
from Senior year when there
was a musical made about me.”
-Vibhesh Patel
“Everything that happened in
French class. Locker room before
basketball games. Decorating
for homecoming and turnabout.”
-Kelsey Lukowicz
“My favorite memories are all
the musicals/shows I’ve been involved in and all the basketball
games. Specifically, my favorite
memory is my last “pre-musical”
speech from Mrs. Wandro. It
was a tear-jerker.“
-Lexi Wozny
Hawkeye View
“The dark classrooms
that keep us from any
sunlight or sign of life,
of course.”
-Katie Pan
“I will miss a lot of my
friends, my favorite
teachers, and definitely
my gymnastics team.”
-Gabriel Briceno
“The ESL department.”
-Siddiq Ahmed
“I will just miss coming
to school in general and
hearing all the crazy
drama that goes around
-Roberto Villalpando
“My friends and the soccer team.”
-Jose Briceno
“I will miss dance show
and badminton the
-Beverly del Rosario
“Some teachers and all
my friends, and cheetos
with cheese.”
-Maria Gomez
“All the teachers and
“the Mexican hallway.”
-Joanna Bejareno
“I will miss the teachers
(some), my friends, gym
class, and the cheetos
with cheese (mmm).”
-Mayra Aqila
“My friends, my big
locker, chocolate chip
“I will miss my friends
the most. I’ve developed such great relationships and though
we’ll stay in touch it
definitely won’t be the
-Grace Kim
“Musicals, music dept.,
tech Saturdays, Marshal’s rants during Band
room lunches.”
-Katy Kosiek
“The thing I’ll miss most
about HEHS is the flags
squad and everything
related to that. And
Miss Most
May 2010
A moment
the intense volleyball
games where everyone
is cheering.”
-Abby Reynolds
“The soccer team and
the autos room.”
-Fernando Reyes
“Block scheduling.”
-Saad Hashmi
“The jumbo cookies,
after school clubs, and
Latinos Unidos- It’s
been a fun 4 years with
all of you and an honor
to be your president.”
-Martin Contreras
“The teachers who
made high school fun.”
-Brian Wyskochil
“Track team.”
-Tatiana Johnson
“The friendships, my
girlfriend, auto class,
and the laughs.”
-Austin Anderson
involved in.”
-Fatima Macalaguin
“Mr. Schumacher”
-Alexi de Mendoza
“I will miss all the teachers that helped me succeed.”
- Gianinia Robles
“Great teachers,
friends, and sports.”
-Carly Stenger
“The sense of community built with friends
and teachers.”
-Daven Patel
“Those junior punks…”
-Pete Vinotai
“Seeing my friends all
in the same spot every
morning, the plays, the
musical I was in, the
smiles on all the English and math teachers”
-Aaron Vera
“All of my awesome,
amazing friends and the
good times we shared.”
-Samir Shimi
“I’ll miss how close
everyone was and how
everyone knew each
other. It will never feel
this way again.”
- Stephanie Orozco
“All my friends who
either have a few more
years to go or are moving away.”
-Diana Bartowski
“The amazing faculty,
hands down.”
-Milie Fang
“The seminars and the
passing periods.”
-Akib Shiliwala
“Seeing my girlfriend.”
-Sean Milner
“Seeing all of my
friends and teasing my
-Pinkesh Shah
“Being in the pool with
my team, long Saturdays at Forensics, late
nights and lunches in
the Pub, and all my
friends. And AC.”
-Sayali Sakhardade
“The crazy whacked out
English teachers”
-Meera Patel
“Being on poms, the
Juniors I’m close to,
and all the things I’m
“All the crazy little
things that happen
throughout the week”
-Ian Smart
“Being able to be lazy
and get away with it,
class activities and
name games, all of the
teachers, my friends,
seeing familiar faces”
-Naveen Shahzaad
“The familiarity and being able to do just about
anything as a senior,
the diversity, crazy
deadlines in The Pub,
endless memories with
friends, being called
AC, and my other half.”
-Afsara Zaheed
“Fashion with Ms. Ecker, going to Wendy’s
everyday for lunch, and
the softball field.”
-Mary Hacker
“All the people who I
will not be able to see
as much next year”
-Matt McGee
“I’ll miss the football
games, dances, and
seeing everyone”
-Nicole Hagen
“I will miss all of my
friends and all the great
teachers I have had at
-Kyle Connely
“The dances and powderpuff.”
-Julia Kaman
“I will miss all of my
friends that I have become so close o. The
theatre department
and long hours I had
to spend at school for
-Michelle Wesoloski
“The daily interaction
with the people that we
take for granted.”
-Reona Oishi
“The cross country
team and everyone
and Haley Worman the
-Grace Watkins
“The people that have
grown to be my family,
being able to play soccer”
-Sarah Channer
“I’m going to miss all
the bandos. They are
honestly my family and
have become my best
friends. High school
would have been so
boring without them!”
-Dominique Jackson
“The people that became family and the
place that has become
-Shianne Campos
“My friends who became family and the
teachers who inspired
-Julia Hamlin
“I will miss flags; it’s
been a big part of my
life. I will also miss all
the people; I have made
so many memories.”
-Haley Sawtell
“Playing varsity on the
turf and the support I
got from our school.”
-Brad Powszok
“Teachers, friends, and
-Akash Shah
“The intramural dodgeball program”
-Brandon Hernandez
“I will miss seminar,
nice teachers, and the
easily navigated building.”
-Nick Sall
“I am really going to
miss all the incredible
teachers- Ms. Carroll’s
crazy, upbeat attitude,
Mr. Clarke’s hilarious
stories, and Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Seely
always making fun of
each other.”
-Natalie White
“My friends, odd conversations at lunch, the
flags team, drumline”
-Melanie Braun
“Seeing my friends every day.”
-Sumayya Kaleem
“Seeing my friends
every day, helping out
cross country and track”
-Ben Weisberg
“I will miss the opportunity to goof off in class”
-Charlie Plaia
“The diversity of people
and being able to fit in
wherever I go.”
-Jose Anaya
“The select teachers
that have changed my
life. You know who you
-Lauren Kubiniec
“All my friends and the
football games.”
-Vishal Shah
“The football field, my
coaches, and all the
funny teachers and their
Miss Most
Hawkeye View
May 2010
like this...
smiling faces.”
-Shamar Mcfarland
“I will miss the activities, participating in
both academics and
extracurriculars with my
friends, and teachers
who really care about
your well-being.”
-Aakash Bavishi
“I will miss all the basketball games, activities
and the Blue Crew. But
most of all I will miss
the golf team.”
