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n a major setback for the BJPled Government at the Centre,
the Uttarakhand High Court on
Thursday quashed imposition
of President’s Rule in the State
and ordered a fresh floor test on
April 29. Saying the imposition
of the President’s Rule was contrary to the law laid down by the
Supreme Court, a Division
Bench of the High Court comprising Chief Justice KM Joseph
and Justice VK Bist ordered that
“Status quo as on date of proclamation of President’s Rule be
restored and the Harish RawatGovernment will revive.”
The court directed Harish
Rawat to seek a vote of
confidence in the Assembly on
April 29.
The court also reprimanded the dissident Congress
MLAs, calling their action to
break ranks as ‘Constitutional
sin’ and commenting that they
must face the music, an observation that raises question in
the legal and political circles
over whether this is meant to
influence the ruling of the single bench that is now dealing
with the matter.
Delinking the imposition of
Central rule with the matter
pertaining to the rebel MLAs,
the court said, “The fate of nine
Congress MLAs was entirely
irrelevant and extraneous to
imposition of President’s Rule in
the State.” It is learnt that the
court was thinking in terms of
reserving its ruling, but the
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lenge the Uttarakhand High
Court’s order quashing the
proclamation of President’s Rule
in the State even as the BJP
questioned the court’s observation on disqualification of nine
Congress MLAs wondering
“whether it would not influence” the matter pending before
the single Bench on the issue.
Attorney General (AG)
Mukul Rohatgi said he will
mention the matter before the
bench of Chief Justice
TS Thakur on Friday morning
seeking a stay on the
verdict that set aside the
President’s rule.
“The High Court was
wrong in quashing the
Presidential notification. The
Presidential notification is
based on relevant material,” the
AG said referring to the some
of the important grounds for
challenge to the High Court
The High Court said the
imposition of President’s Rule
under Article 356 of the
Constitution was contrary to
the law laid down by the apex
court. “The Appropriation Bill,
passed on March 18, was actually not passed and despite that
the Speaker certified it which
really means the Government
has fallen. By the Speaker’s
order minority Government
was allowed to continue,”
Rohatgi said.
In the backdrop of the
High Court’s ruling, BJP president Amit Shah, Finance
Minister Arun Jaitley and
Union Home Minister Rajnath
Singh held consultations here
to work out future strategy in
relation to Uttarakhand.
Voicing serious concern
over the Court’s observations,
BJP general secretary Kailash
Vijayvargiya, who coordinated the political moves
against Harish Rawat-led
Government, sought to know
whether the division bench’s
observations would not prejudice the single bench’s deci-
sion on disqualification.
While setting aside the
Governor’s Rule in the State,
the Division Bench of the
High Court on Thursday
upheld the disqualification of
nine dissident Congress
MLAs, saying they have to
pay the price of committing
the “Constitutional sin” of
Pointing to the observations of the court, Vijayvargiya
said the question be contemplated by the legal experts
whether the High Court had
jumped the gun on the disqualification when the issue
was under consideration of a
separate Single Bench of the
court. Critical of the court’s
ruling, he said its verdict was
“on expected lines”.
Importantly, the Bench censured the Centre on Thursday,
observing, “Otherwise you can
do this in every State. Impose
President’s Rule for 10-15 days
and then ask someone else to
take oath. More than angry, we
are pained that you are behaving
like this. That the highest authority — Government of India —
behaves like this. How can you
think of playing with the Court.”
“What if we allow the petition? Then things would go
back to what it was prior to the
President’s Rule and the State
Government will only have to
prove majority by way of floor
test,” the Bench observed,
adding that it was pained with
the Centre ‘acting like a private
party’ instead of being an
impartial authority.
The court said, “The
Centre acted in ‘blatant falsehood’ while it accused the
Uttarakhand Speaker of ‘double standards’.”
Rejecting the Centre’s plea
for a stay, the court said, “We
won’t stay our own judgment.
You can go to Supreme Court
and get it stayed.”
Meanwhile, an upbeat
Harish Rawat on Thursday made
it clear that his Government does
not want to pursue a confrontationist path with the “mighty,
powerful and broad-chested”
Centre, asking it to work in a
spirit of cooperative federalism.
Hailing the Uttarakhand
High Court verdict, Rawat said
the Modi Government should
forget the recent developments
and cooperate.
The Congress, on the other
hand, sought an apology from
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
and BJP president Amit Shah
after the Uttarakhand High
Court ruling. “They must
realise that power is available
only through democracy and
not through Article 356,” said
Congress spokesman Abhishek
Singhvi, adding that the action
by the Modi Government in
Uttarakhand was unprecedented.
An elated Congress said,
“The verdict is a slap on face of
BJP for trying to dislodge an
elected Government.”
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he Centre on Thursday
decided to move the
Supreme Court Friday to chal-
possibility of the Centre revoking the Central Rule to pave way
for the installation of a BJP-led
Government before the court
pronounced its ruling as raised
by the lawyers representing
Harish Rawat prodded the court
to change mind and go for the
ruling on Thursday itself.
Significantly, the Chief
Justice said, “If they (the
Centre) revoke Article 356 and
try and form a Government
what is it but a travesty of justice.” The strong words of the
court came after the Centre’s
counsel said it was not in a
position to assure that the
Centre would not consider
recalling its order of imposing
President’s Rule for a week.
After the order was given,
additional solicitor general
(ASG) Tushar Mehta who represented the Centre in the court
said that they were discussing it
with attorney general and they
might move the Supreme Court.
Earlier, the court had given
enough hints to the Centre saying that it could revoke the
imposition of President’s Rule
and ensure a floor test be held.
and alleged that it was a failure
of district and police administration. “I was talking with a
person over phone from Delhi
when the explosion took place
and yet police took so much
time to reach there that the
wounded culprits managed to
escape from the spot and the
blood spots were covered by
lime. The boulders used in railway tracks were stored on the
roofs of some buildings there
which were used on the
cedure,” he pointed out.
Recommending the need
of framing an administrative
procedure, Sinha blamed the
local administration for working on the principle of parity
and for it harassing the innocent people.
Reacting to the allegation
of opposition parties that it all
happened due to a song played
during the procession, Sinha
retorted, “why should anyone
have objection when songs
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eteran BJP leader Yashwant
Sinha on Thursday
demanded a probe by National
Investigation Agency (NIA)
into the bomb explosion incident at Habibi Nagar in
After visiting the affected
areas of communal violence
and other incidents, Sinha said
that the intensity of exploded
bombs, previous history of
Khirgaon area and talks of
involvement of foreign nationals indicate that Hazaribagh has
become a soft target for the
international terrorist organisations and serious probe is
necessary now.
Talking to newsmen here at
Atal Bhawan, former Union
Minister raised some serious
questions on the administration
Ramnavami procession and the
local administration failed to get
any clue of that,” he pointed out.
“Ramnavami fest at
Hazaribagh is famous worldwide. Everyone knows that the
occasion requires some extra
arrangements from the administration but it is unfortunate
that no concrete administrative
procedure was put in place.
Officers handled the situation
on their own due to non-availability of any established pro-
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ngineering Division of Indian
Army could not attempt to lower
the tallest and biggest Tricolour
which is stuck at half-mast atop
Pahari hills for the past four days due
to unavailability of a helicopter,
which was to be used for the job.
The new flag got stuck halfway
as it was being hoisted to replace a
torn one. The rope was dislodged
from the pulley in the process due to
wind pressure.
Drawing flak for the dishonour to
the national flag, Ranchi district administration and Pahari Mandir Vikas
Samiti had sought the Army help.
After a great deal of pondering
over the predicament with officials
from 7017 EME Battalion, it had
been decided that Army soldiers
hanging down from a hovering helicopter will try to severe the cable
supporting the stuck flag so that it
can be brought down on Thursday.
These plans could not be executed as the helicopter was not at
hand to execute the operation.
Meanwhile, work to erect scaffolding running parallel to the flag
pole has begun already and will be
done within this week. Also, plan to
involve the army in the process has
been put on indefinite hold.
“The scaffolding will be completed within four to five days.
Considering that Army helicopters will
take almost the same time to come to
our aid, the idea of using them for lowering the Tricolour has been dropped,”
stated Deputy Commissioner Manoj
Kumar, who also happens to be the exofficio Chairman of Pahari Mandir
Vikas Samiti.
Materials to be used in building
the scaffolding have already been
unloaded at Pahari Mandir and
work on the same will begin shortly, stated Mukesh Agarwal, a member of Pahari Mandir Vikas Samiti.
This platform will then be used to
approach the flag and bring it down
by whatever means necessary, he
The next phase of work will
begin once the flag is brought down,
that is to identify the factors ranging
from flag material to mechanical
paraphernalia of the pole which
have been creating problems for the
Tricolour and resolve them before
hoisting it back again.
“We have asked technical experts
from MECON and Walmont to
appraise the reasons as to why the flag
is getting damaged so frequently.
They will study the various facets of
the issue for a month and suggest
remedies. Additional units of winch
mechanisms and motors used to
hoist the flag will be arranged so that
we have ample backup in case one
fails, as happened now,” stated the
“No deadline has been laid down
for this; we intend to devote as
much time as it may take to sort out
all the problems before hoisting the
Tricolour at Pahari Mandir once
again,” he added.
having words against country
like Pakistan where terror factories against our country are
flourishing. Why did not they
raise voice when CDs of
speeches of Syed Akbaruddin
are played during other occasions. I have talked to the
DGP and will soon speak to the
CM for a high level administrative probe into the incident.
He also warned those government servants who are still
working with a mindset to
crush the innocent citizens of a
community and demanded
compensation for all those who
have lost their houses and shops
during the recent incidents.
Meanwhile, normal life
looks limping back to normal
as the district administration
lifted curfew for ten hours
today and everything remained
normal all through the day. The
curfew was relaxed from 8 am
to 6 pm and all the banks,
offices and other organizations
functioned as usual. Since
morning classes are going on in
the schools, so the schools
remained closed but colleges
and university were open.
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he Central Government on Thursday recT
ommended to President Pranab Mukherjee
the names of six people for nomination to the
Rajya Sabha. This list has been approved by the
Union Cabinet and the Prime Minister’s Office.
Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu, Olympian
boxer Mary Kom, senior journalist and
The Pioneer’s columnist Swapan Dasgupta,
economist Narendra Jhadav, and Malayalam
actor Suresh Gopi have made to the list.
Of the 12 nominated members in the Upper
House of Parliament, there are seven vacancies
at the moment.
On the Government’s recommendation, the
President nominates members from those with
special knowledge or having made their mark
in literature, science, art and social service.
Malayalam superstar Suresh Gopi on
Thursday offered prayers at a temple and
thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for
nominating him to the Rajya Sabha.
Speculation is rife that Gopi may also be
considered for a berth in the Central cabinet
when it is restructured soon. Currently, Kerala
is not represented in the Cabinet.
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esperation and audacity of
Trinamool Congress mercenaries has grown by each
passing phase of Bengal
Assembly elections. This was
evident on Thursday as alleged
ruling party supporters killed
one person and injured dozens
others in the third phase of polls.
Murshidabad distric, Trinamool
goons bombed, stabbed and
shot dead a CPI(M) polling
agent within yards of a polling
booth at Shiripar-Jitpur in
Domkal constituency because
he had protested rigging.
Victim’s daughter said local
Trinamool panchayat pradhan
led the attack.
While the Opposition
charged the district administration of being complacent,
former State ADG and an
Independent candidate from
Domkal Nazrul Islam said,
“We had repeatedly cautioned
the administration and the
observer giving the names of
the Trinamool criminals at
large. But nothing was done.”
Domkal constituency
turned into a veritable war zone
with police recovering dozens of
unspent socket bombs and bottle bombs from paddy fields.
Curiously the biggest joke
came at the end of the day from
the Chief Electoral Officer’s
office when they said the purity of the EVM was preserved
hence countermanding of the
polls as per the Opposition
demand was not required.
While Tohidul died others
suffered grievous injuries at
Ketugram in Burdwan,
Chakdaha and Kalyani in
Nadia, Beleghata and KashipurBelgachia in North Kolkata.
Not only this, a woman
candidate in booth number
208 at Khandaghosh in
Burdwan was even molested by
Trinamool goons because she
protesting booth-capturing.
Union Minister Babul
Supriyo was accosted by TMC
men at Jorasanko when he along
with his parents went out to vote.
The Minister chased and caught
one of the goons and handed
him over to the police.
“The police released the
man after I caught and handed
him over to them,” he said.
Though the CEO expressed
satisfaction at the “peaceful
vote” the reports of ongoing violence led even Prime Minister
Narendra Modi, who was on an
election rally in Kolkata, to say
“in other States we see peaceful
vote in Bengal we say how
many people were killed, how
many bombs were hurled and
how many shots were fired.”
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DCIS and PSG - Tech
signed an MoU for carrying
out collaborative research projects on April 20. The MoU has
been signed between SAIL,
RDCIS, Ranchi and PSG
College of Technology,
Coimbatore on April 20 at
RDCIS, Ranchi. The MoU was
signed by SS Mohanty, Director
Technical, SAIL and Prof. R.
Rudramoorthy, Principal PSG
— Tech Dr BK Jha, Executive
Director, RDCIS, PP Sengupta,
Dr Ramen Datta, Dr BB
Agrawal, Dr AK Bhakat, Atul
Saxena and A Gupta of RDCIS
and Prof R Ramaswamy, from
PSG — Tech were present during signing of the MoU.
The purpose of this MoU is
to jointly undertake Research
and Development work in the
technology areas of mutual
interest and relevance to Iron &
Steel industry. Some of the identified areas are Development of
High strength Bainitic Steels,
Formability studies of high
strength steels, Welding of high
strength steels & development of
electrodes, computational thermodynamics for modeling,
Application of artificial intelligence, neural network, robotics
in steel plant automation and
training & M. Tech / PhDs.
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night choupal and special
Gram Sabha were organised
in village of each block by district
administration. DC Bhuvanesh
Pratap Sigh participated in the
programme at Rampur village of
Sadar block, DDC Danial
Kandulana participated in
Murmu of Peshrar block, DPO
Mahesh Bhagat participated in
Murki village of Senha block, AC
Ranjeet Kumar took part in
Kairo of Kairo block, executive
penalty officer participated in Bhitha
village of Bhandra
block, planning
director ITDA participated at Nini village of Kisko block
and SDO Raj
Maeshwaram took
part in Jima of Kuru
DC Bhuvanesh
Pratap Singh said at
development can be
assured by communication
between common man and the
administration. We have to
implement the plans of the govt.
For that you have be aware. The
public facilities would also be
made available. Games sport
and cultural events would be
promoted.”DC also explained
several plans run by the govt
included Atal pension Yojana,
common man insurance policy,
crops insurance schemes etc. on
the occasion he organised face to
face talk with the people.
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14-year-old girl hanged
herself to death on Tuesday
evening here in the thermal
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evere water crisis has
gripped various areas of the
as traditional sources
have started drying up because
of the dry spell and inadequate
rain during the rainy season.
PHED declared dry zone to
83 villages in the district but not
available addition arrangement
their due to scarcity of fund.
The situation was worst in
Nagar Untari, Ranka and
Garhwa block area where 25 to
50 per cent of wells and hand
pumps has dried.
About 12,000 hand pumps
in the Garhwa have been affected due to the shortage of water.
Due to low down lair of water
and other reason 1,500 hands
pumps are worst affected.
Reports indicated that about 25
per cent water depletion had
been recorded. Depletion of
about 50 per cent water has
been noticed in 15 water supply schemes .
When contacted with the
PHED sources said that the
ground water level had
dropped because of meager
rain and this might cause a
drinking water scarcity during
the summer.
PHED sources again said
that he has demanded 141
deep boring and water supply
schemes at estimated cost of
C57 crores to the Government
for dry zone area. But yet to
available the same.When fund
will available work will be start
on such projects.
city.Bindiya Kumari daughter
of Ratan Ram, who was
appeared in the matric examination in this year found hanging in her house at Harijan
basti in Bokaro Thermal late in
the evening on Tuesday .
Officer-in charge of Bokaro
Thermal police station said
that preliminary investigation
indicates that it was a suicide
but police are waiting for an
autopsy report. An appeared in
the matriculation examination
this year, she hoped that she
would not be qualified the
examination, having in her
mind. Owing to which she
was suffering from depression
for the past several days .On
Tuesday, her parent had gone
to out of the areas for some
urgent work.
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he JMM, as expected, took a
hard line on Thursday and
made it clear that the party
would field its own candidates in
both Godda and Panki assembly
constituencies undergoing bypoll
on May 16.
Talking to media persons
soon after Pradesh Congress
Committee president Sukhdeo
Bhagat along with RJD’s
Annapurna Devi consulted him
at a function at Vidhan Sabha,
former Chief Minister Hemant
Soren presented similar arguments that he had given during
Lohardaga bypoll to snub the
Congress-led UPA.
“There is no scope left for
any talk or alignment. The JMM
would contest at both the places
strongly. Any alliance is not
possible with any party. Those
who had come for talks are not
the authorised ones. Their high
command has not been in talks
with us,” said the Leader of
Opposition bluntly.
JMM senior functionary
Binod Pandey had already clarified JMM’s position in a press
conference and formal
announcement in this regard
would come on Friday after
‘wider consultation’ with local
cadres. Kushwaha Shashi
Bhushan Mehta, who had given
close fight to Bidesh Singh at
Panki in Assembly elections and
lost to him by just over 2000
votes, has already joined the
JMM. Similar is the case at
Godda where former DGP of
Odisha Sanjeev Marik has been
inducted into party fold keeping
only the bypoll in mind.
On the other hand, the State
BJP election committee met in
the leadership of party president
Ravindra Rai and Chief Minister
Raghubar Das on Thursday to
discuss probable candidates for
the twin vacancies occurred in
the Assembly. Party spokesperson Pradeep Sinha said that the
committee has forwarded the list
to the BJP’s central election
committee and formal
announcement in this regard
may take place on Saturday.
Moreover, top sources in the
party confided to The Pioneer
that there is no second thought
as far as Godda is concerned
where lone name of Amit
Mandal, son of slain BJP legislator Raghunandan Mandal, has
been recommended. In the case
of Panki, two names are taking
rounds prominently that figure
senior party leader Prem Singh
along with Amit Tiwari who had
contested last time just fairing
badly against Bidesh Singh of the
“Party leadership is convinced that Prem Singh would
be a more acceptable face for
the voters at Panki. He has his
support base across the caste
and religion lines. He should
have made candidate last time
itself. Anyway he is the top contender for party ticket,” said a
senior leader. On its part,
Congress, as reported by this
newspaper earlier has okayed
name of Devender Singh, son
of late Bidesh Singh, from
Panki. Though, the party’s
coordination committee is
scheduled to meet on Friday to
announce his candidature
besides party’s decision to back
RJD’s Sanjay Kumar Singh
Yadav from Godda formally.
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he State Government on
Thursday appointed
Kalyani Sharan from
Jamshedpur, Renu Devi from
Garhwa and Devki Rani from
Bokaro on the three vacant
posts in Jharkhand State
Women’s Commission. These
appointments have been made
for the positions reserved for
General, Schedules Caste and
Scheduled Tribe in the same
order. Presently, one
Chairman and two members
C ommission. The new
appointments have raised the
number of members to six.
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Management (IIM), Ranchi
finally have its own campus now as the premier Bschool received ownership
rights for land plot sprawling
over 60.04 acres in HEC area
on Thursday.
Additional Collector
Anjani Kumar Mishra presented the land documents to
institute’s Director-in-Charge
Anindya Sen during a brief ceremony at the current IIM,
Ranchi campus in Suchna
“IIM Ranchi was deprived
of a land plot for permanent
campus despite several
attempts whereas several universities and colleges which
came later received the privilege. Anyhow, the piece of land
given to them now is better
than those appraised previously. Now, IIM Ranchi should
give preference to students
Secretariat and offices of
Information and Public Relation
Department. Close to completing six years of its beginning,
IIM Ranchi now has an attendance of 400 students in various
disciplines of post graduate
management courses.
Although endeavours to
acquire land for a permanent
campus of its own began soon
after its inception, they did not
deliver desired results.
Attempts to acquire land in
Nagri, Khute and Cherri were
foiled by protests by locals and
other hindrances. Finally, the
plot near Jagannathpur Temple
was chosen and handed over.
Conforming to the need of
the hour, the new structure will
EX]Ph<da\dk?X^]TTa feature several environmentfriendly facilities –using solar
from Jharkhand so that they 2010, the eighth IIM of the power, rain water harvesting
too can contribute here which nation housed its academic and and recycling used water to
is greatly needed,” stated administrative operations in name a few. The proposed
top-two rented floors at Suchna campus is well placed too with
Opening its first academic Bhawan on Myer’s Road, which RBI and passport offices in
session with 44 students in also accommodates Governor’s near vicinity and Birsa Munda
?=BQ A0=278
delegation of Jharkhand
Vikas Morcha (JVM)
under the leadership of party
supremo Babulal Marandi on
Thursday met Governor
Draupadi Murmu and apprised
her of the recent communal
clashes taken place in the State
along with shortage of drinking water for the people.
Marandi also handed over
a memorandum to the
Governor demanding to constitute a judicial commission to
probe all the communal clashes taken place in the last one
year in Jharkhand. “We have
seen riots in every part of the
State and their number is highest ever under this regime.
Similarly, two persons were
hanged from a tree at
Balumath. We have demanded
to the Governor to look into
the serious matter and direct
the Government to give C25
lakh as compensation to the
families of those killed. All the
clashes should be probed by a
sitting or retired judge,” said
Marandi after the meeting.
At the same time the party
also highlighted the water woes
that have taken over entire
State under its clutch this summer. “Groundwater Directorate
had made it clear that underground water of five districts—
Dhanbad, East Singhbhum,
Godda, Ranchi and Ramgarh
have been exploited over 100
per cent. Several other districts
have gone into critical zone.
But there is no plan to deal with
the crisis. Most of the irrigation
schemes are still languishing in
different stages. Thousands of
hand pumps have turned
defunct,” said Marandi.
The party has demanded
through the Governor to get a
task force set up in every dis-
trict to handle the drought situation in more effective manner besides reviving different
possible sources of drinking
water to the villagers across the
State. Party senior leader and
legislative body leader Pradeep
Yadav, KK Poddar and Bandhu
Tirkey besides many others
were present in the delegation.
?=BQ A0=278
hief Minister Raghubar
Das on Thursday instructC
ed Principal Secretaries,
2XchaTbXST]cbQdhbTPb^]P[UadXcb^]PW^cbd\\TaSPh]TPa2XeX[2^dacX]AP]RWX^]CWdabSPhCWT\PgX\d\cT\_TaPcdaT^UAP]RWXaT\PX]TS# STVaTTb2T[bXdb^]cWT
Secretaries of different departments to finish parameters set
by World Bank under ‘Ease of
Doing Business (EDB)’ by
April 30 so that the State gets
even better ranking this time.