-David Krzepicki
“The diversity. Pinkesh
-Elise Hwang
“Homecoming week,
football games, basketball games, and flags.”
-Veronica Sosa
“Our athletic abilities!
Oh wait. But really the
comradery of my fellow
football teammates.”
-Bryan Proskey
“The people and the
-Matt Wrobel
“I’ll miss goofing around
and acting random with
-Alexandra Moore
“ID harassment,
amazing athletic
abilities(not), Proskey’s
tight pants, Foyin’s poems, Bambie, and the
class of 2010.”
-Stephanie Schwarz
“The people.”
-Smit Patel
“Everything except
homework and
-Danny Malakismail
“My running team.”
-Kati Mattes
“My friends, being on
a team, and our great
football team.”
-Liz Lewis
“I will miss the “No
Standing” and “No
Stopping” hallway that
everyone stands and
stops in”
- Alexa McCaskillThornton
“I will miss the people
I met, the friends I
made, and the loved
ones I still hold onto. I
will miss early morning
practices (NOT!), decorating for all our school
dances, and mostly all
my teachers and coaches who got me to where
I am right now.”
-Vanessa Daugherty
“The atmosphere and
all the people around
me. Four years is really
too short an amount of
-Roshan Ali
“I will miss wonderful
teachers and the cafeteria.”
-Dipal Desai
“I will miss the activities, the hallways, the
fun times but most of all
I will miss the people;
the fabulous teachers,
counselors, administrators, maintenance staff,
hall monitors, cafeteria
staff and students who
make Hoffman a place
to be missed.”
-Kulsum Ishrati
credible sense of community that is in these
walls…the friendships
that have developed
by senior year that are
so tight knit that it’ll be
hard not to see such
great friends every
day…also I will miss Mr.
Mallon’s pestering for
my absence of an ID”
-Colette Ghunim
“I think I am really going to miss everything,
but especially the food
(cheese fries) and Mr.
Schmidt being a bully.”
-Laura Luna
“I will just miss my
friends, no one is going
to my school.”
-Nick Zielinski
“All my amazing teachers and friends I won’t
get to see for a long
-Brianna Novelli
“The friends I made
over the past 4 years.”
-Nick Sherlock
“My friends, certain
teachers, certain hall
monitors/lunch assistants.”
-Mike Sanchez
“Being with everyone
every day.”
-Megan Norwood
“Besides all the friends,
also the teachers I
came to like.”
-Jose Rivera
“I’m going to miss the
teachers in the English
department as well as
seeing my friends every
-Cindy Rodriguez
“I will probably miss
everything. I will miss
going to high school
and just being in class
-Becca Gonzalez
“The motivation from
some of my teachers.”
-Jafet Blanco
“The humbleness.”
-Joe Gordon
“I’ll miss all my friends
and teachers at Hoffman because everyone
here is so kind and
-Danielle Wilson
“The friends I’ve made
that I most likely won’t
see again, the teams
I’ve been on, and the
home feeling that won’t
have at school for
-Kriste Hisey
“Being able to hang
out with all my friends
at the same time and
-Nikki Fleming
“I will miss Blue Crew
pride and the school
assemblies when the
students were unified
as one.”
-Sandra Tourjman
“My friends and all of
the memories that I
shared with them.”
-Patrick Pugasa
“I will miss all the theatre productions and
sporting events that
I went to and all the
memories I made, but
most importantly, I will
miss all the amazing
people that I’ve met.”
-Elisa Wildman
“I will miss most the in-
“The friends I have
made and the fashion
-Dawn Tan
“Nachos! And all the
friends I’ve made over
the last 3 ½ years.”
-Jacob Uhunmwangho
“My running team.”
-Melissa Schmidt
“I will miss all my teachers and my friends. I
will miss making fun of
my freshmen.”
-Dipali Patel
“I will miss morning
running, tardy sweeps,
AP testing, and writing
hundreds of scholarship
-Kyle Gonzales
“I’m going to miss the
people at HEHS. I’ve
never met a more diverse and geniuene
group of people. I will,
especially, miss Mrs.
Ordonez (OB), Mrs.
Wandro, Mrs. Gilbert,
Mr. Stevens, and Mrs.
Fetherling (a.k.a Sobolewski)”
-Lexi Wozny
“Friends, swimming,
and water polo”
-Elizabeth Smith
“Friends, football team
and games, water polo”
-Megan Bryant
“Friends, teachers, assemblies”
-Pooja Patel
“The teachers, my
friends, my cheerleading girls and coaches,
and especially the
diversity and culture of
-Liz Koh
“Friends and teachers”
-Viraj Patel
“The sense of community and all of my
-Mason Jenkins
“My friends, some really good teachers, and
finally, of course, my
team: track and cross
-Jhanvi Shah
“Probably the teachers.”
-Trevor Bernhardt
“I will miss the people,
there is a lot of good
here at HEHS.”
-Vibhesh Patel
“I will miss my teachers and running on the
cross country team.”
-Hannah Worman
“Friends and staying
after school every day
for practice.”
-Kelsey Lukowicz
“Im going to miss seeing my friends all the
time, school dances,
SADD club, and a few
teachers who made
school fun, ditching
school whenever i want,
late starts, off campus,
my big art locker, passing periods. operation
-Christina Conigliaro
“I’m gonna miss everyone. Thank goodness for Facebook and
Skype!!!! XD…. Oh. And
Bosco sticks“
-Gabe Johnson
“I’m going to miss all
the people here. I think
Hoffman’s very unique.
All the teachers and
students are down to
earth and are fun to be
-Mike Mertel
20 Years
The future’s so bright,
Hawkeye View
May 2010
“I see myself owning my own
record label.”
-Joseph Winner
“Done with school, married with
kids and successfully succeeding
in my career.”
-Lauren Kubinec
“I see myself with a family and
maybe move totally or become a
successful chef.”
-Michelle Wesoloski
“Either creating advertisements
for a major company or doing
stand-up comedy and touring the
-Charlie Plaia
“Married to Alyssa Morreale with
kids, big house, and nice cars.”
-Sean Milner
“Living with my family in my
house, with cars, and just an
extravagant life.”
-Austin Anderson
“I want to have my own successful
dental practice, be married with
two children, and travel the world
with Dentists Without Borders.”
-Pinkesh Shah
“Married with kids, happy, owning my own business.”
-Tatiana Johnson
“Working in cars and coaching the
HEHS soccer team.”
-Fernando Reyes
“I would like to be teaching science and coaching flags in D211. I
also would like to be married with
two or three kids.”
-Abigail Reynolds
predict because you never know
what’s going to happen tomorrow.”
“Let’s see, that means I’ll be 38 so
I’ll finally be out of school! Hopefully I’ll be a practicing neurologist, married to a Shahid Kapoor
look alike, and have two children
(Shahid and Suhana).”
-Afsara Zaheed
“I see myself finished with school,
with a well paying job and hopefully with my future boyfriend.”
-Beverly del Rosario
“I see myself being part of the
Marketing department of a professional sports team, owning a
nice house and sitting behind the
wheel of a Jaguar.”
-Kyle Connelly
“I can see myself either following
a career in physics or politics.”
-Bryan Proskey
“Working labor & delivery and as
a pediatric nurse.”
-Meera Patel
“Academy Awards.”
-Alexi De Mendoza
“In a successful career with a family. And be Batman.”
-Vishal Shah
“I hope to be a physician specializing in an area that really interests
me. I hope to continue volunteering and start getting into medical
research. I also hope to be married and have a family.”
-Daven Patel
“Probably working as an electrical
engineer and having a family.”
-Bishoy Bahour
“In 20 years I see myself working
and traveling and married.”
-Gianinia Michelle Robles
“Going back to school to get my
business licence.”
-Candice Bolton
“Hopefully I’ll be a designer for
shows or movie sets, maybe I’ll be
teaching in D211 and be the next
Stevens/ Medina.”
-Katy Kosiek
“I see me married and living in
-Areli Banena
“Making youtube videos with
Nick Sherlock.”
-Matt Wrobel
“I think back in my country… or
maybe in some hospital helping
people… or married (and old)
with 3 kids.”
-Mayra Avila
“In 20 years, I will probably be a
doctor living in a big hjouse with
my husband and two cute kids.”
-Dipal Desai
“I see myself married, working,
and living in a nice house.”
-Martha Lomeli
“I see myself married and living
in California.”
-Stephanie Orozco
“Married, working and living
a happy life. By then hopefully
I own a vacation home. By the
time I’m 38, I hope I’ll have been
somewhere like Australia or
Disneyworld (I’ve never been to
-Fatima Macalaguin
“I see myself married with kids
and working as a speech pathologist.” -Kristen Hisey
“Working on my dream car in my
own garage.”
-Chris Penn
“Working at a professional jewelry
-Ji Yoon Lee
“I see myself working at the
White House or as a Senator with
9 children.”
-Paul Organ
“Hopefully having a nice job with
a family (a son and a daughter).”
-Saad Hashmi
“I don’t even know, I don’t like to
“I see myself being a cop, being
married, and having 2 kids.”
-Joanna Bejoreno
“Teaching math and coaching
lacrosse at HEHS, and married to
the perfect girl.”
-Aaron Vera
“In 20 years I plan to be a child
psychiatrist working in Chicago
and finishing up a career in radio/television announcing to move
on to more clinical work…I also
imagine myself with my border
terrier and turtle going many
places around the world together”
-Colette Ghunim
“Living in my penthouse.”
-Brandon Hernandez
“Happily married with three children and a puppy, hopefully living
an exciting, adventurous life.”
-Grace Kim
“I hope to be truly happy. I want
to hold a career that I’m passionate about with a family that I
-Sarah Channer
“Let’s see… I’ll be 37 years old…
OMG hopefully I’ll be alive and
living, my plan A… but I’ve still
got Plan B-Z in my back pocket.
Buy this year’s literary magazine
and you’ll know what I mean.”
-Milie Fang
“I see myself married, having a
family and being an elementary
-Nicole Hagen
“Heck if I know..”
-Roshan Ali
“Married, working, 5 kids, big
house, living life and being FAT.”
-Akash Shah
“I shall be a corporate goon
married to a Ritesh Deshmukh
look-alike with 2 children, Aryan
and Maya.”
-Sayali Sakhardande
“In 20 years I see myself being an
OB-gyn/ Pediatrician, living in a
beautiful house, with my husband
and kids.”
-Emily Zuniga
“I will be working in the suburbs
with the K-9 unit. I will be happily with a kid or two or ten.”
-Kyle Gonzales
“In 20 years I want to be leading a
program that helps children and
teens experiencing poverty. I also
want to be married to a person
who inspires me. 4 or 5 kids
would be great!”
-Alexandra Moore
“I see myself teaching somewhere
in the district, hopefully coaching
golf and just getting done playing
in the U.S. Open.”
-David Krzepicki
“With a family and as a successful broadcast journalist on NBC
news living in Chicago.”
-Julia Hamlin
“I live in the now. But you will see
me on TV everyday broadcasting
the news.”
-Mary Hacker
“I am going to become a Naturopathic Doctor and open up my
own wellness center.”
-Brad Powszok
“I see myself being a successful
-Jhelam Shah
“I see myself either living in
California making tons of money
being the biggest music mogul,
since David Geffen, or living in
Seattle, married with kids. Either
way I will come back to take over
Dist. 211 and make it the greatest
empire in the world.”
-Nicole White
“I see myself having travelled
all over the world, living in a
beautiful apartment in the heart
of Chicago with art still a part of
my life and having made enough
money to buy my parents the
house of their dreams.”
-Naveen Shahzad
“Standing in an operating room,
holding a scalpel, and getting
ready to save someone’s life”
-Shianne Campos
“Married, not sure about the rest.
Having fun.”
-Stephanie Schwarz
“Married with kids and having a
teaching career.”
-Julia Kaman
“Working at Walgreens as a
-Hyein Lee
“Hopefully doing something with
my life.”
-Sumayya Kaleem
“Working with one of the top record companies producing music.”
-Ian Smart
“Working as a professional
graphic designer”
-Martin Contreras
“Married to a hot man. We’ll have
3 beautiful kids and a dog. I’ll live
somewhere in a big house with a
hot tub in my room and a swimming pool full of chocolates. Dom,
20 Years
you gotta wear shades
Hawkeye View
Kelsey, and Megan will visit me!”
-Liz Lewis
“I see myself with a family, traveling to exotic places and working
on movies/TV shows with special
-Sandra Tourjman
“Being an awesome psychiatrist.”
-Samir Shimi
“Living a fulfilling life”
-Reona Oishi
“Married to a doctor with 5 kids
in Barrington and working as a
-Grace Watkins
“Working at Fermilab; writing
books on government, economics,
theoretical physics, and religion;
and of course skateboarding every
- Nick Gebbia
“Owning large fast food chains
across the nation and starting my
own company. I also see myself
with hot Brazilian model, an Audi
R8, multimillion dollas bachelor
pad, and massive body muscle.”