The CM was holding a review
meeting of ‘Ease of Doing
Business’ in Ranchi on
Das said that the World
Bank under ‘Ease of Doing
Business’ has set different parameters that are related with various departments like Industry,
Urban Development, Revenue,
Energy, Commercial Taxes etc.
He asked the Principal
Secretaries and Secretaries of
various departments to finish
works under the parameters in
time. Jharkhand has got third
rank in the ‘Ease of Doing
Business’ last year.
Chief Secretary Rajbala
Verma, Principal Secretary to
CM Sanjay Kumar, Principal
Secretary Urban Development
Department Arun Kumar
Singh, Secretary of Revenue
and Land Reforms Department
KK Soan, Principal Secretary of
Personnel Department Nidhi
Khare, Secretary to CM Sunil
Kumar Barnwal, JUVNL MS
Rahul Pur war, Director
Industries K Ravi Kumar and
other senior officials were present in the meeting.
E8E4:?D=9Q A0=278
s temperatures get
unbearably high with
only first half of April over
yet, those living above ground
as well as underwater are
looking for respite from soaring mercury levels and the
resultant water scarcity.
Aquaculture, a sector
booming in Jharkhand
recently, has also been hit
hard as water levels continue
to fall in water bodies around
the State with increase in
temperature. If the situation
of weather stands to worsen,
the State might not even have
any brood to cultivate after
summers are over, agriculturists fear.
“As water levels are going
down ever y where, f rom
hatcheries of Fisheries
Department to private ponds,
even protecting the brood
stock is getting difficult to
achieve this summer. If the
brood is damaged, we will be
hard pressed to even find
new batches of fishes to rear
in the next season,” stated
Director (Fisheries) Rajiv
One more problem agriculturists are facing in
Jharkhand due to high temperatures is rising temperature
of water in its sources. Owing
to low tolerance of fishes for
high temperatures, this change
in water bodies is resulting in
losses in produce.
“If the temperature below
water surface remains below
30 degress C, it will not matter even if the temperatures go
up to 45 degrees C. But with
Airport merely 12 km away
“Our plan is to construct
the building in vertical format
for optimum use of available
land. Even now, the plot is riddled with an overhead hightension wire and demands from
locals to spare some part for a
graveyard. These are certain
minor impediments associated
with the piece of land but they
can be sorted fairly easily. Apart
from them, property is perfectly
suitable,” quipped Sen.
The hiccups will be
resolved soon, assured Mishra.
“Going by the book, encroachment and uncalled claims on
the land will be cleared within
a month. As for the overhead
high-tension wire, it will be
removed soon,” he said.
“We have been assured
that the impediments will be
sorted out soon. With them out
of the way, we will extend you
the news of completion of the
building within two or three
years,” stated Sen.
only few feet of water remaining in water bodies, all of it
getting heated up to 35 degrees
C to 36 degrees C. Unable to
cope up, fishes are dying,”
stated Kumar.
Even the very successful
innovation of Jharkhand, cage
culture in fisheries, has been
affected to some extent this
summer. The batteries of
cages installed in Hatia Dam
can be seen peeking out of
water almost up to half their
height due to declining water
levels in the reservoir.
This has not translated
into loss to produce though,
assured the Director, as the
cages stand empty after the
last batch of dishes has
already been harvested. Cage
batteries in other reservoirs
are in good condition, he
Sur veying land plots
before using them for fish
ponds has helped a great deal
in mitigating the impact of
water shortage. “We choose
areas with least seepage loss in
water bodies. This leaves loss
of water through evaporation which is inconsequential,” stated Pradeep Singh,
Instructor at Fish Farmer
Training Centre, Ranchi.
He further added, constructing rearing ponds to
help fish fingerlings to marketable size has also helped in
stopping losses to produce
and income of fish farmers.
“We have sent proposals
for deepening 2,000 ponds
across the State to prepare for
the new batch by next season.
We are also looking up to the
ambitious project of State
Government to construct
numerous dobhas as we have
plans to utilise them for pisciculture too. Three months
worth of produce can easily
be harvested from these dobhas,” Kumar said.
But merely deepening the
water bodies will prove fruitless without clearing their
catchment area, he added. “If
the present depth of the water
sources cannot be filled properly in absence of proper
inlets taking water to them,
then deepening them will not
help either. The issue will be
taken up with concerned
departments so that they pay
heed to it,” said Kumar.
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cting on the directives of
the Special Protection
Group (SPG) team, East
Singhbhum district administration has decided to prohibit vehicular movement on
four important roads from
morning to evening on April
24 in view of the Prime
Minister Narendra Modi visit
to city for the National
Panchayati Raj Day function
at JRD Tata Sports Complex.
East Singhbhum Deputy
C ommissioner Amitabh
Kaushal and SSP Anoop T
Mathew jointly issued a directive this afternoon, the four
important roads in which
vehicular access will be prohibited
Subernarekha Link Road
stretch (f rom R ajendra
Vidyalaya school to Old
Court premise), Airport Road
(from Sonari Airport to
Circuit House roundabout),
Sakchi Boulevard road (from
Circuit House Road to Jusco
corporate office roundabout),
and Straight Mile Road (from
Jusco corporate office roundabout to Sakchi roundabout).
“We have received
instruction and have decided
that there will be no vehicular movement on these
stretches from morning till
evening. We will be installing
around 53 drop gates on these
roads to control vehicular
movement,” said traffic DSP
Vivekananda Thakur.
Moreover, the administration has also announced
that there will be total prohibition on entry of heavy vehi-
cles to city from 6 am till 11
pm on April 24.
Meanwhile four educational institutions including
BSS Pranav Children World
(Sonari), Rajendra Vidyalaya
(Sakchi), JH Tarapore
(Dhatkidih), and Karim City
College (Sakchi) will remain
closed for accommodating
policemen who will come to
the city from other places in
view of the national event.
While Rajendra Vidyalaya
will close from Friday till
Monday, the other three
schools were shut f rom
Thursday. All schools will reopen on Tuesday.
Sources in the district
administration fur ther
informed that there are plans
to stage several traditional
dances of the State during the
?=BQ 90<B743?DA
he JMM on Thursday
announced Kolhan bandh
on April 24 to protest against the
Raghubar Das-led State
announced domicile policy. The
bandh has been called in view of
PM’s visit to the city on the day.
JMM MLA from Seraikela
and party Kolhan in-charge
Champai Soren after a meeting
with party MLAs from Kolhan
at the Nirmal Guest House in
Circuit House Area announced
of Kolhan bandh on April 24 to
protest against domicile policy.
“We want to highlight our
have lost public sympathy in
Palamu when during the marriage ceremony of a daughter
here in Pandu's Pokhree village
the girl's father was gunned
down by them all for suspecting
the father to be of rival outfit of
the Maoists.. Sources said the
Maoists killed Mahender
Chowdhury whose daughter
was being married last night. A
dasta of Maoists led by Ajay and
Veyas did this heinous and dastardly crime said sources. ?=B
cause. We will block all SState
highways and NH-33 and also
prevent vehicles trying to bring
villagers for the PM programme
in city. We have also formed a
secret team to show black flags
and raise slogans against the state
domicile policy before the Prime
Minister between Sonari Airport
to the venue (JRD Tata Sports
Complex),” said Champai Soren.
The JMM leader said that
they want that Prime Minister
should know that tribals of the
region have been ignored in the
domicile policy notified by the
State Government.“We are ready
to welcome the Prime Minister
only if the State Government
takes back the domicile policy
before the Prime Minister visit,”
added Soren. Incidentally, the
meeting was attended by JMM
MLA Kunal Sarangi (Baharagora), Shashi Samad (Chakradharpur), Dasrath Gagrai (Kharsawan), Joba Manjhi (Manoharpur), Deepak Birua (Chaibasa),
Niral Purty (Majhgaon), and
Champai Soren (Seraikela).
Meanwhile, Jamshedpur
MP Bidyut Baran Mahato on
Thursday said that large number
of party supporters from all the
11 blocks of the district will participate in National Panchayati
Raj Day function at JRD Tata
Sports Complex.
“We want to make the event
a historic. We are keeping a balance with the administration.
The district administration has
identified nearly 11 spots for
parking of vehicles carrying
people from different panchayats to the city. We will be making arrangements for foods of
the villagers at the NH-33 before
they start reaching the venue
around 12 noon. We expect
nearly 40,000 people converging
at the venue,” said the
Jamshedpur MP at a press meet.
He said JMM-sponsored
Kolhan bandh will not affect on
the number of villagers coming
to witness the PM in city.
?=BQ 30;C>=60=9
oters in Panki Assembly
constituency are taken by
surprise with the bypoll schedule. They never thought they
would be voting on May 16
soon after the last rites of their
sitting MLA Bidesh Singh was
held just over in the second
week only of April. Singh had
died on March 29.
Again since not many voters know as to within what period of time bypoll is held the
announcement of poll schedule
has come as a major surprise. A
bypoll is held within 180 days
from the date the seat falls
vacant and the EC noticed this
vacancy in Jharkhand's Godda
and Panki assembly seats and
decided to go for a bypoll in
May 16.
A resident of Gurha village
in this assembly segment
Mumtaz Khan said, “As of now
no one speaks about election or
voting. The picture is silent.
Once the nomination is complete and the withdrawal date is
over then only one can feel the
poll activity.” Khan said the ECI
Delhi has given so little time for
Panki that by the time one takes
any stand here the polling would
be over. Some people preferring
not to be quoted by their names
said Panki may not return the
son to the house. The son here
is Bittu Singh of the deceased
MLA Bidesh Singh. These people contend Panki has no history of any dynastic rule. Madhu
Singh was the MLA. His son Lal
Suraj is struggling and struggling.
Sankateshwar Singh was the
MLA. He never launched his son
into politics. These voters have
the strong conviction that Panki
would see the emergence of any
new face. Much the response to
this bypoll is lukewarm now the
administration is getting tougher
and tougher.
?=BQ 90<B743?DA
heat wave in prevalent
in Kolhan division took a toll
an elephant on Thursday.
Heat stroke killed an elephant
calf at the Ghatshila forest range.
Carcass of the one-and-a-halfmonth old calf (male) was found
near a hillock inside the Chekam
jungle in Ghatshila forest range.
The carcass was buried at the
spot after post-mortem was
conducted by government vet
Shankar Kumar.
Ghatshila range officer
Sushil Verma said that after
examination of calf they concluded that the elephant calf died
of heat stroke. They found no
external injury. It seems that the
calf was part of a herd which left
him behind after the death.. It’s
extremely hot in the Ghatshila
forest range.
The forest range office was
informed about the carcass lying
near the hillock by the villagers.
“The moment we came to know
we rushed to the spot and located the carcass,” Verma said,
adding there was also an acute
water crisis in the jungles falling
under Ghatshila range.
A severe heat wave is sweeping Ghatshila which is also
affecting the health of the animals. According to information
temperature is hovering between
45 to 46 degrees Celsius.
According to Verma, viscera of
the elephant calf will be sent to
the forensic laboratory in
In May 2010, a two-andhalf-year old calf was found in
a critical condition with its body
spotted with deep wounds. But
fortunately the calf came to the
notice of forest department officials, who rescued it and later
cured the calf at the Tata Steel
Zoological Park.
An official of the forest
department said that it’s the
beginning of the harvest season
and so is the elephant started
migrating. At several parts of the
twin districts of Singhbhum,
paddy crops are destroyed by
herds of tuskers that have begun
their annual migration through
the villages.
National Panchayati Raj day
function which will commence from 12 noon till 2.30
“Troupes will present
dance forms like Firkaal,
Chhau forms of Kharsawan,
Manbhum and Seraikela.
While Ranchi—based folk
artist Mukund Nayak and his
70-member troupe will perform welcome dance to welcome the Prime Minister as
he arrives at the venue at 3
pm,” said a source in the district administration.
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?=BQ =4F34;78
mphasising on teamwork
rather than working in isolation, Prime Minister
Narendra Modi on Thursday
asked civil servants to act as an
agent of change for welfare of
the people and India’s development. “Some people work in
silos. We get more results working in team than in isolation.
We need to come out of silos
and work together as a team for
nation building,” Modi said
while addressing bureaucrats
on the Civil Services Day here.
In his about 45-minute-long
pep talk to a large gathering of
bureaucrats from the Centre
and States, Modi asked them to
experiment to bring in change
besides increasing engagement
?aX\T<X]XbcTa=PaT]SaP<^SXPSSaTbbTbPccWT cW2XeX[BTaeXRTb3PhUd]RcX^]X]
with the people for greater
results. He said the role of civil
services was earlier of a regulator but after some time, the role
changed to that of an administrator and then controller.
“When time further
changed, you (civil servants)
must have thought of acquiring
managerial skills. Time is changing. Only being an administrator and controller is not enough.
It is the need of the hour that
everybody, at every level, has to
be an agent of change,” the
Prime Minister said.
“We need to bring in
changes. When we sit at one
place we forget to experiment.
If we do not experiment then
how do we bring changes?
There is no experiment without
risk. And if we don’t experiment,
then it becomes merely a job.
“I always reward experiments. People who do work
differently and experiment,
they get a different satisfaction,”
said the Prime Minister.
Modi asked senior officials
to benefit from the knowledge
of their juniors, who are of a different generation and probably
know better ways to do a task.
He said that his mantra of
“reform to transform”, should
be interpreted by civil servants
as “reform to perform to transform”. Modi said if civil servants were able to perform, the
transformation on the ground
would be evident.
Modi asked seniors to combine their experience with
knowledge and skill sets of
juniors and asserted there would
be nothing which cannot be
done. He said there should not
be any “tiredness” while they are
working as it will create obstacles.
“Rukavat samasya paida
nahin karti hai, thakavat karti
hai (Obstacles do not create
problems but tiredness do),” he
said asking the civil servants to
be energetic and to keep away
weariness from their attitude.
The Prime Minister said
that jan bhagidari or public participation is the key to success.
“Initiatives have succeeded
when jan bhagidari is embraced.
Engaging with civil society is
very important,” he said.
Referring to the Committees
of Secretaries which were formed
at his initiative to look into key
areas of governance, he said
that officials worked on these
tasks voluntarily after office
hours and on holidays.
Modi said these teams had
“successfully broken silos”, and
presented fresh ideas and suggestions. They had devoted
10,000 man-hours to this work.
“Let us create an atmosphere
where everyone can contribute.
The energy of 125 crore Indians
will take the nation ahead,” the
Prime Minister said.
?=BQ =4F34;78
ndia and China will soon
have a hotline between the
General Military
Operations (DGMO) of the
two armies to address issues
relating to transgressions on the
contentious 3,448-km-long
Line of Actual Control (LAC).
It was one of the confidence
building measures mutually
agreed upon by the two nations
some time back.
Giving this information
on Thursday after his four-day
visit to Beijing ending on
Wednesday, Defence Minister
Manohar Parrikar said the hotline will be a “reality soon.”
Interacting with the mediapersons on the sidelines of the
Conference, the Minister said the
issue of China using veto to block
India’s efforts to get Masood
Azhar a terrorist tag also figured
during his talks with the Chinese
leadership. He said China was
told “clearly” that there cannot be
any differentiation among terrorists as all are the same.
Elaborating on the pending
hotline proposal, he said the draft
of the agreement was exchanged
between the delegations of two
countries and China said it will
respond soon. Reports from
Beijing said China reacted positively to the hotline proposal.
It will enable the DGMOs
of the two countries to talk to
each other on regular basis on
issues like transgression incidents on the LAC. India and
Pakistan have a hotline for the
last many years and DGMOs of
two armies talk to each other
every week. If need be the frequency of talks are increased
like in the case when ceasefire
violations on the International
Border and Line of Control
(LOC) went up two years back.
As regards the border personnel meeting points along the
LAC, the two countries have at
present five mutually agreed
points where formation commanders of two armies discuss
local issues and the minister said
the two countries were in favour
of having more such points.
On his talks with the
Chinese leadership, Parrikar
termed the parleys as “frank
and positive.” The two sides
discussed the renewal of the
existing Memorandum of
Understanding on Defence
signed in 2006.
He said “better communication” was the need of the
hour on the issue of LAC,
adding, “We agreed to increase
our interactions and better
efence Minister Manohar
Parrikar on Thursday said
he has asked the Army to provide Lt Colonel Prasad Purohit
with all the documents he has
sought to prove his innocence
in the Malegaon blasts case in
2008, with paragraphs inimical
to national security blanked out.
Maintaining that the matter was in court and he cannot
decide on the merit of the case,
Parrikar said he has told the
Army to give all information
sought by Purohit, one of the
main accused in the Malegaon
blasts case.
“Except for words of people and names of countries,
whatever document he wants,
except when directly it impacts
security of the nation or it
involves names of some other
officers, that can be blacked
out, the information has to be
given to him,” Parrikar told
reporters here on the sidelines
of the Naval Commanders’
Purohit had earlier this
month written to Parrikar
requesting restoration of his
honour by way of rank.
In his letter dated April 4,
Purohit claimed he was falsely implicated in the case and
was behind the bars for more
than seven years now. Purohit
claimed he had infiltrated
groups like SIMI and Naxals as
a military intelligence operative and added that he had
shared every detail of his operations with his seniors.
This is not the first time
that Purohit has written to
Parrikar. In November 2015,
he had written to him requesting for copies of the Court of
Inquiry against him by the
Army. He finally got copies of
the enquiry proceedings following court’s intervention.
management of borders.”
He said the “best solution”
for border disputes was to
finalise the LAC as different
perceptions of the border leads
to what is perceived as transgression. “Because of different
perceptions, technical transgression happens. We feel it is
traversing, but they (Chinese
troops) are just patrolling. They
come and go,” he said. The
Minister said that such incidents have come down.
Replying a question, he said
the Chinese side raised the issue
of India and US agreeing to ink
the Logistics Support Agreement
(LSA) and said “we have clarified that India takes autonomous
decisions based on its own
strategic and security needs.”
Asked about the pending
Rafale fighter jet deal amidst
reports that the two countries
had agreed to a price of C60,000
crore for 36 jets, he said the
negotiations were in advanced
stage and “we intend to close it
very soon. We cannot say the
deal is done till it is signed or
sent to the Cabinet for approval.”
E8=44C0?0=34HQ =4F34;78
n a clear snub to Pakistan’s
theory on Indian national
Jadhav being a
RAW spy, Iranian Ambassador
to India Gholamreza Ansari
said on Thursday that his
Government is conducting its
own enquiry on this matter,
results of which will be shared
with “friendly countries.”
“We are trying to complete
our investigations in this case.
We are looking at it very accurately and we will be sharing the
findings with the friendly countries,” Ansari said during an
interaction at Foreign
Correspondents Club, clearly
indicating that Iran is not blindly buying Pakistan’s claims.
Iran is probing Jadhav’s business
operations in Chabahar Port
and if his dhow could have been
used for illegal operations.
The envoy added Iran was
surprised by the timing of
Jadhav’s arrest that came when
Iranian President Hassan
Rouhani was about to visit
Islamabad. Interestingly, while
Pakistan claimed they had discussed Jadhav’s arrest and
India’s attempt to destablise
Balochistan, Raouhani denied
having any such talks during
his meetings with Pakistani
leadership and officials.
Pakistan had caught
Jadhav, a former Indian Navy
officer, on March 3 claiming
him to be an Indian spy working to destablise Pakistan. A
former German envoy has
already claimed that Jadhav was
caught by Taliban and sold to
Pakistan security forces.
Iranian Ambassador to
Pakistan has already termed
Islamabad’s claims as false.
In fact, Iran is finding it difficult to secure its borders
from Pakistan-based terrorists. Ansari conceded a lot of
terrorist activities were taking
from Pakistani soil and that
Iran was trying to impress
upon Pakistan to stop these.
“Problem is we are the main
partners involved in stopping
such activities on our borders.
We are trying to impress upon
E8=44C0?0=34HQ =4F34;78
and $ 5.0492 million for modernisation of injectable products
plant in Havana. A team of
Cuban bio-technologists are at
present touring Mumbai to
explore collaboration.
With regard to US, the
envoy said that though USCuba relations are improving,
there is a lot to be done. “It is a
long and difficult process to get
to normalise relations where
Cuba demands lifting of economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by US
and still in full force,” the envoy
said quoting the document of
recently concluded 7th Congress
of the Communist Party.
Cordovés said Cubans
want US to completely withdraw from Guantanamo Bay
which is under their control for
a long time. “But President
Barack Obama has not committed anything on it,” the
envoy said while adding Cuba
has to be patient on it.
uba is witnessing major
changes in the country
after the landmark visit by US
President Barack Obama. But
the island country wants more
from the Americans. They
want US to vacate Guantanamo
Bay, allow Cubans to trade in
dollars and lift economic blockade which still exists. However,
with the Indian Government
always behind Cuba, Cuban
Ambassador to India Oscar I
Martínez Cordovés said
Havana is looking at such
“friends” to push its economy.
“The biggest challenge is to
increase economic and commercial relations with India
which is very bad. We are interested in collaboration in various
sectors like renewable energy,
bio-technology, pharmaceuticals, Information Technology,
etc. But we would also like
Indian tourists to visit Cuba
even though we still have to
improve on infrastructure in
hospitality and tourism sector.
But India being an old friend we
are hopeful for their support,”
Cordovés said. The trade
between India and Cuba has
declined drastically over the
last few years. But the relations
between two are still strong in
several spheres. It is due to this
that Cuba would like India to
help the country develop.
Shooting of films like Ek Tha
Tiger has helped Cuba further.
The tourism industry in
Cuba has seen a major jump
over the last one year with
Canadians and Cuban
Americans thronging the coun-
try but the overall economy still
needs a big push. To improve
this the Cuban government
recently presented some projects
to Indian government in sectors
like milk products, wind energy and coal generation against
the credit line provided by
Indian Government. In the past
India has donated a 5KW solar
power plant, and helped set up
IT Centre to train over 1,900
Cuban professional in different
streams. India has approved a
Line of Credit of $5 million for
setting up a milk powder processing plant besides another
Lines of Credit worth $2.712
million for setting up a Bulk
Blending Fertiliser Plant project
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?=BQ =4F34;78
?=BQ =4F34;78
Anantnag and West Bengal’s
24 Parganas districts,
besides Chandigarh, were on
Thursday presented awards by
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
for excellence in implementing
the NDA Government’s priority initiatives like Swachchh
Bharat Mission.
Nagaon in Assam, Bikaner
in Rajasthan, West Sikkim district, Ananthapuramu in
Andhra Pradesh, Dadra &
Nagar Haveli, Balrampur in
Chhattisgarh and Hamirpur
in Himachal Pradesh also
received the awards.
Anantnag administration
has been awarded under
‘Swachchh Vidyalaya’ category
for ‘North-East and Hill States’
for constructing toilets — separately for boys and girls — in
over 1,500 schools of the district. Anantnag is 57 km south
of Srinagar. There are 1,555
Government schools — 45
Higher Secondary, 124 High
schools, 695 middle and 691
primary schools — in the district catering to a large number
of marginalised and poor people living in the Anantnag area.
The awards were divided
into four categories — Pradhan
Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
(PMJDY), Swachchh Bharat
Mission (Grameen), Swachchh
his summer vacation, you
can get to experience a trip
to Shimla by air as the Supreme
^U?aX^aXch?a^VaP\\Tbc^3XbcaXRc0]P]c]PV^U9:X]=Tf3T[WX^]CWdabSPh ?C8
Vidyalaya and Soil health Card
West Bengal’s North 24
Parganas district received the
award for effective implementation of PMJDY scheme in
“Other States” categor y.
Chandigarh were conferred
the PM’s award for excellence
in implementing PMJDY.
Rajasthan’s Bikaner and
Sikkim’s West Sikkim districts
received Swachchh Bharat
Mission (Grameen) awards. The
Swachchh Vidyalaya awards
were also bestowed to Andhra
Pradesh’s Ananthapuramu, and
Dadra & Nagar Haveli administration for their efforts in construction of toilets.
Chhattisgarh’s Balrampur
and Himachal Pradesh’s
Hamirpur were adjudged best
districts for implementing Soil
health Card scheme.
The Prime Minister’s
Awards for Excellence in implementation of priority programmes were given away for
the first time on the occasion
of Civil Services Day.
Court on Thursday set a deadline of May 4 for all airline operators, including national carrier Air India, to inform their
preparedness to commence
flights to Shimla airport.
The table-top runway at
Shimla, sliced out of a mountain top is 3,800-foot-long and
situated at a height of 2,196
metres above sea level, do not
enjoy air connectivity despite
the city being a major tourist
attraction. Upset over the fact
that Shimla was the only State
capital not connected via air,
the Bench headed by Chief
Justice TS Thakur explored
various options to include
Shimla on the air map.
On Thursday, Additional
Solicitor General (ASG) PS
Patwalia appearing for Ministry
of Civil Aviation informed the
Court that on April 19, an order
was issued by Government
including Shimla in the
Category II of routes where all
operators are duty bound to
operate 10 per cent of its flights.
Other States/regions included in
this category are Uttarakhand,
Jammu & Kashmir, Andaman &
Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep
and North-East.
Patwalia said that the airport can currently handle small
flights which are 42-seater and
all safety aspects have been
examined and cleared by
Airport Authority of India and
DG Civil Aviation in its inspections conducted in January
this year. However, ASG said
that it cannot force airlines to
commence operations.
The Bench said, “Now that
Shimla is a Category II Airport,
you (DGCA) must write to
operators to disclose their fleet
if they have the 42-seater ATR
airplanes. By May 4 if services
are not commenced, the message should go to whoever concerned that the earlier they
commence operations, the better it will be for them. Your entire
route disbursal policy seems
topsy turvy. In any case we
would like to audit the policy.”
The Bench, also comprising Justices R Banumathi and
UU Lalit expressed surprise
over how Srinagar continued to
be kept in Category II when it
is one of the busiest and lucrative routes for airlines.
Pakistan to be active as well,”
Ansari said.
The Iranian envoy made it
clear that post lifting of US-led
economic sanctions on it,
Tehran is looking at relations
with friends like India with a
new approach. “After sanctions a new situation emerged
between India and Iran. But
despite the difficult circumstances, the oil export to India
continued and a new way of
looking at India emerged.
During sanctions, we bought
things from Indian market
which otherwise we were getting from Western market.
Indians were helpful though it
was clear they were under
pressure. But their relations
with Iran during those days
became advantageous for
India,” Ansari said.
He added that while energy is a key ground for cooperation with India, new areas
including strategic will be new
avenues for joining hands
between two countries. Iran is
very enthusiastic about the
agreement with India on development of Chabahar port and
improving connectivity. Iran is
also interested in investing into
petrochemical refineries and
reservoirs in India.
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n an election campaign in
Bengal, Prime Minister
Narendra Modi on Thursday
launched a scathing attack on
the Trinamool Congress, the
Left and the Congress for taking Bengal backward in the past
four decades and appealed to
the people to bring the BJP to
power so that the State could
also witness development.
Reacting to Modi’s attack
Mamata Banerjee told a rally
“there are some people in
Delhi who think that are all
powerful. They sermonise
people as though they are
God’s younger son.”
Speaking at an election
rally in Howrah, the Prime
Minister took dig at Chief
Minister Mamata Banerjee saying she had herself undergone
a Parivartan (change) instead
of changing Bengal after the
much bandied Parivartan.
“People voted for
Parivartan. But now they are
disillusioned and now they
will teach you a lesson,” Modi
said adding “more violence in
the polls means Didi has conceded defeat.”
Attacking the Trinamool
Government for corruption,
Modi said even the chit fund
accused “who are now in jail
have said where the meetings
took place and where the cash
was kept. The people reposed
faith on you and your men
looted them. Now time has
come when the people will
teach you a lesson.”
In earlier days Bengal was
known for industry, culture
creativity but today it is known
for bomb factory, he said.
Attacking the Trinamool
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n the byelections to the
Paleru Assembly seat in
district, the ruling
where it hurts the most, the
Prime Minister said, “the people involved in Sharada were
those who took money in
Again these were the same
people who were responsible
in the fall of the Vivekananda
flyover in Kolkata,” adding
“these people are guilty and
you should punish them this
time round.”
Attacking the Left and the
Congress, the PM said “the
CPI(M) and the Congress
have ruined Bengal in the
past 34 years and time has
come when the people should
choose another options from
the four political parties in fray
in Bengal.”
He said “the people should
vote after seeing the track record
of the parties. The Congress has
not come to power in the past
four decades from States where
it was discarded. The Left has
ruined Bengal and people gave
chance to Trinamool which
also failed them. Now time has
come when the people should
choose the BJP based upon its
track record.”
His Government had only
three goals “development,
quick development and allround development” the
Prime Minister said.
Telangana Rashtra Samiti
(TRS) was eyeing another
chance to further bolster its
strength in the House.
Determined to wrest the
seat from the main Opposition
Congress in the byelection
scheduled for May 16, the TRS
announced the name of
Minister for Road and Buildings Tummala Nageshwara
Rao as its candidate from Paler.
Tummala is a very strong
and influential leader from
Khammam district who served
as a senior Minister in the
Telugu Desam Government in
the past and joined the TRS
after the formation of
Telangana State.
Paleru seat fell vacant due
to the passing away of senior
Congress legislator R Venkat
Reddy recently. Chief Minister
and TRS president K
Chandrasekhar Rao zeroed on
the name of Tummala
Nageshwara Rao after a discussion with the party leaders.
Most of the leaders were of the
view that Tummala had a very
good chance of winning the
seat for the party.
KCR also decided to nominate his son and senior
Minister K Taraka Rama Rao as
in charge of the election in
Paleru. He earlier successfully
looked after the party’s campaign in the elections to the
Greater Hyderabad Municipal
Corporation, Warangal and
KTR exuded confidence
that the TRS will bag the Paleru
assembly constituency. “The
Corporation will be repeated in
Paleru as they were not different from each other”, he said.
The Congress on the other
hand was likely to field
Suchartia Reddy as its candidate while name of Sudarshan
was doing rounds as the candidate of CPIM.
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ith the stage set for the
filing of nominations for
the May 16 Assembly election
in Tamil Nadu, political activities touched a feverish pitch on
Thursday. Filing of nominations will begin on Friday
morning all over Tamil Nadu.
As a precursor of the high-pitch
electioneering the State is going
to witness in the next one
month, unidentified miscreants
pelted stones at the DMDK
headquarters at Chennai early
Thursday morning. Glass
panes and windows were shattered in the early morning
attack. According to office
bearers of the DMDK, nobody
was injured in the stone pelting. Police has registered a
case following a complaint
lodged by TS Sudheesh, the
youth wing leader of the
Though party spokesman
Mathivannan feigned ignorance about the motives behind
the attack, DMDK leaders
pointed out that the incident
happened following the speech
delivered by party founder
Vijayakant on Wednesday at
Kulithalai. The DMDK chief
Karunanidhi who has set his
ambition to become the Chief
Minister of Tamil Nadu for the
sixth time. “It is bizarre to see
a man of 93 years of age running for the post of the Chief
Minister. See his desire. He
wants to become the Chief
Minister though he is 93…see
his desire,” said Vijayakant
imitating and mocking the
DMK chief.
The DMK cadre are highly volatile and intolerant to any
kind of criticism against
Karunanidhi and Stalin. There
were incidents in the past when
those who criticised the fatherson duo came under attack.
With the DMK and the
DMDK cadre revolting against
the respective party leadership in the selection of candidates for the Assembly election,
can the Congress party workers lag behind? Hundreds of
party activists staged a demonstration in front of the TNCC
headquarters against the party
leadership for overlooking
workers who have been toiling
for the growth of the Congress
in the State. A party cadre by
name Selvan climbed atop a cell
phone tower carrying a party
flag and threatened that he
would leap to death if he is
denied a seat. Thanks to the
timely intervention by the
police and the fire and rescue
department, the Congress
worker was made to climb
down from the tower.
Hundreds of party workers
staged a demonstration in front
of TNCC headquarters in
Chennai demanding the fielding of their nominees as the
party candidates. Police has
been posted at Satyamoorthy
Bhavan to ensure no untoward
incidents happen at the
Thursday also saw the candidates belonging to the Congress
calling on DMK chief
Karunanidhi seeking his blessings. All of them touched the
feet of the grand old man of
Indian politics who wished all
of them luck and good wishes.
Khushbu, who walked over to
the Congress camp after the
2014 Lok Sabha election too
called on Karunanidhi to introduce the party candidates to her
former mentor. It was a nostalgic moment for both
Karunanidhi and Khushbu who
came face to face after two years.
“Kalaignar (as Karunanidhi
is addressed by the cadre) had
taught me a lot of things and
the importance of being patient
and how to act with a balanced
mindset,” said Khushbu after
the meeting. Khushbu had
been denied access to
Karunanidhi by Stalin and his
family members following
reports in a popular Tamil
magazine that there is a chance
of Khushbu becoming the new
Maniyamma (the young girl
whom EV Ramasamy Naicker,
the Dravida Kazhagam founder
married while the latter was 71)
of the DMK.
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espite the efforts by
Kerala’s 93-year-old
Marxist leader VS Achuthanandan to stay away from
the controversy over the alleged
dig taken at him by his bête
noire in the CPI(M) Politburo
member Pinarayi Vijayan, the
issue seems to be set to dog the
Marxist party for some time in
the context of the Assembly
election to be held on May 16.
On Thursday, Achuthanandan, Kerala Assembly’s
Opposition Leader, totally
ignored the matter and concentrated his energies on a
fierce attack on the scambeleaguered Congress-led ruling UDF while seeking voters’
support for Pinarayi, the very
man who made the allegedly
ridiculing statement against
him, but that did not help in
hushing up the controversy.
Even after Pinarayi’s ‘dig’,
which was in fact a statement he
made the other day referring to
a 2015 party resolution charging Achuthanandan with keeping anti-CPI(M) mentality, the
nonagenarian Marxist repeatedly appealed to voters of
Dharmadom in Kannur, where
Pinarayi is the candidate of the
CPI(M)-led LDF, to “elect him
with pride-inducing majority”.
However, Achuthanandan
made his mind known through
a Facebook post which said that
Leftist leaders should take extra
care while making political
statements during the polls.
When this seemingly innocuous statement itself became
reason for another controversy, he tried to get out of it by
explaining that it was not to be
taken as an “advice or warning”
to anybody.
While replying to newsmen’s queries on Wednesday,
Pinarayi had said that a resolution passed by the State secretariat of the CPI(M) against
Achuthanandan on the eve of
the party’s Kerala conference in
February last year was still in
force and that the veteran
leader’s candidature in the
Assembly election and the resolution against him were totally different matters.
The statement, coming
perhaps at the most inopportune moment, stunned leaders
of the CPI(M) and other parties of the LDF while the
Congress considered it as a
sharp weapon to strike at Left
unity. State Congress president VM Sudheeran was quick
to interpret Pinarayi’s statement
as an indication of the CPI(M)
leadership’s plan to oust
Achuthanandan from the party
after the polls.
“Some people will never
improve,” was how an LDF
leader responded to the controversy over Pinarayi’s statement. Several middle level
CPI(M) leaders expressed
anguish over the statement by
admitting that it could mar the
unity presently existing in the
party if Achuthanandan chose
to respond in his characteristic
style. “Then, we need not worry
about the polls,” said a leader.
Despite all this, Achuthanandan refused to make even an
indirect reference to the controversy in the speech he delivered
at Dharmadom in Kannur in the
campaign rally organized for
Pinarayi. Instead, he directed all
his energies to unleash a jokefilled but scathing attack against
the Congress and the UDF for its
track-record of corruption.
“Their (UDF’s) manifesto
says they will ensure a graft-free
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he Consumer Protection
(Amendment) Bill, which
is likely to be passed in Parlia-
ment, will have provision of
punishment to the celebrities
endorsing the substandard
products in misleading ads.
Union Minister for Food
and Consumer Protection Ram
Vilas Paswan here on Thursday
said that since the Bill is in
under the consideration of the
legislature he would not reveal
more about it but added that the
proposed Consumer Protection
Authority would be entrusted
the task of protection and
enforcing the rights of consumers to prevent unfair trade
practices as well as to ensure that
no advertisement is made of any
goods or services which is misleading or deceiving or contravenes the provisions of the Act.
“The celebrities will be
held responsible for the misleading ads and definitely punishment provision will be made
for them too,” said Paswan
whose decision holding the
celebrities responsible has come
under attack from certain quarters. He asked the celebrities to
be careful while campaigning
for the misleading products
which claim to increase the
height, lose weight or grow hair.
Paswan on Thursday
chaired a national consultation
meeting with States of Eastern
and North Eastern regions on
consumer protection which
was represented by either the
Ministers of these States or the
senior officials. The meeting
basically discussed the problems faced to the consumers
and dysfunctional consumer
courts. “The Government has
initiated a major step to rewrite
the Consumer Protection Act,
1986 so as to remove various
inadequacies in the Act. We
have already introduced the Bill
in the Lok Sabha with comprehensive changes to the consumer protection law that will
introduce far reaching changes.
It is proposed to create an
Authority similar to the US
Federal Trade Commission
Protection Authority” the
Union Minister said.
Paswan also said that the ecommerce and online shopping
market will also come under the
purview of the amended Act. It
will also include a new chapter
on the product liability which
embraces provisions related to
actions brought for or on account
of personal injury, death or
property damage, he added.
After the implementation
of the amendments to the
existing laws, the consumer
laws will not only get stronger
but also allow consumers to
take class action against goods
or service providers as part of
the new stringent regime likely to be in place by next year to
empower buyers.
Paswan said that the
amendments are aimed at inclusion of more items in mandatory standards list, strengthening on hall marking mechanism
and enhancing penal provisions against violations
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ending out a strong signal to
the corporate world, the
Accounts Committee
(PAC) of Parliament has decided to empower the Comptroller
and Auditor General (CAG) to
examine investment, expenditure and profit aspects in public-private partnership (PPP)
projects. PAC Chairman KV
Thomas has also decided to call
the full CAG before it soon to
discuss how to technically
empower the audit watchdog in
this regard. This decision was
taken in the recent debates of
After its meeting with the
CAG, the Parliamentary panel
will then call the Ministries
concerned with PPPs. The
move is significant as it comes
in the backdrop of corruption
allegations in various PPP projects in the past.
The private sector has so far
been resisting the move but the
committee’s argument is that
since public money is being
spent even in PPP projects, it
needs to be safeguarded. “The
stand of private parties is that
the CAG has no business to
look into their transactions.
PAC, however, strongly feels
that wherever the Government
money is involved, the CAG
indeed has a role to play. Since
Government money is also
involved in PPP projects, the
entire transaction has to be
examined by the CAG,” a PAC
member said.
Under the PPP mode, the
project is implemented based
on a contract or concession
agreement between a government or statutory entity on the
one side and a private sector
company on the other side for
delivering an infrastructure
service on payment of user
charges. PAC’s view that the
CAG should also start examining public-private partnership
(PPP) projects is not a new one.
Former PAC Chairman
Murli Manohar Joshi, a veteran BJP leader, too had earlier
said that the CAG should be
given powers to look into the
functioning of PPP projects,
societies and NGOs. His argument was that every single
paisa going through the budget
should be looked into by the
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ith the heatwave continuing
Hyderabad along with many
other parts of Telangana was
facing one of the worst drinking water crisis in the recent
history as all the major sources
of water supply for the city have
dried up.
Along with the historic
Himayat Sagar and Osman
Sagar in the vicinity of the city,
the reservoirs across Singur and
Manjira rivers have also dried
to the bone and the State
Minister for municipal administration K Taraka Rama Rao
has termed the situation as the
worst crisis in nearly three
Though drinking water
shortage is not a new problem
for Hyderabad where the citizens get tap water only on
alternate days, this is the first
time that the shortages have
gone up to almost 50 per cent.
The woes of the people have
worsened due to the fact that
the city was in the grip of
unprecedented heatwave in the
month of April and the worst
part of the summer was still
ahead. With the levels of
ground water plummeting and
the bore wells also drying up
the residents of multi storied
complexes were now completely at the mercy of the water
Against a demand of 660
million gallon water, the availability had come down to 335
million gallons of water.
Concerned over the worsening situation Rama Rao, who
is son of the Chief Minister K
Chandrasekhar Rao held a
high level review meeting with
the officials and discussed the
100 day plan chalked out by the
Hyderabad Metro Water
Supply and Sewerage Board. He
urged the people to exercise
utmost care and avoid the
water of water as the city was
facing grave crisis.
Now the city was completely dependent on piped
water supply from Krishna
and Godavari rivers. The water
of these two major rivers was
reaching Hyderabad through a
giant pipelines from a distance
of 200 kms.
Rao expressed hope that
through effective planning and
rationing waters from Krishna
and Godavari could be sufficient to meet the need during
the summer.
He directed the officials
not to issue permission for new
residential buildings and houses without digging rain water
harvesting pits to conserve the
rain water.
He wanted similar measures to be taken in the IT
Parks, industrial estates, private
and Government offices.
rule. Look who is saying this! I
can’t contain my urge to laugh
while thinking of their right to
say this. Who all are the accused
in corruption cases in the UDF
regime? The first is Chief
Minister Oommen Chandy.
How many graft cases he is facing? Thirty-one…” he said.
“The Ministers in this
Government face a total of 131
corruption cases. Except the
lone woman Minister, all members of the Cabinet are accused
in graft cases. Think of these
same people telling you that
they would ensure corruptionfree rule,” he said at
Dharmadom. Pinarayi, for
whom the rally was organized,
was absent as he was campaigning in southern Kerala.
On Thursday, Pinarayi
sought to put an end to the controversy by claiming that he had
not made any statement against
Achuthanandan but a section of
the media had distorted his
words. “Don’t try to put in my
mouth words I haven’t spoken,”
he said, adding, “A section of
the media is targeting me.”
State CPI(M) secretary
Kodiyeri Balakrishnan alleged
that the media had a special
agenda over the issue of the resolution against Achuthanandan.
“But they should not even
dream of trapping the party in
controversies. We are going
ahead in total unity,” even as
stiff but silent protests were
brewing in the grassroots of the
party and among the other
constituents of the LDF.
?=BQ ?0C=0
JP leader and former
Deputy CM Sushil Kumar
Modi said only to tease AICC
vice-president Rahul Gandhi,
RJD supremo Lalu Prasad has
supported Nitish Kumar in
his bid to be projected as PM
“Nitish could never
become Chief Minister on his
own. Twice he became CM
with the backing of the BJP and
now he is enjoying this office
with the support of RJD,” commented Modi and asked on
what ground he is dreaming to
become PM. He added that
regional leaders like Mulayam
Singh Yadav, Mayawati,
Mamata Banerjee and Navin
Patnaik were bigger leaders
than Nitish who became CM
on their own strength.
He said even Lalu knows
that Nitish can never become
PM but just to tease Rahul
Gandhi he was playing the
politics. Modi said Rahul
never liked Lalu and did not
give him appointment nor
allowed him to share dais
with him. The Gandhi scion
tore the copy of the decision
of the UPA government giving any succour to the convicted politicians giving a big
blow to RJD chief . “Had Lalu
not been convicted he would
never support Nitish for PM
post,” added Modi.
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n a major success against the
Islamic terror networks in
Assam, the police in Chirang
district have arrested seven
people, including two Imams of
a mosque, for their involvement in jehadi activities.
IGP (BTAD) of Assam
Police, LR Bishnoi said this on
Thursday while adding that the
arrested jehadi operatives were
part of Jamatul Mujahideen
Bangladesh (JMB), an Islamic
terror module based in
“Based on specific information we have arrested seven
people from two different locations in Chirang district last
night. The seven people were
involved in jehadi activities
and they were operating under
the JMB terror module,” he said
while adding that they have
already set up a camp for
imparting physical training to
the Jehadis.
The seven arrested were
identified as Joynal Abedin,
<>[email protected]>;4<0=0;838;30A0;8
<3=DAD;8B;0<[email protected];
Rezzak Ali (both Imams of
Amguri Mosque), Soleman Ali,
Dildar Ali, Md Nurul Islam,
Rafiqul Islam and Ukhiluddin.
On Saturday last, the police
in Chirang and Kokrajhar districts have arrested four Jehadis
operating under the JMB from
the district.
“Last night’s arrest came
after the confession of the four
Jehadis arrested on Saturday last.
These people have set up a camp
for imparting physical training
and plans were afoot to start giving arms training to the new
recruits. They have also brought
two AK 47 rifles for the training and we are going to recover those soon,” said Bishnoi.
It may be mentioned here
that Assam police had last year
busted a training camp of the
Daukhanagar in Chirang district. The police have also
arrested 18 Jehadi operatives
and recovered eight AK 47
rifles, which were hidden.
Although the presence of
Islamic terror network is a
recent phenomenon in Assam,
yet the police believe that the
operatives of the JMB have
started recruiting Muslim
youths from Bodoland
Territorial Areas Districts
(BTAD) in Assam and intensified operations against them
since last year.
fter two failed attempts
and an instance of manhandling that some of their colleagues suffered at the hands of
local villagers, women activists
owing allegiance to Pune-based
Swarajya Sanghatana finally
entered the sanctum sanctorum of Trimbakeshwar temple
in Nashik district of north
Maharashtra, amidst tight
A day after several activists
were manhandled by villagers
when they tried to gain entry
inside “Garbha Griha” of
Swarajya Sanghatana president
Vanita Gutte and six other
women activists formally
entered the core worship area
at 6.05 am. Of them, three
women activists performed
puja to the presiding deity.