-Smit Patel
“Living in California as a successful pharmacist.”
-Pooja Patel
“I see myself working at NBC
as a news anchor delivering the
nightly news”
-Liz Koh
“Twenty years down the road I
hope to be happily married with
a family living somewhere warm.
Having my own business or doing
a job I absolutely love.”
-Christina Conigliaro
we will have three children. I will
be working either as a state prosecuter or a campaign manager for
a republican presidential candidate. That’s the life!”
-Natalie White
“I see myself being married with a
boy and a girl in Michigan.”
-Veronica Sosa
“I see myself with a house of my
own being completely independent! Having a good career in
the nursing field and reminiscing about the times whin I eas a
young girl attending my wonderful high school.”
-Laura Luna
“I see myself married, with a
steady profession and a nice
household that I am raising my
family in.”
-Nick Sall
“Hopefully married and maybe
have kids. Haha, I don’t know.”
-Melanie Braun
“Mom of three, wife, working
somewhere in the medical field.”
-Megan Norwood
“Making the newest call of duty
-Jacob Uhunmwangho
“Becoming an elementary school
teacher, married with two kids.”
-Ben Weisberg
“I see myself married and being a
top hair stylist as well as taking
care of my children.”
-Vanessa Daugherty
“Writing. I hope my future is
-Nikki Fleming
“Designing houses for the stars in
-Nick Zielinski
“Hopefully having a well- rounded
-Aakash Bavishi
“Living in Nashville, Tennessee ,
married to a wonderful man and
“In the limelight.”
-Jafet Blanco
“Done with school, married with
kids and successfully succeeding
in my career.”
-Lauren Kubeniec
having three kids, and teaching
ESL to little kids in elementary
-Becca Gonzalez
“I really don’t know exactly what
the future holds, but I’m ready for
it. I’ll face it head on and overcome any obstacle that comes my
way. I know that wherever I’ll be,
I’ll be happy.”
-Lexi Wozny
“In 20 years, I see myself becoming a successful pharmacist, married, and attending the Hoffman
-Jhanvi Shah
“Working as a special education
teacher while being married to
a military man who will onle be
stationed in warm places! We will
have 2 or 3 kids.”
-Brianna Novelli
“In twenty years, I plan to be married with a couple of kids living in
Atlanta, Georgia. I hope to have a
Doctorate in Psychology.”
- Alexa McCaskill-Thornton
“The undisputed dodgeball champ
of the world.”
-Nick Sherlock
“I see myself hopefully working
for a Fortune 500 company under
-Vibhesh Patel
“I see myself with a husband
and kids, owning my own dance
-Danielle Wilson
“Hopefully employed and somewhere with nice weather.”
-Mike Sanchez
“Being an advertising agent for
the San Diego Chargers, living on
the beach in a mansion”
-Megan Bryant
“Working for ESPN, CBS sports
and merried driving an Ashton
-Danny Malakismail
“I see myself in front of a classroom of fun students and then going home to a husband who loves
me and will cook dinner!”
-Diana Bartkowski
“I see myself being a successful
pharmacist in 20 years.”
-Dipal Desai
“I see myself as a gym teacher or
a pro skateboarder.”
-Shamar M.
“At home eating.”
-Jose Rivera
“Being the CEO of a major business empire/engineering company
in New York city.
-Alex Oda
“Living with my parents.”
-Shaik Mahmood
“Working for ESPN, CBS sports
and married driving an Aston
-Danny Malakismail
“Becoming a physical therapist
and getting married and have
-Jose Anaya
“I see myself being married,
“I’ll (hopefully) be working, preferably here.”
-Mason Jenkins
“I will be teaching English here
at Hoffman, helping out in the
theatre, maybe coaching volleyball. I’ll be a teacher by day, but
at night, I’ll be none other than a
member of a medicore rock band!
I’ll be living in one of the decently
large houses off of Harmon with
May 2010
my wife and two kids, Gabriel Jr
and Gabriella. I’ll have a successful carreer, and somewhere in
there, something really monumental will happen to me and
Disney will make a movie about
it, called “Dreams”, or “Hope”, or
some other optimistic one-word
title like all their other movies
based on true stories.”
-Gabe Johnson
“On Sports Center”
-Charles Oriji
“If nothing else, happy.”
-Katie Pan
“In the mirror.”
-Pete Vinotai
“Rob Schmidt. Teaching history and coaching soccer here at
-Mike Mertel
“Ask me in 20 years.”
-Matt McGee
“Married with 3 or 4 kids and
maybe working at a law firm.”
-Kelsey Lukowicz
“High school math teacher and
cross country coach.”
-Hannah Worman
“I see myself as the captain of a
starship. Saving the world and
-Joesph L. Winner
“I plan on either living in Atalanta working for the Center for
Disease Control or living in Latin
American, Spain, or Africa doing
-Cody Hootman
“Living with my husband, with
four kids, a nice house and a nice
-Anna Cruz
“Married with kids, a house, and
a dog.”
-Bianca Ocampo
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Fatima Macalaguin
Senior Class Club President
Senior year is
coming to an end faster
than I could think. So,
this is it I guess. With
less than two weeks until
graduation, I find myself
looking back and searching for what truly defines
my high school career.
And I’ve come to the conclusion that there is not
just one moment that
will sum it all up. Ten,
twenty years from now, I
want to be able to reminisce about high school
and laugh about all the
good times I had. And
as cliché as it sounds,
there really are some
things I’ll never forget
about Hoffman Estates
High School. Trust me,
you may not think that
those exist, but they do.
Throughout high
school, I had a lot of
fun but I have also been
counting days down until
I would reach the end. Two
more years I thought, one
more year I thought, and
now finally it’s here and
I kind of don’t want it to
go away…but then again
I do. I’m guessing that
these mixed feelings are
typical and essentially a
good thing. Bittersweet is
the best way to describe
it. It’ll be different not
having a passing period
or not having to wear
those classy lanyards.
I’ll miss the dances and
the sporting events but,
of course, all good things
must come to an end.
You’re given so many opportunities that you’ll
never be given again. The
best way to take on your
high school career is to
make the best of it while
it’s still in front of you.
Like any other
student, I thought a lot
of my teachers were out
to ruin my life. And, really they’re telling the
truth when they say
they’re not.
They understand that you won’t
remember every single
thing for college but behind all the homework,
tests, and projects they
give, they’re teaching
something worth listening to. They give you
things they know you’re
capable of achieving;
they’re not setting you up
to fail. I’ve procrastinated way too many times
for me to even count.
I’ve turned assignment
in late and I’ve just not
turned homework in at
all; it happens, we’re all
students; we’re all guilty
of it. I thought about it,
and the stuff I’ve gotten
away with in high school
won’t fly in college; don’t
take what you’re given
for granted. One of the
most important lessons
I’ve learned through academics in high school is
that if you don’t put forth
any effort, you can’t expect anything out of it.
Life takes work; to reach
success we must put in
an effort.
I know for a fact
that I’m going to miss
poms a lot. For the past
four years, that was my
escape from school. I’ve
learned the importance
of a team and a support
system. To the 2009-2010
Poms team (including
Miss A!), thank you for
an amazing senior year.
I don’t think any of you
realize how much this
past season has meant to
me. I’ll never forget summer camp or the games
and long competitions;
every time I hear “Poker
Face” I’ll think of you
girls. You as a team have
taught me to believe in
myself and that not everyone will let you down.
Ashley and Tori, you’ve
always been the younger
ones that I look up to on
the team. You have done
an incredible amount
for me and the team,
and I hope and wish all
the best for you your senior year, you deserve
it. Brittany and Sarah,
we’ve been in it together
from beginning to end. I
don’t have enough room
here to thank you for all
you’ve done, but the least
I can say is thank you for
dancing with me and being more than teammates
to me. Miss A, thank you
for trusting Brittany and
I to lead and for pushing us as a team to our
full potential. It really
means a lot when someone says they believe
in you and shows it by
never giving up on us.
Leaving Hoffman
Estates High School, I’d
say I’m happy with all
that I’ve accomplished.
Thank you to all my
teachers who have instilled knowledge in me.
Because of you I’ve been
challenged but never defeated, I’ve struggled but
I’ve never given up. Your
passion and dedication to
teach and work with kids
is appreciated. Mrs. Murray, you’ve been my mentor and guidance for the
past four years and it’s
been just what I needed.
I’ll miss your office and
you’ll miss my diva ways!
No wonder we Libras get
along so well! Ms. Wolf
and Ms. Mayer, thank
you for giving me the opportunity to be senior
class club president. I’ll
miss the weekly Wednesday meetings and maybe
even tallying 500 ballots.
I’ve made it through high
school because of the best
friends I could ask for.
College may separate us,
but no matter what we’ll
have always have the
best memories and girls’
nights! Jake, thank you
for listening to my endless complaints and helping me balance everything I put on my plate.
Everything you do for me
really means a lot. And of
course, my parents and
my sister: thank you for
raising me to be the person I am today. I know
I’ve given you enough attitude to last a lifetime,
but I do love you and
appreciate all that you
do for me. You’ve supported me through it all
and I can’t wait to make
our dreams come true.
As I leave Hoffman Estates High School,
I challenge all of you to
It’s okay to step out of
your comfort zone once in
a while to try something
new. You’re capable of
more than what you give
yourself credit for; you’ve
just have to try. You’ll
make your high school
your very own if you start
doing things for yourself
and for the sake of your
own happiness.
In high school, we
get so caught up in pleasing everyone and being
liked by everyone. My
advice is to quit worrying
about what others think
and say. Let go of all the
drama and just have fun
with it.
I’ve realized
these four years are some
of the best years I’ll ever
have in my life; but then
again, it is what you make
of it. Make this time in
your life how you want
it to be; you determine
your fate. Congratulations seniors! Thanks for
all the memories HEHS.
Paul Organ
NHS President
Well, we made it.
Graduation is just around
the corner and summer
is just a few days away.
With just a week left in
our high school careers, it
is the perfect time to look
back and remember all
the experiences that have
gotten us to this place.
Going into freshman year,
four years seemed like
such an impossibly long
time. Graduating from
high school was so far
away that it may have
only been a distant idea
in most of our minds.
Now that our time here
is coming to a close, however, those four years
seem to have gone by in
a flash. As they say, time
flies when you’re having
fun, and while many of us
might not find everything
about school very enjoyable, everyone can surely
remember some fun times
from their high school
careers. Often, these fun
times were also times
where we learned important lessons and grew
as people, establishing
ourselves as individuals
and discovering what really makes us who we are.
The short amount
of time left for us in high
school also provides a
great reason to look towards the future. As we
head into the adult world,
it is important to also be
aware of the many opportunities that we are
presented with each day.
To be successful, we must
take advantage of these
opportunities. Life is a
perpetual learning experience, but we only learn as
much as we actively try to
learn. As we take the next
step in our life journeys,
the best thing we can do
is to have open minds and
never be afraid to try new
things or step outside of
our comfort zones. Eleanor Roosevelt once said
“Do one thing every day
that scares you.” If we follow this advice, we will be
sure to experience new and
exciting things and, in the
end, turn out wiser and
prepared to face whatever
challenges come our way.
The next part of
our lives will be an exciting time. Many different
emotions can describe
how we all are feeling.
Some of us are anxious,
some are overjoyed. Some
are apathetic and some
are just plain terrified.
One thing that we all are
is ready – ready to have
new experiences, meet
new people, and make a
new name for ourselves
in the world. Ultimately,
we are ready for whatever
happens, both good and
bad. So farewell, senior
class. Look forward to the
coming years, and venture into them with confidence. I know I will. Because I, like you, am ready.
Eunice Ahn
Student Council President
For four years I’ve
done my best to leave my
mark at Hoffman. Little
did I know, it was the
school that would leave
the mark on me. Hoffman
Estates High School: it is
one building, filled with incredibly talented students
and inspiring teachers.
Walking through
the halls I don’t see students; I see future doctors,
politicians, lawyers, and
businessmen, all of whom
inspire me to not only
push myself to my greatest
potential, but also to push
my peers to theirs. I ask
future graduates to capitalize on all the opportunities brought before them
in the halls of Hoffman.
Looking back, my only
regret is I failed to do so.
through the hallways are
the brilliant minds of the
future. With the assistance of our outstanding
faculty, we have the power
to propel ourselves from
just ordinary students to
the voices of tomorrow.
The day I wake up
to see the face of a fellow
Hawk being recognized
will be my proudest moment. Whether you are
my best friend or someone I’ve never met, I’ll be
proud of you, and so will
the rest of Hoffman. We
are one student body, one
city, one entity working towards one goal, one society
working towards heights
never reached before.
The steps we will
take stare us in the face
and ask us if we are ready
to take on new challenges.
Yes - Hoffman has given
us the tools to accept any
challenge and succeed.