Wednesday’s untoward incident which saw local women
and villagers manhandle and
physically prevent women
activists from entering the
sanctum sanctorum of the temple, the temple management
and police had made elaborate
security arrangements to
ensure smooth entry of the
‘Swarajya Sanghatana’ activists
inside the core worship area.
The local police had
booked nearly 200 persons,
including former president of
Trimbakeshwar Municipal
Council Anagha Phadke, under
various sections of the IPC,
including molestation and
wrongful restraint, in connection with Wednesday’s incident
— in which one woman had
fallen unconscious after local
women and villagers manhandled the women activists tried
unsuccessfully to enter core
worship area of the temple.
Talking to media persons
after she and other women
activists entered the sanctum
sanctorum of the temple,
Swarajya Sanghatana president
Vanita Gutte said: “Today is a
historic day. After efforts made
by us on three consecutive
days, we have been able to
achieve our goal. Resultantly,
women devotees of Shiva have
succeed in entering “Garbha
Griha” and offering prayers to
the presiding deity”.
Meanwhile, the temple town
of Trimbakeshwar observed a
total bandh in protest against a
case registered against 200 persons, including former president
of Trimbakeshwar Municipal
Council Anagha Phadke for
allegedly manhandling women
activists. Shops and business
establishments around the
famous temple remained all
through the day.
The temple management’s
decision to allow women activists
inside the sanctorum sanctorum
is line with a directive issued on
April 1 by the Bombay High
Court to the state government to
enforce the Maharashtra Hindu
Place of Worship (Entry
Authorisation) Act 1956.
In its direction given to the
state government on April 1, a
HC division bench of Chief
Justice DH Waghela and Justice
MS Sonak had said: “The acting Advocate General has
assured the court that the government is against gender dis-
crimination. Keeping in view
Article 14, 15 and 25 of the
Constitution of India, the government can take pro-active
steps to ensure that the fundamental rights of a citizen are
fully realised and not allowed to
be encroached upon by any
Hearing a public interest litigation filed by senior advocate
Nilima Vartak and activist Vidya
Bal challenging prohibiting the
entry of women in the Shani
Shingnapur temple, the HC
bench had also directed the secretary of Maharashtra’s Home
Department to ensure that the
policy and purpose of the
Maharashtra Hindu Place of
Worship (Entry Authorisation)
Act 1956 “is fully carried out,
and directions are issued to all
district collectors and
Superintendents of Police”.
The Trimbakeshwar temple
has now become the third
famous temple where women
have been allowed to enter
sanctum sanctorum to offer
prayers. Earlier, women activists
had entered core worship areas
of Shani Shingnapur temple in
Ahmednagar district and
Mahalakshmi temple at Kolhapur in western Maharashtra.
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central task force for Ayush
has sought investment of
C2,675 crore at the national
level to give all-round push to
the traditional systems of medicines Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga,
Siddha, Sowa Rigpa, homeopathy and naturopathy to
make it competitive at the
global level.
Noting that strengthening
the Ayush sector in education,
industry and public health is
critical to prepare the country
for its journey towards integrative healthcare, the task
force headed by HR Nagendra,
Chancellor, S-VYASA Yoga
University, Bengaluru in its
report has pitched for large
scale multi-centric clinical
research involving reputed
Ayush and modern medical
colleges, universities, hospitals
and research institutions both
in the public or private sector.
In its 40-page report submitted to the Ayush Ministry,
the panel has suggested a range
of activities ranging from
research to good manufacturing practices, better testing
labs to quality education to
boost the sector.
“While international stan0]Pdc^aXRZbWPfca^[[Th^eTa[^PSTSfXcWSTbZc^_P]SR^\_dcTabRaP_X]7hSTaPQPS dards for good manufacturing
?C8 practices have been prescribed
by the WHO for herbal medicines, the Ayush regulation is
still short of international standards. There is also concern
about the slow pace of certifying eligible AYUSH industries
under CoPP as per WHO
GMP. This may be due to lack
to time for Ayush sector in
DCGI. This is hindering its
capacity to export Ayush medicines.”
The panel members
include VR Kotecha, Vice
Chancellor, Gujrat Ayurveda
University, Dr Khalid Siddiqui,
Former Director General,
Central Council for Research in
Unani Medicine, Dr Issac
Mathai, Medical Director,
SOUKYA — Dr Mathai’s
International Holistic Health
Centre, Bengaluru.
The others are Dr Prashant
Shetty, Principal and Chief
Medical Officer, SDM College
of Naturopathy and Yogic
Sciences, Karnataka, Jayakumar
A, Secretary General, Vijnana
Bharati, Pradeep Multani,
Pharmaceuticals, Anil Jauhari,
Quality Council of India,
Anurag Shrivastav, Prof. BN
Gangadhar, Department of
Psychiatry, NIMHANS and Dr
Basavareddy, Director, Moraji
Desai National Institute of
Yoga among others.
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U C^bTcd_=PcX^]P[1^PaSU^a?a^\^cX^]P]S3TeT[^_\T]c^UH^VP
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Corrigendum No1 of E-TENDER NOTICE NO. 01-EOI/2016-2017
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wo courts in Osmanabad
district of Marathwada
region on Thursday slapped a
collective fine of C6,000 on
MNS chief Raj Thackeray for
his failure to respond to repeated summons issued to him in
connection with the destruction of public property by his
party activists during an agitation against north-Indian settlers called by him in 2008.
The two courts subsequently released Raj on bail
against a collective cash surety for C45,000.
Having failed repeatedly to
respond to summons issued to
him to appear before them
from time to time in connection with violence that broke
out during an agitation called
by in October 2008, Raj finally appeared before the courts of
Paranda and Osmanabad.
While the Paranda court
imposed a fine of C3,500 on the
MNS chief and sought a per-
sonal bond for C15,000 for his
failure to respond to summons
issued on it, the Osmanabad
court slapped a fine of C2,500
on Raj and obtained a cash
surety for C30,000 from him.
Raj, who is currently touring the drought-affected areas
of Marathawada, appeared
before the two courts, after they
issued arrest warrants against
him for his failure to respond
to the summons issued against
him in the past.
There were incidents of
violence in both Paranda and
Osmanabad in October 2008,
when the MNS activists had
gone berserk and damaged
public property like state transport buses as part of the agitation called by Raj against
north-Indian students in
It may be recalled that the
police across Maharashtra had
registered 60-odd cases against
the MNS chief for allegedly
inciting violence against northIndian students in October 2008.
In Mumbai, Raj was
charged by the Kherwadi police
under sections 141 to 149,
151, 153- (C) & (G) of IPC (all
offences against public tranquility), 336 (endangering personal safety of others, 349
(force), 353 (assaulting a public servant), 357 (assault), 427
(causing mischief) and 506
(criminal intimidation) for
inciting violence against northIndian students appearing for
and officials conducting RRB
examinations at the Chetna
College centre at Bandra (East)
on October 19, 2008.
Hours after Raj’s arrest on
October 21, 2008, the MNS
activists had indulged in rioting
in many parts of the state, including Pune, Solapur, Nashik,
Buldhana, Nagpur, Malegaon
and Tulajapur. Solapur, Pune,
Aurangabad, Osmanabad, Hingoli, Buldhana, Nagpur and
Tuljapur. The activists had not
only damaged scores of state
transport buses, but they had
also set them on fire.
he Opposition National
Conference (NC) on
Thursday termed the ruling
PDP-BJP’s move to seek the
postponement of by-elections
for the Anantnag Assembly
segment as a loud and clear
admission of failure by Chief
Minister Mehbooba Muft. “Ms
Mufti is evidently terrified of
facing the people,” former Chief
Minister and NC’s working
president Omar Abdullah said
in a statement here.
The Election Commission
had announced byelection for
the Anantnag constituency on
May 16. However, citing security situation in the south
Kashmir area, the State
Government has sought postponement of the byelection.
The byelection has been
necessitated due to the demise
of former Chief Minister Mufti
Muhammad Sayeed, who had
won the Anantnag Assembly
election in 2014 elections.
“In seeking the postpone0[T^_PaS
CWdabSPh ?C8
ment of the election for
Anantnag, Mehbooba Mufti has
shown that she has panicked and
is hiding behind the Election
Commission. This desperate
and evasive move shows how
badly the Chief Minister is governing the State and is a formal
admission of defeat by the PDPBJP alliance. Fearing rejection by
the people, the Chief Minister
has evaded the very first formal
referendum on the PDP-BJP
alliance and that’s a very significant development”, Omar
Abdullah said in a statement.
He said that Ms Mufti was
trying to escape the conse-
quences of PDP’s sell-outs and
political surrenders under the
fig-leaf of an allegedly ‘nonconducive’ situation. “When
the Chief Minister of a state is
petrified of failing to seek an
electoral validation to continue in her chair, the very credibility, mandate and writ of the
Government becomes questionable. Knowing well that her
party is facing a complete rout
at the grassroots level,
Mehbooba Mufti has chosen to
run away from her very first
test and that’s tragic”, Abdullah
“The people of J&K have
rejected this alliance of convenience and have also seen how
much of a failure it amounted
to in its previous year in power.
Mehbooba Mufti’s spectacular
U-turn on seeking Confidence
Building Measures (CBMs)
from the Government of India
has catalyzed PDP’s political
obliteration. If she is so scared
of facing the people, with what
credibility and confidence will
she rule the State?” Omar
Following Changes are made in E-Tender Notice No.1EOI/201617 of this Division as Below.
Sr.No. Originol E-Tender Schedule
Download and Submission Period
of online Expression of Interest.
Dt. 11.04.2016 at 10.00 am. to
Dt. 25.04.2016 at 17.30 pm.
New E-Tender Schedule
Download and Submission
Period of online Expression
of Interest.
Dt. 11.04.2016 at 10.00 am. to
Dt. 30.04.2016 at 17.30 pm.
No other changes in particulars.
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P]S0dSXc^a6T]TaP[bW^fTScWPc^UcWT ""' ( WTRcPaTb^U]^]U^aTbc[P]S
cWPccWT6^eTa]\T]cfPbbd__^bTSc^aTRTXeTQTcfTT]!%P]S! !Xc^][h
^UcT] dbX]V R^[^daUd[ _a^eTaQb P]S
[h R^\\T]cX]V ^] cWT X]Rd\QT]c
R^\\T]c Ua^\ WX\ P]S X]bcTPS
P]SWP[U X] \P]PVX]V cWT R^d]cahb
cTa_aTcTS X] P] X]]^RT]c \P]]Ta Pc
rganisations and people round the world
celebrate Earth Day
on April 22 each year,
but it is not clear if all
those participating in this event are
fully aware of the threats that
human society is imposing on
Planet Earth and how this particular day became a global event 46
years ago. The reality is that human
activities have progressively expanded their footprint on the earth’s
ecosystems to a point where they are
leading to rapid damage and degradation of the very support systems
that sustain all forms of life on this
planet. In itself, the huge increase
in human population may not
have posed a global threat if it were
not for the fact that the spread of
uniform aspirations to consume
more and more is leading to the
production of goods and services
that are leading to pollution of the
air that we breathe, the water that
we drink, the food that we eat and
to an increase in the use of toxic
substances in many products, all of
which lead to health hazards for
across the globe.
The Living Planet Report
brought out annually by WWF estimated in its 2014 version that for
40 years in the immediate past,
humanity’s demand has exceeded
the earth’s bio-capacity. It estimated that we need 1.5 earths to meet
the demand humanity currently
makes on nature. Forests, which are
being destroyed across the world,
and seriously degraded in India as
well, provide shelter, livelihoods,
water, fuel and food to two billion
people. Environmental damage,
therefore, damages the welfare of
the poor. Perhaps, the most serious
threat resulting from our unsustainable pattern of growth and development emanates in the form of
human induced climate change.
The Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change, which I had the
privilege of chairing for 13 years, has
in its Fifth Assessment Report,
brought out the extent and nature
of climate change taking place
across the globe, the intensity and
seriousness of its impacts and the
means by which the challenge can
be met through a combination of
adaptation as well as mitigation
measures, which the world must
implement with a sense of urgency.
The IPCC was established in 1988,
but concerns about the damage we
are inflicting on the planet began to
be articulated much earlier through
the work of pioneers like Rachel
Carson, whose book, Silent Spring,
shocked the US on the extent to
which toxic substances were being
produced and released into the soil,
air and water streams of that country. However, the credit for bringing environmental issues into the
domain of policymaking and collective public action, particularly in
the US, goes to a remarkable leader,
the late Senator Gaylord Nelson.
Gaylord Nelson was a visionary and a crusader who realised
that legislation on environmental
issues presents certain limits, and
therefore what would work in
practice is action by the public. It
is reported that Nelson, while
cognizant of the prosperity that
some achieved in the US during
the 1950s, never lost sight of those
in the cities and countryside who
were disadvantaged. He was also
fully conscious of the social and
ecological implications and costs
of technological innovation and
industrial expansion. Once he
entered the US Senate, he worked
with President John F Kennedy to
undertake a tour of the country for
conservation and the environment. He also worked closely with
President Lyndon B Johnson to
advance civil rights legislation and
the fight against poverty. While in
India, we have not fully understood
the nexus between environmental
±=Q^[email protected][Qb
40AC730H! %
degradation and poverty, he saw
the fight against poverty as an
essential part of his environmental agenda. He believed that “environment is all of America and its
problems. It is rats in the ghetto. It
is a hungry child in a land of affluence. It is housing not worthy of
the name; neighborhoods not fit to
inhabit”. In some sense, this echoed
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s reference to poverty being the worst
polluter, while addressing the UN
Conference for the Human
Environment in Stockholm in
1972, when she stated, “Are not
poverty and need the greatest polluters?” She added further, “It
would be ironic if the fight against
pollution were to be converted into
another business, out of which a
few companies, corporations or
nations would make profits at the
cost of the many.” Gaylord Nelson
believed that environmental protection did not have to be at odds
with economic development, and
in his efforts the record shows that
he pushed programmes like
Operation Mainstream, allowing
for appropriation of millions of
dollars meant for creating conservation jobs and skills training for
the poor and the elderly under
what he labelled as the Green
Thumb project. Interestingly, as
Chairman of the US Senate’s Select
Committee on Small Business, he
referred to the work of a middle
level official in the Government of
Uttar Pradesh, by the name of Ram
Bux Singh, who did pioneering
work in that State in the establishment and upkeep of biogas plants.
The record of the Senate holds references to Ram Bux Singh’s work
in the form of an ‘Interview with
India’s Gobar Gas Expert, Ram Bux
Singh’, which Senator Nelson introduced and discussed in 1975.
Not satisfied with Government
decisions and actions, Gaylord
Nelson decided in 1969 to call for
a day when the whole of the US
would arrange teach-ins to raise
awareness among the public on
environmental problems. The
media and communities on the
country’s campuses responded
enthusiastically to this call and
termed the intended day as Earth
Day. Nelson set up a small office
to coordinate activities that were
planned, and put a young 26-year
old Denis Hayes as the head of his
establishment. He, however,
shunned a top-down approach,
and appealed to the public to
organise themselves at the local
level to ask for action from their
officials on what had to be done to
protect the environment around
them. On April 22, 1970, an estimated 20 million Americans,
young and old, were reported to
have become an active part of this
event by gathering together to
highlight the ecological problems
in their cities, states, the nation, and
planet earth — and to demand
action from themselves and from
their elected officials. With the
resounding success of the very first
Earth Day celebration in 1970,
Denis Hayes set up the Earth Day
Network, which extended to 180
countries, and created the Earth
Day into a global event.
While we observe Earth Day
in India in 2016, we need to
reflect on the mindless damage
that we are carrying out on the
ecosystems of the planet, the
disadvantage we are increasing for
the poorest of the poor. This is a
day when the youth of the nation
in particular must organise to join
hands and change direction, so
that the pattern of development
we pursue is truly sustainable.
Earth Day 2016 should be a
day when the youth of the world
take the environmental destiny of
this planet into their own hands.
The youth must lead in the fight
for sustainable development.
[email protected]^dc
Sir — This refers to the article,
“Sanskrit-Buddhism: A saas-bahu
equation?” (April 20) by Rajesh
Singh. In Buddhist circles, opinion
goes that Sanskrit was grammatically and structurally complicated for
an average citizen. Hence, derivatives such as Hindi and Prakrit
came to the fore. Assuming that the
Buddha disliked Sanskrit because he
didn’t like Vedic scriptures, is not
correct; he merely discarded some
aspects of it and kept others.
Ratana Sifu
Via web
Sir — This refers to the article,
“Sanskrit-Buddhism: A saas-bahu
equation?” (April 20) by Rajesh
Singh. To register the implications
of such a piece of writing, one
should be able to approach it with
a mind without prejudice.
Via web
Sir — This refers to the article,
“Fervent nationalist, pragmatist”
(April 20) by Anirban Ganguly. On
WXbaTUTabc^cWTTSXc^aXP[°;^bcYTfT[^UcWTRa^f]±0_aX[! >]SPh^]T
being asked about his views on
Hindi being the common language of India, Sri Aurobindo
said, “English will be all right and
even necessary if India is to be an
international state. In that case,
English has to be the medium of
expression, especially as English is
now replacing French as a world
language. But the national spirit
won’t allow it and also it is a foreign
language. At the same time, Hindi
can’t replace English in universities
nor the provincial languages.”
If we paid heed to the pragmatic views of Sri Aurobindo,
India could have taken a big step
forward towards national unity.
The need of the hour is to review
our language policy.
Sujit De
Sir — The suspension of Vijay
Mallya’s diplomatic passport by
the Ministry of External Affairs,
for failing to heed to three summons issued by the Enforcement
Directorate, is a step in the right
direction. The elbow room for
Mallya is shrinking. It will in his
interest to pay back the loan that
amounts to C9,000 crore.
Devendra Khurana
Sir — This refers to the editorial,
“Chidambaram in a soup” (April
20). Lies, irrespective of the person who utters them, cannot be
kept hidden for ever. P
Chidambaram has committed
serious betrayal of trust, for which
he must face the consequences.
MR Anand
Sir — Severe drought conditions
in a number of States in the
country have brought untold misery to crores of people. Although
the Government is taking care of
relief and other amelioration measures, this is not enough. It is our
responsibility to extend assistance
on a war-footing and to ensure
that such situations do not repeat.
I appeal to the doyens of our
industry to take the lead and
undertake digging of large catchment ponds to be able to harvest
rains when they arrive in another six to eight weeks’ time.
Hemendra K Varma
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BX\X[Pa[h \T]cP[[hRWP[[T]VTS BPh[TT
:H ET]ZPcTbW Xb cWT UXabc 8]SXP] PcW[TcT Pc cWT
APSWXZP 2WP]S Q^a] fXcW 3^f] Bh]S^\T Xb P]
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P]S cWTaT X] cWT R^d]cah C^ `d^cT ?Pcd :TbfP]X
VaP[_Pac^UXcbQdbX]Tbb\^ST[0Q^dc "_TaRT]c^U
BX\X[Pa[h Hd\ ATbcPdaP]cb 8]SXP cWT _PaT]c
3XbbPQX[XcXTb! #QhcWT6^eTa]\T]c
6a^d_ 3TehP]X 8]cTa]PcX^]P[ ;X\XcTS EX]SWhP
8]U^\TSXP cWT A^hP[ 1P]Z ^U BR^c[P]S ;P]S\PaZ
X]R[dbXeXch D]X^] DaQP] 3TeT[^_\T]c P]S
[PQ^aPcX^] fXcW cWT <X]Xbcah ^U B^RXP[ 9dbcXRT P]S
4\_^fTa\T]c [Pd]RWTS cWT ²8]R[dbXeT]Tbb P]S
0RRTbbXQX[Xch 8]STg _aT_PaTS Qh cWT 5TSTaPcX^] ^U
cWT ]Tgc RWP_cTa ^U cWT 6^eTa]\T]cb U[PVbWX_
ractically every day,
everyone confronts the
consequences of the continued erosion of democratic values. This erosion
is a direct consequence of the crises
of ideology of progress and erosion
of moral and ethical standards.
Angry young persons, without
employment and engagement, are
easy targets of the vested interests
and those practicing politics without principles. Tension, turmoil,
arson, riots, violence, bigotry and
distrust are the daily doses that
everyone has to acknowledge and
remain prepared to bear the consequences of. The Patidars of
Gujarat are again at it; maybe they
have learnt more lessons from the
reservation fury unleashed in
Haryana. Further violence is on the
cards. The fact-finding probe in the
Haryana Jat agitation reveals another frightening ‘fact’: Policemen of
the community were more loyal to
agitators than their duty and they
deserted their posts for days together. They are back in their seats as
if nothing has happened. While the
probe panel has recommended
serious action against them, not
many are convinced that the deserters, who would certainly be called
cowards in any system of governance, would be punished.
In the Kerala temple tragedy,
the real face of the system of governance and administration bared
itself completely. The lack of coordination, in one way or the other,
extends to the entire country.
The azadiwallas continue to fuel
the fires in Jammu & Kashmir on
a daily basis, making the State
appear helpless. The valley retains
its boiling temperatures, this time
on the alleged harassment of a
young girl by soldiers. The victim
has repeatedly stated that it was
some Kashmiri youth who misbehaved, but she is told to shut up
as the agitators know better. In
their belief, violence and hatred
must be ignited on a daily basis,
as that alone would bring azadi.
On a regular basis, one gets
reports of rapes, of the murder of
those resisting rape and the juveniles getting away with it. A BMW
mauls four, one dies in hospital,
but there are no arrests.
Supporters of triple talaq claim
divine support for retaining it in the
21st century and get ready to fight
it out in the Supreme Court. The
Delhi Government is extremely
happy that its odd-even plan has
attracted, it claims, worldwide
attention and adulation. IPL bosses are unhappy; certain matches
have to be moved out of parched
Maharashtra. The IPL is one of the
rare spectacles when politicians of
different hues think and speak alike.
And, believing them, they are
doing it all for the betterment of the
youth of India! Prestigious public
school managements are setting up
new models of modern educational
management. Five teachers of a
school went to the court for the
implementation of the Fifth Pay
Commission Report; four of the
five were compulsorily retired and
the fifth one was removed. Imagine
teachers being fired for demanding
full salary and payment through
cheques be made mandatory. In no
time, the management finds better
ways of showing teachers their
‘rightful place’.
Are these conditions not
demanding enough to make the
political class re-think its role and
reset its strategies and approach, to
become a part of nation-building?
Is it not imperative on the part of
the opposition parties to accept the
people’s verdict and let the party in
power go ahead with its plans and
ven as the poll scene in Tamil
Nadu is gaining momentum,
there is an interesting filmy
tinge to the poll campaign. There are
clashes between two top matinee
idols — actor-turned-politician and
Desiya Murpokku Dravida
Kazhagam founder Captain
Vijayakanth and Tamil superstar
Rajinikanth. Both have a huge fan following. Affectionately called ‘Captain’
by his fans after his blockbuster film,
Captain Prabhakaran, Vijayakanth
has the largest fan base in the State.
He is also the most sought after politician by the opposition parties.
The immediate provocation came from the
Captain who is reported to
have criticised Rajinikanth in
a public meeting last week,
claiming that unlike
Rajinikanth, he was not
afraid of political threats.
This was not appreciated by
Rajinikanth fans and it
resulted in clashes. While the
Captain came with the
DMDK in 2005, Rajinikanth
is yet to make up his mind
about entering politics. Many
political parties woo him to
endorse them.
In Tamil Nadu, there has
been an undeniable link
between the film world and politics
of the State since the 1950s and the
1960s. Even in the present Assembly
poll, three of the chief ministerial candidates — Dravida Munnetra
Kazhagam chief M Karunanidhi,
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J
Jayalalithaa and DMDK chief
Vijayakanth have film roots, while the
fourth one, Anbumani Ramadoss of
the Pattali Makkal Katchi, is a
qualified doctor.
Even MG Ramachandran’s
widow, VN Janaki, who became the
first woman Chief Minister of the
State for a very brief while, was a film
star. CN Annadurai, MG
Ramachandran, as well as the DMK
chief Karunanidhi have used films to
spread their political message.
Annadurai was the fore-runner in
introducing politics in film dialogue. The DMK promoted the
Dravidian movement, atheism and
Tamil nationalism through the medium of films. Karunanidhi was a great
scriptwriter. MGR built a personality cult, portraying himself as a propoor hero, and his films showed the
oppression of the poor and how the
subaltern hero MGR fought against
it. When MGR moved away from the
DMK and launched the All India
Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam,
the new party continued the MGR
myth for coming to power. He
remained unassailable till his death
in 1987.
Both Rajinikanth and
Vijayakanth have emulated MGR in
their screen life, taking on the rich
and powerful. Unlike MGR, who
carefully cultivated his screen image
and transferred it smoothly to his
political end, Rajinikanth has cultivated the image of a superman who
is on the side of the masses, but he
does not represent a political movement. Since 1996, when he almost
joined the Congress after meeting the
then Prime Minister PV Narasimha
Rao, he has been hesitant to take the
programmes envisaged to ameliorating the miseries of the downtrodden and the depressed? Why
has the main Opposition given a
go-bye to the basic principles of
democracy? A learned friend asked
a counter-question: When did the
Congress ever follow democratic
principles since Independence?
If democratic principles were
followed and the recommendations
of State Congress committees given
their due weightage, Sardar
Vallabhbhai Patel would have been
the first Prime Minister of free
India. Where was the democracy
in imposing Emergency or in Rajiv
Gandhi being sworn in as the
Prime Minister after the tragic
assassination of Indira Gandhi?
This trampling of the democratic
principles and practices has resulted in scandals, corruption and the
decimation of the system of governance. The present-day miseries
are just an outcome of this one
common thread that has been
dexterously woven by unscrupulous politicians to meet their vested yet myopic interests at the cost
of national needs and public welfare. The out-of-power politicians
have finally come to this conclusion: Prime Minister Narendra
Modi is a job-snatcher! The main
opposition party has only a singlepoint agenda: To ensure dynastic
succession and fulfill the dream of
anointing Rahul Gandhi as the
Prime Minister of India. Well, for
the other opposition parties, he is
nowhere in the picture. The current
lot of prime ministerial aspirants in
the opposition block, right from
HD Deve Gowda, to Mulayam
Singh Yadav to Sharad Pawar to
Nitish Kumar, to J Jayalalithaa to
Mayawati to Mamata Banerjee...
and one could go on counting, are
indeed depressed and morose.
They see no future for themselves
and blame only one person for having swept them away from amongst
those who count on the national
The manner in which Bihar
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has
given a call for a BJP-mukt Bharat
indicates it all Why don’t these
ambitious politicians come together to create a sukha-mukt Bharat,
bhukhmari- mukt Bharat or an
aparadh-mukt Bharat. Are these
not the need of the hour, rather
than political posturing ?
If only India had established
sufficient number of schools within the first 10 years of the constitutional mandate, focussed on
man-making education, and
remembered that knowledge without character was a sin, the picture
of emerging India would have
been entirely different. The traditional moral and ethical values,
which lead to a cohesive society,
would not have eroded in the watch
of the so-called secularists.
final step. Earlier, he endorsed the
DMK-Tamizhaga Maanila Congress
combine which benefitted both the
parties. Since then, there have been
speculations on whether he will
plunge into politics, but so far, he has
kept himself away.
Vijayakanth burst into the political scene in 2005 with the DMDK.
In 2006, the new party polled about
10 per cent of the votes, and in 2009,
it went up to 10.3 per cent. The party
aligned with the AIADMK in 2011
but the ties soured soon and in 2014,
he joined the NDA; his vote-share
came down to 5.1 per cent.
Vijayakanth has chief
ministerial ambitions and,
therefore, has decided to
join the People’s Welfare
Front, comprising the
Marumalarchi Dravida
Munnetra Kazhagam, the
Viduthalai Chiruthaigal
Katchi and the Left parties.
“My cadres wanted me to be
the king. All alliance partners
have asked me to be the chief
ministerial candidate”, he
said after joining the front. Its
vote-share is what makes the
DMDK attractive.
Vijayakanth was actively pursued by the DMK,
which has now formed an
alliance with the Congress.
Karunanidhi had publicly expressed
the hope that the DMDK will join the
DMK-led alliance. The BJP too
actively wooed the DMDK. But the
DMDK was miffed that while the BJP
national leaders met with Jayalalithaa
when they came to Chennai, they
ignored Captain Vijayakanth.
Vijayakanth hopes to emerge as
an alternative and he might do so if
he plays his cards well, but only in the
long run. There are about 25 per cent
to 30 per cent non-committed voters and Vijayakanth should mobilise
their support. He can in the near
future be a serious contender to the
Tamil Nadu throne.
he Prime Minister’s initiative of Make in India
has drawn a lot of
attention in the recent past.
Considering the current scenario of Indian economy and
other factors, mixed reactions
have poured in.
The focus is mainly to
make India grow and become
self-sufficient in all walks of
life globally. In achieving the
goal, the following step-bystep approach could fetch
the desired results in the
segments opened globally —
automobiles, defence manufacturing, food processing,
leather, media and entertainment, etc.
The Make in India initiative provokes industrial
houses worldwide to set up
their ventures in India, creating infrastructure and job
opportunities. This would
encourage support to ‘Make
for India’ in the sense that
there is ultimately planned
development framework for
India, which would lead to
quality production for the
‘Made in India’ label.
An in-depth study for the
Make in India initiative has
been carried out at IIT Delhi
vis-à-vis taking forward the
‘Make for India’ perspective,
which has lead, the authors to
come to a conclusion via a
survey, into the critical issues
relating to sustainable manufacturing. The following
enablers and barriers have to
be given consideration before
researchers and industry professionals join hands turning
the dream initiative a success.
Let’s look at the enablers.
While lowering manufacturing cost involves managing
the processes efficiently with
minimum wastes generation;
investment in innovation &
technology is necessary to
enhance the performance of
processes by implementing
advanced technological initiatives. Pressure from the
market enables industries to
satisfy the customer requirements considering the competitive
Development in e-economy
eliminates wasteful expenditure and middlemen phenomena using e-banking,
dissemination of information through e-resources.
Infrastructure facilities in the
transportation sector require
mandatory policies for carrying material and goods
with reduced carbon emissions by promoting environmental norms.
Similarly, we need to
highlight the possible reasons
for critical barriers being
important in both the groups,
along with some suitable
mitigation measures based on
the interaction with
researchers and industry professionals. Under the subject,
lack of awareness of sustainability concepts, limited
access to sustainable literature
restricts the awareness of
various concepts and techniques by which practitioners can implement sustainability. The solution to it can
be suitable training workshops for practitioners,
wherein problems faced by
industry can be discussed
and guidance provided for
implementing sustainability.
In addition to this, high initial costs of implementing the
sustainable technology constrain the industry practitioners from investing, and
waiting for longer duration to
gain economic benefits
makes it tougher for them.
One important measure to
curb this issue can be incentives by the Government in
the form of tax rebate and
financial and technical assistance to industries in implementing sustainable technologies. Industries should
also make efforts to reduce
cost of overwastes produced,
and judiciously utilise
resources such as energy,
water, etc.
Lack of support from
senior leaders in implementing sustainability initiatives is
another critical issue. In addition, the low availability of
credit to industries due to
high lending rates is a major
bottleneck in the latter’s
growth. The banking sector
needs to come up with strategic funding schemes and
evaluations. There is a need
to achieve balance in production and distribution visà-vis renovation of ages old
infrastructure and transmission lines to tackle the issue
of power shortage while at
the same time push the need
to explore renewable sources
of energy.
The growth of any nation
depends mainly on two critical factors: Social and political will. The growth of Japan
or China in the manufacturing sector has mainly been
possible due to the strong
presence of factors mentioned above. There is a need
for huge restructuring of the
system, only after which
India can transition from
Make in India to ‘Made
in India’.
(The writer is a research
scholar at IIT Delhi, working
in the field of sustainable
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[email protected]
?C8Q =4F34;78
"cartel" of 4-5 telecom
firms having a billion subA
scribers are making C250 crore
a day but not making investments on their network to
improve services to check call
drops, Government told the
Supreme Court on Thursday.
"There is a cartel of fourfive telecom companies having
billion subscribers, who are
making C250 crore a day from
outgoing calls.
They have stupendous
growth but they are making
minimum investment on their
network to improve the quality of service on their network
to curb call drops," Attorney
General Mukul Rohatgi said.
Rohatgi, appearing for
TRAI before a bench of justices
Kurian Joseph and RF
Nariman, also defended the
penalty imposed by the regulator on the telecom firms,
saying it will be around C280
crore and not thousands of
crore as was being claimed by
the service providers.
"They are making around
Rs one lakh crore a year from
calls and the impact of penalty will be C270-280 crore and
not thousands of crore as
claimed by them," he said.
The Attorney General further said there was growth of
61 per cent in the subscriber
base for telecom companies
from 2009 to 2015 and they
were diverting part of the spectrum to data for making more
"Data service cost more
than the calls. None of these
telecom companies are here for
charity. They are here with bil-
lion subscribers for profit. They
charge for everything," Rohatgi
COAI, a body of Unified
Telecom Service Providers of
India and 21 telecom operators,
including Vodafone, Bharti
Airtel and Reliance, have challenged the Delhi High Court
order upholding TRAI's decision making it mandatory for
them to compensate subscribers for call drops from this
The Attorney General said
the telcos often cite shortage of
spectrum as a reason for call
drops but the radiowave
remained unsold during the
recent auction in 700 Mhz
"Whether you (telcos) get
the spectrum or less spectrum,
that is not the problem of
TRAI. If you have less spec-
14=60;DAD) Diageo plc on
Thursday challenged Debt
Recovery Tribunal's power to
direct it to deposit $40 million,
a part of $75 million payout
package signed with liquor
baron Vijay Mallya who is facing a multi-agency probe
including for alleged money
The company contended
before the tribunal that the
amount was paid outside
"The amount of $40 million, which is a part of $75 million payout package between
Mallya and us, was paid outside India and hence the DRT
does not have power to direct
us to attach the money before
the tribunal. Such a deal does
not fall in the jurisdiction of
DRT," Diageo argued.
As soon as the proceedings began at the tribunal
here, Diageo Counsel submitted the copy of the objections filed against SBI-led
Bankers' memo, seeking
depositing of $40 million
before the DRT.
The consortium led by
State Bank of India had filed
a memo putting a claim on the
payout of $40 million to
Mallya by Diageo as part of
the sweetheart deal.
According to the deal,
Diageo agreed to pay Mallya
$75 million in five instalments in lieu of the liquor
baron stepping down from
the post of Chairman of
United Spirits.
An amount of $40 million
was paid immediately after
Mallya quit from chairman's
Making submissions
before DRT Presiding Officer
CR Benakanahalli, Diageo's
counsel prayed that the tribunal should reject the
bankers' memo for its inconsistent claims on relief.
Diageo also argued that $40
million was paid to Mallya on
February 25, much before DRT's
March 7 order, and hence the
attempt of the bankers to recreate liability is questionable and
untenable. DRT, in its March 7
order had barred Mallya from
withdrawing USD 75 million exit
payment from Diageo till the
disposal of the case over the loan
default by his Kingfisher
It also had restrained Diageo
and United Spirits Ltd, owned
by the UK-based firm, from
temporarily disbursing the
amount to Mallya, who worked
out the deal under a severance
Diageo also argued that
the remaining $35 million to
be paid to Mallya was subject
to certain conditions, which
means it is not a guarantee that
it would be transferred to him
and hence there does not arise
any question of attaching the
money before the tribunal.
Diageo also contended
that DRT will not have any
jurisdiction over the transfer
of remaining $35 million to
Mallya because the amount
will be paid outside India.
The bankers, on the other
hand, sought time to consult
on the interim order passed by
the Bombay High Court, asking the Ser vice Tax
Department to attach the sale
of proceedings of Mallya's private aircraft parked at Mumbai
trum, then you have to either
restrict your subscription or
you will have to invest on
technology. No one has come
forward to say my hands are
full and I can't have more subscribers," he said. The Attorney
General said that in India, the
investment by telcos during the
past five years has been Rs five
billion, while it was C50 billion
in China during the same period.
"They (telcos) say my
investment should be minimum but growth should be
maximum because we are only
four-five in number to have billion subscribers. These companies don't want to invest in
Rate of investment in
China is ten times more than
us," he said.
The bench then asked the
Attorney General, that why
the regulator or the
Government cannot ask the
telecom companies to make
investments on their networks.
"That approach of asking
the telcos to invest will be
What is currently being
done is a polite way of asking
them to pull up their socks, as,
if the conditions don't improve,
more things can follow," he
said, adding regulation was
brought to protect the consumers' interests.
Contending that the allegation of telecom companies
that they are not allowed to put
up cell towers on buildings,
Rohatgi said in New York and
Iceland, there are no mobile
towers but they still have quality cellular service due to
investment in technology.
He said the percentage of
reasons not attributable to the
telcos for call drops was much
less than the percentage of
reasons attributable to them.
Rohatgi also said there
was no substance in the telcos'
claim that no technology could
ascertain the reasons for call
drops and said it can indeed be
done through equipments
where reasons for every call
drop is recorded.
He further alleged that
telcos make money through
call drops as more number of
times you call, more you are
charged irrespective of per
second pulse.
The day-long hearing in
the matter remained inconclusive and will continue on
April 26.
On March 31, the Cellular
Operators Association of India
(COAI) had told the apex
court that TRAI cannot levy
penalty through regulations
as they have never exceeded
the two per cent threshold
limit set by the telecom regulator.
The Delhi High Court had
last month upheld the October
16, 2015 decision of TRAI,
making it mandatory for cellular operators to pay consumers one rupee per call
drop experienced on their networks, subject to a cap of Rs 3
a day.
The court had said the regulation was made by TRAI
"keeping in mind the paramount interest of the consumer"The telecom firms had
moved the high court seeking
quashing of TRAI's regulation, terming it as a "knee-jerk
reaction" which penalised
them without proving any
The telcos had termed the
regulation as "arbitrary and
whimsical", contending that
providing compensation to
consumers amounted to interfering with their tariff structure
which could be done only by
order and not regulation.
Earlier, TRAI had told the
high court that consumers
have a right to get compensated for call drops and this was
different from the quality of
service guidelines that cellular
service providers have to follow
under the licence conditions.
TRAI had on December 22
last year told the court that no
coercive steps would be taken
against telecom firms till
January 6 for not complying
with the call drop compensation norms.
?C8Q ;>=3>=
he UK Government on
Thursday announced it is
willing to acquire 25 per cent
minority equity stake in Tata
Steel's UK operations as well as
offer "hundreds of millions of
pounds" in debt relief to rescue
the troubled Indian steel giant
by helping potential buyers.
UK business secretary Sajid
Javid said the financial package,
being jointly worked out by the
UK and Welsh Governments,
said the Government was
"working closely with Tata Steel
UK on its process to find a
credible buyer".
"We would work alongside
a potential buyer to make sure
that the Government is doing
what it could to support a
viable sale," British Prime
Minister David Cameron's
spokesperson said at a media
"If we were to take an extra
stake it would be a minority
one with the aim of supporting
the purchaser in delivering a
long-term future for the business, we are certainly not seeking to be controlling the com-
pany," said the spokesperson.
Dismissing the move being
perceived as part- nationalisation of the steel industry in the
UK, she added: "I am not sure
(if) we would accept the concept of part- nationalisation.
We will be investing on a commercial basis.
"We would not see this as
nationalisation. We would not
be seeking to acquire a control
in the business. We don't think
that nationalisation is the right
Besides a minority stake,
Governments are considering
additional grant funding,
which could involve support
for the development of power
plant infrastructure, energy
efficiency and environmental
protection measures, R&D and
The Government also said
it was working with the pension scheme trustees of Tata
Steel and British Steel to minimise any pension impact on
the purchaser.
"This Government is committed to supporting the steel
industry to secure a long-term
viable future and we are working closely with Tata Steel UK
on its process to find a credible buyer.
"The detail of our commercial funding offer is clear
evidence of the extent of that
commitment," said Javid, who
had earlier this month rushed
to Mumbai for talks with Tata
Steel officials.
"Ministers have visited Tata
Steel sites across the country
and the pride and dedication of
the highly skilled men and
women working there is obvious to see.
"We have already delivered on energy compensation,
on tackling unfair trading practices and on procurement of
British steel, and we will keep
on going further to support this
vital industry," he added.
The Britain's biggest steelmaker earlier this year
announced thousands of job
cuts as part of its broader costreduction plan for its business
amid "unfair" steel imports
from China.
The proposed changes followed continued falls in the
European steel price caused by
a flood of cheap imports, particularly from China, the company had said.The Department
for Business, Innovation and
Skills hassaid the offer would be
tailored to the purchaser's strategy and financing needs.
So far, two potential buyers are seen as frontrunners –
one is Indian-origin businessman Sanjeev Gupta's Liberty
House and the other is a management buyout being spearheaded by Stuart Wilkie, managing director of Tata Strip
Products UK.
Carwyn Jones, the first
minister of Wales, said: "We're
committed to supporting any
credible bid to secure steelmaking in Wales.
"We have worked with the
UK government to put in place
this significant package of support and we believe that this
will help secure a successful sale
of Tata Steel's operations in
Wales and the rest of the UK."
Meanwhile, further details
emerged today of Tata Steel
UK's current management
team's plan to acquire the business.
They have set up a consortium which represents
workers, managers, customers,
Neath Port Talbot Council
and includes economists along
with tycoon Sir Terr y
Matthews, who is chairman of
Swansea Bay City Region.
It met for the first time on
Monday and again today.
The team's rescue plan
reportedly centres around
keeping the blast furnaces
going, in contrast to a plan
drafted by Liberty House of
moving towards electric furnaces.
Tata Steel employs 15,000
workers in the UK across
plants in Port Talbot,
Rotherham, Corby, Shotton
and Teesside.
=4F 34;78) India will become
$10 trillion economy and
achieve growth rate of 10 per
cent by 2032, Niti Aayog Chief
Executive Officer Amitabh Kant
said on Thursday.
The country's growth rate
was 7.6 per cent in 2015-16 and
its economy worth $1.7 trillion.
In a presentation made during Civil Services Day function
attended by Prime Minister
Narendra Modi and large number of civil servants, he projected
creation of 175 millions jobs and
zero per cent of Below Poverty
Line (BPL) population by 2032.
"Growing at 10 per cent will
transform India. India will be a
$10 trillion economy with no
poverty in 2032," his presentation reads.
The presentation was made
on the status of implementation
of reports of 'Group of
Secretaries' formed by the Modi
A total of eight Group of
Secretaries were formed in
December last year on focus
"These eight groups had
officers from different ministries.
Further, there were 16
groups of Joint Secretaries who
simultaneously worked on their
focus areas. We cut across silos
so that we can act on the eight
themes and act as agent of
change," Kant said.
The groups has decided on
sub-themes, Some of its recommendation have been acted
?=BQ =4F34;78
any domestic airlines
reported good growth as
they ferried 78.72 lakh passengers
in March with no-frills carrier
IndiGo carrying most passengers
during the same period.
While the overall passenger
growth stood at around 5.3 per
cent, the market share of IndiGo
jumped to 38.4 per cent in March,
followed by Jet Airways at 17.6 per
cent and Air India (14.7 per cent).
Latest data from aviation
regulator DGCA released on
Thursday showed that local airlines carried 78.72 lakh passengers
last month compared to 74.76
lakh in February.
In terms of Passenger Load
Factor (PLF) -- an indicator of
filled seats -- SpiceJet was on
top with 91.1 per cent, followed
by GoAir (86.3 per cent),
IndiGo (85.1 per cent), AirAsia
(82.7 per cent) and Air Costa
(82.1 per cent).
on whereas a road map has been
suggested for the rest to achieve
intended target.
Under the sub-theme
"accelerated growth", Kant said
there will be Rs two lakh crore
worth investment in roads and
railways in Financial Year 2017.
It intends to complete 10,000
km of road project during the
same period.
LPG connections to below
poverty line women through
Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana
and promotion of medical
tourism are other action points
suggested by the group under
"health and pharma" category.
Linking all employment
exchanges with e-platform
through national career service by March 2017 and open-
ing of 62 new Navodaya
Vidyalayas is targeted during the
ongoing fiscal, according to
Kant's presentation.
Third party scrutiny of road
project execution agencies and
development of incentive mechanism for contractors for early
completion of road projects is
suggested by the sub-group on
ease of doing business by this
A Nation-wide toll collection system by September 2016
and broadband connectivity
through optical fibre for all
gram panchayats by December
2018 are the other action points.
The group has decided to
achieve creation of buffer stock
for pulses and online order of
farming equipment, products
?=BQ =4F34;78
ave Group has entered
wellness and healthcare
segment on Thursday with the
via post offices by 2018.
launch of SENS - a multi-speBlue revolution through cialty anti-ageing & wellness
target of 15 million metric clinic in New Delhi.
tonnes fish production by finan“Our vision is to create a
cial year 2020, improve fuel effi- series of wellness centers 'healing
ciency norms for vehicles by the aging human cells' through
financial year 2017, incentivise the mind–body- soul, using sciconstruction of energy efficient entifically proven, research-dribuildings (FY17) and setting up ven and medically adapted natof 15 new coal washeries to ural forms of wellness treatreduce ash content, improve ments reflecting inner and outer
quality and reduce transport body, thereby improving the
cost by October 2017 are other quality of our lives,” said Wave
action points.