It is with great
pride that I say I attended Hoffman Estates High
School and my only request
is that you do the same.
Hawkeye View
May 2010
Cody Hootman- Hawkeye View Senior Editor
My senior year has
been the best year of my life
so far. Newspaper has had a
large impact in my life this
year, as I have finally dedicated my life to try and really
get things done. I have loved
every minute of being in
newspaper and will continue on in college to work for
newspaper and try to bring
the great things from the
Hawkeye View to Augustana.
The Hawkeye View
Staff, Ms. Carroll, and the
“Pub” have truly made
my senior year something
that I will never forget.
The teachers at HEHS are
amazing, as are those who
work in the cafeteria, main
office, attendence, maintenance and student services. I
have also enjoyed getting to
know the hall monitors. They
all make this school such an
amazing place. While some
students may not show all
staff members the respect
they deserve, I want the staff
to know there are some of
us who really are thankful
for everything that you do.
Hoffman is a tremen-
dous school; sure we may not
always be the best at sports
or standardized tests, but we
have something that truly
matters here. We learn not
only from amazing teachers
about learning, but we learn
a lot before school, in the
halls during passing periods,
at lunch time, and during all
of the after-school activities.
Hoffman really prepares its students for life
as well as college. We have
such diversity here, which
really sets us apart. The variety of individuals makes
us one of a kind in District
211. Hoffman has made my
life great and it is all thanks
to all of you students, teachers, and staff members.
I would like to thank
everyone who has helped me
out and say good luck to all of
the seniors this year, as well
as the underclassmen that
I know will keep Hoffman
the amazing place that it is.
I intend to bring all that I
have learned in high school
to college and will never forget the lessons I have learned
while at this amazing school.
Julia Hamlin- Hawkeye View Senior Editor Eric Liu-
These past four
years have been such a
rollercoaster ride, but I’m
happy to say, I (think) I
am coming out on top. So
much can happen in the
four years of high school,
and it is an unpredictable
ride. Since fall 2006 I
have accomplished many
things, failed countless
times, but most importantly, I have learned.
I have learned
about Shakespeare and
and Adams, but the most
significant piece of knowledge I have gained is the
value of education. As
much as we complain
about how difficult and
demanding school can be,
we never stop to think
about the value of the information teachers freely
give us each day. It is
an irreplaceable gift and
I am so thankful for it.
However, we have
already learned all we
will learn in high school,
because this ride is over.
It’s time to get onto the
new rollercoaster of college, and this one is much
bigger and far scarier.
We won’t have the familiarity of the faces around
us, and we will be thrust
into living with a random
person we have never met
before in insanely tight
quarters. It will be completely crazy and we will
have no idea what to expect. It’s frightening and
yet exciting at the same
time. We are embarking
on this next phase of our
lives, and it will be wild.
Although we have
been counting down the
days, minutes, and seconds until graduation,
when it actually arrives, I
think we all will be in awe
of how quickly our time
here flew by. As much
as we groaned at the ID
checks, tardy sweeps,
and cafeteria lines, there
is no doubt that HEHS
has impacted all of our
lives in one way or another. Whether it was
an inspiring teacher or a
close group of friends, we
all made connections here
and Hoffman will always
be the place where we became young adults. This
is the place where we embarrassed ourselves, celebrated accomplishments,
and laughed until our
stomachs hurt. Although
we did not want to be here
at times, will can never
forget our years at Hoffman Estates High School.
I spent most of my time
here involved in the music and theatre departments, and I consider
them my homes. Many
weeks, I spend more
hours at school working
on plays, musicals, and
than I did at home (aside
from sleeping).
But I
don’t regret a minute of it.
The people in the
choir and theatre pro-
grams have shaped my
life here at HEHS and
have helped me become
the person I am today. I
want to thank all of the
directors who’ve helped
me, made me laugh, and
most importantly, have
given me life lessons I’ll
always carry with me.
Mrs. Wandro, thank you
for all of the opportunities! Gilbs, thanks for
being an awesome director and wonderful friend.
Obie, thank you for always being there for me,
whenever I needed to
Stevens, thanks
for making me laugh
and giving me memories
I’ll never forget. Schles,
thanks for being Schles,
even though you’re super weird sometimes.
Also, Ms. Carroll Mrs.
Davey and everyone in
Being involved in newspaper
has been fun, exciting,
and rewarding the past
three years, and I am so
glad I made the decision
to join. Mrs. Davey, you
rock. Thank you for being an awesome teacher
and inspiring me to care
about learning for the
sake of learning. Carroll, thank you for putting up with me through
the years and making
me laugh. Totes Magotes.
Class of 2010, I hope
you’re ready for this,
because we’re about to
graduate! Our time at
Hoffman went by fast,
but I know I’ll remember it fondly. You only go
through high school once;
I know I made it count.
I wish I had something
witty to end this with,
but I don’t. Adios amigos!
Hawkeye View Senior Editor
wait until the last day
of high school, but as
these last few days
come to a close I am sad
to see that the moment
has actually arrived.
Though this may be the
case, I would never forget the memories from
my times on the newspaper staff. Although
I participated in newspaper
freshmen year, I was unsure whether I wanted
newspaper to continue
high school.
Thus, I
decided to concentrate
my efforts in photography during sophomore
year, and I was able to
take pictures for publications and at the same
time being able to be
involved in newspaper.
Though I have only written a few articles, I felt
that the love of newspaper came from designing
page layouts. At first I
thought newspaper was
entirely about writing.
With the guidance of
Ms. Carroll, I have been
able to get the most out
of my time in the publications office. Thus I
want to give my sincere
thanks to Ms. Carroll for
showing me this insight
in newspaper that I have
never known before.
Without you Ms. Carroll, I would have never
found the numerous options newspaper had to
offer, and I would have
been filled with regret
during these last words.
Thanks Ms. Carroll.
The life lesson that I
have gotten from working on the newspaper is
that you can find your
place in an organization that you have interest and desire to be in.
From my previous experiences in the publications office, I have never
met a challenge similar
to the one that I have
faced during my senior
year. As a senior this
year, I felt as though I
have taken part of a larger role in both newspaper and yearbook. From
meeting deadlines, focusing on highly rigorous tasks, and staying
organized, senior year
was intensely stressful
in the publications office. I must say though,
it was all worth it at
the end of the journey.
The major difference
between newspaper and
yearbook are the feeling of accomplishment.
Although I am working on a larger scale for
yearbook, the newspaper comes out more often and therefore I have
been able to achieve the
feeling of accomplishment as I go along with
the year for newspaper.
Thus, I want to extend
my thanks to Ms. Davey
and Ms. Carroll for being so understanding in
both yearbook and newspaper. And never once
did I have to choose between the two organizations I love so much.
Hawkeye View
Alex Oda
S e n i o r Ph o to E d itor
“Time flies”. It’s
a statement that’s been
overstated and repeated
every year, but you never
really believe it until you
reach the end yourself. Senior year, no, your entire
high school experience will
eventually end as quickly
as it came. My involvement
in newspaper has definitely
been hectic, completely unprompted, and incredibly
chaotic (in a good way). Joe
Winner and I had finished
cross country practice one
day sophomore year, and
we were dragged into the
newspaper office by Chris
Keller, a junior. Almost
immediately, we were
brought to Ms. Carroll, assigned a news article to research, and deemed “honorary newspaper peons”.
And three years later, here
I am, writing controversial
opinion articles, creating
colorful back pages, and
enjoying extended hours
in the “pub” with the rest
of the peons who were
May 2010
dragged in here by their
And I wouldn’t trade any
of it for the world. Being
involved with clubs and
activities at Hoffman has
exposed me to some incredible personalities and
the bulk of my memories
were created outside the
hours of 7:30 a.m. to 2:45
p.m. I never thought the
time would come when I’d
need to write a senior farewell and, honestly, it’s not
an easy thing to do. Looking back at my four years, I
couldn’t be happier at how
much we’ve all grown. Being one of five students who
transferred to Hoffman
from Mead Junior High
School, I never thought I’d
be where I am today; thank
you to the amazing mentors, teachers, and friends
who have shaped my life.
Even though we may not
all see it HEHS is, by far,
the best school in the district. As a single school,
we’ve achieved so much in
such little time; the students are talented, and the
social groups can coexist
with each other. Most importantly, you won’t find
another driven, supportive, and united student
body anywhere else. People can try to compare us
to Conant, Schaumburg,
Fremd, and Palatine but,
in the end, it is not even
a contest; we’re Hawks.
We are awesome; afterall,
we are the class of 2010.
A special thanks to our sponsor
Kelly Carroll for making the
newspaper possible. We love you!
Afsara Zaheed
Co-Editor in Chief
“I hate Hoffman.”
These were the exact words
that came out of my mouth
freshman year. I entered
HEHS as a lonely, bitter
freshman and had no intention of breaking out of
my comfort zone. I didn’t
need new friends; my
friends from junior high
were enough, thank you.
Boy was I wrong.
Four years later, I
am amazed at how much
I have changed and grown
as a person. Not only have
I grown to love Hoffman,
but my entire high school
experience has gone by
too quickly for my liking.
So much has happened in
these years, and now that
the time has come for me
to write my final farewell,
I’m at a loss for words.
Many high school
students cannot wait to
break free from the walls
that hold them back from
entering the “real world.”
Graduation seemed to be
forever away, and we wanted nothing more than to
bust out of here. We often
don’t realize the great influence high school has on our
lives. However, if we take
a step back and look at our
journey during these past
few years, it is incredible to
see how much people have
grown, how much we have
learned, and how big of
an impact high school has
made on each of our lives
and we cannot help but
become a little nostalgic.
The people I have
gotten to know at HEHS
have impacted my life
most significantly these
past four years. Among the
number of wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet here, there
are those few who have
left a lasting impact on my
life, and have truly helped
me discover who I am.
My friends have
been a constant in my life
throughout high school.
Who would I be without
all you crazy, wonderful
people? All the late night
AIM/phone conversations,
off-campus lunches, assemblies, “study” sessions,
and simple everyday interactions have created
memories that will last a
lifetime. Whether we have
been friends for four years
or four weeks, I will truly
miss all of you. Thank you
for making high school
the best four years of my
life. Even though I make
fun of you and tell you I
hate you, I love you guys.
friends, the individuals
who have influenced me the
most are my teachers. The
teachers I have had at Hoffman went beyond simply
teaching in the classroom.
I have learned so many life
lessons in my classes and
am indebted to my teachers for shaping me into
the person I am today and
for making me confident
enough to face the future.
Each and every one
of my teachers has influenced me here at HEHS,
but I cannot leave without
acknowledging the few who
have significantly changed
my life. Mr. Loh- From the
days of Gifted and Chemistry to my senior year, you
have helped me discover
what I love and what I want
to do in the future. Thank
you for supporting me in my
college application process
and for being the incredibly fun teacher that you
are. Mrs. Jenkins- You were
undoubtedly the sweetest
teacher I had at Hoffman. I
may not have been the best
at AP Lit, but the class is a
memorable one and I thank
you for helping me out this
year. Mr. Ahn- Where do I
begin? Apart from being
the incredibly fun teacher
that you are in class, you
have helped me solve so
many of my life’s puzzles
this year. The conversations we had during my
college application process
inspired me to change the
way I viewed my education,
and I will forever remember your lesson of “learning for the sake of learning.” Thank you so much
for guiding me throughout
this year; you have been
an incredible influence.
There is one other
person who guided me these
past four years, and that is
my counselor Mr. Murphy. I
did not imagine I would receive the amount of support
from you that I did. You
have helped me make some
of the greatest decisions of
my young life and have prepared me for the next chapter of my life. Thank you
for all the help and advice;
I would be lost without you.
A large part of my
high school experience
has been working for the
Hawkeye View. Newspaper was the first activity I
joined, and it has opened
up so many doors for me;
I’ve met many new people
and broken out of my more
reserved personality. The
past two years in the Pub
(publications office) are
filled with so many memories. This closet has become
a second home and the people of the Pub have become
family. Editors- it has been
an endless party working with you. We have too
many fun memories filled
with food, “fights” and crazy
deadlines. I will definitely
miss sharing the office with
you all. Amita Prabhu and
future Hawkeye View staff
members - the future of
the paper is in your hands.
Amita, it’s been a blast
working with you this year,
and I wish you the best of
luck in your senior year!
This year has also
brought me closer to my
co-editor in chief, Sayali Sakhardande. Sayali,
where would I be without you?! From the time
we escaped to our “happy
hallway” to our late nights
in the Pub this year, we
have made so many memories. You are my other
half and my life at HEHS
would be incomplete without you. I will miss you so
much next year. I love you!
Last but definitely
not the least, I want to
thank Miss. Carroll. MC,
you are a wonderful person
and we could not ask for
a better sponsor. I will remember our discussions and
we will definitely be hanging out in Evanston next
year. Thanks for being a big
part of my life here at Hoffman. You make me smile.