Group Director Shanam Chadha
Power public sector under- on the occasion of the launch.
takings to adopt railway stations,
For the first time in India,
schools, bus stands, hospitals, SENS anti-ageing and wellness
religious, heritage sites for clean- clinic is bringing together –the
liness during the ongoing fiscal best of international and Indian
is another task to do in the practices, medical practitioners
ongoing fiscal, as per the pre- and latest technologies to provide
?C8 holistic wellness solutions for
mind, body & soul through
functional and regenerative medicine and lifestyle management.
SENS has partnered with Dr
Graham Simpson from USA
(Primal MD - UAE), Neil Petch,
Chairman, Primal MD, Julie
Powell (Great Lengths UK), Dr
Mark Houston (USA), Tactio
(France), Curatronics (Israel) to
being a host of innovative solutions in the arena of Preventive
Healthcare Services and Age
“SENS is a thought leader in
its field of extending lifespan and
adding life to your years without
medicine and hospitalization.
The core philosophy and thought
behind SENS is to combine the
wisdom of state of the art diagnostic tools specifically designed
for age management to detect latest disorders and biological age
without exposing the patient to
harmful tests,” said Sanjay
Sachdeva, Executive Director of
SENS clinic.
05?Q C>:H>
itsubishi Motors shares
nosedived again on
Thursday as panic selling
wiped about $2.5 billion off
the automaker's market value
in response to its shock admission that it cheated on fuelefficiency tests.
The embarrassing revelation is the latest in a string of
recent scandals to hit Japanese
firms, while German giant
Volkswagen struggles to
restore its badly dented reputation after a massive emissions scandal.
Japanese transport ministry officials raided a company research and development
centre Thursday following the
admission, as the Government
slammed the maker of
Outlander sport utility vehicles
and Lancer cars.
The embattled stock has
freefalled, plunging to 583
yen (USD 5.31) in Tokyo,
down 20 percent, after diving
15 per cent yesterday when
news of the fuel-cheating first
The scandal has also
raised questions about
Mitsubishi's future as it faces
the prospect of huge lawsuits
and fines.
"This has critically damaged consumers' trust and it
won't be tolerated," top
Government spokesman
Yoshihide Suga said on
Thursday. "It's an extremely
serious issue."
Mitsubishi admitted yesterday that unnamed employees rigged tests to make some
of its cars seem more fuel-efficient than they were in reality.
The company said it
would halt production and
sales of the affected vehicle
models - mini-cars sold in
Japan including some made
for rival Nissan - and warned
that the number of cars
involved in the scandal would
likely rise.
Mitsubishi's top executive
conceded Wednesday that the
crisis would take a bite out of
its bottom line, as the firm
widens an internal probe to
cars sold overseas.
"This is not a simple problem and we need time" to
assess the impact, president
Tetsuro Aikawa told a news
"But I'm sure there will be
an impact. The damage will be
Mitsubishi's stock yesterday
was its biggest one-day plunge
since 2004.
At that time, Mitsubishi
was struggling to launch a
turnaround as it teetered on the
edge of bankruptcy, hit by a
lack of cash and a series of huge
recalls linked to deadly defects.
Bailouts by the Mitsubishi
group companies saved the
automaker, which had covered
up defects linked to flawed
axles that could lead to wheels
coming off the car.
A0=278k5A830H k0?A8; !!! %
?C8Q =4FH>A:
group of investors of
Japanese mobile giant
SoftBank has sought probe and
possible sacking of its India-born
COO Nikesh Arora over potential conflicts of interest tied to his
role as an adviser to a private
equity firm. But SoftBank has
stood by the Banaras Hindu
University graduate who is seen
as heir-apparent to its billionaire
founder Masayoshi Son.
New York firm Boies
Schiller & Flexner, acting on
behalf of unidentified shareholders, wrote to the board
questioning Arora’s existing role
as a senior adviser to private
equity firm Silver Lake and
alleged past wrongdoing and
generally poor business decisions. Another latter to Sprint
Corp, which SoftBank controls,
asks for his removal as a director for similar reasons.
SoftBank, however, stood by
Arora, the third-highest paid
executive in the world with a pay
package of $135 million. He is
President & Chief Operating
Officer of SoftBank Corp.
Acknowledging receipt of letter
from the US law firm, SoftBank
in a statement said, “Mr Arora
remains a highly valued leader
with proven investment abilities
and we are confident he will
continue to make great contributions at SoftBank in the years
Son, one of Japan's richest
men and the chief executive of
SoftBank, backed the former
Silicon Valley executive. “I have
complete trust in Nikesh and
one thousand per cent confidence in him and know he will
continue to do great things for
SoftBank in the future,” Son said
in a statement. Arora, 48, denied
allegations as baseless.
“I take my fiduciary responsibilities seriously and have acted
appropriately and in the best
interest of shareholders throughout my tenure at SoftBank and
Sprint, just as I have conducted
myself throughout my professional life. I am completely confident the allegations in the letter are baseless,” he said in a
Arora -- who gave up a highprofile post at Google to join the
Japanese firm in 2014 -- last
August said he would buy 60 bil-
?=BQ =4F34;78
gas utility GAIL
India Ltd will swap oneSthirdtate-owned
of the liquefied natural
gas (LNG) it has contracted
from the US with a gas seller
nearer to the country to save on
transportation costs.
GAIL, in two deals, contracted 5.3 million tonnes a year
of super-cooled gas (LNG) from
the US starting 2018. Of this, it
reckons 3-3.5 million tonnes
will be shipped to India for consumption by local industries
like power and fertiliser plants.
“Transporting LNG in cryogenic ships from the US will not
just be time-consuming, but
will add a little extra to the cost,
wiping away some of the gain
accruing from a Henry Hub
linked price for gas,” a senior
company official said.
To overcome this, GAIL
plans to swap 1-2 million tonnes
per annum of LNG from the US
with a seller in Africa, the Middle
East or Asia-Pacific. GAIL has
issued a tender seeking expression of interest (EoI) from swapping part of the 3.5 million
tonnes per annum of LNG it has
contracted from Sabine Pass
Liquefaction, LLC, US on FOB
basis for 20-year period with
supplies expected to commence
from Q1, 2018.
“There are suppliers who sell
LNG to Europe from the Middle
East or East Africa or the Asia
Pacific region. GAIL's US LNG
can be supplied to European
users and an equivalent volume
shipped to India,” the official said.
Doing this would help GAIL save
on 10-15 days needed for a ship
to travel from the US to India
and back. For the other seller, the
same benefit will accrue, besides
saving on the transportation
“We would like the saving
the seller makes through the
swap to be shared with GAIL.
We believe we can save 40-50
cents per million British thermal
unit through the swap,” he said.
In the tender, GAIL said it wants
to swap some of the US LNG
volumes from Sabine Pass with
firms that have customers in
countries in which LNG trade is
not prohibited by US law and
In exchange it wants equivalent supplies on a delivered basis
at Dahej import terminal in
Gujarat and Dabhol facility in
Maharashtra. GAIL sought bids
from interest parties by May 5 for
a five year swap.
The company has two US
deals -- one with Cheniere
Energy Partners to buy 3.5 million tonnes a year of LNG from
Sabine Pass Liquefaction, a subsidiary of Cheniere, and another a 20-year sales and purchase
agreement with Dominion
Resources for supply of 2.3 million tonnes per annum.
Supplies from both deals
begin in 2018. GAIL also holds
a 20 per cent stake in Carrizo's
Eagle Ford Shale acreage in the
US. Of the US volumes, the company has sold 2 million tonnes
of LNG to overseas users.
lion yen of the company's shares,
worth $483 million at the time
to show his confidence in its
prospects. That was the largest
insider purchase by an executive
in Japan for at least 12 years.
“We can confirm we are in
receipt of a letter from a US law
firm claiming to represent
unidentified shareholders. The
letter makes unsubstantiated
allegations against Mr Arora,”
SoftBank said. “The Board takes
its duties seriously and is in the
process of reviewing the letter.”
The unnamed shareholders
have alleged conflicts of interest,
poor performance in making
investments for SoftBank and
excessive compensation at the
company without sufficient disclosure.
The conflict-of-interest
allegations center on Arora's
role as a senior adviser at
Silver Lake, a position he has
held since 2007 when he
worked at Google. SoftBank
said that it is aware of Arora's
involvement with Silver Lake
and takes care to thoroughly
vet any potential conflicts.
?=B Q =4F34;78
ndia Yamaha Motor on
Thursday launched all new
Cygnus Ray-ZR scooter in the
country which would be available for sales in the market from
next month with price starting
at C52,000 (ex-showroom
Delhi). The company had first
showcased the scooter during
the 13th Auto Expo in February.
“With Yamaha's forte to
cater to youngsters with its
DNA of style, sportiness and
innovation, the new Cygnus
Ray-ZR will surely be a treat...”
Yamaha Motor India Sales VPSales & Marketing Roy Kurian
said in a statement.
Of the total demand for
two wheelers in India, the
scooter segment is soaring
with 30 per cent contribution
to the sales and Yamaha is
looking at 10 per cent market
share for this year, he added.
?C8Q =4F34;78
oogle India remained as the
most attractive employer in
the country followed by
Mercedes-Benz in the second
place, according to leading
human resource consultancy
Randstad.According to the 6th
edition of Randstad Award
2016, Google India emerged as
the most attractive employer for
a second consecutive year.
The sectoral specific special
recognition awards this year was
awarded to Dell India for IT,
Samsung India for consumer
electronics and Amazon India
for E-commerce.
“In today's fiercely competitive job market, recruiting
top talent, engaging and retain-
ing them is fundamental to a
company's ability to grow. It is
also a proven fact that companies that are capable of attracting the right talent for the right
job simply perform better,”
Randstad India MD and CEO
Moorthy K Uppaluri said.
Randstad Award, instituted
globally by Randstad, is hosted
each year to encourage best
practices for talent attraction
and to identify the best
'Employer Brand' in the country based on perceived attractiveness of a company.
Meanwhile, Randstad
Award survey, that covered over
2,00,000 respondents across 25
countries worldwide, said salary
and employee benefits continue to be the top driver among
the Indian workforce while
choosing an employer, followed
by long-term job security, financial health of the company,
working atmosphere and worklife balance.
However, the importance of
salary has decreased from last
year as it has seen a decline of
6 per cent from 2015. The survey findings also reflected that
the Indian workforce prefers to
work or move to sectors like IT
& Communication, followed
by Automobiles and FMCG,
retail & e-commerce.
?=BQ =4F34;78
?=BQ =4F34;78
iding on strong global cues
and increased buying by
jewellers to meet the ongoing
wedding season demand, gold
prices flared by C400 to C29,900
per 10 grams at the bullion
market on Thursday.
Silver also soared by C2,400
to close at C40,900 per kg on
hectic demand from industrial units and coin makers.
In the national capital, gold
of 99.9 and 99.5 per cent purity recorded a hefty rise of
C400 each to C29,900 and
C29,750 per ten grams respectively. Sovereign too traded
higher by C100 to C23,200 per
piece of eight grams.
Bullion traders said apart
from a firming trend overseas,
wedding season buying by jewellers as well as retailers, mainly pushed up the prices.
Globally, gold climbed 1.03
per cent to $1,257.10 an ounce
and silver by 2.72 per cent to
$17.40 an ounce in Singapore
on bets that policy makers will
be slow to raise US interest
rates, raising demand for the
safe-haven assets.
view of mounting bad loans R
into banks’ profits,
has allowed them to
exclude from provisioning
stressed loans of certain companies in the fourth quarter
numbers. This will help ease
burden on banks to some extent
and support their bottomline.
About two dozen companies
which have been trying to repay
loans by selling their assets or
some of their subsidiaries have
been excluded from defaulters list.
“After reviewing accounts
which were under asset quality
review, RBI felt some of the
accounts can be standardised.
They have asked banks to make
them standard,” said a senior
bank official from a state-run
bank. RBI has communicated
about the exclusion to banks,
sources said, adding that some of
the companies falling under the
category include Jaiprakash
Associates Ltd. Last month,
Jaiprakash Associates completed
the sale of a majority of its
cement business to Ultratech
Cement for C15,900 crore.
Tracking gold, silver ready
regained the C40,000 level,
spurting by C2,400 to C40,900
per kg and weekly-based delivery soared by C2,910 to C41,230
per kg. Silver coins skyrocketed by C5,000 to C64,000 for
buying and C65,000 for selling
of 100 pieces.
NEW DELHI: Taking positive cues from global market, gold prices rose by 0.19
per cent to C29,374 per 10
gram in futures trade on
Thursay as participants
enlarged positions.
Commodity Exchange, gold
for delivery in June rose C 57,
or 0.19 per cent, to C29,374
per 10 gram, in a business
turnover of 3,095 lots.
Likewise, the metal for delivery in far-month August
traded higher by C46, or 0.16
per cent, to C29,570 per 10
gram in 20 lots.
Analysts said a firming
trend in the global market
where gold rose on bets that
policy makers will be slow
to hike US interest rates,
boosting the appeal of the
metal, mainly influenced
gold futures. Globally, gold
advanced 1.03 per cent to
$1,257.10 an ounce in
?=B Q =4F34;78
elhi High C ourt on
Thursday sought the
Centre's response on a petition challenging a circular by
the Reserve Bank of India
(RBI), as per which retail
trading in any form through
e-commerce would not be
permissible for companies
which receive foreign direct
investment (FDI).
A bench of Chief Justice G
Rohini and Justice Jayant Nath
issued notice to the Centre
and asked it to file its response
within four weeks. The court
has fixed the matter for May
24. During the hearing, the
counsel appearing for RBI
told the bench, which had earlier sought its reply on the
plea, that they would file their
response soon.
The public interest litiga-
?C8Q =4F34;78
he inside story of Nike,
which began as an intrepid
start-up evolving into one of
the world's most iconic brands
is narrated for the first time by
the multinational company's
co-founder and CEO Phil
Knight, in a memoir scheduled
to hit the stands on April 26.
Titled 'Shoe Dog' the
book, publisher Simon &
Schuster says, focuses on the
company's early years. In 1962,
fresh out of business school,
Phil Knight borrowed $50
from his father and created a
company with a simple mission
- import high-quality, lowcost athletic shoes from Japan.
NEW DELHI: Piramal
Enterprises on Thursday said it
has invested C256.5 crore in
Sanghi Industries by subscribing
to the cement maker's non-convertible debentures. The company through its Structured
Investment Group subscribed to
non-convertible debentures of
Sanghi Industries to the extent of
C 256.5 crore, to enable the company to term out its capital structure and repay its lenders ahead
of schedule, Piramal Enterprises
said in a statement. “Sanghi
7_\T`bYSUce`RiC$ cY\fUb
j__]cC"$ _^W\_RQ\SeUc
Industries has built a very strong
brand in Gujarat market and we
feel optimistic about its growth
prospects going forward," Piramal
Enterprises Structured Investment
Group Co-Head Jayesh Desai
said. Cement demand in India is
expected to rise due to the government's push for large infrastructure projects. Higher allocation by the government towards
improving rural income will also
increase rural housing demand
and hence, improve outlook for
cement, he added.
tion has contended that as per
the July 1, 2015 master circular of the RBI, while FDI is
allowed in business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, companies that get FDI cannot
undertake single and multibrand retail trading through ecommerce.
It has sought an inquiry
into the affairs and transactions of all FDI recipient companies and stop operation of
those found to be directly or
indirectly carrying out e-
commerce in retail sector.
The petitioner also said
that “100 per cent FDI is permissible through automatic
route for buying and selling by
a company through the ecommerce platform but this is
subject to the condition that
such companies would engage
only in B2B e-commerce as
against business to consumer
(B2C) pattern and not in retail
The plea had alleged that
“in order to mislead and con-
fuse the competent authorities, the said e-commerce
companies are creating a
conundrum of group websites/companies amongst the
closely held/managed sister
companies/business concerns
and thereby causing tremendous loss to the Government
The petition has further
claimed that “to circumvent
the law, these entities have created a web of connected entities” which carry out different
functions, like logistics, handling payments, providing
software and technology support and so on.
It had s oug ht t hat
‘required legal action be initiated’ against the companies or e-commerce sites or
entities who have violated
provisions of FEMA and the
rules framed there under.
05?Q 5A0=:5DAC
mbattled German auto giant
Volkswagen looks to have
struck a deal with US authorities
over compensation for car owners in its massive engine-rigging
scandal, according to a newspaper report today, sending VW
shares soaring on the Frankfurt
stock exchange.
The German daily Die Welt
reported that VW had agreed to
pay $5,000 (4,400 euros) to each
owner in the US of a car fitted
with the suspect software that
skews the emissions of its diesel
On top of this, VW would
foot the bill for re-fitting each
engine, the newspaper said.
Some 600,000 vehicles in the
United States are involved.
According to other media
reports, VW might even repurchase the affected cars from
their owners. The speculation
sent VW's shares soaring 7.5 per
cent to an intraday high of 130
euros on the Frankfurt stock
market today, after they already
jumped by more than six per
cent the day before.
In early afternoon, the shares
were showing a gain of 5.6 percent in a slightly softer overall
Neither VW nor the US
Justice Department or the envi-
ronmental agency EPA were
willing to comment on the
report. But a judge in San
Francisco had given both sides
until midnight today to reach an
agreement, otherwise it would
have gone to trial.
Die Welt said that a detailed
plan for refitting the engines of
the vehicles affected in the US
had not yet been drawn up. And
the full details of the compensation and fines facing the German
group had not yet been worked
“It's more a broad framework defining the key points
which will be worked out and
finalised in the coming months,”
the newspaper quoted an
informed source as saying.
Bloomberg Business News
reported that VW had agreed to
set aside ‘at least $10 billion’ to
resolve civil claims by the US
Government and lawsuits by
US car owners. VW is battling to
emerge from its deepest-ever crisis into which it was plunged last
September when it came to light
that the carmaker had installed
emissions-cheating software into
11 million diesel engines worldwide.
The crisis led to the departure of chief executive Martin
Winterkorn and caused VW to
delay releasing its 2015 earnings
due to uncertainty over the
costs of the scandal, which are
expected to run into many billions of euros. It has already set
aside six billion euros in provisions, but the final sum is
expected to be much higher. The
German giant, which has abandoned its ambitions of becoming the world's biggest carmaker ahead of Toyota in the wake
of the scandal, has already started recalling some eight million
vehicles affected in Europe.
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?=BQ =4F34;78
eading milk supplier
Mother Dairy on Thursday
said it will pay farmers C2
more on every litre procured
during this summer but ruled
out any increase in retail prices
for at least next two months.
At the beginning of this
month, Mother Dairy was
procuring milk at an average
C37-37.50 per litre from farmers in Uttar Pradesh,
Maharashtra and Andhra
“I do not expect retail
prices to go up in the next 60
days. But we will have to pay
more to farmers during summer. There has been an impact
on farmers due to drought in
many parts of the country,”
Mother Dair y Managing
Director S Nagarajan told
reporters here. He said the
company will increase the
milk procurement price for
farmers by C2 per kg to ensure
that the availability of stock
with the company does not get
affected during summer.
“In summer, temperature
goes up and that affects supply. Moreover, there is marriage season. So, we will pay
more to farmers to maintain
our milk procurement,”
Nagarajan said.
Mother Dairy sells about
35 lakh litres per day, of which
30 lakh litres is in DelhiNCR. It has about 800 milk
booths and nearly 400 stores
in the national capital region.
Talking about partnering IPL
cricket team Delhi Daredevils
as its principal sponsor,
Nagarajan said: “This is our
first association with any sport
in a major way. Mother Dairy
is part of life in Delhi in last
45 years. To us, the association
with Delhi Daredevils is
Although the contract is
for IPL 2016, Nagarajan said:
“I don't see as a one-year
kind of venture. We need to
understand what is sport
Daredevils CEO Hemant Dua
said it was a natural fit to associate with Mother Dairy.
Mother Dairy is also
exploring to extend their association with cricket tournament organised by Delhi
Daredevils in Delhi schools,
Government-run. On the
team's performance, Dua said:
“We don't have any expectations. The team has to go and
perform the best. I think,
they have started on a good
note. So we are happy about it.
It's a young team. All, we have
told them to go and express
themselves freely on the
They are doing that and
hopefully they will carry in
that direction. We don't
want to put any pressure or
any exp ec tation on the
youngsters. They go and
do what they are best at,
results will follow.” Being
t h e p r i n c i p a l s p o n s o r,
Nagarajan said a lot of
activites, includng contests
for consumers and booth
owners, are lined up during
the ongoing IPL season.
f^a[S !
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:D:DViVTfeVd#&!h`^V_ 0UcTa=HUTPcCad\_ThTb #
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?C8 Q ;>=3>=
he Islamic State (ISIS),
notorious for its brutality,
has reportedly executed 250
girls in northern Iraq for refusing to become sex slaves,
according to a media report.
The girls had been ordered
to accept temporary marriages
to the terrorists and were murdered, sometimes alongside
their families, for their refusal
to be sex slaves in Iraq’s second
largest city of Mosul.
ISIS began selecting
women of Mosul and forced
them into marrying its militants, calling it temporary marriage since it has taken control
over Mosul, and the women
who refused to submit to this
practice would be executed,
said Kurdish Democratic Party
spokesman Said Mamuzini.
“At least 250 girls have so far
been executed by IS for refusing to accept the practice of sexual jehad, and sometimes the
families of the girls were also
executed for rejecting to submit
to ISIS’s request,” Mamuzini
told London-based Kurdish
% I
news agency AhlulBayt.
Another official from the
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
(PUK) party Ghayas Surchi
said that human rights were
being widely violated in all
ISIS-held territories, particularly the womens’ rights as
they’re seen as commodities
and have no choice in choosing their spouses.
Surchi said that women
were not allowed to go out
alone in Mosul and cannot
choose their spouses. The executions follows a spate of similar killings that took place last
August in which 19 Mosul
women were slaughtered for
refusing to have sex with ISIS
fighters, the report said.
Up to 500 Yazidi women
and girls were kidnapped and
sexually abused by militants in
August 2014.
In October, more than 500
Yazidi women and young girls
were reportedly abducted by
the ISIS when they stormed the
Sinjar region in northern Iraq.
ISIS took control of Mosul
in June 2014 after the fall of
Iraqi Army in the city and since
then has been slaughtering its
residents for various charges to
spread fear.
US President Barack
Obama said on Monday that he
expected Mosul to be retaken
from the ISIS “eventually”.
“My expectation is that by
the end of the year, we will have
created the conditions whereby Mosul will eventually fall,”
Obama had said.
ollowing his stunning success
in New York, grabbing 89 of
the State’s 95 delegates with two
still to be decided, Republican
front-runner Donald Trump is
now gung ho not just on getting
to the magic number of 1,237
delegates to clinch the nomination, but going on to accumulate
over 1,400.
An internal memo of the
Trump campaign speaks of
the billionaire businessman
aiming for and accumulating
over 1,400 delegates, thus
securing the nomination in
the very first ballot at the
Republican convention that
gets underway in Cleveland on
July 18.
“We will get most of the
delegates and we will, in just
another week, close the door on
other candidates getting to
1,237 before the convention,”
The Washington Post reported,
citing the memo.
The Trump campaign is
looking at the possibility of
another strong showing in next
Tuesday’s primaries in five
States — Pennsylvania,
Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode
Island and Delaware.
Polls suggest Trump is the
strong favourite to win in all the
five States. In Pennsylvania, the
biggest of the lot with 71 delegates, Trump has a near 20 percentage point lead over main
rival Ted Cruz in a Real Clear
Politics average of polls. In
Maryland and Connecticut, he
leads Ohio Governor John
Kasich by about 15 and 12 percentage points respectively. A
single poll in Delaware puts
him ahead of Kasich by 37 percentage points.
Trump, who has 845 delegates and needs another 392, has
started asserting at his campaign
meetings that after New York,
Cruz has been “mathematically eliminated” from getting to
the magic number.
But Cruz, who drew a
blank in New York and is not
expected to do well in next
week’s contests, remains
unfazed, rejecting Trump’s
claims and insisting that there
is no escape from a contested
“We are headed to a contested convention,” Cruz said in
a radio interview. “At this point,
Tokyo: Officials are investigating after Mitsubishi Motors
Corp after the company said it
had found employees manipulated fuel efficiency data of
more than 6,20,000 light vehicles
it manufactured.
Local media reports showed
investigators from the Ministry
of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism entering
offices of the company’s assembly plant in central Japan’s
Nagoya on Thursday.
on Wednesday, the company apologised for what it said
was intentional falsification of
mileage test data that falsely
boosted fuel economy by about
5 per cent to 10 per cent.
Trading in Mitsubishi
Motors’ shares halted before
the close today after the shares
fell more than 20 per cent.
Mitsubishi Motors was tarnished by a massive recall coverup of safety defects 15 years ago.
The inaccurate tests by the
involved so-called “minicars”
with tiny engines whose main
attraction is generally great
mileage. Mitsubishi was reporting mileage of up to 30.4 kilometers per litre. The inaccurate
tests by the Tokyo-based
automaker involved 1,57,000 of
its own-brand eK wagon and eK
Space light passenger cars, and
468,000 Dayz and Dayz Roox
vehicles produced for Nissan
Motor Co.
ritain on Thursday celebrated the 90th birthday of
Queen Elizabeth II with gun
Islamabad: Pakistan’s two senior
Generals were among 11 top
officers dismissed by Army
Chief General Raheel Sharif on
charges of corruption, a rare
move in the country where the
military wields enormous power.
A Lieutenant General, one
Major General, five Brigadiers,
three Colonels and one Major
were dismissed by the Army
Chief on corruption charges,
security officials said.
Two soldiers were also
dismissed on similar charges.
Gen Raheel’s move came days
after he demanded “across the
board accountability”, saying
the ongoing war against terrorism and extremism cannot
bring enduring peace and stability unless the menace of
corruption is not uprooted.
“Therefore, across the
board accountability is necessary for the solidarity, integrity
and prosperity of Pakistan,” he
had said. So far no official
announcement was made but all
local TV channels also reported the sacking of the officers.
Gen Raheel’s move to dismissed the top officers assume
significance in the wake of
raging scandal in Pakistan over
embattled Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif ’s family offshore
wealth after the Panama
Papers leak mentioned his children’s name for having shell
?C8Q ;>=3>=
salutes and fireworks and Prime
Minister David Cameron paying tributes to the UK’s oldest
and longest-serving monarch
calling her a “Rock of strength”
for the country and the
The monarch is spending
her big day at one of her
palaces outside London in
Windsor Castle and began the
day with a walkabout in the
town. Prime Minister David
Cameron led the tributes by
referring to the Queen as a
“Rock of strength” while Prince
Charles, the Queen’s heir,
recorded a special birthday
message for his mother in
which he reads an edited passage
Shakespeare’s Henry VIII for
radio broadcast during the day.
In his birthday message,
Cameron said, “Her Majesty
The Queen has lived through
some extraordinary times in
our world. “From the Second
World War to the rations with
which she bought the material for her wedding dress. From
presenting the World Cup to
England at Wembley in 1966 to
man landing on the moon
three years later. From the end
of the Cold War to peace in
Northern Ireland.
“Throughout it all, as the
sands of culture shift and the
tides of politics ebb and flow,
Her Majesty has been steadfast
— a rock of strength for our
nation, for our Commonwealth
and on many occasions for the
whole world.”
Cameron will lead tributes
later in Parliament, which will
be lit up overnight in the red,
white and blue of the Union
Jack. A photograph of the
monarch with young Royal
Family members has been
thiopian troops have
crossed into South Sudan in
search of children abducted by
armed men from across the
border last week, a Government
spokesman has said.
“The Army has been conducting reconnaissance missions in South Sudan and
they have a clear idea of where
the children are,” Ethiopia’s
Communications Minister
Getachew Reda said.
“We have sought approval
of the Government of South
Sudan to conduct these operations, he added. More than
200 people were killed and 102
children abducted by armed
men from South Sudan in a
cross-border raid into Ethiopia
on April 15.
nobody is getting 1,237.
Donald is going to talk all the
time about other folks not getting to 1,237; he’s not getting
there either. None of us are getting to 1,237.”
Cruz, while criticizing
Trump saying he has no path to
nomination, took the same line
while talking to reporters about
Kasich’s prospects and saying he
should quit the race. At one
point, Cruz suggested that
Kasich may be “auditioning” to
be Trump’s vice-presidential
pick, but added that a TrumpKasich ticket, if it came to that,
would lose to Hillary Clinton,
the likely Democratic nominee.
“The Cruz spin machine
produces more lies than anything else,” says the Trump
campaign memo. Its push for
1,400 delegates is apparently
aimed at warding off any surprises that Cruz may spring with
his skills in mobilising delegates.
The campaign expects
Trump to get past its own target
of 1,400 not only by winning the
remaining primaries between
now and June, but also by courting about 200 or so convention
delegates who are unbound.
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The assailants, armed
with Kalashnikov rifles
killed anyone who opposed
them, according to witnesses.
They also stole over
2,000 livestock. Ethiopian
officials blame Murle tribesmen from South Sudan for
a series of deadly attacks on
the western Gambella
Brussels: Key Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam has been
charged over a deadly shootout
with police in Brussels a week
before the suicide bombings in
the Belgian capital, his lawyer
said on Thursday.
“He has been charged with
attempted murder either alone or
jointly” over the gunbattle at an
apartment in the Forest district
of Brussels on March 15, lawyer
Sven Mary said. An Algerian
Islamist suspect was killed and
four police officers were wounded in the shooutout, which led to
Abdeslam’s arrest three days
later in the Molenbeek area of
Brussels after a four-month
European manhunt.
Islamabad: Pakistan Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif has
vowed to have the name of his
three children cleared in the
‘Panama Papers’ issue and is
weighing all options to deal
with the accusations of money
laundering and tax evasion,
according to a media report.
Dawn News reported that
Sharif wants to complete the
probe into the issue as soon as
possible whether it is through
the judicial commission he
announced earlier or through
some other forum. The Prime
Minister had promised setting
up of a special commission
headed by a retired judge of
the Supreme Court to lead the
probe into the issue.
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cientists have found a fivemillion-year-old tooth
to an ancient gigantic whale estimated to be about
18 metres long and 40,000
kilogrammes in weight.
Measuring an impressive
30 centimetres long and weighing about three kilogrammes,
the ancient tooth is the largest
ever collected in Australia.
It comes from an extinct
species of sperm whale that
would have hunted other
whales. The finding is internationally significant, as it repre-
sents the first evidence of such
a gigantic sperm whale outside
the Americas, said Erich
Fitzgerald, a palaeontologist at
Museum Victoria in Australia.
A fossil enthusiast found the
tooth in February this year on
the Beaumaris beach in
Australia, a fossil site dating back
66 million years, The Sydney
Morning Herald reported.
The fossil was donated to
Museum Victoria, where it will
prove a key asset to scientific
research and education. Hailing
from the Pliocene epoch, the
fossilised tooth is estimated to
be about five million years old
— making it the youngest
known fossil of the ancient
whale-eating sperm whale.
Unlike present-day sperm
whales which prey on squid
and fish, the tooth of this
sperm whale shows it was a
fearsome predator. Such insight
adds to knowledge of the evolution of marine megafauna,
researchers said.
“If we only had today’s
deep-diving, squid-sucking
sperm whales to go on, we could
not predict that just 5 million
years ago there were giant
predatory sperm whales with
immense teeth that hunted
other whales,” Fitzgerald said.
Closely related to a species
from Peru, Livyatan melvillei,
the Beaumaris sperm whale
had dental dimensions exceeding that of Tyrannosaurus rex.
Fitzgerald said the tooth
was incomplete — missing the
tip of the crown and some of the
base of the root. “If the whale
had lived longer it would have
been bigger,” Fitzgerald said.
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2^]]Tah^]6^[SUX]VTa P]S
or Randeep Hooda, Laal
Rang is the first release of
the year. He has three more in
bTaeXRTbX]cT\_[Tb0A98C0 <8B7A0 cP[Zbc^cWT^aVP]XbTabP]SUX]Sb^dccWPccWTbTaeXRT
urns out that people are taking the idea of a Digital
India quite seriously.
Hundreds of engineers might not
all be employed by the time they
graduate but big corporates are
leaving no stone unturned in
making free Wi-Fi available to
people. First, it was coffee houses
and franchise restaurants, five-star
hotels had already incorporated
that. Then there talks that the
Delhi metro, too, might start a
free Wi-Fi and talks are going on
to make it fully functional by the
end of the year.
But did you know that you
can even access your mail and
update a status on social networking site in the sanctity of a temple? Yes, there are a few temples
in and around the city where you
can avail free Wi-Fi. Does that
sound reason enough to pray
more often?
Two months back, when
nobody would have thought of
accessing free Wi-Fi in temples,
Pujashoppe.com was planning to
introduce free Wi-Fi in temples.
And with a few helping hands a
good team of people, the
Hanuman Mandir, Jhandewalan,
Bhagwat Dham, Akshardham
Temple, Delhi, Bawa Lal Ji and
Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir are
now providing free Wi-Fi services.
When we asked Tapas
Mallick, CEO of the company who
came up with the idea, he
explained that it was conceived
after Google offered free Wi-Fi in
400 stations during PM’s visit to
Google campus. “It was then that
we decided to become the first
startup to offer free Wi-Fi in
temples,” he said.
The company is currently
enjoying its monopoly in the
market as there are no other
company providing this facility.
Now the question arises on
how to access this service. “People
can just enter the temple premis-
work, a browser will open up asking page authentication from the
user. To get the authentication, the
user needs to enter their name,
mobile number and e-mail address
and press the submit button on the
browser. Within a few seconds, the
user will get the system generated OTP (one-time password)
through SMS. The user needs to
enter system generated OTP as the
password to get the free Wi-Fi
access,” he elaborated. The service
is absolutely free of cost for 30
minutes and it is available 24*7.
As we all know that there are
chances of misusing this service,
but the organisers are pretty sure
that it will not happen. “No they
cannot misuse it as their mobile
number is needed to register or
log in,” said Kiran Dutta assistant
manager of the company.
Not only in Delhi but the
company is providing its this service to other places as well. Soon,
12 temples of Ranchi, Jharkhand,
one in Gujarat and one in Uttar
Pradesh will be able to utilise this
facility. The company is also willing to expand this project in near
es and connect to the Wi-Fi access
provided by the company,” said
Amushree Jha, co-founder and
Prakash Kumar Singh, VP of
operation and franchise development, explained the whole
process. “As soon as the user
enters the Wi-Fi zone they will see
our network symbol on their
device. In order to access the net-
his list. Bur from the looks of
it, the urge to deliver the best
has taken a toll on him
already. It was just a few days
ago that he had to be rush to
the ER directly from the sets
of Sultan for an emergency
appendix removal. But a
small thing like that does not
easily take over the ‘rough’
actor. Within a few hours of
his discharge, he was out and
about, promoting Laal Rang.
“I though I would make the
effort to talk about my film
before it releases,” he said.
The movie, on the other
hand, talks about the lesser
known illegal blood trade
and is based on a true story.
Hooda shared, “It so happened that our writer was
doing his diploma in a
blood bank at that time. So
he knew exactly what was
He pointed out to us the
real picture — our non willingness to donate blood. “We
simply do not like it. In face
there is drought affected village in Maharashtra who go
on about their daily lives by
selling blood. This is happening rampantly in our
country,” he mentioned.
But in a system where
you can only replace blood
with the amount that you
take, where and how do these
illegal transactions take place?
That is where the touts come
in. “They will illlegally sell
somebody a pint of blood for
a lumpsome and then take the
blood from a poverty striken
person, desperately in need of
money, pay him about C300
and replace it in the blood
bank. It is a heinious crime,”
said the actor.
Laal Rang is about a successful man named Akshay
Oberoi and the story begins
with him in 2007 and narrates
how his life changes in 2002
when he met a man called
Shankar Singh Malik which I
am playing.
As gory as the story
might sound, Hooda mentioned that it is not as twisted as one might picture it.
“See, where, how and when
this trade happens, no one
knows. The blood trade is the
backdrop of the movie and its
not that twisted. I believe that
you cannot preach or teach to
peole. So the maker has spun
the story around friendship
and how people live in small
cities, what they do and why
they do it,” he laughed.
But he did mention that
the movie is true to the place
rom an owl café to a ‘Game of
Thrones’ themed restaurant, it's
hard to beat London when it comes
to keeping foodies on their toes with
new dining experiences. The latest
addition to the city’s quirky restaurant scene is a pop-up that's encouraging diners to shed their clothes
and sit down to dinner in their
birthday suits.
There’s nowhere in the world
quite like London for coming up
with new and original restaurant
concepts. Londoners can already
head to an eatery serving only
tinned fish, pay for tea and cakes
with hugs at a cuddle café, or sit
down for coffee in the company
of an owl. Even the London Tube
— the city’s underground railway
network — has been turned
into a pop-up restaurant.
The UK capital’s next big
thing for thrill-seeking foodies is
a naked restaurant, where customers are invited to remove
jackets, skirts, trousers and other
items of clothing before slipping into
a dressing gown and taking seat.
Lockers are provided for storing
diners' garments and personal
effects. Punters can then choose
whether to keep or remove the
gown once at their table. Privacy is
maintained by bamboo partitions
on the restaurant floor, closing off
diners in intimate spaces and keep-
ing prying eyes at bay. Members of
staff are also expected to be minimally clothed.
The restaurant, called The
Bunyadi, opens in June in central
London at an as yet undisclosed
address. However, diners looking to
experience the naked restaurant can
join the waiting list at
thebunyadi.com. Over 4,000 people
have already signed up to test the
new eatery.
The aim of the concept goes
beyond the strictly culinary, in a bid
to free diners from the “trappings
of modern life” and focus on the
bare essentials. As well as being
freed from the shackles of clothing,
customers won't be able to use their
smartphones, for example, and will
dine in candlelight since there'll be
no electricity.
Dishes cooked over wood fire
will be served in handmade clay
crockery and cutlery will be edible.
As for food, the exact menu hasn’t
yet been outlined in detail, but it’s
already known to offer vegan and
non-vegan options.
Diners intrigued by the concept
but not quite brave enough to go the
whole hog can rest assured that the
restaurant will be divided into separate naked and non-naked sections.
midst controversies, protests
and complains, Santa Banta
Pvt. Ltd. will see the light of day
today. After facing the legal
issues in response to the plea
made by the Delhi Sikh
Gurudwara Community, Santa
Banta Pvt. Ltd. has finally come
out clean and will be releasing on
it’s scheduled date. Irani said, “I
will not get offensive if there are
jakes on my community.”
Delhi High Court has asked
the Central Board of Film
Certification (CBFC) to hear the
(DSGMC) which has claimed
that the upcoming film ‘Santa
Banta Pvt Ltd’ makes fun of the
Sikh community.
Justice J R Midha said this
after the bench was informed by
the government that DSGMC’s
member can have a meeting
tomorrow at CBFC chairman’s
office in Mumbai regarding the
film, which is scheduled to be
released on April 22.
The issue was also brought
up today before the Supreme
Court which asked the
Parbandhak Committee (SGPC)
counsel that he could file a petition and challenge whichever
aspect they felt aggrieved of in
the movie.
The high court was hearing
a plea filed by DSGMC and two
others against CBFC’s chairman
Pahlaj Nihalani and its CEO
Anurag Shrivastava in which it
was alleged that they had not
complied with the March 29
directions given by the court.
it portrays. It annoys him to
see movies claiming to be of
a particular region and then
finding nothing remotely
resembling the place.
“Hindustan mein zyadatar
film vaccum mein hota hai
jiska koi haath pair nahi hota.
Bolte hain ki ek jagah ka hai,
par uss jagah ka koi naam-onishan tak nahi hota, koi
local element nahi hota usme.
But now films are being made
on that front. Similarly, I
think that if this movie were
to be made in any other
place apart from Haryana, it
would have become a very
serious film. But since it is
Haryana the mood of the film
is light. There is a lot of
humour in the way Haryanvi
people speak and live so the
film is humurous. It also
speaks of all the things that a
perosn would do for love. It
is a commercial film because
it has larger than life characters,” he elaborated and also
made his opinion heard.
It is the first time the
actor is portraying a Jatt onscreen, someone he really is.
“Shankar Singh is the most
flambuoyant character of
my career so far and is Jaat,”
said Hooda, who has his
roots in Rohtak, Haryana.
He added, “Shankar is ‘wearing the heart in the sleeve’
kind of a character and larger than life. Whatever he
does, he does for love. But to
know why he does it, you
have to see the film.”
On March 29, a bench headed by Chief Justice G Rohini had
directed the CBFC to reconsider the ‘U/A’ certification issued to
the film and asked it to give an
opportunity to partiesto be heard
on the issue before passing
appropriate order.
The division bench had also
asked CBFC to treat as a representation the petition filed by
DSGMC, which has claimed that
the movie could lead to “disturbance”.
In the plea which came up
for hearing today, DSGMC
alleged that the CBFC had “clandestinely” passed an order on
April 7 without hearing them on
the issue about certification of the
movie despite court’s direction.
Countering DSGMC claims,
government’s standing counsel
Anil Soni told the court that
proper messages were sent to
them but they did not appear
before the CBFC for a discussion.
“They (petitioners) are the
ones who did not take the opportunity granted by the court. We
have passed the order in their
absence keeping in view their
representation,” he said.
Directed by Akashdeep Sabir
the film is produced under the
banner of Viacom 18 Motion
Pictures, and is based on a mission presented in the disguise of
comedy. When asked about the
film hurting the sentiments of
Sikh community, Sabir said, “You
can’t judge a book by its cover.
You can’t say anything before
watching the film. It is just a
comic caper with a story in it. It’s
got nothing to go with Santa
Banta jokes also, nothing to do
with the any religion.”
Vir Das will be playing a
secret agent who has never been
out of his village but somehow
finds himself in Fiji. The actor
said it was very difficult to shoot
there as the weather was
extremely hot.
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he woods and leather here are
not banal even though they
have been done to death. The
LED screen, modular stage or even
the bar, everything has a sub rosa vibe
to it which is what sets this tenderfoot apart from the restaurants in
Connaught Place. The concept of the
place is to bring like-minded discerning individuals together much like a
secret society. Even the playlist has
been chosen well to suit the nobalderdash tastes of the apparent
alphas. Half of the space is adorned
with gamut of objet d'art ranging
from a pair of binoculars to books on
Nostradamus which again hints at
their well travelled, mature and
refined clientele. With a much
thought over target group of learned
souls, the owner has set his assertion
right. “We are very clear in our head
as to what we want. We don’t want
this place to be like any other bar out
there with college kids. That’s one of
the reasons we don’t even have
hookah,” said Kuldeep Chabbra,
owner Wolfgang & Co.
The menu has been kept deliberately restricted and meanders
Q\`XQc_VdXUSYdicUU[Y^WQSe\dcdQdecQ]_^WdXU]2i45F9 C9>78
around cuisines from world over with
enough doses of fusion. “We want to
get the feedback on everything we
have on our menu. We are ready to
make changes according to the preferences of the people,” added
Chabbra. That was quite evident
with the complimentary four mocktail tester shots from where people
can make their choices. Moving on
to the real deal, we sampled one of
their signature cocktails, chocolate
man which was whisky with chocolate and milk shavings served with
caramalised marshmallow. Although
the idea of a sweet whisky puts us off
somehow the traditional combina-
tion of whisky and chocolate really
fared well. The drink not only
scored high on exciting gustatory
cells but was a visual treat as well
with a skull inside the glass.
Along with that we had quesadillas made of flour tortilla and basic
veggies stuffed inside with mild
flavours melting in mouth. The salsa
served with it was a little on the sweeter side though. Next came another
signature, mushroom galouti which
should be rechristened to mushroom
velvet because of its gooeyness. The
silken mush came from the cashew
paste blended well with smoky mushrooms. The good thing was smoke
and the spice was intact even though
the entire texture of mushrooms
was changed. We washed it down
with dancing queen, a vodka based
cocktail with pretty familiar taste to
a summer punch, refreshing and
breezy. Moving on we sampled
Hyderabadi risotto, quite an interesting take on Arborio rice but for some
reason it couldn’t incorporate Andhra
style tempering well, ending up very
sweet on the palate.
This was served with Passion
Beer, yet another quirky looking
cocktail which came in a brass mug
with knuckle-rings reminding us of
those sprightly beer shop boards
strewn across Punjab. Besides the
quirks they have also managed to get
the classics right. We tried Old
Fashioned which was neatly done,
well balanced because of ice rocks, no
dilution or change of taste whatsoever. To keep Delhi in high spirits and
with much concerns for alphas who
can’t do without Indian food, we were
asked to sample the staple Dal
Makhani with some good old naan.
Dal was well really basic, nothing
overboard so earthy that we could
even taste the rajma.
This we had with Bloody Mary
which came filled in a yellow bell pepper making for a pretty picture. It was
a variation of the original recipe in
terms of colour and taste. For desserts
we had chocolate coconut gateau
which wasn’t too soft. Maybe they
should pull off something they
hacked for the velvety galoutis. The
second one was basic Tiramisu which
was extremely mushy and amazingly balanced with coffee. This we
paired with Espresso Martini which
is the best pairing for Tiramisu. We
were suggested to wrap it up all with
a paan shot making sure the mood
remains uplifted even after stepping
out. Wolfgang & Co. definitely comes
as a nice alternative at a time when
there is so much clutter with homogeneous options everywhere. The
place sure will lure all the wolves, jackals and even hyenas of the capital for
that certain private space to spend
some good time at
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he speak of the town is fusion
and some people know it well
than others and then there are some
who know it way too well. Sukhija
and gang at their latest offering,
TeddyBoy have done exactly that.