Although I am leaving Hoffman, I am taking
with me a lifetime of memories. Hoffman is truly a
one-of-a-kind place and I
am proud to say that I have
been a part of the HEHS
class of 2010. I wish everyone
best of luck for the future;
it’s been a wonderful ride.
Hawkeye View
Sayali Sakhardande
Co-editor in Chief
I remember this
time last year watching
Sam and Will write their
farewells and thinking I
cannot wait until I get to
write one! However, now
that the time has come for
me to begin writing, I’m
not quite sure what to say.
I’ve considered asking a
bunch of rhetorical questions that would make
people think, or possibly
getting all philosophical
and encouraging people to
“reach for the stars!” and
reassuring them of the fact
that “if you believe, you will
succeed!”; however neither of those ideas would
have accurately reflected
what I’m feeling right now.
In many ways, I’m
still just a kid. I like playing in the park, I love coloring, and I still consider
myself a devout Disney
fan. On the other hand,
even while taking all
these traits into consideration, I have grown immeasurably in these past
four years. And it’s not
just me. It is astounding
to see how much people
have changed from freshman to senior year. High
school has a profound effect on people, and they often don’t even realize until
it’s time to leave. The environment of Hoffman, in
which you are constantly
surrounded by friends and
teachers who care for you
and are there for you as
a stable support system,
is a thing you only encounter once in a lifetime.
As we move on
and encounter a number of new struggles such
as foolish roommates,
possessed laundry machines, and professors
with crazy accents (all of
which are bound to hap-
pen), we will always have
our high school memories
to help us get through.
My personal memories
smell like chlorine, Saturday morning Starbucks,
and…well I don’t really
have a smell to connect to
newspaper, but that too.
The Hoffman pool
has been my home away
from home, and I say that
not because of how often I
am there (2.5 hour practices everyday after school
morning swim three days
a week and 3-4 hour practices on weekends!) but
because of the team. We
are literally like a family.
Rachael, Steph, Dorota,
Liz… Liz, you have been
with me through the past
four swim and polo seasons. You have seen me
at my best and my worst,
and I wanted to thank you
for always supporting me.
Especially in swimming, I can honestly say
that I have never cried
so much as I have in that
pool, and I’m not saying
that as a bad thing! I remember one practice this
year during taper, all of us
were just so tired and sore
and mentally exhausted
that every girl in the pool
began bawling. It must
have been a pretty pathetic sight because Schu was
looking at us like we were
all crazy. We realized this
after a while and the tears
of exhaustion soon turned
to tears of laughter, which
still didn’t help the situation because swimming
while crying in any form
is not easy. But the point
is, the experience brought
us closer together and we
were able to get through
the tough times. Schu, I
wanted to thank you especially for always pushing me and never giving
up on me, no matter how
slow I moved my arms.
The water polo
team, though consisting of many of the same
girls, was a different family in itself. What other
team can say that they
skipped practice one day
and went out for ice cream
instead because everyone
was over stressed? What
other team gets together
for Indian food and does
Bollywood workouts to-
gether? And even though
we didn’t do amazing this
year, we still had fun!
Forensics was my
break from the pool. Although catching a 6 a.m.
bus every Saturday in the
dead of winter to compete
at some school in the middle of nowhere, might not
sound like that much fun,
we always had a blast.
From my awesome DDA
with Fatty (Fatima) freshman year, to the HDAs
with Sam and Jordan,
to Bailey’s impromptu
speeches about why I am
so ugly, we always knew
how to have a good time.
In general, I would
like to thank Papa Ahn
for putting up with my
frequent rants and being
my guide in school and
life this year. I would also
like to thank Mr. Murphy
for being such a wonderful
mentor to me these past
four years and often seeing more potntial in me
than I could see myself.
Last but not least,
there was the newspaper.
Some of the longest nights
I have spent at school have
been in the Pub (publications office), often because
we procrastinated and then
I had to stay and finish up
the day before deadline!
Especially this year, with
the lack of writers, we had
a lot of fun making ads for
people to join the paper; in
other words, we once filled
half a page with pictures
of ourselves. Thanks to
Ms. Carroll for putting up
with us and making newspaper fun! Also, thanks to
my co-editor in chief AC.
You are my best friend, my
sister and my other half.
I’m not sure what I would
have done without you.
The past four years
have been the best out of
my 18 years of existence,
and it pains me that it
took me this long to realize
what a special place Hoffman really is. So to the juniors and underclassmen,
don’t take this place for
granted, because it will fly
by in the blink of an eye.
Make everyday count. To
the seniors, thanks for
making my high school
experience so memorable,
and I wish everyone the
best of luck for the future. It’s really been swell.
May 2010
J o e Wi n n e r
Senior Editor
The more days
that go by, the more I
start to realize that we
are coming to the end of
our high school careers.
It’s almost surreal to
think that in just a short
while we will be walking
in the doors of Willow
Creek listening to underclassmen play Pomp and
Circumstance for us. Now
that we’re sitting at the
summit of our mountain,
we must look back at our
climb to get to this point.
High school hasn’t
been easy. We’ve had our
low times. Our class witnessed the crash of the
American economy, a
massive earthquake in
Haiti, a continuing genocide in the Sudan, and
a war in Iraq spanning
our entire high school careers. However our class
also seen some great
things happening in the
world. We witnessed the
election of the first African-American president
and our school alone
raised over $9 thousand
dollars in benefit of Haiti.
We have struggled
through sports, classes
and tests. We have received some good grades,
and some bad ones. We
have balanced our social and academic lives
and have made many
interpersonal relationships.
Now it’s time we
look forward to our next
mountain that will undoubtedly be bigger and
harder to conquer than
the one we are sitting
on now. For most of us,
college is the next big
adventure of our life.
Looking forward from
this juncture of our lives,
many of us have similar questions running
through our heads. Will
we graduate college, and
if we do will we still be
where we are going next
year? How will we make
a living? Will we get married, have kids? What
does our future look like?
start answering these
questions. As we do, remember what we have
learned at Hoffman. Remember to embrace diversity. Remember that
doing nice things for others will make the world a
better place. Remember
to go to your friends and
teachers for advice. Remember that we all have
the power to be whatever
we want to be if, like Muhammad Ali, we want to
stand in front of a cheering crowd and yell, “I am
the greatest!” it is possible. Remember to be you.
Anything is possible. Now
take your tools, and climb
your next mountain.
Hawkeye View
May 2010
It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.
Hawkeye View
I hope you had the time of your life...
May 2010
Created by: Alex Oda
“A Picture is worth a thousand words... here’s
145,000 of ‘em!”