The place is a riot in itself. It’s everything Delhi wants, be it the deafening music, a fusion menu, booze
bantas, terrace, hookahs and even
e-hookahs. Very Punjabi, very Dilli.
The place is inspired and themed on
the British popular culture of 50s
and the lads who used to mosey
down the streets of London in their
drain-pipe trousers and Edwardian
styled wavy puffed gelled hair. The
concept is akin to and seems to have
gone down pretty well with badass
attitude of Delhi dudes and dudettes
considering the place was jampacked even on a weeknight.
With heavy influences from
retro British pub scene the apparent gastro pub has been done keeping the Brit quotient high. Spread
across two levels, the place is pretty huge with a capacity of around
80. The vintage red bricked walls,
leather couches, the Union Jack, the
drums and faux deer heads on walls,
and a nostalgic old school playlist
including West End Girls by Pet
Shop Boys, they have gone the
whole hog on their attempts to get
on their Brit-punjabi combo right
which Delhi just loves.
Although the menu has been
done in 50s style indie Brit magazines, it has got all the desi flavours
going in. With executive chef as
ebullient as Doyel Sarkar of Master
Chef India Fame, the food was
bound to get a spunky twist of her
own. The effervescence of the place
is pretty palpable and parts of it can
be found in chef Sarkar as well who
was busy suggesting and tending to
multiple tables when we arrived.
Speaking about the inspiration for
the menu she said, “I’ve incorporated a lot of Bengali flavours to the
food here. The menu is filled with
fusion of western popular dishes
with an Indian touch as that’s
something which comes naturally
to me and I’ve always wanted to do.”
She recommended some of her signatures, we started with Bubblegum
vodka banta which was bursting
with bubblegum. With this we had
Nacho bruschetta which was a nice
mix up of nachos being turned into
bruschettas with strawberry and red
wine sauce and chocolate shavings.
Then we had mushroom stuffed
with what else? paneer of course.
This was very basic, mild and
soft but with a slight glitch of
mushroom leaving its trail of moisture which made it soggy. Next
came some more paneer, this time
with skewers marinated in kasundi mayonnaise which was very
pungent and overwhelmed the
palate with nothing but mustard.
Next we tried Kulcha tacos a cheeky
variant of our very own desi chole
kulche, again very dilli. This came
in a glamorised miniature cutesy
looking rickshaw, the kulchas were
nicely crisped in butter. We were
served this with Burnt pleasures, a
heady mix of smoked Bourbon,
orange, Mace with cinmaon bitters.
This baby came in with a molecular smoke of cinnamon making it
way too spicy. To neutralise the
palate we ordered something mild
this time which was, Camembert
cheese lollies and sprouts salad
sangria, a nice mash up of pomegranate, chopped green apples and
chana sprouts. “I chose chana over
moong dal sprouts as moong dal
will make it a bit bitter,” we were told
by chef Sarkar.
We went for some molecular
pinacolada shot with rum spheres,
pineapple caviar and coco foam.
This was paired with Thai veg
biryani with coconut salan. This one
got us so confused as to should we
call it the Indian version of a popular Thai dish or vice versa. The
coconut gravy was mild, balanced
and lacked strong flavours. To
bring back the spice we had
Chennai tang which was a nice
spiced drink of vodka, orange and
curry powder. We ended with yet
another interesting fusion of dessert
which was Forero rocher golgappa,
with white chocolate sauce and
chocalote boondi which we paired
with vanilla martini, very creamy
indeed. Overall the food needs a tad
more flavours and spices. Strong is
the word.
The place leaves you with no
time to think, it’s so chaotic you have
no option but to go with the flow.
Maybe that’s when the terrace
comes as a peaceful option and
maybe that’s why we need them too.
Nonetheless TeddyBoy is good to go
till the time it continues to hold the
attention of its young patrons with
its boisterous personality.
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here are places you go to eat, and
then there are places you go to buy
customised furniture and expensive
pieces of jewellery. But step into
Junglee Billee and you can actually do
both. It is one of those rare places
where you can place an order of the
chair you are sitting on, along with a
rather exciting dish of Khandvi chaat.
The chair (or a similar looking couch)
might take a week or two to be delivered but the chaat will reach your table
in about 15 minutes or less.
Junglee Billee is designer Nida
Mahmood’s brainchild and the interiors totally reflect her quirky, colourful
and vibrant self. The food, however, is
quintessentially Mumbai street food.
Think of ragda pattice, bun maska and
cutting chai, keema pav and khandvi —
chef Pawan Bisht will give you all, with
a special twist of his own.
The starters come in small portions, in a really fancy presentation,
taste intact. We had the vitamin kurmure bhel and the khandvi chaat and
they were about the right mixture of
tangy and salty. The khandvi, especially, was very soft.
You can try their starters in chicken and fish. They are cooked in a tandoor instead of being fried for the
health-conscious but tasted quite as
delectable. We would recommend you
try their Junglee Billee signature keema
pav. It is hot, spicy and even though
your tongue would ask you not to pick
another one, you would find yourself
drawn to a second helping. You might
like their prawn aglio olio and moong
daal chilla taco, too. The chilla had a
filling of what tasted like paneer keema,
which melted in the mouth but left our
tongues burning. And it’s best to use
your hands for this, you cannot really
eat a taco with a fork and a knife.
We were a little disappointed with
the Bhaijaan mutton seekh. Although
loaded with the right amount of spices,
the seekh blocks were a tad dry. The
Iranian berry pulao with mutton was
a treat, though — nicely cooked and
very aromatic. The meat was tender
and fleshy and was sauteed quite well
with spice and condiments.
For desserts, the chef treated us to
a very sweet Maumbai mava cheese
cake. It was delicious and we could not
stop but take one bite after another. But
we suggest you try their grandma’s
apple pie, also.
If you are in two minds about why
you would choose to drop in at the
Junglee Billee, may be the chef ’s rea-
son of what it is about Mumbaiyya food
that makes it special will help you make
up your mind. “The cuisine of Mumbai
has been shaped for centuries by the
Koli Fishermen, Muslim Sultanates,
Hindus, Portuguese and British
colonists. It was a trading port for years
which helped in getting a different style
of cuisine to the city from outside of
India and internally also. For all these
decades, the taste of food at these place
have not changed because the legacy
has been transferred from generation
to generation by the seasoned hands of
all these communities to their children’s. So the legacy, standard, taste, different cuisine, consistency makes the
menu special and outstanding which
has never changed for decades,” the
chef said.
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he members of the Indian
Premier League's governing council are likely to deliberate on whether the 2017 edition of the cash-rich tourney
can be held abroad, BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur revealed
on Thursday.
"The IPL governing council will be looking at the venues
in India and abroad. We have
to check the availability of the
venues and prevailing conditions," Thakur told a select
gathering of journalists during
an interaction at the BCCI's
Delhi headquarters.
IPL has been twice played
outside India both being
assembly election years. In
2009, the league was moved for
the entire duration to South
Africa, while in 2014, it was
shifted to the United Arab
Emirates for the first 15 days.
That the BCCI top brass is
deliberating on the issue was
clear when BCCI treasurer
Aniruddh Chaudhary had
tweeted four days back: "Very
soon IPL may be played outside
the country, if this goes on.
Loss to the GDP would not be
The IPL has been rocked
by one controversy after
another from its inception
year but during this edition,
the spate of Public Interest
Litigations (PIL) filed by various organisations has thrown
the itinerary into disarray.
Already 12 IPL matches
have been moved out of
drought-hit Maharashtra on
the Bombay High Court's
directive after a PIL was filed
claiming that a substantial
quantity of water was being
used in maintaining the various
cricket stadiums in the state.
"I have asked the state
units to check water-harvesting
structure," Thakur said.
The BCCI secretary also
said in no uncertain terms
that if the Lodha Committee
recommendations pertaining
to curtailment of advertisement
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uresh Raina cracked 75 but
Sunrisers Hyderabad managed to
restrict Gujarat Lions to 135 for
eight in 20 overs in an Indian Premier
League (IPL) encounter at the
Saurashtra Cricket Association
Stadium here on Thursday.
After Sunrisers captain David
Warner won the toss and elected to
bowl against, Raina's 51-ball 75, featuring nine fours, drove Gujarat
innings whereas others struggled
against the impressive bowling performance from Hyderabad.
Gujarat, coming into the match
with three consecutive wins, got off
to a strong start despite losing
Australian opening batsman Aaron
Finch early. Finch, who had scores of
74, 50 and 67 not out respectively in
the first three matches, lost his wicket for a duck. The right-hander
missed the line as an incoming delivery from Bhuvneshawar Kumar disturbed his stumps.
Raina dominated the 56-run second-wicket stand with Brendon
McCullum (18). Raina looked in
ominous touch from the first ball he
faced as his powerful front-foot push
sent the ball towards the cover boundary in a flash in the first over. It was
followed by a gentle straight drive
which also had the same result.
Left-arm medium pacer Barinder
Sran struggled with his line, asking for
punishment by bowling outside the leg
stump and Raina and New Zealander
McCullum were in a punishing mood.
Later, against the spinners, the
left-hander Raina used his feet to nice
effect — welcoming Deepak Hooda
with a slap towards the cover boundary and later a hoick to the mid-wicket ropes.
Left-arm spinner Bipul Sharma
ended the partnership when
McCullum was holed out at midwicket by Hooda, as Gujarat reached
56/2 in 7.2 overs.
Gujarat then lost Dinesh Karthik
(8) and Dwayne Bravo (8) fell cheaply. Karthik offered a catch to Bipul at
deep square leg off a full toss from offspinner Hooda, while Bravo failed to
negotiate a slower ball from Sran only
to be caught by Bhuvneshwar at deep
square leg. Following Bravo's departure, Gujarat were 91 for four in 13.1
overs. Meanwhile Raina completed his
fifty in 34 deliveries as the run rate
dropped due to the quick wickets.
All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, who
returned to the team after missing a
game due to his marriage, shared a 26run stand with Raina until Bangladesh
left-arm pacer Mustafizur Rahman
dismissed the former (14).
Mustafizur continued to be
impressive with his death-overs bowling as he conceded only 19 runs in his
four overs.
In the final over, Bhuvneshwar
conceded only six runs while picking
three wickets as the hosts struggled to
score 135/8. The only six of the
innings came off McCullum's blade
even as Sunrisers bowlers bowled an
unprecedented 38 dot balls
Brief scores: Gujarat Lions: 135/8
(Raina 75; Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4/29)
vs Sunrisers Hyderabad.
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acing a similar crisis after two
successive defeats, both Rising
Pune Supergiants and Royal
Challengers Bangalore would
look to bring their campaign
back on track when they face
each other in an Indian Premier
League match, here on Friday.
After impressive starts, both
Pune and RCB have faltered in
their last two games and come
tomorrow the two sides would be
looking to outwit each other in
a bid to return to winning ways.
With one win and two
defeats, both the teams have
identical two points each but the
Pune outfit is a place above RCB
in the standings at fifth position
by virtue of a better net run rate.
Debutants Pune, led by the
talismanic Mahendra Singh
Dhoni, defeated defending champions Mumbai Indians in their
tournament opener before losing
to another new outfit Gujarat
Lions and Kings XI Punjab.
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=4F34;78370A0<B0;0) There seems to be no
end to confusion with regards to shift of Kings
XI Punjab's three IPL home matches after the
franchise issued an official statement naming
Dharamsala as their second home venue.
"It is weird but we are left a little confused
after we heard that Kings XI Punjab had issued
a statement naming Dharamsala as their
home ground. It is a bit confusing as there
seems to be distinct lack of communication at
their end," a top BCCI official said.
It has become even more intriguing as a
HPCA spoksperson said that despite KXIP's
announcement they are not sure whether the
match will take place.
"After the manner in which the venue lost
the Pakistan match in the World T20, we are
wary about the politics being played by the state
government as the Himachal Pradesh CA president Anurag Thakur is a BJP MP," HPCA
spoksperson said after KXIP issued statement.
It has been learnt that one of their promoters had told top brass of BCCI that they would
like to host all their matches at Mohali as it is
cost-effective and choosing Dharamsala has
now sent conflicting signals. "We are happy to
announce that KXIP will be playing 3 home
games in Dharamshala. We are grateful and
thankful to Anurag Thakur and the HPCA for
their support in helping us make this transition
seamless at such short notice," is a statement
released by KXIP's PR department.
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Star-studded RCB, on the
other hand, beat Sunrisers
Hyderabad in their opening
match before their campaign
went haywire following losses to
Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai
Indians last night.
For Pune captain Dhoni, the
biggest task would be get his
team composition right.
Dhoni is a leader who persists
with a set of players but he is yet
to strike that balance in Pune.
Dhoni has to ponder over
both the batting and bowling
departments of his team.
Pune's batting unit consists
of some big names in Ajinkya
Rahane, Kevin Pietersen, Steven
Smith and Dhoni, but barring Faf
du Plessis no other batsman has
managed to set the stage on fire
so far in the tournament.
Pace spearhead Ishant
Sharma has been lacking consistency while Dhoni's one-time
trusted lieutenant RP Singh made
way for Irfan Pathan in the previous game without much result.
On the pace front, Dhoni
hardly has any options left in his
hands as Indian fast bowler
Ishwar Pandey has also not
been an Indian Premier League
regular although he can gener-
ate a bit of bounce and swing.
Off-spinner Ravichandran
Ashwin has not been at his best
in the shortest format in the last
few months but his statemate
Murugan Ashwin has done
decently in his debut season.
The bowler who has been a
stand-out for Pune is Ranji veteran Rajat Bhatia, who has kept
batsmen in check with his gentle medium pace and occasional cutters.
Just like Pune, RCB's
strength lies in batting unit.
With the likes of explosive
Chris Gayle, captain Virat
Kohli, A B de Villiers, Shane
Watson and fearless Mumbaibased youngster Sarfaraz Khan
in their ranks, the Bangalore
outfit can tear apart any bowling unit on their given day.
Despite posting a competitive 170 for seven against
Mumbai Indians on Wednesday,
RCB bowlers' failed to defend the
score as the title holders cruised
home with two overs to spare.
n order to raise the ever
dwindling number of
in the stadium,
the BCCI is all set to host its
first-ever D/N cricket Test
with pink ball when NZ
tour India later this year.
"We have decided that we
will play one Day/Night Test
match with pink ball against
New Zealand later this year.
Before that Duleep Trophy
will act as a dress rehearsal for
the Day/Night Test match,"
Anurag Thakur said.
Thakur said that the
main objective of the Duleep
Trophy will be to check how
the pink kookaburra behaves
under the light. "While we
have not zeroed in on the
venue, there are lots of factors
that need to be taken into
account. Things like dew
factor, how the spinners bowl
with the pink kookaburra on
Indian pitches. These things
we will get an idea during the
Duleep Trophy," said Thakur.
is implemented, then it will
have a sharp negative impact
on BCCI's revenue structure.
"We will have to rethink
about the gratis (pension) that
is paid to ex-players (former
Test and first-class cricketers),"
Thakur said.
In another move, the BCCI
is mulling on having a commentators' academy where
those who would aspire a
career behind the microphone
will get to hone their skills.
"We are planning to have a
commentators' academy where
interested youngsters who want
to take up the profession will be
able to hone their skills. And it
will cater to various regional languages. We have seen how
Virender Sehwag's commentary
has struck a chord with the cricket lovers during the recently-concluded World T20," said Thakur.
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est Indies' Cricket Board
(WICB) hit back at its detractors
by insisting it is trying to find ways to
keep its best players competing for
their national team.
The WICB has faced calls recently for the entire board to resign and
following the men's team's World
Twenty20 victory in India last month,
captain Darren Sammy blasted the
sport's polic y-makers in the
The WICB said they will meet
with the players to discuss the issue at
a retreat in the summer.
"The primary focus for this year's
retreat will be to find workable solutions with regards to re-engagement
of players, and how they fit into the
existing high performance programme
and to determine the most affordable
remuneration packages," said the
WICB statement.
It promised to make changes but
insisted that it "so far has lived up to
its promises".
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aving missed out on Olympic
berths on two occasions, a
15-member Indian team will be
determined to book as many
quota places as possible when they
take the mat at the 1st OG World
Qualifying tournament here starting on Friday.
This is the penultimate
Olympic qualification competi-
tion — a three-day event from
April 22-24 — where the top three
finishers in each weight category
will secure an Olympic berth for
a country.
While the wrestlers finishing
on the top two positions would
automatically be assured of
Olympic berths, there would be a
fight-off between the two bronze
medallists for booking a place at
the Rio Games.
So far three Indian wrestlers
— two from men's freestyle division and one from Greco-Roman
category — have qualified for the
quadrennial extravaganza, to be
held in August.
This is the third qualifying
event for the Rio Games. The first
was held last year at the World
Championship in Las Vegas,
where just one Indian in Narsingh
Yadav bagged a quota place for the
country in men's 74kg freestyle.
While at the second event,
Asian Olympic Qualification
wrestling championship at Astana,
which was held last month,
London Games bronze medallist
Yogeshwar Dutt (men's 65kg
freestyle) and Hardeep (GrecoRoman 98kg) booked Olympic
quota places in their respective
weight categories.
The Indian squad for this tour-
nament comprises four grapplers in
men's freestyle, five in GrecoRoman and six in female wrestling.
With Yogeshwar and
Narsingh having already qualified
for the Games, the men's freestyle
category will be spearheaded by
experienced Satywart Kadian
(97kg). Sandeep Tomar (57kg),
Somveer (86kg) and Sumit
(125kg) will be the others fighting
for top honours here.
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anchester United prepared for
the FA Cup semifinals by beating Cr ystal Palace 2-0 on
Wednesday to enhance its bid to break
into the top four places and qualify for the
Champions League.
United profited from an own goal in
the fourth minute when Damien Delaney
inadvertently turned a cross from Matteo
Darmian into his own net.
Darmian did manage to score his first
goal since joining United last year, a stunning left-footed striker that hit the post on
the way into the net in the 55th minute.
With four games remaining, United is
only two points behind third-place City.
United could face Palace again this season, in the FA Cup final on May 21, if both
teams navigate their way through this
weekend's Wembley semifinals. United
plays Everton on Saturday.
Palace's seven changes at Old Trafford
showed how much of Alan Pardew's focus
was on the London club's semifinal against
Watford on Sunday.
It was little surprise goalkeeper Julian
Speroni was beaten so early into his first
appearance of the season.
Darmian has struggled at times during his maiden season in English football
but made an impressive impact. The Italy
defender broke free down the left and sent
in a cross that Delaney connected with,
directing it low and hard past Speroni.
But United couldn't extend its lead in
the first half.
Juan Mata tried his luck with a low
drive and Anthony Martial forced an acrobatic save as United attacked with unusual panache.
A wayward Emmanuel Adebayor shot
was the only chance of note Palace could
muster during a half in which the majority of play was at the other end.
Impressive pressing from Rashford
resulted in Mata getting in a shot that
Speroni did well to tip wide, but the goalkeeper could do nothing to prevent
Darmian opening his United account in
style. Darmian controlled a clearance and
hit an exquisite strike from the edge of the
box that went in off the post.
It was an impressive goal that Rooney
tried to add to with a dipping effort, before
Lingard and Rashford were then denied by
Speroni in quick succession.
LIVERPOOL: Liverpool striker Divock
Origi scored before being carried off on a
stretcher as Everton was overwhelmed 40 in Wednesday's Merseyside derby.
Everton defender Ramiro Funes Mori
was sent off five minutes into the second half
for stamping on Origi, providing a fitness
concern for Liverpool ahead of next week's
Europa League semifinal with Villarreal.
Everton is looking forward to a semifinal of its own — Saturday's FA Cup meeting with Manchester United — and this
was the worst possible preparation.
As well as Funes Mori's dismissal, fellow center back John Stones limped off
injured as Daniel Sturridge scored
Liverpool's third in the 61st minute.
Headers from Origi and Mamadou
Sakho gave Liverpool the lead at the end
of the first half and Philippe Coutinho's
76th-minute strike completed the rout.
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fXcW P] P__PaT]c aXVWc[TV \dbR[T
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d]STaV^ cTbcb Pb P _aTRPdcX^] ^]
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R^]bTRdcXeT [^bbTb X] cWT [TPVdT
Pc cWT 2P\_ =^d CWT cTP\b
cda\^X[ fPb R^\_^d]STS Qh
T[X\X]PcX^] Qh 0c[TcXR^ X] cWT
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LONDON: England coach Roy Hodgson
backed Jamie Vardy on Wednesday, saying the Leicester striker did not dive in the
incident that led to him being sent off last
weekend and sympathizing with his angry
response to the referee.
Hodgson's employer, the English
Football Association, charged Vardy with
improper conduct over his reaction to the
red card in Sunday's 2-2 draw with West
Ham. Vardy is set to have his standard onematch ban extended by the FA if he is
found guilty. That could damage Leicester's
bid for the title, with the team five points
clear of Tottenham with four games
Vardy, though, could now use
Hodgson as a character witness. Leicester's
top scorer tangled with Angelo Ogbonna
before going down in the penalty area early
in the second half.
"I don't see that as a dive," Hodgson
said. "I think he was unbalanced. I don't
think it was a penalty either, I think he was
unbalanced, running at that speed.
"I think there was a very slight sort of
contact with the defender, who was trying
to cover."
Vardy confronted referee Jon Moss,
jabbing a finger at the match official while
appearing to express his anger at receiving his first red card of the season.
"I sympathize with him, I think he was
very, very unlucky," Hodgson said.
BARCELONA: =TPa[h # hTPab PUcTa cWTXa UXabc
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Changzhou: 0RT 8]SXP bWdcc[Tab 7 B ?aP]]^h
cWT 2WX]P <PbcTab 6aP]S ?aXg 6^[S QPS\X]c^]
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Mumbai: 8]SXP X]cTa]PcX^]P[ A^QX] BX]VW ^]
8B; fXcW cWT 8;TPVdT f^d[S QT QT]TUXRXP[ c^
8]SXP] U^^cQP[[ 5850 bPhb cWTaT Xb ^][h ^]T
8;TPVdT P]S 8B; bW^d[S \TaVT Xc Xb U^a cWT
R^]RTa]TS _PacXTb c^ STRXST 8 Pb P
@9<Y^83_``_cY^[email protected]<]QdSXVY\UT
Jaipur: 0?8;fPbUX[TSX]cWTAPYPbcWP]7XVW

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